September 25, 2006
At Crane, Julian is dictating notes to Valerie. Eve shows up telling Julian she just heard he cut the hospital funding, how can he be so cruel. Julian asks Valerie to leave them, she does. Eve tells Julian that the hospital relies on that funding, without it they have to cut many programs. Julian says he established that Crane trust in honor of her when they were together, and now that they arent then he shouldnt have to contribute money to something that doesnt interest him, can't she understand that. She says she understands the selfish Julian who uses money to get what he wants is back, but it wont work. Eve says the Cranes always supported the hospital, they cant survive without these donations. She says he cant be that petty. Julian says he doubled the normal contributions when they got engaged. He says she broke off their engagement and therefore lost that money. Julian says that money can go to equally deserving charities. He suggests she go to Theresa or Sheridan if she needs more money, maybe they'll toss her a million. Eve says this is emotional blackmail. He says she felt the need to end something so did he. She says he pushed her to end their engagement. He says he tried to patch up their love affair. He planned a romantic dinner, but the only thing she did was talk on the phone to TCs nurse all night. He says he wanted to take her on a cruise, she threw her ring at him. He says he tried to work things out, she obviously didnt want to try. He says therefore hes cutting the ties that bind them. She asks if he cant see why shed want to help the father of her children? That she cant just drop her career and patients to go on a pleasure cruise. She calls him a little kid who doesnt like the rules of the game so he takes his toys home. She says hundreds of people will be punished for this decision. Eves phone rings, Julian tells her to go ahead and answer it. She does, it is Jared calling about Theresa. Eve says shell be right there. She tells Julian she has to check on Theresa, she's been in an accident. Julian says Theresa's whole life is an accident. Julian tells her not to go, he wants them to talk this out. Eve says its an emergency, she has to go. Eve then leaves. 

At the gym, Theresa calls to Ethan after shes rescued, he runs to her side. She says hold him, he does. Jared is puzzled. A spying Spike says now he has to come up with another way to rid the world of Theresa. Ethan asks Jared to call Dr. Russell, Ethan carries Theresa off. Jared remains a bit puzzled by this turn of events. 

Gwen is talking to Valerie in the hall way, Valerie asks Gwen how it has been for her working in the same building with Theresa? Gwen says Theresa has chosen to be with Jared, for once shes decided to let Theresa go. She says for the first time in years she and Ethan are free of Theresa. Valerie asks if she's sure about that? Suddenly Ethan shows up, in a towel, carrying Theresa, who is in a robe. Jared arrives, Gwen asks Jared why her half naked husband is carrying his half naked girlfriend through the halls? Jared says its a long story, but neither one of them can afford to let their guard down around Ethan and Theresa it seems.

Chris shows up, he learns something happened with Theresa. He then sees Spike hiding in a store room. He confronts Spike. He tells him hes an idiot, he did something to Theresa didnt he? Spike says Theresa is fine, but Chris says she looked half dead. Did Spike try and kill her? Spike says its none of his business, hes in charge of this operation. Spike says he wants his money. Chris says you mean the Cranes money. Chris says this takes time, and Spike wont enjoy his money if hes executed. Spike says he wont get caught. Chris warns him to leave Theresa alone or he wont get his money. Spike tells Chris or whatever his name is this year, he is in charge. Spike threatens to tell Sheridan all about him. He suggest Chris keep his nose out of his business, his only job is to funnel money into his accounts. Chris says he cant go around killing people. Spike says its always worked before, and Theresa is an obstacle. Chris says he wont have any part of murder. Chris reminds him he read his file, hes done a lot worse than murder. Spike tells Chris if he makes him a rich man quick, then everything will be fine. If not . . . Spike says hell take things into his own hands. Spike says one way or another, hell get his money. Spike tells Chris to get him his money or Theresa will get it. Chris tells him not to do anything like this again. He says hell do what he can to speed things up, but it will take time. He says Spike will get his money, just get some patience. Chris storms off, Spike says he still has to remove Theresa from the equation and hell have fun doing it too. 

