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1st Week of June  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



June 4, 2007 
Tabitha and Endora are at home. They are all dressed up in fancy clothes. Endora is stirring something at her little cauldron. Tabitha thinks it is time for them to take a holiday together. Perhaps that bat cave they read about in her storybooks. She says she'll send a note by vulture to her teachers. Endora says no they can't go, what about the Witches Committee? Tabitha thinks they've seen the last of them. They must have come to their senses by now. She thinks they will find her to be a clever wicked witch. Suddenly the evil witches show back up! Tabitha wasn't expecting them to be back, but they claim they wanted time to go over their notes and resume. They told her they would return. Tabitha thinks they must have realized not killing Miguel was the wise thing to do, his death would have roused suspicion. She says she is still the most evil thing in Harmony. The evil witches says her questionable behavior with Miguel was not the only thing worrying them. They spent the evening looking over her greatest hits. They say they watched everything from the past few years, beginning with that talking doll she made that turned into a good human. Tabitha says he may have been good, but he was in for serving up trouble with her. She talks about how killed Faith, caused the avalanche, got Charity into a lot of trouble. She was something. The witches says WAS is the operative word. Tabitha says she's still evil! The witches ask why she has suitcases? Is she planning a trip. Tabitha says yes, she and Endora were about to take a wee holiday. The head witch says they have reached a verdict in her classification. They say they came to a unanimous decision. They show her some highlights of the last few years. We see flashbacks on a movie screen. We see when Tabitha gave Timmy a Christmas gift, we saw Tabitha telling Endora she loved her, we see Tabitha telling Timmy she cares for him, we see Tabitha telling Endora how she feels sorry for Kay. The evil witches say that is just the sampling of what they saw. They say they saw her taking care of Kay and Jessica many times. Tabitha says she's known the Bennett girls since they were born. They also say she punished the evil spike instead of rewarding him. They say seeing how she has chosen to take care of these mortals, they have no choice but to declare her a good witch. Tabitha says they are wrong, she is a bad witch, she is rotten to the bone. She says she is a bad witch, she has always hated that Glinda imposter. The evil witches feel she is not a bad witch. Tabitha thinks they made up their mind about her before even coming to see her, she says they can call her a good witch but she knows what she is. She tells them to heaven with the lot of them! They gasp. She says there is more where that came from. They say before she insults them further, they should hear what else she has to say. They say they voted on Endora's future. They think sense Tabitha is lacking in the qualities of a bad witch, they will see to Endora's upbringing. They feel Endora has promise, but they need to protect her from Tabitha. They says she is teetering on the edge of goodness, that is unacceptable. They say Tabitha is an unfit witch so she's an unfit mother for a baby witch. They say they are taking custody of Endora, they will raise her and hopefully turn her into one of the worst beings this universe has known. They tell Tabitha to say goodbye, she will never see her daughter again. Tabitha screams no! Tabitha will never let them take her. The evil witches say they will protect her. Tabitha says she belongs with her mother, they love one another. The evil witches say there is no place for love in their world. Tabitha promises them she will raise Endora to be as wicked as they come. She's already instructing her in cauldron cookery. She promises Endora will wreak havoc on the world. She says this child is her whole life, her whole world. Endora tells Tabitha she loves her mommy. Tabitha tells the evil witches to go now. They discuss it, then zap Tabitha and knock her out! When Tabitha wakes up, she finds that Endora is gone! The evil witches are gone as well. Tabitha thinks Endora is being naughty and hiding. She thinks the evil witches couldn't have taker her, that would be too cruel. 

At the prison, Luis is talking to Fancy and Sheridan about the story Father Lonigan told him about Alistair, how Alistair blinded him years ago in an attempt to kill him. Luis says Father Lonigan is also worried about the evil in town, he is afraid for everyone in Harmony. Luis is very worried about Father Lonigan and what he says. He says it's too late for him, maybe they should check on Father Lonigan. They say it's not too late, don't give up. Luis says there isn't much they can do at this point. Fancy says he can hang on, they will clear his name. Luis says he doesn't want to lose her. Sheridan says nobody will lose anyone. Sheridan says they'll find a way to stop the execution and end this reign of evil. Luis is later taken back to his cell. 

Fancy wonders why Ethan isn't calling her back. Sheridan says he's probably just busy. Sheridan also warns Fancy she will do what Pilar said and pretend to get along with her . . . until Luis is out of prison. She says then she will go after Luis. Fancy calls her a miserable bitch! Fancy is going to find Ethan, she suggests Sheridan check on Lonigan and have him pray for her miserable soul. 

Meanwhile Luis is left near the execution chamber. His guard is needed in the cell blocks, he thinks Luis can't go anywhere on his own and will be fine here. Luis is left facing the death chamber! Luis has a nightmare about his execution. Fancy and Sheridan are watching as Father Lonigan gives him his last rites. The switch is flipped and Luis is injected with the drugs that  kill him. Luis wakes up from his walking nightmare and thinks he really is going to die. 

