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4th Week Of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



January 22, 2007 

TC shows up to tell Sam he's sorry about Grace. Sam talks about how much he loved Grace. TC doesn't understand how this could happen to Grace, who would want to do this to her. Sam recalls a phone conversation with Grace. Grace told Sam she had found out something, someone was out to hurt everyone in Harmony. Sam tells TC that he thinks Grace was killed because of something she knew. Sam remembers that Grace had told him that their family, Pilar's family and the Russells were all in danger. She said she never knew of such evil. We see a shadow watching Grace, but when she turned around, nobody was there. Sam tells TC that Grace is right, this world is full of evil. TC wonders who it could be that is after them, another demon from hell like they fought years ago? Sam doesn't know, but Grace said they had to look at things like Alice through the looking glass, like nothing around them was real. He thinks if they do that then maybe they'll get the answers.

At a bar, Jessica is dancing with some guy. Spike shows up and says that's his wife. The guy says he's sorry. Spike says it's no big deal, he just has to pay first. The guy says he'll pass and walks off. Spike tells Jessica to get cash before throwing herself at men. She tells him to leave her alone. She knows he raped Fancy, but he says he didn't. He says even if he did, he's still a saint compared to Ivy, Eve and Kay. Jessica says if it weren't for them her mom would be alive. Spike knows she misses her mom, but says he has her now. 

Noah is at the bar drinking away. He thinks it is good his mom died when she did, if she came home and saw Jessica with SPike that would have killed her. Noah wants more booze but is cut off. Paloma shows up to get Noah, she heard he might need a ride. He says his mother is dead. Paloma says she heard and she is sorry.

Later Noah and Paloma confront Jessica and SPike. Noah wants Jessica to go home with him, so many people care about her like him, dad, Ethan and Kay.  She says Kay is the reason mom is dead. Noah admits what Kay did was wrong, but she still loves her. He also says think about what Mom would have thought if he came home and saw her with Spike. Spike says he loves Jessica, he shows her and they do it all sorts of ways because variety is the spice of life. Paloma thinks she will be sick. Spike wants Noah to take Chiquita Copita home as she's a buzz kill. He says  his wife is morning her mother who is resting in pieces. Noah almost clocks Spike, but Paloma stops him. Noah says Mom left because she thought David was her husband and John her son, she thought it was the right thing. Jessica says what about her? She says she is still . . was mom's daughter. She says mom did what she had to do and she will do what she has to. She says mom put David first so she's putting Spike first. Spike goes off about how Noah and his family are losers. He says Noah's a bum, Kay is a gold digger and Jess is, well a whore. He thinks Sam will probably put a bullet in his head soon. Later Jessica leaves with Spike. Paloma thinks this is wrong, but Noah can't stop her as she's a grown woman. He says seeing Jess like this makes him realize what he wants out of life. Paloma asks what that is. He says right now it is her. He pulls her into his lap and the kiss!

Miguel attacks Fox and the mansion, saying Kay won't believe him anymore. Miguel says he'll make Kay believe  that he hired those imposters, she already knows he's not dying. Fox says Kay won't believe Miguel. Miguel says she believed it when she made love to him. Miguel beats the heck out of Fox and plans to take him over to see Kay now so he can confess the truth. HE tries to take Fox out, but Fox flips Miguel over his shoulder and says he's not going anywhere and won't lose his wife. Fox walks out the front door of the mansion.

Fox is on the street trying to think what to do. He wonders how Grandfather would deal with this situation. He says he could get the fake Charity to call Kay again and say what a pig Miguel is. As he's talking he doesn't realize a car is speeding towards him. Later we see Fox on the ground, blood is coming out of his head. 

Charity shows up at Tabitha's and tells Kay how sorry she is about Grace, she loved her like a mom. Simone asks Charity how dare she come back here after sleeping with Miguel? Charity doesn't understand. They want to know if she has slept with Miguel. Charity thinks it is none of their business, but says she never did sleep with Miguel. They ask not even on Thanksgiving in the shed? Charity swears she was not here for Thanksgiving, this is the first time she came home since leaving. Simone says she's lying. Charity swears she hasn't been home and hasn't seen Miguel since she left. She say she spoke to Miguel, he called to say he was in love with Kay now and wanted to marry her. Kay says that is what Miguel says. Simone wonders if Miguel was right, did Fox make them think they saw Miguel making love to Charity? Charity then sees a wedding announcement for Kay and Fox's wedding. Kay says she did marry Fox. Charity asks what about Miguel then? Kay says it's a long and complicated story. She asks Charity for a moment to collect her thoughts, so Charity heads to the kitchen. Kay tells Simone everything this Charity says matches what Miguel says, and this Charity is a lot like the old Charity and not that slut who was just here. Kay says to herself it also explains why nothing happened to the dark side. Simone asks if she believes Miguel then? Kay says it would mean Fox cooked up one evil scheme. Simone says he has the money. Kay wonders if Fox could be so evil though. Later as Simone and Kay continue to talk, Miguel shows up short of breath. He says he took care of Fox, Fox won't ever hurt her again. Simone says she's back, Miguel asks who. Charity walks in and says hello to Miguel. Kay looks at the looks between the two.

