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2nd Week of July  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



July 9, 2007 
At the mansion, Gwen and Sheridan hug one another and talk about how much they've missed each other. The demon elf shows up to spy on them. Sheridan asks where Gwen has been hiding? She doesn't want to talk about it right now, but when she is ready, Sheridan will be the first she tells. She says she's just here to finalize her divorce and then she's leaving. Sheridan says Harmony is her home. Gwen says she's starting a life elsewhere. Sheridan asks what about Ethan? Gwen says Ethan hasn't changed, he's still chasing Theresa. She says she deserves a man who loves her and only her. Sheridan asks if she doesn't love Ethan anymore? Gwen says she'll always love Ethan. Sheridan says don't let him go, she will regret it, trust her. Gwen says she heard about Chris and James leaving. Sheridan says yes they left, but she's talking about Luis. She says if Gwen has a good thing with Ethan then hang onto it. Gwen says Ethan doesn't love her, she has some pride, she's always come in second to Theresa. She says she won't live her life as the target of a joke. She has to move on with her life. She then tells Sheridan a secret, ever since she's come back she's had the most overwhelming urge to kill Theresa. The demon elf is laughing. Gwen says this urge is powerful, she is afraid she might go through with it. Sheridan understands, she's felt the same way too lately. She says she can't explain it, she feels like she may kill too. Sheridan says the feeling scares her. Gwen says her too. The demon elf says one or maybe both of them will commit murder. Gwen talks about how she has these urges, then they go away, then they come back. She says she should count her blessings she has stopped herself so far. Sheridan says Gwen doesn't really want to see Theresa dead. Gwen says only because she doesn't want to get caught. Gwen says every time before she tried to kill Theresa, like with the baseball bat or scalpel, a voice would tell her it was wrong. Gwen thinks though if she gets her hands on Theresa under these urges, she can't fight it. The demon elf says they can't fight his demons, they want her to kill. Gwen says that is why she has to finalize her divorce and leave town. Sheridan wishes she could leave, but she can't leave Luis. Sheridan talks about how Luis has been set up for crimes he didn't commit. Gwen asks if nobody can do anything? Sheridan says there is a way to free him, but the price is really high. Gwen says do it, once Luis is released then she can be with him. Sheridan says even if Luis is released they won't be together, somehow Fancy has wormed her skinny butt into Luis' heart. Gwen says it won't last, everyone knows Sheridan is the love of his life. Sheridan knows, but she said things at the trial, Luis hasn't forgiven her. She also says Fancy has convinced Luis that they are meant to be together. Gwen says Sheridan knows how to change it, once Luis learns about Pretty then he can't love her. Sheridan says she knows. Sheridan has been looking for Pretty. Gwen says nobody knows where she is? Sheridan says Pretty cut herself off after what happened. She says someone does know where she is, a criminal. She says this thing is capable of so much. Gwen asks if it is the weird freak her mom told her about? The one who is the talk of the town. Sheridan says this thing is responsible for all the crimes Luis is convicted of. Sheridan says they made a deal with her to free Luis, clear his name and bring Pretty back. Gwen asks what Sheridan has to do? Sheridan says the price is too high. Gwen thinks money isn't a problem for her. Sheridan says it's not money. Gwen says then get him whatever it wants, isn't it worth it to bring Luis back? Gwen asks what it wants her to do? Sheridan says to kill Theresa! Sheridan says she's actually considered it, she has almost killed Theresa. Sheridan says if her feelings come back, she might do it. The demon elf says she will do it, it sings Theresa is about to die!

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Pilar asks Theresa again if she'd change her mind and come to see Luis. Theresa says no. Pilar says she should spend time with Luis while she can. Theresa says she'd just make him more upset, she doesn't want to burden him with her problems. Pilar thinks if she can't get through to her, maybe he can. She again tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says she can't risk losing him. She says the only person who can tell Ethan the truth is the blackmailer, she thinks Ethan or Jared won't find him. Theresa tells Pilar not to worry, nobody will catch that blackmailer. Pilar says unless it's caught then her brother will die. Theresa knows, it kills to be torn between Luis and Ethan. She says whether the blackmailer is caught is out of her control. Pilar asks if she found the blackmailer, would she bring it forward to clear Luis? Theresa says it's a horrible situation and there is no use talking about it. Pilar says if that thing isn't caught then it will take a miracle to save Luis. Theresa says she's praying for Luis and them all, for this nightmare to end. To herself she also says she's praying that Ethan never finds out the truth. She thinks Ethan would hate her forever if he learned the truth. Later Theresa gets a call and runs off. 

