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4th Week of December  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


December 24, 2007
Home for the holidays, so I have to wait for Passions to be posted at the NBC site nightly to watch the show this week.

At the Santa stand, Santa and Esme are in some tent behind the stand where there is a bed. Esme says she's been dreaming of this since she was a little girl. She tells Santa to say it again. He says "ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!" She asks where his sleigh is, introduce her to the reindeer, they can go back to her place and go down the chimney. He says she realizes he's not the real Santa right? She says stop ruining the fantasy. She says Christmas only comes once a year. He says keep kissing him like that and she can have him all year long. She says Christmas in July, she always wondered what that meant. She says of course if he lasts that long. He says that again, nobody is twisted enough to hurt Santa. As they kiss, the killer spies on them! Later Esme shows up in a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit. He tells her that she's made his naughty list. She thinks she needs to be punished, and maybe later Santa needs to be punished too. After the deed is done, Santa asks her if she's just not sure her boyfriends didn't keel over from heart attacks? As they kiss, the killer pour poison in Santa's drink! They drink up the eggnog. He says this is almost all booze, but it's pretty killer. He says he likes her. She says she likes him too, he's the real gift of Christmas. She says all this death has made her doubt herself, but tonight she'll leave him the biggest batch of cookies he's seen. As she's talking, Santa begins choking! As Esme toasts to Santa Claus, she soon finds he is dead! Esme says no not Santa Claus too, who will bring toys to the good little girls and boys? Esme thinks this won't look good on her resume, but she guesses she's going to have to get used to this. She says she can't sleep alone. 


Noah and Paloma are walking on the pier. They have time to kill before mass, what should they do? Noah wants Paloma to open her Christmas present. He surprises her with a huge box. Inside is a small house and some plans. She isn't sure she gets it. He says it's the plans of the house he's going to build her some day. Noah says it's the house they'll live in when they are married, where they will raise their children. Paloma is touched, she and Noah kiss. 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha is at her bowl laughing at her latest bit of evil. She rewinds the bowl to watch Fancy catching Luis and Pretty kissing again. She says it is time to bring someone else into this scenario. Tabitha makes Sheridan show up and catch them all. Tabitha is sure the darkside will send Endora back soon for this. Tabitha thinks Endora should be home, why haven't the demons sent them back. Kay says so she admits she destroyed two happy people for nothing. Tabitha says no, every bit of evil she causes will bring Endora back. Kay says but they aren't back. Kay says no matter what Tabitha does, she is worried that Miguel and Endora are gone forever. Kay tells Tabitha she's not been right about this, she keeps hurting people and nothing is happening. She says the darkside is just fooling her. Tabitha says it can't be, she lost Timmy once, she can't lose Endora. She then remembers Timmy's visit. She tells Kay how Timmy told her that doing evil was the wrong way of getting Endora back. She says he said that she had to do good. Kay can't believe she ignored him. Kay thinks they have to do good now! Tabitha hopes Timmy isn't trying to steer her wrong or take advantage of her. Kay thinks they should do good and see what happens. Kay says if Timmy is right then Edora could be home in her arms tonight. Tabitha says okay she'll do it. They look in the bowl and see how upset Fancy and Luis are. They are in church now, Tabitha says her magic doesn't work there. Kay says evil magic doesn't work, good magic will. Tabitha gives it a try. Nothing happens, Tabitha says she has to be patient, goodness takes awhile.


