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3rd Week of August  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



August 13, 2007
At Tabitha's, Norma and Enda are lounging in chairs dressed in Roman garb. They have all sorts of food in front of them. They call their slave boy, in walks Spike who is only wearing a loin cloth. They demand foot rubs and for him to feed them grapes. He's not done moping the floor though and says he has to do everything else they want him to do. They demand he feed them first. Tabitha and Endora show up, Tabitha is laughing. They force him to recite lines from "Spartacus" and laugh. Spike says this isn't fair, this is kidnapping. Tabitha says this is what he gets for trying to kill them all. She says she could throw him in the basement or have Chief Sam come over and arrest him. Spike says no! Tabitha then demands Spike clean her chimney. He goes to do it, all the suet falls in on him.

At the Bennett's, Noah. Jessica, Kay, Miguel and Simone sit around talking about what a night they have all had, how they are so happy Luis is free. Jessica wonders where Paloma is? Noah says she said she had to go to the station to do work with Sam. Sam and Paloma then show up. Sam is looking serious. He asks Jessica to stand. She does, he then arrests her for all the murders!  Everyone tells him that he can't do this. Sam has no choice. He says all the evidence, at the hotels and at the mass grave point to her. Simone says but the piece of mirror had Spike's print on it. Sam says one print doesn't balance out the hair, finger prints and saliva they have from Jessica. Sam has no choice. Kay panics and realizes she has to do something. She freezes everyone so she can think. She decides to go to Tabitha for help and uses magic to transport herself there.

Kay arrives at Tabitha and tells her that she needs her help. Tabitha says she can see that! Kay has brought herself as well as everyone else over! They don't understand how they got here. Tabitha has Endora freeze them all. Tabitha lectures Kay about using her magic, now she'll have to cast a spell to make them all forget this. Spike walks into the room, Kay is furious. She tells Tabitha how her dad arrested Jessica for the murders and she's sure Spike did them. Tabitha says well have Sam arrest Spike too, they'll figure it out. Kay says no, the evidence is all pointing to Jessica. Norma says make him confess. Tabitha thinks that's a good idea. Kay says yes, she decides to cast a spell. Tabitha says don't, but Kay won't listen. She casts a spell to make Spike confess. However after he confesses, Noah, Miguel, Simone, Pilar, Jessica and even Sam himself all confess as well. Endora freezes them all again. Kay doesn't know what to do and takes them all back to her house.

Back at the Bennets, everyone is confused, weren't they just at Tabitha's? Kay thought she brought Spike over with her, but she didn't. She begs her dad not to arrest Jessica. Sam takes the cuffs off of Jessica and says he won't. He puts them on Kay and says she's under arrest as he knows she is the real killer! Sam says all the evidence points to Kay!

Sheridan is dragging Pretty through the halls at the mansion. Pretty still isn't sure doing this is right, but Sheridan keeps reminding her of her scar, how nobody will ever love her because of it so don't let Fancy be loved either. Pretty says okay, she'll tell Luis. They bang on Fancy's door and walk in. However nobody is there! They don't understand. As Pretty looks around, she remembers she spent a lot of time in here growing up. Sheridan says yes, it's so much bigger than her room, and don't forget the Princess room Fancy has too. Pretty sees a bottle of perfume on the dresser. She is touched Fancy still has this. We see a flashback. Fancy was home sick with mono. She couldn't go with Pretty and Ivy on a shopping trip to Paris. When they returned, Pretty came up to check on her. She wished Fancy could have come as it would have been so much more fun. She did get her something. She got her a special perfume, her own unique scent of citrus and musk. Fancy loved it. Pretty also brought her back Parisian pastries, which they ate up. Sheridan sees Pretty is once again thinking of not telling Luis. Again she reminds her of how ugly she is, how she will be alone. Pretty agrees to tell Luis, but where are they? Sheridan calls Crane security and learns they are at the pool. She also learns she has a guest at the cottage. Sheridan tells Pretty she'll meet her at the pool later.

Luis and Fancy are in bed, but later in the pool house. It turns out they weren't really in bed, but on a lounge chair/day bed thing in the pool house. (This was done to make us thing Pretty and Sheridan walked in on them in their room). Later they take a swim in the pool together. Luis thanks her for always being there and supporting him, promising her he'll always be there for her. He says nothing could ever make him turn on her. Fancy glances over at the pool chemicals by the side of the pool and remembers the accident. Fancy suggests they rest up a bit on the day bed. They lay down and seem to fall asleep. Pretty walks in and sees them together on the bed. She pulls Fancy's foot. Fancy wakes up, but is in a dream. She and PRetty are younger, Pretty asks Fancy to come for a swim. They go for a swim, but Fancy knows this is just a dream. She wishes they could be this close again, like they were before the accident. Pretty says you mean when you did this! She shows Fancy her scar. Fancy wakes up and sees Pretty standing there. Pretty says did she have a bad dream? Fancy tells Pretty she can't be here. Pretty says she's here to tell Luis everything! Luis soon wakes up, he meets Pretty. He says he's heard a lot about her. Pretty then shows him her scar asking if he heard what Fancy did to her. Luis is shocked, she did that to her own sister? Fancy wakes up AGAIN . . . yup multiple dreams going on. She wakes up and once again Pretty is standing there. Pretty again says she's here to tell Luis the truth. 

