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4th Week of July  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



July 23, 2007 

At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca are talking when Theresa walks up to them. She asks if they have seen Jared. They say he went upstairs. Theresa then goes looking for him. Ethan talks to Gwen about the end of their marriage. He does want her to be happy, and he knows when they talked on the phone she mentioned a he. He asks if she has a new man in her life? Gwen smiles and says she can tell him that she does have a new man. Rebecca wants to meet him, but Gwen doesn't want to jinx it just yet. Ethan says he just wants her to be happy. He also wants her to be a part of Jane's life, she is a second mother to Jane. Gwen thanks him, though she's not exactly sure where she'll be living. She knows it won't be Harmony. He says well whenever she is around she is welcomed to see Jane.

In Theresa's room, Theresa finds Jared packing. She asks what he's doing. He says normally when a couple gets a divorce the man moves out. He says he's going to a hotel. She says she's sorry and she didn't want it to be like this. She says she did love him. He knows, but not the way she loved Ethan. She says he may not believe it, but it will take her some time to get over him. He says good. She hopes he finds a woman to love and who loves him with her whole heart. He says he thought he already had. He lets Theresa know that he knows the truth about her son and her secret. He explains he heard her and Gwen talking, then Gwen and her mom talking. He knows that is why she married him, to protect it. She says she's sorry, the blackmailer was holding it over her head. He tells her that Gwen knows, can she trust her? Theresa says she would normally say no, but after tonight she thinks she can. 

Back down in the living room, Ethan and Gwen hug as Jared and Theresa show up. Ethan tells Gwen, who is heading out, that he meant what he said about her seeing Jane. She thanks him and walks into the foyer. Theresa says Ethan . . .  Ethan tells Theresa it wouldn't be right or fair to stop Gwen from coming to visit Jane.

In the foyer, Rebecca tells Gwen she doesn't understand, when is she going to blow Theresa out of the water? Gwen says she will soon. Rebecca doesn't know where Gwen got her patience, it wasn't from her. Jared is on his way out, he warns them that karma is a bitch and could bite them in the butt if the do anything to Ethan and Theresa. He says he knows all about the secret, and that they know it too. He says he's accepted he's lost Theresa to Ethan, Gwen needs to accept it too and move on. Jared then leaves. Gwen looks in on Ethan and Theresa. She says there is no way she will let Theresa marry Ethan!

Back in the living room, Ethan tells Theresa now that that is all settled and over, he wants to know her secret. She says she can't. He asks if it is about them? She says it's not about them. HE says then if it's not about Crane business then he no longer cares. They hug and kiss, Theresa suggests they set a wedding date, the sooner the better.

Outside Tabitha's, Miguel and Kay hold one another. He says the car is done. She says he's talking about the car why? He says they could go for a ride in the love machine, or they could go upstairs and . . . . He whispers in her ear. She says if his mother heard that! She then drags him inside and up to the bedroom where they make love.

Tabitha and Endora are in the living room. Tabitha is lecturing her about how she must stop interfering with the boys in the basement, there are powers in this universe greater than theirs and consequences for crossing them. Edna and Norma show back up, they think they will be in trouble because of Endora saving Miguel. Suddenly a door appears and opens up, flames shoot out. A voice tells Edna and Norma to return to them, they have failed. Tabitha thinks she and Endora should go to the kitchen to play bubbles. Norma and Enda beg Tabitha to help them, but she won't given their history. The voice in the basement demands they come to him so he can torture them. They don't want to and try and make a deal. They say they'll kill Miguel in exchange for being allowed to stay in the mortal world. The voice says kill Miguel and they shall see.

Later Edna and Norma learn from the bowl that Miguel and Kay are upstairs making love. They look for the right weapon to kill Miguel with. The door opens up asking what is taking so long? They need a weapon, so two demon hands hold out an axe to Norma. She takes her axe and says she's missed it so. They then head upstairs to kill Miguel. At this point Tabitha and Endora return to the living room and see this in the bowl. Endora sends a magical bubble upstairs to protect Miguel and Kay, who are in bed. Edna and Norma fail to kill Miguel, and soon turn on each other. They return to the living room and blame Tabitha and Endora for this again. 