At the cottage, Sheridan wakes up asking what is going on here? Fancy says Luis is cheating on her with her own sister. Sheridan says what? He is with Pretty? Luis says no! Fancy tells Pretty that when Luis cheats on her, she hopes it hurts. She tells Luis she's done, so save his lies and his breath. She runs out, both Pretty and Sheridan are smiling. Sheridan tells Luis that Fancy is too angry to listen to him now and they have to concentrate on finding Marty. Luis says he doesn't know how to find Marty, but he can find and make things right with Fancy. Luis says his staying here won't help them find Marty. Sheridan says no! Luis says if she has an idea on how to find Marty, let's hear it. Sheridan says they can turn on the PC. Luis says and do what? Google themselves? He says Alistair is holding all the cards. He says he can't do anything right now to find Marty, he won't lose Fancy over this nonsense with Pretty. He says he's sorry, that came out wrong. Luis says he's going to look for Fancy, goodnight. Luis then leaves. Pretty tells Sheridan that she played the Marty card and lost, Fancy trumped her. Sheridan says Fancy will not get Luis, she guarantees it!


Pilar and Theresa are at the church. Pilar says it's Christmas Eve, a time for miracles. Theresa says well she could lose the man she loves and her little boy. Pilar says that it is Christmas Eve, this is the night she needs to hold onto her faith. Theresa says she's trying, but all these lies, she can't tell him the truth or lean on him for support. Pilar says she is stronger than she thinks. Pilar says they can't tell Ethan the truth, if she does then they'll all die. Theresa says she feels like she's already dying.

Ethan and Gwen are sitting in a pew. Gwen asks if Theresa is coming here? Ethan doesn't know, she probably found a last minute Christmas sale. He says she's his fiancée and he needs her, where is she?  Theresa looks in and sees them together.

Theresa tells her mom that she's not going in there, Ethan is with Gwen and they look close. Theresa says that lie Gwen told, hopefully it hasn't caused permanent damage. Pilar says she can't have him back. Theresa says she has to tell the truth, but Pilar says she can't. Pilar suggests she go speak with Father Lonigan.

Gwen takes a call from her mom. She says they are in church, there is no change in Jonathan. She says she may win Ethan, but she can't lose Jonathan. She hopes God will let her keep them both.


Theresa overhears Ethan in the confessional talking about how angry he's been with Theresa, how she's been so selfish and not supporting him or his son. Ethan thinks she doesn't give a damn about his son or her own son. He thought they had the same values, but he is beginning to think the only person she cares about is herself. HE doesn't know if he can get passed this, maybe the woman he fell in love with was a facade. Pilar finds Theresa crying. She asks what is it? Theresa says she's lost Ethan. Theresa says it's over, all her dreams are dead. Back in the confessional, Ethan says he still loves Theresa and believes he's destined to be with her. He knows there must be a reason behind her behaviors. He says he doesn't want to lose her, he can't lose her. Meanwhile Theresa tells her mom that she's going to go back to the hospital. Pilar asks her stay, it's the time for miracles. Theresa thinks she won't get a miracle tonight. Pilar says this is the night they were all given the biggest miracle, God won't not answer her Christmas wish. Theresa wants Little Ethan to be well and for Ethan to love her again. Pilar says she doesn't always get what she wants, she has to chose which one is most important. 

Fancy ends up at the church praying. She says she's done with Luis for good, she'll start the new year with a clean slate. She just doesn't understand how he could do this to her.  Fancy takes a seat in church. She asks God to help her get through this, to love Luis less. She says he's broken her heart and she doesn't know how she could have been so wrong about him. She thought Luis loved her too. Luis shows up and says he does love her, more every time he sees her. Luis says he knows it sounds nuts, but he doesn't know how he ended up kissing Pretty. He says she's the only woman for him, please believe him. They are suddenly hit by Tabitha's spell. They both hug, Fancy says she wants to believe him. Luis says he promises he'll never hurt her again. They then kiss. 


Paloma and Noah arrive at church. Paloma is so happy, she says last Christmas she thinks she loved him even then. Noah loved her too, but he thought she was too young for him. 

