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3rd Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



April 16, 2007 
At the cottage, Chris is remembering having an argument with Sheridan in which he accused her of being obsessed with Luis, that she still loved him. She admitted she never stopped and never would. He then remembers her on the stand saying she hates seeing Fancy with Luis, that Luis was the only man she'd love. Chris says Sheridan made her choice, she wants Luis. He says it's always been clear, he and James aren't her future, Luis is. He says as much as Sheridan loves James, they can't compete with Luis and any children they may have together. He says it is best he leave. James comes home at this point. He had a play date with Little Ethan. He sees his dad has some suitcases out. Chris tells James they'll be going on an adventure to Europe, so he should go pack. James asks if Mommy is going, but Chris says no. He says they need to have a talk. He says this will be a guy trip, just the two of them. He wants Mommy to come, but she can't come with them right now. Chris says Mommy is too busy with Aunt Fancy right now. James asks if Mommy still loves them? Chris says never doubt mommy's love for him. James asks if they really have to leave without mommy? Chris says yes, but think of this as an adventure for just the guys. James goes off to pack, 

In court, we see a replay of Luis and Miguel being found guilty by the jury. Grace Nancier  is pleased, everyone else is stunned. Pilar is finally in court. Fox says audios Miguel! Julian thinks about how he's glad to see Miguel gone too. Ivy of course thinks now she's stuck with Kay. Fancy yells they can't do this, Luis is innocent. Grace Nancier thinks this will lead to her own show on Court TV. Ethan tells Theresa she's sorry, but Theresa feels this is her fault. She says her selfishness is what has cost her brother their lives. The judge calls order. Theresa charges the judge to attack him, Ethan goes to stop her. Ivy says Theresa is Jared's problem now, leave her be. Theresa threatens the judge, saying she will still make his life hell as she is the head of the Crane Empire. The judge whispers to Theresa, he says he's sorry but her power and money hasn't stopped the blackmailer, they are in the same boat here. The judge lets the jury's verdict stand, he thanks them and says they will reconvene at a later date to pass sentence. HE then orders the bailiffs to take the felons into custody. 

Kay comforts Pilar. Meanwhile, Julian tells Fox how Miguel is now out of the picture permanently as is Luis. Ivy tries to support Fancy. She says this isn't her fault, but Fancy thinks it is. Sheridan shows up and blames fancy for ruining Luis' life just like Pretty's. Ivy defends Fancy, but Sheridan wants Fancy to feel the pain, this is her fault. Elsewhere Theresa is saying this is her fault, but Ethan says it is his fault. Ethan decides to try and give a little positive speech. He gathers everyone and says he knows they are devastated. He says it's not over, he won't stop working. He says he will make sure the verdicts are overturned, he is confident that they'll get new trials and that the judge and Nancier will be disbarred. He also says it will be weeks before the sentencing. Kay says so there is hope? Ethan says there is always hope. Later Ethan and the others run off to see the guys. Ivy tells Fox how Kay can't get to Miguel fast enough. Julian tells Fox to go in there and say goodbye to Miguel. Fox says he doesn't want to see Kay blubbering over Miguel, but Julian says Miguel will be gone soon enough. 

Luis and Miguel are held in another room and told they will be taken to lockup. Luis says whoever is setting them up is always one step ahead. Luis thinks they are down for the count and won't get up without a miracle. Miguel asks who would do this to them? Luis doesn't know, but he thinks they aren't finished, the two of them are just the first causalities in this war. Later the others show up. Kay tells Miguel he doesn't deserve this. Pilar is there too. Fancy is with Luis telling him not to give up, Ethan is fighting this. Theresa says Ethan will come through for them. Theresa thinks nothing else worse can happen. Sheridan shows up and thinks Theresa is right. Luis lashes out at Sheridan saying she attacked Fancy on the stand, she is part of the problem. He doesn't want to talk to her. Ethan suggests to Sheridan that she give Luis space now. Ethan says it's a hard time for the family. Sheridan says Luis is her family. Ethan says Luis will come around in time, perhaps she should focus on Chris now. Sheridan says why? Ethan says Chris heard her on the stand. She says the whole thing? Ethan says yes, he stormed out of court. Sheridan didn't realize he left. Ethan says that isn't a good thing. 

Ivy goes to Ethan, she says he did everything he could. Ethan says he didn't do enough, he is just glad he has time before the sentencing hearing. Luis says this blackmailer has been one step ahead of them the whole time. Ethan says they will solve this before the sentencing hearing. Ethan then gets a call from the judge.

