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1st Week of December  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



December 3, 2007

I've signed up for the Passions Online account for this month, because my current trip out of town has been extended and I'll be out of town later this month for the holidays. However the online episodes aren't up until 8pm at night. Therefore while I'm out of town, the summaries will be posted in the evenings. 

At the hospital, Gwen is on the computer doing research. Theresa thinks they need to tell Ethan the truth so that Little Ethan can be tested. She says Gwen can't really let her son die to keep her from Ethan. Gwen says she has no intention of letting Jonathan die. Theresa thinks this means they are telling Ethan, but Gwen thinks she's found an alternative holistic cure for Jonathan on the net. She says many people swear by this cure. Theresa looks at it and thinks it is a fake, it's giving false hope to people like Gwen. Gwen won't listen, she thinks this will cure her son. She also tells Theresa this is all her fault. She says her son was fine, he wasn't dying until Theresa convinced her to bring him here. Theresa said he had a fever of 105, everyone could see something was wrong with him. Gwen says he wasn't dying until Eve overdosed him. She blames Theresa for that, suggesting she somehow convinced Eve to do it to kill her baby. Theresa says she would never! Theresa soon realizes something has been wrong with Jonathan all along, perhaps his liver was failing him before they even brought him here. Gwen says that is not true. She says her son will be fine, he won't need a liver transplant. She says she, Ethan and Jonathan will live happily ever after. Theresa realizes Gwen is delusional. She says she wants to save Jonathan, so she's telling Ethan the truth. Gwen says if she does it, she'll call Mexico and she and her whole family will be dead. Theresa doesn't believe her, she doesn't think she'd be able to live with that blood on her hands. Gwen says there is nothing she wouldn't do to keep Theresa from Ethan.

At Tabitha's, Kay catches Tabitha at her bowl conjuring. A skeletal hand reaches through, she says death has come to Harmony.  Kay doesn't like this, she wants to know who will die. Tabitha looks into the bowl and says Pilar and Theresa will die. Kay says this is terrible, they must stop it. Tabitha says you can't stop death. Kay thinks they can warn Theresa and Pilar. Tabitha says she could, but the preparations they would make will just lead to their deaths. Tabitha says there is no way to cheat death. Kay says so it's the most powerful force in the universe? Tabitha says almost. Kay wonders what the most powerful force is then? She realizes it is love, and that love brought Jessica back from death. She thinks they can use love to fight death. Tabitha tells her not to go getting any ideas, there is nothing she can do to stop this. She says when your number is up, it's up. 

At the warehouse, Luis suspects Pretty is in on this scheme with Alistair, she's helping him. She cries and says that isn't true, convincing Luis he has it wrong and his accusations are hurting her. He apologizes. Later he sees a skylight and thinks he can escape through it. He tries to balance on some barrels to reach it. When he gets too close, Pretty knocks them over and Luis just thinks he lost his balance. He gives up on trying to escape that way. He goes to get some water, but it's been shut off. Pretty says without water they'll die. Luis says that is Alistair's plane, unless . . . .  A cabinet suddenly opens, it's stocked with booze. Pretty says obviously grandfather's joke, he thinks Luis needs to be wasted to make love to her. She cries, so Luis tells her she is beautiful inside and out, and her burn is not that bad. He says she is lucky compared to some. Luis vows to get out and find his son. Pretty says there is a way to do that, make love to her. He says maybe she's right. She starts things off with a kiss.

On the pier, Noah finds Paloma and talks to her. She's still upset, but he convinces her that he has no idea how he ended up in bed with Fancy. He says it's just like what happened at Tabitha's, he feels it was supernatural or evil forces. She says maybe. He says he and Luis have discussed this, something in town hates when people are happy and in love, it tries to break them up. Noah says if she trusts in him and his love for her, they can beat this. She cries that she wants to, and they kiss. Suddenly Noah thinks he knows where they may be able to find Luis. He says follow him, and leads Paloma off.



