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2nd Week of January 2007 Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



January 8, 2007 
At the Crane mansion, Sam is in the kitchen on the phone trying to get an update on JT. There is no news. Ivy comes in and asks Sam if what Miguel is saying about Fox is true? Sam says he's her son, she should know. He doesn't want to talk to her, but she says she just wants to make sense of this. She asks if Fox could tell such a terrible lie to keep Kay. Sam wonders after her lies to ruin his marriage to Grace, why is she so surprised? Ivy says he is right. She says there isn't much difference between what she did and what Fox is doing. He says like mother like son. Ivy says no he's like Julian. Sam says with the two of them for parents, Fox didn't stand a chance. Ivy says he is right. She says Ethan is like his father, he's kind, generous and sensitive. Ivy says she's not asking him to forgive her, she's trying to figure out what happened to her children. She says she always treated Ethan differently because he was Sam's son. She says she treated the others differently because they were Julian. She says now Fox is lying to Kay, Fancy left the hospital and didn't bother to tell her, she hasn't heard from her other daughter Pretty in years. She wonders what she has done. Ivy says she's the worst mother in the world, she's to blame for every terrible thing she's done. Sam says no, once they reach a certain age they are responsible for their actions. Ivy says she has failed as a wife and a mother, he doesn't want her and her children don't either. He says she's a survivor, she'll get through this. Ivy says she loved him with everything she had and she thought she was justified in doing anything to get him. She says she was wrong and now she's lost him and her children. She says she's lost everything that matters most to her. Ivy asks Sam if he did love her. Sam says he did love her. He says but things have changed. Ivy says no, her love for him has never changed and this morning . . . Sam says he dreamed she was Grace, that is why he made love to her. Ivy says he may have dreamed it was Grace, but he know he was making love to her. She tells him to admit that he still wants to be with her. He tells her not to do this. Ivy wants the truth, did he really think he was with Grace this morning?

At the altar, Miguel tells Kay that she knows him and knows he wouldn't lie to her. Kay says he has lied. Miguel tells her that on his mother's life he hasn't lied to her, Fox has. He says have Eve do tests on Fox to prove it. Kay says she can't, it would be admitting that she doesn't trust him. Miguel says she shouldn't trust him. Kay tells Miguel to just leave her alone. Kay goes and talks to Simone, who is with Pilar. Simone says Miguel is right, just have her mom do some tests.

Julian and Fox discuss what to do. Julian tells Fox to agree to the tests, insist on taking them. Fox says he sees where he's coming from. Fox goes to Kay and says he needs to speak to her. Miguel says no way, he won't let him fill her head with lies. Fox says he has no reason to lie. He says he'll do the tests and convince her that he's not lying. Meanwhile, Pilar and Simone discuss what is going on. Pilar believes Miguel that Fox is lying, he's fighting for his daughter and Kay. 

Miguel continues to say Fox is lying. Fox says then why would he agree to take the tests. Miguel says because he can manipulate the results. Fox says Eve will do the tests and the results, they all trust her. Miguel says he saw his medical file. Fox says his illness is personal to him, that's why he didn't tell anyone. He begs Kay to marry him. Fox says Miguel is lying to take her away from him. Pilar says her son isn't lying. Miguel suggests Eve just tell Kay the truth. Eve says she can't betray a patient's confidential information. Miguel says she can if Fox agrees to let her. Fox says this is humiliating and insulting. Pilar thinks Miguel is right. Kay wants to talk to Eve and put this behind them. She begs Fox to just letter her tell them the truth. Fox says he's disappointed in her, she is supposed to love him and trust him. She says she does, she wants to start their marriage off on the right foot. Fox says fine, he tells Eve to tell them what she wants. Kay asks Eve if Fox is lying? 

Julian tells Fox that he has to get out of this somehow. Fox says he's out of options, what is he supposed to do? Kay asks Eve to please tell her. Eve says since Fox agreed, as far as she knows Fox hasn't had any negative test results and is in perfect health. Miguel thanks Dr. Russell and says he told her. Kay goes up to Fox and asks how he could say he loves her and then tell her this lie. She slaps Fox and calls him a bastard. Kay is furious and walks off. Simone tells Fox to just leave Kay alone.

Miguel tells his mom that he did it, Kay knows the kind of man Fox is. Miguel hates seeing her suffer though. Pilar thinks now he and Kay can finally be together. Miguel says he just wishes it wasn't so painful.

Julian tells Fox now he sees what weakness has cost him. He says Cranes don't give up. Fox says he has lost her. Miguel confronts Fox about his little lie and how he did it to keep Kay from leaving him. Miguel says he doesn't love Kay, he just wanted to get what he wanted.

On the steps, Simone talks to Kay. Kay wonders how Fox could lie to her like this. Simone says she's sorry she had to go through this. Kay goes back into the living room and says she has to say and she wants them all to hear it. The boys fight, Simone tells them to stop and listen. Kay says after what she's heard there is only one thing she can do. She takes off her ring and gives it back to Fox. 

In Fancy's room, Fancy realizes Luis doesn't believe her. Luis says he's sorry she's upset. He says it's only natural for her imagination . . . Fancy says it wasn't her imagination. She says he was here. We see a flashback of  Fancy and the rapist fighting and of Fancy tearing his shirt. She swears they fought and she ripped a button off his shirt. He says he does believe her. She then realizes he's lying, he doesn't believe her. She knows they think it's the wine and pills. Sheridan says if she didn't drink it then who did drink the wine? Luis says it could happen to anyone. Fancy says even if she was dead drunk she'd know she had been attacked. Fancy says she wouldn't make this up. Luis doesn't know how he could have been here, only friends and family are here. He says the wait staff is trustworthy, they caterers have passed interviews. Fancy sees Sheridan moving around, she asks what she's doing? Sheridan says she's just putting away her medication. Fancy continues telling Luis she didn't dream this. Sheridan says there is no evidence, she said she tore off a button but it's not here. Fancy says maybe her attacker took it, but Sheridan doubts that. Fancy says maybe Sheridan took it. She goes to search Sheridan, but Luis says stop this. He doesn't think Sheridan would do this. Fancy says she didn't want to tell him, but he can't trust Sheridan as she's trying to undermine their relationship. She tells Luis about what Sheridan said to her in the hospital when she thought she was asleep and how he can't trust her. Fancy says Sheridan is trying to sabotage them. Sheridan says she doesn't know how to respond to that. Luis says Sheridan just wants to help her. Sheridan tells Fancy that she loves her, she would not try to ruin her and Luis' relationship. Fancy says Sheridan is lying, she wants him back. Luis doesn't believe that, she is happy with Chris. Sheridan tells Fancy that she's been through a terrible experience and is suffering from post traumatic stress. Fancy doesn't want to hear this garbage. She begs Luis to believe her that Sheridan is trying to come between them. He says Sheridan couldn't do something like that, she must have been dreaming. Fancy says she wasn't. She has a flashback to Sheridan's speech to her in the hospital. Luis won't believe her. Fancy can't believe he's siding with Sheridan against her. Fancy asks him how he can do this? Luis says Sheridan loves them, she's not doing anything to come between them. Luis says on the pill bottle there is a label that says if she takes this with alcohol it could cause hallucinations. She says she didn't drink the whole bottle and it happened, her rapist was here. Luis wants her to just rest. He says he'll stay with her this time. She says no, she doesn't want him with her if he believes Sheridan. She says get out! Luis says calm down, but Fancy won't. She says Luis won't believe her and it's all Sheridan's fault. Fancy tells Sheridan good for her, she's finally won. She says get away from her . Luis says he will leave because she's upset. He says he'll wait outside, but she says she won't need him so just go. They leave, Fancy knows she didn't dream it. Fancy looks around her room for the button. She knows she ripped it off his shirt. She says if she could find it then she can prove to Luis she wasn't lying.

