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2nd Week of February 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



February 12, 2007 
The Fake Charity is in a motel room. She talks to Julian on the phone, saying she's still here in case he needs her. She also says she did get the money he put in her account. Later she grows hungry. She's tired of take out and decides to go find some food.

At a diner, Jessica shows up drunk for food and is denied service. Miguel is there and says Jessica is with her, so she's allowed to stay. Miguel tries to help Jessica sober up. She of course takes it the wrong way. She thinks she can help Miguel get over Kay and kisses him. He pushes her away and lets her know they are only friends. Jessica wonders why he did push push with Charity if he's so in love with Kay. Miguel explains that he didn't make love to Charity. He does admit though that he kissed Charity at the hospital and lied to Kay, which has him in trouble with her. Jessica brings up how when she was drunk that she saw those people take off Charity and Miguel masks. Miguel says maybe that wasn't a hallucination, maybe she really saw that. He just wishes there was a way to prove it. Jessica then spots the fake Charity walk into the diner. She points to her and says that is her!

At the Blue Note, Theresa talks to Pilar about the text message she got from Gwen. Pilar doesn't see what the threat is, if Ethan knows the truth about Little Ethan then he will still want to be with her. Theresa explains that if the truth is known that Little Ethan will lose his hold on the Crane estate. She says she'll lose the money and power and then she won't be able to help Miguel and Luis. 

Whitney tells Chad she thinks she has found her secret admirer. Chris and Sheridan walk in, and Whitney for some reason thinks it is Chris. Chris lets her know the only woman for him is Sheridan. Whitney says of course, she feels a bit foolish. Later Chris and Sheridan dance and spend time together. He sees her looking at Luis and knows if he hadn't gotten her to marry him then he would have lost her. He wonders if she'll ever get over Luis. Later he calls her out, asking if they are here because of Luis? Sheridan claims she's just concerned about Luis and Fancy, they aren't dealing with their problems and it will ruin their relationship. 

Later Whitney heads to the bathroom and Chad calls his lover. He's furious that his lover tried to expose him to WHitney. He says Whitney won't ruin what they have, though he thought he made it clear it was over. Chad ends up agreeing to come see them later. Whitney catches Chad on the phone and wonders what he's talking about, who is he going to see. Chad claims he unfortunately has to go into work.

Kay and Simone talk at the Blue Note. Kay is furious with Miguel for kissing Charity and lying to her about it. Luis and Fancy soon arrive looking for Rae. They talk to Simone. Simone says she knew Rae mentioned she knew something, she didn't know she called Luis. SHe also says Rae saw someone and went to talk to them. Simone and Kay later continue discussing Kay's dilemma. Kay doesn't know what to believe. Noah, who is still working behind the bar, gives Kay some advice. He says not long ago Fancy had to decide between what she felt in her heart and the evidence against him. He tells Kay to just listen to her heart in spite of the evidence. Kay doesn't know if she can, she wonders if Tabitha was wrong about the prophecy and the dark side survived Miguel and Charity making love.

Luis and Fancy have a talk as Sheridan eavesdrops. Fancy is having doubts about their future. She thinks she's bad news for Luis and will only cause him pain, even if he is able to be cleared of the charges against him. Luis won't hear her talk like that. Later they wonder where Rae is, she's been gone a long time. They decide to go look for her. Around this time Simone also looks for Rae.

In the backroom, Rae confronts the Peeper, who is in the ski mask getup. She says she knows who they are and what they did to Sheridan and Luis. She says they would have gotten away with it, Luis would never have figured out what was done. She says she put it together and she called Luis, they won't get away with it. In a raspy voice the peeper says she won't tell anyone anything. They pull a knife out, but Rae says they've messed with the wrong woman. She attacks the peeper and thinks she's knocked him/her out. She goes to leave and is stabbed in the back. The Peeper says she will soon be dead and will tell no one anything. Later Simone finds Rae's body and cries out. Luis and Fancy walk in at this point and are stunned.


February 13,  2007

At the diner, we see a replay of Jessica spotting the fake Charity walk in. Jessica swears that is herm that is who she saw that night on the wharf. Miguel goes to talk to her as she is the only proof he has that he and Kay were set up. Unfortunately drunk Jessica blurts out at her that she knows who she is! The fake hears this and runs off as Miguel chases her. He grabs someone on the street, but it turns out he just grabbed the wrong woman. Jessica says that isn't her, and the woman is furious and says she should call the police. Miguel asks Jessica if she's sure she saw the fake Charity? Jessica says she was right there. Jessica swears she saw them on the wharf that night taking off their masks. Miguel wants her to tell Kay again, she is supposed to be at the Blue Note. Jessica would rather not see Kay and everyone else tonight. She also says Spike will get mad if she goes out. Miguel doesn't know why she stays with Spike. He won't argue with her about Spike. He gives her money to wait inside, he'll bring Kay to see her. He says eat something and don't drink anymore. Miguel takes off and of course Jessica drinks from a bottle in her purse. She says she has to drink to live with herself.

