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5th Week of August  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



August 27, 2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is again lecturing Kay about using her magic and driving Miguel crazy. Kay thinks everything will be fine. Meanwhile Miguel has called Dr. Wilson to come over and meet with him. Miguel doesn't know where to begin. Dr. Wilson says relax, trust in her, what is bothering him? Miguel says he thinks he's going crazy. He begins telling her about all the strange things that have happened, starting with when his body was split in two. She thinks these are fantasies of self-evasement, they indicate guilt or low self esteem. Miguel says it seems like a memory, not a fantasy. He then tells her about how he swore he was at the Seascape and then Hawaii tonight, but he was here all night. Dr. Wilson asks what kind of relationship does he have with his mother? He says his mother? He says look he sees things, strange things. He tells her about the flying dishes he saw tonight. Dr. Wilson says she has to know more about his mother! He says this has nothing to do with his mother! Miguel thinks he's losing touch with reality. He says he's about to get married to the woman of his dreams, they have a great daughter, what if he's going nuts? Dr. Wilson says they don't use that word. Miguel says that is how he feels. If he's losing it then Kay is better off without him. He thinks he should leave Harmony before he hurts Kay or Maria. Dr. Wilson says before Miguel decides to make major changes, they need to determine if there really is a problem. Miguel says there is, he's going nuts. He doesn't think Kay should have to stay with him if he's crazy. Dr. Wilson asks him to lay down, they'll try and get to the root of these problems. He says he'll try. Dr. Wilson again asks what the first clear memory of his mother is? Suddenly a lion roars! She asks what that is? Miguel says it's just fluffy their cat, she's very big. Dr. Wilson then hears an explosion, Miguel says it's just the plumbing. Dr. Wilson thinks she needs to go investigate. 

Back in the kitchen, the dishes are being washed by Kay's spell. Norma asks if she can get them to dry themselves. Kay says piece of cake! She casts a spell to air dry the dishes, this ends up causing a windstorm in the kitchen! The windstorm eventually is zapped away. Kay says okay everything is back to normal, but Tabitha says she thinks not. The sink is over flowing with suds. Soon the kitchen begins flooding, Endora thinks it is fun. Tabitha warns her they'll get in her cookies and milk, so Endroa zaps them away. Tabitha then makes Kay thank Endora. Tabitha again tells Kay she has to stop this, she's addicted to magic but she doesn't know how to control her powers. Tabitha says it takes years to perfect her powers. Yes she has to practice, but not around the people she loves. She says look at Miguel, he's already totally confused. Tabitha says all these spells they've cast on him, he doesn't know whether he's coming or going. Kay just wants to make him happy. Tabitha can't believe she's going to say this, but she doesn't need magic to make him happy, he loves her so just trust it and go with it. Tabitha is afraid what night happen if she keeps misusing her magic. Kay thinks she and Miguel are fine, nothing, not her magic, will change that. 

Later Norma and Edna joke with one another about how it's always a three ring circus here. This gives Endora an idea, she conjures the circus. Tabitha becomes the bearded lady, Edna a clown and Norma the ring master. A mime is there juggling, Tabitha says a good mime is a dead mime! An organ grinder monkey shows up, Edna is reminded of Nurse Precious. Edna shows him photos of her, she keeps them in a locket! Norma says she's sure Precious is fine wherever she is. Tabitha scolds Endora for this circus, but Norma says let her have fun. Soon Dr. Wilson shows up and sees the circus going on in the kitchen. Norma has a ring of fire and plans to make fluffy jump through it! Tabitha tells Fluffy not to do it. Dr. Wilson thinks she is going nuts! They see they've been caught by Dr. Wilson. Tabitha tells Endora the circus has to go now or they'll get arrested or worse. Endora won't conjure it away. Dr. Wilson ends up running off screaming after a monkey is shot from a cannon and hits her. Endora finally makes the circus vanish.

Kay goes to see Miguel. She asks how he's feeling? He says they need to talk. She asks if everything is okay? Dr. Wilson shows up and says he's not nuts, it's this whole house, it's a nuthouse! Dr. Wilson says she's a nut too! A big cashew. Tabitha and the others show up, Dr. Wilson says they are devils or witches. She knows they were all dressed up just a moment ago. Tabitha thinks Miguel gave the guest too many MarTimmys. Dr. Wilson tells Miguel to save himself and get out of this crazy house! She then runs off. Tabitha asks who that was? He says a psychiatrist he called. He asks if something happened in the kitchen? They say nope! Norma tries to convince Miguel not to worry, those docs are all nuts! Miguel says maybe she was having a bad day. Kay asks why he called a psychiatrist? He says he just had a few issues. Tabitha gives Kay a look. 

