September 11, 2006
At Tabithas, Miguel continues to spy on Fox and Kay. He says he must be crazy, he cant compete with Fox and his money. However he knows Kay doesnt care about money, he knows she loves him. Miguel says he has to convince Kay that she wants to be with him. Inside Fox and Kay dance, Fox promises Kay no one will ever take her away from him. Miguel walks in with flowers, Fox says look what Fluffy dragged in. Kay says look what Fox did for her, all because he loves her. Miguel says he saw from outside. Fox says he was watching them? Fox says some might call him a peeping tom. Fox then asks who he brought those flowers for? Kay says they are lovely, who are they for? Suddenly Maria and Ednora just pop up out of nowhere. Kay wonders where the babysitter is, how did they get here. Endora says the babysitter is in Neverland with the crocodile! Kay tells the girls to see what Fox did for her. Fox once again asks who the flowers are for? Miguel says he brought them for Maria and Endora. Miguel just wishes he had a camera to take a photo of Kay with the girls, she's so good with them. Kay talks about how she thought she wanted to adopt more kids so Maria could have a brother or sister, but she doesnt know anymore. She says these two wear her out. She doesnt know how Pilar or her mom did it. Fox says once they are married shell have nannies, cooks and maids, her life will be magical. Kay says she wants to raise their kids themselves, she doesnt want a nanny. Fox says kids are so much work. She says but they are fun. Fox doesnt want to make a career of cleaning up after kids. Kay says she likes it, and she doesnt want cooks or nannies. She says Grace Bennetts grandchildren will not grow up not knowing how to take care of themselves. She says half the joy of raising a family is teaching kids to stand on their own feet. He says whatever makes her happy. Fox ends up getting called into work, he says he has to go. He says besides he needs money to support her and Maria. Miguel says he supports Maria. Fox says well then hell have to pay the nanny cook and maid to watch Kay do all their work. Kay says very funny. Meanwhile Miguel dreams about Kay telling him that hes the only man in her heart. He tells himself that Kay will be his. Fox kisses Kay goodbye and then leaves. Miguel tells Kay that he liked how she said she wanted to raise her own kids, she reminded him of his mom. Kay says its what every mother would want to do. Miguel says not every mom, not Theresa and not Ivy. Kay says dont get her started on Ivy. Kay talks about how poor Fancy didnt know who her mom was until Pilar told her, all Ivy cared about was Ethan. She talks about how when Ethan found out he was a nobody like the rest of them it must have screwed up his psyche. Miguel says they arent nobodies. Kay asks Miguel if he has something to say to her, he's looking at her very oddly? Miguel tells himself only that she has to leave Fox for him. Kay tells Miguel to say something. He says shes beautiful, and its time they talk about something. He tells her that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. He says hes wasted too many years, he wants them to be a family with Maria. Endora says never, Auntie Kay belongs with Fox! Maria says no witchy stuff, her mommy belongs with my daddy. Endora says shes magic, Maria cant stop her. Maria says she can bite! Kay meanwhile tells Miguel that she loves Fox and he treats her like a princess. Miguel says princesses are in fairytales, hell treat her like a woman. He says they belong together, she doesnt want to wake up in a year and realize she should have married him does she? He says he knows she loves him and wants to marry him. She says she loves Fox, she cant tell him all the things hes given her and Maria. Miguel says there is one thing Fox cant give her. Kay says what? They then kiss! Meanwhile Fox has returned from work saying he wont make the same mistake Theresa did, he ll make it his lifes goal to keep Miguel and Kay apart until he and Kay are married. 

At the station, Sheridan and Luis are kissing. Sheridan stops and says they cant. Luis says the love each other, they cant keep lying. She says what if Chris had seen them? He says so what, nothing can keep them apart. They kiss again, unaware Chris is right outside! Chris is stopped from going in by a phone call from Spike, wondering what the idiot wants from him now. Later we see James bursting into the station just as Chris does. They startle Luis and Sheridan, who are almost caught but the James distraction saves them. Fancy shows up, she brought James. James was at her friend Heathers house playing with her kids, Fancy just decided to pick him up while she was there. Fancy left her study book here, she had to get it for the exam. Sheridan and Luis are now hiding around the corner and listening to them talk. Luis asks why they are hiding? Luis thinks they should tell Chris and Fancy and get this over with. Sheridan says no, James is out there. Chris tells Fancy hes here to meet Sheridan, he sent her a text and she should be here by now. Luis tells Sheridan she was too busy kissing him to get the message. Meanwhile Fancy suggests James color while they wait. She gives him a coloring book to keep him busy. Fancy tells Chris they give these books to kids while their parents are locked up, its so sad that parents turn to crime. Chris quickly changes the subject to other things. He talks about how great Sheridan is, how grateful he is to her for what shes done for James. Fancy says Sheridans always been great with kids, its a crime what has happened to Sheridan. Fancy goes on and on about how Sheridan has been volunteering at the orphanage. She says kids can see through facades, they see Sheridan has a big heart. Chris hopes to have kids with Sheridan one day to give James more siblings. Fancy says her friend Heather and her friends dont know how Sheridan does it all. Chris doesnt know what he did to deserve her. Meanwhile Sheridan thinks shes a horrible wife and mother, what is she doing? Luis says they have done nothing to be ashamed of, they have a right to be together. Meanwhile Fancy tells Chris how she wants a family as well, and shed love to start a family with Luis. She says if her friend Esme knew she was thinking about babies then shed be running here with a psychiatrist. Chris and Fancy talk about how if things hadnt turned out the way they had for Sheridan and Luis then they wouldnt be with Luis and Sheridan. Fancy never would have thought about it that way. Fancy talks about how shes really fallen for Luis, hes a man unlike Noah. Chris says Sheridan is his rock, if anything happened to her then hed die. She tells him to stop thinking that way, Sheridan loves him. He says she still may have feelings for Luis. Fancy says yes they had a great love, but shes moved on. She says in time Sheridan will forget Luis and Luis will forget Sheridan. She says she wants a life with Luis, she wont let what is left between them stand in the way. Chris says Sheridan seems to be taking her time getting over Luis. A sound is heard, Chris asks what that is? Fancy says the lighthouse, they are repairing it. Chris talks about how he was like a ship lost in the dark, Sheridan turned on the light for him. He says he was lost before but now he knows Sheridan's love will guide him through anything. He says all he wants is to be safe with Sheridan forever. Fancy says his speech was lovely and Sheridan is blessed to have that kind of love from a man. Chris tells James to tell Fancy how much they love mommy. Chris says they can always count on Sheridan. Chris and James decide to head home, Fancy thinks she should go as well. They head off, Luis and Sheridan continue to talk. He says they arent doing them any favors letting them live in a dream world. He says he knows she doesnt want to hurt Chris, but shell hurt him more in the long run. Sheridan says Luis doesnt understand, she cant come back to him. Luis says they love each other, they are destined to be together. She says what if their love is destined to just cause pain? Luis asks if it is fair to Chris that she pretends she loves him? She says she does love him. Luis says not the way she loves him. He says Fancy and Chris will be hurt but they will move on. Sheridan says no this is wrong. She says they have gone too far down separate paths, they cant ruin peoples lives. She says they have to give up one another. She then runs out. Luis tells her to come back please. 

