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3rd Week of June  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



June 18, 2007 

Outside of Tabitha's, Miguel is holding Maria as the earthquake is going on. He soon wonders why there is lightening in an earthquake? Then he sees nothing is going on with the Bennett house. He heads inside with Maria and yells up to Kay to see if she if she's okay. Up in Tabitha's room, Tabitha is sleeping through the quake. Kay thinks Tabitha will kill her for this. Tabitha soon wakes up and isn't happy that Kay has messed up another spell. Kay begs Tabitha to fix this. Tabitha demands Kay admit she can't control her powers, which Kay does. Tabitha then begs the spirits to stop, to leave her house in peace. She tries to barter with them, finally offering to send Endora down to the basement every other day to play hop scotch and chutes and ladders. That apparently does the trick, the boys in the basement can't get enough of playing with Endora. Kay thanks Tabitha. Tabitha drinks a Martimmy and lectures her about using her powers. Kay calls down to Miguel saying she's fine, it must have been a truck going by that shook the house . . . and did he see all that heat lightening? She asks him to put Maria to bed for her. She then looks through Tabitha's spell book again. Tabitha catches her, telling her she could blow them all up next time. Kay doesn't care, she has to try. Tabitha says don't say she didn't warn her. Kay finds a spell she thinks will cure Fox and make Miguel be with her. She casts it, saying over and over remove the barriers that separate her and Miguel. She thinks it didn't work, nothing happened. Tabitha uses her mirror, they both get a laugh to see Miguel in the living room naked wondering what happened to his pajamas. Tabitha says she got rid of what stood between her and Miguel . . . . his clothes!

At the Bennett's, Simone returns with burgers, as well as Noah and Paloma. She invited them over. They talk about the evidence piling up against Spike, how soon he'll be in jail and Jessica will be free to have her baby and not worry. Paloma wants to get her prenatal care, she hasn't had any. Simone also wants Jessica to go back to school. Simone says she was always so good at school, it was actually annoying how much of a goody goody she was. They call to Jess that the food is here, but she doesn't answer. They look around and find she's gone. She also left her purse and phone, which they think is a bad sign. They see a muddy footprint, they realize Spike was here and took her. They worry what he might do to her and run off to find her. Paloma has a good idea where they may be.

Spike is driving with Jessica, who is drugged and out cold. He drives them up to the place all the dead johns were buried. He says she gained a few pounds, probably the baby, which he's sure is not his. HE says if could be that half-n-halfs, which is a scary thought. He puts her in a wooden box and says she was hot before she got prego. HE also talks about how even though he blackmailed her into marrying him, he did have hopes they could have a good life together. He says that's over now though. He can't go to jail, he wouldn't survive. That means she has to die. He digs a grave and plans to bury her, saying it's time for her dirt nap.

Fancy and Sheridan are running around the hospital trying to find Dr. Smith. He's not listed on the directory. Sheridan realizes while they are working together now, what happens when Luis is free? They'll be fighting again. Sheridan claims she doesn't want that. She says she loves Luis, he loves her, everyone knows that. Fancy says everyone but Sheridan knows Luis has moved on. Fancy doesn't have time for this, they have to find Luis. They head to the nurses station and try the PC, it's down. A nurse shows up, she claims she's never heard of this Doctor Smith. She makes a call and finds out there is a Doctor SMith working at the hospital. Then she  starts gossiping on the phone. Fancy hangs up, saying this is urgent police business. The nurse says he's in the psych wing, 8th floor, room 820.

In Dr. Smith's office, the blackmailer pulls a knife on the doctor. The doctor tells them to calm down now, they are acting out. He says he's his friend. The blackmailer says Dr. Smith has been a good friend, but he knows too much. The doctor says again remember their sessions, this is their acting out, their need for violence. The blackmailer remembers, however they say they have embraced that need for violence instead of repressing it. They have enjoyed making people suffer these past few months. The doctor begs the blackmailer not to kill him, he has a wife and kids. The doctor says he won't tell anyone, he's like a priest, he can't. The blackmailer says bad analogy, he doesn't like priests much as well. Meanwhile Fancy and Sheridan arrive outside the office. They knock on the door, there is no answer. They open it up to go in and are shocked by what they see.


