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Week of January 1st, 2007

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



January 1, 2007 
In Fancy's room, Luis shows up to check on Fancy. He startles her when he comes in and says it's only him. He is glad that she had Sheridan to stay here with her, he knows she feels safe with her. Fancy doesn't tell Luis what she's found out about her dear Aunt Sheridan. Fancy once again promises to catch the guy who did this. She says she really doesn't want to talk about it. She asks about what is going on downstairs. Luis explains how JT Cornell was found dead, someone murdered him. He goes on to explain how JT was blackmailing almost everyone in town, so the list of those who would want him dead is huge.

Sheridan returns to the cottage saying if Fancy believed that story she told her then she will make one lousy cop. When she goes in she finds Chris has set up a little New Years celebration. Chris says James helped, he wanted to stay up and celebrate with them but the poor guy was so tired. Sheridan is touched. She decides to go thank him, tuck him in and give him a kiss. She returns to Chris as they celebrate with some champagne. She tells him how lucky she is to have him in her life. She soon begins to imagine she is with Luis. Luis tells Sheridan how he had to end things with Fancy, he couldn't keep lying about how he felt. Sheridan says she knows, they are meant for one another. She kisses Luis, who in reality is Chris. They begin to get hot-n-heavy. Chris comments that she's never been so passionate before. Sheridan says it is because she has true love. 

Miguel shows up at Tabitha looking for Kay. He wants Tabitha to wake her up, he has to talk to her right now. He says he's found out that Fox is a fraud, he's lying, he doesn't have any disease. He says he found out at Eve's office. Tabitha says Eve divulged such confidential information to him? Miguel says no, he found out on his own by breaking in. Miguel says he also thinks Fox has something to do with why Kay thinks he's still in love with Charity, which he's not. He begs Tabitha to get Kay, but Tabitha says she's not here. Miguel asks where she is? Suddenly Endora casts a spell on Tabitha so she can't speak. Tabitha tries to get the words out but can't. Miguel thinks maybe she needs a drink. Tabitha tries to write down information for Miguel, but Endora magics her mom again and makes her write in pig latin, which Miguel can't read. Tabitha ends up trying to point to Miguel and croak out where Kay is, but Miguel just thinks she's pointing at the Bennett's. He races out and suddenly Tabitha gets her voice back. She says unless someone there points him to the Seacliff Inn then he won't find Kay. Miguel races out looking for Kay, but is unable to find her. Meanwhile Tabitha warns Endora she must stop this. She once again explains to Endora how they want Miguel to be with Kay, it will prevent him from ever being with Charity and destroying them. Endora refuses to have it. Tabitha says Miguel knows the truth about Fox and it will come out.

Fox takes Kay off on a romantic trip. They head to the SeaCliff inn where he surprises her with a room, as well as a wedding dress. She loves it and thinks he's so remarkable to do this for her when he has so much going on himself. They end up making love, though Kay fantasizes she is with Miguel. Fox tells her how it will be even better than this when they are husband and wife. Kay then realizes it is after midnight, it's their wedding day. She says they can't see one another. Fox is sure nothing bad will happen, how could it. Kay still insists they go. To herself Kay realizes even though she's marrying Fox, she's still in love with Miguel.

Jared and Chad talk in the kitchen. Chad goes on and on about how he loves Whitney, she is his wife. Jared reminds him that he shouldn't have gone on having this affair if he loved Whitney so much. They also discuss JT's murder, both wondering who did it. Jared knows JT was blackmailing Chad . . . Chad assures Jared he couldn't have if he wanted to, he was marrying Whitney. Chad decides he's had enough of this, Whitney is his wife and she is coming home with him to be in their bed as it is where she belongs.

Theresa and Whitey talk in a bedroom at the mansion. Both are doubting the men they love. Whitney never expected Chad to do this to her, she wonders if he could have killed JT as well. Theresa is upset, what if Ethan is right and Jared is using her, what if he killed JT. Theresa suggests they stay here tonight and have a slumber party like they did when they were kids. Suddenly Chad shows up banging on the door. He's yelling that Whitney has to come out, she's his wife and belongs at home with him. Whitney tells Chad to just go away, she won't see him. Theresa eventually goes out, she finds Jared with Chad. Jared says Chad won't listen to anything he says. Theresa tells Chad that after Whitney heard him making a date with his mistress on their wedding day, well she wants nothing to do with him. Chad yells at Whitney that it's not what it seems, he can explain. Whitney yells back for him to go away, she's never going to be with him again. He keeps on yelling how she is HIS wife. Meanwhile Jared talks to Theresa about the proposal. She says now isn't a good time. She also gives him back the ring saying it's not right that she wears it until she gives him a proper answer.


January 2, 2007

Kay is getting ready for the wedding at her room at the Seacliff Inn. Fox knocks on the door, but she won't let him in. He says he just wants to talk. He says he wants to know they really are getting married today. Kay says they are. Fox then leaves and Miguel shows up, pushing his way in. He tells Kay there won't be a ceremony until she marries him. He kisses her. Kay tells Miguel to stop and leave her alone. He says he won't until she tells Fox it's off. He says he loves her and will prove it. They fall on the bed and go at one another. Of course the whole thing was a dream. Kay wakes up when her alarm goes off. She doesn't know why she's having these dreams, it is her wedding day to Fox. She packs up her things and grabs her dress. She says she should be happy, Fox is the most unselfish man she knows.