At Crane, Theresa screams when someone grabs her from behind. Of course the person is only Ethan. Ethan turns the light on and asks what is wrong with her? She says he scared her half to death, what is he doing here anyways? He says he was looking for her. She says he cant walk around here, he doesnt work here anymore. She asks how he got in here. He says Willy at the front desk let him up. She says well hell have to change his ways if he wants to keep his job. Ethan says he is here to tell her that her little trick to overload him with far too much information on the Allen case didnt work. He says he read it all. She asks how could he doe that all ready? He says hes fast and a good worker. He says he assumes she and Jared are working just as hard. Theresa asks if hes here to criticize her about Jared again? Ethan says he came here to try and work something out and salvage their friendship. She says give me a break, the first two cases hes taken are against her and her interests. She says hes trying to steal her son and trying to destroy her company. She wonders what his clients would think if they knew he was here with her. Ethan says this is obviously a mistake. She says she knows why he is here, hes upset over her moving on. She says she is with Jared and wants to be happy, he cant control her so leave her alone. He asks what she knows about Jared? She says he makes her happy. Ethan says she made love to him though. Theresa says she made love to Jared too, and she thought he was Jared when they were together. She tells Ethan to go back to Gwens bed. She says hes been telling her for months to move on, now that she has well too bad that it bothers him. She wonders how Gwen feels about how far hell go to stay in her life. She says hes representing all these people against her, its funny how she has to be around her so much. Ethan says that is all business. He says if he was Little Ethans father then hed fight for his right to have custody too. He tells her to suck it up and do what is right. Theresa says she does. He says maybe in her own twisted way. He says she needs to do what is right, especially by Stuart. She says she had nothing to do with that. Ethan says but she can fix it. He says Crane is using his idea and not paying him, that is unjust. Ethan asks if that is how Little Ethan will run this place? He says give Julian partial custody and settle this Stuart Allen case. He says show Little Ethan that he has a mother who knows about honesty and integrity. She says shes fighting Stuart for her son, she will make the company bigger and stronger than ever. She tells Ethan not to judge her, he has no idea the price shes paid for this company. He says he does. Theresa tells Ethan that hes talking out both sides of his mouth and she cant take it. She says unless they are in a court of law she never wants to see him again! Ethan doesnt leave, he says he knows being married to Alistair was a nightmare but she chose to do it. Theresa asks why he is here? If they need to communicate they can do it through attorneys. She says she said goodbye to him. She says he wont let her go, its not fair to them or his wife. He tells her to let her go, but he says he cant. She tells him not to say things he doesnt mean. He says hes just concerned about her bringing Jared into her life so quickly. She says he has to stop this. He admits hes confused, he doesnt have self control lately. He says maybe its being here in this building. He says he thought Crane was going to be his one day. Ethan says this was supposed to be his destiny, he still dreams about the good he could have done. Ethan thinks its all too late now. Theresa says it isnt too late, he knows it in his heart. She says her offer to be co-CEO is still open, he can help her raise Little Ethan together. She says they can have it all. He asks what about Gwen? Theresa says Gwen knows in her heart that he loves her, that is why she sent the information to the tabloids. He says not this again. She says it did happen, but it was all her fault anyways. She says she was stupid, when they got engaged she should have forbid contact between him and Gwen. At this point Fox has shown up and is eavesdropping. Theresa says you dont let the man your about to marry hang out with the woman he used to be in love with. Fox says this is true where Miguel is concerned. Theresa tells Ethan that they can still be married, but Ethan says he chose Gwen. Theresa asks him why he does this back and forth thing? He leads her on and then he remembers Gwen and his vows. He says hes trying to do the right thing. Theresa says his vows are based on lies. She says Gwen ruined his life, if the tabloid hadnt revealed the truth then theyd be married. He says but hes married to Gwen and it has to stay that way. She says it doesnt. She locks them in the office together. She says he told her earlier to do right by Little Ethan if she loves him. She says he deserves the same, she loves him and knows he loves her. They then kiss! Theresa takes off his shirt and then unbuckles his pants! 


September 12, 2006

Miguel and Kay are kissing on Tabithas couch. Siren walks in and says talk about nerve, what if Fox saw them. She says maybe he doesnt have to. She uses her camera phone to take a photo of them without them realizing. She says this is a picture worth a thousand and one words. Fox then walks into the house, Siren thinks Maybe Fox will catch the show himself. Fox heads to the living room, the door is closed. He calls out to Kay and she hears him. Siren says here come the fireworks. Of course when Fox walks in nothing is going on. Kay says she thought he was at work, he says he decided to spend what was left of the evening with her. They kiss and hug, Fox then gives Miguel a look. Fox asks Kay if shes told their friends they are moving up the wedding date? Kay says she hadnt had the chance. Fox tells Miguel and Siren, who is now in the room, that they are getting married as soon as they can. Siren doesnt know what to say, Miguel simply says best of luck. Fox then tells Kay they should head upstairs, some things cant wait till the honeymoon. Siren wonders if she should show Fox the photo or not, what does Kay deserve? Siren realizes as Kay is busy with Fox, she can move on with Miguel. Fox picks Kay up and decides to carry her upstairs, knocking Sirens phone out of her hand in the process. Fox picks it up for her though, causing Siren to panic that hes seen the photo. He didnt, it took another photo as it hit the ground. Fox and Kay head off, Siren checks her phone to make sure the other photo is there. Siren tells Miguel he looks wound up and tense, she knows how to relax him. She pulls him into a kiss. Miguel stops her and says they arent like that anymore. She says she was just trying to help him relax. She tries to sing her song again, but it has no affect on him.

Kay and Fox return to their room, Fox asks Kay if something is wrong? She says no. Kay says shes just surprised he left work. Fox says Theresa and Ethan changed his mind. HE says he overheard them talking about the past, Theresa said she regretted letting Gwen and Ethan stay close after they first got engaged. Kay says they had history though. Fox says Theresa blamed their friendship for them not getting married. Kay thinks Fox is worried about Miguel. Fox asks where she came up with that? He claims she is way out in left field. He says he just realizes it was more important to be with her, it has nothing to do with Miguel. He says he trusts her and he hopes they can trust each other. Kay says absolutely. Fox says honesty is the only way this relationship will thrive, is there anything she needs to tell him? He says hes been upfront with her about everything and he is assuming it is the same with her. She says it is and she loves him. Kay suggests a glass of wine before bed would be nice, she excuses herself.

