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2nd Week of August  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



August 6, 2007
At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna are watching DirecTV, talking about how much they missed it in the basement. They talk about the amazing new show starting on September 17th on the 101. They say everyone should get DirecTV and check it out. Spike meanwhile is still running from Fluffy and begging for help. The bomb is still set to go off and he can't get to it to stop it. Spike manages to get to Tabitha and the others and says there is a bomb and they'll all die. They think he's just lying. Fluffy continues to attack him. Spike keeps yelling about the bomb. Norma asks who would bring a bomb to Tabitha's house? Edna is getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over from him. Spike keeps yelling they will all die. Tabitha tells Fluffy to stop it, let him go. She tells Fluffy to go to the basement. Fluffy leaves and Spike thanks her. She says make this quick, what is this about a bomb? He keeps saying there is a bomb and they have to get out. Tabitha thinks he's lying, he wants them to leave so he can escape. He tells them to read his lips, this whole place will go. Tabitha is sick of his voice and lies, so she zaps him and muzzles him. Spike can't talk anymore. They all laugh at him.

At the prison, everyone is starting to gather outside of the execution chamber. They discuss the three injections, the first will knock him out, the second will paralyze him, the third will stop his heart. 

Julian asks Vincent if he has seen Eve? Vincent remembers locking her in the closet, but says no. Eve is trapped in the closet begging to be let out. She says Vincent is evil allowing this to happen and she is just as bad not turning him in. She keeps begging for help. Julian shows up to get her out, but says the door is locked. She tells him to hurry and get her out, she has to save Luis. Julian finally gets in, she says they must go stop the execution. Julian however wants to get frisky. As it turns out, it was all in Eve's head. Eve says she can't let Luis die. She soon begins to cry. She says Luis is gone by now and she's going to hell.

Luis is a dead man walking and walks by the rest of his family, who are outside his cell. Pretty tells Fancy how she is going to tell Luis what happened, he'll go to his grave knowing the woman he loves is a monster. She yells stop, she needs to talk to the prisoner. Pilar punches Pretty and knocks her out, Luis asks if someone called him. Fancy says it was just her, she had a frog in her throat. The warden says no distractions and makes Luis keep walking. Pilar, Fancy and Ivy then put Pretty in Luis' cell. Pilar tells Ivy she's sorry, but Ivy says she did the right thing. Pilar says she had to do it to protect her son. Fancy says they should go, Luis needs them. Ivy says she'll send someone to check on her. They leave Pretty on the floor of the cell! 

Back at the execution chamber, everyone watches Luis be strapped into the chair. Sam assures Pilar he won't feel any pain. She's in tears. The warden says he's turned on the sound system, they need to take their seats or he will clear the room. Luis tells Pilar he's okay and he loves her. He tells Fancy . . . she says she knows and loves him too. The warden says a jury has found Luis guilty of the murders of Rae Thomas and Dillon Flood, all appeals were denied and his execution will proceed. Father Lonigan is with him, he wants to hold Luis' hand. He tells Luis he will go to God with a pure soul. He says a last prayer with Luis and tells him to have courage. Luis says goodbye to everyone. He asks Kay and Noah to look after Miguel and Paloma. He wants Pilar to give Theresa a kiss, as she's not there. He tells them all to look after Pilar. He tells Fancy to do one thing for him, lead a full and happy life. Luis says lets do this. The warden tells them to proceed and the execution begins.

Gwen and Rebecca are trying to find Ethan and stop this other inmate from telling Ethan the truth. Ethan is talking to the inmate. He says Ethan has a son, if he wants to know more, he has to agree to be his lawyer. Ethan asks who is he and who is the mother? The guy says nope, Ethan has to agree to be his lawyer first. Ethan won't give into blackmail. He says tell him who he is and who his mother is. Ethan gets rough, the man eventually agrees to tell, but suddenly Rebecca shows up and kisses the man to grant him his dying wish. She says she got his letter, she knew the girls were special to him, but to request to touch them before dying? Rebecca tells the man to keep his mouth shut and she'll get him out of here, just don't say anything to Ethan and her girls are all his. The guy tells Ethan he's sorry, he lied, he doesn't know anything about him really. Ethan leaves and Rebecca asks the guy what his name is?

Sheridan has Theresa in the chair and is about to throw the switch. Theresa says she's crazy, but Sheridan says she has to die. Sheridan throws the switch as Theresa screams! Sheridan tells her to shut up. It's not seeming to work. Sheridan stops it and says she forgot, she was supposed to put a wet sponge between her head and the electric cap to conduct the electricity. She doesn't have a razor to shave her head, but she does find a sponge. She says this is the only way she will be able to save Luis. Theresa is begging her, think of her children. Sheridan says children bounce back, she and Luis will take care of them! Sheridan tells Theresa that she has to die. Meanwhile, Gwen finds out Theresa is not in the execution chamber and wonders where she could be? Back in the electric chair room, Sheridan tells Theresa that she's only doing this to be with Luis. She says go with God and throws the switch again! Theresa still doesn't die, she can't believe this. It seems there is a power outage or a blown fuse. Theresa is begging her to stop, but Sheridan says it's the only way Luis can be with her. Theresa says he loves Fancy. This angers Sheridan who says no, to hell with Fancy. She throws the switch again. Gwen meanwhile soon hears a strange noise as she's walking around. Sheridan is still trying to convince herself this is the only way to be with Luis, she'll confess and Father Lonigan will forgive her. Sheridan says go with God and runs off. Gwen then finds Theresa convulsing in the chair. She wonders if this is a sick joke? Gwen touches Theresa and gets shocked! Gwen soon passes out!  Theresa remains slumped in the chair convulsing.