Miguel asks Tabitha if Kay came home last night. Tabitha says no, didn't he find her? He says he didn't. He says he has to find her and tell her that Fox is lying. Tabitha asks if he's sure. He says yes, he saw Eve's records. Tabitha suggests he went to another doctor, but Miguel says Eve would still know. He says Fox lied and he must have taken Kay somewhere to keep him from getting to her. He asks again if he knows where Kay could be. Suddenly Endora casts a spell on Tabitha to keep her from talking about it. Tabitha is able to speak and says that she's sorry but she doesn't know where Kay is. Miguel says he has to find Kay and tell her that Fox is a Crane through and through. Miguel says the wedding is at the mansion so he'll wait for her there. As he's leaving, Endora casts a spell and friezes Miguel! Tabitha tells Endora not to do this, she can't leave him like this forever. Endora says just until after the wedding. Tabitha says she told her that she can't manipulate humans like this. Endora says her mom does all the time. Tabitha says that is different, she knows what she's doing. She asks endora to please release Miguel. She says let the better man win. Endora says Fox is the better man. Tabitha says she gives up, but it is time for her nap. Endora, who is wearing her own wedding dress, says she doesn't want a nap. Tabitha says it is just a short one, she knows how she gets without a nap. She also says she wants to be pretty for the wedding doesn't she? Tabitha tells Miguel to hang in there, she'll be back later. Tabitha takes Endora to put her down for her nap. Later Tabitha returns, finds a spell in a book to make the frozen one melt. Miguel breaks free and wonders why it's so hot in here. Tabitha says it's her furnace, he knows it's on the fritz. He thought they fixed it. He says he has to go and takes off.

At the mansion, Fox finds the wedding chairs set up in the living room for the wedding. He says he can't believe this has all worked out. Eve shows up and says not everything has worked out. Fox says she's a bit early. Eve says she's here to speak to him. He says if this is about her and his father . . . . Eve says it isn't. Eve says she's here about him and his terminal illness. Fox says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Eve says he won't lie his way out of this. She says Miguel says he is saying his dying. She says she found Miguel in her office going through her files. He says he could sue her for this and have her license. Eve says she didn't tell Miguel anything. Eve explains that Miguel says he and Kay heard him on the phone pretending to have a terminal illness. Fox says he has no idea what she's talking about. Eve tells him to stop. She says Miguel saw his file before she could stop him, Miguel knows he's fine and not dying. Fox says Miguel is the one lying. Eve says Miguel thinks he concocted this plan to stop Kay from leaving him. Fox says this is insane, he knows Miguel is desperate but didn't think he'd take things this far. Eve tells Fox not to begin a marriage based on a lie, just tell Kay the truth. Fox tells her to shut up, she has no idea what she's talking about. Eve says she does. He says if Eve says anything then he'll ruin her. Eve says she doesn't have to say anything, Miguel will. He says she won't believe Miguel and if Eve backs him up then he will make sure she doesn't practice medicine again. He says don't mess with him or she will pay for it. 

Sam is in bed with Grace. They are kissing. Sam says he's so happy that she made it home for the wedding. Grace says for awhile she didn't think she would make it home. Sam says he never thought he'd be this happy again. Grace says neither did she. They kiss some more. Sam tells her that he loves her. She says she loves him too. She says she's home now and she's never leaving again. Sam says the whole time she was gone, it felt like a dream. Grace says more like a nightmare. She can't believe all the lengths Ivy went to in order to have him to herself. Sam says Ivy's scheme was truly unbelievable and she will pay. Grace says good, she hopes Ivy rots in jail. Sam says she will if he has anything to do with it. Grace suggests they no talk about Ivy anymore and concentrate on this happy day. Sam can't believe Kay is actually going to get married. Grace says it will be a happy day and good way to start the new year off. Sam says they still have time and there are other things they can do first. As he makes love to her and says he loves her, he finds himself in bed with Ivy. Sam asks what she's doing here? Ivy says she came to see him and apologize, but he grabbed her and pulled her in bed and began making love to her. He says he was dreaming, he thought she was Grace. He gets out of bed and puts on a robe. He tells Ivy to get out, he loves his wife and doesn't want anything to do with Ivy again. He ends up throwing Ivy out of his bedroom.

In London, Grace returns to the airport. She runs into the priest who earlier had a bomb in his bag. Grace is still anxious to get home to her daughters wedding. The priest says he hopes she makes it. We then see his bag and inside is the bomb.

Back at Sam's, Sam gets a call from Grace. She can tell he's upset by how he answers the phone saying "What!" She asks what is wrong and he just says that he's just waking up. He says he was dreaming about her and he can't wait to see her. Grace says she's back at the airport waiting for the weather to clear. She is afraid she may miss the wedding. She says she may get in for part of the reception. Sam hopes she can make it. Grace says she would like to see Kay in her dress. Grace says Kay is her daughter no matter what she did. Sam says he just wants her home. She says she's dying to see him too. Grace asks if he has talked to Kay since Ivy's plot was exposed, has he forgiven her? Sam says he hasn't. Grace wants him to go to her and talk, tell her that he loves her and wants to walk her down the aisle. Sam says she's right and he'll go talk to her now. He says he can't wait to see her.

Back at the airport, the priest says to himself that unfortunately Grace will never get home. We again see the bomb in his bag.

Fancy is in her bed and wakes up from a nightmare. She says she is home and she is safe. She remembers talking with Luis earlier about how soon she wouldn't be a rookie anymore and they could finally be together. Fancy says she can't wait for that. Then she remembers Sheridan telling her how she didn't want Fancy making a mistake that would cause her pain and how she thought Fancy bought her whole story. Later Fancy falls asleep and has more nightmares. She wakes up again and says she has to get up, she can't sleep anyways. She goes over to her dresser and looks in the mirror. As she brushes her hair she thinks about the rape. Suddenly the Pepper appears behind her and she screams. The peeper attacks her, but it turns out to be another dream. Luis shows up and holds her and tells her that it's okay. She tells Luis it was so horrible and seemed so real. Luis says she's safe here, he can't get here. Luis says it's Fox and Kay's wedding, too many people are here. Fancy says he needs to go to this wedding though. He thinks they'll understand, but she says she'll feel terrible if he doesn't go. Luis says he will go and tell them how sorry she is that she couldn't make it. Fancy says she'll be okay. Luis says she will, he promises. Later Fancy has more nightmares. In this one she finds Luis in bed with her Aunt Sheridan. Fancy asks how Luis can do this. Sheridan says Luis can do whatever he wants. She says Luis doesn't love Fancy, he loves her. Fancy says Sheridan is horrible for doing this to her. Sheridan says Fancy could never make Luis as happy as she does. She then kisses Luis. Fancy wakes up from her latest nightmare. She says she can't keep doing this, she's going crazy. Fancy says she is safe here, Luis said so. She says she still needs to sleep. Fancy ends up taking some sleeping pills to help her sleep. The camera then pans over to Fancy's closet as ominous music plays.