The judge is in his chamber drinking. He can't believe he's actually condemned two innocent men to terrible fates. He wonders if he can get the verdict thrown out. He then gets a message from the blackmailer. The blackmailer thanks the judge for doing as he was told. The judge wants to be left alone, but the blackmailer has much more for the Judge to do. Whatever he's asked to do, we don't hear it. The judge says he can't do this, the trouble he'd be in. The blackmailer dancing on the screen and produces the word Marracheck. The Judge asks how he knew about that? The judge says fine, he'll do it, may God have mercy on Luis and Miguel.

Later the judge, on the phone with Ethan, asks him to get his clients back in court. Court is being reconvened for sentencing. Ethan says he can't do this, it is denying due process. The judge says they will be sentenced immediately.

Sheridan returns home and finds Chris standing there. He says so she's finally home. Sheridan says Luis and Miguel were found guilty. She begs him to tell her everything will be okay. He wishes he could. She says she knows, she has to face reality. She says now they have to figure out their next step. Chris says he's sure she'll figure something out, she always does when it comes to Luis. She sees his suitcase, she asks what that is for? James shows up, he says he's ready to go. James gives Sheridan a hug. Sheridan asks if James is going with Chris? Chris says yes. Sheridan doesn't understand. She says oh my God . . . you can't be serious . . . . you are leaving with James aren't you?

At the Crane Mansion, Paloma thought Noah came to check up on her again, but he is only here delivering the wine from the Blue Notes. He swears he didn't know she was here. She says she's sorry for jumping to conclusions. Noah says he knows she can take care of herself, but he does care about her and he does worry. They end up flirting and soon kissing. She tells him that she can't do this. It seems that there is another delivery coming and she has to wait for it. Noah tries to tempt her to come with him to the wine cellar, it's dark and he could pop her cork. She says he's too much. He says he loves spending time with her, whether they are making love or just joking. Later Noah finishes with the delivery. They laugh about the spooky cellar and how it said Hecuba was here on the wall. Noah thinks she was a witch in Greek mythology. HE begs her to let her to stay, but she says he can't. He says having this mansion to themselves is tempting. She says yes, but it doesn't mean he can stay. They end up kissing. She insists he go, he says sweet dreams. He says call him in the morning. They keep kissing, Noah doesn't seem to be going anywhere. She pushes him out the door. Later she hears something unusual outside. She goes to check on it, someone is in the bushes watching her. 

Chad returns to his place to find Valerie (the real one) talking to Whitney. Whitney telsl Chad that Valerie just stopped in, she got Whitney's message and was worried. Valerie is hoping her job isn't in danger. Whitney says no, that isn't it. Valerie says if it isn't her job then she's okay, what could be worse than losing your job. Whitney says it is worse than losing her job. Chad suggests they dig in, he's really hungry. Whitney says no, she has to tell Valerie. Before Whitney says anything, Valerie starts talking about how happy she is with Vincent and it is all thanks to Whitney. Valerie thinks Vincent could be the one. Whitney says maybe not. Valerie wishes Vincent were here for her, if Whitney has bad news then he would support her. Chad keeps trying to stop Whitney, but she won't be stopped. She tells Valerie the bad news is about Vincent. Valerie asks if something happened with Vincent, but Whitney says no. Chad ends up dragging Whitney off to get her help with the food, which is only pizza. Chad lectures Whitney and says she can't tell Valerie, this isn't their business. Whitney asks why he doesn't care? He says this is beyond caring, it's sticking their nose into other's business. She wonders why he's protecting Vincent, why can't she tell Valerie? She doesn't understand why he's against her telling Valerie. She says this is more than about Vincent betraying Valerie, he could get her sick. She says she is telling Valerie the truth. Chad says Valerie loves Vincent, this will break her heart. She says better a broken heart than she get a disease. She says Valerie deserves to know what Vincent has been doing. Valerie hears this, she asks what is going on? Whitney tells Valerie she needs to know this. She says this will come as a shock. Whitney says Vincent has been cheating on her, he's seeing another woman. Valerie cries no, not Vincent. Chad thinks to himself now Vincent will kill them both.