Back in the chamber, the power soon goes out, which stops the execution. As they work to restore the power, Luis' family continues to talk to him. They continue to tell him how much they love him. Luis tells Noah and Paloma to give mama more grandchildren. They say they'll name the first boy Luis. Fancy tells Luis she loves him. He loves her and says he'll be watching over them all in spirit. The execution soon starts again. Luis passes out as everyone watches. Julian shows up at this point. Ivy tells Julian how this is so wrong. Julian asks where Eve is? Sheridan arrives as the execution is going on. She says to Vincent that Theresa is dead so stop this! The execution continues, Paloma is in tears and Noah says he's at peace. Luis is out cold. Julian says Eve should be here, but Ivy says she can't do anything. Sheridan tells Vincent to stop this, Theresa is dead. Vincent does nothing. He says it's too late, he can't stop it. Sheridan says he can't die. Suddenly, Luis flat lines! Fancy cries Please don't leave me! Everyone is holding each other as Luis dies. 


August 7,  2007
At Tabitha's, Spike is now in a cage. He's calling them losers and telling them to listen to him. He's having trouble speaking because of Tabitha's spell on him, his voice is horse. Tabitha sends Endora up to brush her teeth before bed. Tabitha then turns on her DirecTV to see what is going on. Spike keeps saying to please listen to him. Tabitha threatens to send Fluffy after him again. Spike says the bomb is about to go off in one minute. Tabitha still thinks he's lying about the bomb and tells him to come out with something better if he wants them to release him. Edna says Spike looks upset, what if he really has something important to say. Tabitha gives him his voice back for a minute. Spike keeps saying the bomb is going to blow! Norma asks why they should believe them? Spike says he planted the bomb. Tabitha still thinks it is a trick. Norma and Edna decide to go to bed. Meanwhile Endora goes into Miguel's room and finds the bomb. Later Tabitha is sitting in front of the TV talking about how DirecTV is soon bringing her favorite show to their line-up in September. Spike tells Tabitha it's going to blow! Endora however stops the bomb, she makes the counter go up instead of down. Norma and Edna see her under the bed and tell her it is time for her to go to bed. Endora thinks she can fix the bomb later. Meanwhile Spike doesn't understand why the bomb hasn't gone off, he assumes he set the timer wrong. Norma and Edna bring Endora in to kiss Tabitha good night. The television then breaks in with a special announcement about Luis' execution. Tabitha says there are many more mortals deserving of the death penalty other than Luis, Spike for one. Edna says if Bethy was here to see this then it would break her heart. She knows he's innocent as he couldn't even kill Bethy in cold blood. Tabitha says people thinking he was innocent didn't help him too much. Edna then tells Tabitha it isn't too late for Luis, she can bring him back from the dead. Norma says do something worthwhile with her powers for the first time in her life. Tabitha says her powers aren't strong enough to do this. Spike keeps telling them to stop worrying about Luis, they will all die soon. She zaps him again, saying she can only silence Spike for moments at a time, she can't resurrect a man who has been executed. Endora thinks she can, Norma and Edna cheer her on. Spike meanwhile still thinks the bomb is going to still blow. He's waving his arms about. Norma and Edna continue to push Endora to do it, but Tabitha feels they are pressuring her. She says Endora is too young. Tabitha says there isn't anything anyone can do for Luis. Endora thinks she can do it though. Tabitha says it's too late. Endora twirls her hand and pink sparkles leave a trail. Tabitha doesn't know what she's doing as she didn't teach her this.

At the prison, Father Lonigan checks on Pretty. Pretty says Luis deserves to know the truth about Fancy before he dies. She says she is going to go tell Luis the truth. Father Lonigan says he's afraid she's too late. She says she wasn't out that long, he can't be dead. Father Lonigan is more concerned about her, why is she out to get her sister. She says it is what her sister deserves. Father Lonigan says Fancy didn't know what was in the jug she threw at her. Pretty says of course she told him that. She says she's going to go finish this. She then sees the close circuit TV, she sees Luis is in fact dead. She says she's too late to tell Luis. Father Lonigan suggests she spend this time praying for the soul of a man who was innocent. Pretty watches Fancy on the TV and how miserable she looks. She says now Fancy will know how it feels to be powerless to stop something terrible from happening. Pretty is so happy to see how miserable Fancy is. Father Lonigan says it pains him to hear her talk like this, he remembers her as a loving and sweet little girl. Pretty says she was, before the chemicals were thrown in her face. She says she was once happy. She says she didn't chose this life, it was chosen for her. She says he has no idea what it's been like for her, what it's like having your entire life taken from you in one moment. Father Lonigan says he does, after he was blinded he was at a crossroads. He says he could have turned on his fellow man and been bitter or he could fight temptation. He says he knew if he gave in that he'd lose more than his sight, he'd lose his heart and his soul. He tells her not to let this accident take anymore from her than it has. He says real beauty comes from within, nobody can take that from her. Pretty says maybe he is right. Father Lonigan says forgive her sister and move on, it's the only way she'll experience true happiness. She says maybe. He says he knew he was still that warm and caring girl, that same Pretty deep down. Pretty says no, that Pretty died when her sister scarred her. She says Fancy robbed her of her physical beauty and the chance to experience joy and love.