In the hall, Luis feels terrible. He wishes he could convince her that she is safe. Sheridan says he did what he could. She says Fancy will get over this, she'll realize she was dreaming. Luis says Fancy was so convinced that the rapist was there and if there was any evidence he would have believed her. Sheridan says but there wasn't any. Luis hopes she just goes to sleep and won't have anymore nightmares. He decides to go check on the status of the wedding. He tells Sheridan that she didn't deserve what Fancy said to her. Luis then leaves. Sheridan is smiling. She remembers when Fancy and Luis were looking under the bed for the button. Sheridan saw it at her feet and picked it up and hid it. Sheridan is still holding the button.

In another room, Jared has returned for Theresa. Ethan yells that Jared is a murderer, he killed JT because he was going to expose his past. Jared says he didn't. Whitney says she wants what is best for Theresa and she believes that is Jared. Ethan can't believe she'd defend Jared. She says she's looking out for Theresa. Whitney says Theresa wasted too many years waiting for a life with Ethan. She says Jared wants to give her a life with him and she should take it. Whitney tells Ethan he's trying to get in the way and it's not right. Ethan says he's a killer. Whitney says she has an idea, one that will show Jared isn't a murderer. Theresa tells Ethan he has no evidence on Jared. Ethan says he agrees it is circumstantial, but it is good evidence. Jared says he's a lawyer too, no judge will try him on that evidence. Whitney says hey! Whitney says she has an idea if they'd listen. She says the lie detector guy is still here, Jared can take the test. Jared says no way, if he needs a test to prove that he's not lying to the woman he loves then they have nothing. Ethan says bull, he doesn't want to take the test because he knows what he's been saying is true. Whitney thought Jared would want to prove himself. Jared says a lie detector test is unreliable, they aren't admissible in court. Ethan says spoken like a true ambulance chaser. Whitney says it proved to her that Chad was telling the truth. She thinks that it would be enough proof for Theresa. She tells Jared to take the test and show her that Ethan is wrong. Jared says he will take the test. Ethan says good, then the police can solve this crime. Jared tells Ethan sorry but he won't be arrested for JT's murder. Ethan says they'll see. Ethan leaves to get the guy to give the test. Whitney tells Theresa that she'll be able to put this all behind her. Theresa thinks making their men take tests to prove their innocence is weird. Meanwhile Jared asks asks Chad how he managed to pass the test? Chad says they asked if another woman was in his heart and there isn't, so he didn't really lie. He tells Jared to just tell the truth and he'll be fine. Jared looks worried. Chad wonders why he's nervous, does he have something to hide? He asks if Ethan is right, did he kill JT? Jared says he's just nervous, a lot is riding on this. Chad says yes, he could go to prison. Jared says he means with Theresa. Meanwhile, Whitney has learned that Gwen gave Ethan her ring back. Theresa fills her in on what happened and how Ethan still won't make up his mind on what he wants. Whitney says if he does make up his mind, who would she be with? Theresa doesn't get a chance to answer, Ethan returns with the guy to give the test. Ethan tells Jared he's done, but Jared tells him to shut his mouth. Chad tells Jared to take the test and settle this. The guy asks who the next victim is? Jared sits down and Ethan decides to ask the questions. Jared says no way. Ethan says it doesn't matter who is asking the questions if Jared is telling the truth. Ethan says it's time to prove Jared is not the right man for Theresa. Jared suggests they get on with this. Ethan asks Jared if his name is Jared Casey . . . does he work at Crane . . . are they in Toronto . . . has he ever lied to Theresa? Jared is lying on that one. Jared says only about how quickly he fell in love with her. He says he loved her from the minute he saw her, but he didn't say it because he didn't want to scare her away. Ethan says that was beautiful, but they should get on with this. Theresa says she wants to stop this. She says Jared hasn't lied to her, he's not hiding anything. Jared says they should continue, he doesn't want this hanging over them. Ethan asks Jared if he's hiding anything from Theresa . . . . the man can't tell if it was a lie or not. Ethan asks the last question, did he kill JT Cornell? Jared says no. Ethan asks if Jared is lying?


January 9, 2007

In the kitchen Ivy is telling Sam to admit that he knew it was her. He says he thought it was Grace. Ivy says she felt his passion, he knew it was her. She says what hey have is so special. Sam says they have nothing, he doesn't love her anymore. He says all he can think about is how much he loves Grace and thank god she's flying home. Ivy says Sam did say he loved her. Sam says he did, but that charming mask she wore for years is gone. He says he knows the real her, what she's capable of, how she destroyed his marriage and family .Ivy says she wasn't alone, Kay and Eve knew. Sam says they were wrong, but they wouldn't had to have made those horrible decisions if is weren't because of her plan. Sam says God is the only one who can forgive her, but he never will. Ivy says she made mistakes. He says no she didn't, she knew what she was doing. She says she loves him, but he says she doesn't know love. He says she wasn't born a Crane, but she learned from this house. He says you Cranes don't care about anyone as long as you get what you want. Sam says she destroyed his life and the lives of his children, he can never forgive her. 

In London, two guys are investigating the bus explosion. One says they have to make a statement, another says that all they can say is that it's under investigation. One of the guy says those poor families, this will be the end of the happy new year for them. They decide to try and find out who the victims are on the list. They begin making a list, victim #1 is listed as Grace Bennett.