At the Blue note, Kay is talking to Paloma now about how she was going to call off her wedding to be with Miguel, who she saw with Charity. Paloma says Miguel swears he never slept with Charity. Kay says she saw them kissing and has proof this time. She tells Paloma about the video at the hospital. She says Miguel claims he loves her and is over Charity, but until Miguel gives her proof they were never together then she doesn't know what to believe. Paloma says Miguel feels he's being set up, not only about Charity but about the hit and run. Kay agrees that she's never known Miguel to do anything dishonest. She just wishes there was proof. An eavesdropping Julian says there will never be any proof. Paloma reminds Kay about what Jessica saw, the aliens with Miguel and Charity masks. She knows Jessica was drunk and it sounded crazy, but what if she was right. Kay says if there was only proof.  Miguel then walks up and tells Kay that he has the proof that what she saw wasn't him or Charity. Miguel says he can prove they were imposters. Miguel says he was just with Jessica, she is convinced the imposters were real, she saw the woman tonight at a diner. Miguel says he tried to catch her and she ran. He is sure Fox hired her. Kay asks why the woman would still be here, Fox can't tell her what to do. Miguel says Julian can though. He begs her to come with him and talk to Jessica. Kay says okay and she goes with Miguel. 

Back at the diner, Julian shows up and sees Jessica sitting and eating. He joins her in her booth and claims he usually comes here for the clams. He says he also saw her and wanted to say how sorry he was about her mother. He says he knows it must be very difficult for her. Julian says it's no secret that her life has taken such a tragic turn and she must hate Kay so much. Julian says Kay was aware of the lie about David all the time, she could have stopped Grace from leaving but she said nothing. Julian says her life could have been so different if her mother hadn't left. He says instead of her having a happy wedding and life, Kay has it all. He says he can't blame her for hating Kay. Jessica says Kay is her sister and she loves her. Julian says that is what a good sister would say. He says if it hadn't been for Kay though her family wouldn't have been destroyed and her mother would be alive. Julian says her life would have been so different. Julian orders some clams and some wine, which he gives to Jessica. Jessica says her family thinks she drinks too much. Julian understands why she drinks, to forget the pain that Kay has caused her. She says she tries not to blame her. Julian doesn't think he could be so forgiving. Jessica says she hated Kay at first. Julian continues saying it's so unfair that Kay gets all the happiness while Jessica gets all the pain. 

Meanwhile, Miguel and Kay are on the way to the diner. They arrive outside and Miguel says he will prove to her that Fox and Julian are fooling her. They walk in and are stunned by what they see. 

Back at the Blue Note, Theresa is still talking with her mother about the text message Gwen sent her. Theresa thinks JT must have told her, and she doesn't know why she waited this long to use it. Pilar says Gwen knows she needs the money to help Luis and Miguel. Theresa says it doesn't look good for them, though she knows they are innocent. She says she has to protect them, once their names are cleared then she'll tell Ethan the truth. Pilar says but she could lose Ethan as it appears Gwen wants him back. Pilar says Rebecca would know what is on Gwen's mind, they go to find her.

Theresa and Pilar confront Rebecca. They want to know what Gwen is up to. Theresa says she got the text message and doesn't respond well to threats. This is news to Rebecca. Pilar says Rebecca knows what is going on. Theresa says Gwen thinks she will use what she knows to get what she wants. She says JT must have told them, why did they wait so long to reveal they knew her secret? Rebecca tries to find out what happened, what they think Gwen knows. Pilar soon realizes Rebecca doesn't know what they are talking about, she doesn't know Gwen sent the text message. Pilar says Gwen obviously didn't even trust Rebecca enough to tell her. Rebecca claims she knows, but they don't believe her. Theresa gives Rebecca a message to pass along to Gwen next time they talk. Rebecca pulls out her phone and places a call to Gwen. They talk, Rebecca asks Gwen why she didn't tell her that she knew Theresa's secret and was sending her threatening text messages. Gwen says she did not send Theresa any messages. Rebecca says if she didn't then who did? Gwen says she doesn't know, Theresa is certifiable. Rebecca says but they know Theresa has a secret, they could use this. Gwen tells her mom that she's done with all of this. Rebecca says if they get her secret then Ethan will come back to Gwen. Gwen says he doesn't want Ethan, she wants a man who only loves her. She says she spoke to an attorney and Ethan will get the divorce papers tomorrow. Rebecca begs Gwen not to do this, they can find a way to get rid of Theresa. Gwen says no, she wants a man who loves her and only her. She says no more, she wants to find a man who wants to be a family with her and Jane. Gwen is planning to take Jane and move away from Ethan and Harmony. Gwen says it is over and hangs up on her mom. Rebecca tells herself that someone knows Theresa's secret and she will find out who and then blow Theresa out of the water.

