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1st Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



April 2, 2007 
Vincent is at the motel alone. He says it's been too long, they need to spend time together tonight. He says Chad can go on and on about how he doesn't need him, but he does. Vincent says he's Chad's drug of choice, he is addicted and keeps coming back for more and more.

At the hospital, the Justice of the Peace is talking about what marriage means. Theresa continues to remember Ethan begging for time to work on her brother's cases, for her not to marry Jared. She remembers promising Ethan that she wouldn't' marry Jared. The Justice of the Peace continues talking about love. Theresa thinks to herself where Ethan is, why hasn't he come back. Jared sees Theresa blanking, he asks if she's okay? She says yes. The Justice of the Peace gets to the vows. He has Jared recite the vows. 

Ivy, Julian and Eve talk about how this whole wedding is strange. Eve says Theresa is not the one pushing this wedding forward, someone else is. Julian agrees, but Ivy doesn't care as long as Theresa isn't marrying Ethan.

Jared continues with his vows. Theresa is hoping Ethan arrives before it is too late. As the Justice talks about how the ring symbolizes the circle of love, Theresa is flooded with memories of Ethan. Cue the classic Ethan and Theresa flashbacks. Jared puts the ring on Theresa's finger. Theresa ends up putting her ring on Jared's finger and hesitates but says With this ring I thee wed! Whitney wonders to herself how Ethan could do this to Theresa. Chad's phone buzzes, he sees it is a message fro Vincent demanding they meet at the hotel. The Justice of Peace pronounces them husband and wife and tells Jared to kiss his bride, which he does.

Ethan is in his car speeding to the hospital. He says she can't marry Jared, not when he has proof that could help Luis and Miguel. Unfortunately Ethan arrives at the hospital just as the Justice says What God has joined together, let no man tear apart.

Ethan realizes he is too late. Whitney tells herself she is so sorry for Theresa, she can't believe Ethan didn't come back. Julian and Ivy say they are thrilled for her. Jared says he's the happiest man alive. Eve decides to give Jared a check over to make sure the excitement didn't get to him. Chad tells Whitney the office is calling so he excuses himself.

In the hall Chad talks to Vincent on the phone. Vincent tells him to get over here. Chad says it's over, he won't do it anymore. Chad says he won't be with him again. Vincent tells him to stop wasting time and get over here. Vincent says what they have is too good. Chad says no. Vincent says maybe it is time for him to send and X-rated DVD to Whitney to show her what he likes to do in bed. Chad says he can't do that! Vincent says he will if Chad doesn't show up. Chad says fine he's on his way. Vincent says he's a smart guy. Chad calls him a bastard. Vincent says he loves it when he talks mean. He has a feeling tonight will be hotter than ever. 

Back in Jared's room, Ivy is thrilled Theresa is married and is out of Ethan's life. Julian thinks this is still odd. Theresa is signing some papers to make it official Whitney is with her. Eve is still checking over Jared. Theresa is trying to compose herself so Jared doesn't see her like this. She leaves the room.

Back in the hall, Ethan confronts Theresa, he says he just needed a couple more minutes! Ethan asks why she married him? Theresa says she waited, what took him so long. Ethan says it's bizarre, he can't tell her here. Theresa says she has to get back to Jared. She says she tried not to marry him, but she ran out of excuses. Ethan says a few more minutes and he could have stopped this. Eve shows up, she tells Theresa that Luis is here, he's been shot. Eve says he's alive, that is all she knows. Theresa doesn't understand, how did he get out of jail? Eve explains what she knows, he escaped and was found at a bartender's apartment. Eve says they are saying he killed the bartender and set the apartment on fire. Eve says they should speak to Sam, she needs to get to the ER. Theresa says she needs to go, but Ethan says he found something that can clear her brothers. He says he has to show her the proof. He says he found the blackmailer's apartment. Theresa says they can prove that her brothers were set up. Ethan says she needs to go with him to get the evidence. She says she can't leave now, but he says she has to come with him now. Theresa says she can't leave, she married Jared, this is their wedding night. She says she waited for him but he didn't show up. She says she has to stay for Jared and Luis. Ethan says he's trying to help Luis and he can't do it on his own. He says if they get this proof then they can help her brothers and she can tell Jared the truth. He thought she wanted them to be together. Theresa says it's too late. Ethan says he won't accept too late, he loves her.

Whitney goes looking for Chad. A nurse tells her that he was on the phone and said something about being on his way. She asks if he knows where? The nurse says he'd rather not say. Whitney says he is her husband. The nurse says he mentioned a motel. Whitney flashes back to Chad talking in his sleep about how Whitney couldn't know. Whitney wonders if Chad is having an affair. She says she has to find out.

Chad arrives at the hotel. Vincent is in bed and already drinking. He tells Chad to catch up. Chad smashes the bottle. He says he told him it was over, he wants Whitney left out of it. Vincent says Chad is here because he needs what he's got. Chad says he's warning him. Vincent asks what he'll do, tell Whitney in hopes she will forgive him? Chad says Whitney will never find out. Vincent says as long as Chad keeps coming back for more then she doesn't need to find out. Vincent knows Chad will, he needs what Vincent's got. Chad says that is enough. Vincent says it's never enough, let him give it to him. Chad ends up decking Vincent! Vincent says there is the passion he knows and loves. Vincent tells Chad he's addicted to him, he's a junkie. Vincent tells Chad he can't do without him, the need is still there in the back of his mind. Vincent says the need haunts him until he gives into it. Vincent undresses Chad and tells him to give into it! They fall to the bed.