Back at the mansion, Fox begs Kay not to take off her ring, he loves her. Miguel says he doesn't. Simone tells them to stop it, Kay was about to say something. Kay says all she ever wanted was a man to love her, someone that was strong and honest like her dad. Kay say she thought that man was Fox but she was wrong. She says he can have his ring back, the wedding is off. She says he lied to her, he made up some crazy story to get her to the altar. He says he can explain that. Kay says she knows he's trying to think up something to say and cover up his lies, she's been there. A man suddenly shows up and says he can explain Mr. Crane's predicament. Eve sees him and says it can't be! Miguel asks who this guy is? Kay asks and what does he know about Fox? Eve says this is Dr. Gasparo. Pilar says Eve knows him? Eve says he is Stan Gasparo, a legendary Doctor from New York. Miguel thinks this is another trick, he's come here at a pretty convenient time. He accuses this doctor of being paid off. Eve says Miguel doesn't know who he's speaking to. Miguel says he's another Crane plant, they pay judges and senators, why not a doctor. The doctor says he was invited to this wedding and he is glad he made it. He says he can clear everything up here. Eve says Dr. Gasparo is revered world wide. Dr. Gasparo can only speak with Fox's permission, which he gets. Dr. Gasparo says he's been treating Fox's condition. Miguel says more lies, he and Kay heard Fox on the phone speaking to Dr. Russell about this. Dr. Gasparo says Fox was talking to him and Eve knew nothing about the tests. Dr. Gasparo says Fox is sick and he advised him from the beginning to tell Kay, but he wouldn't hear of it and wanted to protect her. Miguel says now he's heard everything. Unfortunately it seems Kay is believing it all. Miguel asks where the files are? He says he doesn't have them on him, but he will fax them if need be. Fox knows he's never seen this guy before, he wonders where he came from. Julian meanwhile is drinking and toasting to the happy couple, obviously Julian pulled this off. Fox says Dr. Gasparo proved he isn't lying, he asks Kay to marry him. Kay doesn't know what she wants to do. Simone tells Kay she has to settle this, which one does she believe, Fox or Miguel?

Paloma finds Fancy tearing her room apart looking for the button. Paloma asks what she's doing? Fancy explains her rapist was here, but Luis didn't believe her. Fancy tells the whole story to Paloma. She explains how Sheridan and Luis thought she just dreamed it or it was a hallucination. Fancy says it's not possible, he was here. She says he grabbed her, they struggled and she tore a button off his shirt. Paloma says so there is proof. Fancy says but she can't find it, and she is sure Sheridan took the button. Fancy says Sheridan did it to make her look crazy. Fancy says Sheridan will do anything to get Luis back. Fancy tells Paloma all about what Sheridan said to her in the hospital when Sheridan thought she was unconscious. Paloma says they were in the same class on victims of sexual crimes, they know that victims experience psychological reactions. Fancy says she knows what happened and she knows Sheridan is trying to make her look crazy and break them up. Paloma says Sheridan was the first person she met from Harmony, she is her friend. Fancy says she's everyone's friend and she's a fake. Fancy says she puts on an innocent act in front of Luis. Paloma takes Fancy's side and tells her to fight for her man. Fancy says she can't think about that right now. Paloma says she knows she's been through an ordeal, but if she lets Sheridan come between her and Luis then she'll be a victim all over again. Paloma says go talk to Luis. Fancy says he left with Sheridan and she just can't face anyone right now. Paloma says nobody blames her for what happened. Paloma says she understands, she was almost raped twice. Paloma says she was lucky, but it was horrible. Paloma says her family and friends supported her so she could move on. She tells Fancy if she doesn't act they she could lose Luis forever. Fancy says she can't. Paloma says since when does Fancy Crane say she can't do something. She asks where that strong woman from training is? Fancy says she was strong and confident, but that man attacked her and it didn't matter. She says she couldn't fight him off no matter what she did. Paloma says it wasn't her fault, it could have happened to anyone. Fancy says she is so ashamed. Paloma says the shame belongs to the scum who raped her. Paloma tells Fancy that she is amazing and she admires her so much. Paloma says the other cadets admire her too. She says she never backs down from any challenge. Paloma says that is what she has to do now, she has to fight for Luis. Fancy says she doesn't know if she has the strength. Paloma says close her eyes and think about if she does nothing, Sheridan wins. Paloma says does that not bother her? Paloma says maybe that famous love of Sheridan and Luis' always wins out and she can't stop Sheridan. Fancy says the hell she can't, she won't let that bitch come between them. Later Fancy puts on a dress which is very matronly. Paloma tells her it is perfect if she was a nun. She tells Fancy she needs a dress to knock Luis' socks off. Paloma looks through her closet and picks out a very sexy dress. Fancy is upset. Paloma says what happened to her wasn't because of what she did, said or wore. Paloma says she is a beautiful woman inside and out and Luis appreciates that. Paloma says don't let what happened keep her from having what she deserves, the love and respect of a good man like Luis. Fancy wants to be with Luis more than anything. Paloma says then fight for him, use all her weapons. Fancy says that dress is a nuclear bomb. Fancy goes to put it on and then returns in it. Paloma says she look beautiful, just think over and over that she can't lose Luis.

Sheridan is in the foyer still hiding the button. Luis shows up. Luis says Fancy sure is convinced that the rapist was in her room. Luis tells Sheridan that he's sorry Fancy went off on her. He thinks he should go talk to her again. Sheridan says no, Fancy needs time to cool off. Sheridan says she can be selfish that way, she needs to have her little tantrum. Luis says she's not having a tantrum, she was raped. Sheridan says she didn't mean it that way. Sheridan says he should just not go up there now, it may just make things worse. Luis says if that is what she thinks. It is, she thinks Fancy needs space. Luis can't believe the things Fancy said to her. Sheridan says she was high strung before the attack, but now after the attack the psychological damage is severe. Luis says what about what she said about Sheridan whispering things into her ear at the hospital. Sheridan says Fancy just must be overwrought. Sheridan says it doesn't bother her. Luis says he can see this hurts her. Sheridan says she is her niece and she loves her. Sheridan says she's been worried about her for years. Sheridan says she's so selfish and self-centered. Sheridan cries she thinks Luis could help her and she just wants what is best for Fancy. Luis says he thinks Fancy is lucky to have her. Fancy tells Luis that she shouldn't say this, but Fancy can be very child-like and you have to be careful with her. Luis says if she can give him anything to help him then tell him. Sheridan says the way Fancy attacked her and got upset, she's seen it before. Luis says she shouldn't be saying this, but the way she went behind his back and went on that stakeout, it wasn't the first time. Sheridan says she went after that suspect and fell into that mine shaft. Luis says and she went to the strip club. Sheridan says when Fancy gets what she wants, she is marvelous. However when she doesn't, Fancy does what Fancy wants, damn the consequences. Sheridan says that can take a toll on any relationship. Sheridan says she's only telling him this as it may help him help her. Sheridan says there is something else she wants to tell him. She says says things aren't what they should be between them and she wants to fix that. She says there is a barrier that seems to come between them. She says she wants to get passed it. Luis says he doesn't understand. Sheridan says they need to talk about Marty's death. Luis says he's tried to apologize before. Sheridan says she has forgiven him and she feels horrible for how she treated him. Luis doesn't know what to say. Sheridan says say the he forgives her. Luis hugs her. Sheridan says she's so sorry for what she did. She says it was never his fault. As they look into one another's eyes, Fancy shows up. Fancy sees it is worse than she thought. She says two can play this game. Fancy realizes she has to stop this. Sheridan keeps telling Luis how she is so sorry for the things she said, she wants to repair their relationship. They hug some more, Sheridan says My Luis! Fancy clears her throat, they both turn and see her standing there. Luis smiles, Sheridan is not happy.

