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1st Week of July  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



July 2, 2007 
At Tabitha's, we se a replay of Miguel telling Kay how he never knew how much she loved him until now. Julian again says it doesn't matter, Kay broke their deal, so he will have Spike say he was paid to say Miguel didn't run Fox down, Miguel will go back to jail. Kay says he can't do that. Julian says she made her bed, lie in it! Kay says Julian knows he's innocent, but Julian knows no such thing. He asks Fox if he does? Fox says not with any certainty. Julian says Kay broke their agreement so there are consequences to be paid. Julian says Miguel will be back in prison before Kay says Lopez-Fitzgerald. The elf is watching and laughing. Miguel suspects Fox knew about this, he knew Julian made this deal. Miguel says that is how the Cranes keep their women, they buy their relationships. Fox claims he didn't know about this deal. He then says how dare his father interfere in his life. Julian says he was trying to help. Fox says he didn't. He swears to Kay he wouldn't have condoned this. He says Kay is still his wife and he still loves her. Miguel says not for long. Fox asks Miguel what makes him think he has a future with Kay? Julian says Miguel will go back to jail, their relationship will consist of Kay taking him crayon drawings from their daughter. Kay again tells Julian he can't put Miguel back there, he won't survive. Julian says she should have thought about that before having sex with the loser. She says she's sorry. He says sorry doesn't cut it, they had a deal and she went back on it. She cries please don't. Julian says use your tears on someone who gives a damn. Julian tells Kay should she change her mind and stay with Fox and renounce Miguel, then they can restructure their agreement. Miguel says no deal, Kay loves him and wants to be with him! Julian says let Kay make the decision. Miguel says he'd rather be dead than let her go back to Fox. Miguel tells Julian that he won't let Kay sacrifice her happiness for him, Kay won't be going back to Fox. Ivy walks in and is thrilled. She thinks Fox has decided to dump the tramp. Fox hasn't, confusing Ivy as to what is going on. Miguel says he found out Julian made a bargain with Kay to get him out of jail if Kay stays with Fox. Ivy can't believe this, she says Kay isn't worth one of Fox's little fingers. Julian says stay out of it and decides to call the fuzz. Kay has to stop Julian, she decides to use magic. She zaps his phone to break it. Julian thinks he needs to use the house phone. She zaps it, but it starts flying around. She tries to settle it down. Miguel tells Kay not to take this deal, he'll find a way to stay out of prison. Fox and Miguel soon begin swinging punches. Miguel and Fox both argue over which one Kay wants. They keep on fighting. The elf decides to head off and create more chaos. As the guys fight, Kay screams at them to be careful of Fox's catheter. Julian says that Miguel is beating the hell out of a terminally ill man. Ivy tells Julian to shut up, Fox isn't even sick. The boys stop fighting, Kay says what did you just say?

At the cottage, Sheridan is trying to figure out what to do about the blackmailer. Sheridan says she can't kill anyone, much less Luis' sister. She opens her door to leave, the blackmailer is standing there. They wonder where she's off to in such a hurry? Off to kill Theresa he hopes. They demand an answer, has Sheridan decided where and when? What weapon will she use? They ask if she'll shoot Theresa? Stab her? Choke her to death? They say maybe roast her over a pit, they could pig roast her and serve her for dinner with some kiante. Sheridan says they are the murderer, not her. She says she's calling the police, they have hurt their last victim. The blackmailer shows her a vial of poison. She says she won't take it. They say not for her, for them. They'd rather take their own life than be taken by the police. They say they will drink this, and they will be dead before the cops get here. The blackmailer says nobody will prove they were behind the murders, Luis will be executed. They say by all means, call the cops if she must. The blackmailer tells Sheridan she knows what she has to do. Sheridan says Luis means everything to her. The blackmailer asks why she's not doing everything she can to make him hers? Sheridan hangs up the phone. The blackmailer says let's get to it, there is an offer on the table, think carefully before you accept or decline. They say before they bring Petty back and poison Luis' mind against Fancy, all Sheridan has to do is kill Theresa. They think it's very simple. Sheridan says she once thought she killed someone as a girl, but her father lied and let her believe she had. She also says she doesn't know how to kill her, and even if she did, this is Luis' sister. He adores her, as does she. Sheridan also says Pilar was like a second mother to her. The blackmailer forgot, she was the poor rich girl who had to rely on the housekeeper when she didn't have her own mommy. They say she lived in the lap of luxury yet all she can do is cry that she didn't have a mommy. They say she is so self centered. They tell Sheridan she can do this, pretend Theresa is Fancy, she can do this. Sheridan begins to think about killing Theresa. We see Theresa working to arrange some flowers. Sheridan sneaks up behind her with a rope and strangles Theresa! Sheridan says no not that way. She thinks bout killing her with a broken bottle, but says no not that way either. She then considers shooting Theresa. Sheridan tells the blackmailer that as much as she wants to be with Luis, she can't kill an innocent person. The blackmailer says Sheridan disappoints him, he thought she was a true Crane to the core. The blackmailer says she's not willing to go an extra mile to achieve her ends. They say she's weak, she is a coward. They say they thought she'd do what she could to save Luis, to be with him. Sheridan says that is their fault, don't put that blame on her. The blackmailer says at Luis' funeral, all the sympathy will go to Fancy, not her. They say she's just too chicken to do this one little thing. Sheridan says killing Theresa isn't little. He guesses it depends on how much she's willing to do to save Luis. The elf shows up and zaps Sheridan with his demons. She says she will go kill Theresa. The blackmailer is glad she's finally on board. They say one tip, show no mercy. Sheridan then leaves.