Ethan returns to Gwen and sits with her. Paloma and Noah both wish them Merry Christmas, and say they are praying for Jonathan. Fancy and Luis end up sitting down in a pew. Fancy says he's ruined Christmas, it's not till tomorrow and she already has what she wants. Pilar and Theresa are in the back of the church. She wishes she could join Ethan, but there is no point. She says he doesn't want her to, it's over. Ethan meanwhile is thinking of Theresa and wishes he could be with her. Theresa meanwhile tells Pilar that this is too painful, she has to go. She wants to go be with her son. She says she prayed for her miracle, but it didn't come true. Theresa's phone rings, it's the hospital. She's worried something must be wrong. She calls the hospital, Little Ethan is better. His fever broke, he'll be fine. She says it is what she prayed for and God came through. Theresa says maybe if he heard her wish for Little Ethan that it won't be too late for her and Ethan too. She decides she's going to go share mass with him and tell him how much she loves him.


The service begins, with everyone singing for Midnight Mass. Gwen remains upset, Ethan comforts her. Luis promises Fancy that nothing will ever come between them. They kiss. In the back of the church Pretty watches. Ethan and Gwen get their own miracle during mass, news that Jonathan will be fine. They hug just as Theresa approaches them. She sees them and thinks it's too late, she's lost Ethan to Gwen. 


Back at the cottage, Sheridan says it's almost Christmas and she still doesn't know where her son is. Sheridan goes outside saying she's alone again. She looks up at the Christmas Star. She says she won't be fooled by it this year, it's just a ball of burning gas and wishing on it is pointless . . . or is it? She says maybe Marty is looking at the same star wishing to come home. She thinks she can't keep doing this to herself. She says next year has to be different. She hopes and prays that Marty comes home. She prays that she, Luis and Marty are a family as they should be.  Sheridan goes back inside. Suddenly the door opens, in walks Marty! He says Merry Christmas mommy! She hugs him and cries.  


Back at Tabitha's, Kay says now doesn't that feel good? Tabitha hopes this works, she'd hate to ruin her reputation for nothing. Tabitha says Luis and Fancy are together and there is no sign of them, Timmy was wrong. Tabitha says the darkside is probably plotting her punishment right now. Tabitha begins to worry they may never come home. Tabitha and Kay leave. Suddenly Endora and Miguel appear in the kitchen. Miguel wonders how he got here? Miguel is confused, why is he in the kitchen? Where has he been? Miguel can't remember anything. Tabitha and Kay walk in and see Miguel and Endora. Kay runs to Miguel, Tabitha tells Endora how happy she is to see her. Kay says her Christmas wish came true, he's here. Miguel says he always will be, he'll never leave her again. A floating Martimmy appears, Tabitha tells Timmy that he was right. 



December 25, 2007
No SHow


December 26,  2007
At the mansion, Fancy and Pretty are in the kitchen. Fancy is sporting a short bob haircut. Pretty asks Fancy where she was last night, she missed Christmas dinner. Fancy says she was with Luis. Pretty says you were? Fancy says they are a couple again, in every way. Petty says they'll see how long that lasts. Fancy says she and Luis are back together for good, so whatever Pretty thought she has with him, well it doesn't exist. Pretty says then it was her imagination Luis made love to her? Fancy says Luis loves her, not Pretty. Pretty asks where Luis is then? Fancy says he got a call from Sheridan but she's not bothered by it. Pretty says but they have a child together. Fancy says had a child, Marty is dead. Pretty says get in the game, Marty is alive. She says in fact he's probably in Harmony, Luis and Aunt Sheridan have been searching for him for months. Fancy says says who? Pretty says Luis, Sheridan and Grandfather. Fancy says Luis would have told her. Pretty says Luis silence speaks volumes, he didn't tell her the woman she loves?


At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis this is the best Christmas ever, they got a miracle. Luis asks what? No . . . . Is she saying Marty? Sheridan says Marty is home. Sheridan calls out to Marty, who runs out and hugs Luis. Sheridan says they are finally a family. Luis can't believe he's back here with them. Marty says grandfather had him dropped off in front of the cottage. Luis can't believe that. Sheridan doesn't care why he did it, all she cares is that he is back with them. Luis says they tried hard to get him back. Marty says he's here know and he's fine. Luis asks about being in the hospital? Marty says he broke a bone playing football with a bodyguard. Luis asks if he was ever hurt or upset? He says only that he didn't have them. Luis says he knows Beth isn't his mom then right? Marty says his nanny told him all about them. Luis says no more nannys, he has them now. 