Ethan is spying on Theresa and Jared in the kitchen. Jared is proposing to Tess, she accepts his proposal. They spin around in the kitchen. Ethan bursts in and says Jared won't marry her, he's a liar and a murderer and will never touch her again. Ethan begins beating up Jared! Theresa yells at Ethan to stop it! Ethan locks Jared out of the room as he bangs for Ethan to open the door. Theresa says he can't keep Jared out, she is going to marry him. Ethan says she is not marrying him. He says Jared is a killer, he killed JT. He knows she likes dangerous guys. They begin doing it on the counter as Jared is yelling at Tess to open the door or he'll get a security guard to come open it. Jared is screaming that he's going to kill Ethan! Of course this is all Ethan's dream. Gwen sits there in bed as Ethan talks in his sleep about Theresa. Gwen knows he's dreaming about having sex with her. She says she will kill that bitch. Gwen hits him and tells him to wake up. He wakes up and says what!?!? She says he was dreaming about Theresa, he said her name like six times. Ethan says he's sorry. She says a minute ago he didn't seem sorry. She says he's such a liar. Ethan says he can't help what he dreams about. She says he is a liar, he lies every time he says he loves her. She says she's sick of him treating her like an idiot. She says he's played her for a fool for too long, she's not stupid. She says she knows Theresa is the one in his heart. Ethan says he's not lying and if he was dreaming of Theresa that it is because he's worried about her and Little Ethan. He says he doesn't want Theresa to marry him. Gwen says this is all about Theresa and not wanting Jared in her bed. Ethan says Jared is a killer, but Gwen says he has no proof. She says JT was blackmailing half the people in this town. He says maybe including her. He says maybe Theresa was right all along. He says maybe JT had the goods on her all along that she outed him to the tabloid. He says maybe she killed JT. Gwen says she can't believe him. She says she can't do this anymore. She says she's sick of playing second fiddle to Theresa and sick of being called a liar. Gwen throws her wedding ring at Ethan and suggests he give it to Theresa she's sure Theresa would love to have it. Gwen then storms out.

Back at the mansion, Jared is in the kitchen with Theresa. He says she knows why he's here, he'd like an answer today. He asks Theresa to marry him. Theresa says she's just not ready to make the decision right now. He asks if she's afraid he can't make her happy? She says he does make her happy. He says she makes him happy too, so what is the problem? Theresa says her experiences with marriage haven't been very pleasant. She says she married Alistair and he was a monster, and she thought she married Julian but didn't. He tells her not to compare what they have to them. He says he's not them, he loves her and cares about her. He says he wants nothing more than to make her happy. She says she believes that and she loves him, but she needs more time. He asks if she's afraid to get married or is she afraid JT did have something on him. Theresa says she doesn't think JT had anything on him, but look around, does he see any marriages working out? She says Chad and Whitney are over before they begun. She lists Eve and TC, Sam and Grace, her own parents. She says the next time she marries she wants it to last forever. Jared tells Theresa that well he needs to know by today. She asks what the rush is? He says she knows how he's felt about her, but he won't play second fiddle to Ethan if this is what her delay is about. He says think long and hard, he expects an answer by the next time he sees her. Jared leaves and then Ethan shows up. Theresa says if this is about Jared . . . .Ethan's phone rings, it's Gwen. He says he has to take this. Gwen says they need to talk. Gwen soon hears Theresa in the background. Theresa has found Gwen's ring, it fell out of Ethan's pocket when he answered his phone. Theresa asks Ethan if his marriage to Gwen is over?


January 3, 2007
At the mansion, Fox once again warns Eve to keep her mouth shut or she'll never practice medicine again. Eve says Miguel already knows he's lying. Fox says he'll take care of Miguel and she needs to remember that she can't tell people what is in his files. She says she won't tell a soul, but he should. Julian walks in and says that won't happen. Eve can't believe Julian knew about this. Julian says guests are arriving, Fox needs to go do damage control and stop Miguel. Fox leaves. Eve asks Julian how could he do this, though why isn't she surprised. She says his son is lying to Kay in order to get her to marry him. Julian drags her off saying they'll be more comfortable elsewhere.

Julian drags Eve off to the study. He pretends that Fox really is so ill, but Eve says stop it. She says Miguel knows the truth as does she. Eve then remembers the Julian who knew the value of honor and honesty is dead. She says his son is about to start his marriage with a lie. Julian says who doesn't, who actually lives up to their vows. Eve says this won't end well, he knows this much. Julian says who is she to judge. She says she's not judging, she's being honest. She says they are both prime examples of what happens to a marriage when partners aren't honest. Julian says she and TC seem to be doing well enough now. She says only because they are trying to be honest and salvage what is left of their relationship. She says it's not a marriage, she doesn't know what it is, but they are content. Eve says her advice must be wearing off on him as he and Ivy seemed cozy the other night. He says they simply got drunk. He says today is about Fox and he won't let Eve ruin his wedding, he deserves a chance at happiness. Eve says she should know it's pointless to argue with a Crane. She trust he won't keep her here by force. She goes to walk away. He grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. She pushes him away and tells him not to do that again. He says fine, he won't waste his time on her. He tells her to get out, but not to say anything about Fox's condition. She says she won't, but she feels sorry for Fox. She says like father like son, it's tragic. She says if Fox isn't honest with Kay then he will pay for his lies like she has. Eve then leaves. Julian stands around saying damnit! 

Later Ivy shows up in the study and tells Julian to stop this wedding, Fox will ruin his life if he marries Kay. Julian says Fox loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Ivy says Kay is wrong for him, she's spoiled, selfish and malicious. Julian asks if they are talking about Kay or herself? Ivy says Kay is wrong for Fox, she is Grace's daughter. Ivy says Grace will use Kay to turn Fox against her. She also says Julian won't get out of this, Grace hates all the cranes. Julian says Fox loves Ivy for some reason and Grace can't change that. He says he won't stop this wedding, he wants Fox to be happy. He says now excuse him as they have guests to attend to. He also asks Ivy not to drive her car through the windows, they just had them re-glazed. Julian leaves and Ivy swears that Kay won't be her daughter in law.

