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1st Week of August  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



July 30, 2007 
At Tabitha's, Edna and Norma call Endora a doll for saving them. Norma says break open the champagne! Edna says if she can beat the demons of the darkside, she can do anything. Edna asks Endora to make her look like Paris Hilton, give her a few mansions and hotels and a subscription to DirecTV. Tabitha tells them not to force Endora to use her powers for their gain. Edna says they just got carried away. Norma says Endora must be the most powerful witch ever. Tabitha says with great power comes great responsibility. She wonders what life holds in store for Endora. Edna tells Tabitha that she has no idea what it's been like in that basement. Tabitha does, she suggested many of the torture devices down there. Norma says Martha Stewart she is not! Norma thinks they'll have a lot of fun with Endora. Tabitha says if they are going to be temporary houseguests here, they'll have to earn their keep. Edna asks why they should work when she and Endora can use magic to do things? Tabitha says hard work builds character. Edna says they'll do anything to make amends, they'll clean, cook, they just won't go back into the basement. Endora wants them to stay as they are fun. Tabitha says they are dangerous. Tabitha's bowl then shows up by itself. Tabitha wonders what it wants. She sees Sheridan and Chad attacking Vincent in the bowl. She finally learns who the blackmailer is, it's all quiet clear to her finally. Edna says maybe the boys in the basement were stopping her from seeing it. They say now that Endora beat the dark side, maybe it took off the filter. Tabitha then sees a recap of Vincent being stolen from the hospital and Vincent introducing himself to Julian. Tabitha thinks a lot of changes are in store thanks to Endora's show of powers today. 

Later, Esmeralda shows up. Esmeralda says so many changes are coming, changes for the good. Tabitha asks what she's doing here, the boys in the basement won't like this. Esmeralda says they have no hold here thanks to Endora. Norma asks who the hell she is? Endora zaps her for cursing in front of the child. Esmeralda warns the lunatics if they teach Endora bad things then the portal to hell will open before their feet. Esmeralda then asks Tabitha to forsake the darkside and help Endora be the best good witch as she can be. Tabitha says her forsake the darkside? She thinks all that sweetness and sugar has turned her brains to much. Esmeralda conjures up Candy Land for Norma and Edna to play with Endora while she talks to Tabitha. Tabitha tells Esmeralda nobody comes here and gives her orders. Esmeralda says Endora has chosen her destiny, she could be the strongest good witch of all time. Tabitha says Endora hasn't chosen her destiny, she doesn't know what it means. She was just protecting her and those two idiots. Esmeralda says Edora's powers are so strong that they are dangerous. She says having a mother loyal to the darkside will muddy Endora's path, so Tabitha must forsake evil. Tabitha says she'll raise her child without interference from the good side or the dark side, she knows what is best for Endora. She tells Esmeralda to leave! Esmeralda says the universe has its eye on Endora. Tabitha says she's just a child now go! Esmeralda says she'll go and says goodbye to Endora. Tabitha returns to watching her bowl and learns about Luis and Fancy's wedding at the prison. Endora wants to go, but Tabitha doesn't want her in a prison until she's at least 6. Norma and Edna want to go too. Tabitha eventually agrees they will go to the wedding. She says they won't stay for the execution though. Norma thinks that is the best part. 

At the Russell's, Eve tells Julian that she's going to the prison to tell the truth about their son, she won't let Luis die. Julian says he won't let her tell the truth. She asks how he can let Luis die? Julian says he's protecting their son. She says the murdered? The blackmailer? The rapist? Julian says he's still their son. Eve says he's trying to protect the Crane name, that is it, he doesn't give a damn about Vincent. She asks what happened to his humanity? Julian mumbles people don't deserve to be Cranes when they pull the rest of them down. She thinks he's talking about Vincent and Chad, the black Cranes. She calls him as racist as his father and asks if he'll insult her next, his ex-whore? Eve thinks Julian got involved with her because he thought it would be exciting and would be like spitting in Alistair's face. They argue over their breakup. Julian says he wanted to marry her, after she left he realized all he had was his name and the business. Eve asks what about Ivy? You know, the blond usually under him. Julian says he and Ivy don't love each other, they just comfort each other. She suggests he try ice cream next time. Julian tells Eve that he knows she hates him, but try being in his shoes. He says he's lost everything, his family, his wife, her. He says now he finds out his son is a serial killer. He says Crane is the only safe place he has left. She says he can stay there and count his money. He says he'd give it all up for her love. HE says it is true, he wouldn't care if he was broke and digging ditches if he could come home to her. He says he loves her with all his heart, he always has and always will. Julian says his biggest mistake was letting his father convince him to let her go. He says he became a twisted malevolent caricature of a man. He says when she let him back into her life, he felt human. He says when they were together, he grew, it was like she found joy buried in his sole. HE says he loves her and always will, he will go to his grave with her name on his lips. Julian and Eve then kiss. 

