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3rd Week of December  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


December 17, 2007
Julian shows up at the hospital to see Eve. She's talking in her sleep saying she tricked them, it was him all along. Julian thinks she's just having horrible nightmares.  Eve says Vincent isn't dead. She wakes up and tells Julian that Vincent isn't dead, he's alive! Julian says she's having a nightmare. Eve says Vincent is alive and was here trying to kill her. He says there are marks on her neck, she says he was choking her. He smells booze on her breath, where did she get it. Eve says Vincent brought it, he tried to get her to drink alcohol. She says when she wouldn't he chocked her. Julian says the doctor said the marks on her neck were self inflicted, it's her depression and guilt. Eve says Vincent is alive, he blames her for his life. Julian doesn't believe her, he wants the truth about what happened and where she got the alcohol. She says he should just go because he won't believe her. Vincent is spying, saying poor mom is telling the truth but daddy thinks she's lying. He says he and the baby know she's telling the truth, and what would daddy think to know he's the grandfather to his own child. Eve continues to tell Julian that Vincent was here disguised as an orderly, but since he doesn't believe her then he can go. She tells him to go and don't think they have a future, go to one of his women. She says she's not good for anyone anymore. He says she is good for him. Julian slips out and Vincent sneaks in to surprise his mommy. She asks if he is going to kill her? He says what kills him is that daddy doesn't believe he's alive, even when she tells him so. He says imagine dad's reaction to walk in and find them together. Not only would he be surprised he is alive, but pregnant with his child. He wonders if he's starting to show yet? Eve tells him to stop this, tell Julian he's alive and pregnant with his child. To herself Eve says she really needs a drink. Vincent says Julian would make him terminate the baby, which can't happen. He says he'll have this baby and it will love him. Eve says he's so delusional. He chokes her asking if she doesn't mean deranged? She says Julian will be back and catch him, but Vincent doesn't think he'll return in time to save her. He says everyone thinks she's crazy and it will stay that way until he's ready to tell daddy the truth. 


Julian confronts the doctor who is running the rehab clinic. The doctor has no idea how Dr. Russell got alcohol. He says it will be investigated and won't happen again. Julian says she says it was an orderly, he wants this person found and fired. The doctor says only their trusted personnel is allowed access to her. He then remembers there is a new orderly on staff with access to Dr. Russell. Julian wants them found. Julian then heads back to Eve's room. He walks in and is shocked by what he sees.


On the pier, Spike asks Officer Fancy if she should arrest Sheridan for trying to kill him? Fancy says she could, but she thinks the evidence against him may be mysteriously erased like before. Fancy tells Sheridan to threaten away. Sheridan again says tell them where Luis is, or she'll kill him. Spike says they win, he'll take them to Luis. Sheridan says so take them to him now. They end up back in Alistair's office. He says you Cranes really deck the halls as he looks at all the decorations. They ask why they are here? Sheridan says if he's expecting a bonus, don't as he's been a bad boy. They want to know where Luis is. He says right here, Luis has been under their noses this whole time. Fancy tells Spike  to stop stalling or she'll shoot him herself. Fancy asks where he is and what is this about him being under their noses. Sheridan says he isn't here, but Spike says he is if they know where to look. Spike hits a switch in Alistair's desk that opens a secret door. He says if they'll follow him, he'll lead them to the man they both love. Sheridan asks how he knew about that? Spike says he's worked for Alistair for of a long time. Fancy wonders if this is a trap? Spike reminds them they found him and made him help them. Spike says if he doesn't deliver then they can shoot him. 


In the warehouse, Luis says they made love because Alistair made them. She says he seemed to enjoy it. He says he did, and it seemed a little like magic. However they were forced to do it. Pretty asks if he wasn't with Fancy, would he ever make love to her again or would he rather die first? Luis says don't let what Alistair said get to her. Pretty asks if she is worthy of him making love to her. He says yes. Pretty doesn't believe him, she thinks her scar just grosses him out so much that he can't bear to think about her. She says grandfather was right, she was pathetic to think someone like him could love her. HE says he is in love with Fancy, so it's weird to talk with her about this. He doesn't want to betray Fancy anymore than he has. Luis says what she wants to know is if he would make love to her again? Pretty says she's sorry to put him on the spot, and she can guess he wouldn't sleep with her. She wants to know if a man could love her like he loves Fancy or loved Sheridan. Luis says of course. Fancy asks if true love is only for people who are perfect? Luis says love isn't for just the beautiful people. He says maybe in another time, in another place, he could love her as she is an amazing woman. He says one day a guy will come along and see what amazing things she has to offer. Pretty says through his eyes she can see it. Luis talks about finding love, how it feels so amazing. To herself, Pretty hopes she'll be able to make Luis feel like that one day. Pretty tells Luis she wants to believe that she could find someone to love her. However she hasn't even been kissed since she's been scarred. She says if she can't find someone to kiss her, how will she find someone to love her? Luis doesn't think it will be hard for any man to think she's amazing and would kiss her. Pretty grabs Luis and pulls him into a kiss! 