April 17,  2007


April 18, 2007
Tabitha is enjoying a nice MarTimmy. She remembers making the strawberries attack the women from the Preschool as well as Spike. She says there is no chance Endora will be going to Paul Revere Preschool now. Tabitha says she won't have to go to that moral school with the snotty kids, isn't that grand? Endora seems to frown. Tabitha wonders maybe if Endora wants to go to school. She decides to surprise Endora with some toys, she thinks Endora has enough fun here at home. She asks Endora if she wants to play rip the wings off the angel? Then they could bake devils food brownies. Endora says not now. Tabitha says arson at the orphanage? Endora says maybe later. Tabitha puts on glasses to find out what Endora is thinking. Endora is thinking she wants human friends to play with. She says this is like the time Timmy heard the kids singing Christmas carols and he wanted to be like them. Cue the Timmy flashbacks! Timmy wanted to be a real boy to be with the kids, who were singing Christmas carols. Tabitha wanted to protect Timmy in their world, in spite of the chaos he would have been safe. We see more flashbacks of Timmy and Tabitha and all their adventures. Tabitha knew Timmy wanted to live in the mortal world and now Endora does too. She doesn't know what she'll do. She says Endora wants to have friends and go out into the world too. She wonders if she'll lose Endora like she lost Timmy. We then see when Timmy died and gave his heart to Charity. Tabitha says she can't bear to lose Endora like she lost him. She says she won't go through that again. She doesn't know what to do that would be the best for Endora. Timmy sends down an angel feather to Tabby as a sign. Tabitha knows what she has to do. She says she loves Endora and she has to love her enough to let her go. Tabitha says it is just hard, as hard as it was to let Timmy go. Tabitha tells Endora she's thought it over, maybe she should go to preschool and play with little mortal children. ENdora says she'd love that. Tabitha says preschool it is. Endora asks what about the ladies she scared away? Tabitha thinks she can fix that. She says they'll convince those blue bloods that she'd be perfect. Endora thanks her mommy. 

Outside the Crane mansion, Paloma is grabbed from behind. She pins the guy to the ground, of course it is only Noah. She asks what he's doing here? He says surprise! She thinks he's checking up on her again, but he says his car wouldn't start and he came to get jumper cables. She asks why he was sneaking up on her? He says he wasn't, he couldn't even get I'm Back out before she jumped him. They end up kissing. It starts to pour on them. She says she can't do this, she's on duty. He says she's waiting for a delivery and he's helping her stay awake. She says he has to go. He says he can't, his car won't start. She says she'll help him find cables and give him a charge. He laughs she already has. 

Paloma and Noah go into the mansion, they are soaked. She says she'll get towels to dry off with, the sooner they get out of these wet clothes the better. He loves the way she thinks. They go to warm up by the fire . . . and take their wet clothes off. She gives him a towel and helps him dry off. He does the same for her. They soon end up kissing.

At the studio, Whitney tells Valerie that Vincent is cheating on her. Valerie says he can't, he loves her. She asks what kind of man does that? Whitney says a pig, any man who cheats on the woman he loves isn't worth it. Valerie asks how she knows? Whitney says she caught him at the Safari motel. She says she thought he was there with her, but she wanted to talk to her and that is when she realized it wasn't Valerie. Valerie says Vincent was there with another woman? Chad says to himself not quite . . . . Whitney tells Valerie that she hates this, she just felt responsible since she introduced them. Whitney felt Valerie needed to know the truth to protect herself from diseases or whatever. Valerie thought Vincent could be the one. Valerie says Whitney is lucky to be married to Chad. Whitney knows, he wouldn't cheat on her. Chad thinks to himself that Vincent could kill them both now. Valerie decides she's calling Vincent to let him have it. Chad stops her and says no, she should wait. Whitney asks why? Chad remembers Vincent's threats against Whitney. Whitney again asks why Valerie shouldn't confront Vincent? Chad says he doesn't want things getting worse, things could get ugly. Valerie says she won't let Vincent get away with this. He says he just says she should think things through. She says good point, she'll make Vincent tell her who he's sleeping with. Whitney tells Valerie when she finds that skank call her, she'll help her. Valerie thanks Whitney for this. She heads off. Whitney looks at Chad and asks what is wrong? He's upset isn't he. He says no, he thought about something he has to do at the office. He says he won't be long, he then leaves too. Chad realizes he has to stop Valerie. 

Chad shows up at Valerie's, inside he hears Valerie calling Vincent a bastard for cheating on her. Vincent tells her to shut up. She tells him to get out, it's over. Vincent begins hitting her, Valerie screams. Chad thinks Vincent is going to kill Valerie. Vincent says she'll pay for this. Chad bangs on the door and says open up or he'll break this door down.

