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3rd Week of January 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



January 15, 2007 

At the mansion, Whitney wakes up and finds Chad gone. She thinks maybe he went to check on Miles, but can't find him. She feels groggy and thinks she drank too much champagne. She can't find Chad anywhere and begins walking around the mansion.

Fancy screams for Luis and Sheridan, after locking her rapist in the closet. They soon show up. Fancy explains that her rapist returned and she maced him and then locked him in the closet. She tells them to smell the mace in the room, which they do. Luis draws his gun and examines the closet, but it's empty. Fancy says this is impossible, it can't be. Sheridan once again notices the wine and pills are knocked over. Fancy says she didn't drink or take any, that happened as they fought. She swears she was fighting for her life, why won't Luis believe her? Whitney soon shows up as Fancy is running around screaming that she will get them. Luis asks Whitney, who is looking for Chad, if she can have her mom come over to sedate Fancy. Whitney says she'll call her. Later Eve shows up with a sedative for Fancy. Fancy swears she isn't crazy, her rapist was here. She doesn't want a sedative, but Luis convinces her to take one in order to rest. As Eve prepares it, she tells Sheridan she hopes she has nothing to do with this. Sheridan asks why she would think that? Eve says because she knows her. Fancy is sedated and begins to fall asleep. Sheridan tells Luis how she's worried, Fancy is getting worse and keeps thinking her attacker is coming back. Fancy wakes up, slaps Sheridan and calls her a bitch for always down talking her to Luis. Luis gets Fancy back into bed, she passes out. She dreams that the rapist comes back while Sheridan is seducing Luis in the same room. Meanwhile Sheridan asks Luis if Fancy is losing her mind, where does that leave the two of them?

Theresa and Jared finish making love and are reveling in one another's company. Whitney soon shows up looking for Chad, they haven't seen him. Whitney thinks he's off having an affair, but Jared says Chad wouldn't. he says Chad passed the lie detector test and loves her. Jared is sure Chad is somewhere like work. He says he'll go look for Chad, they should wait here. Jared leaves and Whitney tells Theresa they are going. She's sure Chad is at that motel. Theresa says Jared said he would find Chad, but Whitney thinks Jared could be protecting Chad, perhaps going to warn him. She wants to get to that hotel and see if Chad is there with that slut.

Kay and Fox are in bed. Kay hates that Fox is dying. He says Eve found a cure for Pilar''s rare blood disease, maybe there will be a cure for his. She says he wasn't this optimistic a moment ago. Fox just wants to make the most of whatever time they have left. Jessica, who is drunk, storms Kay and Fox's room. She calls Kay a bitch and blames them for their mother's death. Kay doesn't understand. Sam soon shows up to get Jessica. He explains to Kay that what Jessica has said is true, her mom was killed on a bus explosion. Kay is in tears. Jessica lashes out at Kay blaming her for their mother's death. Sam says it's not Kay's fault, however he does tell Kay that Jessica's feelings and point are valid ones. Spike soon shows up to "stand by" his wife. Eve also arrives and learns the news. She's devastated, but Jessica blames Eve as much as she blames Kay as they both kept Ivy's lie. Eve doesn't know how to apologize. Spike tells Eve that she'll get used to everyone hating her, he has.

At the hotel, Chad shows up and meets his lover. They make love in bed. Chad thanks them for not ruining his wedding. He also says they need not be threatened by Whitney, she can't give him what they do. Later the lover heads to the bathroom to shower. Chad joins them in the shower and later leaves saying "Baby what you do to me!" 

Jared shows up banging on the hotel door for Chad to open up. Chad says this cannot be good . . . . 

We see Valerie in a shower rinsing her hair . . . . 

Chad lets Jared in. Jared says Whitney is awake and looking for him, she suspect. He says Chad has to get dressed and get out of here before he is caught. Jared ends up looking into the bathroom and is stunned by who he sees, not believing it (we never see who Jared sees though) Jared tells Chad he and his lover (not naming them) are about to be caught. Suddenly they hear Whitney and Theresa outside, Whitney is yelling for Chad.