Whitney arrives and looks for Chad and Vincent. In their room, they are doing it. Vincent stops him, saying he thought it was over so they should stop. Chad says Vincent isn't going anywhere. Whitney hears Chad's voice, she thinks he's in there with another woman. She says she has to know if Chad is cheating on her. She asks a maid if she can let her in, she's meeting her boyfriend here. The maid says she needs a receipt, but Whitney says her boyfriend has it. She offers the maid a bribe to let her in. She walks into the room and says What the hell? The room is empty when she walks in, the bed is a mess. She wonders what is going on, she knows she heard voices and she swears she heard Chad. She thinks he's in the shower. She bangs on the bathroom door. In there Chad and Vincent are hiding. Whitney says this thing ends tonight now open the door! 

At Dylan's, Fancy and Sam have found Luis. Fancy is hysterical, she thinks she killed Luis. Sam asks what he's doing here, how did he escape from jail? Fancy begs Luis to wake up, she can't lose him! Fancy calls for an ambulance. Sam notes he has gas on his clothes. They have to get him out. A fireman carries out Dylan, Simone sees he's dead. Simone then sees Luis is here. She knows he killed the bartender. She says the bartender had information from Rae, Luis killed him to stop her from finding out what Rae wanted to tell her. Sam says Luis is hurt and they have to get him out. She says Luis killed the woman she loves and this man, he deserves to die! The paramedics show up, they tend to Luis. Simone continues to lash out that Luis killed Dylan. She tells Sam that he killed the bartender and set the place on fire. Sam tells Simone to calm down, he can't have this conversation now. Sam then calls the station to ask when he was going to tell him Luis escaped! They claim they just found out about it. Sam says he's in custody but is being taken to the hospital. Fancy is begging the paramedics to help Luis. Sam talks to Fancy, she didn't know it was Luis when she shot! Sam asks Fancy if she helped him escape. She says she didn't. Sam says she was the last officer in the cell area. She swears she didn't let him out. Sam says this looks bad, Luis will be charged with arson and another murder. He also can't let it come out that she helped Luis escape. He says if she knows anything then she needs to tell him. Fancy swears to God she didn't let Luis out, she doesn't know how he escaped. 

Luis is brought to the hospital and tended to. Fancy waits in the hall, Simone and Sam are there too. Simone continues going on and on about how she hopes Luis does die. Sam says she's known Luis her whole life, she can't believe he is a murderer. Simone says she saw the medal in her Rae's hand. Fancy says he had no reason to kill Rae. Simone says he did to shut her up and that is why he killed the bartender too. 

Fancy continues to cry about shooting Luis. Simone continues saying Luis is a cold blooded killer. Fancy doesn't believe he killed those people. Simone asks what about the evidence that says he raped her. She says Luis loves her. Simone says Luis is a monster, she hopes he dies.

Eve is checking over Luis. They can't get the bullet out and Luis is bleeding out. Eve is trying to get the bullet out, saying if she can't then he won't make it. 

Meanwhile, Luis effects are given to Sam. Simone smells the gas on them, she thinks it is just more proof against Luis. Sam says it's all circumstantial. Simone says Luis is guilty as sin. She storms off. Sam tells Fancy this doesn't look good. Fancy says she knows. Sam says after tonight the jury will give him the death penalty. 

Back in Jared's room, Ivy and Julian are enjoying the wedding champagne. Julian wonders why Eve ran out of here. Ivy notices that Whitney and Chad are gone too, this is weird. She also sees Theresa is missing. Julian says things keep getting stranger and stranger! The Justice tells Jared that he will be filing the paperwork with the county. Jared then realizes Theresa seems to be gone. 

Jared soon finds Theresa in the hall with Ethan. He asks what is going on out here? He asks what Ethan is doing here? Ethan says he's trying to help her. Jared says they got married tonight. Theresa says Ethan found a way to clear her brothers, but she's not going with him, she's staying with him. Jared thinks this is a lie of Ethan's, but Ethan says this is about Luis and Miguel. Ethan says things are getting worse for Luis. Theresa tells Jared what happened tonight with the escape, Luis being shot and supposedly killing another man. Jared says and Ethan thinks he has a way to clear Luis? Ethan says yes. Jared says she has to go. He says he'll come with her, but she says he can't. Jared says he is fine, but Theresa says no he could have a relapse. She tells him to get back into bed and take care of himself. He says okay. He says they'll celebrate the wedding when she gets back, maybe they can celebrate with Luis and Miguel. She says she'll be back soon. She leaves to change out of her dress. Jared tells Ethan to remember, she is his wife now! 

Later Jared fills Ivy and Julian in on the drama with Luis. Ivy wonders what has gotten into Luis? Jared says Theresa claims someone is framing both her brothers. Julian says his son saw Miguel mow him down. Ivy asks where Theresa is now? Jared says she's with Ethan. Ivy says for God sakes why? Jared says Ethan explained he found evidence and needs Theresa's help. Ivy says he's crazy for letting Theresa go with Ethan. Jared says he trusts Theresa, it is Ethan he doesn't trust. Ivy says when it comes to Theresa, she doesn't trust either of them.

Theresa and Ethan return to the apartment building where the blackmailer lives. Ethan says once she sees the apartment, it will be the proof they need to clear her brothers..