At the cottage, James tells Sheridan that he and daddy are going away together. Chris asks James to check his room for anything he may have left. Sheridan asks Chris what he means? Chris says he and James are leaving her, this marriage is over. Sheridan says it can't be. Chris says he can't be in this marriage when she's in love with another man. She says she loves him as a friend, but Chris says stop lying. He's known the truth all along, but when she announced it on the stand, he couldn't pretend any longer. Sheridan says she loves Luis because of their history, their child. Chris says they had a baby that died, but it didn't bond them. She says that isn't fair. He says don't talk about fair. He says she loves Luis and never got over him and never will. She says she loves him, he is her husband. He says in name only, in her heart, in her soul is Luis and he will always be there. He says he can't keep lying to himself and she can't either. He knows he'll always be her second choice. Sheridan begs him not to leave her. She swears Luis is her past, he and James are her everything. Chris believes she loves James, but the problem is with them. Sheridan swears she loves him. She knows it's been hard for her dealing with Luis moving on, but she'll do whatever he wants not to lose them. Sheridan says James helped her to get her life back and then Chris taught her to love again. She begs him if he loves her then give her a chance. He says he doesn't want to leave her, so she says then don't. HE doesn't want to leave, so she says give her another chance, he won't be sorry. She pulls him into a kiss. The phone rings, she says it could be Ethan calling about Luis. She learns that Luis is to be sentenced immediately. She turns on the TV to watch the trial. She is distraught, she says Luis's name over and over. Chris walks out of the room, Sheridan doesn't even notice. Chris returns with James. Sheridan is a mess, she learns they are being sentenced tonight. James tell Sheridan they are leaving, but Sheridan thought . . . . Chris says from the moment she got that call it was like they didn't exist. Sheridan tells James how she will always love him. James says loves her too. Sheridan tells James to be a good boy and listen to his daddy. Chris asks James to take his bag out to the car, he'll be right there. Sheridan tells Chris she's so sorry. He says so is he. He says goodbye, be happy and be well. She says you too. Later Sheridan says she has lost everything, Luis, Marty, James, Chris . . . . all she ever wanted was love. She says she lost Chris and Luis could lose his life. 

At the courthouse, Ethan relays the news to everyone, Judge Reilly wants them back in the courtroom for sentencing now. Fancy asks if the jury and Nancier has to be part of this? Ethan says he's going ahead without them, obviously the blackmailer got to Reilly again. Luis says so they are still being set up. Theresa says there has to be something they can do. Ethan hopes they can block this and file an appeal.

Julian and Fox talk in another room. They talk about how this blackmailer is brilliant. Fox says they set Miguel up, but the blackmailer has done the rest. Fox worries, what happens next? He says Fancy's life has been shot to hell, Rae and the bartender were killed, what is next? Julian agrees, someone else could be next. 

Back in the other room, Fancy feels this is her fault. Luis says it isn't, he and Miguel are being railroaded. Theresa again feels this is her fault for not staying away from Ethan. Ivy blurts out What else is new! Kay tells Miguel she can't lose him. Pilar asks Ethan if there is anything they can do? He honestly doesn't know. 

Fancy tells Ivy how awful this is. Ivy says try and think positive thoughts. Fancy asks if this was Sam would she think positive thoughts? Ivy says no, she blames Theresa for this. Fancy says she's too worried about Luis to think about blame. Ivy says she's right, there is time for that later. Ivy hopes things work out for the best. Ivy asks if she can step out for awhile? Fancy says it won't be a problem, Kay and Pilar are here.

Kay goes into the courtroom. Fox asks Kay to sit with him, but she wants to sit with Pilar right now. Julian says that would be fine, wouldn't it Fox? Fox says sure. Kay leaves with Pilar and Julian wonders when she'll be made saint of bad mothers. Fox says Pilar is a good mother, it's the Crane that have done this to her. Julian says whatever. Fox tells his dad that the blackmailer even beat his dad, he or she put the nails in Luis and Miguel's coffins.

Everyone else begins coming into the courtroom. Ethan is waiting for a call from his paralegal, he assures Theresa that he'll take care of this. Luis and Miguel are brought in, the hearing is about to start. Ethan says Kevin has always come through . . . well he has so far. The judge soon shows up and court is in session. Ethan then gets a call. HE reads the message, an appeal to the governor can stop this. Theresa thinks then there is hope. 

Reilly calls order in the court and sentences the felons. Ethan says hold on, but the judge tells him to sit down and shut up. Ethan says he can't do this, his staff is filing a motion to stopping this sentence. He says other judges have tried to do this and have been stopped by the governors. Everyone in the court applauds. Fancy thinks Ethan came through. The judge tells Ethan he is aware of those cases, but he has approval from their governor to go through with this. He even shows Ethan a writ. Ethan can't believe this. The judge tells him to sit down and be quiet. The judge says he's ready to declare the convicted's fates. The judge sentences Miguel to life in prison without parole! Kay screams no! He then tells Luis he is sentenced to die by lethal injection. He says the execution will be held as quickly as possible.   