At the mansion, Theresa knows she can't let Jared find the blackmailer, he'll find out the truth and tell Ethan. She tries to stop him from leaving, but Jared storms out saying he'll find this creature and end these threats. Ethan tells Theresa who cares about Jared, he will protect her from that psycho. Gwen and Rebecca are watching, Rebecca thinks Ethan is tired of what Theresa is keeping from him. Gwen says Theresa's secret will be the death of her, if she doesn't get to her first. Meanwhile Ethan begs Theresa to tell him her secret, it will end the blackmail. Ethan says if Jared finds out first then he'll be another person holding information over her. She won't tell him, so Ethan says he's going to go find the blackmailer, she's left him no choice. She begs him not to do this. She won't let him go. She begs him not to risk his life over this. Ethan says without her in it, he doesn't have much of a life. Ethan says the only way to take back control is to deal with this freak. Theresa continues to think about the blackmailer's threats. He asks what could be so terrible, he can't think of one thing that could make him stop loving her. She continues to ask him not to go looking for the blackmailer, but he says she's left him no choice. Ethan storms out.

Meanwhile, Rebecca asks Gwen if she really meant what she said about killing Theresa? Gwen snaps out of her possessed state and says kill Theresa? Gwen says as much as she'd love to, of course not. Gwen says it is a lovely thought though. Rebecca begs Gwen to get in there, get Ethan back, her divorce isn't final. Gwen says she has no use for a man who thinks Theresa is his soul mate. She says let Ethan waste his life groveling at her feet. Gwen says she has a new man, one who loves her and only her, the man she deserves. Rebecca asks about this new love. Gwen says he's the most wonderful man. Rebecca asks if he has a name? Who is he? Gwen says someone so romantic she couldn't have dreamt him up. Rebecca says tell me more. Gwen says he has a killer smile, and his eyes . . . well she melts when he looks at her. She also says his hands are perfect, and her mom knows she has a thing for hands. Rebecca asks if he comes from a good family? Gwen says the best, except for on his mother's side. Rebecca says they they've met so many weirdo's lately, this guy could be anyone. Rebecca's phone rings, she takes it. She is shocked and says she's on her way! Rebecca tells Gwen that was her contact about JT's missing memory stick. She says she has to follow this lead and leaves. Gwen looks in on Theresa and around the mansion. She says nothing is left here for her, Theresa won, she has Ethan and Jane.

Gwen leaves and is zapped by the elf and his little green demons. He repossesses her. Gwen says if there were no Theresa then she wouldn't have won. She says she'll do what she should have done years ago, she'll kill that bitch! Back inside, Theresa hears an odd sound and wonders if it is Ethan? She says Ethan? Hello? Is someone there?

Back at the cottage, the blackmailer looks around at Sheridan's knick knacks. They wonder why they couldn't have grown up with these expensive toys. They say these things are probably worth more than some people make in a year. Ethan shows up and walks in. He thinks Sheridan is in here. He hears a rattling; the blackmailer is hiding in the closet!