Meanwhile Spike is leading Sheridan and Fancy through secret passages and tunnels to Luis. Spike tries to give them the slip, but Fancy stops him. Sheridan tells Spike three strikes, one more and he's out. Sheridan says take them to Luis or she'll leave his rotting corpse for the rats to feast on. Spike takes them to a dead end, but claims Luis is behind this wall. Fancy asks how they get trhough it? He says he'll show them. Spike flips some secret levers and one of the walls moves away. They head in only to see Luis and Pretty kissing! 


At the hospital, Pilar tells Theresa how her sister Maria is dead because of her. Maria was being asked where she lives, she must have refused to tell them so they killed her. Pilar says or maybe she did tell them and they killed her anyways. Theresa says so they are next? Pilar says all of them. Theresa asks what kind of monster would do this. Theresa says when she first told her about this secret, she thought she was just trying to scare her. Theresa says obviously she was wrong. She says she hasn't told Ethan. Pilar knows. Theresa says so she sacrificed her happiness, she thinks it is time for Pilar to tell her about her past. Pilar says okay. Pilar says this isn't easy to tell her, it will be difficult to hear. Pilar says this happened long ago and before she was born. She says she and her father were married with their two boys. She says he stayed here to watch them and she took a trip to Mexico, which changed everything. She says she went to visit an old childhood friend. Pilar tells Theresa what happened with Jaunita and Carlos, via flashbacks. She doesn't tell her about the rape, she says says she overheard Carlos on the phone ordering a hit. She called the police to stop innocent deaths, but her actions led to the deaths of innocent children at the hands of the police. She says her enemy blamed her and swore revenge on her for it. Theresa says she knows Maria wouldn't have told them where they are, and Pilar would have done the same thing in her shoes. Pilar wishes she had just realized how dangerous the situation was before it was too late. More flashbacks of Pilar being raped by Carlos. Pilar says she's so sorry. Theresa asks if she is telling her all that happened, or is there more to the story? Pilar doesn't tell her about the rape. All she says is that Theresa can't be with the man she loves, Paloma is having trouble with Noah, Miguel is missing . . . She says Christmas is a time for joy and hope, but all she sees is grief and despair. She is worried about what awful thing will happen next. Theresa thinks it will be okay, Miguel is fine she's sure and Noah and Paloma will work things out. Pilar says she hates that her past has come back to haunt them, especially her. She begs Theresa not to anger Gwen or Rebecca or they will pay dearly. Theresa says she just wants Little Ethan to donate part of his liver without any complications. She says Gwen and Rebecca have everything they want, they don't have a reason to have them killed. Pilar is just afraid they'll live their life in fear that this two bitches will kill them. Pilar says Paloma will be devastated by this news. Suddenly there is some kind of monitor alarm coming from the operating room.


Theresa and Pilar run into a nurse, who comes out saying something has gone wrong with the surgery. Pilar and Theresa ask what is wrong? The nurse says one of the patients is in serious trouble. Theresa asks if it is her son? The nurse doesn't know and says she has to go. 


December 18, 2007
At the hospital, Theresa is waiting to find out which patient was in trouble. Paloma shows up, Pilar is in the chapel praying. Paloma got a message from their mom to come right away. Theresa doesn't know where to begin. Theresa tells her how Little Ethan was a match for Jonathan, but something went wrong with the surgery. Paloma asks how this is possible that he's a match. She understands Jane was, she was Ethan's daughter. Paloma asks . . . . .  is he Little Ethan's father? Theresa tells her yes and that Ethan doesn't know. Theresa says it's a long story, but Gwen however knows everything. Theresa says Ethan can't find out. Ethan returns with Gwen, he asks what he can't find out. Theresa says she didn't want to upset them, but tells them about the alarms going off in the operating room and a nurse said something happened, but nothing else. She says she doesn't have anymore information, so the thought it best to wait to find out more. Ethan is upset, he says don't keep things from him when it comes to his son. Ethan and Gwen leave to find out what they can. 

Paloma tells Theresa how she doesn't know how she can keep track of it all. Theresa didn't mean to dump this on her. She says there is more bad news. Paloma thinks it has to do with Mexico. Paloma knows Gwen and Rebecca are blackmailing mama with something from her past, that their whole family could be killed if it's exposed. Paloma says mama told her not to ask more questions, it might make things worse. Theresa says things have gotten worse. Theresa says momma's enemy in Mexico has been threatening Aunt Maria. Before she can say anymore, the doctor shows up to see Theresa. Ethan and Gwen are there too. They all want to know what is going on with the surgery, who is in trouble? The doctor says Jonathan is the one in trouble. Theresa says not the other boy? Paloma gives her a little hug, Ethan is stunned.  Ethan says she looked relieved that Jonathan is doing poorly. She says no, but he says she looked happy. Gwen says what is next, will she keep her fingers crossed that he dies? Ethan says he knows what he saw, she was relieved his son was in trouble. He didn't expect to see that. Paloma asks the doctor what is wrong with Jonathan? He says he has a fever and they are treating him. Gwen says don't sprint to the chapel and pray he dies now. Theresa says she doesn't want him to die, she should know that. Paloma says Theresa was relieved both children came through the surgery alive. Ethan still can't believe this, if Little Ethan was in there and she was waiting to hear how he was doing, think about that and maybe she'll understand how they'll feel.  Theresa continues to try and explain how she wouldn't champion one child over another. Ethan ignores her and talks to the doctor about what is next. 