Sheridan goes to her cottage where Chris is! He's come to talk about James. She asks if he's okay? Chris says physically yes. He says James made her something at camp, a carving of a little boy and his mom. She says she misses him so much. Chris says he wouldn't know because of all those cards and phone calls. She says she's sorry, she has just been busy. She never meant to hurt either of them. Chris wonders if he ever loved her, or if she just fooled herself that she could love anyone other than Luis. Sheridan did want things to work, when she was with him she did think Luis was dead. She did think they'd all be together forever. Chris says so did James, and you know kids, he thinks it's his fault she left them. He says James has been distant, moody, silent. Sheridan wants to see him. Chris says not now, maybe soon. He says he will call her when he feels James is ready to see her and arrange something. Chris leaves and Sheridan cries on her couch. Someone else shows up, Sheridan says not them, she can't see them right now.

Ethan and Theresa are in bed discussing eloping that very night when Gwen barges in on them! Gwen says she's sorry, but Little Ethan woke up from a nightmare and is asking for Ethan. She thought he'd want to know, she knows he doesn't like when people keep things about Little Ethan from him. Ethan puts on a robe and goes to check on him. Theresa asks Gwen what game she's playing here? Gwen says don't worry, she won't tell Ethan the truth. However as Pilar always says, secrets do come out. Theresa says she's not dumb, she knows she has to tell Ethan the truth. She will, and they'll work through it. Gwen says she's insane, Ethan will hate her. Gwen says Theresa's problem is she never learns from her mistakes. She assures Theresa Ethan will hate her when he learns he's Little Ethan's father. Ethan walks in at this point saying what? Gwen of course covers, saying they were talking about how Little Ethan thinks of him as his father and Ethan feels the same about him, that's all. Theresa tells Gwen if that is all. Gwen says she'll be going. As she is leaving, she hears Ethan tell Theresa they should get a move on it. Gwen asks if they are going somewhere? Ethan thinks there is no harm in telling her. He says he and Theresa are eloping! Gwen tells herself no way will she let Theresa and Ethan be happy.


August 14,  2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha realizes if Kay is right then the only way to save Jessica is to send Spike to jail. Edna and Norma don't want to lose their slave boy. Spike is frozen, he can't hear them. Tabitha says she as grown fond of the silly little ninny Jessica. Edna unfreezes Spike by pinching his butt. She and Norma then start sending him to work. They want him to put suntan lotion on them, but he says there is no sun? Norma says this is magic central! Endora conjures up a beach in the living room. Spike begs Tabitha to get him out of this, but they want him to start rubbing the lotion on them. Tabitha tells Spike he won't go anywhere until Kay figures out how to get him arrested for the murders of those men.

At the Bennett's, Sam has arrested Kay for all the murders. Kay says she's been framed! She says she's not the murderer, this is magic and it's gotten twisted around. Simone says Kay is lying and living in a fairy tale. Kay says Spike is the murderer, but they don't know who Spike is. Kay tries to zap herself to Tabitha's, but zaps herself all around the living room. Miguel says she's the devil. Sam says they need an exorcist. Kay runs off as everyone chases her.

Back at Tabitha's, Tabitha sees Kay is on her way here with everyone else following her, the jig must be up for Spike. Kay runs in begging Tabitha to help her. Sam says Kay is under arrest for the murders and for being a witch. Tabitha asks if they don't want to arrest Spike? Sam asks who Spike is? Tabitha says Jessica's husband. Sam sees Spike and finally remembers him. Tabitha says he has to arrest Spike, not Kay. Spike is trying to escape as Tabitha explains what happened. Jessica remembers he buried her alive too. Tabitha tells Sam to arrest Spike. Edna says good luck, Spike is gone. Kay realizes he escaped. Sam demands to know what the hell is going on? Kay turns to Endora, who zaps them all and erases their memory. Everyone however wonders how they got here and what is going on. Sam only remembers going home to arrest Jessica. Simone remembers they were having snacks. Jessica tells her dad that she doesn't remember anything about the murders. Simone says Spike did them all, but Paloma says they can't prove it. Kay says if they find Spike and make him confess then it will be fine. Sam says he only knows what he was ordered to do, that was to arrest Jessica. Sam arrests her again. Kay thinks she's back where she started. She tells Tabitha they have to find Spike and make him confess. Tabitha asks Endora to please bring Spike back, she does. Sam catches him and asks what he's wearing? Spike is still in the slave boy get-up. Endora zaps him back into regular clothes and out of his slave boy uniform. Everyone is confused at that. Sam says he only had one drink at dinner. Paloma goes to arrest Spike, but he grabs Jessica and holds a letter opener to her throat. He says he's getting out of here, this house is a freak show and Sam should arrest Tabitha. He demands Endora and Tabitha to twitch their noses and get him out of here. Tabitha tells Sam to shoot him or something. Spike says he won't shoot him when he might hit his daughter. Kay decides to try and make Spike confess again, but Edna and Norma are hit by her spell and say they are guilty. Norma says she steals candy from baby's, Edna says she steals playgirls. They keep confessing all their crimes. Tabitha says enough enough, she turns to Endora for help. Endora zaps Spike, who finally confesses. He confesses to killing the johns and planting the evidence. He cries he's going to get the chair. Sam then arrests Spike. Sam tells Jessica it's over, he hopes she can forgive him. She says there is nothing to forgive. Sam says she's safe now and they'll never let her go. Tabitha thinks she's going to be casting forgetful spells all night after this. Noah meanwhile tells Paloma how proud he is of her, she makes him feel so safe. Spike meanwhile says they have the wrong guy, he's innocent. Sam tells him to shut his mouth. Sam hopes Tabitha is okay, this must have been traumatic for her and Endora. Tabitha says they are tough cookies, he's glad they caught Spike. Sam asks Paloma to guard Spike, he'll take the others home and have a patrol car pick him up.