At the station, Sam has an APB put out on Spike, he also has guards put at his house. HE says if Spike goes near Jessica, shoot him. Jared then shows up to talk to the Chief. He talks about how the blackmailer is hurting Theresa, he can't stand by and let it go on anymore. Sam says everyone in town has been hurt by them. Sam says they've almost caught them several times, but they escape. Sam says it won't happen again. Jared says it better not escape again otherwise he and Theresa won't have a life. Later Sam is on the phone dealing with calls about both Spike and the blackmailer. Jared is still there, he wants Sam's promise they'll catch this creep. Sam says that he's not the only one afraid for a loved one because of this blackmailer. Jared tells Sam how he won't let this go, he will find this creature himself and storms off.



July 3,  2007
At the studio, Whitney is arguing with her mom about Chad and what he's done. Eve says she's not saying forgive Chad, but can't they talk about what is best for Miles and the unborn baby? Whitney thinks what is best is to get Miles out of here. Eve asks if this could have been a one time thing? Whitney says no, and who knows how many other men he slept with. Chad shows up and says none, he's not gay. She doesn't want to hear this again, she doesn't care what he does or who with, as long as it's not her. She demands he give her Miles, but Chad says he is Miles father and Sam says he has rights. She won't leave Miles here with a man who lives his lifestyle. Chad says he'd never hurt Miles. Whitney doesn't trust him, she says he certainly didn't protect her by exposing her to diseases. Chad swears he wouldn't do anything to hurt his son, he says Eve has to know this. Eve doesn't think Chad would. Whitney tells Chad not to get her mother on his side. Eve tells them to stop, they are acting like children. Whitney won't talk about this, she says she's getting Miles and leaving. Eve begs them to keep their voices down, do they want to wake Miles and have him hear this? Whitney says no. Chad tells Whitney that he loves her, he loves her and Miles. He says tell him what to do and he'll do it, he'll spend the rest of his life making this up to her. He begs her not to throw away what they have. Whitney says they don't have anything, they are done forever. He says she's the only woman he's ever loved. She says when you love someone, you don't sleep with someone else. Whitney says it isn't hard to be faithful. He knows and he is sorry. He says he made a terrible mistake he'll always regret. He swears it won't happen again, just give him another chance. Chad says they had a good marriage. She can't recall if they did, she remembers the late night calls, how he went out to see his lover. She says she'll never forget him making love to Vincent, the image is burned in her brain. Chad talks about the good times they had, we see flashbacks. She tells him to stop, this won't work. Chad says think about Miles and their baby, they need a father. Whitney says he should have thought about that before he cheated. She says she's taking her son and leaving. He threatens to fight for Miles and their baby. She says over her dead body. He says that is her choice. Eve asks if he is threatening Whitney? Chad says no. He says he loves her. He wants to grow old with her. Whitney says well he doesn't want to grow old with him. Miles then walks out, he's been woken by the arguing. Miles goes to Eve, Whitney and Chad talk to him and try and calm him down.

At Tabitha's, we see a replay of Ivy revealing that Fox wasn't even sick. Kay asks what she said? The boys stop fighting. Julian says Ivy is deranged. Miguel doesn't agree, he's been saying this all along. Kay asks Fox if this is true? Fox says of course he is sick. Miguel says he's not, it was a lie. Kay asks Ivy if this is an attempt to break them up? Ivy is flustered, but finally admits Fox isn't sick. Kay again demands the truth, was he pretending to be sick so she'd marry him? He remembers via flashbacks making plans with his dad to fool Kay. Fox admits he did lie to her. He says he didn't want to lie, he just loved her so much and wanted to be with her. Miguel says Fox took advantage of her. He's glad Kay has seen the man he is. Kay is speechless. She asks Fox how could he do this? Why would he make her believe he was dying. She says her heart was breaking because of him. He says he's sorry. She again asks why? He says he loves her. She says what about his throwing up? His hair falling out? The catheter? Did he do this to make her think he was dying? Fox says well . . . . Julian says there was a mistake, he was given the real treatment when he was to be given a placebo. Kay can't believe this. What about Dr. Gasparo? Eve vouched for him. Julian admits he needed money for a clinic. Kay tells Ivy, Julian and Fox thy are all monsters. Fox thanks his mom for ruining everything. Julian says Ivy did stick her fork in it as usual. Ivy wonders what is wrong with them, can they sink any lower as a family? Miguel tells Kay they should go. Fox again says he loves Kay, he was afraid of losing her. He says Miguel confused her, everything was so good before Miguel came. She says but he lied to her, she was worried sick about him. She remembers all the times she thought Fox was sick. Fox begs Kay not to leave him. Ivy tells Fox to let Kay go, he's better than this tramp. Kay says how dare Ivy, she's not the one faking a disease. Kay and Ivy soon begin to argue about Ivy's scheme with David and Grace and Kay's part in it. Kay tells Fox she feels sorry for him, with these two as parents, well he was cursed from birth. Kay and Ivy keep arguing about Ivy's scheme, they both blame each other for Grace's death. Julian says they've all heard this before. Miguel tells Kay they should go. Kay says goodbye Fox. Julian wants Kay to see how devastated Fox is. He also reminds her of their agreement to free Miguel. She says that was before she knew Fox was a liar. Julian says well the deal is off. He says Miguel will go back to jail. Miguel says after everything Julian has done, it wouldn't surprise him if Julian paid someone off who looks like him to run Fox down. Unless Fox faked being hit. Fox says he wasn't faking, he was almost killed. Kay agrees with that. Miguel says well he didn't do it, maybe they paid Spike. Miguel threatens to find Spike and make him confess. Then he'll tell the tabloids everything they've done. He says what will the world think of Crane Industries after they hear what he has to say.

