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2nd Week of December  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



December 10, 2007
Summaries will be back to posting regular times beginning tomorrow, and the screen caps will also be back!

On the Pier, a bright light appears to Tabitha. She is sure it's Endora, but Timmy's (fake) voice says it is him. He appears as a translucent image and hands her a MarTimmy. She wonders why he is here? She's happy to see him and wants to touch him again. However she does, she realizes he is a doll, and she thinks this is a trick. Timmy explains this time of year is busy for angels and heavenly hosts, so he sent his doll for to see her. He is afraid she will never see Endora again. Tabitha explains she is doing evil to get Endora and Miguel back, which Timmy knows. He says that is the problem, evil won't get her or Miguel back. Tabitha thinks he still doesn't understand the ways of the dark side, she has no choice. He tells her she does, and she must do good to get Endora back, it's the only way. He then vanishes in a ball of light. 

In the warehouse, Luis and Pretty are making love. Luis thinks to himself about Fancy and he hopes she'll understand. Pretty meanwhile can't believe a man like Luis is making love to her. Alistair walks in on them, shocking them. Alistair can't believe Luis actually did it. Luis and Pretty say he told them this was the only way they'd be let out. Alistair says he didn't expect someone as good as Luis to actually do it though. Luis says he had to, he has to do this to get back to Fancy and to get MArty back to Sheridan. Alistair tells Luis he is a lowlife, he has betrayed his love for Fancy. Pretty defends Luis saying he is the most wonderful man she knows. Alistair can't believe this, Pretty has gone and fallen in love with Luis too! Luis says that isn't true, and that Pretty knows why they made love. Alistair can tell, she's in love with Luis. He tells her she's ugly, Luis doesn't love her, no man will ever love her. Luis defends Pretty, who is in tears. He doesn't understand how Alistair could be so horrible to his own flesh and blood. Alistair then tells them should Pretty get pregnant, well he plans to take that bastard and have him as a playmate for Marty, who is lonely and sad after his afternoon beatings. Luis ends up attacking Alistair as Pretty screams "No!"

At the hospital in Gwen's room, she's still delusional and is feeding Jonathan a bottle with the holistic formula. She's sure it will save him, and won't let Ethan tell her otherwise. She puts him down for a nap, saying he's tired. Ethan says he's lethargic, weak and dying. Gwen won't hear it, she knows this will work. Ethan leaves to talk to the doctor about Gwen. The doctor is afraid without a transplant, Jonathan will die. He also says it's not uncommon for a mother like Gwen to be in denial. He tells Ethan she will face reality in her own time, don't push her. 

Theresa and Little Ethan have a talk about Jonathan. She explains Jonathan needs a liver transplant, and a person is able to give part of their liver to him. She says Jane was a match, but she got sick and can't do it. Little Ethan wishes he could do something. Theresa says he can. She explains the blood the nurse took earlier, it wasn't for school like she said, it was to see if he was a match. She says he's a perfect match and may be the only one to save Jonathan. Little Ethan wants to help, but he's afraid of being cut up. Does that make him a bad person? She says no. Little Ethan doesn't understand how he is a match though, he heard the doctors saying a relative was the best bet, especially a brother or sister. Theresa realizes she has to tell him the truth, or he'll figure it out on his own. She tells him that Julian is not his father, Ethan is. She says it's a long story, she'll explain it one day. Little Ethan is thrilled, but doesn't understand why Ethan never said anything. She says he doesn't know, and right now they can't tell them. Little EThan understands and says he'll keep it a secret. Ethan then shows up and Little Ethan runs straight to him calling him daddy!


