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4th Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



April 23, 2007 
Valerie calls Chad. She says Vincent is back, he's going to kill her. She says if he doesn't come right away then she's calling the cops. He says don't do that! Whitney asks Chad who he's on the phone with? He tells her not to call the cops, he'll be right there. She says hurry. Whitney asks Chad what is going on? He says it's not a big deal. He says it was the office, they can't seem to taker care of the simplest of problems. She asks if it can wait till tomorrow, but he says no. She says if he's going out then she will go see Theresa. He forbids her, she is supposed to be resting. Whitney says Theresa needs her. He says he'll take her to Theresa in the morning. He tell Whitney to go to bed and get some sleep. Chad leaves, Whitney says she can't sleep when Theresa needs her. She calls Alice to come watch Miles. 

Chad runs into Vincent outside of Valerie's. Vincent says hey there handsome. Chad calls him a dirty rotten son of a . . . . He tells Vincent to leave Valerie alone, what kind of lowlife hits a woman? Vincent says he didn't like the way Valerie talked to him. Chad says he beat her up because she called him out? He says he didn't beat her up, they just got a little physical. Chad tells Vincent that he scraped the bottom when he met him. Vincent says he still comes back for more. He also says Chad hurts his feelings taking a woman's word over his. Chad heard them arguing. Vincent moves in to kiss Chad, but Chad pushes him away. Chad says he's made mistakes, but none worse than him. He says Vincent disgusts him. Vincent tells Chad he keeps coming back for more and more, he is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Vincent says the first time they met he didn't know if he was a homeboy from the streets or a newly crowned Crane prince. Vincent says he showed him who he was. Chad tells Vincent to leave him and the people he cares about alone. Vincent tells Chad as much as he hates him, he still wants him. He says Chad can say he hates him, but he can't get rid of him, he's under Chad's skin and staying there. Chad says the hell you are. Vincent thinks this is all part of the push-pull game they play. Vincent says Chad pushes him away only to see if he'll come back for more. He likes playing hard to get, it makes what happens between them more fun. Vincent makes another move on Chad, Chad pushes him away. Vincent says there is the Chad he knows and loves. Chad says love has nothing to do with this. Vincent suggests they take this to the hotel, but Chad says no. Vincent says fine, he'll expose his secret. Vincent says all he has to do to keep him quiet is meet him. He throws Chad a key and say he'll meet him there, unless he wants all hell to break lose in his life. Vincent walks off. Chad wonders what he'll do know. He goes back to check on Valerie. 

Valerie lets Chad in, she asks if Chad saw Vincent? Chad says no. She thought she heard talking outside. Chad says it was kids on the sidewalk. Valerie doesn't think so, she knows it was Vincent. He says she is safe now, he has to get home. She says she's so scared. He is sure Vincent will leave her alone. HE says he really has to go. She says she just doesn't trust he won't come back. She thinks she should call the cops, but Chad says no. He says just call him again. Chad leaves and Valerie locks up. 

At the hospital, Fox is in his room with Julian. He hopes he's getting the fake treatment this time. Julian says he made the instructions quiet clear, but he'll double-check. Julian asks Nurse Stevens if Fox will get the special treatment. She says not to worry, everything is like it should be, it won't happen the way it did the first time. Kay shows up, she just dropped Maria off. She cries about how her whole world is coming apart right now. HE say even though it's not a sure thing, these treatments could cure him. She says yeah I hope so. He says you weren't thinking about me? You were thinking about Miguel's life sentence . . . . She says it just shocked her, he is Maria's father. Fox says he tried to help him on the stand. She says she knows, she just hopes Miguel and Luis will get new trials. Julian suggests Kay leave Fox, he doesn't like her being around when he's getting his treatments. She says she'll go to the cafeteria. After she leaves, Julian says he needs to control his temper about Miguel. Fox says he's supposed to be the one dying yet Miguel is all she thinks about. Fox gets into bed for his treatement and continues ranting about how he thought with Miguel going to jail that Kay would commit to him, but she's more committed to Miguel. Julian says give it a few weeks, a relationship can't survive when two people are separated by steel bars. He tells Fox he's a Crane and Cranes always prevail. Later Julian checks on Fox, he reminds him to put on a show for Kay. Fox says he will, but he is famished, can he get him something to eat? Julian says he shouldn't have an appetite. Fox says he didn't have dinner, just get him something. 

Jared is in his room thinking about how he wants to get home to Tess, she must be going out of her mind after the verdicts. He says he needs to be with her, she needs the support of her husband. He says Theresa needs him now more than ever. He makes a call to Tess. Later Kay shows up to see Jared. She was on her way to Fox's room when she heard him, she didn't mean to eavesdrop. She talks about how Fox is taking these awful treatments., but it's the only chance he has for more time. Jared thinks it must be awful knowing how your time is limited. He wishes he could be with Tess know. Kay talks about how today was the worst day of her life. She says she knows those guys, they have never committed a crime in their lives. Jared says Theresa will fight for new trials. Kay hopes she can do it, Luis will die and Miguel will spend his life in jail. Jared can tells she's in love with Miguel, it's all over her face. He says it's obvious, at least to him. Kay admits he is right, she is in love with Miguel, not the man she's married to. She says she's been the worst wife in the world. Kay tells Jared she doesn't know how things got so out of control. She says she thought marrying Fox was the right thing. She says she loves Miguel and he's been convicted of Fox's attempted murder. Jared says relationships are tricky enough with just two people. Kay says she never meant it to end up like this. She says she just loves Miguel so much. Jared says she has to tell Fox, get a divorce and be with Miguel even if he is in jail. Jared thinks it is that simple. He says Tess was obsessed with Ethan for so long, but she realized she wanted to be with him and not Ethan. He urges Kay to tell Fox, but she doesn't think he can handle it. Jared thinks Fox can, but she can't handle lying to him. He tells her to be brave. Kay says Jared is right, she will tell Fox the truth. 

