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2nd Week of June  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



June 11, 2007 
At the station, Noah confronts Sam over what he said to Paloma. How could he say those own things about his own son? Sam begins laughing, Noah says he thinks this is funny? Sam tells Noah that he's too easy! Noah thinks Sam is cracking up, Paloma doesn't understand. Sam knew Noah was hiding, he just wanted to have a little fun. Paloma says so he didn't mean what he said? Sam says of course not, it was just a joke. Paloma says so it was all a joke? Paloma says it wasn't funny. Sam says he's sorry. He says it wasn't nice, but Noah shouldn't be here while she's on duty. He says Noah is distracting her, possibly contaminating evidence. Sam says instead of getting angry with them, he thought he'd have a little fun. Noah tells Paloma that other than not liking to follow the rules, his son is a great guy. Paloma asks if playing jokes is a family trait? Sam says all he can say is get used to it. She won't be scared away by bad jokes. Noah decides to go, he caused enough trouble today. Sam tells Noah he has something to give him before he goes. Paloma leaves to check on the crime lab and so they can talk. 

Noah asks his dad what now. Sam says he and his mom wanted to give him this long ago, but she's not here to give it to him anymore. Sam wants to give it to Noah now. Sam feels this is the right time to give this to him. He knows Grace is watching from heaven and agrees this is the right time. She'd say life is too short, take risks and live every day to the fullest. Noah gets the gift, which we don't see. Noah thanks him, Sam hopes he makes the right decision. Paloma returns. Sam has to get going. He tells Paloma he won't cite her for earlier, but he doesn't want it happening again. After Sam leaves, Paloma asks Noah what his father gave him? Noah says this, and shows her. She is shocked.

At the prison, Luis is taken back to his cell and asks a guard if he has any calls. The guard says this is death row, not an answering service. The guard is not willing to help Luis out at all, he used to be a cop that Luis got fired. Luis doesn't recognize him at first, but later realizes he is the cop who was taking payoffs. Luis says he got himself fired for taking payoffs. The guard lets two guys in Luis' cell, two other guys who blame Luis for them being in here. The guard locks Luis in with them. The inmates begin beating Luis. The guard tells them to stop, they can't kill him, they have to save fun for his family to watch him be executed. The guard says there will be so much crying, especially from the blond broad Fancy. He jokes he'll console Fancy after Luis is dead. Luis, on the ground, tells the guard to stay away from Fancy and calls him a freak. The guard thinks Luis has to pay, the men beat him up some more. Eventually the guard lets the two other prisoners out of Luis' cell. 

At the mansion, Fancy thinks the Crane Labs have found a match. She reads the report and says it can't be! She doesn't believe it, there is no DNA match in the federal or state database. She wonders if maybe this creature has never been arrested. She says that's hard to believe. Fancy says there has to be a way to track down this character. She says there is no DNA in the criminal records, but he has to have been to the hospital for something. She decides to use the hospital database. She will try Harmony hospital first, if it's not there then every other hospital in the Northeast.

Fancy goes to see Luis in prison. She asks if he was beat up again? Luis lies. He says no, he was playing basket ball with some other guy and got caught off guard. She doesn't believe him. She says she'll report this to the warden. Luis says no, that will make it worse. She just hates seeing him treated like this when he's innocent. Luis asks Fancy about catching the blackmailer. Fancy says he/she got away, but she is trying to track the blackmailer down through DNA. She tells him that there is no DNA match in the federal and state databases. She says she's going to the hospital to try their database, this creature must have had some kind of blood tests in recent years. Luis appreciates what she's doing for him. He asks if she's working with Sam on this? She tells him not to worry about anything. Luis says she's not answering him. He doesn't like that she's working alone. Fancy says she's afraid to tell anyone. Luis says she can't do this alone, if the blackmailer finds out . . . . Luis says this is too dangerous. He demands she goes to Sam, but she won't. She says what she's doing is illegal, to do DNA tests require court orders. She says they don't have time for that, she needs to run this search now and all the judges in town are being blackmailed. Luis doesn't want her to do this alone, the blackmailer will kill her if he learns of this. Fancy says it's a chance she's willing to risk. Luis isn't. He begs her to go to Sam. Fancy tells Luis that she has to do this alone. It's the only way she may get lucky in time to save his life. Luis thinks he should be the one helping her find this creep. Fancy says she will find the blackmailer and get a confession out of him. Fancy promises that no one, not even this blackmailer, will stop them from being together. She says she'll let him know when she finds the monster who put him here. Fancy then leaves. 

At the Russell House, Whitney is back in her old room with Miles. She realizes she packed one of Chad's shirts by accident. She wonders how he could do this to her, to them, and with a man. She tells Miles how he will like it here at Grandma and Grandpa's, he'll have such a good time it will be like a mini vacation. She also says Aunt Simone will love him being here. Suddenly Chad walks in and says hey little man, daddy's here. He takes Miles as Whitney sits there looking stunned. 