At the prison, Noah, Paloma, Pilar, Ethan, Sheridan, Theresa and Vincent stand around. Theresa asks why Vincent is here? Vincent says covering the execution. She says he's a horrible human being. Pilar says they need to concentrate on Luis and make his last few hours happy ones. Everyone goes back to his cell. Sheridan and Vincent stay behind, she says he better not be lying to her. Vincent swears that Pretty will show up. Suddenly Chad and Whitney arrive. They are furious with Vincent. Chad grabs him by the throat and says he'll kill him with his bare hands! Chad says Vincent set him up and knew all along he was his nephew and Whitney's half brother. Sheridan says what do you mean? Chad says Julian is Vincent's father, Eve is his mother. Sheridan is shocked. Chad calls him a lying bastard. Vincent laughs and says literally. Sheridan then starts choking Vincent asking if he's telling her the truth about that person? Has he been lying to her too? Vincent says of course not Aunt Sheridan! Whitney says Vincent is sick, he seduced Chad on purpose. Vincent says he did. Chad starts attacking him again, Vincent says this is usually their warm-up to making sweet love. Chad starts strangling Vincent.

In his cell, Luis asks Fancy what happened between her and Pretty? He wants no secrets between them before they are married. Father Lonigan says the truth will set her free. She says it won't do much for Luis. Pilar and the others arrive. Pilar asks Fancy if she's still planning to marry Luis? Fancy makes the announcement to everyone that she and Luis are going to get married. Luis asks for congratulations. They say this is wonderful. Theresa gives her brother a hug. Luis says they need to have a good time, enjoy this moment. Fancy wishes they had champagne. Luis takes Fancy aside and again asks if she'll tell him about Pretty? Fancy says there isn't much to tell, she wants to focus on them today. He says if she's sure. She thinks Sheridan put him up to this again, she must really be losing it. Fancy wants them to forget about Sheridan too, to try and be happy just for a little while. Luis says he's forgotten about Sheridan and Pretty, he loves her. She says she loves him too and wants to spend the rest of her . . . she says sorry. Luis tells everyone they should do this. Fancy thinks now she doesn't have to tell Luis about Pretty, ever.

Soon everyone else becomes aware that Chad is trying to kill Vincent. Ethan and Noah break up the fight, they ask what is going on. Whitney reveals to everyone who Vincent really is. Chad breaks free and begins attacking Vincent again. Whitney says stop it, he'll go to prison if he kills him, think about their children. Chad lets Vincent go. Chad says he's the reason he lost his family. Whitney says no him having sex with Vincent is the reason. Vincent says too bad Chad didn't kill him, then he'd have his revenge. Whitney tells him to keep his sick mouth shut or she'll kill him.

Meanwhile on the plane, the stewardess tells Pretty that they'll be landing soon, the paparazzi are at the airport, someone must have tipped them off.  Later Pretty is off the plane. Pretty gets into a limo and is taken to a destination. In the limo she has a recorded message from Vincent. He asks her to attend a most unusual wedding, he's sure she'll have a marvelous time. 

Back at the prison, Vincent gets a message on his phone and tells Sheridan that Pretty is here. Sheridan says Luis won't marry Fancy now, can this day get any better. He asks if she's not forgetting something? She says oh yeah, poor Luis.

Luis and Fancy tell Whitney and Chad the big announcement, they are getting married. Noah tells Luis remember how he gave him his blessing to marry Paloma? Well how about they get married tonight too? Luis says he would like that. Noah goes to Paloma and says he doesn't mean to rush her, well he does, but will she marry him right now? Tonight? He thinks this would be the best time. She says they shouldn't butt in on Fancy and Luis' time, but Noah says they would like this. Noah says he still has the ring with him waiting for her answer. He asks what she says? She says yes! They then kiss. Ethan says he can get them a marriage license as well. Father Lonigan thinks this is wonderful. Noah says it's a double wedding! A guard then hands papers to Theresa, saying these just arrived. It's her divorce papers from Jared. She says she's divorced. Ethan says he has a crazy idea, how about a triple wedding? Ethan and Theresa kiss. Ethan decides to go have all the marriage licenses faxed over. Father Lonigan goes to Theresa and says he cannot marry her and Ethan and she knows why. He says she must tell Ethan the truth about his son, until she does then he cannot marry them. Ethan returns and hears this and says what? Is this true? Theresa thinks her secret has been found out. 

Meanwhile Pilar is happy that her children are together. Luis says he'll hug Antonio for them when he sees him. Paloma says he shouldn't have said that! Paloma and Pilar leave to find some flowers. Luis asks Fancy if she's sure she wants to do this, be a widow of a convicted killer? She says to be his wife only for a few hours is worth everything.

Sheridan and Vincent watch on a monitor as Pretty arrives. A guard tells her that she's not allowed to enter. Pretty says what! Sheridan tells Vincent to do something!


July 31,  2007
At the Russells, Julian and Eve have made love and are basking in the afterglow. Eve gets a call, it's the warden calling, Eve is supposed to be the one to pronounce Luis dead. She can't let this happen and wants to tell him the truth. Julian says no, he can't let her do that. Eve doesn't care about protecting Crane Industry or the Crane name, but she has to lead an honest life and set an example for her children. He says what about her other child? He says he deserves help, not to be harmed. Eve says what about Pilar? She can't do this to her. Eve says she is going to tell the truth, the Cranes can do damage control. Julian says Miles is a Crane too, think about the scandal this will cause and affect his own future. They soon get dressed. Julian is still trying to convince her not to turn Vincent in. He says Luis will still be executed and nothing will stop that now. Julian says Luis will die and Vincent will be put on every tabloid in the world, having been thrown to the wolves by his own mother. 

