September 18, 2006
At Tabithas, Fox walks into his and Kay's room, hes shocked, she spilled coffee everywhere. He says he knows she likes something warm in the morning. He kisses her and throws his towel on the bed, Miguel is hiding under the covers! Kay tells Fox he cant be late for work, he says shes right. As Fox gets dressed, Kay lays on the bed to try and keep Fox from finding Miguel. Fox has to head downstairs, all the dry cleaning is down there. Fox finally leaves saying its a shame that she has to lie here in bed all alone. As he is about to close the door, Miguel makes some weird coughing sounds. He returns and asks what that was? She says that was her, she may be coming down with something. She makes all these horrid noises, Fox says this is because she tries to do too much. He says hell get her cold medicine. Fox leaves and Kay tells Miguel to wake up and get out of here! Fox returns with the cold medicine, Kay is still hiding Miguel in their bed. Fox tells her she doesnt seem to have a fever but she does look a little flushed. He kisses her, she says he doesnt want to get this cold. He says maybe hell get pneumonia and they can stay in bed for weeks. Fox gets all hot and bothered but then he gets a call from work, there is a problem and he has to run. Kay tells him to have a good day, he says he hopes she feels better. After Fox finally leaves, Kay tries to get Miguel back to his room. He grabs her and kisses her. Out in the hall, Fox is returning again as he needs belt.

At the station, Fancy cries to Gwen about Luis thinking she was Sheridan. She says the two of them will never be together. Fancy doesnt know why shes talking to Gwen, shes Sheridans best friend. Gwen says she just wants to see them both happy. She knows something about loving someone with all her heart and not having it returned. Fancy says but Ethan loves her. Gwen says yes but she has been given trouble by Ethan and Theresa in the past. Gwen says Theresa has moved on now. Fancy doesnt know if Sheridan has really moved on with Chris. Gwen says Sheridan is close to finally getting over Luis and finding true happiness with Chris, just give them time. Fancy says she doesnt have time, and everyone talks about how theyve had all these past lives together and have this great love. Gwen says lots of crazy things happen in this town. Fancy says if the stars say Sheridan and Luis are meant to be together then shes wasting her time. Gwen says she doesnt know if they are destined to be together, if Fancy plays her cards right then Luis can be hers. Gwen says Sheridan and Luis are destined to almost be together, they never live happily ever after. Fancy realizes she is right. Gwen says someone up there doesnt want them together it seems, Sheridan has moved on so this may not be as hopeless as Fancy thinks. She tells Fancy to just hold on until Luis is ready to let Sheridan go, she will be with him. Fancy hopes shes right. Fancy says she loves him so much, he is so sexy. Gwen says Fancy really has it bad doesnt she. Fancy says tell her about it, but what if shes wasting her time? Gwen says the only way to find out is to forget about this fate and past lives stuff, go after Luis, fight for him. Gwen says with luck shell have him in her bed for the rest of her life. Gwen says she has to go, but she wishes her luck. 

In the locker room, Paloma tells Fancy to go find Fancy, tell her that he likes her and he wants to date her. She says its the only way hell be happy. Later Luis is shaving as Paloma continues to lecture him. She calls him a big dumb ox. Luis says she has no idea what she's talking about here. Paloma says hes hurting Sheridan and breaking Fancys heart. Luis says he loves Sheridan. Paloma says he has a nice way of showing her. She says he has to let Sheridan go. Paloma says Sheridan chose Chris and his little boy, Luis needs to accept that. Paloma says if he really loves Sheridan then let her go. She says if he does that then maybe he can learn how to be happy with Fancy. Luis says Sheridan came to talk to him, she is having second thoughts, they could still be together. Paloma says so Sheridan and Chris are getting divorced? Luis says no, so Paloma says leave Sheridan alone. Paloma says hes miserable, Sheridan is miserable, Fancy is miserable and Chris is probably miserable too. Paloma says let Sheridan go so he can live. Luis says hes tried but he cant. 

Later Luis, Fancy, Paloma and other recruits hit the gym. Fancy decides to show Luis that shes no wimpy little girl, she will show Luis how tough she can be. Luis says today they will be practicing judo, he needs a volunteer. Fancy steps forward. He shows her some moves, she imitates him. Luis explains how those moves can be used to take down a suspect. He tells Fancy to come at him like she wants to kill him. She says no problem. She runs screaming at him, he flips her and pins her. Luis says the suspect is totally under his control. Fancy then says Hey aunt Sheridan! Luis looks away, She then flips him and pins him! Luis says let him up, the others tell her not to until he says uncle. Luis says this is no time for monkeying around. Paloma says Fancy has him where she wants him, just say uncle.