Later Eve is tending to Miles so Whitney and Chad can talk. Whitney says she told Chad not to contact her. He asks if she'll keep him from his son? Whitney doesn't know yet, she's so angry and hurt right now. Chad knows she's in pain and it is his fault, but he is sorry. She says it doesn't matter. He says he loves her with all his heart. She says it's far too late for that. He says they can work this out, they can be a family. She says they can't, not anymore. He says she's carrying his child and Miles needs his father. She says he should have thought of Miles before he slept with Vincent. Whitney says Miles lost his father because of what he did. Chad knows he can't undo what he's done, but it's over and won't happen again. She says it never should have happened in the first place. He knows and says he's sorry. She says sorry doesn't cut it, he betrayed her, lied to her and put her health in danger. She says God knows how many men Vincent has slept with and God knows how many he has slept with. He says it was only Vincent and it was just sex to him. Whitney doesn't want to hear anymore. Chad swears he's not gay, he only wants her. She thinks he's insane to think they can be together again. Chad thinks if she can get passed this then they will have a better marriage. Whitney says every time he said he loved her was a lie. He says he never loved any other woman. She asks what about his first wife Latoya? Did he cheat on her too? Chad says he never loved Latoya, that wasn't a real marriage. Chad says he only lied to her about Vincent. Whitney tells Chad to just leave her alone. He begs for another chance, but she says she has given him so many chances already. He tells her how he was just so embarrassed about what he was doing, that is why he lied. She thinks fate is trying to show them that they shouldn't be together. She remembers how her parents didn't want them dating at first, how her sister was in love with him and it ruined their relationship. She says then he lied about Latoya, now she's having an affair with a man. She says sleeping with Vincent ripped apart their vows, he broke her heart. He begs her to let him make it up to her. She says no. She needs to wise up and get away from him. She says love shouldn't be this hard, if it is then something is wrong. She says they weren't meant to be together, that is all there is to it. She should have listened to herself a long time ago. She says she knew this wasn't right. She gives him her rings back. She says their marriage is over, she will never be with him again and wants him completely out of her life. He begs her not to do this. She says she means it, go. She says it's over. He says he'll do anything. She says just leave. He says okay he'll go. He says he loves her and always will, nothing will change that. Chad leaves and Whitney breaks down.

At the church, Father Lonigan is still telling Theresa to tell Ethan what he deserves to know. Theresa fears Ethan won't love her after he learns about her lies. Father Lonigan says the truth will come out sooner or later, both the blackmailer and Julian know her secret. He asks how long she can live with the tension of knowing that one of them will tell Ethan the truth. She says she knows. She says she can't believe she's trusting Julian with this. Theresa looks up and Ethan is standing there. She wonders how long he's been there. He says long enough to hear the truth. He now knows why she and Julian are suddenly best friends. She says he knows the truth? Ethan does, he didn't understand at first. He says now he understands why she handed over so much power to Julian. Ethan says he knows everything he needs to know. Ethan wishes she had trusted him, but she didn't. He says it was her choice to make, he accepts it. She can't believe he's taking this so well, she thought he'd be furious. He says this was her decision. He says every one knew she was keeping a secret, but instead of telling him that she chose Julian to tell. Theresa realizes that is all he heard. She claims she did tell Julian the secret. He thinks the deal with Julian was her buying his silence. He was hoping she would tell her his secret in her own time. She says she will tell him, one day he'll understand. He thinks he understands better than she knows, he thinks the secret has to do with Little Ethan. Theresa asks why he would think that? He says it's obvious, why would he tell Julian something she wouldn't tell him. He says it's because Little Ethan is Julian's son. She says right . . . Ethan says no father should be kept in the dark about what is going on in his or her child's life. Ethan says he'd have trouble accepting being kept in the dark about his son. Ethan keeps going on and on about how Julian has a right to know what is going on in his son's life. Theresa says she is just shocked, he's never shown affection for Julian before. Ethan still doesn't like the guy, but he is Little Ethan's father. Theresa says Julian dropped the lawsuit, that is what she cares about. Ethan knows he's doing this to get his piece of the Crane pie, but hopefully part of him knows nothing good will come of the battle. Ethan talks about how he loves that little boy, but he has no right to feel possessive over him. Ethan says he feels the same way about Little Ethan that he does about Jane, it must be because he loves Theresa so much. To herself, Theresa wishes she could tell Ethan the truth. Ethan says there is nothing wrong with Little Ethan is there? Is he okay? He's not sick us he? Theresa says no, he's in perfect health. Ethan talks about how he really feels sometimes as if that boy is his own son. Ethan talks about the blackmailer and how he's been threatening her, forcing her to marry Jared, threatening her brothers. Theresa is just glad Miguel is out of jail. Ethan promises to do everything he can to help get Luis out of prison. He also claims he understands why she confided in Julian. He says he is here and waiting for when she is ready to tell him her secret. He knows he can trust her. He then leaves. Father Lonigan tells Theresa that he should have told him. She says she can't, he won't forgive her. Father Lonigan thinks he will forgive her, it's not too late. Theresa says she loves him too much to risk losing him.


June 12,  2007
At the station, Noah shows Paloma the gift his dad gave him, a diamond ring. She says it's beautiful. He says it is flawless, just like her. He says his grandfather gave it to his grandma when he proposed. He remembers his grandparents as a happy white haired couple, they always wore sweaters in August and were going on walks holding hands. Paloma says that is what they talked about, what they wanted. Noah says before his grandma died, she gave the ring to his parents to keep for him, until he found a woman he loved as much as his grandfather loved her. Paloma says that is a great story. He says it's more than a story. She asks if he is? He gets down on one knee to propose to Paloma. He says he wasn't looking for love, they started off friends, but then he found her in his thoughts and dreams. He says he loves her, he loves her more than any woman he's ever loved. He knows they haven't been together long, but he's convinced she is the right woman for him. He wants to spend his life with her. He asks her to do him the honor of becoming his wife. Will she marry him? He asks her not to keep him in suspense. Paloma asks why he's proposing to her now? He says he loves her, he wants to spend his life with her. She loves him too, but she wasn't expecting this. She wonders if this is the right time. She says Luis could be executed, Jess could be facing murder charges. She wonders if they should focus on their loved ones. Noah feels that is why Sam gave him the ring now, to show him the importance of love and being with the one you love. She says they are together. He ask if they are making the most of it? He says look at his dad, he lost his mom. He says they are surrounded by people who regret what has happened with their own relationships. Still, Paloma wonders if this isn't being selfish. He thinks they can can still help Luis and Jessica while being engaged. He says they can show them and everyone else that what is important in life is love. Noah thinks it is right they get engaged, for them and for everyone they know. He asks her again to marry him. Paloma says she does love him. He says he loves her too, and he realizes their love is easy, comfortable, perfect. He says it's how he knew she was the one for him. He feels it in his heart and soul. Suddenly they are interrupted by the phone, she has to take it as it could be the lab. It s the lab and they have the results on the piece of glass she sent in. 