January 16, 2007

Theresa and Whitney show up at the hotel. In their room, Chad and Jared hear her. The lover is still in the bathroom. Chad thinks he is done for. Outside Whitney and Theresa talk to the manager. Whitney demands to know if Chad Harris is here and in what room he's in. He has a list and says Chad isn't on it. He remembers Chad paid him to keep his name off the list. Whitney grabs the list and sees Valerie is on it. She demands he open Valerie's room. When he won't, Theresa threatens him with the Crane power. He opens the door and inside they find Valerie sleeping in the bed. Whitney yells at her and tells her to get up. She demands to know where Chad is, but Valerie says he's not here. They find someone in the bathroom and bang on the door. Valerie says Chad is not here. She tells them to wait outside so she can get dressed. Theresa takes Whitney out, saying there is only one door, nobody can get out. Whitney thinks her marriage is over. Vincent then walks out of Valerie's room, shocking Whitney and Theresa. Whitney expected Chad, which makes Vincent wonder why. Theresa says this does make sense, Whitney set them up on a date. Jared then shows up. He says the maid at the mansion said they were here. He says he found Chad, he's been at the mansion  this whole time. Whitney says this can't be.

Back at the mansion, Whitney finds Chad is in his room. She feels terrible for suspecting he was at the hotel. Chad claims he was in the kitchen baking a new cake for them. She wonders if he can ever forgive her. He says he can, that is what marriage is about after all. They hug and Chad, to himself, just hopes if Whitney ever learns his secret that she'll forgive him.

In Kay and Fox's room, Jessica is still lashing out at Kay and Eve for her mother's death. Miguel soon shows up and comforts Jessica. Ivy zooms into the room in order to tell Sam how sorry she is, she just heard the news. Sam tells Ivy to save it. Sam has to leave when he hears Fancy screaming, but he later returns. He lashes out at both Ivy and Eve for Grace's death and blames them both. He says they both saw him at his lowest dealing with losing Grace. He remembers talking to them both about his feelings and they said nothing. He says he blames them both for Grace's death and he will never forgive them. Sam leaves. Ivy makes some comments which enrage Eve. Eve slaps Ivy and says she disgusts her. Eve says Sam is right, they are to blame and he will never forgive them. Ivy says Sam will come around one day, he'll realize what she did, she did for love. Fox agrees, but Miguel says like mother like son, they don't know what love is. Kay feels everything her father said to Eve and Ivy that he wanted to say to her. She runs off in tears and Miguel follows. Fox races after them and Ivy and Eve follow to make sure Miguel and Fox don't kill one another. Unfortunately none of them can find Kay or Miguel.

Kay is crying at the playground. Miguel shows up. She wonders how he knew where she was. He says because he knows her better than anyone and he loves her. She talks about her mom's death being her fault. Miguel says it isn't. He says terrible things happen yes, but it's not her fault. She doesn't know how he can say such things to her knowing what she did. Miguel says he loves her.

Back at the mansion, Fancy wakes up and finds the peeper, who came out of the closet, standing there with a knife in hand. She screams and Sam later shows up and attacks him. Sheridan walks in and turns on the light, we see Sam is fighting with Luis. Luis claims he came in and heard Fancy screaming, then Sam came in and attacked him. Fancy swears the attacker was here again, but there is again no proof. No body sees that the peeper dropped his knife of the floor under the bed! Sheridan suggests pills and wine, but Fancy says no. Luis points out that she claimed the attacker was here before and left a button, but he didn't. Fancy says because Sheridan took it. He reminds her that she claimed she locked the attacker in the closet, but he wasn't there either. He says given what she's been through, it's no wonder she's having these delusions. Sheridan agrees. Fancy doesn't care what Sheridan has to say, calling her a bitch. Sheridan doesn't know how much she can take from Fancy anymore. Fancy says she doesn't need her and tells her to leave. Sheridan does, but promises she'll be back . . . Luis talks with Fancy and eventually leaves her to rest. Outside her room, Sam tells Luis if he loves Fancy then hold onto her and let nothing happen to her. Back in her room the peeper returns! 

In the kitchen a drunk Jessica accuses Spike of being Fancy's rapist, saying she saw his ski mask. He says he could never do something like that, but she says every time they have sex it is practically rape.  She says she's going to go tell Luis. He breaks an empty bottle and says like hell she will! He reminds her what will happen if she opens her mouth. Sam then comes in and attacks Spike, who claims he was helping Jessica clean up a bottle. Jessica confirms Spike's story. Luis later shows up and wonders if Spike was just in Fancy's room, but he denies it. Luis gets rough with Spike. Spike screams police brutality. Sam tells Luis they have no proof, but does agree that he is suspicious of Spike. Later SPike is alone with Jessica. He claims he has things to do and she should go home. She cries to herself that she doesn't recognize the person she's become.