Back in Fox's room, Julian brought him food and he's stuffing his face. Julian says Kay better not catch him, he's supposed to be a dying man. Fox pretends to be sick and gives him a little performance. They both laugh. Later Julian leaves and Kay shows up to tell Fox the truth. She tells Fox she has to tell him this, she has to be honest with him. Fox is laying with his back to her, his face is not happy!

At the mansion, Theresa and Ethan are on the bed kissing one another. However she stops him, she says they won't do this again. She says she won't repeat the same mistake that cost Luis his life. Ethan says he won't let that happen. She says he doesn't know he can stop it. She says they are being railroading because of her. Ethan says they can't let this monster win. She says they can't fight a monster who has the power to control judge Reilly. She says they don't know who this person is. Ethan says they love each other, that is stronger than this he/she. She says this he/she knows everything they do. Ethan thinks the sick pervert has done the worst he can do. She says they don't know that. She says he could do something else to them. He says he won't let his life be driven by fear. He says together they can overcome anything. She hopes he's right. The phone rings as they are kissing again. She says she needs to take it. This time it is Jared calling. She is shocked to hear his voice. She asks where he is? He says the hospital. He says he heard about Luis and Miguel, he hates that she's going through this alone. HE wishes he could comfort her and hold her. Theresa is more worried about her mom right now. He says she's so selfless, he wishes he could be there for her, he can't stand she's going through this alone. He says even though he can't hold her, he's with her in spirit. He also says they will fight for retrials. He asks if she's talked to Ethan? Theresa says yes, he will appeal. Jared says they will get through this together. He says he misses her. She says she misses him too. He was hoping she could come visit him. Theresa says she took her mom home, it was late and she just wanted to get home. He asks if she was in bed? Did he wake her? She says no, she wasn't sleeping. Jared says he has some good news, he's scheduled to be released tomorrow. Whitney soon shows up, Theresa says Whitney just got here . . . Jared understands, he's glad she's there for her. Jared says he'll see her tomorrow. 

Whitney came by as she was worried about Theresa. She says she can see she has been consoled though. Ethan decides to leave them to talk, he goes down to get something to drink. Ethan leaves, Whitney tells Theresa that it is looking like she's lost her mind. She's worried about the all seeing all knowing blackmailer. Whitney thought she learned her lesson to stay away from the blackmailer. Theresa says she's messed up, Luis is being sentenced to death because of her. Whitney says beating herself up won't help. Theresa says it is the truth. She says the blackmailer warned her to stay away from Ethan but she didn't. Whitney tells her to just try and stay away from Ethan. Theresa says she's tried, she just can't resist him. Theresa says she just can't stay away from him. Theresa says Ethan made a good point, the blackmailer has done his worst. Whitney says they don't know if this is the worst he can do. She also reminds Theresa she has a husband. Theresa feels terrible about cheating on him. Whitney says not terrible enough. Theresa says Ethan is the one she loves. She thinks she should tell Jared the truth and go public with Ethan to bring this guy down. Theresa says she loves Ethan and can't let him go no matter how hard she tries. Whitney says Theresa has obviously made up her mind, she just wishes she hadn't married Jared. Theresa says she's ruined his life as well. Whitney says not yet, not until he finds out she doesn't want to be his wife. Whitney says sometimes she's glad she's not in her shoes. Theresa realizes she also has to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, but doesn't know if she can yet. Whitney then tells Theresa about Vincent's secret and how she told Valerie the truth. Ethan soon returns with some booze. Whitney decides to get back home.

After Whitney is gone, Ethan asks if she's okay? Theresa says yes. She knows now she wants him and has to end her marriage to Jared. She says it feels good to say it out loud. Ethan suddenly feels a lot better as well. They kiss. Later they are in bed and undressing. Theresa just wishes they knew who the blackmailer was. Ethan says sooner or later the creep will screw up. He doesn't want to talk about the creep anymore. They go at it, not realizing the blackmailer is watching! The blackmailer says Theresa never learns, stupid stupid girl! 

Whitney returns home, Chad is still not home. She wonders if he's still at the office. She goes to call when Chad shows up. Chad says the meeting ran late, he thought she'd be asleep. Whitney admits she went to see Theresa, she took a taxi because of the medicine. Whitney says Theresa is upset but will pull though, she's determined to clear her brothers. She says Ethan is filing an appeal, he is there with her. She says apparently Theresa is going to be with Ethan after all. Chad asks if Theresa knows what she's doing? Whitney says she's made up her mind. Chad asks if she's going to tell Ethan about Little Ethan? Whitney says no. Chad doesn't know how it will work out. Whitney doesn't either, she just hope things get better. She says it's like they aren't in control of their lives. She is glad things are working out for them, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Chad remembers Vincent telling him to be at the motel.