In her old room, Whitney is talking to herself about Chad when Theresa shows up to see her. Theresa got Whitney's message. Theresa says so she left Chad. Whitney says her marriage is over. Theresa says she's sorry, she hates seeing her like this. Whitney says Chad came here to try and fix things, but they can't be fixed. Theresa doesn't know what Chad was thinking, she always thought Chad loved her. Whitney says maybe love isn't enough. Whitney says maybe she's the reason Chad went to be with Vincent. Theresa doesn't see how Whitney could think she is the reason. Whitney says Chad needed something and had to turn to Vincent to get it. Whitney says it makes sense. She says as a woman, she can't understand to feel pleasure as a man. Whitney says Vincent could, so Chad turned to him to get what he needed. Theresa says if what Whitney is saying is true then they'd all be gay. She says what Chad did wasn't about Whitney, it's about Chad. Whitney says still Chad says it was only sex, so maybe she wasn't doing something right. Theresa tells her to stop this. She says Chad cheated because he is gay and wanted Vincent. Whiney says Chad keeps saying he's not gay. Theresa says this went on for over a year, it wasn't a one time thing. She thinks that makes Chad gay. Whitney just doesn't understand how Chad could do this to her and their family. Theresa doesn't know. She tells Whitney that she's a wonderful person and has so much to offer. She says Whitney will find another guy, they'll fall in love and he'll be a wonderful father to her children. Whitney says no, she'll never let another man in her life again. Theresa says she can't be serious. Whitney says Chad worked so hard to get her to let him into her life, and look what happened. She says no never again. She says her children will have father figures, her own father, her mom's son with Julian, Ethan. Whitney says her whole life with Chad has just been a huge lie, She thinks Theresa should be on the same page with her, love has only torn her life apart too. Theresa thinks they need to change things up, they need to go out and celebrate moving on. Theresa says they'll celebrate anything is impossible, even finding love again. Whitney still on the anything is possible part with Chad being on the down low. Theresa says then they'll just go out and listen to some music. They decide to go to the Blue Note. 

Chad and Ethan meet at the Blue Note. They are talking. Chad says Whitney left him, he messed up big time. Ethan says he was cheating on her with a man, he needs to give Whitney time and space. Chad says it's no use, his marriage is over. He lost his wife, his son and his unborn child because of Vincent. Chad says he can't blame Vincent, he never should have gotten involved with Vincent. Ethan asks why he did? Chad says he thought he had lost Whitney forever, he didn't want to betray Whitney by being another woman. Ethan says he slept with Valerie though, and if he wanted casual sex . . . . Why not a woman? Chad says he went out for a drink one night, ended up in a gay bar. He says after a lot of drinks he woke up with Vincent. He chalked it up to too many drinks. However a few days later he went back looking for Vincent, then they started seeing one another. Chad says he was addicted. Ethan says so Vincent made him realize he was gay? Chad says he's not gay. Ethan says men who have sex with men are gay. Chad says he slept with Whitney too. Ethan says then he's bisexual. Chad says no, he loves Whitney, it was just sex with Vincent. Ethan isn't understanding this. Chad doesn't get why nobody can accept that what he had with Vincent was just sex. Ethan seems to catch Chad and some other guy at the bar giving one another looks. Ethan realizes Chad is cruising that guy. Chad tell Ethan relax, the guy just looked like someone he DJ'd with at a club in West Hollywood. Ethan says that's almost as gay as province town. Ethan thinks Chad is not dealing with this. Chad continues to say he's not gay, he loves Whitney, Vincent was just sex. He says he has a child and one on the way, how can he have that if he's gay. Ethan says it's been known to happen. Chad is upset that Ethan thinks he's gay, so he will prove he's not. Chad sees a girl and decides to prove he's straight. Ethan thinks this is not a good idea. 

Chad goes over to a woman and says she's the winner of a most beautiful woman in the place, the prize is a drink with him. She likes the way he works. When she finds out he is Chad Harris Crane, as in the Cranes, she thinks it is her lucky night. She kisses him! Meanwhile Whitney and Theresa soon show up. Whitney thinks this is just what she needs to forget about her gay cheating husband. They end up shocked by what they see. 

In prison, Luis hears the blackmailer laughing at him. Sam shows up, Luis asks Sam if Fancy found a DNA match on the blackmailer. Sam says no, he's here because of Fancy. Sam says the blackmailer found out what was up with Fancy. Sam says Fancy is dead. Luis wakes up, yes it was just a dream. Luis thinks he has to stop Fancy from trying to help him. He yells for the guard, but the guard won't help Luis. He even threatens to throw Luis in solitary. Luis realizes he can't go to solitary, he won't be able to warn Fancy. Luis claims a prisoner on death row can't be put in solitary, it violates federal law. The guard tells Luis he may have gotten out of this, but he will pay this. Luis is left in his cell, he still has no way to warn Fancy that she's in danger. Luis comes up with a plan and somehow triggers a fire alarm. The guard shows up when Luis starts screaming. Luis asks where the fire is! The guard says it was a false alarm. The guard thinks Luis did this, but Luis claims the guard could have done it while smoking his cigarette. Sam soon shows up claiming he got a call about a fire. The guard says it was just a false alarm. Sam then sees Luis, he thinks Luis set this off. Luis did, he knew if the fire alarm went off then the Chief would have to check it out. Luis tells Sam this is an emergency, Fancy needs Sam's help. He tells Sam what Fancy is up to with the blackmailer's DNA. He's afraid the blackmailer could find out what she's up to. He begs Sam to go to the hospital and find her before the blackmailer does.