At the church, the blackmailer has a gun on Lonigan. Father Lonigan calls him/her the spirit of evil, he knew they were coming. The blackmailer says then Lonigan knows he's here to take his life. Father Lonigan says yes. The blackmailer says but he doesn't know how, he doesn't know how he'll stop the beating of his so called pure heart. The blackmailer thinks Lonigan would like to know who they are. The blackmailer thinks Lonigan is dying to know, all he knows now is that his time is up. Father Lonigan says God loves him, let him help you. The blackmailer thinks Father Lonigan just wants to save himself. He says Father Lonigan's pity won't save him, he will kill him no matter what. The blackmailer asks if he still loves him? Father lonigan says yes, no one is a fool for loving his fellow man. The blackmailer says or fellow woman! The blackmailer suggests they see if Lonigan still loves him after this . . . . The blackmailer aims and fires their gun! They don't shoot Lonigan though. They just wonder if he is still praying for their soul? Lonigan says yes. The blackmailer says shows him what he knows, he/she doesn't have a soul. Father Lonigan says all God's children do. He thinks the blackmailer came here searching for something. The blackmailer says there is nothing here he needs. Lonigan says there is, he just doesn't know it yet. The blackmailer says this is all lies, false promises. Father Lonigan wonders what has moved him? Is it Mary's love for God's child. Father Lonigan talks about that love. The blackmailer talks about how his mother didn't love him, nobody cared for him, nobody could even touch him. The blackmailer asks what kind of God creates a baby that causes a mother to scream in revolution at them. What kind of God does that? Father Lonigan says he is blind to their physical frailties, so is God. They only see the good inside of him/her. The blackmailer takes off his mask and tells Father Lonigan to feel the monster his God created! He puts Father Lonigan's hands on his face. Father Lonigan still doesn't feel sorry, he says that darkness has eaten at their soul, but they can let God in and shine light into their soul. The blackmailer says that garbage doesn't apply to them. They says they were born a freak and will die a freak! The he/she says he will take a lot of people with him/her when he/she goes. Sheridan suddenly walks in, sees the blackmailer and screams! Sheridan says Luis told her to check on Father Lonigan. Lonigan says they were in prayer, she should come back tomorrow. The blackmailer says Sheridan isn't leaving. He aims their gun at them and says Sheridan has saved him the trouble of hinting her down and killing her elsewhere. The blackmailer says they will both die and aims the gun at Sheridan and says Ladie's first! as he says to his better half. 

At Crane, Julian tells Ethan it is time he knows the truth. He says this will alter all of their lives. As Julian is about to tell him, Theresa stops him. She says Julian cannot do this. She tells Julian to give her a few minutes and not to say anything to Ethan. Ethan says they should give it to her, Julian says very well but this is a waste of time. Julian tells Ethan how this is just stalling. He should tell Ethan, but he knows it will be more entertaining if Theresa is here. Theresa has kicked them men out of her office, she's digging into her safe for something. She has to find something to stop Julian. Theresa soon lets them back in. Julian is ready to tell the truth. He suggests Ethan take a seat, he may need it. Ethan suddenly gets a call from Fancy. She says something terrible has happened, she needs to see him. Ethan asks where they should meet? She says the book caf. Ethan relays the message to them. Theresa tells Ethan that he has to go. Julian says very well go. Ethan says when he comes back they will talk about what is going on here. Julian says Ethan can take that to the bank! Later, Ethan meets Fancy at the Book Caf. She tells Ethan it is Luis, he can't let Luis be killed.

After Ethan leaves, Theresa tells Julian there is something to stop him from telling Ethan the truth. She asks if he'd like to hear what? Julian won't listen to her. He plans to publicly humiliate her and take back everything she's stolen from him. She suggests he listen to her, when he hears what she has to say, he may want to make a deal with her. Julian thinks she has nothing to offer, they will not make a deal. Theresa looks at her desk, where there is an envelope. Julian says she has nothing to make a deal with. This jig is up. He says when Ethan returns he will tell Ethan everything. Theresa says if he'll stop threatening her then she'd tell him why he shouldn't be wearing that smug expression. Julian says fine go ahead and tell him, but it won't stop him from telling Ethan everything. He says she'll end up with the Lopez-Fitzgeral birthright, which is nada!


June 5,  2007
At the Bennett's, Noah is still telling Paloma that she has to confess to their dad. Jessica says no, she has to go back to Spike. Noah says Spike does not love her, he cannot help her. He begs her to go to dad before it's too late, before someone finds some evidence against her.

At the site, Sam, Paloma and the rest of the cops are digging up more bodies. A forensics guy says that the victims are all men, all have been stabbed. Sam wonders if they have a female serial killer on their hands. Paloma has a flashback of finding out Jessica had murdered one of her johns. As the guy shows Sam something, Paloma tries to call Jessica. She leaves a message saying wherever she is, stay there, don't go anywhere. Sam asks who she's talking to, Paloma says no one. Sam has to go to the station, he wants her to finish up here then come see him.

Paloma heads to the Bennett's, Jessica is gone. She wonders where she could be. She says she has to keep Jessica from saying anything. At the station, Noah and Jessica show up as Sam is looking through the evidence saying whoever did this crime, they will be going away for a long time. Sam sees Noah and Jessica, he asks why they are here? Jessica says that she has something she has to tell her dad.

At the Book Cafe, Ethan meets with Fancy, who is upset. She says Ethan has to save Luis! She tells him about the execution being moved up by Reilly. Ethan can't believe he'd do this when he's already under investigation. Ethan makes some calls, it will take everything he has to stop this execution. Fancy asks if he thinks he can? Ethan doesn't know, but they have to catch and stop this blackmailer as that will be the key to saving Luis.