December 11, 2007
At the hospital, Ethan comes to see Gwen and Rebecca and tells them that Jonathan is gone, he died. Gwen says it can't be, the holistic treatments should have worked. Ethan says all they needed was a donor, but he died. Theresa then walks in and asks Gwen how could she? She says Gwen let her baby die! Theresa tells Ethan they'll get through this. Gwen says this is all her fault, what has she done. Gwen says her baby's blood is on her hands. Gwen says she never thought Jonathan would die. Gwen of course wakes up from her dream. Jonathan is still alive. She says she is an idiot, her son will die if she doesn't do something. She says Jonathan needs a liver transplant or he'll die. Rebecca shows up raving about the new gynecologist on staff. Gwen tells her mom that her son is going to die without a donor, she's finally facing reality. She thinks she's wasted so much time, she should have been trying to help her child. She says she should have come forward sooner. Rebecca tries to give her booze to calm her down. Gwen says no, this whole time she's done nothing to help her son. She asks what kind of mother she is? She says she has to do something to help him. Gwen says she has to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Rebecca says no! Rebecca wants her to think this through. Rebecca says if she tells Ethan then she'll lose him. Gwen says if she doesn't then she'll lose her son. Rebecca wants her to think this through, what if she tells Ethan and Little Ethan can't be a donor. Rebecca says she could lose everything. Gwen says it will be worth it. Rebecca says if Little Ethan isn't a donor then she will sit through another funeral with a little coffin. Gwen says she can't think about Theresa now, she doesn't matter. Gwen says she lost all perspective over this war with Theresa. She won't let her son die. Gwen says get out of her way so she can tell Ethan the truth.  Rebecca fights with her, refusing her to leave and hand Ethan over to Theresa. Rebecca ends up grabbing some shot and sedates Gwen, saying this is for her own good!  Gwen can't believe her mother just did that. Gwen says she has to talk to Ethan, but Rebecca says she doesn't. Gwen begins to pass out, so Rebecca sits her down. Gwen fades and eventually passes out. Rebecca says this was the right thing and one day she'll thank her. She says she did the right thing for Jonathan too, this will all work out. 


Gwen begins having dreams from the drug. She dreams she's in the mansion. It is Jonathan's funeral, he is dead. Gwen doesn't understand how this happened. He says she needs to stop taking the sedatives, it's giving her memory lapses. Ethan says Jonathan died peacefully in her arms. He says she can't remember as she's blocking it all. Theresa shows up asking to talk to her. Gwen asks Ethan to give them a moment to talk. Theresa tells Gwen that she is really sorry. Gwen wishes she had listened to Theresa. Theresa says he was a beautiful boy. Gwen says and she killed him, his own mother. Theresa says she could say she didn't, but that would be a lie. Theresa says Gwen had every opportunity to do the right thing. Gwen doesn't know what is wrong with her, she knew what she was doing is wrong but she wouldn't do the right thing. She thinks God is punishing her. Theresa thinks they should make their peace and say goodbye to Jonathan. Gwen says every time she sees her she'll know she was right, she'll hate her even more. Theresa says they've both made mistakes, and telling the truth makes everything better. Gwen says she can't tell him the truth, she can't. Ethan returns saying they have to get started. Gwen can't do this. Theresa says she can do this, Jonathan is at peace. Gwen eventually says she can't do this, not without telling Ethan the truth. 


In the hall, Little Ethan calls Ethan daddy. He's confused. Little Ethan says mommy told him everything. Ethan asks Theresa what he's talking about? Theresa says nothing. Ethan asks Little Ethan what is going on? Little Ethan says mommy said to call him daddy. Ethan asks why? Theresa comes up with a lie, saying how Ethan was worried about Jonathan and how Little Ethan would be a big comfort to him right now. Ethan tells Little Ethan he loves him and sends him off to get a cookie. Theresa goes after him saying he can't have the cookie, he needs an empty stomach for the operation. Little Ethan says okay. He then leaves. Ethan then lays into Theresa for what she's done. He says he doesn't know her anymore, he maybe never did. Ethan thinks Theresa told Little Ethan that he could replace Jonathan. Theresa says that isn't what she said. Ethan says she did say that. He says Little Ethan isn't his son, Jonathan is. He wonders why she can't understand that, maybe it is her hatred for Gwen. He says to suggest Little Ethan could replace his son is the most appalling thing to come out of her mouth.  Theresa says he is being cruel, she did not mean to suggests Jonathan could be replaced. Ethan says this is the worst night of his night. He says when Sarah died it was tragic, but he couldn't do anything. He says this time he does feel powerless. He says his heart tells him a donor is out there, and if he worked harder he could find one. He says he needs her support, but every time he comes to talk to her something ugly is coming out of her mouth. He says he doesn't know where the hell the woman he fell in love with is. Ethan storms off. 