At the Russell's, Eve realizes that Vincent is her son, and the blackmailer. Vincent says he is. Eve says so he killed Rae and seduced Chad to make Simone and Whitney pay? Vincent says yes, he wanted them to pay. He says they had everything he didn't have growing up. She asks if he's gay, he says he swings both ways. Eve once again tries to convince Vincent that she did love him and did want him, but he doesn't believe her. She says it wasn't until she lost him that she realized what was important in life, that made her change her life. He's glad he could be her own little scared straight program. He also says if she really wanted him, she would have stopped with the drugs and booze when she was pregnant. He knows the medical history. He says for all he knows he was addicted to drugs when he was born, no wonder Grandpa Alistair didn't want him in the family. Eve says that is not fair and not true. As they argue, Whitney returns. She can't believe he's still here. She says he must come from some degenerate gene pool. He laughs and says she has no idea. Whiney says she is going to call the cops on him, but he says her mother wants him to stay. Whitney doesn't think so. Eve tries to tell Whitney about Vincent, but can't do it. Vincent calls her a cowardly bitch and says she'll pay for that! Vincent tells Whitney not to bother calling the cops, he's going. However he says they haven't seen the last of him. He leaves. Eve is a mess and can't think straight, she doesn't know what to do or how to tell anyone this. She goes to her bag and finds some pills which she pops!


July 24,  2007

At Crane, Julian sits at Alistair's desk and dictates some memos into  a recorder. He talks about how his father tried for years to keep him and Eve from finding their son, but now they finally have found him. Julian says he'll have a real relationship with him, the relationship that his father denied them, that he himself denied Fox. He also talks about how ironic it is that his father left Theresa in charge in lieu of Little Ethan, and how he made a deal with Theresa to get the power back. He looks at his father's cigars he always used to smoke when he was celebrating something. Julian is celebrating his father being six feet under, wishing it had happened so much sooner to spare so many people such misery.

At the Russell's, Eve is in the kitchen and is a mess. She goes to get some more pills and drops her coffee mug. Whitney shows up asking what happened? Eve says she just dropped her mug. Whitney says she'll clean it up, which she does. She heard her mom pacing all night, she thinks she's worried about Luis. Whitney is going to be with Theresa today. She talks about how someone out there must know who this blackmailer is, how can they let Luis die for their crimes. Eve says perhaps this person is a relative or a parent of the blackmailer. Whitney says too bad, they should know right from wrong. Whitney is just glad Eve taught her and Simone as much.

Later Julian arrives after Whitney has left. Eve has taken the pills as she doesn't know how to deal with what is going on. She's a wreck and Julian asks if she's okay? Eve says she's fine, she just has low blood sugar. He says nonsense, he has seen her like this before. He says she's either high or drinking. She says she has not had anything to drink. He demands to see her eyes, but she says no. He soon finds a bottle of pills hidden in a fruit bowl. He says he knew it, she is taking pills again. He doesn't understand, why would she do this? He says they just found their son, why would she revert back to these drugs? Eve says he doesn't understand. She tells him that their son is not okay. She says he's a killer, their son has committed murder!

In Theresa's room at the mansion, Theresa wakes up in bed with Ethan. Ethan wanted to let her sleep in a little because of what day it is, Luis' execution day. She talks about the blackmailer and the horrible things they've done. He says they couldn't keep them apart though, and he promises her nobody will come between the two of them. Later Ethan also promises her that he will do everything he can to help Luis, to get justice. He then goes into the office.

Later Whitney shows up to see Theresa. They talk. Theresa just can't believe she may lose her brother, it's like losing her father all over again for her as Luis really did become the man of the house after her dad left. Whitney tells Theresa how her mom just found her son. Theresa says it's ironic, she's losing a brother as Whitney is gaining one. She's sure Whitney's brother will be a great man. Later Theresa tells Whitney about Jared leaving, and how he found out about Little Ethan and promised not to tell Ethan. Whitney asks how he found out? Theresa says he overheard her and Gwen talking. Whitney asks how Gwen found out? Theresa explains about Gwen and Rebecca finding JT's memory drive. Theresa says Gwen was going to tell Ethan at first, but then agreed not to. Whitney tells Theresa that she cannot trust Gwen, this is the woman who has blamed her for every bad thing in her life.