In Theresa's office, Eve checks on Theresa. Ethan explains what happened at the sauna. Eve says Theresa was rescued just in time, shell be fine. Gwen says today must be Theresas lucky day. Gwen is visibly miffed at the attention Ethan is giving Theresa. Jared goes to Theresas side as Eve tells him and Theresa that she needs rest and needs fluids as shes dehydrated. Eve says if anything changes to call her. Jared tells Theresa how she really had him worried. Gwen stomps off, Eve hopes they will find out what happened to the steam room. Ethan says he will call maintenance, but Jared says he will as Ethan doesnt work here anymore. Jared places the call, it turns out the steam room was just checked and valves were replaced, he doesnt think this could have accidentally happened. Jared asks Theresa how shes feeling, she says she wants to go home. Ethan offers to take her, but Theresa says she wants Jared to take her. He says he will, she says she knew she could count on him. 

Eve runs into an upset Gwen outside. Gwen says Ethan is so upset over Theresa that he doesnt notice her. She says sometimes she thinks she should cut her losses and run. She tells Eve shes so lucky to have Julian, he doesnt care about his former women. Eve says she broke things off with Julian. Gwen says Julian adores her, she thought what they had was strong. Eve explains Julian resented her time spent caring for TC. Eve says she wasnt falling back in love with TC thought. She says Julians reactions were so alarming, he reverted back into that horrible controlling, selfish and nasty person. She says it was just like old times. Gwen says Julian has been a better man since being with her. Eve says maybe it was a facade. Gwen knows she shouldnt be giving advice on love, but Eve shouldnt walk away from someone you love. She says thats why shes still with Ethan. She urges Eve to try and work things out with Julian. Eve says Gwen is right, shell go talk to Julian right now.

After Jared takes Theresa home, Gwen has a chat with Ethan. She says Jared is a good guy, Theresa is lucky to have him. Ethan says if she says so, he has to get dressed. She says shes not blind, she knows what happened. She says Jared told her how Theresa called for Ethan and he ran, but when she came too she wanted only Jared. She says Theresa is trying to move on, but he doesnt want her to. She says Ethan is the one who cant let her go. 

Eve heads back to Julians office to talk to him and try and work things out. Shes sure they can salvage this relationship. When she walks into his office she finds Julian going at it with Valerie! 

On the beach, Fox and Ivy see Miguel making it with a woman, they think it is Kay. Fox storms over to confront them, Ivy is now sure the wedding will be off. They catch Miguel, but not Kay. Hes with Siren! 

At Tabithas, Kay rushes in saying that was close. Kay is now dressed. Tabitha is home, shes completely cured of her virus. She says she just returned, she has missed Endora so much. She asks Kay to fill her in on what is going on. Kay explains the whole bridal salon fiasco. Kay says she made love to Miguel in the dressing room and was almost caught by Fox. Then they ran to the beach and were almost caught by Fox and Ivy. She says she knows Ivy set her up. Kay doesnt know what to do, shes so confused. Tabitha says no one else can tell her what to do, she needs to ask herself which man she loves the most, Fox or Miguel. Kay says she loves them both. Tabitha says she understands, variety is the spice of life. However she says Miguel and Fox wont be okay with a mnage-a-trois for life, neither one likes sharing. Kay continues to talk about how shes loved Miguel her whole life, how can she just give him up? Kay asks for the magic bowl, she wants to see what is going on at the beach. She sees Miguel is with Siren, Kay is furious. Tabitha says their mermaid seems to be doing okay without her Siren song. Kay cant believe Miguel, she asks why she ever trusted him. She says shes done with Miguel, shes marrying Fox and will spend her life with him. She says there is nothing Miguel can do to change her mind. 

Kay brings Endora to see her mommy, she conjures up a darkside themed party complete with black dcorations, black lagoon punch and a devils food spider shaped cake. Tabitha says she loves her darling Endora, the boys in the basement spit fire out the vents. Tabitha says she doesnt care who knows it, she loves Endora. Tabitha asks Kay if shes feeling better. Kay says she is just glad Fox didnt see her with Miguel, she vows she will spend her life with Fox. Ivy, Miguel and Fox show up, a long with Siren. Ivy thinks its early for Halloween. Tabitha says yes but its her favorite holiday and Kay and Endora pulled out all the stops to welcome her home. Fox talks  with Kay, he asks what happened to her? She wasnt at the salon when he arrived. Ivy says then they found her clothes in the alley. Where did she go? Ivy says theyd love to hear her explanation. Kay claims she ran so Fox didnt see her in her wedding dress and she dropped her clothes while running. She says she just wanted nothing to go wrong for their wedding. Fox says he believes her, though for a second he thought she was with Miguel. Fox has a call he has to take, Tabitha then drags Ivy off to help her get plates for the cake. Kay lashes out at Miguel and Siren for not wasting time. Miguel says he can explain, but Kay says save it. She walks off. Siren realizes Miguel was just using her again, he was with Kay earlier wasn't he. Kay has stormed off from Miguel and is kissing on Fox. Miguel explains to Siren that theyll never be together, he loves Kay. He says hes sorry for using her. Siren points out to Miguel that hes out of luck as it seems Kay is in love with Fox. Miguel says he still hopes Kay comes to her senses.

