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3rd Week of July  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



July 16, 2007 
At the Book Cafe, Sheridan is possessed by the Demon Elf. She puts rat poison tablets, which she finds on the floor, in Theresa's tea. She says she will have Luis back no matter what Theresa says. She takes the tea to Theresa, sits down, and begins yelling at her. She tells her how it's not right for Theresa of all people to lecture her about leaving Fancy and Luis alone when Gwen and Ethan were perfectly happy before Theresa came along. She says Fancy moved in on Luis just like Theresa moved in on Ethan. She goes off on how she and Luis have a special love, everyone knows it, their love is written in the stars. In between yelling at Theresa about Luis and Ethan and everything she's done, she tells her to drink her damn tea! Theresa doesn't know what to say. She eventually says she's going to go freshen up in the ladies room. When she's gone, Sheridan becomes un-possessed. It seems the demon elf's minion needs a five minute break. Theresa returns, thinking she should go. Sheridan tells her not to go, she hasn't had her tea! Theresa says but she was really mad at her about Fancy just now, she said terrible things. Sheridan is back to normal, not knowing what Theresa is talking about. She says they may disagree about Fancy and Luis, but she's not angry with her. Sheridan gets her to sit and drink her tea. Theresa has no idea what is going on. The demon elf watches and says drink up Theresa as soon you'll be dead.

At the mansion, Ethan shows up to find Rebecca and Gwen celebrating. He thinks they are celebrating the divorce, which he didn't know she was so happy about. He says well this makes what he has to say easier, he has to talk about Theresa. She says what a coincidence, she has something to tell him about Theresa too! Ethan won't let her talk, he goes first. He knows she only came home to finalize the divorce. He says it makes him sad to think about their marriage ending, but it's the right thing to do. He says she knows how he feels about Theresa, he is going to be with her. He says however Theresa is convinced that she and Rebecca will do something to her, they'll find out and use her secret to expose her. He asks her not to do this, not to hurt Theresa. Gwen is stunned, asking how about how Theresa has hurt her? All the things she's done to her? He should be telling Theresa not to hurt her! Rebecca also chimes in, saying he claims he is going to be with Theresa, but what about Jared? Isn't she already married? Ethan says they are dealing with him. Rebecca says so what, Ethan will be husband number four? She wonders who will be husband number five? She wishes Ethan luck! Gwen tells Ethan he said what he had to, now she has something to tell him!

At Valerie's, Eve is in shock over the fact that her son killed Rae. They say they had to, they had to make Simone feel the pain and loss they have felt. Eve can't believe this, she says they are a monster! The blackmailer losses it, smashing things and screaming they are not a monster! They are human! She says he killed Rae and framed Luis. They say they had to. She says they killed the bartender, and the horrible things they did to Fancy. Eve says they even killed that doctor who was only trying to help them. She says they were innocent. The blackmailer says they weren't. Eve says they were, and maybe people called him such names because it's true. She says he did all these things. He breaks down. She wants to call Sam and turn him in, but they won't let her. They are angry, they think she never loved him. They say they don't know why she had them, it would have been better if they had cut them out of her womb. She says not to say that and cries she does love him. They say they had to hurt Simone and Whitney, they blame those two for taking his mother from him. All they wanted was her love. Again she says she does love him, she always did. They ask more than Simone and Whitney? She says she loves all her children equally. They cry and call her mommy, saying she does understand them. Eve hugs him and calls him her son, her little baby. The blackmailer thinks everything will be okay now. Their attitude has done a 180. Eve still thinks they have to turn himself in for what he's done. He asks why? She says because what he did was wrong, it wasn't right. This infuriates them, they go berserk again. They think Eve lied to them, she doesn't love them. He says she has to die like the others and begins strangling Eve!  

At Tabitha's, Julian asks Tabitha if she can use her magic to find out where his son is? Tabitha thinks so and conjures him up in her bowl. She's stunned, she sees the blackmailer with Eve. Julian asks what she sees, but she claims she sees nothing. Julian is disappointed, asking how this thing works? She says he had to have read fairy tales as a child, it's like the magic mirror in Snow White. He asks if she can get DirecTV on here? She says no, DirecTV is heaven sent really, it's so good. She says she would have to subscribe to get it. Julian asks her to try. She does, she gets the DirecTV logo to appear and then a chorus of Hallelujah plays. Tabitha says as she said, DirecTV is a gift from heaven really. Julian says yes, he really wished he bought stock in it back in the day, it's so wonderful. Later Julian continues talking about his son, how he hopes his relationship with his son will be different from that of his other children. Endora can't wait to meet her new brother, but Tabitha is worried how the truth will be handled. Tabitha says normally she would love causing such heartache with such news, but this is one time she doesn't.  


July 17,  2007
Julian goes to the wharf to have a talk with God. He knows they haven't spoken in quite some time, except when he used his name in vain. Julian says he gave up on him long ago, but lately he realized God stuck with him through everything. He says he's about to meet the son his father stole. Speaking of his father, he says feel free to turn the heat up on him. He tells God that he wants him to know how grateful he is for this second chance with his son, he will make this relationship work, unlike his issues with his other children. He knows this son is a gift from heaven.