April 3,  2007
At the hotel, Whitney is banging on the bathroom door and demands they open up. Vincent tells Chad perhaps it is time they tell Whitney the truth. She screams get out here and bring his cheating bitch with him. Vincent says she has his number. She says she can't live this lie anymore, let's get this over. Vincent says he might as well face her. Chad says no, there needs to be a way out. He tries to climb out the window. Vincent says if Chad doesn't tell her the truth then he will. Whitney is saying she's not leaving until he comes out. Whitney looks around the room and says she thinks she's going to be sick. Vincent comes out of the room in a bathrobe. She says What the hell? Chad stays in the bathroom as Vincent tells Whitney that she caught them, so what is she going to do about it? He says now she knows he is here with his lover. Chad says Vincent hasn't mentioned his name yet, maybe he can get out of here somehow and  stop this. Whitney tells Vincent that she had no idea she'd find him here. Vincent says he's not embarrassed, they are friends and this involves her. She asks how? He says she did set him up with Valerie. Whitney asks if Valerie is in the bathroom? He says yes, she is embarrassed. He says this isn't the Ritz, however it spices things up. Whitney tells him how sorry she is, she's sorry she barged in on them. Vincent says no problem at all. Whitney says she's so sorry, this nurse at the hospital overheard a man on the phone talking about going to a motel. She says she assumed it was Chad. Vincent says like he said, no harm done. Whitney says enjoy the rest of his evening. She asks to see Valerie before she leaves, she'd like to apologize to her face to face.

At the cottage, Sheridan, Chris and James watch a movie. James goes to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. He says he loves Sheridan, she says she loves him. After James leaves, Sheridan and Chris talk. He's still having doubts about her love for him. She says she only loves Luis as a friend, Chris is her husband and she loves him. They hug. To herself, Sheridan says God help me but I love Luis more. Later as Sheridan is cleaning up, she sees on the news the latest on Luis. She gets upset, Chris turns the TV off. This upsets her even more. She says she's going to see Luis, but he begs her not to do this. He says Luis has his family. Sheridan says Luis is in more trouble and she doesn't know his condition because Chris turned the TV off. He says call the hospital, she doesn't have to go be with him. Sheridan says she cares about Luis, she's going to go be with him. She storms off and he says damn it! 

At the hospital, Eve is still working to save Luis' life. Fancy and Sam are waiting to find out about Luis. Fancy says she can't have shot the man she loves. Sam says he's strong, he survived being buried under a Mayan temple, he'll get through this. However he may not survive the evidence against him. Fancy has no more doubts about Luis, she knows he's being set up. Eve comes out and Fancy asks if Luis is dead, if he is then it is her fault. Eve says Luis isn't dead. She says they can't see him now, he is still out of it. Unfortunately Sam needs to make sure Luis stay puts, he wants to cuff Luis. Sam has no choice, so Eve takes him in. He cuffs Luis to his hospital bed as Fancy watches. She thinks about the good times they shared. 

Later Luis wakes up, Eve, Sam and Fancy are with him. Fancy is glad to see he's okay. Sam tells him he was shot. Luis says so he was. Sam also says they found him in the bartender's place. Luis remembers, he went there to find the letter hoping it would clear him. He says when he got there the apartment was on fire. He says he thought he heard someone, but he got trapped. He says then he heard sirens, then he was shot at and now he is here. Sam says the bartender is dead and Luis is being charged with that murder too. Luis swears he didn't do it. Sam says he was firing a gun at them, that is why they shot back. He says he was trapped inside, he was trying to shoot the lock off the window. He says he didn't shoot though, there was a case of ammo and it went off in the fire. Sam says they'll wait for ballistics on the gun. Luis says he didn't shoot the gun. Sam also says he's being charged with arson, Simone saw him holding a torch. Luis says he did find a torch and picked it up, he assumes it was what was used to set the place on fire. Sam asks why there was gas on his clothes? He says good question. He remembers it from the jail, the gas was already on his clothes. He tells Sam about this. Sam asks how he escaped? Luis says he doesn't know, he woke up and the door was open so he walked out. Fancy swears she didn't leave the door open. Luis soon sees he's cuffed to the bed. Sam tells Fancy to wait outside. Luis tells Sam it wasn't Fancy, it was the person who is setting him up that let him go. Sam tells Luis he is in a hell of a lot of trouble. Sam brings up Grace's message to her before she was killed. He says he doesn't know how Luis will get out of this one.

In the hall, Sheridan finds Fancy and says she should have known, Luis is here because of her! She heard Fancy is the one who shot Luis, hasn't she done enough to ruin his life? Chris shows up, he breaks them up. Sheridan keeps lashing out at Fancy. She says Fancy has been a monkey on his back, look at the mess Luis is in because of her.

Eve gives Sam and Luis time alone to talk. She asks Sam not to excite Luis. Luis tells Sam he knows him, he couldn't do what he's been accused of. Sam believes he's being set up, but Luis is making things worse for himself. Luis is sure he's been framed. He thinks the killer let him escape, after dousing his clothes with gas. Sam says without evidence it won't hold up in court. 