At the office, Ethan is trying to get through to the governor. He can't, he says if he doesn't hear from the governor then it will take a miracle to save Luis.

In the kitchen at the mansion, Pilar, Noah and Paloma are cooking for Luis. Pilar is making all his favorite foods. She is careful not to say it's his last meal, she's sure he will live a long time. Noah says he has heard of last minute reprieves, he knows something like that will happen for Luis. She says this is just a celebration of Luis and the man he is. She says after Martin left, Luis took over as man of the house. She says he had to grow up very fast. Noah remembers how all the kids on the block idolized Luis. Paloma realizes Pilar is making the same meal her Tia made every Sunday, did Tia give her the recipe? Pilar says it was the other way around. She says it was Luis' idea. Pilar says Luis knew how hard it was for her to send Paloma away, he thought if Paloma had the same thing they did every week, it would be like they were closer and maybe it would become her favorite meal too. She says it did. She never knew how good Luis was. She remembers fighting with him when she first came back from Mexico, then in the academy feeling like he kept singling her out with all his tests. She now knows he was just looking after her.

In the living room,  Fancy is on the phone with the prison. She wants to see Luis in private, but is told she is not allowed. She asks why not, who is stopping her? She sees Sheridan standing their gloating and knows it is her. Fancy yells at Sheridan, saying Luis is probably going to die tonight and all Sheridan can think about is making her miserable? Fancy slaps Sheridan! Sheridan and Fancy begin arguing about who Luis loves and should be with. Sheridan says Fancy is selfish hogging all the time with Luis when he has other family and friends who want to see him. Fancy wants Sheridan to get it through her skull that Luis loves her, not Sheridan. Sheridan says Luis does love her. Fancy says he moved on after Sheridan chose to be with Chris and James, now that they are gone Sheridan can't change her mind. Sheridan brings up Pretty, saying if she tells Luis then he'll know Fancy is no angel for what she did to her sister. Fancy in turn tell Sheridan she is just like grandfather, more than anyone else in the family. They soon end up in a huge fight. They are punching one another, even throwing each other into furniture. Pilar storms in and tells them to stop this! She says Luis is probably going to die tonight and they are here fighting over him. 

Back in the kitchen, Noah is trying to make some of Pilar's sauce, but he messes it up. Paloma thinks she can fix it. He says it's a shame he didn't inherit his mother's cooking genes. She says at least she can cook, otherwise they'd be ordering takeout for the rest of their lives. He catches her saying "rest of their lives." He asks her if she's ready to accept his proposal and marry him?


July 25, 2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora are talking about how the boys in the basement are still upset that Norma and Edna failed. Edna and Norma show up in their PJs, they think they've escaped the boys  in the basement. Tabitha asks if they did not hear the house shaking all night? Edna thought it was just Norma's snoring. The boys in the basement breath fire out the vents. Norma and Enda think they have to leave, but Tabitha says they won't let them leave. Edna says they have to try and make a deal with them, but Tabitha says there is no Howie Mandel down there. They decide to try. Edna and Norma talk to the demons through the vents. They want to find a way to make it up to them, give them another assignment. They say they won't let them down this time. The demons throw  a scroll up at them which says "No Deal." Edna says she doesn't want to go back down there, Norma doesn't either.  

Later Norma has decided it is time to play hardball with the boys in the basement. She has a tool belt on, she's going to nail the basement door shut so tight that nobody will get out of it. Tabitha and Endora watch them try and nail then door shut. Tabitha says they don't know what they are up against. They think they nail the basement door shut well enough, but the boys bust it open. Tabitha tells them the boys are coming to get them! Enda cries she doesn't want to go back down there! They try and run, but the boys begin to suck them back down into the basement.

At the mansion, Noah asks Paloma if she is now ready to accept his proposal? He once again gets down on one knee and proposes to Paloma. Paloma says she is honored, but she can only think about her brother right now. Noah says he's so sorry. He understands. He also says he'll be here waiting when she is ready to give him an answer.