At Valerie's. the blackmailer is choking Eve, saying they don't want to hear any more words for her, no more lying skanky words. They says she wants to lock them up in the jail or the nut house. They says she wants to get rid of them, so they'll get rid of her. They says they'll choke her like all the others. Eve says help me! They say they'll help her like he helped all the others, they'll help her die! They scream "Die Mommy Die!" They say she tried to get rid of him like a piece of trash, which he's not. He says he fights back. Eve reaches for her purse, he says she wants something in her purse. She says look inside. They dump it out, they find baby booties. She struggles to say they made them for him. They finally let Eve go. They say for me? And she kept them all these years? She says she never forgot about them. The blackmailer says they are so sorry, they didn't mean to hurt her. They say they are beautiful. She says she couldn't give them to him in the hospital. The blackmailer hugs her and cries they are so sorry! Eve says she doesn't understand them, why do they hurt people? They thought she was  tricking him into turn themselves in. She says a mother teaches her children right from wrong, she needs them to learn to do the right thing. She says they hurt people, kill people, a man on death row will pay for those crimes. They say it wasn't their fault. She says no, that is what a child would say. She says they aren't a child. She says she doesn't know what happened to them over the years, but there must be the capacity to still love inside them. They say yes, they can love. She says if they turn themselves in, they can get them help, to accept her past and look to the future. The blackmailer says an insane asylum! Eve says they don't call them that anymore. She says they are places of healing. The blackmailer says they still have more to do, Julian's children still need to suffer! He says they all got what they wanted, except poor Ethan. Ethan is the only one who understands their pain, the pain of rejection. They say that is why they love Ethan, he understands him. The blackmailer says Ethan can help them both heal. She says you are in love with Ethan? The blackmailer says yes, they were made for each other. He says he loves Ethan to death! They say they were both rejected by Julian, Ethan is dreamy. Eve is stunned. They say what, she thought he wouldn't love a man? They say love is love. She says but sweatheart . . . They know what she's thinking, Ethan won't love them because they are a freak. She says no, Ethan loves Theresa. The blackmailer becomes angry, he says he can love Ethan better than her. He won't hurt Ethan like Theresa has. He says Ethan will love him. They see Eve doesn't believe them, he can see it in her face, the look of disgust. Eve says they are over reacting again. The blackmailer asks mommy why she is so mean to him? She says she's sorry and tries to calm them down. The blackmailer says all she can say is she's sorry, how much more can they endure? They end up storming out and locking themselves in another room. Eve realizes her son is completely unstable. What will she do? She begs them to come out and talk, but they say she doesn't want him, if she did she wouldn't be trying to send him to jail. He tells her to go away! Eve doesn't know what to do. She gets on her phone and calls Julian. She tells Julian she has news, she is with their son. Julian can't wait to meet him! She says they are at Valerie's. He says he'll be right there and hangs up before she can tell him any more. She wanted to warn him, but maybe this is better.

Julian soon shows up, he wants to know here their son is. She says the bathroom, she'll go get him. Julian is still thanking God for this, he says Pilar was right, prayer does work. Eve goes to the bathroom door, where inside the blackmailer has their mask off. They look in the mirror and say distorted, abandoned, fear. Eve hopes she's doing the right thing bringing Julian here.

Fancy is on the docks. She calls the station to get information about the search for the blackmailer, but she can't get answers. She says she knows she resigned, but Sam deputized her at the hospital. They won't give her answers, she hangs up. Jared shows up, he too is looking for the blackmailer. Fancy explains how she's looking on her own, but it would be easier if she knew what the police have done so she's not wasting time looking over what's already been searched. Jared understands. He says he needs to find the blackmailer, he can't lose Tess. She says it sounds like he's afraid of losing her. Jared is, and if anyone tried to take her from him, well he'd kill them. Fancy suggests he calm down. Jared tells Fancy that he knows she's probably on Ethan's side, but the guy is a sneak. He has been trying to take Theresa away from him. Fancy asks how Theresa feels? He says well she did marry him, she could have been with Ethan after Gwen left, but she didn't chose Ethan. He says she has to love him, but than won't leave her alone. HE says he loves her, he can't lose Theresa. She says she can't lose Luis. Jared suggests they work as a team to find this blackmailer. Fancy says okay.

At the mansion, Gwen tells Ethan it is time he learned the truth about his precious Theresa. However she says their marriage is over, she has no ulterior motives here. She says if he's going to marry Theresa then he needs to know her secret. Gwen says once he knows it, that he'll agree with her finally. Ethan says just admit she hates Theresa. Gwen says she destroyed her life. Ethan says Gwen has never even tried to understand her. Gwen doesn't think she has to. Ethan says there is nothing she can say or do to change his feelings about Theresa. He wants to make sure Gwen won't hurt Theresa, but he guesses he was fooling himself that Gwen is mature enough to let this go. He says Theresa is concerned. Gwen says she should be concerned! Ethan says Theresa has bigger problems right now, someone tried to kill her tonight. Someone tried to strangle her with a rope. Both Gwen and Rebecca think about the attack on Theresa and how Gwen can't recall it. Gwen still doesn't remember what she did or how she got the rope burns on her hands. Ethan sees the look on Gwen's face, he asks what is wrong with you? He says she's fading out? Gwen remembers Theresa being chocked, she just says she can't believe someone wanted to kill Theresa. Rebecca can, she can't believe it took this long. She says even Gwen tried a few times. Gwen asks Ethan if he knows who tried to kill her? Ethan says no, and Theresa doesn't know either. Ethan assumes it is the blackmailer. He says Theresa has been through enough, he wants Gwen's word that she won't come between them. Gwen says she will let this go. He says really? She says when their divorce is final, she'll leave, but . . . there is something she needs to tell him for his own good. She says she knows he feels Theresa is going through a rough time, but once he did too, when he found out the truth about his father. She doesn't want to bring up the blame game again, she wants him to remember how hurt he was over that. He remembers the hurt. She thinks it would be unforgivable if someone did that again to him. He asks what they are getting at? Rebecca says do tell! Gwen says if he wants the truth then he will get it. Gwen says there is a little boy out there . . . .Ethan is then interrupted by a call from Fancy. She says get to the Book Caf, Theresa is dying! Ethan says he has to go, Gwen follows saying Theresa won't get off this easy!

