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2nd Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



April 9, 2007 
Jessica shows up at the Bennett home. Sam answers the door, he's in his dress blues. She asks if he's going out? He says it's the cadets graduation. He asks if spike is here? She says no, she left Spike and would like to come home. She doesn't blame him if he says no, she's done so many terrible things. He says he won't say no, but is she sure she can do this? She says yes, she doesn't want to live like that anymore, she's sick of hating herself, she's sick of him being disappointed in her. She wants to come home, she can be a good person again. She asks her dad if he can forgive her and let her come back home. She asks if he'll have her back? Sam hugs her and says nothing would make him happier. He says he has prayed so long for this moment. He says this will always be here home. He tells her to come in, he asks if she's hungry? He can make her an omelet. She says she's not hungry, it just feels so good to be home. She says she loves him and she's sorry. Sam says he's just so happy she's home. He asks why she decide to come back? She says she had a vision, she saw how her life used to be and could be. She says she had hope that it wasn't too late for her, that she could make her life better? Sam says she can make it better, she is family and they are here for her. He hugs her and says welcome home! 

Later Sam, out of his dress uniform. asks something from her, burn her suitcase full of Spike's clothes. Jessica says she won't have anything to wear? Sam says he saved all her old clothes. He says these clothes will only remind her of her past. She says okay, her past is over. They go out back and have a barbeque and roast up her little hooker clothes. She throws pieces in, Sam says good girl. He says she will start her new life. She says yes she is. Later Jess looks a bit ill, Sam asks if she's sure she's not sick? Jessica says it's just the smoke, she needs to take a walk. He says she'll come back right? Jessica promises she will.

After her walk, Jessica returns home, Sam is glad she did come back. Jessica says she's sorry he was worried, but she means it, she's not going back to Spike. She says she is here for good as long as Sam wants her. He says they all want her here. They hug again. Sam heads to the garage to unpack her old clothes. After Sam leaves, Jessica looks in her purse. She has a pregnancy test! She says this test is supposed to be accurate and easy, one step and that's it. She says this is silly, she can't be pregnant.

Kay and Miguel are naked and in bed. They are talking about how they have to find a way to prove he and Luis are innocent. Who would they do this to them? Miguel doesn't know, but instead of wasting what time they have, they should make the most of it. They kiss and make love again. Later they are cuddling. Kay wishes they could stay like this forever, she hates the thought of losing him again. Miguel says he knows. He sees there is a message on the phone, Kay doesn't want more bad news. He checks it, it is from Ethan. Ethan is calling to say how he won't let this blackmailer win, they have time before the trial, don't give up. Kay is glad Ethan is working on this. Miguel says Ethan is right, the trial won't be for months and by that time Ethan will clear him. Later they continue talking, Miguel asks Kay how she can think about going back to sleeping in the same bed with Fox. Kay says he's been so good to her, she doesn't want to hurt him. He says Fox will be hurt no matter what, what if he finds out on his own? Miguel says he can't keep hiding how he feels about her. She knows. She says she hates doing this to Fox. Miguel asks if she wants Fox to feel like a fool when he finds out she doesn't love him. Kay says she does love him, just not like she loves Miguel. Miguel says then tell him the truth. Kay knows she should, she just hates hurting someone she loves.

Later they are dressed. Kay says now she just has to find Fox and break his heart. Miguel says he knows it won't be easy, but it is the right thing. He says Fox pretended to have a diseases to keep her. He also says Ethan is doing his best to get rid of the blackmailer. He says soon they will be able to start their lives together. They then see breaking news on the TV, interrupting the 6th hour of the Today show. The report says that the judge has decided to move up the trials of the Lopez Fitzgerald brothers! 

Paloma is in bed with Noah. She dreams seeing the man-woman in the funhouse mirror the night before. She wakes up from her nightmare, Noah asks what is wrong? Paloma says she had a dream about that creature, that half-man half-woman she saw at the carnival. She says it was so scary, what was it. Noah says they looked all over and never found anyone. Paloma says it was like they disappeared into thin air. She says whoever or whatever it was, they were pure evil and she doesn't think they've seen the last of it. Noah thinks they need to focus on today as a day of celebration, she graduates today. She says she does and she can't wait to see Luis, he will be so proud of her. Noah says so is he. They kiss and make love. 

Fancy is at the hospital with Luis. He's asleep and still cuffed to the bed. She remembers being with Sam. She thanked him for sending Sheridan home. Sam told her she was here as Luis' guard, treat him as a suspect. She said she knew. Sam said it was up to her to make sure Luis didn't escape again. Fancy promised to be professional. Fancy tells Luis that she knows she has to be professional, but she knows he's not a criminal, he couldn't have done what he's accused of. She says something else is going on here, something out of their control. Fancy paces around the room and Luis wakes up. He says she is a wonderful sight to wake up to. She asks how he can be so sweet, she is the reason he's here. He says she was doing her job, she didn't know she was shooting at him. Fancy says she's just so sorry. He says don't be, stop apologizing. He says he's been through a terrible trauma and she is still here. She says she loves him, she doesn't want him to think she doesn't trust him. He says he doesn't, but she needs to take time, he'll wait as long as it takes. He knows her scars won't heal over night, he wants to help her. She wants to help him, she knows he's innocent. He says that means a lot to hear her say that. She wishes she could do more, she wishes she could have his arms around her, she wishes she could kiss him. He says it will happen. She says he is so wonderful, she wishes she could show him how much she loves him. He says he loves her too, and she shows him how much she loves him all the time. He says they will be together. Fancy says Ethan left her a message this morning, he's not giving up, he's going to find out who is doing this. Luis says Ethan can do this, he's the best. Fancy says they have time on their side, the trial won't be for a few months. Luis just realizes today is graduation day, she needs to go. Fancy says she's not going. He asks why not? He says she worked too hard for this. Fancy says he needs a guard and that is her. Luis wants her to go, but Fancy says no. She says there is nowhere else she'd rather be.