Theresa thanks Paloma for sticking up for her. She hates Jonathan is sick, but she is relieved Little Ethan is okay. Theresa says this is another incident where Ethan thinks of her as a monster. She thinks she'd rather die then spend her life having Ethan hating her. Theresa says Ethan is so angry with her as she has to tell all these lies that make her look terrible. Paloma says she's in a no win situation. Theresa says when Jonathan comes threw this, Gwen will use him to lure Ethan from her.  Meanwhile, the doctor heads back to check on Jonathan. Gwen thanks Ethan for helping her through this, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. She knows he is so upset about Theresa. Ethan just doesn't understand why she'd be glad their child was worse off than the donor. Ethan wants to talk to her to find out why she was happy about this. The doctor returns, Jonathan is doing better and they are moving him upstairs. Gwen goes with the doctor, but Ethan lags behind. Ethan tells Theresa that he wants to believe she cares about Jonathan, but the way she's been acting lately, why has she been acting so strange? Theresa says it's just a perception problem. Ethan doesn't think so. Gwen tells Ethan they need to be with their son. Paloma then says she can tell Ethan why she's acting this way. Paloma says Theresa is worried about Jonathan and this is just a big misunderstanding. Ethan says the doctor is about to bring the donor out soon, and he can't wait to meet that boy. Theresa realizes this isn't good, Gwen will have their family killed if Ethan figures it out. Gwen also realizes she has to get Ethan out of here. She tells Ethan the donor wants to be anonymous, they should respect that. Ethan doesn't need their names, just to say thank you. Theresa thinks it's all over, Ethan will find out the truth now.


Julian returns to Eve's room and finds she's passed out. He wonders how she passed out? Valerie is standing there, Julian asks if she knows what happened to Eve? She's holding a hypo behind her back. The Vincent disguise is under the bed. Valerie says an orderly gave her a sedative when she came in. Julian asks why she's here? She says she wanted to see him to talk about the baby. She doesn't want to take him away from Eve though, they can talk later. Julian says rest assured their child will be well provided for. He says they can discuss it at a later date, he needs to make sure Eve is okay. Eve begins talking saying Valerie . . . .Vincent . . . Valerie asks why she keeps saying Vincent's name? Julian says she still thinks Vincent is alive, she's getting worse. Julian says Eve has risen from the ashes before, but this time she might be lost to them forever. Valerie says he has a lot on his plate, she'll leave. He says no they can talk about it now. He assures her that he'll be here for all of them. Valerie thanks him for thinking about her and the baby given all he's dealing with. Julian talks about how maybe he should have humored Eve instead of turning to Valerie for comfort. Eve keeps calling out to Vincent. Julian thinks she'll never give up on that belief that he's alive. Eve keeps mumbling, Valerie says she should go. Julian asks what she's doing for Christmas? To herself she says torturing mom. Julian asks if she's spending it with her family. She says no, because of her situation, she might as well be dead to them. They hug, Julian says it will be all right. She says Daddy . . . . He says did you just call me daddy? She says no she was just thinking of her own father, sorry. Julian asks her to spend time with him over Christmas. She kisses him and says thank you. She says he's always so sweet to her. He says she's a special young woman, so unique and different.


Suddenly Eve sits up and says grab something to vomit in, she'll tell him why Valerie is so different. Julian thought she was sedated? Eve says the shot Valerie gave her didn't work. She tells Julian that Valerie and Vincent are one in the same. Julian says impossible, they've known Valerie for years. Eve says yes, they've been planning this, why do you think they've never seen them together? Julian says that can't be, if Valerie is Vincent then . . . Eve says that is right, he slept with his own child, he fathered his own grandchild. Julian says this can't be. Valerie says she's going to go, but Julian wants answers. Eve shows Julian the uniform of the orderly that was stashed under the bed. Julian thinks this is impossible, so Eve exposes Valerie's unmentionable region to him! Julian says that is what Vincent showed them in the kitchen once. Julian says it's true, he'd recognize that equipment anywhere! Of course this is all in Eve's head. She is still out of it. She keeps saying Vincent is here. Julian says poor Eve, she still thinks Vincent is an orderly here. Valerie tells Julian they should leave, Eve should get some rest. He thanks her for her patience and says not to be concerned that his worry and attention on Eve will diminish the attention he has for her and the baby. Julian leaves to get the car. Valerie then tells Eve mommy drunken whore to have sweet dreams, she's going home with Daddy to talk about their baby. 


