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1st Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



February 5, 2007 
At the hospital, Miguel listens in as Kay tells Fox that he is her husband and he has to get better. She begs him to fight for them, she is here for him. Miguel thinks he is the man Kay really loves, and once Fox gets better then she will come back to him. Miguel walks off. Kay continues talking to Fox and begging him to get better and come back to her. Eve shows up and asks Kay if they can talk for a minute. Kay leaves to go talk to Eve in the hallway. Eve just wanted to make sure Kay was still encouraging Fox. Kay says she is. He says that is good, she feels it will be the key to his recovery. She says knowing Kay is waiting for him is important. Kay tells Eve that she does have feelings for Fox, but she loves Miguel too and had made up her mind to be with him. She says now she doesn't know what to do. Eve understand she is confused. Eve asks how Kay feels knowing that Fox is in there so messed up because of Miguel? Kay knows Miguel did not do this to Fox, he couldn't kill him. Eve agrees, she knows Miguel couldn't have done this. Kay says he wouldn't, but who would? She says the police are convinced it is Miguel because she's stuck in this soap opera triangle. She says Miguel has even been arrested, but Eve says because of the evidence indicated he was guilty. Kay doesn't know what to do, Fox is dying and she can't tell him that she's leaving him for Miguel. She says if her presence helps Fox recover then she can't leave him. Eve says so is she planning to be with Miguel when Fox gets better? Kay doesn't know. She says she loves them both. She asks Eve if it is possible to be in love with two men at once? Eve says yes, but she does have to choose. Eve says if she doesn't make a decision then she'll just turn everyone's lives upside down. Eve says she doesn't have to make a decision now, but keep talking to Fox. Kay says she will. 

Pilar talks with Miguel and asks him what is wrong. Miguel says he heard Kay telling Fox that she loves him and wants to be there for him. Pilar asks what he did? Miguel says he didn't do anything, he walked away. Pilar says he needs to show Kay that he loves her. She says whether Fox gets well or not, he and Kay love one another. She says fight for Kay. She tells him to go to Kay and convince her that she belongs with him. 

Later Miguel finds Kay in Fox's room and says he loves her and needs to be with her. She says she has to get back to Fox. He says they belong together. They talk about how it was made to look like he was with Charity, which Miguel still believes Fox is behind. He reminds her how there is no proof that Fox is dying. He says she has to chose who is really in her heart. She looks into her heart and sees Miguel is the man in her heart, the man she truly loves. Kay tells Miguel that it is him. They then share a kiss. 

At the mansion, Luis tells Fancy that he doesn't know how this happened. He swears he didn't rape her. She says she's sorry Sam arrested him. Luis says Theresa bailed him out and now they can find out who did this. He swears he would never hurt her. Fancy remembers being attacked by the rapist. Luis thinks Fancy believes he attacked her. Fancy says she's sorry, she just keeps remembering what happened. He hopes she doesn't think he's responsible. She says she doesn't want to feel that way. He swears that he would never hurt her. Fancy looks at Luis and only sees the rapist. He asks if he should leave? She says no, but she saw the ski mask when she looked at him. He says he's sorry. He swears he doesn't know how he ended up in that pantry. He knows it sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth. Fancy can't stop thinking about the attack, she tells him to stay back and not to come near her. Luis realizes Fancy is afraid of him. He wishes he could convince her not to be afraid. She says she is sorry. He says he's traumatized and all he's doing is reminding her of it. As they talk Sheridan spies on them. Luis says he's so sorry and eventually leaves. 

Luis leaves Fancy and runs into Sheridan. She asks if everything is okay? He says Fancy doesn't believe in him. She says she's sorry. She hugs him and smiles! Luis talks to Sheridan about how Fancy thinks he may really be the rapist. Sheridan says if she loves him then how can she not believe him? She says Fancy does love him doesn't she? Luis says he doesn't know. He says he let her down, he should have protected her. Sheridan says he can't be there 24 hours a day to protect Fancy. Luis doesn't know what he'll do if she never wants to see him again. Sheridan says to herself that she'll be here for him.

Back in her room, Fancy says she has to stop thinking about the attacks. She doesn't know what has happened to her. She says she can't let this ruin her life or Luis' life. She remembers Sheridan accusing her of faking it all to make Luis feel sorry for her. She realizes she loves Luis and she has to go tell him. 

At Crane, Ethan thinks Whitney knows what Theresa has to tell him. She says it's important and he needs to talk to her. Ethan doesn't think he can deal with Theresa's games anymore. She says it's not a game. She says just talk to her. She thinks Theresa also needs to hear from him that he is free and wants to marry her. She begs Ethan to go before something or someone ruins their relationship again. Whitney says Theresa needs to hear him say that he loves her without a but. Whitney says they always respected him for keeping his vows, but his marriage is over. Ethan says he tried calling Gwen but she won't return his calls, he thinks she has finally had enough. He says he can't blame her. Whitney says then he's free to be with Theresa. Ethan says but she's marrying Jared. Whitney says no, Jared left Theresa and said it was over. Whitney says she even took off her engagement ring. Whitney says Theresa and Jared are over. Ethan begins having fantasies about being married to Theresa and being a family with her and the kids. Whitney asks Ethan if he'll go find Theresa or not? He says he will, he was just thinking about Little Ethan. Ethan says he's always loved him like his real son, if he married Theresa then he would be his son. Ethan admits that a life with Theresa scares him because they've been so close to it so many times. However he says he loves Theresa and will finally be with her. 