Later Paloma shows up with Noah. She tells Fancy it's official, they are two of Harmony's finest. Luis tells Paloma how proud he is of her. She says she has to live up to his reputation. Luis thinks she doesn't want to do that right now. Paloma says she came to give Fancy her badge, she is now an officer. Fancy says now she has a real job, nobody can call her a bimbo heiress again. Noah congratulates Fancy, she thanks him. Luis tells Fancy he's proud of her, she will be a great cop, she already is. Noah tells Paloma he's proud of her, he will call her officer mighty-cuffs. They share a little kiss. Luis tells Fancy again how proud he is of her. She puts her badge on, Paloma invites her out to celebrate. Luis wants her to go. Fancy says for now she needs to be here. Luis says Sam will send a replacement guard. Paloma asks how Luis is, this must be difficult. He says it is, he's here and not finding out who is doing this to him. Noah says Ethan will prove him innocent, Paloma says they'll help him. Noah and Paloma decide to leave and let Luis rest.

Outside, Paloma tells Noah how it's so unfair, they waited for this day to be together and now they can't. She asks Noah if talking about this bothers her. Noah says no, he's over Fancy and has someone else in his life now. Paloma wishes Noah and Fancy could be as happy as them. Noah gets an idea to help them. 

Back in Luis' room, Fancy remembers they were supposed to go away on this day to be together. Luis says they will have that trip when he's cleared. She says he has to be cleared. She says she has faith in Ethan, she knows Ethan will prove he didn't hurt her. Luis says he couldn't hurt the woman he loves, and he does love her. She wishes she could show him how much she love him. She says she does love him, they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, Paloma and Noah have cake and balloons. They go to surprise Fancy with a party, but see Fancy kissing Luis. They don't interrupt. Paloma says Fancy is letting herself feel again, this is wonderful.

Theresa is in bed with Ethan and on the phone with the peeper. The peeper is watching them from behind the wall still, they say she was told to stay away from him, but she wouldn't listen, now her brothers will pay. They say she sent one brother to prison and one to death. Theresa asks why they are doing this to her? The blackmailer says because she behaved like a cheap slut! The blackmailer says they will ruin her brothers lives and tell Ethan the truth, she cannot stop them. Theresa says she made a mistake, it wont' happen again. The blackmailer asks why they should trust her to keep her word? Ethan yells she already married Jared, what more does he want. The blackmailer says now she's upset Ethan. The blackmailer says Theresa broke her promise, she was supposed to marry Jared and leave Ethan alone. They say She was told not to jump into bed with Ethan. The blackmailer says they will move up Miguel and Luis' trial now. She says no! Ethan takes the phone, the blackmailer says nice to hear his voice darling. The blackmailer says they will be together soon. Ethan says it won't happen, but the blackmailer says they'll see. The blackmailer hangs up. Theresa wonders what she has done? She says her brother's lives are over because of her. Theresa tells Ethan it's over and it's her fault. Ethan asks how they knew she was here? Theresa says he knows everything. Ethan says he'd swear this was Alistair if he didn't know he was dead. Theresa says the blackmailer is moving up the court dates. Ethan says it can't happen, it's legally impossible. Theresa hopes Ethan is right. Ethan says he is, they will beat this. Ethan's phone rings, it is the judge calling. The judge asks Ethan to meet him this afternoon after lunch. Ethan asks why? He says it's about his clients, they are having a hearing, their trials are being moved up. The judge then hangs up. Ethan tells Theresa the blackmailer is right, he's trying to move up the dates. Theresa asks if he can do this? Ethan doesn't know as  this is railroading innocent men. He says he'll file a motion, they need to get to the judge's office.

At the judge's, the blackmailer appears on the Judge's computer. He says good job! The judge asks how he is to justify this. The blackmailer says he'll think of something. The judge says Theresa will fight this, but the blackmailer says he's holding all the power, he controls the Judge, he controls Theresa, he controls everyone in this town. He says he'll destroy anyone who gets in his way! The blackmailer laughs.