At Crane, Theresa wonders when Whitney appointed herself as her personal voice of doom. Theresa says every time she does something Whitney tells her the sky is falling. Whitney says Ethan committing adultery isnt a little thing and this will end badly. Theresa says she doesnt know what to do. She says Ethan actually wants her, he told her so. Whitney tells Theresa to stop this game shes playing, she cant keep Ethan and Jared on leashes. She says let Ethan go back to his wife and start over with Jared before tragedy strikes her life again. Theresa says maybe after all these years Ethan has seen the light. Whitney thought she had finally seen the light. Whitney wonders if Theresa really wants Ethan. She thinks half the time Theresa really wants the drama of trying to lure Ethan away from Gwen. Whitney says she has Jared now and hed be so great with her and her kids. Whitney says she could have a normal life with Jared, but shes turning her back on it to tempt fate with Ethan. She warns her that tragedy will strike her life and the life of others around her. They continue arguing about Ethan and Theresa and what they did. Theresa thinks Ethan should have married her, but Whitney says he didn't marry her. She says if Ethan loved Theresa as much as he claims then he would have told Gwen, but he didnt. Whitney asks Theresa if she honestly thinks she will be with Ethan? Theresa realizes Whitney is right, she has to move on and do so with Jared. Theresa just hopes she has the strength to put Ethan behind her. Whitney says she just has to stay calm and not let the situation escalate.

In Ethans office, Chad thinks Ethan and Jared have killed one another. Both are out cold on the floor, there is blood. Hes about to call for help when Ethan and Jared both come too. Chad calls them idiots for fighting. Ethan says the fight isn't over. Chad stops them from fighting, he says they are hurt and still going at it. He demands they stop this craziness, they agree to. Chad says if they got blood on his suit, which he just had cleaned, then hell kill both of them himself. Chad tells Jared that he came to do what he did, so get upstairs and go back to work. Chad says he still outranks Jared, so get to work as Cranes hate to see people wasting time. Jared says he never expected Chad to pull that. He says his skin may be darker than Alistairs, but its still Crane skin. Ethan tells Jared its a good thing he has an excuse to leave before he can finish him off. Jared leaves, Chad then asks Ethan what the hell is the matter with him? Ethan says Jared is a jerk, he came into his office and went off about how hes with Theresa now. Chad says so this is about Jared and Theresa. He says Ethan is married, butt out of Jared and Theresas life. He says Jared is a nice guy and he and Theresa could work. Ethan says Jared wouldnt be so cocky if he knew hes been sleeping with Theresa. Chad says what? Ethan admits hes been cheating with Theresa on Gwen. He says its ripping him up, and he knows Chad thinks hes a pig because hed never cheat on Whitney. Chad thinks about his own affair. Chad tells Ethan to make up his mind, does he want to stay married to Gwen or be with Theresa? Ethan doesnt know, he doesnt know what hes doing to them. Chad says a lot of people have been in that situation, he knows what its like to love a woman but still have urges for someone on the side.

Jared runs into Gwen in the hallway. She asks what is wrong with him, is he okay? Jared says he has no problems with her, it's Ethan he has issues with. She says they should both be happy, Theresa and Ethan have moved on. Jared wishes her luck and heads out. Gwen thinks she needs to talk to Ethan, but before she can accounting calls her with some problems.

Jared returns to Theresas office where he hears Whitney telling Theresa not to let this situation escalate. He asks what situation, Theresa says a problem with her son in day care that is all. Jared offers to settle it, he thinks it's a bully problem. Whitney asks Jared where Chad is, Jared says hes with Ethan. Whitney decides to head out. Later Jared shows Theresa a tabloid, they are making this Stuart Allen case to be a romantic competition between him and Ethan for Theresa. Jared heads out, Theresa looks at the tabloid. Jared and Ethans photos speak to her and tell her to choose them.

Whitney walks into Ethans office as Chad is telling Ethan how he understands where he is. Whitney says Chad? You are having an affair? Chad says of course not, hes just talking about friends who are caught between two women. She asks what friends, friends back in LA? He says yes, she says they can stay there. She says shes sorry, she knows hed never cheat on her. She says Ethan on the other hand . . . . Ethan says Theresa told you. Whitney asks how he can do this, she thought he had better sense. Ethan says he doesnt know what to say, he knows its not like him. She says she cares about him and cares about Theresa, hasnt there been enough hurt already? Whitney tells Ethan unless he wants to throw away his marriage then this has to stop. Gwen walks in and says what has to stop? Whitney says all the tension needs to stop. Gwen agrees, she just ran into Jared. She thinks these legal battles will be over soon, they shouldnt make enemies out of it. Gwen says they should count their blessings, they all have rock solid relationships which is rare in this town. She tells Ethan that she loves him and with Theresa out of their lives, everything will be perfect for them. Chad and Whitney leave, Whitney says poor Gwen. Whitney is glad she doesnt have to worry that Chad is cheating on her.