Later Ivy confronts Kay, she knows Kay was with Miguel. Kay tells her that she will marry Fox and Ivy cant stop it. Ivy says shell see her dead before she marries fox. Kay says bring it on blondie! Fox walks over, he asks if anything is going on here? Ivy says they were just talking about the wedding, Ivy says she was offering to help Kay anyway she can. Fox says that is great, they have so much to do and so little time. Ivy says yes they do. Fox once again apologizes Kay for being so suspicious of her, hes never known how jealous he can be until lately. He cant believe he thought she was making love to Miguel while trying on dresses. He says he knows shed never betray him. He asks if she can forgive him, she says there is no reason to apologize. Under her breath Ivy says you got that right. Kay says she just didnt want him to see her in her dress, especially that one. She says she loves him and nothing and no one will stop their wedding. Everyone watches Fox and Kay kissing. 


September 26, 2006

Eve walks in on Julian doing Valerie in his office. Julian said he thought Valerie locked the door. Eve says this cant be! Julian says its not like hes cheating, she broke it off. Valerie swears Julian said she gave back the engagement ring. Eve says it doesnt matter, shes going. He chases her into the hall and says dont go. She says she doesnt want an apology. He says hes not offering one, what she saw was her fault and not his. Eve says he has a lot of nerve. He suggests they have this conversation in private in his office, she says you mean his dirty game room? She wont go back in there. He says too bad, he drags her in there. Valerie is trying to apologize to Eve, she doesnt know why she did it, shes involved with someone else. Eve says she did it to accelerate her climb up the Crane corporate ladder. Eve says if she thinks that will happen then shes sorely mistaken. Valerie thinks she should go, but Eve says she isnt finished. Eve says shes followed her career, she was very impressed with her so far. She considered her a role model for her daughters. Eve says she knows Valerie didnt have much growing up. She thought that thought that through hard work and education she did some remarkable things, but now she knows just how she got where she is. Eve tells Valerie for shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, she is nothing but trash. Julian tells Eve to leave her alone, but Eve tells him not to start being noble. Eve asks Julian what it is with him and black girls, does he think they are just for sex? Eve talks about how first Valerie was after Fox, then Chad, now Julian. Eve tells Valerie she is so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Eve says she is not only degrading herself but insulting every woman using her brains instead of her body to get somewhere. Eve says she is nothing more than a common prostitute. Valerie says takes one to know one, she heard she was a drug addicted whore when Julian met her. Eve calls Valerie a bitch and attacks her! Julian breaks them up and throws Valerie out. Eve lashes out at Julian, she says hes as despicable as his father. She says maybe more so, he pretends to be a descent human being when hes not. Julian says he loved her and wanted to be the man of her dreams, but she put TC ahead of him, a man who would die for her. He says she made him the man he is, she must be very proud. Eve says dont blame this on her, but he says he loved her more than anything and she trampled on that love. He says she proved his worst fears about love and trust, that they only exist in fairytales. Eve says not to blame her, him having sex with Valerie proves he never changed. He did change, but not enough to keep her from constantly going back to "he of the dark moods." He doesnt blame TC though, he blames her. He says she left him for a high school coach with a bad temper. She says TC was a good man and husband. Julian reminds her that he left her the minute he found out about her past. Eve says he got over that and yet she still chose Julian, which was a mistake. He says go back to TC then. He reminds her how TC banished Simone when he found out she was gay. Julian says remind him to have a stroke when hes afraid of losing the woman he loved. He says TC has a stroke and sees the error of his ways and walla, he gets his family back. Eve says TC was apologizing before the stroke for all of that, he wrote that letter. She cant believe she came back here to give him another chance. She says she was coming back to apologize, to ask if they could try again. Eve says its a good thing she found out the truth as it would have compacted her mistake. He is shocked that is why she came back, he didnt know this. She says she wanted to work things out, real love is too precious to throw away. She says what did she find, she found him and Valerie on the desk. She says she was a fool to think he changed. He says he has, and she wouldnt have come back if she didnt believe it. She is glad she found out the truth, she says she is a fool .He says shes not, they can work this out. Julian pulls Eve into kiss. 