In Alistair's office, Fancy tells Luis what Pretty said was the truth, she destroyed her face. She says she made her sister a monster and she's a monster too. Luis knows her, she wouldn't hurt a flea. He thinks there is some explanation. She says there is. She says she's a Crane, she's evil like all the Cranes. Luis doesn't believe that. Fancy says look at Pretty, her life has been ruined because of her. Luis knows she wouldn't throw chemicals on her sister's face on purpose. She says she tried to convince herself of that, but she is evil like the rest of her family. She says she's tired of making excuses, that is what her grandfather did to justify his actions. She has to take responsibility for what she did, she is a true Crane and that is the reason what happened happened. Luis thinks she's over reacting. Fancy says she's not. She says most people would be in therapy or wracked with guilt, but not her. She threw acid in her sister's face and moved on. Luis says that isn't true. Fancy says she is evil like her family, it's in their DNA. Luis says stop this, evil is not passed down, there is nothing evil about her. He says he wants them to be together, but Fancy says no. She says whatever they had is over. She says if you love someone then you have to protect them. She says being stuck with her or passing on the Crane curse to a kid, it's not what she wants for him. She tells Luis to find a nice normal woman. She says he deserves better than her or Sheridan. Luis says she's the one he wants, he'd sacrifice anything to be with her. She says he already has, he almost lost his life. Luis says he'd do anything for her. She says because he's bought into an idea of what she's really like. She says her one saving grace is that she does love him, which is why she has to set him free. He has to find someone who won't destroy his life. She tells Luis she loves him too much to hurt him. Luis says this makes no sense, but Fancy says there is no telling when she may do something evil. Luis asks if she can at least let him make this decision, but she says no. She says one day he'll thank her. She then runs off. Luis chases after her. 

At the inn, Theresa thinks the shock of telling him the truth has killed Ethan! Theresa begins screaming for help, she says her husband is dead! Suddenly Alistair shows up and asks Theresa why the drama, her husband is alive! Theresa says he is supposed to be dead! Alistair says he had hoped for a warmer welcome from her, remember she is his wife till death do they part. Theresa says they'll discuss this later, she needs help for Ethan. Alistair can see that. She asks him to help her! Alistair says it's too late, Ethan is dead. Theresa says they have to help him. Alistair says he's dead, he was poisoned. Alistair tells her about the poison strawberries, he sent them. She calls him a monster. He says expand her vocabulary, try fiend, demon, ogre. She asks why he did this to Ethan? Alistair says he didn't, they were meant for her! She says he wanted to kill her? He says yes of course. He says Ethan the greedy however ate just about every one of them, he didn't have a chance. She says he thought he was his grandson for 25 years! Alistair says but he's not, Ethan means nothing to him, he doesn't care if he lives or dies. Alistair does care if Theresa lives or dies though. He says there is one last strawberry left and he wants her to eat it. She asks why he's doing this? He says he knows about Little Ethan. He says Little Ethan isn't a Crane, she made a fool out of him. Theresa says he made Little Ethan his heir, not her. She says tear up the will, she doesn't care, she just needs to save Ethan. She begs him to let them live happily ever after, but Alistair says not a chance! He won't let her let the world find out she made a fool of him. He again tells her to eat the strawberry! He says she'll take the secret of Little Ethan's paternity to her grave! Theresa says wouldn't it be more fun to keep her around to torture her? She begs him, just let her be with Ethan. Alistair says her begging is the proof she's not worthy of carrying the Crane name. He says the truth will never come out! Theresa says she has to help Ethan, but Alistair won't let her go. He says she is worse than Ivy. She swears she didn't find out the truth about Little Ethan until Rome. He doesn't believe her though. He says Ethan is dead and she's about to die. He then grabs her and chokes her! 


August 28,  2007
At the mansion, Esme is in Fox's arms on the couch as Viki sleeps curled up next to them. They just watched Batman. Esme says that girl was dumb for letting Batman go, she loves a strong man in tight fitting rubber. Fox says there are some old caves underneath this mansion. Esme says get a bat mobile and he may get somewhere. Fox sees Viki is asleep. He asks Esme why Viki doesn't speak? Esme says she'll tell Fox, but he has to keep it to himself. Viki is awake and listens in. Esme tells Fox how she and Viki are so much a like, she was a gentle and shy child. Esme says her sister, Viki's mom, and her have been estranged for years. She says there were words exchanged, she pushed her out a window, it was silly really. Esme says she hasn't seen much of Viki since then. Fox asks why Viki is here then? Esme says it's a tragedy really. Esme says Viki's father . . . well something happened that changed Viki's life forever. Fox asks what? Esme says he must not tell anyone, even Viki doesn't remember what happened. Esme says usually she's the first one to make a joke, but she can't laugh about this one. She says Viki doesn't know what happened and she doesn't know how to tell her. Esme says Viki's always been a shy child. She says her parents haven't been around much, it's caused her to close down more. Esme says when she finds out what happened . . . . Esme says her parents are gone. She says her father lost all their money, everything they have is gone. She says that isn't the worst part, Esme says when he found out he lost everything, he got upset and took the cowards way out. Fox says the cowards way? Esme says he killed himself and her sister. Fox holds her as she cries. Viki is awake and hears all, but doesn't let them know this. Fox says he's so sorry. He asks where Viki thinks they went? Esme says she was told they went on a trip for business followed by vacation. Fox asks what about the media? Esme says it was covered for a day then covered up. Besides Viki doesn't really watch the news or read the paper. She says Viki grew up in a bubble, her parents were protective. She says now that they are gone, she's her guardian. Esme doesn't know how she'll do this, her houseplants die. She says to top it off, her trust fund is frozen. Fox says she will be great, she'll be like Auntie Mame. Esme says at least Auntie Mame could make a mean cocktail. Fox tells Esme she doesn't have to worry, she can count on him for anything. She says he is sweet, she never had anyone to count on before. Esme wishes she could stay here and in Fox's arms forever, she feels so safe. She talks about how she wishes she didn't have to tell Viki the truth. Fox asks how she is handling this? This has to be hard on her. Esme thinks it is her fault her sister is dead, but Fox says it isn't. Esme says he doesn't understand, it is her fault. Esme refuses to talk anymore. She says it's late, Viki should be in bed. Fox says he'll carry her up to bed. Esme says Fox is a knight in shining armor, who knew. He says he lives to serve! Viki, in Fox's arms, smiles.