At the mansion, Theresa hears strange noises. She asks if that is Ethan? Is someone there? Nobody answers, Theresa thinks it's the creature. She says stay away from her and runs. Whatever was in the mansion seems to be following Theresa as she's running through the mansion grounds. She ends up running right into Pilar. Theresa tells her mom something was chasing her, she doesn't know what. Pilar thinks she imagined it, but Theresa knows she didn't. She was followed. Theresa suggests they go back to the house, she'll have security patrol the grounds.

Pilar takes Theresa back to the mansion and tries to calm her down. Pilar suggests they cook, some good home cooked food will take her mind of this. She says they can take the food to Luis in prison. Theresa says no, Luis could always read her like a book. Theresa ends up telling her mom all about how Jared and Ethan are both looking for the blackmailer, if either one of them finds that monster . . . Pilar says this blackmailer must be found and made to confess.

At the cottage, the blackmailer is in the closet. Ethan is looking around for Sheridan, she's not answering. He knows someone is in here somewhere. The blackmailer has a knife, they say don't make them kill him. Ethan realizes someone could be in the closet. He opens the door and finds the blackmailer. Ethan demands Theresa's secret. The blackmailer says no can do and tries to run for it, but Ethan grabs them. Ethan gets the knife away from the blackmailer. Ethan says it's time for the blackmailer to finally go to jail. The blackmailer thinks that would be a bad idea. They end up tackling Ethan and hold the knife on Ethan. He/She says if he/she can't have Ethan then Theresa never will either! Ethan tells the blackmailer they love him though, they can't do this to him. The blackmailer says they do love him, but Ethan's given him no choice. Ethan says everyone has a choice. Ethan then kicks the blackmailer off him. The blackmailer then shows Ethan their vial of poison and threatens to take it. Ethan doesn't believe them, but the blackmailer says they aren't afraid to die. They then go to take it, but Ethan stops them. HE says he can't let them kill themselves. The blackmailer says you do love me and kisses Ethan!


July 4, 2007
At the studio, Eve holds Miles. Chad asks Miles if he wants him to give Mommy a kiss! Miles does. Chad kisses her, and thinks to himself that kiss proves she still loves him. To herself Whitney thinks gross! Eve just hopes Whitney can hold it together and not blow up at Chad and  hurt Miles. Whitney tells Miles that they have to go see his teacher tomorrow, which is closest to Grandma and Grandpa's, so they'll go stay there. He says noo noo noo. Chad says Miles wants to stay here. Whitney says that is too bad. Eve says Chad did have Miles all day today. Chad tells Miles to go to Grandma's house, he'll bring breakfast over tomorrow and go with them to see the teacher. Whitney says no, but Eve says Chad's idea works out for everyone. Eve takes Miles off to pack for the night. Whitney tells Chad she doesn't like this, being cornered like that. He says she liked the kiss, Whitney says she didn't. She claims she felt sick to her stomach. He doesn't believe her. She says she played convincing for Mile's. She also says nothing has changed, they are over. To himself Chad doesn't believe her. Eve later takes Miles out to the car. Whiney continues to tell Chad they are over, he says it doesn't have to be. She says she won't stay married to a man who has sex with other men. HE says he'll stop. She says he'd do that for her, a woman? She says the thought of being intimate with him again makes her sick. Whitney says she is going to file for divorce and sue for custody of their children. He says over his dead body. She says his choice and walks out. Later Chad tries to convince himself he has been a good father and can be a good husband if Whitney gives him a second chance. However he says if Whitney doesn't want him, well he won't let her have their children. 