In another room, Gwen finds Jared taking a lie detector test to prove Ethan wrong, that he's not lying to Theresa and didn't kill JT. Gwen asks what if he passes? Chad tells her that Whitney hopes Theresa will accept his proposal. Gwen just hopes he passes. Theresa and Whitney see Gwen has arrived, Whitney says maybe Gwen wants her wedding ring back. Whitney asks Theresa if Jared passes and Ethan goes back to Gwen, will she accept Jared's proposal? Ethan is asking the lie detector test guy if Jared passed? The guy isn't sure, he needs to examine things more closely. Ethan is telling Jared he will go to jail. Theresa tells Ethan to stop this, if she wanted his protection then she'd ask for it. Gwen is trying to talk to Ethan, but realizes he doesn't know she's in the room. She fears she's lost Ethan already. Gwen demands to Ethan that they talk in private, she won't be put off as this is about their marriage. Ethan and Gwen go out into the hall. Jared then tells Theresa he took this test to prove he loves her. She says she knows. Whitney then asks Theresa if Jared passes will she accept his proposal? Theresa doesn't know what she will do. She says if Gwen does leave Ethan then he'll be free. Whitney hopes she makes a decision and fast or she'll lose both of them. Meanwhile as the man looks over the results, Chad tells Jared he looks nervous. Jared says he knows he passed the test.

Out in the hall, Gwen tells Ethan how ashamed she is and how sorry she is. She says she loves him very much and wants to be his wife. She asks if he can forgive her. Can she have her ring back? Can they have their marriage back? Gwen says she's apologized and she wants them to stay true to their vows. Ethan says they did make vows. Gwen says she loves him very much. Ethan says he loves her too, of course she can have her ring back. They hug. The lie detector guy says he has the results. Ethan walks away from Gwen, goes back into the room and asks if Jared is a killer? The man says Jared did pass with flying colors, he didn't murder this JT Cornell. The guy says his work here is done, he leaves. 

As Jared talks to Theresa, Ethan watches them. Gwen is asking if she can have her ring back. He says what? Oh, yeah. He hands her his ring and then keeps watching Jared with Theresa. Jared proposes again. Ethan once again says don't do it. Jared says he proved Ethan wrong and Ethan had his chance, let them be happy. Gwen says Jared is right and pulls Ethan away. Jared asks Theresa again if she'll marry him? Theresa looks at Ethan and Gwen , Ethan tells her not to do it. Theresa however says yes! Jared says she won't regret this. Theresa says she knows. 


January 10, 2007

At the wedding, Noah and Jessica return and ask what is going on Simone fills them in on how a doctor showed up and confirmed that Fox is dying, Kay's trying to figure out what to do. Miguel is accusing Julian of hiring this doctor, but Julian says he has nothing to do with this. Miguel says like anyone believes him. Miguel turns to Eve again. Eve says Dr. Gasparo is world renowned, he wouldn't lie. Fox begs Kay to take her ring back and marry him. Pilar asks if the doctor can be trusted. Eve admits she's confused that Fox went elsewhere, but he is a fine physician and the most honorable one she's met. She doesn't think he's on the take. Miguel and Fox keep pushing and pulling Kay. Kay says what if the doctor is telling the truth. Sam returns, Kay turns to him about what is happening. Ivy says so Fox is actually dying? Julian tells her to shut up! Simone tells Kay this is up to her now, don't make a snap decision. Kay doesn't know what to do. Simone says it comes down to which man she believes. Fox begs Kay to marry him now so they can spend what little time he has left together. Ivy won't have this. Sam says let Kay make up her own mind. Sam tells Kay if she's unsure then do nothing, marriage is a huge commitment. He says don't let someone force her into a marriage that will destroy her life or warp her soul. Miguel says Sam is right, give Fox time, he won't get sicker or weaker. Fox says Miguel is the liar, how could he treat a dying man like this. Miguel says it's a lie, just wait. Fox says if they wait to long then he'll lose his only chance of happiness. Kay tells at them to stop, they have made this the wedding day from hell! Ivy begins crying that it can't be true, he can't be dying. She says God wouldn't take him from them. She begins crying all over him. Julian yanks her away and says cut the theatrics. She asks if he doesn't have a heart? Julian says they have to remain strong for Fox. Ivy begins crying on Julian. 

Meanwhile Spike shows up and motions to Jessica to talk. Jessica asks where he's disappeared to now. He says he needed a drink and to make some calls. She says during the wedding? He says he's only here for the reception, besides it doesn't look like anyone is getting married. Jessica hopes her mom gets here soon to help Kay. 