At the cottage, Sheridan cant believe the way Fancy talked to her. Katherine made Sheridan some tea to calm her down. Katherine admits she didnt set a good example for either Sheridan or Fancy. Sheridan tells her mother its not her fault she had to leave or that she fell for Martin. Sheridan wonders if she is as horrible as Fancy said she was. Katherine says shes not, Fancy is just upset and didnt mean it. Fancy shows up. She says she meant every word, she came back to make sure they understand that. Fancy says she loves both of them and respects them. Katherine says she said some unkind and cruel words. Fancy says she was trying to get their attention. She says she was trying to point out that they had a lot of bad experiences with love, they dont exactly know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to love. Fancy tells Katherine she may love Martin, but she caused his wife and family a lot of pain. She tells Sheridan that she is going to follow in her mothers footsteps. She says if she wants to be with Chris and James then leave Luis alone, let him go. Sheridan says she loves Chris and James. Fancy suggests she re-examines her definition of the word, if she loves them then commit to them. Fancy says Sheridan holds onto Luis because of her ego, she loves that Luis cant get over her. Sheridan says she would never want to intentionally hurt Luis. Fancy says well she is and she needs to let Luis go forever. Fancy walks off, Katherine tells her not to talk away. Sheridan says its okay, she made her point. Fancy leaves, Katherine tells Sheridan that Fancy should not have said those things to her. Sheridan says someone had to, its not fair to keep Luis on a string. Katherine asks Sheridan if she can honestly see herself spending her life without Luis? Sheridan doesnt know but says she has to try. Katherine says she believes she should be with Luis. Sheridan says that doesnt matter, she is married to Chris and she shouldnt block Luis chances of being happy with another woman. She admits him being happy with Fancy makes it harder. Katherine says Luis likes Fancy because they are related and similar. Sheridan says so her mother thinks Luis thinks of her when with Fancy? Katherine thinks Sheridan thinks of Luis when shes with Chris. Sheridan admits she cant let Luis go because shes afraid of living her life without Luis. Katherine says that means she should be with Luis. Katherine tells Sheridan to turn off the list of reasons in her that as to why she shouldnt be with Luis and listen to her heart. 

At the Lo-Fitz house, Pilar and Paloma are STILL talking to Luis about Sheridan. He doesnt want to hear anymore. Pilar and Paloma apologize for coming on too harsh. They say they just want him to be happy, and he has to put Sheridan behind him. Luis cant, he doesnt want to give up on Sheridan. Pilar says Sheridan wont give up Chris and James for him. He says you never know. He says he cant try to start anything with Fancy when his heart belongs to Sheridan. He says he wont give up on Sheridan as long as there is a chance for them, and he tells them that Sheridan will come back to him and they cant stop it. He tells Paloma he believes she has somewhere to be. Paloma says she just wants him to be happy, and it is Fancy who will make him happy. She hopes he realizes it before he loses her. Paloma leaves, Pilar tells Luis how she and Paloma just want the best for him. Pilar says she hates to see him like this. Luis says hell survive. Luis says its his fault for doubting her about Marty, she says he cant blame himself for that. He wonders why life is like this. She says its Gods plan, but sometimes she even wonders if God is even their and listening. Luis tells her not to give up her faith otherwise hell lose his. She asks if anything she or his sister said got to him? He says he wont ever stop loving Sheridan. Pilar has to head off to church, shes helping with the homeless tonight. Luis looks at a photo of him and Sheridan, he knows shell come back to him. There is a knock at the door, its Sheridan. He says he knew shed come. He pulls her into a hug as he says he knew she couldn't stay away.

