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4th Week of August  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



August 20, 2007
Fox and Esme are still together, it's apparently the same night. They have arrived at the airport. Esme is a bit drunk, Fox thanks her for listening to him talk all night. She asks if he's okay? He says they should just get her package and finish the night together. She asks what that means? He says they've known each other for a long time, he knows what she means. She pushes him away as he puts the moves on her and says they'll see. He then asks why they had to come here to pick up a package? Can't it be delivered. She says it's not that kind of package. He asks what is it a puppy? She says no, but it does need care. In walks a young blond girl, Esme says this is her niece Viki. She introduces Viki to Fox. Fox says hello. Viki whispers to Esme, Esme says she says hello. Esme tells Fox how she has little money since her step monster Brenda convinced her dad to take away her trust fund. She thinks they may have to take public transportation everywhere, those little yellow things. Fox says taxis aren't public transportation, she'd need to take a bus. Fox offers to allow them to stay at the mansion with him. Viki keeps whispering to Esme, who passes on the messages. They need to get Viki's bag, which they do. It's a small bag, she didn't know she could carry it on the plane as it was her first time flying. Eventually they head off. 

Fox, Esme and Viki arrive at the mansion. Esme asks how she liked those tiny little bathrooms? She spent a lot of time in them at 30,000 feet with a lot of hot men . . . who were helping her repair her makeup. Esme asks Vikli how long she'll be staying? Viki whispers something, Esme tells Fox that they can't stay here, they have to go now! Fox asks why? Esme says that Viki is hungry and needs a pizza now, but Fox says they have a chef here that will make up a pizza. He goes off to place the order. Esme says Viki wants to thank him for letting them stay here and ordering them a pizza. Viki smiles at him. Esme teases Fox that it looks like he's made another conquest. The pizza is delivered and they all eat it. Viki tells Esme to tell Fox thank you, she likes the pizza and he's a nice man. Fox asks Esme what she thinks? She says she agrees, he's a very nice man! 

At the prison hospital, Dr. Wilson asks Eve and Julian why they look like they've seen a ghost? Eve and Julian say it's just not possible, he's dead. Dr. Wilson asks who is dead? Julian says Alistair. They explain to her who Alistair is and how they thought he could be the one behind Vincent's doings. Eve explains some of Alistair's past crimes against his own family just to get what he wants. Dr. Wilson asks if his whole family is in therapy? She says anyone in contact with this man would be emotionally scarred, she suggests group therapy for them all. Julian says his father is dead. Eve agrees, it couldn't have been him. Eve says whatever Vincent has done though, it all traces back to Alistair for kidnapping him years ago. Dr. Wilson has paper work to do regarding Vincent, but she says it is very important that they keep Vincent away from whomever he considered his leader. Julian and Eve talk, they agree they have to find out who set Vincent on this path of mass murder and make them pay. Eve feels that whoever helped Vincent is closer than they imagine. She senses evil.

Alistair shows up in Vincent's cell. He's begging Alistair not to hurt him, he didn't tell anyone anything. Alistair says he won't hurt Vincent, he's here to kill him! Alistair says Vincent defied him and every thing he told him to do. Vincent cries he'll be a good boy, please don't hurt him. He says mommy and daddy are right outside. Alistair says they couldn't stop him if they wanted to. He says they never cared about him. Vincent says that is not true. Alistair says his parents never loved him. They took one look at him and coiled in disgust. Alistair says he's the only one who gave him a chance, however he is weak, stupid and incompetent. Alistair tells Vincent this is his punishment and reward for failing him. He begins to choke him and yells die! Vincent says if he kills him then he'll never learn the secret. Alistair says there are no secrets he doesn't know. Vincent has one, one about Little Ethan. Alistair lets him go and says if Vincent is lying to him . . . his death will be pure agony. Vincent says Julian isn't Little Ethan's father, Ethan is. Alistair says he's lying, but Vincent swears he has proof. Alistair loses it, saying this is impossible and he won't accept it. He screams! He says this ruins everything! Meanwhile Eve and Julian hear his screams. 

At the pool house, Pretty tells Luis that Fancy is the one who did this to her. She says Fancy did a fine job, no plastic surgeon can fix it. Pretty tells Luis the woman he loves doesn't exist, she's a lying sick and sadistic monster. Sheridan is smiling, she thinks Fancy just lost Luis forever. Pretty tells Luis what happened between them, her version in which Fancy deliberately threw pool chemicals in her face. She asks Luis what he thinks of her now? Pretty says Fancy did this to her and left her. She says Fancy jetted from party to party while she jetted from doctor to doctor to try and look normal again. Fancy cries it's not the way she told it, it wasn't like that. Fancy relays her version. Sheridan tells Petty to calm down, this is the past, look forward to the future. Pretty says she has no future, she's Pretty Crane, creature from the black lagoon. Luis says he won't stand here and believe this. He says he knows Fancy, this is not the Fancy he knows. Pretty says Fancy is just like Alistair, that is why she was his favorite. Pretty tells Fancy to tell Luis she did this to her. Luis asks Fancy if it is true, did she do this? Fancy thinks Luis hates her. Luis says so this is the secret? Fancy swears it was an accident, but Pretty says it wasn't. Fancy ends up running off in tears. Sheridan tells Luis she's so sorry, she knew this secret would eventually come out. He says about Pretty? Sheridan says no, about Fancy and what she's really like. Pretty looks puzzled at this point. Luis later leaves, Sheridan tells Pretty good work! She thinks things will be back to normal. Pretty tells Sheridan the look in her eyes, it's so cold, like Grandfather. Sheridan says what she's done is for love, but Pretty knows a true Crane. She says her heart is dark and she'd do anything to get Luis, no matter who she destroys.