In the warehouse basement, Spike has vanished on Sheridan and Fancy, who are sitting there watching Pretty and Luis kissing. Fancy realizes the video on her PDA was real. They finally interrupt, demanding to know why they were kissing? Were they working up to making love again? Fancy asks what they were thinking? What she was thinking to have fallen in love with him. Fancy says a video was sent to her PDA of them together, it's probably on you tube by now. Luis says Alistair must have done this. Fancy says she didn't see them being forced to do it at gunpoint. Pretty says Fancy doesn't understand. She says grandfather sent Spike to kill them, she was even shot. Fancy says it doesn't change the fact that they had sex. Luis says he can explain. Fancy says goody, another relative another explanation. Sheridan is curios too, how is he finding time to make love to Petty when he's supposed to be helping someone get home for Christmas? Luis says he can explain. Sheridan says this should be good. Luis says Alistair took him and Pretty prisoner. Luis says Alistair wouldn't let them leave until they had sex. Luis says he tried to escape, but there was no way out. Pretty says Luis was electrocuted. Luis says they had no choice but to give into his demands. Pretty says that grandfather wanted Luis to get her pregnant. Luis says it's true. Fancy says why? Luis doesn't know, Pretty claims she doesn't either. Fancy says they had unprotected sex? Pretty says she doesn't have STDs, she was a virgin until tonight. Fancy and Sheridan are shocked. Sheridan whispers to Luis if he found anything on Marty, but he says no and Alistair knows they know, this was a set up. Luis is worried about Fancy and wants to focus on her. Sheridan is miffed as he promised to always put Marty first. Luis hopes Fancy understands. Fancy says she understands more than he thinks. She's livid with her so called innocent sister. Fancy accuses Pretty of working with Grandfather to do this. She says she is ugly on the inside, ugly enough to use Luis to get back at her. Luis says it's not Pretty's fault, she's not working with Alistair. Pretty says to herself  "Yes I am!" Luis says she doesn't have it in her to manipulate this situation. Sheridan blurts out that Pretty has him fooled, she is one of the most manipulative women he'll ever meet. Luis continues to defend Pretty, but Sheridan and Fancy both say Pretty loves to play the martyr. They make fun of her saying "Poor me, I'm so ugly." Luis says any man would be lucky enough to have Pretty. Fancy says the way he's talking, it sounds like he fell in love with her. Luis says he loves Fancy. Fancy says then why does she find him having sex with Sheridan all the time. He says not all the time, just a few times. Fancy says he could have gotten Pretty pregnant like they do in a fertility clinic, not the old fashion way. Fancy thinks he's attracted to Pretty. Sheridan also wonders why they were kissing when they found them? Fancy then asks if he could do it again, would he? Pretty tells Luis not to be afraid to answer them. Luis says that isn't a fair question, they were in an impossible situation. They still want to know if he'd make love to Pretty again. Fancy asks which woman in her family is next, Crane's by marriage? Fancy asks if she should give him Ivy's cell phone number. As Fancy is furious, Sheridan is thinking to herself how she's been with other men so it doesn't bother her as much. She's still sure when they get MArty back that she'll win Luis back. Fancy tells Luis if Pretty makes him happy then she's free to be with her, they were finished anyways. Luis says he doesn't want to be with Pretty, he wants to be with her. Fancy says no, too much has happened. 


Sheridan asks Luis for a word. They go aside and she asks about Marty. Luis says things are different now, Alistair knows they know about Marty. He's set them up. He says he can smooth things out with Fancy then they'll find Marty. Meanwhile, Pretty asks  Fancy to send her a copy of that video, she'd love to have a reminder of her first time with Luis. She'd love to relive it over and over again until next time. Pretty says now she knows why she and Aunt Sheridan are always fighting over him, he's so strong and passionate . . . and has such stamina. Pretty says Luis was concerned about her pleasure as much as his own. Fancy says here slut, take my PDA and download your own nasty video. Pretty thanks her. Luis comes over asking what is going on. Pretty says Fancy just won't listen to her. Fancy says she is a liar and Luis is a fool for believing her. Fancy says she's leaving. Sheridan meanwhile says one down, one to go. Sheridan tells Luis to forget Fancy, Marty has yet to be found. Suddenly a voice plays out "Mommy, Daddy, are you coming to get me?" Sheridan thinks Marty is here. 