At the cottage, the blackmailer holds a knife on Ethan. They says once he hears Theresa's secret, he won't want anything to do with that tramp. They say the truth will set Ethan free, they will see Theresa is the real monster. Ethan says he loves Theresa and nothing will change that. The blackmailer suggests they put it to the test. They say they'll tell him Theresa's secret and then they'll see if he still has those feelings for Theresa. Ethan says just spit it out. The blackmailer wants to savor this moment. They talk about how a less honorable man would have forced Theresa to tell them, but he let her tell him when she was good and ready. The blackmailer says she never will be. They ask if Ethan has any clue what the secret is? They thinks that is why Ethan came looking for them, he wants to know. Ethan says he wants to know. The blackmailer says they'll tell him, their life will then be perfect. The blackmailer dreams of when they can pull off their mask and reveal the real themselves to Ethan. Ethan says get on with it. The blackmailer says this is valuable information, they need payment. Ethan asks what they want? The blackmailer says Ethan's love! They say promise them to give Theresa up for them! Ethan says this is absurd. The blackmailer says almost everything they've done is so they can be together. They say Ethan will see Theresa isn't who she claims to be and he will be free to be with them. Ethan says he will never love them, he is not interested in them. The blackmailer thinks Ethan won't be able to reject him. Ethan doesn't want the secret if it means being involved with them. Ethan says they are crazy, they are sick sick sick. The blackmailer hears voices in their head saying things like You disgusting little creep, you make me throw up! Get away from me! You are sick! You are a weirdo. Everyone hates you. The blackmailer begins screaming that they are human with feelings. Ethan asks what is wrong with you? The blackmailer thought Ethan was different and understanding, but he's as cruel as the rest of them. The blackmailer says there is no reason for Ethan to live, if they can't have his heart then no one will. They attack Ethan, they fight over the knife. Ethan gets the knife from them and holds it on the blackmailer. He says he has them. The blackmailer begs Ethan to let them die, he thinks they are a monster. Ethan says he wants to be their friend, have they ever had a friend? The blackmailer asks Ethan if he means that? Ethan says he can see they are hurt, a friend can be a good thing. The blackmailer says they've never had a friend. The blackmailer says they don't know how to be a friend. Ethan does, shaking hands is a part of it. Ethan lets them go and holds out his hand. The blackmailer ends up crying on Ethan's shoulder. The blackmailer says Ethan doesn't know what it's like for someone to be kind to them. Ethan says if you are honest with people then people will be kind to them. The blackmailer says they want kindness. Ethan says then they have to stop hurting people, they have to face what they've done, make things right. The blackmailer just wants it all to end, they want everyone to feel their pain. Ethan says it didn't work, they only built a wall between them and the rest of the world. Ethan says they have to turn themselves in. Ethan says he'll help them. The blackmailer says they'll be executed, but Ethan says no. They get them help. The blackmailer says the nuthouse? Ethan says maybe, but it's a small price to pay to get their humanity back. Ethan says exonerate Luis, stop the blackmail, then they will find compassion from people. The blackmailer doesn't know, this is a big step. Ethan says let him call Sam and stop all this pain. The blackmailer cries that Ethan is right, they don't want to do this anymore. They say they'll turn themselves in, Harmony's nightmare is over.

At the prison, Fancy and Luis are talking and kissing one another. Luis wishes this visit could be like their last one. They remember making love. He says he'll hold onto those memories as long as he can. She says she will too. He says no. He says she has to forget about him, let him go. He doesn't want her wasting her time on him, just because he's losing his life doesn't mean she should lose hers. He says find someone else, start a family. Fancy says she wants that with him. Luis wants that too, but chances are it won't happen. He says forget him, move on. She says she doesn't think she can do that. He says do it for him. Fancy says he doesn't know what he's asking. He says he does, his mom threw her life away waiting for his father. He doesn't want her to do the same thing, he wants her to be happy, move on. She says she will try. He says good, she deserves happiness. She says she'll never be happier than she is when she's with him. He says that is sweet. She talks about how all she's learned about love and family she learned from him and his. She says her family is full of animosity, he doesn't even know the worst of it. He knows she's talking about Pretty, something bad happened didn't it. She says yes. He suggests she talk about it, tell him what happened with Pretty. He says he won't push her, but mama says secrets always come out. Fancy says she will tell him everything about her and Pretty, every last horrible detail. Fancy hopes Luis won't hate her, she says it's pretty terrible! She says this has haunted her for years. She says it all started when Pretty . . . suddenly Pilar shows up to see Luis. She hopes she isn't interrupting, she's brought Luis some food. She has enough for Fancy and even the guard. Luis says she brought enough for an army! The guard says Pilar can bring in all the food she wants as far as he's concerned. Pilar talks to Fancy, she asks if they were talking about Pretty when she came in? Fancy says yes, Luis wanted to know the story. Pilar says she isn't going to tell him the truth is she? Fancy tells Pilar she always says the truth will come out. Pilar says not this, don't tell Luis about Pretty. Fancy says she wants to be honest with him. Pilar understands, and normally she'd agree, but not now and not here. She says Luis probably will be executed, they have to face this. Pilar wants her son's last days to be happy ones, he loves and adores her. She says don't take that from Luis. Fancy says it wasn't her fault, or she never meant to . . . Pilar says all she knows is that when it happened, the house was filled with pain. She begs Fancy to spare Luis that pain. She says Fancy is what keeps Luis going. Fancy says Pilar is making her sound so awful. Pilar doesn't mean to judge her, but she doesn't want Luis to face death thinking the worst of her. Luis soon asks what they are whispering about? Is everything okay? Fancy says just fine.  