Fancy arrives at the hospital and breaks into Eve's office. Someone is watching her. They sneak up on her, Fancy sees them and says You! It's only Sheridan, who wonders why Fancy is breaking into Eve's office. She threatens to turn her into hospital security. Fancy asks why she's so mean and hateful? Sheridan says that is what Pretty said to her all the time. Fancy tells her to go to hell. Sheridan still wants an answer. Fancy tells Sheridan she is here because Sheridan blew it and let the blackmailer escape. Sheridan demands to know what Fancy is up to, the longer they argue the more time they waste. Fancy says fine, she explains that she had a DNA test done on the blackmailer, but there were no match in the state and federal databases. Fancy says she's here to use the hospital computers to find a match. Sheridan says so Fancy can save Luis. Fancy says this is not about them, it's about saving Luis. Sheridan won't turn Fancy in, but she does insist she help Fancy. She won't let Fancy save Luis on her own, they'll do it together. They bicker some more, but soon head into the office. After they go in, we see a janitor show up outside of the office. Of course the janitor is the blackmailer, who says they will stop Fancy dead in her tracks.

In Eve's office, they run the DNA test. Sheridan says if this doesn't work then she doesn't know what else they can do to help Luis. Fancy then says the computer has a match! The spying blackmailer says Fancy and Sheridan will have matching coffins before long. The computer has a program to generate the person's photo. They wait for the image to clear are the PC. Sheridan asks why it won't give them a name while they wait? Fancy doesn't know, she didn't write the program. Sheridan gets bored waiting, she goes to get them coffee. Sheridan claims she's only doing this for Luis, not for her. Fancy just wants to save Luis from being executed. Sheridan says that is what she wants too. Sheridan then leaves Fancy alone. Fancy claims she's dying to know who the blackmailer is. The blackmailer heads into the office saying Fancy is about to find out! The blackmailer approaches her with a rubber tube to strangle her from behind.


June 13, 2007
At the Blue Note, Chad is dancing, kissing, and feeling up a woman. Ethan sits at the bar shaking his head. He says yeah he sees Chad trying to prove he's straight, but who is he trying to prove it too? Meanwhile Whitney and Theresa come in. Whitney thinks this will do her good and keep her mind off of her cheating, lying, gay husband. Theresa says or not . . . They then see Chad all over the girl on the floor. They didn't expect this, or to see him with a woman. Theresa thinks they should go, but Whitney says no. Chad is telling the woman that she's going to love making love to him. Ethan thinks this doesn't make Chad straight, it makes him desperate. Whitney meanwhile tells Theresa she has to get used to see Chad in public, whether it is with a man or a woman. Theresa doesn't get this, she says Chad is gay! Ethan walks up, he says Chad is trying to prove he's straight. Chad soon pulls another woman into his dance, he's got two girls now! Whitney says it doesn't matter if Chad is gay or straight . . . he's just sick! She walks up and tells the ladies that they are dancing with her husband, get lost. She then slaps Chad! Chad says he knows this looks bad. She says it could only look worse if he was bumping and grinding with two men. She thinks he's trying to prove he's not gay by having a skank sandwich. Chad says he's not gay. She thinks he's delusional. Chad says he needed comfort and she wouldn't give it to him. She says was Vincent busy? She has had it and tells Chad that he is really sick and needs help. Chad says he needs her. Whitney thinks she should get in line behind Vincent and the sluts. She says she wants nothing to do with Chad again, she's done. Whitney runs out, Chad follows.

Theresa tells Ethan that she feels so bad for them. Ethan says Chad was a fool thinking this wouldn't get out, secrets ruin relationships. They then see Ivy and Julian out together. Theresa wonders if they are back together? Ethan says it appears that way and he doesn't like this.

Julian and Ivy are at the Blue Note toasting one another. They think maybe it is finally their time. They think about the good times they shared. Ivy says good and bad. Ivy remembers holding a gun on Julian and threatening to kill him. We also see Ivy drinking in Julian's bedroom saying this is the happiest she's ever been in his bedroom. We see Julian coming to see Ivy in the hospital, he plays with her machines to see what would happen if he turned the knobs. More flashbacks of Ivy catching Julian in bed with the maid. Ivy asks Julian what he thinks, do they have a chance at happiness? Julian hopes so, this time it is their choice. This time they know they lost their true loves and that can't poison one another toward one another. Ivy says they sure have come a long way. They apologize for being a drunken cad and a nasty shrew. Julian says the older and wiser they've gotten, well it's clear they didn't give each other a chance. Ivy says this time it will be different. Ivy says they do know each other better than anyone else. Ivy tell Julian they should start over, away from Harmony. She wants to get away, someplace where they aren't in the shadow of Crane Industries. Julian remembers Theresa offering to give him the company as soon as her family was safe and she had Ethan. Ivy thinks they can go anywhere, do anything. She says they should go to Paris. Ivy says it will be like their honeymoon, only fun and romantic.

Ethan confronts Ivy and Julian, who are now dancing. He decides to have a chat with Ivy, asking if he can cut in. They dance, Ethan asks his mother what she's doing? HE says first Theresa and Julian are buddy buddy, now she's cozying up to Julian. Ivy says she and Julian are reconnecting. He says reconnecting? She says you know, being a couple. He asks how much she's had to drink? Ivy says she is serious and so is Julian. Ivy says they shared years together and know each other. Ethan asks about Sam and Eve? Ivy says they are done with them, she and Julian decided to give it a try. She knows the odds are against them, but who knows. Ivy says she and Julian do care about each other, it could grow into love. Ethan thinks this is a mistake. Ivy thinks the same thing about him and Theresa. Ethan says they are talking about Julian, a man who belittled her and cheated on her for twenty years. Ivy recaps what Theresa has done to him in half the time. Ivy talks about how she can't wait until she and Julian leave town. Ethan asks what she's talking about? Ivy says Julian promised to take her away to Paris. Ethan says no, Julian can't leave Harmony. Ethan says Theresa just gave him power at Crane, he's now #2 there. Ivy says that is impossible! Ethan says he's sorry but Julian won't be going anywhere. Ivy thinks Ethan has to be wrong, Julian wouldn't keep this from her.