December 19,  2007
At the hospital, Theresa tells Gwen that Little Ethan will be coming out right now. Gwen tells Ethan they should get to their son, he needs them. Ethan says Jonathan's room won't be ready yet, so he wants to meet this brave little boy. Gwen tells Theresa if Ethan figures it out, then she and her family are done for. Theresa says this isn't her fault. Theresa begs Gwen not to do this. A boy is brought out, his face is masked. Ethan looks at him and is shocked. Ethan looks at Theresa and says this child was the match for Jonathan? Theresa says yes. Theresa says she can explain. Ethan asks how she can explain this? Paloma asks why he's upset? Ethan says this boys parents should be here for him. Theresa realizes he doesn't recognize Little Ethan. Paloma says it's terrible, this darling boy saved Jonathan and his parents aren't here. Theresa says she is here, but Ethan says she's not the mother. Ethan asks where this boys parents are, what is his name? Gwen says the parents wanted this to remain anonymous, they are probably in the recovery room waiting for him. Ethan thinks the boy can hear him, so he thanks him for what he did. Ethan says he saved his only son's life, what he did may be the most important thing he'll do. The nurse says she has to get him to recovery now. Theresa is about to go with him when Ethan asks why she's leaving with this child? Paloma says someone should go with the boy if his parents aren't here. The nurse says no one can go with him, he's going to recovery. Theresa thinks someone should be with him and tell him how proud they are of him. The nurse takes Little Ethan away. Ethan says he's one great kid, he hopes Jonathan grows up just like him. Ethan asks Theresa if she runs into the boys parents, try and get their names for him. She says she will. Ethan and Gwen then leave to see Jonathan. 


Paloma comforts Theresa, who says her boy looks so sick. She also says she'll never be with Ethan thanks to Gwen. Paloma says she's doing the right thing, she's keeping them out of danger. Theresa says a part of her wished Ethan recognized Little Ethan, so that he'd know the truth. Paloma says if he finds out, Gwen will reveal mama's secret and they'll all be dead. Theresa doesn't know why love has to be so difficult. Paloma says she was going to ask her the same question. Theresa asks if she and Noah are having problems? Paloma says odd things keep happening, she found him in bed with Fancy. Theresa says the bastard! Paloma says Noah keeps blaming it all on magic, and given some of the things that happened to her at Tabitha's, she believes it too. Theresa says Noah is right about one thing, odd things happen in this town. She says sometimes you close your eyes and think you are kissing someone, but they are kissing someone else. Later the nurse comes out and tells Theresa that her son can see her now. Theresa thanks her and she heads off.

Ethan and Gwen are in with Doctor Walker. He's looking at Jonathan, there is a problem. Gwen asks what is wrong with their son now? The doctor says when a patient is this young, he could reject the new liver. Ethan asks if he's already rejecting it? The doctor says it's a possibility. Doctor Walker says they are giving him drugs to try and keep him from rejecting it. Gwen wants to know what will happen if he rejects it. They say not to think about that, but she wants the truth. She says he will die won't he?


Theresa goes to be with Little Ethan. She sits by his bed and says he looks so sick. She says he is the toughest guy she knows. Suddenly Little Ethan's alarm monitors go off! A nurse checks on him, he's running a fever. The nurse says it could just be trauma from the surgery. The nurse admits it could also mean it's complications. The nurse says she really needs to speak to the doctor. Suddenly the catheter attached to Little Ethan begins filling with blood. The nurse runs to get the doctor.


In the warehouse, Luis and Sheridan hear Marty's voice calling out "Mommy daddy are you there?" Sheridan says they are coming for them. Marty's voice stops. Sheridan begs Luis to find him, but Luis doesn't know how. He says this could be another trick of Alistair's. He also says what about Fancy. Sheridan says Fancy will understand when they bring their son home, he can't miss this opportunity. Luis says fine, but he doesn't know where to look for Marty. Sheridan says he has to be here somewhere. Luis goes to search around for him. Sheridan sees Pretty smiling and happy, she asks what she's so happy about? Pretty says she got Luis to make love to her, Fancy won't speak to him again, she's never broken up a woman and her lover. She says it was a blast. Luis keeps looking around the warehouse and is talking to Sheridan over the cell phone. Pretty tells Sheridan she doesn't know how she could ever give Luis up, she won't. Sheridan says don't be absurd, Luis won't look at her again. Sheridan says Luis will either be with her or Fancy, Pretty is not even in this game! Pretty keeps going on and on about Luis, how he's the new man in her life. Sheridan tells her that Luis had sex with her because he had to, he probably had to think of her to get through it. She says Luis will be hers, so back off. Pretty says the claws have come out, and for once she feels sorry for Fancy. She wonders how they got such a bitch of an aunt. Sheridan says if she's a bitch it is because she has that dominant Crane gene. Petty says well she has it too and it won't be as easy as she thinks to get Luis back. Sheridan says as soon as Luis finds Marty then this will be over. She says when you have a child with a man, it becomes a weapon to keep the man. Pretty then says her baby will be weapon number one in the war for Luis. Pretty says if it is a little girl they name her Sheridan so there is finally a Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald in Harmony. Sheridan says she is sick. Sheridan wonders why Luis hasn't called back. Pretty tries calling Luis. His voice comes over the phone, then there is a gun shot. They are worried. Luis says he's okay and he's coming back to them. Luis eventually returns. The gun shot was him busting through a wall. Sheridan asks if he didn't find Marty? Luis says he didn't. Sheridan says he let him slip through his fingers again. Luis says yes, and he found something. It's a little jacket. Luis says prepare herself. Sheridan says for what? She wants to see the shirt. She looks at it, there is blood on it. Sheridan says no! She says she doesn't even know if her son is dead or alive. Luis hugs her. 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha is making some kind of  fruit cake. Kay says it's almost Christmas and Maria keeps asking where daddy is. Kay says tell her the truth, daddy is roasting in hell because mommy is a wuss. Kay won't say that and she won't do evil. She says good will bring them back. Tabitha says no evil will, and she's about to become the baddest witch in the universe. She pours a bottle of poison into the cake, which glows green. Kay asks what she's going to do with that? Tabitha says it's for Father Lonigan and his friends at the rectory. Kay says nobody eats fruit cake nowadays, they'll just regift it. Tabitha says but she worked so hard on it? She says well someone will get it. Kay then zaps her cake away. Tabitha says she is a foolish girl for wasting it. She says if she wanted to do go then send it to Iran, North Korea or Congress. Kay tells Tabitha that doing evil won't get Miguel and Endora back. Tabitha says it will, and doing evil at this time of year is one of her family's most cherish traditions. Kay says Endora won't like that, she loves Christmas. Suddenly a bunch of presents fill the kitchen. Tabitha sees one of them is a gift to her from Endora. Kay tells Tabitha no peaking, and she says this is a gift she helped Endora pick out at the end of the summer. Kay wonders how she's sending them from the darkside? Tabitha wonders where her little Endora is. Kay says some of these gifts are to Miguel from her, everything she chose in catalogs is here. Tabitha hopes she got him some shirts, the way he walks around half naked all the time he may catch pneumonia one of these days. Tabitha then realizes they have to get rid of these presents, if the darkside sees them here then they'll think they are traitors. Kay says you can't throw away Endora's gifts. Tabitha says watch her, she zaps them away. Tabitha thinks that will get her a few more brownie points. Kay says she's lost her mind, all this evil isn't doing anything. Tabitha says it is, she will find more mortals to torture. 


