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5th Week of January 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



January 29, 2007 
At Tabitha's, Endora alerts Tabitha to the fact that the magic bowl is smoking. Tabitha is asleep, Endora makes her float instill asleep. Tabitha is saying murder, rape, guilt in her sleep. Tabitha soon wakes up and falls to the floor. She wonders what is going on? She asks why Endora is down here alone and not asleep. Endora tells her mom to look at the bowl. Tabitha checks out the bowl and says this is a terrible omen of what is to come. Tabitha says this is bad, all this death and destruction coming. She says terrible things will happen and it's one person causing it. Endora asks who? Tabitha doesn't know, she says it could be a man or a woman. She says this person is working for the dark side though. She's impressed with what he or she has planned. Endora asks if it is a witch? Tabitha doesn't know, but she does know that great pain is coming to every family in Harmony. She doesn't know who it is causing this chaos though. She says she has an idea, she thinks she knows a way to find out who is behind it. Tabitha gets some magic truth sand from the mines of Solomon to find out who is behind the horrors of Harmony. She pours it on the table and waits for a name to be spelled out after asking the sand for the name. The sand swirls about, it won't give them a name. Tabitha knows it's not Julian or Alistair, so who is it. Suddenly a pair of red eyes look in the window at Tabitha. Tabitha says this is worse than she thought. Tabitha says the citizens of Harmony have no idea what is in store for them, when this evil has run it's course well Harmony will never be the same.

At the hospital, Kay is waiting as Fox is in surgery. Miguel tells her not to worry, Fox will be just fine. Kay says he doesn't know that. She thinks it is her fault for not being with him. Miguel says no, if anyone is to blame it is him. Sam walks up and asks if Miguel is admitting he was the driver? Miguel says no, he is to blame for not finding out proof of Fox's schemes earlier. Miguel says if he had known then he could have stopped Kay from marrying him. Kay soon sees Dr. Gasparro has shown up, she goes to him. Sam tells Miguel that he wants to believe him but the evidence is mounting against him. Miguel swears he didn't do this. Miguel also knows Fox is lying about this illness. 

Ivy is standing the background, Julian shows up. She asks where he's been? Julian says he's taking care of business. Ivy says Eve is performing surgery and looking for proof that Fox is not dying. Suddenly Dr. Gasparro shows up. Ivy is shocked, as is Eve who has shown up. Julian called him to have him help with the surgery. Kay walks up, she asks why Dr. Gasparro is here. Julian says he called him as Fox's specialist. Eve says things are going well with the surgery, it will just take longer. Julian wants Dr. Gasparro to help, but Miguel says this doctor is lying about Fox's illness and has been paid off. Julian says that is not true. Miguel wants him to take a lie detector test. Julian says the doctor was here for the wedding and happened to still be in town. Julian felt he could help Fox. Kay wants the doctor to help, but Miguel knows Dr. Gasparro is part of this scam. Kay says she doesn't believe that, but even if it was true, she doesn't care right now. Kay says she has to do everything she can to make sure Fox pulls through this. Ivy says it is so obvious Miguel wants her son to die and it's obvious he tried to kill him. Miguel says he's sorry about what happened to Fox, but he did not try and kill him. Eve then informs Ivy and Julian that Fancy is in the ER downstairs, she was attacked again. Ivy says she has to go to her. Julian says he'll wait on word on Fox. Julian tells Dr. Gasparro he should scrub up, he's sure Eve doesn't object. Eve doesn't. Miguel tells Eve to be careful, that man could stop her from finding proof of the illness. Eve says if Fox is lying then it will be apparent to the whole team. Later Miguel keeps trying to convince Kay this isn't her fault, it is Fox's for his lies. Eve soon returns from the OR. Kay asks if Fox will be okay? Eve says Fox should recover. Julian says now Miguel will only be charged with attempted murder. Miguel says he knows he's innocent and Fox is the liar. Miguel says it's time for Fox's schemes to be imposed. Julian and Miguel argue over whether fox is dying, so Miguel turns to Eve for answers. Kay wants to know the truth as well, did Fox lie? Sam asks Eve to give them an answer. Julian thinks Eve didn't waste time on a wild goose chase. Eve says she found no evidence that Fox had a terminal disease. Miguel says as he told Kay, he's been lying.

Elsewhere, the doctor tells Fancy and others that Fancy was raped and a semen sample was recovered. Fancy says she told them she wasn't crazy. The doctor says they should be able to find this man, if he's in one of the DNA databases. Sheridan asks Fancy if she's sure the semen is from the man who attacked her. Fancy says she wasn't having sex with anyone else if that is what she's implying. Sheridan says so she hasn't been with Luis? Fancy says no, they are waiting. Chris doesn't know why there was a sample this time and not the first. Luis says criminals are stupid and make mistakes. The doctor says they can go home, but Fancy and Luis want to stay until a match is found. The doctor says it could take awhile. Fancy wonders what if they don't find a match. Luis thinks they will, this guy is probably a repeat offender. Fancy says they have to find him, she can't stand the thought of him being out there to come after her again. Luis says they will find him. He apologizes for not being there before and promises to find this guy. He holds Fancy, which annoys Sheridan. Chris tells Sheridan that she must be relieved that Fancy isn't imagining these attacks. Sheridan says she still isn't convinced . Chris says the tests prove it. Chris tells Sheridan to rethink her position that Fancy needs to be institutionalized. Sheridan suggests they wait, she thinks the DNA tests will lead them to more questions about Fancy's mental stability. 