Spike and Vincent meet on the pier. Spike is in a sweatshirt and sunglasses. Vincent says take them off! Spike says he's a fugitive, this is his disguise. Vincent says he's a fugitive too and he's not dressed like that. Spike says he wishes Vincent told him he was working for Alistair, but Vincent says he was told not to. Spike says he has a list of people Alistair wants dead, they have to make that happen. Spike has an envelope with the list in it. Vincent warns Spike that Alistair said some horrible things to him, he doesn't think Alistair has his best interest at heart. Spike says he got him out of the nuthouse didn't he? Spike says if Alistair wants them to do things, they better do them. Spike does admit that Alistair has made him do things that makes even his blood run cold. He says Alistair saves his most horrible things for his own flesh and blood. Spike suggests they just figure out what they are supposed to do, they are supposed to do it together. Vincent has an idea of what they can do together, he kisses Spike! Spike pushes him away and says hey Spikey don't play that way! He says at least not for free, there was one time, a summer in P-Town. Vincent is crying because he thinks nobody loves him. Spike tells him whatever problems he thinks he has it better than the people on Alistair's list. Spike says pull it together, they have work to do! Spike reads the letter from Alistair and is amused, but won't show Vincent as it is confidential. Vincent thinks he should know who they are to kill. Spike says oh he'll find out soon enough. Vincent asks what weapon they use. Spike says a gun. Vincent says he has one and shows Spike. Spike takes it and then points it at Vincent. Spike says surprise, you are the first name on the list! Vincent says this is a joke right? Spike acts like it is a joke, but then he shows him the list and says he is set to die. Vincent says his grandfather loves him, he has to. Spike points the gun at him and asks if this looks like love to him? Vincent says he can't do this. He pretends Alistair has shown up, when Spike looks, Vincent runs off. Spike begins hunting him down, telling him to come out. He soon find Vincent cowering and crying in a corner talking to himself. 

On the Crane grounds, Luis is chasing Fancy begging her not to run. She says she won't ruin his life with the Crane Curse, just let her go. Luis catches up to her. She continues saying the Crane's are cursed, if he stays with her then she'll ruin his life. Luis says that won't happen. He says he loves her so much and he won't let her leave. Fancy says he has to let her go. Luis says she's not making sense, love can't destroy him. She says loving the wrong woman can. She says she's bad news, the Cranes destroy those they love, it is the Crane curse. Fancy goes down the line of what all the Cranes have done to the ones they supposedly love. She says she won't hurt him like Sheridan did, she runs off again. She thinks Luis has given up on chasing her. She doesn't know what she does or how she goes on with out Luis. Suddenly Fancy is grabbed and carried away. As it turns out, it's just Luis carrying her off. She asks what he thinks he's doing? He says he's taking her somewhere until she realizes they are meant to be together. He says this Crane curse nonsense is just that, nonsense. Luis says the love they share doesn't come along every day, the sooner she realizes that the better. He says he's taking her away until she promises not to push him away. He picks her back up and carries her off. 

At the inn, Gwen and Rebecca are still waiting around for Theresa to die. Rebecca tells Gwen to just relax, but Gwen is afraid it might not work. Rebecca is sure it will. Rebecca stole some clairs from the pastry room, but Gwen won't eat or drink anything here as Alistair could have poisoned it too. Rebecca says but it's one of those really good clairs. Gwen says just drop it. Gwen soon begins to wonder why Ethan hasn't called out for help? Rebecca says relax, soon Theresa will be dead and Ethan will be free. Rebecca thinks Gwen should go after Ethan again, this new man in her life can't mean as much as Ethan does. Gwen just hopes Alistair's plan works.