Whitney, Eve and Miles return to the Russell's. Miles goes into the kitchen where TC is. Whitney talks to Eve how her life has turned out to be great. She swears she will not let Chad take her children, she'll leave the country with her children if she has to. Eve says well tomorrow is another day. Whitney thinks things will only get worse, don't try and sugar coat this. She also tells her mom if she had told the truth about her son with Julian then she wouldn't be here.  She says she wouldn't have had to go to the convent and Chad wouldn't have turned to men for sex. Eve says that is unfair, Alistair manipulated the DNA tests to hurt them. She also says whether or not Whitney was or wasn't around, Chad would have had a homosexual affair. Eve says men don't go looking for sex with men unless they are gay. Whitney says her mom is right, she's going to get Miles ready for bed. Eve then thinks that she can't be to blame for Chad being gay, can she? Her lies can't be responsible for it. Later Whitney returns. Whitney says how daddy finally accepted Simone as a lesbian, only to learn Chad is gay. Eve says maybe her and Chad . . . Whitney says no, it's like she said, Chad wouldn't choose to be with Vincent. Whitney says he is gay, he must have been for awhile. Whitney says Chad used her life to live a lie. Eve says the past will always come back to get you, no matter how much you hide from the truth. 

At Tabitha's, Miguel swears to find Spike and find out what really happened the night of the accident. HE says then he'll tell the tabloids what happened, Crane Industries will take a dive when they hear what Fox has to do just to get laid. Fox says he'll kill him! Kay says she never knew Fox hated Miguel so much. Ivy says she never realized Fox could sink so low for Kay. Fox says he loves her. Kay says he doesn't, she loves controlling her. Fox says he faked the dying thing, but Miguel is still lying to her. Fox swears Miguel ran him over. Miguel swears he didn't run him down. Fox says he did. Kay needs a moment to think. Kay wants to go with Miguel, but what if Fox isn't lying. Miguel says he's a proven liar. Ivy says she agrees, go with Miguel. Julian continues with his threats to put Miguel back in prison. Ivy says don't let Julian bully her. Fox says if Ivy doesn't have anything good to say then shut up. Kay wonders how to stop this. The demon elf shows up and says at your service Kay! The elf tells Kay to use her magic. Ivy, Miguel and others wonder why Kay is talking to herself? Miguel asks if she needs to sit down, does she need water? Kay says yes, water is what she needs. Fox goes to get her some water. Julian then tries to convince Kay to let Fox give him a chance to make her happy. Julian says Miguel ran Fox over and left him for dead. Miguel says he didn't. Kay says she just needs some water and to think. Fox brings her some. Kay hopes it will act like Tabitha's magic bowl for her. 

Kay looks into the glass of water. Julian asks what she's doing? Ivy asks if something is in it? Kay says no it's fine. Miguel says drink it so they can go. She tries to get the water to show her the truth. Ivy tells Kay if she won't drink the one Fox got her then drink this. She gives her another glass. The demon elf causes Ivy's water to boil, she screams and drops it. She goes to get the kitchen to get a towel. Meanwhile Kay still tries to get answers from the water. The demon elf gives her a hand, he spits into it! She looks in and then sees the truth, she finds out Spike was the run who ran Fox down! Kay throws the water in Fox's face and calls him a bastard! Fox asks what is wrong with her? Kay says Miguel is right, he hired Spike to run Fox down and frame Miguel! She says he went and almost got himself killed just to keep her? Fox asks where this is coming from? Kay says the truth is all around them. She then realizes Jessica was right, there were fake Charity and Miguel's too. They hired the imposters didn't they! Fox says that is crazy. She says as crazy as him lying about dying. Ivy has returned, she yells at Julian for what he's done to his children. Julian wonders where Kay's little epiphany came from. Kay says she just had a vision of them. Fox says now she sounds crazy. Kay says well she had a vision of them in prison if they don't leave Miguel alone. She says if they threaten Miguel again, she will make sure Julian and Fox go to jail. Kay tells Fox that she did love him, but to see how she took advantage of it, well she sees that he never loved her. Kay leaves with Miguel. Julian wonders how Kay found out the truth about Spike? Ivy says well he just admitted it. Fox says shut up, he just lost the woman he loved. Ivy says like father like son. Fox tells his parent he lost his wife because of them, his life is ruined and it's their fault. Fox then storms off. Julian tells Ivy that Fox is right, they have ruined his life. HE says he prays it's not to late to be a good father to his son with Eve. Outside, Miguel asks Kay if she really had a vision? Kay says she can't say what it was, she just knows they are horrible people. Miguel thinks now they can finally be a family. She says the couple they were always meant to be.