Later Sheridan and Fancy come in to see Luis. Sheridan says how sorry she is, how hard this must be for him knowing Fancy shot him. Luis is stunned. Fancy says she was going to tell him when he was stronger. She says she's sorry, she didn't know it was him. He says it's okay, she was just doing her job. Sheridan says imagine how Fancy would feel if she killed him or  paralyzed him for life. Chris, who is there, says enough. Sheridan decides to see if Luis can get a private room, but Eve says that isn't possible. Sam says the mayor wants Luis taken to the state penitentiary. Sheridan says she will have the governor override this! She won't have Luis in a prison hospital with criminals. Sam says he's sorry, there is nothing they can do. Sheridan tells Fancy this is all her fault, she knew she was no good for Luis. Sheridan says after what Fancy did to Pretty, she knew Luis was headed for trouble. She says Fancy is hell bent on ruining another life, if anything happens to Luis then she will hold her responsible. Sheridan says trust her, she doesn't want that.

At the blackmailer's place, Theresa and Ethan are in the hall talking about how once they get this proof they will help her brothers and be together. They go into the apartment, of course everything is now gone. Ethan swears this place was filled with photos. He says someone must have cleaned out the whole damn place. She asks if this is the right place? Ethan remembers being there earlier, he knows it is the place. He says this is the chair he was tied up to. He says all the evidence is now gone. Ethan says he can't believe this happened. Theresa can, the blackmailer is always a step ahead of them, they have eyes and ears everywhere. Ethan says it sounds like Alistair, but he knows it's not. However this guy thinks and acts like Alistair. Theresa says maybe they'll get him next time. Ethan thinks there has to be a finger print or hair fiber here. He says he can't lose Theresa over this, they are meant to be together and they will be. Ethan calls in a forensics team, but she hangs his phone up. She says the blackmailer is too smart, this is a lost cause. Ethan won't give up as it means giving up on them. He begs her to have faith in him and that they'll find something here. He explains how he was bound here by the blackmailer, he recognized the voice and from what little he saw, the blackmailer was a He-She. Theresa says the blackmailer wanted him, that is what they said. Ethan says the blackmailer told him that, plus he-she wants revenge as well. Theresa remembers Whitney saying a similar person went after Jessica. Ethan tell Theresa how Luis knows about the blackmailer and doesn't want her to give up her life with him. She says it's too late, she married Jared. He says she can get the marriage annulled, they can be together. Ethan then kisses Theresa. Theresa's phone rings, she answers it. The blackmailer says he-she knows they are in his apartment. He says leave Ethan alone and go be with Jared or else! Theresa tells Ethan that she has to go, but Ethan grabs her and says she is not going back to Jared. Theresa says it is their wedding night, she shouldn't be here with him. Ethan knows the blackmailer called her and knows they are here. He says forget about Jared and the blackmailer. Theresa says Jared doesn't deserve this. Ethan says Jared doesn't deserve her. He asks if she knows how it feels knowing she's going to another man's bed. She says she knows, she felt it every time he left to be with Gwen to honor his vows. She says if anyone should understand honoring vows then it is him. She says she has to go in order to save her brothers. He begs her to tell him her secret, but she says no. She wants Ethan to let her go. He says this is their chance to be together. She says she can't be happy knowing what her selfishness cost her brothers. He says he doesn't care about her brothers, he cares about them. Ethan says he can't lose her. He says she won't walk away from this and he won't either. He says he loves her her and she love him, he can't let her walk away. He says this is the turning point, they will be together no matter what. HE wants to be a family with her and Jane and Little Ethan. Theresa remembers the blackmailer's messages threatening to cost her all her power and send her brothers to jail. Theresa says she has to go, but Ethan says no. He says the idea of her going back to Jared makes him sick. She can't help it. He says neither can he. He kisses her, but she runs off. Ethan smashes a chair out of anger.



April 4, 2007

At the hotel, Whitney tells Vincent that she'd like to talk to Valerie, she wants to apologize face to face. She knocks on the bathroom door and then goes to open it. Inside, Chad panics. Whitney is asking if she can come in. Chad realize he has to get out of here, this will kill Whitney and destroy their marriage. Whitney opens the door and finds Chad standing in the bathroom! She asks what the hell he is doing here? Chad say he can explain. Vincent says he's sorry, he didn't want Whitney to find out about them his way. Whitney says they are having an affair? Vincent says they are lovers. Whitney becomes faint, Chad catches her. She says get away from her, he's a monster. She says she can't believe him, what kind of diseases has he exposed her to. He says he hasn't, he has safe sex. She says he is a pervert and is disgusting. She says he could have told her that he was gay. He says he's not gay. She asks why he married her? She says she could have accepted this, they could have been friends in time. She says to go off and sleep with another man and then come home and lie to her? She says he disgusts her. She walks out as Vincent tells Chad to let her go, Whitney isn't worth it. Chad tells Vincent this is hell, he made this happen. Vincent says he's not the married man, he's not the unfaithful one. 