In Ethan and Theresa's room, Alistair is choking Theresa and says nobody makes a fool of him! He says Ethan is dead and he's sending her to him. Suddenly Chad and Whitney walk in and catch Alistair trying to kill Theresa! Chad tackles Alistair as Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan was poisoned. She tells Whitney to call 911. Alistair grabs Whitney and says she won't call anyone. Chad attacks him, Alistair pulls a gun and holds it on them. He says he thinks he'll kill all of them, who wants to be first? Theresa says Ethan is still breathing, they have to call 911. Alistair says he'll be dead soon and so will all of them. Chad says he will call 911, but Alistair says he'll shoot him. Gwen and Rebecca show up, learning Ethan ate the strawberries. Gwen says Theresa was supposed to die, not Ethan. Alistair says she will die. Theresa can't believe Gwen knew about this. Chad goes to call 911, thinking Alistair wouldn't shoot his own son. Whitney begs Chad to listen, but Chad doesn't think Alistair will kill him. Whitney says he did try and kill Sheridan. Gwen begs Alistair to let Chad call. Theresa tells Gwen this is her fault, Ethan will die because of her. Gwen says this was Alistair's idea, and besides he got the idea from her and her poison guacamole. Alistair fires off the gun to stop them from arguing. Alistair doesn't know why Ethan didn't kill them both years ago. Theresa keeps begging to let them call 911, but Alistair says no. Gwen joins Theresa in begging, but Alistair says Ethan will die like all of them. He came back home to clean up all his mistake. Rebecca says that he can't mean her and Gwen, but Alistair says they are all mistakes. Chad wrestles with Alistair over the gun, Alistair then shoots Chad right in the chest! Chad says but he's his son? Chad then falls down. Alistair says he's no son of his! Whitney asks what is wrong with him? Alistair says he came back to take out the trash, anyone in his family who disappointed him must pay. He says Chad was on the list. Whitney tells Chad he'll be fine. Theresa calls Alistair a bastard. Alistair tells Theresa their marriage was forged in hell, so she'll be comfy there. He holds the gun on her and says goodbye! Suddenly security guards show up and aim guns at Alistair. They say drop it or he's dead. He pretends to go to put it down, but shoots at them and then runs out the glass door. Theresa says ambulances must be called, one man has been shot the other poisoned. Whitney cries over Chad, saying what if it's too late? She begs Chad to hang on, but he's fading. He tells Whitney that he's always loved her. She tells him to hang on. He says Miles, their new baby, he loves them. Chad then dies. Whitney tells Chad that he can't die! Everyone is in shock as they stand around. Whitney says the doctors can still save him, but Theresa shakes her head. Theresa tells Gwen to stay away from Ethan, this is her fault. Gwen says it was supposed to be Theresa who was dead. Gwen says if Ethan dies then she'll kill Theresa herself, she won't have to worry about Alistair!

Luis takes Fancy to an inn, the same one that the others appear to be at. He tries to convince her that he loves her and kisses her neck. She can't resist and soon kisses him back. They soon end up in bed, not realizing Alistair is watching! He says Luis took Sheridan and now Fancy. He says cross him once you die, cross him twice and you die in agony! 


August 29, 2007
Kay is up in the attic of Tabitha's looking for something when Basil the floating head shows up. Kay asks who he is? He introduces himself. He says he was just making sure she wasn't up to anything nefarious. She says no, she's getting married. He asks if she's going to involve magic in this wedding? She wonders why he cares. He has heard the tales of her incompetence, don't mess around with magic. Tabitha shows up, followed by the girls and Endora. Norma and Endora are wearing face masks, Basil asks what they are! Enda suggest he not point fingers, so to speak, as he doesn't look so great himself. Tabitha asks Kay what she's doing? She is trying to find stuff to help with the most romantic wedding ever. Tabitha tell Kay once again not to do it! Tabitha says with her track record with magic, she could end up preparing her funeral and not her wedding. Everyone begins laughing at her. Tabitha tells them all to stop it now. Tabitha thinks they should encourage this wedding, it will get Charity out of the picture for good. Kay suggests they all go back to bed or their boxes, she can take care of herself. Tabitha asks Kay what she was looking for, maybe she can help her. She just wants something to help her wedding be perfect. Tabitha suggests she do this wedding the old fashion way, without magic. Kay thinks it is boring, but Tabitha says it's safe. Tabitha says love is all she needs. The head asks if Tabitha is going soft? Is she going to be writing greeting cards next? Tabitha again tells Kay not to use magic, but Kay insists on making her wedding magical and Tabitha won't talk her out of this. Kay says leave her alone. The head decides they will help Kay and gives her a book, The Idiot's Guide To Witchcraft. Kay asks if he's calling her an idiot? He says no, he's had it for years waiting for the right person to give it to, and she's it! Again everyone laughs. Kay says this isn't funny. Norma says it is, Kay really is an idiot when it comes to witchcraft. Edna says now now, Norma knows how it makes her feel when she's teased about her daddy. The head asks Tabitha what is the story with these two? Tabitha says there isn't enough time to tell him. Tabitha tells Kay that she just feels it's not good for her to be using magic for the wedding. Kay thinks she's under control. She says she even cast a sleeping spell on Miguel to help him rest. Tabitha gets Endora to go check on Miguel. Kay then finds a flower she wants to use in her bouquet. It's a special flower with sparkles, but Tabitha warns her those sparkles are very powerful, she shouldn't use magic on them if  her magic is not up to snuff. Kay thinks her magic is up to snuff, she saved Tabitha and Endora from those witches. Tabitha says beginners luck. Kay casts a spell on the flowers to make her wedding bouquet, the bouquet explodes in her face! Tabitha tells Kay it's time to face it, she's a bloody awful witch. Norma and Edna agree, the head asks if she's sure she was born with special powers? Kay says yes and she will use them to make her wedding perfect and different. Kay won't listen and keeps looking for something else to use. She finds a spell about bridesmaids and how to make them look gorgeous. Tabitha says that spell doesn't work the way she thinks it does. Kay says it does, it's her party and she'll try if she wants to. Kay casts the spell, which gives her huge hair like she was electrocuted. Tabitha says the spell is to make sure the bridesmaids don't look as great as the bride. Endora returns from checking on Miguel. Tabitha asks Endora to put Kay back to the way she's supposed to look. Kay hears something, she's afraid it is Miguel, he can't see her like this. Tabitha says relax, it's not Miguel, he actually is asleep and for once her spell worked. Tabitha says Endora make those sounds as a joke. Kay thought Endora was supposed to be good! Endora says she can at still play pranks. Endora zaps Kay back to normal. Kay then once again plans to show them all and make a sparkling flower spell work. They all prepare for the worst. Kay conjures up a very tiny bouquet. Tabitha says that is great, maybe she can give them out as wedding favors. Tabitha again tells her to stop using her magic. The head tells Kay to just practice and hone her craft, don't waste her powers away. Tabitha says listen to him, Endora won't always be around to help her. Kay again casts another spell, trying to show them. She ends up separating her head from her body. The head says he's botched that spell himself! As it turns out, everyone's heads have come off their bodies!