Tabitha goes to look in her bowl to find out who to cause more pain to. Her bowl shows her Fancy and Noah. Kay says leave Noah alone, she almost destroyed his relationship with Paloma. Tabitha says so this time she'll succeed! She then zaps them. They kiss, but begin pulling away from each other. Kay hates this and zaps them. Tabitha says Kay has to stop this, but Kay says they were already fighting her spell. Kay says Tabitha can't beat true love. Tabitha thinks she'll forget about Noah and Fancy and wonders if there is anyone else she can deal with. The bowl soon shows her Paloma. Tabitha thinks Paloma is what she needs now. Kay tells her no way. She tries to stop Tabitha again. Kay blocks Tabitha's spell with a frying pan! Tabitha doesn't know why she ever started training Kay. Kay says she's too clever for her, but Tabitha tricks her into thinking David Beckem is in her backyard and naked. Kay turns to look, so Tabitha zaps Noah and Fancy again. Tabitha says foiled by her own lust. 


Fancy finds Noah on the pier and cries in his arms. He asks what is wrong? She says it's Luis, she's been such a fool. She says Luis made love to Pretty. She says it's over forever, she and Luis are finished. Fancy explains all to Noah about finding Luis with Pretty in some warehouse, how he claimed Alistair trapped them there and forced them to make love. Noah says it's pretty hard to believe. Fancy says the man she loved betrayed her, what does she do? Noah says he has to forgive him like Paloma forgave him when she caught them together. Fancy says it's not like when they were in bed, Luis made a choice. Noah say yes, so Alistair would let him go and he could come home to her. Noah says she has to forgive him. He talks about how it was hard to get Paloma to forgive him, they chalked it up to the weird things that go on here in Harmony. She asks if he's talking about the supernatural? Noah is. Suddenly they are hit with Tabitha's spell and they begin kissing.  Eventually their lips ends up stuck together and can't get apart. It seems they are fighting each other to stop this. Kay zaps them to get them apart. Noah asks what that was? Fancy has no idea. Noah says it's another one of these weird harmony things. Noah tells Fancy she needs to sit down and evaluate her feelings for Luis. He asks her to think how she would feel if she knew she'd never see him again, would she push him away then? He tells her to stop being an idiot and figure out how she feels about him. Fancy says if she knew she'd never see Luis again, she thinks she'd die. She says she loves him so much. He says he can see that, it's written all over her face. Fancy thanks him, she doesn't know if she'll forgive Luis, but he helped. Noah's phone rings, he says thank you and they've made two people very happy. Fancy asks what happened? Noah says he just got a job as a paramedic. He says now he and Paloma can get married. Meanwhile Paloma is on the pier and hears Noah's voice. Back on the bench, Fancy and Noah kiss again when they are hit by Tabitha's spell, though they try and resist. Kay however zaps them and makes Paloma and Fancy switch places. Paloma doesn't know how she got here. Noah says it's one of those weird Harmony things. Noah then has news, he got the job as a paramedic. She says congratulations. He says now they can get married and not have to worry about money. Back at Tabithja's, Tabitha realizes Kay's unplanned magic is going to create a boomerang effect. Fancy arrives at Tabitha's in the kitchen. She says not again, how did she get here?