Theresa is in her room still talking to Whitney. They talk about Whitney's brother, how maybe he can be a part of her children's lives, how he can be a good male role model for them. Theresa's phone rings, she answers it. It's Vincent calling for a comment on Luis' execution! Theresa won't talk to him and hangs up. Ethan shows up, Theresa asks him if he got a stay of execution for Luis. Ethan hasn't heard back from the governor yet. Theresa fears she's going to watch  her brother die. Ethan tells her to have faith. He says they beat the odds and are together, Luis can too. Later Whitney has left to go see Valerie, to warn her about Vincent. Theresa says Whitney feels Vincent is a danger. Ethan doesn't understand why Chad hooked up with the jerk. Theresa says Vincent called her to try and get a comment on the execution. 

In the living room, Pilar scolds both Fancy and Sheridan for fighting like this. She doesn't want Luis to die knowing the two of them are fighting. Sheridan and Fancy both apologize. Pilar says come with her, they will cook all day to make an amazing dinner for Luis. Fancy and Sheridan aren't the best cooks, Pilar says she will help them. 

Back in the kitchen, Paloma and Noah are joined by Ethan, Theresa, Pilar, Sheridan and Fancy. Pilar says they will all work together to cook a meal for Luis. Theresa says this reminds her of how when they were little, they would always help her make the big meals and Luis would always be the one to mix the cornmeal, the job Theresa always wanted. Paloma wishes she could have been there. Pilar says they wanted her to be, her and Antonio. She says just like Antonio, Luis will always be in their hearts. Later Pilar ends up breaking down. She tried to pull herself together, saying that they have to stay strong for Luis. They all can't believe that they are going to lose Luis. Paloma says Luis is innocent and this country is supposed to protect the innocent. Ethan says they all know who is responsible for this, the blackmailer. Pilar says they can't lose hope, they have to stay strong. A bulletin then comes over the news, the governor has rejected Luis' stay of execution. The execution will take place as planned. 

Valerie heads home and finds her door is open. She asks who is here, she has a gun and will shoot them. We hear Vincent's voice talking to her, but we don't see him. She says they broke up, leave. He says it's not over until he says it's over. She tells him to go, but he says he's not going anywhere. She begs him not to hurt her. We see a gloved hand close the door and hear Vincent say shut up bitch, your not going anywhere! Vincent starts throwing things, we don't see Vincent, only hear his voice as Valerie looks terrified. Whitney shows up outside and hears a ruckus inside. She thinks Valerie is in danger.

Whitney goes inside, Vincent of course has run off. Whitney wants to call the cops, but Valerie says no. She says it will make Vincent more angry. Valerie says Vincent is upset that she told his secret. Whitney asks what secret? Whitney says she already knows about Vincent sleeping with Chad. Valerie says it's not that. She doesn't think she should tell Whitney. Whitney wants to know what the secret is. Valerie says Vincent is her brother! Whitney asks if she is serious? Whitney says this can't be true. Valerie says Vincent is the child Eve and Julian thought was dead. Whitney says no and runs off. Whitney thinks about what Valerie has told her, thinking this can't be happening to her. 

At the Russell's, Eve tells Julian that their son is a murderer, they killed Rae Thomas. Julian is confused, he doesn't understand. Eve says he killed Rae to punish Simone because Simone grew up with her as a mother and he didn't. She says she has to tell the police or Luis will be executed. Julian says she can't be serious, why would she believe this. Eve says her son told her that he did it. She asks why he'd say it if it weren't true. Julian doesn't know. Eve knows this is awful, but they can't let Luis die. She says Luis will be given a lethal injection at midnight if they don't do something. Julian asks what happens to their son? She says they would save Luis, but sacrifice their son. She doesn't know if she can do that, but she also can't live with Luis' death on her conscience. Eve says she just can't let Luis die for a crime he didn't commit. Julian stops her. He says they have to think about their son. Maybe he is unbalanced, just a little crazy. Eve knows it is more than just a little crazy. Julian tells Eve that she can't just throw away the son they have searched for all these years. Eve doesn't want to, but she never imagined it would be like this. She says even when they thought their son was Chad, it wasn't this terrible. Eve says she wishes they had never even looked for their son, she wishes he had never come to Harmony. Julian realizes there is something Eve isn't telling him, something more. Vincent then walks in and asks what he's interrupting? Julian tells him to get out, they are having a personal conversation. Vincent says he's not being very friendly. Julian says he's not trying to be friendly, go crawl back under a rock. Vincent says now daddy has hurt his feelings. Eve tells Julian to meet Vincent, their son. He says hey daddy-o! 