At the mansion, Gwen throws a glass across the room when she and Jared walk in on Ethan and Theresa in bed. They turn on the light, both are stunned to see one another in bed with the other. Theresa swears she thought she was with JAred, Ethan has no idea how he got here. Gwen isn't buying it and slaps Ethan. Chad and Whitney soon show up and are shocked. Ethan swears he thought he was at the B&B with Gwen. Jared calls Ethan a bed hopping dog and demands he go out into the hall so he can beat t he hell out of him. Ethan gets out of bed and wraps a towel around him. He swears to Gwen that he doesn't know how he got here. She's not listening to him anymore. Theresa swears she thought she was with Jared, she loves him and wouldn't cheat on him. Whitney says it's true. Jared says he'll deal with Theresa later. He tells Ethan that he accused him of being a murder, well he'll prove him right. Jared says he's going to kill Ethan and decks him! Gwen tells Ethan that he heard Jared, get up! Theresa begs them to stop this. She says she didn't know she was with Jared. She tells Gwen to do something, but Gwen says she is cheering Jared on hear. Ethan says he doesn't know what happened, Theresa believes him. All Jared wants to do is finish things with Ethan. Suddenly everyone hears Fancy screaming. Chad and Whitney say they'll check on Fancy, they should settle this. Theresa swears to Whitney she thought she was with Jared. Whitney says good luck convincing Jared. Gwen and Jared lay into Ethan, they say he couldn't have walked her naked nor driven in his sleep. Theresa swears she didn't know she was with Theresa.  Jared says that makes Ethan a sexual preditor, he took advantage of her. Ethan says he didn't know he was with her. Gwen says don't go there, he should know the difference between two women in bed. She says he knew the difference before when Theresa disguised herself as her and slept with him. JAred asks Theresa if she said make love to me, or make love to me Jared. She doesn't know, why does it matter? He says because if she said her name then Ethan can be charged with sexual assault. He asks Theresa which was it? Theresa won't lie to Jared, she couldn't have asked Ethan to make love to her. Ethan still says he's no predator, he didn't insinuate himself into Theresa's life the way Jared did. Jared says he will make Ethan pay for doing this to Tess.

In Fancy's room, the rapist once again attacks her. She realizes no one is around to save her. She plays dead to make the rapist let his guard down. She then attacks him. However the rapist over powers her, knocks her out, tapes her mouth and then carries her to the bed. Fancy comes to and sees the peeper over her with a knife. Fancy thinks he's going to kill her. She begins screaming when she finally gets the tape off her mouth.

Chad and Whitney later find Fancy in bed with the sheets a mess. They think she had a nightmare, but she wakes up and swears the rapist was just here and attacking her. They say nobody is here, but she swears he was here. She says he had gagged her, he attacked her again . . violated her. Chad and Whitney ask where he is now then, they saw nobody in the hallway and the windows are closed. Fancy says he must still be here. In the closet we see the Peeper with a knife!


January 23,  2007

At Tabitha's, Miguel and Charity hug one another and say how well the other looks. Miguel says the Caribbean sun agrees with her, she loves his longer hair. Simone says Charity just came back after learning about Grace. Charity says Grace dying like her mom is so terrible. Simone says they questioned Charity about her having sex with Miguel at Thanksgiving. Charity says she told them what she knows, how she hasn't been home and how he called her. Miguel says he told them the same thing. Charity doesn't understand why Kay married Fox though, she was just about to explain. Miguel says he took care of Fox, he'll never come between them again. Kay is puzzled. She asks what he means? Miguel says he figured out that Fox hired actors to pose as him and Charity. Charity says that is why they grilled her about having sex with Miguel? Suddenly Sam shows up, he sees Charity and hugs her. Charity says she came as soon as she heard about Aunt Grace. Kay asks Sam if she wanted to see her? Sam says someone from the mansion called the house looking for her, it's about Fox. Sam asks Kay why she is not with Fox on her wedding night? Kay begins to explain why she left the mansion and how she doesn't know where Fox is. Miguel says Fox is at the mansion, they got into it pretty good. Miguel says he left Fox there and came looking for Kay, but he wished he had killed Fox given what he did to them. Sam asks where his car is? Miguel asks why it matters? Sam says Fox has been the victim of a hit and run and the way Miguel is talking, he wonders if the driver is him. Kay asks if Fox is okay, Sam says he's in serious condition. Miguel swears he didn't do this. He says Fox was leaving the mansion to come here to find her the last he saw him. Charity knows Miguel wouldn't hurt anyone, she sticks up for him. Sam suggests they go look at Miguel's car, if he didn't hit Fox then his car won't be damaged . . . if it is then he'll have to arrest Miguel. Miguel says Sam has known him his whole life, how could he think he would do this. Sam says he threatened his and Grace's life when they were going to take Charity off life support. Miguel says that was different, he didn't want to lose Charity. Sam says like he doesn't want to lose Kay. Miguel says fine they'll go look at his car, there is no damage to it. We see a shot of Miguel's car, it's damaged! The whole side of the car is damaged and it looks like blood is on it.

Out on the street we see a replay of what happened to Fox, he was run down by a car. He lays in the street and we hear sirens in the background. The paramedics arrive, they think he has internal bleeding. They look over him and say it's a wonder he's still alive. They radio the ER and the coroner, they think he'll ultimately end up in the morgue. Fox is rushed to the ER where Eve is ready to work on saving him. She says whoever did this wanted them dead, that person may get their wish. She asks the OR to be put on standby. Suddenly Fox flatlines. Eve works to save his life, begging him not to die and turn the person who did this to him into a murderer.