July 10,  2007
At Tabitha's, she is missing Endora. She wonders if Endora is missing her as much as she's missing her. She decides to go sneak a peak on Endora, see how well she's adjusting. She doesn't think that would hurt. Tabitha zaps herself to the witches school and looks in on Endora. Endora is with Esmeralda, who says she will be the best good witch every by time she graduated. Tabitha thinks Edora has already forgotten her mommy. Esmeralda tells Endora how pleased she is with her progress, she's a natural. Tabitha knows boarding school is the right thing for Endora, but she misses her. She wishes she could be close to her. Tabitha then gets an idea, Endora wants a kitty, and Esmeralda couldn't refuse her if she was a cat. Tabitha says forgive her Endora, white isn't a good color for her so it will have to be black. Tabitha changes into a small black kitten. Endora meanwhile continues her lessons with Esmeralda. Tabitha the cat comes in, Endora begs to keep it as she loves it so much. The cat sits by Endora. When Endora can't seem to levitate a heavier object, Tabitha helps her out. Esmeralda suggests they move onto spinning, and she causes Tabitha the cat to spin in the air! Esmeralda sends Endora to get her some chalk, then tells Tabitha that the jig is up! Tabitha changes back. She says that was mean and she calls herself a good witch. Esmeralda says she knows Tabitha misses Endora. Tabitha says more than she can imagine. Esmeralda says it's only been a few hours. Tabitha is afraid about the bad witches, she had to check on Endora. Esmeralda says rules are rules, and Endora will be safe here. She also says even if the bad witches weren't smashed to atoms, they can't come here, they can't stand the goodness. 

Elsewhere, the bad witches are not dead. They are watching what is going on via their TV set. They say they aren't dead yet and they will get her little girl. They wonder what kind of mother she is sending her to good witch school. The other bad witch says that child belongs to the dark side, Tabitha has set a horrible example for Endora. They both agree to intervene and fly off on their broomsticks.

Tabitha is forced to return home. She looks at a photo of Endora and knows Esmeralda is right, the good witch school is the right place for her right now. She says the hags from the dark side won't get their claws into her there. Tabitha thinks she'll be safe there. 

The bad witches arrive at the witch school and spy on Endora with Esmeralda. They think Esmeralda is brainwashing Endora. They say they'll have to undo all that. They don't know how to get out of there though, they can't enter the circle of light. The head bad witch has an idea. She has a potion for them. It's knock out juice and will overpower anything nice in their path long enough to get in and get Endora. They say Esmeralda won't know what hit her and Tabitha will never lay eyes on Endora again.

At the mansion, Sheridan says she told Gwen that the price was too high, she's not a murder. However sometimes a feeling comes over her and she wants to kill Theresa. Gwen feels the same way but says she's no more capable of killing her then Sheridan is. The demon elf says that is what they think! They both discuss what will happen if these urges strike again and they can't stop them? Sheridan doesn't know, she's so scared. Gwen says last time she got this urge she almost killed her mom. Sheridan says they have to do something about this. Sheridan has an idea and says follow her. The demon elf follows them both. 

Gwen and Sheridan go to the church hoping this will help them fight their evil influences. Of course the demon elf can't go in the church. He does his best James Brown impression/scream about why he can't go inside and has to wait outside. Sheridan and Gwen meet with Father Lonigan. He says he's felt the presence of evil among them, something much more evil than the blackmailer. Gwen and Sheridan admit they are having awful urges to kill people, as if they were possessed. Father Lonigan says demons have been unleashed upon them, if they cannot get rid of them then they are doomed.

Gwen leaves the church, as soon as she does the blackmailer tries to zap her. She then heads back into the church. She tells Sheridan that she has to go, she has some errands to do and has to go. Sheridan asks if she's sure? Gwen is, she thinks there is not a demon in existence that can hurt her more than Theresa has. Gwen then heads out. Sheridan stays with Father Lonigan and says she is scared. He says she should be. Later Sheridan tells Father Lonigan of her desire to bring Pretty back, claiming she misses her. Father Lonigan knows what happened, Fancy told him everything years ago. Sheridan says and he forgave her? He says they aren't speaking about Fancy. He says if she is planning to bring Pretty home to ruin Luis' relationship with Fancy, well her intention is impure. He says she may get Luis, but she will lose her soul. Sheridan says but he knows how much she loves Luis. He says that is no excuse, their lives have changed and Luis moved on with Fancy. She says Fancy is no good for him, she's made a bargain with the blackmailer to free Luis. She's not proud of brining Pretty back home, but the blackmailer says they can do it. Father Lonigan says her conscious is telling her it's wrong, she must not do what the blackmailer wants. He says the blackmailer is a tortured soul with a twisted view of life, she knows better however. He says if she does what the blackmailer wants then it will destroy her.