Julian joins Theresa at the bar. Theresa says she sees he's here with Ivy. She asks if they are getting back together? Julian says they are trying. Theresa wishes him luck, she wants everyone to be happy given the unhappiness going around. Julian says shouldn't Ethan have the happiness of knowing the truth about Little Ethan? Theresa says she will come clean with him at some point. Julian says Ethan deserves the truth. Theresa says Julian doesn't have as much to lose as she does. Julian does, Ivy wants them to move away and leave Crane. Theresa realizes Julian hasn't told her that he's back at Crane. Theresa says don't lie to Ivy. She suggests he forgets Crane and go away with Ivy. Julian wants both Crane and Ivy. Theresa asks what if he has to choose? She says Crane won't keep him warm at night. Julian can't give up what is his. Theresa says if he keeps this up then he'll end up alone. Julian says back at you, you will end up a lonely little girl if you don't tell Ethan the truth. Theresa suggests to Julian he sell Crane, he could form a charity trust, that could be his legacy. Julian says his ancestors would rise up from their graves! He wants to expand this company and reap the riches of the moon, the planets beyond. He wants to make Crane an interplanetary colossus. Ivy shows up and says it's true! She slaps him and says damn you! Ethan tells Theresa that secrets always come out . . . . 

Out on the wharf, Chad tries to convince Whitney to give him a chance. He says they married. She says but he's gay, and if he says he isn't then she'll rip his tongue out and choke him with it. She says when she married him she wanted a real man, not one who wanted another man. Chad says so what, was he faking it all those times they made love? When they made Miles and the baby? She says no, but she was a virgin when she first made love. She doesn't know if Chad gave her what a real man gives the woman he loves. Chad says that is the most hurtful thing she's ever said. She says don't pretend to be hurt when he pretended to be straight this whole time. He says he is straight. She says not when she and Theresa walked in on him and Vincent. He says it's just sex, but she says stop trying to fool everyone and himself. She says he can't justify what he's done. She tells him to leave her alone. Chad walks off. 

At the station, Noah stands there with his ring. Paloma is on the phone, she says she'll be over there to get the results. Paloma wants to go to the lab, they found a fingerprint on the evidence she sent in. Noah says if this fingerprint does belong to Jessica . . . Paloma knows, Jessica could go to prison for murder. Noah is thinking about his proposal while she's gone, wondering if she'll marry him. Paloma returns, the print wasn't Jessica's. Noah thinks now they can clear Jessica. He asks who the print belongs too? Paloma says that is the problem, the prints were incomplete and the match isn't strong enough to hold up in court. Noah says but she got something right. She says yes, the print matches Spike. Noah says they all knew he was bad news, but a serial killer? Paloma says they don't know what really happened, but they know Jessica didn't act alone. Noah decides to go find Spike and put the fear of god in him. Paloma says she'll go with him. They head out of the station.

At the Bennetts, Jessica can't stop thinking about the first dead john, which came back during the Tsunami. She wishes she could remember if she killed the other johns or not. Simone shows up to see Jessica. Jessica tells Simone she's been looking for her, so much has happened. She tells Simone that Paloma told Noah everything, then Noah convinced her to confess. She says before she confessed it was too late, the police got a tip and found all the dead johns. Jessica says someone dug the bodies up for the cops, now her dad and the department are hunting for a serial killer. Simone says the police found more than one body the one they buried? Jessica says they found several bodies. Jessica thinks she should leave town, jump off the face of the earth, she'd be doing her family a favor. She says if she stays she could get the death penalty and this could cost her father his job. Simone says don't do anything like run away, that would just draw attention to herself. Simone asks how all the other johns ended up at the lot? Jessica doesn't know. Simone says this proves someone else is behind or connected to the murders. Jessica says they can't tell her dad without incriminating themselves. Simone says unless they find the person who buried the bodies. Jessica says Noah and Paloma think it is Spike. Jessica says it would make sense, Spike is the only one who knew the johns ended up dead and he did take care of them. Simone says she never asked what happened? Jessica says no, she tried to pretend it didn't happen. Still, Simone thinks maybe Spike killed them all, maybe he's the serial killer. Jess is sure she killed one during the earth quake, but it was an accident. Still, Simone still thinks Spike has killed the others and hid them. Simone thinks Spike did this to keep her scared and control her. Simone suggests she go get them some food, she thinks Jess needs to eat. Jessica says she'll set up some plates while she's gone. Simone says those bodies being found, it might turn out to be a good thing after all. She thinks Spike will get what is coming to him, and Jess can have her baby and not worry about the future. Simone then heads out to get food. 

Jessica wonders if Simone is right, maybe things will work out. Spike then shows up. She tells him to leave before her dad comes home. She says the police found the dead johns, but Spike says she's the one whose DNA is all mixed up with them. Jessica doesn't remember killing anyone except for the one during the earth quake, which was an accident. Spike says those happy face sticker have messed up her memory. He says she stabbed those bodies over and over. She says she didn't, she thinks it was him. She says she's going to tell her father that. He says no she's not. He then drugs her with something. 

At the hospital, Sheridan is pouring coffee. She thinks if Fancy thinks that saving Luis means she gets him, she's dead wrong. She says Luis was her from the start and will be again. Sam then shows up. He asks Sheridan if she's seen Fancy? Sam tells her how Luis thinks Fancy could be in danger from the blackmailer. Sam asks if Sheridan knows where she is? Sheridan lies and says she hasn't seen her. Sam says Fancy was coming here to run a match on the DNA, she has to be here. Sheridan suggests he check the lab. He calls up to the lab asking if Fancy Crane is there, they say no. Sam decides to have Fancy paged, hopefully they'll find her before the blackmailer does.

In the office, the blackmailer sneaks up behind Fancy with a rubber tube to strangle her with. They attack her, telling Fancy why settle for a picture when they can have the real thing!

Later Sam walks into the office, Fancy is on the floor. Sam checks on her and says they are too late, she's dead! Sheridan shrugs and says well she'll call the morgue! Of course this is just a fantasy of Sheridan's. Sam is told by a nurse Fancy isn't responding to the page and Fancy hasn't been seen anywhere here. Sam calls for backup, he's sure Fancy is here somewhere as could be the blackmailer. Sam suggests to Sheridan they split up and look for Fancy. Sam heads off. Sheridan enjoys her coffee and then leaves.