September 19, 2006

In Kay's room, Kay is trying to get Miguel awake and out just as Fox returns again, this time for a belt. Kay hides Miguel under the covers, gives Fox his belt and then tries to get him to go to work or he will be late. He eventually leaves, and Miguel finally begins coming to. Kay is furious with him, she asks what happened? He says he had a killer headache last night after drinking with Siren, he just wanted some aspirin and took something in Tabitha's cabinet. It turned out he took sleeping pills by mistake. Kay yells at Miguel, who asks her to speak quietly as his head hurts. She refuses. She tells him that he has been going on and on for months about how leaving was a mistake, how he loves her, how he wants them to be a family. She says then she finds him in the arms of that slut Siren, what gives? Miguel says he can explain, but she doesn't want to hear it. She says she is engaged to Fox, a man who loves and respects her. She says she has an appointment she has to get to and storms off.

At the Book Cafe, Eve is on the phone and is furious about something. Julian shows up, he learns Eve is livid that someone just decided to up and remodel her office, it's now unusable. Julian admits he is behind it, it was supposed to be a surprise. Eve is not pleased, her office won't be useable for some time and she has patients. Julian thought while it was unusable they could go on a romantic European getaway. She asks what about her patients? He says he's arranged for them to see other doctors. Eve grows more livid, she says these are her patients and her practice and he just took control of it. She says other doctors don't know her patients and their history like she does, she has a personal relationship with them. Julian asks what about their relationship, when does he get time with her. Eve can't believe Julian. She tells him that she thought the old Julian, the one that felt the need to control and run her life was gone. She says he's not and she wants nothing to do with him. She then walks out on Julian.

Also at the Book Cafe is Ethan, who is upset over the tabloid. Noah shows up and they talk. Noah realizes a better cover for the tabloid would be to have Ethan in the middle of Theresa and Gwen. Ethan is worried how Gwen will take this, he doesn't want to lose her. Ivy shows up, she asks what he just said? She sees the tabloid and thinks Theresa has done it again. Ethan says this isn't her fault and she has moved on with Jared. Ivy's glad to hear that. Ivy has an appointment and has to run. After she leaves, Ethan continues talking to Noah about his problem dealing with his feelings for Theresa.

Kay shows up at a bridal shop where a woman tells her she has a surprise gown for her. Kay takes one look at it and says it's horrible, the ugliest thing she's seen. Ivy walks in and says oh she got here too late for her surprise. Ivy picked this gown out for Kay, she wanted her to have a one of a kind dress. Kay says she is not wearing that dress to get married in.

At Crane, Theresa looks at the tabloid as Ethan and Jared's photos speak to her, telling her to choose them. Theresa says as much as she'll always love Ethan, he's unavailable and she has to move on with Jared. Just then Jared calls asking Theresa to come down to the third floor right away. She thinks something is wrong. She arrives, it's the Crane gym. Jared has had it closed so they can enjoy a private yoga session. Theresa doesn't know how to do yoga, but Jared does. They enjoy their sensual yoga session, which results in them making love. Jared tells her how he's really falling for her, she tells him the same thing.

At the police station Fancy gets Luis to say uncle for her, when she releases her hold on him he then surprises her and pins her to the mat. He lets her up though and warns everyone never to turn their back on a suspect or get cocky. He then takes them for a seven mile run, afterwards he tells them they will take part in a virtual reality simulation in which they have to locate a man who just robbed a store in a crowd of people. Fancy says they just ran seven miles, but Luis says sometimes you have to arrest a suspect after a long pursuit, he wanted them tired. Paloma goes first, she puts on the VR unit and manages to arrest the suspect. Fancy then goes next, but Luis toughens it up a bit, introducing a fog bank to the scenario. Fancy says she can't see a thing, Luis says sometimes weather is something you have to deal with. Fancy is shot in the simulation, which causes her vest to shock her and knock her down. 



September 20, 2006
At the bridal salon, Kay and Ivy fight over the dress. Kay says Ivys tricks wont work, she wont call off this wedding. Kay says shes marrying Fox and Ivy cant do a damn thing about it. Ivy says so, you dont like the dress? Ivy hoped she would have accepted the gift in the spirit it was given. Kay says she is, Ivy went out and found out the ugliest wedding dress she could. Kay says it will take more than an ugly wedding dress to stop her from marrying Fox. Ivy apologizes to the store clerk, she says she'd like to say Kay is hormonal but Kays been a bitch as long as shes know her. Ivy demands Kay try on the dress, but Kay says no. Ivy says she tried to find a dress that was the true her, a reflection of what is within. Ivy asks Kay if shes going to let her tell Fox she turned down her gift without even trying it on? Kay says shell try it on, but she wont marry Fox in this dress. Kay leaves, Ivy says now for the second part of her plan. The shop owner calls Miguel up to let him know to meet Kay here. Miguel says hes on his way. The shop owner tells Ivy, she says excellent. Ivy thinks she should have been a wedding planner, or maybe a wedding unplanner is more appropriate. Meanwhile in a changing room Kay puts on the dress, which is absolutely terrible. There are huge bows all over her dress and some giant plume thing on her head. She then realizes she should be more excited about this wedding, shes marrying the mans of her dreams, why isn't she happier? She says she does love Fox, but Miguel . . . Miguel shows up, hes standing behind her looking at her. Kay thinks she has to be imagining this, but shes not. He says shes beautiful, she says shes not. He says no matter what she wears, shell always be the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Kay tells him to stop. She says she saw him chasing after Siren, he cant do this again. She says he left her once before to chase after Charity, so why should she trust him again? She says she cant play these games anymore. Miguel finally explains why he was with Siren, she was blackmailing him with a phone photo she took of them kissing. Miguel says she was going to show it to Fox. Kay says well if Fox had seen the photo he would have dumped her, why didnt he let Siren show Fox? Miguel says he was tempted, but he didnt want to hurt her. He also says he didnt want Fox to take his anger out on her. Kay is touched that hed do that for her. Miguel says hed do anything to protect her, he loves her and always will. They then kiss. A spying Ivy sees this. Kay says this is wrong, she cant do this. Miguel says it is what they should be doing, they continue to kiss. 