On the pier, Spike has found Vincent cowering and crying. Spike says his grandfather really did a number on him didn't he? He tells Vincent to stop blubbering and take his medicine like a man. Vincent doesn't want to die, but Spike thinks death would be an improvement. Suddenly Sheridan shows up and tells Spike she won't let him kill her nephew! Spike says he has a job here. Sheridan says she won't let him kill Vincent, what has Vincent done to him? Spike says he doesn't answer to her. Sheridan says who then, her father? He says ding ding ding! Vincent clings to Sheridan, Spike says hey he's been trying to get that close to her for months! He says maybe the freak is onto something. Spike tells Sheridan to move, or he'll kill them both. Spike says her father wants Vincent dead, so he has to do this. Sheridan says they'll see about that. Sheridan pushes Spike as he tries to shoot Vincent. She then tells Vincent to run! They run to her car as Spike follows them. 

Spike chases Sheridan in his own car. Vincent is crying he doesn't want to die. Sheridan says she's going as fast as she can. She has to find a way to ditch Spike. Sheridan realizes they are running out of gas. Vincent grabs the wheel, forcing it out of control. 

Sheridan's car crashes, they escape the car and run through the woods as Spike still chases them. They end up lost in the woods. Vincent is tired and says he has to sit down. She says he can't. Spike shows up, he chases them onto a ledge over the sea. They end up over a huge cliff. Vincent says he's scared! Spike says he should be. He tells Aunt Sheridan to move so he can take care of Vincent. She won't let him kill Vincent and says Spike will have to kill her first. Spike says okay and aims a gun at her! Sheridan offers him money, more than Alistair is giving him. He seems to accept, but says sucker and grabs Vincent. Both Spike and Vincent go over the ledge and cling to it. Sheridan goes to save Vincent and Spike. They both grab her hands. They both beg her to save them, but Sheridan intends to save Vincent as she can only save one. Spike tries to convincer her to save him, he says Marty is still alive and he can help her get him. She thinks it's a lie, but Spike says it isn't.

At the inn, Gwen and Theresa argue and blame each other for this. Paramedics show up with two gurneys. The paramedics tell Whitney that they are sorry, but she demands they do something, shocking him or something. They work on Chad while others tend to Ethan. Whitney asks Theresa about Ethan? Theresa doesn't know. Whitney says they are trying to save Chad, but soon give up as it is too late. The paramedic tells Whitney that he's sorry, there is nothing else they can do. Whitney cries over Chad as Theresa watches. Whitney tells Chad that he can't leave her like this, not Miles and their baby on the way. She won't let him just die like this. She says they can fix things, they can be a family. Theresa goes to Whitney to comfort her. She then learns Ethan is being taken to the hospital. Gwen says she'll ride in the ambulance, but Theresa says the hell Gwen will as she's his wife. Whitney wants Chad taken to the hospital too, but they won't. Whitney asks Theresa to make them do it, Theresa asks them to just take her husband in the ambulance with Ethan. Whitney is positive the hospital can save Chad. Ethan and Chad are both taken off. Gwen again tells Theresa that if Ethan dies then she is responsible. Theresa says if Ethan dies, Gwen will die too!

At the hospital, a doctor asks what the poison Ethan took was, nobody knows. HE says they can still help him, but it will take longer as they have to run a lot of tests. The doctor goes to tend to Ethan. Whitney shows up. Theresa asks where Chad is? Is he in a room. Whitney says he's at the morgue, he's gone. Whitney says she knew it, she just didn't want to believe it. She says she couldn't believe she'd never see him again, she'll never hear he loves her, her baby will never know his dad. Whitney says the worst part is she never forgave him and she never said she still loved him. She says all he wanted to know was there was a chance and she couldn't give him that. Theresa says deep down, Chad knew she loved him. Whitney says he's the only man she ever loved, just like her and Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa she needs to tell Ethan the truth, if he dies before then then she won't forgive herself. Ethan begins coding, the doctors scream they are losing him! Everyone watches as they work on Ethan. They manage to save Ethan, but he's in critical condition still and it could go either way. Whitney again tells Theresa that she may not have time, she has to go tell Ethan the truth. Don't end up like her, living with regret. A man shows up to get Whitney's signatures, she goes with him. Theresa then goes in to see Ethan.

Ethan, of course, lies shirtless in his hospital bed. Theresa sits with him and talks to him. She says there is something she has to tell him. She says she's tried to tell him a million times, she's just been so scared. She hopes it isn't too late. She tells Ethan that he has a son. In his head, Ethan says he has a son? He has to live! Theresa says that he has to live, they can be a family.