At the pool house, Fancy begs Pretty not to tell Luis. Pretty reminds her that Cranes don't beg. She says she will tell Luis. They soon realize Luis is gone, but Pretty says he'll be back. Pretty shows Fancy her scar and says no man will ever love her, she's in hell and Fancy will join her there. Fancy asks if there is nothing she can say to change her mind. How can one accident drive them so far apart. Pretty says it wasn't an accident. Fancy says it was, Pretty was chocking her and she grabbed whatever she could to make her stop. Fancy says she is sorry, but Pretty can't live her life mired in hatred in revenge. She asks if they can put this behind them, be sisters again. Pretty says she saw the bottle of perfume on her dresser, she was surprised she kept it. Fancy says it is one of her prized possessions, that gift made her feel included and loved. Pretty says in return she made her look like a flesh eating zombie. Pretty says they won't have a relationship, the only link they'll have is loneliness. Fancy again begs her not to tell Luis anything. She says please, pretty please? Fancy says her life doesn't have to be ruined, a man is out there that can see past the physical. Pretty says yeah, the phantom of the opera! Fancy grabs her as Pretty tries to leave, Pretty falls and hits her head. She thinks Fancy can't even stop herself can she! Fancy says it was an accident, she tripped over the chair. She gets up and slaps Fancy, saying that is a taste of what her future holds . . . nothing but pain. They soon end up in a cat fight! Pretty begins chocking and strangling Fancy all over the pool house.

At the cottage, someone comes in to see Sheridan. Sheridan says she can't talk to them now, please just leave them alone. It's Luis! He asks why she's so upset? She shows him what James made for her. She says she promised him and Chris they'd be a family, but she lost them. She lost them like she lost him. She asks why she couldn't have had that? Why couldn't she be happy? Sheridan apologizes, she knows so much has happened. She says she's just been reminded of everything she's lost, everything has gone to hell, this carving is a slap in the face reminding her of what she lost. Luis asks if she ever thought maybe she's the reason she lost so much? Sheridan says he really thinks she's that selfish? She says she knows her mistakes and she's not proud of what she did. He says like trying to kill my sister. Sheridan says she wasn't thinking straight, please forgive her. Luis says enough of this! He says she tried to kill Theresa, how could she abandon what she knows is right and wrong and do that. Sheridan says if she's punished then so be it, it can't be worse that how she feels now. Luis says that is up to Sam, but as far as he's concerned, forgiveness is a long way off. He says he did get another chance at life, so she should get one too. She hugs him and thanks him. He says she is sick, she needs professional help. He also says he loves Fancy and wants to marry her, he wants Sheridan to promise not to come between them. Sheridan says he and Fancy have her blessing. Luis says he should get back to the pool. Sheridan remembers Pretty was going to see Fancy there. Sheridan tells Luis she'll come with her and tell Fancy that she won't stand in their way again. Luis thinks that is a good first step.

Luis and Sheridan arrive at the pool and a woman is floating in it face down. It looks like Fancy. Luis jumps in to save her. Sheridan says to herself that Pretty didn't waste any time!

In Theresa's bedroom, Gwen has learned that Ethan and Theresa are eloping tonight. Gwen says well congratulations. Pilar and Rebecca show up, they want to know what is going on? Rebecca couldn't sleep so Pilar made her some flan. Gwen says they are eloping tonight! Gwen gives Ethan a little kiss and Theresa a hug. She hopes they get all they deserve. Pilar gives them a hug as well. Ethan decides to go get dressed. Rebecca asks Gwen why she's so happy? Meanwhile Pilar asks Theresa the same thing about Gwen. Theresa knows Gwen is up to something obviously. Gwen meanwhile tells her mom to relax, she knows just what she's doing. Rebecca is glad, she was frightened, she thought Gwen lost her mind again. Ethan meanwhile returns and says everyone is on vacation, he can't get anyone to get them a license or to marry them. Theresa thinks she can handle that. Gwen says this is their wedding night, she'll take care of everything. She says her father has connections, the Hotchkiss name will open up whatever doors they need. Theresa doesn't know, but Ethan accepts and says she's the best. Ethan says he'll owe her if she makes this happen. Gwen goes off to make some calls. She thinks she'll finally be able to stab Theresa in the back. Rebecca thinks she already did that. Ethan thanks Gwen again for this. He's proud of her, he knows he hasn't always treated her the best. Gwen says she wants what is best for him and wants him to be happy. Ethan thinks he will be. Later Rebecca fears Gwen is getting soft, she says she will still destroy Theresa won't she? Gwen doesn't know if she can do this, it may leave a black mark on her soul. Meanwhile Theresa tries to convince Ethan something is up with Gwen, but Ethan says she's moved on as they all need to. Ethan decides to go on a coffee run to help them keep them up.