Fox is at work thinking about Kay and how nothing is too good for her. Meanwhile a furious Julian is at Crane and makes a call to have all funds to Harmony hospital cut off. Fox walks in and asks what that was about? Julian says it was personal. Fox says something to do with Eve? Julian says Eve wont marry him, but he wont let her go. Fox says so hell win her back by putting her hospital out of business? Julian tells Fox he's still wet behind the ears when it comes to matters of the heart. Julian says Eve is about to find out just how much she really needs him. They argue about their situations with Eve and TC and Kay and Miguel. Fox thinks the situations are nothing alike, TC and Eve were married for a long time. Julian says but Kay and Miguel still share a child just like TC and Eve do. He asks Fox what hed do if he found out Kay still had feelings for Miguel? Fox says he would do whatever it takes to get rid of Miguel. However Fox says he and Kay are on track, she loves him and not Miguel. Julian says but he just said . . . Fox says he would take care of it. Julian asks permanently? Fox says hed do whatever he had to do, enough said. Fox then gets a call from the bridal salon owner, she tells him Kay wants him to come down and meet her and pick out tuxes for the men in the party. He says he'll be right there. Of course this was orchestrated by Ivy.

At police station, Fancy appears to have been shot, but she wasnt hurt badly. She manages to arrest the suspect in VR land after all. Luis tells her nice work. However he says she did make a mistake and it could have cost her everything. Fancy knows her mistake, she assumed the thuggish looking guy was the suspect, not the one in the suit. Luis says had this been real life she probably would be dead in the street. Fancy says she wont make the mistake again. All the other cadets leave as Luis and Fancy talk in private. Luis says she still did a great job. Fancy says but like he said, she could have been killed. Luis says yes, but he made it more difficult for her than anyone else. He says he made it difficult for her to get a good grade. He says he made it harder for her so she is prepared for anything after she leaves here. She asks what about Paloma? Luis says her too, he doesnt want anything to happen to either of them. Luis tells Fancy that he cares about her a lot. He says say something, but she says she wants him to say it again. He says he cares about her and hes sorry the way he treated her earlier. She says shes sorry for the way she acted, she was childish earlier during judo training and using Sheridan's name was a cheap shot. Luis says he underestimated her, she has great instincts and that is what it takes to be a good cop. Fancy says so hes not mad at her for using Sheridan to distract him? He says hes impressed, she used her opponents Achilles heel to take advantage of them. He tells her she may not always be able to do that though. Fancy tells Luis he needs to give himself more credit, his love for Sheridan isnt a weakness. Luis says it is, hes hurt both her and Sheridan, two women he cares a lot about. He asks Fancy if shell accept his apology. Fancy says its not just his fault, Sheridan is guilty too. Fancy says Sheridan doesnt know what she really wants and shes the one to blame, Sheridan hasnt been fair to him. Fancy says Sheridan continuously puts herself in proximity to him, which gets his hopes up. Fancy says its no wonder he cant move on and is so confused. Luis says they shouldnt blame Sheridan. Fancy says dont protect her, shes always coming up with excuses to run into him. She says that isnt right and is insensitive. He says he can handle it. Luis says he has to take a shower, but theyll talk later. Fancy thinks if Luis cant tell Sheridan to back off well she can and will.