Later Ivy shows up to see how Fancy is. Fancy asks why her mom is here? Ivy realizes Fancy doesn't know, Fox was a victim of a hit-n-run and is in surgery. Luis asks if they know who did it? Ivy says they have a good idea. Ivy says it was Miguel! Sheridan says that can't be true. Fancy asks why Miguel? Ivy explains the proof against Miguel. She wonders what it is with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds every time a Crane is involved with one it leads to disaster. Fancy says it's not true, but Ivy wonders what kind of cop Luis is, what kind of man he is to let Fancy be raped not once but twice. Luis says he does love Fancy. Ivy asks then why can't he keep her safe? Fancy says Luis loves her, he'd never hurt her. Ivy says she's saying that because they are sleeping together. Fancy says they aren't, they were waiting until she graduated. Ivy says well if they had been sleeping together then maybe he would have been there. Fancy says Luis feels terrible right now, don't blame Luis. Meanwhile Sheridan tells Luis not to blame himself, but he feels Ivy is right. Luis says he was there to protect her, the next thing he knows he woke up elsewhere in the rapists outfit. Sheridan tells Luis that she knows this isn't his fault. Meanwhile Ivy asks Fancy why she's still here? Fancy explains tests are being done on semen in order to catch this bastard. Ivy wants this vermin to be found. 

In the lab, the doctor is stunned to find a match to the semen so quickly. She looks at the results and is shocked. The doctor goes back to Fancy and everyone else and says she has the name of the man who raped her. Fancy and Ivy want a name, as does Luis. The doctor says this is very difficult. Luis tells her to just tell them. The doctor says the DNA belongs to Luis! Luis says what? Fancy says this can't be true. The doctor says the results are conclusive. Luis says this makes no sense. Fancy says this has to be a mistake. The doctor says she double checked, the semen belongs to Luis. 

At the B&B, Whitney is spying as Theresa tells Ethan she has something important to tell him. Whitney hopes she tells Ethan to be with Gwen so she can have Jared. Theresa tells Ethan that she wanted to tell him that she believes he didn't assault her and didn't know what he was doing. He thanks her. He says he only wished Gwen believes him. Theresa says she's sorry Gwen didn't believe him. Ethan says it's not her fault, he brought this on himself. Whitney soon swoops in and says Jane is up and wants her daddy. He leaves to take her some juice. Whitney asks Theresa why she didn't tell Ethan. Theresa says she tried. Whitney says this is the perfect opportunity. Theresa says no, Gwen was angry and smashed her ring. Theresa says when she saw the ring . . . Whitney says she saw that Gwen wasn't coming back. Theresa says yes. Whitney reminds Theresa of the plan, she was to tell Ethan to go with Gwen so she could be with Jared. Whitney says they all could have been happy but instead she kept the chaos going, why? Theresa says Ethan loves her. Whitney says he won't break his vows, she said she wanted a man free to love her. Whitney says Jared is that man. Theresa says she can't let Ethan go. Whitney says then she'll tell Ethan. Ethan returns and asks what Whitney will tell him? Whitney just says she wanted to tell him she heard about Gwen and she is sorry. Whitney decides to leave, but begs Theresa to tell Ethan as planned. Theresa won't, she says she lost Jared and won't lose Ethan too. Whitney thinks she's never going to find happiness then. Whitney leaves. Ethan tells Theresa that he's destroyed her family. Theresa says his marriage to Gwen might be over, but it means they can be the family they've always wanted to be. They then kiss! Ethan says this is his fault. He says he wrecked his life, Gwen's life, everyone's lives. Theresa says this isn't his fault, she was the one hanging around and waiting for him to leave Gwen. Ethan says maybe in the beginning, but after Rome she did what she could to push him away. Ethan says he was the one who hung on. Ethan says he kept dreaming of being with her, if Gwen knew that or that they made love, well she would have left him. He says he never thought he'd be the guy to cheat on his wife. Jane begins to cry, Theresa asks to go check on her. Jane is calling for her mama. Theresa goes to Jane, but Jane won't stop crying. Theresa comes back rejected, Jane doesn't want her. Ethan has to go and help Jane get back to sleep. Ethan says he knows that had to hurt her. Theresa says Jane is her child and doesn't want her. Ethan says Jane does love her, but she's been around Gwen for so long. Ethan says Jane sees Gwen as her mommy. Theresa asks how Jane will do without Gwen. Ethan doesn't know, how do you tell a baby that mommy isn't coming home. Theresa says he doesn't have to do this alone, she can help him. Ethan says she has Little Ethan and Crane. She says he has to work to, she would love to make time for Jane. She says she can take care of the children together. Ethan asks if she's saying she wants them to be together? He says she claimed she was in love with Jared and wanted to move on. Theresa says and he made it clear that wouldn't happen. Theresa says they have history, they are always drawn to one another. Theresa believes they were drawn together tonight. Ethan doesn't have an explanation as to how he got there. Theresa knows, but she is in his heart and mind like he is in hers. She says she does want to help him with Jane, he can count on her. Ethan thanks her and says he's grateful, he will need help with her. Theresa says she wants to be here for Ethan too. They kiss again.


January 31,  2007

Noah wakes up in a bed with a hangover, he doesn't have many clothes on. He says he hasn't been this hung over since college. He looks around and doesn't know where he is. He says not again. He wonders where he is. He sees a night gown on the couch and says it looks like there is only one this time. Paloma then walks in with a tray of breakfast. Noah says Dios Mio! She asks if he wants one aspirin or two, Noah says three please. She gives them to him with some juice. Noah says he's so sorry, he normally doesn't drink so much. She says she knows, he was upset about his mom dying. Noah says he obviously lost control. She then gets him some coffee. Noah tells Paloma that he likes her a lot and was looking forward to getting to know her better before he slept over. He asks if they kissed? She says ci senior! He says that wasn't a dream. She says for her last night was a dream come true. Noah hopes he can forgive her if he ruined what they started with a night of drunken lust. He hopes she can forgive him. She says there is nothing to forgive, he was a perfect gentlemen. He says but he's in his skivvies in her bed. She says all they did was kiss goodnight and he passed out. She didn't take him home because she thought Sam shouldn't see him this way. Noah asks if Pilar knows? She says not yet, her mama was a sleep when they got here. We see flashbacks to Paloma bringing Noah home and undressing him so he could go to sleep. He asked for a good night kiss, which she gave him. He says so she took his pants off too? She says she wanted him to be comfortable. He says he's sorry to put her to so much trouble. Paloma says it was actually her pleasure. She says not all men can wear bikini briefs and look good, he can. Noah thinks he should probably get going. He ends up getting dressed. Paloma thinks he is leaving because of her. He says yes, but not the way she thinks. Noah says he does like her. She says she likes him a lot. He says that is why he's leaving, if he was to stay . . . well he doesn't want to ruin what is going on. He says there is breakfast in bed and then there is breakfast in bed. She says she is a big girl, she is a cadet. She says they can say he was helping her practice self defense. Noah wants it to be memorable and special for them. She says she knew she liked him for a reason. She says he is a true gentlemen. He says only because he got dressed, if he was doing what he wanted to then he'd be kissing her right before he . . .. she asks before what? He suggests they make a date for dinner and he'll tell her the rest. He thanks her for last night. They share a kiss goodbye.