June 19,  2007
Noah, Paloma and Simone look at Jessica's normal hooking spot. She's not there. They decide to split up and look places where Jessica might be. Paloma is checking the apartment, Simone the motel, Noah the warehouse district and wharf. Simone goes off, Paloma asks if Noah's okay? Noah is worried, he knows Spike has her and took her somewhere. He says his dad just lost his mom, to lose Jessica too will kill him. Paloma says they will find her. He thanks Paloma for being here for him and in his life, he loves her. She says she loves him too, they'll find Jessica. They split up and go looking for Jess. Later they meet back up, none have found Jessica. They decide to continue looking. Noah goes to find some of Spike's cronies and figure out what they know. Simone asks Paloma if she thinks Spike could hurt Jessica. Paloma doesn't know what he'd do, but he wasn't happy to learn about the finger print they found connecting him to the murders.

Up at the burial spot, Spike tells Jessica it's check out time. He says she always wanted a real home, well now she has her own place to rest. He says she didn't give him a choice, her pesky friends are close to connecting him to the murders. He says that is why Jessica has to go, he can't have her around to testify. He knows she can't testify against her husband, but he knows her and she tends to spill her guts when she gets nervous. He says that is why he has to do what he has to do. He says what choice does he have? Spike tells her how she is his wife, he can't kill her with his bare hands. He says this way she dies of natural causes. He puts a flashlight in with her, saying this way she has some light. He's not all heartless. Spike says he's not into long goodbyes, so goodbye. He wishes she had listened to him and not interfered. He then seals up the box she's in. He buries her alive, saying she'll never knew how much he really dug her. He says she made him do this, if she would have let him sell the baby then this wouldn't have happened. He says he hates to see the look on her face when she realizes where she is. He finishes burying her, saying nobody will be able to hear her yelling now. He lays on her grave and says nobody will ever hear her. He drinks.

At Tabitha's, Kay and Tabitha watch Miguel in the magic mirror in Tabitha's room. Miguel is in the living room holding pillows in front of him, he wonders where his clothes are. Tabitha is laughing. She says it seems Miguel's clothes are the only things that stood between them. Kay says this isn't what she meant to do. Tabitha knows, she's not trained to cast spells. She says her last spell almost blew up her house. Kay says she just wants to be with Miguel, she loves him so much she can't stand it. Tabitha thinks they should help him with being naked. Tabitha zaps him through the mirror, he has his clothes back. Kay says she has to try one more spell. Tabitha says Kay she warned her great great however many great grandmother Prudence that something like this would happen, one day a relative of hers would cause havoc in Harmony. Kay finds a spell she thinks will work. She casts the spell, talking about how she and Miguel are split apart, two haves of one whole. This spell causes Miguel's lower half to separate from his upper half! Tabitha says now look what she's gone and done. Miguel finds his legs walking around without him. He thinks he's going crazy. Tabitha says this is why she told her to lay off the spells. Kay begs Tabitha to put him back together again. Tabitha thinks this will be a long night. Kay tells Tabitha that they have to put Miguel back together. Tabitha doesn't know if she can, she's running on reserve power now. Kay says he can't stay like this. Tabitha says she told her not to cast anymore spells. Tabitha doesn't know if she can fix it. Kay asks if she's saying he could stay like this forever? Tabitha doesn't know. Miguel keeps telling his legs to get back over here. He slaps himself, saying he has to wake up from this. Tabitha tries to help Miguel, she casts a spell to put him back together. It works, Miguel thinks that this has been a nightmare. Tabitha is exhausted and wants a nap. Kay says what about Miguel, how does she explain what happened? Tabitha says she'll have to erase his memory. Tabitha zaps him through the mirror to freeze him. Kay and Tabitha then head downstairs to where he is.