In her office, Theresa asks Jared what he's doing here? He says he loves her and was a fool to walk out on her. He says his pride was hurt because she still seems hung up on Ethan. She thought he left town and was through with her. He says he's sorry, he was a fool to think he could fall out of love with her. He says he's crazy in love with her. He looks at her hand and sees she took his ring off. Theresa says he walked out on her and wanted nothing to do with her. He says only because he thought she couldn't get Ethan out of her heart. He says he can make her forget about Ethan. He asks if she's given up on them? Is he too late? Theresa says she took off the ring, but he says she doesn't have to explain it. He says he doesn't expect her to wear the ring when he left. Jared says he was going to leave, but Chad helped him see that he was letting his pride dictate his life. He says he loves her and will make her forget about Ethan. He says he was stupid to give up on her. He begs her to forgive him, let him put the ring back on her finger. Jared begs her to tell him what he can do to get that ring back on her finger. She says she's been thrown for a loop here, she can't believe he's really here. She doesn't know why he's here. He says because he let pride get in the way of what is important. He says he knows he can erase Ethan from her heart and mind. He tells her to just tell him that they can be together. Theresa remembers having breakfast with Ethan that morning and how Little Ethan said this is what he always wanted. Theresa says honestly she doesn't know if there is anything he can do to make her put the ring back on. He says he behaved like an ass making her arrest Ethan. He says it was his jealous anger. He says he thought he would prove she loved him, but it only proved how insecure he was. He says he is here for her, he loves her and wants to be with her. He says she should be with him and she knows that. As Jared is telling her how he wants to be with her, he imagines that Ethan is the one talking to her and saying he is the one who wants her. Ethan tells Theresa that he wants to marry her, he wants them to be a family. He promises to never leave her again. Theresa tells Ethan that she has something to tell him, amazing news. She says it's about Little Ethan, she's been wanting to tell him for a long time. She says Little Ethan is his son. She says she didn't know until JT Cornell told her. She says they can be a real family now. Ethan says they will be a real family. He says this is wonderful news. Jared then asks Theresa what she just said? She snaps too and says her mind wandered. Jared says he's pouring his heart out to her and her mind is wandering? Theresa says she's just confused. She asks what she said? He says she told him that he was Little Ethan's father. He wonders who she was talking too? She says she is just always thinking about Julian suing her for custody of her son. Jared says he's an excellent lawyer and can help her win. He wants her to put the ring back on. He knows he doesn't deserve it, but he wants another chance. He tells her not to make a decision now, he'll come back and talk to her later. She tries to tell him no, but he says just think about it. He says he'll be back and leaves. She wonders if this is a sick joke. She says she could be happy with Jared, but Ethan is finally free to be with her too. She doesn't know what to do. Ethan then shows up to see Theresa. Ethan says he had a long talk with Whitney and found out Jared left and she is free now. Ethan says he is free now too, to be with whomever he wants.

At the motel, Chad looks at his watch and says they have plenty of time. He gets into bed with his lover. Later Chad is in bed alone, the lover is in the bathroom. He soon returns when Chad says they still have more time. Later Chad is about to leave. He says he has to meet Whitney for dinner. He says Jared knows about them but won't say anything. He then decides he can be late and goes back to his lover.

At Chad and Whitney's, Whitney is making dinner when Chad shows up with flowers. He apologizes for being late, but she says he's not that late. Whitney reads the card, it says to his beautiful wife, the only woman he loves. 


February 6,  2007

Miguel and Kay kiss at the hospital. Kay stops Miguel and says she won't do this in front of Fox, he could still be aware. She says she's his wife and shouldn't be kissing another man. Miguel says he's the man in her heart. He says he loves her and she belongs with him. They kiss again and Fox's heart rate begins to spike. The alarms beep and this alerts Kay to what happened.

Julian is on the phone with Judge Reilly. He apparently sent him an email with a photo of Judge Reilly doing something very illegal. Julian says this is not blackmail, it is an incentive to do that thing he's asked. Julian says he can keep the photo, Julian says he has the original. Julian then says his dear Theresa will never know what hit her.