Ethan shows up at the judge's office. Ethan tells the judge how he hasn't prepared a defense yet. The judge says Ethan snoozes he loses , the DA is ready. Theresa is with Ethan, she tries to bribe him. The judge says bribing a judge is a felony. Theresa says this isn't a bribe, she is just saying he will be rewarded for changing his mind. The judge says no. Theresa says fine, she knows things about him, things that could be detrimental to his career and his marriage. She says if she tells the world what she knows then he'll lose everything. Theresa then realizes the blackmailer got to him. The judge says he has no idea what she's talking about. Ethan says Theresa is right, the judge is afraid. Theresa says this blackmailer is controlling everyone, their power is stronger than theirs. Theresa thinks it is over, but Ethan won't give up. Theresa says no, it's hopeless. Ethan begs the judge to reconsider, but the judge says he can't fight the blackmailer when even Theresa can't. He says his decision is final. Ethan and Theresa leave, the Judge looks at his PC and sees the blackmailer waving The judge hopes God can forgive him.

Theresa talks to Ethan. She thinks the blackmailer has won, it's over. She says it's her fault, she should have stayed away from him.

April 10,  2007

At the Bennett's, Jessica is in the bathroom with her Clear Blue Easy test. Sam knocks on the door, she says she's okay. He has her clothes and will put them in her room, he also has a surprise for her downstairs. She says she's freshening up, she'll be down soon. He's happy, Jess is hogging the bathroom like the old days. In the bathroom Jessica is waiting for her test, she doesn't know what she'll do if she's pregnant. She knows it will be Spikes as he always refused to use protection. Sam comes knocking again, she says a few more minutes. She swears she's not doing anything wrong like drugs or cutting herself. He says he trusts her. She gets the results, she is pregnant. She says her dream has come true, she'll be a mother. She says but it is Spike's baby. She thinks her family will support her, they will take care of her. 

Downstairs Sam has a box labeled "Jessica's baby clothes." She shows up to tell him something, then she sees the box. He says it is her surprise, her mom stored all her clothes in the shop so they survived being sucked into hell. He tells her how happy she is she is home and away from Spike, undamaged. He says there are so many drugs that could have scarred her for life. He also thanks God she didn't get pregnant, if she had then Spike would never be out of her life. He goes on and on about how horrible that would be, how he feels bad for any woman who has Spike's kid. He asks what she wanted to say, she says just that she's happy to be home. Sam gets a message from the judge, he has to go see him about Luis and Miguel's trial. Sam leaves and Jessica wonders what she will do. 

Chad and Whitney are out having lunch. Whitney is wondering why Valerie hasn't called her back. She heads to the ladies room, a spying Vincent calls Chad and says keep Whitney quiet or else! He was with Valerie when she got Whitney's message, he luckily took care of it. He warns Chad Whitney better keep her mouth shut. Chad tells Vincent not to threaten him. Whitney returns, she asks what is going on? Chad says nothing, just business. Whitney won't stop talking about Vincent and what a cheat he is. Chad tells her how for men sex is different, it's just sex and not love. Whitney can't believe him, is he defending Vincent? He says no. She says he can't believe that does he? Chad says he was just giving the general male view. Whitney says for her sex is about love and cheating is the ultimate betrayal, not to mention the diseases . . . . Chad says okay, enough. He just tells her not to tell Valerie, it's not her place. Whitney thinks it is, she set Vincent up with her. Chad says just think it over, to tell her over the phone would be bad, plus Valerie may kill the messenger. Whitney agrees to think it over and not tell Valerie over the phone. WHitney gets a call from Theresa about meeting at the courthouse, she needs her friend. Whitney runs off and Vincent zooms in. He says Chad better put a muzzle on his wife or else. Vincent goes on with his threats to out Chad to Whitney. Whitney, who forgot her purse, returns and almost catches them together again. Before leaving she tells Chad she thought about it and is going to tell Valerie about Vincent, today. Whitney heads off and Vincent follows her.

At the courthouse, Fancy has brought Luis, who is in a wheel chair. Kay and Miguel are there, Fox soon shows up. Theresa and Ethan were already there. The Judge has called a hearing to consider Ethan's motions. They all stand around and discuss how this is really bad. Theresa explains a blackmailer is in control, they are pushing the trials forward because of her mistake. Kay asks what she did, Ethan says that is beside the point. Ethan says if they go to trial now then it will be all over. Fox says he's sorry he can't help Miguel, he saw him in that car. Kay says Fox was set up just like Miguel, Luis and the rest of them. The judge finally invites them in. The judge has reviewed Ethan's motions and gives him a chance to speak. Ethan wants the trial moved out of Harmony and the judge to recuse himself. The judge seems to agree with what Ethan is saying, he sees it as a way out. Suddenly the blackmailer's laugh echoes everywhere. It's on the PC, it's on all their cell phones. They look at their phone screens and see him/her laughing at them all. The judge panics and says he's sorry, motion denied, they will go to trial immediately. Ethan tells the judge this isn't fair, there is no presidency.  The judge disagrees, he warns Ethan to stop whining or he'll be replaced with a public defender. Theresa says he can't do that, but the Judge says he can do whatever he wants. Furthermore the judge claims he finds it hard to separate these crimes so it will be a double trial. Ethan says this will ensure they are found guilty. The judge says he knows. He says he'll see them in court! Kay says this is the beginning of the end. Theresa says it is her fault.

Whitney arrives at the courthouse looking for Theresa. There is some scaffolding near bye with a plaster cast on top. It shakes and falls down on Whitney!