January 17, 2007
At the mansion, Fox is still looking for Kay, who is no where to be found. Miguel is also gone, Fox fears they could end up together. He has security searching the whole town. Julian is with Fox trying to urge him to find Kay, remember he is a Crane. Ivy also shows up. She and Julian argue over what has happened to Fox, both arguing about their schemes. Ivy thinks Fox is really dying and he shouldn't waste time on Kay. Later when they are alone,  Julian lectures Fox as Ivy spies. Julian and Fox are worried, if Kay and Miguel get together they could uncover Fox's imposter scheme. They also end up discussing Fox's illness and how they'll have to cure it. A spying Ivy is furious when she learns that it was all a trick and that Fox let his own mother think he was dying.

Kay and Miguel on the playground telling one another they love the other and kissing. Kay of course comes to her senses and stops them from going too far. She tells Miguel that she knows about him and Charity, she saw them making love in the shed at her shower. Miguel has no idea what she's talking about, he hasn't seen Charity since she left town. He says whatever she saw, he's sure it was Fox's doing. Miguel says Fox made her somehow believe he betrayed her with Charity. Kay doesn't know what to believe anymore, but she remembers Tabitha's prophecy that the dark side would be destroyed if Miguel and Charity got together. She begins to wonder if Miguel is right. Later they end up kissing and begin get hot and heavy with one another!

Back at the mansion, Theresa and Jared enjoy one another's company in bed and make love. Later Jared gets up to get them some champagne. Jared ends up finding a photo of Theresa with Ethan and Little Ethan. He becomes upset over this, but Theresa claims its an old photo. He wants Ethan out of her life. Theresa ends up agreeing, she needs to move on from Ethan. She promises him that Ethan is out of her life.

In her room Fancy is sleeping when the peeper returns AGAIN. He stabs at her with the knife, but only destroys the sheets. He leans over her and breathes on the side of her face. Luis soon shows up and knocks on the door to check on Fancy. He goes in and sees that she's asleep, but her bed is a mess and everything has been ripped. He wakes her up and shows her what has happened. She thinks it's proof the attacker was here again. Upon investigating they find that the attacker left a knife behind in Fancy's bathrobe. She doesn't know how it got there. Luis sends it to the lab for analysis. Luis later gets a call, only Fancy's prints and his are on the knife! 

In their room, Gwen listens in as Ethan has another dream about Theresa, in which he's saving her from Jared again. Ethan wakes up and Gwen is furious as Ethan tries to explain how he's worried that Little Ethan is in danger, but she won't hear it. She tells him that he's going to lose her and Jane if he keeps this up. She refuses to talk about it anymore and just wants to go to sleep. Later rapist comes into their room as they are both asleep. The rapist ends up going to Ethan's side and uses some kind of vial with a scent in it to give Ethan a hypnotic suggestion saying that Theresa is in danger and needs help.


January 18, 2007
Ivy lashes out at Fox for lying to her about dying. She demands answers, but Fox is more concerned with finding Kay. She wants him to not waste time on her, but Fox defends Kay to his mom. Ivy learns Miguel is trying to take Kay from Fox, she wishes Fox would leave her to him. Ivy lectures him about how if he has to lie to his true love then he deserves better. Fox lashes out at his mother, saying she only ever cared about Ethan, she always loved him more. When Ivy learns about Fox's scheme with the imposters she is shocked. Fox lets her know he is her son and he learned everything from her. 

At the park, Miguel and Kay begin to make love to one another. Afterwards Kay realizes she has broken her vows. She says she'll burn in hell. Miguel says fox is the one who has lied to her. Miguel then remembers the drunk Jessica's story about the imposters she saw. He realizes Fox was behind everything and sets out to find him and get the truth.

In Fancy's princess room, Luis tells Fancy about the knife and how their prints are the only ones on it. Fancy worries that Luis believes she may have done this herself, she thinks she's being set up to look crazy. Luis says he believes her, he won't make the same mistake again in not trusting the woman he loves. Luis offers to stay the night here with Fancy to watch her. Fancy can't sleep so Luis reads her a junior high romance novel, a spoof of sweet valley high about a cheerleader. Fancy falls a sleep and Luis doesn't realize someone is hiding in the pile of Fancy's toys.

Jared and Theresa continue to talk about Ethan. Jared is fed up with Ethan and Theresa promises he's out of her life. Jared goes on a rampage bashing Ethan left and right, which upsets Theresa some. She somewhat defends Ethan and says she thinks Ethan will have to accept and get over this. Chad then calls, there is a problem with a deal and Jared has to go to work.

At the office, Jared and Chad work. Jared lectures him about his late night flings with his lover, which he has to stop. Jared then complains to Chad about Ethan and how he won't stop coming between him and Theresa.