Sam continues to talking to Kay, he asks if she wants to go home? He thinks they should go home and think about it, she can marry Fox another day. Fox says no! Fox says he can't wait, he begs her to marry him now. Miguel says he won't allow it. Later Julian and Fox conference. Fox thanks his dad for getting the doctor here. Julian says if he wants Kay then seal the deal, he'll keep Ivy busy. Fox tells Kay that Father Lonigan is still here, they should get married. Sam says she doesn't need this pressure. Miguel says Fox is a liar! Sam says let Kay make up her own mind. Fox says he doesn't have a lot of time. He begs Kay to marry him. Kay says maybe she'll never marry. Miguel says don't say that. He tells Kay to be true to herself and follow her heart, who does she really love. Fox says Miguel is right, follow her heart like Miguel did when he went after Charity. Miguel says that was a mistake. Simone says she wants to talk to Kay. Simone pills Kay aside and says Fox is right, Miguel is in love with Charity still. Simone says don't forget what they saw in that shed. Kay nods and says she's made up her mind. Kay tells Fox they should get married. Miguel begs Kay not to do this. Miguel says she loves him, she can't be serious. She says she loves him and she is marrying him. Ivy says could this get any worse, her son is dying and will waste his last months with Kay? Julian drags her off. Paloma thinks poor Miguel has lost Kay. Noah says if Kay is marrying Fox then they have to respect her wishes. Pilar tells Miguel it's over, but he won't accept this. Kay tells Miguel to be quiet, she will marry Fox. She says Miguel wasn't rhere for her when Fox was. Kay says she loves Fox and he's been wonderful to Maria. She says she's sorry they wasted one minuet listening to him. Pilar tells Miguel that Kay has made her choice, just come with her. Fox says listen to his mother. Miguel and Pilar then leave. Fox and Julian smile at one another. Kay and Fox get Father Lonigan to pick up where they left off. Ivy begs Fox not to do this, they can find him someone to cure him. She says Kay will suck the rest of the life out of him. Julian warns Ivy that he will hog tie her if he has to but he won't let her ruin this wedding. Ivy says watch her! Julian says perhaps Fox may outlive his mother after all. 

Outside Miguel is watching and saying this can't happen. Pilar tells Miguel this is enough, Kay made her decision. Miguel says Fox is lying. Pilar believes him. Pilar says Kay is not stupid, if what he's saying is true then Kay will realize Fox is a liar. Pilar tells Miguel to just wait. Back inside, the wedding begins again. Fox tells Father Lonigan to just go straight to the vows. Kay and Fox both say I do and are pronounced man and wife. Outside Miguel is screaming no! Fox and Kay kiss, Father Lonigan presents Mr and Mrs Nicholas Foxworthy Crane. Outside Miguel is in tears. Miguel says Kay will realize that Fox has lied all this time. Miguel says he'll be there to pick up the pieces. 

Luis and Sheridan see Fancy on the steps. Fancy asks if she looks okay? Luis says she takes his breath away. Sheridan of course says Fancy should be in bed, it could take weeks or months before she's ready to face the world. Paloma shows up and says that is the worst advice to give a rape victim. Paloma says if Fancy feels like it then she should be up on her feet dealing with this. Paloma says it would be empowering for Fancy to track down who did this to her. Paloma says with Luis by her side she'll be able to do just that. Fancy goes to Luis' side, Sheridan hates this. Luis keeps telling Fancy how great she looks in that dress. Sheridan begs Fancy to just go back to bed, just a little while ago she thought her rapist was in her room attacking her. Fancy says she wasn't hallucinating about him. Sheridan says not long ago she was terrified, now looking at her. Sheridan says this is odd behavior, the strain is getting to her. Fancy knows what happened in her room. Luis suggests they not get excited. Paloma says Fancy looks great. Paloma says she's trying to conquer her fears and needs their support. Luis says she has his support. Paloma says hiding at home is the last thing she should do. Paloma says that behavior only prolonhes the victims feelings of shame and self loathing. Paloma says Fancy isn't a victim, she is a strong woman. Fancy says yes, she wants to pick up her career and relationships. She gives Sheridan a smile. Fancy says while she's here, she's not ready for a crowd. She also says she doesn't want to draw attention from the bride. Luis suggests they skip the wedding and have time of their own. Sheridan says no! Palomna says she'll take Sheridan back to the wedding, the two love birds can have a moment to their own.

Fancy and Luis go out to the pool house. It's all decorated for the reception. Fancy suggests they turn on a heater, it's a bit chilly. He says he can warm her up. Music starts, Luis tipped the conductor to start a bit early. They end up sharing a dance together. Fancy begins remembering the attack. She says she hopes one day she'll get over this feeling that someone may attack her at any second. Outside we see someone with a glove pick up a spoked gardening tool from a bucket. Fancy jumps and says someone is outside the window! It turns out the person is a spying Sheridan. Luis and Fancy head outside to investigate, Sheridan is gone. Luis can't find anyone, but Fancy knows someone was here. She says she just saw someone moving past the window. She says what if the rapist is still here? Luis says if he is that he'll find her. She bumps into a decoration which startles her. She feels like fool, but he says not to. They head back inside and Sheridan comes out from her hiding spot. As they pick up their dance, Fancy once again sees someone outside. It's Sheridan spying on them. Fancy swears someone is watching them. She begs him to go check again. He says okay and leaves to check. Sheridan is hiding behind a pillar as Luis asks if anyone is out here to show themselves. 