At the prison, Luis is asking Fancy if she's sure she still wants to do this. She does, she doesn't care about the future, just the here and now. Meanwhile, Vincent and Sheridan are watching Pretty's arrival on his PDA/phone. The guard won't let Pretty in. Sheridan says she must be let in, she won't let Fancy steal her man! Pretty tells the guard she is going in there, she is Pretty Crane, she can have his job. We don't see Pretty's face, just hear her and see her back. He says calm down, he can't let her in because her purse needs to be x-rayed. She asks why he didn't just say so. Sheridan is relieved, she thinks the wedding will be off.

Ethan shows up and hears Father Lonigan telling Theresa he can't marry her and Ethan until she tells Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father. Ethan is stunned, he asks Theresa if this is true? Ethan hasn't heard everything, only that Father Lonigan won't marry them. He doesn't understand. Sam, Kay, Miguel and Maria finally show up, as do Tabitha, Endora, Norma and Edna. Sam notices them as the escapees from the insane asylum. Father Lonigan also senses evil. Endora uses her magic to sway them all, convincing them nothing is out of the ordinary. Kay tells Theresa she's been praying for her family, and she's been helping keep Miguel's spirits up. Tabitha and Kay decide to take the girls to a play room. Ethan then returns to asking why Father Lonigan won't marry them? Theresa says she'll tell him why they can't get married. Whitney urges her to tell the truth, but Theresa doesn't. Theresa claims they need an annulment of their marriages, that is why Father Lonigan can't marry them. Father Lonigan says this is true. He asks Ethan to take him back to the cell, and tells Theresa to remember what they spoke about. She says she will. 

Theresa says that was close. Whitney asks Theresa if she really wants Ethan to live his life not knowing Little Ethan is his son? Does she want Little Ethan to go through life thinking Julian is his father? Whitney begs Theresa to learn from her mother's mistakes, these lies will tear her life apart and her children's lives. 

Kay, Miguel and Sam go to see Luis, Fancy, Noah and Paloma, who are in Luis' cell. Luis wants them all to focus on the love today. Tabitha, Norma and Edna show up. Tabitha says they have come to offer their support for Luis. She says such a sweet boy, who had thought he'd grow up to be a killer. Kay says he's not! Edna says she had to come as she feels so bad for what Bethy put Luis through. Fancy and Luis notice Enda and Norma as the escapees from the mental institution. Sam's spell wears off, he realizes they are right. Tabitha mentally contacts Endora to cast he spell over them all again. She does and everyone says Welcome Norma, Welcome Edna, there is nothing strange about Tabitha bringing you to an execution. Kay soon decides that they can't get married on death row, there has to be a chapel to use. Fancy says they can't use it. Kay thinks there has to be another room they could use then. Kay wants to use her magic, which Tabitha warns her about.

Luis talks to Miguel. He says he'll be the man of the family when he's gone, look after everyone and Fancy. Meanwhile, Fancy finds Sheridan and Vincent huddled around a cell phone watching something. She asks what they are up to? Sheridan says nothing! Fancy sees something, Sheridan thinks they've been busted. Of course they aren't, Fancy doesn't find out about Pretty. Fancy tells Sheridan she doesn't appreciate Sheridan being here and trying to poison Luis by using Pretty. She says Luis will marry her, he will be her husband. She then walks off.

Fancy rejoins Pilar and Paloma. Kay asks what they will wear to the wedding? They say this? They didn't plan to marry and don't have dresses. Fancy says they can't snap their fingers and make dresses appear. Kay still wants to use her magic, but Tabitha tells her not to. Norma and Edna hear them talking, they say Kay is a witch too? Tabitha asks them to keep their mouths shut. They learn she's still learning to use her powers. Kay casts a spell calling for two wedding dresses. A man then arrives with two wedding dresses in bags for Paloma and Fancy. However it turns out they end up with sexy lingerie outfits, not dresses! Tabitha asks Endora to fix this, she does. In the garment bags they soon find wedding gowns. They think Theresa must have had them sent over, but she says she didn't. Kay conjures up a wedding planner to try and explain this. The planner says the prison rec room has been decorated for the ceremony. They wonder where this wedding planner came from, so Endora casts a spell over everyone not to question this. Luis' guard even lets him leave the cell thanks to Endora. Tabitha thinks Endora will have to keep an eye on Kay and her magic for awhile. 

Kay, Tabitha, Endora, Norma and Edna head to the rec room, the wedding planner wonders where she is? She thought she was in Plymouth, MA for the Anderson-Jones wedding. When she learns she's in the dreadful town of Harmony, she flips out. Tabitha says this won't work, so Endora sends her back to Plymoth England! Kay says they have to decorate before everyone gets here. Endora uses her magic to decorate the place for the wedding, complete with flowers and chairs. Everyone arrives, Fancy again thanks Theresa. Theresa continues to say this wasn't her, she really didn't do it. Pilar says someone with a big heart did. Kay thanks Endora for doing this. Edna and Norma tease Tabitha for encouraging her, but she says she's not becoming a good witch if that is what they are thinking. A guard shows up with tuxes for Luis, Noah and Sam. Sam is asked to be both their best men. Kay sends the men off to get changed while the ladies go to the dressing rooms. 

Back in the hall, Julian and Eve show up. Vincent says mommy, daddy! Sheridan tells then she's met her new nephew. Eve and Julian head to the rec room for the wedding. Sheridan and Vincent then meet up with Pretty, who finally arrives. Pretty, whose face we still haven't seen, asks where she is. Vincent directs her to the room where Fancy is.