In Fancy's room, Chad and Whitney look around for the rapist. Chad looks in the closet, but says it's empty. Fancy says he could be hiding way in the back. Suddenly Chris and Sheridan show up. Sheridan asks "what happened this time?" Fancy hates Sheridan making her sound like she's crazy. Sheridan says she is worried about her. Sheridan asks if she dreamed about being attacked again? Fancy says he did more than attack her and it wasn't a dream. Fancy says he must have taken the tape away with him as not to leave any proof. Sheridan says like the button and the mace. Chad can't find any proof around that the attacker was here. Sheridan says she's sure there is an explanation. Fancy wonders why Sheridan keeps trying to come between her and Luis. Fancy says Sheridan has a husband and a son, that should be enough for her. Sheridan says it is. Chris says Sheridan is happy for her and Luis. Fancy says her aunt is trying to make her look crazy. Whitney says her subconscious could be playing tricks on her, but Fancy says it's Sheridan playing tricks. Sheridan tells Chris how Fancy is so traumatized that she keeps trying to convince Luis she's being attacked over and over, but there is never proof. Fancy accuses Sheridan of filling Chris' head with lies. Sheridan says there is know proof she was attacked. Suddenly Whitney says Fancy has a huge bruise forming on her cheek. Fancy says the rapist punched her, now they have proof. She then hears a noise and is sure someone is in the closet. Chad says he checked, but Fancy says he must be in the way back.  Sheridan says nobody is in there. Fancy says that would make her happy. Fancy heads into the closet looking for them. Nobody is in there. She says she heard something, didn't they? Nobody else did. Still Fancy says the bruise proves he was here. Whitney suggests they go to the hospital, but Fancy won't go. She wants to find this man and prove she was attacked again. Sheridan says both Whitney and Chad said she was alone when they found her. She says it was just like when she and Luis found her alone. Fancy says the bruise proves she was attacked. Sheridan says that proves nothing. Fancy asks if she is implying she hit herself? Sheridan says if she dreamed she was being attacked then she could have hit herself while flailing about. Fancy says she was attacked. She says Luis will back her up. She then asks where Luis is? She says Luis was here earlier, he stayed with her until she fell asleep. Chad and Whitney say they didn't see him. Fancy thinks Luis went after the attacker then. She wants Crane security called about this. Chad calls them and asks if they know if Luis is chasing anyone on the estate. Chad is told they haven't seen Luis or anyone else, all they've seen is Sheridan and Chris coming in earlier. Fancy says the security here is a joke, Chris was shot, Phyllis was killed, a heard of wild cattle could be here and nobody would know. Fancy knows her rapist is here and runs out to find them. Everyone follows her. Back in the closet we see the rapist is once again there with his knife. 

Fancy is running around the mansion looking for Luis, but nobody has found him. Chad calls security again, Luis hasn't been spotted but there is strange movement in the kitchen. Fancy thinks Luis has her attacker cornered and they head there. In the kitchen they find nobody. Fancy wants to check the breakfast room, but Chad says he and Chris will check it out. They soon return, nobody was there. Sheridan suggests the cat just set off the motion detector. Whitney says there is no sign of a chase here. Fancy worries Luis could be in trouble, what if someone has stabbed him and he's dying somewhere. Chad suggests she go to bed and they'll have security sweep the estate. Fancy hears another noise, Sheridan claims she heard nothing. Everyone else did hear it though, it came from the pantry. Sheridan quickly says oh yeah, I heard that too. Chad and Chris go to check it out. Chad opens the door, out falls a man in black. Fancy says that is the rapist, take off his mask so she can see who he is! They take off his mask, Fancy says it can't be! She is stunned by what she sees.

In Theresa's room, Ethan tells Jared that he didn't take advantage of Theresa and he didn't insinuate himself into her life like Jared did. Jared says he will teach Ethan a lesson and decks him. Theresa begs Jared to stop, she asks Gwen for help. Gwen says it's all she can do to stop Jared from neutering him. Theresa says it wasn't anyone's fault, it just happened.  She says Ethan didn't hurt her, he doesn't know how he got here and she thought she was with Jared. Jared warns Tess that she's skating on thin ice here. Gwen tells JAred to learn from her stupidity, they don't want them . . .they want each other. Gwen thinks it is time they were given what they want.  Ethan says she can't want to end their marriage over this. She says this is the tip of the ice berg, they've been sailing on the titanic for a long time now. She tells Ethan she is drowning in all these lies. Ethan swears he doesn't know how he got here. She says he lies every time he denies wanting Theresa. Ethan says he's just been concerned over JAred latley. Gwen says that is his latest excuse, she's sick of them and of him. Gwen walks out and Ethan follows. Ethan leaves as Jared is yelling that Theresa will have him arrested. 

Jared still wants Ethan arrested. Theresa tells Jared she won't do that. She says this was a mistake and that is all. Jared can't believe this, she had to know the difference between them. She says her head was cloudy from the champagne. He says that is the oldest excuse in the book. She says nobody was at fault, but Jared says Ethan is scum and took advantage of her. Jared calls 911 and demands Theresa tell the operator to have Ethan arrested. Theresa takes the phone, but says there has been a mistake. He can't believe she won't have Ethan put away. Theresa tells Jared this is extreme, Ethan is Jane's father. Jared says he's a sexual predator. Theresa says no, he wouldn't do that. Jared keeps saying he took advantage of her and wants her to press charges.  She assures Jared that Ethan would never hurt her. Jared wonders if Theresa has lied to him, did she know it was Ethan making love to her? Deep down inside did she know on some level? Theresa says yes, somewhere deep down she must have known it was Ethan. Jared says well finally the truth. Theresa says on some level she knew it was Ethan, but she consciously thought it was Jared she was with. Theresa  says this thing with Ethan has been going on for years. Theresa begins telling him the story, he says she stole Ethan from Gwen. Theresa says if they were meant to be then they would have without her complicating things. She says she met him and wanted to move on with him. He says but she still loves Ethan. He says if she still loves Ethan then they are through as a couple. Theresa says she told him there would always be a part of her that had feelings for Ethan. She says Ethan is her son's trustee. She says she loves Jared though, he is the one she wants a life with. Jared still wants charges brought against Ethan, but Theresa won't do it. Jared says then their engagement is off. Theresa says he can't say that. He means it, press charges or they are finished. Theresa says she won't have him arrested. Jared says then he can't be with her. He says it's too bad, he does love her. Jared then walks out on Theresa. Jared says Tess has shown him who is really in her heart and it is Ethan.