Kay is with Simone and Jessica in the library. They have come to help her get ready for the wedding. Simone asks Jessica if Spike is coming today? Jessica says he is and she assures them that Spike will behave. Simone asks where Spike is now? Jessica says she doesn't know, he's probably off somewhere. Later Jessica remembers how when they were little they always played bride and groom. Simone says Jessica always made her be the groom. Jessica says maybe that explains it. She says just kidding. Jessica leaves with Kay's dress to do something. Simone confronts Kay, she can see she's not happy and it is because of Miguel. Simone says she can see she still loves Miguel.

Luis talks to a guard outside of Fancy's room. He wants to make sure Fancy feels safe in her room. The man says not to worry, nobody will get into this house that isn't on the guest list. Luis thinks maybe now Fancy can rest.

Fancy is in her room. She still can't sleep in spite of taking a pill. She tells herself to stop worrying, she's perfectly safe. We see that someone is in her closet. Fancy hears something and wonders if someone is there. Fancy is now woozy as the pills are kicking in. She looks out in the hall and sees nobody around. She swears she heard something. She looks ends up turning off some lights in her room. She then hears something coming from her closet. She gabs a letter opener and heads to the closet door. Fancy says she's coming in. She opens the door and looks in the closet. All she sees is all her clothes. She closes the door, not realizing the peeper is in the back of the closet! She takes another pill and tries to go to sleep. From the closet the peeper keeps watching Fancy. Later we see a shadow over Fancy. Fancy gets up slashing, blood splatters the screen. It turns out that Luis showed up with roses, she slashed the roses. He says she could have killed him. She says those are for her, they are beautiful. Luis says they were. Fancy says she's just been so jumpy, and that he's so thoughtful. He says not really, he stole them from the wedding party. Fancy tells Luis how earlier she heard a noise and thought someone was in the closet. Luis says that isn't silly. Luis heads to the closet to check things out.

In the kitchen, Ethan is on the phone with Gwen. Theresa has found Gwen's ring. Ethan tells Gwen that he can't talk, he'll talk to her later. He hangs up on her. Theresa asks Ethan if he and Gwen broke up. She says she needs to know, it's important. Ethan admits they are having problems. She asks what kind of problems. Ethan explains that he apparently dreamed he was making love to her and he called out her name. Ethan says Gwen was furious, she was tired of playing second fiddle to her, she threw her ring at him. Theresa says he'd be smart to divorce her. He says he's not here to discuss that with her. He says he's here to talk to her about Jared. Theresa says their relationship is none of his business. He says she can't marry him. Theresa says Jared is a good man. Ethan says he's a fraud, he probably killed JT. Theresa tells Ethan to take his ring and give it back to Gwen. She then storms out. 

At the B&B, Gwen is furious that Ethan has hung up on her. She also knows she was with Theresa. She thinks she was stupid to throw her ring at him, that tramp will use this to get him back. 

Ethan follows Theresa around and keeps telling her how she's taking a terrible chance getting involved with this guy. He says JT was murdered by someone and he had dirt on Jared. Ethan says he will find out what JT had on Jared. Theresa says while he's at it, find out what JT had on her wife. She tells Ethan to stay away from her from now on. Ethan finds their initials in the cement, he remembers when he put them there. Theresa says he swore to love her forever, but he didn't. She says he left her and then took her daughter. Theresa tells Ethan to let her be with Jared. Ethan sees a ring on Theresa's finger. He asks if she accepted Jared's proposal. She says it's none of his business. As he almost kisses Theresa, but Gwen shows up and says they need to talk. Theresa tells Ethan to talk to his wife and walks off. Ethan follows her yelling Theresa!

Back at the Crane kitchen, Miguel has shown up and  is looking for Kay. Luis (before the stuff with Fancy earlier) tells Miguel that he has to calm down. Miguel says he loves Kay and wants to spend his life with her. Luis wants Miguel to respect Kay's choice. Miguel says he can't, he found out something and has to tell Kay. He rushes off. Luis decides to walk the perimeter and check everything out. Luis leaves and Fox shows up looking for Miguel. The guard in the kitchen says he went to find Kay. Fox sees the man has a gun, he refuses to have his guests frightened. He demands the man hand him his gun. The guard hands it over to Fox. Fox claims he'll lock it in a drawer, which he does. However after getting rid of the guard, Fox gets the gun and puts the gun in his waste band. He says he'll stop Miguel from ruining his wedding one way or another.

Sam gets a call from Grace. Grace is still in the airport,. She asks Sam if he talked to Kay yet. Sam says not yet, but he will. She wants him to talk to her and walk her down the aisle .As they talk, we see more shots of the priest and his bomb bag.

Kay is now in her gown. She puts on a necklace that Fox bought for her and Fancy designed. Simone is helping her put it on. She's also telling Kay that if she loves Miguel then this is her last chance to call off the wedding. Kay won't do that. She says Fox is a good person, he loves her and he's dying. Kay says she has to be there for him. Kay says she loves Fox, just in a different way that she loves Miguel. Kay knows Miguel is a liar and loves Charity. Kay says she has to forget Miguel. She says she's marrying a man who is good to her and loves her. Sam then shows up to see Kay. He asks if he can talk to Kay alone. Simone leaves them. Kay talks with Sam about what she did and how she knows he's angry with her. Sam says he is still angry with her, but he talked to Grace earlier and realized that this is her day. He says she is his daughter and he loves her so much. He says he always has and always will. He tells Kay that she's so beautiful today. They share a hug as Jessica watches. Sam says she is his little spitfire. He says his first daughter is going to get married. Kay says since he is here, oh she won't ask. Sam says listen to him, if she thinks someone else will walk her down the aisle then she's crazier than he thinks she is. He says mom convinced her not to let the past come between them, especially today. He says he wants them all to be one big happy family again. Sam gets a call, it's Grace. Grace tells Sam bad news, all flights have been canceled again and she won't make it for the wedding. She says maybe if they open the flights up she'll make it there for the reception. She asks if he's seen Kay yet. Sam says she's standing in front of her. Sam gives the phone to Kay. Grace tells Kay congratulations and she wishes she was here. Kay wishes she could be here too. She thanks her mom for talking to dad and getting him to walk her down the aisle. Grace wishes she could be there to see it. Kay says she can't wait to see her. Grace says she wants to see them all and give them a great big hug. She says she'll be with them soon. The priest mumbles I wouldn't count on it. Kay and Grace keep talking. Grace says she knows Kay knows she's not thrilled she's marrying into that family, but give Fox a hug for her. Grace says she will try and get there as fast as she can. The priest mumbles that Grace knows too much and she cannot be allowed to live. Cue the panning to the bomb in the bag.