Rebecca later brings Jane into see Gwen to remind her why she has to do this to Theresa. Rebecca reminds Gwen about Sarah, the daughter Theresa murdered. She says this is war and Ethan isn't innocent in this all either. Rebecca says this is why she wants revenge. Gwen says her mom is right and she will annihilate Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca take Jane to see Ethan, saying she was so excited she couldn't sleep. Rebecca thinks Jane must be happy her parents are finally getting legally married. Pilar tell her to shut up, but Rebecca says it is good news for her. Ethan takes Jane back to bed. Theresa confronts Gwen and asks what she's really up to? Gwen claims she's up to nothing, she won't stand in the way of Ethan being happy. However in the long run he will be hurt by her lies. She says her lies will destroy her marriage. Later Gwen tells Ethan it's all arranged. Ethan thanks her. Pilar meanwhile tells Theresa she doesn't like this. Theresa doesn't either. 


August 15, 2007
At Tabitha's, Paloma is guarding Spike. Noah is with her, they go outside to see if the patrol car has shown up. She says yell if spike tries anything. Spike is left with Tabitha, Edna, Norma and Endora. Tabitha asks the ladies to keep an eye on him as Tabitha takes Endora off to make tea. Spike tells Edna and Norma how sad it is the way things turned out, he was just getting into the slave boy thing. He offers them anything they want, he'll be all theirs if they take the cuffs off. He can't give them a massage with these on. He tries to convince them how beautiful and sexy they are. Edna yells for Paloma, Edna and Norma tell her how this sleaze was trying to bribe them. Edna says if Spike wants to be slave boy that he'll find some tricks in prison! A cop shows up to take Spike off. 

Tabitha makes everyone MarTimmies. Edna asks Noah and Paloma what is up with them, they never finished their wedding. Paloma says they will, what matters now is Luis is out of prison and Jessica is okay. Noah was hoping they could have finished the ceremony tonight. Endora wants to go to the wedding, Tabitha says she will. Paloma says maybe tomorrow, but Endora wants it tonight. She decides to use her magic to help Noah and Paloma.

Everyone soon finds themselves among the clouds. Tabitha and Endora are playing violins and cellos, they are all dressed up. Edna and Norma are dressed as waiters and Paloma and Noah, who are dressed to the nines, are dining at a table. Tabitha asks Endora where they are? Noah and Paloma think they are dreaming, but then again, they must be having the same dream. They wonder what this odd music is? They like it, but it's not their song. Paloma asks if they have a song? Noah says they should find one. The music changes, Noah and Paloma decide this will be their song. Noah and Paloma dance to it (I Only Have Eyes For You). Edna and Norma are dancing in the background too. When Paloma tells Noah about how she saw something similar to this in one of her bridal magazines, and how she loved the chocolate fountain they had at he reception, Endora conjures one up along with strawberries! They can't believe this. Edna tells Norma how nice it is that for a town that has been through so much grief there is still a bit of love remaining. Tabitha thinks Endora knows more about romance than she ought to. Endora says she learned it on DirecTV. Tabitha tells Endora she's proud of her, she made Noah and Paloma very happy. Paloma tells Noah that they may wake up from this dream, but they won't wake up from the one that will last a lifetime. They kiss. 

As Spike is taken to the station, Spike fakes some kind of heart attack. He kicks the cop, grabs the keys to the cuffs, unlocks himself, takes the gun and runs off.

At the mansion, Ethan thanks Gwen again for using her dad's contacts to help them with the elopement. Ethan asks Theresa if she thanked Gwen? Theresa thanks her. Gwen says the sooner they get going the sooner they can get married. Ethan says one more thing, he has a little surprise and runs off. Pilar tells Theresa she doesn't like this, how does she know Gwen won't tell Ethan? Theresa says she said she wouldn't, she doesn't trust her, but so far she has kept her mouth shut. Maybe she won't ell Ethan. Pilar was afraid Theresa was falling for Gwen's nice act. She says no, but she can't let Ethan know she doesn't believe Gwen. She feels something is going to happen, Gwen won't let her walk down the aisle. Ethan returns with his surprise, Little Ethan in a suit and Jane dressed up. Ethan says it didn't feel right to start their marriage without them. Ethan asks Pilar if she could bring the kids back home after the ceremony? She can't as she has to go to the church, she promised Father Lonigan. Gwen says she can. Ethan says Gwen has done so much already, but Gwen doesn't mind. Ethan invites Gwen to come with them to the wedding. Gwen says she doesn't want to intrude, but Ethan wants her there. He wants them to all have a clean slate and do this. Ethan says then she won't have to make a special trip to take the kids home. Rebecca tells Gwen this will work out beautifully. Ethan says it will be fun. She says okay. Gwen once again tells Rebecca she's having doubts, she doesn't know if she can go through with this plan. Rebecca tells her that she's come too far to quit now, Theresa is happy and in love, she thinks she's about to start her new life with the man she stole from her. Gwen once again agrees to do it, tonight is the night.