Of course this was all a nightmare of Chad's. Whitney still hasn't come into the bathroom. Whitney is asking Valerie why she won't come out and talk to her? Vincent tells Whitney to stop. Vincent says this is awkward, he didn't want her to find out like this. Vincent says Valerie is not in the bathroom. He says he can't keep this any longer, he has to tell the truth. In the bathroom, Chad says he better not dare! Whitney of course thinks she's knows what is going on, he's having an affair. She can't believe this. She says Valerie loves him and now he's cheating with another woman? She says this will break Valerie's heart. She says Vincent is a pig and she's sorry she set them up. Vincent says he does care about Valerie, more than anyone else here in town, he feels like he's known her forever. He says this is just something different, something dangerous. He thinks Whitney has wanted that too. He tells Whitney that he knows she wants to try it, he knows she's tempted. Chad is fuming in the bathroom, he wants Vincent to keep his hands off her! Whitney tells Vincent to get away from her. She says she loves her husband, she's not interested in what he's suggesting. Vincent talks about how he can make her feel so good. Whitney says no, he's a twisted and perverted little . . . Whitney says she is turned on by monogamy. Vincent says she thinks Chad is faithful to her? Whitney says she knows he is. Whitney ends up storming off. Vincent tells lover boy that he can come out of the bathroom. Chad comes out, Vincent asks how he can stand that smug little bitch? Vincent says Whitney thinks he's so good and upstanding. Chad grabs Vincent and says shut up!

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora are in the kitchen. Endora asks her mommy if she's trying to cook again? Tabitha says no, she's trying to wrong Endora's right. She reminds Endora how she helped let the happiness escape from her jar. Tabitha says she's making an evil potion filled with hatred, greed and jealousy. She says this potion will counteract the happiness and force it back in her jar. She says she can't have everyone in this town skipping down the street trying to do good. She says it will be the death of both of them. Her potion blows up green, she thinks it is done. She does some incantation to call the happiness back home, but they don't work. Tabitha tells her they can't have happiness floating around.

Fox is spying on Miguel and Kay, who are doing some heavy making out in the living room. He remembers seeing Miguel making love to Kay on the roof and is fuming. He says nobody steals from him. He says poor Pilar is about to lose another son. Miguel tells Kay they should go upstairs, he wants to make love. They rush upstairs. Fox is outside fuming! He says he can't let Miguel make love to his wife again. Suddenly a car pulls up outside, forcing Fox to hide. It's Ethan. He begins pounding on the door. Kay answers it, Miguel is straightening his clothes up. Ethan says he has some bad news, they need to talk. Ethan goes in. Fox is still lurking about. He hopes this will keep Miguel out of his wife's bed, for a little while.

Fox goes into the kitchen where Endora and Tabitha are. He wonders what that smell is? Tabitha wonders why he's out of the hospital. Fox looks at Endora and says how he loves her and one little smile from her makes him feel better, it must be magic. Tabitha again asks if he's not supposed to be at the hospital getting those dreadful treatments? He says he could stay there, he had to get away. He looks in Tabitha's pot and sees her green potion. He says she's not eating that is she? Tabitha says no, this is home made modeling clay for Endora. The potion burps green gas and the happiness finally shows up. She says now the spell works. Fox hears a noise, Tabitha pretends she's just practicing her tap dancing. She then pushes Fox out of the kitchen, saying she has a lot to do. Tabitha tells Endora to look what she's done, there is happiness everywhere! Tabitha lets the yellow floating happiness into her home and tries to recapture it in her jar. She says she has to get them all back in the jar, if one is left then it is curtains for the dark side. Tabitha thinks she got them all back in, but one floats over to Endora. Tabitha tells Endora not to touch that jar, she would hate to think of what would happen if one of those happiness bugs were free. Endora sends the bug to Fox to make him happy.

Back in the living room, Ethan doesn't know where to start with all the news. He says first of all, Theresa married Jared. They are confused, Kay suggests they start from the beginning. Ethan says Theresa has been blackmailed and forced to marry Jared. Ethan says it gets worse, Luis was shot during an escape. Ethan says Luis is alive and at the hospital. He says it's pretty bad for Luis. than gives them a recap on the bartender, the envelope and the apartment fire. Kay says Theresa has to be able to fix this. Ethan says he doesn't think even Crane money can fix this. He tells them about finding the blackmailers apartment, but all the evidence is gone. Miguel can't believe this. Ethan says he know what to do at this point. Ethan says the evidence against them keeps mounting. Miguel once again is back to saying he's sure Fox is the one framing him.

Meanwhile, Fox is spying on Miguel, Kay and Ethan. They are telling Ethan that he has to think of something. Ethan doesn't know what, he thinks unless he comes up with something then Miguel and Kay will be in prison for awhile. Later we see Fox being hit by the happiness bug. It's light goes out. Ethan decides to head back to work. Fox runs off as they come his way. Miguel begs Ethan not to give up. Ethan then heads off. Kay tells Miguel how she can't believe this is happening. He says they can face anything as long as they are together. HE says if he goes to prison then he wants her to visit him. She says she will, she'll bring Maria. He says he can bare anything but her being with Fox. She suggests they just enjoy the time they have together. Fox is still spying on them, he says Miguel stole his wife and thieves go to prison! 

At the hospital, Sam and Eve are making arrangements to have Luis transferred. Sheridan tells Fancy this is all her fault, not only did she shoot him but now he's being taken to the prison hospital. Fancy says this isn't what she wants. Sheridan thinks she's the only one who cares about Luis' life. Fancy says she cares, but Sheridan says she's a liar! Eve returns and tells them to quiet down. She wants them to leave, she has to change his dressing. She also wants Luis to rest. Sheridan and Fancy say they will be outside. Fancy hopes Luis forgives her, but he says she was only doing her job. She gives him a peck on the cheek. Later Eve tells Luis to get some rest, she will make sure he gets good care where he's going.