Miguel talks to Simone outside the room Kay is in. He wants to tell Kay what he's found out about Fox, but Simone won't let him see Kay. She pushes him away as Fox shows up. Fox is still looking for Miguel with gun in hand. Simone pushes Miguel into the kitchen. She tells Miguel that she's sick and tired of Miguel's lies. She tells him to let Kay get married in peace. Miguel says this wedding wont' happen. She says she won't let Miguel near Kay even if she has to post a guard outside the door. Simone leaves and then Fox shows up. Miguel calls him a son of a bitch. Fox then pulls a gun on Miguel! Miguel tells him to go ahead and shoot him, there are cops all over. Fox says they are security guards who work for him. He says he'll do what he has to in order to protect his wife to be from her crazy stalker ex. Miguel says he knows the truth, he saw his medical files. Fox asks how. Miguel says he broke into Eve's office. Fox says he can put him away for a long time for that. Miguel doesn't think Fox will shoot him. Fox says he'll do whatever he has to do in order to protect his wife to be. Miguel says it seems he already has. Miguel goes to walk off, but Fox cocks the trigger. Miguel tells Fox not to play around, but Fox says he isn't. He says it's time to put Miguel on ice. He then locks Miguel in the pantry. Fox tells him it is a shame he'll miss the wedding. Miguel bangs on the door and demands to be let out. Fox then locks the gun in the kitchen drawer and leaves. 

Fox finds Father Lonigan and suggests they get things started. Father Lonigan heads to the library to get Kay as Fox can't see the bride before the wedding. Meanwhile Miguel is still trapped in the closet and yelling for help. 


January 4, 2007
Outside the mansion, Ethan tells Gwen he has something important to do and runs off. Rebecca shows up and asks what is wrong? Gwen says she lost Ethan to Theresa for good. Rebecca won't accept this, she tells Gwen to tell her what happened. Gwen explains how he was dreaming of Theresa, she got mad, they had a fight and she threw her ring at him. Rebecca says that is the worst thing she could have done, Ethan will think their marriage is over. Rebecca says Ethan is someone who takes those vows seriously. Rebecca tells her to find Ethan and apologize. Gwen says he won't listen. Rebecca says tie him down and make him listen. She says she has to get the ring back. Gwen says it's too late, he's with Theresa. Rebecca says if she loses Ethan then Theresa will get Ethan and all her happiness. Rebecca says that has to give her some kind of backbone. Gwen says it does.

In a room in the mansion, Whitney is on the bed sleeping as Theresa paces and tries to figure out what to do about Jared and Ethan. Whitney wakes up yelling No! Theresa runs to her. Whitney says her head is killing her. Theresa says she had a rough night and Chad has a lot to answer for. Whitney says she had her suspicions about him but she didn't want to believe it. She asks how he could do this to her, how could he make plans with another woman on their wedding day. Theresa and Whitney keep talking about JT's dead body and all the secrets. Whitney realizes Fox and Kay's wedding is about to start. She tells Theresa that she should go, give them her love. She says she can't be around other people now.

Jared and Chad are outside. Jared is on the phone. Jared has arranged for what Chad asked for. Chad says this is his last hope. He says he loves Whitney, his cheating has nothing to do with Whitney. Jared knows if Chad can make Whitney happy then maybe Theresa will say yes to her.

Chad and Jared show up outside the room Theresa and Whitney are in. Theresa tells Chad to go away. Theresa asks Jared to take him away. Chad says Whitney is his wife, they should be on their honeymoon. Theresa suggests he find his mistress. Jared says if they can settle this then maybe they can have a future. Chad storms into the room and tells Whitney that he loves her, to talk to him. Whitney won't speak to him, but he wants to speak to her. He swears he isn't lying to her and even can prove it. A man shows up with some equipment. Whitney asks what he's doing? Chad says he's getting ready to take a lie detector test. Whitney says she doesn't want him to do this, but he says he does. He says he wants to prove he loves her, even if it means making a fool of himself.. The guy giving the test explains how the tests works and what it measures. He asks the first question, is his name Chad Harris Crane. The man goes on and asks more questions. He asks if his shoes are green. He asks if he lives in Harmony. He asks if he is Japanese. Does he work for Crane Industries? Does he love his wife? Chad says with all his heart. The man says yes or no answers. He asks if he's having an affair. Chad hesitates but says no. He asks if there is another woman in his heart? Chad says no, there is no room in his heart for anyone else. The man giving the test says he's telling the truth. Chad says Whitney has to believe him now. He begs her to come back to him. He says he is a terrible liar, he can't beat a polygraph machine. Whitney has a question, she asks if he can forgive her for doubting him. Chad says yes, they share a kiss. Jared asks Theresa if she feels better? Theresa says she does. Jared says now that the crisis is over . . . Jared reminds her that he really can't wait any longer for an answer. He asks if she'll marry him? Theresa says nothing. Jared asks if it sin't Chad and Whitney then is it Ethan, has he convinced her that JT has dirt on him?

Tabitha and Endora show up for the wedding. Pilar tells Tabitha how beautiful Endora is. She says Paloma is bringing Maria, they can all sit together. Noah is with Pilar. He says he's sure Kay is excited about this wedding. Tabitha says that is one word for it. Pilar thinks Kay should be marrying Miguel and not Fox. Tabitha wonders where the happy couple are. Endora is delighted that Kay is going to marry Fox. 

Julian shows up and dotes over Endora. Tabitha suggests Julian leave them alone. Julian says she is his daughter, which Tabitha wishes she could forget. Julian insists they sit with him during the wedding

Chris, Sheridan and James show up for the wedding. Sheridan wonders if Fancy will be joining them. Chris doubts she is up for it. Sheridan says probably not the poor girl.