At Crane, Julian is telling Theresa how she has nothing to offer him, but she thinks he hasn't examined all the facts carefully. He says he has. She lets him know he has missed something important. She shows him two envelopes, one Alistair's will, one papers on Little Ethan's adoption by Alistair . . . both legal. Julian says Alistair only adopted Little Ethan as he thought Little Ethan was a Crane. Theresa says they know that, but that doesn't matter to the law. He claims he'll fight the will and her. She promises to fight back, to tie this up in the courts for years. She points out he's old, can he live long enough to get back Crane? Julian says he thinks this can easily be resolved in weeks or months. Again she says he's forgetting something. She looks at the will reminding him that he was disinherited, as were Fox, Pretty and Sheridan. She says so he still gets nothing even if he does expose her. He looks over the will and sees it would all go to Fancy, the only one who wasn't disinherited. Theresa suggests a deal. She says she will, in time, turn over the company to Julian. She says he would run it and have all the power at his disposal. She would remain on as CEO long enough to save Luis . . . and keep Ethan. Julian asks if she'd ever tell Ethan the truth? She says perhaps one day. Julian says this means he would be stealing from Fancy, his own daughter. She says he could make her his heir one day. Theresa says he knows what she'll do for the power, what will he do? Does he have it in him to do this to Fancy? Ethan and Fancy walk in at this point, she asks why they are talking about her?

At Tabitha's, Kay shows up as Tabitha is in tears. Tabitha explains to Kay that the witches committee has declared her a good witch, and they took Endora as they don't feel she's fit to raise a bad witch. Tabitha has no idea where she could be, she could be anywhere in the galaxy. Kay says in the mortal world if they were searching for something they'd use google. Tabitha says she can use boogle, the ghost search engine. She casts a spell and conjures up all sorts of computers and tracking equipment. She begins looking across all sorts of galaxies for Endora, but feels it is hopeless . . . she could be anywhere! Kay says whenever she was away from home, if her mother yelled for her, somehow she heard! She suggests Tabitha give it a try, maybe Endora will magically hear her. Tabitha thinks it is worth a try. She calls out to Endora.

Endora and the evil witches are at some kind of Stonehenge on the moon. They are trying to teach her to be evil, saying if someone wants to take her toys she destroys them! Endora says mommy says share, but they say evil witches don't share! Later Endora hears her mom calling, she sends her a signal. Back at Tabitha's, a crow appears on her radar screen that she conjured up. She knows it is from Endora. She uses it to track her to somewhere in the magical dimensions between Oz and Narnia. Kay can't believe this. Tabitha then transports her and Kay to Endora. Tabitha runs to Endora's side as the evil witches ask what Tabitha is doing. Tabitha says she's come to take her child, don't try and stop her witch!

At the church, the blackmailer holds a gun on both Sheridan and Father Lonigan, threatening to kill them both. He/She doesn't know which to kill first though, the priest or THE Sheridan Crane. Sheridan finally realizes they are the blackmailer. The blackmailer says they are. Sheridan has to know, why are they doing this, why are they trying to take Luis from her? The blackmailer says Luis loves Fancy, not her. Sheridan lashes out calling him/her a stupid creature, Luis does love her. The blackmailer thinks Sheridan has made their decision easy, Sheridan will die first. Father Lonigan tries to reason with them, talking about how he can hear pain in his voice. Father Lonigan thinks the blackmailer has never experienced love. He thinks he can show him love, the church's love. He wants to hear the blackmailer's confession, to help them be reborn. The blackmailer seems torn. They are talking about how nobody loved them, nobody protected them. The blackmailer appears to try and run out of the church, but Sheridan grabs them and won't let them get away. They struggle, the gun goes off but hits nobody. Sheridan slugs the blackmailer, knocking them out! She thinks they need to tie them up and call Ethan, this is what they need to save Luis.


June 6, 2007
Tabitha and Kay arrive at Stonehenge on the moon where the evil witches have Endora. The evil witches are laughing about how Tabitha is claiming to teach them a lesson. Tabitha asks Kay to watch over Endora, she has witch butt to kick. The evil witches think she has lost her knack. They don't think she has it in her to kill them. Tabitha says don't bet their broomsticks. She says they crossed a line and will have to pay for it. She zaps the evil witches, who fall down. Tabitha says never lay a hand on her daughter again! The evil witches say that hurt! She says there is more where that comes from, if they try to tango with her then she'll show them. Tabitha says that goes for the rest of the witches committee too. Tabitha and Kay prepare to return home with the There is no place like home chants. The evil witches however raise up, Tabitha warns Kay this could get messy. Tabitha wants Kay to protect Endora, but they say they'd never hurt her, she's the future of the dark side. Kay asks what about her? They laugh and say she's a mere mortal, but say they may keep her around as a maid. The evil witches begin conjuring up their magic. Tabitha warns them if they are smart then they'll let her raise her daughter as she sees fit to be whatever kind of witch she chooses. The evil witches say get a clue, this is where she bites the dust! They begin zapping Tabitha. Endora tries to help Tabitha, so they put her in some kind of a protective bubble around her so she can't do anything. They then freeze Kay to the ground. Tabitha fights the evil witches, throwing flaming swords at them. The evil witches put them out. They throw a fireball at Tabitha which engulfs her. Tabitha soon falls over! Kay is stunned, Endora says No mommy! Tabitha isn't dead, she wakes up. The evil witches think they have to end this for good, but realize Endora wouldn't forgive them for this. They block her view and plan to later erase Tabitha from her memory. Kay warns them to leave Tabitha alone. They tell Kay to remember her place. The evil witches tell Tabitha that she brought this on herself. As they begin their evil spell, Kay remembers this particular spell from the book she stole to try and get rid of siren. This spell would condemn Tabitha to a billion years of torture before she dies. They continue with spell, Kay realizes she has to save Tabitha. She once remember Tabitha telling her that as a Standish woman she had her own powers. Kay hopes this works and she can save Tabitha. The witches are continuing with their spell. Kay shoots them with blue bolts, breaking their spell on Tabitha. Tabitha is shocked! Kay ends up blowing up the bad witches! Endora is freed from her bubble, Kay wonders if she just did that? Tabitha can't believe she stepped up to the plate for her. Kay says she loves her and couldn't live without her. Tabitha says she loves her too. Tabitha can't believe she said that, but Kay says maybe she's a good witch after all. Tabitha says she is not a good witch, she just may not be as bad as she once was. Endora suggests a group hug!