December 4, 2007

At the hospital, Ethan prays in the chapel for a miracle to save Jonathan. Theresa and Pilar are there. Theresa thinks there must be a way to save Jonathan, but Pilar warns her she can't tell Ethan the truth. Ethan asks them to join him in prayer, they do. Later Ethan leaves to see if there is any news on a match. Theresa tells her mother she's going to go have Little Ethan tested. Pilar says Ethan can't know, but Theresa says she'll only test him. She says if he's a match, she'll find a way to make sure Ethan never knows where the liver came from. Theresa then leaves. Ethan returns and talks to Pilar, there is no news. He wishes someone would just walk through the door and say there is a match. Theresa shows up, for a moment she considers telling him the truth, but she doesn't. When Ethan leaves again to see if anything new has come up, Theresa tells Pilar that it's a miracle, Little Ethan is a match. Ethan returns at this point and says there has been a match? Who is it?

Eve wakes up in the hospital, she's restrained. Julian is there, he says she's in the rehab wing at the hospital. Vincent quickly enters the room dressed as an orderly. Eve sees him and freaks, saying it's Vincent! Julian just thinks she's hallucinating. She wants Julian to leave, but he's worried if she doesn't calm down she'll hurt herself. She admits she needs help, so she'll stay here. VIncent continues to spy on Eve, saying he has so many fun things planned for them. Julian apologizes to Eve for Valerie being pregnant, saying he was careless. She doesn't want to talk about it and tells him to leave. He says he loves her and will be here for her. Julian then leaves. Eve thinks she has no one. Vincent shows up saying she has him! She screams, but then wakes up, it seems it was a dream. An orderly shows up with food, Eve takes a sip of juice and it's spiked with whiskey! Of course the orderly is Vincent. He says he's here to make sure she never gets better. He also says he and this baby will continue to hate her and daddy.

At the mansion, Esme returns home and has received a DirecTV Rewards Visa card. Fancy shows up and tells her what happened between her and Noah, how it was awful. She is also still worried about Luis, who is missing. She makes calls, but can't seem to locate Luis. She fears he may have gotten mixed up with Alistair somehow. 

Later Julian shows up to see Esme and Fancy.  Julian asks if Esme has a drink for a tired man? Esme says she hopes he's not to tired, she has plans for him. Fancy says "Ew!" Fancy gets a message on her phone, so she runs off to get better reception. Esme asks Julian what is wrong? Julian said he had to put Eve in rehab. Esme thinks this conversation requires a drink! As they drink up together, someone spies on them. Esme gives him a massage, saying he's very tense. Julian thinks Eve won't care much about him anymore now that he got Valerie pregnant. Esme says that was a naughty thing to do and now  he'll have to pay her off. She says now that he's free from Eve he can be with her. They begin to make love as a person with a knife watches.

In the hall, Fancy begins getting a video on her phone. She can't get a good picture, but hears Luis' voice. She thinks she's being tortured.  When the video comes into focus, Fancy sees Luis making love to Pretty!

Noah and Paloma go to Tabitha's, thinking they may find Luis there. In the kicthen they see the magic bowl bubbling and don't understand how it can be boiling without heat. Paloma looks around and finds a book of spells. Paloma wonders if Tabitha is a witch. Noah says Kay lives here, she would tell him if anything odd was going on. Paloma says she could be a witch too. Noah says maybe this is a gag gift, after all it's called "An idiot's guide to magic." Noah says though he heard stories about his mom and cousin, so who knows where Kay is concerned. Paloma looks through the  book and finds a spell to bring reluctant lovers together. She thinks maybe this explains how he and Fancy ended up in bed. Paloma ends up reading the spell, not realizing the bowl puts it into effect for Luis and Pretty. Paloma was expecting Fancy to appear, but she doesn't. Noah suggests they try another spell for the fun of it, he finds one for two already in love. Paloma reads it, suddenly they are hit with the spell. They end up dressed in these old pirate costumes and a gust of wind hits them. Paloma thinks the spell is working. Noah talks like a pirate, saying he has been abroad for so many years. She says she saved herself for him all theys years. They get caught up in this pirate fantasy thanks to help from the spell. A bed appears in the middle of the kitchen, so they make love. 