Ethan, Theresa, Pilar, Jane and Little Ethan arrive at the place they are eloping at. Pilar goes to find the Justice of the Peace. Ethan can't believe this is finally happening. Ethan says once she says I do he'll never let her go. Gwen and Rebecca walk in and see them kissing. Gwen says this won't last long, she's going to take away all her hopes and dreams.

Sheridan and Luis arrive at the pool house. They find a woman in the pool. Luis jumps in, thinking it is Fancy. Sheridan smiles and says Pretty doesn't waste time. Luis gets the woman out, it's not Fancy though. It's Pretty! Luis gives her CPR as Fancy returns begging Luis to save her. Sheridan says as if she wants that! Pretty comes too and spits the water out. Fancy called Eve, she's on her way. Pretty is unconscious. Sheridan asks what happened? Luis asks how she ended up in the pool? We see a flashback of their fight, but don't see how she got into the pool. Fancy says Pretty tripped and fell into the pool, she must have hit her head. Fancy says she tried to help her but couldn't, she ran to call Eve. Luis says if she had been in the water for a few more seconds then she would have drowned. Luis talks about how to be reunited with her sister like this, it would have been so tragic. Luis says he sees why they call her Pretty, she's beautiful. He asks why she left Harmony? Sheridan says it was a shame, to have things happen to her the way they did. Sheridan pulls back her hair and shows Luis the scar. Luis asks what happened to her face? Sheridan says it's horrible isn't it? Luis learns this is why she left Harmony. Sheridan asks if he can blame her? Luis says no, she was so beautiful. Sheridan says imagine growing up so beautiful and then becoming disfigured, it destroyed her life. Luis asks if she was in an accident? Sheridan says no, someone did this to her on purpose. Luis asks who would do that? What kind of monster would do this? Eve soon shows up to check on Pretty. Luis says she's fine, he gave her CPR. Eve says thank God Luis came along, Fancy called and said her sister was too heavy to get out. Eve checks on Pretty, Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis will find out she did this to him. Sheridan gets a call she has to take and leaves.

Sheridan gets a call from Spike. He says they need to talk. Sheridan says don't call her again. He says if she hangs up then she'll regret it. She asks what he wants? He says a little tit for tat. He says meet him and they'll discuss the details. He is on the grounds at the mansion. He says hurry and come meet him. 

Meanwhile Pretty finally comes to. Her head hurts, Eve thinks she must have hit it. Eve doesn't see a sign of concussion, but says she'll have to let her know if she has any headaches. Eve asks how she fell in? Pretty gives Fancy a look. Luis says Fancy says she tripped. Eve says she hears this all the time, how one moment of carelessness can cost a life. Eve gets a call and has to go return it. Luis says he'll take her to the library, it's private there. Pretty and Fancy are left alone. Pretty says wait until Luis hears that she tried to kill her! She can't wait till Luis finds out the truth. Fancy says she'll tell Luis it was an accident, Luis will believe her. Pretty says he won't after what happened today. Pretty screams she needs to talk to Luis. Fancy grabs her and muzzles her. She won't let Pretty do this. Pretty tells Fancy she comes across as a kind and loving sister, but that isn't who she is deep down. Pretty then yells to Luis again.

Spike and Sheridan meet at the mansion. Sheridan tells Spike he has to go, nobody can see them together. Spike says he got busted tonight, but escaped. She says he has to leave town. He says that is why he's here. He needs her help to get out of town. She says she's not about to risk helping him. He says even if he made it worth her while. She thinks he has nothing she wants him. He says he can get her the thing she wants the most, but she'll have to help him. He knows she's still in love with Luis and would risk anything to be with him. He also knows how much it tears her up that Luis is with Fancy. Spike says he can help her get him back. She doesn't believe him. Spike says he can make the impossible happen, if she gets him what he wants then he will treat her right. Suddenly Luis walks in on them together! He asks what is going on here?