In the execution chamber, Sheridan tells Vincent that she killed Theresa, so hold up his end of the bargain. Vincent says he can't, she's too late. Luis is now dead. Fancy is crying and screaming he can't leave her. Ivy goes to Fancy. Sam is with Pilar, Miguel is screaming Why Luis! Pilar tries to pray, but cannot pray when God has done this. She wonders what kind of a God is he. Ethan doesn't understand where Theresa is, saying something must be wrong. Fancy cries things will never be okay again. Miguel leaves the room, thinking he's going to be sick. Ethan then leaves to find out where Theresa is. Vincent meanwhile is jotting down notes. Sheridan tells Vincent to do something damn it! Vincent says there is nothing he can do now, Luis is dead. Sheridan says she's killed Theresa and lost the only man she's ever loved. The warden pronounces Luis dead. Julian tells Fancy he is so sorry, he wouldn't wish this on his worst enemy. The warden asks where Dr. Russell is? She's supposed to be here. He pages Eve and asks her to get to room 101. Julian wonders where Eve could be? Ivy tells Julian to worry about their child, Eve is big enough to find her own way here. Pilar continues to wonder if God even exists, and if he does, he is not the heavenly father she believed him to be. Paloma tries to calm her mom, but Pilar won't have anyone question her about her faith right now. Sheridan continues to wonder what she's done. Vincent says look on the bright side, she ridded the world of Theresa. Vincent says soon the poor Lopez-Fitzgeralds will find out that Theresa is dead as well as Luis. Sheridan says Pilar is like a mother to her. Vincent doubts she'll look at her as a daughter once she finds out what she did. Sheridan tells Vincent he is a sick bastard! Luis' body remains in the chamber, they can't move him until Eve pronounces him dead and signs the death certificate. The warden covers the body and closes the blinds. Fancy cries again, she doesn't want Luis taken from her. She cries that he can't be dead. 

Outside the chamber, Sam hugs Miguel and says he's so sorry. Miguel knows he is, he was Luis' best friend. Sam thinks he didn't do enough to save Luis. Sam, Kay and Miguel soon return back inside where everyone is morning. Pilar asks God to forgive her for how she spoke before, saying she is just in a lot of pain. She knows God has given her a lot of miracles. She feels like dying herself, she wishes she could go instead of her son. 

In the room with the electric chair, Theresa is still in the chair and Gwen is passed out on the floor. Ethan soon shows up. He gets Theresa out of the chair. He then sees Gwen on the floor. He doesn't understand what is going on here. Gwen soon wakes up. Ethan asks if she's all right? Ethan asks what happened? She doesn't know, she can't remember. Ethan asks if she had anything to do with this? Gwen says she's trying to remember. Gwen asks if she is dead? Ethan doesn't know, she looks really pale. Ethan says he thinks she has a pulse. Theresa is mumbling. Ethan asks who did this to her? Theresa says it was Sheridan, she tried to kill her! Ethan says she must be confused, but Theresa says no Sheridan electrocuted her. Theresa says she doesn't even know why she is alive. She says Sheridan claimed she had to kill her to save Luis. Ethan says it just couldn't have been Sheridan, but Theresa says it was. Ethan asks Gwen if she saw Sheridan? Gwen only remembers coming in here and found Theresa. Gwen says she grabbed Theresa and it threw her back and into the machine. We see a flashback, it was Gwen who flipped the switch off when she was thrown back. Ethan realizes that Gwen probably saved Theresa's life! Gwen says well it was an accident, she wouldn't have intentionally saved Theresa's life. However she doesn't want Theresa dead, she's glad Theresa is okay. Theresa then realizes Sheridan is still out there. She asks Ethan about Luis? Did a reprieve come in? Ethan says no. She needs to tell him goodbye. Ethan says he doesn't know how to tell her this, he's already gone. Theresa cries as Ethan holds her. 

Endora's spell hits the clock in the room Luis is in. Time goes back, everything we've seen goes backwards as if the show is being rewound. Back at Tabitha's, Endora says she's all done. Tabitha checks her bowl, she sees Luis is still alive. Tabitha says Endora did it, she saved Luis.