Kay shows up and spies on Siren with Miguel, learning her song doesnt work. Miguel even tells her not to go auditioning for Americas Got Talent. Kay says she shouldnt care what Miguel does as Fox is her fianc. Kay leaves them, Siren continues to try and seduce Miguel with kisses. Miguel tells her to stop coming onto him, it wont work. She asks why not? Miguel says its just . . . Siren says she knows what it is. She shows Miguel the photo she took of him and Kay earlier. Miguel asks she could do that? Siren says hes the one making out with Kay. Miguel tells her to erase it, but she refuses. He asks what she wants. She says everyone has needs. He says shes blackmailing him into having sex with her? She says if Miguel won't then Fox might do it if she shows him the photo. He says fine go show Fox the picture. 

Kay returns to Fox with the wine, he makes a toast to the two of them. Fox tells Kay how he doesnt know what hed do if he lost her. She asks why he says things like that? He says because sometimes he doesnt think he deserves someone as perfect as her. She says shes far from perfect. He says shes his angel, his love and life, hell never let her go. Kay looks a bit creeped out.

Luis tracks Sheridan down on the street. He tells her to stop denying what she feels, stop this madness and come back to him. They kiss again. Sheridan ends up telling Luis she cant do this, shes a married woman. He says shes married to the wrong man, he could feel it when she kissed him. Sheridan says she kissed him only because she was tired and caught off guard. He says she expects him to believe that? He says their love is too strong, nothing will tear them apart. Sheridan says it doesnt matter, shes married to Chris and a family with James. Luis says they were a family first. Sheridan says they lost their chance and nothing can change that. Luis says they can make things right again. Sheridan says she has a chance with Chris and he has one with Fancy. Luis says he likes Fancy but he loves her. Sheridan tells him to stop saying that, hes making it so much harder. Sheridan says they arent meant to be. Luis wont accept that. Sheridan asks how many fights they have to have, how many tears do they have to shed? She says as much as she loves him, shes tired. She says they are lucky to have survived a relationship that almost killed him. Shes lucky to have Chris and James and now he has another chance with Fancy. Luis says he loves her, but Sheridan says it doesnt matter. Sheridan says they must walk away from one another to find happiness. Sheridan says Fancy loves him, she will be good for him. Luis says he likes Fancy, but its different than the way he feels for her. He says he loves her and that wont change. Sheridan says it has too, she cant leave Chris. She says she has to go. She tells him what happened tonight was a mistake, she has to honor her commitment to her husband. She tells Luis if he loves her then let her go. Sheridan then walks away. 

Fancy and Chris return to the cottage, Chris puts James to bed. Chris wonders where Sheridan is. Fancy says dont tell her hes worried about Sheridan and Luis. Chris says everyone in town talks about how much in love they were. Fancy says they were Harmonys own Romeo and Juliet, but she chose him. Chris says he lost his first wife and is afraid of losing Sheridan. Fancy assures him that Sheridan is over Luis, she wont break up her family. Later Fancy notices a fire has been lit. She looks in the fireplace and they find photos of Sheridan and Luis that Sheridan had burnt. Fancy says well this proves shes serious about being committed to Chris, it proves she is over him. Chris says what if she burned these because all she can think of is Luis? Fancy says thats looking at the glass half empty. Chris says he just loves her so much and doesnt know what hed do if she wasnt over Luis. Chris thinks Fancy is right, he shouldnt worry too much about it. Fancy says Sheridan must have loved him or she wouldnt have left a man like Luis. Fancy says she just meant . . . Chris knows, Luis is every womans dreamboat. Fancy says well hers at least. Sheridan soon shows up, she says shes so sorry shes late. She asks why Fancy is here, Fancy says she and Chris met in town and came back together. Chris asks where Sheridan has been? She says she just took a walk to clear her head. Fancy eventually says she has to go, she hugs them both and notices Sheridans wonderful perfume. Chris asks Sheridan about the fire. Why was she burning mementos of Luis? Sheridan says because they arent important anymore. He asks if there is a part of her still in love with Luis? He asks her if she still loves Luis? Sheridan tells Chris that her heart belongs to him, she loves him and loves being married to him. He goes to kiss her but then she says Is that James? Chris goes to check, but claims later hes showing her how much he loves her. Chris leaves and Sheridan pulls out the old burnt card Luis made for her. She says she cant destroy this, its all she has left of Luis. 

Outside the cottage, Luis looks in on Sheridan and Chris. He wonders if that is what Sheridan wants or what she wants because she cant deal with reality. He wonders what shes doing, he knows she still loves him. Luis makes his way back to the station and runs into Fancy on the way. She asks if he wants to go get coffee? He says they cant date, but she says its not a date. He still says they cant. Fancy says they like one another and she knows when a rule is meant to be broken. She soon smells Sheridans perfume on him, she realizes he was with her. Fancy asks if hell ever get over her? 

At Crane Industries, Ethan and Theresa make love in Chris office. In the halls Gwen and Jared are both looking for Ethan and Theresa. Jared tells Gwen he knows what shes thinking but Theresa is over Ethan. He says if she wasnt before she is with this lawsuit. Gwen says you never know with those too. Jared suggests they look for them to assure themselves they arent together. They hear something in Chris office and Jared knocks on the door asking if hes seen Theresa. Inside Ethan and Theresa stop their kissing. Theresa thinks they should tell Gwen and Jared, shes going to open the door. Ethan says no, he wont leave Gwen. Theresa says he cant just make love to her and then say hes staying with another woman. She tells Ethan to tell Gwen the truth. He says and break her heart? She says but its okay to break her heart? Why does he do this too her? Jared tries the door but its locked. He thinks he remembers the code to get in. Back inside Ethan and Theresa realize Gwen and Jared are about to walk in on them. Theresa says she knows he doesnt want to hurt Gwen, but it is better this way. As it turns out, Jared doesnt know the code to get in. Jared gets a call on his phone, he thinks it is Valerie calling to tell him that Theresa is waiting. Gwen says shell feel a whole lot better when she finds out Ethan and Theresa arent together. Jared tells her to cut it out, she doesnt have to worry about them being together. Jared says she should come back with him to the office to see that Theresa is waiting for him and she has nothing to worry about. Back in the office, Ethan is relieved that theyve gone. Theresa says he cant put this off forever. She doesnt know how he can stand to be so hypocritical, how can he make love to her and then say he has to stay with Gwen. She says he breaks his vow every chance he gets. Ethan says he is weak, he needs to be a better husband and man. Theresa says this isnt about Gwen, its about him and what he feels. She says he made a mistake marrying Gwen. She tells him that people get divorced, it is unpleasant but sometimes its the best solution. Theresa says its not right to stay married to a woman he doesnt love, it is right to be a family with her and the kids. She begs him to do the right thing. Ethan says he cant, hes married to Gwen and he has to try to be loyal. Theresa asks how that is working out? He says dont do this to him. She asks if this is how he wants his life to be? Pretending that everything is honkey dorey? Ethan says this wont happen again. Theresa says hes said that how many times? Theresa says hell never have enough of her and shell never have enough of him. Ethan says it doesnt matter, he has to be a better husband. She says stop trying to do the impossible. She asks if he can honestly stay away from her? She says all these years everyone said she was the one hanging on, but really it was him. She says she knows before he goes to sleep and right as he wakes up, she knows he thinks of her. She tells Ethan to make love to her and never stop. They kiss again and go at it on the desk. Theresa tells him to tell her that he wants her, he admits he does.