At the Book Caf, Ethan and Noah continue to discuss Theresa. Ethan says hes so weak when it comes to Theresa, she is like a magnet pulling him in. He says hes never felt this way about a woman. However he loves Gwen, hes married to her and owes . . . Noah says owe and marry dont belong in the same sentence. He tells Ethan to think about what he really wants. Ethan asks how he can just leave Gwen? Noah asks how he can stay with her when his heart is somewhere else? Ethan says he really does love Gwen. Noah says he knows, but its not the same love he has for Theresa, he lights up when he talks about Theresa. He says hes never heard him say what he owes Theresa. Ethan says he has a family with Gwen, but Noah points out Jane is Theresas daughter. Noah says Little Ethan looks up to Ethan as a father. Noah says what Ethan has with Theresa and Little Ethan is just the same as what he, Gwen and Jane have. Noah tells Ethan that life is so precious and delicate, you cant afford to spend one minute with the wrong person. Ethan doesnt know who the right one is. Noah says only he can decide, but what hes doing now is no good for anyone. Ethan says hes damned if he does and damned if he doesnt. Ethan says Gwen claims shes not worried about Theresa anymore. Noah says if he believes that then he has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him. Noah says Gwen will always be worried until he makes a final choice. Ethan knows, he just doesnt know who to choose. 

At the Crane gym, Jared and Theresa continue their workout with some weight training. Afterwards he surprises her with a candle light lunch. She says this is wonderful, nobody has ever done anything like this for her. He says shes a beautiful girl and just wants to sweep her off her feet. She says consider her swept. Later Theresa decides to surprise Jared with some exercises he man not be familiar with. She tells him to follow her. Jared says hed rather work out right here, they kiss some more. They later head to the steam room where they make love. Theresa admits she likes him so much that shes starting to like the name Tess. Jared leaves to get them some more champagne. He heads out and Theresa realizes she hasnt thought about Ethan for hours. She says Jared takes care of her in every way. Suddenly Ethan shows up. 


September 21, 2006

Luis pays his mom a visit, shes home but is still weak. He asks about the shooting, Pilar says she doesnt even know if it was a man or a woman who shot her. Luis thinks it was Spike, he just needs to prove it. He also doesnt know if he believes Chris and his alibi of Spike. Luis says he wont give up until he finds out who did this to her. She says she can tell something else is on his mind. Luis says his heart is dying. He says its breaking over what is going on with him and Sheridan. Pilar feels so bad for him and Sheridan, she wishes she could do something. Luis says this whole thing is his fault for not saving Marty. Pilar says the loss of a child is hard to accept and it takes a long time to heal. Luis wants to be there for Sheirdan but he cant be, he also cant let Sheridan go. Pilar says he can, he just has to try harder. Paloma walks in and says she told him the same thing, he needs to give things with Fancy a chance. Luis cant believe they have ambushed him. Pilar tells Luis nobody is worth waiting a life time for, not even Sheridan. Paloma says Sheridan is his past, Fancy could be his future. Luis reminds his mom she routed for him to be with Sheridan when she married Antonio. Pilar says sometimes you have to stop fighting destiny and accept it, he wont be with Sheridan. Pilar and Paloma both tell him that Sheridan wont leave her new family for him, not ever. 

Ethan turns up at the sauna at the Crane gym where Theresa is. He says this must be fate. Theresa says Ethan should go, they shouldnt be here together. He thinks this is the perfect time for them to be together, they need to talk. Theresa doesnt know what her feelings are yet, she hasn't processed everything. Ethan says he is conflicted over his feelings for Gwen, he thinks shes conflicted over whether she cares about Jared or not. Theresa says she does care about him and he is here, so Ethan needs to leave before he gets back. She says he went to get them champagne, she wants him to leave as it will only cause trouble. Ethan asks if Jared told her about the fight they had. Theresa says he didnt. Ethan says well Jared started it by insisting he sign some documents, he wouldnt leave his office so he punched Jared. Theresa says he picked a fight with Jared over her not some documents. Ethan asks if shes really trying to move on with Jared, Theresa says she is. Ethan asks what about them? Theresa says what about them? Ethan says he loves her, does she remembers what it felt like in Chris office? Theresa asks if he is serious? Theresa says she remembers, she loves making love to him. He asks why shes with Jared then? Theresa says this is interesting and she's being the rational one for a change. Theresa thought after last night theyd be together, that he'd leave Gwen and marry her. Ethan says he wanted to tell Gwen the truth, she stopped him. Theresa says because she wont give up Jared if he wont end things with Gwen. Theresa says hell never leave Gwen to be with her will he? Ethan says she is his wife and he cant do that to her. Theresa says and that is why there is no us and never will be. Ethan then proposes that he could be with Gwen and she could be with Jared but they could have . . . Theresa says no. Ethan reminds her that she proposed this to him once before. She says no, that was before Jared. She says it wont work. He says they wont know unless they try. Theresa tells Ethan no. She says this being together on the sly wont work. They end up getting turned on by being together though, they end up kissing one another and saying how much they want the other. They almost make love, but Theresa stops it. She says hes married and wont leave Gwen, so get out. Theresa wants to be happy with Jared. Ethan asks how she can be happy with Jared when she loves him? She says the same way he can be happy with Gwen. Theresa tells him to go be with Gwen and let her be with Jared. Ethan doesnt want to leave. Theresa tells him that they have to be over, get out! He eventually leaves her, though tries one last attempt to persuade her to not give up on him. She won't hear it, she says she needs to clear her head before Jared returns.