August 16, 2007
Tabitha, Endora, Edna and Norma return home after their evening of dancing in the clouds, thanks to Endora. Tabitha says Endora is a romantic at heart doing that for Noah and Paloma. Norma says and for her and Edna. They've never danced like that, they decide to take ballroom dancing lessons. Endora says she loves to dance. She conjures up a record player playing the conga. They all decide to conga! Endora even zaps them all into Carmen Meringue like outfits to dance in. Soon they start a limbo contest. Enda limbos with her walker! Norma then limbos under the stick. They then say it's Tabitha's turn. She unfortunately falls right on her fanny! She says she thinks she threw her back out. They help Tabitha over to the couch. She says she hasn't thrown her back out this badly since she took on the Reverend Parish at the Salem Witch Trials. Norma tells Edna the way she talks creeps her out. Tabitha asks for the bag of fruit to be taken off her head. Endora zaps them all back to their regular clothes. Edna asks Tabitha if she can get her anything? Tabitha has muscle relaxers in the kitchen. Norma says she'll find them and get her a cup of tea. Tabitha says who would have though Norma could be so caring. Edna says she took care of her father for years. Tabitha remembers the skull she carried around. Edna says don't let Norma hear her speaking of daddy that way or it will set her off. Norma returns with the tea and some muscle relaxers. She couldn't find Tabitha's pills, but she has her own brand. Norma spikes her tea with moonshine! Norma says it always cures what ails you. Tabitha thanks her and hiccups. Endora wants to dance some more, but Tabitha says not tonight. Edna asks Endora what else she'd like to do? Endora wants to look at pictures, so Edna gets a photo album out. They all decide to look through it. They look at photos of Timmy, Norma says she remembers him. They find a photo of Norma with her axe. Norma thinks that is so sweet to keep a photo of her back in the day, remember the fun they used to have? Tabitha says she does! Norma says she's changed, Edna says she's about family values now. Norma does remember how they used to mix it up though, those were good times. Norma looks at her hatchet and wonders if she should find some poor unsuspecting souls and see if she still has it. Tabitha asks Endora for a favor and whispers to her. Endora uses her magic to turn Norma's axe into rubber. 

At the mansion, Spike is telling Sheridan how he can help her get Luis back. She doesn't believe him. He says the Spikeman is a versatile fellow, he makes things happen, that is what he does. He says if she helps him get out of town, she'll give him what she wants. Luis catches them together and asks what is going on, what is she doing with him? Sheridan says this looks bad, but she can explain. Luis says he heard her, she offered to help him escape! He says this man is a killer, he kidnapped and buried Jessica alive. Sheridan says she wasn't going to help him. Luis says she didn't say no. He asks if they know each other? Spike tries to run, but Luis grabs him. Luis says call for backup. She doesn't, Luis asks what she's waiting for? Sheridan tells Spike to stop it and leave Luis alone, she punches him! He falls down, Luis ties him up with a phone cord. He says Spike will go away for a very long time.

Spike is taken away again, this time his ankles were cuffed to make sure he won't escape. Luis wants answers. Why did Spike expect her to help him? Why didn't she call for backup when he asked? She says she was just so terrified. Luis says she should be terrified of him. He wonders if he hadn't interrupted them, would she have helped him. She says no, but if she had, it would have been for Luis. She says Spike claimed if she helped him escape that he'd give her him back. Sheridan says she wants that so much. Luis says they are over and have been over. Sheridan says no, how can he say that. She says they bonded again after all they lost, like Marty. Luis says it is over! Sheridan says she won't let it be. Luis says their son is dead, she thought he was dead. He says she tried to recapture them with Chris and James. Sheridan says she lost them because she can't stop loving him. She thinks they can be happy together. She says they are soul mates. Luis says what they had was wonderful, but he doesn't know her anymore. She says he loves her, but he says he loved her. He says he doesn't understand her, he never thought he'd say it, but it's like she's a real Crane like Alistair and Julian. He says she managed to go to the dark side. He says she tried to kill Theresa. He says the Crane money and power went to her head. He says it was always in her and finally came to the surface. HE says Fancy avoided it, but Sheridan says if he only knew. He says enough. He says he has to go, it's over. Luis leaves and Sheridan damns Fancy! She says Luis is in a for a big surprise about Fancy. She says he doesn't know Fancy at all, she's more of a Crane than any of them. She says soon Luis will see the dark side of Fancy. 

At the pool house, Pretty screams for Luis, but Fancy stops her. Pretty thinks Fancy tried to kill her again. Fancy says she didn't, she tripped and fell in the pool. Pretty says another accident like her scar? She says Luis won't believe her. Pretty keeps screaming to Luis for help. Fancy tells her to shut up, but Pretty wants the world to know what she did to her. Fancy says she didn't do anything. Eve shows up and finds them fighting. She asks why they are arguing? Pretty says Fancy is still trying to kill her, but Fancy says that is a lie. Pretty says she was about to tell Luis that Fancy is responsible for her scar. She says Fancy would kill her before letting her tell Luis what a monster she is. Eve says this fighting needs to stop, it isn't helping anyone. Eve asks to see Pretty's scar and see how it has healed. Pretty says nothing has changed even after all the plastic surgeries. Pretty says nothing can be done for it and Fancy keeps saying it was an accident. Fancy says it was, but Pretty thinks Fancy did this to keep all the boys to herself. Eve thought Fancy was going to tell Luis? Fancy says she can't, he won't forgive her. Pretty says so she admits she did it on purpose. Fancy says no. Eve says secrets always come out. Fancy knows she should tell Luis, and she swears it was an accident. Eve says then tell him. Fancy is just afraid Luis will hate her. Pretty says he will hate her, as much as she hates her. Pretty says all those years of surgeries, trying to find someone to make her normal again, all she thought about was getting revenge. She says Fancy has to pay for what she did, she ruined her life. Luis returns as Pretty says it's all Fancy's fault. He asks what is Fancy's fault?