Julian comes into Fox's room when he hears the beeping. He sees Miguel standing there and thinks he tried to kill his son again. Miguel says he didn't try and kill Fox, he never did. Kay tells Julian to stop it, the nurse is trying to help Fox and this isn't helping. The monitors stop, Fox is fine. The nurse doesn't know what happened, it is possible he could have been reliving the hit-n-run. She can't be certain. Julian thinks Miguel did try and kill his son again. Miguel says he's innocent. Julian says people from the lower classes always blame someone else, enjoy his freedom while it lasts. Kay asks Miguel to go, this tension isn't good for Fox. Julian tells Miguel to stay away from his son and his wife. Miguel leaves and Julian tells Kay that Miguel will go to prison. He also tells Kay that she is to blame for Fox being in this coma. Julian says if she hadn't given Miguel hope of a life with her then Fox would be fine. Kay says no he'd still be dying from his tumor. He says he just meant he could be spending his last few days with her and not laying here like this. Julian goes off on Miguel hitting Fox, but Kay says Miguel swears he didn't. Julian says Miguel claims he didn't sleep with Charity, but she knows what she saw. Kay says she doesn't know what she saw. Kay says Charity wasn't in town. To herself she also knows if they had made love then Tabitha's prophecy would have come true. Julian says Charity lied, she's protecting Miguel because she loves them. Kay thinks it is more plausible they saw imposters. Julian says she's making excuses for him because she wants to be with him. Kay admits she loves them both. Julian says Miguel is a liar, he is lying to her. Julian says she knows what she saw, if she can't believe her own eyes then she is a fool. Kay says he wasn't there, he doesn't know what they saw. Julian says he knows he saw Miguel and Charity kissing here at the hospital. Kay believes that isn't true, but Julian knows what he saw. Kay says what he says he saw has anything to do with what she and Simone saw. Julian says she needs to accept that Miguel and Charity are still a couple. Kay says they swear they aren't. Julian says they are lying, Miguel is using her. Julian says Miguel is after her as Fox's rich widow. Kay says he is wrong, Miguel is a good and honest person. Kay says he's not a two timing liar. Kay then leaves the room. Julian tells Fox that he is trying to get him what he wants, but he has to wake up and claim what is his. He says Fox can't let Kay be with Miguel. 

Elsewhere Charity shows up at the hospital to see Miguel. Charity tells Miguel that she loves him and wants to be with him. Miguel says he is sorry but he's in love with Kay. Charity asks about the kiss. Miguel says she kissed him and she shouldn't have. Charity says she loves him and knows he felt the same way she did about the kiss. Miguel says he doesn't love her, he only loves Kay now. Charity knows she hurt him by leaving. She says she was wrong, she made a mistake and regrets it. She says if she could go back then she'd change things. He says she can't go back, none of them can. He says he is in love with Kay, he's moved on. She says Kay is married to Fox. Charity begs Miguel for another chance. She says she can make him the happiest man alive. Miguel says he's sorry but he loves Kay and only Kay, he can't be with her. Charity says you can't blame a girl for trying. Charity says she thinks they should just forget the kiss, but Miguel says he has to be honest with Kay. Charity says if Kay is still worried they made love, well if he tells her they kissed then he could lose her. Charity says he can't tell Kay that they kissed. Miguel agrees not to tell Kay. She gives him a hug which of course Kay walks in on. 

At the mansion Fancy goes looking for Luis. Paloma asks if she's okay? She wasn't attacked again was she. Fancy says no. She says she was looking for Luis. She says Luis came by and asked her to have faith in him and believe in him. Paloma says she knows Luis and that he wouldn't do this to her. Fancy says that is just it, she doesn't know what to think anymore. Paloma says but she was the one who wouldn't press charges, now she thinks Luis is guilty? Fancy says Luis doesn't remember what happened that night, what if he doesn't remember attacking her. Paloma says her brother can't remember something he didn't do. Fancy tells Paloma that Sheridan thinks she attacked Luis. Paloma says she can't be serious. Fancy says Sheridan says she's bad for Luis, maybe she is right. Paloma says she's not bad for Luis, Luis loves her. Paloma damns the bastard who did this and is making her doubt herself and Luis. Fancy doesn't know how to put her life back together. Paloma says the first thing she has to do is believe in her brother. Fancy says she wants to believe in Luis, her heart says one thing and her head says another. Paloma says she needs to use what she learned and find the real attacker. 

At the station Sam is thinking about Grace and how she told him someone was threatening all of them. He wonders who is behind this. Luis shows up to see Sam. Sam thought he'd be with Ethan going over his defense. Luis says there won't be a trial, he will prove he is innocent before he goes to court. Luis wants to come back to work to clear his name as well as Miguel's. Sam says he won't allow it. Luis says Sam has to let him come back to work, but Sam says he's still suspended and it would be a conflict of interest. Luis says then let him be a part of the investigation. Sam says he can't, that would be preferential treatment. Luis says this is a set-up. Sam asks by who? Luis says Alistair is dead so it can't be him. Sam says Grace mentioned to him that someone was out to hurt them all. Luis says if they have been set up then who knows what is next. Still Sam says he can't be a part in an investigation where he has a vested interest in the outcome. Sam won't let him investigate himself. Luis says they already know Fancy was attacked before on the stakeout. He says he has to prove his innocence otherwise he'll lose Fancy forever. Sam says he can try and clear his name, but with conditions. Sam says they have to keep this quiet, he is under suspension and everything he does is unofficial. He also says he has to work with a partner to make sure there are no charges of evidence tampering. At this point Fancy and Paloma walk in. Sam is trying to find someone to be Luis' partner and he figures out who he should work with. Luis asks who? Sam says Fancy! Fancy hears them talking about her and asks what about her? Sam says they were discussing  the attack and Fox's hit-n-run. Sam asks Fancy why she's here? She says she wants to get back to work, she wants to find who attacked her. Sam asks the time she was attacked at the mansion or the time at the stakeout. She says both. Sam says she's still a cadet and will need a partner. She says she'll work with whomever he chooses. Luis says it will be him that she works with. Sam will only allow this if she's comfortable with it. Sam says partnering them would cover Luis' from accusations that Luis is tampering evidence, and her being a Crane would help control the media should this get out. Luis says also it would prove he is innocent. Luis begs Fancy to help him clear his name as well as Miguel's. Sam asks Fancy if she can do this? Fancy agrees to do it. She says she needs to focus on finding what the truth is. She says she will prove Luis didn't assault her. Fancy agrees to work with Luis. Outside the rapist spies on them, saying he's closer than Luis even thinks. 