Jared and Gwen returns to his office, nobody is there. Gwen still thinks they could be in Chris office. Jared says its not possible, they could be in Ethans office. Gwen says shell check Ethans office and then meet him back at Chris office. Later Jared and Gwen meet outside Chris office, neither one has found Ethan or Theresa. He thinks they must be in Chris office. He says he has the right key code so theyll find out. He begins punching it in.


September 13, 2006
Sam and Ivy are in Tabithas house raiding her fridge. Ivy thinks they should have called first. Sam says Tabitha is out of town and besides Tabitha wont mind. Ivy asks why he wants Tabithas stew, its too hot for stew. Sam reminds her what happened the last time they ate it. We see a flashback to when Sam became a sexaholic that night. Ivy and Sam then try and find if there is any of that stew left. They cant find it, Ivy says theyll have to make do on their own until Tabitha gets back. They begin going at one another.

Siren and Miguel are now outside talking. Miguel tells Siren to show Fox the photo. She asks why, Fox will go crazy. Miguel says yes, as soon as Fox sees it then hell dump Kay and shell be with him. He says its perfect. She says Fox is pretty strong, he could beat him up. Miguel says hell take his chances. Siren says fine shell do it, but get ready for a big explosion. He says bring it on. Siren heads inside, Miguel says Siren is right. He says Fox will explode and want to kill him. Miguel then realize hell be angry with Kay, so he runs to stop Siren. Siren says if he doesnt want her to show Fox then he has to make love to her. He says no, but she says he has to as shes out of tricks. He says what tricks? She says never mind, he has to make love to her. Miguel says he cant, he loves Kay. Siren says shes not talking about love, shes talking about sex. She tells him to have sex with her! He says he cant, so she says then take her dancing. She says she has to work off her frustration. She says if they go dancing then shell consider not showing Fox the photo. 

Fox and Miguel are in bed with one another. Fox tells Kay that he loves her, shes the only woman he wants. She says she feels the same way about him. Fox says he doesnt know what hed do if he ever lost her. She says that wont happen so dont even think about it. She says they are getting married in a few weeks, she plans to spend her life with him. Fox remembers seeing Kay kissing on Miguel. Kay asks Fox if something is wrong? Fox says there is something wrong, they need to talk. He wants to elope tonight. Kay says she doesnt want to disappoint their parents, what is the rush. Fox says he just cant wait any longer, he wants to marry her so badly. She says its sweet that he wants to marry her now, but theyve already made the plans. Fox says with their marriage out of the way their parents can focus on their own wedding plans. Kay says but shes always dreamed of the big wedding. Kay thinks Fox can wait just a little longer cant he. He says he doesnt know. He asks if shes having second thoughts about marrying him? Kay thinks about Miguel professing his love to her earlier. Kay says no, she just doesnt want to run away like they are doing something wrong. Fox says he understands. He just hopes shes not having second thoughts. He says he doesnt know what hed do if someone tried to take her from him.

Fox and Kay head into the kitchen where Sam and Ivy are about to go at it on the kitchen counter (ew, not their house!). Kay says they didnt know anyone was here. Fox asks what is going on, why are they here. Ivy says Sam had a craving for Tabithas fish stew. Sam says it was the best stew he had. Ivy says it was incredible. Kay says she has no idea what they are talking about and doesnt want to know. Fox says he has some news to share with them, they are moving up the wedding date. Kay says they are getting married in a month. Fox says he wanted to elope but Kay didnt want to disappoint them. Sam says hes been looking forward to walking her down the isle. Ivy says a wedding is a memorable event, they dont want to spoil that for Kay. To herself Ivy says she needs time to make sure Fox breaks it off with Kay. Kay and Fox then begin going at it in front of Sam and Ivy. Sam tells Ivy they should go, it looks like these two could elope tonight. Ivy says no! She suggests they all go out tonight, they should go dancing at the Blue Note. Ivy says they can celebrate the wedding. Fox thinks it is late, but Ivy says it isnt. She says they never spend time together, they should go out. She tells Kay and Fox to go get dressed and theyll wait here. Kay says shed have to find a sitter. Ivy says shell do that for them. Ivy tells the kids to change and she tells Sam to put on a shirt. Once alone, Kay tells Ivy that she knows she still doesnt want Fox to marry her. Ivy says she wants Fox happy and Kay wont make him happy. Kay warns her if she ruins things with Fox then shell expose the David Hastings scam. Ivy says Sam loves her and she makes him happy. Kay tells her to keep her mouth shut about her and Fox if she wants to keep making her dad happy. Kay leaves, Ivy knows Miguel is the key to getting Kay to break up with Fox. 

Siren and Miguel are at the Blue Note drinking. Miguel thinks they need to take it slower with the drinks. Siren says they can always take a taxi home, besides theyll work off the alcohol dancing. Miguel goes to get them more to drink. Siren is planning to get Miguel drunk so he makes love to her. Miguel goes to the bar and gets drinks from Noah, asking him to make Sirens a little weak. Noah says she is gorgeous, Miguel says they are just friends. He asks why, is Miguel in love with someone else? Noah thinks that is it. Noah asks who he is in love with. Miguel says hed rather not say. Noah says knows who it is, it is Kay. Miguel admits it is. He says he never should have left town and now its too late, hes going to marry Fox. Noah says if he loves her then fight for her. Noah says he likes Fox but he doesnt like seeing Kay with a Crane. Miguel asks about him and Fancy. Noah says their breakup was for the best as well. Miguel heads back to Siren. Meanwhile some girl at the bar flirts with Noah.