Back outside, the demon elf again zaps Gwen and possesses her with his demons. She finds some rope on the ground, picks it up and wonders where Theresa is. She then walks off. 

At the Russell's, Whitney apologizes to her mom. She knows it's not her fault that Chad cheated on her. Eve says it is, Liz always said her secrets would come home to haunt her. Eve says she's sorry her secrets and lies have hurt her. Eve says she only wanted to be a good mother, but she has failed. Eve says she failed Simone, her and most of all the son she never knew. Whitney says her son was kidnapped, he can't blame her for that. Eve hopes her son will let her spend the rest of her life making it up to him. Later Eve gets a text from Valerie, her son wants to meet her right now at Valerie's house. Eve says it's finally going to happen! Whitney asks to come with her. Eve says he wants to meet alone the first time, but next time. 

At the cottage, the blackmailer tells Ethan that they are scared. Ethan knows. He says his father is the chief of police, he'll be treated with respect. The blackmailer says Ethan will do that for him? Ethan says yes, he's his friend now and will be here every step of the way. The blackmailer says okay, call the police, they will turn themselves in. Ethan calls the cops, when he does the blackmailer escapes! 

Eve heads to Valerie's place to finally see her son. She walks in, everything is dark inside. She calls out to Valerie saying she's here. Nobody answers. Eve asks if anyone is here? The blackmailer's voice says they are here. She asks if that is them? This is a dream come true for her, she's grateful they wanted to meet her. The blackmailer says they've been looking forward to it too! They then show themselves to Eve. She is horrified.

Theresa meets with Chad at the Book Caf. He needs to talk about Whitney. He thinks Theresa should know how he feels about telling Whitney about the affair. They both know from experience secrets always come out. He says she needs to tell Ethan about his son before he finds out from someone else. She is afraid he will hate her, Chad felt the same way about telling Whitney. He says he still loves Whitney, he wants to make this up to her. He begs Theresa to talk to Whitney for him. She says she will talk to Whitney, but she can't make any promises. Theresa doesn't think anything she can say will make her forgive him. She says anymore than Ethan would forgive her if he knew the truth.

Later Ethan meets with Chad. Ethan says this blackmailer is sick and desperate. Chad asks if he told him Theresa's secret? Ethan says no. Chad warns him to be careful, it's like a genie in a bottle, once the secret is out then in can't be put back in. Ethan asks what he's saying? Chad says maybe Theresa knows what she's doing, maybe he wouldn't forgive her if he found out. Chad says Ethan better be damn sure he wants to know what Theresa is keeping from him. Ethan is, it's the only thing standing in their way right now. Chad says maybe or maybe not. Ethan asks if he knows more? Chad says all he's saying is that it's something so big that she married a man she didn't love. Ethan says he keeps telling Theresa that there is nothing she could do to make him stop loving her. Ethan says he has tried to figure out what she's is hiding, and he's realized nothing could make him walk away from her. Chad hopes he feels the same way when he finds out. Chad says he thought nothing could tear him and Whitney apart, he hopes the same doesn't happen to him and Theresa.

Theresa goes to see Whitney on the pier. She tries to talk to Whitney about her and Chad. Whitney doesn't want to get into this. Theresa doesn't let it go, she says Vincent wouldn't let Chad break their relationship off. Whitney asks if she is defending Chad? Theresa says no, but she does understand that Chad felt he could control the situation, but he couldn't. She says it's the same way with her and Ethan. Theresa says she does know what Chad is going through. Whitney doesn't think so, unless she's having an affair with Simone? Theresa says all she's saying is she betrayed Ethan like Chad betrayed her. Whitney thinks Ethan would be happy about the news about Little Ethan. Theresa says maybe, maybe not. She thinks that Ethan would believe her lie to him is worse than Ivy's lie. Whitney says Ethan loves Theresa very much, she thinks that won't change. Theresa says once she loved Chad very much. Whitney says Chad cheated on her, it's different. Theresa asks if Whitney would feel better if it was with another woman? Whitney doesn't know, all she knows is that she can't stand it and she doesn't think she can forgive him. Whitney says she'll talk to her later and walks off. Theresa thinks this is why she can't tell Ethan, he'd walk away from her and never look back. Later Gwen shows up. The demon elf tells her that she knows what she has to do! Gwen walks up behind Theresa and begins choking her!