Fancy and Paloma end up at the police gym for a workout. Fancy tells Paloma about her argument with Sheridan over her mixed signals with Luis, and how her grandmother has it in her head that Sheridan and Luis need to be together. Fancy says she sort of let her have it for stealing Palomas father from her mother. Paloma says Katherine was more of a mother to her than her own mother growing up. Fancy says well it doesnt mean Katherine knows what is best for Sheridan, and she felt she had to say this to them. Fancy says she had to tell Sheridan if she wanted to stay with Chris then let go of Luis. Paloma says what if shes not serious about being with Chris though?

At the Crane Mansion, Jared is taking care of Theresa, who is in a bed fit for the Queen of England. Whitney and Chad show up when Jared is out of the room getting Theresa cold cloth for her head or something. Whitney heard what happened, does Jared know she slept with Ethan? Suddenly Jared walks into the room . He of course hasnt heard anything. Jared has some work to talk with Chad about, so they leave. Whitney apologizes to Theresa, Theresa says its okay. Theresa tells Whitney how she really likes Jared and she doesnt want to lose him. Theresa explains how when she was out of it she called out for Ethan and Jared heard it. She knows it had to have hurt, but shes trying to make up for it. She says everything in the steam room made it all clear, she has to get over Ethan and be with Jared. She says she wont risk losing a future with Jared. Whitney says even though her subconscious is reaching for Ethan? Theresa says that will go away in time and Jared can never find out he slept with Ethan. 

Outside the bedroom, Jared says he lied about business talk, he heard Whitney mention Ethans name. Jared asks if there is something he needs to know? Chad says he can tell him, but you know what they say, dont ask questions you dont want to know the answers too. Chad just says that Ethan needs to stop pursing Theresa or hell destroy his marriage. Jared says Ethan isnt the right guy for Theresa, he is. Jared returns to Theresa, Chad thinks about how hes cheating on Whitney and doesnt know why. The boys both go back to see Theresa and Whitney. Jared tells Theresa that there is no one else he wants to be with. Whitney says Chad feels the same about her right? Jared says of course he does, he never stops talking about her. Suddenly Chad gets a call from Valerie, she says they need to talk. Chad claims it is work calling and hell take it outside. Whitney wonders what is up with Chad, he seems so tense. Jared says Chad is probably fine. Jared tells Whitney they have a lot in common, they both are crazy about high powered Crane execs. Whitney says Chad does work a lot, but she has to get used to it. Jared excuses himself, Whitney and Theresa talk. Theresa can see shes worried about Chad. Whitney feels that Chad is keeping something from him, that he has a secret.

Meanwhile Valerie asks Chad when he can get here, he says he cant see her tonight. Valerie says it has to be tonight. He says he cant promise her, hell try. She says try, she needs to talk to him. Jared walks in on him on the phone, he says someone has a secret and he knows what it is. 



September 27, 2006
At Julians office, Eve tells Julian they cant do this as she pushes him away. She says what about Valerie. He says Valerie "who," they are the ones that belong together. Julian kisses her again. Eve says this is wrong, but they begin going at one another right there. They make love and later talk about how wonderful it was and how they should be together. They discuss getting married and going on a trip together. Eve says it sounds wonderful. She says theyll go just as soon as she knows TC is okay. Julian says her obsession with TC is what has been destroying their relationship in the first place. Why does she put TC first when shes with him. Which man does she love? She says she loves him. Eve says then forget about TC and be with him. They soon end up arguing with one another about TC. Julian accuses her of using him, of enjoying being the lady of the manor and the riches he gave her. However then her middle class guilt got to her, she began to use TC as an excuse to push him and this life away. Julian talks about how TC got her caught up in once of the nastiest divorce cases this town has scene. He doesnt know why she forgives him and goes back to him. She says he is family, but Julian says not anymore he isnt. Julian says he is her family. She tells him to understand  and have some compassion, does he care for no one but himself? He says he cares for her, he always has. He says he wished he hadnt let his father break them up years ago as his life with Ivy was terrible as he had to watch her live happily with TC. He says his life has been torture and he thought she was always perfection. She says shes not perfection. He says shes not, now he knows what she really is. She asks what he means? He makes a drink, he thinks they should stop now. Eve demands to know what he means. Julian says he wont like the answer. Eve says she can take it. He says she is far from perfection, lately she has accused him of becoming like the old Julian. He says what about the old Eve? He says he thought the drugs made her promiscuous, that when she was high she didnt care what he did to her, such as taking those porn photos. He says he thought the drugs made it easy to turn her into a tramp, but the truth is she is nothing but a whore at heart. 