At the Book Caf, the Demon Elf watches Theresa drink her tea and celebrates. Suddenly Theresa feels like she has a sore throat, her throat feels numb. Sheridan says with the stress she's been under, she could be coming down with a cold. They think the tea will help her throat. Theresa again tells Sheridan that she didn't mean to upset her. Sheridan says she wasn't upset. The demon elf is laughing as Sheridan can't remember what happened. Sheridan tells Theresa she doesn't agree with her, but she wasn't upset. Sheridan says to be honest, she won't let go of Luis. She plans on spending her life with him. Theresa asks if that is what Luis wants? She says he will. She says this is just a fling with Fancy. She knows Luis still loves her. Theresa says it doesn't seem that way. Sheridan says he's a man, they are the weaker sex, he's just confused. Theresa says if Sheridan says so. Sheridan says look what happened when Luis found out she was unavailable, he went after the closets substitute, Fancy. Sheridan says Theresa of all people know how much she loves Luis, it's the same way she loves Ethan. Theresa says they should just agree to disagree. They say Luis is about to be executed, if they don't catch that monster then they'll both lose Luis. Sheridan remembers the blackmailers offer to her, she thinks there is something they can do to help Luis. Theresa says she will do anything to save Luis. The demon elf says not to worry, they've already done what they need to in order to help Luis. 

Fancy and Jared arrive at the Book Caf. They tell Sheridan and Theresa they are both looking for the blackmailer. Jared thinks once they find him, they can start their life together. Theresa tells Jared they have to talk. Jared goes to grab some coffee first. Suddenly Theresa begins choking. Fancy asks if she's okay? Theresa is coughing and can't stop. Fancy asks if something is stuck in her throat? Sheridan says this sounds bad. Theresa thinks she's just getting sick. She wants to tell Jared the truth finally, he needs to know the truth. Sheridan says she knows how it's painful when a third person butts into a relationship. Fancy says here they go again! Jared returns and Theresa tries to talk to him. Suddenly she collapses into Jared's arms. He's telling her to just breath! Theresa soon passes out. Jared screams for them to call an ambulance, and he begs her to wake up. The demon elf says Jared is wasting his time, rat poison is fool proof and has a money back guarantee! Sheridan soon begins remembering getting the tea and has a foggy flash of putting pellets in it. She wonders why she has that memory. She says she couldn't have done this. Jared is giving Theresa mouth to mouth, Fancy is saying this isn't good.


July 18, 2007
Miguel brings a blindfolded Kay to a room at the B&B. He has rose petals in the shape of the heart on the bed. She thinks this is perfect. He says nothing less for her. He knows she's still married to Fox, but that is a minor issue. He says Fox won't come between them anymore. They kiss. Later they have dinner and discuss the house they want to buy for them. Kay can't believe how close they came to not having this. She wonders how she could have been fooled by Fox. She says he told her all along that Fox was faking and she didn't believe him. He says she couldn't imagine anyone would stoop that low. He says everyone believed Fox's scam. Kay says this isn't the first time she didn't trust him. She says she didn't believe him about all the stuff with Charity either. She promises to never doubt him again. He says now is a good of time as any then. He then proposes to Kay! She says he knows she will marry him as soon as she annuls this marriage. Miguel says they can't do this legally or in a church, but they can before the eyes of God. He has a tux on a coat rack and says they are the justice of the peace he booked for them. Kay laughs and says he's crazy. Miguel asks if she's ready to get married? Kay is. They hold their mock wedding, Kay puts a napkin on her head for the veil. They exchange cheap rings and say their I dos. Later they begin undressing one another to make love. Miguel says this time they don't have to sneak around, they won't get caught. This time it doesn't have to end. They then kiss on the bed and soon make love.

Fox is in a dive bar drinking when Spike, in a disguise, shows up. He has a trench coat, a hat, some glasses and a goatee. Spike asks why he's in a dive bar like this? Fox wants Spike to go away, he doesn't want people to know they know each other. Spike wants a drink, Fox orders him one if he keeps his voice down. Fox thought Spike was supposed to be in jail. Spike asked a question first, why is he here? Fox explains, then asks why Spike is out of jail? Spike gets his drink and says he escaped. Fox says someone will recognize him. Spike says he is not going back. Sam then happens to walk into the bar! Spike warns Fox not to tell him anything and walks off. Sam walks up to Fox. He asks why he's doing here? Is he drowning his sorrows? Fox suggests Sam join him. Sam says he's working. Sam tells Fox he is not his favorite person right now, but he's not half as bad as Spike. Sam says Spike escaped, this is one of his hangouts. Has Fox seen him? Fox say he's having a difficult time concentrating right now. Sam says he wonders why. Fox claims he has not seen Spike. Sam says it's like he's vanished into thin air. Later Sam tells the bartender to let the manager know the state health inspector will be here to close them down soon, it will be someone that they can't pay off. The bar was flaunting they passed with an A, which Sam doubts. Sam then leaves. Spike thanks Fox for keeping his mouth shut, he owes him. Fox was thinking the same thing, he has a job for Spike! Fox says murder. Spike says murder can be messy. Fox says he oughta know. Spike says it's not his favorite way to spend the afternoon and is risky. Spike tells Fox to find someone else. Fox tells Spike it's one thing to have a problem with the police, a whole other thing to have problems with the Cranes. He wants Spike to kill someone and he will do it. Fox tells Spike to kill Miguel tonight! 