Jared is sleeping on the couch at the office when Temporary Valerie (being played by a new actress while the original is on maternity leave) shows up to wake Jared. He says he had one too many last night, a big bottle of empty booze is next to the couch. Jared is still determined to leave Tess and Crane. Valerie says Crane needs him and so does Theresa. Valerie tells Jared that Theresa may not know it yet, but Theresa needs him now more than ever. Jared says Theresa loves Ethan, she always has and always will. Valerie knows Theresa wants to make a life with him, she wouldn't have accepted his proposal. Jared says she only said yes because she couldn't have Ethan. He tells Valerie that last night he and Gwen found Theresa and Ethan in bed. He says Gwen left town already. Valerie tells Jared to fight for her, but he says been there and done that, it's time for him to move on too. Jared says Theresa was assaulted and she won't press charges. Valerie says Theresa has loved Ethan for most of her life and was just starting to get over him. Valerie says Ethan is only guilty of loving Theresa, but Theresa said yes to Jared. Valerie tells Jared to give her the benefit of the doubt, don't' leave Harmony or Theresa. Jared says Theresa loves Ethan. Valerie says she loves him too. Jared says not enough, Theresa and Ethan have a connection nobody can break. He says Gwen tried and struck out. Valerie says she didn't fight enough. Valerie says fight for Theresa to the finish and let the best man win.

At the B&B, Theresa and Ethan kiss. She says this is a brand new start for them, and for Jane and Little Ethan. Theresa is holding Ethan's hands, she sees Jared's ring on it. Ethan asks what is wrong? Theresa says she can't do this. Theresa tells Ethan that she and Jared split up over last night. She wants him to promise to be with her now that Gwen is gone. He says it's hard to get over his marriage, she could still come back. Theresa asks why he'd want her to? He says because he messed up and needs to make things right. Theresa says this is what is best for everyone, including Gwen. He says he didn't know what he was doing last night. Theresa says every other time he did though. She wants him to agree to divorce Gwen and be a family with her and the kids. Ethan says he just can't give up on her. Theresa says but Gwen gave up on him. Theresa doesn't know why he feels he needs to stay with her. He says he owes it to Gwen and their vows. Theresa says he's not being fair to himself or Gwen. She says Gwen will find someone who loves her. Ethan says she said the same thing. He thinks this is his fault. Theresa says it isn't and that he needs to let Gwen go and find the happiness she deserves. Ethan then leaves to check on Jane. Theresa says to herself that Jane is her child and she is taking Jane with her, with or without Ethan. When Ethan returns he finds Theresa packing Jane's things. He says she can't take Jane, he and Gwen have custody. Theresa says he had custody, with Gwen gone well that ruling no longer stands. Ethan says Jane is his daughter. Theresa says she is her daughter too. She says she is taking Jane with her and he can challenge her in the meantime. Ethan says no he's taking care of Jane. Theresa asks what happens when he goes to work? He says daycare. She says what about dinner with clients? Will he have a sitter on call. He says he will. Theresa says their daughter doesn't deserve to be shuffled around like that. Ethan agrees, so Theresa tells Ethan to pack and move in with them. Ethan thinks that is a bad idea. She says he'll have his own room and Jane will have both of her parents and time with Little Ethan. Ethan agrees, but swears it is only for Jane. Ethan says he'll pack and they'll go. Ethan leaves and Theresa realizes what just happened and can't imagine what will happen next.

At the hospital, Eve has told everyone that she found no evidence that Fox has a terminal illness. Miguel says he told them he wasn't lying. Miguel says Fox is like the other Crane's, no heart. Julian says Miguel certainly has no heart given he ran Fox down. Miguel says he was set up just like Fox set Kay up. Julian assures them that Fox is dying. He also says Eve has misinformation, but Eve says she is telling the truth. Dr. Gasparro soon shows up and says he must disagree. Dr. Gasparro says he removed a tumor from Fox, part of a tumor threatening Fox's life. Eve says he had no sign of a tumor. Dr. Gasparro claims he found what Eve missed, she left him to close up and that is when he found it. He says it was in deep and difficult to get to. He says he sectioned a small piece for biopsy, but he knows the tumor is malignant. Eve apologizes and says she's sorry she got their hopes up. Kay asks if they can't just remove the tumor. Dr. Gasparro says he can't, no operation can save Fox's life. He also says it's too late for radiation or chemo. He says unless a new miracle drug appears then Fox will die. Miguel continues to accuse Dr. Gasparro of being on the take. The doctor won't be accused of this anymore. He says he'll take the tumor to the lab and have his findings proven. Eve tells Dr. Gasparro not to take these accusations personally, it is just that the Cranes have used deceit before. The doctor leaves and Eve scolds Miguel, saying Dr. Gasparro is one of the most respected physicians in the world. Julian says indeed and leaves to check on things. Eve insists to Miguel that Gasparro's reputation is untarnished and sterling. Miguel says Ivy was able to blackmail Eve, so who are they to say that Dr. Gasparro can't be bought. Eve says Gasparro lives for his work, he doesn't own a car or a home, so what carrot could Julian have dangled?