Fancy is running on the grounds. She says it's over, she's lost Luis forever. Luis is yelling to Fancy and chasing her. She says she can't face him now, he'll be so upset at her. Fancy hides from Luis, who is yelling that he just wants to talk to her. Fancy is sure Luis must hate her. 

At the Justice of the Peace's, Chad leaves Gwen and Rebecca locked in the bathroom. He goes to see if he can catch the end of the ceremony. Gwen can't believe they are locked in here with no way out. She says Ethan and Theresa will marry and she can't stop it. Soon they realize they can get the door off the hinges by taking the screws out. They go to work. Gwen however needs a screwdriver or something to help, Rebecca has some kind of gaget that Gwen refuses to touch. Rebecca uses it and it works to loosen the screws. 

In the chambers, Theresa suggests they just skip to the I do part. Theresa says they've just wasted so much time. Ethan however wants to savor every moment of this, he wants them to start from the beginning. The justice starts all over again! They eventually return to the vows. Miguel and Kay look at one another, as do Chad and Whitney. Ethan and Theresa soon exchange their rings, and right before they are about to be pronounced man and wife . . . Ethan says hold it! Theresa asks why he's stopping the ceremony? She asks if he doesn't want to marry her anymore? He does, he just thinks about how long it took for them to get here. We see various flashbacks of Theresa and Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan the world tried to tear them apart, but she's always had faith and now she's marrying the man she loves. They kiss. The justice says they are getting ahead of themselves. Before the judge declares them man and wife, Theresa hears her mom's voice in her head telling her to tell him the truth about Little Ethan, that marriage is about trust and honesty. She stops the justice and tells Ethan she has something she needs to tell him before they marry, she has to tell him right now. However when she hears pounding on the walls, she chickens out and says she just wanted to say she can't wait to be his wife. The justice of the peace finally pronounces them husband and wife, they kiss. 

Meanwhile Chad goes off to tend to the pounding. Everyone else hugs and congratulates them. Ethan tells Pilar she's always been like a mother to him, now she is. Pilar hugs Ethan and hopes he'll be able to keep her Theresa in line. Ethan says he'll try, fortunately he has two smart kids to help. Little Ethan says it's like he's his real daddy now. Ethan says it is. Theresa looks at her mom.

Meanwhile Chad finds Rebecca and Gwen have taken the door down. They run into the judge's chambers, only to learn they are too late and Theresa married Ethan! Ethan says he's sorry they missed the ceremony, but he heard she was preparing the reception. Gwen tells Ethan she has a wedding gift for him and she really wants to give it to him. She says it's a wedding gift that people will be talking about for years!


August 21,  2007
At the pool house, Pretty tells Sheridan her eyes are just like grandfather's now, how can she have those eyes and smile. In fact, she realizes she hasn't seen Sheridan smile once since she got back. She says Sheridan has changed. Sheridan says life changes them. Pretty says but the changes in her are shocking. She says when she left Harmony, Sheridan was sweet and vulnerable, people worried she wouldn't make it in life as she put everyone over herself. Sheridan says like she said, life changes you. Pretty says but not this much. She tells Sheridan that she's enjoying watching Fancy suffer. Sheridan says she didn't do anything to make Luis think ill about Fancy, all Pretty had to do was tell Luis the truth. She says now Luis knows Fancy isn't the angel he thought she was. Pretty thought if you loved someone, you would do anything to make them happy, including letting them go. Sheridan says Fancy never should have been with Luis. She asks pretty why she's not smiling at getting her revenge. Pretty says she feels used, she feels used and angry at Sheridan! She is angry Sheridan used her to get back at Fancy. Sheridan says be honest, she's thrilled that Fancy has hit rock bottom. She asks Pretty if she has to put her in front of a mirror to remind her of what Fancy did? Pretty says no. Sheridan asks Pretty if she's gone out with one man since the tragedy? Pretty says no. Sheridan says Fancy obviously took more than her beauty from her, so what happened to Fancy tonight is justice. Sheridan says she has to go get ready for Luis, she wouldn't be surprised if he came back to her tonight. She wants to look her best for a reconciliation with him. Pretty says she sounds sure of herself. Sheridan is, if it weren't for Fancy, she would already be with Luis. However now that Pretty told him the truth, Fancy won't be a problem for them again. Sheridan leaves, Pretty wonders what she's done.

Luis is looking for Fancy, who is hiding behind some bushes somewhere. She remembers her arguments with Pretty over the past few weeks and Pretty telling Luis the truth. Fancy thinks Luis hates her and she can't face him right now. She thinks Luis will never be able to love her again. 