At Valerie's, Julian wants to meet his son. Eve is asking him to be patient. She talks to the blackmailer, who has locked himself in the bathroom. She says his father is here and wants to meet him. The blackmailer says he can't, she sees what happens when he gets upset, he loses control. He says he tried to kill his own mother. Eve says mommy forgives him. She says she hurt him so much and wants to make it up to him. She says come meet his father and they will get him some help. She says they love him. Julian shows up, he asks his son to please come out so they can see each other. Eve says he's nervous. Julian says he's a Crane, Crane's aren't afraid. Julian asks him to come out, show him what a terrific man he's grown into. The blackmailer thinks he would only disappoint Julian. Julian wonders if Eve told their son something to turn him against him. Eve says no. They hear a commotion inside, Julian opens the door. They walk in, he's gone out the window. Julian sees someone running off. He is yelling why are you running off? 

Eve tells Julian that she has to tell him something. Before she can say anything, Valerie walks up. Julian is miffed Valerie didn't text him too. Valerie apologizes. Eve says she did call him. Julian says but their son ran off, Eve at least got to see him. Valerie looks at her place and asks what happened here? Eve says the meeting didn't go smooth. She begins picking things up. Eve says their child blames them for a lot of things. Julian says what kind of things and what does he look like? Eve says he blames her for being alone, for being abandoned, for not having support. Julian says they didn't know he was alive. Eve says she is his mother, she should have known. Julian doesn't want Eve blaming herself, he says this was his father's doing. Eve says mothers should know these things. She says did they really do everything they could to find him? Eve says he had such confusion in his eyes. Julian says they will get him help, the past is gone and the future is what they have. Julian thinks this boy is lucky to have them, he's a Crane. Eve says to some people that would mean something. Valerie then gets news on her laptop, Luis execution has been scheduled for a few hours! Eve can't believe Luis will die for these crimes he didn't commit. Julian says all the evidence says he did. Eve tells Julian Luis didn't do these things, her son told her. Julian asks what her son said? Is he involved in some murder? Eve says that isn't what she said, she just meant that she felt for Pilar, she knows her son is innocent but can't stop the execution. She says it makes her think of her son, who was innocent when he was kidnapped, an evil person turned his life upside down, now there are consequences. Julian says well he doesn't see the connection, and all the facts point to Luis. Julian says he was convicted. Eve says the trial was a sham and he knows it. She says unless someone comes forward then . . . . how much more suffering can that family take? Valerie tells Julian and Eve they can stay, but she needs to be at the office to help Fancy deal with this news. Eve thanks Valerie again for finding their son. She says just lock the door behind them. They say they will. Julian still doesn't understand why their son ran off. Is he afraid of him? Julian asks Eve if she knows where he might have gone? Eve says no. Julian asks what his name is? Eve says Oh Gosh! Julian says she doesn't know his name. She says it happened so fast, she didn't think to ask the basics. Julian says she said he was emotional and confused, has he been in trouble? He hasn't gone to jail has he? He's not a serial killer is he? Outside, the blackmailer is listening. They say if mommy says anything then he'll have to kill both her and daddy! 

At the Book Caf, Ethan shows up, followed by Gwen and Rebecca. Ethan smells Theresa's breath when he learns she only had tea, he smells a sweet smell. He says she could have been poisoned, did someone put something in her tea? Sheridan again has the memory of putting rat poison in her tea. The paramedics arrive, Ethan thinks he knows what she ingested. Ethan talks to the paramedics, they have an antidote but it has to be inhaled. Jared says she can't even breath! Gwen runs over, kneels over Theresa and screams Wake up! as she slaps her. Ethan pulls Gwen off of Theresa, but Theresa begins coughing and breathing. The paramedics show up with the antidote. She has to breath it in, Jared helps her. The paramedics have to set up an IV drip, she's not out of the woods yet. Ethan thanks Gwen for what she did. The demon elf of course is not happy about this turn of events. Sheridan meanwhile is wondering if she had something to do with all of this? Rebecca tells Gwen who would have thought Ethan would thank her for slapping Theresa? Gwen says who would have thought she'd be desperate to keep her alive? Gwen says she has to make Theresa's life a living hell. Rebecca says once Theresa is okay, Gwen needs to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa begins doing better. The demon elf is upset, he says he'll be back though and vanishes. Theresa wakes up, hugs Ethan and says she loves him! Jared is standing there and is stunned. Gwen tells her mom now she has the pleasure of sticking the knife in Theresa's heart. Theresa asks Ethan what happened? Ethan says she was poisoned. Theresa looks over at Gwen and Rebecca. She thinks it was Gwen, but Ethan says Gwen was with him when they got the news. Ethan asks Fancy to get an investigation underway. Fancy says she'll call the PD and see what she can do. Later Jared realizes Theresa loves Ethan now more than ever. He says he has to go and walks out, telling Fancy to tell Tess he went to the office if she asks. The paramedics want to take Theresa to the hospital. Theresa doesn't want to, she wants to go home, the doctor can check her there. They say as long as she finishes this IV then okay. Ethan doesn't like this, she'd be better off at the hospital. Gwen then says the hospital can't protect her from everything, such as the truth. Ethan says he can't believe this, but Theresa does have Gwen to thank for saving her life. Sheridan tells Theresa they were worried about her. Theresa wants to get home, she thinks it won't make a difference to the investigation. Sheridan says investigation? Ethan says someone tried to kill her, they have to find out who. Fancy helps with the evidence gathering, Sheridan is a bit shocked. She wants to go, but Fancy says the police need to question her. Sheridan says she didn't see anything, so Ethan thinks she can go. The cops tell her to please call them if she thinks of anything. Ethan walks Sheridan to her car. Gwen taunts Theresa with the truth, which will be her undoing and set Ethan free. Theresa has no idea what Gwen is talking about. Gwen says she'd tell her, but she wants Ethan to be here to hear it. Fancy tells Theresa that the cops say nobody saw anything, but they will analyze her tea. Ethan returns and again thanks Gwen, if it weren't for her then Theresa wouldn't have made it. Fancy has to get to the prison to see Luis. Theresa finally asks where Jared is? Fancy says he had to get to the office. Ethan says when his wife almost died? Fancy says he left after finding out she was okay. Fancy then leaves. Ethan asks Theresa to let the ambulance at least take her home, she agrees. Gwen decides not to tell the secret right now, she's having more fun teasing Theresa. Rebecca tells Gwen this is a mistake. Gwen says she will get her revenge, which is a dish best served cold. Ethan and Theresa leave as Gwen watches. 