At the station, as Jessica is about to tell her dad everything when Paloma shows up and tells Jessica not to say anything! Sam is insulted, Paloma has no right to speak to him or Jessica like this! Paloma claims she's sorry, it was police matter. Sam doesn't care, his family always comes first. Before Jessica can say anything, another cop shows up and tells Sam that the mayor is on the phone and has to talk to him about the killings. Sam leaves, Noah asks Paloma what is going on here? Why doesn't she want Jessica to confess? Paloma says the dead johns were dug up. She says if Jessica confesses then they can't prove she is innocent. They talk to her, they tell her it's possible she didn't kill them, she was high on Spike's drugs every time the johns died. Jessica thinks it is time she tell her dad the truth, that is the best thing to do. Sam returns, he asks Jessica what she wanted to tell him? Suddenly an officer interrupts again and shows Sam some photos of the crime scene. Jessica is grossed out, Sam scolds the officer for letting his daughter see that. He says his little girl doesn't have the stomach for murder. Sam assures Jessica whoever did this will be punished to the full extent of the law. Sam asks Jessica again now what has she want to tell him? She says she committed some crimes. Sam says Spike was to blame he's sure, it's not like he killed anyone. He says whatever spike made her do, she has nothing to worry about. He says they will always love her. Sam leaves to attend to business. Jessica thinks her dad will hate her when he finds out she killed those johns. Paloma again says she doesn't know she killed them. Noah says they'll find evidence that she didn't do it. 

Luis is on death row and having another nightmare about his execution. He wakes up screaming No! A guard thinks Luis had his first death dream. He says it happens to people on death row all the time.  The guard says death row criminals have no problems killing others, but they get the jeebies when it comes to their own death.

At the church, Sheridan has taped the creatures hands and feet so it can't escape. Father Lonigan says it's not a creature, it's a human being. Sheridan says it has blackmailed half the town and tried to have Luis killed. Sheridan says she's calling Ethan to say she caught the blackmailer so Ethan can call Judge Reilly and call off the execution. Sheridan can't get a signal in the church, so she has to go outside. She warns Father Lonigan to be careful of it when it comes too. Sheridan leaves, Father Lonigan wonders who turned this soul into this monster.

Outside, Sheridan calls Luis up in prison. Luis is told he has a call, it's Sheridan Crane. Luis takes the call, he learns she caught the blackmailer. She says he will be free, free to be with her now. Luis thinks she's getting ahead of herself. Luis asks who the blackmailer is? Sheridan says the question is what is the blackmailer. Luis tries to tell Sheridan that he still loves . . . she says she still loves him too, and now they can be together. Luis keeps trying to tell her that he loves Fancy, but she won't let him say it. She keeps talking about how great their future will be. She says she has to call Ethan and Sam and tell them about the blackmailer. Luis asks why she didn't call them first? She says he's the man she loves, she always puts him first. Sheridan says she has to call Ethan and Sam now. She hangs up on Luis. Luis wonders if Sheridan is really correct about the blackmailer, given she's so off about the two of them.

Back in the church, the blackmailer wakes up and finds he's tied up. Father Lonigan says Sheridan did that, she's calling the police now. Father Lonigan gives them some water. The blackmailer asks why he is so kind when he/she came to kill them? Father Lonigan says God forgives all. The blackmailer says not them. The blackmailer talks about how people thought he/she was a monster, so they became one. He/She wanted to cause pain to everyone in Harmony, saying even if they didn't hurt them, they let others do it. Father Lonigan says he understands. The blackmailer says he/she wasn't always this way, life made him/her this way. Father Longan says they can change, anyone can. The blackmailer says they have done terrible things. They admit to having a man disguised as a priest blow up the bus with Grace on it. He/She says Grace was a Standish, she had powers and knew what they were up to. They say they killed JT as JT learned their secrets with everyone else's. They say that they have tortured Sheridan. Luis, Fancy, Theresa, Miguel and Kay. They also say they have tortured Julian and Eve, though they don't know it yet. Father Longan asks why they would do this? The blackmailer says if Father Lonigan knew, then he'd understand. Lonigan asks the blackmailer to tell him who they are. Of course we don't hear who they are. Father Loinigan is shocked by their confession. He says as impossible as it is to believe they are who and what they say they are,  it explains everything. Father Lonigan says it isn't his fault, his parents couldn't have known. The blackmailer says they will. Father Lonigan can't begin to imagine the pain they have endured. The blackmailer says he can't. Father Lonigan cries he understands, God help them all. 

Later Luis prays to God from his cell, begging to let him go home to his family. He says he is innocent and being set up by this blackmailer. Suddenly Luis hears the blackmailer laughing at him! Luis asks who are they? Who is there?