Later Fancy and Pretty show up at the cottage. Luis asks them to come in, he says he was just going to call them with the news. Fancy says so Sheridan had a reason for him coming here. Luis says it is a Christmas miracle, Marty is home. Fancy says that is incredible and hugs him. Pretty says she's very happy for him. Fancy is about to ask something when Sheridan and Marty come out from the kitchen. Later Fancy asks Luis how Pretty knew and she didn't? Luis says he'll explain it all later, he wants to just focus on having Marty being home. He says he's so excited, he hasn't been this excited since Sheridan said he was having his baby. Sheridan plans to make blueberry pancakes, Marty's favorite. She invites them to stay, they say of course they will! Sheridan thought they already had breakfast, but they hadn't.  Luis goes to introduce Marty to his cousins. He meets Pretty, who brushes her hair back. When Marty sees her scar he screams and runs to Sheridan.  He says Pretty's face is melted. They explain she had an accident and is scarred. Marty says he's sorry, and he's glad to have her and Fancy for cousins. Pretty tells Luis she's happy for him and aunt Sheridan, she knows how much Marty means to him. Luis doesn't know why Alistair gave him back, but he's here to stay. Fancy then asks Luis why everyone knew but her? Luis says not everyone knew, it was only him and Sheridan at first, but Alistair knew and he told Pretty. Fancy asks why he didn't tell her? Luis says there are reasons, he can't talk about it now. He says he has to step out for a bit, but he'll be back. Marty says no he can't leave, he has to stay with him and mommy. Luis asks if he's scared? Marty says no, he just wants him with them all the time. Sheridan says to herself having Marty back is sure to bring Luis back, and Fancy knows this. Pretty meanwhile also knows Fancy is going to lose Luis. 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha is making breakfast. Sam, Ivy, Pilar are at the table, as is Endora. Pilar asks if she's sure she can't help Tabitha. Tabitha says that is kind of her, but after years of serving Ivy that she would think the very thought of breakfast would make her stomach turn. Sam wonders why Kay invited them here? Tabitha says Kay has a late Christmas surprise. Kay then walks in with Miguel. Pilar hugs him, Sam asks where he's been? They thought he was out of the country or dead. Miguel asks why? Sam says Fox is dead. Miguel says what? Really? Ivy says her son was murdered at the mansion. Miguel says he's sorry for her loss. Miguel asks who killed him? Ivy says Kay did, but people refuse to believe it. Kay says she was going to tell him about this later. Tabitha soon brings over breakfast, gruel! Everyone is a bit turned off by it, they don't eat gruel. Kay asks how come Endora gets cereal and they don't? Tabitha says she's a growing girl. Sam again asks Miguel where he's been. Miguel says the funny thing is, he's not sure. Kay says he means he doesn't know where to start, he's been a number of places. Endora knows their captors erased his memory. Tabitha tells them all to eat their gruel before it gets cold.


Later Sami, Pilar and Ivy have left. Miguel tells Kay he wishes he could remember why he left and where he's been. Kay claims he left to do volunteer work for kids, and he went someplace warm to clear his head. Miguel says well his mind is a total blank. Tabitha meanwhile tells Endora she has her back and no one will take her from her again. Kay tells Tabitha that it was being good brought them back. Tabitha says yes Kay and Timmy were right. Kay thinks now they can go back to normal around here. Kay leaves, then a message shows up by an arrow. Tabitha knows this isn't a good thing. The note says second and final notice, raise hell or they will take Endora back. They say if they take her again then she'll never get her back. Tabitha says she can't lose her little girl again, she has no choice but to do evil. She says she hopes everyone will forgive her, but she's going back to being an mean lean evil machine. 