April 24,  2007
At the hospital, Kay comes to see Fox. He's on his side with his back to Kay. He knows she's telling him she loves Miguel. Kay says he should have done this long ago, but she can't put it off anymore. Kay cries about about when she met him during that Tsunami, he not only saved her life but Maria's too. He says she was amazing with her, with them both. She says she did fall in love with him, but sometimes in life things change, people change. She says that is what she's trying to tell him. Kay says this is hard for her to say, she thought she'd spend her life with him. She says she saw their future together, she was so happy. She says then Miguel came back, she didn't expect it or to have feelings for him. As she goes on and on, Fox still has his back to her. She says she wanted to be loyal to him, but she wasn't. She says when she saw how Miguel was determined to get her and Maria back, she just couldn't fight her feelings anymore. Kay says she's so sorry, she should have told him long ago. She says he got sick and she didn't want to tell him. She says then they found out he was dying and she didn't want to tell him. She thought if she married him that she could forget Miguel and make him happy, but she realized she couldn't. She says she tried to be true to him, but she couldn't. She says she betrayed him and she doesn't blame him if he hates her. Kay says she did not plan on falling in love with Miguel, but she did. She asks him to say something. HE pretends he's sleeping! She can't believe this, she say she has to wake up so she can tell him. 

Sheridan shows up at a hotel to see Chris. She knocks on his door (room 13!), he asks what she's doing here. HE thinks they said all they need to say. She thinks they haven't and asks to come in. He asks what she wants to talk about? She asks where James is. He says sleeping, is that is why he came? She says she loves him. Chris says and it is the reason she married him, to close the wound of losing Marty. She says she loves James. Chris says but she doesn't love him, she told all of the court as much. Sheridan says she does love him and she loves James with all her heart. He says he's sorry for her. She begs Chris to let her have James. He says she can see him, but one day his son will wake up and find out he's a cheap substitute for Marty. Sheridan says she is her son too, she can fight him for custody. She says she is a Crane. Chris says she is right, she is a Crane. He says she's becoming more and more of a Crane every day. She says she's nothing like her father or grandfather. He says she does what she has to to get what she wants. She says all she ever wanted was to be love. He says the tragedy of trying to get her father to love her and her Crane DNA has wrecked her. She says they can help her get back on track, him and James. She says they can be a family. He says it won't happen. She says then there is nothing else to talk about. Chris shows her the door. She begs him to let her see James, she does love him. He says they'll work something out. He then shut the door on her. She says she has lost Mary, James and Chris, but she won't lose Luis. She says she won't lose him to prison, to death and sure as hell not to Fancy!

In Fancy's room, Ivy pays her daughter a visit. Fancy is devastated over Luis. She says he didn't do anything he was accused of. She doesn't know who set him up. She knows both Luis and Miguel were set up. She says she has to find out, she has to help Luis. Ivy thinks there is nothing she can do. Fancy says there has to be. She says Ethan and Theresa said they'd find a way to help Luis. Ivy says the appeals are doing no good. Fancy says whoever set Luis up has more power than their family. Ivy thinks Fancy should give up and let Luis go, but Fancy won't. She says there has to be a way to help Luis. Ivy says she called the Governor and couldn't get anywhere. Fancy wonders where Alistair is when they need him. Ivy thinks even Alistair can't get them out of this one. Fancy cries that she can't lose him, she can't. Ivy knows how she feels. She says she was in love with Sam, she was kept from him by Alistair and her own father. She was forced to marry Julian, she tried to keep from the children they didn't really love one another. She says Sam was always in her heart and mind, and in trying to get him she destroyed his family. She says she should have accepted losing Sam, but she couldn't. She says she ruined her life and his life, she doesn't want Fancy to make the same mistake. Fancy says but she's not taking Luis away from anyone, she just loves him. Ivy says she is a Crane, it is in her blood, she could become like Sheridan. Ivy says she never thought Sheridan would turn into a true Crane, but she has. Ivy says Sheridan almost told about her and Pretty. She doesn't want to see the same thing happen to Fancy. Ivy says Luis will die and she can't stop that. Ivy says if Fancy goes to war with Sheridan then this could destroy them all. 

At the prison, the warden meets The Lopez Fitzgerald Gang. He wants to let them know what to expect here. He tells Luis the cons don't like cops very much here, especially cops who think they are above the law. Luis and Miguel say they have been set up. The warden says they have a prison full of innocent people. He warns Luis he'll be watching him, don't expect special treatment here. He says this is a maximum security prison, their high and mighty sister can't help them here. He tells Luis he won't be with them long, but Miguel the pretty boy will be with them long and it won't be long before he wished he was dead too. Later the boys are stripped and given their prison clothes and have their photos taken. They arte then taken to their cells. 

Miguel and Luis are in cells across from one another. Luis tells him not to give up hope, but Miguel says there is no hope. He thinks there is nothing that can get them out of here. A guard shows up and tells Luis he has a visitor, a gorgeous blonde. Luis thinks it is Fancy. The guard says or a death row groupie. 