In the hall, Sheridan is fuming. She says she has to go make some calls and undo the damage Fancy has already done. Later Sheridan tells Eve that she gave the governor a piece of her mind, Luis will not be transferred. Eve says this is good news. Sheridan tells Eve she wants Luis to get everything he needs, the best care, she reminds Eve that  her family pays for this hospital. Eve is stunned by Sheridan's behavior. Eve leaves and then Sam stops Sheridan from going in to see Luis. He says he thought she was different from her family, but was he wrong. He knows she used her influence to keep Luis out of the hospital. She says Luis doesn't belong in prison. He calls her judge and jury, fixing things to her liking. She says he knows he's innocent. Sam says he knows Luis has escaped several times. Sheridan says good for him! Sam says Luis is not above the law and neither is she. He warns her that he could bring her in for aiding in his escape, he knows she took him to the Crane Cabin. Sheridan says Sam can guard Luis here, he'll be just as safe as if he was at the prison. Sam plans on guarding Luis. He stations a cop outside Luis room and says let no one in. Sheridan says surely you don't mean me! Sam does! 

Eve lets Fancy know again that Luis will be okay. Sam shows up, he once again questions Fancy about Luis' escape. Fancy again says she didn't do it, but she does think Luis needs a chance to defend himself. Sam says now he's being blamed for the fire and another death. Fancy says they know he didn't do this. Sam says but any jury will find him guilty and give him the death penalty.

Meanwhile a nurse asks to give Luis some medicine. We see it's Sheridan! She is let in. She's sporting a brown wig and says nobody can keep her from Luis. Sheridan says this isn't fair, he doesn't deserve to be lying here. She says she loves him, she'd do anything to make things the way they used to be. She talks about how she just gets so angry lately, she was never like that. She says she does it out of love though, to protect him. Luis is out cold at this point. Fancy heads in to check on Luis. She asks the nurse how is he? The nurse has her back to Fancy, but Fancy knows better. She pulls the wig off and says she should have known! Fancy tells her to get out of here, but Sheridan says he needs someone to take care of him. Fancy says she will. Sheridan says she shot him, she thinks he's guilty of arson and murder. Sheridan says Fancy can't even be trusted with a goldfish. Fancy tells Sheridan she is the one who aided and abetted. Sheridan says see Fancy still thinks Luis is a criminal. Fancy orders Sheridan out. Sheridan begs to stay with him, but Fancy says not a chance! Sheridan says she's not going anywhere, so Fancy says she'll go get Sam who will be happy to arrest her! Luis wakes up and asks for Fancy. Sheridan says no it wasn't Fancy, she doesn't believe in him and thinks he's guilty. She says but she's here for him and always will be. She says she won't leave him no matter what, she has to do.  



April 5, 2007

At the hotel, Noah and Paloma are in bed, they have made love. She wants to go again, but he feels this was a mistake. He says his mom raised him to be a good boy. He has a confession to make, he has something. She thinks he has a disease, she says her mom was right, she shouldn't have sex before marriage. He says he has something incurable, love! She tells him not to do that to her. He tells her how he does love her and hopes she loves him. They make love again. Noah talks about how after Fancy he never thought he'd find love. She says she never expected to find the love of her life with her brother's friend. They decide to go out, the carnival is in town and it could be fun. 

At the motel, Chad and Vincent are arguing still. Chad thinks if Whitney caught him here then it would have been over. Vincent taunts him, saying Chad wants him and can't deny it. Chad ends up slugging Vincent, choking him and saying he'll kill him. Vincent eggs Chad on saying that is the passion he knows. They end up kissing, but Chad breaks away. Vincent wants Chad to admit who he is. We see flashbacks of when they first met. Whitney had just left for the convent, Chad found himself in a gay bar. vincent was there and flirted with him. He had never seen Chad here before. Chad said he wasn't gay, but Vincent didn't believe him. Vincent thought he was married. Chad told him he had just broken up with a woman, a loving woman who had his child. He said they couldn't marry, he wouldn't say why. Vincent told Chad he understood, he likes the company of woman too. Vincent said there weren't many like them. Chad continued to insist he wasn't gay. Back to real time, Chad and Vincent argue again. Chad tells Vincent he claims to care about Valerie, so what happens when Whitney tells Valerie he is cheating. Vincent becomes angry and warns Chad, Whitney better keep her mouth shut!

Tabitha and Endora arrive at the carnival. A woman dressed as a green witch shows up to read their palms, but Tabitha is insulted by her depiction of witches and yells at her. Whitney rushes in to see what is wrong. When Whitney is not looking, Tabitha zaps the witch away to teach her a lesson. She tells Whitney how she hates people who are withaphobic! Whitney is of course confused. Tabitha says she must understand prejudice, Whitney says she does. Whitney is bothered by something and talks to Tabitha. She has a friend, well someone she knows, and there is something she found out. Whitney says if she tells this friend she will be hurt, but if she doesn't tell her then this other person will go on hurting her. Tabitha says she can't give much advise without knowing the details, but she finds that secrets always come out. Tabitha says it sounds like no matter what, this person will get hurt. A bored Endora zaps some carnival favors into her hands, Whitney wonders where she got them? Tabitha spots a hall of mirrors, she suggests they go and drags Endora off. Left behind, Whitney calls Valerie and leaves a message to talk to her.