Julian talks with Dr. Gasparro, who he thanks for pulling off this miracle. The doctor says it will cost him, but Julian doesn't care what the cost is. Gasparro hates lying about his son's condition, when he gets out of surgery he'll be fine. Julian says they'll deal with the cure later. Gasparro has a clinic in Africa and it needs funding. Julian says his clinic will get the funds it needs for years to come. Gasparro says telling one lie to save thousands of lives is worth it. Julian says he did do the right thing. Gasparro leaves and Julian says that man is so good, he could never conceive of his own role in Fox's near death experience.

Elsewhere, everyone is stunned to learn that Luis is apparently the rapist. Sam walks up at this point after hearing this. Ivy tells Sam that his top cop is the one whose semen was found in Fancy. Fancy says this is a mistake, he couldn't have raped her! Ivy thinks it is possible given the track record of the other Lopez-Fitzgerald men and how they have gone to great lengths for Crane women. Sam says DNA results can be changed, Ivy knows that. Ivy asks who would go to such lengths to frame Luis? Luis says he loves Fancy, why would he rape her. Ivy says rape is about control and he wanted to brand Fancy. Fancy says Luis would not violate her like that. Sheridan says she agrees with Fancy, the lab had to have made a mistake. The doctor says it is impossible, the lab ran the test twice. Fancy says then run it a third time, the test is wrong and Luis would never hurt her. Ivy says just like Miguel wouldn't mow down Fox to get Kay. Sam talks with Fancy and Luis about everything that happened that night. Luis explains about the first attack and how he took her to the Princess Room for safety. Luis doesn't know what happened, he woke up elsewhere and Fancy had already been attacked. Chris points out that they found Luis wearing a ski mask. Luis swears he remembers nothing after he fell asleep. He suddenly has a flash of memory like he was making love to Fancy. Sam asks if he remembered something? Luis says it doesn't make sense. Fancy says neither does this lab report. Luis says he remembers making love to her, only she was in a cheerleading outfit. Ivy thinks Luis really did rape her daughter. Fancy tells her mom to stop saying that, Luis was just having a dream. Sam continues to question Luis. Luis says all his memories are fuzzy, maybe he was drugged. He says he and Fancy were alone and locked in that room. Fancy swears to Sam that they haven't been intimate yet. Sheridan says Good! to herself. Sam asks Fancy if she has an old cheerleader outfit. Fancy says she does but she wasn't wearing it. Luis has this image of her in a cheerleader outfit having sex with him. He says he clearly remembers the sensation of Fancy on top of him. Sam suggests Luis say nothing else until he has a lawyer present. Fancy says Sam makes it seem like Luis is guilty of rape. Ivy says he is and there is proof to the contrary. Sam says unfortunately Ivy is right. Sam says he can't ignore the evidence. Sheridan tells Luis not to say another word, she will hire him a lawyer. Fancy still doesn't believe this, she and Luis agreed to wait until she graduated. Ivy thinks Luis just couldn't wait and raped her daughter. She slaps him and calls him a monster.


January 31, 2007

At the Bennetts, Spike leaves Jessica at home with Paloma. He says he won't be gone long and she needs to cheer up, nobody likes a whiner. Spike leaves and Paloma says she hates that man. Jessica says he's her husband and all she has. Paloma says that isn't true, she has her family and friends and they all love and want to help her. Jessica says Spike wants to help her too. She says Spike has been good to her, he gives her things. Paloma isn't being fooled. Jessica asks why she's here? Paloma says she came to give something back to Noah, he left it in her bed. Jessica says she is sleeping with her brother? Paloma explains what happened between them and how Noah was a gentlemen. Jessica says she can't imagine being treated like that. Paloma says all she has to do is dump Spike and find a guy like that. Jessica doesn't think she'll find someone as she's a hooker. Paloma says an ex-hooker. Jessica asks if Paloma is in love with her brother? Paloma says she likes him and he likes her too, but he is hard to read sometimes. Paloma says it is like in the stories though, he makes her heart beat faster. Jessica thinks it is like a fairy tale and that she is in love. Paloma just feels like she's dancing on air. Jessica says she must be in love, she's never felt that way before. Paloma tells her not to say they are in love, she doesn't want to jinx it. Paloma asks if Noah is here though. Jessica doesn't know, she hasn't seen him. Jessica thinks about her mom, Paloma wishes she had known her. Jessica knows she would have liked her. Paloma comforts Jessica, who is upset over how cruel she was to her mom the last time she saw her. Jessica says she had real hope for the first time in months. She says she wasn't drinking and trying to be the girl she was that her mom remembered. Paloma says she still is that girl. Paloma says she's not. She pulls out a flask and takes a swig. She says she has to stop daydreaming, Spike is right, she'll never be that little innocent girl again. She says she has to make the best of what she is. Paloma says it's never too late to turn her life around, she doesn't need Spike. Paloma says they can help her be the girl who would make her mom proud. Noah walks in and says Paloma is right. Noah says they love her and are rooting for her to come back. She says it's too late. Noah says it isn't, she can break free from Spike and get her life back on track. Noah says it is what mom would want. Noah says if Mom could speak to her that she'd say she still loves her and is still her baby. Jessica says she's not anymore and mom isn't here and never will be again. Noah has flowers, which he had brought for Paloma. Jessica says they are beautiful and she needs to be alone. She says don't worry, she won't go turn tricks. Noah says he loves her and she is his baby sister. He says when she believes she is loved then she will have the power to do anything. Jessica then leaves. 

Noah and Paloma hope Jessica will be okay. Noah tells Paloma she is a great person, he got these flowers for her. He says he wanted to thank her for helping him out last night. She tells him the flowers are lovely. He says so is she. They share a little kiss. Jessica watches them from the steps and thinks she'll never have that. Jessica begins having a day dream. In her dream Jessica is clean cut and brought flowers by Spike, who is also in a suit and on the straight and narrow. He tells her how he never knew what love meant until she walked into his life. He then surprised her with a real wedding for the two of them, a wedding just like Kay's. He wants to give her the perfect wedding, what she should have had. Jessica snaps too and thinks she'll never have a love like that. She says all she wants is someone to love her. 