April 19, 2007
At Valerie's, Chad is banging on the door and hears Valerie and Vincent screaming back and forth inside. He soon breaks down the door. He goes in, Valerie is there and has been hit. She says Vincent is in the other room. The door is locked, Chad is banging on the door telling Vincent to get out. Valerie gives Chad a screw driver to jimmy the door open. Chad bursts in, a window is open. It seems Vincent is gone. Chad works to calm Valerie down. He asks if she needs a doctor? She says no, she doesn't think anything is broken, she's just bruised from where he hit and kicked her. She tells Chad he saved her life, she hugs him. She says if he had gotten here one minute later then she'd be dead. Chad says Vincent is twisted. Valerie says she had no idea how violent he could be, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Chad says he knows, calm down. He swears he won't let Vincent hurt her again. He gives her a drink of Brandy and then asks what happened between her and Vincent? She says she confronted Vincent about his affair, he went ballistic. She says she loved him, that is what is so crazy. She doesn't get how he could be so violent. Chad thinks Whitney shouldn't have told her. Whitney says no she's glad to know the truth, she was going to marry him. She says the man she loved is a monster. Chad asks if Vincent told her who he was having an affair with? Valerie says no, probably a slutty skank. Valerie is just glad she found out the truth before it was too late. She doesn't know how she was so stupid. She says he tried to deny it, but she told him Whitney found him at that hotel. She says that is when Vincent went nuts, he was hitting and kicking her. Chad promises Vincent won't hurt her again. She says that is sweet, but he has a wife, a child and his job. She says he can't protect her all the time. Valerie thinks she should just call the cops and press charges against him, get a restraining order against him. As she's calling, Chas realize he can't let this happen, Vincent will shoot off his mouth and blow his while life out of the water. 

At the Crane mansion, Paloma and Noah are half undressed. They are in front of a fire. They end up kissing one another to try and warm each other up. Paloma then realizes they are almost naked in the Crane living room, she's on duty, she could be fired. He covers her up with a throw. He also says it's kind of forbidden being half naked here. He also says nobody is here and she is the only one is on duty. She says they have a fire, they could roast marshmallows. Noah says or they could do something else. They end up kissing. Paloma stops him, she says this isn't right, it feels funny. She says this is her sister's house. Noah says yes, and her sister cares about her happiness. Noah says if Theresa was here that she'd say do what makes her happy. Paloma says but she never listens to her sister. Noah suggests she start! After they have apparently made love, Noah gets them champagne. Paloma thinks the security here could be recording a naked Champagne thief. He pours it, she loves it and says it is decadent. He calls her his very own Sally Bowels. She says who? He says never mind. They kiss. Paloma then feels guilty, she's here having the time of her life while her brothers are at the courthouse on trial. Noah says he can't believe Luis and Miguel are capable of those things. They turn on the TV and learn about the verdicts. Noah comforts her, she says Luis will die, Miguel will be in jail for life and Mama will not get over it. She says her life will be torn apart. She begs God to help them. 

At the cottage, Sheridan looks at a photo of her, James and Chris. She talks about how she's lost everything. She turns the TV on and learns about Luis and Miguel's sentences. She says Luis can't die, God wouldn't be so cruel. She races off saying she has to stop this.

In court, the judge says his sentencing is final. Theresa begs Ethan to fix this. Fancy cries she tried her best to protect Luis. Kay is with Maria (who the sitter apparently dropped off), she says her daddy can't go to prison. Meanwhile, Julian tells Fox not to gloat in public. Fox says Miguel can rot in hell, but Luis . . . is he really guilty? Pilar can't bear this. She runs to the judge and begs him . . . she says her sons are good boys, they obey the law and God. Ethan tries to calm Pilar, he says this isn't doing any good. She continues begging the judge, even running into his little booth. Ethan pulls her away. She is a wreck. Ethan says this is his fault, he's sorry. He says he has failed her, he will do what he can to fix this. He says this trial was a joke, he thinks a higher court will give them a new trial. Ethan says this was a travesty of justice. He says the DA and the Judge are in cahoots, the Judge is being blackmailed. HE says he will prove it. HE says he will overturn these convictions. Fancy says what if he can't? Theresa says the blackmailer is always one step ahead, what if the appeals court won't hear the case. Pilar continues to cry, she says her sons are lost to her forever. 