Sam, Ivy, Fox and Kay soon arrive. Sam heads to the bar to get some drinks. Fox asks Kay if she wants to dance, but she says shes just enjoying the music. She thinks about what music they should have at the reception. He wants her to have whatever she wants. Ivy tells herself shes going to throw up. Fox says a month seems so far away, but Kay says the month will fly by. They then hear music and a crowd cheering, Fox decides to see what is going on.

Miguel suggests to Siren they dance. Siren says hell have to teach her, she doesnt know how to. She says first he needs to drink up, which he does. To herself Siren says tonight Miguel is hers. Miguel and Siren hit the dance floor, Fox convinces Kay to check out what is going on. She goes to see what is happening, shes not happy to see Siren dancing with Miguel.

Sam talks with Noah at the bar. He hasnt seen Noah in a while, Noah says hes been busy. The woman from earlier tells Noah shes going back to her hotel room, but shell leave the light on. Sam says he can see Noah has been busy.

Out on the street, Fancy smells Sheridans perfume on Luis and realizes he was with her. He admits he was with her. Fancy says he claimed he wouldnt try and break up her marriage, was that a lie? He says it is over with Sheridan. Fancy then asks why her perfume is on him? He says she came to talk to him. Fancy says they must have done more than talk, did they make love? Luis says no. He says Sheridan is staying with Chris. Fancy says they kissed didnt they. Luis says they did. Fancy realizes hes not over her, hes no where near ready to move on. Luis says hes trying. Fancy says not very hard. She says hes just as much in love with Sheridan as ever. He says its complicated. Fancy says no its simple, he either loves her or he doesnt, and its obvious he does. Fancy says if hes still in love with Sheridan then what has he been doing with her? Was he thinking about Sheridan when he kissed her? He says no. She says was he playing her? Luis says he wasnt playing her, he likes her. He says he never meant to hurt her, he thinks shes a great girl. She says shes a woman and she wont be a substitute for another woman. Luis says she shouldnt be and there are a million guys who would like to be with her. She says she chose him. He says well they cant date because of the rules. She says its a good thing they cant date. She says she cant invest in him when his heart belongs to Sheridan. She says she cant get her heart broken again and she knows hes still in love with Sheridan. She wonders what is wrong with her, she keeps ending up with men hung up on exs. Luis says Noah claims he was never hung-up on Maya. Fancy says that doesnt matter, what matters is hes still hung up on Sheridan. Fancy wonders if the need to be hung up on a person who doesnt want them runs in his family, he and Theresa are two of a kind. Fancy says this is goodbye. She says she wont go with a married man and in his heart hes married to Sheridan. She says hes not available to her or anyone else. She says she doesnt blame him for still being in love with Sheridan. She says hes not over her and probably wont be for a long time. Luis wishes that wasnt the truth. She says but it is. She says shes not mad, she just wishes he wouldnt give her mixed signals. He asks if that is what he did? She says he did, he lead her to believe he was ready to move on. Luis thought he was. Fancy says Sheridan did it as well, Sheridan gave her her blessing to pursue him. Fancy says Sheridan didnt mean it either. Fancy says Sheridan said she was happy with Chris and Luis was free to move on. She knows Sheridan hasnt moved on though. Fancy says she doesnt have evidence, but she got the feeling she didnt want him to move on. She knows that gives Luis hope, she can see it in his eyes. Fancy says the bottom line is she wont be involved with a man who loves another woman. She says she wants a man who only loves her. She doesnt want to be second choice for any man. Fancy wishes Luis the best and says goodbye. She then walks off. 

At Crane, Ethan and Theresa are at it again, this time on the desk. Meanwhile Jared and Gwen are right outside. Jared has the keycode for the office now, he decides they should check. Jared thinks they are probably just working on the lawsuit that is all. Of course Jareds code isnt working, a new code must have been activated. He says they change them nightly. Jared says hell go check his email for the new code. Gwen knows someone is in there and says it better not be Theresa and her husband. Jared returns with the new code. Gwen says she has heard voices in that room, someone is in there. Jared doesnt hear anything. Jared bangs on the door. Theresa and Ethan finally hear banging on the door, Ethan says its probably just the cleaning crew. Finally they hear Jared and Gwen yelling Are you in there? Theresa and Ethan hide behind a desk. They try and figure out what to do. Jared thinks nobody is there, if Theresa and Ethan are in there then why wont they come to the door? Gwen says three guesses. She tells him to open the door. Jared doesnt know if he wants to see what is going on. Gwen does, she tells him to unlock the door. Theresa and Ethan are getting dressed, Ethan thinks this is pointless as theyll get caught. He says hes sick of lying and feeling guilty. He says he wants them to see them together, Gwen should know the truth. Theresa says so he wants to tell Gwen? Ethan says yes, Gwen should know the truth tonight. Theresa says so hes going to tell her that hes leaving Gwen to be with her? Ethan says no, hes still committed to his vows. Theresa says he just committed adultery! Ethan says he still wont leave his wife, though shell probably leave him. Theresa says so hes going to tell Gwen the truth and then beg for forgiveness? Theresa says of course shell forgive him, Gwen will blame her. Ethan says he will take responsibility. Theresa says Gwen will never leave him. He doubts that, he thinks that tonight Gwen will leave him. Theresa says that wont happen as Gwen wont let her have him. Ethan suggests they open the door and find out. Theresa says no way, she says if hes not leaving Gwen then she has to move on with her life. She says she wont let Ethan wreck things with Jared. She tells him to hide, but he refuses. Jared meanwhile is still putting in the very long code. Ethan continues to tell Theresa that hes telling them the truth. Theresa doesnt want to lose Jared. Ethan asks Theresa why she made love to him then? Theresa says she thought he was leaving Gwen for her! Ethan asks if Jared knows hes only second best, that hes being used as a substitute. Theresa says she thinks she and Jared could have a wonderful relationship. Ethan says hes facing Gwen and Jared. Theresa says she will not lose Jared. Gwen and Jared finally open the door and walk in stunned by what they see.


September 14, 2006

At the Blue Note, Fox sees Miguel and Siren dancing and gets Kay to see them. Fox tells her that he thought Miguel and Siren cooled things off but it looks like they are about to have sex on the dance floor. Kay says to herself that Miguel is as fickle as Siren is about who he wants to be with. She doesnt know how Miguel could tell her he loved her and then do this. Meanwhile Fox thinks this is working perfectly, soon Kay will know how it feels to be betrayed. Kay continues to think to herself about how such a jerk Miguel is, and to think of what she went through to save him from Siren. Fox continues thinking to himself, he says hes onto Kay, she and Miguel will both pay for breaking his heart and betraying him. Fox asks Kay to dance, she says shed love to. Fox and Kay soon join Miguel and Siren on the dance floor. Ivy watches and hopes Miguel will get so jealous that he declares his love for her in front of Fox. 