In her room, Fancy tells Luis how she heard something earlier and thought someone was in the closet. She says she knows it is silly. Luis doesn't think it's silly. He goes to check, but Fancy says she looked and it's empty. She says she's just overreacting to every little thing. He says she's not. He says this place is swarming with security, she is safe. They fail to realize that the peeper is still in the closet. Luis tells Fancy that nobody can get into this house unless they are on the list. He says he has to get downstairs before he misses the ceremony. He says he'll tell everyone there that she sends her love. He kisses her and says get some rest. Luis then leaves Fancy alone . . . so he thinks. Fancy goes to sleep and has another nightmare about being attacked. She wakes up and says she has to stop this. She says Luis is downstairs and she's safe. We see the closet door open. Fancy still can't sleep and thinks she should give up, get dressed and go to the wedding. Suddenly the lights in Fancy's room go off. She wonders if someone is there. She realizes a fuse has been blown. She tries to call for help but the phone is dead. Suddenly the peeper grabs her from behind.

In the library, Kay is still talking to Grace on the phone. Grace is saying she'll be there in spirit. The bomb carrying priest says Grace will be a spirit soon enough. Father Lonigan knocks on the door and tells Kay that the groom is getting restless. Sam talks with Grace as Kay puts on her veil on. Sam tells Grace what she has told him is disturbing, can she say more? Grace says not on the phone. Sam says they miss her, Kay is beautiful, Noah looks handsome and even Jessica looks happy today. The priest tells Grace that they are taking off in three hours, but they are being shuttled over to another airport. Sam hears the news, he says at least she's getting out of there. At the airport a woman is handing out tickets for the shuttle bus. The priest says Grace has been given her ticket to paradise. Grace has to go and she says she'll see Sam soon. 

Father Lonigan asks everyone in the library if they are ready to start? Sam says Kay looks so beautiful, he can't believe she's getting married today. Kay is ready, so Sam walks her out. Jessica and Simone follow in their bright red bridesmaid dresses.

In the kitchen, Miguel is still banging on the door to be let out. Fox tells Miguel he's sorry he won't be his best man. Miguel warns Fox that he will get out and stop his marriage. Fox doesn't think so, the next time he see Kay then she will be Mrs. Nicholas Foxworthy Crane.

The wedding music begins. Julian is sitting next to Endora, as Tabitha wishes he'd leave them alone. Ivy shows up asking if they've seen Kay? Noah offers to escort her to her seat as the mother of the groom, but Ivy says she'd rather eat nails. Ivy tells Julian she will stop this wedding. Julian says if she tries anything then he'll kick her out into the street. Ivy says it wouldn't be the first time. 

Luis thanks Sheridan for being with Fancy earlier. Sheridan says no woman deserves to go through what Fancy did. Luis goes to sit with his mother and sister, he says he'll see her at the reception. Chris asks Sheridan if she's okay? Sheridan says of course, she's with her handsome husband and son.

Ethan runs around the mansion looking for Theresa. He's not even dressed. Noah says he should change, they are about to start. Ethan says he has to find Theresa first. Later Gwen finds Ethan, who is still looking for Theresa. She wants to talk to him, but Jessica interupts and says the wedding is starting so they should sit down. 

Noah asks Fox if they are ready to start? Fox says his best man has disappeared. Fox says perhaps Miguel just couldn't stand to watch him marry him. Fox tells Julian is appears Miguel is tied up, so he asks Julian to be his best man. Julian hugs him and whispers Good work son! The men all take their places at the altar. Father Lonigan welcomes everyone and says the ceremony is about to begin.

In the kitchen, Miguel is banging on the door begging to be let out. Meanwhile Ivy is wishing for a night in shining armor to stop her son's wedding to this witch. 

The wedding is beginning. Tabitha wishes she could tell Kay the kind of man she is marrying. Endora threatens her with a frog. Tabitha says this is going to blow up in their face. Sam walks Kay down the aisle. Sam gives Kay away for both himself and Grace, who couldn't be here. Kay and Fox stand before one another at the altar. Fox says he loves her. She says she loves him too. Of course he morphs into Miguel, which troubles her. Fox asks what is wrong, but Kay says nothing, just jitters. Kay asks why his dad is the best man, where is Miguel? Fox says he was a no show, maybe he couldn't stand to watch them marry. Father Lonigan asks if they can continue? Fox says yes. Father Lonigan leads everyone in prayer. 

Ivy is saying has she has to find a way to stop this, but the valet has her keys. She decides to set off the fire alarm. Meanwhile Ethan gets a call and says he knew that guy was no good. He decides to leave, but Gwen says it's the wedding. He says it's urgent. Ethan runs off. Rebecca and Gwen wonder what that was about. Gwen says she doesn't like this. 

Ivy heads into the kitchen to pull the fire alarm and finds Miguel locked in the pantry. Miguel rushes off as Ivy thanks God for this. 

In London, Grace gets a call as she's getting on the bus. She says she's on her way to Harmony and will tell all she knows. She says don't threaten her, they can't stop her. The priest says to himself they certainly can stop her. Grace gets on the shuttle bus. She says soon she'll be in Harmony and can tell the truth. The priests bag is loaded on the bus, but he apparently doesn't get on. Grace says she's coming home and Sam will know what to do about what she's found out. We see the priest watch the bus take off. He blesses the innocent souls and then hits a timer, which blows the bus up. Back at the wedding, Sam gets a strange feeling.

Back at the wedding, Father Lonigan asks the usual Speak now or forever hold your peace question. Suddenly Miguel shows up yelling Stop the wedding! Kay asks Miguel what he's doing here? Miguel says Fox lied to her. 

Back in the room where Whitney and everyone else is ,Whitney is telling Chad how sorry she is. Chad says from now on they have to trust one another. He suggests they head off and have their honeymoon. Theresa suggests they take the guest room and they'll leave them. Jared and Theresa keep talking. Jared is begging Theresa not to keep him in suspense. He gets down on one knee and proposes. Suddenly Ethan walks in on them! Jared begs Theresa to say she'll marry him. Theresa looks at Ethan.