At Chad and Whitney's, Chad puts Miles down as he falls asleep after eating. Whitney says he's such a good daddy. She says they finally got what they've always wanted, a real family. She also says Ethan and Theresa may be a real family soon too. Whitney says she talked to Ethan, he thinks if he was with Theresa then his life would be perfect. There is a knock at the door, Whitney answers it and it is Jared. She is shocked, she thought he left town. Jared says he wants Tess back and needs her advice on how to make it happen. Whitney invites him in. Jared says he's talked to Tess and said he was a jealous hot head and still loved her. He says he wants her back. Whitney says well he can't have Theresa back. She says he left, but Chad says Theresa bailed on Jared more than once too. Whitney sends Chad to check on Miles. She then tells Jared that Theresa is trying to make a life with Ethan, he can't waltz in and take it from her. Jared says he loves Tess and can make her happy. Whitney says things have changed, Theresa has a chance to be with Ethan and the kids. Jared says they can make a family too. Whitney says Theresa wants a family with Ethan, the father of her children. Jared says he thought Julian was the father of Little Ethan. Whitney says she meant that Ethan has been like Little Ethan's father and Ethan would probably adopt him. Jared says Julian won't stand for that. Whitney says Ethan would take a role in his life no matter what. Jared says he gets along well with Little Ethan too. Whitney says yes but Theresa wants to be with Ethan. Whitney says the situation is what it is, if she knows Theresa then she's doing whatever she can to be with Ethan. Jared thanks her for at least hearing him out. Whitney says even if she tried to help him, Ethan is the love of Theresa's life. Jared says he's still staying to fight for her, she will be his. Jared leaves and Chad warns her that she has to be careful, Jared almost found out the truth about Little Ethan. Whitney says Ethan needs to learn the truth first, it would be awful if Jared found out. She also thinks Theresa is telling Ethan the truth right now.

In Theresa's office, Ethan and Theresa talk. Ethan says he is sure his marriage to Gwen is over. Theresa says so after all this time, after all that mess, he is free? He says it seems she is free too. Theresa says she is completely free. Ethan asks what they do now that they are completely free. She says here is a thought. Theresa then kisses Ethan. Theresa and Ethan talk about being a family, but Ethan says Julian is still a problem as he wants custody. Theresa says she has something to tell him about Julian and Little Ethan. Theresa thinks once she tells Ethan the truth then nothing can keep them apart. Theresa says she wanted to tell him earlier at the mansion. She says she wanted to tell him even sooner but . . . Ethan's phone rings and he has to take it. He says it could be Gwen. Ethan takes the call, Theresa realizes once again something has gotten in the way of her having Ethan. Ethan returns from his call with bad news, Julian has had the trial dates moved up. He says Julian is trying to get Luis and Miguel convicted before they know what hit them. Theresa says they can't let that happen. Ethan says Julian must be blackmailing Reilly. Theresa says there must be something she can do. Ethan says they can fight Julian. Theresa says together they can do anything. Ethan thinks they can have a fair trial if she keeps Julian from interfering. He says first they have to get the Crane PR machine going. Theresa wants to tell Ethan her news before they get side tracked again. Ethan says okay let him hear it. She thinks this will solve all their problems. Ethan doesn't see how. Theresa says it will take care of Julian, he won't be able to sue her. She says this news is huge and she should have told him long ago. She says she wanted to, but things got complicated. She says now she can tell him the truth . . . . . 


February 7, 2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora return home, Tabitha's broom is smoking. They were at the altered states convention. Tabitha bought Endora a "witch pod" (ipod) and she's listening to the Scissor Sisters on it. Tabitha hopes she's not listening to folk music. She takes a listen and tells Endora it is much to loud and who is this group? Endora explains they are the Scissor Sisters. Tabitha looks at their picture and says it looks like a bunch of fellows to her. She thinks this music is too grown up. Endora says chill, they are her favorite band. Tabitha doesn't like Endora's tone.

Later Tabitha is in the kicthen and heads to the bowl. She wants to know what she's missed while she was gone. The bowl shows her chad at the hotel, but she says Chad's flings at the seedy motel are old news. She then sees that Chad is with a man and not a woman. She's shocked and says Chad is such a masculine fellow. She says she doesn't understand the people of today. She then asks to see Fancy's rapist. The bowl shows her a blurry picture and she says focus! She wants to see the face of the rapist.

At Crane, Theresa is about to tell Ethan the truth about their son. She has a fantasy of Ethan constantly carrying Little Ethan around because he's so happy. As Theresa is about to tell him . . . his phone rings. It is a PI he hired and he has to take it. Chad and Whitney show up, Whitney is not happy to learn Theresa hasn't told Ethan. Theresa says every time she tries his phone rings. Whitney says tell him now. Ethan returns, it's not good news. He says Julian is using all his money and calling in every favor in order to make sure Luis and Miguel are convicted. Theresa says she is the one in control, they will fight back. Ethan says Julian has much more experience being slimey, but Theresa doesn't care. Ethan is interrupted by yet another call. Whitney tells Theresa that she and Chad won't leave until she tells Ethan the truth. Theresa asks if Chad knows about Little Ethan? Whitney says he does, but he won't tell anyone. Theresa finally prepares to tell Ethan the truth. As they are talking Chad realizes if she tells Ethan, that Julian will learn Little Ethan isn't a Crane and Theresa will lose the power and money. He says without it they won't be able to help Luis and Miguel.