At the bar, another woman gives Noah a tip and says consider it cab fair to her place. Sam says the ladies sure do like him. Noah sees Miguel dancing with Siren, he wonders when they got so hot to trot as Miguel was just saying he was in love with Kay. Sam says Miguel must be back with Siren now. Noah thinks Miguel is just acting, its a cover, hes been hurt by love. Sam thinks Noah would know. He says ever since Fancy dumped him hes gone out with a different woman every night. Noah says hes young and single, he can go out with a different woman every night if he wants. Sam says he can, but if he needs advice to come see him. Sam then leaves the bar.

Sam rejoins Ivy. He suggest they marry on the beach where they used to meet years ago. Ivy is more focused on the kids, she thinks something is going on with them. Sam says something is going on, though he cant put his finger on it. Ivy thinks it would be nice if Miguel and Kay got together. Sam asks what about Fox? Ivy says he would be with someone else obviously. Sam says Noah thinks Miguel still has something for Kay.

Back on the dance floor, Siren tells Miguel shes going to go get some clam juice to cool off. She also warns him not to try anything with Kay or shell show Fox the photo on her cell phone. Fox excuses himself to go get a drink. Kay asks Miguel what is going on here? He asks if shes jealous of him and Siren? Kay says he is putting on a show. Miguel says he enjoys dancing with Siren. Kay asks how he can do this with Siren when he just told her that he loved her and wanted a future with her. Was all that a big lie? Miguel says the truth is . . . Miguel thinks about Siren and her blackmail photo. He says the truth is he bared his soul to her and then she went and kissed Fox. Kay says he interrupted them and pulled her into the kiss. Kay says so what hes going back to Siren to make her jealous? Miguel asks if she is jealous? Kay tells Miguel shes confused by him right now. She says a few hours ago he was saying he loves her, now hes all over Siren. She says she doesnt know where his head is at. Siren sees Kay getting too close to Miguel, she waves her phone at Miguel. Fox is next to Siren, Fox asks what that is? Siren says she thought she was getting a call, that is all. Meanwhile Kay and Miguel are interrupted by Siren, who brought him a drink. She asks him for a dance, he says how could he say no. They dance some more. Kay tells herself that shes done with Miguels games and shes calling his bluff. Kay returns to Fox, he asks if shes okay? She says she is and she has an announcement to make. Fox gets everyones attention as Kay has something to say. Kay says shes realized something tonight, she doesnt need a month to plan this wedding, they can get married next week. Fox says fantastic. Siren asks Miguel if he heard that? She says by this time next week Kay will be married to Fox.

Fancy comes into the Blue Note, shes still upset over what happened with Luis. She says Luis is still in love with Sheridan, who isnt going to leave Chris. She says Luis isnt her problem anymore, she can have any man she wants. She says the problem is she still wants Luis. Fancy sits at the bar, unaware Noah is working. She sees him and says Not you again. Fancy tells him how shes tired of men. Noah wonders what Luis did, she says she wont discuss her life with him. He says suit yourself. Suddenly Fancy opens the floodgates. She says Luis lead her on, hes a jerk and she hates him. She gets Noah to keep pouring her martinis. Noah eventually tells Fancy that hes cutting her off. She says he cant do that, but he says it is his job. He says besides he is her friend and cares about her. She asks when they became friends? Noah was hoping that she had time to cool down. Noah swears everything he did was to protect her. She says he broke her heart, she doesnt know if shes ready to be friends again. Noah asks if they can try to be friends? Fancy says it is exhausting being angry with him, and their siblings are getting married soon making them family. She says shell try to be friends, that is the best she can do. She then offers him some advice. She says from now on whoever he gets involved with be honest, dont lie about his past or what is in his heart. Noah says he promises to be honest from now on. Fancy says she wants to believe him, she just doesnt know if she can. Noah tells Fancy she should be honest with her next beau, shell tell him that shes over Luis right? Fancy says of course. He says you are a liar.

At the station, Luis decides to shower and get rid of Sheridans perfume, its already gotten him into enough trouble today. Meanwhile, Paloma is at the station studying and working on a report, she tells Roberto that he doesnt have to stay and keep her company. He says he wants to. Paloma tells Roberto shes decided to try and find out who killed those johns. She asks Roberto to go on the net and see if he can find any cases with similar MOs in other parts of the country. Paloma says she wants to solve these murders. To herself she says she wants to prove Jessica is innocent. Later Luis catches Paloma and Roberto together. He learns Roberto is helping Paloma out, he says shes not in high school anymore, she cant have Roberto helping her with her homework. He tells Roberto he needs to leave. Paloma tells Luis that Roberto stays. Luis wonders why he cant leave her alone without her getting into trouble. She asks what trouble? Luis tells her that she is the cadet in training, not Roberto. He says Roberto should not be looking at those files. Paloma tells Luis to stop yelling. She then smells something on Luis shirt, he says its none of her business. Luis yells at Paloma to get to work and for Roberto to get lost. Luis storms off, Paloma tells Roberto not to leave, Luis owes him an apology.

Luis goes into the locker room to change. Paloma walks in, he says hes about to shower. She says that can wait. Paloma tells Luis he may be her boss, but hes also her brother. She says shes read the manual, she is doing nothing wrong spending time with Roberto. He says he has a problem with her giving Roberto access to confidential files. She says all she had him do was research on the net, that is all. Paloma suspects Luis is going off because hes having trouble with Fancy. Luis says he is in big trouble with Fancy. Luis says Fancy caught him lying to himself and her about Sheridan. Luis says Fancy told him that he wasnt over Sheridan and wouldnt be for a long time. Paloma says dont be angry with Fancy for just telling the truth. Luis says Fancy still got him riled up, she said their family are all emotional cripples. Paloma says maybe she is right, they are a family of emotional cripples, even Theresa. Paloma begins running down the list, starting with Papa leaving Mama, how Mama sent her off to Mexico and lit a candle for papa every night. She says the same thing happened when Antonio left, Mama lit candles for him. She says Papa and Antonio did come back, but Papa was in love with Katherine and Alistair killed Antonio. Paloma then says there is Theresa is wasting her life over Ethan like Mama did with papa. She also says he and Miguel cant accept that Kay and Sheridan are with other men. Paloma tells Luis that Sheridan isnt going to leave Chris for him, dont hold out hope for a happy ending that wont come. She says he should move on with Fancy. Luis says he does want to be happy. Paloma says then give Fancy a chance. Luis says he doesnt know how to convince Fancy that hes ready to move on. She asks if he is? He says hes willing to try. Paloma says then be honest with Fancy about where he is. Luis says there is still a problem, he cant fraternize with a cadet in training. She says he cant deny love because of a rule, love is always for the best. She says if he has a chance to have love with Fancy then take it.