Luis is shocked when his visitor is Sheridan. He can't believe she is here. He yells at her for what happened on the stand. Sheridan says she was telling the truth, she was trying to help him. Luis says Fancy never accused him of attacking her, Sheridan tore her apart. Sheridan says Fancy can't be believed, she is a selfish, manipulative spoiled child. Luis thinks the one he doesn't know anymore is Sheridan and he wonders if he ever did know her. Sheridan says he does know her. HE says he doesn't. She says they are soul mates, they love each other and nobody can take that from them. She says she's lost Marty, Chris and James . . . she can't lose him too. He says he's sorry. She says all she's ever wanted was to be loved, she thought Luis was the one who wouldn't leave her. He says she left him. She knows, she pushed him away and she was wrong to blame him for Marty's death. Luis says it was his fault, he should have believed her. HE says he let her down like he let Fancy down. Sheridan says no, Fancy let him down, she's the reason he's going to die. Sheridan says to hell with Fancy! He tells her to stop this. He says Fancy is her niece, stop trying to make her life miserable. Sheridan is soon kicked out as Luis has another visitor. She's outraged, and even more upset to see the next visitor is Fancy. Fancy asks Sheridan what she's doing here?

Meanwhile Miguel meets his new roommate, who is a lifer like him. The guy introduces himself, he's Steve. Steve says they all here know about him and his brother. He also tells Miguel here on the inside, they all knew he was railroaded, they were both set up big time. Miguel asks Steve to tell him anything he can about their set up.

At the mansion, Ethan is holding Theresa in bed. They have made love. Ethan says he loves her so much. The blackmailer is watching them from behind the wall. He/She says Theresa will pay for not listening. They have a knife and say Theresa is a dead woman. The blackmailer say Ethan should be touching her/him like that, making love to her/him like that. The say he will be  once Teresa is dead. They lay in each other's arms, Ethan tries to convince her there is nothing else the blackmailer can do. The blackmailer laughs and say wait and see. Ethan is telling Theresa how he will file an appeal to save Luis, he'll go to Washington if he has to. He says they have to find this blackmailer too, once they do then his or her power will be gone. Theresa remembers the blackmailer threatening her. She tells Ethan there is something important she needs to tell him. The blackmailer says Theresa is a fool and she'll be sorry! Ethan asks what she has to tell him? She thinks to herself she has to tell Ethan about his son, but then realizes she'd lose everything and her chances of helping Luis and Miguel. She ends up caving. She tells Ethan it is nothing, he asks if she's sure? She says she is. Ethan says they don't have to talk at all, they begin making love again. Suddenly Ethan looks up and sees the blackmailer watching them! Ethan doesn't alert Theresa, but says he needs to go right now and will be back soon. He then runs off. Theresa is let a bit puzzled. She looks at their family photos, she thinks Ethan deserves to know the truth about his son. The blackmailer, still watching, says she can't be with Ethan and it is time for her to die! Later Ethan returns, he tells Theresa the blackmailer happens to be watching them now. He tells her carefully as to not tip them off. He then takes an axe to the wall and says he's coming for him! 



April 25, 2007

At the hospital, Kay finds Fox is "asleep" after she has confessed all. She tries to wake him up, he says to himself maybe he can keep faking her out. She screams "Fox wake up!" He thinks so much for that plan! He weakly tells her how he's so sorry, these treatments make him so tired.  He tries to guilt trip her, saying how going through them is worth it to be with her and Maria. KAy says about that . . . Fox tries to fake some pains hoping that will stop her, but it doesn't. SHe says she knows this isn't the best time to tell him this . . . Suddenly Nurse Stevens comes in. She insists she has to give Fox his next treatment and she should go. Julian shows up, he basically convinces Kay to leave and come back after the treatment. Once Kay is gone, Fox rants to his father about Kay. He doesn't understand what Miguel has that he doesn't? Julian says he has her heart for one, and that "Lopez-Fitzgerald stuff." He assures Fox it won't last though, he's in jail for life. 

In Miguel's cell, Miguel's cellmate Steve fills him in on the word going around prison. The evidence against him and his brother is bogus and whoever set them up, they have a lot of power. Miguel asks if anyone knows who set them up? Steve says no, and if anyone does know, they are too scared to say. Miguel thinks out loud, saying if Alistair wasn't dead he'd think it was him. However he says Ethan saw the blackmailer up close and said it wasn't Alistair. HE just hopes the blackmailer is found out. Steve doesn't think that will happen, this guy or girl is smart, too smart to be caught. HE tells Miguel to face it, he's in here for life. Later Miguel shows Steve photos of Kay and Maria. He details the whole story about how he and Kay grew up together, then he met her cousin Charity. He goes into how a one night fling with Kay produced Maria, but instead of seeing what he had he went off looking for Charity. He wishes he had never done that. Steve tells Miguel if he loves them then forget them, he's in here for life. Miguel says he can't forget them, how will he go on. Steve says find a "bunk mate" after lights go out, some of the guards are nice to be with too. Miguel says yeah, no thanks. Steve says all the new guys say that at first, they change their minds. Miguel says well he won't be here long.