Meanwhile Pilar and Theresa continue to talk. They know Rebecca is bluffing about the message. Theresa says this doesn't make sense, Gwen is usually the one who follows Rebecca's lead. Pilar agrees and suggests someone else sent the text. Theresa then wonders who else could know the secret? Who else would try and keep her from Ethan. Theresa says unless . . . . Theresa remembers the letter in which she explained everything to Ethan. However she knows it is in a safe, so who could it be? The peeper is listening in, we see them remember stealing and reading the letter. Theresa continues to wonder who is threatening her, who is trying to keep her from Ethan. Pilar doesn't know, but obviously Gwen didn't send the message. Theresa says she will find out who sent it. 

In the store room Simone is holding Rae and saying she's dead, someone killed her. Luis looks around and asks if Simone saw anyone? She says no. Luis calls an ambulance. He tells Fancy to stay here with Simone. Fancy asks if Rae said anything about what she knew? Simone says no, Rae didn't want to put her in danger. Fancy tries to comfort Simone, who is devastated. Outside we see the pepper is watching through a window. He/She says now Rae can't tell anyone anything. Later Whitney shows up to find out what happened. Simone explains how one minute they were dancing, the next Rae left to speak to someone and now this. Eve and TC arrive, Eve asks to look at Rae. TC holds Simone as Eve looks her over. Luis returns and tells Fancy that Sam and the medical examiner are on their way. Simone begs her mom to save Eve, she can't die. Sam shows up and asks what is going on? Luis explains to Sam that Rae called with information about the attacker, but they stopped her from telling. Eve tells everyone that Rae is dead. Simone breaks down crying that she can't leave her. Back outside, the peeper continues to listen in. They are holding the knife they used to kill Rae with. Later Luis tells Sam about the results of the hypnosis, how the attacker could be a female. Sam says he hates to have to ask Luis, but does he have an alibi for his whereabouts? Luis says yes he was with Fancy. Simone says that isn't true. She says at one point tonight she saw Fancy and Luis wasn't around, he wasn't anywhere that she could see. Simone swears she saw Fancy alone. Luis admits he did leave Fancy for a minute, no longer. Eve spots something in Rae's hand, a necklace of some kind. Simone says it's not Rae's. Sam looks at it, it has Luis' name on it. Luis looks around his own neck, his medal is gone. Luis swears the first time he saw Rae was when he was with Fancy. He doesn't know how this happened. Simone screams he killed Rae! 

Ethan and Jared run into one another on the street. Ethan thought he left town, but Jared says he changed his mind. He says he loves Tess and wants her back. Ethan says she's moved on, but Jared says not yet she hasn't. Jared says Theresa will move on with him, but Ethan says the hell she will! Ethan says he hurt Theresa, leave her alone. Jared says he hurt Theresa, is Ethan kidding him? Ethan says he made Theresa think he loved her, he got her into bed and then dumped her. Jared tells Ethan he is the one who hurt Theresa, he wanted his wife and wouldn't let Theresa go. Jared says it's Theresa's decision as to who she wants. Ethan tells Jared to leave her alone. Jared suggests Ethan leave her alone, stop jumping in bed with her when she's interested in someone else. Ethan says he didn't jump in her bed. Jared says oh right, he was in a trance. Jared says Ethan makes him sick. Ethan says Jared won't win because Theresa loves him. Jared says this is a cruel game he is playing with Tess. He says Ethan keeps her in a constant state of confusion. Ethan says Theresa isn't confused, she wants him. He says if Theresa wants Jared so bad then where is her ring? Ethan tells her to leave, but Jared won't leave or give up on Tess. They end up fighting! Whitney finds them and tells them to stop it, this is crazy. Ethan doesn't want Jared near Little Ethan or Jane. Whitney says Theresa doesn't want them fighting over her. Jared thinks Ethan is worried that Theresa will chose him. 