Ethan goes after Gwen to talk to her. He assures her that he doesn't know how he got into bed with Theresa. Gwen says it doesn't matter. She says he doesn't need to live a lie anymore, she is setting him free to be with Theresa. She says God help him. Gwen tells him not to play strong and noble for her anymore. She says she's loved him her whole life and being his wife was a dream come true, but not anymore. He knows he hasn't been the best husband lately. She says lately? She says he always puts Theresa first, whether by choice or not. She says this has to stop, so she is stopping it. He says he can fix this. She says he can't. She says he can't change who he loves. He says he loves her too. Gwen says not as much as Theresa. HE says they can move as they planned, but Gwen says he'll always find an excuse to come back and see her. He says it won't happen. Gwen says he can't keep that promise. She says he loves Theresa and she's been pathetic for putting up with it this long. She says she can't make him love her, but she deserves a man who does. Ethan says he loves her and he has not divorced her yet, that proves something. Gwen says it doesn't matter. She says she's put up with his feelings for Theresa out of fear of losing him, but she already lost him the moment he found Theresa. Ethan promises to put her and Jane first from now on. She says he hasn't been able to do it in the past. He says this is his wake-up call. She says this isn't good enough, she shouldn't have to beg any man to treat her the right way. He says he can fix this, he can make it better. She says he always says that but this is it, she's leaving him. She says she's going away and  even if he could get Theresa out of his heart, well she doesn't think she could take him back. She says he's hurt her so many times, this could be the end. Gwen then walks off. Ethan follows her saying she can't just leave, what about work and her mother. Gwen says she'll take a leave of absence and her mother will understand.  She tells Ethan until he can figure out who and what he wants, have the decency to leave her alone.  She then walks out.


January 24, 2007

At the hospital Eve is trying to save Fox, who is flat lining. Ivy and Julian show up looking for Fox. The nurse says they can't go in. Julian says he's Julian Crane, he goes where he wants. They walk in as a nurse working with Eve is saying they've lost him. Eve begs them to go, she's trying to save Fox here. She tells them to get out as they are wasting her time by arguing with her.  The nurse says they've lost him, but Eve keeps trying. Julian takes Ivy out because they don't want to see this. Ivy cries on Julian's shoulder. Ivy thinks this is karma.  Julian says there is nothing else they can do. Ivy says they can pray, the prayers of two sinners like them would mean a lot. Eve comes out and tells Julian and Ivy that Fox flat lined and she did everything. Ivy thinks he's gone, but Eve says Fox is stabilized. Ivy knew praying would work. Eve says Fox is in critical condition. She says they have to find out how badly he's injured. Ivy asks how this happened? Eve says it was a hit and run. Julian says the police better find who did this. Eve says they'll do the best they can, her focus is keeping Fox alive. Ivy asks Eve to do the best she can. Eve says she always does. Julian keeps talking about he wants the bastard who did this. Ivy asks how someone could do this to their son. Julian says when he finds the driver it will be the driver who dies.

Outside somewhere Sam, Kay, Simone Charity and Miguel go to look at his car. He says Sam won't find any evidence. Sam thinks he better retract that statement. They see the side of Miguel's car is smashed up. Sam says he has enough evidence to arrest him. They find Miguel's front bumper is smashed up. Miguel swears he knows nothing about this or how it happened. Sam says he told them that he took care of Fox, that he thought Fox crawled off to die. Miguel says it was a figure of speech. Kay doesn't know what to believe, she has to get to the hospital. Miguel wants to drive her but Sam won't let Miguel go anywhere. Miguel asks if he's under arrest? Sam says no, not yet. Miguel wants to take Kay to the hospital, but Sam says no. Sam says forensics has to go over this vehicle. Miguel says they won't find anything. Miguel says he wouldn't hit anyone and he wouldn't leave the scene of the crime if he did. Charity and Simone decide to take Kay to the hospital. Miguel wants to go, he says he has done nothing. He says Fox is the liar and schemer. Kay is confused, she doesn't know who to believe.

On the way to the hospital, Kay talks to Simone. She doesn't want to believe Miguel is lying and he swears Fox is behind it. Simone says that means she's married to a Crane monster. Simone says someone is lying here. Simone says all the evidence is pointing to Miguel. 

Back at the hospital, Sam is on the phone talking about the hit-n-run. He says a forensic team is on it right now. Sam says they may be able to match the car to Miguel, he is the only suspect. Sam wants them to call him at the hospital with any news. Ivy and Julian hear this. Julian confronts Sam, he thinks he's protecting Miguel because he's Luis' brother. Sam says Fox is his son in law and wants to find who did this. Sam says he's taking care of this case like any other.  Julian thinks the culprit won't be caught if Sam handles the case. Eve shows up, she asks what is going on. Julian says Sam won't arrest Miguel. Sam says they don't have the evidence yes. Kay, Miguel, Simone and Charity arrive. Julian goes into a rage and attacks Miguel.