Later Kay and Maria show up to see Miguel. They are separated by a fence. MAria doesn't understand why her daddy can't hold her. A female guard asks Kay to come with her. Kay says but she just got here? What is wrong. It turns out he guard can't stand to see the baby separated from her dad. She breaks the rules so they can visit in the same room! 

Fancy and Sheridan argue at the prison visitors center. Fancy can't believe Sheridan is here, Sheridan can't believe Fancy interrupted her time with Luis. They trade insults, Sheridan claims this is all Fancy's fault, she is why Luis is here. Fancy thinks Sheridan's testimony on the stand is why Luis is here. Soon Sheridan brings up Pretty, how Fancy did the same thing to Pretty. Fancy tells her to stop bringing up Pretty, she wasn't even there when it happened. As they argue, Luis is in the other room watching them through a window.

Fancy eventually goes in to see Luis. She says she loves him so much, he says he loves her too. Sheridan listens in and comments "gag me" and "even the violinists aren't playing for this one." Fancy wants to keep Luis' spirits up, but he's accepted his fate. He thinks Fancy needs to as well, she needs to forget him and move on, find someone else. Fancy refuses to do that. He tells her she has to and orders her to leave.

Fancy and Sheridan argue again in the hallway. Sheridan demands to go back and finish her visit with Luis, but a guard says no. The guard reveals Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald has taken both their names off his visitors list! Sheridan won't stand for this, but the guard says it's Luis' choice. They both cry they never got to say goodbye. They rush back into the visitation room as Luis is leaving. They tell Luis they love him, not to do this. Luis just looks at Fancy and says he loves her too.

In Theresa's room at the mansion, the blackmailer spies as she looks at a photo of Little Ethan. She says one day he will know his daddy. The blackmailer refuses to let that ever happen. Ethan returns with an axe, Theresa asks what is going on. He whispers the blackmailer is watching them! HE then chops down the wall, yelling he's coming for them! The blackmailer runs, but his/her jacket is caught on a beam. Ethan gets to him/her and says it's over. THe blackmailer says they love having Ethan hold them in his big strong arms. Ethan demands to know who they are, they obviously aren't Alistair. The blackmailer admits they aren't Aistair. They pull some rope, dirt falls down on Ethan. The blackmailer says they have dirt on everyone and runs off. Ethan and Theresa search the passages for him/her. Neither knew these were here. They end up being separated while they search. The blackmailer, now wearing a new half man half woman outfit along with a wig and half-n-half mask grabs Theresa! She screams.




April 26, 2007

In prison, Kay and Maria visit with Miguel. Miguel says they have to talk about their future. She says as long as he believes they have one. She asks the guard if there is anyway she could hold her daughter while they talk. The guard says she's gone out on a limb as is, but she agrees. Kay tells Miguel they should make plans. Miguel says only one, he needs her to stop loving him, to wipe him out of her heart. She says stop it. She says she's made up her mind, she will tell Fox the truth and she will be here for him. He says he doesn't want her to tell Fox the truth. Miguel says go to Fox, tell him that she loves him and wants to be with him forever. She says for months he's been telling her to tell the truth. She says she's had enough lies, she loves him and he loves her. Miguel says if he wasn't wearing these cuffs then he'd hold her and touch her and prove he loves her. She asks then why does he wants her to tell Fox this. He says he will be here for life. He says they have to be practical, this is best for her and Maria. He doesn't want her to raise her on her own, let Fox help, it is the best thing. He says she wanted to spend her life with Fox before  and Fox loves her. He says Fox can give them the best money can buy. She says Fox is dying. Miguel says maybe, maybe not. He says if Fox is dying then she'll be very rich, she can give Maria the best of everything. He begs her to do this for him, if she loves him, do this. She tells him to stop this. He says he saw his mother struggle financially, he doesn't want that for her. He says she loves Fox, he can take care of her. Miguel says Fox can give them anything. Kay says Fox can't give her him, that is all she wants. She says she won't stay with Fox. He begs her to do this for him. She asks why he's sending her to the guy who put him in here? Miguel says if she won't do it for him, do it for Maria. He guard eventually says she is sorry but Miguel has to go back to his cell. Kay begs for a few more minutes, but the guard can't. Kay tells Miguel she loves him. Miguel says remember what he told her, go to Fox. Miguel says goodbye to them and leaves. He says he loves her and always will. 

In the other visitors area, Fancy and Sheridan are both telling Luis, who is walking away, that they love him. Luis says he loves Fancy to. He runs to the fence separating them and tells Fancy he loves her, this is for her own good. They touch through the fence. The guard is trying to pull Luis away. Luis says give him a second, but the guard pulls Luis away and drags him out of the room. Fancy is screaming she loves him and she'll get him out of here. Fancy can't bear this, this can't be the last time she sees Luis. Fancy heads out, Sheridan keeps saying this is her fault. Fancy tells Sheridan she won't be her target anymore. Fancy tells Sheridan she doesn't want to talk to her so leave her alone. Fancy storms off. Sheridan says she has to figure a way to get close to Luis.