April 11, 2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha is dressed up in her witch outfit and has a blackboard. She is instructing Endora, who has on her own little schooling outfit. Endora says she knows how to cast spells. Tabitha says she will teach her how to develop her powers. On the chalkboard, Endora makes the chalk write Miss Lenox is a dufus! Tabitha is glad she has home schooled her, those people at Hogwarts would make her conform to their standards. She says home schooling is the answer for her. Tabitha also says they will be able to spend every moment together. Endora zaps her teacher an apple. Tabitha says a poisoned apple for her? Endora says she told her she knew how to cast spells. Tabitha thinks she's taken her advice and is reading the classics. Suddenly a picture of the courthouse forms on the blackboard. Endora asks if this is the next lesson? Tabitha says no. They see the blackmailer, Tabitha says this mortal is stealing her thunder. She says this evil person will ruin many lives in Harmony. She says even with her magical experience she can't find out who this blackmailer is, which is a good reason why Endora needs to study. Tabitha erases the picture and says enough of mortal evil. Endora says she wants to play, but Tabitha says it is school time. She thinks they need to work on her cauldron technique. She zaps up a pink cauldron on wheels with a pull rope for Endora. Tabitha teaches her how to stir. Endora says I'm stirring! Tabitha says yes, but not so fast. Suddenly the cauldron goes nuts and explodes. Tabitha looks around, this is a disaster. The boys in the basement don't seem happy either. Tabitha says she'll learn, she was just having fun. Endora wonders why her mom is apologizing? Tabitha tells Endora since the no demon left behind act was passed, witch school has been taken very seriously. She says the boys in the basement insist she learn everything on the curriculum, and then she is to be tested. Endora thinks it will be a piece of cake. The doorbell rings, Tabitha wonders what now. Tabitha asks Endora to clean up while she sees to the door. Tabitha tells Endora to take witch school more seriously. Endora zaps her mom in the butt to change her mom's outfit, she thinks she doesn't need school.

Tabitha answers the door, Julian is there. He came to see about Endora's future and heard Tabitha mentioning witch school, what is that? Tabitha says no she was saying which school, not witch school. She was wondering out loud which school was right for Endora. Julian asks which school she thinks is best. Tabitha says home school of course. Julian says don't be absurd! Julian sees Endora and goes to see her. He says she's becoming such a beautiful young lady. Tabitha asks why he is here? Julian says to discuss plans for his daughter's future. He has set up an interview for Endora to meet with the people from the Paul Revere Preschool. He says it is the best in the country, but Tabitha says it's a school for snobs. Julian sys his daughter is a Crane, she is going to go to the right schools. She won't let him force her daughter into an over-privileged pre-school. She says she will teach her. He asks what she can teach her? Stuff from the 19th's century like and apple a day keeps the doctor away? He picks up the poisoned apple and goes to take a bite. She says go ahead, eat it. He says no thanks. Tabitha says her daughter will not go to that preschool, that is final. Julian says the women from the school will be here soon, mind her P's and Q's. He knows they will love his daughter. Tabitha throws him out. Julian yells to her if she doesn't treat the women well then he'll take ENdora from her! He says charm them, give them an afternoon they'll never forget. Tabitha thinks Julian should visit her basement. She then gets an idea, she will charm the committee and give them an afternoon they won't forget. Tabitha thinks those women will have the afternoon of their lives. 

At the courthouse, Whitney arrives looking for Theresa. A scaffolding shakes and a piece of marble falls down towards her. Chad shows up, rushes to save her. They are both hit and lay unconscious. A worker says they are dead! Vincent is behind the scaffolding, he says since Chad couldn't keep Whitney's mouth shut, he shut it for her. Chad and Whitney are okay. The worker helps them up, he thought they were dead. Vincent is saying Damn! Eve shows up, she asks what happened here? They explain, Chad saved Whitney by pushing her out of the way. Eve says they are lucky they only got bruises and scrapes. Whitney asks her mom why she's here, Eve says for the trial. Whitney asks Chad why he's here? He remembers Vincent's threats, he claims though he wanted to be here for the trial too. Eve suggests they both go home and rest, blows to the head are not good. The worker is apologizing, he can't explain what happened. We see Chad remembering shaking it to make it fall. Vincent says Whitney is still alive, but that will change. They all think it was an accident, but Chad knows better.

Eve takes Whitney and Chad home. She is thanking God Chad was there to save Whitney today. Chad says he'll head to the drugstore to get a prescription for Whitney. Eve says she'll call it in right now. In the hall, Chad says he'll find Vincent and make him pay. After Chad leaves, Vincent shows up with a knife! He says he'll make sure Whitney doesn't tell Valerie a damn thing. 

Whitney and Eve talk. Whitney has a question for her mom. She says she has a friend, well one that used to be a friend. Whitney says she found out Vincent is cheating on Valerie. Whitney asks her mom what should she do, should she tell Valerie the truth? Eve says that is a tough question. Eve is then paged, there is an emergency at the hospital. Eve has to leave, but suggests Whitney not tell her about Vincent. She says it's tricky, when one friend tells another friend bad news, it turns into a shoot the messenger situation. Whitney says Chad said the same thing. Eve says on the other hand she hates lying, Valerie does deserve the truth. Whitney says she will tell Valerie the truth. Eve tells Whitney to get some sleep and she heads out. Vincent, still lurking around with his knife, says the next time Eve sees Whitney, she'll be dead. 