In Theresas room, Whitney tells Theresa that shes afraid to find out Chads secret. Theresa says that isn't like Whitney, she's always faced things head on. Theresa says ask Chad what is going on. Whitney says she cant do that. Whitney tells Theresa that Chad has always been open with her until recently. Theresa says call him on it, secrets can ruin a relationship. Whitney says if she wasnt so worried shed be laughing that Theresa is trying to tell her that. Theresa says maybe whatever is going on with Chad is work. Whitney doesnt know, she says forget she even said anything. Whitney thinks Theresa has too many problems with Ethan and Jared to be worrying about this. Theresa says she always has time for her, she is like her best friend. Theresa says her problems with Ethan and Jared are over, shes finally going to get over Ethan and be with Jared. She says its stupid of her to waste her time with a guy who isnt free to be with her. They continue talking about Chad, Whitney admits she has this suspicion that Chad is cheating and she doesnt know how to get passed it. Whitney then finds Theresa has passed out, she hasn't heard what she said. Whitney thinks shes just so exhausted. When she checks on her she realizes she has a fever. 

Outside the room Jared talks to Chad, he knows his secret, he has some mystery woman doesnt he. He says if Chad isnt careful then this facade will come crumbling down and hell lose everything. Chad says dont judge him. Jared says hes not. He says he can see this is tearing him apart. Chad doesnt know what to do. Chad says he cant lose Whitney, Whitney and Miles are his life. Jared says he wont have to lose her. Chad says he should have told Whitney the truth from day one. Jared asks if shed understand. Chad says no. Jared says then either tell Whitney and risk losing her or keep his secret. Chad makes a call and books a hotel room. Jared says do what he has to do but dont ruin things with Whitney. Whitney shows up, she says Theresa is sick and passed out. They all go to check on her. Whitney goes to make a call to Pilar, but Theresa comes too. She asks what is wrong? They think something could be wrong with her. Theresa thinks it is just a cold or a virus. Jared thinks they should call Pilar, but Theresa swears shell be okay with some aspirin. Later Whitney asks Chad about the motel, he and Jared were talking about some motel. He says they were just talking about how they no longer have to stay at seedy motels anymore, its a good feeling. She says if he says so. Jared returns, he was tending to Theresa. He asks Whitney to go get a towel with ice he left in the bathroom, she heads off. Chad says he has to go. Jared tells him not to do anything he wouldnt do. Jared hopes Chad figures things out or there will be hell to pay. 

At the station, Paloma tells Fancy that Sheridan could change her mind and decide that she wants Luis back. Fancy says that wont happen, she told Sheridan to stop playing games with Luis. Fancy says she made her point, Sheridan understands. Paloma says Cranes understand things differently than the rest of them mortals, what if her speech made Sheridan realize she wants Luis. Fancy thought Paloma was on her side. Paloma says she is, but she also tells the truth. Paloma says if someone tells her what not to do, her first reaction is to go and do it. Fancy wonders what she has done. However she thinks she was convincing, Sheridan will let Luis go, she has to. Sheridan talks about how neither one of them will be happy until they move on with others. Paloma then warns Fancy if she wants Luis then shell have to pop a few buns out of the oven as her mother wants Grandchildren and now. Fancy has a daydream of her future with Luis and having many children. Paloma says she remembers meeting her brother in Mexico for the first time, they got off to a rocky start but learned to get along and now she loves him. She says hes the type of man shed like to have. Fancy jokes with her and asks if she should call her Whitney Lopez-Fitzgerald. Paloma says she loves her whole family, but Luis is special to her, hes so pure of heart. Paloma says one of his faults, like her, is that hes pig headed. Paloma says if Luis would have let Sheridan go sooner then this drama could have been avoided. Paloma talks about how she and Pilar tried to convince him to let Sheirdan go, but he wont listen to them. Paloma says he kept going on about how Sheridan was the only woman he'd love. Paloma says she put in good words for Fancy, but she cant promise anything. She just hopes Luis realizes Fancy is the right girl for him. This angers Fancy, not only did Paloma have to convince Luis to forget Sheridan but to consider her as a girlfriend. Fancy says it sounds like the man she wants is being forced into a relationship with her by his sister and mother. She cant believe this, shes Fancy Crane, half the men on the Forbs millionaires list would weep if she threw a smile their way. She wont let a two-bit cop get to her like this, if he doesnt want her then she doesnt want him. 