February 14, 2007
Kay and Miguel are shocked when they arrive at the diner. Jessica is there and has been drinking. Miguel wants her to tell Kay about the imposters. Kay says Jessica is drunk. Miguel says Jessica did see those two imposters the night of the shower, she saw them take off their masks and heard them say Fox hired them. Kay says she said they were aliens too. Miguel says it doesn't mean it didn't happen. He also says tonight they saw the female imposter here. He tells Jessica to tell Kay. Jessica claims she doesn't know what Miguel is talking about. Miguel doesn't understand why she won't tell Kay. Kay has had enough and ends up getting a call from the hospital. Fox has taken a turn for the worse and she has to go. Kay and Miguel leave and Jessica wonders why she didn't tell Kay the truth.

Outside the diner Spike and Julian meet. Julian is furious with Spike, he says if his son dies then so will Spike. SPike says don't punish him for doing a good job. Spike threatens to go to the cops with what he knows. Julian thinks he's either very brave or very stupid to threaten a Crane. Spike tells Julian that he has no idea what he's capable of. Julian says there is another problem, Jessica saw something she shouldn't have. Spike says the imposters Fox hired? Julian says yes. He says she was drunk so nobody believed her at first, but now Miguel does. Julian says Spike may have to take care of his wife. SPike pulls out a knife and says don't worry, he will deal with his little wife.

At the Blue Note, Whitney and Theresa talk. Whitney tells Theresa something terrible has happened, Rae was murdered. Theresa says they have to catch the person doing this. Theresa then tells Whitney that someone is threatening her, they know her secret. She admits at first she believed it was Gwen, but not anymore. Theresa talks about how this isn't fair, all she wants is a life with Ethan and every time she gets close something happens. Whitney tells her about Ethan and Jared's fight, and that Jared isn't going to give up on Theresa. Theresa says she knows. They continue to discuss who could have sent her the message. Valerie walks by and says hello to them. Theresa stops her and questions her about that sealed letter in her will, did she read it? Valerie says she's been accused of a lot by her lately, but no she didn't read that letter. Valerie says she's here to meet Vincent, she thanks Whitney for setting them up as he's an amazing guy. Later Theresa and Whitney get a moment with Vincent. Theresa asks Vincent if there is any dirt on her out there somewhere? He says no, if there was he would have heard it. Theresa continues to wonder who is messaging her and how to find out.

In the storeroom, Simone is a wreck as she continues to cling to Rae's body. Luis is insistent that he did not kill Rae. Sam says the evidence is against him, the medal in Rae's hand belongs to him. Luis says he was with Fancy, but Simone says not the whole night. Luis says this is crazy, Rae had information on the attacker and was going to clear his name. Sam asks about the call, did she talk to Fancy? Did Fancy hear what Rae said? Fancy says no, only Luis. Sam says this is bad, there is no proof that Rae called Luis to tell him she had information on the attacker. Simone says he could have killed Rae because she was going to expose him. The paramedics come to take Rae away, which sends Simone into tears. She doesn't want them to take Rae away. TC and Eve says Rae is in a better place now, but Simone says she's not with her. Simone cries she's alone now, but Eve and TC says she has them. They take her home. Sam tells Luis that he doesn't believe he killed Rae, but the evidence points to only him. Fancy seems upset and not sure what to believe.

Outside the Blue Note, Jessica is with Noah. They share a Valentine's Day kiss, Paloma thinks all her dreams are finally coming true. Suddenly Paloma spots a figure in a ski mask. She orders them to freeze, but they run. She pulls her gun out and chases them. Noah follows, and almost gets himself shot by Paloma. She tells him to stay back and let her do her job. He keeps his distance and watches as Paloma corners the figure, fights with them and cuffs them. Noah is impressed. She says she's good at her job and he should have stayed away. He says he was worried about her, but by how she handled that guy he thinks she could protect him. Paloma says she caught the Peeper! She calls Luis and tells him. Luis, Sam and Fancy race out of the Blue Note.


February 15, 2007
Kay arrives at the hospital and it told Fox flat lined. Miguel shows up to see what is going on. She thinks he shouldn't be here, but he says he wanted to be here as he was worried about her. He comforts her when Ivy and Julian show up. Ivy asks if she has no shame, her husband is dying and she is out her making out with the man who may have killed him. Julian says it is bad enough that Miguel is running around free, but him being here at the hospital is arrogant and disrespectful. Ivy asks Kay what kind of trash she is behaving like this with Miguel when Fox could be slipping away. Kay asks Miguel to just leave, she can't take this anymore. He says if she needs anything . . . Julian says he'll take care of it. Ivy tells Miguel to go, nobody wants him here. A doctor is paged to Fox's room, they all pray he won't die. Ivy wishes she had told Fox how much she loved him. Julian says he knows. Ivy then tells Kay if Fox dies because of her boyfriend then she will make sure Miguel spends his life in jail. Kay says Miguel wouldn't do this. She also says Miguel followed her here, she didn't ask him to come. Ivy says she only thought being involved with her would break Fox's heart, she didn't think Kay would end up responsible for his death. Julian remembers that it was Spike who did this to Fox. He remembers their meeting and says if Fox dies then so will Spike. Later a doctor tells them Fox is stabile, but critical. She also says critical patients often do well when loved ones talk to them. Ivy tells Kay she has not made a secret of how she feels about her, but Fox loves her and thinks she's a saint. She tells Kay to go in there, hold his hand and tell him that she won't leave him. Ivy says pretend she loves him. Kay says she does love him. Ivy says pretend she loves only him, it is up to her to save him.