Rebecca finds Gwen packing at the B&B. Gwen tells her mom how her marriage is over and she's leaving. Rebecca doesn't want her to let Theresa win. Gwen says she can't live like this anymore, she's leaving and filing for divorce first thing in the morning. Ethan walks in and begs her not to do it. Gwen says their marriage is dead because of his obsession with Theresa. She says she'd be a fool not to give up. She says he was dreaming about having sex with Theresa and like a fool she went back to bed. She says she woke up and found him gone, only to find him in bed with Theresa. Ethan says he doesn't know how he got there, he certainly wouldn't have driven their naked. Rebecca says naked! Rebecca says she's woken up in dozens of men's beds not knowing how she got there. Gwen says she wont live like this, their says their marriage is over. Gwen says they don't have a real marriage, a marriage is not between three people. She also says marriage is about commitment and he's always obsessed with Theresa. She says it's sick and pathetic, it's making her sick and pathetic. Ethan wants her to stay, but she says she's not staying and if he had any decency he wouldn't try and talk her out of this. Gwen wants the bag with Jane's things, but Ethan says she can't take Jane. He says Jane is Theresa's biological daughter, she can't violate the custody agreement. Ethan says Theresa will stop her from leaving. Gwen says so Theresa has her husband and her daughter too. Gwen says Jane is her daughter. Ethan says Theresa is a Crane now, she has the power. Ethan says they can try for a court order, it will take time. Gwen says she guesses she should be happy that Theresa didn't void out the original custody agreement so far. Ethan suggests they void the order and they all can leave together. Gwen says he's suggested they leave before but they are still here because he can't leave Theresa. Ethan says he will this time. She says she won't hold her breath. She says what would his clients think if they knew he never keeps his promises. Gwen says she's no better, she keeps coming back to him. Gwen says even in his sleep he goes to Theresa. Ethan swears he doesn't know what happened or why he can't remember. In the hall we see the peeper laughing as they spy on them. We see a replay of the peeper drugging Ethan and putting him in a trance.  Ethan begs Gwen for a chance. Rebecca says it's a just a little adultery, it happens in every marriage. Gwen says it doesn't. She says she deserves so much better, a man who only loves her. Gwen says the sad part is that Ethan is in love with a woman he really doesn't know. Gwen gives Ethan her ring and says give it to Theresa. Ethan won't and Rebecca begs her to put the ring back on. Gwen says she knows what she's doing here. Rebecca says she can't be serious. Gwen grabs a hammer and smashes the ring to show how serious she is. She says their marriage is over. Rebecca thinks Gwen will regret this.

In the kitchen we see a replay Chad and Luis finding the peeper passed out in the closet. Fancy demands they take the mask off. They do and everyone is stunned, the unconscious person in the outfit is Luis! Fancy says this can't be right. Sheridan says it doesn't make any sense. Luis comes to and is confused. He asks what is going on. Chris says they'd like to know. Luis ask what the hell is he doing here? They sit him in a chair, he thought he was in the princess room. Jared shows up wondering if he interrupted something. Chad and Chris say they are trying to figure out what is going on here. Jared says well he's leaving, so Chad and Whitney go to talk to him. They leave the room. Luis has a headache and doesn't know how he got here. He asks what is it? Sheridan says something happened. Chris says something bad. Fancy says she was assaulted again. Luis says he's so sorry. He can barely walk. Sheridan thinks Fancy needs to see a doctor. Fancy refuses, she doesn't want to be touched. Chris says she was assaulted by a man wearing a ski mask . . .this ski mask. Luis asks if they caught him, who was it? Chris says they found him wearing it. Luis says he doesn't know how he got down here. Sheridan asks if he hit his head? Luis says he doesn't know, he feels so strange. Sheridan explains that Fancy says she was attacked again. Sheridan says whoever it was came into her room wearing that mask, or a mask like that. Luis asks how he got in? Sheridan says they heard Fancy screaming and found her alone. Fancy says she was there. Luis tells Fancy that it will be okay. He comforts her as she cries. Fancy and Luis sit at the table. Luis says he's so sorry, he doesn't even know. . . . She asks where he was, where did he go? Fancy says she called out to him for help.  Luis swears he doesn't know what happened, but he should have stopped this from happening. Sheridan says Luis must feel terrible. Sheridan says Fancy was all alone and they searched and there was no sign of an attacker. Fancy says he was there, he attacker her. She says she called for help and tried to fight, but he was so strong. She says he was on top of her, it was him, he had the same voice and ski mask. Luis tells Fancy how sorry he is. She pulls away from him and cries. She keeps reliving the attack in her head. Luis asks what it is? Fancy is confused and doesn't know. Chris suggests Luis leave her alone. Luis says she needs to see a doctor. Sheridan says she could be scared to. Luis asks why? Sheridan says maybe it's not shock, Fancy was alone in that room. Sheridan says they don't know if this is real or in Fancy's mind. Luis says something happened, how else did he end up in the pantry. Luis believes Fancy. Sheridan believes her, to an extent. Sheridan says there is no evidence to prove what Fancy is saying is true. 