Whitney ends up running into Chad to the pier. He begs her to talk, for their children's sake. She says don't use their children to get to her, that's not fair. He says he loves her and he knows he made a terrible mistake. He thinks they can get passed it if she gives him another chance. He says he'll do whatever she wants, he will never let her down again. He promises to God. She says it's funny that he's bringing God into this Godless situation. She says everything he professed to care about went out the window when he had sex with Vincent. She says his urge to have sex is stronger than anything else, what if it happens again? He says it won't, but she doesn't believe him. She then walks off.


July 11, 2007
Tabitha is at home having a Martimmy. There is a knock at her door, she hope's it's not a missionary come to recruit her. She yells at them to go away. Julian walks into her house. She asks what he's doing here? He wonders how she opened the door from the living room? She used magic, but claims remote control. Julian insists on seeing Endora, but Tabitha says he can't, she's at school. He says at this hour? What kind of school? Julian says he arranged for her to go to Paul Revere, it's the finest preschool around. Tabitha says she's arranged for her education, just back off. Julian is afraid for her safety, to be going to school at this hour? Tabitha tells Julian not to be concerned, Endora is perfectly safe. Julian says Endora is his daughter, he needs to know what this school is so he can research it. Tabitha says he is only Endora's father biologically. Julian says please don't cut him out of her life, he wants a chance to be a good father to her, to make up where he failed with his other children. Tabitha suggests if he wants to do Endora a favor then just leave her alone. Julian says she deserves a mother and a father. Tabitha says maybe his children are troubled because he is their father? She says leave Endora alone, she'll protect and care for her without help from Julian. Julian says she really believes this about him? She does. He says fine she wins, he will trust her to take care of Endora. Tabitha says good, leave her alone and she'll take care of Endora's future. Julian says goodnight and leaves. Tabitha thinks Julian caved rather quickly, but oh well, she shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Tabitha then leaves her house. Julian is hiding in the bushes and follows her. 

At the Witch's school, Esmeralda is still working with Endora as the evil witches watch from outside. They plan to use a potion to penetrate the shield of goodness surrounding the school. They talk about how Endora will thank them one day for raising her as a bad witch. The bad witches take their potion, but nothing happens. They begin arguing, they blame each other for this. Suddenly the potion works, they are transformed into good witches. They ay all that is left is to get in there and kidnap Endora. Back inside, Esmeralda senses someone coming. The evil witches show up, Esmeralda asks if she can help them? They say they came to take the child. She asks who they are, she doesn't know of them at all and she knows all the good witches in this universe. The evil witches laugh and turn back into bad witches. Endora says not again! Esmeralda asks how they found this school, bad witches are forbidden here. They says they don't follow rules! They want to take Endora, but Esmeralda won't let them take her. She says Endora is meant to be a good witch. The bad witches say good witches are simply failed bad witches. They tell Endora that her mommy wants her to be a bad witch. Endora says her mommy brought her here, but they say she made a mistake. Esmeralda continues to say they can't take her. The bad witches try and trick Endora into agreeing to come with them. Esmeralda says Endora is a good witch. The bad witches think they've spent enough time here, they want to take Endora. They zap Esmeralda, who falls down. They then tell Endora how cute she is, but they'll fix that and put warts on her nose and give her a pointy chin. She doesn't want that, they say they were just kidding. They try and take Endora with them, but suddenly Esmeralda gets up and is floating in the air. She says they aren't going anywhere with that child! They think she's threatening them, something bad for a good witch to do. She warns them if they take Endora then she'll flood them with good and happy feelings, they'll be so flooded with goodness that they may never recover.

Tabitha shows up in an alley. She looks around to make sure nobody is about. She doesn't see Julian has followed her. He watches her walk through a brick wall. He goes up to the wall, which is solid. He doesn't understand how she did it. The wall is a portal to the good witch school, which is in another part of the universe. Tabitha arrives at the school and sees the bad witches fighting with Esmeralda. She zaps herself inside and asks what is happening here! She thinks the bad witches where supposed to be dead. She thought Endora would be safe here. Esmeralda says Endora is safe, she's the one in trouble. Tabitha helps Esmeralda fight them. Julian meanwhile is still outside and puzzled. Endora knows he's out there, so she opens the door for him to get in. He looks in the window of the school and sees Tabitha and Esmeralda fighting the bad witches. He wonders what this is?