December 20, 2007


Esme and Vicky are down on the pier where the Christmas display has been set up again after Tabitha destroyed it. Esme is taking her to see Santa. Viki wonders how he'll find them now that they are here in Harmony.  Esme says Santa always knows, he once found her in a straight jacket and even she didn't know where she was. They find Santa, his back is to them, he's packing up. Esme says he has another customer, but Santa says his hours are over so beat it! She asks what kind of Santa he is. He says he has to work the 9 to 5 shift and vege out with a nice drink before it. Esme tells Viki that the last child must have been very bad, bad kids put Santa in a bad mood. Santa says all kids do! Esme says her niece has been looking forward to this for days, he can't do this! Santa turns around and sees something he'd like in his stocking. He says maybe they can work something out.  Viki sits on Santa's lap and gives him her list, it's huge! HE tells her to put out extra cookies for him and carrots for the reindeer, they'll need it lugging this stuff to her house. Esme is quick to get out of there, but Santa says they had a deal. He makes Esme sit on his lap. Esme asks if he brought the north pole with him to Harmony! Santa asks what she wants for Christmas? Esme thinks she knows, and asks Viki to have the driver take her back to the estate. Santa asks what she wants, ho ho ho. Esme says get with the program, all he needs is one ho when Esme is around! They kiss, Esme says next week she'll probably be making out with Father Time. Santa takes off his beard, but she wants it back on as it's part of the fantasy. Santa suggests they take a ride in his sleigh back to his house. She says yes, but there is something she wants for Christmas. She knows he's not the real Santa, but someone must be listening. She says she really wants all her boyfriends to stop getting murdered. Santa stands up and Esme falls on her butt! Santa apologizes, but she's joking right? Esme wishes, three out of four dead as doornails. She lists them off, Fox, Pete and that cop whose names she's forgotten. Esme says no man wants to go to bed with her when they know it's a death sentence. Santa says he'll send her wish to the workshop, they'll send her chastity belt. She says go choke on a candy cane! Santa decides Esme is worth dying for and kisses her. Esme and Santa end up going to some room in a tent behind his stand, where there is a bed! She asks if he's not worried about what she said. He says no, who is sick enough to kill Santa? As they go at it, someone spies on them.  


In Tabitha's kitchen, Fancy thinks she's having more blackouts, or she's losing her mind. She realizes Kay knows something. Kay says it was magic, she cast a spell and brought her here. Kay says they are witches. Tabitha says she doesn't know why she left England, these colonials will be the death of her. Fancy says they are evil black magic witches. She says who would believe it, but it makes sense. She says it's like something out of the Adam's family. Tabitha says she's eons ahead of Mortitia when it comes to decorating. Kay then laughs that Fancy bought her joke. Tabitha laughs too. Kay says witches don't exist. Fancy says well she knows that. Kay says it's just that her mom and her big mouth and Noah and his supernatural explanations, she was having a little fun. Fancy says if they aren't witches, how did she get here? Kay asks Tabitha how Fancy did appear here? Tabitha was about to ask Kay. Tabitha says what is the point of being witches if you can't use magic to solve your problems. Fancy says so they are witches! Tabitha zaps Fancy with a forgetfulness spell. Fancy says she seems to have lost her train of thought, but thank you for inviting me over for tea and wrapping Christmas presents. Tabitha and Kay conjure up some tea and wrapping paper. Fancy is under the spell and playing along, saying she loves tea and presents! Tabitha decides it is time to cause some more evil. Tabitha goes to her bowl, but Kay says don't do that while she's here. Tabitha sees Luis and Pretty in the bowl, this gives her an idea on what to do with Fancy. Kay says she forbids it, she won't let her break up Luis and Fancy. Kay says give up, but Tabitha won't until she has Endora back. Tabitha zaps Fancy away, but Kay brings her back. Fancy wonders what is happening. They keep zapping her back and forth.  Tabitha zaps Luis and Pretty to get them going and give Fancy a show once she gets there. Tabitha fakes Kay out by pretending like she's not doing well, something is wrong with her heart. She asks Kay for water. Kay goes to get it, but then says she doesn't have a heart. Tabitha then zaps Fancy away. Tabitha says if she has to make every mortal on this planet miserable, then she will. Merry Christmas Harmony! 


At the cottage, Luis and Pretty have just gotten Sheridan to sleep, she was sedated by a doctor. Luis says she's usually stronger, but he understands why she lost it. He almost lost it himself. Pretty tells him it is hard on him too, it's okay to let go a little.  Luis says he promised to find Marty and he will keep it. Luis makes some calls to find if there are any kids in hospitals matching Marty's description. Luis tries calling Fancy again, but gets voicemail. Pretty decides to go, but he needs them to talk about the two of them making love. He says they said a lot of things in the basement. He thinks she's terrific and beautiful, but he loves Fancy. He says he needs to make it clear that he wants to be with Fancy. Luis thinks she's upset, but Pretty understands that Fancy comes first and he's a one woman guy. He says he never meant to hurt her. She says she gets it, there is nothing between them. She says there never was and never will be. He says one day she'll find a man who loves her. He hugs her. Pretty says to herself she has, and she'll make him hers. She says first she'll have to make him forget about Fancy. Later, they get zapped by one of Tabitha's spells and begin kissing each other! Fancy soon appears at the cottage and sees Luis kissing Pretty! Luis looks up and sees Fancy. Fancy says to hell with you, to think I was about to forgive you! 