The warden shows up in the rec room, he gave permission for a wedding but not this. Where did all the decorations come from, and where did all these new rooms come from? Endora zaps them, they go into a trance and says Endora Construction did the job, they do such nice work. They then leave the wedding to go on. Luis is in a tux, as are Sam and Noah. Luis wants them all to remain positive here. Luis asks Theresa if she told Ethan the truth? She says she can't today. He wants her to tell him, he and Antonio will be watching. Endora is forced to zap Eve and Julian when they show up and recognize Norma and Edna. 

Kay says this will be a beautiful wedding. Norma and Edna say no thanks to her, Endora bailed her out! Kay says it was still her idea. Kay wants doves to make the wedding more romantic, so she turns Enda and Norma into two doves in a cage! Norma says she'll get Kay! Edna asks what she'll do, peck her to death?

In her dressing room, Fancy is in her dress and is so happy. There is a knock, she thinks it is Pilar coming to help her. Fancy is stunned when she sees Pretty has shown up! We still don't see her face, just her back or side. Fancy asks what she's doing here? Did Aunt Sheridan call her here? Pretty says no. She came because the love of her life is getting executed, she thought she should be here to support her. Fancy says even though they haven't seen each other in years? Pretty says it's time they bury the hatchet. She says imagine her surprise she came here to find she was marrying a killer. Fancy says he's not a killer, he's innocent. She says she's sorry she never tried to contact her, she just thought it might be best. Pretty asks when she meets the lucky fellow? At the door, Vincent and Sheridan spy. Sheridan wonders why Pretty is being so nice?

Pilar is with Paloma, who is in her dress. Pilar has always dreamed of this day. Paloma never thought it would be like this. Pilar says she's getting a son-in-law, but losing a son. Pilar and Paloma later see Sheridan and Vincent outside Fancy's room. Sheridan claims they are just waiting to see if Fancy needs help. 

Back in Fancy's room, Fancy tells Pretty not to take this the wrong way, but if Luis meets her there will be questions. He'll want to know about their past. Fancy says she really wants Luis to just concentrate on being happy. She says considering he's about to die, well it's a strange enough wedding as is. Fancy asks if she understands? Pretty does. Sheridan doesn't get what is going on, but Vincent says just wait. They soon hear music, Sheridan says the cerement is about to start!

In the rec room, the music is playing and the men take their place at the altar and wait for the wedding to begin. Endora is the flower girl, she walks down the aisle. Tabitha asks Kay to let Norma and Enda out, so Kay turns them back into humans. Luis can't wait to see Fancy in her dress, that is the memory he wants to take to his execution. Meanwhile Pilar is in tears as Eve comforts her and Julian tells her not to break her word. Soon the wedding march plays. Paloma shows up first to marry Noah. Paloma walks down the aisle as everyone watches. 

Fancy talks with Pretty still. She thanks her for understanding, she thought Pretty was actually here to stop the wedding. Pretty then says if she marries Luis, she'll tell him everything! Fancy says but she was being so nice. Pretty knows why Fancy doesn't want Luis to know the truth, it will ruin her life. Pretty's face is finally shown. She shows Fancy a scar on the side of her face saying Fancy did this to her! She says every time someone calls her Pretty it is a knife through her heart!


August 1, 2007
At the prison, the wedding begins. Paloma walks down the aisle first. Pilar never dreamed her children would be married in a prison. Eve tells her that Paloma looks beautiful. Pilar only wishes Luis was starting his life with Fancy tonight, instead they are going to put him to death for crimes he didn't commit. Eve says she has to tell Pilar something. Julian gives her a look, she just says she's so sorry about what is happening. Pilar says it's not her fault that Luis is being railroaded, she knows if Eve could save Luis then she would. 

Kay meanwhile asks Miguel how he's holding up? Miguel says he's still in shock. Kay says try and think about how happy Luis is right now. Miguel wishes he could have hopes and dreams for the futures like they have. Kay tells Maria that the next wedding she goes to will be her mommy and daddy's.

Tabitha is admiring Endora and how cute she is as the flower girl. Norma says Endora could be their flower girl when she and Edna get married! She says better yet, she can carry daddy's skull so he can give her away. Norma pulls the skull out of her bag!

Paloma takes her place with Noah. Sam then tells Luis it is his turn. Luis wonders what is keeping Fancy. Paloma says she'll show up in a second, she's just trying to make a grand entrance. Julian thinks Fancy's probably just trying to make sure her make-up is on right. Ethan agrees, she's trying to look perfect, nothing will keep her from marrying Luis. Ethan says just like nothing will keep him from marrying Theresa. Theresa again thinks about her secret and how Luis wants her to tell Ethan.

The wedding march plays on, but Fancy doesn't show up. Luis begins to worry, he worries Fancy may have changed her mind. Noah and Paloma say she will be here, she adores him. Soon the wedding march stops playing. Father Lonigan suggests they start Noah and Paloma's wedding, but they insist they wait. Theresa says she'll go check on Fancy. Miguel and Paloma try and talk to Luis and calm him down. Pilar is with them as well. 