At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa are still baking stuff for Luis. Theresa says maybe Ethan or Jared will convince the blackmailer into confessing. She just worries that Ethan and Jared could also learn her secret. Pilar says she knows what she has to do, she has to tell Ethan the truth. Pilar says Ethan will understand why she didn't tell him. Theresa fears just like Ivy, Ethan wouldn't understand. She can't take the chance she's wrong. Pilar says secrets are terrible and always come out at the worst times. Pilar says look at what her own father's lies did, how it tore their family apart as well as Julian and Sheridan. Theresa knows, then there is Chad and Whitney. Pilar says this is what secrets do, it tears people apart. Pilar says Sam and Grace, Sheridan and Luis, Kay and Miguel. Theresa says her secret will cost her Ethan. Pilar doubts Ethan will turn his back on her, but Theresa can't take the chance. Theresa remembers Ethan advising a friend in Rome about taking a child from the mother. She thinks he would have taken Little Ethan like he and Gwen took Jane. She says she'd lose Ethan, her son and any chance at helping Luis get off death row. Theresa says she just has to hope Jared and Ethan don't find the blackmailer. They later pack the food for Luis. Theresa won't go with her mom to see Luis, she doesn't want to burden him with her secret and problems.

At the cottage, Ethan stops the blackmailer from killing themselves. They say Ethan does love them and kisses Ethan! Ethan pulls away and says stay away from him. The blackmailer thought Ethan cared for him. Ethan says he doesn't love them, he loves Theresa. The blackmailer says stop it, hearing her name makes their blood boil. Ethan says the loves Theresa. The blackmailer says she's a lying bitch, Ethan deserves better, he deserves them. The blackmailer says they'll love Ethan in ways he can't imagine. The blackmailer screams and cries no! They says they can make Ethan happy, his love is the only thing that kept them going. The blackmailer says staying a step ahead of everyone was stressful and exhausting, but they thought of Ethan and knew they had to keep going. They say they got rid of everyone between them, everyone but Theresa. They say Theresa must die so they can be together. Ethan says if the blackmailer hurts Theresa then he will kill them. The blackmailer says but they love Ethan, it's all been for him. Ethan says he chloroformed him, stripped him, tied him to a chair, tried to kill him. The blackmailer wanted to make their first few meetings memorable. They also claim Ethan will love their first date and the leather briefs they bought for him! Ethan says they aren't dating, he loves Theresa. The blackmailer says in time he'll forget Theresa and learn to love them. Ethan says it won't happen, but the blackmailer says they are proof that anything is possible. Ethan keeps telling them that it won't happen, he is not interested in them. The blackmailer loves it when he's so coy. Ethan says he's not being coy, he loves Theresa. The blackmailer says Ethan will love them, they will spend their life together. They talk about how they'll walk on the beach, share romantic dinners, they will dance cheek to cheek. Ethan says no they won't. The blackmailer says don't be shy, they've seen him dance. The blackmailer wanted to be in Ethan's arms then, now they will be. The blackmailer then fantasizes about dancing with Ethan. After they end their dance, the blackmailer tells Ethan (in the fantasy) wait till their first mattress mambo, Ethan doesn't know what he's missed only being with women. Ethan says why wait! Ethan kisses the blackmailer (still the fantasy) The blackmailer snaps out of their fantasy, they say they were thinking about how happy they could be together. Ethan again says he's not interested in them. The blackmailer says Ethan can't love a corpse, but came close to it all those times he made love to Gwen. They also say when he learns Theresa's secret, he will hate her! Ethan says nothing will make him stop loving Theresa. The blackmailer says wrong answer. They say Theresa's deep dark secret will make him hate her. 



July 5, 2007
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July 6, 2007
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