Theresa tells the judge she won't accept this, she will go to the Supreme Court if she has to. She knows what kind of man he is, cold and corrupt. He tells her corruption is a two way street, she should know. She says he's underestimating the power of love, she loves her brothers and he's hurt them. She says she is warning him. He says do her worst, he's confident that the rulings will stand and that his work is done. The judge says court is dismissed. He asks the bailiffs to take them away. Theresa begs them to give them time to say goodbye. They are told not to take long.

Theresa tells her mom they will fight this, she taught them about the power of love. Pilar thinks she was wrong. Theresa says she won't stop fighting

Miguel goes out to see Kay. Kay is outside the courtroom with Maria. He's in cuffs. He tells Kay he doesn't know what he'll do without Maria. Kay says don't say that, he will get a new trial. Miguel says Theresa will do her best, but there is no guarantee it will work. He also doesn't want to talk about this in front of Maria, he wants her to have good memories. Miguel asks Kay to bring her to see him. Kay says they will be a family one day soon. He hugs her. Julian and Fox show up. Fox can't put up with this any longer. Julian tells him not to interfere. Fox says he's watched Miguel fondle Kay all day long, it's disgusting. Julian says Kay has been participating. Fox says it's all Miguel's doing. Fox wants to kill him. Julian says Miguel is Maria's father, he is entitled a bit of time. Fox says Maria is more his daughter than Miguel's. Julian tells Fox that he's won, after all he's done he's won. Julian says that is what is wonderful about this country, if you work hard enough you can have anything you want. He says Alistair would be so proud, Fox has Kay and Maria and Miguel has a little cell for life. Fox says yes, an hour of sunshine a day with thousands of other criminals. Julian says let them say their goodbye's, don't come across jealous. Julian says tonight Kay will be in his bed. Fox says his dad is probably right. Fox fumes though, Miguel is taking his place with his family. Julian says if it was found out he faked all this then he could take Miguel's place in prison. Fox says he'll let it go, for now. Julian say smart move, he learned the hard way what anger and jealousy does to the woman you love. He says if he had been more patient then he'd be with Eve today. He says instead he let anger take over and lost Eve. Meanwhile, Kay continues to assure Miguel that Theresa and Ethan will figure something out, she has faith, this isn't over yet. Fox continues to watch and decides this is enough. Julian tell him to simmer down, be sympathetic and he'll get more points with Kay. Fox walks over to them. He tells Miguel how sorry he is. Miguel asks really? Fox says he is. Miguel says it was Fox's testimony that sent him to jail, he knows he wasn't driving that car. Miguel thinks Fox is thrilled he's going to jail. The bailiff soon shows up and tells them all to rap it up. Kay asks Miguel to give Maria a kiss. He does and says he loves her. Kay gives Miguel a kiss on the cheek and says she loves him. Julian stays there to calm Fox. 

Fancy is with Luis in the courtroom still. Fancy feels this was all Sheridan's fault for her testimony. Suddenly Sheridan shows up. She rushes up to Luis. She promises to fight this, she won't rest until he's a free man! Sheridan says she has faith in Luis, they'll fight this together. Fancy tells Sheridan she has some nerve coming back here after what she did! Sheridan begs Luis to be reasonable, she was only telling the truth on the stand. Fancy says she twisted the truth. Sheridan says she couldn't lie and Fancy has no one to blame but herself. She begs Luis to let her help, don't shut her out. Fancy asks where this concern was when she was on the stand getting Luis sentenced to death? Fancy blames Sheridan for Luis' death penalty because she was more focused on destroying their love than helping Luis. Sheridan says this is Fancy's fault, she is the one who accused Luis multiple times of attacking her. Fancy says she tried to convince the jury Luis wasn't guilty, but Sheridan made everyone think she was an unstable nutcase. Sheridan says if anything she was trying to hide that fact. Luis says Sheridan! Sheridan says it's true, she was telling the truth and they still don't know what she did to Pretty. Fancy says they don't need to know. Luis says everything Sheridan said was a nail in his coffin. Sheridan says she tried to convince everyone that Fancy lied about men in the past and lied about him. He says she shouldn't have. Sheridan says she was desperate to save him because she loves him, she will always love him. Luis points out how many times she keeps saying she loves him, but only as a friend. Sheridan says she can't keep lying to him or herself, she loves him with all her heart. She says that love doesn't die. Luis sys she's married, she has a son. Sheridan says Chris left her after what she said in court. She says he took James and left, Chris realized she would always love Luis best. She says she's blown it. Fancy says so her husband dumps her and she comes running after Luis. Sheridan says not true. She says she tried to give them space, but it's not her fault that Fancy and Luis aren't meant to be. Fancy calls Sheridan a predator. Sheridan says she loves Luis and if he's honest then he'll admit he loves her too. Luis says he doesn't love her anymore, he loves Fancy! Fancy is stunned he's chosen her. Sheridan says this doesn't make sense to her. Luis says what happened to them was tragic, but life moves on. He says she got married, moved on and told him to do the same. He says that hurt, he didn't know if he'd ever get over her. He says he did though. Luis says he loves Fancy now. Sheridan says he can't. Luis says he's sorry if it hurts her, but it is the truth. The bailiff says he's sorry but it's time for them to move on now. 