At Crane, we see a recap of Theresa asking Ethan to hide, but he refuses. He asks Theresa if Jared knows hes second best, a substitute? Theresa says she could have a wonderful relationship with Jared. Ethan says well hes going to face Gwen and Jared. Theresa refuses to lose Jared. Jared and Gwen get the door open and find Ethan alone, Theresa is out on the ledge. Theresa hopes Ethan doesnt tell the truth. Jared asks what hes doing here? Ethan tells Jared and Gwen that the truth is . . . . he was dropping off some papers challenging the numbers Jared and Theresa gave him earlier. Jared asks why hes in Chris office? Ethan says he knew Chris wouldnt favor Crane over his client, he wanted his opinion. Gwen and Jared wonder why the door was locked and who the other voice in here was? Ethan says he was on the speakerphone with Stuart Allen. Gwen says she supposes. Gwen sees Ethan looking out the window, what is he looking at? What is going on here? Ethan says nothing, Jared is just making her paranoid. Gwen decides to look around, she heads to the window to see what is outside. Ethan says dont! He says there is nothing outside, he was just looking at some lightening. Gwen says okay then. She still looks outside and says there is lightening outside, its over in Castelton. Ethan wonders where Theresa is, shes not on the ledge anymore. Ethan is frantic, he thinks Theresa has fallen. Gwen wonders what is going on with him, why hes acting like this? He says he thought he saw someone down there getting mugged. He says he has to go check it out. Gwen says call security. Ethan says no time to waste describing where he saw the mugging, he can help faster. Jared makes a call to security and has them check it out. Just then Theresa shows up, she asks what they are all doing here at this time of night? She says this door should have been locked. Gwen and Jared say they heard voices in here and found Ethan at Chris desk doing God knows what. Ethan says he was here dropping off figures for Chris to run, he trusted him to be honest. Jared says and the door just happened to lock behind him? Theresa says so they dont believe him? Gwen asks Theresa where she was, she claims she was looking at the schedule at the daycare. Jared then realizes what is going on, Ethan was spying. Gwen says Ethan isnt a spy. Theresa says he is a traitor, if Ethan can betray her then he can betray Gwen as well. Gwen says she never thought shed see the day Theresa attacked Ethans character. Theresa says Ethan did betray her and she wont take it lying down. She tells Ethan that she will protect Crane Industries and her son at all cost. She says she will also stop at nothing to keep Julian away from her son. She tells Ethan to leave before security throws him out. Ethan and Gwen then leave. Jared tells Theresa that hes proud of her for standing up to Ethan. Jared knows Ethan came here to spy. Theresa says Ethan wont be coming here ever again. Jared is glad shes come down hard on the guy. Jared says he and Gwen thought they were in here together. Theresa asks if he thinks that now, but hhe says no. He says hes proud of her. He also says hes falling for her big time. He then pulls her into a hug.

In the hall Gwen tells Ethan hes a liar, he did not come here for Chris, he came to nail Theresa. She says hes proud of him for spying on Theresa, its high time they let her have it. She says tonight was a turning point for him, she is sure hell come out on top. She give him a hug. Both Ethan and Theresa look at one another as Gwen and Jared hug them.


September 15, 2006

Kay comes to Miguels bed, she says she thought about what he said about being a family with him and Maria. She says she wants that, she wants to spend the rest of her life loving him. She tells Miguel to make love to her. Miguel wakes up, yup it was just a dream. However he says he has to go see Kay.

Fox wakes up and Kay is missing. He worries she could be with Miguel. He decides to go look for her. He says if Kay is making love to Miguel then hell kill them both. Suddenly Kay shows up with breakfast in bed for Fox. He says wow she really loves him. She says of course she does, hes the man shes going to marry. He says he wants to believe her. She says then believe her. He says he does, hes scared of the man hed become if he didnt marry her. Kay asks if something has given him doubts about marrying her? Fox says everyone has doubts now and then. He says the love in her eyes and truth in her voice makes them go away though. They then kiss. Suddenly Fox turns into Miguel! Kay jumps, Fox asks what is it? She says nothing, she thought she left the stove on but she didnt. They then begin to make love. Later they are in one anothers arms. Fox asks Kay if he satisfies her, he doesnt wants her wishing for something hes not giving her. Kay thinks about being with Miguel. Kay tells Fox he better run or hell be late for work. Fox then takes off. Later Miguel slips into bed with Kay and snuggles with her, he seems to be sleep walking. Kay thinks it is Fox, but soon sees that it is Miguel. She wonders what hes doing here? They kiss, Kay tells Miguel he cant be here. They continue to kiss, Kay says God help her. Kay soon realizes Miguel is asleep and he must have taken her sleeping pills by mistake. She tells him he has to get out of here before Fox finds her. Kay tries to do everything she can to get Miguel out before Fox comes out from the bathroom. Kay decides to hide him in the closet till Fox leaves.

Fox is in the bathroom and on the phone with Julian telling him that he and Kay are getting married next week. He tells his dad of course Kay loves him and Miguel isnt an issue, hes in the past. He says hes Kays future. Later Fox returns to the bedroom, opens the door and finds Kay standing there. He's shocked by what he sees.

Paloma and Fancy are at the station, both in their uniforms. Fancys stomach is a mess, Paloma asks if it is over Luis? She says she doesnt want to talk about it. Paloma asks if this is about what happened with Sheridan. Fancy says shes hurt that Luis lead her on and let her think there is hope for them as a couple. Fancy says things are over between her and Luis. Paloma says there can be a her and Luis, if shes patient. Paloma says Luis knows he messed up big time. Fancy says they talked? Paloma says he yelled, she talks. Paloma tries to explain things to Fancy, that Luis knows he has to move on unless he wants to be alone. She tells Fancy to give him time to put Sheridan behind him, good things come to those who wait. Paloma says Luis is the kind of man worth waiting for. Fancy says she cant think about it now, she has to do a report and needs a form. Paloma says they are out but there are more in the back under one of the bunks.