In the prison, Alistair is screaming after learning the truth about Little Ethan. Eve and Julian hear the screams from a distance. Alistair is screaming down with them all! Eve and Julian meanwhile rush to Vincent's cell. They find Vincent is gone from his cell. They find another guard and chace him down. For a moment it of course seems like they've caught Alistair, they haven't though. Eve and Julian tell the guard that Vincent is gone, they heard yelling from his cell only to find the door open. The guard makes a call saying a psych prisoner is on the loose! Eve tells Julian they should probably call Sam. Sam soon shows up, he looks over the cell. The lock wasn't tampered with, none of the guards let him out and all have alibis. Eve says maybe he stole a key? Sam says maybe it was someone else who unlocked the cell. Sam asks if they know who it could be? Julian and Eve believe someone has been pulling the strings here, taking advantage of Vincent and making him do things. Luis soon shows up, he got the message that Vincent escaped. He can't believe this, Vincent is on the loose, is unstable and could be doing anything to anyone. Luis soon finds a list on names in the cell, he says a list of names people Vincent plans to kill! Luis runs off, hoping to warn someone in time. Sam looks at the list and says Dear God! Later they look at security footage and see someone was in the cell with Vincent, but they can't see who.

Fancy later shows up in a dark room in the mansion and cries. She's in grampy's study. She remembers fighting with her sister earlier in the pool house to get her to shut up and not tell Luis. Someone turns on the light, Pretty is sitting behind his desk. She says she knew she'd be here, she always came in here to try and be alone. Petty says but she always knew she was in here. She asks what she found so comforting here? The books, the lingering smell of grandfathe's cigar, or just to see the man himself? Pretty says he adored her and she ate it up. Pretty says he always took her side, it made it hard for the rest of them. Fancy tells Pretty she's won, she has nothing left, just leave her alone. Pretty says she just wanted to talk to her. Fancy doesn't know why Pretty enjoys her pain. Fancy says she knows what she did to her, but it was an accident. Fancy says she hasn't suffered like Pretty, but she has thought of her every day. Fancy says Pretty only wanted to hurt her, and she has. Fancy says well now she hates Pretty, she never wants to see her again so get out! Pretty says she wanted to say she's sorry. Fancy says you're sorry? Fancy says Pretty deliberately destroyed her chances with the one man she's ever truly love and she's sorry? Does she think that will help? Fancy says she knows she hurt Pretty, and she blames her for robbing her of a normal life. Fancy says the pain she inflicted was accidental, but she'd never hurt anyone deliberately the way Pretty did tonight. Fancy says her apology doesn't cut it. Fancy says she hates her! She says she never has before, she always loved her, but now she hates her. She says maybe she was grandfather's favorite because he saw Pretty was a shallow and vindictive human being from the start. Pretty says it hurt to know Fancy was grandfather's favorite for no reason at all. Pretty says she tried to get his attention, but she never could. Pretty thinks Fancy throwing chemicals on her was just as deliberate as her attack on her tonight. Pretty says she may not be ugly on the outside, but her soul is ugly and it will be reminder of how she lost Luis. Pretty says guess Fancy doesn't always get what she wants. Fancy slaps Pretty! Fancy tells Pretty that she will never forgive her for what she's done. Suddenly Alistair walks in and says some things never change. Fancy is shocked, she says he's dead. He says he doesn't think so.

Sheridan is at the cottage setting up a romantic setting. She's in a night gown, she lights candles. She's sure Luis will be here. There is a knock at the door, Sheridan assumes it is him. However in walks Vincent! He says how gracious of her to welcome him this way, he had no idea she cared so much. She asks why he's here, she thought he was in custody. Vincent says prison and the psych ward is no place for him, they let him go as they realized he wasn't crazy. He begins laughing at her. He says he came to visit her. She says this is a bad time. Vincent says apparently she was expecting someone else. Sheridan says yes. He says a lucky guy that Luis. He takes it Pretty told Luis what Fancy did. Sheridan says all of it, now Luis will no longer want Fancy and come back to her. He says congratulations. Sheridan says good luck to him too and tries to get him to go. Vincent says but he's not leaving. Sheridan says she wants to be alone when Luis gets here. Vincent says he was told to come here and he does what he's told. Sheridan asks who told him to come here and what does he want with her? HE pulls out a knife and says he wants to kill her! Sheridan says he doesn't want to do this, but Vincent says she will die. She asks who ordered this? He says if he told her then he'd have to kill her. HE laughs some more. Sheridan says they are friends, she cares about him, she's his aunt. Vincent says he never had a family before. She says he has her now, she wants to repay him for the favors he's done for her. He says how sweet, he'll take her up on that offer. She asks what he wants her to do. Vincent says she can die! He holds the knife to her chest. He says be a good girl and don't put up a struggle. Sheridan cries that he doesn't want her dead, why is he doing this. He says she's at the top of his list, once she's dead he moves on to the next person on the list until he's done. He says it will be a long night he's afraid. Sheridan cries. Meanwhile Luis is back on the grounds and hears a scream! He knows it's Sheridan and runs off.

At the Justice of the Peace's, Gwen has a wedding gift for Ethan and Theresa. She says it's the gift that keeps on giving. Ethan insists she's been generous enough, but Gwen says just this one last surprise. Ethan says if she insists. Gwen says there is something . . . Whitney says wait, they have to toast the happy couple first. She tells Chad to make the first toast. Pilar says she'll take the children and heads out with them. Gwen tells Whit this won't work. Whitney says if Gwen is going to ruin the wedding then think again, she'll do whatever it takes to stop her from ruining Theresa's life. Whitney says go on with her life and let Theresa live hers. Whitney says she has a good heart, use it. Gwen thinks she gave her heart to Ethan, but he gave his to Theresa. She thinks this is fair play. Chad meanwhile tells Whitney he forgot how good she is on her feet. Whitney says Gwen was going to tell the truth, but they haven't stopped her. They have to stop her somehow. Maybe they can get Ethan and Theresa out of here before Gwen can tell him the truth. Chad asks how? Pilar meanwhile tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth before Gwen. Theresa says she will, on her honeymoon when they are alone. She promises her mom. Pilar says start the honeymoon now as Gwen is back. 