We see a replay of Theresa accepting Jared's proposal as Ethan is begging her not to. Theresa and Jared kiss. Jared says she won't regret this. Theresa says she knows she won't. Ethan says this is unacceptable, Theresa can't marry this guy! Rebecca walks in and thinks Gwen is back with Ethan. She asks Gwen what is going on here? Gwen fills her mom in, Jared proposed and Theresa accepted. Rebecca says break out the champagne! Ethan is still telling Theresa that this man is a crook, liar and probably a murderer. Jared says he passed the test. Ethan says as Jared said, they aren't fool proof. He says maybe he didn't kill JT, but he was guilty of something and JT had the proof. Gwen remembers the missing memory stick, but Rebecca's thinking about another stick of JT's. Gwen says stop that and think about the one that can destroy their lives. Meanwhile Jared tells Ethan to take his wife home. Theresa tells Ethan that she agrees, she's moved on and he has to move on with his. She says it's a pity, the day he married Gwen he picked up baggage he can't put down. She says no matter what Gwen does, he just can't leave her. Ethan asks if this is what this is about, she said yes to Jared because he is back with Gwen? Ethan says that isn't right, he won't let her do that! Chad stops them from fighting and drags Ethan off to talk sense into him. Whitney meanwhile talks to Theresa. Whitney asks Theresa if she said yes because Ethan gave Gwen the ring back. Theresa says for years she has been fighting to get Ethan back. Theresa says Ethan had his chance to leave Gwen but he didn't, he went back to Gwen. Theresa says Ethan will never want her and she'd be a fool for not accepting Jared's proposal. Gwen congratulates Theresa. Jared knows she is happy about this. He says while he's trying to stay positive, Ethan could still convince Theresa not to marry him. Gwen says not if she has a say about it. Gwen talks to her mom, they discuss if Jared and Theresa marry then Ethan will respect their vows. Rebecca says if they marry. Gwen says they have to. Meanwhile Chad is telling Ethan that he has to respect Theresa's choice. Ethan says he doesn't, she only accepted his proposal because he gave Gwen her ring back. Chad says Theresa loves him, but Ethan says she doesn't. Ethan says she loves . . . Chad says right, and he loves her. Chad says he gave Gwen her ring back, Theresa picked Jared, game over. Chad says accept it and move on. Ethan says Theresa doesn't know this guy, he is bad news. Chad says give it up. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Rebecca when Theresa marries Jared that Theresa will be out of their lives for good. Over to Theresa and Whitney, Theresa swears she knows what she's doing. She says she'll marry Jared, they'll have a great life and maybe have children of their own. Theresa tells Jared they should go to the party and celebrate. Jared calls her the soon to be Mrs. Casey. Gwen and Rebecca love the sound of that. Ethan's blood boils as he watches them kiss. Gwen thinks that they have no reason to be here. She says Ethan gave her her ring back, doesn't he love her? He says he does. She says then leave them alone. She says Jared passed the test, leave them alone. Whitney says Gwen is right, leave them alone. Ethan says he can stop this. Rebecca thinks Gwen needs to get Ethan out of here. She says no, she wants Ethan to see how happy Jared makes Theresa. Gwen says whether Ethan likes it or not, Theresa is history. Ethan argues with Theresa some more. Theresa tells him to stop it. She says Ethan should be happy for her, soon all three of them will be happy married couples. Ethan says her marriage will be like Jessica and Spike's, she'll be married to a no good lying schemer. Theresa says funny, so is he! Rebecca asks Gwen why she's not bothered that Ethan is still into Theresa? Gwen is bothered, but she thinks it will end when Theresa marries Jared. She says both Ethan and Theresa feel strongly about vows, she has nothing to worry about. Gwen knows she is right here. 


January 11, 2007
At the mansion, Kay and Fox say goodbye to Father Lonigan. The wedding is over and the reception has started. Fox thinks they should skip the reception and go straight to the honeymoon. She says he hasn't told her where they are going. Fox says it's a surprise. Julian is around, Fox thanks him for everything. Fox asks Kay if she's happy, she says she is. They quickly discuss Miguel. Fox says that is behind them ands they are together forever . . . or as long as they have. Miguel is still outside spying. Miguel says Fox has won this round, but she will leave Fox to be with him.

Later Fox thanks Julian for saving his butt today. He asks Julian how he pulled it off. Julian says he called in a favor, the less he knows the better. Fox says he thought he was going to lose Kay to Miguel. Julian had a few nervous moments himself. Fox says the best part is now Miguel looks worse than ever and Kay is his wife. Julian says Cranes always get what they want. 

Miguel tries to talk to Kay. He says he won't give up on her that easy. Kay says he tried to ruin her wedding, he doesn't belong here. Miguel says he is the best man, he has to make a toast. He says he'll leave afterwards. Miguel says he was trying to stop her from making a mistake. Kay says no he was trying to hurt her by wrecking the wedding. Kay says it's not like Miguel really loves her. Miguel says he does, but he promises her that this wedding won't last long. Kay says so what, does he think she'll come back to him after Fox dies? Miguel says he's not dying. Kay says the Cranes may be powerful but they can't control a world renowned doctor. Miguel says anyone can be bought. Miguel says he'd bet his life on the fact that the doctor was paid. Kay won't stand here and listen to anymore insulting accusations about Fox. She tells Miguel to do them a favor and concentrate on his own love life. 

Jared and Theresa show up and realize they missed the wedding. He says everyone is going to the reception so they should go. Whitney and Chad are with them. Jared and Chad head off somewhere to talk about something, leaving Theresa and Whitney to talk. Vincent the tabloid reporter shows up, he thanks Whitney for setting him up with Valerie. Whitney knew he'd like her. Theresa is stunned Whitney set them up together. Whitney says they make a perfect couple, she doesn't trust that reporter and she doesn't trust Valerie. She thinks as long as Valerie is busy with that sleaze then she won't have time for her husband. Theresa thought she was trusting Chad. Does she think he's having an affair still? Whitney says better safe than sorry, this is just in case and to keep Valerie away from Chad. Theresa says Gwen thinks the same thing, she thinks if she's with Jared then she won't be after Ethan. Whitney asks if it will work, will she stay away from Ethan? Theresa admits she'll probably never stop thinking about Ethan. Theresa just wishes Whitney would give up these suspicions about Chad. Whitney says she can't anymore than Theresa can give up her suspicions that Gwen and Rebecca sent the info to the tabloids. Theresa says there was proof, but with JT dead all that proof is gone, including her own secret. Chad and Jared return. Chad says that tabloid guy is here again. Whitney says he's with Valerie. Vincent soon shows up and talks with them all. They discuss JT and his empty envelope that was delivered to the tabloid. Vincent says they had the envelope analyzed for an imprint, JT's flash drive was in there originally. Theresa says so this stick is out there somewhere? Vincent says he guesses so. Everyone begins to worry.

Gwen and Rebecca see Vincent. Rebecca says they are lucky that the flash drive disappeared, what if it suddenly showed up. Gwen says she'd lose Ethan, but they shouldn't think about that. Gwen hopes if it does show up that Theresa will have already married Jared. She thinks that Theresa wouldn't leave Jared just like Ethan wouldn't leave her, they both share that moral obligation to vows. Later Rebecca learns Vincent is spreading the word about JT's missing stick. She realizes she has to find it before anyone else does. She also thinks she better warn Gwen.

Sam, Noah and Jessica discuss Grace coming home and how they will be a big happy family. Sam begins wondering where his mother is, she should have called him by now. Noah suggests Sam and Grace will need some alone time together, do they really want to hang out here? Sam says they will need to catch up, but Grace said she had something important to tell him. Paloma is with Noah, she calls this very romantic like in the movies. Sam says at least Grace will be here for Noah's wedding. He jokes they always thought Noah would marry first. Noah says so how about those Patriots? Sam talks about how he doesn't believe in divorce, but in Jessica's case he'll make an exception.

A drunk Spike is trying to molest Spike, she tells him to stop. He says she's been boring since she got sober and joined those meetings. Jessica tells Spike that she wants to be in good shape when her mom gets home. Spike says news flash, she has mileage on her. He says she'll never be that same old goody two shoes. She says she was happy then. Spike says she didn't know happiness until she was with the Spike-man. He says he's her family now and she is his and he says have a drink. Later Jessica sees a black ski mask fall out of Spike's pocket. He quickly picks it up. Jessica wonders if Spike is Fancy's rapist.