July 19, 2007
Miguel and Kay return to Tabitha's. Tabitha thought they'd be out all night. They decided to come back and check on Maria. Tabitha says she's sound asleep. Miguel heads up to check on her. Tabitha, who is reading cards, tells Kay it is nice to see them together finally. Kay says their lives will be perfect now. Tabitha tell her not to say that, she's tempting fate and the universe. Kay thinks things will be fine, especially since she has her powers. Tabitha says she doesn't have control of her powers yet. Kay shows her what she can do, she summons a fire in the fireplace and some champagne on ice. She thinks she has perfect control of her powers. Tabitha continues to warn her to slow down and hone her skills. Tabitha warns her about the dark side. Kay says she's not dealing with the dark side, she's going to be a good witch. Tabitha says that is not for her to decide, the universe decides. Kay says but she wants to bring happiness to people. Tabitha says should her temper flare than the bad witch side will come out, she will see. Kay says she is not a bad witch, she will be a good witch. Miguel returns and sees the champagne. He thinks it is Tabitha's doing, but she says Kay dreamed it up. Before they can go up to bed, Miguel says he has to take a look at the car. As they are leaving, the boys in the basement roar. Miguel asks if her furnace is acting up? She says she'll go check on it.

Outside Tabitha's, Fox tells Spike to kill Miguel, make it look like a horrible accident. Spike asks how he is supposed to do this? Fox doesn't know, he just wants Miguel dead.

Fox walks into the house and runs into Kay and Miguel in the foyer. He says they should talk. Miguel says they don't want to hear it, but Kay says it's okay, she as things to say to Fox too. Miguel says he'll be outside. Kay tells Fox that he should know that he's the most despicable man she's ever met. Fox doesn't blame her for being upset. Tabitha checks to make sure everything is okay. Kay says yes, Tabitha says she'll be in the living room if they need her.

Outside, Miguel is working on the car, trying to find out what was making all that noise. He can't find anything under the hood, so he goes to get a jack. Spike is hiding in the bushes and gets an idea how to kill Miguel.

Meanwhile Tabitha checks in with her bowl, she thinks she should keep and eye on Fox and Kay. She watches them fight in her bowl. Kay asks how Fox could be so cruel about being sick and sending Miguel to prison. She thinks he just wanted to control her. The bowl then shows Tabitha Miguel outside working on the car. Tabitha says she doesn't want to see this! She sees Spike spying on Miguel and how he has a murderous look in his eye. She realizes that Spike is going to kill Miguel, he's going to kick the jack and make it crush Miguel. She has to stop this, but suddenly Norma and Enda are spit out of the fireplace. Tabitha asks what they are doing here? They say they are going to stop her from saving Miguel. Tabitha says stay away, her powers are coming back and she can smash them. They say they are here to warn her, the boys don't want Miguel to be saved. They say the boys in the basement are tired of her doing good things, if she doesn't let Spike kill Miguel . . . . Tabitha can't stand this, but Norma and Edna say if she stops this then fire and brimstone will be brought down on all of Harmony.

Kay continues to yell at Fox for the devious person he's turned out to be. Fox agrees, he's sorry for everything he did. He says he does regret everything that happened. He wants to apologize to her from the bottom of his heart. She says he made her look like a fool, she thought he loved her. Fox says give him once more chance to prove his love for her.

Outside, Miguel gets under the car and Spike is planning to kick the jack out and make him guacamole. 

At Valerie's, the blackmailer spies as Eve tells Julian that their son is unique, nothing she ever would have expected. He asks what she means unique? Eve remembers their confessing to Rae's murder. Eve says there is so much to tell, it's something she never expected. The blackmailer is outside saying if mommy tells daddy then they'll both have to die. Julian tells Eve no problem can't be fixed, unless he's a serial killer. He says of course that's a joke. Eve says she's not feeling well, she needs to take a walk, to get some air. Julian says he'll go with her, they then leave. After they are gone, the blackmailer slips into Valerie's place. They say daddy is in for a lot more disappointment.