Gwen decides to make a toast to Ethan and his bride. Rebecca suggests to Theresa she run for it, when Gwen is finished, Ethan will want that ring back. Whitney tells Chad they have to do something. Ethan thinks Theresa looks upset. Gwen says she knows it's odd for Ethan's ex to start off the toasts. She says she knows she and Theresa have had their problems in the past, but tonight is a new start. She tells Ethan no hard feelings, she only wants him to be happy. She says if Theresa makes him happy, so be it. She has some advice for Theresa, Ethan holds two things highly: his family and honesty. Gwen says there are some people who can tell fibs and believe there are situations were it's justified not to tell the truth. Gwen says Ethan doesn't see things that way, God knows Ivy found out the hard way. Gwen says this toast is for both Ethan and Theresa, she wants Theresa to feel included, she wants this to be a toast she can take to her grave. As Gwen is about to reveal the truth, the Justice of the Peace interrupts. He says his wife didn't want them throwing rice as it's bad for the birds, so she made up packets of bird seed. Whitney thanks him, Pilar says she knows Theresa and Ethan are dying to get on their way, so here's a toast to their futures together. Rebecca tells Gwen to go stop them and tell Ethan. Gwen says she will. Chad confronts them and says that would be a very very bad idea. They say as if they'll listen to him. Meanwhile Theresa throws the bouquet, Kay catches it. Theresa says they should go now, but Ethan wants to thank Gwen for what she did for them. Theresa says they can thank Gwen when they get back. Ethan says not polite, but okay. They run off. Meanwhile Whitney and Chad are both telling Rebecca and Gwen to leave them alone. Ethan and Theresa make their escape. Gwen decides to go find where the honeymoon is to tell Ethan the truth.


August 22, 2007
In Alistair's study, Fancy and Pretty come face to face with Alistair. Fancy asks how this is possible? He is dead! Alistair says he's a Crane, it takes more than a train blowing up to kill him. He sits at his desk, they ask where he's been? Why didn't he come home earlier? Alistair wanted people to think he was dead, it makes things easier when you are wanted. Fancy asks if Marty is alive, but Alistair says no. He says he wasn't a true Crane, he had all that Lopez-Fitzgerald blood in him,  he blew up with the train. Fancy asks and Beth? He says she probably survived, he thinks she went into hiding just like he did. He says if she did survive then she wouldn't want anyone to know. Fancy asks then how he knows Marty is dead? Alistair says he just does, he had a terrible death. Fancy feels terrible. Alistair tells Fancy to get her things together as she's coming with him, they are leaving. Fancy says she's not going anywhere with him. She says he's evil, he hurts people and she wants nothing to do with him. She says she sees him for the person he is, she wants nothing to do with him. Pretty says take her, but he says don't come near her. Pretty says she's his granddaughter too and doesn't care what he's done. Fancy asks how he can be mean to Pretty? He laughs and says she's a gargoyle with all that stuff on her face, rename herself Ugly Crane as Pretty doesn't fit. He wants nothing to do with Pretty, Crane women are beautiful and worth nothing other than being accessories. He says she is ugly and thus is worth nothing, she is nothing to him! Pretty says is he saying he can't love her because she's disfigured? Alistair says yes. Pretty says it's not fair, Fancy did this to her. Alistair remembers the event, they were fighting over some boy and  Fancy was just defending herself. Pretty says that isn't how it happened, she did it on purpose. Fancy says she loves her, she would never hurt her. Fancy also tell Pretty not to listen to Alistair, he's an ugly old man who can't love anyone. Alistair says he loves Fancy, he loves her attitude and spunk. Pretty knows she's a disgrace, but she hides her scar behind her hair, most people don't ever know. Alistair says he knows, so go back to hiding where she was before as she is no Crane, and don't tell people she is one. Pretty swears she can help him, she can be his ally. He doesn't want her help or a nursemaid. He again tells Fancy they are leaving Harmony, she has nothing to keep her here. She says she does, but Alistair  says Luis wants nothing to do with her anymore now that he knows the truth. He says Luis is beneath her, she should thank Sheridan for saving her with a life with that peon. Fancy says she loves him. Alistair says he will make sure she has everything she needs to have a good life. Fancy says no, she won't leave Luis. She then pulls a gun on on him and says he's going no where except jail! He says he heard she became a cop, but it's unacceptable for a Crane to be one. She says she likes to be a cop, but he says she only went to the academy to get Luis. She says she likes being a cop. He says she disappoints him. Fancy says he disappoints her, she defended him to everyone. Alistair says as she should have, he's the only one who ever loved her. She says not true, Luis loves her. He doesn't care saying she is coming with him. She says she's not, she's calling for back-up. Alistair won't have it, this is his game and he's in control. She says not anymore, game over. Fancy calls the cops asking for a squad car, she has a fugitive in custody. Of course she doesn't say who it is. Pretty keeps begging Alistair to take her. Fancy says he's going to jail, why does she care about him when he doesn't care about her. Alistair says this is Luis' fault, he made her hate him. Fancy says no she has finally seen who he is, he is a monster. Pretty says he's their grandfather and she loves him. Pretty turns out the lights and tells Alistair to run. Fancy then turns on the light, Alistair is gone. She calls Pretty an idiot, but Pretty is protecting their family. She wants to try and prove herself to her grandfather, prove which one of them is a real Crane. They soon end up fighting over her gun, which goes off! 