Vincent sneaks in, knife behind his back. Whitney is shocked to see him walk in, he says he knocked. He says he was sorry to hear about her accident. She says she's fine, she wants to be alone and get some rest. She also says if he came to talk her out of telling Valerie the truth, well she's decided to tell her. Vincent says he doesn't want her to tell Valerie anything and he'll do anything to stop her. 

Chad returns, in the hall he calls Vincent and only gets his voicemail. Chad tells Vincent how he will kill him for what he did to Whitney. Chad walks in and sees Vincent standing behind Whitney with a knife. Chad tackles him!

Back at the courthouse, Court is about to begin. Ethan is ranting that this is a travesty, Theresa's brothers are being railroaded with this joint trial. Sam shows up with Sheridan. Sheridan says the judge should be disbarred. Ethan says it is the blackmailer doing this. Ethan says the double trial is set to start right now. Sam says this can't be legal. Ethan says here they are, and he can't prove the judge is being blackmailed. Sheridan says the whole town is under this sick individual's power. Ethan says all he can do is hope to prove them innocent. Suddenly Grace Nancier shows up. Sheridan says she is the TV lawyer, she is vicious. Grace says the Lopez boys are the vicious ones. Ethan asks Grace why she's here? Grace says she's the new DA and she is going to prove them guilty. Grace says she loves the word guilty. She says Miguel will be sent to prison for life and Luis will be executed. Grace suggests a hanging in the town green. 

Later Ethan discusses with Theresa and the others how their only hope now is to pick an unbiased jury. The judge shows up to begin, Ethan says this can't be, they haven't heard the rules of procedure yet. The judge calls silence and says they are here to try Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald for murder, attempted murder, rape and well, they know the rest. He says bring in the jury. Ethan says what! The jury soon shows up and takes their seats. Ethan objects, who are these people? Grace says it is their jury. The judge says selection was 30 minutes ago, Ethan missed it. Grace says she got first pick, lucky her. Ethan says this is nonsense. Grace says this is justice, her version. Grace says she got to chose a jury of her peers, one that believe in the death penalty. 

Ethan has tried to make calls, but nobody is answering. Kay thinks then there is no hope, Miguel says it will be okay. Fancy is crying that she can't lose Luis. Sheridan says maybe she should have thought about that before going after Luis! Luis tells Sheridan to stop. Ethan says set their differences aside, they need to stay united. He says Grace will try and turn them against one another like she did at Eve's trial. Ethan says Sam will be a prime target, she will use him to strike against Luis. 

The judge asks Grace to call her first witness. Ethan asks if he gets to make a statement? The judge says as judge he sets the rules. Ethan isn't allowed to give an opening statement. Grace calls her first witness, Sam Bennett. Sam takes the stand, Grace makes him answer yes and no only to her questions. She asks about how the evidence is overwhelming isn't it? Didn't he also admit to the mayor that if he got these cases without the defendants name's attached that he would think the defendants were guilty as hell. She asks Sam if he said that? He says yes. Kay and Fancy  keep touching Luis and Miguel, which upsets the judge. He says keep to their side of the barrier! He eventually has the bailiff separate them, but Grace says it won't be necessary. She says it must be devastating to find out that the chief thinks the defendants are guilty. Sam says she is taking his statement out of context. Ethan has had enough, but every motion Ethan makes the judge overrules. 

Luis asks Ethan what his plans are? Ethan plans to show the evidence against Miguel is circumstantial. For Luis he wants to show that Luis would never hurt Fancy as she loves him. Fancy says so it all comes down to her testimony? Ethan says he's afraid so.

Grace continues to question Sam about all the evidence against Miguel, how Miguel admitted to fighting with Fox and saying he hoped he crawled off and died. Sam says yes. Grace feels the witness is clearly biased. She talks about how Luis escaped his custody three times. Ethan is hoping to himself that Fancy will turn the tide.

Fancy, Sheridan, Kay, Miguel and Luis are in another room. They were sent there by Ethan so they didn't have to watch this. Sheridan yells at Fancy how this is her fault. Fancy asks why she's here and not at home? Sheridan says she cares about justice. Fancy says she cares about Luis. Sheridan says Fancy better say whatever it takes to make sure Luis is not found guilty, or else Fancy will answer to her! 

Later Ethan and Sam talk to the boys, it's not going well. Ethan tells Fox he shouldn't be here, and he has to warn him he'll rip him apart on the stand. Kay begs Fox to lie on the stand. Fox says he doesn't want to hurt Kay, but he has to tell the truth. Ethan says recanting won't do any good, Nancier would just say Fox was being manipulated. Ethan says he has to make it look like Fox's testimony is unreliable. To himself Fox says Miguel will lose Kay. Grace then shows up and says she has just called Fancy to the stand, she is the star witness and will put Luis to death.   