July 26, 2007
At Tabitha's, the boys in the basement are trying to suck Edna and Norma back into the basement. They are begging Tabitha and Endora to help them, they don't want to go back down there. Edna starts screaming how lesbians world wide are waiting for their grand tour. Tabitha asks Endora if they should help them? Endora says they should save them. The boys begin to throw fireballs out of the basement, Tabitha says they are making the boys even angrier. Tabitha ends up casting a spell to save them. However none of her spells seem to be helping. A screen appears on the door to the basement, which keeps them from being sucked into the basement. However they are stuck, and hit by a fireball the boys send out. Tabitha goes to try and rescue them. The wind sucking into the basement stops, Edna wonders if they gave up. Endora doesn't think so. Suddenly a demon shows up in the living room! Tabitha says it is the CEO of the basement, the hooded demon himself. The demon has come for Edna and Norma, who he points at. Tabitha asks why he has come up here, he's never come up for a mortal before. She also thinks these two aren't worth it. The demon soon makes it known he doesn't want Norma and Enda, he wants Endora! Tabitha screams no! Tabitha won't let him take Endora down there. The hooded demon says Tabitha was one of his worst witches, but look at her now, she is doing good and feeling love! Tabitha says message received, she will do better. The demon says she will do better as he's taking her source of sweetness. He says he's taking Endora with him, Endora is lost to her forever. The demon takes Endora, and puts up an invisible barrier so Tabitha can't get to them.

On the pier, Whitney runs into Chad. Whitney is furious and asks Chad if he knew? Chad says did he know what? She says did he know Vincent was her long lost brother? Chad didn't know, he realizes Vincent is his half-uncle. He thinks Vincent set them both up, to cause trouble for them. Whitney thinks Chad is just trying to blame Vincent, as if he was an innocent victim to Vincent's seductive power. She thinks this is another one of his attempts to convince her that he's not gay. Chad says all he's saying is what if Vincent came after him, set them up. Whitney asks why would Vincent want to destroy their lives? Chad doesn't know what motive he would have. Chad thinks Eve and Julian should know. Whitney does too, but they need to get the truth out of Vincent first. She says they can't just go to them with this theory. Whitney says they should find him and get the truth. Chad says what if what Vincent tells them is more sick and twisted than they could imagine? 

At the Russell's, Julian is shocked to learn that Vincent is his son with Eve. Julian can't believe this. He says he's dreamed of this moment, but he never saw it playing out this way. Vincent asks if he should call him dad, daddy or father? Julian knows what kind of young man he is, Eve told him that he was a murderer He asks what kind of crazy freak is he? Vincent says he is not crazy! Julian thinks he is. He also asks if his son is gay, as he had sex with Chad. Eve says it's not that simple. Julian says his son shouldn't be ashamed of being gay, but murder is a different thing. Vincent says he had good reason for doing what he did. Julian asks what would drive him to behave this way? Vincent says he'll be glad to tell Julian. Eve says oh dear god. Vincent asks for them to excuse him for a moment. Eve makes herself a drink at this point. Julian asks Eve what is going on here, what is wrong? She says let me think, their long lost son killed Simone's lover and had an affair with Whitney's husband. He asks if there is more. She suggests he have a drink, he'll really need it. Julian thinks Eve is being judgmental of Vincent because he's gay. She says Vincent is messed up, emotionally and psychologically. Julian says he's still his son though. Eve says and so much more! Julian thinks she's using this as an excuse to drink and use drugs again. Julian asks how much worse things can be? Eve says turn around and see for himself. Vincent is back and dressed as the blackmailer. Vincent asks his dad what he thinks? Vincent takes his mask off. Julian is shocked. 