Little Ethan returns asking where daddy went? Theresa says he has to call him Ethan, remember. Little Ethan sees Theresa crying. He brought the cookie for her. He says he's sorry, he forgot it was a secret, he was just so happy to see him. Theresa knows secrets are hard to keep. Little Ethan says grandma says secrets are bad. Theresa says they are, but sometimes they don't have a choice. Little Ethan hates seeing her cry. She says she's a crier, his uncles used to tease her about it. Little Ethan is glad Jonathan is his brother, he wants to grow up with a brother. He says Jane is okay, but she's a girl. Theresa tells Little Ethan what he's doing for Jonathan is a wonderful thing. Again she tells Little Ethan they can't tell anyone about Ethan. Little Ethan asks for how long they have to keep this secret? He wants to be able to tell him and everyone the truth. Theresa wants that for him, and someday it will happen. Theresa says she just doesn't know when.

In her room, Gwen wakes up. She sees Ethan in with Jonathan. Gwen tells Ethan she needs to talk to him about the baby. She says it's important, she hopes he can forgive her. Ethan realizes the doctor gave her a sedative. He says she really does need to rest. Gwen tells Ethan she has to tell him they have a donor, Jonathan won't die.

In the warehouse, Luis attacks Alistair. Alistair laughs and says don't kill him, he wants to find out how Fancy reacts to him deflowering Pretty. Luis says she'll understand. Alistair hopes Pretty gets pregnant with another Lopez-Fitzgerald bastard, one to keep the other company. Luis calls him an SOB. Alistair says go ahead and kill him. Alistair uses some gizmo in his watch to shock Luis. Luis collapses and Pretty thinks he is dead.  Alistair says he deserved it, that peasant touched him. Pretty tells him not to die. Alistair says she's pathetic for falling in love with him. Alistair kicks Luis while he's down, he groans. Alistair says no such luck, he's alive. Alistair calls Pretty an idiot for loving him, she'll make Nurse Precious look like Marilyn Monroe. Petty says his heartbeat is erratic, Luis is going to die without help. Alistair doesn't care about either of them and says they can both rot for all he cares. Alistair then leaves them. 


Pretty tells Luis, who is out cold, that he can't die on her. She fantasizes about being with Luis, of him telling her how beautiful and sexy she is. Pretty says she does love him and he will grow to love her. She says she knows he felt something for her. Pretty ends up getting some of the booze stashed in the cabinet and pours it on Luis. That wakes him up. Pretty kisses Luis saying thank God he's okay. Luis asks what she did that for? He doesn't remember what happened. Pretty tells him about Alistair shocking him with his watch. Luis says Alistair is gone? Pretty says yes and now he's livid. She says they are still trapped in here. Luis says he's not worried about Alistair now, he has to get them out of here. Pretty says Alistair wants them to rot in here and she thinks he means it. Luis managed to swipe Alistair's keys while they were fighting. He unlocks the doors and finds their clothes. Alistair has guards out there though, but he says he'll come up with a way to get passed them. They get dressed, Pretty seems upset that she and Luis are leaving. She thinks she could make Luis love her if she had more time. Pretty tells Luis that she doesn't want to go. 

Alistair ends up on the pier where he meets with Spike. Alistair needs Spike to do something back at the warehouse, a cleanup job. Alistair wants him to go to the warehouse and kill Luis. Spike asks what about Pretty? Alistair doesn't want that creature spending her life with the Crane name. He says if Pretty gets in the way, kill her too. Spike says he thought he was evil, but Alistair makes him look like Billy Graham. 


December 12,  2007
At the hospital,  a nurse tells Little Ethan that it's time to get ready for the surgery. Theresa tells Little Ethan he's so brave, he's doing an amazing thing. Little Ethan says he has to do this, Jonathan is his half brother, he has to save him. Little Ethan then goes with the nurse. Theresa cries this is so unfair, he'll save Jonathan and Ethan will never know. Theresa says because of her mother's secret, Gwen will never let her be with Ethan. Later Little Ethan is all ready for surgery. Theresa tells him he's very brave. Little Ethan is still dreaming of the day he'll tell Ethan the truth. Theresa thinks it will never happen. Theresa says goodbye to him as he's wheeled off. 