Gwen and Rebecca return to the mansion and try and track down Ethan and Theresa. They make calls, they get no where. Rebecca wishes Gwen had just opened her mouth and told Ethan the truth. Gwen knows she should have blurted it out, the minute they find them she will tell them. She says there will be no happily ever after for the slut. Rebecca says good, end of story. Gwen says and end of marriage! They and try and figure out where he could have gone. Gwen asks her mom if she's slept with the limo driver here. Rebecca finally admits she has, claiming she's an equal opportunist. Gwen says call him and find out if he took Theresa and Ethan anywhere. She makes a call to the limo driver, he won't talk to her and now he's married and she can't tempt him as he won't play. She says she did everything she could to get him talk. Gwen says if she has to call every hotel and inn in Harmony then she will. Rebecca says she's being a little over dramatic, she has been watching a little too much DirecTV. Gwen begins making calls, she can't find them anywhere. Gwen then recalls a place she and Ethan found years ago while hiking, a cozy place in the mountains. She remembers Ethan claiming it was where he wanted to spend his honeymoon. She bets that is where they are! Gwen says lets go, they have a honeymoon to interrupt.

Ethan and Teresa arrive at some romantic inn for their honeymoon night. She tells him it's beautiful. Ethan says she is beautiful and he loves her. She asks how he did this? He says with Gwen taking care of the wedding, he was able to do this. She asks if Gwen knows where they are? Ethan says no. She is worried Gwen could come cause trouble, but Ethan thinks Gwen has turned over a new leaf. He says she helped them get married. He says maybe Gwen really wants to make amends. He says she's not a bad person. Theresa says if he says so. He suggests they stop talking about Gwen and start the honeymoon. Later Theresa is in a negligee, Ethan is in his boxers. He says she looks great, she takes his breath away. Ethan toasts to Mrs. Ethan Winthrop, she toasts to her husband Mr. Ethan Winthrop. She says she loves her name. Ethan can't believe they finally did it. She says if this is a dream she doesn't want to wake up. Ethan says she always knew fate would bring them together, how? She says she knew there could never be another love for either of them. Ethan thinks nothing will tear them apart now. She says she loves him and always will. They make love and then talk about how now that they are married it is so much better. Ethan soon starts talking about how he'd love to have a son with her, wouldn't it be great to have a son together? He says it's every mans dream to have a son. He says he wouldn't love Little Ethan any less, but he does have to find himself reminding himself that Julian is his dad. Theresa realizes now is the time to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa tells Ethan there is something they need to talk about. Something he needs to know. He says she looks pretty serious. She says he knows she named her son after him as she wanted him to be their son. Ethan knows, he remembers he helped deliver Little Ethan. Theresa says it is because of Ethan that her son is healthy and perfect. He says he feels a bond with Ethan because of that night. She says there is another reason he feels close to him. He says she looks so serious. Suddenly there is a knock at the door interrupting, Ethan goes to find out who it is. 

Gwen and Rebecca arrive at the inn and the honeymoon suite. They think nothing will stop them now! Gwen says she cannot wait to see the look on Theresa's face when she tells Ethan that she's been lying to him this whole time. Gwen says the honeymoon is over!

Meanwhile, Ethan opens the door when there is a knock. He looks out in the hall and says what the hell?

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan s screaming, Vincent has a knife to her throat. Suddenly Luis shows up. Vincent tells Luis not to come closer or he'll slit her throat! Luis tells Vincent the police are looking for him, there is no way he'll get away. Vincent says oh he'll get away once he does what he has to. Luis says they can get him help. Vincent doesn't need help. He says it is Luis should be thanking him for his help, for getting rid of this evil woman. He says Luis doesn't know what a monster she is. He says his wonderful Aunt Sheridan was willing to do anything to come between him and Fancy. Sheridan cries no! Vincent says shut up! Vincent says Sheridan tried to kill Theresa, but Luis already knows. He says he understood why she wanted to do it, though it was wrong. Luis says killing Sheridan though, that makes no sense. Vincent tells Luis to just get out of here and let him get rid of her. Sheridan is crying to Luis not to leave her. Vincent continues to tell Luis how Sheridan would do anything to come between him and Fancy, though Fancy is no better as she lied to him about Pretty. He thinks it's better to be honest then be a liar like Sheridan and Fancy. Vincent says at least he doesn't lie to people, he tells them how it is to their face. Luis says Vincent is totally right, he never wanted to believe Sheridan could be so devious, but he sees it now. Sheridan asks what she's saying? Vincent says Luis says he agrees with him and won't stop him from killing her. Luis says Vincent is right about her. She cries everything she did was for love, but Luis says she manipulated him. He says she truly is Alistair's daughter. She cries it's not true. Vincent says it is, she got everything while he got nothing, he's a Crane too. Vincent says it's time for him to right some terrible wrongs, starting with Sheridan. He says she deserves to die. Sheridan begs Luis not to do this to her, but he says he can't save her, she's done unspeakable things to him. Luis then leaves! Vincent says it appears her knight in shining armor is going to let her die. Vincent then says because she's his aunt, he'll make this quick. He goes to kill her, but Luis rushes back in to try and save her. He beats up Vincent and knocks him to the floor. He then runs to Sheridan, not realizing Vincent is getting up! Vincent runs for it as Luis says he won't get away, the place is surrounded. Luis tends to Sheridan, who is bleeding.