At the station, Luis and Fancy are working together on the case. Luis is baffled, every piece of evidence leads back to him. Fancy knows he couldn't have attacked her. He thanks her for saying that. He thinks it isn't a coincidence that both he and Miguel are being framed for crimes they didn't commit. They wonder who could do this. Fancy says it is like something her grampy would do, but Luis says they know Alistair is dead. Luis can't remember anything from that night. He wonders what Fancy remembers? She closes her eyes and he tries to get her to go over every detail. As she relives the attack she becomes upset. Luis stops them, but Fancy wants to help him. Luis thinks there may be a way, hypnosis. Fancy says she will do it, but if she remembers something that implicates him . . . .Luis is sure he didn't attack her, though if he did then he will accept it and the fact that he belongs in jail.

At Eve's office, Luis and Fancy ask her for help with hypnosis. Luis remembers Eve helped Sheridan learn she didn't kill anyone. Eve says that took a long time to get there. Fancy wants to do this, she wants to find out the truth. Eve agrees and puts Fancy under. She takes her back to that night, which upsets Luis. Luis didn't want her to go through the attack again. Eve tells Luis that Fancy is doing this out of her love for him. Eve asks Fancy what she sees? Fancy says she sees a man in her room standing over her bed and looking at her. 

At the hospital, we see a replay of Miguel and Charity hugging. Kay can't believe this when she sees them, Julian says well well! Charity tells Kay she just came to say goodbye, she's leaving town. She says she will call Sam whenever she gets to where she's going. Charity then leaves. Miguel tries to explain to Kay, but she slaps him. She says she's had it with him, he is a liar. Miguel says he's not lying. They argue, Miguel swears once again that he did not sleep with Charity and that Fox made it seem that way. Julian tells Miguel to leave Kay alone, she chose Fox over him. Miguel says only because Fox made it seem he was dying. KAy asks Miguel if he kissed Charity? Miguel remembers Charity telling him not to tell Kay, so he lies and says they didn't kiss. Kay thinks he's lying and says Julian saw them. Julian decides to prove it to Kay and takes her to the security office. Miguel tags along. Julian pays the guard, who goes and gets footage from that night. There is a clip of them kissing. Miguel claims Charity kissed him, but Kay says it looks like he is kissing her to him. He admits he lied, but only because Charity asked him to. He says Charity told him if he told her the truth then he'd lose her. Kay says she's done with him. She says she knows now she made the right choice marrying Fox. She tells Miguel she won't waste anymore time on someone who is incapable of telling the truth.

Meanwhile Julian meets with Charity and pays her for her good work. She removes her mask, it is the imposter! Julian tells her not to do that here. She hates the mask and says besides, nobody will see them together.


February 8, 2007
At the hospital Miguel and Kay are arguing. In the background on several monitors is the footage of Charity and Miguel kissing. Miguel swears it isn't what it looks like. Kay says she's not blind and this image has haunted her for years. Miguel says he will find Charity and she will tell Kay the truth. He drags her off.

Julian is talking to the fake Charity. She say she gave up a tour in Wicked for this. He says after this maybe she'll be able to play the lead. Fake Charity says she just feels guilty about this, but Julian tells her to just concentrate on her performance. Fake Charity says she thought her agent was the darkest representation of humanity, but Julian has him beat and is passing it down to his son. She says she's out of here.

Miguel is still dragging Kay around until they find Charity. He sees the imposter with Julian from behind and thinks she is Charity. The imposter asks Julian what they do? In her purse is the mask. She turns around and Miguel apologizes, he thought he knew her. He wonders if they ever met? Julian says maybe Miguel ran her over once. Miguel asks what her name is? She says Carla. She holds her purse with the mask behind her back. Miguel swears he knows her from somewhere. Kay says she's just another blond and they all know he has a thing for blonds. Miguel says her eyes look familiar and comfortable. Kay thinks Miguel is hitting on her. The imposter then runs off. Kay can't believe Miguel was just making googoo eyes at that woman. Miguel swears he knows her. Kay heads back to Fox. Miguel asks Julian where Charity is? Julian says look under the wheels of his fish truck. 

Later Julian meets up with the imposter again. He gives her a note to deliver to the note to the nurses stations. He says Miguel will never know what hit him.