Julian talks to Tabitha, who is with Endora. Tabitha wants Julian to be quiet and not let anyone know he's her father. Julian just likes spending time with her, she means the world to him, especially now. Tabitha sends Endora back to stand by Paloma. Tabitha asks Julian if he met his son? He asks how she knows? She reminds him of the day with the bowl, she saw his son in the bowl, but didn't know how to tell him the truth. Julian says he probably wouldn't have believed her if she had told him. Tabitha asks what he will do. He could stop Luis' from being executed. Julian says Eve wants to turn him in, but he's still their son. Tabitha says she has caused more pain and suffering than he or his father can imagine, but this situation is not cut-n-dry. She doesn't want Julian spending his life in inner turmoil over this. She knows what it's like to be a parent now, to want to protect your child. Julian doesn't know how he is to hurt his son more than he's already been hurt. Tabitha reminds him of his other child Fancy and how she would be hurt if she ever found out that he let Luis die. Tabitha says Fancy would hate him forever. Tabitha says Julian has to decide which child he's going to protect. Julian says it's not that simple, he has to consider the family as well. Tabitha hopes he makes the right choice. 

Edna has to use the bathroom, so Norma and Enda leave the wedding to find one. Enda and Norma say the prison reminds them about when they were unfairly imprisoned. Two guards show up and see them. One recognizes Norma from her performance at the asylum as he used to work there. Norma then sees the guards, who begin chasing them. They trap them with straight jackets and say it's back to the funny farm for them. They lock Edna and Norma in a cell and call the asylum to come get them. Endora shows up, Edna begs her for help. The guards think they must be nuts for asking a dumb kid for help. Endora zaps them and spins them around in the air. She then frees Edna and Norma and traps the guards in the cell. She's tied them up in cotton candy. She also gags them so they can't call for help or eat their way out. Norma thanks Endora for her help. Edna tells the guards that will teach them for messing with them or calling Tabitha's kid dumb. Endora zaps them all away when another guard shows up. Endora ends up zapping the other guard into the cell with the other two. 

In the dressing room, Pretty shows Fancy her face saying she turned her own sister into a monster. Pretty has a scar on the side of her face near her ear hairline, she has to pull her hain back to show it to her. Sheridan and Vincent are listening at the door still. Sheridan says there will be no wedding after this. Fancy turns away from Pretty, but Pretty forces her to look at her scar. Pretty tells her sister to look at the nightmare she lives with. Fancy says it was an accident, but Pretty remembers it. She says it was that summer they spent every day at the club. 

We see flashbacks of what happened between Pretty and Fancy. Pretty says Fancy had so many boyfriends that she didn't know their names. She says Harrison showed up, he was new in town. She says he was immune to her charms, Harrison treated her like an empty headed party girl. We see a guy on a pool chair, Fancy comes up and hits on him, but he shakes his head and walks off. Pretty says what really upset Fancy was that Harrison liked her. Fancy caught them kissing and he left them both when they started fighting. They are pulling each others hair and smacking each other. Pretty says the club maintenance man had just finished cleaning out the pool. Pretty says Fancy goaded her into a fight. Pretty says Fancy then picked up the container of pool chemicals and threw it in her face. We see Fancy laughing as Pretty is screaming in pain. Pretty says that is how selfish she is, she wanted to make her ugly so no other man preferred her over Fancy. Fancy says she didn't do it on purpose, that isn't how it happened. Fancy says Pretty was the one chocking her. She thought she would die. She reached for the closest thing she could to hit her with. She didn't know it was pool chemicals, she wouldn't have scared her sister. We see flashbacks of Fancy's version too, in which she is shocked by what she did, not laughing at Pretty.

Fancy says she loves her sister and goes to touch her. Pretty tells Fancy not to touch her. Pretty says everyone winces when they see her face, they recoil from her. She says children point at her and call her lady Frankenstein. She says all men, even bums in the gutter shrink away from her. Pretty says Fancy wanted to make sure no man would ever chose her, well Fancy succeeded. Pretty says now she's back and she can steal Fancy's happiness. She tells Fancy to call off the wedding or she will tell Luis the whole story. Sheridan is spying and saying if Luis has to die, at least he'll die loving her, the way it was meant to be. Fancy says Luis is going to be executed, don't take it out on him. Pretty says she's saving the poor sap from a final mistake. Pretty says cancel the wedding or she'll tell Luis the truth. Fancy says it was an accident, she wouldn't wish that upon her or anyone else. Fancy says she thinks about what happened every day. Pretty says she has to live with it every day. Fancy says she was self centered and reckless back then, but she's not that person anymore. She says she's a better person, she even went through the police academy. Pretty says it won't work, her sins run too deep. Fancy begs Pretty not to ruin this night for her, let Luis spend his last few hours happy. Fancy says whatever Pretty wants to do to her after tonight, go ahead. She says just don't hurt Luis because she hates her. Fancy says have a heart. Pretty says Fancy doesn't give a damn about Luis, she just can't bear the idea of losing his affections. Pretty says Fancy robbed her of having a normal life, she'll never know what it's like to have a man kiss her good night, get married or have children. Pretty says Fancy stole all those dreams from her. Pretty says Fancy will know how she's felt every day since that day. 

Theresa then knocks on the door asking Fancy if she's okay? Pretty thinks Luis sister can be the first one to see what she did to her. Pretty says Theresa won't let Luis marry her. Fancy begs Pretty not to do this. Theresa says she's coming in, but Fancy says no! Theresa asks if she's all right. Fancy says she knows she's late. Theresa says Luis is waiting for her. Fancy says she'll be there, she's finishing her make-up. She says she'll be right there. Theresa says okay. Fancy again thinks Pretty has agreed not to ruin her night. Pretty hasn't, she's still going to expose her if Fancy marries Luis. Pretty just didn't tell Theresa as she wants Luis to be the first one to see what Fancy is capable of. Fancy was hoping . . . Pretty says don't talk to her about hope. She says every time she went to a plastic surgeon she hoped they'd be able to fix her, but they all said her skin was burned too badly and the scars were too deep. Pretty asks if she can imagine looking like this when your name is Pretty, it's like a sick joke. Fancy says she couldn't imagine what she's gone through, but it was an accident. 