Back in Eve's office, the blackmailer is attacking Fancy telling her to die! The blackmailer says Pretty will be happy to know she died a slow and painful death. Meanwhile Sheridan returns and hears a commotion inside. She knows the blackmailer is after Fancy. Sam shows up, he asks if she found Fancy. Sheridan lies and says no. Sam runs off, Sheridan says sorry Fancy but Luis belongs with her . . . . Fancy's time is up. Unfortunately for Sheridan, Fancy somehow manages to open the door and crawl out the office. Sheridan screams for Sam when Fancy call out for help. She begins hitting the blackmailer with her purse saying Get off her! The blackmailer runs, Sheridan screams for Sam. Sam soon shows up, Sheridan says the blackmailer was dressed as a janitor. Sam calls and has the hospital sealed off and calls for a doctor for Fancy. Fancy soon comes too. She says that old man, he was the blackmailer. Sheridan says they know. She says the blackmailer ran off but Sam locked down the hospital.

The blackmailer is running through the halls. They say there is no way they'll catch him.



June 17, 2007
At Tabitha's, shirtless Fox is in bed telling Kay how she's been such an angel about all of this, the treatments and stuff. He says most women wouldn't go through with all this. Kay says the treatments will pay off, he'll be back to his old self in no time. Fox tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make her happy. Tabitha is spying saying that is the heart of a love sick mortal talking. Nurse Stevens shows up and interrupts Kay and Fox's kissing. She has come to give him another treatment. As she is setting up an IV, Kay remembers her deal with Julian. She looks outside and sees Miguel with Maria. Kay excuses herself, claiming she has to get the kids a before bedtime snack. She says she'll hurry back. Later Nurse Stevens assures Fox this is just a saline drip, it won't cause him any discomfort. He says it better not, he wants to get back to his life with Kay. He says he does love his wife and would do anything to keep her with him. The nurse knows, she's doing this to keep her husband to know about her gambling problem. He says then she understands that sometimes questionable methods are necessary. Later Fox asks how much longer this will take? The nurse says he wants it to seem real. He thinks Kay should be back by now. The nurse says so he really cares about her? He does. He says all he's doing is trying to hold his marriage together. 

Miguel is outside holding Maria. He talks to her about how his life would almost be perfect now if her mommy hadn't changed her mind. Miguel wishes he knew why she changed her mind, he doesn't understand. 

Tabitha catches Kay about to sneak out to see Miguel. Tabitha warns her not to do this, not to let her hormones and weak will cost Miguel his freedom and get him sent back to jail. Kay wishes she never made the deal with Julian. If she knew about her powers she could have freed Miguel herself. She says she just have to practice her spells. Tabitha says she does not, she's a novice. She says she could hurt herself or someone she cares about. Kay is conflicted, she can't desert Fox in his hour of need. She thinks if Fox could recover it wouldn't be so cruel to tell him the truth. 

Suddenly Kay has a weird day dream. She is dressed like Gandolph from Lord of the Rings. Shirtless Miguel and Shirtless Fox, in a wheel chair, want to be with Kay. Kay tries to tell Fox she wants to be with Miguel, but Julian, dressed as an orc, says not so fast missy! He threatens to send Miguel back to prison because of their deal. Kay tells Julian she can heal Fox, she has powers. Julian says she's being delusional. Kay tells Julian to just watch her. She zaps Fox, who suddenly is healed and able to get up out of his wheelchair. He starts doing pushups. Kay says she cured him thanks to her magical powers.

Kay snaps out of her little day dream. Tabitha tells Kay she hopes she's not thinking about using her magic on Fox. Kay returns to her daydream, in it she zaps Julian the orc away. She thinks nothing is standing in her way of being with Miguel anymore. Tabitha puts an end to her fantasy. She tells Ky she's dreaming, she's a novice and doesn't know enough about magic. Tabitha is trying to help her and keep her from hurting herself. Tabitha says mark her words, if she continues with this then it will only end badly.

At the club, Ivy is furious with Julian. She slaps him calling him the same lying and filthy rat she married the first time around. She knows all about his new job at Crane. She wonders when he was going to tell her? Before or after Paris? She says he's the same self serving pig he always was. She then turns her anger to Theresa. She wonders why Theresa would give this power up to Julian now? Ethan tells his mom to take it easy, her problem is with Julian. Ivy says Theresa is very much involved. She wonders why Theresa would willingly give up all this power without a fight. What has Julian given her? She's dying to know. Ivy doesn't understand why Theresa gave all that power to Julian. She asks what Julian has on her? Theresa says nothing, she wanted to step down and spend more time with her children. Ivy says Theresa is lying. Ivy tells Ethan to look at Theresa, she is scared. Ethan asks Theresa if this is true? Is Julian blackmailing her? Ivy says of course he is. Ivy goes off on a rant on Theresa, saying she married Jared because someone is blackmailing her. Ivy says the question is what about. What is Theresa's dark secret. Theresa says she doesn't have one. Ivy says she's been bad news for everyone since she came into their lives. Julian says this is enough, he doesn't know why this is so hard for them to accept. He says he should have been in control of the company all along. Ivy says but he wasn't, Theresa was in charge until Little Ethan could take over. Ivy tells Ethan she knows he thinks she's trying to make Theresa look bad to him. He says she always is. Ivy says Ethan is the son of a real man, she doesn't want Theresa to take anymore from him than she already has. Ethan asks Theresa to tell him her secret. He says he loves her, nothing will change that. Theresa ends up running off, Ethan of course follows her.

Theresa goes to the wharf to cry. Ethan soon finds her there. Ethan asks her to tell him what is wrong. What is she so afraid to tell him? Theresa asks him not to ask her that. He hates seeing her like this. She tells him not to be nice to her. He says he planned to be nice to her forever. He thinks together they can handle anything. He asks her to tell her what is wrong, but she says she can't. She says she'd give anything to tell him, but she can't. He says he just wants to know what is going on, she's being ripped apart here. Ethan says she owns him, he is hers and always will be. He then kisses her.