Whitney and Chad talk to Jared. Jared says he's sick of competing with Ethan, he'll never be number 1 in Theresa's heart. He says he sees how Gwen lives her life and he won't live like that. He says he's letting Theresa go and moving on. Whitney begs him to think this through, Theresa loves him. Jared knows, but she also loves Ethan and there is no room for three in a marriage. To himself Jared says he had that already. Whitney goes to talk to Theresa while Chad asks Jared if he could walk away for good. Chad says he and Theresa click, can he really walk away. Jared says he has to. Chad says he tried to leave before and couldn't do it. Jared says this is the straw that broke the camels back. He says he found Ethan making love to Theresa. He believes she thought it was him, but she wouldn't press charges for sexual assault. He says that tells him that she will always pick Ethan over him. Chad says but he loves her. Jared says he does but it's not enough, he won't live that life. Chad says ultimatums are cold. Jared says he used one to get Whitney to marry him. Jared says he had to take a stand, he couldn't deal with Ethan anymore. He says marriage is about two people not three. He also warns Chad that his lover will affect his life, marriage is about trust and being faithful. Chad says this other thing is just sex. Jared thinks if it means nothing then just end it. Jared says this other person is keeping him from his wife and that isn't fair. Jared knows Chad knows this already. Jared says it's a time bomb that is about to go off sometime. Chad says they aren't talking about him. Jared says he guesses not. Jared says he tried to get Theresa to prove that he came first, she couldn't. Jared says that is that and adios Harmony. Chad asks him wait till tomorrow, but he won't. Jared says nothing will change. He says Theresa can't imagine life without Ethan and he's had enough of Ethan. Jared says it's over unless Theresa can prove Ethan is out of her life.

Theresa remembers Jared dumping her because she wouldn't have Ethan arrested. Theresa cries that she lost Jared and he really means it. Theresa thinks Jared was right to leave, no matter how much she loves him, she can't get Ethan out of her heart. Later Whitney shows up to see Theresa. Whitney doesn't understand why Theresa is throwing everything away for a life of loneliness and pain. Theresa says everything was perfect, she loves Jared but she's back where she started . . .torn between two men. Theresa says she tried so hard to move on. She says she thought she put Ethan out of her heart. She says she loves Jared and doesn't want to lose him. However he gave her an ultimatum, press charges against Ethan or he's gone. Theresa says she can't do that. Whitney thinks Jared wants Ethan out of her life, that he wants her to put him first. Whitney says Jared is right about Ethan, maybe he did assault her. Theresa says Ethan says he doesn't know how he got there. Theresa says she did this to him and he didn't have her arrested. She says she can't ruin Ethan's life. Theresa says she hates ultimatums, Jared is forcing her to make a choice. Whitney says maybe this is Jared's way out with his pride in tact. Whitney says Jared is no fool, he knows she'll always choose Ethan and what man will want to live that way. Whitney tells Theresa that no man will want to share a life with her as long as she has Ethan in it. Theresa won't have Ethan arrested. Whitney says then she'll lose Jared. Theresa says she already lost him. Theresa says what kills her is that she does love him.


January 25, 2007

In the kitchen at the mansion, Luis swears he doesn't know what happened. He remembers being on the couch, he then woke up here. Chris says he was found in the ski mask and in the clothes the attacker wore. Luis doesn't know how the attacker made it onto the estate. Sheridan thinks Fancy is imagining it all, she's been falling apart since the stakeout. Chris says Fancy has been through hell tonight. Sheridan says or thinks she has. Fancy remembers the attack and drops the cup of tea she's drinking. Luis goes to her. She says she called to him for help but he wasn't there. Chris says poor Fancy being attacked again. Sheridan says if she really was. Later Sheridan offers to take Fancy upstairs, she tells Luis to rest here and get his bearings. Sheridan tells Fancy that they should go upstairs. Fancy goes with Sheridan. Chris wonders what happened in this house tonight. Luis begins having a memory of the peeper on top of him and him thinking it was Fancy. He remembers the peepers mask morphing into Fancy. Chris asks Luis what is wrong? Luis doesn't know, he had these weird images in his head, but he doesn't know what they mean. Chris thinks he needs a drink and needs to lay down. Luis says no, he already feels groggy. Luis sees how late it is, he's lost an hour and has no idea what has happened to him. Back outside the peeper is spying on them.

Upstairs Fancy tells Sheridan her audience is downstairs so she can drop the act. Sheridan tells Fancy that she makes her sad, she can't figure her out. She says Fancy is emotionally unstable. Fancy says she was violated in her own home so she can be whatever she wants to be. Fancy knows she was attacked again and won't let Sheridan convince her that she's crazy. Fancy says she needs a shower. Sheridan says no! She says if she's telling the truth then she needs to be examined. Sheridan says she could have evidence of a crime on her, she needs to go to the hospital. Fancy says she had them before and no DNA was found. Sheridan says this is the only way to catch this monster, if she's telling the truth. Fancy says Sheridan is the monster accusing her of making this up. Sheridan says it wouldn't' be the first time. Sheridan tells a story about labor day when Pretty brought a cute boy onto the family yacht. Sheridan says Fancy had his eye on him all summer but he wanted Pretty. Sheridan says Fancy pretended to twist her ankle and act helpless. Sheridan says the boy tended to Fancy the whole day. She says she had him hooked and then dumped him a week later, only because she had him and Pretty didn't. Sheridan says she's doing the same thing now, she's doing this to get Luis' attention when he still loves her. Sheridan tells Fancy it is true, nobody but her has seen this attacker who keeps showing up. Sheridan accuses her of being a hoax, it is disgusting to use a crime like this to hang onto Luis. Fancy calls Sheridan a liar, but Sheridan says she's the liar. Fancy slaps her. Outside the rapist is watching. Sheridan says that just proves her theory, she is onto Fancy. Sheridan says she's making up these attacks and this assailant. Fancy wonders what kind of woman Sheridan is, she was attacked several times. Fancy says any other woman would believe her. Sheridan says fine, prove it, go to the hospital and be examined. Fancy doesn't want to. Sheridan says if she isn't lying then she wouldn't make excuses about not wanting to go. Fancy wishes Luis was here to see what a cold hearted bitch Sheridan is.  Luis walks in with Chris and asks what is going on in here? Sheridan says she's trying to convince Fancy to go to the hospital but she's being reluctant. Sheridan says it's the only way to collect the evidence and prove Fancy isn't lying. Luis says that is right. Luis asks Fancy to do it. Fancy says okay she will go, she knows what happened and will prove it. They plan to go to the hospital. Sheridan and Chris say they'll go too. Fancy can't wait to see the look on her face when the doctor says she's not crazy. Fancy thinks the sooner they get this over with the better. They leave, the peeper is still outside the window.