January 5, 2007
Chad and Whitney are making out in one of the rooms in the mansion. Whitney feels so ashamed at accusing him of cheating on her. She says she must have been crazy to think he would cheat on her. He flashes to his affair. He tells Whitney they don't have to talk about it again. He suggests they get their honeymoon underway. Whitney says she loves him so much. He says he loves her too, she is the only woman for him. They make out on the bed. Later  they cuddle after making love. Whitney says making love as a married couple is different. She also says she should have known he'd never be with another woman. Whitney suddenly thinks she hears Miles crying. Chad didn't hear anything. Whitney decides to go check on him. Once Whitney is gone, Chad checks his phone. He sees there are no messages. He wonders where they are as he needs to see them. 

At the wedding, Miguel shows up yelling that they have to stop this wedding. Miguel says Fox lied to Kay, he's marrying her under false pretenses. Fox asks someone to get him out of here. Julian says he'll have it taken care of. Both Ivy and Pilar are pleased by this turn of events. Ivy says for once she and Pilar are rooting for the same team. Ivy is all smiles as she sips champagne and watches. Fox calls Miguel a disgrace. Julian says he's coming with him as he tries to drag Miguel off. Miguel says he's not going anywhere. Father Lonigan says he won't tolerate this language during the holy ceremony. Luis excuses himself to check on Fancy since the wedding has been stopped. Sheridan also leaves to check on Fancy. Miguel says he's sorry to burst in on her, he tried to talk to her before the wedding started but he couldn't. Miguel says he knows how this looks but just listen to him. He says she's marrying him for the wrong reasons. Kay says she loves Fox, something he knows very little about. Miguel says not true, when you love someone you don't trick them into making the biggest mistake of their lives. He swears he didn't want to do it this way. Miguel says Fox locked him in the pantry. Kay says that is crazy and she doesn't believe this. Miguel demands Fox tell her the truth, will he deny locking him up. Fox says he did lock him up, Miguel is telling the truth. Kay asks why he'd do that? Fox says he didn't trust Miguel not to do something like this. He says it may have been drastic, but it was all he could think of to make sure they were married. Miguel says Father Lonigan still hasn't pronounced him man and wife and he won't. Julian says security is on its way. Miguel says Fox has been lying, Fox isn't dying at all. Miguel says it was a scheme to get her to marry him, he's as healthy as they are. Everyone is shocked to learn Fox is dying. Miguel says it was all a filthy lie, Fox knew she was going to break it off with him. Miguel says he cooked up this story to make sure he didn't lose her. Miguel says Fox isn't sick, he never was. Kay doesn't believe him after what he did to her. Miguel thinks whatever it was, Fox had something to do with it too. Miguel says he knows the truth. He says he stole the keys to Eve's office and saw his file. He says Fox isn't sick, he doesn't have a terminal illness. Miguel says it was a last ditch effort to keep her from leaving. Ivy says Fox is dying? Julian tells her not now. . . Kay asks Fox if this is true?

Luis and Sheridan run into one another as they go to check on Fancy. Sheridan says she's been so worried about her. Luis says him too. He says every little sound she hears she thinks the attacker is coming after her again. Sheridan can't blame her, it was a brutal and traumatic experience. Luis hopes time will heal all. Luis thanks Sheridan as she's been such an angel. Sheridan says anything for Fancy. Sheridan says she'd do anything for her during this time. Luis says after what happened to Fancy and now that Fox isn't doing so well, he's beginning to wonder about that Crane curse. Luis says Kay loves Miguel as much as Miguel loves her, so he hears. Sheridan says he's a lot like Luis. Sheridan says watching this wedding made her think about their ceremony in Mexico. She says it wasn't legal, but it was beautiful. We see flashbacks to the wedding. Sheridan wonders if anything will be so perfect like that again. Luis sayslike she said  it wasn't legal and she is happy with her new husband and son. Luis says he and Fancy are doing great and when the time comes hopefully they won't fall victim to the curse. Sheridan says they are talking about marriage already? Luis says no, but he does love her. Sheridan says it is a shame about her attack, if there is anything she can do to help . . . Sheridan says she just wants the best for them. Eve walks in at this point. Luis leaves to check on Fancy. Eve tells Sheridan she would normally think that was unselfish of her, but she knows she wants Luis for herself. 

Eve talks with Sheridan. Sheridan knows she's done lousy things to come between Luis and Fancy. She says she's tried to root for them, but she can't. Eve says she married Chris of her own choice. Sheridan knows. She says but if something happened with Chris and Luis was still single, well they'd have a chance. Eve says like what, like divorce? Eve can't imagine Sheridan would leave Chris, she'd lose James. Sheridan says she's not speaking of divorce. Eve begs Sheridan to tell her that she's not hoping Chris will die so she can be with Luis. Sheridan says all she knows is that she wants Luis. Sheridan then heads upstairs.

We see a replay of Fancy trying to call for help, but her phone was dead. Suddenly the peeper springs from her closet and grabs her. He wonders if she missed him as much as he's missed her. He attacks her and pulls her to the bed. She gets away, but he grabs her again. She begins fighting him and rips a button off his shirt. He calls her a bitch and says that was his best shirt. 

Later Luis knocks on Fancy's door and heads inside. The bed is a mess, Fancy is out cold on the ground. When Fancy comes too she yells get away, leave me alone! Luis says it's him, she's okay. Fancy swears the rapist was here, but he says it can't be. He says before she thought someone was here and nobody was. Fancy swears he was here, she knows it doesn't make any sense. She swears he was here, she's positive. She says she was so scared. She says she tried to scream but he put his hand over her mouth. Luis asks if she saw his face. Fancy says no, he had the ski mask. Fancy says he was about to rape her but something happened. She says he stopped and ran off. Luis calls security, there is a chance he's on the grounds. She says her phone is dead, but he has a dial tone. She says it wasn't working before. Luis has the grounds secured and wants to be alerted if they see anyone suspicious. Sheridan soon shows up and asks what is wrong? Luis says Fancy was attacked again. Sheridan turns on the lights, Fancy says the lights didn't work before. Luis says she said the same thing about the phone, is she sure it wasn't a dream? Fancy is sure. Luis gets a call, security hasn't found anything. Luis says the only people who can get on or off are wedding guests and caterers. Fancy says obviously he got on the grounds somehow. Sheridan says they aren't doubting her, but Fancy says Sheridan is doing a good impression of it. Fancy says her attacker was here, he almost raped her again. She knows he was here, his voice was the same and he said he was back for a repeat performance. Fancy soon remembers something, she knows how to prove he was here. She says as they fought she pulled one of his shirt buttons off. Luis and Fancy look around for the button by can't find it. Fancy says it has to be here. Fancy says this doesn't make sense, she knows she dropped that button around her. Sheridan says Fancy is exhausted, but fancy says she's not making this up. Sheridan sees the wine and sleeping pills, she nods to it and Luis sees it. Fancy swears this wasn't a dream. She realizes they don't believe her, that she imagined it his all. 