April 12, 2007

At the recording studio, Chad tackles Vincent and begins punching him. Vincent was standing behind Whitney with a knife. Vincent is begging Whitney to call him off, tell him he has it wrong. Chad screams he was going to kill his wife. Vincent asks why would he want to kill Whitney? Whitney says Vincent wasn't trying to hurt her, he was going to help her peel an apple, she was having trouble because of the accident. She asks Chad why would he think Vincent would want to kill her? Chad says he just saw him with that knife. Vincent says what is that expression, no good dead goes unpunished? He says this is the last time he does a favor for Whitney. Chad asks Whitney why she's with Vincent, she hates him. She says they were talking and trying  to work things out. Vincent says he came over to apologize for acting like such a creep. Whitney accepts Vincent's apology. Miles begins crying, so Whitney leavers to check on him. Chad confronts Vincent, this is the second time he tried to kill his wife. Vincent claims he had nothing to do with the scaffolding, but Chad says he saw him! Vincent says he know what they say, third time is the charm. He tells Chad to make sure wifey-poo doesn't tell Valerie the truth or he won't be around to rescue her next time. Chad says Whitney won't say anything, he has his word. Vincent says his word means nothing, Chad claims they are over but always comes back for more. Vincent says think of the irony if Whitney found out who the person he was having an affair with? What if she found out Chad knew this person intimately? At this point Whitney returns. She asks if she just heard right? Does Chad know the person Vincent is sleeping with intimately? Vincent tells Whitney she heard tings out of context, they were just exchanging guy talk. Whitney says so what does this mean, is Chad having an affair with this woman too? Chad says no, that is the truth. Whitney apologizes, she knows he wouldn't cheat on her. Vincent thinks he should be going, he claims his jaw is hurting. Whitney wants Chad to apologize, but he says no. Whitney apologizes for the misunderstand, not that she's saying he's a great guy or anything though. Vincent says he'll go, but he asks Whitney if she's still planning to tell Valerie about him? 

At the courthouse, Theresa hugs Miguel. She says she's so sorry, this is her fault. He says no she has done so much already, without her money and power he would have been in jail weeks ago. Theresa thinks they wouldn't be here if she just obeyed the blackmailer. He says she sacrificed too much as is, both he and Luis hate that she gave up Ethan for them.

Kay is still hanging around with Miguel and holding his hand and such. Julian shows up, he asks Fox if he's going to let Kay get away with acting like this? Fox says for now, until he gets on the stand.

Ethan tells Fancy how if they can convince the jury that Luis is innocent then he's in the clear. Fancy says a lot is riding on her testimony. Ethan says Grace will twist her words and make her seem unreliable. Luis says Ethan still gets to cross examine right? Ethan says yes, he'll undo the damage Grace does.

The judge calls court back in session. Grace calls Fancy to the stand. Sheridan warns her not to blow this. Luis tells Ethan if Fancy can't sway the jury then he's going to face the death penalty.

Grace questions Fancy about her attacks. Fancy says the first one happened while Luis was at the station, he later chased off her attacker. She says there was witnesses, Luis had nothing to do with it. Ethan and Luis think she's doing a good job. Ethan says it looks like Grace didn't know Luis had an alibi for the first attack. Miguel hopes things go so well with his case. Ethan thinks Miguel should leave, he doesn't like the idea of the brothers sitting together, it could send the wrong idea to the jury. Ethan has a guard escort Miguel out. Kay soon slips out with him. Julian tells Fox to go after his wife!

Grace continues with the questioning, Grace says Luis did have an alibi for the first attack, the other attacks though he wasn't so fortunate. Fancy says she knows Luis didn't attack her. Grace says interesting, the night she was under police protection and the night that acid was poured on her . . . Fancy says it wasn't poured on her! Grace says they know remembering this isn't easy, thank God the acid didn't hit her pretty face. Grace details the evidence of the attack, how she woke up and saw Luis standing there with the acid. Fancy says yes. Grace says and Luis was the only one there and he also had the key to her room! Luis says it was planted. Judge Reilly order Luis to remain silent. Fancy says someone else had to be there. Grace asks how they got out, the bathroom was locked from the inside. Fancy says Luis wouldn't attack her, she knows he's innocent. Grace says then why wouldn't she allow Luis to touch her on more than one occasion? Isn't it possible that her subconscious knows something? Isn't it possible she's always known it was Luis who attacked her. 

Ethan keeps objecting, the judge keeps overruling and telling Ethan to stop wasting the courts time. Grace questions Fancy about the night she shot Luis. Fancy says she didn't know it was Luis. Grace suggests Fancy knew deep down, she shot Luis to get justice against the man who committed the crimes against her. Grace says she shot Luis because he deserved to be shot. Fancy is in tears at this point as Grace is screaming at her. Grace tells Fancy she loves Luis doesn't she, that is why she was devastated by his actions. Grace says she can't fool her own subconscious. She says it was unfathomable that someone she loves could be capable of such violence to rape a woman, to murder a woman. Fancy says no! Grace says nobody would blame her for wanting to get revenge on someone who hurt her. Grace says she shot Luis because she knew he deserved it. Fancy breaks down, Grace says no more questions. 