The guard tells Luis he'll regret that scene, he'll learn, they all do. The guard says it must have been tough to say goodbye to them. He throws Luis in his cell and tells Luis he'll be dead meat in a body bag soon enough. He tells Luis cops who go bad have a hard time in here as is. He tells Luis he got him a roommate. Luis thought he got his own cell for being on death row. The guard says he's not on death row yet. The guard introduces Luis to Harry, his new cell mate. Harry is giant! Harry beats Luis as the guard laughs. Luis soon starts fighting back. However Harry is too big and strong, he is drop kicking Luis all over the cell. The guard is telling Harry to give it to him. Luis starts giving back again, he beats the heck out of Harry! The guard tells Harry not to let him get away with that. Harry ends up running out of the cell! Later the the guard holds Luis while Harry beats him again. 

Fancy returns to the station and sees a poster promoting the Harmony PD being taken down as Luis is on it. Sam says he's sorry, the mayor screamed bloody murder over it. Fancy tells Sam how Luis took her off his visitors list. Fancy worries, what if Ethan and Theresa can't fix this. Sam says they shouldn't go there. He says she is strong, she'll get through this. HE wants her to come back to work whenever she wants. Fancy says she came here to tell him hat she can't come back to work. Sam says she doesn't mean it, but she says she does. She says there are too many memories here. Sam says she worked her butt off to be a cop and she's good at it. Fancy says so good she can't find who raped her, so good Luis is on death row. She says she loves police work, but she only signed up to be near Luis. He sees too many memories of him all over. We see flashbacks of her training to be a cop with Luis. Suddenly Fancy gets a horrible feeling that Luis I in danger. Fancy feels Luis is being hurt, but then her vision goes away. Sam can see she's very upset. Fancy says it's so weird. Sam says Sheridan used to have premonitions about Luis. Fancy feels Luis is okay now, but he's still in trouble. She says oh yeah, Death Row. Sam tells Fancy not to make any decisions now, go home and think about it. She says she has thought about it, she can't be here without Luis. She turns in her gun and badge. She signs some official papers. Sam tells her to go home and rest. He says she can always come back to work, her job will be here. Later Fancy says to herself after she does what she has to, Sam will never give her job back to her.

Meanwhile Sheridan is daydreaming and having her own flashbacks of romantic moments with Luis. She says she's shed so many tears for Luis, but tears won't help him now. She wonders what will? She gets an idea and makes a call. She says you know my voice, I have a job for you, don't even hang up on her as she knows them for the scum they are. Sheridan says same deal she had with her father, get her results or they'll be in a world of pain.

In the mansion passages, Ethan and Theresa have been separated. The Peeper carries Theresa off, she's fainted. She wakes up and hears Ethan yelling at her to answer. She looks up and sees the Peeper, she screams. Ethan hears and rushes for her. Theresa begs the Peeper to get away from her! Ethan runs around asking Theresa if she can hear him. She screams yes. The peeper tells Theresa she's feisty, but it won't do any good. Theresa says Ethan will save her, but the Peeper says she'll never see Ethan again. They pull a knife out and stab! They don't stab her, only the wall. Theresa tries to run, but they grab her. They force her into a secret room. Ethan is still looking for her. 

In the room Theresa screams for Ethan, but the Peeper says he can't hear her. They say Alistair had lots of these hideaways built. Theresa asks who they are and why are they doing this. They say she knows, they want Ethan! Theresa says Ethan doesn't want them. She can't force Ethan to want them. They say they can punish her for disobeying. They say her choices have destroyed her brothers lives. She asks why? They say because she is a nasty, scheming, self-righteous bitch. Theresa tells them they are mad, which makes them angry. She says she can't help that she loves Ethan, why are they trying to hurt her family. They say they have their reasons. Theresa asks why they are carrying this sick plot out against her brothers? The Peeper says they didn't do anything, she did! The Peeper says all she had to do was walk away from Ethan and be with Jared. They say not Theresa, not the woman better than anyone else. They says she thinks the rules don't apply to her. Theresa says what rules, the rules they make up? The Peeper says she thinks she's special, that she can rule over everyone. Theresa begs them, she says she's sorry, her brothers are innocent, she'll do anything they want. The Peeper says too late, she had her chance. The Peeper says she disobeyed them and she'll pay for the sin, so will Ethan. Theresa asks what they want her to do? She says she loves Ethan, don't they understand love. The Peeper seems upset, they put their knife down. They say They didn't love them, nobody wanted them, they treated them like garbage. The Peeper says they tried to make them want them, they abandoned them, treated them like trash, laughed at them. The Peeper says they have nothing now, no one. Theresa says she can help them, they can help each other. The Peeper says what she can do? She says she has money, they can have it all. She just wants to help her brothers. The Peeper says they can do anything they want, just watch. 