At the Justice of the Peace's, Ethan and Theresa kiss. They can't believe this is finally going to happen. Gwen and Rebecca watch. Rebecca can't take this, is she going to tell Ethan? Gwen says no, she wants to wait till they get to the I do part. Pilar returns with the kids. She found the Justice of the Peace, who just got here. Little Ethan asks if that means Uncle Ethan will be his daddy? Theresa says yes. The Justice of the Peace finally shows up. He has paper work for them to sign, which they do. The Justice of the Peace suggests they get started. Gwen finally says wait, they can't start yet, they aren't ready! Gwen says she needs a wedding dress, she ordered her one and it is here now. Gwen says she'll help her go change. Ethan says that is sweet of her. Gwen says let's go! They head off, Whitney soon shows up. She just got the message about the wedding. Whitney asks where Theresa is? Pilar says changing into her dress. Whitney thinks she must be excited. Pilar says she is, it is about time this happened. Ethan and Pilar bring Whitney up to speed on everything Gwen has done. Rebecca leaves to find Theresa and let her know it's time. Whitney tells Pilar she finds Rebecca and Gwen being here strange, something is not right. 

In another room, Theresa is in her dress. Gwen says she looks beautiful. Theresa thanks her. She says good thing it is off white given this is what, her forth marriage. Gwen says todays bride can wear whatever she wants. Theresa asks Gwen if she is sure she's not telling Ethan the truth? Gwen says she said she wouldn't, she of course has her fingers crossed. Theresa says she has to be the one to tell him, if he finds out from someone else it would destroy him and the two of them. Gwen understands. Gwen gives her her bouquet and asks if she's ready? To herself Gwen says ready for the worst night of your life? Rebecca shows up and tells Theresa she looks very pretty. Gwen brought her camera to document every moment. Rebecca says good thinking! Theresa says she should get going. Rebecca says go on, they'll be right there.

Gwen and Rebecca stay behind to talk. Theresa wonders maybe she is being paranoid and Gwen won't tell Ethan the truth. Gwen and Rebecca talk, Gwen assures her mom she's waiting for the perfect moment to drop the bomb on Ethan and Theresa. Gwen says Ethan won't believe it at first, but soon he will realize it is true and he will hate her. Whitney is spying, she hears what they are planning. 

Meanwhile back in the chambers, Ethan is talking to Little Ethan about how the wedding will go, Little Ethan is giving his mom away. Theresa shows up, Ethan thinks it means they are about to start. The Justice of the Peace asks again if they should begin? Whitney then comes in and says wait! Whitney says she's sorry, but she has to talk to Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca are back at this point wondering what is going on now. Whitney and Theresa go to the hall, Theresa warns Theresa what she overheard, Gwen and Rebecca are going to ruin it! Theresa asks if she's sure? Whitney is. Theresa doesn't know what to do. Theresa says she needs Whitney's help. Theresa says this isn't how she wants Little Ethan to know the truth about his father. Whitney thinks she has to tell Ethan the truth, her time is up. Gwen shows up and asks what is going on, her groom is waiting. Theresa says she'll be right there. Gwen says this is the moment they've all been waiting for. Theresa wonders how she stops Gwen. Whitney says she can't.


August 17, 2007
At the pool house, Pretty tells Fancy . . .  Sheridan . . . any of them to tell Luis the truth. Sheridan knows she can't tell Luis without looking like she has it in for Fancy. Eve suddenly gets a call that interrupts them. She says she'll be there right away. She says she's sorry but she has to go. She then warns Fancy that secrets always come out. Eve leaves, Luis asks what is going on. What does Pretty blame Fancy for? Pretty says her scar! Fancy claims she understands how Pretty feels, but Pretty says she has no idea. Pretty tells Fancy how she doesn't even have a blemish on her face, Fancy has a great man and she has none. Pretty says she has not been on a date since this happened. Luis thinks he gets it, he thinks Pretty blames Fancy for still being beautiful when she's not. Sheridan says to herself "Oh so wrong!" He says don't blame Fancy, accidents happen. Pretty says it was no accident. Luis asks what happened. Pretty says she will tell him. Fancy says it's already been such a long day though. Pretty says she's telling Luis and no one will stop her. Luis tells Pretty how they should try and act like adults here. He suggests she put the anger of what happened behind her. Pretty says she won't be able to. She says she had a best friend once, like a sister to her. Pretty says a boy liked her more than her friend, she got jealous, they got into a fight. Pretty says when she defended herself, the girl grabbed pool chemicals and threw them in her face. As Pretty tells Luis, we see her version of the flashback. Luis says wow, what kind of monster would do that. Petty says Fancy did it! Fancy says no. Pretty says Fancy is the monster who scarred her for life! 

At Tabitha's, Kay gets a call and tells Miguel that Whitney just called, Ethan and Theresa are eloping. Miguel decides to call Pilar, only to learn she's with them. Miguel asks if he can talk to Theresa and congratulate her. Pilar says it's not a good time. Pilar hangs up, saying she has to go. Miguel can't believe he's going to miss this. Kay thinks she can use her magic to get them down there. She casts a spell, which only messes up. She and Miguel end up dressed in old fashion wedding clothes. Later Kay is back in her regular clothes (due to interruptions I don't know what happened). Miguel is gone. she tries to use her magic again. She asks the magic bowel to come to her, it does. She looks in it and sees the wedding is about to begin. She casts a spell to try and delay the wedding so she and Miguel can get there. Her spell hits the Justice of the Peace! Miguel returns, he was taking a shower. Kay casts another spell, using the bowl as a portal. This spell works and transports them to the wedding. 