Back at the club, Ivy is still furious with Julian. He claims he wasn't lying, he just didn't know how to tell her. She says it's the same thing, he wasn't honest. He brings up Ethan and her lie. She calls it ancient history, but he says it still hurts. She is glad he hurts. She let herself believe they could have something they never had before. He thinks they can if she gives it a chance. HE asks what her answer is, will she give them a chance? She says he's out of his mind. She says she is not the fool she once was, she's had enough deceit and manipulation to last a life time. She tells him to go find someone who doesn't know him that he can lie to. She says he's lied to her for the last time. She suggests he find Theresa, they are rats from the same sewer. 

At the hospital, Sam tends to Fancy. Sam says the hospital is on lockdown, the blackmailer won't get away. Sam talks about how Luis was worried about her, he searched the whole hospital for her. Fancy is confused, why did he search for her? Fancy says Sheridan knew she was in Eve's office, they were working together. Sam says Sheridan told him that she had no idea where Fancy was. Fancy asks if that is true? Sheridan says she can explain. Fancy realizes Sheridan was going to let the freak kill her. She slaps Sheridan. Sam asks Sheridan if this is true? Did she know where Fancy was? Was she willing to let her own niece be murdered? Sheridan admits she knew where Fancy was. She says she lied for Luis, she didn't want Sam to know what they were up to as he'd stop them. She wanted to prove Luis innocent. Sam says Fancy was being strangled. Sheridan says she didn't know that, how was she supposed to know the blackmailer would show up dressed as a janitor. Sam gets a call from his men, he has to go to find the blackmailer who is cornered.

Fancy tells Sheridan she won't get away with this. She will tell Luis she tried to kill her. Fancy says she is more like Alistair than she ever thought. Sheridan says stop comparing her to her father. She says she did not leave her to die, she left to get coffee. She was also trying to buy them time to find out the blackmailer. Fancy realizes the picture should have come up by now. She goes to see if the blackmailer has been identified.

Fancy and Sheridan go to Eve's office, the computer is still not finished descrambling the photo. They wonder why it's taking so long to show them. The photo finally begins to clear up when the computer goes down. They wonder what has happened.

The blackmailer, still in their janitor's disguise, is running from the cops. He/She says they won't catch them, they are more clever than all of them. The blackmailer soon finds all the doors have been locked. Sam and his men are chasing him/her, he/she says they have to get out of here! The blackmailer ends up trapped in a closet somewhere. Sam demands they come out with their hands up or they are coming in. Sam counts to three, opens the door and heads in. Sam says their reign of terror is over.


June 17, 2007
Fox is finishing his placebo treatment. The nurse suggests they play a little black jack while they wait. Fox thought she had a gambling problem. She says she can still play, they'll play for love. Fox would rather be making love to his wife. They play a few rounds. Fox can't wait for this to be over. She says her too, she could lose her license for this. Fox says she's been well paid. Nurse Steven knows. She says truth is she's a bit jealous, he must really love Kay to go through this. Fox says he'd walk through fire for her and soon she'll be in his arms forever. Eventually Nurse Steven takes off, she wishes him luck with Kay. Fox says he's a Crane, he makes his own luck. Fox looks outside where Miguel is with Maria. He says he's sick of this, they can't keep living under the same roof as Miguel. He says either he goes or they go. 

In the kitchen, Kay is not happy that Tabitha invaded her thoughts to see what she was thinking. Tabitha says she can't muck around with magic. Kay just wants to use her powers to make Miguel and her daughter happy. Tabitha says she's playing with fire here, hells fire. She could destroy them all. Kay says she can cure Fox and then go back to Miguel. Tabitha warns Kay she'll fail if she tries something that big so soon. Kay doesn't trust her, she's known she had these powers since she was born. Why didn't she start teaching her to use them then? Tabitha says Kay has no sense of self control. She says she would have turned Jessica into an alligator for show-n-tell. Tabitha says mortals don't know what to do when they have powers. Tabitha says Helen of Troy thought she was a witch, she concocted a simple love potion and caused the Trojan War. She then tells Kay that her great great, well who knows how many greats, grandmother Prudence . . . . we see a flashback. Tabitha and Kay (Prudence) are dressed as Pilgrims. Tabitha was trying to convince Prudence to use her powers to get the town people to do what she wants. Prudence says no, magic is evil. Tabitha says have a bit of fun. Prudence says they are puritans, they aren't allowed to have fun. Tabitha says she had fun at the Salem witch trials, they had a picnic under the gallows. Prudence says that was for the children, children always love a good hanging. Prudence says they could be hung next. Tabitha called her a fool, she has great powers at her finger tips. If they aren't used then they build up and up. Tabitha says hundred of years from now, one of her descendants will use her magic to get what she wants and cause great havoc. Prudence thought Tabitha was wrong, none of her descendants would go to the dark side. Suddenly a thunderstorm struck. 

Back to the present, Kay gets it, she's the one who will cause disasters. She says she won't go to the dark side, she won't use her powers to cause havoc. Tabitha says good, but to be on the safe side . . . Tabitha says she's taking her spell book with her. Tabitha then leaves. Kay says she'll be good, nothing will tempt her into using her powers. Suddenly shirtless Miguel shows up holding Maria. He says Maria is thirsty, so Kay gets her some fruit punch. Miguel says they need to talk. He says this is crazy, they love each other so why has she gone back to Fox. She says she told him, she can't turn her back on Fox when he's sick. Miguel hates this, it's ruining their lives. Miguel wishes someone could wave a wand and make him better. Kay realizes she has to take matters into her own hands. She tells Miguel to take Maria outside and swing. Miguel wonders what Kay is up to.