In Theresa's room, Theresa tells Whitney that it is too late, she has lost Jared. She says she loves him but won't destroy Ethan's life. Whitney says Jared sees it as her choosing Ethan over him. Theresa says this is about Ethan not being a predator. Whitney says Theresa has to do something. Theresa asks if she thinks she should press charges? Whitney says no, but there may be a way to get rid of Ethan and keep Jared. Theresa asks how? Whitney says there may be a way to get Ethan out of her life and save Ethan and Gwen's marriage . . . if it is what she wants. Whitney says she has to give up Ethan to keep Jared. Theresa seems visibly unsure. Whitney can't believe her, she still wants to keep Ethan, she can see it. Whitney says if Theresa wants a new life then she has to show Jared. Theresa says she loves Jared but . . . Whitney says no buts. Theresa asks what Whitney's plan is. Whitney says Jared wants her to make a clear choice. Whitney says use her Crane power, send Ethan, Gwen and Jane to India. Theresa won't let them take Jane. Whitney says they can visit anytime they want. Theresa doesn't know. Whitney says this is the only way. Theresa doesn't know if Jared will accept this. Whitney says Jared just wants Ethan out of her life and India is as far away as they can get. Theresa says okay. Whitney tells Theresa that she has to be sure about this. 

At the B&B, Gwen says their marriage is over. The peeper is spying on them, Rebecca hears something and thinks someone is out there. Rebecca goes to look as Ethan begs Gwen to forgive him and help him make their marriage work. Meanwhile Rebecca goes looking in the hall. The peeper is hiding and has a knife. Back in the room, Gwen asks Ethan if he can look her in the eyes and say he doesn't love Theresa? She says he can't and he'll never be over Theresa. Back in the hall, Rebecca comes very close to being attacked, but returns when she hears a crash and Gwen telling him to stop it. Gwen has smashed a wedding present of theirs. Rebecca says she hasn't seen Gwen this upset since taking a scalpel to Theresa. She says she needs to rest. Gwen says she just wants to leave. She says she has to leave Jane behind, which tells Ethan how serious she is about ending this marriage. Gwen says she has to go say goodbye to her little girl. Ethan begs her not to go. Gwen says he should let her go and be happy, she deserves a man who loves her and only her. Later Gwen says goodbye to Jane and asks her to be a good girl for her grandma and daddy. Gwen says just remember she'll always be in her heart. Gwen says she loves her so sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. She asks Rebecca to take her before she changes her mind. Rebecca takes Jane back to her room (new Jane, who is now old enough to walk!) Gwen then asks her mom to take her to the airport, she's getting on the first flight to anywhere. Rebecca and Gwen then leave. Ethan looks at the ring that Gwen smashed.

Whitney and Theresa head over to the B&B in the limo. Whitney says she knows Jane is really Gwen's child so this is the right thing to do. Suddenly Theresa tells the driver to stop  the car. Whitney has seen Gwen pull out, she has the limo block her. Gwen thinks Theresa has come to get Ethan. She says she's leaving Ethan and divorcing him, she hopes they will both be miserable together. Theresa wants to talk, but Gwen says she never wants to hear her voice or see her face again. Gwen then zooms off in her BMW. Whitney can't believe Gwen really left Ethan. Whitney says they have to get to Ethan so he can get Gwen back. Theresa tells the driver to take them to the B&B. Meanwhile in her car Gwen is fuming. Rebecca says she can still fight for Ethan, but Gwen says she'll never have Ethan's heart. She says she's so sick of this. She says she still loves him but she wont have him. Rebecca is telling Gwen to watch the road. Elsewhere, Whitney and Theresa arrive at the B&B to see Ethan. Whitney wants her to go tell Ethan to stop Gwen. Whitney says she doesn't want a broken marriage on her conscious. Theresa doesn't and she will go tell Ethan it's over, she will send him to India. Whitney says with Jane. . . . She tells Theresa to do it. They go in to see Ethan. Ethan looks at Theresa and says his marriage is over. 