Sam decides to make a toasts to his daughter and new husband. He talks about how they are here for a very special occasion. He says he remembers how he and Grace always used to dream about their children's futures. He says they just wanted them to be happy and find someone who would love them as much as they do. Sam says the tradition of the father giving away his daughter, well he realizes that he is really giving his daughter away tonight. Sam says tomorrow he won't be able to pretend he's the main man in her life and that is a tough one. He starts remembering the day Kay came home claiming she had fallen in love with Miguel . . . . Sam says he meant Fox of course. He says Kay and Miguel were close through school and he is the father of Kay's daughter. He says what he is trying to say is that he knows Fox will make Kay happy and he welcomes him to the family. He's also glad Grace wasn't here to hear that speech. He says to a lifetime filled with joy and love. 

In London, the two men working on the bombing case say it's time to notify the families that their loved ones aren't coming home. They begin making calls. Later the man calls Sam and leaves a message on Sam's answering machine about Grace and asks him to please call the following number.

Luis and Fancy are outside the mansion trying to find who was spying on them. Fancy knows someone is here, Sheridan is hiding behind a pillar. Luis wants Fancy to stay back while he looks around. He soon yells out gotcha! Luis finds a cat, he thinks this is what Fancy saw. Fancy doesn't think so. Luis says he hasn't found anyone and they should go back inside. Fancy says okay. She says the reception is about to start though, perhaps they should go elsewhere. She suggests they go back to her room. They leave and the spying Sheridan slips off into a shed so she's not seen. 

Luis and Fancy head up to Fancy's room. Fancy is cold because it was freezing outside. Luis suggests a nice hot bubble bath to warm her up. Fancy says she doesn't know what she'd do without him. He says he likes taking care of her, he's sorry he's done such a lousy job. She says he hasn't what happened was because she didn't listen to him. He promises he won't let anything bad happen to her again. Luis goes to start her a bath. She sits on the bed and remembers the bubble bath they shared at the inn when they were going to . . . Luis says they will when the time is right and it will be wonderful for both of them. Luis says right now he just wants to be with her anyway he can. She says really? He says there is no rush and no pressure, they will get through this together. 

Sheridan meanwhile is hiding in a gardening closet. She thinks Fancy and Luis must have made it to Fancy's room by now. In the shed she happens to see a black ski mask and outfit. Sheridan makes a smug face. Later we see someone walking the grounds in the black outfit! 

Back in her room, Fancy is in the bath. Luis asks if she needs anything else? She says she wants Luis to join her in the tub. Luis asks if she's sure, she says she is. Luis takes off his clothes and joins her in the tub. She asks Luis to just hold her, which he does. He promises her that nothing will happen to her as long as they are together. They end up coming close to kissing, but Luis' phone rings. She says he should take it, so he does. Luis is stunned by the call, he asks if they are positive? Luis says he'll take care of it. Fancy asks what it is. Luis says he doesn't know how to tell Sam . . . Fancy says about what? Luis says the bus Grace was on blew up, she's dead. He has no idea how to tell Sam this in the middle of his daughter's wedding reception. Fancy tells Luis to go tell him. He doesn't want to leave her, but she says she's fine. They get out of the tub, Luis gets dressed. He tells Fancy to lock the door behind him. They hug and then Luis heads off. Fancy turns off the light and gets back into bed.

We see the black cloaked figure approach Fancy's door! Later we see the attacker in Fancy's room. She wakes up and sees him (or her!) standing there.

Back at the reception, Kay finishes a dance with Fox. Miguel tries to get Kay to dance with him. Noah asks Kay if she wants him to escort Miguel out. Kay says no it's okay. She sees Miguel is drunk, she says he has a lot of nerve. Miguel just wishes he was the one married to her. Fox and Julian see Miguel dancing with Kay. Fox is furious, but Julian says let it go. Julian says Fox has won, just remember which one will have Kay tonight. Julian says the worst thing Fox can do now is pick a fight with Miguel. Julian says he's a loser in everyone's eyes. Fox says thanks to Julian everyone thinks he's on his last leg. Julian says Miguel has no credibility in Kay's eyes. Miguel is dancing with Kay, he says this should be their reception. He also says deep down he knows she loves him. Kay says he's wrong, she loves Fox. Miguel says she wouldn't feel that way if she had known what he's done. She says he's the one lying and walks off. Fox is smug.

Jared and Theresa dance, Jared thinks they should take notes for their own wedding. Theresa says she knows exactly what she wants. He hopes that includes him. She says it does. He wonders if anyone would noticed if they slipped out of here. As they sneak off, Ethan fumes. Meanwhile Chad and Whitney talk about Theresa and Jared. Whitney is afraid Ethan just won't let this go. Meanwhile Ethan hears Gwen and Rebecca discussing the flash drive. Ethan realizes if he finds it then he can find out what Theresa has hidden from him as well as be able to keep her from Jared. 

Luis shows up at the reception and asks to speak to Sam. Sam is worried about Grace and why she's not here. He wants to call the airlines. Luis says they need to talk, someplace private. Luis takes Sam off. They head into the kitchen where Luis has to break the news about Grace. Luis tells Sam there was an explosion on a bus in London. He says Grace was on the bus, there were no survivors. Sam says he just spoke to her a few hours ago, she couldn't have been on the bus. Luis says he's sorry. Sam says not Grace. He says she was coming home to him. Sam breaks down in tears.

Noah and Paloma talk about how there is no evidence to help locate Fancy's rapist. Noah hopes they catch the monster. Paloma says it's driving Luis nuts. Noah says Luis' feelings for Fancy are no secret. Paloma asks if he still misses Fancy? He says no, he's more interested in current events. Paloma feels for Fancy. She says she was almost raped once. Noah holds her and comforts her. Paloma has an idea what Fancy is going through. Paloma says no woman is safe until that creep is caught. Jessica, who is listening, says she has to tell her dad it could be Spike.


January 12, 2007
At the wedding reception, Jared and Theresa are dancing and talking about their guest list. They decide Gwen and Ethan won't be invited. Jared notes that Ethan keeps staring at them. Theresa has a daydream she's dancing with Ethan. Jared asks if she's okay? Theresa says yes, her mind just wandered.

Rebecca and Gwen talk about how they have to find out what is on that flash drive. Gwen says everyone will be looking for it now that they know it's missing.