At the hospital, Ethan is with Jonathan. He says this isn't how he pictured his first Christmas, but it could have been worse. Theresa shows up to see Ethan. She says she heard that Jonathan is going to be okay. Ethan says yes, a Christmas miracle. Theresa says she's happy for him and Gwen. Ethan asks Theresa where she has been? Where was she when he needed her most? What was more important than spending Christmas with him. What was more important than being by his side? She says she couldn't be with him, but she's here  now. He asks what is going on with her. Is there another man in her life? To herself Theresa says yes, their son. She says there is no other man, she loves him and always will. He asks why she hasn't been here for him. She says she is now, and she's happy for him. He says it's not good enough, when he needed her she's been concerned about earrings and sending Little Ethan away. He says she hasn't been herself latently, why hasn't she been concerned about Little Ethan or Jonathan? Ethan says Jonathon is a part of him, he thought that would make her feel something for him. She says she cares about Jonathan more than he knows. He says but he hasn't seen it, this year when he needed her most she wasn't around. Theresa says she saw him and Gwen at mass, she didn't want to intrude. Ethan says they'd be married if Alistair hadn't come back, so why didn't she feel he could sit with him. Why didn't she call him back? She says she had things to do. He asks what was so important.  Theresa says she's sorry she hasn't been here for him. She says she loves him, she's here now, she hopes he still loves her and wants to be a family with them all. She says she doesn't want to lose him. Ethan says she hasn't lost him, he just wants to understand why she's been acting this way. She says it's nothing being in his arms won't fix. Ethan says maybe it's important that she's here now. She says yes and that Jonathan will be okay. Theresa asks where Gwen is? Ethan says he sent her home, she was tired and he wants some alone time with Jonathan. Ethan is glad she's here, he'd love for her to spend time with him. Theresa knows she can't, she has to get back to Little Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan he's sorry. He asks what is it, what is more important than this?  Ethan can't believe this. He was ready to accept her apology but then she pulls this. Theresa says se doesn't have a choice, she has a meeting at Crane. Ethan asks when business became more important than them. Theresa says it's a big deal, jobs are on the line and she has to go. Ethan says okay, he understands, he knows she likes to help people. He says please hurry back, he'll be waiting. Theresa leaves in tears knowing she can't tell him the truth. 


Sam and Ivy show up later and learn Jonathan is okay. They see something is bothering him and it's not Jonathan. Ethan says it's Theresa. He apparently explains her behavior. Sam agrees this doesn't sound like her. Ivy says it doesn't surprise her. Ethan says he loves Theresa and wants to be with her. Ivy says he has a son now, it's his duty to provide a solid and stable family for him. She says she's not the fan of Gwen's she once was, but she thinks he should be with Gwen and forget Theresa. She says start the year off right, be with Gwen and get custody of Jane. Ethan says he loves Theresa and now they have the chance to be together. Sam says he's never had a problem with him being with Theresa, but Jonathan changes everything. He deserves a family. Ethan says he tried being with Gwen, she left him. Ivy says Theresa never gave them peace. Sam says Gwen is Jonathan's mother, she'll be committed to him as much as Ethan would be. Ethan says Theresa loves him too. Ivy asks why she's not here then?  He says she's at a meeting, he'll call Valerie now and find out when her meeting will be over. 

Pilar shows up to be with Theresa and Little Ethan. Theresa says what she's done to save Jonathan has cost her, she and Ethan are at the breaking point. She fears if anything else bad happens it will be a disaster. Theresa calls the office and asks  Valerie to tell Ethan she's unavailable should he call. Theresa continues to wish she could tell Ethan the truth, but she knows she can't. Pilar says she's so sorry she's at the mercy of them because of what happened with her in Mexico.  She says if Ethan finds out she's been lying all this time, she'll lose him forever. She says Ethan did say he still loves her, she just has to pray he doesn't find out about Little Ethan being the donor.