Fancy and Ethan walk into Theresa's office. Fancy asks Julian what she and Theresa where talking about? Cue the flashback to yesterday when Julian learned Fancy will inherit everything. Fancy wonders why they are together, what are they talking about? Ethan is also shocked to see them together, what happened that they aren't at one another's throats anymore? Julian and Theresa claim they were talking about Fancy's career, now that she left the force they hoped she'd return to Crane. Theresa says she saved her old office for her. Fancy says she will come back. Theresa asks Julian so they have a deal? Julian says deal. They shake on it. Ethan asks what they were talking bout earlier, about Little Ethan? Theresa says she offered Julian more power here at Crane if he dropped the lawsuit. Julian says he was disgusted she was using the child as a bargaining chip, but they both came to see this was fro the best for all. Ethan can't believe after a year they have suddenly just dropped this all. Fancy says it makes sense to her, but Ethan isn't buying this. He thinks something has happened, Julian is hiding something. Ethan wants to know what they are hiding and what Julian was going to tell him. Julian and Theresa continue saying they merely worked everything out. Fancy says they need to focus on Luis now. Ethan informs Theresa about the execution being moved up. Theresa begs Ethan to stop this, Luis can't die. Julian offers to make some calls and see what he can do. Fancy thanks him. Ethan thinks to himself that he's walked through the looking glass, Julian and Theresa are not only friends, he's helping Luis? What is next? Later Ethan gets a call from Sheridan, who tells Ethan that she caught the blackmailer! Ethan is shocked, he relays the message to Theresa and Fancy. 

Later Julian ends up flirting with Valerie. He understands she and Vincent are no longer a couple, and he and Eve are no longer a couple, so maybe they could pick up where they left off? She says perhaps. He says now that he's here and a working stiff again, he'll be in his office checking the overseas markets. He tells Valerie to feel free to drop by. Julian then suggests she make a reservation for them at the Blue Note, table for 2 in an hour. She says if she's done with her work . . . He says no pressure, if not tonight, then another time. Julian leaves and Valerie pulls a gun out of her purse! She says if not tonight another time. 



June 7, 2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha beams herself and Endora home. Kay soon follows. Kay says is she good or is she good? She says that was amazing. Tabitha says it was horrific, they are lucky to be alive. Tabitha is grateful to Kay, she tells Endora to say thank you. Endora actually speaks and says Thank you. Tabitha tells Kay she really doesn't know how to thank her for saving them. Tabitha says she took out 2 seventh level twitches! Tabitha fears the committee could return, so she puts a spell of protection around the house to keep everyone out. She conjures up a bright shining ball, which she says is a physical manifestation of her love for Endora. She says nobody will be allowed in without and invitation. The light goes all over the house covering it. Kay says relax, if the witches come back she'll blast them with her powers. Tabitha tells Kay not to get cocky, she has no idea what her powers can do. She says she has to be very careful, she could kill them all with the tiniest mistake! Kay asks Tabitha to give her lessons, teach her how to control it. Tabitha doesn't know if she can, Kay doesn't know what she did. Kay says she saw they were in danger and boom, she let out this power. Tabitha says yes, because she loves Endora. Kay says and Tabitha. Tabitha says yes, things have come to a pretty pass if she's made a mortal love her. Kay says Tabitha earned her love. Kay reminds Tabitha she also said she loved her. Tabitha covers her ears and says she can't hear her! Tabitha does know though that love is very powerful. She says there are stories of mothers lifting cars when their children are trapped underneath. Kay says so she may never be able to harness her powers again? Tabitha doesn't know, and the lessons before didn't really amount to anything. Tabitha is proud of Kay though, she helped her find Endora and risked her life for them. Tabitha has never had a mortal friend like Kay. Kay says and she has never had a friend like Tabitha. 

Kay asks Tabitha to teach her how to use her powers. Kay says they'll start now. She says she's hungry so she'll conjure up a turkey sandwich. She says Bippity Boppity! She ends up conjuring up a real live turkey between two huge pieces of bread. Kay says she just wanted a turkey sandwich. Endora asks if it is Thanksgiving already? Kay thinks she destroyed two high level witches, she should be able to do this. She tries something easier like milk and cookies. Tabitha tells her don't! Kay ends up conjuring up a cow and a keebler elf! Tabitha calls her the cookie elf, she'd rather have rats in her house than her. The elf says she's sure Endora is happy to see her. She gives Endora a chocolate chip cookie, her favorite. Tabitha realizes that Endora has had the cookie elf deliver her cookies in the middle of the night. The cookie elf whispers to Endora that the cake fairy is working on her cake as well. The cow and elf disappear. Kay says she just wanted a snack, what about popcorn. The microwave goes off, she hears popcorn. Kay opens the microwave, which shoots out popcorn! The place is covered with popcorn. Tabitha says she doesn't have to use magic for everything. Tabitha zaps it away and cleans up the mess. Kay doesn't get how it all went so wrong. Endora thought it was fun, but Tabitha says don't encourage her. Tabitha tells Kay she can't use her magic for her own whims. Endora says her mom does. Kay says then teach her how to use them. Tabitha says if she recalls, she wasn't a good student. She also says if Kay's powers are that strong, she could do a lot of damage. Kay thinks if Tabitha trains her then she could solve everyone's problems. Kay says everything that is going on, she could make the blackmailer-rapist go away, she could cure Fox's disease. Tabitha tells Kay that she doens't understand magic. She says every spell has a consequence. She says if she casts a do-gooder spell on one person, another could be struck by lightening and die. Tabitha says it's very complicated. Kay wants Tabitha to teach her, so Tabitha says she'll consider it if Kay promises not to do magic on her own. Kay promises, but has her fingers crossed. Tabitha says good girl. She also doesn't know how to thank Kay enough for helping them. Tabitha decides it is passed Endora's bed time. She decides to take her up to bed. After they are gone, Kay says there is no point of having powers when you can't use them. She wants a hot dog and tries to conjure up a hot dog. She ends up conjuring up a New York hot dog vender. The man thinks this is a hallucination, maybe he needs to retire. She says before he goes, she needs a hot dog and a pretzel. 