August 8, 2007

At Tabitha's, we see a replay of the end of yesterday's show. Tabitha and all have learned Luis was executed, Spike is still in the cage and saying if they don't get out of here they'll be killed by the bomb. Edna and Norma ask Endora to use her magic to save Luis, but Tabitha thinks it is too much for her to do. Endora wants to try and twirls her hand backwards. Tabitha checks her bowl and is shocked to see Luis is alive! Tabitha says Endora turned back time in the execution room, but everywhere else time went on as usual.

At the prison, Father Lonigan is still talking with Pretty, he wants her to forgive her sister and move on with her life. Pretty won't. Father Lonigan says Fancy didn't know what was in that jar, she didn't mean to scar her, it was an accident. He says Fancy has suffered over it, but Pretty thinks not enough. She thinks now that Luis is dead that Fancy will know what it's like to have your happiness ripped away. Pretty then looks at the TV monitor and sees Luis is alive! She doesn't understand this. Father Lonigan swears Luis was executed, the warden pronounced him dead. Pretty swears Luis is alive now.

In the electric chamber, Theresa is in tears over her brother's death. Gwen tells Theresa she truly is sorry for her loss. Theresa says she didn't get to say goodbye and it's Sheridan's fault. Both Ethan and Gwen think Theresa has to be wrong about Sheridan, but Theresa says she's not and she'll make Sheridan pay.

In the execution chamber, we see a replay of Fancy mourning and of Pilar asking God to forgive her for her words earlier. She knows God has granted her so many miracles as is, and she has to understands this is part of his plan. Suddenly Endora's spell hits the clock in the chamber and everything rewinds to the point where Luis was brought in. Sheridan is gone, Ethan, Theresa and Gwen show up. Theresa sees Luis is alive, Ethan is baffled. He doesn't understand, they saw him executed. Sam has a talk with Ethan, suggesting he experienced Deja Vous in reverse. He says when someone knows a traumatic event is coming, they project it as if it happened in order to cushion the blow. Ethan is not projecting, he knows what he saw. Ethan doesn't understand how this is possible.

Theresa goes to say goodbye to her brother. Sheridan slips into the room and is shocked to see Theresa there. Theresa says that is right, she's alive, no thanks to her. Theresa announces to everyone that Sheridan tried to kill her! Theresa says Sheridan strapped her into the electric chair and threw the switch. Luis hears this and says what? Fancy knew Sheridan was capable of hurting her, but Theresa? She says Sheridan has finally lost it. Julian says Sheridan isn't a murderer, she's always been the one good Crane. Everyone looks at Sheridan, who is speechless. Vincent is smiling and taking notes, saying this will be good. Theresa explains how Gwen is the one who saved her. Ethan tells them all Gwen found Theresa and the jolt from the chair sent her back and flipped the switch off. Sam asks if this is true? Gwen says she only saw Theresa, not Sheridan. Theresa demands Sam arrest Sheridan. Sam again asks Sheridan what she has to say? Sheridan is thinking, she knows it's her word against Theresa's and nobody saw anything. They all suggest Sheridan say something. She says she will.

Before Sheridan can say anything, the warden shows up. He says Eve is not here, so he has called another doctor in to sign the death certificate. He says the execution will begin. Ivy and Julian talk. Ivy doesn't know what it is with their children, first Ethan falls for Theresa, then Sheridan for Luis and now Fancy and Luis. Ivy wishes Gwen hadn't saved Theresa, she is glad Pretty stopped Fancy's wedding to Luis though. She wishes their children would be with people of their own class. Julian says there is no accounting for taste, look at them, he loves Eve and she loves Sam. 

The execution begins again. Sheridan goes to Vincent and begs him to stop this, but he says she didn't finish the job with Theresa. She says she could just turn him in and stop this, someone else has to know the truth about him too. Vincent says if she turns him in then she'll also go down for trying to kill Theresa, she'll be the next one strapped to the slab for a lethal cocktail. Theresa looks at Sheridan and promises she will go to jail for what she did. The execution begins again, Pilar leads everyone in the Lord's Prayer. Luis says he has no final words as he is innocent of these charges against him.

Pretty is still with Father Lonigan. She doesn't understand how Luis is alive, but she sees this as her second chance. She still wants to tell him about Fancy. Father Lonigan asks her not to, saying no good will come of it. He wants to let Luis die loving Fancy, he begs her not to do this to Luis. She still says this makes no sense, how can this be, it's like time went backwards. Father Lonigan says she's been away from Harmony for a long time. He says evil is in Harmony. They soon hear Theresa screaming Sheridan tried to murder her, which Pretty again thinks makes no sense. Again Father Lonigan explains there are evil forces in Harmony, when they take hold of people, they can make them to strange things. She would not believe what has happened in their town. He begs her not to let the evil get to her, don't tell Luis about what happened.