At the Lo-Fitz house, Luis assumes Sheridan has come back to him. He says they will be together, they will find the happiness they deserve. He says he hasnt been this happy since their marriage in Mexico. She says they werent really married. He says they will be though. He says they have so much to do, they have to plan the wedding and buy a house. Luis begins talking about this old farm house they always loved, it needs fixing up, but it will be fun. Sheridan loved that house. Luis starts talking about kids, Sheridan starts getting into the story Luis is telling her. Luis grabs a paper and finds some house listings over in Castleton, there was one house he really liked but that section is missing. Luis cant believe they are finally going to be a family, after all they went through they will finally be together. As he looks for the paper, Sheridan realizes she cant be with him as shes married to Chris. Sheridan tells Luis they need to think about Chris here. He says shes right. He says this will be harder for her than him, he just started out with Fancy but shes married to Chris. He says shell have to get a divorce, but hell be there for her every step of the way. Luis says they have to tell Chris that they are back together, the sooner the better. Sheridan tells Luis he doesnt understand. She says shes staying with Chris, she came here tonight to tell him that. Sheridan says what they had was lovely, but its over. Luis doesnt understand, they were just talking about getting back together. She says she got carried away, she should have stopped him sooner. Luis says she loves him. She says she didnt say she didnt, but she has to do the right thing. She says she has a husband and child who lost his mother once. She says Luis has to move on, they lost their chance. Luis says but she loves him. Sheridan says but she doesnt want him.


September 28, 2006

At Julian's office, Eve tells Julian that she's taken that word from his father, from TC, from Aunt Irma, from Liz, but she won't take it from him. He says it is what she is, she is a whore. He even offers to pay her for her service here. They continue to argue about their relationship. Julian claims he had needs and she was never around to fulfill them. Eve tells Julian that he had sex with Valerie to hurt her, not because he had needs. Julian thinks Eve should just go back to her drab life with TC and empty his drool cup. He says it's obvious she wants to be with TC, she was just using him for his lifestyle and money. She says that isn't true, that she truly loved him and wanted to be with him. She says she never chose TC over him, but he never understood that she had responsibilities. Julian says he tried to understand, but she put everyone ahead of him, TC, her girls and even her patients. He says that it is obvious she doesn't want him so their relationship is over. She says she will agree with him, their relationship is over.  

Valerie is roaming the halls talking to herself about how she's having this relationship with someone at work. Jared overhears, he says everyone knows about her and Julian. They discuss what is going on, Jared gets the idea that Valerie is involved with someone else. She talks about how she doesn't seem to be able to stop it. Jared gives her a little warning about how this could turn out to be disastrous for everyone involved. Later Jared gets a call from Theresa, she says Whitney is looking for Chad. He says should she run into Chad, give him the message.

In Theresa's room, Whitney finally tells Theresa that she suspects Chad is having an affair. She says he's keeping something from her, he has not been right since they came back from Rome. Theresa doesn't think Chad's having an affair, but Whitney says that has to be it. She then says it's Valerie, Chad is cheating on her with Valerie. Whitney tries to call Chad, but she can't get any response from him.

At the motel, Chad arrives and begins getting everything ready. He talks about how he has a bed at home with Whitney, but he just can't seem to give "this" up even for her. As Chad showers, his mystery lover arrives. They pour drinks for them, we don't see any signs of who they may be. Later Chad climbs into bed, on the night stand are condoms. 

At the station, Fancy and Paloma continue to argue about Luis. Fancy doesn't want him anymore, she doesn't need a man who would rather be with someone else and who has to be convinced to be with her. 

At Lo-Fitzgerald house, Sheridan tells Luis that she's sorry, but it's over. She says she's staying with Chris, she doesn't want him. He is devastated but finally realizes it is over. She gets a call from Chris who asks her to come home, there is something with James that needs her attention. She says she'll be right there. Before she leaves, Luis pulls her into a kiss goodbye. As she's headed out the door Paloma and Fancy show up, they are planning to study for a test. Sheridan tells Fancy she did what she asked, she has completely ended things with Luis. She says Luis is hurting now and needs her. Fancy sees how upset Luis is, she thinks she's caused his pain by telling Sheridan to dump him. Paloma leaves them to talk, Fancy asks Luis if it really is over between him and Sheridan. He says yes.