Meanwhile Paloma tells Noah how that was the best kiss between them yet. She goes to kiss him again, but he pulls back. He thinks he shouldn't, he's giving her mixed signals. She says a kiss is a clear signal. Noah says he is attracted to her, but he feels the two of them are wrong. She asks why? Does he think she's too young? He says he's too old for her. She says she likes older men. Noah says she's also Luis' little sister. Paloma says so? Noah says Luis is like a big brother to him and he doesn't think he'd be happy about this. Noah says she is very sweet and nice, whereas he has a lot of baggage. Noah says he's had a wild past and not much of a future, he's a part-time bartender living with his dad. HE doesn't think Luis wants her with a loser like him. Noah thinks Luis would rather she found someone her age with their life together, someone like Roberto. Paloma says Roberto is gone and she doesn't need Luis' approval. She also says Noah isn't much older than her. Noah still says she is Luis' baby's sister. Paloma asks if babies can do this . . . she then pulls Noah into a kiss. Noah says he has to get to work and runs off, ignoring Paloma. Paloma says Noah won't admit it but he knows that was a kiss of a hot blooded woman. Outside Noah says Wow Dios Mio! 

At the hospital, Ivy says Luis couldn't wait to sleep with Fancy so he raped her. She slaps him calling him a horrible and sick monster. Sam stops Ivy from attacking Luis. Ivy says don't protect Luis, but Sam says he's not. Ivy says he raped her daughter, but Fancy says he didn't. Ivy says his semen was in her body! Pilar shows up and asks what is going on? Ivy tells Pilar that her lowlife son attacked and raped her daughter. Pilar says Luis would never, but Ivy says there is proof. Ivy tells Pilar about the rape kit and how the DNA showed it was Luis' semen. Sam tells Pilar that it is the truth. Pilar tells Luis to tell them that he's innocent. Luis can't, he doesn't know. Pilar says she doesn't understand? Ivy thinks he should come up with a better excuse than I don't know. Luis says he doesn't remember. Sheridan says not another word until she gets him a lawyer. Fancy knows Luis didn't touch her. Ivy asks Fancy if she can swear to that? Ivy says all the evidence proves it was Luis, he was alone with her and his finger prints were on the knife. Fancy says but he picked it up with a tissue, his prints shouldn't be on it. Ivy reminds her how they found him dressed as the attacker. She says if Luis isn't her attacker then why didn't he protect her? Fancy says she doesn't know. Ivy does, she says there is no other rapist, it is Luis. Ivy says Luis is guilty and she wants Sam to arrest him and throw him in jail. Sam asks Fancy if she wants to press charged. Fancy won't, she knows Luis wouldn't hurt her. Ivy says even Luis doesn't know and DNA doesn't lie. Sam suggests they give this more time. Ivy says so Luis can go attack another girl? She tells Pilar that she raised a fine pair of sons. Sam says they are all upset here and he tells Ivy if she keeps pushing this then she might make things worse. Ivy says she's been violated and Luis can't go free. Sam says he won't go free. Ivy says if Sam won't put Luis in jail then she'll do something about it. Ivy storms off. Sheridan tells Luis that she will get him the best lawyer. Pilar tells Luis she knows he couldn't do this, what is going on here? Luis says he wishes he knew. Luis tells Pilar what he knows, he went to sleep and woke up downstairs in the pantry wearing the mask. Luis says he keeps having bits of memories in which he's making love to Fancy. Pilar says he remembers nothing else? Luis says no. Pilar asks if he was drugged? Luis says he doesn't know, maybe. He says he remembers feeling strange after he woke up. Ivy returns and tells Luis that he will get his. Ivy says she's done what had to be done. Sam then gets a call from the mayor ordering him to arrest Luis. Sheridan calls Ivy a bitch! Fancy tells Sam that he can't arrest Luis. Luis tells Sam that he's sorry but his hands are tied. Fancy can't believe her mother. Ivy says she may not be Mrs. Julian Crane, but she can still call in favors. Ivy thinks Sam was giving Luis special treatment. Sam says they were waiting for more proof, but Ivy says his case is rock solid and he would have arrested anyone else. Sheridan realizes she needs to call Ethan, Luis needs help right now. Ivy threatens to make another call if Sam doesn't arrest Luis. Sam is forced to put Luis under arrest. Pilar calls Ivy a witch for doing this. Luis tells Sam to do what he has to do. Sam reads Luis his rights and cuffs him. Fancy cries and tells Sam that he can't do this. Fancy wants to go to the station with them, but Ivy forbids it. Fancy tells Luis how sorry she is. Luis says he's the one who is sorry. Chris and Sheridan say this is tragic and awful, but to herself Sheridan knows this will cost Fancy and chance of a relationship with Luis. Sheridan plans to go to the station to meet with Luis and Ethan. She then walks off. Ivy tells Fancy that it will be all right, but Fancy says it won't. Fancy says she loves Luis and wouldn't love a man who could hurt her. Ivy says he did hurt her. 