Back at Tabitha's, Tabitha spies on Theresa in her bowl and realize this is the evil she has to do, nixing Theresa's future with Ethan. She interferes with Ethan's call to Theresa's office. Tabitha talks to him, pretending she's a temp. Ethan asks when Theresa's meeting will be over. Tabitha says she's not in a meeting. Tabitha says Theresa called awhile ago, she was having her hair and nails done and to cancel all her appointments. This of course infuriates Ethan. Later Endora pops in for more cookies. Tabitha tells her that she will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and happy and with her.

Meanwhile Miguel and Kay head upstairs to make love. Kay says she's missed him so much. Miguel doesn't remember where he was, but he knows he missed her so much.  They make love, and then he remembers something. He promised to make their relationship more permanent. He says with Fox dead, nothing can stop them from getting married. He wants them to be married as soon as possible. She says she wants that too. 


Back at the hospital, Ethan is furious. He says Theresa lied,, she's not in a meeting, she's having her hair and nails done. Ethan can't believe Theresa lied to his face. Ivy says once a liar always a liar, this proves he should be with Gwen. Ethan says he doesn't know Theresa at all, he doesn't know if he ever did.



December 27, 2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha tells Endora how great it is to have her home, and how she never realized what she put the Lindberghs through when she had their baby kidnapped. Tabitha says she was so afraid that the darkside would take her powers. Endora says they tried but Miguel protected her. She conjures up a TV and we see Miguel protecting Endora in hell from all the demons. Tabitha says Miguel was very good to Endora, she owes him big time. She says what a shame she can't thank him. Endora asks why not? Tabitha says Miguel must never remember what happened to him, right now he has no memory from that time. Tabitha says they have to hope it stays that way. She says if he remembers they are witches it will be a problem. Endora asks why? Tabitha says the fewer mortals that know the better. She says the town would fall into two camps, those who would want to burn them and those who would want them to do things for them. She says either way they wouldn't have any peace, so Miguel can't remember where they were. Endora promises not to tell him, but what will Kay tell him? Tabitah doesn't know, she'll have to tell him something though.


Miguel and Kay are in bed. Kay says waking up next to him is like heaven. Miguel just wishes he could remember where he was. Kay says he was someplace warm helping children. Miguel says he remembers seeing scary faces, it was warm, people were crying out in agony. He wonders what if he's going crazy? She says he's probably just really tired from his trip. Kay says he should make love to her, it will help him de-stress. Miguel says that is all they have been doing and he's still stressed. Miguel says he can't account for where he's been for months. HE asks if he called, sent emails, a post card? She says no, but she knew he was busy helping children. Miguel says he needs help, he'll go crazy if he doesn't remember what happened. Kay knows he'll go crazy if he does remember. Kay remembers Tabitha warning her that she couldn't tell Miguel the truth if he ever came back and he didn't remember. Miguel still doesn't think this makes sense, he doesn't understand why he left. Miguel says he feels like he's losing his mind.  Kay says he's not going crazy, things will come back to him. She says even if they don't, they'll make new memories. She suggest they start making those plans. Miguel says she's not married to Fox and he's not in prison anymore. Kay says so let's make the most of it. He agrees.