In the dungeon, Luis tries to make love to Pretty, but he can't. He can't stop thinking about Fancy. Pretty says Fancy will understand they had no choice. He tries again, but it's still not working. Pretty kisses him to try and get things started again. Luis hopes she's not comparing him to former lovers. This makes Pretty uncomfortable, she tells Luis that she's a virgin. He says he can't do this, her first time should be romantic and special, this here is sick. She admits it's not ideal, but they should do this. They end up hit with a spell and start making love.  Pretty knows they are on camera and keeps encouraging him on. 


December 5,  2007
 I should be back home next week, so recaps will return to normal posting times.

At rehab, Vincent tells Eve that he plans to ply her with booze so she never gets well. He says if she gets well then she'll tell people he is Valerie and is pregnant, and people might believe her. He says if she's drunk, they won't. Vincent says se once told him he didn't know how to love, but he loves this baby and needs it. Vincent unties Eve and then gives her the booze, but she fights with him saying she wants to be sober. She grabs her phone and dials behind her back. However Vincent says if she won't drink then he'll have to kill her, she's left him no choice. He begins to strangle her, she drops her phone.

At the mansion, Esme and Julian begin engaging in all their little sex games. They don't realize that they are being spied upon by a knife wielding killer. The killer tries to stab them on the bed, but they roll off it. The killer throws a knife at them, but misses and it falls in a potted plant. Eventually Julian's phone rings and he checks it. He sees it's Eve calling. He misses the call but gets a message that says "H." He says this isn't possible, she is restrained, how can she text him? He thinks something must be wrong and decides to go to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Vincent hides in the closet as Julian arrives. He finds Eve passed out in bed, she appears to be dead! He tells Eve she can't be dead, he can't go on without her. Vincent says "Sorry, but mommy had to die."

Back at the mansion, Fancy watches Luis and Pretty making love on her PDA and can't believe this. She goes to see Esme to show her. Esme thinks Fancy's downloaded porn, but then she sees it is Luis and Pretty. Esme watches and is transfixed on them, making all sorts of comments. Fancy asks for some compassion here! She says all along she thought maybe it was Sheridan going after Luis, but now this. She says Luis will sleep with anything. Esme says maybe they should throw pool chemicals on their faces. Esme says at least she found out now, and maybe Luis and Pretty deserve each other. Fancy says they do, but why does she keep falling for these jerks.  She says she's through with Luis, she'll never forgive him for this. She says the only solace she can take from this is he's cheating on Sheridan too.

At the hospital, Ethan walks in on Theresa telling her mom she found a match. He assumes it is a match for Jonathan. She has to cover and claims she was actually talking about some earrings, she lost one and found a match right here in Harmony. Ethan can't believe her. Pilar jumps in saying it was a special pair of earrings, Maria sent them from Mexico. Ethan doesn't care. He can't believe she's being so cold, his son is dying and she's thinking about earrings? He knows Jonathan isn't her son, but he thought she would care. She thinks he hates her. He says he doesn't, he's just disappointed. He storms off. Theresa is a wreck, thinking if she tells Ethan the truth it will be okay. Pilar again says she can't tell him the truth or they will all die. Theresa says if she doesn't then a baby will die, doesn't she care? Pilar does, but if she has to chose, she chooses their family. She says Gwen and Rebecca have put them in this situation. Theresa says she will find a way to save Jonathan using Little Ethan, without Ethan finding out the truth.

Meanwhile, Gwen continues searching the net  for holistic cures for Jonathan. She won't let Theresa tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, she won't lose Ethan. Later Ethan shows up and rants to Gwen about Theresa, how he's never known her to be so uncaring. He says his son is dying, he thought she'd show some sympathy. Gwen says Jonathan won't die, and she shows him the cures she's found on the net. He thinks she's not facing reality, Jonathan is dying. Gwen won't hear it, she tells Ethan she won't let him say anything negative about this. She says Jonathan will live, he will be fine.



December 6, 2007
Sorry for the delay in posting this. Next week I'll be back home and have DirecTV back and will be back on schedule with the summaries.