At Crane, Spike is in Chris office. Chris calls him an idiot for being here. Spike says relax. Spike needs the money, but Chris says it is too soon. He says the off shore accounts arent yet set up. Spike says he needs cash fast otherwise hell tell his wife what a no-good creep shes married to. Chris tells him that he cant do this quickly, there are safeguards to make sure people dont steal. Chris says the short story is if hes caught embezzling then Spike gets nothing. Spike says if getting caught by Theresa is the problem then why dont they get rid of her? Chris says that would be a mistake as Julian would take over, hes a harder business man and would make this scam more difficult to pull off. He says Spike will get his money but if he touches one hair on Theresas head . . . . Spike leaves Chris office, he thinks Chris is an idiot and hes going to take care of Theresa. Later Spike finds Theresa in the stream room alone. He decides to turn up the steam a bit and breaks off the valve off. 

At the cottage Sheridan answers the door, Fancy was banging on it. She asks Fancy what is wrong? Fancy says Sheridan is what is wrong! Sheridan asks what she did? Fancy says she went to see Luis and let him think there was hope for them. Sheridan says she didnt mean to see him, it was a mistake. Fancy says stop lying to herself and all of them, shes stringing Luis along. Fancy knows she and Sheridan came close to getting back together. Sheridan says she wouldnt say that, she would call it hard to let go. Fancy tells her that she is constantly reminding Luis of what they had together, no wonder he can't move on. Sheridan says Harmony is a small town, they are bound to run into one another. Fancy says Sheridan may be able to fool herself into believing that but shes not believing it. Sheridan swears Luis is her past, Chris and James are her future. Fancy says she may believe that but she always makes excuses to see Luis. Sheridan says she cant be held responsible that her car broke down and she needed to renew her drivers license. Fancy says she could have gone to the DMV? Sheridan says she couldnt take James to a place like that! Fancy says Sheridan may have told her she can see Luis, but she hasnt given Luis permission to get over her. Sheridan says she has, but Fancy says the signals shes sending out dont say that. Sheridan says if Fancy wants to be with Luis and Luis wants to be with her then she cant stop them. Fancy says that is not giving her blessing, it sounds like she planning to keep hanging onto him as long as she can. Fancy says if she wants to let Luis go then tell him that in no uncertain terms. Sheridan says she did tell Luis to leave her alone, that she wasnt leaving Chris and James. Fancy says she needs to show him, just leave Luis alone. Sheridan says she wants her to avoid Luis? Fancy says yes, stay the hell away from Luis. 

At the bridal salon, Kay tells Miguel this is wrong, she cant be kissing him. Miguel knows she loves him more than Fox, break off the engagement. Kay says she never said that she  loved him more, but Miguel says he sees it in her eyes. He says then hell leave, but only if she tells him he doesnt love her. Tell him to leave and hell go. She says fine she does not . . . she cant get the words out. Miguel knows she loves him as much as he loves her. They continue to kiss, Kay continues to say she cant do this to Fox. She says they are getting married. Miguel says she shouldnt be marrying Fox, they should be together. He says theyve been friends and teammates for life, they have a daughter. Kay reminds him that he left them, Miguel said that was a mistake and hes sorry. Miguel says she belongs with him, her first love. Kay cant believe hes saying what she always wanted to hear now. She says she tried to make him love her and see her as a woman, but he never did. Miguel says he told her if Charity hadnt come to town then they would have been together. Kay says but Charity did come along and he left her for Charity. Kay says after he left her life was a mess and then Fox saved her, in the middle of a tsunami no less. Miguel says it doesnt matter as she loves him more than she loves Fox. Kay says who she loves more isnt the issue. She says Fox was there for her and they never would have gotten close if Miguel left. Miguel says so shes marrying Fox to punish him? Kay says shes marrying him because she loves him. Miguel says in that dress? Its horrible. Kay says Ivy picked it out, she wants her to call off the wedding and this is her way of telling her. Miguel asks why she wants to marry Fox when her mother hates her? Miguel says his mother loves Kay and wants them together. He tells Kay to marry him, they can adopt more children together. They kiss and soon end up horizontal on one of the couches. The clothes soon start coming off.

Fox shows up at the salon, Ivy is waiting for him to arrive and catch Kay in the act. Fox asks Ivy what shes doing here, she says she surprised Kay with a gown and she didnt like it. Shes in the dressing room. Fox tells the woman at the salon she called him about picking tuxes out for the wedding. The woman is confused, Ivy said there wouldnt be a wedding. Ivy says thats right, there wont be one if these decisions arent made. Ivy pushes Fox to go to see Kay. Ivy then tells the woman if adult language bothers her then she should leave, things are about to get uglier than Kays dress. Fox is about to go in but gets a call from Crane in Houston, its a crisis and he has to take this call. Ivy demands Fox get off the phone and go see Kay, but he has to deal with an oil refinery being shut down. Ivy says he is just like his father, he thought hed have learned a lesson from him. Fox says he cant see Kay in her wedding dress, its bad luck. Ivy tells him to let Houston call Chad or Valerie, he needs to be here for Kay. Fox says fine she wins. Fox handles things with Houston and then hangs up. Fox then goes and knocks on the door as Ivy waits for him to catch Kay. Fox opens the door and walks into the changing room. Kay is gone as is Miguel, all that is left is the wedding dress. He says this is the ugliest thing hes seen. The owner walks in and thinks this is bad luck, but at least Kay wasn't in the dress. He wonders where Kay is? She says Kay was here awhile ago. Fox says something isnt right here and not just the dress.