Julian and Eve take a walk on the wharf. Julian wants to make up for the disappointment their son has had, he will make him a Crane, give him a career. Eve asks what if their son has different career plans for his future? Julian thinks any man would want to be heir to the Crane Empire. He says look at Chad, he was brought into the business and is thriving. She says there were things about Chad that they didn't know. He asks if she is saying their son is gay like Chad? Eve says Chad says he isn't gay, but no that's not what she means. He asks what does she mean? Pilar then happens to walk by. Eve asks Pilar what has happened? Pilar says Luis is to be executed in a matter of hours. She says the evil judge is under pressure to have Luis executed right away. She doesn't know what to do, she has to find a way to save her son's killer. Eve tells Pilar that she's so sorry. Pilar says her son is not a murderer or rapist, the animal who did this is letting her son be convicted of these crimes. Julian doesn't know what to say. She says he helped Miguel out of prison, she is grateful for that. Pilar says now she needs someone to come forward and reveal information about the real killer. She doesn't think that will happen and now she's going to lose her Luis. Julian says he now knows for the first time what it feels like to sacrifice everything for your son. Pilar has to head to the prison, this may be the last time she sees her son. Pilar leaves, Eve wonders why she always has to suffer so much, how much more can that family take. Julian then gets paged to the office. Julian has to go as well.

Alone, Eve thinks she's a monster for even thinking about letting Luis be executed for the crimes her own son committed. She says she should know better by now about keeping secrets. The blackmailer shows up and says shouldn't she be concerned about her own son? Eve asks how long has he been listening? They say long enough to know she feels guilty about Luis and Pilar. They say Luis is getting what he deserves. Eve says she is calling the police to tell them the truth. The blackmailer says if she turns them in then they will die. Does she want her own son to die?

Fancy is in tears when she goes to see Luis. She says the news isn't good. She says his execution is set for within hours. Luis says there must a b a lead that everyone is overlooking. Fancy says this freak is after his whole family. She tells him Theresa was poisoned, but she is okay thanks to Ethan. Luis asks why this person is doing this, why are they so evil. Fancy says he's slippery, he always gets away every time they are close to catching him. Luis says someone knows who he is and is protecting him. Fancy says there has to be a way to flush this guy out of hiding. Luis says all these attacks have been personal, they must be connected to someone in Harmony. He says this is a vendetta. Fancy says but they don't know why. Fancy also agrees, someone must know who they are and are covering up for it, but who? Fancy is afraid she's going to lose him. He says don't give up, someone out there knows the truth. Luis says if he was out of here that he could find the freak. Fancy knows, and she thinks she can get him out. He says no, it's too dangerous. She says then they have to hope the person who knows the freak will come forward. Luis hopes so. He just doesn't know why this person isn't coming forward. Why are they letting him pay for these crimes?

Ethan brings Theresa home to the mansion. Gwen and Rebecca walk in too. She thinks it is time to have the little chat about fathers and sons. Ethan asks what she's talking about? Rebecca says she is curious too. Ethan asks Gwen what she wanted to tell him before. She asks first, are there leads on who tried to kill Theresa? Ethan says no, he assumes it is the blackmailer. He again asks what she wants to tell him. Gwen says could she first brew a pot of tea for them? Ethan asks if this is a joke, she almost died from some not more than an hour ago. Theresa tells Ethan to just go do it. Ethan thinks it was so urgent before, but fine he'll get the tea. Ethan leaves and Theresa asks what this is about, what is she up to. Gwen says she's going to get her revenge on her, finally. Theresa says she knew it, she didn't come back to Harmony to finalize her divorce, she came to get Ethan. Gwen says no, she is here to make sure Theresa never has Ethan in her life. Theresa says he already is. Gwen says not for long. Gwen says she knows Theresa's secret, and it's time for her to pay for destroying her life and Ethan's life. Theresa reminds Gwen she was the one who ratted Ethan out to the tabloids, she destroyed his life. Gwen says she did that to save him from a life with her. Theresa says she's tired of the games, just spit it out. Ethan returns and says he's tired of the games too. He wants Gwen to say what she has to say. Gwen talks about the past, how his relationship with Julian was ruined over a paternity scandal. Ethan says thier relationship hasn't been the same, Rebecca also says Julian was crushed. Gwen says what it must feel like to lose a son so suddenly, so what would it be like to gain a son. Rebecca says yes, poor Sam, he didn't gain a son until he was a grown man. Gwen says keeping that secret must have been terrible for poor Ivy. Rebecca says she kept it for a good reason, but Julian and Sam both ended up hating Ivy. Gwen asks Ethan if he would hate a woman for keeping him from his son? Theresa asks Ethan to go get her a sandwich please. He says she doesn't want to hear what Gwen has to say? Gwen says it's okay, make her a sandwich. After Ethan leaves, Gwen then tells Theresa she knows Ethan is Little Ethan's father, she has proof, she's going to tell Ethan and ruin her life. They say they found JT's USB stick, they know her secret and how she found out in Rome. Theresa says she's bluffing. Gwen says she's not and Ethan will walk out on her. Gwen also knows she didn't tell Ethan to keep the power at Crane. Theresa says her son was adopted by Alistair, he is the heir. Gwen says that was when Alistair thought he was a blood Crane, once Julian denies paternity, she will lose everything. Gwen says she couldn't be happier. Theresa says she can't do this, think about Ethan. Gwen says she is giving Ethan a chance to be free and happy. Gwen says Theresa will end up with all the pain and suffering she deserves. Theresa tells Gwen to be happy with the other new man in her life. She begs Gwen not to tell him. Gwen says it doesn't look like she's begging. Theresa gets on her knees and begs them. Gwen says sorry, not even her begging will keep her from telling Ethan the truth. Rebecca says this has been coming for years, she took everything from Gwen and now she'll take everything from Theresa. Ethan returns and asks what is going on? Gwen says it's finally time she told him. Theresa tells him not to listen, but Gwen says oh he will.