Ethan is saying he has to find the USB stick, he can prove to Theresa that Jared is bad news with it. Ethan starts looking for Vincent. Rebecca hasn't seen him. Ethan says he wants to find out what was in that envelope. Rebecca says she understands it was empty. He knows JT had dirt on Jared and wants to find and prove it.

Fox asks Kay if she's okay? She says she's happy, it's her wedding. Fox asks if Miguel upset her? He offers to have Miguel thrown out. Kay says no, they should just ignore him. Fox says if Miguel loves her so much then he should want to see her happy. Fox says she is happy isn't she? Kay says of course she is, she loves him. Fox says she's made him the happiest guy in the world. Paloma says it is time for the garter toss. Fox and Kay call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Crane and decide to proceed.

Noah tells Miguel to slow down with the drinking. He says he's caused enough trouble as is. Miguel says Kay should have married him. Noah says she didn't. Miguel says she won't be married to Fox for long. Noah asks what he means? Miguel says remember Fox claims he's dying. However Miguel says Fox isn't sick. Miguel says if he is, then within a few months he and Kay will be together. Miguel says if he doesn't die soon then it means he's lying. Miguel says he'll kill Fox himself then.

Fox and Kay get ready to throw the garter. Paloma is urging Noah to get closer. He says he didn't know it was a competition. She asks if he has anything against marriage? Noah says no he's for it. Noah takes his place with the other eager men. Fox tosses the garter over his shoulder and Miguel ends up catching it! This angers Fox. Noah quickly suggests the bride through the bouquet. Kay tells the ladies to gather around, which they do. Meanwhile Noah is scolding Miguel, saying he's drunk and needs to go home. He says don't do this to himself or Kay. Kay throws her bouquet and Theresa catches it. Theresa and Jared then reveal their engagement. Theresa didn't want to say anything as this is her night. Fox says this calls for a toast then. Ethan tells himself they won't marry if he has anything to do with it. 

Theresa and Jared head back to Theresa's room and are hot to trot. They begin to make love.

Fox takes Kay to their wedding room. She tells Fox it's perfect and this is everything she dreamed her wedding would be. Kay says she never thought she'd have this wedding. Kay talks about how she had Maria when she wasn't ready, she was always working, she never thought it would happen. She tells Fox that he has made all her dreams come true. She says she hates thinking that she will lose him. He says they shouldn't talk about the future, they should just live for now. They end up making love and talk about it they feel married. Fox does, he feels safe, secure and happy that she is his wife. Kay says it's not fair that they are together and he's going to leave her soon. Fox says it makes him mad too and there is nothing he can do. He says they should just be happy together. He says it is their wedding night, everything is perfect and nothing can take their happiness away. He says nothing and no one can ruin this night for them. 

At the B&B, Ethan finds Gwen has arranged a little seduction scene of her own in their room. She says weddings make her hot. She asks if he still finds her attractive, he says he does. She apologizes for throwing her ring at him earlier. However she says he has to admit, he has been insensitive with all his talk about Theresa and Jared. He says he has been insensitive, he just wishes he didn't feel the way he does about Jared. Gwen suggests they focus on them right now. As Gwen kisses him, Ethan can't help but think about being with Theresa not too long ago and saying she was the one he wanted.

Chad and Whitney return to their place, they are in bed and have made love. They are telling one another how much they love the other. Whitney goes to check on Miles and says she'll be right back. While she's gone, Chad drops a pill into Whitney's glass of champagne! He says he hates doing this, but he needs to. Whitney returns and downs the champagne. Whitney passes out from the drugs. Chad makes sure she's asleep and then calls his lover. He says he can get away to meet them now. 

Miguel is sulking outside. He says Fox has her now, but he's going to die soon, one way or another. Miguel says Kay will be his for the rest of his life. 

In the kitchen at the mansion, Sam tells Luis this has to be a mistake. Luis says he is just repeating what he was told. Luis says Grace was on a shuttle bus to catch a flight home and the bus exploded. Luis says there are no survivors. Sam says she was coming home, they were going to be together again. Luis says he is sorry. Sam says he just spoke to her. He says this just can't be true. He says maybe she missed the bus, maybe she wasn't on it. Luis says maybe. Sam tries to call Grace, but her phone isn't ringing. Sam says he refuses to believe Grace is dead. Jessica shows up and asks what he's saying? She asks where mom is? Sam says they don't know anything yet. Luis tells Jessica the news. Jessica cries that this can't be true. She asks if mom was on this bus. Sam says they don't know. Jessica says but if they called . . . She says mom was coming home, they were going to be a family. She says maybe this is a mistake. Sam says they have to hope. Jessica says maybe she didn't get on the bus, what if she has amnesia again. Luis says they need to remain calm until they know everything. Sam agrees. Jessica says she can't lose her mother all over again. Jessica finds some booze and begins drinking, which Sam doesn't like. She says she's been so good for mom, but now she's gone forever. Sam says not to give up on herself. Jessica says she's a drunk and a whore. She says mom is dead and nobody cares. Sam says he cares. Jessica keeps drinking and  Luis promises to make sure Jessica won't drive herself home. Luis suggests Sam go home too. Sam says maybe Grace left a message at home. Luis says he'll make calls here, he'll have Paloma watch after Jessica. Sam says this was supposed to be the day their lives all turned around. 

The attacker grabs Fancy in her room and calls her a spoiled princess. Fancy yells for help, but the attacker says nobody will hear her. Fancy knees her attacker and tries to get out, but it's locked. Fancy ends up making her attacker, but he throws her to the floor and says she'll pay for that, he'll kill her! Fancy begs them not to do this. She quickly knees him again. She tries to get out, but the room is locked. She screams for help, the attacker tells her to shut up. 

Sam is at home and gets a phone call. They have a positive ID that Grace was on the bus and is dead. Sam ends up in tears and holding a photo of Grace. Paloma and Noah show up, they ask Sam what is wrong? Sam says Jessica is drinking again. They ask why? He says it's about mom. Noah says she's coming home right? Sam says no, Grace is dead. Sam explains the story to Paloma and Noah. He also says she had something important to tell him, that she had to say it in person. Sam says she'll never have that chance. He says he won't have the chance to make up for their lost years together. 

Back at the mansion, Luis gets the news on Grace, which isn't good. He also asks the cops if they have any news on the creep who attacked Fancy. There is no new news on him. Jessica is on the floor drinking as she hears Luis talking about this. Jessica remembers the ski mask and how she thinks it is Spike. She says she has to tell Luis what she saw.

The priest with the bomb makes a call to someone and says Grace is dead, she can't tell anyone what she has found out.

The end of the show was interrupted for a local newscast and thus I missed the last few minutes and previews for the next show.


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