At the mansion, Theresa, Ethan, Little Ethan and Jane are all having breakfast. Little Ethan is thrilled that Ethan is living here, it's like a real family. He says this is what he's always wanted, his wish has come true. Theresa says hers too. Later Whitney shows up and talks to Theresa, who she says looks happy. Theresa says her dream came true, Ethan and Jane have moved in. Theresa says they just had the best family breakfast, fate brought him home, everything is perfect. Whitney says if everything is perfect then why is she still wearing Jared's ring? Theresa says she doesn't know. She says Jared is gone, he gave her an ultimatum. She says she didn't press charges so Jared left. Whitney says she could still have Jared. Theresa says she knows but she couldn't tell Ethan to go. Theresa feels bad about Jared, but he said there was no hope. Theresa says Jared left her and Gwen left Ethan. Whitney says Gwen could always come back. Theresa says this time is different, she smashed her ring. Theresa says Ethan is free. Theresa tells Whitney to understand, she is her best friend and knows everything about her. Theresa thought her dream of a life with Ethan was dead but she was wrong. Whitney says every time they talk like this, something bad happens. Theresa says she lost Jared, she won't lose her chance with Ethan. She tells Whitney to look in the kitchen. Ethan is in there teaching Little Ethan how to cook eggs. Theresa says that is what every woman wants. Theresa asks Whitney to just support her. Theresa says dreams do come true, can she blame her for wanting a life with Ethan. Whitney says maybe Gwen is gone for good this time, and Jared hasn't left the door open. Whitney says if Gwen leaves Ethan then Ethan doesn't have to keep his vows. Whitney can't believe it but maybe she does have a chance. Theresa thinks she has a good chance. Whitney tells Theresa to go for it, do what she has to do in order to make it happen. Whitney says she always thought Theresa's love for Ethan would end in disaster, but with Gwen gone it could actually happen for her. Whitney says she just doesn't want to see Theresa get hurt again. Theresa says she won't, she and Ethan can pick up where they left off. Ethan shows up saying he's got a call and has to go, something urgent has come up. Ethan says he'll see Theresa later. Theresa says maybe a nice dinner, maybe sloppy joes. Ethan says times have changed in this house when sloppy joes are served. Theresa says she loved watching him with the kids this morning, they had a good time and it meant a lot to her. Ethan says to him too. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Theresa says she really hopes this works. After Ethan leaves, Whitney tells Theresa there is something she has to do in order to make this work. Whitney says first Theresa has to commit herself to Ethan, she needs to take Jared's ring off. Theresa says it's just a ring. Whitney says a ring that shows a part of her is still holding onto Jared. Whitney tells Theresa to make a clean break. Whitney knows she loves Jared. Theresa says Jared walked away. Whitney says that happened so she has to end things on her end as well, to make that happen she has to take off the ring. Theresa says Whitney is right, she's always right about everything. Whitney says she just wants her to have true happiness like she and Chad have. Theresa says it's just she loved Jared. Whitney says she can't have a future with Jared and Ethan. Theresa says Jared is finished with her so she needs to let him go. Theresa takes off his ring. 


February 1, 2007
At the Bennett's, Paloma and Jessica are still hanging out. Jessica suggests they go see a movie, but Paloma wanted to see that particular movie with Noah. Jessica says of course and says she is happy for them. Paloma tells Jessica that Noah's having issues with the age difference between them. Jessica gets a call from Spike, he demands she get home and that she better not be flapping her gums at little miss police cadet. She says she just wants more photos of her mom. Spike orders her to leave now, he doesn't like the ideas her cop girlfriend puts in her head. She asks where he is and when he'll be home? He says none of her business and hangs up. Later Paloma sees a bruise on Jessica's neck. She asks if Spike hit her again? Jessica claims a book fell on her, but Paloma doesn't believe her. Jessica says she has to go. Paloma says why so Spike can kick her when she gets home? Paloma tells Jessica that she has to leave Spike. She says there are a lot of good guys out there, someone who will treat her like a princess. Jessica still won't hear it. Paloma wishes she knew how to get through to Jessica. She says all they want for her is to be happy. Paloma then gets a call from Sam at the station. He asks her to come in and help fill in. She says she hasn't graduated, but Sam says it's just desk work. She says she'll be there. Sam tries to warn her about Luis, but she hangs up before he can. After Paloma leaves, Jessica has more fantasies of a dream life with Spike. She thinks if she's patient with Spike then her dream can come true.

At the hospital, Simone asks Miguel why he's still here. He says waiting for Kay. Simone says she's waiting for news on her husband, leave her alone. Miguel says Fox set Kay up. Simone says and he drove a stake through Kay's heart when he slept with Charity. Miguel swears Fox set that up too. Simone says even if he did, Fox couldn't get that doctor to lie for him, but Miguel says the dirtbag is lying. Julian shows up and says his son lying on his death bed because of Miguel. Julian tells Miguel to get out of here. Miguel says he doesn't take orders from him and says he did not hit Fox. Julian thinks he did and says he won't get away with it. Miguel tells Julian to shut up. He knows Dr. Gasparro lied, but Julian says sadly Fox is dying though he wishes it wasn't true. Miguel says whether Fox lives or dies, Kay will leave him. Julian says they will see. Julian then walks off. Simone tries to calm Miguel down. She tells him that Kay had every opportunity to call off the wedding but didn't, she chose Fox. Miguel asks Simone if she thinks he did this to Fox? Simone says she doesn't know what she believes anymore. 

Kay sits with Fox, who is in a coma. She begs him to wake up. Later Julian shows up to check on things. He is glad to see one person is concerned about his son. She says of course she is. Julian asks if she told him that she loved him and would always be here? Kay says she told him she loved him, but not the second thing. Julian suggests she let him know how devoted she is and that she'd never leave him. Kay says she doesn't know if she can say that, she doesn't know if it is true. Kay says she does love Fox, but she loves Miguel too. Julian can't believe this. Later Paloma shows up and asks to speak with Kay, it's important. Kay leaves the room to talk to Paloma. 

Paloma is with Sam, Simone and Miguel in the hall. Sam says the glass at the hit and run site matches Miguel's car. Sam has no choice but to arrest Miguel. Miguel swears he didn't do this. Paloma stands by Miguel, but Julian thinks he did it. Miguel doesn't care, all he cares is what his family and Kay thinks. He begs Kay to tell him that she believes in him. Julian says she doesn't believe him. Sam takes him off. Simone tells Kay it will be okay. Kay doesn't think so. She says she is in love with two men, one who could die at any minute and the other could spend their life in jail for killing him. Kay talks with Simone about how she doesn't know which man to believe and that she's so confused. She doesn't think Miguel would try and kill Fox. Simone doesn't know, but she says if Kay can't see what is in front of her then is is because love is blind. Simone says look at Jessica, she talks about Spike like he's a knight in shining armor. Kay says so she's saying she's in denial like her sister? 