Tabitha is at the town Christmas celebration thinking about Endora and how she has to do evil to get her back. She wonders how much more evil she needs to do? She also thinks about Norma and Edna and how last year they showed up to try and kill her again, but afterwards behaved nicely. She wonders what happened to them, last she remembers they went off on a vacation. Santa then shows up, it's Norma! Tabitha is startled by her. Edna also shows up dressed as an elf. They are back in Harmony and have jobs working as Santa and his elf. They ask about Endora, so Tabitha fills them in on how she's been taken for ransom, and Kay keeps stopping her from doing evil to get her back. Norma offers to take care of Kay, but Tabitha says no.

Tabitha soon has a flashback of ruining some orphans Christmas years ago by setting fire to their tree and presents. This gives her an idea, she zaps the presents under the town Christmas tree.  Meanwhile all the kids are lining up to see Santa. One kid thinks something smells. Enda says it's Blitzen, he had some bad chowder. The kid says it's Edna! She admits fruitcake and gin don't go well together, she'll change her diaper later. The kid goes to meet Santa and is disturbed. He asks Santa if he's in the middle of a sex change or something? The kid says this isn't Santa and Edna is no elf. Norma tells him to just tell Santa what he wants, so he begins rattling off a list. Meanwhile Tabitha zaps Enda and gets her to hand out all the gifts. The kids open their gifts, which are all severed heads! They run around screaming and knock down the tree and even trample Norma and Edna. Tabitha is sure this is enough evil to bring Endora back. Suddenly a bright light appears, Tabitha is convinced Endora is being sent back to her.

On the pier, Fancy continues watching her PDA and vents about Pretty and Luis, how she was so wrong about Luis. She hates him and wonders what he can be saying to her? "Oh your scar is so sexy?" At the warehouse, Pretty and Luis make love, and Pretty has a fantasy about laying in his arms and him telling her how he never knew it could be like this, and he loves her so. She's snapped to when Luis says "I love you so much Fancy." This upsets her, and he apologizes. He says one day she'll find someone who loves her as much as he loves Fancy. To herself Pretty says now that she's had Luis, she won't lose him. She says she'll make him love her!

At the hospital, Ethan talks to Gwen. He continues to try and make her see that they could lose Jonathan, that her holistic cures won't save him. He again asks if there is anyone else they could test? She says no. Ethan leaves to check on things. Gwen calls her mom, who is of no help as she's off shopping. Gwen says she won't tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, she has to find another way to save him. She returns to her laptop.

Pilar continues talking with Theresa. Theresa insists on using Little Ethan to save Jonathan, she just can't let Ethan find out. He shows up and wonders what she's talking about? He again assumes she's still going on about those earrings. He can't believe her, his son is dying and she's thinking about this stupid pointless stuff. He thought she would care, would want to help. SHe does want to help and almost tells him the truth, but Pilar stops her. Ethan leaves, Theresa thinks Ethan hates her now. Pilar continues to tell Theresa that if the truth comes out, her enemies in Mexico will come for them all. She says her sister Maria was already questioned once, she worries they may question her again.

Down in Mexico, Juanita continues to vow to kill Pilar and her family. She gets a call and leaves. She arrives at Maria's house with a gun and demands to know where Pilar is, or she'll kill her. Maria defends Pilar, saying Pilar never meant to kill anyone, and Carolos raped her. Juanita thinks it is a lie. She says Pilar was jealous of her life, she wanted Carlos but he rebuffed her so she killed him. She says then she called the police and they killed her children. 

Pilar meanwhile calls Maria, she's so afraid for her. Maria's phone rings, Maria says she's expecting that call. Juanita tells her to answer it, but don't try anything. When she hears Pilar on the other end, she cries for help. Juanita then shoots her, which Pilar hears. Juanita hangs up the phone and says Pilar and her family are next. Pilar meanwhile worries that she and her family will be killed too.

Theresa goes off and finds Ethan praying. He's asking God to help Jonathan and to help him understand how Theresa could be so uncaring at a time like this. Theresa is in tears as she listens.


Copyright 2007 SoapOperaFan.com

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