At Valerie's, Eve meets the blackmailer. The blackmailer says they've been waiting for this moment. Eve says they are the person behind all the evil in Harmony. They say yes they are the one. Eve asks where her son is, have they killed her son? She knows what they have done, they are the one who killed Rae, the bartender, attacked and raped Fancy. They put Luis on death row. She asks the monster what they've done to her son? Where is her son? The blackmailer asks why she's so worried about a son she never knew? Eve says she is his mother! They say she threw him out. She says that is a lie, her son was stolen from her by Alistair Crane. The blackmailer says Alistair was a very powerful man. Eve says yes, he was her baby's grandfather but didn't want a mix-raced grandchild. The blackmailer asks if she called the police? Eve says the hospital was paid to tell her that her child died. She says when she realized that was a lie she tried to find him, but Alistair wouldn't let her. She says Valerie tried to help them find her son and she told her to come here tonight. The blackmailer thinks Eve's tears are for her forgotten son. Eve says she never forgot him, she has waited years to find her son and loves him. The blackmailer says they almost believe her. Eve says she doesn't care, she came to meet her son and demands to know what they've done to him. The blackmailer says her son is right here in this house. She asks where s he? Where is her son? She thinks the blackmailer has killed her son and locked them in a bedroom. She goes into the bedroom and cries My baby! She says you monster, what have you done! She asks what kind of heartless maniac are they? The blackmailer says this from a woman who abandoned her own flesh and blood. She says he was taken from her. She says they claim her son is here, but she can't find them anywhere. Obviously nothing was in the bedroom, that is what Theresa reacted to. She demands to know where he is. They say all in good time, the answers she get may not what she may wants to hear. She says if they have hurt one hair on his head then she will kill them with her bare hands! They say they believe her, her son isn't here, he doesn't exist. She asks what he means? She says Valerie had proof her son was alive. He keeps saying her son as she knew him is gone. Eve says they do exist. Eve says so what, this is just one of their jokes. She says she's going to leave now. The blackmailer says no, wait. They cry, they say please don't go. They then call Eve mother! Eve suddenly realizes the blackmailer is her son. 

On the pier, the demon elf laughs as Gwen tries to kill Theresa. She's choking her from behind. The demon cheers her on. Theresa eventually is able to call out for help. Ethan runs into Rebecca elsewhere on the pier. She's looking for Gwen, he's looking for Theresa. Ethan wonders if they are together? Rebecca doubts it. Ethan says he's just a little worried. Ethan soon hears Theresa calling for help. He runs to look for her. Gwen becomes un-possessed, she doesn't know why she's here. She runs off. Ethan and Rebecca show up, they find Theresa out cold. Rebecca thinks Gwen finally did it, she killed Theresa! Theresa wakes up, she says someone tried to choke her but she doesn't know who. Rebecca claims she has to go and runs off. Ethan then tells Theresa that he knows who did this to her. Ethan says it was the blackmailer. Ethan says he talked to them tonight, they told him a lot of things. Theresa asks if he knows her secret? Ethan says no, but the blackmailer said they would get rid of Theresa. Theresa doesn't know what to do anymore. Ethan does, she needs to tell him her secret. He knows it's hard for her, she's gone to great lengths to keep this secret. He says time is up, she needs to tell him what it is. He says the blackmailer will have no more power over her once she does. Ethan says he wants to protect her, so please tell him what she's hiding. To herself Theresa knows Ethan won't forgive her if he knew the truth.

Rebecca finds Gwen elsewhere on the pier. Rebecca saw Gwen running off. Rebecca thinks Gwen almost killed Theresa, but Gwen claims she hasn't seen Theresa lately. Rebecca says but she has rope burns on her hands, the same ones on Theresa's neck. Rebecca says don't cover for her, she's all for this. Gwen swears she doesn't remember doing this. The demon elf returns, they think they need to do something with Gwen. Gwen asks her mom why she is here anyways? Rebecca has found a note from JT, she thinks it's a clue leading them to JT's memory stick. It's a paper that simply says KEY. Gwen doesn't get it. The demon elf likes this, evil has fallen into his lap. He thinks he doesn't have all night so he'll take care of this. He makes it rain, the paper gets wet and a map shows up on the paper. They realize it's a map to the USB stick. Gwen thinks she knows where this is, it is Theresa's office! Gwen says they need to go to the office and find out her secret. 

Gwen and Rebecca go to Theresa's office following the map. They actually find it, it was hidden in her office in the book case. They think now they can find Theresa's secret. They use Theresa's computer to do it. 



July 12, 2007
At Valerie's, the blackmailer tells Eve that she is their mother. Eve says this can't be, but they say it is true. They says Valerie did the DNA tests, she is his mother and Julian is his father. She doesn't understand, they are the one who committed all these horrors in town? Why? Where they trying to punish her? The blackmailer was punishing everyone, everyone that ever hurt them. They ask what she thinks they should do, after all she is their mother. Eve wants them to turn themselves in, then the healing can begin. She goes to call Sam, but the blackmailer stop her. They can't let her do that. They wonder why she hasn't asked about the way they are dressed. She says the costume, is it a way to hide their identity? They say no, it is their identity. They have something to show Eve. Eve thinks she should call Julian, but the blackmailer says daddy isn't ready to digest this one just yet. They want Eve to see what they are. They lift their skirt and show her what is underneath. She is horrified. She apologizes for her reaction. She has seen a lot, but this is a condition she doesn't know what to make of. He says she's not the first. They tell her this is why their child services records were blacked out. Nobody wanted them, they bounced from home to home. They say they made them all pay though. Eve says she's so sorry. She says she loves them, she's always loved them. She says she didn't know. The blackmailer then tells Eve this is her fault, hers and Julian's. They say all the booze and pills she took that night, all the drinking Julian did, that made them this way.