At the Justice of the Peace's office, Gwen asks Theresa what is going on? Theresa is with Whitney and Pilar, she claims they are doing a group prayer thing and they will be right there. Pilar tells Theresa that she has to tell Ethan the truth, she has no choice. Chad shows up, having gotten Ethan's message. He asks if he can help? Theresa then comes up with a plan. They huddle as she explains it. 

Whitney and Chad go back into the chambers. Whitney begins talking to Chad about how Theresa locked herself in the bathroom, she needs help. Gwen and Rebecca hear and follow, she won't let this stop her revenge.

At the bathroom, Pilar tells Chad how Theresa can't unlock the door. Whitney, Rebecca and Gwen show up. Rebecca just happens to have a lockpick set on her. She goes to work picking the lock. Rebecca finds the door is unlocked. Whitney pushes them in and they lock Gwen and Rebecca in the bathroom! 

Theresa goes back to the chambers and is ready for the wedding to begin. Pilar lets Ethan know they are finally ready. Ethan asks what the pounding noise is? Pilar claims it sounds like someone is changing a tire. Ethan thinks they should help, but Pilar says they should just get married. He asks where Gwen and Rebecca are? She says preparing the reception for them. Ethan wants to wait, but Pilar says Theresa is ready now. Theresa walks in with Little Ethan. 

The wedding begins, but Kay's spell hits the Justice of the Peace. He coughs and then talks in gibberish. They wonder if he's okay? Is he having a stroke? Miguel and Kay suddenly arrive, Miguel has no idea how they got here. He's sure they were just at Tabitha's, but Kay says no they weren't.  The Justice of the Peace suddenly gets his voice back. Ethan asks Miguel to be his best man as Chad seems to have vanished somewhere. Miguel wishes he saw Theresa walk down the aisle, so Ethan suggests they do it all again. They play the music and Theresa leaves to walk back in. 

Rebecca and Gwen are still locked up, Whitney and Chad are guarding them. Rebecca says she'll tell the whole world that Chad is gay if he doesn't let them out. Chad says he's not gay, shut up! Whitney talks to Chad about how Theresa is doing what he did, going into a marriage with secrets and lies. Chad says what Vincent did . . . . She says don't blame Vincent. She says yes he targeted them, but he chose to keep seeing Vincent and lied about it. She says he tore their marriage apart, not Vincent. Later Whitney worries, it's too quiet in there. Inside the bathroom Gwen is trying to crawl out a window. They break open the window, only to learn there are bars on the other side of the glass. They realize they are trapped and Ethan and Theresa will marry.

Whitney goes to Theresa, who hasn't re-walked down the aisle just yet. She says Chad is guarding Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa walks down the aisle, and they are set to begin.

At the prison hospital, Julian and Dr. Wilson show up to see Vincent. Vincent is acting scared, he's hiding under the bed. Eve arrives and asks what is going on, what did Julian do to him? Dr. Wilson says this isn't Julian's fault. Since coming here he's been fearful that someone is out to hurt him. Dr. Wilson wants to hypnotize him and find out what is wrong with him, why he's afraid and of what. She asks Eve to try and coax Vincent out, she tries. Vincent asks Eve if she is his mommy? Eve says yes, and his daddy is here too. Vincent asks if daddy is mad? Julian says no. Eve gets Vincent to come out, he then begins climbing up the bars of his cell to show them what he can do. They tell him that is wonderful. Julian can't believe this is going on. Dr. Wilson eventually puts Vincent under hypnosis. She asks if he knows where he is? Vincent says locked in a mental hospital. They ask if he knows why? Vincent says because he failed his mission! Eve asks who gave him a mission? Vincent says he can't say. Dr. Wilson says it sounds exciting, what was his mission? He says to bring pain to everyone in Harmony. Dr. Wilson asks why he was chosen? Vincent says because they abandoned him. Eve says they love him. Dr. Wilson asks more about his mission. He says there is so much they don't know. She asks like what? He starts hitting himself and begs them to stop. Dr. Wilson stops, she says if he is good they will bring him cookies and milk!

Dr. Wilson, Eve and Julian go out to talk. They don't know why he's regressed to child hood and what the mission is. Dr. Wilson says it could be a god complex, or someone else is involved with the atrocities. She says it's like Vincent feels powerless against someone, so that is why he's reverting to being a child. She says that Vincent may feel horrible about what he's done, this is his way of coping. She says he feels he had no choice but to complete the mission. Dr. Wilson says hypothetically, someone could have filled Vincent's head with murder and mayhem, but who would be so cold and calculating to use a broken person like Vincent? Eve says no . . . . Julian says it couldn't be!

Someone brings Vincent cookies and milk. Vincent is excited for them. However they destroy the cookies. Vincent says he didn't tell them anything, he swears. He says please don't hurt me anymore! He says he did what he was told and he didn't tell them anything. He begs his grandfather . . . . it's Alistair! 

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