Miguel and Kay go down to the kitchen. Miguel sees Endora and feels so close to her, like they are bonded, like they've been through something. He says it's weird, he always liked her, but he never felt close to her. Miguel says he's calling the hospital and checking himself into the psych ward, something is wrong with him. He's afraid he'll put them at risk. Kay thinks she can't let this go on, she has tell him the truth. She freezes Miguel and tells Tabitha she has to tell him the truth. Tabitha won't let her, saying people will either burn them or want something from them. Kay thinks that is it, she'll cast a spell on Miguel to make him not care about where he's been the past few months. Tabitha thinks her spells don't work well. Kay says she'll be careful and use a spell from the book. Kay zaps him with a spell to give make him forget, but he has total amnesia!  Miguel doesn't know who any of them are. When Tabitha introduces herself and Endora, Miguel asks if he's Darren on Bewitched? Kay says he is Miguel, she is Kay and their daughter Maria is upstairs. She tells him to sit down, thinking he hit his head. Kay talks with Tabitha thinking she has to reverse the spell. Tabitha says make sure he doesn't remember everything. Kay zaps him to give him his memory back. Miguel says it's all coming back to him, he left here with Endora. He remembers that Tabitha is a witch and Kay is too, so is Endora. 


Theresa and Pilar are up at the Crane cabin with Little Ethan. Theresa brought him there from the hospital to recover, it was the only place she could take him where Ethan wouldn't see him. Pilar is so afraid that Maria could have told Juanita where they live, so it's good they came here. Theresa says she hates being apart from Ethan. Pilar says she doesn't have a choice, she can't let him find out the truth. Theresa says getting Little Ethan here was so crazy that she never got back to the hospital or returned his calls. Theresa thinks unless she comes up with a good cover story then this is it, she'll lose him. Theresa is afraid all her lies will come out in some huge chain reaction. Pilar says Ethan loves her and he's always forgiven her in the past. Theresa says he can't take much more. She says she saw the pain in Ethan's eyes when she had to leave him with Jonathan. Theresa says if Ethan finds out she's been lying, he'll think she doesn't care about him or Jonathan. Pilar says she'll think of something to tell him. Pilar tells her to head back, she'll stay with Little Ethan. Theresa says call her if she needs anything. Theresa leaves.


At the mansion, Rebecca finds Gwen in Alistair's study. She asks why she's here? Gwen has been thinking about Theresa. Rebecca suggests she think about something else. Gwen says Theresa made a huge sacrifice to save Jonathan, and she let Ethan think the worst of her. Gwen says what Theresa did was noble. Rebecca says what is her point? Gwen says she doesn't think she can keep doing this, she wants to let Theresa tell Ethan the truth. Rebecca faints! Gwen puts booze under her, Rebecca wakes up saying she smells breakfast. Rebecca thinks Gwen has gone crazy. Gwen says maybe Theresa deserves Ethan after all. She says Theresa helped saved Jonathan knowing she could lose Ethan. Rebecca says she's doing it to save her own skin, she knows she can't tell Ethan the truth or they'll call that women in Mexico. Gwen says they were only threatening to do that. Rebecca says she won't let Gwen do this. She won't let her let Theresa tell Ethan everything. Gwen says look what she did for her and her son. Rebecca reminds he what she did for Sarah. She also reminds her of the other times Theresa tried to kill her. Rebecca says one good deed doesn't erase the terrible things she's done. She says no forgiveness for her, especially when they are close to getting Ethan back. Gwen says okay she won't make it so Theresa can get Ethan back. She says Ethan will be hers and Theresa will get what she has coming to her. Gwen doesn't know what she was thinking when they are holding all the cards. Rebecca says they need to get to the hospital to score points with Ethan. Gwen says she wants to be there for Jonathan too. Rebecca says he's fine, they have to work on Ethan now. Rebecca says she can use Jonathan to come between Theresa and Ethan. Gwen won't use an innocent child for her needs.  Rebecca says people in show biz do it all the time. Gwen says if Ethan knew what Theresa had done, he'd probably nominate her for sainthood. Rebecca says he'll never know. Gwen says this is scary, she's becoming more and more like her mother. Rebecca loves it, saying she finally has the daughter she always wanted and not the barren dishrag she was stuck with.