At the hospital, Gwen tells Ethan she knew this was too good to be true. Ethan says they have to have hope. A nurse comes in to do some tests on the baby. Gwen asks if they'll know soon if he accepted the liver? The nurse can't say, just that she should pray the latest round of drugs will work. They leave the room. Gwen says this isn't how she imagined her son's first Christmas. Ethan is still bothered by how Theresa is acting like this. Gwen says she has to tell him something about Theresa and Little Ethan.


Theresa talks with Pilar, she's scared for her son. Theresa says he's picked up some kind of infection, possible the flesh eating virus. Pilar says it will be okay, they'll get through this. Pilar says Paloma told her that Ethan almost found out. Theresa says yes, and Gwen says if Ethan finds out then she'll expose their secret. Ethan soon walks up. He says they need to talk, Gwen told him everything!  Theresa says she can explain. Ethan says he doesn't think so. Ethan says Gwen told him that she sent Little Ethan away for the holidays? What kind of mother does that? He says he thought she always agreed with him on how important the holidays and family are. He says even his own mother would make sure he was around for Christmas. Ethan says he has to talk to the doctor, but he will come back to see her. Ethan storms off.

Gwen soon shows up. Gwen tells Theresa to save her tears for later, she'll need them. Gwen asks why she's so upset, the excuse she came up with? Theresa says one day Gwen will beg her for mercy and she won't listen. Gwen says she's not worried about her threats. Theresa says maybe not, but worry about what God thinks. She says she's evil, she's threatening her and poisoning Ethan against her. Gwen says she had to give and excuse to keep Ethan from giving Little Ethan his Christmas present. Theresa says her son just gave her son part of his liver, now he's sick and could die. Gwen says really? Theresa says this is how she repays her? Theresa screams damn you, you selfish bitch! Of course this is when Ethan returns, wondering what the hell is going on? Gwen says Theresa was taunting her and laughing at her for being a fool and divorcing him, and how she will never let him go. Gwen says all she can worry about is Jonathan and she's taunting her! Ethan asks if this is true? Theresa says no, she wasn't taunting her, she was trying to help. Gwen says that isn't what it sounded like to her, she thinks that  Theresa feels threatened by their love for Jonathan. Gwen says Theresa feels she's losing Ethan, all she's concerned about is holding onto him. Ethan goes to Gwen and says it will be okay, he'll take care of her. Gwen says Theresa is mean and heartless and needs to leave her alone. Gwen says he needs to go check on him. Ethan says the doctor says he's doing okay, he just talked to the doctor. Ethan sys he has to talk to Theresa about this nasty personality change. Gwen leaves.


Pilar says that scene was uncalled for. Ethan agrees. Theresa says she didn't attack Gwen. Ethan says he's sick of this he said she said game. He wants to know what is going on here. Ethan says they were fine until this crisis with Jonathan and she's proven she's pretty uncaring. Ethan says her earrings, her being happy Jonathan is sick, she's torturing Gwen and now she's sent Little Ethan away. Theresa says she didn't, but can't explain where he is. Ethan asks if she sent Jane away too, or will the nanny's keeping her from bothering her? Ethan says he loves her, but she has to tell him the truth. He says if she doesn't, they can't keep this relationship together. Ethan says he needs an explanation, as lately she seems like a different person. Theresa says she wants to tell him what he wants to know, she just can't.  Ethan asks if she is saying she doesn't know why she's acting like this, or does she have something she can't tell him. The doctor shows up to speak to Theresa, but he knows he can't in front of Ethan. Pilar says she'll try and get her for him. Ethan is telling Theresa that she isn't acting like the woman he wants to marry. Pilar signals to Theresa. Theresa says she has to go, but he says no. He asks what is more important than their lives together? Theresa says she has to go. Ethan says if she leaves, then he has to believe she doesn't value their relationship as much as he does. She says she loves him more than life itself. Theresa asks him to be patient, saying she hasn't been her self the past few days. She says she has to go, it's important. Ethan says if she leaves, from where he stands they are in bad shape, it may be the final straw. He wants some honesty! Theresa says everything she does is because of him. Ethan says just go, Jonathan and Gwen probably need him. Ethan walks off. 

Ethan goes back to Gwen. Gwen says it's still touch and go. Ethan says they have to stay strong for him. He says he's getting great care, the rest is up to God. Gwen says to herself he has to get better, if Jonathan lives and Ethan doesn't find out about the donor, everything will be perfect. Meanwhile, Pilar and Theresa go to see Little Ethan. The bacteria is spreading and he's not responding to the meds. She says he's really sick. Theresa cries that he can't die, she can't lose him and she can't lose Ethan. Pilar says they need to pray. Little Ethan mumbles out he wants his daddy. 


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