Back at Tabitha's, while Tabitha realizes Endora saved Luis, he could still be executed again. She thinks it is time for Endora to go to bed. Spike keeps going on about the bomb, but Tabitha doesn't believe him. Endora tries to tell her mom that Spike isn't lying, but Tabitha just says pay no attention to Spike. Tabitha heads upstairs and looks for FLuffy. When she looks under Kay's bed, she sees the bomb! The timer is once again counting down. Meanwhile Edna and Norma are about to get some cocoa before bed when Spike escapes his cage. He goes to run, but Norma and Edna catch him and pin him down. They soon hear Tabitha screaming about the bomb. They drag Spike upstairs, Tabitha has the bomb in her hands. They all play hot potato with it. Endora shows up, they get her to use her magic to save them. She zaps the bomb outside where it explodes.  Spike tries to escape again, but Norma catches him and won't let him go after he tried to kill them all.



August 9, 2007
At the prison, Father Lonigan tells Pretty that she's been away from Harmony for a long time and is not aware of what has been happening. She says like a dead man coming back to life? He says stranger things have happened. Father Lonigan feels evil around them. Pretty asks who is evil other than Fancy? Father Lonigan says Fancy is not evil, but evil forces are at work here. Pretty says the Aunt Sheridan she knows could never kill anyone. Father Lonigan says once evil gets a hold of a person, you'd be surprised what they are capable of. Pretty says like being possessed? Father Lonigan says something like that. He tells Pretty not to let evil get a hold of her, don't destroy Fancy's life, don't come between Fancy and Luis. HE says let Luis die loving Fancy. She says if Luis is innocent and is going to die because a lie, letting him die thinking Fancy is good is a lie too. Father Lonigan says two wrongs don't make a right. Pretty says Fancy hurt her, not just by scarring her face, but her soul. She says Fancy cost her any hope of having a husband or children. Father Lonigan says who says Fancy hasn't suffered enough too? He says telling Luis will ultimately hurt him more than Fancy. He says it would shatter Luis, his last thoughts on earth would not be that his family and friends love him, it would be that Fancy is not the woman he thinks she is. He says Luis is going to die, is that not horrible enough for Fancy and Luis? Pretty says maybe the reason Luis is alive again is so she can tell him the truth. Father Lonigan says he's known her most of her life, he baptized her, gave her her first communion, he was there with her after the accident and prayed with her. Pretty says God didn't answer her prayers. Father Lonigan says she did not lose her sight, suffer hearing loss or lose her speech. He knows she is not a cruel person and it is not in her nature to cause pain to a man in the last moments of his life. Pretty says she's seen all the specialists and had more reconstructive surges than everyone in Hollywood combined, she's still a beast and people still make fun of her. She says she scares children and it is Fancy's fault. Father Lonigan says Fancy claims it was always an accident, give her the benefit of the doubt and spare Luis her anger. Pretty says nothing would hurt Fancy more, but Father Lonigan says watching Luis be executed would hurt her most of all. Pretty says she won't take chances, she wants Fancy wounded for the rest of her life. Father Lonigan says it's God's place to judge, not hers. Father Lonigan offers to sit down with her and Fancy and try and help them heal this rift. HE says telling Luis the truth will only cause more pain and not help. She says fine, she won't tell Luis what Fancy did to her. She says her fight is with her sister, not him. She says Luis has suffered enough. Father Lonigan says she made the right decision. He says he needs to go be with Luis' family and friends. He then leaves. 

In the execution chamber, the warden announces Luis is about to be put to death, he asks if he has any final words? Luis says no, he's innocent of these charges. He says he's made peace with God and said goodbye to his loved ones. The warden says begin the execution. Pilar wonders if there is anyone who can save her son. Vincent says to himself no. Whitney shows up, she tells Theresa she's sorry it took her so long to get here. Whitney says this is all so wrong she knows. Whitney asks if she's seen her mom? The execution proceeds, the machines are turned on to administer the drugs. Luis looks at the glass, Sheridan and Fancy stand there crying. He says I love you. He's becoming weak, the sedative is knocking him out. Sheridan cries this is wrong, Luis is innocent! Sam says they have to control themselves or the warden will kick them out. Sheridan says this is wrong, Luis wasn't supposed to die. Sam asks what she means? Everyone keeps screaming this is wrong, Luis is innocent.

Julian is sitting with his head in his hands. Vincent is next to him taking notes. Chad shows up, Julian warns Vincent that Chad has been looking for him, he's convinced he set out to ruin his relationship with Whitney. Vincent says Chad will say anything to win Whitney back. Chad goes to Whitney, he doesn't want to upset her, but he wants to be here for Theresa. Whitney says somebody has to know he's innocent, she can't believe nobody has come forward. 

Eve is still trapped in the closet and banging on the door to be let out. She realizes she'll have to get herself out of here to save Luis. She says Vincent cost Grace her life, she won't make the same mistake twice. She says Luis won't die if she can help it. Eve says she can't live with herself if she doesn't try, Julian and Vincent be damned. She find some tools or something and begins working to break the lock. 

Later Eve gets out and into the execution chamber. She says stop this! She says Luis is innocent. She breaks into the execution chamber where Luis is to stop this. The warden wants Eve subdued. She grabs an electric shocker from a guard and stops the execution. She says Luis is innocent and they need to back off. Everyone is shocked by her behavior. The warden wants Sam to stop her. Sam doesn't have a choice, saying Eve could be shot if he doesn't do something. Sam talks to Eve saying she can't do this. Eve says she can't not do this, Grace would be alive if she had done the right thing. Eve says Luis is alive, he's only knocked out. Sam tells Eve she'll be in a lot of trouble for this. Eve tells Sam to just trust her. She unhooks Luis from the machine.