Gwen tells Ethan that Jonathan won't die, they have a donor, a match. Ethan asks if she is sure? She says yes. Ethan says this is amazing, who is it? Gwen begins rambling that he can save Jonathan's life. Ethan asks who this donor is? Gwen is passing out. The doctor shows up to say they have a donor! Ethan says Gwen just told him. The doctor didn't think she knew. He remembers Theresa telling him that the donor must be anonymous, Ethan can't know where the liver came from. Gwen doesn't know how the doctor knows, she hasn't told anyone. She wonders . . . . Theresa . . . . Ethan says he knows how she knows there is a donor. He says she was sleeping when he came in, it must be a dream. Ethan asks the doctor about the donor, the doctor says they are anonymous. A nurse says the donor is prepped, it's Jonathan's turn now. Ethan really wants to thank the donor, but the doctor says he's bound to the confidentiality terms. Gwen wants to wait with Ethan, but Ethan says she needs to rest. He says when she wakes up, the first thing she'll see is a healthy baby boy. Gwen ends up going back to sleep. 

In the hall, Ethan hugs Theresa and says they found a donor. Theresa says she's so happy. Ethan says he's going with Jonathan, say a prayer that everything is okay. Ethan leaves with Jonathan. Theresa goes into Gwen's room, she's sleeping. Theresa says she is sorry, but she had to tell him, she couldn't let Jonathan die. Gwen wakes up and calls Theresa a bitch. She says now it's her turn to tell, one call to Mexico and she and her entire family die! Theresa says she didn't say anything except to the doctor, and Little Ethan. Gwen says a child can't keep this secret, she just signed her death warrant. Gwen says one phone call and her whole family will die. Theresa says she did not tell Ethan, and neither will the doctor. She says she is the one saving Jonathan's life and Ethan won't know, she thought Gwen might be thankful. Gwen says this is another silly trick of hers. Theresa says there is nothing silly about saving her baby. Theresa tells Gwen she needs a padded room and sedation. Gwen then passes out! Theresa wonders if she had a stroke? She should only be so lucky. She sees Gwen still has a pulse. Theresa says she can't have a heart attack without a heart, but at least she shut up. Theresa puts a pillow under her and says when she wakes up, all her dreams will come true. She'll have her son and Ethan, while her own dreams will be over. Gwen soon begins having more nightmares. She dreams that Ethan is screaming at her that she lied to him and she killed their son. 


Ethan talks to the doctor and a nurse. He again asks if he can't be told he the donor is? Later a nurse talks to Theresa, she says her son is just fine and he's so brave. The nurse says the doctor is very very good. Ethan is pacing in another waiting room. The nurse then goes to him and says the surgery will be starting soon. Ethan asks the nurse to please let him meet the donor. The nurse says it is a rule. Ethan says sometimes rules are meant to be broken. He says it would mean the world to him. The nurse says okay, she'll take him to the boys mother. The nurse leads Ethan off. Ethan goes into the other room and sees Theresa, her back is to him. He says he had to come see her and thank her. Theresa turns around and Ethan says Theresa? Ethan says the mother of Jonathan's donor was in here, is it her? Is she the mother?


At the warehouse, Luis asks Pretty what she means she doesn't want to leave. Pretty says down here she feels safe, she can forget the world. Spike meanwhile shows up with a gun laughing. Luis tells Pretty its not safe here, they have to leave. Luis says he has to settle things with Fancy and not lie to her anymore. Spike sneaks in  and hides. Luis is telling Pretty not to listen to Alistair and what he said to her, she's a beautiful and sensitive woman. Luis promises her nothing horrible is waiting for her outside. Luis says take his hand, he'll help her. Pretty knows it will never be like this for them again. Suddenly Spike grabs Pretty and tells him to stay back. Luis tells Spike that is Alistair's granddaughter, he better not hurt her. Spike laughs and says Alistair sent him here to kill them both. Pretty can't believe this. Spike says it seems cold to him, but he sent him to whack them. Luis ends up attacking Spike, they fight over the gun. The gun ends up falling to the floor. Luis yells to Pretty to get the gun and give it to him. Pretty is in shock that Alistair wanted her dead, she stands there in a daze. Spike reaches into his boot, he has a knife there. Petty finally picks up the gun and threatens to shoot Spike. Spike says do it, she might hit Luis. Spike is taunting Luis with a knife, they fight over it. Pretty throws Luis the gun, they then fight over it again. The gun ends up going off! It turns out that PRetty was hit by the bullet! Luis rushes to her side. Spike runs off. Luis tells her to hold tight, he will get help. She tells Luis not to leave her. Luis has to get her help. She doesn't want to be left here alone, she doesn't want to die alone.  Luis says she won't die on him.