Rebecca talks to Gwen about how close they were to getting rid of Theresa. Gwen says if Ethan dies then she might as well too. Rebecca says she thought she moved on? Gwen says she loves Ethan, she always has and never stopped. Gwen then gets a call and learns he is sick. She says she'll be right there. Gwen can't explain to Rebecca and runs off. Rebecca doesn't understand how this new man can be more important when she loves Ethan? Rebecca says she doesn't get it. 

Whitney goes to the morgue where she has to say goodbye to Chad, who is under a sheet. She remembers the good times with Chad through flashbacks. She pulls back to the sheet to look at Chad. She asks God why? Why did it have to end this way?



August 30, 2007

At Tabitha's, everyone's heads are floating above their bodies, thanks to Kay's spell. Basil the floating head says not to lose their bodies or they'll end up like him! Tabitha insists Kay put them back. She casts a spell to do so, reuniting her and Tabitha's heads with their bodies. Endora is having too much fun and refuses to be reunited with her body. Edna and Norma's heads end up on the wrong bodies. They scream about this, Kay tries to fix it again and gets the heads on the right bodies, but they are on backwards. Edna and Norma continue to scream, Edna can't find her boobies! Tabitha asks Kay when she's going to accept that she cannot control her magic? Miguel soon shows up after hearing all the screaming. Basil the floating head zaps himself away, while Endora puts her own head back on. Miguel however sees Edna and Norma's heads are on backwards. He can't believe this, what is happening? He says this is like the exorcist . . . oh no . . .  have then been possessed by evil sprits? Kay says yes they have! He thinks they should pray, and begins praying for them. Tabitha tells Kay that Endora can fix this, Endora says just don't let Miguel see. Kay pulls him into a kiss while Endora fixes the head problem. Miguel sees they are back to normal and asks what happened here? He knows what he saw, but Kay tells Miguel he's just tired, he's had a long day. Miguel says maybe she's right, maybe he just needs to go back to bed. He says wait, why were they all up here? She says to find stuff to make their wedding perfect. Miguel thinks that is sweet, did she find anything? She says yes, these flowers. She shows him the burnt bouquet, which he thinks exploded. She says these are old, they'll obviously get new ones. Kay then convinces Miguel to go back to bed with her. They leave and the talking head returns. Norma and Edna say that girl and her magic are going to get them sent to the basement of hell again. Tabitha agrees, one day Kay will go too far. Basil says he gets the feeling that day is coming very soon!

At the inn, Fancy and Luis make love. Fancy can't believe he's forgiven her for what she did to Pretty. Luis says he knows her, he knows she'd never hurt Pretty on purpose. Fancy says she didn't, Pretty attacked her and she grabbed the first thing she could. Luis says obviously she didn't know what was in the container. Fancy says she didn't. She can't believe he understands, she was so sure he'd hate her. Luis says he doesn't, he loves her. Fancy says she's always felt horrible about what happened to her sister, she loves her and always has. Luis says her concern for Pretty only makes him love her more. He swears nothing and no one will ever come between them. Later they share a dance together and kiss.

Meanwhile Alistair spies on Fancy and Luis from outside. He's furious, how could Fancy do this to him? He blames Luis for this and promises that Luis will die. Later Pretty shows up, looking for Alistair. She sees he's looking in on Luis and Fancy. She says it didn't take Luis long to forgive Fancy. She says they aren't just having sex, it's obvious Luis loves Fancy. She says why does everyone love Fancy? She cries it's not fair, not after what Fancy did to her. Alistair says Fancy is a traitor to the family. Pretty says but he still loves her, she knows he does. She doesn't understand why, why can't anyone love her? Alistair doesn't blame Fancy, he blames Luis. He says Luis corrupted Fancy just like Sheridan. He says that whole family, they are all alike, Luis, Martin and that whore of a sister Theresa. Pretty says Sheridan blames Fancy, she says  that Fancy stole Luis from her. Alistair says not to believe Sheridan, she has been corrupted too. Pretty says she hates them, she hates them both and wishes they were dead. To himself, Alistair says Pretty may just get her wish.

At the hospital, Theresa is in Ethan's room. She tells him he has a son, he has to live, so they can be a family. Pilar arrives, she asks what happened? Theresa explains that Ethan was poisoned. She explains everything, that Alistair didn't die and he is back. She says Alistair tried to poison her, but Ethan ate the poison instead. She says when Alistair's initial plan didn't work, he tried to strangle her. She says Whitney and Chad saved her, but then Alistair killed Chad. Theresa says Chad is dead. Pilar says the monster! She says if he would kill his own family, none of them are safe. Theresa says they aren't, Alistair has come back to kill them all, he's insane.  Theresa says the doctor's don't know if Ethan will live. Pilar asks if she got to tell him he had a son. Theresa says she did, but he was unconscious and she doesn't know if he heard her. Pilar is sure he did. A nurse comes in later to check on Ethan, his vitals are improving. Theresa and Pilar ask if Ethan can hear them. The nurse says there is no proof that the patients can, but she really believes they can. She says keep talking to him. The nurse leaves. Theresa holds Ethan's hand and asks if he can hear her? He squeezes his hand. Theresa is sure he can hear, that means he has to know about their son. Pilar is sure of it. Theresa just hopes he can forgive her. Pilar says he will, he loves her. Theresa begs Ethan to come back to her, they have a family to raise. Ethan's eyes begin to flutter!