At the hospital, Sam stops Julian from killing Miguel. Julian knows Miguel ran Fox down and wants him arrested. Sam says they don't have the evidence yet, they are running tests on the car and building a case. Julian says for a cover-up. Sam says he doesn't run his department that way. He says if Miguel is guilty then he will be arrested. Kay asks Eve to see Fox, but she says nobody can see him yet and they are waiting for test results. Ivy confronts Kay and asks where she has been, why wasn't she with her husband. Kay remembers being with Miguel.  Ivy continues asking where Kay was when her husband was almost killed? Miguel asks Kay if she's okay? Ivy says they are having a private conversation. She wonders if Kay was with her lover and when did he leave her to go run Fox down? Eve suddenly returns, they have things to discuss and decisions to be made. Eve says Fox is very bruised, bruises made before the accident. They don't know how those got there. Miguel admits the bruises were from him, he and Fox fought. Simone and Kay suggests he shut up. Julian can't believe this, he wants Miguel arrested right now. Kay asks if he did this? Miguel says if he tried to hide the fact that he ran Fox over then he wouldn't be stupid enough to admit to fighting with him before hand. Julian asks why Miguel's face isn't bruised? Miguel says he's a better fighter. Julian says he's not better than Fox on any level. Sam still can't arrest him without proof. Eve begs them to stop this. She says Fox needs emergency surgery. Julian thinks he needs a specialist. Eve says there is no time, a specialist won't arrive till the morning. She says if she doesn't operate now then Fox will die or suffer brain damage. Julian says what about Boston. Eve says there is no time and they are wasting what time they have. Eve needs a release signed, but Julian won't permit this. Eve says it's not up to him, it is up to Kay as his wife.  Julian says the ring is barely on her finger, but Eve says the law is the law. Julian asks Kay to wait for the specialist, but Kay says Eve says it's urgent. Ivy says Julian could be right. Kay says whether he dies now or in a few months isn't the question, he's going to die one way or the other. She says it's how he lives the last few months that matters. Kay has to think about this. Eve says time is of the essence here. Meanwhile Ivy tells Julian that they have to tell Kay the truth about Fox, but Julian says no. Ivy says they can't play with Fox's life. She says she is going to tell Kay. Julian won't let Ivy do that. Ivy says how can he keep this to himself? Julian says all their children were cursed to have them as parents, but now they can give Fox what he wants. He says if Fox lives and Kay knows the truth then she will leave them. Ivy feels he'd be better off. Julian says Fox would never forgive them, they can't ruin his dream. Ivy says even if it costs him his life? Julian says yes. Julian says they have to be good parents and make their children's dreams come true. Meanwhile, Sam and Miguel talk, Miguel swears he's innocent. Sam says he's his main suspect so the less he says right now the better. Elsewhere, Charity tells Kay to take a breath and say a prayer, Grace would do that. Kay says that makes sense. Kay takes a moment and tells Eve that she wants her to save Fox's life. She signs the forms. 


January 26, 2007
At the hospital, Eve is asking Kay to sign more papers for the surgery as Julian and Ivy continue to accuse Miguel of trying to kill Fox. Sam can't arrest him until the evidence is in. Miguel swears he didn't do this, but Ivy thinks he did because he couldn't stand to lose Kay. Miguel begs Kay to believe him, but Kay doesn't want to talk to him right now. Kay signs the papers and Eve goes to work on Fox. Later Kay is upset when it seems Sam is still shunning her for Grace's death.

Charity tries to talk to Miguel, but they are continuously interrupted. The surgery on Fox gets a bit more complicated. Miguel asks a favor from Eve, when she's operating on Fox look to see if he's really dying. Ivy and Julian worry, Eve might find out about their lie. Julian promises to handle it. Miguel is sure Julian paid off Dr. Gasparo to lie about the fatal illness. Later Charity finally talks with Miguel. She admits she didn't come home because of Grace. She says she knew Kay married Fox so she came home for Miguel, whom she still loves. They then kiss as Julian watches.

Fancy, Luis, Sheridan and Chris arrive at the hospital for Fancy to be examined. Sheridan is still insisting Fancy wasn't attacked and this will prove it. Fancy says once she's vindicated she will show Luis how evil Sheridan is. Fancy is taken off for the exam.  Sheridan talks to Luis, who is blaming himself. She says this is not his fault at all. She tells him he is a wonderful man, the best she knows. Luis has odd memories about the rapist assaulting him, though he really thought he was with Fancy. Later Chris confronts Sheridan on her behavior towards Luis and Fancy. He wonders if she is really happy about them as a couple, Sheridan insists she is. The doctor finally returns with the results of the rape test . . . not only was Fancy violated but semen was found and they should be able to ID the attacker.

At Crane, Jared talks with Chad. Jared is packing to leave, he won't play second fiddle to Ethan anymore. Chad tries to convince him not to leave. Whitney calls Chad and talks with him about Theresa's plan to get rid of Ethan so she can be with Jared. Chad begins to tell Jared that Whitney and Theresa need to see him, they may be able to change his mind. Chad then gets a message from his lover and runs off. Later Valerie begs Jared not to leave town as Theresa, as well as many others, are in danger from something strange going on. She says something is out to hurt many people, but mostly the Cranes, so if he loves Theresa then stay.

At the B&B, Whitney pushes Theresa to tell Ethan about her plan. Before she can, Ethan talks to her about how Gwen left, she left Jane and destroyed her ring, she is serious about their marriage being over. Theresa sees this as a chance to be with Ethan, which Whitney can't believe. Whitney pushes her to stick to the plan. Ethan apologizes to Theresa for the "attack" saying he doesn't know how he got in her bed. Theresa believes him. She has something to tell him, but he begins talking about how he has to be honest with her. He tells her that one reason Gwen left is because she could see his love for her. He admits he loves her with every fiber of his being. Theresa is having a hard time giving up on Ethan as it appear he could be hers. Theresa eventually tells Ethan she has something to say. He says she is shaking, it must be bad. Theresa says it is bad  . . . 


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