Kay and Miguel are running out the back half naked. Kay says she just cant leave. Miguel says theyll find a way to tell Fox the wedding is off, they are meant to be together. 


September 22, 2006

At the bridal salon, Ivy thinks Fox is going to catch Kay betraying him and she cant claim to have amnesia this time. She says poor Fox, first Theresa, then Whitney and now Kay. She says hell get over it, Crane men always do. Meanwhile Fox only finds Kays dress, which he thinks is disgusting. He wonders where Kay is. The salon owner says she was here. Fox says so what, she tried to put the dress out of its misery and left? He says something isnt right here. Ivy begins wondering what is going on, why isnt there any yelling. She checks on what is going on, Kay is gone. Fox learns there is a back way out of the room, he decides to check on things. Ivy follows Fox and hears him scream, she thinks he found Kay and Miguel. 

Miguel and Kay are running out the back of the salon. She says they cant leave, but he says theyll tell Fox the truth later. He says he knows she loves him as much as he loves her. They begin kissing in the alleyway.

By time Ivy and Fox get out to the alley, Miguel and Kay are gone. They find Kays clothes out there, Fox wonders why they are here. Ivy says and what is she wearing now? Ivy says maybe she had another appointment, but that doesnt explain why shes running around half naked. Fox says hell find out the truth and he runs off looking for her.

Miguel and Kay are running, Kay is wearing Miguels shirt. Kay says she cant do this to Fox. Miguel says she cant marry Fox, they should be a family. Kay says its too late, and she wont run out on Fox. She says Fox deserves an explanation. She tells Miguel to leave, let her face Fox alone. Miguel says no way and at least let things cool down. He says come with him, she does. They end up below the pier somewhere. Kay doesnt know how shell explain this to Fox, and why couldnt he realize he loved her years ago? He says hes sorry, he has no excuse. They end up kissing on the beach. A man shows up with a metal detector looking for buried treasure. Miguel says he and his brother combed this place years ago, nothing will come up. The guy heads off, Miguel only said that to get rid of him. They are at some special place to them, they used to sneak out here and tell ghost stories. He says Simone was supposed to come out with them that one night but never showed. Kay says she planned it like that, she wanted him to herself. However once again he never saw her as a woman, just a friend. He wants to make up for all the lost time, they kiss. 

Fox and Ivy run into the guy looking for buried treasure. Fox asks if hes seen Kay, the man says he saw a woman that sounds like her on the beach with a good looking fellow. Ivy and Fox realize the man she could be with is Miguel. Fox says when he gets his hands on Miguel then he is a dead man. Ivy says now dont do anything rash, it might not have been Kay and Miguel that man saw. She says Kay would never betray him like that. Fox remembers seeing with Kay and Miguel before. Ivy says Kay would never be with Miguel the week before the wedding, it would be too cruel. Fox says hes going to find out and races off towards the beach.

Back at the beach, Miguel and Kay are kissing, Miguel says he wants to make love to her. She tells him to stop, but cant stop herself. They get horizontal behind an old boat. Kay says this is wrong but she needs him so much. They are behind a boat when Ivy and Fox show up. Fox sees something and says My God!

At the Lopez house, Paloma and Pilar both tell Luis that he has to let Sheridan go. Luis doesnt know if he can. Paloma says Sheridan is with another man, but Luis says only because she thought he was dead. Pilar says but shes chosen to honor the commitment she made to Chris. Paloma urges him to try and move on with Fancy. Pilar asks if Fancy likes Luis? Luis says shell have to ask Fancy. Paloma says Fancy joined the academy because she likes him, though she does want to be a cop. Pilar asks if Luis wont date her because she is Sheridans niece? Luis says no because he cant date a cadet. Paloma says she wont be a cadet forever. Pilar thinks Luis should give Fancy a try. She wonders if Fancy reminds Luis of Sheridan though. Luis says there is no one like Sheridan. Pilar knows, but he has to give up this dream. Paloma says Fancy cares about him and he could care about her if he gives her a chance. Luis admits he cares for Fancy, but he doesnt know if he can give up Sheridan. They say he has to try, Sheridan is with Chris. Luis says Sheridan doesnt love Chris, hes supposed to be with Sheridan and Marty. Pilar says nothing will bring Marty back, and he needs to move on like Sheridan has. She says she doesnt want him to be lonely, she wants him to find happiness and provide her with some grandchildren. Luis says still he cant date a cadet. Pilar says just give himself the chance to find happiness again. Paloma says Fancy is already crazy over him. Pilar says she knows it is hard to let go of Sheridan, but she has moved on and he has to do the same. 