Meanwhile Rebecca is in the hall spying. She just doesn't understand why Gwen ran off to her mystery man when she just said it was Ethan she loved. She tries to call Gwen, but the line is busy. Rebecca keeps listening in and learns Ethan is waking up and probably heard about Little Ethan. She says if he forgives Theresa, then they will be happy and together and Gwen will have nothing. 

On the cliff, Sheridan is holding onto both Spike and Vincent. She can't hold them both and can only save one. She knows who she's saving, Vincent. Spike begs her, claiming if she saves him then he can give her Marty back, that is her kid's name. She says he must mean James, but Spike says no Marty. She says Marty died. Spike says he didn't, he can show her where he is! She asks how she knows he's telling the truth? He's a liar and a killer! Vincent continues to beg Sheridan to save him. Eve and Julian soon arrive, Crane Security tracked her car here. They see she's holding onto Vincent and Spike. She says she needs help, she can't hold onto them for much longer. Julian tries to clime down the cliff side to save Vincent, but he can't reach him. Eve asks if he has rope in his car? Julian doesn't, but suggests they look for a branch. When Eve and Julian are gone, Spike and Vincent begging to slip. Sheridan has to choose, she lets Vincent go and grabs Spike. Eve and Julian return and are horrified. Eve demands to know why she let Vincent go and saved Spike? Sheridan claims she didn't, Vincent slipped. They think she should have let Spike die! She begs them to help her get Spike up before he pulls her over with him. They do, she continues to swear Vincent slipped. Julian and Eve do not believe her, she should have let Spike die. They don't know why she did this. Eve is devastated, Julian says Spike only has jail to look forward to now. Julian and Eve leave to call the coast guard to recover Vincent's body and to have the police come arrest Spike. Spike tells Sheridan they have to get out of here before the police come! Sheridan grabs Spike and says he's going no where until he tells her where her son is!



August 31, 2007
Fox and Esme take Viki up to bed and tuck her in. Fox feels for her, she's been through so much and doesn't know the half of it. Esme thanks Fox for letting them stay here, he is quite the life saver. She says Viki is a reminder of her poor dead sister, her own parents never forgave her for botching her engagement to Lord Saunders, then after the divorce her step mother bitch Brenda convinced her dad to cut her trust fund. Fox says she and Viki can stay here as long as they need. Esme says her hero and gives him a kiss on the cheek. They both say Viki is such an angle, she sleeps like one. Esme says she dreads when Viki finally learns that her parents are dead. She has so much to do, at least she doesn't have to find a roof to put over their heads. Esme thanks him for that. She's glad her parents are divorced, as she says her mom would just love Fox. She says her mom liked young hot men and daddy was a sound sleeper, if he gets her drift. Esme says she was especially fond of every man she brought home! Mommy claimed it was sleepwalking that made her go to their beds, but not with champagne and condoms! Fox asks if she's going to still ask Fancy for a job? Esme says she is. Fox talks about how Fancy is away with Luis right now. Esme says oh yeah, he's not gay anymore. Fox says he never wasn't, Fancy misunderstood what she saw at the prison. Esme says she's just glad Fancy found true love. Later they end up kissing, Fox says he finds her sexy. Suddenly Viki wakes up as if she had a nightmare, Esme runs to her side. Esme asks what is wrong? Is she frightened? She nods. Esme says nothing to be scared of, especially when they have Fox to protect them. Viki whispers to Esme, Fox asks what she said? Esme looks shocked.

At the inn, Fancy and Luis are making a love again. Later they are cuddling and talking about happy they are. They make love again. Outside, Alistair is glad Pretty is here and wants to help him. She says it is why she stopped Fancy from turning him into the police, she is crazy. Alistair says that Luis has turned her against them. He also apologizes for calling her ugly, he directed his anger with everyone else at her. He hopes she can forgive her. Pretty says she does, she loves him, she'll do anything he wants. Alistair says good, there is something she can do for him tonight. Alistair says Fancy is dead to him now, she is his granddaughter now and they'll have a wonderful future together. Pretty says Fancy is so beautiful, can he forsake Fancy for her? She knows he loves his beauty, his cars, his art. Alistair says she is his granddaughter and he loves her. She hugs him. To himself, he hopes the scar face wretch doesn't cry on his clothes! Alistair tells Pretty how Fancy is in there with her lover, she has everything and Pretty has nothing. He thinks Fancy needs to be punished, doesn't she? Pretty says she does. He says excellent! Punish her they shall.

Alistair ends up talking Pretty to a secret room at the mansion where he's been hiding out. He's been plotting to destroy all those he hates and hate him. She doesn't know why everyone just doesn't love him. He agrees with her there. She knows what it's like to be hated. Alistair says people are cruel, and they will show Fancy for what she did. Pretty asks how they start? He wants her to call Fancy and bring her back to the mansion. Alistair apparently tells Pretty what he's planning, we don't hear it though. Pretty says this plan is so extreme. Alistair says Fancy took her happiness, she betrayed him, they must destroy her happiness. He asks her to call Fancy and make her come back home. 