Simone soon shows up and finds out what is going on. Simone wants to see Luis dead and in hell. Kay tells her that he's not dead, her mom is trying to save Luis. Simone asks why? He killed Rae. Kay says Eve said she's innocent and is trying to save him. Whitney goes to Simone, she says they have something to tell her. Whitney says mom and Julian found their son, and it's Vincent. Simone says but wait, Chad was sleeping with his nephew? Whitney says yes and they suspect Vincent knew all along. Whitney says they haven't had a chance to talk to Vincent yet. She asks why Vincent is even here?

In the chamber, Eve announces that Luis is coming to. Luis thinks he's in heaven and Eve is dead too. She says he's not dead, he's alive and will be okay. They all say they thought they were going to lose him, they are so glad he is alive. The warden tells Eve that Luis was sentenced to death and it must be carried out. He demands another doctor to continue with the execution. Eve says no, he's innocent. The other doctor begins inserting the IV back in as Eve is grabbed by a guard. Sam wants to hear what Eve has to say. Sam asks Eve how she knows how Luis is innocent. Vincent and Julian are watching, Julian hopes Eve lies. Eve says she should have come forward earlier, but she was weak. She says she was swayed to keep quite, but she won't let Luis die for someone else's crimes. She says she knows Luis didn't kill anyone. Simone asks her mom who killed Rae? Eve points at Vincent and says her son with Julian is the guilty one. She says Vincent admitted everything to her. Simone runs out and begins attacking Vincent! She asks how he could kill Rae when she loved her. Vincent breaks free and says that is why he did it! He says Rae made her happy and he wanted her to suffer how he suffered his whole life. She says that isn't her fault. He says she and Whitney had everything, he didn't. He says she and Whitney both had to pay. Simone says he's sick and attacks him again. Sam has the guards detain Vincent. Noah tells Simone that Vincent will get what is coming to him. Sam asks Eve if she is sure about this? She says Vincent confessed recently. Theresa asks why she didn't come forward sooner? She knows she should have, but she felt so guilty about her son being taken. They say that was Alistair's doing. Eve says but he was her baby, she should have protected him better. She says she failed him, he was shuffled from one home to another. Eve says she felt like she owed him, she had to protect him. She says Julian didn't want anyone to know that a Crane was also a murderer. Fancy is furious with Julian, but Julian says he is his son. Pilar slaps Julian saying at least Eve came forward, but he was going to watch her son die! Julian says Vincent has problems and he was protecting him. 

Father Lonigan shows up, he learns from Ivy what is going on. Father Lonigan leaves as Ivy walks in as Pilar is arguing with Julian. Pilar tells Eve she can't believe she didn't come forward the minuet she knew the truth. Eve says she's sorry, she just felt so guilty and Vincent has such problems. Pilar says he's a murderer. Eve knows there is no excuse, she betrayed everyone. Gwen says she did come forward and did the right thing. Ivy says not Julian, this is a record low even for him. Julian reminds her that Grace's blood is still on her hands. Chad says he never revealed this, but Vincent was the one who tried to kill Whitney that time at the courthouse. He didn't want their relationship exposed, he says Vincent is evil. Vincent says he may have been the devil, but Chad couldn't get enough of him. Simone asks what kind of monster he is? Vincent says Eve is the monster, she convinced herself that he died, that he was a mistake and was forgotten. He says Whitney and Simone got everything and he got nothing, well turnabout is fair play. Chad tells Whitney that Vincent set them up, but Whitney says Chad didn't say no so it's not Vincent's fault their marriage is over. Whitney says there is no turning back. Simone hopes Vincent will be executed for what he did. Eve says Vincent has done more than commit murder and arson. Julian says please shut up. Eve says no, Eve reveals everything, that Vincent is the costumed blackmailer. Ethan so he's the one who forced Theresa to marry Jared and have his baby. Ethan says he's the one who chloroformed him and kidnapped him? Theresa says he's the one who shot Jared? Sam says he paid to have sex with Jessica? Fancy says Vincent is the one who tried to kill her? Ethan says he tried to burn him and Theresa alive? Everyone wants to kill him, but Sam says Vincent is his now. Vincent says Sam is older than he's used to, but he's still hot. Sam says funny. Sam arrests him for all the crimes. Vincent claims he did what he did because he was denied the lives they all have. Vincent screams at Julian to help him, he owes him that much! Julian says he'll do what he can. Julian then tells Eve when Vincent needed them most, he betrayed him. Gwen meanwhile wonders why they keep calling him their child and not their son. 