At the prison, Noah, Paloma, Ethan, Theresa and Pilar arrive to see Luis. Fancy and Sheridan are there as well. They are all looking sad. He says he's glad they are all here. They claim they brought all his favorite foods, they wanted to have a party. He asks if that means this is his last meal? Ethan tells Luis he's sorry, he wasn't given a stay of execution. The food is brought in by a guard. The guard says enjoy his last meal. Everyone tells Luis they love him and they tried everything they could. Luis says he knows. He says he is lucky to have had them all in his corner. Father Lonigan is soon brought in. The guard says he's here to give Luis his last rites. Everyone is upset, they thought they had till midnight? Father Lonigan says he was already here and just thought he'd come spend time with Luis. Luis says he is welcomed to join them. Father Lonigan tells Luis how those responsible for this travesty will be held accountable with the heavenly father. Luis says he knows, he's not afraid to die, he just doesn't want to. He says he has no secrets to take to his grave. Pilar takes Theresa aside and tells her to tell the truth, that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. Luis over hears this. He's shocked. Theresa explains everything to Luis. Luis wants Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. Pilar asks Theresa to do it, grant Luis' last wish. She goes to talk to Ethan. Sheridan approaches Luis and says she's so sorry this is happening. She says soon he'll be with Marty. She cries she wishes she was going with him. He says she has way too much to look forward to. She says not without him. They share a hug, which Fancy watches and supposes won't hurt.

Out in the hall, Theresa talks with Ethan. Ethan just can't believe this is happening. Ethan says they did everything they could to help Luis. Theresa tells Ethan about the blackmailer and her secret. Before she can say anything, Ethan is told by a guard he needs to sign some papers for the warden. Ethan says he'll be back and leaves. Sheridan looks over at Theresa. They end up talking about Luis. Sheridan says she still loves Luis and always has, in spite of Fancy. She says it's the same as how Ethan loving Gwen didn't stop Theresa from loving Ethan. She says however Sheridan is losing Luis, Theresa isn't losing Ethan. Theresa thinks she may, secrets always come out. As she talks to herself, another prisoner tells Theresa that he knows all about secrets. He knows she is one of Luis' sister, the rich one, the Crane. He says you don't have to be rich to have secrets though. He says he's here because of a secret. He asks what hers is. She asks why she'd tell him? He says he's on death row, who will he tell? Theresa says the secret will cost her the man she loves. He says what are the odds! He says that's why he's here. He says his wife kept a big secret from him, when he found out, he killed her! He says his wife came between him and his son. He says he was so angry when he learned what she did, he killed her! Ethan returns, Ethan asks Theresa what she's doing? The prisoner asks if this is her future husband? Theresa says yeah and it was nice talking to him. Ethan asks what she wanted to tell him earlier, but she says she forgot. 

Luis talks with Paloma. He tells her how proud he is of her. Pilar asks Paloma to fix Father Lonigan something to drink while she fixes him a plate. Noah gets a moment alone with Luis. Noah asks Luis for his blessing to marry Paloma. Noah knows this isn't the best time, and he needs to get a better job. Luis says he has his blessing. He also asks Noah not only to look after Paloma, but his family. Noah says he's honored. Luis says he'll be watching Noah, if he doesn't, he'll haunt him! Luis thinks he can go to his grave knowing Paloma and his family have someone looking after them.

Pilar takes Father Lonigan some food. Fancy is with Father Lonigan. Pilar asks Fancy if she'd like anything. Fancy needs Pilar's opinion, she and Father Lonigan have been discussing something. We don't hear the idea. Pilar however thinks it is a great idea.

Ethan interrupts the dinner. He says he needs Pilar and Paloma to come with him to sign papers as Luis' next of kin. They go with Ethan. Luis asks Theresa if she told Ethan yet? She says not yet. She is afraid Ethan will end up on death row like that man over there who killed his wife. Luis is a bit puzzled. She then walks off. Fancy then sits next to Luis. She says she has something to ask him. He says go ahead. She says she and Father Lonigan were talking. Fancy gets a bit nervous. She gets down on one knee, takes Luis' hand and asks him to marry her! Sheridan sits there stunned.