The Peeper/attacker has Ethan in a trance and convinced Theresa is in danger and needs him. He gets Ethan to the mansion and up to Theresa's bedroom and then tells Ethan that she's in danger and needs to know how much Ethan loves her. Ethan goes to Theresa, who is sleeping in her bed. They kiss.


January 19, 2007
Kay goes to Tabitha's to talk to her and get advice, but she finds a note that Tabitha is in bed and the girls are down for the night. Kay is so confused. Simone shows up, she heard the news about her mother. Kay explains the whole story about the bus and the bomb. Kay blames herself, but Simone says this is Ivy's fault. Simone asks Kay where she's been. Kay tells Simone she's been with Miguel, and by with she means they slept together. Simone thinks Miguel stalked her down, but Kay says he didn't. She left to be alone after the news of her mom's death when Miguel showed up to comfort her. She says one thing lead to another. Simone tells her how serious this is, she broke her vows in record time. Simone says of all the crazy things she did, marrying Fox and then committing adultery is at the top of the list. Simone tells Kay that she thought she loved Fox. Kay says she does. Simone asks Kay if she couldn't wait given Fox is dying. Kay says that is just it, Fox isn't dying. Kay says Miguel is sure Fox is faking it. Kay says Fox didn't look sick today, but Simone says maybe because he was happy to have married her. Kay also thinks if Fox was ill and needed a reference to another doctor that Eve would know. Still, Simone can't believe she's believing Miguel. She reminds Kay how Miguel cheated on her with Charity, how they heard them discussing all their plans. Kay says another lie. Kay says Miguel swears he has never been with Charity. She also says Miguel thinks Fox is behind that too, remember Jessica did see those "aliens" take off Miguel and charity masks. Simone says but she was drunk, though she did accuse Fox of setting it all up. Kay is confused, she knows Fox so well but doesn't think he'd stoop to this. Kay says Miguel thinks Fox found out she was going to leave him, this is what it was all about. Kay thinks Miguel is being honest with her. She thinks she is going to have her marriage annulled. Simone says she needs to slow down. Simone says it's too bad they can't talk to Charity. Suddenly the doorbell rings. Kay and Simone answer it and standing there is Charity! 

At the mansion, Fox is drinking and is alone, finally having gotten rid of his mother. He thinks about his schemes (via flashbacks) and what he's done, how he can't lose Kay. Miguel storms in and says it's too late, Kay knows what he's done. Miguel accuses him of lying about his disease, but Fox says they heard his doctor. Miguel won't believe him, they could have paid him off. HE also says Kay knows about the imposters too, Miguel is sure that Fox hired them. Fox says Kay is his wife, she will believe him when he says Miguel is the liar. Miguel says he doesn't think so, he was just with Kay and told her everything. Miguel also lets Fox know he was WITH Kay. Fox attacks Miguel. They both fight and Miguel tells Fox he is going to come with him and tell Kay the truth.

Jared is driving home to Theresa. He's thinking all about her and has flashbacks of their whole relationship. He says she is the woman of his dreams, he can't wait to marry her. Meanwhile at the B&B, Gwen wakes up and Ethan is gone. She wonders where he is. She goes looking around the nursery and kicthen, no Ethan. She even calls his phone, no answer. She wonders if he's with Theresa. She heads out to the mansion. She and Jared both run into one another at the mansion. Gwen explains Ethan is gone, she thinks he's with Theresa. Jared says he better not be trying to force her into anything. Gwen says newsflash, Ethan won't have to force Theresa. They head to Theresa's room. In Theresa's room, Ethan and Theresa are in bed. Theresa is asleep and thinks she's with Jared. She looks at Ethan and sees JAred. Ethan meanwhile is in a trance and we see flashbacks of the peeper/rapist forcing him to the mansion by saying Theresa needed him. Gwen and Jared walk in only to find them in bed making love!

In Fancy's room, Fancy hugs her stuffed football player as she falls asleep. Luis sleeps on the couch to protect her. Neither realize the rapist/peeper is hiding in a pile of stuffed animals. Fancy ends up having a cheerleader dream in which she's a varsity cheerleader and Luis is the quarterback. It's right out of her cheerleader book. MEanwhile the peeper injects Luis with a drug. He goes foggy, looks up and thinks Fancy is standing over him. The peeper begins taking Luis' clothes off and pulls out a condom! Later He/She drags Luis out of the room. The peeper then returns for Fancy. He/She climbs onto of Fancy, who wakes up screaming. They fight again.


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