Pilar and Fancy help Luis out of the execution chamber. Simone apologizes to Luis for everything and how she's treated him. They then return to Sheridan's attempt to trying to kill Theresa. Theresa asks Sheridan how she could do it? Sheridan says Vincent made her, he was blackmailing her. Sheridan says Vincent is in love with Ethan, with Theresa gone he thought Ethan would love him. Sheridan reveals all, how if she would kill Theresa then he'd save Luis. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't lose Luis. Luis says she's already lost him, it's like she's turning into Alistair. He says he doesn't want to see her. Sam says he's placing her under arrest too. Theresa however says no. She says a lot has happened, Luis is alive and so is she. Sam says a crime has been committed. Theresa says she won't press charges, she only did it to save Luis. She says she understands going to extremes. Sam tells Sheridan not to leave town, this is up to the DA. Sam tells Julian and Eve they too are in trouble for withholding evidence. Fancy suggests to Luis they get him out of here. He says that sounds like a great idea. He thanks everyone for sticking by him. Sheridan ends up running off as Fancy and Luis kiss.

Father Lonigan goes to the chapel in the prison to pray for thanks that Luis is alive. He prays that peace will return to Harmony, that loved ones can be together and rejoice. Suddenly one of the statues comes to life and talks to Father Lonigan. They say his prayers have not been answered, there will not be peace or happiness in Harmony. The statue says the worst isn't over, more evil will follow. 

Meanwhile Pretty is still in the hall. She runs into Sheridan, who begs her to go tell Luis what a horrible person Fancy is. Pretty says Luis is alive? Sheridan says yes, she needs to tell Luis the truth and help her get Luis back.


August 10, 2007

At the prison, Pretty is still with Sheridan. Sheridan explains what happened to Pretty, how the real killer was Vincent and he was arrested. She says Luis is alive and free. Sheridan says Fancy should pay for her crimes as well as Vincent. Pretty can't believe she has a half-brother who is a murderer. Sheridan says Alistair has killed many, blood lust runs in the family, look what Fancy did to her. Sheridan tells Pretty that she has to tell Luis the truth. Pretty tells Sheridan that she's decided not to tell Luis. She says Father Lonigan made her realize it was wrong to hurt Luis. Sheridan says that is when he was to be executed, now he should know who he's going to be stuck with for life. Pretty still thinks she shouldn't tell Luis. Sheridan says she must, Luis couldn't hurt someone who could hurt someone else. Sheridan says they should go home, but Fancy never wants to see the mansion again. Sheridan says she can stay at the cottage with her.

At the Cane mansion, Luis is with Fancy. He can't believe he is finally free. Pilar is with them, they say this is a miracle. Luis thinks the truth will all come out. He's glad they both believed in him. Fancy says she's ashamed that he doubted him early on. He says there is nothing to forgive and no more talk of that, he loves her. She says she loves him too. Luis thinks they should celebrate. He decides to go get some champagne. Pilar tells Fancy now that Luis is free and they will be getting married, she should tell him about Pretty. Pilar says don't let him find out the truth from someone else. She says Pilar is right, she'll tell him the truth. They hug, Luis returns with the champagne and is glad to see them getting along so well. Luis asks Pilar to stay and have a drink. She says she will. Luis pops open the champagne. Fancy proposes a toast to miracles and second chances, new beginnings, truth and what happens next, which will be the best to come. Luis says this moment is truly amazing for him. Pilar says the truth really does set them free.

Later Luis talks to Pilar. She's going to mass tomorrow to thank God for sparing him and his sister. Luis is still stunned about what Sheridan did. Pilar says she was shattered to lose him to Fancy, she has changed. Luis says she was the love of his life, how could he have been so wrong about her. He asks how he could hurt anyone who'd try and kills his own sister. Pilar says it's not him, it's Sheridan. Fancy walks in as Luis says he couldn't love anyone who would hurt someone else. He goes off on how what Sheridan did is like what Beth did, anyone who hurts anyone else doesn't deserve to be loved. Luis gets a call from the governor, thinking he's calling to apologize. He leaves to take the call. Fancy tells Pilar how she can't tell Luis the truth, he will never forgive her. 

Later Luis and Fancy go back to her room. He says this is much better than his prison cell. He knows he owes her so much. He says he loves her and they are great together. She says as great as him and Sheridan were? Luis says better. They tell one another they love each other. They then kiss. 

Sheridan and Pretty show up outside the mansion. Pretty still doesn't want to do this. Sheridan keeps telling Pretty to stop playing the victim and fight back. Pretty doesn't like the idea of hurting Luis to get back at Fancy. Sheridan says she's tired of being the victim, she's fighting back too. She says when Fancy stole Luis from her, she vowed not to be a victim, she will fight for Luis and win him back. Sheridan says they can't be victims anymore, they have to stand up for what they want. Pretty asks if Luis will actually take her back? Sheridan thinks he will, if she tells Luis what Fancy did to her. Sheridan tells Pretty to do to Fancy what she did to her, ruin her life! Pretty says she'll do it, she'll tell Luis right now. Pretty storms off, and Sheridan says she'll be there to help Luis pick up the pieces. She says Luis will be hers again. 