Down in the living room, Miguel is frozen. Tabitha is telling Kay no more magic. Kay knows, she just wanted to cast a spell to speed up Fox's treatments or something. Tabitha says she's running out of juice trying to get her out of trouble every five minutes. Yellow sparkles appear on Miguel's head, Tabitha says it's the magic erasing his memory. Kay says she has to come up with a way to tell Fox the truth, if she can't be with Miguel then she'll die. Tabitha reminds Kay of her deal with Julian, if she breaks that deal what does she think will happen? Kay says he'll have Miguel arrested again? Tabitha says exactly. The phone rings, Kay answers it. It's Simone asking if she's seen Jessica. Kay hasn't, she learns Jessica is missing. Simone tells Kay they think Spike took her, they can't find her anywhere. Kay asks if her dad knows? Simone says no, but it is time to get him involved.

At the mansion, Theresa is in bed with Jared, but fantasizing about Ethan. Jared tells her how they will have a wonderful life together. Later Jared is asleep as Theresa stares at him. She feels terrible, Jared is her husband and she shouldn't be thinking of Ethan. Theresa does think about making love to Ethan. Theresa dreams about how it could be between them. Jared wakes her up from her dream, saying her phone is ringing. She says she didn't hear it. He says she must have been having a good dream, she has a beautiful smile on her face. Theresa answers her phone, it's TC calling. TC tells Theresa that Whitney's having a rough time, she needs her friend. Theresa says she can be right over. Theresa says she'll be there soon. Theresa tells Jared it's Whitney, does he mind. He says no, he can't imagine the pain she's feeling. Theresa says she could kill Chad for doing this to her. She doesn't understand ho he could do this to her. She gets out of bed to change. Theresa's phone rings again, this time it's Ethan and Jared sees this. He wonders what Ethan wants. 

Ethan arrives at the mansion to see Theresa. He calls out he got her text, he needed to see her too. Jared confronts Ethan. He sent Ethan the text, they need to talk about his wife. Ethan says Jared tricked him? Jared says he called his wife in the middle of the night. Ethan knew she was upset about Whitney. Jared says he can comfort Theresa. Ethan says they share history, they have a child. Jared tells Ethan that he and Tess are happy, married, life is good. Ethan wonders if he really believes that? If life was good then why is he worried about him? Jared says he's not worried, he's annoyed by him. Jared says Theresa doesn't need him so stay the hell away from her. Ethan says don't tell him what he can or can't do. 

At the Russell's, TC is with Whitney, who is telling Miles how she knows he misses his daddy, but he'll see him real soon. TC says grandpa will read him a bedtime story. Whitney thanks her dad. TC says he knows a story about a little boy who flies all over the world. Whitney says that is his favorite book. TC says and tomorrow they'll go to the zoo. Miles calls out Dada. TC says he'll see his dad soon. TC takes Miles to read him a story. Whitney thanks her dad. TC says he'll take care of her and this little one, it will be hard but they'll make it. 