July 20, 2007
On the wharf, Eve tells the blackmailer they can't be serious that they'll die if she turns them in. They say think about it, if she turns him in, then he'll be the one they execute. Is that what she wants? She says no, she loves him. They say then don't send them to their death. Eve says there must be a middle ground. They say good luck finding it, they'll leave her alone to think. The blackmailer leaves. Eve thinks she has no choice, she has to make this call. Eve calls the operator and asks to be put through to someone. She ends up calling one Dr. Wilson. She says she has a patient in need of intense therapy, she is hoping she'll see this patient as soon as possible. The doctor agrees, asking the patient's name. Eve says she doesn't know their name, it was a dire situation. She says she will get their name when they meet. Dr. Wilson asks about this patient. Eve begins telling the story about how this patient was kidnapped at birth, has self esteem issues and has committed multiple murders and other crimes. Dr. Wilson says getting help is secondary to getting this person off the street, they have to be arrested. Eve fears if they got arrested before getting help it could be a death sentence for them. Dr. Wilson says very well, she'll be there as soon as she can. Eve thanks her. She says they have to get this poor soul some help before it's too late . . . to late for Luis and her son. Dr. Wilson says she'll be there as quick as possible. Eve thanks her. Eve hopes the doctor can get her child to admit what they did, but that is only the tip of the ice burg. She wonders what they did to Whitney and what he'll do next?

Chad shows up at the Russell's. He says Miles forgot his favorite stuffed animal, he wants to go give it to him. Whitney says Miles is asleep, don't disturb him. She says she'll give it to him in the morning. She then asks him to leave. He won't leave until they get something straight. She says rich coming from her gay husband. He says he's not gay. She says he was having gay sex. She thinks he's still in denial, so this is over. Chad begs her for another chance to be a good husband and father, he'll never see anyone again, man or woman. Whitney tells him again no. She says she won't open herself up to be hurt by him again. She says their relationship is over. He says she's making a mistake. Whitney asks if he's threatening her? He says no, he'd never threaten the woman he loves, but he will fight for custody of their children. Whitney says a judge will never give him custody of their children as he sleeps with men. He says one man, and don't be too sure. She says so he is threatening her. He says he just wants what is fair, he will fight for them and he will win. As they argue, someone watches them from outside. Whitney tells him to go or she'll call the police. Chad says he'll go and he leaves. Whitney rants about Chad getting her all upset. There is a knock at the door, she thinks it's Chad. It turns out to be Vincent. He asks if he can come in? She says no he may not. Vincent says but they have so much to talk about. Whitney doesn't think they do. He walks in and says don't be like this when they have so much in common, such as Chad. Whitney says the thought of them makes her sick to her stomach. He says this from the woman who thought she gave birth to her brother's baby? Vincent says they are both adults, they both love Chad and he made love to them both. He suggests they compare notes, he used to love when Chad would kiss his neck. Whitney says he is a mean and horrible person, go and don't ever come back. She doesn't want him near her family or her home. He calls her a bitch! He says she thinks she is better than him because she grew up in the lap of luxury. Whitney knows they are better than him, they are good people, he is the scum of the earth. He says he is so much more than that, he is part of her life forever. She asks what he means? He says she'll find out soon enough.

Eve shows up, she asks Vincent why he is here? He says to chat with Whitney, they have so much in common thanks to Chad. Whitney says he won't leave. Eve tells him to get out, he's not welcomed here. Vincent says it is a lovely home, Whiney and Simone were lucky to grow up here. Miles cries, Whitney leaves to check on him. She hopes Vincent will be gone when she returns. Vincent tells Eve he is here to stay! Eve gives him a look with her mouth wide open. He sits down, she says get out, he is not welcomed here. She says he is an awful person, he took advantage of Valerie and Whitney, he slept with Whitney's husband. Vincent thinks it is funny that she's the one lecturing him on morality when she slept around, did drugs, drove drunk and gave up a baby she had out of wedlock. She asks how he knows so much? He says she's big news, he is a tabloid reporter among other things. Eve says she is sorry for her mistakes, he obviously is not. She thinks his parents did a miserable job bringing him up. He says aint that the truth. She tells him to get out or she will call the police. He says no she won't. She asks why not? Vincent says since she asked . . . . he already told her how he hurt Simone . . . don't you want to know how I hurt Whitney? Eve finally realizes it, Vincent is her son! 

At Tabitha's, Fox and Kay continue to argue. Fox says he knows what he did was wrong, but what he did, doesn't that proves how much he loves her? She says or that a Crane will do whatever they have to in order to get what they want. He begs her for another chance. She says she's not taking him back, she can't forget that he lied to her about dying. She says she doesn't know how he can even stand here and ask for forgiveness. She says she's with Miguel now and will be with him for the rest of her life. To himself Fox says no she won't. Fox says this is his father's fault, he convinced him to do all this. He wishes he could take back this mess he's made. She says he can't, it's over. Fox thinks to himself that she'll change his mind once Miguel ends up dead. Fox says Miguel forgave her for tricking him into getting her pregnant, Sam forgave her for her part in her mother's death, he forgives her for cheating with Miguel, so can't she forgive him and give him a chance? She says she understands he thought he had a good reason, but even if she forgives him, it won't change that she loves Miguel and wants to be a family with him and Maria. She says she's sorry, she wants a divorce. She tells Fox that she doesn't love him the way she loves Miguel. Fox says Miguel left her once before, what makes her think he won't leave her again?