Paloma is at the pier where Tabitha made a mess of Christmas. Paloma is cleaning up the place. She wonders where Noah is, he was supposed to meet her here. Santa shows up. It's Noah in disguise, but Paloma doesn't realize it. Santa tells her to come sit on Santa's lap. She says she's not six anymore, but he says it is the way it is done. He asks what Santa can help her with, what does she want to ask Santa. She asks if he is Santa or a psychiatrist. Paloma talks about her fiancé, she was wondering if she can trust him. She says he says he loves her, but she has her doubts. Santa says she came to the right person Paloma. She asks who he is, how does she know her name? Santa says he is Saint Nick, and he knows her fiancé can be trusted. Paloma says Santa is still man, and men stick together. He says all good boys and girls trust Santa. Paloma knows he's not Santa, he is someone from Harmony. Santa says he knows all, he knows when she was ten she wanted a Malibu Barbie for Christmas. Paloma asks how he knows that? She says she never told anyone that story. Noah remembers Theresa told him that once. Santa says now sit down and tell him all about her fiancé. Paloma says he's sweet, but she doesn't want to go into her personal life with him. Santa says sometimes it can help. Paloma says okay. She says she found her fiancé in bed with another woman. She says he said it meant nothing, but she can't get the images out of her head. She wonders if she is a fool for taking him back. She can't deal with him if he disappoints her again. Santa says he won't. Paloma wants to believe Santa, but she is an idiot to trust him. Santa says listen to her heart, what does it tell her? She says it tells her to trust him. Paloma decides to leave. Noah then takes his beard off. He says she loves him. 


Paloma returns and is furious, calling him a rat for tricking her! She says he lied to her, but he says he didn't lie, he loves her. She says all that talk about following her heart, this is what it's telling her. She slaps him! Noah says he's sorry, he wanted her to know how much he loves her. She says no he wanted to manipulate her. She asks why he's always trying to fool her, to make jokes. She says he plays with her emotions with lies. Noah says he was just trying to have fun. Noah says he had no idea she'd dive into their relationship and everything that was wrong. Paloma says she thought Santa would understand. Noah says he does, this relationship is the most important thing in the world to him. She says it's not, if it was she wouldn't have found him with Fancy. She says he dressed up as Santa to get her to reveal her inner most thoughts, no man would ever do that. Noah says he was a jerk, he adores her. Paloma says if he adored her then he wouldn't have gone to bed with Fancy. Noah says he doesn't know how that happened. Paloma says Noah made a fool of her. Noah thought they were past Fancy, he wonders what else she's unsure of, loving him? Noah asks if she doesn't love him anymore. Paloma says she doesn't know what to think anymore. He thinks he knows how to clear everything up. He takes her by the hand and leads her under the mistletoe. They then share a kiss. Noah says he loves her, and Christmas is a time for miracles. They kiss again. Paloma says this isn't working, she still hates what he did. He says he was a jerk and a fool and a liar. He says but he's not lying when he says he loves her. He says they belong together, he thinks she knows this. 



December 13, 2007

Fancy is on the pier thinking out Luis betrayed her. She says they have been worried he's in danger and he's in some love nest with Pretty. She runs into Sheridan, who is looking for Luis. Fancy says he's all hers, once Pretty is done with him. Sheridan asks what she is talking about? Fancy hands over her PDA saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Sheridan says this can't be real. Fancy asks if she's blind? She says it's real. Sheridan thinks it is a trick, Alistair pulled this off. Fancy says that is Luis and Pretty. She says she knows that body and so does Sheridan, it's Luis, he's moving the same way. Sheridan says get a hold of herself, they have to find Luis, he's in danger. Fancy says of what, he throwing out his back? Sheridan says even if Luis is sleeping with Pretty, she can't be angry as she slept with Noah. Fancy has no idea how that happened, and they didn't do anything really. Sheridan says she is Ivy's daughter, she has a family history of deception and things like this. Sheridan says what it boils down to is she doesn't love Luis and never has. Fancy says she is out of line, she loves Luis, or she did. Sheridan says yet she assumes this video is legit. Sheridan says years ago father had a Luis double come to town to fool her. She always knew something was up then, but now Fancy is willing to give up so easily on the man she says she loves. Fancy agrees to work with Sheridan to find Luis, then if it's not a trick then she'll kill him. Sheridan sees Spike coming, so she and Fancy hide. Sheridan thinks Spike will know where Luis is. 