Kay sits with Fox in his room. She begs him to wake up. She says she'll never take him for granted again. She begs him to give her the chance to make it up to him. Ivy says under her breath that she can never make it up to him. Kay says she needs him and will always be here for him. Fox begins to flinch and finally stirs awake! He asks where he is, she tells him the hospital. He asks what has happened? Julian stops Ivy from saying anything, he says Fox was the victim of a hit-n-run. He says nothing more. Fox says he vaguely remembers, he was out walking along and looking for Kay. He says he heard a car coming and turned and saw the lights coming right at him. He says he tried to move but he swerved, it was like he was coming right at him. Kay asks Fox if he saw who was driving the car? Fox says he did see the face of the person driving. Kay asks who it was? Fox says this isn't easy for him to say. She says it's okay. Fox says it was Miguel! Ivy says she's calling the DA. He tells her there is no mistake, Miguel was driving the car.

Miguel returns home and talks to Pilar. He fills her in on how Jessica saw the fake Charity tonight, but she ran away and Jessica then acted like she had no idea what he was talking about. He doesn't know why, maybe it's the drugs and the drinking. Miguel says now Kay thinks he did cheat on her. Pilar tells him not to give up. Miguel says Kay won't listen to him. He also says Fox could actually die tonight. He says he wanted to be there for Kay, but Ivy and Julian threw him out. He says now Kay is doubting him and thinks he may be guilty. Miguel says he doesn't like Fox, but he doesn't want him to die and he didn't try and kill him. Miguel knows he is being set up. Pilar feels this is her fault, she encouraged him into going after Kay and Maria. Pialr says those Cranes will do anything to get what they want. Miguel says and they are the ones to blame. Pilar calls the hospital to get news on Fox's condition. She finds out that Fox is expected to pull through, now they just have to clear him of the charges. Miguel says they have Ethan and Theresa's money. Miguel says it still looks bad for him, he could go to jail and lose Maria. He promises her though that Fox won't get away with this. 

In an alley Paloma and Noah have the Peeper tied up and he's out cold. Paloma says she did it, she caught the creep who attacked Fancy. Noah can't believe she took this guy out single-handedly. She says she used her training from the police academy. Meanwhile Luis and Fancy are headed to see this guy. Luis says he can go alone if it is too hard for her. Fancy wants to see this scum get what he deserves. Back in the alley, Paloma has a gun on he Peeper, who has come too. Noah keeps going on and on how she is something else. Luis and Fancy show up and Luis says he has him now and calls him a sick bastard. He says it's over for him, he will spend the rest of his life in jail. Luis wants Fancy to ID the guy, who is still in his mask. Fancy says it could be him, the build is right and the mask is the same. They take his mask off. The guy says he knows his rights and he's not speaking. Fancy unfortunately never saw his face and says she can't say for sure if it is him. The guy says he never touched her. Paloma wants Luis to let her handle this, he is still suspended. Luis lets Paloma take over and search the suspect. She finds a roll of duct tape in his pocket. They also find a bunch of photos of women in his pockets. Luis wonders how many women he's attacked. The peeper isn't talking until he speaks with a lawyer. Luis says he better get a good lawyer as he will need one. Paloma calls into the station for backup, she also lets them know Luis is here in an unofficial capacity. Paloma ends up reading the guy his rights. The peeper knows who Luis is, he's the cop charged with rape and has a lot of nerve accusing him of rape. Paloma continues reading the guy his rights. 