July 27, 2007
At Tabitha's, the hooded demon tells Tabitha that her daughter is now theirs. The demon puts up some invisible shield between him and Endora and Tabitha, Edna and Norma. Tabitha says if he takes her daughter then she'll turn him into luggage. The demon tells Tabitha to remember her place and shoots Tabitha with lightening. Tabitha gets up and demands to have her daughter back, but the demon won't give Endora back. The demon says Endora will fulfill her destiny as a force for the darkside. Tabitha says she gave Endora a choice, she chose to be good. The demon says she encouraged her by sending her to Esmeralda's school. He says he shouldn't have sent those bumbling witches to take Endora, they failed twice. That is why he has come. Tabitha screams no! She says she'll destroy him. He asks how, by calling on her good witch friends? Tabitha says no, she has a mother's love. The demon says the L word again, she has changed and shamefully for the better. The demon tells Endora to say goodbye to her mother forever. The demon keeps zapping at Tabitha. Tabitha falls down and is tortured by the demon. The demon tells Endora to come with him, it's time for her to fulfill her destiny as a force for the darkside. Endora zaps herself to her mom's side and kisses her hand. Tabitha gets up after the magical kiss, she feels good as new. Tabitha tells the demon to leave, but he won't. He says Endora will be cared for by the best nanny's in the netherworld like Lizzie Borden and Typhoid Mary. Tabitha says Endora stays with her. The demon locks Tabitha, Edna and Norma in a magical cage. The demon then tells Endora it is time to go. She says no! He says she is stubborn, she'll make a good dark side witch. Endora says she is a good witch and she's not coming with him. Endora zaps the demon, which shocks Tabitha. The demon zaps back at Endroa, she keeps shooting him. She tells him to go, she and her mommy have guests. The demon says how dare you zap me! She says he's annoying her and she doesn't like him. She wants him to go away. The demon decides to kill Endora, but she fights back. Tabitha helps Endora by telling her that mommy loves her! This gives Endora more power to fight the demon off. Endora ends up winning! The demon blows up and vanishes. The whole house shakes as this is happening. Eventually the demon and the cage Tabitha and the others are in vanishes. Tabitha can't believe it. She says Endora did it, she freed them from the boys below! Tabitha says Endora went hand to hand with the boys in the basement and won. Tabitha says this is history in the making, good against evil, heaven against hell. Endora then casts a spell and fixes all the damage to the house. She says she's thirsty and would like some juice. 

On the pier, Chad asks Whitney if she is sure about confronting Vincent? He says maybe they should talk to Valerie. She says no, they need to talk to Vincent first. If he knew all along and he set them up, she wants to know why. Chad says something always struck him as strange about Vincent, he's curious about what it is. 

At Eve's, Julian asks Vincent why he's dressed up like a clown on crack? He may be a gay killer, but he's still a Crane. Vincent says this is the real him. Eve keeps trying to push a drink on Julian. Julian asks what he means this is the real him? Vincent says many people have seen him like this. Julian soon realizes Vincent is the blackmailer. He says his son is the blackmailer. Vincent says oh he's so much more. Vincent then lifts his skirt to show Julian the truth. Julian wasn't prepared for that. Eve says she told him that Vincent wasn't just their son. Julian says this doesn't excuse his behavior, what is wrong with his family. Eve asks Julian if he wants that drink, or maybe a pill? Julian tells Vincent that he needs help. Vincent says finding clothes is a problem, want to go shopping? Vincent claims he is this way because of the alcohol and drugs they used. Eve says his problems are psychological in origin. He says his problems started when they let him be taken away. Julian says they thought he was dead. He says they are his parents, they should have known. Vincent says he hates them both and both their families. Vincent then storms out. Julian says please tell him this is a bad dream. Eve says no, this is a nightmare. Julian soon joins Eve in a drink. Julian was not prepared for this, he wanted their son to embrace them, love them, be proud to be a Crane. Eve says he acts like a Crane, Alistair would be proud of him. Eve says this is all their fault. Julian says they can't change anything, they have to deal with a present. He wants to protect Crane Industries from this scandal. He also says this boy will need a lot of help. Julian thinks he'll have to spend a lot of money to clean up everyone's lives and cover this up. Eve says her poor Vincent.