Spike is on the phone with Alistair saying he took care of Pretty, he should have seen the look on Luis' face. Fancy and Sheridan grab him, demanding to know what he knows and where they are. He tosses his phone off the wharf. Sheridan asks how long he's been holding out on her? She keeps smacking the stab wound on his neck to get him to talk. Spike says he was making calls to find out information, nobody knows anything. He says he's not hiding anything. Fancy asks why he threw his cell phone into the water then? He says he was over his limit. Fancy doesn't believe him and finds a gun on him. She hopes he has a license for this. Sheridan holds the gun on Spike and says take them to Luis! Spike says that thing isn't a toy. Sheridan knows how to use it. Spike asks Fancy the cop if she's going to make her put the gun down. Fancy says what gun? Fancy says take them to Luis. They then order him to start walking. Spike claims all he can do is ask around.


Spike meets up with some guy named Ziggy who just got out of jail. He asks Ziggy if he knows where that nosey cop Lopez-Fitzgerald is. He asks Ziggy to help them out. Ziggy asks what is in it for him? Ziggy apparently wants Sheridan, so she pulls a gun on him and says get the hell away from her! Ziggy says he's out of here! Spike tells Sheridan that was her chance to find Luis. Sheridan says that guy doesn't know anything, he just got out of prison. She tells Spike to tell the truth for once, help them find Luis or his life will be very brief. Spike claims he doesn't know where Luis is, but he'll go make some calls. Sheridan says he's not going anywhere. Spike says you can't get blood out of a rock, he'll call them later. Sheridan fires the gun at some crates, he says not cool! Sheridan says she's had enough of his crap, take them to Luis or clean up his own brains from the wharf.


At the warehouse, Luis holds Pretty and tells her not to die on him. He tries to keep her awake. He realizes they have to get out of here.  He tries to move her, this wakes her up because of the pain. Luis feels guilty as he may have shot her, but Pretty says this is Alistair's fault. Luis says she needs medical attention. Pretty says maybe it's not that bad. She tells Luis to check the wound out. He does, it's just a flesh wound and isn't that bad. He says pressure will stop the bleeding. He says she'll have an ugly scar. Pretty says great, a match set.  He tries to get her up and out, but her ankle is messed up. Luis says he'll have to go get her help, but she doesn't want him to leave her. Pretty knows she said things to make him uncomfortable. She says she just wants to have him a little longer before he goes back to Fancy. Luis tells her not to listen to anything Alistair said. Pretty says beauty is important, it's all over the TV and the magazines. She says she knows not to expect much in life. Luis says he is an incredible woman, she deserves to be loved. Pretty says by you? Luis says this is getting into heavy territory, what is she asking? She says could someone like him love someone like her. Pretty thinks she sounds awfully needy. She talks to him about how she never thought love for her was possible before, and she just wonders if a man like him could love a woman like her. Luis says he said it before, she is an amazing woman and he wishes she'd believe that. He says she is strong, smart and beautiful. He says any man would get down on his knees and thank God for her. Luis says she will find love, he just knows it. Pretty hugs him, saying he's so wonderful and nobody has ever said anything like that to her before. Luis says all he did was tell the truth. He says just wait and be open to the possibility of love. She asks Luis if he would sleep with her again? She wants an honest answer. She says she meant would he make love to her and not just because he felt sorry for her. Luis says they made love because Alistair forced them too. Pretty says he seemed to enjoy it. Luis says he did, and it was a little magic. However they were coerced into doing it. Pretty says if he wasn't with Fancy, would he make love to her again or would he rather die first?