Elsewhere, Jessica is walking around and thinking about her vision of Sam telling her she could come home. Spike soon shows up, his hair is still messed up. She asks what happened to him. He hides when he sees Tabitha, he says she happened. He says Tabitha is a witch, she has hell in her basement! He goes on about how monsters with sharp teeth attacked him, he barely escaped. She thinks he is having a bad trip from drugs, or maybe food poisoning. Spike says Tabitha is a witch and they have to call someone. She says who, the X-Files? She's had it and tells Spike she had her own experience, she saw what her life could be like. She tells Spike she's going home. He grabs her and says she is not leaving him. She says she won't stand around and be abused anymore. She dares him to hit her in front of all these people. She says she's leaving him and storms off. Spike is sure Jessica will be back.

In the funhouse, Tabitha and Endora are having fun in the mirrors. Tabitha, being a witch, has no reflection. Tabitha then gets a bad feeling, like someone had walked over one of her graves. She says true evil is here, the evil of the human heart. She tells Endora that she's actually scared! She suggests they go. Meanwhile Paloma and Noah have shown up. They enjoy the funhouse until Paloma too feels an icy coldness. She looks in the mirror and screams . There is a black and red distorted figure in the mirror!

At the hospital, Ethan catches Theresa and wants to talk to her. He says he just talked to Miguel and have him the news. Theresa says she can't be here with Ethan. She yells out that she's done what they wanted, she married Jared, are they listening? Ethan tells her to stop this. She begs them not to punish her anymore. Ethan says she is a good, caring and loving person. She tells him he has to stop, she's married. She thinks he should work things out with Gwen. Ethan says he doesn't want to, he wants her. He asks what she will do about Jared, he will want to sleep with her. She knows, she will have to make love to him. Ethan hates this, he says if he ever finds the blackmailer that he'll kill them. She tells him not to talk like that, but Ethan means it. A nurse approaches, she says Jared is awake and is asking for her. Ethan begs Theresa not to leave him, but she says she has to and goodbye. She walks off.


April 6, 2007

At the recording studio, Whitney is sleeping and Chad, with a shaved head, says he can't let Whitney find out what he's done. She wakes up and asks what he's done? He says she caught him, he couldn't sleep last night, felt he needed a change and so he cut his hair. She says yes he did, it looks nice though. She asks why he came in so late, where was he? He remembers being with Vincent. Chad says he had a few things to finish up at the office, he thought he'd let her sleep. Whitney tells Chad she has a confession to make to him. She says she lost it again, after promising him it wouldn't happen again. She says she let her doubts get the better of her, she hopes he can forgive her. She says she thought he went to the cheap motel. She says a nurse told her that a man she was with at the hospital went there, she assumed it was him. She says she raced over there looking for him and a mistress. She says she didn't find him, she found Vincent. She says she's so sorry, there is no excuse. She says she told him that she'd never doubt him and his love for her again, but she has. She says for her to continue doubting him . . . She says it's like some crazy thing took over her brain and said she couldn't trust him. He tells her to give herself a break, they can't always be perfect, not even her. She thanks him and they hug. He says there is nothing to forgive. She says this isn't the kind of wife she wants to be. She promises she will never slip again, he has her undying faith and trust. She doesn't want to keep letting him down. She says she's way more ashamed of herself then he probably is. He says he's not ashamed of her. He says stop, he won't let her beat herself up anymore. She says she just got so caught up in Theresa's mess that she forgot she's living the life of her dreams with him. He says no one will ever come between them again, he promises. She assures him that she has 100 percent faith in him again, she'll have to spend the rest of her life making it up to him. She says she is glad she went there, Vincent is a complete jerk. She tells him how Vincent is cheating on Valerie. She says Vincent is such a two timing jerk! She says Vincent has some nerve, now she sees why Chad has a problem with him. Chad tells Whitney how they can't control what others do. She says she just wants to save Valerie, she deserves to be warned. Chad says she can't do that. She asks why not? Valerie deserves to know. She says if it were her then she'd want someone to tell her. Chad remembers Vincent warning him to control his wife or it will cost him. Chad says he won't let her go tell Valerie. She asks why? Chad tells her that she used to hate Valerie. Whitney says they moved past that, they are friends and she is a fellow woman. Chad doesn't want to hear about them being united in sisterhood. Whitney says it's true. She says god forbid this happened to her, she would want to know. Whitney says she owes Valerie the same respect. She says she is going to try her again. She calls Valerie up, she leaves her a message saying they need to talk. 

Kay is in bed with Miguel. He says good morning to her. She asks what time it is? He says forget the time, they need to enjoy the time they have together. They kiss one another, but it's a dream. Kay wakes up and sees it is Fox she's with and is stunned. He asks what is wrong, why did she scream when he kissed her? She says she doesn't know, she was disoriented and surprised to see him. He says surprised to see her husband in her bed? Who did she expect to see? He asks if he should guess? He remembers seeing Kay and Miguel kissing and planning to make love all night long. She says he has it all wrong. She says she wasn't expecting anyone to be here. She says she thought he was at the hospital. He says he left. She asks how she was supposed to know that? She thought he was there having his treatments. She then asks why he's here? He says he was sick of the walls, the nurses, the poison they were giving him. He says he had to get out of there and come home and see her. He says the only thing that would make him feel better was being with her. 

Later Kay is in a bathrobe, Fox is in a suit. Kay says she's worried, it must be taking every ounce of his strength to fight this illness. He says they are all dying, some just quicker than others. She just wants to prolong his life. He says she is, she is the reason he wants to live. She still doesn't think it's safe for him to leave the hospital.