Theresa is trying to comfort Pilar. They take a rosary and decide to pray together. Theresa then goes to Ethan, she feels so guilty. Ethan says if she wants to blame someone then blame the blackmailer. He says he loves her, they love each other. He says they have to find the blackmailer. Theresa says they have to work on this appeal, money is no object. The boys are taken off as Pilar tells them she is praying for them. She tells them to pray too. She says a lot of people love them and want to help them. She hugs both her boys before they are taken off. Fancy also gives Luis a hug and kiss as Sheridan swears to God that she will not lose Luis . . . no matter what or who stands in her way.


April 20, 2007
At Valerie's, Chad stops her from calling the police and says she can't call them. She asks why he did that, why shouldn't she call the cops? She says Vincent could kill her next time or some other woman. Chad won't give her the phone. Valerie says Vincent is a menace, he could be a killer for all they know. Chad says he knows the male psyche, men do crazy things when they are wounded. Valerie says Vincent cheated on her, he abused her, she is the wounded one. She says she's calling the cops or a lawyer to get a restraining order. He wants her to think this through. She asks what is going on, she's the victim here. She asks if he's protecting someone, is he protecting the woman Vincent is sleeping with? HE says he's protecting her. He tells her to think about what this will do to her reputation and her job, as well as Crane. He says this will be a huge scandal. He says if Julian blames her then she could be fired. Valerie says they can't let Vincent get away with this. She says he's disturbed, violent. Chad says he bets Vincent is somewhere feeling guilty, or he'll come back and apologize. Valerie doesn't want him here again. Chad says if she wants to call the cops then go ahead, but it will hurt her more than Vincent. He says take his advice, don't call the cops. Valerie agrees not to call the cops, Julian would throw her to the wolves and Theresa may not back her up. Still she's scared, what if Vincent comes back. She says he was really frightening. She says she knows how to pick them, why can't she find a nice guy like him. She says Whitney is so lucky to have him, though even he plays around. She asks what is it with you guys, he's not still cheating on Whitney is he? As Chad is crying her windows shut, Valerie is saying she hopes he's staying true to his vows. Chad has to go, but he warns her again not to call the cops, call him if Vincent is a problem. She says she can't keep calling him. Chad says call him and only him. He also asks not to tell Whitney, she could call the cops herself. Valerie says okay. He says lock up tight when he leaves. She again thanks him, she really believes she'd be dead if he hadn't shown up. Later after Chad leaves, Valerie thinks she hears someone outside. She yells at him, if it is Vincent, to go away!

Whitney is at home with Mile's. Her back is still hurting. She reads the medicine her mom prescribed, it may cause drowsiness and not to mix with alcohol. She thinks she won't be drinking so here goes. She takes her pills and then finishes feeding Miles. The camera then pans to the open window. Later Whitney reads Miles a bedtime story. She's hoping he'll go to sleep as she's sleepy and yawning. As she reads, we keep seeing the window as if someone unknown is watching. Whitney soon ends up passing out on the couch, but is awakened when a wind blows in the window. She wonders if someone is there? She looks outside and closes the window. She thinks it was just a branch hitting the window. Whitney then decides to put Miles down and go to bed herself. She soon realizes Theresa never called her back. She turns on the radio and learns about the brother's sentencing. Whitney says she need to go to Theresa and help her. Theresa is trying to call Alice to sit but Chad shows up. She tells him how Luis and Miguel got sentenced to life and death. She says she has to go to Theresa. Chad says no, she cannot leave this house! HE says she was almost killed today, she needs to be resting. She asks how can she rest when she knows what Theresa and Pilar are going through. Chad says they'll discuss it with them tomorrow. Chad's phone rings, it is Valerie. She says she thinks Vincent is here, please help her! 