Eve and Julian are at the Blue Note. Julian tells Eve that Sam is going to arrest Spike. Eve is drinking and wants another. Julian thinks this is not the time to get drunk, they have to help find Vincent's body. Eve says there is no point, he is dead because of Sheridan. Julian tries to cut Eve off, she is drunk. Julian says Vincent needs her sober. She says he's in more pieces than humpty dumpty! Julian says then need to help the coast guard find Vincent and give him a proper burial. Eve says they will only be able to give him a memorial services, after falling to those sharp rocks, the sharks and lobsters will eat what is left of him. She says it's the truth, the ugly truth. She says Sheridan let their son die. Eve asks why the Cranes feel they need to deprive her of everything near and dear to her? She says first Alistair drove them apart, then he stole their son, now Sheridan has killed him. She says she hates him, she hates Julian! She ends up breaking down as he comforts her.

Back on the cliffs, Sheridan has Spike by his hair and throat, she won't let him go until he tells more about Marty. Spike says they have to get out of here first, but Sheridan says she'll kill him if he doesn't tell her the truth. Spike says Marty survived the explosion and then . . . suddenly they hear sirens. Sam shows up calling out to Sheridan, Spike manages to get out of Sheridan's grasp and runs off. She wants him to come back and tell her where Marty is. Sam keeps yelling out to Sheridan asking where she is. He catches up to her, Sheridan says Spike got away. She explains what happened, claiming it is all such a blur. Eve shows up, saying it's not a blur to her! She says Sheridan killed their son, she let him fall. She wants Sheridan arrested for murder. Sam asks if this is true? Did she sacrifice Vincent to save Spike? Sheridan says no, it didn't happen like that. Eve says it did, she and Julian saw it. Julian agrees, how could she do this, was it to get even with him or avenge father using Vincent to get Luis locked up? Sheridan breaks and says the truth is she had to let Vincent die. They ask why? She says she only could save one, and Spike told her Marty is still alive and she had to save him. She says she saved him to find her son. Eve is disgusted and slaps Sheridan! Sheridan runs off saying she has to find Spike. Eve screams she will get Sheridan for this!

At the hospital, Ethan's eyes flutter, they think he is waking up. Pilar thinks telling him he has a son has brought him out of the coma. She keeps talking to him and begs him to wake up so they can be the family fate meant them to be.

Rebecca is still spying on Ethan and Theresa. She says if Ethan is about to wake up then Gwen has to be here and tell Ethan the truth about his son. She doesn't care about her new man and whether he's sick. Later Pilar and Rebecca face off. Pilar thinks Rebecca shouldn't be here, she should go home and crawl under a rock. She should leave Theresa and her husband Ethan in peace. Rebecca says first off, Theresa isn't his wife, second this is America and she can be here. Pilar says she heard Theresa tell Ethan that she and him have a son, so they have nothing to hang over Theresa's head anymore. Rebecca says there is no telling if he'll remember what she said when he wakes up, but if he does remember, he will hate her! Pilar says he won't, Ethan loves her, he will forgive her when he learns why she kept the truth. Pilar then storms off. Rebecca thinks she needs to track Gwen down, she must be here when Ethan wakes up. 

Gwen is at an apartment. She talks to a nurse, the nurse says he is very sick and the doctors are working on him now. Gwen says first Ethan now him, he has to be okay. Rebecca calls Gwen and tells her that Ethan is waking up, Theresa told him the truth. She needs to be here. Gwen says her new man is too sick for her to leave him. Rebecca says forget the new stud, she's about to lose the old one! She doesn't know how she can stay with this guy, unless he's rich. Gwen says no he's not. Rebecca says then forget this new flavor of the month, come back and fight for her man. Rebecca says Ethan could wake up and she needs to be here. Gwen says she's doing the best she can. Rebecca says it's not enough, Ethan could wake up and forgive Theresa. Gwen says or he could wake up and hate her without help from her. Gwen won't leave her new man, she can't lose him, she loves him more than Ethan. Rebecca says a sick boy friend doesn't trump a comatose ex husband. Gwen tells her mom to stop badgering her, she's not going anywhere until she knows he's okay. Rebecca tells her to focus here, remember the pain Theresa has caused her. Gwen does remember what she's done to her. Rebecca says then come to the hospital and fight for Ethan. Gwen can't, her new man is too important, much more important than Ethan.

Back at the hospital, a nurse checks on Ethan. It seems that he's not waking up after all, his eye lids fluttering was an involuntary reflex. However this is a good side, this happens a lot before a patient is about to wake up. She says take hope in this, Ethan is fighting to come out of the coma. She says keep talking, urge him to come back to them. Theresa and Pilar continue to talk about Ethan, Pilar says Ethan forgave Ivy for her lie, he'll forgive her too. Theresa hopes so. Pilar tells Theresa to tell him the truth again. Theresa does, she tells Ethan he has to wake up for his son. She says his son wants to spend time with him, she wants him to spend time with him too. She hopes Ethan isn't mad at her for keeping this from him, she felt like she had to. Ethan again squeezes her hand. She thinks it means he forgives her. She says this it, this is the moment, no more secrets and lies after 8 long years. She thinks they will live happily ever after!


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