At Crane, Valerie holds a gun and says Oh Julian, have I got a surprise for you! There is a knock at her, she puts the gun away. She tells Valerie that she's here to talk about her son. She says she thinks Julian should be here, is he around? Valerie looks down at the gun in her purse and says speak of the devil . . . Valerie gives Eve a file she's found on the DNA evidence, but she doesn't have anything new yet. Eve says it's driving her crazy. She says they know he's here in Harmony and he's called her, why won't he identify himself? Valerie says maybe he feels a bit awkward, maybe he thinks Eve doesn't want him. Eve says of course she does! Eve says he is her son, she loves him, she's always loved him. Valerie says so does Julian. Valerie says she doesn't mean to pry, but are she and Julian thinking about getting back together? Eve says no, that will never happen. Valerie apologizes if she opened a sore wound. Eve knows she and Julian are probably a pretty popular subject around here. Eve says Valerie can tell everyone that she and Julian won't be getting back together. However that doesn't change the fact that they want to find their son. Valerie says she is getting closer to setting up a meeting with all three of them. Valerie says they'll just have to coordinate with Julian's schedule. She tells Eve that Theresa gave Julian more power here at Crane, he's now #2. Eve is shocked, but Valerie is sure that Julian has something on Theresa that he's holding over her. Eve says she to get going, she has to get back to TC. She tells Valerie if she cares about Julian then say a prayer for him, that meeting their son will help him to find happiness, the kind that doesn't have to do with money or power. Valerie says she will. Eve leaves and Valerie picks up her gun again. She says Julian won't be meeting their son, he'll be meeting a bullet!

Later Valerie's office is dark and Vincent is now rummaging around in a desk drawer. He finds the folder on Julian and Eve's child. He also finds a gun in her drawer. He says this could come in very handy! He says Harmony was shocked when they learned about his affair with Chad, wait until they see what he has planned next. 

Ethan is still in Theresa's office with Fancy when he gets Sheridan's call that she has caught the Blackmailer, who admitted everything. Ethan passes on the message to Fancy and Theresa. Theresa thinks Luis will be free, Fancy thinks her love is coming home! Sheridan asks Ethan to come to the church to help her, he says they will. Fancy is excited, but Theresa worries that the blackmailer will reveal her secret to Ethan. Ethan can see something is bothering her, but Fancy says they don't have time for this. She says they have to get to the church and get this freak! 

At the church, Sheridan waits for them to show up. She begins having a dream about Luis coming home to her. She imagines she waits for him in the candle lit church yard. He shows up and runs to her. He says it's over, he's been cleared of all the charges. He says he is free as she exposed the blackmailer. He doesn't know how to repay her. She says they will find a way. Sheridan says to herself that Luis will be hers. 

Ethan, Theresa and Fancy meet Sheridan outside. They say they should go in, the blackmailer is in with Father Lonigan. Sheridan says she can't wait till Luis is free and she can see him! Fancy tells Sheridan not to start the fantasies about her and Luis again. Sheridan says they aren't fantasies, she talked to Luis earlier. Sheridan says Luis loves her, they will be together. Fancy slaps Sheridan and says she's out of her tiny little mind. Ethan tells them to stop it, they should be concentrating on helping Luis. He suggests they go into the church. Theresa stops Ethan from going in, she needs to talk, there is something important she has to tell him. He says is she kidding him? Now? He thinks this is about the secret she is keeping. He says don't worry about it, they have to go get the truth from this freakshow. They all head into the church.

Julian is at the Blue Note waiting for Valerie when Ivy sits next to him. He says please, join me! She says she doesn't mind if she does! She orders a long island ice tea. Julian asks if she's had a rough day? He says those things are about 500 proof! She says good! He reminds her what happens when they drink together. She says do not worry, this evening will not end up in his bed. She wonders what is wrong with them, everything they want is just beyond their reach. She says he pined away for Eve throughout their marriage. He says as she pined for Sam. Ivy says they worked so hard to get them back. She says she was so close to marrying Sam, he could have married Eve. She says now it's over, maybe Theresa is right, maybe their lives are ruled by fate. He says hogwash, she lost Sam because her secret was exposed. She says and he lost Eve because he couldn't give her a little space to take care of TC without going into a jealous rage. Julian says they both lost the ones they loved. Julian says here they are together, two lost souls commiserating. She says alone but together, much like their marriage. Julian says the war is over, he suggests they try and be friends. They talk about a peace treaty between them. Julian says first they have to agree no more secrets, they have to learn to be honest with one another. She says that would be a first! Ivy says she has learned though that secrets always come out, and those secrets always destroy relationships. Ivy and Julian talk about how they shouldn't have married one another. Ivy says she did care about him. She says Julian's other women, that hurt. She asks why she wasn't enough for him? He says fidelity just wasn't in his nature. He does say though as she said, here they are again, together. Julian wonders maybe they have always ruined their relationships with others because they are attracted to each other. Ivy thinks without the power and money, they could have made it. She says it skewed their way of thinking, it made them focus on the trivial aspects of life. She says without it, maybe they could have found the happiness they were after. She says with Theresa running Crane now, maybe it is time for them. Julian thinks her drink is a little strong. She is serious, if he could live with ought the Crane money and power, well they can keep a little of the money, could they find happiness? Julian doesn't know whether it's the booze, but perhaps they should consider if they have a future together. Ivy wonders if she is dreaming or having a bad nightmare? Julian says that all the couples they know based on true love are all broken up, there must be a reason. Ivy says they were broken up by secrets. Julian says but still, true love doesn't win. Ivy says if those couples can't make it then why would they stand a chance. Julian says maybe the key to a perfect relationship is a disregard for one another, something they always had. He talks about all they've done to one another, yet here they are together. Maybe what they had is bigger than what they thought it was. Julian tells Ivy how one thing is for sure, she was never boring. Suddenly Ivy gets a chill, she feels danger is headed for them! 