August 23, 2007
Tabitha and Endora are spending some time together before bed having a drink. Endora's having juice, Tabitha a Martimmy. She thinks it's time to go up to bed when suddenly they hear a scream. Tabitha worries Norma may have reverted and be trying to kill Edna. She says she's much too tired to be kept up all night by Edna begging for mercy. Endora toddles off to find out what is going, Tabitha says no Norma could hurt her! Tabitha catches up with her. Edna is still screaming, Tabitha decides Endora shouldn't hear this and zaps earmuffs on her. Tabitha says she'll have to look in and find out what is going on in there. She thinks this mortal suffering is worse than the peasants on the stakes of Vlad the Impailer, worse than certain network executives crying about a hit soap going to DirecTV. Ednora says it sounds like Norma crying now, Tabitha thinks she's right. Endora wants to see, she zaps herself inside. Tabitha then heads in after her to see what is going on. She tells Endora not to look and zaps a blindfold on her. Tabitha can't believe what they are doing. Norma is chained to the bed while Norma has a blow torch and goggles! Tabitha says she will not have S&M S E X games going on in her house! As it turns out, Enda is giving Norma a Brazilian wax that is all! Norma has all these wax strips on every part of her body. Tabitha says as if deforesting the Amazon isn't enough! She tells Norma she doesn't need to put herself through all this pain to be smooth and hairless. Norma thinks Tabby is right. Edna lets her loose. Tabitha sends Endora out of the room and lectures them. She says for starters, no woman their age should be in a bikini. Norma and Edna say they want to go to the beach, they are planning a trip to Figi. Tabitha asks why they aren't heading to the isle of lesbos or something. Norma says they like a mixed crowed. Tabitha thinks two mixed nuts like them would! Edna says she was just getting to the artistic part of waxing, would she want a heart or a spot? Norma says they'll pick up in the morning and she'll decide then. Norma says then she'll do Edna, and wax her too! Norma and Edna continue talking about traveling to Figi, they want Tabitha and Endora to come with them. Tabitha says she can't just jet away with them. She says besides Endora starts preschool again soon and loves her little friends. Tabitha says she's afraid they are staying here in Harmony. Tabitha leaves them. Norma then chases Edna around the room. Later Tabitha and Endora are having another drink, Endora conjures her a Martimmy. Endora asks for a bedtime story before bed. Tabitha reads her The Adventures of Blanche and Stella, a story about two cats. She picks this one over a book about mosters!

At the cottage, Sheridan is bleeding as Luis realizes Vincent must have stabbed her after all. Her neck is bleeding, he's trying to hold a cloth on her and stop the bleeding. Eve and Julian show up, they came as quickly as they could. Luis explains Vincent was here and trying to kill Sheridan. He explains Vincent left, he couldn't leave Sheridan to chase him. Eve tends to Sheridan, Julian decide to catch up with Vincent as he couldn't get very far. Eve thinks Sheridan should come around soon as she's stopped the bleeding. Luis asks if they know who helped him escape. Eve says no, the surveillance tape was too grainy. Luis says he knows Vincent is her son, but he's evil and whoever helped him escape was the devil. Luis asks why Sheridan isn't coming too? Eve feels she hit her head when she fell. Sheridan finally wakes up holding her head. She asks what happened? Luis says Vincent cut her neck, it was just a flesh wound. Sheridan asks how Eve got here? She says Luis called her. Sheridan thanks them both. Suddenly they hear a gunshot coming fro the mansion. Luis thinks he should check it out. Eve says she'll come with him, fearing Julian may have found Vincent. Sheridan does too as she won't stay here alone.

In Alistair's study, Pretty nor Fancy has been hit by the gun shot. Pretty accuses Fancy of trying to shoot her, Fancy says it went off when she grabbed it. Pretty thinks Fancy shouldn't have turned Grampy into the police, but Fancy says he's a horrible man. She says he tried to feed her to the lions in Rome. Pretty wishes they had bit off a piece of her face. Pretty thinks Grandfather will love her, but Fancy says he won't and she's as delusional as Sheridan. He says Pretty heard what he called her, those ugly names, how can he defend a monster like that. They somehow fight over the gun again, it goes off again. Fancy says Pretty is working her last nerve helping Grandfather escape. Pretty thinks Alistair will realize she is the one worthy of his love. As they fight, Luis and the others show up to stop their fight. They ask what is going on here? Why do they have a gun they are fighting over? Fancy says she took it out to stop him, but Pretty let him go before the police could get here. Luis says who? Vincent? Fancy says no, Alistair! Julian has shown up at this point. They all say this can't be. Fancy says it's true, she had him trapped, but idiot Pretty helped him get away to try and win his approval. Julian says this explains so much. Eve says Vincent, how he did what he did and why he did it. Julian says God help them all.

At the inn, there is a knock at the door and Ethan goes to find out who it is. He says what the hell? We then see Gwen standing at the door saying Theresa has been lying to him, Little Ethan is not Julian's son, he's his! Ethan didn't expect them, Theresa thinks it's over.