Theresa returns to the wedding and tells Luis that Fancy is on her way, she just needs a few minutes. Luis is glad. Luis knows this isn't normal, but he's going to go get her and walk her in. Ethan tells Theresa not to keep him waiting at their wedding. Theresa says after what they've been through, don't worry. 

Meanwhile Pilar prays for a miracle to spare Luis' life. Kay says someone has to know who the killer is and come forward before it's too late. Eve hears the family talking. She continues to feel guilty.

Ethan wonders why his mom isn't here for Fancy? Theresa says maybe she's stalling for Ivy to show up. Ethan isn't sure, saying Ivy wasn't that close to Pretty. Sam can't imagine a mother missing a child's wedding. Sam says he still can't forgive Ivy for her lie about Ethan. Ethan hasn't either, no matter how much time has passed. Theresa of course hears this. 

Luis knocks on the door and asks Fancy if she's okay? He knows it's bad luck for them to see each other, but he really needs to see her to calm his nerves. Still spying, Sheridan tells Vincent this is the moment she's been waiting for! Fancy keeps Luis from coming in, saying she's not tempting fate. Luis thinks they can't have any worse luck than they have. She says they can, she still thinks he'll get a last minute reprieve. She says she'll be right out. Luis says she's beautiful just the way she is. Pretty murmurs unlike her sister. Fancy begs him to go back to the rec room and she'll be out. He says okay, don't take too long, she knows why. Spying Sheridan is furious, she wants Petty to show Luis what Fancy did. Fancy begs Pretty not to do this, but Pretty says turnabout is fair play. She says Luis will go to his death thanking her for saving him from marrying her. 



August 2, 2007
At the Book Caf, Rebecca hears Gwen on the phone saying she loves them and can't wait to be with them again. Rebecca grabs the phone and asks who they are? Rebecca says she knows they are there, she hears them breathing. They hang up on her. Rebecca tells Gwen she just wants to know who this man is. Gwen says she'll find out, but right now it's none of her business. Rebecca says she doesn't understand Gwen at all these days. She says Gwen won't tell her about this mystery man or that Theresa is lying to Ethan. Gwen says she is going to drop the bomb when Theresa is walking down the aisle. Rebecca thinks she should just destroy Theresa now, but Gwen wants to give her the worst payback. Rebecca says but she doesn't know if she can stand the wait. Gwen says it will be worth the wait. Rebecca says what if Theresa wants to run off and get married? Gwen says this is Theresa, she will want the biggest wedding Harmony has seen and in spite of her previous marriages, she'll want the whitest virginal gown she can find. Rebecca then realizes she has to go to prison, Fancy is marrying Luis tonight and she wants to see Julian about something. Gwen says isn't Luis being executed though? Rebecca says yes. Gwen says Sheridan must be devastated. Rebecca says yes, it's a terrible loss. 

Fox is on the pier thinking about how Miguel is still alive. Spike shows up to meet Fox. Fox is furious that Spike hasn't killed Miguel. He wants the job finished. Spike gets that, but tells Fox to get a clue, his wife doesn't want him. Fox says she does, Miguel has her confused. Fox tells Spike he was paid to do the job, if he doesn't do it then he'll take his money back. Spike says he will do it, he just has to figure out how. Fox says think of something, put a bomb under his bed, he doesn't care as long as it's done. Fox says go back to the house and get it done. Spike says he's not going back to that house, Tabitha and her brat are evil. Fox says Tabitha is an old woman and Endora is a kid. Spike says Fox doesn't know them, they are evil. Fox says Tabitha and Endora are at the wedding, so they won't be there. He says Kay and Miguel are there too. Spike says if Fox is sure nobody is home. Fox says nobody is, so go. Spike then leaves. 

Fox talks to himself, saying Kay will be his again once Miguel is gone. Esme then shows up on the pier! He asks what she's back in Harmony. Esme says she came to see his sister but can't find her. Fox says Fancy is getting married, it was a last minute thing. Fox explains Fancy is marrying Luis before he's executed. Esme says but he'll be dead before the honeymoon. Fox says she loves him. Esme asks what the point of getting married if she's going to burry him before she beds him. Fox says when you love someone that much you do crazy things. Esme says she heard Mr Terminally Ill! She says typical Crane behavior, he just couldn't take no for an answer.