At Tabitha's, Tabitha gets everything ready for a spell. She asks Endora if she's sure she wants to go to that uppity mortal school? Endora does. Tabitha suggests she could go to a darkside school, there is a good one in Louisiana run by Vampires. She says Endora could commute on her broomstick. Endora says noooooo! Tabitha says very well. She casts her spell. She put all the ingredients in the cauldron and recites the incantation. Out of her pot comes a ghostly skeletal hand. Tabitha directs the hand to the preppy women. She tells it to round up the snobs and bring them back here. The women are grabbed by the hand and begin screaming. Tabitha watches from the window and says that spell worked in no time flat. They are pulled back to Tabitha's house kicking and screaming. They are screaming not the house of horrors, someone save us. The women are saying the devil child lives there. Tabitha is insulted, she has a mind to turn them into . . . Endora says no mommy! Tabitha says well there are too many rats in Harmony anyways. Tabitha realizes the hand hasn't taken away their memory so she decides to give them a welcome gift. She conjures up a plant, a Forget Me Not. She gives it to the women, who are finally dragged inside. Tabitha welcomes them to her happy home. Tabitha says they've been so looking forward to this interview. The women thought they were at the country club, they decides no more martinis anymore. Tabitha explains Julian sent them here to interview Endora. They think they've been here before, maybe an older child? Tabitha says no, Endora is her one and only. Tabitha thinks Endora will be an asset to the school, she is already reading the classics like Steven King. Tabitha says oops, she throws the flowers on the ladies again to make them forget that. Tabitha has them sit down and Endora conjures up some food and MarTimmies. Tabitha offers them fresh strawberries, but they say no! They say they feel as if they are evil. Tabitha asks what they are talking about? We see flashbacks of the strawberries attacking the women. Tabitha eats one and says they are good. Endora eats one too. The women eventually try them. They too think they are delicious. They ask how they grows them so early in the season. Tabitha says it depends on who . . .what you use to fertilize them. Tabitha offers them a cocktail. One woman says she is always up for one, the other says they are here on business. She says they aren't as strong as martinis, Julian loves her special ingredient. They say they'll have just one  since the Cranes approve. Tabitha gives them some Martimmies which turns one woman green and has her breathing fire! She wants the recipe, they love it. Tabitha says now she wants to tell them why Endora would be such a good candidate. One of the woman recognizes her chair as a Hepaway. Tabitha says it is, she ordered it from MR. Hepaway herself. They say he died in 1776. She says it's a joke, it's been in her family. They notice all her antiques. She says they should see her basement. Tabitha says always by quality, style never goes out of fashion. She says she has some Paul Revere silver somewhere. The women think Tabitha and Endora are their type of people. The women get drunk and they all toast to Endora. They admit Endora as long as Tabitha brings the Martimmies to the next parent teacher conference. Soon the woman pass out. Tabitha says Timmy could hold his liquor better than that. Endora thanks her mommy, Tabitha says she's welcome. She says her little deamon is going off to preschool. 

Theresa and Ethan take Pilar home. Pilar is devastated. She says everything has been taken from her, she is being punished. She says Antonio is dead, her husband is gone, Luis will die and Miguel is going to prison for life. Pilar asks what they've done to be punished this way? Theresa says they will fight this. Ethan believes the high courts will acknowledge this farce. Pilar says she appreciates Ethan's efforts, but what if Judge Reilly blocks the appeal. She says her sons will die. Theresa tries to comfort her, Pilar knows she has to trust in God, she just can't bare losing another one she loves. Paloma soon shows up and runs to Pilar's side. She asks how this happened? Ethan says the trial was a sham. Paloma asks what the chances of an appeal. Ethan says he doesn't know, the governor must be being blackmailed too. He doesn't know what he can count on or what will happen next. Paloma says American justice is supposed to be fair, how did this happen? Theresa says whoever is doing this is pulling a lot of strings. Ethan says they have to find out who has been doing this and get them to confess. Paloma offers to help. Meanwhile Ethan soon turns to God and asks him to help him help this family and get back with Theresa. Later Theresa and Ethan leave, Paloma stays behind and tries to comfort Pilar. Pilar says this is just too much. Paloma hopes Ethan and Theresa are doing something to help.

Theresa and Ethan head back to the mansion. HE says he's sorry, he wishes he could have done more for her brothers. She says this isn't his fault, it is hers. She says the blackmailer told her to stay away from him. She says this is the blackmailer's revenge for her making love to him. Ethan says he hates this, when Alistair was alive at least they knew who was pulling the strings. Theresa feels like she's being punished for every sin. She says if she hadn't given into the sins of the flewsh then her brothers wouldn't be condemned. HE says that's a little biblical. She says well the blackmailer is acting like god, sin and be punished. Ethan promises he will fix this. They soon start kissing one another.


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