Of course Gwen and Rebecca have picked the wrong room, some old man is standing at the door. Gwen thinks Theresa is using him to throw them off her scent and demands to know where Theresa is! He doesn't know, he asks who they are? Rebecca says the Hotchkiss sisters! They learn this is one of two honeymoon suites, the other one is on the other side of the grounds. They decide to leave them, but the woman shows up and recognizes Rebecca and slaps her! Rebecca says that hurt, not in a good way! Gwen asks why she slapped her mom? The woman says this hussy tried to seduce her husband a few years ago, which is the low of the low. She says her husband came back and begged her forgiveness. The woman tells skank and little skank to get lost. She tells Rebecca to stay away from her husband or they'll called her baldy! Later Gwen asks if she has slept with every man in Harmony? Rebecca says she didn't sleep with that old goat, at least she doesn't remember. She says maybe they made out a little? Gwen says they have to find Ethan and Theresa, let's go. 

As they make there way to the right room, they are stopped by Alistair! Alistair won't let Gwen ruin the honeymoon, Rebecca asks how this can be, he is supposed to be dead. He says he's not and now he's back. He is holding Gwen and says he will let Gwen go, as soon as she and Rebecca agree to his terms. They ask what terms? Alistair wants her to leave Theresa alone! Gwen refuses. Alistair says then he won't let her go. He won't let her do this, he plans to take care of Theresa himself. He says he will take care of her, he won't become a laughing stock when the great unwashed find out he was duped by making a bastard child his heir. Alistair says either they both be quiet or they won't see the next sunset. Rebecca says they'll keep their mouth shut, but Gwen says no! Rebecca promises to keep Gwen quiet. He also says if they breath the news about Little Ethan to anyone, they'll pay with their lives. Alistair then walks off. Gwen can't believe Rebecca did this. Gwen wants her revenge. Rebecca says she'll still get her wish, Alistair is going to take care of Theresa for them. Rebecca says if Alistair isn't dead, then Theresa's marriage to Ethan is not legal. She's a bigamist! Gwen says and she could go to jail for it! 

Back in Ethan and Theresa's room, a man has just delivered strawberries, whipped cream and champagne. She thinks this is his doing, but he admits he didn't do this. Ethan thinks the inn must do it for all honeymoon couples. Theresa suggests speaking of their honeymoon, maybe they should . . . again . . . . Ethan again talks about how he wants to have a son with her, one just like little Ethan. As they begin making love, Theresa says to herself they already have one, she just doesn't know how to tell him. Theresa soon stops Ethan from making love to her saying she can't do it! He asks what it is? What is wrong? She says before they try and have another baby, there is something she wants to tell him but hasn't been able to. She says she can't wait any longer. He says he's listening. Theresa says the truth is . . . . 


August 24, 2007
Edna and Norma are talking about their trip. They look at Tabitha and Endora reading, they realize they can't tear Endora away from her home. She says this reminds her of her daddy reading her bedtime stories, her favorite was Lizzie Borden: A Girl With An Axe To Grind. Edna asks Norma about her mommy? Norma talks like her dad and says She was a pole dancing ho! Norma says daddy took care of mommy. Norma remembers the white dress she wore to the funeral. Edna asks what her mommy died of? Norma says the coroner couldn't tell given how many pieces she was in, either blunt trauma to the head or blood loss from being chopped up! 

Suddenly Kay and Miguel show up, they are in beach attire! Miguel asks what's going on, why is he in a swimsuit? Kay turns to Endora for help. Miguel asks why it seems like she and Endora can read each other's thoughts. What can Endora do as she's a child? Endora freezes Miguel. Tabitha once again lectures Kay about using her magic when she doesn't know what she's doing. Tabitha tells Kay she must stop this or she'll hocus pocus herself away. Kay thinks she's doing pretty good. She says she zapped them to Hawaii and back. She says she didn't mean to though. She says they went to the Seascape after Theresa and Ethan's wedding. Edna says they got married? Tabitha says it won't last. Edna asks what color her dress was given she's five times removed from a virgin. Tabitha says they have a situation here! Kay says anyways they were discussing where to go on their honeymoon, she zapped them there to see if they liked it. When Miguel was sure he was dreaming, she tried to zap them back to their bed. Tabitha says she has to stop doing this. Kay thinks they can make him forget. Tabitha says erased memories can come back, it's like deleting something on a computer. Norma says she can whack Miguel on the head and make him forget, but they say no! Tabitha warns her that this will blow up in her face. 

Tabitha says they can't leave him there frozen. Edna begins telling Norma what they can do with Miguel. Kay meanwhile suggests they pretend they are having a luau. Tabitha says it might work. Kay uses her magic and dressed them all up. Tabitha thinks this won't work after all. Kay says they'll pretend they've been here the whole time having dinner? Kay asks Endora to put them all into their clothes and seat them at a nice dinner. Endora does it. She also unfreezes Miguel. Miguel however asks how he got here? They were at the seascape, then Hawaii. He thinks he's losing his mind! They all try and convince him they've always been here eating dinner. Miguel asks why he feels like he was in Hawaii? Norma says she was showing home movies of her surfing days earlier. Tabitha thought it was a national geographic special on whaling! Miguel remains confused. He doesn't remember any of this, he thought they were at the seascape after the wedding. Kay says it's been a long night, he should lie down. He asks if he imagined the wedding, she says he didn't. Tabitha tells Miguel to put his feet up on the couch while they do all the dishes. Miguel wonders what is the matter with him? Meanwhile in the kicthen Tabitha tells Kay that she has to stop her use of Magic. Kay thinks she won't get better unless she practices. She casts a spell to have the dishes wash automatically. Her spell actually seems to work! Kay says this is one spell that will work perfectly. Back in the living room, Miguel thinks it's just the stress. He is thirsty and decides to go get a drink. He then notices the dinner plates levitating! He tries to convince himself he didn't see that, he closes his eyes and opens them again, they are still floating. Miguel thinks he's going to end up like Norma and Edna! 