At the hospital, Gwen is having more nightmares. She's on her knees begging Ethan not to leave her, but he says she wouldn't tell him the truth about Little Ethan. Theresa walks in and says Thank God for me! Ethan says he always does. Ethan says Theresa finally told him the truth in time, over Gwen's threats not to. Theresa says she always lives for the truth! Gwen says give me a break. Theresa says she wanted to tell him the truth, but Gwen said she'd have her family massacred! Ethan says Gwen is a liar and despicable mother, she'll never see Jonathan again. Gwen wakes up from her nightmare. She looks  and sees Jonathan is gone, he must be in surgery. 


In the waiting room, Ethan is confused, he doesn't understand why they told him the donor's mother was in here. Pilar walks in, asking if she told Ethan? Ethan doesn't understand, is she the donor's mother? Ethan asks why the nurse said she was the mother? He needs an answer. He asks Pilar if she has anything to say. Theresa says she's just confused, the nurse said she was the mother? He says no she said the mother was in here. Theresa says so he saw her and assumed it was her. She says Jane can't donate and Little Ethan isn't related. Ethan asks why the nurse would tell him this? Theresa says the woman must have been here earlier. She saw a woman who was tense, obviously her son was in surgery. Ethan says he didn't say it was a boy, but Theresa says he did. Ethan of course believes the lie, he wanted to thank the woman. Ethan asks what she looked like? Theresa didn't recognize her. Ethan asks if she'd know her if she saw her again. Theresa says she wasn't really paying attention, she's been waiting here, she's worried about his son. He says he really misjudged her and he's sorry. Theresa says she is sorry about what happened earlier. Pilar suggests they not argue right now, Theresa says her mom is right. They should concentrate on his son. Ethan says she apologized and he forgives her. 


Gwen walks in demanding to know what Theresa has said! Ethan asks Gwen what is wrong with her? Gwen asks if she misunderstood? Pilar says she did. Gwen says she' sorry, it's the sedative. Ethan says Theresa just apologized for earlier and what she said. Gwen says something's should be left unsaid. Gwen says she lost a child and she knows how devastating it is, she wouldn't wish that tragedy on anyone else. Ethan says Gwen is really on edge, but they all are. Gwen says it's just their baby is  in surgery and she is at fault, she should have brought Jonathan in earlier. He isn't blaming her, she is human. Theresa makes a crack about that to her mom, saying Gwen is anything but human. Ethan decides to go find the mother of the donor, he knows she has to be here as her son is in surgery. Ethan leaves to look for the woman.


Gwen tells Pilar to make sure Theresa keeps her mouth shut, she knows what will happen if she does. Theresa says her son is in surgery saving Jonathan. Gwen says it doesn't change anything, one word and she'll make the call. Pilar says worry about her own child and leave her family alone. Gwen says do as I tell you and you'll still have a family. Gwen walks off. Theresa knows she can never tell Ethan the truth. Ethan later returns. He couldn't find the mother and asks if there has been any word? They say no. Ethan just wants to thank this woman, she's so selfless. Ethan says as far as he's concerned, she's the most wonderful woman in the  world. Pilar tells Theresa she'll get through this. Theresa tells Pilar how brave Little Ethan was. Pilar asks why she would tell him? Theresa says he deserved the truth. Pilar is worried he can't keep this secret. Theresa says he needed to know the truth as to why he could save Jonathan. Theresa looks over and sees Ethan hugging Gwen. She says the way Ethan talked about this mystery donor, that is her. She wants him to know, all she's trying to do is save his son. She says every day she doesn't tell him the truth, a little more of their love dies. Pilar says if she tells Ethan the truth, they will all die. Pilar says Gwen and Rebecca will reveal everything to her enemies. Theresa thinks she's exaggerating, but Pilar isn't. Pilar says something happened, something awful. Pilar says Tia Maria is dead, they killed her. Pilar says she was on the phone, she heard the shots and the screams. Pilar says if Gwen tells her enemies, they will share the same fate. Pilar asks now does she believe her? Pilar says the threat to them is real. Theresa doesn't know what to say. Pilar says that is it, she can't say anything. She can't tell Ethan the truth. Pilar tells Theresa she's sorry, but her dream of a life with Ethan is over. Meanwhile Ethan tells Gwen this is amazing, two hours ago he thought Jonathan wouldn't make it. He says he just wants to thank this guardian angel of a donor.

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