Ethan asks for a few minutes before cross examining. Fancy tells Luis how so sorry she is, she goes to him. The judge orders the Fancy to be kept away from Luis. Ethan tries to tell Fancy not to cry, but she thinks she ruined everything. He says it could have been worse, Grace didn't bring up Pretty. Fancy says Pretty has nothing to do with this. Fancy tells Luis she doesn't know what to say. Luis says it will be okay. Theresa asks Ethan what he'll do? Ethan says he has to undo the damage grace did. Theresa thinks it is the wrong tactic, let them think Fancy lost it, take away her credibility, it's the only way to undo what Grace did. Ivy overhears Theresa telling him to take Fancy apart on the stand. Ivy says no! Ethan says he can't, he needs the jury to see Fancy is a credible witness, that Fancy doesn't believe Luis capable of the crimes.

Ethan calls Fancy back to the stand. He asks her if she loves Luis. Fancy says she does. Ethan says they all heard Nancier say she shied away from Luis after her attacks. Fancy says yes. Ethan says however that from today it is obvious she is not shying away from Luis, she ran to him. He asks why? She says Luis makes her feel safe, she wanted him to hold her. Ethan then enters into evidence how a noted psychologist notes rape victims shy away from any affection, so it's easy to understand why Fancy would not want to be touched by even Luis. Ethan asks why she loves Luis? She says he's the kindest man she's ever met, he loves his family, he is willing to sacrifice anything for someone who needs help. She says he's not capable of hurting anyone, it's not in him. Ethan says no more questions. 

Ethan tells Fancy, Luis and others that he thinks they may have turned this around. Grace goes to the judge, she thought this was a slam dunk? The judge says it should have been but now the jury is sympathetic to the victim. She says she's not done yet. Grace's phone goes off, she gets an email from the blackmailer suggesting she call Sheridan to the stand and ask about Fancy's sister pretty. She thinks this is a prank, but the judge says do what they say! Grace ends up calling Sheridan to the stand. Sheridan says she didn't know she was to testify. Ethan objects, her name isn't on the list. The judge of course overrules and Sheridan is called to the stand.

Sheridan takes the stand, Grace begins asking Sheridan about Fancy's sister Pretty. Grace asks why Pretty left town and never came back. Ethan objects, Ivy says Oh No!

Kay and Miguel are talking in the side room. Kay hates this, she knows she has to tell Fox the truth, she just can't picture doing it when he's sick. Miguel says lying to him will only make it worse. Kay knows. She says she loves Miguel so much. Miguel says that will get him through this. There is a knock at the door, it's Fox. Fox asks what is up? Kay says this isn't the best time or place, but she has to tell Fox something. Fox says he has something to say first. He says he's been doing soul searching. He knows he doesn't react well to Miguel being with Kay, even though he is Maria's father and Kay's oldest friend. Miguel asks what he's getting at? Fox says watching how things are going for Luis, well he knows what he has to do. HE says he won't testify that Miguel was in the car that ran him down. Miguel says come again? Fox says if he changes his story then that should keep Miguel out of jail. Kay hugs Fox and thanks him. Fox casts Miguel a look. Kay thanks him for this from the bottom of her heart. Miguel appreciates this. Fox says this is for Kay and Maria, he'll just say he was mistaken about who was driving the car. Julian walks in and says he will not lie for this murderous swine! 

Outside the courtroom, Sam is talking to Paloma and Noah. Paloma wants to go to the trial, but Sam can't allow her to. He says she needs to remain objective, plus they are a man short of street patrol. Sam says he'd do it himself if he could. He says he needs someone on the wharf, there has been some ugly muggings which have turned into murders. HE tells Paloma to familiarize herself with the file at the station. Sam leaves and Noah says he won't let her do this. 

At the station, Paloma argues with Noah, she thinks he's trying to stop her from doing her job. He just doesn't want her to be hurt. She says she is good in difficult situations, he has seen her, she can handle herself. She says this jerk is terrorizing women, one is dead now, they have to get him off the street. Noah says she doesn't know how her mom did this all those years, saying goodbye to his dad every night knowing it could be the last night. Paloma says she let him go because she knew it was what he needed to do. She says same with her. She says if she can't help her brothers than she has to feel like she's doing good somewhere. Noah says so he can't talk her out of this? She says nope, if he doesn't like it then take it up with her boss. Noah says he'll at least drive her down to the wharf, but she says no. She doesn't want this guy to see her get out of a car. She says if he wants to help then go back to the trial and be her eyes and ears. Noah asks if he at least gets a kiss? She gives him one. She says she can't imagine what her brothers are going through, she can't imagine what she'd do if she lost them. She leaves, Noah doesn't know what he'd do if he lost her.

Paloma is walking around the wharf. We see someone is following her. She says she has to stop being jumpy, nobody is here but her. She keeps walking around and we keep seeing someone following her. She realizes she's being followed, she hides and grabs the guy. She pins him to the ground, he's in a hooded sweatshirt. She says it's over pervert!


April 13, 2007
On the wharf, Paloma tackles a man in a hooded sweatshirt and is beating him. It turns out it is just Noah. She says he has to stop following her like this. He says he's sorry, he worries about her. She says she is capable of doing her job. He says he just doesn't want to lose her. They share some kisses and then the mugger shows up and holds a gun on them. Noah and Paloma try and talk calmly to him, but he says he has the gun and he's in charge. Paloma says no she is and kicks the gun out of his hand and pins him! She arrests him!