Theresa arrives at the Russell's, She tells Whitney her dad said she needed a friend. Whitney says she's fine, she's good. Theresa knows she's not. Whitney says she isn't. They sit and talk. Whitney says Miles is breaking her heart. Theresa says he misses Chad? Whitney says he does, he's confused and hurt. He doesn't understand what is going on. Theresa knows nothing hurts more than seeing your child hurt. Whitney says she tells him he'll see his dad soon, but she doesn't know if she can have Chad come here. Whitney still can't believe she saw what she saw, the image is burned into her brain. Theresa says she knows. She says in time she'll get over this pain. Theresa says in the mean time, she needs to think about her baby. Whitney can't believe she's bringing another child into the world, one she'll raise on her own. Theresa knows what Chad did was horrible, but it doesn't make him a horrible person. Theresa says Chad should help her raise her children. Whitney doesn't want him near her children, she doesn't want to see or talk to him again. Theresa says she feels that way now, she won't always. Time will heal her wounds. Whitney doesn't think so. Whitney can't believe how their lives have turned out, she remembers how they thought things would turn out when they were little girls. Theresa says life is full of surprises, you don't always get what you want. Whitney says she never thought Chad would turn to a man and then use the it's just sex excuse. Theresa says maybe it was all about sex. Theresa asks if he's still seeing Vincent? Whitney doesn't know. Theresa does think Chad felt ashamed and was afraid of losing her. Whitney says then why didn't he stop seeing Vincent? Theresa doesn't know. She does think Chad loves her, Miles and the baby. Whitney doesn't know. Theresa says she'll see it in time, when she gets over the pain. Theresa says she'll help her get over it. Whitney thanks Theresa for being there for her. Theresa says she's always there for her when things go wrong with Ethan. Whitney asks Theresa if something has happened with her and Ethan? Theresa says she had another close call. She says Julian knows the truth about Little Ethan. Whitney asks how he found out? She says he found DNA evidence. Theresa says she had to stop him from telling Ethan. She tells Whitney about her deal with Julian. She just has to pray that Julian doesn't tell Ethan the truth.

At the blackmailers office, we see a replay of the doctor telling the blackmailer that he won't tell anyone. The blackmailer says they can't take any chances, the doctor knows their identity and that will interfere with their plans. The doctor says he's bound by law to keep this confidential. He swears he won't tell anyone. The blackmailer says they will make sure of it, time to die. Fancy and Sheridan soon arrive and knock on the door. There is no answer, they open the door and are shocked by what they see. They apparently have the wrong office, nobody is in it! Fancy says they have to find him before the blackmailer gets to them.

In some other office, the blackmailer tries to kill Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith swears they can trust him, he'll keep their secret. The blackmailer says they have trust issues, they don't' trust anyone. The blackmailer says Dr. Smith knows too much, he can bring them down. 

They head to another office where Dr. Smith might be. They find him, but he's dead! Sheridan can't believe the freak got to him first. Fancy says this maniac is smart. They don't know how they will save Luis now. The spying blackmailer says they won't save Luis, he will die. Fancy calls the police for help. Fancy realizes the blackmailer must still be in the hospital, so she calls Sam. Sam tells Fancy they have the blackmailer cornered, so she and Sheridan run off.


June 20, 2007
At Tabitha's, Kay is on the phone with Simone, Noah and Paloma. She has learned Jessica is missing and Spike probably took her. Kay needs Miguel's help, so she has Tabitha unfreeze him. Kay asks Miguel for his help looking for Jessica. She says Noah, Palma and Simone are waiting for him on the docks. He asks if she is coming. She says no she'll stay here and wait to see if she comes home, plus there is more she can do here to help. Miguel leaves, and Tabitha asks what she means there is more she can do here? She's not going to use her magic again is she?

Later Kay gets the spell book. Tabitha says she must have no brains left. Has she not learned anything tonight? She has no control over her powers! Tabitha says this will be a complete disaster. The whole town could fall apart. She reminds Kay she promised no more magic. Kay says fine. She asks Tabitha to go look in her bowl and find out what it tells her. Tabitha says okay and leaves. Kay then looks through the book to find a spell to find a lost person. She finds it, saying it is long. All she needs is a photo of Jessica and a candle. She hopes she can pull it off. Kay leaves to get the things and the spell book glows red! Later Kay reads the spell, which mentions demons and elves. She isn't sure it's the right spell, but keeps reading it. Everything begins glowing red, Tabitha shows up and says she can't cast that spell! Kay says she has to. She finishes the spell, wondering if it worked? Tabitha says oh it did, he is here. A magical door opens and out walks a little man in a red suit. He says you rang Kay Bennett?

Spike has finished burying Jessica alive. He says this is the end of the road for Jessica. He says with any luck she'll be unconscious when the air runs out. He says actually she never really had much luck. He says he'd hate to be her now, have a nice afterlife. Later Spike claims he was just kidding, he's coming, he'll dig her up! Then he laughs and says just kidding! Down in her coffin, Jessica begins to wake up.