At the witch school, Julian looks in the window and sees  Esmeralda and Tabitha shooting magic at the bad witches, who are trying to get Endora. Julian doesn't get it, what is going on? Endora knows Julian is there an lets him into the school. Tabtiha can't believe Julian is here. He doesn't knows where here is. He wants answers. Tabitha tells him to leave, they'll deal with him later. Everyone soon realizes this is Endora's mortal father. They ask Tabitha if she is sure, she always was a bit loose. Tabitha says "Says who?" They say everyone! Esmeralda says the Canadian Mounties were named in her honor! Tabitha knows Julian is her father. The bad witches take him hostage, they put him in a bird cage on the desk at the school. They decide to kill him and Tabitha so Endora will be an orphan. Tabitha doesn't care if they kill Julian. They think he's her husband . . .boyfriend . . .significant other? She says she's none of those and she doesn't care about him. Endora says she loves him and asks her mom not to kill him. Tabitha does so for Endora, asking nicely for Julian to be left go. Julian is eventually freed. Esmeralda gets an idea, they'll use their family's love to destroy the bad witches. Tabitha says no way! She says using love to destroy is like using a nuclear bomb to make peace isn't it? Esmeralda says it's the only way. She eventually agrees. Esmeralda channels their family's love and then aims it at the bad witches, who are destroyed. Julian then has questions, he realizes the rumors are true, she is a witch. Tabitha says yes, and so is his daughter. Julian says his children continue to surprise him.

On the pier, Ethan continues to ask Theresa to tell him what her secret is. He tries to assure her that he won't leave her. She is not so sure. She is afraid they will turn out like Chad and Whitney. Ethan says Chad betrayed Whitney. She says she betrayed him with Jared. He says she was left no choice, he understands. He says Chad didn't just betray Whitney, he broke their trust. He knows Theresa would never do that to him. He continues saying this is the only way, tell him her secret. She won't and she fears if Gwen or Rebecca ever learned her secret that they'd use it against her. Ethan doubts that, Gwen is only here to finalize the divorce. She says no, they still blame her for everything, they'd use it against her. Theresa is convinced Ethan would hate her if he knew the truth.

At Theresa's office, Gwen and Rebecca use Theresa's computer to look at JT's memory stick. They see all the secrets of everyone in town. They laugh over Muffy's secret, she's running an escort service and charging  outrageous prices. They also see Chad's secret, which was right. They finally find Theresa's secret, that  Little Ethan is Ethan's son. Gwen doubts it, she looks at all the evidence JT had, the blood tests, the date Theresa started her birth control, the date she and Ethan made love. Gwen realizes it is true and Theresa has known since Rome. They say when Ethan finds out this will destroy his love for her! Gwen says he is going to hate her.


July 13, 2007
At Valerie' s place, the blackmailer tells Eve that she and Julian with their drugs and booze did this to him and they won't forgive her for it. She says she's sorry. She asks them to take off their mask, but they say not yet. She understands, they've disclosed so much to her already. She wants to help them, she knows Julian will too. However their condition isn't their fault. The blackmailer says they do, they were drunks and drug addicts, they gave her away because they were having too much fun to be bothered by a child. They say it is why they were passed from home to home and, they were a freak that nobody wanted. They think Eve let them take them him away from her, she didn't fight hard enough. Eve cries that she thought he was dead. Eve remembers the green fog vision she had, she argued with the nurses claiming her baby was taken, but the nurses told her that her son was dead. She talks about how she suffered for so many years thinking her son was dead. The blackmailer flashes what's under their skirt saying they have her beat when it comes to suffering! They say they were passed from home to home, nobody wanted him, held him, told him they were proud of him. He says they treated him life a freak, rejected him, everyone including his own mother. She wishes that they would believe her, that he was taken from her. She says she and Julian looked for them. They don't believe she looked hard enough, she forgot about them and moved on. He says she went and had a nice new life with TC.  He thinks she let them take him as he wasn't perfect like her girls and Julian's' kid. Eve continues saying she didn't know they were alive. They think she didn't want to know. They say they dreamed she'd come for them one day and rescue them, but she moved on and had new kids. He says how he envies Whitney and Simone, they grew up with their mother's love. They said that's why they evened the score. Eve says her own girls didn't know about him till recently. They say that was her fault for not telling them. The blackmailer says they had to rip open Whitney and Simone's hearts. He says he gave them a taste of what he lived through, he made them suffer. She asks how? They say they cost them the people they love. Eve realizes that the blackmailer, her own son, killed Rae!