Vincent is in jail. Eve is let into his cell to see him. She says she knows he's furious, but she couldn't let an innocent man die. He says he's not surprised, she couldn't get rid of him as a baby and now that he's back, she has gotten rid of him . He says she wants to bury his truth along with her own. He tells her to go to hell. He says he did what he did to make a point, the real crime was her letting him go as a baby. He tells her to just go, Father will hire the best lawyer he can to get him off. Eve says blaming her won't do any good. She says she did what she did because she loves him. She begs Vincent not to shut her out. Vincent says it's too late. He also says it's her word against his that he confessed. Eve says Sam will prove it. Vincent thought Eve had done her worst when she abandoned him, well he was wrong, she's trying to make sure her problem child dies.

Later Dr. Wilson shows up. Eve introduces Dr. Wilson to Vincent in hopes she can help get him out of this mess. He says no thanks to her, she is putting him to death. Dr. Wilson did not know the patient was Eve's son. Vincent says Eve is trying to get rid of him, that is why he's here. Eve says she doesn't want to get rid of him, she wants to help him. Vincent says she's not just saying that. She says no. He pretends to go to hug her, but ends up chocking her! Dr. Wilson does some Vulcan neck grip on him to get Vincent off Eve. He says that hurt! She says he left her no choice, now simmer down! Vincent says don't tell him what to do. She says she's trying to help him avoid prison or worse, work with her or he'll end up on a table with a needle in his arm. Eve begs Vincent to do as Dr. Wilson says. Dr. Wilson thinks they can get him off based on what she knows and has seen. Vincent thinks he will be put on death row. Dr. Wilson doesn't think so, she's handled cases like his before. Dr. Wilson says Eve called her as she is the best. Vincent says he doesn't have anywhere else to go so he guesses he'll listen to her. Dr. Wilson says Vincent feels he does not live in every day life, he feels out of synch, out of touch, out of step. He hates it and he hates himself. She says the other children knew he felt he was different, they teased him and taunted him. Vincent says he felt out of place his whole life. She imagines he considered suicide. Vincent says he has. Eve cries her poor baby. Dr. Wilson feels there is hope for him. He isn't sure he knows what hope is. Dr. Wilson says he'll learn. Eve says she'll help too. Vincent says there are possibly more charges coming. Dr. Wilson says with her help he can be found innocent because of insanity, and in lieu of prison he'll get help. Vincent asks his mom if this can work? She cries she does. She thinks Dr. Wilson can give him the answers he's looking for and wants. Vincent says okay, he'll do it. Eve hugs him and says thank you. He cries thank you mommy! She says she loves him.

At her room at the mansion, Gwen decides to call her new man and see how he's doing. Rebecca shows up and asks Gwen where she disappeared to in that prison? Gwen says she got side tracked with Luis' execution. She explains that Luis was saved. Rebecca says this sounds like that fabulous soap that is going to DirecTV! Gwen says she already signed them up for it. She asks where Rebecca went? Rebecca says she convinced the inmate not to tell Ethan the truth in her own ways. Gwen says she seriously did it through the bars? Rebecca says now she knows why it's called cold steel. Later Gwen tells her about Vincent being Eve and Julian's long lost son and why he did what he did. Rebecca is actually speechless, she says her brain is on overload here at the thought that Vincent wants Ethan. She asks if gay has been put in the drinking water, has everyone gone homo? Gwen says Sheridan actually made a deal with Vincent and tried to electrocute Theresa, but she accidentally saved Theresa. Rebecca asks why she'd do a stupid thing like that? Gwen says hello she almost died too! Rebecca tells Gwen now is the time to nuke Theresa's plans to marry Ethan. Gwen won't rush this, and she gets her to agree by threatening to withhold booze from her! Gwen knows their wedding day is the day she wants to drop the bomb on Theresa. Rebecca says sometimes staying the course can be disastrous, but Gwen says this is how it will go. They soon hear Theresa and Ethan making love in the room next-door. Rebecca tells her to strike while the iron is hot before it's too late. 

Ethan and Theresa are back in her room. Ethan is still convinced he already saw Luis executed, but whatever. Theresa says she would have been there if Sheridan hadn't tried to kill her. Ethan thinks it was nice of her not to have Sheridan arrested. Theresa says she claims it was to save Luis' life, if she was backed into a corner she doesn't know what she'd do. Ethan says she wouldn't kill anyone. Theresa says she did try and kill Alistair. Ethan remembers the poisoned guacamole well. Ethan says they are free and soon they will get married. Theresa asks Ethan what is wrong now? He says that is just it, nothing is wrong. Ethan says there is one loose end that needs to be fixed. He gets down on one knee. He says he gave her the ring, but he hasn't given her a real proposal. He asks Theresa to marry him. Theresa says she'd love to marry him. She however doesn't want to wait to marry him, she wants to elope. She says she doesn't need a big wedding, she just wants it to be them and the kids. She wants to sneak off and get married without anyone else knowing. Ethan can't believe she doesn't want a big wedding. Theresa says she just wants to elope. He says that is what they'll do. Theresa says one thing, do they still get a honeymoon? Ethan doesn't know if there will be time to plan a honeymoon with the wedding expedited. However he will make it up to her. He'll show her how, they begin to make love. 

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