Luis is in the back dreaming of Sheridan. In his dream Sheridan comes to see him and tells him that them not being together is killing her. Luis says him too. They tell one another they love the other and kiss. Sheridan says shes tried to live without him but she cant, Chris is just so boring. She says Luis is the man she wants, she loves him and needs him. Luis says hell always love her forever. Of course then Sheridan tells Luis she cant do this, they cant be together. Luis says they can, she just has to divorce Chris. She says that wont happen. Luis says this is his dream. Sheridan says he cant make it come true, and he has to accept that she cant be with him even in his dreams. Sheridan then vanishes out of his dream. Luis calls out to Sheridan in his sleep. Fancy shows up looking for some forms, which of course are under Luis bunk. Back in Luis dream, Sheridan returns claiming Luis willed her back. Back in the real world, Fancy ogles Luis as he sleeps. She thinks maybe one day they can be together, or not. Luis ends up rolling over onto Fancys hand, which she had on the bunk. Luis sleep talks, he says he has something important to say to her (her being Sheridan in his dream). In his dream Luis tells Sheridan that no matter what happens with them, he loves her and doesnt want to lose her. In the real world Fancy hears Luis saying he loves her and doesnt want to lose her. Fancy says she doesnt want to lose him either, she loves him. She lays her head on his chest and he puts his arm around her. She says she loves him too, she was just hurt that he got close to Sheridan again. She says maybe she overreacted to smelling Sheridan on him. She says Paloma was right, it takes time to get over a love. Luis then says I love you Sheridan, I always will. Fancy ends up smacking him. He wakes up, she says damn him for leading her on again! Luis asks why shes hitting him. Fancy says he said he loved her and thought she was Sheridan. He says he must have been dreaming. She says well dream on, this is the last time hell hurt her. He says hes sorry, he was dreaming. Fancy says shes sick of this, Sheridan is married with another man. She says he lost his chance to be with Sheridan and to be with her. Fancy storms off. Paloma shows up and asks Luis how his day is going? Out in the station Fancy runs into Gwen. She cries to Gwen its Luis and its not fair. 

Chad is in bed, there are two glasses of wine next to the bed. Hes talking to someone we dont see. He says he loves Whitney yet hes hooking up with this other person as much as they can. He says if Whitney knew about this it would kill her and hed hate himself for hurting her. Chad says they need to stop this, but the thought of not being with them . . what they have is too intense not to risk everything for. There is a knock at the door, Chad thinks it is room service. It is of course Whitney demanding to know where the slut hes cheating with is. Whitney tells Chad he must have thought shed never find out, but the truth always comes out. Chad says this started when she was at the convent, he was alone. He says he loves her , he cant lose her. She says its too late. Of course Chad was just dreaming. Whitney wakes him from his dream, she knows he has a big day. She asks him if hes okay? Chad says he just had a bad dream. Whitney says shes sure it will go away soon. She says her bad dreams are all gone now that they are together again. 

Ethan and Theresa are in bed making love, but Ethan is only dreaming and is in bed with Gwen. Ethan soon realizes hes in bed with Gwen, who he was fondling in his sleep. She thinks this is a nice way to start the day out as they go at it.

Theresa is at Crane and doing work, she cant stop thinking about being with Ethan though. She says she tried so hard to move on with Jared and then Ethan pulled this. She says it still was an amazing night with the man she loves. Jared walks in with flowers, he of course thinks Theresa is speaking of him. Jared has brought her flowers, she thinks this would all be so simple if she hadnt been with Ethan. Jared continues to talk about how proud he is of her for the way she handled Ethan last night. Jared tells her that she seems a little off this morning. He asks her if she was talking about him when he came in, him and not Ethan? Theresa simply tells him that shes come to care about him a lot. She says they should get back to work and catch up later. Jared leaves, Theresa begins thinking about the mess shes caught in. She ends up calling Whitney to talk. Theresa asks if she can come down, she needs to talk. Whitney says her mom has Miles so sure. Theresa says shes having problems figuring out who she wants to be with, Jared or Ethan. Whitney though this was settled. Theresa says get down here and shell explain.

Chad and Whitney arrive at Crane, they run into Jared in the hall. Whitney goes to see Theresa, Chad asks Jared if he missed anything? Jared fills him in on business and then they discuss Jared and Theresas relationship. Jared says he thinks he can see himself marrying her. Jared thinks it would be great, Chad and Whitney and him and Theresa.

Theresa talks with Whitney, she says last night she and Ethan made love. Whitney says what? She says they did it in Chris office like three times. She says Ethan wanted to tell Gwen, but she said no because she didnt want Jared to know. Whitney says what if Ethan tells Gwen still? Whitney tells Theresa to tell Ethan its a mistake and theyll never be together again. Theresa says or she could see if Ethan leaves Gwen. Whitney asks what about Jared? Theresa says she could be happy with Jared, if she cant be with Ethan. She thinks she can still see Jared until Ethan figures out what to do. Jared and Chad walk in at this point, Jared wants to know what Ethan did to her now. Theresa says she was telling Whitney how Jared caught Ethan spying on Crane, and if that came out it in the papers then it would have financial repercussions for Crane. Chad says that doesnt sound like the Ethan he knows. Theresa says she was shocked too. Jared says he needs to go see Ethan, he needs to give him some documents he requested. He wants to deliver them himself to make sure Ethan doesnt use the documents against her in the media. Jared and Chad leave, Whitney and Theresa continue their Ethan conversation. Whitney wants Theresa to tell Ethan not to throw himself at her again, but Theresa admits she doesnt want him to stop. She says last night was incredible. Whitney asks why she has to complicate everything, she has a great job, two children and a winner in Jared. She says now Theresas complicated things by being with Ethan. Theresa says she didnt pursue Ethan, but Whitney says she didnt have to let him catch her. Theresa thinks Ethan could leave Gwen to be with her. Whitney says or Ethan could feel so terrible that he loses it completely. Whitney says Ethan has never been this crazy or impulsive and cheating on Gwen is huge.

Ethan and Gwen are now in their office. Gwen leaves to file some papers (she ends up at the police station as detailed above). Ethan then begins thinking about how he could cheat on Gwen. Chad and Jared show up with the documents Ethan asked for. Jared says they brought them here so he doesnt have to break into their offices. Jared demands Ethan sign some other documents for him, one being a gag order a judge placed on this case. Jared says Theresa trusts him to take care of her needs, day or night. Chad says Ethan is over Theresa, no need to get personal. Ethan says he doesnt mind, besides they know hes the bigger man. Jared says he more than measures up according to Theresa. Chad thinks this is more than just the gag order they are discussing. Jared knows that his taking Ethans place in Theresas life is eating him alive. Ethan tells him to shut up or hell shut him up. Jared wonders if Theresa and Gwen know about his temper. Ethan tells him to get out, but Jared wont leave until Ethan signs the papers. Ethan pushes Jared out of his office, Jared shoves him back. Ethan decks Jared, who falls to the ground. Jared then gets up and tackles Ethan. They end up slamming into the desk and pass out on the floor in puddles of blood. Chad says theyve killed each other!

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