At the studio, Whitney is packing things. She looks at a photo of Chad and can't forget catching him with Vincent. Chad walks in and asks what she is doing? Whitney asks what it looks like she's doing? She says she's taking her son as far away from his cheating father as possible. Chad says Whitney please, let's work this out. She says he keeps going on and on about them working things out. She says it's pointless. She says not after what he did to her. She says everything she believed about him, about their love was a lie. She says everything has changed. He says no he still loves her. Whitney says God save her from a love like his. She says when you love someone you don't break their heart, which is what he did. Whitney says if this wasn't so sick it would be funny. She says most women fear losing their husband to a younger and prettier woman, but she lost hers to another man. She says what gets to her is Rome. She remembers the vows and beautiful things he said to her. She remembers thanking God the man she loved was back. She says the whole time he was having this relationship with Vincent. HE admits he was. She says she can never trust Chad again. She says she should have listened to her gut, she knew something wasn't right. Whitney says all the signs. She then remembers the gay porn on his PDA. Chad admits it was from Vincent, he taped them and was blackmailing him. Whitney says so there is a tape out there of him with Vincent? Chad says more than one. Whitney says he's a Crane, a celebrity, if it hits the net then it will be there forever. She says Miles could see it on day, or their other child. She doesn't know why she's talking to him when they are over. He asks if she can give him a second chance? She says she did over and over. She says she was right all along about him and he lied to her. She says he's also been lying to himself, he is not the man he pretends to be. She says that is the man she fell in love with. She says it's over. Chad says they can work this out, think about Miles and their baby, they need a father. He says he loves her, Miles and their baby. He begs her not to leave him, don't take his children from him. Whitney says she can't forget what she saw and she can't forgive him for lying to her the way he did. She says she's sending for her things, don't contact her, they have nothing more to say to one another. Whitney tells Chad goodbye and leaves. 


June 8, 2007
Tabitha is sitting by Endora's bed. She's talking about how losing Timmy was hard enough, she couldn't have gone on without her sweet Endora. She never thought that wild night with Julian would have given her her greatest gift she's ever known. Tabitha says she will not let anyone take Endora from her. Tabitha says she's going to raise Edora to be as wicked as they come, it's in her blood and genes. She knows Endora will make her and the boys in the basement ever so proud. Tabitha says she knows she will do unspeakable things and make her proud. Endora tells her mommy she had a dream. Tabitha asks if she was casting horrible spells on people in Harmony? Endora says no, she dreamed of puppies, she loves them. Ednora wants one. Tabitha says no not a puppy, how about a scary iguana? How about a baby rat? Endora wants a puppy. Tabitha says an opossum? They are mean as Hades. Endora wants a puppy, but Tabitha says bad witches don't have puppies. Tabitha says they can't give the witches committee cause for concern. Tabitha then knows the perfect pet for her naughty little witchling. Endora wants a puppy named Rover. Tabitha says she just needs a pet. She conjures a black cat, saying every naughty witch needs a black cat for a side kick. She says they can grow up together just like Mommy and Fluffy did. Endora zaps the cat into a white cat and says she'll call her snowball. Tabitha says this won't do, bad witches have black kitties. Tabitha zaps the white kitty away and says she has to turn Endora into a bad witch, a crone in training. Tabitha says Endora will have to learn to like snakes and snails and bats. Endora conjures up floating monster faces, Tabitha likes that. Tabitha thinks there is no way ENdora will turn out a good witch with her genes, she could turn out to be the wickedest of witches. Tabitha says until then she'll protect Endora from anyone who might try and take her.

At the station, Sam hates leaving Paloma to go through this evidence on her own. She says it's okay, she wants to find out who did this. Sam says it's hard to believe anyone could do this, whoever killed these men is a monster. Paloma says she'll do what she can to help, besides it's overtime pay. Sam has to head out. He reminds her to be careful with the evidence. Sam leaves and Noah comes out from under the desk where he was hiding. He says the things he does for love. She is glad he's here. He says he will help her go through this stuff. Paloma says his dad wouldn't like it if he was here. He says he'll be careful. Paloma says they have to find something to prove Jessica is innocent. Noah says they will find the real killer. Later Noah surprises Paloma with a picnic basket, some food and maybe some wine? She says she can't, not when she's trying to clear Jessica. HE says it will just be a refreshment, it may recharge her. She agrees. He sets it up as Paloma finds something in a bag. A piece of mirror was found with one of the bodies, it could have a finger print on it. They decide to dust it. Paloma is worried, what if this backfires and the print is Jessica's? What if they only find more evidence tying Jessica to the murders? Noah says they are bound to find evidence that Jessica was there, she was in those hotel rooms. Neither of them think she could have killed though. Noah thinks if they are thorough then they'll find something to lead them to the killer. Paloma says they'll start with the mirror. She dusts it an sends it to the crime lab. Sam soon returns, Noah is forced to hide. Sam storms in saying he doesn't believe this! Sam is upset, someone tagged the evidence wrong and it was taken to storage. He says it will be brought over tomorrow, this is only half the stuff. Paloma says she'll keep working on this stuff. Sam has something else to talk to her about, it's personal. He says it's about Noah. He knows they are getting close, well he thinks it's a bad idea. Sam says he doesn't think Noah is good for her. Sam says Noah is his son, but he could ruin Paloma's life! Paloma says he doesn't mean this. Sam is afraid he does, Noah will only cause her grief. She says Noah is his son. Sam loves Noah, but knows him very well. Sam thinks of her like a daughter, Noah isn't good for her or anyone else. Noah comes out of hiding, he asks his dad how could he!