Luis, Paloma, Noah and Fancy bring the peeper into the station. Luis tells her that she did a good job. Paloma thinks now the charges against him can be dropped. He hopes so, but they still have Rae's murder to deal with. Fancy seems a bit uncomfortable, she goes to powder her nose. Luis takes the evidence to lockup. Noah asks Paloma if she's okay? She says she is fine, she is relieved about her brother being cleared. He says she did a great job. He says she handled it like a real pro. She says she's not a kid, she can take care of herself. He says she is an incredible woman. He says she is brave and strong, and sexy as hell. She asks if he will treat her differently from now on? He says if she is in danger he'll still have that desire to protect her. She thinks nothing has changed, he still thinks she's a kid. She says she thought she was making progress with him, but at least he's being honest. He tells her to stop. He says she misunderstood or he wasn't clear. She says no he was clear. Noah says what he meant was that he would want to help protect her, he's not saying she needs his help. He says he does care about her and doesn't want to see her hurt. She says she cares about him too. They then share a kiss!

Meanwhile Luis and Fancy are finally getting close again. He says he hopes they will get back to where they were before all of this and he will be there to help her. A cop tells Luis that he needs to speak to him. He tells Fancy the worst part is over. Luis then heads to see the cop. 

Theresa and Whitney are back at Crane. Theresa has decided to hire Vincent to find out who is sending her those messages and who knows her secrets. Theresa doesn't believe Gwen sent the message, Rebecca doesn't know anything and she was always the one pulling the strings. Theresa says until she finds out who this is, she has to do what the blackmailed wants. She says she will find out who is doing this to her and stop them though.  Meanwhile in another part of Crane the Peeper has a laptop in a storage room. He also has JT's flash drive and is reading a file called Secrets.

Back in Theresa's office, Theresa receives a mysterious and IM. She tells Whitney to come look at this. On her laptop is a guy walking around in a black trench coat and hat. The guy says he knows what she's doing, she'll never track him down and she'll never stop him (he speaks this in the raspy voice). They ask who he's supposed to be? Whitney thinks it is obviously a man from his hand. The guy says he knows she is planning to hire Vincent, he'll never find out who he is. Theresa wonders who else knew this? She says she only just told Whitney. The guy holds his hand up, it is a woman's hand now. Theresa and Whitney are both freaked out. Neither realize the peeper is listening to them from the next room. Theresa IM's them and says that she will find out who they are. The peeper sends her another message saying the Crane money will never stop them. Theresa thinks maybe the Crane computer guy can help her track this guy down. Whitney calls the guy for help. Whitney leaves a message on the guys machine at home to run a trace. The phone rings and Theresa seems afraid to answer it. She doesn't know who would be calling her this late. She says from the ID she doesn't recognize the number. The IM then tells her to pick up the phone now! She picks up the phone and asks who they are? The peeper is in the next room. They say she'll never find out who they are, but she will find out what they want. They say there is something she should know, Ethan will hate her and she knows why. The peeper says Ethan will never want anything to do with her for lying about his son. Theresa says Ethan will understand. The peeper tells her to keep on believing that, in the mean time check her email if she's interested in what the future holds. Theresa checks her email, the peeper morphs into a rat and runs off. We hear them saying You've got mail! Whitney thinks she should ignore it, but Theresa can't. She opens the email and it shows a photo of her family. The peeper says nice family, but she will lose. He/She says a lot more, but it was difficult to make out what they are saying. A woman's hand with red nail polish holds up the rat to the screen. Suddenly a rat runs under her desk! Theresa and Whitney both scream. Theresa wonders who they are and why they are doing this. In the next room the Peeper laughs and says nobody will find out who they are and no one can stop them.


February 16, 2007
At the hospital, Paloma shows up and sees Miguel. He asks why she is here in uniform? She says this is very difficult for her, Ivy called the police and says Fox is awake and has identified him as the driver that hit him. Miguel is shocked. Paloma says Fox says he hit him. Miguel says he wasn't driving. Paloma knows, but the evidence is against him. They recap all the evidence against him. Miguel says it is way too perfect, the Cranes are setting him up. He knows Fox and Julian are trying to frame him.

In Fox's room, Kay asks Fox if he's mistaken. Fox says he's not, Miguel is the one who ran him down. Kay can't believe this and says she is so sorry. Kay says she's so sorry, this is all her fault. Fox says it isn't, but Kay thinks it is. She says she let her old feelings for Miguel get to her, she gave him hope. She says when they married, something inside Miguel must have snapped. Fox says Miguel played on her feelings, he did this on his own. He says this has nothing to do with her. She says he almost died because of this. Fox says he is still here. Julian asks Kay to go get Fox some real solid food, the nurse says it would be okay. 