Miguel once again tries to talk to Kay. A nurse then says Charity left a note for Miguel. Kay wonders what Charity has to say. Miguel doesn't care what she has to say. Kay wants him to read the note, when he won't she says she will. Kay opens the letter and is shocked by what it says. She throws it at Miguel and walks off. Miguel reads the fake note. The note says she (Charity) was surprised when he kissed her, she loved it and can't wait to see him again. Miguel stomps off as Julian watches and is all smiles. Julian says when he's good he's good and when he's bad . . . he's better.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha thinks it is time for Endora to go upstairs and get ready for bed. She sends Endora up to bed and says she'll come read some Clive Barker to her in a bit. Tabitha returns to her bowl and watches Fancy's session with Eve. Tabitha says the whole town of Harmony is off kilter and she doesn't know why. She says she's are turning into he's and some unknown person is preying on innocent victims. She says she is the only bad one here that should be preying on others. She says someone is holding out on her and she wants to know who. Tabitha then hears a ruckus from the living room. She goes and finds Endora watching The Scissor Sisters! They are performing there in the living room. They sing the song Land of A Thousand Words. Endora shows her mom their album Ta-Dah. Tabitha asks Endora what she thinks this is, Wigstock? She asks what who these people are? Endora shows her the CD, she realizes they are the Scissor Sisters. Tabitha admits they are pretty good. She says though that she can't bring every CD she likes to life, what if it had been Lawrence Welk. Tabitha says she can't keep using her magic every blooming minute or people will find out they are witches. Tabitha ends up pulling the plug on the group. The lead singer Jake Spears asks where they are? Anna Matronic says nice frock and asks what they did to them? Jake says they were just playing a show in England, where did their fans go? Tabitha says the Scissor Sisters may cut them to ribbons, do something Endora. Baby Daddy, the guitar player, asks where their audience is? Tabitha says all will be explained later. She asks what they had for dinner. Ana Matronic says fish and chips back stage. Tabitha says that is it, they all have food poisoning. Tabitha is begging Endora to freeze them. She soon zaps them back into their CD. Tabitha tells Endora she is going to get them into hot water some day. Tabitha says apology accepted. Endora says she's hungry. Tabitha says she'll see what she can rustle up. Later Tabitha makes Endora a nice baked apple. She tells her not to turn it into ice cream. Tabitha returns to her bowl to see what is going on. She wants to know who is horning in on her terror territory. The bowl shows her a bright red light. She realizes someone they know will die tonight. 

In Eve's office Luis is trying to calm Fancy, but Eve says Luis is the one frightening her. She says Fancy thinks Luis is attacking her so let her take care of Fancy. Eve says this may be the only way to prove her innocence. Eve tells Fancy she is here and safe, she cannot be hurt. Eve asks Fancy to tell her what she saw during her attacks. Fancy cries that he hurt her. Eve asks her to help them catch him, what does he see. We see flashbacks of the first attack by the Peeper at the stakeout. Fancy holds her hand over her mouth and Eve thinks she must be acting out what the peeper did to her. Eve tells Fancy to relax and just tell them what she sees. Fancy remembers being taken into the bedroom and raped by the peeper. Fancy tells them what is going on, she is screaming Stop Him! Eve says she is safe, just tell her what happened. Fancy says she was feeling guilty about lying to take the peeping tom Case. She knows Luis would be angry with her. Eve says Luis isn't angry. She says Luis was right, she wasn't ready for the assignment. Eve realizes this is the night of the first attack. Eve says obviously the attacker couldn't have been Luis that night as he struggled with the attacker, the other cop can attest to that. She says the same person must have attacked her again. Luis says he doesn't like to make assumption but he doubts there is a second sick copy cat out there. Eve moves ahead to the attack at the mansion in the princess room. Eve asks what happened then. Eve tells her not to be afraid as it's just a memory. Fancy says she hates him. Eve says she knows she does. Eve asks what happened. Fancy talks about Luis reading her her favorite book when she was a teen, it was about being a cheerleader. She says she fell asleep and then . . . .We see flashbacks of the peeper standing over her. Fancy says SHE attacked me! Eve and Luis are puzzled by this. Eve brings Fancy out of the trance. Fancy says it was horrible. Luis still doesn't know how this is possible, Eve says she must have gotten confused. Fancy asks what she said? Eve says when asked about the second attack, Fancy said She attacked her. Fancy says that isn't possible. Luis says that is what she said. Fancy says she can't have been attacked by a woman, Luis DNA was discovered on her. Luis says it is understandable. When he tries to touch her she jumps. Eve says it is just post-traumatic stress and Luis shouldn't take it personally. Eve suggests Fancy just sit here and relax for a bit. Eve and Luis leave Fancy alone to talk in the hall. Luis says he hates seeing Fancy like this. He says she's been through so much. Eve says so has Luis and it will get a lot worse before the trial is over. Luis knows and he says Julian is determined to pin this on him. Eve says nobody knows how Julian operates better than she does. Luis says he would never hurt Fancy. Eve says Luis was there so he may have memories too. She suggests they hypnotize him too. He agrees to do it. Eve says anything he says incriminating will be in her records, which could be subpoenaed. Luis says if he is the attacker then he'll turn himself in. Luis returns to the office and Fancy watches as Eve puts Luis under hypnosis. She takes Luis back to the princess room. He says they are both there. He remembers reading to Fancy and tucking her in. He says he sat down on the couch. Luis jumps and says who the hell are you! as he sees the Peeper's mask above him.