Later Julian meets with Spike in an alley. Julian says he was paid to make it look like Fox was hit, not kill him. Spike says Fox paid him to make it look real , he did what he was told. Julian says if Fox dies so does Spike. Spike says don't threaten him, he could tell the cops what he knows. Julian says if he goes to the cops then he will be a dead man, that is a promise! He then shoves Spike down.

Sam brings Luis down to the station. Sheridan is there with Ethan. Ethan is told that Luis has been charged with raping Fancy Crane. Sheridan continues to tell Luis that she knows he's not capable of rape. Luis says he would have agreed yesterday, but today he's not so sure. Later Luis is in his cell and Ethan and Sheridan are with him. Ethan asks what happened. Luis says that is the problem, he only remembers pieces. He tells Ethan what he remembers from the night. He says he took Fancy to her princess room, he read to her till she went to sleep, he then slept on the couch. He says that's it, everything after that is a blank. He says the next thing he knows he's in the pantry and everyone is staring at him in shock. He says he was wearing the clothes of the rapist. Luis tells Ethan about the weird flashes of making love to Fancy. He knows they didn't do anything though. Ethan isn't worried about his prints on the knife, he's worried about the evidence found in Fancy's person that connects him to the crime. Luis says if he did this then he deserves to rot forever. Sheridan says he doesn't mean that. Luis says he does, if he did this then he deserves to rot. Ethan tells Luis as his attorney he has to stop talking this way, that could be construed as an admission of guilt. Luis says if they were a juror wouldn't they think he was guilty? He asks Sheridan? She says nothing, so he says guilty as charged. Sheridan says she still knows who he is and wouldn't hurt a woman. Luis says she's not on the jury. He says if he was on the jury he'd convict himself too.

Later Luis is shocked when Sam brings Miguel in and arrests him. Paloma is stunned to see Luis behind bars as well. Luis explains he's been charged with raping Fancy. Paloma says that is crazy. Luis explains the evidence against him. Ethan offers to help Miguel out as well. Luis then asks Sheridan do to him a favor. He asks her to check on Fancy. She says yeah . . . sure. Meanwhile Sam talks with Ethan about the cases against the brothers. Ethan says he's a good lawyer, but he doesn't know if he can get either one off the hook. Luis and Miguel talk to one another, they both believe the other, but the evidence is pretty damning against them. Miguel wonders what the chances of them ending up here at the same time, it's like someone has it out for them. Luis says he's reading his mind. Miguel asks who hates them that much and why? 

Elsewhere we see the peeper looking at a board with photos of all the people in harmony. He/She carves up Luis and Miguel's' photos and says two down and many more to go.

At the mansion, Theresa finally takes off Jared's ring. She says now that Gwen is gone, she has a real chance to be with the man she loves. Whitney then says there is one more thing she needs to do, she needs to tell Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father. Whitney says it is time. Theresa says if she tells Ethan the truth then . . . . Whitney knows, she'll lose everything. Whitney says this isn't Little Ethan's to begin with, he's not a Crane by birth. Theresa says she's just afraid to tell Ethan the truth. Whitney says then her relationship with Ethan is doomed. Theresa admits she is afraid. Whitney asks of what? Theresa says of losing her son. Whitney thinks that won't happen. Theresa talks about the hell she went through being married to Alistair. She says she put up with it for her son's future. She says if she tells the truth then Little Ethan will lose everything. Whitney says but he'll gain a real father, the man she loves. Whitney says Theresa needs to chose between love and money. Theresa thinks she can have it all, but Whitney says no and it will all blow up. Whitney says she'll lose Ethan and the empire. Theresa says she will do it, she will tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. 

Ivy brings Fancy home to her room. Fancy says Luis didn't attack her, he isn't capable of this. Ivy says then how did his DNA get inside her? Fancy says she doesn't know. Ivy says she does and she's glad the pervert is off the streets. Ivy goes to help her take her coat off, but Fancy says she doesn't want to be touched by anyone. Ivy suggests she take a shower. Fancy heads into the bathroom.  Ivy turns around and sees Pilar standing there. Ivy asks if Pilar knows what her son has done to her daughter? Ivy says she hopes Luis rots in hell for the rest of his life. Ivy says Pilar is the last person Fancy needs to see. Fancy is in the shower, Ivy wants her gone by time Fancy comes back. Pilar says she loves Fancy, but Ivy thinks Pilar will only remind her of Luis. Pilar says they both know Luis wouldn't do this. Ivy says the evidence is there. Ivy says Luis had no business mooning over Fancy, she's Sheridan's niece and his cadet. Ivy says the fact that Fancy is so out of Luis' league is the best reason they shouldn't have been together, she doesn't know why Fancy gave him the time of day. Pilar says they love one another. Ivy says relationships between classes never work out. Pilar says how dare she use her own bitterness about Sam to become this vengeful bitch. Pilar tells Ivy they go back a long time, but not to get out of place. Pilar reminds her that the one whose place here is questionable is Ivy, her daughter is the mistress of this house. Pilar tells Ivy she's sounding like her father. Pilar says she was there, she knows what happened and how her father made her marry Julian. Pilar says Ivy used what she learned from Julian and Alistair to ruin Sam's marriage. Pialr says Luis loves Fancy. Ivy asks more or less than he loved Sheridan? Ivy says he loved Sheridan and their son is dead and now he's broken Fancy's heart. Pilar calls her a bitch and slaps her. Fancy soon comes out of the shower and begs them not to fight. She is crying and tells them both to stop fighting as she can't take anymore. Fancy breaks down as Pilar tries to talk to her. Ivy tells Pilar that she should go. Pilar tries to talk to Fancy, but Ivy keeps cutting her off. Pilar eventually leaves. Ivy tells Fancy that she should get into bed and get some rest. Fancy is crying. She says she knows Luis wouldn't hurt her. Ivy says the evidence says he did. Ivy says she has to get over what she's feeling and face the facts. Later Fancy sleeps and dreams of the peeper again. She wakes up screaming when she sees a figure in black standing in front of her. 