Kay leaves the room and sees Miguel and Paloma. Miguel begs Kay to believe him, this is a set-up to get him out of the way. She looks at him coldly and realizes she believes them. Miguel insists he didn't try and kill Fox. Kay calls him a lying bastard and slaps him. Kay says Fox saw him, he tried to kill him. Miguel says Fox is lying, but Kay says he is the liar. Miguel says Fox is framing him, but Kay says it makes no sense. She says he thinks Fox set himself up to almost be killed? She says nobody would do that. Miguel says unless Fox was accidentally run over someone else and is trying to set him up. Kay says that is even crazier, why wouldn't Fox be trying to find out who did this to him. Kay says Miguel is the one who tried to kill Fox.

Back in Fox's room, Julian talks with Fox after Kay is gone. Julian says he almost killed Spike for doing this to him. Fox says he wanted to make sure it looked real. Julian says Spike almost killed him. Julian says maybe it worked out for the best, Miguel looks guiltier than hell. He says Kay won't leave Fox for Miguel now. Fox asks what Spike did to him? Julian says he had severe internal injuries, but this may turn out for the best. He says Dr. Gasparro showed up and reconfirmed he had a tumor. Fox knows they aren't dying. Julian says Eve has no idea and neither does anyone else. He says nobody doubts he is very sick. Fox says then it is all worth it if Kay stays with him. Julian asks if he loves her that much? Fox says he does, losing her is not an option. Julian promises that he will keep her, the evidence against Miguel is substantial. Julian says Miguel will go away for a long long time. Fox says if no one finds out what they've done. Paloma then walks into the room. They wonder how long she's been there. She says she just came to take Fox's statement, but from what she heard it might not be necessary. 

At the station, Fancy tells Luis she's glad they found the man that attacked her. He knows she thought it was him. She says she never wanted to believe it. Luis says he can't blame her given the evidence. She says she just doesn't understand how there was that kind of evidence linking the attack to him. Luis says that makes two of them, but someone is setting him up for her rape and Rae's murder. Luis is sure things will change for them, he loves her. She says she loves him too, but every time things go well for them something happens. Sam shows up with the suspect, Sam says the evidence against him has fallen apart. Sam handcuffs the guy to the chair. He says the duct tape they have found on him didn't match the one found at the scene of the crime. Then there is his wrap sheet, it turns out he was in jail the night of both the attacks. Luis says so they are back where they started? Luis is sure this guy was involved, maybe he was working with someone. He wants to question the guy, but Sam forbids it. Luis tells Fancy that she has to believe he wouldn't hurt her. Fancy says she knows he didn't rape her or kill Rae. He thanks her. Sam questions the guy and verifies it, he was in Salem County jail when Fancy was attacked. Luis wonders why he didn't say anything earlier? The guy says he was waiting for his lawyer. Sam still says they have his cell phone with way too many photos on it of other women he was watching. Luis asks who his partner is, the other Peeper. The guy says he told them it was Luis, at least according to the papers. The guy says he thinks Luis lived out his sick fantasies pretending to be him. The suspect says he wouldn't rape anyone, he's no perv. Sam ends up taking the suspect back to his cell. Luis continues telling Fancy that he didn't attack her or kill Rae. Fancy cries as she remembers the ski mask and the horrible voice. Luis promises to find who attacked her and clear his name. He never wants to see the look of fear in her eyes again. Later Luis and Fancy talk to Sam abut the hypnosis they went under the get some clues. Sam is not happy to hear this. He says they have a big problem, Luis just made it easier for the DA to get a conviction. 

At the cottage, Sheridan and Chris are in bed reading when Sheridan sees Luis on the TV. She turns the sound up. The reporter on TV says a suspect has been arrested in the rape of Fancy Crane and the evidence is credible. Chris says that is good news since they had such evidence against Luis. Sheridan wonders who the suspect is. Chris says who knows, but he never believed Luis was the rapist. He says now Luis can be with Fancy, she must be happy about that. She says she's glad Luis will finally put this nightmare behind him. He says he never thought Luis attacked Fancy. She says it isn't in him, he is the kindest and gentlest man she knows. To himself, Chris wonders if she ever talks about him like that. Chris suggests the two of them take a little trip away to Europe. She asks what about James? Chris says he'll have Little Ethan to play with and the servants to take care of. He thinks they need to get away and spend time on their marriage. She asks why, is it in trouble? He says no, but every marriage takes work. Sheridan says so many of her friends are having problems right now. Chris knows, but isn't their marriage the most important thing? Sheridan says she can't go away, Fox is in the hospital, Ethan is on the verge of divorce, her family needs her. Chris finds it funny that she mentioned Ethan and Gwen yet she didn't mention Fancy. Sheridan says all the more reason she needs to stay. Chris then says there is Luis. She asks if he is saying she doesn't want to leave Luis? He says the thought occurred to him. She swears she loves him (Chris), she just can't go now when people need her. He says people like Luis? She assures Chris that she loves him, he's the only man she wants to be with. He says he just can't believe she chose him. She says he and James are the only men in her life. They share a kiss. The news comes back on with an update that the suspect has been cleared and Luis has been suspended pending an investigation. Sheridan thinks she needs to go to Luis as he needs her. Chris says over his dead body! 