In Theresa's office, Theresa is about to tell ethan the truth about Little Ethan. She says she should have told him the truth a long time ago. He asks what it is that she wants? She has a dream of making love with Ethan. In it she talks about how she has waited so long to be with him without secrets and without guilt. The whole dream is basically product placement for KY tingling massage liquid. Ethan snaps her out of her fantasy to ask what she wants? Chad says hold that thought and they will be right back. Chad takes Whitney outside. He says they have to figure out how to shut Theresa up. Whitney says she's wondered that for 20 years. She feels bad for Miguel and Luis, but Theresa deserves her chance at happiness. Chad says what about Luis and Miguel? Whitney says nobody will believe Luis and Miguel are guilty. Chad says Julian is determined to have them put in jail and he will get what he wants. Whitney says doesn't Theresa deserve real love and a real family. Chad says she's already lost her brother Antonio. She says she can't lose anymore brothers. Chad thinks Theresa deserves to make the decision herself. They go back to tell her, but she's hugging Ethan at this point. Whitney thinks Theresa has told him. Whitney asks Theresa is she's okay? Ethan says she's not, she just became emotional about Little Ethan. He says she wasn't making much sense, she said if anything happened to her that he was to take care of Little Ethan and Jane. Chad realizes Theresa hasn't told Ethan. He pushes Whitney to stop her. Whitney takes Theresa outside the room to talk to her. In the hall Theresa says she couldn't do it but she will. Whitney says it's a good thing she didn't. Whitney tells Theresa that if she tells the truth then she'll lose the Crane money and Power. She says she won't be able to help her brothers. She says Luis and Miguel could go to prison for the rest of their lives. Theresa is confused on what to do. Whitney says with the right money and lawyer, Luis and Miguel can be proven innocent. Theresa says maybe they can't. Theresa and Whitney return and Theresa asks Ethan how difficult it will be to prove her brothers are innocent. She wants to know if it is impossible. Ethan says not necessarily, but word is that Julian is trying to pin the crimes on her brothers. Ethan says it will be up to them to negate the mud slinging. Ethan says if it weren't for her money, power and influence then Miguel and Luis would be done for. He then asks Theresa what she has to tell him? Theresa sees a photo of her family and is torn. Whitney feels bad, Chad knows she'll do the right thing. Ethan says he knows Theresa is keeping a secret from him. She says what she had to tell him can wait. He asks if she is sure? She says she is sure, they needs to focus on her brothers now. Theresa writes a check for Ethan to use as he needs to. Ethan heads off to get to work. Chad and Whitney tell Theresa that she did the right thing. Theresa cries that she hopes so as her heart is breaking. 


February 9, 2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha puts Endora down to sleep. Kay shows up and is upset. She tells her how Fox was hit by a car, but Tabitha already knows as her bowl told her. She also tells her what has been going on with Miguel. Tabitha tells Kay there are bigger problems going on, death is out to take someone tonight. Kay and Tabitha head to the kitchen for tea. Endora thought her mother would never leave. Endora is in bed and wants to see the Scissor Sisters again. She zaps herself and them to the Blue Note. 

Later Tabitha and Kay are talking when Tabitha gets a Scissor Sisters tune in her head. She realizes Endora is up to something, she heads upstairs to check on her.

The peeper is in what looks like a warehouse or storage room. He/She looks at a bunch of photos of everyone in Harmony. He/She says the vermin will pay! He stabs a photo of Fancy and Luis.

At Eve's office, Luis is under hypnosis and remembers the Peeper over top of him taking his close off. He tells him to stop it, who is he. Eve and Fancy are puzzled. Eve lets Luis know that he is safe. Eve asks who he sees, Luis says Fancy. Luis has visions of both Fancy and the Peeper. Luis says it's a woman. Eve realizes that is what Fancy said. Fancy says she's so confused. Luis grabs at his neck. Eve then notices there is a mark on Luis neck, which looks like it is from a hypodermic. Eve brings Luis out and they tell him that he confirmed a woman was there. Fancy thinks it doesn't make sense as she was violated. Eve also tells him about the wound on his neck. Luis wonders if he was drugged. Eve says it's too late to tell now, but possible. Fancy says the only doctor they know who is a woman is Eve. Eve wonders if there were two attackers, one male and one female. Luis doesn't remember, it's all jumbled. He says now they just have more questions.  Later Luis gets a call from Rae, who has information for Luis on the attacker. She tells him to meet her at the Blue Note, she can't talk over the phone. She also hopes he believes what she has to say. Luis tells Fancy the news and they head to the blue note.

At the cottage, Sheridan is mumbling how she knows thing won't work out for Fancy and Luis. Chris hears her and thinks she doesn't want things to work out. HE says she's so negative about Luis and Fancy. She says she wants them to be happy, but she doesn't see it happening with what is going on. Chris suggests they go to Fox's benefit at the Blue Note. Sheridan says she doesn't feel like a night out, she'd rather stay home. He says fine. He sees Sheridan has some papers on the desk and thinks it is trash to be thrown away. He grabs it and a hypodermic falls to the floor. Chris asks what that is? He asks why she has a hypodermic? She claims she gave herself allergy shots when she was younger, she found this old needle and was going to get rid of it. Chris leaves to check on James. Sheridan looks at a photo of Fancy and Luis and stabs Fancy with the needle!

Later Sheridan calls Luis to check on him. She wanted to check on him. He explains how he and Fancy underwent hypnosis to try and get to the truth, but only have more questions now. He says Rae called and has information on the attacker, he's going to meet her at the Blue Note. When Chris returns from checking on James, Sheridan suggests they go to the Blue Note as he suggested. She goes to change and Chris wonders if her sudden decision to go out has something to do with Luis. He then makes a call to someone.