Spike and Esme go into a bar for a drink. Fox doesn't know why he's buying her drinks when she can't stand him. Esme says who told him that? He says she did when she ran down the list of his qualities. Esme says she didn't say they weren't admirable and he is good looking. Fox says he's heard many stories about her, how she gets into trouble but always comes out on top. Esme says she always does, but she also had her daddies help. However now her dad has married that bitch Brenda, she's a horrible person who has convinced her dad to cut her off. Esme says her dad has been convinced she spends too much money and time in Europe. They also want her to get a job. Fox can't imagine that. However he says he could get her a job on a fishing boat, she could be on the open seas by morning. She throws bar snacks at him. Fox says it is funny thinking about her having a job or doing anything. Esme knows. Fox asks what happened to that count? She says he dumped her for some bazillionarie's daughter. Fox knows how it is to be cut out, it hurts. Esme says the thought of missing the Paris shows makes her break out in hives. She says she couldn't get a job if she wanted to, she can't do anything. He says she had to have picked up a lot of languages. Esme says nothing she can say outside the bedroom. Fox says that something has to interest her. She has a flair for fashion, maybe Fancy can give her a job. She says she'll talk to her after this whole funeral wedding thing is over. Fox wishes her the best of luck. Esme then asks Fox when he's going to give up on that mousy little Kay. Fox says Kay is his wife, but Esme says not a good one. She knows all about what Fox has done to try and hold onto Kay. She says that is extreme even for her. Fox says he loves her. She says love makes them do strange things. Esme wishes he didn't look so miserable, but she is miserable too. She suggests they just get wasted tonight. Fox orders them another round. 

Spike breaks into Tabitha's house. It's dark, he says no way will he go down in the basement. He heads upstairs with a stick of dynamite to plant! HE doesn't realized he's been followed by a giant sized fluffy. Fluffy is pawing at the door while Spike is in the bedroom trying to plant a bomb under Miguel's bed. When he hears it meowing, he just laughs that it's a cat. He opens the door and giant paws attack him! 

At the prison, everyone is still waiting for Fancy to show up. Whitney asks Eve if she's okay, she doesn't look well. Eve says she doesn't feel very well. She says knowing Luis is going to be executed is making her sick. Whitney knows, it's so unfair and everyone knows Luis is innocent. Eve says he is innocent and the person responsible . . . . Whitney asks what they are waiting for? Eve says Fancy is still in the dressing room.

In the dressing room, Pretty tells Fancy that this wedding is not going to happen. She says Luis will know what she did to her, he'll never want to marry her. Pretty then leaves as Fancy chases after her. Sheridan, with Vincent, says it's time Pretty pulled the plug on her bitch sister. 

Ivy shows up at the wedding. Tabitha asks what brings her here? Ivy says se won't miss watching her daughter become a bride. Tabitha says hang around, she'll get to see her become a widow as well. 

Ethan and Sam see Ivy has shown up. Ethan and Sam keep talking about how they can never forgive Ivy for what she did. Theresa listens as Ethan says keeping a father from his child is the worst thing someone can do.

Endora returns to the wedding. Tabitha asks where she was, did Edna and Norma get into trouble? Endora says don't worry, she took care of it. 

Vincent and Sheridan find some window into the rec room to watch the fireworks from. Luis tells everyone that Fancy is finishing her make-up, she'll be here shortly. The wedding march plays as Fancy shows up. Julian walks Fancy down the aisle. Sheridan says if Pretty doesn't stop her then she will! 

Theresa says Luis looks happy. Ethan says it's because he is, he's happy to be marrying Fancy. Eve is in tears, but tells Whitney she always cries at weddings, but she also know what is in store for Luis. Pilar meanwhile is praying for a miracle for Luis. Ivy thinks Fancy looks green, she's so nervous. Tabitha says this is the last day of her husband's life. Sheridan decides to stop this, but Vincent says she can't. He says Luis won't forgive her for that, and shouldn't she be the one he turns to for comfort in his last hours. She says she has no other choice. 

Luis tells Father Lonigan right now he is the luckiest man alive, this is a dream come true. Father Lonigan is glad he has found happiness in his final hours. Fancy finally joins Luis at the altar. Father Lonigan says they should begin. Sheridan still doesn't want to let this happen, but Vincent says the has a feeling the wedding won't go on. Father Lonigan asks anyone to speak now of forever hold their peace. Vincent has to muzzle Sheridan to keep her from screaming. Tabitha meanwhile feels something big is going to happen. When Fancy is asked if she takes Luis to be her husband, she says no. She says she can't marry Luis! Pretty is hiding and smiling at this point. 

Everyone is in shock. Tabitha says she knew this would happen. Sheridan can't believe Fancy called it off. Father Lonigan asks why she's stopped the ceremony? Fancy says she wants to marry him, but she can't. He says he understands. He says who wants to marry a man who has a few hours left. She cries and hugs him. 

Eve tells Julian now Luis is going to die without having what he wants the most. She tells Julian they cannot sit here and let the execution happen. Julian says they can't turn Vincent in, they owe him for the hurt he's gone through. Eve says they can't ignore that Vincent has committed murder. Julian says maybe there is another way to stop the execution without incriminating their son. He then leaves. He goes to talk to Endora. 

Eve goes to talk to Vincent. She thinks he's here to turn himself in. He says no way. She says he can't let Luis be executed. Eve says Vincent needs treatment, he won't be given the death sentence. Vincent says he will be put on death row, but Eve says she won't let that happen. She begs him to do the right thing. He just walks off. 

Pretty returns to the dressing room and says Fancy will finally feel the pain she's lived with all these years. Ivy comes in looking for tissues and is shocked to see Pretty. Ivy doesn't believe it, when did she come back. Pretty says today, sorry. Ivy says it's so good to see her. Ivy goes to hug her, but Pretty steps back from her. Ivy says it's good to see her, it's been years. Pretty says don't pretend that you've missed me. Ivy says she has missed her, why didn't she say she was coming home. Pretty says they didn't want her to come back. Ivy says that isn't true. Pretty thinks they wanted her gone as she ruined the picture perfect image of the Cranes. Ivy says that is not true. Pretty asks her mom why she named her pretty? Ivy says her father chose it, she was a beautiful baby. Pretty says she's not so beautiful now. Pretty shows her mom her scar saying here her face is in all it's hideous glory. Ivy says they can help her, they can find a plastic surgeon to fix the scar. Pretty says they can't, she's already been to the top surgeons. She says this is the best they can do. Ivy says she's had other surgeries? Pretty says she has gotten used to looking like this. Ivy then realizes she made Fancy call off her wedding. Pretty says she did, she threatened to tell Luis all. Ivy says she has ruined her sister's happiness. Pretty says Fancy ruined her life. 