At the church, Fancy lights a candle. Luis shows up, he's been released from prison. He tells her it is finally over. Luis says they can be together. He says he loves her, they kiss. Of course this is a daydream of Fancy's. Sheridan tells Fancy hello? Fancy snaps out of it. Fancy and Sheridan argue, Sheridan tells Fancy once Luis is released he will be with her. Fancy says she's lost it. Ethan tells them not now! Meanwhile Theresa continues to worry about her secret and Ethan, but he says whatever it is it won't make a difference. They go into the church, the blackmailer is gone. Sheridan says this can't be! Ethan says he's gone, he escaped. All that is left is the remains of the ducts tape. Fancy can't believe this, she blames Sheridan for the blackmailer's escape. Father Lonigan shows up, Father Lonigan asks what is going on? Sheridan accuses him of letting the blackmailer get away. He says he had to leave only to take an urgent call. Fancy continues to blame Sheridan, this was her carelessness. Ethan thinks it is a good thing they weren't here when this escaped, the thing could have killed whoever was here. Fancy says however now they are on the loose and angrier than ever, who knows what they ill do next. Fancy continues to blame Sheridan, she says she wasted time calling Luis first. Sheridan says she doesn't think she even loves Luis. Fancy says loves him a a lot more than she does!

As they argue, Father Lonigan talks to Theresa. Theresa claims she's committed a horrible sin. She tells Father Lonigan that she's happy the blackmailer escaped, he took her secret with him. She says she is a sinner. Father Longian says capturing this person will save Luis. She knows, she doesn't want Luis to die. Father Lonigan thinks she seems troubled, she should talk to someone about this.

Ethan is telling Fancy and Sheridan to stop their arguing, that they have to come up with a strategy. Ethan asks Father Lonigan if the blackmailer said anything they could use to find this person? Fancy then gets an idea, the duct tape may have hair or DNA on it. Ethan says good idea, but they have to be quiet about it, they can't let the blackmailer be tipped off. Fancy says they can use the Crane lab. Fancy heads off to make the arrangements. Sheridan says and Fancy accuses her of playing hero for Luis. Ethan says enough! Ethan then asks Lonigan and Sheridan about whether the blackmailer said anything. Sheridan says the blackmailer mentioned the family albums in the Crane vault, they knew specific photos in them. Sheridan says the blackmailer obviously hates the Cranes more than anyone, and how did they get access to the family vaults. Ethan and Sheridan discuss how this thing is tormenting others too, this thing is going after good and descent people. Sheridan talks about how she just wants to find this person so Luis can come home to her. Ethan says Luis loves Fancy, he's coming home to her. Sheridan says over her dead body! Sheridan says Luis is coming home to her. Sheridan says Ethan doesn't know the whole story, but Ethan does. She married Chris and moved on, but Sheridan says she never stopped loving Luis. She says she just couldn't hurt Chris. Sheridan says she doesn't blame Luis for moving on, but when he's released she will set everything straight. She knows Luis loves her, he could never love a woman like Fancy.

Theresa has more talks with Father Lonigan. He asks about her secret, she doesn't think she can tell him. He says she can, it can be her confession. Theresa says okay. Theresa tells Father Lonigan that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father, Ethan doesn't know. Theresa says the blackmailer is threatening to tell Ethan. Father Lonigan says that is why she married Jared. Theresa says yes, the blackmailer wants Ethan for themselves. Theresa says she loves Ethan, but he will hate her for this. She remembers how Ethan felt when he found out about his own paternity lie. She says Ethan will never forgive her. Father Lonigan says she should have told Ethan when she first found out. Theresa was afraid, she thought Gwen would take her son the way they took her daughter. She says then she needed the money and power to help her brothers. She says now she's struck a deal with Julian to keep her secret, he knows it too. Theresa says she's stuck being threatened by everyone. She is afraid. Father Lonigan says there is a way out of this, she must tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says there must be another way, but Father Lonigan thinks there isn't. Theresa wishes she could tell Ethan. Father Lonigan says it's better Ethan hear the truth from her than someone else. Theresa knows. She can't believe she's trusting Julian with this. Suddenly she looks up, Ethan is standing there. She wonders what he's heard.

Fancy is at the mansion. She is on the phone saying she dropped of the duct tape, she needs the results sent to the mansion. She also says nobody can know what they are doing. Fancy gets on a lap top and waits for some results to come in. The results are being searched, she hopes it will find a match. Fancy begins having another daydream about being with Luis. They had gone to some rich dinner party. Luis didn't mind as long as he was with her. Luis admits to her how scared he was in jail, how he had some very dark moments. He didn't tell her as he didn't want her to worry. Luis says he couldn't have made it without her. She says she was scared too, terrified. She didn't want him to see it. She was afraid she would lose him. Luis says they both woke up from that terrible nightmare. Fancy thanks God that it is finally over and they can move on. Suddenly Sam shows up in her fantasy to arrest Luis based on new innocent proving Luis is guilty. He says Luis will be executed tomorrow! Fancy snaps too, she says she has to find the blackmailer. Later she has more fantasies of being with Luis. She fantasizes about telling him that she's pregnant. Eventually the results of the tests are in. Fancy thinks she'll finally find out who is behind this.  


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