At the mansion, Fancy and Luis talk. Fancy says she doesn't blame Luis for hating her or thinking she is a monster. Luis thinks she should have told him. Fancy says she couldn't as she knew this would happen. Luis says she's making this harder than it has to be. Fancy thinks Luis is here to tell her it's over, because of what she did to Pretty. She says she understands why Luis can't love her anymore. She says it kills her that she lost him over this, but she understands. Luis wishes she had told him sooner so it didn't come to this. Fancy says she's sorry and she loves him and always will. She says goodbye, but he says what do you mean goodbye? He says he loves her too, nothing has changed. Fancy says but what Pretty said. Luis says he still loves her, with all his heart and soul. He doesn't believe she did that to Pretty, she's too kind to hurt anyone. Fancy says he has to listen to her. She admits she did throw the chemicals at her, she ruined Pretty's life. 

At the hotel, Rebecca tells Gwen how she can still get her revenge on Theresa. She says with Alistair alive, her marriage to Ethan doesn't count, she's a bigamist and will go to jail. Still, Gwen says that Ethan will probably only love her more, Theresa will play the role of Alistair's victim. Rebecca says they did promise Alistair to keep silent. Gwen doesn't care, she's going to tell Ethan the truth. Rebecca tells her that she can't do that, but Gwen says Theresa has to pay. Rebecca says Alistair will kill them. Gwen says at least she'll have buried Theresa first. She says she cannot let Theresa end up with Ethan. Alistair suddenly returns, he says he knew he couldn't trust Gwen. Alistair says it's up to him to make sure that neither of them tells Ethan what Theresa's secret is. Gwen tells Alistair that she's waited years to get her revenge, he of all people should understand. Alistair says it's not that he doesn't understand. Gwen says Theresa has to pay and she has to make her. Alistair says Theresa will pay and feel pain, but not at the expense of his public humiliation. He was tricked into making Little Ethan his heir. Gwen says Theresa can't end up with Ethan. Alistair says she won't. He says he sent Theresa a token of appreciation, a bottle of champagne and strawberries and whipped cream. He's sure she'll eat every one of them. He says the strawberries are poisoned! He says there is so much poison in them that only one will kill her. He says Theresa will be dead and Little Ethan's paternity will remain a secret. Rebecca says Alistair is right. Alistair says listen to Rebecca. He pours champagne to Theresa's demise. Rebecca asks for an open casket, she wants Theresa to go to her grave in a fake mustache and a big sombrero. He says sure. He also reminds them, Little Ethan's paternity must remain a secret or they'll end up like Theresa! He then leaves them. Rebecca toasts to Theresa's last breath. Gwen says hear hear! Rebecca just can't imagine a life without Theresa. Gwen still wishes she could have told Ethan the truth. She says Theresa being dead will just have to do. Rebecca says it will have to, Alistair is serious about keeping this a secret and they don't want to cross him. She says she knows. Rebecca says she can only wonder what he'd do to them. 

Ethan and Theresa are in bed. Ethan asks Theresa what is wrong, has she changed her mind about having a baby? She says no. She says she has something to tell him, something she hasn't been able to. She says she has to tell him the truth. She paces and tries to tell him, but Ethan says don't tell him! He says this thing is obviously killing her. He wants this night to be perfect, they'll have these memories for the rest of their lives. HE says now is not the right time. He wants them to celebrate the two of them tonight and their future. Ethan just asks her to let this go for tonight and do what newlyweds do. She agrees. She says she'll wait to tell him. She tells Ethan to just make love to her. They soon make love again. He says his feelings for her will never ever change. To herself she prays Ethan is right. Later Theresa calls her mom to check on the kids. She picks up one of the strawberries, but soon Pilar is lecturing her about not telling Ethan the truth about his son. She says she will tell him, but she can't lose him now. Ethan returns, he just took a shower. Theresa tells her mom she has to go and she'll call him back. Ethan tells her what a great mother she is checking in on the kids. He says once they have a son together, he'll be able to die a happy man. Ethan then asks if she wants one of these strawberries, he knows they are her favorite. She turns it down, which shocks him. He suggests maybe she needs a nice hot bath, that might put her in the mood for a strawberry. She says he's so good to her. She leaves for a bath, Ethan eats a strawberry thinking one won't kill him. Theresa returns after her bath, Ethan admits he ate the strawberries, but there is one left for her. She says sweet but he can have it. He says no he saved it for her. She says she'll have it later. She wants to have that talk. She needs to say this now. He says okay, he's all ears. She says what she's wanted to tell him . . . . .She tells him, with her back to him, that he doesn't have to hope for a son, they already have a son. She says Little Ethan is his son! She turns around, Ethan is passed out. She screams at him to please wake up! She screams for someone, anyone to help her!


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