Back at the wedding, the warden shows up and asks if the wedding is over? He learns Fancy called off the wedding. He says allowing this wedding was a mistake and wants Luis back to his cell. Ethan asks if the governor has called, but the warden says no. They can't believe this is happening. Suddenly Vincent shows up dressed as the blackmailer! Tabitha says this outta be good!


August 3, 2007
Endora zaps herself, Tabitha, Edna and Norma home. Tabitha didn't want Endora to see Luis be executed, and she has a feeling Luis isn't the only one to die tonight. Norma and Edna ask who else will die? Suddenly they hear fluffy attacking someone upstairs.

In Miguel's room, Spike distracts Fluffy from attacking him by claiming there is a rat in the hall. He locks Fluffy out then sets the bomb to go off under the bed. It's on a timer, 9 minutes! Unfortunately Fluffy somehow gets back in and attacks Spike again.

Back downstairs, Tabitha realizes Fluffy has caught a giant rat. Endora recognizes Spike's cries. Everyone sits around enjoying Martimmies as they watch Spike run around the house from Fluffy. He tries to tell Tabitha she has to help him, there is a bomb in the house. She doesn't seem to believe him and they all continue to enjoy watching Fluffy terrorize him. The timer continues to countdown, it's now at 5 minutes.

At the prison, Ivy and Pretty talk in the dressing room. Ivy says Fancy and Luis have suffered enough, let them marry so Luis has a last few happy hours. Pretty however refuses, saying Fancy hasn't suffered as much as she has, what about the life Fancy robbed her of?

In the rec room, everyone sees the blackmailer. Eve thinks Vincent must be turning himself in, Julian says he can't! Everyone chases the blackmailer, but the warden assumes Luis is trying to escape and has guns fired at him. Nobody is hurt, and Sam is furious at them for firing guns with civilians and children around!

Julian and Eve chase after Vincent. Eve wants to turn him in, but Julian wants to help him escape. Julian sends the others, who are looking for the blackmailer, down the wrong hallway. Ivy and Pretty learn from the warden what is going on, they run to see. Gwen shows up, shocking Ethan and Theresa. She claims she came to support Sheridan.

The blackmailer is eventually cornered. Luis tackles them and knocks them out, so they can't respond when he demands to know who they are. Suddenly Vincent walks up, shocking Sheridan. She wonders who is in the costume? Luis takes off the mask and is shocked. It's Rebecca! They all assume she is the blackmailer and are furious. Sam says she's not the blackmailer. Rebecca claims he was sent this by a designer, it's the latest fashion trend. Sam assures everyone that both Rebecca and Gwen were suspects, both however were cleared and aren't the blackmailer.

Later the warden says Luis must be taken back to his cell. He says it is time. Not everyone is allowed in with him. Paloma and Noah say their goodbyes to him first. Luis goes into the cell and changes into the outfit he'll die in. Pilar is in tears, she, Kay and Miguel are in the cell with him. Luis says he will be with Antonio soon and watching over them. Pilar can't believe he'll be gone. He says he will still be with them, they just won't see him anymore.

Fancy runs into Ivy, who is with Pretty. Pretty has decided she's telling Luis the truth after all. Fancy says she stopped her from marrying Luis, isn't that enough? Ivy agrees, she orders Pretty to leave Fancy and Luis alone. Fancy heads off to say goodbye to Luis.

Eve realizes she can't let this happen. She calls the warden to meet him, but Vincent shows up instead. Vincent knows what she's up to and won't let her turn him in. He locks her in a closet to keep her quiet until Luis is dead.

Ethan is told a prisoner wants to see him, they have info on Luis' case. He goes to meet the man, who used to be a driver for the Cranes. He doesn't have info on Luis, he used that to get to Ethan. He does have info on Ethan and will trade it for Ethan representing him. Ethan says no deal. The man says even if he can tell Ethan he has a son?

Gwen and Rebecca run into a prisoner who happens to be an old bed mate of Rebecca's. His name is killer. He lets them know how he just saw her son-in-law Ethan, word is one of the prisoners knows a secret they are itching to tell Ethan. Gwen realizes they can't let someone else steal their thunder. They run off to find Ethan before he's told.

Sheridan yells at Vincent for letting Luis die, but he says she never kept her word and killed Theresa. He says he can still save Luis if she kills Theresa. Sheridan later knocks Theresa out with a tray of food! When Theresa wakes up, Sheridan is strapping her into the electric chair. Sheridan says she's sorry, but in order to save and be with Luis, she has to die. Theresa begs Sheridan, who is about to pull the switch, not to do this.

Fancy says goodbye to Luis as the warden arrives and says it is time for Luis to be taken to the execution chamber. He is walked off. Pretty then confronts Fancy and says she can't let Luis die without knowing the truth about her. She runs after Luis, both Ivy and Fancy run after Pretty to stop her.

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