At the Blue Note, Julian and Ivy argue. Ivy slaps him for showing his face here. They are at a charity event Fox was supposed to be hosting, instead he is in the hospital. She blames Julian for that, for teaching him to scheme. Julian says he did it because he wants Kay to be happy. He suggests she keep her mouth shut, but Ivy won't. She says he won't get off that easily.

Simone and Rae are also at the Blue Note. Rae is tempting Simone to taste the chocolate on her lips. Simone is uncomfortable with PDA. Rae asks if she's afraid someone will get upset to see them kissing? She says there is nothing to be ashamed of. Suddenly TC shows up and finds them together. TC asks if he can join them, Rae says yes. TC gives Rae a hug and asks if she's taking care of his daughter? Rae says as much as Simone lets her. 

Noah is working and stunned by the woman he sees walk in wearing a stunning dress. He's even more shocked when the woman turns out to be Paloma. She says so she's not a little girl anymore? She wonders if he would consider dating her. The two flirt with one another. He says that is some dress. She says if he plays his cards right he could see a lot more.

Whitney and Chad show up for the benefit as well. Theresa is with them. Chad goes to get them a table. Whitney tells her that she can't put off telling Ethan the truth forever. She says she knows. Theresa says for now she needs to focus on helping her brothers. Ethan shows up and knows Theresa is keeping a secret from him. HE wonders what she has to tell her. Rebecca then swoops in, telling Theresa that Ethan is still a married man so she should scram. Theresa says she was talking to Ethan about her brother's defense. Rebecca has to talk to Ethan in private and takes him off. Whitney talks to Theresa about the secret. Theresa knows once her brothers are cleared that they'll be together.

Rebecca has Gwen on the phone. She wants Ethan to talk to Gwen, to tell her that he loves her more then Theresa and make her come back. She says he does want her to come back doesn't he. Ethan tries to talk to her, but  Gwen just hangs up on Ethan. Rebecca tells him not to give up, but he says she's made her choice. Rebecca begs him to try and call her back, but he says it's no use. 

Chad has a chat on the phone with his male lover. They argue, Chad says they better not dare, that he won't let anything come between him and Whitney. 

Whitney talks to Theresa if she's worried about Gwen, but Theresa says Gwen is gone. Later Theresa gets a text message from Gwen. She doesn't know if she should read it or not. She eventually does as it could have something to do with Jane. It says she knows Little Ethan is Ethan's son, if she tells him then she'll make sure she loses everything and that Miguel and Luis will go to jail.

Noah brings over a bottle of fine champagne to Whitney and Chad, claiming it came from a secret admirer. Noah also says they claim they are coming to meet them soon. Whitney of course thinks the admirer is after her, but Chad knows better. Whitney decides she's going to find her admirer. Chad calls the man back, but he's not answering. Later Whitney tells Chad that she thinks she's found him, her secret admirer.

Endora zaps herself and the Scissor Sisters to the Blue Note. Jake Spears and Ana Matronic are puzzled, is this another hallucination? They see the same kid in the crowd they saw before. The crowd recognizes them and cheers for them to play. Jake says they should give them what they want. Ana asks why they are working if they are hallucinating? They sing I don't feel like dancing During the song Endora zaps Jake and Ana around the club to perform in different parts. After they are done they say the need to get the hell out of here. Endora of course wants more music. She has the sound system play their CD. Ana says at least this hallucination has good taste in music. 

Julian accidentally spills a drink near TC, Simone and Rae. He says he's so sorry. Ivy calls him a clumsy oaf. Rae and Simone leave to clean up. Julian says not long ago TC would have reacted with violence, he's glad TC changed. TC decks Julian, who goes down. TC says not that much has changed. TC says he's evil and he tells Ivy if he wasn't so much of a gentlemen that he'd punch Ivy too for what she did to Sam and Grace.

Julian goes down and sees Endora on the dance floor. He thinks it is Pretty, but Ivy says Pretty hasn't been home in years. Endora magically ages herself so she's not caught bye her dad.

Endora admires her older self and how pretty she's going to grow up to be. She later talks to the Scissor Sisters. She loves them and says they were in her house earlier. They ask where, West Hollywood? The Village? She says they are in Harmony. Anna says that crazy town? Jake says that place is too out of there for him. Endora hears her mom calling and she zaps them away and zaps herself back to her house before Tabitha catches her.

Later in the back room Ivy and Julian are talking. Julian thanks Ivy for helping him out back there. They talk about how they'll always have a connection because of the kids. Ivy and Julian end up doing the deed! Ivy doesn't know why she keeps doing this. Julian says it must be pretty good since she keeps coming back for more.  Ivy tells him to just go. He says she certainly blows hot and cold. Ivy swears this won't happen again.

Later Rae tried to get Simone over the fear of being out in public. Simone says some people are just so prejudice, she doesn't want to make herself a target. Rae then remembers something important, she thinks she knows who Fancy's attacker is. She calls Luis per above.

Simone and Rae dance together. Simone sees someone and wonders what they are doing here. Rae tells Simone to wait for her at the bar, she'll be there in a second. Rae goes to see the person. TC checks on Simone to see if she's okay since Rae left her. Simone doesn't know what is going on. TC supports her and tells her not to have doubts as that is what ruined his marriage to Eve. TC and Simone have a bonding moment as TC tells her that he accepts who she is. 


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