February 2, 2007
At the mansion, Theresa and Whitney are trying to pick an outfit for Theresa to where when she tells Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Ethan then shows up saying they have to talk. Theresa says they do. Whitney leaves them. Ethan tells Theresa there is something she needs to know. She has something to tell him about Jane and Little Ethan. She wants to change into her perfect outfit first, but he says they don't have time. She asks what has happened? He explains that Miguel and Luis have both been arrested, he details the evidence against them. He also says Julian called Judge Reilly and convinced him that they were a flight risk, so bail has not been granted. Ethan says as an officer of the court he can't tell Theresa what to do here, but he thinks she can guess. She says bribe the judge? Ethan says he didn't hear that, but yes they all know Reilly can be bought. Theresa says she'll make the call and go to the courthouse. She asks Ethan to take the kids to daycare at Crane and she'll meet him there later.

Miguel and Luis are in jail, they both believe they have been set up. Pilar shows up, she stands by her sons and knows they are innocent. Miguel and Luis discuss who could have set them up. Pilar says if she didn't know any better she would say this is a scheme worthy of Alistair. Luis says but he saw Alistair die, it can't be him. Miguel notices the Cranes were the victims, so who has it out for them? Pilar says Alistair and Julian's enemies are numerous, it could be anyone. Luis understands why someone might go after Fox, but he says Fancy has hurt no one. Luis also begins to wonder about his memories, what if he did attack Fancy? Pilar tells him not to say it. She suggests perhaps Fancy slept with Luis and was a shamed she did so so quickly after Noah so she told nobody. Luis doesn't think so. Luis says the evidence against him and his memories of being intimate with Fancy seem to indicate he's guilty. Theresa shows up at this point and won't hear of it. She knows both her brothers are innocent. She also says she's here to use her power as Mrs. Crane to get them out. She makes a call to Judge Reilly. He knows why she's calling. She demands he set bail now, if he hopes to be re-elected in 08 that is.

Jared is still on the couch at Crane. He's dreaming about making love to Theresa. In his dream Ethan shows up and they end up fighting. In his dream Theresa changes her mind and says he wants to be with Ethan. Jared thinks Ethan turned Theresa against him. Chad wakes Jared up, Jared fights with Chad as he's still in his dream and thinks Chad is Ethan. Jared apologizes. He explains how he passed out here last night. He says Valerie woke him this morning and convinced him to fight for Tess. Jared says he was all set to take Ethan on, but he fell back asleep. Jared says he had that dream and it just showed him how Theresa will always love Ethan. Chad says she loves him too, she said yes. Jared doesn't think it's enough, so Chad says then he's just going to quit?

Later Ethan shows up with Jane and Little Ethan. He's taking them to daycare when Vincent the tabloid reporter arrives. Vincent tells Ethan he heard Gwen left him. Little Ethan asks about this, Ethan just says Gwen isn't gone. Vincent wonders if it has to do with Theresa. Ethan has Little Ethan take Jane to the nursery. He then deals with Vincent saying never talk to him again in front of those kids! Vincent heads off laughing.

Whitney arrives at Crane with Miles. She runs into Chad. They quickly talk. Whitney feels so blessed that they don't have a plus one relationship, which is what Theresa and Ethan are dealing with. Chad says she's the only woman he loves. She heads off with Miles and Chad gets a call from his lover. He says he told them it was over, they have almost been caught one too many times. He agrees to meet them at the hotel, but this is the last time.

Whitney runs into Ethan. They discuss what happened with Luis and Miguel. Ethan hasn't had a chance to talk to Theresa. Whitney suggests he go see Theresa right now. Ethan gets the idea that Whitney knows what Theresa wants to tell him. She says she can't really say, but suggests he go see Theresa.

Theresa is back in her office. She thinks everything is working out. She says Jared left her so she had to take off his ring. She says now she and Ethan have a chance. She asks God not to let anything come between them. Suddenly Jared walks in. He says he loves her and was a fool to leave. She says really? He says he is back to fight for her, he wants them to marry as planned. Jared and Theresa kiss.

At the hospital, Kay is with a Fox. She can't believe he's been hit by a car, only to survive and end up in a coma. She says even if he comes out of it that he'll still die. Kay talks to Fox, not knowing if he can hear her. She says she wants him to know that she is here for him. She talks about Charity coming back and how she can't believe he would set her up, but she also can't believe Miguel hit him. She just wants him to get well so they can get back on track. Eve shows up and says she's doing the right thing, Fox needs to know she's here for him. Kay asks if it is true coma patients can hear them? Eve says the evidence suggests so. Later Kay keeps talking with Fox. She says she does love him and she wants him to wake up so they can spend what time left they have together. To herself Kay just hopes Miguel loves her enough to wait. The camera pans to the door where Miguel is standing and listening to what Kay is saying to Fox.

At the mansion, Fancy attacks the person who has walked into her room and tells them to die! It turns out the person in black is Sheridan. Sheridan comments how strong Fancy is, but Fancy says not strong enough to stop her attacker. Sheridan says that is why she is here, to check on her. Fancy is so confused over the evidence and what has happened. Sheridan gets Fancy worked up and suggests Luis didn't rape Fancy, but Fancy raped Luis! She thinks Fancy couldn't wait to be with Luis and drugged him. Fancy says she would never. Sheridan says Fancy may not have even known what she was doing, she could have taken one to many pills and had one too many drinks. Fancy tells her to shut up! Sheridan says she won't, not until she leaves Luis alone. Sheridan says Fancy has been trouble for Luis ever since that porn tape scandal. Fancy has heard enough and ends up throwing Sheridan out. Later Luis turns up. He says his sister got him out on bail. She backs away from him, looking a little uneasy. Luis wonders if she's starting to doubt him.

At the hotel, Chad shows up. He puts a box of condoms on the dresser and takes a drink of booze. A person shows up and Chad says it's about time. we see them take off their coat. By their build we see they are a man, but their face is not shown  . . . though they do have on a pair of black gloves.


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