At the hospital, Sam and Ivy show up. Ethan is still with Jonathan. He's making progress, the anti-rejection drugs are going well. Ivy asks if he heard from Theresa? Ethan says no. Sam can't believe this, but Ivy says this is just like Theresa, she's a lying bitch from the barrio. Ethan says Theresa wasn't here for the whole ordeal and then she made some excuse for why she had to go get her hair and nails done. Ethan says it doesn't explain why she didn't come back. Ivy says this isn't the kind of person he should spend his life with. She begs him before he gets hurt again to end it. She says marry Gwen and don't look back. Ethan says he just wishes he knew why Theresa had changed so quickly, why would she not call back or prioritize her air and nails over him. Ivy says she's tried to convince him that this is who Theresa is, why can't he see that he can't share his life with this selfish woman. Sam thinks Ethan should be allowed to make his own mistakes. Ivy thinks they've made mistakes and she's trying to stop Ethan from making the same ones. Sam reminds Ivy of all the mistakes she's made, nothing Theresa has done to Ethan comes close to what Ivy's done to him. Sam says unlike Ivy, Theresa has never killed anyone. Ivy says she knows she's done unspeakable things, but the difference between her and Theresa is that she is sorry for what she did. Ethan says Theresa is sorry. Ivy asks why she keeps making the same mistakes? She says she learned from hers, Theresa hasn't and neither has he. She says for nine long years he's ruined his life by staying with her. She says get therapy, shock treatment, do what it takes to get rid of Theresa. Ethan says couples have rough patches, they'll get through this. Ivy says his whole life with Theresa has been a rough patch, end it now before she self destructs and takes him out with her.  Ivy continues begging him to just end it with Theresa. Ethan says she may not be acting like the woman who he fell in love with, but she's always loved him and been generous. He says the woman was willing to die by lethal injection for him. Ivy remembers she and Rebecca fooled Theresa with a tape to make Theresa think Ethan was the one who shot Julian at the cannery because they knew Theresa would take the wrap to protect Ethan. Ethan says Theresa always stood by him, so he believes she'll be here for him now. Ivy asks then where is she? Ethan says he doesn't know. He says he doesn't know where she is, she's been distant and she didn't even go home last night. Ivy says she knows exactly what is going on with Theresa. Ivy says it's another man, she's cheating on him. Ethan says no way. Ivy asks then why isn't she here? Why has she been lying. Why didn't she spend the night at the mansion. Ethan says that isn't it, Sam agrees. Ethan says he asked her if there was another man, but she said no. Ivy says well she's been lying to him about everything esle, so she has a secret. Ivy says Theresa has another man, a man she cares about more than him.


Theresa soon arrives. Ethan asks where he's been? She says the meeting ran on, she went home and checked on Jane, it was late and she didn't want to call and disturb him. Ethan says she's lying. Ivy asks her what she's hiding? Ethan says the servants said she didn't come home last night and hasn't been there today. Theresa says she only saw Jane last night and she didn't see anyone when she left this morning. Ethan asks about the meeting? Theresa says it was fine. Ethan says he called Crane, they said there was no meeting and she was getting her hair and nails done. Ethan says she wasn't at Crane or at the mansion, so what is going on? Sam tells Ivy they should go and he drags her out. Sam won't even let her eavesdrop. Ethan says he wants her to explain herself out of the corner she's lied herself into. 


Gwen and Rebecca arrive at the hospital soon show up and hear Ethan yelling at Theresa. They eavesdrop as Ethan demands to know where she was and why was she was not here? Theresa says she can't explain. He says can't or won't? She says it's complicated. He says it always is with her. Ethan says he is sorry he ever believed he could trust her, that he could count on her. She says he can, they'll get through this. Ethan says they won't, and until she can be honest with him then this is done. Theresa says not after what she has done. Ethan asks what she has done? She says nothing. He says remember he gave her a last chance. He says leave. She won't, so Ethan does. Ethan storms off angry. Gwen is happy, she tells her mother that they did it. Rebecca says Ethan broke up with Theresa. Theresa tells herself without Ethan she might as well be dead. 



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