Ethan runs into Jared at Crane. Ethan asks what he's doing here? Ethan thinks he's back to hassle Theresa. Jared says he's here to convince Theresa to put his ring back on. Ethan says she doesn't want him in her life. Jared says he'll leave her to tell him. Ethan thinks she did when she took his ring off. Ethan says if Jared walks into the office then Theresa will end things with him for good. Jared says Ethan is unbelievable. He says Tess loves him and wants to be with him. Ethan asks why she took off his ring? Jared says it was a misunderstanding. Ethan says Theresa may be taken in by him, but he knows how he really is. Jared then lays into Ethan for playing this back and forth game with Theresa and Gwen for years. He says the way Ethan has treated Gwen is proof that Theresa shouldn't trust him. He says Ethan played Gwen for a fool for years and she finally left him. He says while Gwen is off healing, Ethan is trying to convince Theresa to stay away from him. Jared suggests Ethan stop worrying about how he's treating Tess and learn how to treat women himself. Ethan tells Jared to back off and not talk about his personal life. Jared says funny, all Ethan does is talk about his personal life. Ethan gets a message he thinks is from Gwen. Jared accuses him of trying to keep her on a string still. Ethan tells Jared he's no good for Theresa and he won't let him ruin her life, period. Ethan excuses himself to take the call.

In her office, Whitney and Theresa are freaking out over the rat that just ran through. Theresa gets another IM message from the thing. This time the peeper says Theresa will never have Ethan as Ethan and Gwen will be married and together for a long time. The peeper also says they'll have both children, if she tries to take Ethan then her secret will be revealed and she'll lose all her power. He/She says then her brothers will probably go to jail for the rest of their lives. Theresa and Whitney talk about how this person is out to destroy her. Vincent, the tabloid reporter, walks in and asks who is out to destroy her? Vincent came in through a secret back entrance that Theresa told him to use. He came as quick as she called. HE asks why he has been summoned to the all mighty altar of Crane power? She says she can ask him to leave, but he says he's sorry. She says she needs his help. He asks how he can help? She reminds him of JT Cornell's memory stick that went missing. She wants him to find the stick, it has information that has fallen into the wrong hands. Theresa says someone is far too interested in her personal life and she knows it has to do with that stick. Vincent says if anyone can find it, it is him. However he needs more details on the information being used against her. Theresa says she will tell him only what he needs to know. She also warns him if he tries to cross her, she'll crush him. He says he understands. She also tell no one what he's up to as she's in a delicate position. He says she means being caught between Jared and Ethan. She gives him a lot of money and says if he finds the stick then he'll get a bonus. Jared walks in and asks Theresa why she's hiring this creep to help her? Vincent asks why Jared is here, he thought Jared dumped her. Theresa tells Vincent not to put this in his tabloid and to just leave. Jared sees the guy out. Whitney asks Theresa what she will do, will she tell Jared she wants to be with Ethan? Theresa doesn't know. She says this person is watching her and will expose her if she does. Whitney wishes she knew what to tell her. Jared returns and asks what is going on, this Vincent guy is bad news. Whitney leaves the two of them to talk. Jared asks again what is going on? He says he heard her talk about JT's memory stick. Theresa can't talk about it here. Jared says he loves her, she can trust him and he is her friend. He says she can't trust Vincent, he only cares about the money. She says Vincent is a good snoop and can get him what she needs. Jared says he won't do right by her though. He begs her to tell him what is going on. The peeper is spying and says one wrong word and her and everyone she loves will be destroyed. 

Whitney runs into Ethan in the hall. Ethan asks why that reporter was just here and what is going on with Theresa? Ethan says Theresa wants to tell him something but hasn't yet. He asks Whitney if Theresa is in trouble? Whitney says Theresa is always in some sort of trouble. She asks why he's here? Ethan says to find out what Theresa is trying to tell him. He says first he ran into Jared and then he got some strange text message from someone, who he doesn't know. He says he called them but nobody answered. Whitney asks Ethan if he has any hopes of reconciling with Gwen? Ethan says no, she's done with their marriage. He says he is free to be with Theresa, which is what he wants. However he doesn't know why she won't take Jared to take a hike. Ethan says he knows Theresa is hiding something so please tell him. He asks what Theresa is trying to tell him? 


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