In the living room, Edna and Norma tell Tabitha to let Miguel die, the boys in the basement want her to be the evil mean machine she used to be. They say if she interferes then the boys will bring down fire and brimstone on everyone, including them. Tabitha says hush, they can't have Endora hear about this. Tabitha says she has to think. She knows she's a bad witch, but she doesn't want to see Miguel die. She wishes there was a way to save Miguel without subjecting Harmony to hail and brimstone. Edna and Norma say there isn't, so start acting like a witch. Norma ends up eating, as everything down there was always burnt. Tabitha is still fretting over Miguel, she hates to admit it but she has come to care about him. The boys rattle the house over this. Edna says her bosses have had it with her, she'll go down in flames if she does one more good deed. Tabitha knows, she can't stop Spike. Edna says make sure Endora won't do the same. Tabitha checks on Endora and suggests she study for school. Endora claims she will . . . .later as goodness is in danger. 

Outside, Miguel is working on the car while Spike goes for a hammer to knock the jack out from under the car. Spike is forced to hide when Miguel comes out from under the car to find a wrench. He goes back to work as Spike again plans to kill him. Endora looks out he window and sees Spike about to kill Miguel. She zaps Spike and sends him spinning around and around. Later she ends up tying Spike up to a telephone pole. Miguel finishes what he needs to do and heads off.

Back in the living room, Tabitha, Edna and Norma watch what is going on with Spike via the bowl. They don't understand what happened, Tabitha worries this is Endora's doing. Later Tabitha realizes it is Endora's doing. The whole house is shaking at this point. Tabitha tells Endora she will get them all killed, In the foyer, Fox asks Kay what is going on? She says it's the water heater, she'll go tell Tabitha. Kay runs off to see Tabitha, Fox looks outside and sees Miguel is still alive. Kay meanwhile goes to check on Tabitha, she learns Edna and Mrs. Wallace were sent up by the boys to talk to Tabitha and give her a lesson. Kay asks Tabitha why the house is shaking? Tabitha says Endora has gone and done good again and it may be the end of them all this time! Later Miguel walks in to ask if Kay is okay, the house is shaking again. Everything is calm now, Kay says it was just the water heater. Miguel says he's fixed the car so they can pick up where they left off. Meanwhile Fox heads outside to look for Spike, who falls off the pole and on top of him. Spike claims Tabitha and her kid did this to him, they have demons in their basement. Fox thinks Spike is out of his mind. Spike says he's out of here and runs off. Fox says he won't let Miguel have Kay. 

At the mansion, Gwen says she would be delighted to tell Ethan what is going on, and once they hear what she as to say, nothing will be the same for either one of them. Theresa tries to leave, but Rebecca grabs her and says sit down, shut up and listen. At this point Jared shows up and begins listening in from the hallway. He wonders what Gwen can say that will change everything? Ethan asks them to get on with it. Rebecca tells Gwen to tell Ethan about Theresa. Ethan again says out with it. Rebecca gets her camera ready and says she's ready. Gwen says this is long overdue, by years. Theresa thinks this is it. Gwen says this involves him and Theresa and their future together. She says Ethan will get his wish, what he's wanted most. Gwen says she's giving Ethan a divorce to be with Theresa. Theresa is shocked, as is Rebecca. Gwen says that is what she wanted to tell Ethan, that she's going through with the divorce. Ethan already knew that. Rebecca thinks she's going to be sick. Theresa thinks Gwen has said enough. Jared tells himself that Tess is still married to him though. Gwen sits down and signs the final divorce papers. She looks at Ethan and says to herself she loves him and part of her always will. She then gives the papers to Ethan and says he's a free man. 

Gwen walks out of the living room and into the foyer, Theresa follows. Theresa asks why she didn't tell than about Little Ethan? Jared is hiding and hears them talking. Gwen says it would kill Ethan to find out she's been deceiving him. Theresa walks off, Rebecca then comes and asks Gwen she didn't tell him the truth? Gwen tells her mom she's waiting until Theresa is at her happiest, perhaps when she's about to walk down the aisle. Rebecca says it will be delicious. Jared goes into the living room to find Theresa in Ethan's arms. Gwen and Rebecca look in, Gwen hopes Jared didn't hear them. Theresa tells Jared she can explain. He says she doesn't need to, he knows how much they love each other and want to be together. Theresa says she's sorry, she didn't mean to hurt him like this. He says he could get upset, but he won't. He says he knew having her as his wife was too good to be true. Gwen thinks Jared must not have heard them. Jared tells Theresa that he knew that once Gwen left Ethan that he couldn't keep her. He says he knows how much Theresa wants to be with him, so he'll give her a divorce. Theresa doesn't know what to say. He says he's not stupid, there is no point in holding onto something hat will hurt them both in the long run. Rebecca thinks this is nauseating, but Gwen says she'll make Theresa miserable. Jared walks off as Ethan tells Theresa to let him go. Ethan tells Theresa that they are now free to be together. Gwen watches and says Theresa's days with Ethan are numbered. 

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