Spike shows up at the mansion in his snazzy leisure-like suit. Jessica asks where he's been. He says around, he went to get a drink. Jessica explains Miguel has broken up the wedding. Spike says he misses the good stuff every time. Jessica says that is sick. He says it's funny, with all their money nothing goes right for them. He wants them to have another drink, but she says she's trying to stay sober. He says this is her sister's wedding. He says she is his wife and will do what he asks. They sneak in and get some more booze.

Kay is still asking Fox if he lied. Fox says Miguel is the liar. Miguel says Fox isn't dying and whatever she is mad at him about, Fox is behind it too. Miguel says he's telling the truth, he loves her. Fox says no he loves her. Sam says they need to stop this. Sam says Kay is stuck in the middle. Fox asks Sam to arrest Miguel. Miguel says for what, for saving Kay from making a mistake. Miguel says Fox is a liar and he can prove it. Fox says the hell Miguel can. Miguel turns to Eve, but Fox says Eve can't say anything. Miguel says fine, why don't they have Eve run tests on him with all these witnesses. Miguel says if he's wrong then he'll take it back and wish them the best. However if he's right then Fox is a bastard who almost got away with one of the most despicable Crane maneuvers of all time. Miguel asks Fox what he says?

Elsewhere, Ethan interrupts Jared's proposal and says her answer is no, she won't marry him. Ethan says Jared is a cold blooded and calculating killer and he can prove it. Ethan says he's had JT investigating Jared, then he hired a PI to find out what JT found on Jared. He says the PI found a blackmail letter to Jared from JT spelled out with cut-out letters from magazines. Ethan says JT was going to blow the whistle on him so Jared killed him. Jared says this is conjecture. Ethan asks why JT would have a letter for him? He says Jared is a killer. Jared admits Ethan is right on one thing, JT had his name on him. Jared says however he can explain it, Ethan hired JT to dig dirt up on him so of course he had his name on him. Theresa believe Jared, but Ethan says JT had more on Jared. Ethan thinks Jared off'd JT to keep JT from exposing him. Jared says she knows him, he wouldn't kill anyone. He tells Theresa not to let Ethan ruin what they have, what they could have. He says he loves her and know she loves him. He begs her to be his wife. Ethan says she can't marry him. He says if she won't look out for herself then look out for Little Ethan. Ethan asks if she wants her son to be raised by a murderer? Ethan knows she loves her son and doesn't want to subject him to anyone who isn't decent and good. Jared says he loves her and Little Ethan. Ethan says Jared wants the power and money he'd get from her, he is a snake. Jared says the only snake here is Ethan. Jared says he won't be lectured about family values and decency by the likes of Ethan, a man who can't stop cheating on his wife. Jared tells Ethan to stop making him the fall guy when this is all about his conscious. Jared says he's done nothing to feel guilty about. Theresa remembers earlier that Ethan told her that he was having problems with Gwen. Jared can see from Theresa's face that Ethan has gotten to him. He says she is wondering whether he's telling the truth. Jared says he sees where he stands. He says keep the ring, he's taking back the proposal. Ethan says she's doing the right thing. Theresa says she doesn't want it to be like this. Jared says Ethan planted a seed of doubt in her mind, he can't live like that. He says he's leaving as he planned, have a nice life. Jared knows she may not believe everything Ethan is saying, but she's not sure either. He says he didn't think love could be this hard. Jared says take care and walks out. 

Jared goes to see Chad and Whitney. He doesn't mean to barge in on them, he came to say goodbye. He says things haven't worked out for him and Theresa so he's leaving town. Whitney asks if Theresa turned him down. Jared says yeah, Ethan got to her. Whitney doesn't understand, she loves him. Jared says not enough to make it work. He says he needs a relationship built on trust. Whitney understands, she learned that the hard way. He says he wanted to tell them in person that he was leaving. She asks him not to go, but Jared says he listened to her before and he regretted it. Whitney doesn't think so. Whitney says if he had left town then he wouldn't have fallen for Theresa or asked her to marry him. Whitney says she thinks this is all her fault. She says she got crazed that Chad was cheating on her, her doubts and fears rubbed off on Theresa. Jared says it is Ethan who got to her, he's convinced her that he shouldn't be around her son. Whitney thinks there is something Jared can do. She says let her get dressed and he can come with her.

Ethan tells Theresa he knows she's hurting. Theresa tells Ethan that she was going to say yes, they'd have had a wonderful life together. Ethan says they couldn't have, he didn't deserve her. Ethan tells Theresa that he loves her. He then pulls her into a kiss. They fall onto the bed kissing, but Theresa says no. She says they won't do this. Ethan says it's wrong but he wants her. She says she wants him too, but she wants a real and honest life with him, not sneaky sex. She says Jared offered her everything she's wanted. She says Ethan won't give her what she wants so why would he take it from her. Ethan says he knows Jared killed JT, but Theresa says he has no proof. She also knows he can't stand to see her with another man. She asks Ethan if what she wants is for her to just be available to him for hot quickies for the rest of her life. She says that is selfish. She says that isn't love to her. Ethan says it isn't love to him either. Theresa asks then why he's taking away her last best chance at happiness. Suddenly Chad, Whitney and Jared show up. Ethan asks if he forgot something. Jared says yes, the woman he loves.


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