In the hall, Miguel is approaching with breakfast for Kay. He ends up listening in to Fox telling Kay how she is everything to him. He says he can't go in there now, it will only make things worse for Kay. 

Back inside, Fox tells Kay it is late and he has a meeting. She offers to drive, but he says not necessary. He says he'll catch up to her later. Fox leaves and Kay wonders what she will do. Miguel then shows up. He knows Fox was here. Once again Miguel is back to thinking Fox isn't dying, but Kay believes it. She says what he's going through is making him weak. Miguel says how weak? He says the side effects are inconsistent, one minute he's impotent and the other moment he's not. Kay says but he looks so awful. He says he'd look awful too if he was lying the way Fox is. Kay tells Miguel to stop it. Miguel thinks his initial instincts were right, Fox is faking. He tells Kay how much he loves her and Maria, they are his life. He pulls her into a kiss. He wants them to make love, share this little time they have left. She says she doesn't know what she'll do if he is put in jail. 

In the kitchen, the teapot startles Tabitha. She wonders what is wrong with her, she's been spooked since the funhouse. Tabitha remembers getting a terrible feeling that evil was near. Endora soon zaps herself to the kitchen asking what is for breakfast? Tabitha says porridge for chipped newt tails. Endora says she tells Maria they are raisons .Tabitha suggests she keep it that way, they don't want Maria to know what witches really like to eat. Endora says she's half mortal. Tabitha would rather not be reminded of her father. Tabitha suddenly feels hot, so she opens up a window. A wind comes in, Tabitha is startled. She says that was an ill wind, and it isn't one of her making. She says she doesn't like what this means! Tabitha says normally she's causing the chaos, but not this time. She looks in her bowl but isn't getting a clear picture. The bowl shows her what is going on with Kay and Miguel, she won't let Endora see and says she'll just find it boring. She knows Endora wouldn't like this. She says this would just cause a temper tantrum that would undo her hard work. Later Tabitha takes Endora off to get dressed. We see a blue icy wind blow into the kitchen.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa is in bed when the door opens. Someone approaches her bed as she sleeps. It is Ethan, he begins kissing her. She responds and pulls him into a kiss. She soon stops and says she's married. Ethan says only on paper, she's married to him in her heart. She says the paper is what counts as he always said. He says he made a mistake, he shouldn't have let Gwen get in the way. Theresa says now the blackmailer is in the way, she has to do everything she can to clear her brothers which means doing what the blackmailer wants. He asks her to tell him what this blackmailer has on her. She says she cannot do this, if she does this then Luis and Miguel will pay for it. Ethan says she has done everything he has asked her to do, he won't know they are here. He thinks she has appeased the creep's wishes. She says don't be so sure. We see the blackmailer is spying on them from behind the wall! Theresa wants to believe the blackmailer is done, but she doesn't. Ethan asks what more can she do? He says her brothers are already facing prison. He says the only thing they can do is move on with their lives. She says she wants to feel safe with him, but things have changed. Ethan knows things look bad, but he says they won't stay that way. He thinks they need to stop letting this guy pull the strings. She asks how? He says he will get her brothers out of this mess. The blackmailer watches and says Theresa is holding all their fates in her hands. Eventually Theresa and Ethan begin kissing again. They start taking off the other's clothes and end up in bed together. The watching blackmailer says bad Theresa, very very bad! The blackmailer says she shouldn't have succumbed to his charms. He/She looks at their phone, on the screen is the little animated peeper walking around.

Fox meets with Judge Reilly in his office. He wants Miguel's trial date moved up to tomorrow, he wants Miguel in jail. Judge Reilly can't do that. He says he's not the only Crane he answers to, Theresa is pulling the strings and she wants the trials postponed as long as possible. Fox says forget Theresa, but the judge says he can't. He says besides, the older Lopez-Fitgzerald is going to trial first. The judge gets an email, it's from the Peeper! They tell the judge to do it! The peeper says move both Miguel and Luis' trials up, they need to be found guilty. Fox wonders who it is, the Judge doesn't know. The judge asks who they are? The peeper says someone who knows what the Judge does in his private time and how he wouldn't want the world or his wife to find out. A woman's photo flashes, Fox guesses that isn't his wife. The peeper demands the trials be moved forward. The Judge says he can't, the courts are full as is. The Peeper says clear them or he'll never be address as your honor again. Fox suggests he do as he says. The judge says he can't go up against Theresa. The peeper asks the judge who he fears more, Theresa or him? He says that picture is the least of the Judge's worries, there is so much more he could tell the world about him. The Peeper asks if he'll push up the trial or incur his wrath? The judge ends up agreeing to proceed to trial against both brothers, to hell with Theresa. Fox tells the judge that's the spirit! 

Back at Theresa's, Ethan brings Theresa breakfast in bed. They toast with orange juice to the rest of their lives. She says toasting with orange juice? He says they are mimosas. She says alcohol in the morning? He says he looks at it as the first day of the rest of their lives. They kiss some more, the Peeper says Theresa will have to be punished for this! Theresa's phone rings, she says she has to take it. It is of course the blackmailer. They say naughty girl! He says she just sentenced one brother to death and the other to jail for life. He says for shame! She begs them to leave her brothers alone. The blackmailer says he told her to stay away from lover boy you cheap slut, you just added adultery to your list of crimes. HE says that her brothers will pay!


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