The Peeper pushes a button on the wall. A TV screen shows up, we see Ethan on it. The Peeper says Theresa defied them, Ethan defied them, they must both be punished. The Peeper says Ethan must die! Theresa thought they loved Ethan. The Peeper says Ethan doesn't love them, just like everyone knows, Ethan doesn't see them. Theresa asks who they are? The Peeper says they have no one so Theresa can't either. The Peeper says all who Theresa loves will find death. Theresa swears to give Ethan up, but the Peeper says she has sworn that before. The Peeper says just watch. They push a button. They say Alistair built a gallery of horrors, it's time to use it. Ethan ends up in some weird secret chamber. In there he finds a little altar set up to him. Theresa knows this is a trap. The Peeper says a death trap. The door closes behind Ethan, he's trapped! Suddenly the walls begin closing in on Ethan. Theresa realizes he will be crushed alive. The Peeper says worse, they are making Ethan jelly for breakfast toast. She says the Peeper loves Ethan, they can't hurt him. The Peeper says Theresa convinced them they can't have him. The Peeper says this is Theresa's fault. Meanwhile, Ethan pulls up the floor boards and stops the wall. The Peeper goes nuts and starts stabbing at a table with their knife. The boards Ethan used to save himself break, the walls begin closing in again. Theresa begs the Peeper not to kill him. The Peeper wants to see Ethan dead rather than with anyone else. Theresa call him a sick stupid freak. The Peeper says don't call them that. She says no wonder they laughed at them, no wonder the abandoned them, she call him a sick freak. They are covering their ears and screaming. Theresa screams she's just getting started. She asks if they are a man or a woman, do they even know? Theresa demands they answer, are they a man, woman or something weird? Theresa wonders what is under all that, she bets it isn't pretty. The Peeper is on the ground in the fetal position in tears. Theresa wonders what happened to them.


April 27, 2007
Paloma is making a dinner for Noah. Noah says she doesn't have to, but she wants to. She says she's cried on his shoulder enough, she can do this for him. She's so worried about her brothers though. Noah asks her to try not to think about her brothers, they can take care of themselves. Paloma says the prison system is bad, worse if you were a cop. Paloma serves him dinner, she says eat up. She says it's a bit spicy, but he says he likes spicey. She says her Tia Maria used to say you knew you found the man of your dreams if he liked your cooking. He tries it, it's apparently awful. She has yet to try the dinner. She says she doesn't mean to brag, but this is her specialty. She testes it, there is way too much hot sauce in it. She can't believe he is eating this. She says she's sorry, she put in a tablespoon rather than a teaspoon of spice. She says he is the sweetest man in the world to eat something this terrible. They end up kissing. Noah lets her know he wants to be with her through the good times and the bad, she's stuck with him.

In jail, Harry and the guard are beating Luis up still. Sam soon arrives and is furious. Sam grabs the guard, thinking he was helping or letting this go on. The guard pretends he is here to break up the fight, he takes Harry away. Luis tells Sam he's lucky he showed up. Sam says he'll talk to the warden, but Luis says no. Luis thinks the warden is behind this. Luis says he's a marked man, there is nothing Sam can do. Luis asks why he's here, is Fancy okay. Sam says yes and no. He heard Luis banned her and Sheridan from coming here. Luis doesn't want Fancy to see him like this. Sam gives Luis the news that Fancy quit the force. Luis can't believe she quit. Later Sam has to leave Luis.

Fancy returns home to her room. Sitting on her bed is Esme! Esme says she looks like hell, what is wrong with her? Esme says she's looking like she lost her favorite prada bag. Fancy cries it's worse. Esme says not her original channel! Fancy says she's not in the mood for company. Esme hands her a drink and says she needs this. Fancy takes it. Fancy says she needs time alone. Esme says alone is how she will spend her life looking like that. She asks if this is about that cute Luigi. Fancy says it's Luis, doesn't she read the papers? Esme says no, they are depressing and they have too many words. Fancy says he was convicted of rape and murder he's in prison and is going to die. Esme says he's too cute to die, but he's so sexy he won't be bored in prison. Fancy tells her to shut up! Esme says she didn't mean to make her cry . . . . out loud. Esme says stop crying or she'll end up looking like a raccoon. Esme says so will Luis really fry? Fancy says they don't do it that way anymore. Fancy says Luis is innocent, he was railroaded along with Miguel. Esme asks what about her half brother, the lawyer. Fancy says Ethan is fighting for an appeal, but it might not be granted without new evidence. Fancy says they can't prove Luis and Miguel were framed. Fancy says the worse thing is, Luis won't see her, it upsets him too much. Esme says if she's going to blubber like a baby then she doesn't blame him for not wanting to see her. Fancy says she can be strong for him, if he'd give her a chance. Esme knows how she feels, her sweey Francois went to jail because of her. Esme had him try and steal Mary Antoinette's earrings from the Louvre for her! Esme talks about how she couldn't visit him in prison as they weren't married, and there was no use visiting without a conjugal visit. Esme says  they did used to play jailer and prisoner, it was tres sexy. This gives Fancy an idea, she knows how she can see Luis! Fancy pulls something up on her PC, Esme asks if it will work? She says it has to. Fancy orders some overalls, Esme can't believe she'll wear these. Esme then remembers, she ran into Pretty in Milan. She says she was trying to be someone else, she was using an alien. Fancy says she means an alias. She says she called out her name, even kicked her. Esme says when Pretty realized she was recognized, she ran off. Fancy wonders how Pretty is doing, maybe this is Karma payback for what she did to Pretty. Esme says she sounds so guilty, just think of it water over the bridge or under the dam or whatever. Esme has to run, she hopes things go well with Luigi.