At the station, Noah is telling Paloma how she was really great. The mugger has been caught and taken away for booking. They want to do something that evening, but Noah gets a call, the Blue Note needs him to do some work. Paloma also gets a call from Sam, she has to oversee a delivery. They hope to be able to meet up at some point.

Later PAloma is sitting around at the Crane Mansion. She wonder when this delivery gets here. The doorbell rings, at the door is Noah with cases of something (booze?) They both laugh and think this is an interesting turn.

At the studio, Vincent asks Whitney if she plans on telling Valerie about her? Whitney does. Vincent says this really is between him and Valerie, Chad agrees. They once again go into the whole "shoot the messenger" thing. Whitney agrees to think about it. Later Chad is still pressing her, saying this really isn't her place and if Vincent is cheating then Valerie will find out eventually. She says but what if Valerie finds out she knew and didn't tell her? She also thinks about the diseases Valerie could be exposed to. Whitney agrees to think about it as Chad runs to get them food. LAter her returns with flowers and a pizza. He hears Whitney's voice coming from their apartment saying "I'm so glad you could come here Valerie."

At the courthouse Chris shows up as Sheridan is on the stand. He asks Theresa what is going on, she says Sheridan is being questioned about Pretty. Ivy says to herself if the truth comes out then Luis is a dead man. Sheridan tries to dodge Nancier's questions, saying she couldn't say what happened, she wasn't in Harmony. She eventually admits Fancy lied about a boy, she told Pretty something that wasn't true. Grace uses this to claim Fancy could be lying about Luis as well. Grace asks if it is true Fancy was a bit exocentric, that she had troublesome friends. Sheridan admits Fancy doesn't hang with the best people, some of her friends went to jail. Fancy blurts out only Esme and the drugs weren't hers! Fancy doesn't understand why SHeridan is doing this. Luis doesn't either, he gives her a look.

Miguel, Kay and Fox are in the side room. Fox has agreed to lie on the stand. Julian walks in and will not allow this! He will not allow Fox to to lie and protect Miguel. Fox tells his father he's made up his mind. Kay begs Julian, she says Miguel has been set up. Julian drags Fox off, Fox thinks Kay has bought the whole thing, Julian asks what he will say? Fox says he'll say something, but he thinks with Reilly in control that it won't matter, Miguel will go to jail.

Back in court, Ethan is asked by Theresa what he will do about Sheridan? He says he has no choice but to discredit her. He asks her about her relationship with Fancy. Sheridan says they grew up apart, Fancy in boarding school and her in Europe, but remained close. Sheridan says she's always wanted what was best for her. Ethan says until recently though, until she started dating Luis. Ethan presses her, demanding she be honest, she hates that Fancy is dating Luis. Sheridan finally screams she hates that Fancy is with Luis, she hates they are together, she's done everything she can to break them up, Luis is the only man she'll ever love and she still loves him! Everyone is stunned.

Later Fox takes the stand, it's now Miguel's turn. Grace has no real questions, she just submits Fox's statement that Miguel was driving the car that night. Ethan gets his turn. HE has the lights turned off in the court room. He shines a light in Fox's face and asks if this is as bright as the headlights were? Fox says yes. Ethan asks who is holding the light? Fox says he is. The lights come back on, it's Theresa! Ethan tries to use this to prove that Fox couldn't have seen clearly who hit him.

Luis, Fancy and Sheridan are now in the other room. Sheridan is stunned that Luis is talking to her the way he is (this is a big part that I missed). Luis and Fancy are furious, she made Fancy look like a liar out there. Luis says he never thought he'd see the day when she became like Alistair and Julian. Fancy says Sheridan told her it would be her fault if Luis was found guilty, well if Luis is executed it will be on Sheridan! A man comes in, the verdict is back.

Miguel and Luis wait to hear the verdict. The jury returns, they are both found guilty!

At the Bennett's, Jessica is looking at her old baby clothes. She is so happy about her baby. Spike walks in at this point and heard her confession, he says break out the cigars! She tells SPike she has left him, she's not going back with him. He says he owns her, her and this baby. He says people would pay a lot of money for a little white baby. She says he won't sell her baby. She kicks him and ends up running off.

At Tabitha's, Julian calls Tabitha to remind her the women from the Paul Revere Preschool are coming over today. Tabitha will not have this, but Julian demands she treat them well. They show up, Tabitha answers the door and conjures hell behind her to scare them. They scream and ask what is wrong with her house! She of course says nothing, they must be hallucinating. Hell disappears. She invites them in to meet Endora. They aren't exactly impressed, which upsets Tabitha. She offers them drinks, causes two pitchers to float over them and dump their drinks. They scream, how did she do that? Suddenly Jessica and SPike run in, Jessica is trying to get away from Spike. The women recognize Jessica, they say she's a prostitute. Tabitha says and always welcomed here. She tells SPike he's brave to come back in here! LAter, after the news break, Jessica is gone and Tabitha is torturing SPike and the woman. She's brought a plate of strawberries to life, they are flying around and biting everyone. Spike and the woman all run out, Tabitha is laughing about it all. The women scream Endora will NOT be going to their school!


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