At the cottage, Sheridan returns and Chris has a celebration prepared. The adoption papers for James he had drawn up arrived. All she has to do is sign them and James will be legally her son.


September 29, 2006
At the Crane Pool, Jessica, Simona and Paloma have arrived for a swim. Simone wonders if this is okay, Paloma says of course it is, Theresa owns this place. Paloma and Simone get out of their clothes, they have swimsuits underneath. They jump in as Jessica sulks in a chair. They tell her to get into her suit and join them. She says she doesn't feel like it. Simone and Paloma discuss how depressed Jessica has been lately. They throw something out of the pool and ask her to get it for them. When she does they pull her in. They laugh, but she says it's not funny. She says her clothes are ruined. They apologize and offer to help her out of them. She says no, but they say she can't stay in wet clothes. When she finally takes off her shirt they see bruises all over her arms. They say it looks like someone has treated her as a punching bag. 

In Julian's Office, Fox and Julian have a talk. Fox tells his father about Kay running out of the bridal salon because she didn't want him to see her in her dress, but Ivy is suspicious. Julian says bad luck his foot. Once again he launches into a "don't let Miguel or anyone come between you and Kay" tirade. Fox of course thinks he and Kay are fine, Miguel isn't an issue. Later Fox calls Kay up to check on her and tell her how much he loves her.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is talking to Kay about which man she wants. Kay says she's marrying Fox, she's tired of Miguel's flip flopping around trying to figure out who he wants. She says she's going to marry Fox. Kay gets a call from Fox, she tells him how much she loves him and how she can't wait to marry him. Afterwards Miguel begs her not to do this. he finally explains to her that he was only with Siren to protect her. He says Fox and Ivy were coming, she split and Siren happened to be walking along. He says he grabbed her and kissed her so Fox would find them together. Kay of course is touched, she can't believe he did that for her. A spying Tabitha says "Oh brother, Kay is back to square one!"

In Theresa's office, Pilar comes to see Theresa, who is writing up her will. Pilar asks if she's dying, Theresa says yes. However she says she just means they are all headed towards death. She says she just wants to have a will made up, she's a mother now and needs one. Pilar agrees, it's probably a good idea. She asks Theresa asks Theresa who will get Little Ethan? Theresa says his father. Pilar says Ethan or Julian? Theresa says Julian. Pilar feels this is a mistake. Theresa says if she reveals the truth than her son will lose the empire. Pilar tells her to think about the control Julian would have over Little Ethan. Theresa says naturally he would have some control over him until he comes of age and can run the company, but mama and Ethan will be there to negate his evil influence. Pilar says Julian could take him away and they'd never see him again. Theresa admits she is right, she will make sure Ethan learns the truth. She sits down and begins writing a letter to Ethan, detailing the truth and why she kept it from him. Later she asks Valerie to deliver the envelope with the letter to the vault, it is to be put in there, nobody is to see it. She also have a stack of similar envelopes to be taken to Ethan, they pertain to the lawsuit. She tells Valerie to go!

Chad runs into Valerie at t he office, she talks about last night. Whitney and Miles show up, Valerie takes off but looks back at Whitney sharing a little family moment with Chad. Chad tells Whitney how much he loves their family. To herself, Whitney wonders if he's cheating with Valerie. MEanwhile Jared runs into Valerie in the hall, she thanks him for keeping hush about what happened with Julian and not telling Whitney or anyone else. 

At Ethan's office, Chad and Ethan are discussing contracts for some record producer, but both have other things on their mind. Ethan is thinking about Theresa, Chad is thinking about his mystery person and how guilty he feels, but how he still can't give them up. Later Chad and Ethan are both gone when Valerie shows up to deliver the envelopes to Ethan. She trips, dumping them and mixing them up. Jared then shows up and tells Valerie they have some emergency, she has to come with him now, Theresa's orders. She ends up leaving the envelope that was to go to the vault on Ethan's desk. Later Ethan returns and opens the letter wondering what it is.

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