Whitney walks in with Chad as Eve is saying her poor poor Vincent. Whitney says what about her and Chad? What about the things he's done to them! Whitney sees her mom has been drinking. Julian says Eve is dealing with a lot. Whitney says so is she, she just found out Vincent is her brother. Eve asks how she found out? Whitney says Valerie. They want to see Vincent. Eve says Vincent isn't here, he left. They decide to check the house anyways to make sure. They want Vincent to answer questions. Julian says no! Whitney asks Julian what he knows that Vincent is hiding? Whitney asks if Vincent knew he was their son? Were they set up? Julian says they can't give them a response. She says they can't or won't? Chad goes to look for Vincent, Whitney stays behind and wants the truth. She asks her mom if she knew about Vincent? Eve says she just found out, Vincent has issues and she wanted to help him. Whitney says they always have excuses. Whitney says Vincent beat up Valerie. Julian asks if that is all he did? Whitney asks why they'd ask that? What are they not telling her? She's sick of her mom trying to cover up the truth. Chad returns and says Vincent isn't here. Whitney tells him they should go find Vincent and find out what is going on. Chad says he was with his uncle because of Vincent and his lies. Julian says if he wasn't with Vincent he would have been on the low down with someone else. Chad says no, there is something different about Vincent, at times he reminded him of Whitney. Whitney says now that is gross. She asks Eve and Julian how many more lives do their secrets have to destroy? Julian tells Whitney not to talk to her mother like this. Whitney remembers she has to get to the prison for Theresa, but this Vincent stuff is not over. They leave. Eve then says she has to go to the prison to in order to declare Luis dead. She says this is wrong, she can't let this happen. Julian says she can't stop the execution, he won't let her! 

At the prison, Sheridan can't believe what she's seeing. Luis asks Fancy what she just said? She says she loves him more than anyone and anything, she wants him to marry her. She says Father Lonigan will perform the ceremony if he will accept her proposal. Sheridan clears her throat. Father Lonigan says don't mind him. Sheridan says her either. Fancy tells Luis she loves and adores him, he is the only man for her. He says he loves and adores her to. He says he accepts. They then hug and kiss. Luis asks if she's sure about this, he's still going to be executed. She says marrying him will make her life complete. Fancy says all they need is the warden to issue a special license. Fancy and Father Lonigan go to see the warden. 

Luis thinks this will take his mind of being executed, and at least he goes to heaven being Fancy's husband. Sheridan says what about Fancy? After he's gone, her dream will end as quickly as it started. Luis thinks she's aware of that. He doesn't want Sheridan to start trouble. Sheridan says she just wonders if Fancy thought this through. Fancy will be a widow of a convicted killer, is she ready for that burden? Sheridan knows things are tense between them, but Fancy is her niece and she hates to see her suffer by acting impulsively again. Luis says again? Sheridan is speaking of Pretty. She says what if Fancy wants to date again? Say she does meet a man who isn't put off by her being his widow, say they get married and have children. Will her children be teased and have to suffer? Luis wonders if her concern is just a ploy to keep them apart. Sheridan says no. She says if he wants to marry Fancy then go ahead. Luis doesn't trust her motive, but she does have a point. 

Fancy and Father Lonigan return with the license. Luis wants to talk to Fancy about the wedding. Sheridan says Luis is having second thoughts. Fancy thinks this is Sheridan's doing. Fancy asks Sheridan what she said to Luis? How did she come between them? Sheridan says have father Lonigan marry them, she doesn't care. She says when she had a commitment ceremony in Mexico with Luis, it was n God's eyes and she and Luis will be together in eternity. Fancy says Luis loves her now. Father Lonigan says Luis shouldn't spend his final hours like this. Sheridan sees Vincent hiding around a corner. She says she will let Fancy calm down and walks off. Luis talks to Fancy about how she will be the widow of a convicted killer. Fancy doesn't care, she wants to marry him. He just doesn't want her to make a decision she may regret. She says she will never regret this. She damns Sheridan for doing this to them. Luis says they will get married as planned. However there is one thing he wants to know. She says okay. He asks what happened with her and Pretty?

Sheridan talks to Vincent, she asks what he's doing here? Vincent says Sheridan didn't keep up their bargain so now she has to pay! Sheridan says he never kept his end of the bargain either, he didn't produce Pretty. She says she could turn him in and Luis will live. Vincent says but Luis will be with Fancy. She says she can't let Luis die, but she can't let him live with Fancy. He says just kill Theresa, he can delay the execution. He shows her a photo of Pretty getting on a plane to Harmony, it's dated today. Vincent says Pretty is on her way back as they speak. Sheridan says Pretty has changed. Vincent says she's been through hell. Sheridan says it all started with Fancy. Sheridan vows to stop Fancy from marrying Luis.

On a plane, a flight attendant sees Pretty on the plane flying commercial. She wonders why a Crane is flying commercial. What is her problem? 

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