At the cottage, Fancy continues yelling at Sheridan. She tells her to leave Luis the hell alone, Luis could be happy with her if Sheridan would stay away from him. Katherine walks in and tells Fancy to stop it, not to say another word. Fancy says this is between Sheridan and her, but Katherine says its between all of them now. Katherine says Fancy is setting herself up for a heartbreak, the only woman Luis will ever really love is Sheridan. Katherine says take her advice and find someone else. Fancy says this from the woman who let everyone think she was dead while she was living it up with her lover in Mexico? Katherine reminds her why she left, Fancy says she knows because Grampy was horrible to her. However there is no excuse for her to abandon her children. Katherine says she doesnt know the whole story. Fancy says it doesnt matter, she has no say in her relationship with Luis. Fancy says she loves Luis. Sheridan says does she really? How does she know? Fancy says she told her long ago that she was falling for him and she asked for her blessing. Sheridan says she has no say in who Luis chooses. Katherine says Luis will never be hers, he belongs with Sheridan. Fancy says Sheridan has a husband! She says marriage vows mean nothing to her though, she ran off with a married man. She says dont lecture her about men. Sheridan says that is enough. She says her mother went through so much abuse at Alistairs hands, she had to run away to save herself. Katherine says Martin helped her escape. Fancy says Martin left his family to be her lover. Katherine says they didnt mean to become lovers, they only did that after they realized they couldnt return to Harmony. Fancy says Martin left five children behind. Sheridan says when Fancy is older shell understand. Fancy says she understands it was adultery. She says maybe Sheridan gets it from her mom, maybe she thinks she can keep Luis on the side while being married to Chris. Maybe she plans to run off with Luis. Katherine says she was a prisoner of Alistairs, she had no money and no where to go. Fancy says so she turned to the hired help? Pilar was the maid, their family had no money either. She wonders how Katherine and Martin survived in Mexico. Sheridan says that is enough, she shouldnt disrespect her grandmother. She tells them they are two of a kind, they have the morals of an alley cat. Sheridan demands Fancy apologize, but Katherine says its okay. Katherine says Fancy just knows Luis wont stop loving Sheridan and she is upset. Fancy says they dont know that. Sheridan says she doesnt want to leave Chris, she wont leave him. Katherine says the love she shares with Luis comes along once in a life time. Fancy points out something always comes between them in every lifetime. Sheridan says it is true. Katherine says the only lifetime that matters is this one, dont throw away the love of her life. Sheridan says its too late. She says if Luis could fall for Fancy . . . Fancy tells Sheridan that she has to break the cycle, let Luis find happiness with her.

At the Crane Gym, Ethan is walking around in just a towel. He thinks about being with Theresa in the sauna earlier. He says Theresa is right, he has to let her go. He says hes with Gwen and shes with Jared, though there is something not right about that guy. Jared shows up, he asks what Ethan is doing here? Ethan tells Jared to be good to Theresa or hell answer to him. Jared says hed never hurt her, but what goes on between them is none of his business so back off. Jared asks Ethan what hes doing here again and why does he have a towel on? He says he was going to take a steam but . . . Jared says but what? Jared says Theresa was in there. Ethan knows, he saw she was in there and left. Jared says he better have. Ethan warns Jared hell be watching him. Jared suggests Ethan look after his wife, hell look after Theresa. Ethan says he takes care of his wife. They continue to argue, Ethan says Theresa is the mother of his daughter and shes been through a lot. Jared says most of it is Ethans doing, hes broken her heart over and over again. He says he cant believe Theresa still has the capacity to love, but she does. He tells Ethan that he cherishes that love. Jared says Ethan blew his chance with Theresa so stay away.

In the steam room, Theresa is trying to clear her mind of Ethan before Jared returns. Spike finds her in the steam room and turns up the steam and breaks the lever off. Spike thinks with Theresa gone Chris will get him the money all the more sooner. He then jams the door shut with a knife. Theresa soon hears an alarm going off, its getting far too hot in the room. Spike is trying to see if Theresa is dead or not but there is too much steam. Theresa makes her way to the door to try and escape. She finds its stuck, she begins banging and screaming for help. Spike runs, Ethan and Jared finally hear Theresa screaming for help. Ethan and Jared begin banging on the door and trying to get it open, inside Theresa has passed out. They also see its turned up far too high. Jared uses a weight and smashes open the door. Jared rushes in and goes to Theresas side. They get her out, Jared wont let Ethan help Theresa. Theresa begins coughing an finally comes to. She looks up and sees Jared, who morphs into Ethan. Theresa ends up calling him Ethan! 

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