Tabitha heads to her room and ends up falling asleep on her bed with her spell book. She's snoring loudly when Kay sneaks into her room. Kay carefully steals Tabitha's spell book. She then sets it down and looks through it. She finds a spell she thinks will cure Fox and fix the problems with Miguel. She's worried Tabitha could be right and she doesn't have enough experience, but she has to try. She finds out what she needs, a bell, the book and a candle. She gathers the things up, thinking this sounds familiar to her. She then casts the spell. Suddenly Tabitha's entire house begins shaking! A picture falls on Fox and knocks him out. Outside Miguel worries as he watches the house shaking and lightening everywhere. He thinks it's an earthquake. 

On the wharf, Jared finds Theresa with Ethan. He asks what she's doing out here at this time of the evening? What is she doing down here with Ethan? Theresa says she was actually with Whitney and something upsetting happened, and Ethan was helping her with it. Jared asks what happened? Theresa tells him the whole story about finding Chad having sex with Vincent. Jared says he knew this would come out some day. She says he knew about this? Jared says he did, he warned him to stop. Theresa says Whitney is destroyed, she never wants to see him again. Jared feels awful. Ethan says not awful enough to tell Whitney. Chad put Whitney's life in jeopardy. Jared says he told Chad to stop, but it wasn't his place to butt in. Jared says it's not right to interfere with another's relationship, especially someone's marriage. Jared tells Theresa they should get back home, work on that baby. Ethan says you know . . . Theresa tells Ethan that she's tired and she has to go. Jared and Theresa leave. Ethan thinks he should have told that bastard off. 

Ethan goes to leave, but he realizes someone is there. It turns out to be Ivy. Ivy asks where Theresa is? Ethan says she went home with Jared. Ivy says her husband? That's a nice change for her. Ethan tells his mom to stop. Ivy tells Ethan that Theresa is no good for him, forget her and move on with his life. Ethan can't, he loves her so much it hurts. Ivy reminds him that she's married to another man and he respects those vows. He says a lot of good it did him too. Ivy says she wants him to be happy, if Theresa was the kind of girl they could trust and could make him happy then she'd back off. Ivy says she isn't, the only thing Theresa will give him is a broken heart. Ivy says Theresa isn't worth it. She is sorry he's in pain. Ethan says you get used to it. Ivy tells Ethan to go home and get some sleep. She says lonely people come here and get bad ideas. Ethan says he's upset, not suicidal. She says she knows he's not. She says she loves him. She then leaves. Ethan then thinks someone else is there. He asks who is there? He thinks maybe it's his imagination. Ethan however is being watched by someone.

Theresa and Jared return home. They kiss. Theresa says she's so tired, but he hopes she's not too tired. They sit on the bed. He has a charm necklace for her. It has his name on it. He has one that says Theresa. He says he's not complete without her. He puts the necklace on her. She cries, he asks why she looks so sad? She remembers the blackmailer's threats. She tells him she was just thinking about . . . . He says Chad and Whitney right? He wonders if they will salvage their marriage. She doesn't think so. Jared says lies and secrets destroy relationships. HE is glad they don't have any, that they'll be happy for the rest of their lives. They end up in bed, but Theresa imagines she's with Ethan and not Jared. "Ethan" says it's time to make that baby.

Luis is in prison still worried about Fancy. Luis says he has to put an end to this. He calls to the guard.

At the hospital, we see a replay of the computer crashing as it is about to show the blackmailer's picture. They can't believe this, they were so close. Sheridan says try CTRL-ALT-DEL. Fancy says then they'd lose the information for good, is that her answer for everything? They don't know why it went down, so Sheridan calls maintenance. She finds out that the cables were cut, everything in the wing is down. Fancy wishes she had saved it. Sheridan says she should have! Fancy thinks if Sheridan was honest with Sam then they could have caught the blackmailer in the first place. Sheridan says as if Harmony's finest catches anyone. Luis then calls Fancy, he borrowed a guard's cell phone. He was worried about her. Fancy tells Luis how the blackmailer tried to attack her, but she's okay. She says she's fine, Sam got to her in time. Luis asks if Sam is with her now. She says no, he's looking for the blackmailer. Luis wants her to be careful, this creep could hurt her. Fancy thinks to herself which one as she looks at Sheridan. Luis doesn't like she's alone. Fancy says she's not completely alone, Sheridan is here. Sheridan then grabs the phone to talk to Luis. Luis is glad Sheridan is there. He asks her to look after Fancy, make sure she's safe. Sheridan then tells Luis about the DNA search, how they were so close. Luis asks if the computer found a match before it crashed? Sheridan says yes. Luis says then the blackmailer was a patient in the hospital. Luis says find the doctor that did the tests on them. Sheridan tells this to Fancy. Fancy realizes this thing must realize this too, they have to find the doctor before the blackmailer kills them. Fancy looks it up and finds the doctor who ordered the blood test, it's Harold Smith. Sheridan tells Luis they have to go and warn this man. He says take Sam. She says of course and hangs up on Luis. Luis hopes they don't do something to get themselves killed.

Sam and the cops find the blackmailer's disguise in the closet, but not the blackmailer. They hear it laughing, they wonder how it escaped. They find an open air vent, so Sam wants all air vents blocked. In the air vent, the blackmailer has pulled wires which caused Eve's computer to go down. He/She says they won't stop them and they will all pay. Sam finds a speck of fabric that he sends off for a DNA check. The blackmailer is in the vent  and says they have to cover all their bases, there is one last detail to take care of.

Sam finds a maintenance man, they tried to block off the air vents but there are too many. Sam says he has to find them before they hurt someone else. 

Elsewhere in the hospital, the blackmailer drops down into an office where a doctor is working. They show their face to the doctor. The doctor says oh it's you. He says they scared the daylights out of him. The blackmailer says long time no see. The doctor says that is quiet the outfit, do they dress like this in public? The blackmailer says he is what he is. The doctor asks why they stopped coming to see him, he thought they were going to do some tests and address the issues. The blackmailer says they got busy. He says he's here now, what did they find out? The doctor says next time make an appointment, but he will pull their file. As the doctor look for the file, the blackmailer says no rush, he has plenty of time. The blackmailer picks up a knife and says but you don't . . .


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