At Tabitha's, Julian is still in a bit of shock that Tabitha and Endora are witches. He says now he knows why the issue about preschool. Tabitha says yes, she was afraid to have Endora around mortal children. He calls this an episode of bewitched and says he's Darin. Tabitha says don't get carried away. He jokes that he thought Ivy and Rebecca were witches, but she's the real thing. He also says father warned him about her, did he know? Tabitha says yes, but he had no proof. Julian says this explains the weird things happening in town, like the Bennett house getting sucked into hell. He asks if she did all that? Tabitha says either directly or indirectly yes, it was all her handiwork.  Julian asks about Timmy, she tells him the truth about Timmy. She says Timmy was a doll who has been with her in every one of her lifetimes. He says lifetimes? He asks how old she is? She says in this body, she goes back to the late 1700s. She says her last body was torched during puritan times by his Crane ancestor. She also explains in every lifetime she's made a new Timmy doll. She explains why Timmy died this time around, he became a real boy thanks to her arch nemesis the little Angle Girl having the big man upstairs grant his wish. Julian and Tabitha both talk about Timmy, how they both loved him very much. Tabitha cries, Julian realizes how hard losing Timmy was for her. Endora conjures them Martimmy's so they can celebrate Timmy. Julian remember the last time he had one . .. well it was the night they made Endora. He says it was the most bizarre night he ever had, he wonders if she needed witchcraft to get him into bed. She chains a skeleton to him to teach him a lesson, saying she has had many famous suitors over the years and never needed witchcraft to get woowoo with a man. He soon apologizes. He tells Tabitha she's such a good mother, he wishes he could have been a better father to his children. He runs down the list of things that happened with all his kids, bringing up Pretty. She knows all about it. She also knows Little Ethan isn't his son. He's shocked, but then realizes of course she knows. Julian soon asks if she knows anything about his son with Eve? Tabitha says she hasn't checked in on him. He asks if she can? He hopes he's the son he's always dreamed of.  She thinks well sure, she can use her magic to find out where they are.

On wharf, Sheridan thinking about the deal the blackmailer offered to bring Pretty home. The demon elf is spying on her thinking she will not resist his minions, who want her to kill. Elsewhere, Ethan keeps telling Theresa that nothing will break them up, even if Gwen finds her secret. He says Gwen can't do or say anything to make him ever leave her. Theresa is not so sure, and Rebecca and Gwen hate her and blame her for all that has gone wrong in Gwen's life. He says Rebecca is too busy right now fighting Peta over donkey issue, and Gwen doesn't want him. He says she's having the divorce finalized. Theresa says no woman in her right mind could give him up. He says Gwen knows he loves her. Still, Theresa says she'd kill for the chance to hurt her. Ethan talks to her about Fate, how it will keep them together like she always said. Later Sheridan shows up, she learns someone tried to kill Theresa. She says who would want to do that? He thinks it's the blackmailer, as who else would too? Sheridan remembers again she is supposed to kill Theresa. The demon elf, spying, also knows it was Gwen who attacked Theresa. Ethan ask Sheridan to watch over Theresa for him, he has stuff to do and doesn't want her to be alone.

Theresa and Sheridan go to book cafe. They talk about Luis. Theresa knows they aren't as close anymore, not like they used to be. She says Fancy has been there for Luis and they've been happy. Sheridan gets a bit of an attitude, she says they bonded over father trying to kill them Rome, that is it. Theresa knows she and Luis had a great love. They begin bringing up old history, the stuff with Beth, Sheridan thinking Luis was dead, how she moved on with James and Chris. Theresa says that Sheridan told Luis to move on. Theresa says Luis was devastated, but found love again with Fancy.  Theresa says she sorry she lost Chris and James, but she can't pick back up with Luis because of it. Theresa says she's praying Luis is cleared, and if he is, Sheridan has to let him go. The demon is spying, he thinks Sheridan needs a demon push to kill Theresa.  Sheridan, trying to get off the subject, goes to get them some tea, she's tied of Theresa talking about Luis. The demon possess Sheridan, who puts rat poison in Theresa's tea! Sheridan says she's sorry but she will get Luis back! 

At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca celebrating with some drinks. They have the power to destroy Theresa.  They begin plotting how to do this.  Gwen thinks Theresa originally kept this secret out of fear she could have lost Ethan like Jane. They wonder still why she didn't tell him eventually though? Gwen says she left Ethan, Theresa could have had it all. They figure it has to do with the blackmailer and Luis' being framed for his crimes. Rebecca thinks Gwen can have Ethan back now, but Gwen doesn't want that. She just wants to destroy their love. She admits though she still loves Ethan. Later they toast to Theresa's downfall, realizing not only will she lose Ethan, but the Crane empire now that the truth about Little Ethan will come out. They say back to the gutter with Theresa! Ethan then shows up, he  wonders what they are celebrating. They say "the end." He thinks they mean their divorce? Ethan didn't know Gwen hated him so. He says that makes what he came to talk about easier. He needs to talk to her about Theresa. Rebecca says what a coincidence! Gwen has something to say about Theresa as well

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