At the cabin, Sheridan thinks whoever has come into her house is someone else, but it's Ivy. Ivy says nobody attacks her daughter and gets away with it, who the hell does Sheridan think she is? Sheridan tells Ivy to get off her high horse. Sheridan says she was trying to save Luis. Sheridan says Ivy knows what Luis used to mean to her. Ivy says used to? Ivy also says everyone knew Luis would be found guilty, but she went after Fancy anyways, she couldn't pass up a chance to make Fancy look bad. Ivy says Sheridan relished every minute of it. Ivy says not only didn't she help send Luis to jail, but she crushed Fancy's spirit. Ivy says how dare she compete with Fancy for Luis when she broke up with Luis. Ivy says Sheridan is just as cruel and cold hearted as Julian and Alistair ever were. Ivy says Julian learned from Alistair, but his heart was never in it. She says Alistair always had to win, no matter what the cost. Ivy says that is just like her. Ivy says Sheridan has everything a woman could want, a husband and a little boy, why would she risk them to pine away for Luis? Ivy asks what has turned her into this vindictive bitch? Ivy says everyone thought Sheridan was the exception, that she escaped the Crane curse. She says they were wrong, Sheridan is just as bad as her father. Ivy tells Sheridan to look at how she's acted since Fancy fell for Luis, she has been mean, bitter and resentful. Ivy says she didn't know she possessed those traits. Sheridan didn't either. Ivy says it's not too late, she can be a good wife and mother. Sheridan says they are gone, Chris left her, he couldn't take what she said about her love for Luis. Sheridan says she can't blame him, he took James with him. She says Chris wants nothing to do with her, she's alone now. Ivy knows the feeling. Sheridan says don't compare them! Ivy shares what she's learned the hard way. She says Sheridan is at a cross roads. She says Sheridan can make everyone else miserable over what she's lost, or she can stop the madness. Ivy says she can still be the woman she used to be, the woman Luis fell for. Ivy tells Sheridan she doesn't have to be like Alistair, he was a miserable excuse of a human being. She says she knows what a monster he was, Sheridan felt his cruelty first hand. Sheridan says now she understand what made him the way he was, he lost the woman he loved. She says she understands him, she understands what it is like to lose the person you need to survive. She says she lost her boy and Luis, she married Chris thinking Luis was dead. She says she also didn't want to be disloyal to Chris, she thought letting Luis go was the right thing to do. Sheridan says she's lost Luis and Chris as well as James. She thinks she has nothing to lose anymore. Ivy says it's not true, she can go back to being the old her. Sheridan says the old Sheridan had Luis, she doesn't . . . at least not yet. Ivy says now she does sound like Alistair. Sheridan says Fancy is no angel, she turned Luis against her and she won't let Fancy get away with it. Ivy says so the transformation is complete. Sheridan says she was born a Crane and it is time she act like one. She thanks Ivy for making her see hr destiny, what she has to do. Ivy begs Sheridan not to tell Luis what happened. Sheridan thinks Ivy should have cared about and protected her other daughter as much as se cared about Fancy. She sees Ivy out, she hopes Ivy goes and warns Fancy. 

Ivy goes to see Fancy, who is in her bathroom. Ivy says she just came from Sheridan, she wants Luis back and will do anything, she is just like Alistair. Fancy says this isn't news. Fancy says she's not worried about Sheridan anymore, she has to see Luis. Ivy thought she was off the visitor's list? Fancy shows up in a dark short wig and glasses. Ivy doesn't understand what is going on. Fancy shows her mom something on her PC. Ivy says she can't get away with this. Fancy says she has to, she has to see Luis. Ivy thinks Fancy is acting like a Crane, her eyes are cold and calculating. She wonders if Alistair's legacy will ever end. 

In the secret room, the Peeper stops Theresa from trying to escape. They say she will die for defying her. He/She says look what she's done to Ethan now. Theresa begs them to stop the walls. The Peeper says the point is for Ethan to die and her to watch. Ethan is still trapped in the other room and the walls are closing in on him. Theresa swears she will do anything she wants to save Ethan and her brothers. The blackmailer says all right. They hit a button, but the walls won't stop. Theresa says Ethan is going to die! In the room, Ethan sees a vent up above him. He thinks it is a way out. He is climbing up the walls and kicking the vent out. Theresa can't believe this, the blackmailer also is saying I've killed Ethan, he can't die! Theresa tells the Peeper to save him, but the Peeper says there isn't time. Ethan finally escapes through the vent. The Peeper hopes Theresa doesn't think she'll have a romantic reunion, she did promise to do what it took to save Ethan and her brothers. Theresa says she'll do it. The Peeper wants her to tell Ethan she's finished with him and won't be with him. Theresa says she'll do it. The Peeper also says be loyal to her husband. Theresa says yes. The Peeper says one more thing, she must have Jared's baby! She asks why? The blackmailer says her ring hasn't bound her to Jared, but a baby will. Theresa says they can't do this. The blackmailer says they can do anything they want. Meanwhile Ethan hears Theresa and the sicko's voice, he is looking for them. The blackmailer runs off with Theresa, Ethan arrives in the room they were in and chases them. Eventually Ethan gets to Theresa, the blackmailer is gone. He says it's okay, they are together. She says no. She says they won't be together, it's over


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