Jessica finally wakes up and sees she's trapped in a box. She yells for help, saying let her out of this box. She bangs, demanding to know why she's in this crate. Dirt falls in, she realizes she's been buried alive!

On the docks, Miguel joins Noah, Simone and Paloma. They hear whistling and see Spike. They chase him all over the place. Sam soon shows up (after the stuff at the hospital below), grabs Spike and demands to know where his daughter is.

At Crane, Julian is in his office working. He seems distracted a bit. A man named Conrad shows up looking for a file Julian has. Julian wonders why the gut is working so late, he has a family. Conrad says he's been divorced for a while, his wife and kids hate him, even the dog hates him. He says all he has now is work, which is why he's here. Julian says he likes seeing his execs working overtime, but not to the point they burn out. Conrad says a heart attack would be welcomed about now. Julian says it can't be that bad. Conrad thinks Julian couldn't understand, Julian was born into wealth and can have anything he wants. Conrad says he's a regular guy, without his wife and kids he's nothing. He says he loves his job, but it doesn't keep him warm at night. Conrad says he realizes now he took his wife and marriage for granted, he didn't work hard enough. Julian thinks Conrad should take some time off work for a bit. 

Ivy is at the Blue Note drinking alone. She's surrounded by other women. One asks her if she's divorced or widowed, everyone here is one or the other. Ivy says divorced. The woman says welcome to the ex-wives club, can't she smell the desperation. The woman tells Ivy how the dating scene is tough, she gave up and just comes here every now and then hoping for a one night stand. Ivy asks if that is all they have to look forward to? The woman tells Ivy that she may be luckier, but she doubts it. The woman says men their age only want a younger woman. She says all men are bastards. 

Later Ivy goes to see Julian at his office. He asks why she's here? She says because he's the biggest bastard she knows.

Ethan is walking on the docks when he demands to know why he's being followed. It's Chad, but Chad says he's not following him. Ethan says he's sorry, he just gets this feeling he's being followed. We see someone is watching Ethan. Ethan asks Chad what he's doing out here? Chad says his life is gone, Whitney, Miles, the baby. He hates being home alone. He says he knows it's his fault, he should have stopped seeing Vincent. Ethan says what's done is done. Ethan says they've seen it a thousand times, people keep secrets and get hurt. He talks about him and Gwen, his mom and Julian, even Theresa and her secrets. He can't believe they still love each other after everything Theresa's done. He says Theresa still has a secret, it's big too. Ethan says secrets come out and blow up in your face. Chad gets a message from Whitney with a photo of her and Miles. He's sure it means Whitney wants to see him, so he decides to go over and see her. Ethan thinks he hears or sees something. He must be dreaming, but he feels like he's being followed. We again see someone is following Ethan.

Theresa and Whitney are still at the Russell's talking. Theresa has told Whitney about her deal with Julian, how she will lose Ethan forever if her secret is revealed. Whitney thinks Theresa needs to tell this secret to Ethan. Surely she won't go as far as to see her brother executed to keep this secret. Theresa says of course not. She says her best hope at saving Luis is to have the blackmailer caught. Whitney says she'll keep her lecturing to herself then. Theresa jokes that is a first. Theresa talks about how Father Lonigan can't give her absolution until she tells Ethan the truth, so she's damned to hell. Miles shows up wanting his dada. Whitney suggests they send a picture of them to daddy. Theresa takes a PDA picture to send to Chad. Whitney writes Hi Daddy on it and sends it to Chad. Later Theresa is polishing off a bottle of wine. Theresa asks Whitney what she will do about the kids? Will she share custody? Whitney doesn't want Chad near Miles or the baby. Theresa asks if Miles will be okay with that? Whitney says she'll talk to him, get him used to the idea of not having his daddy around as much. Theresa asks and will Chad accept that? Whitney thinks he'll have to. There is a knock at the door. Whitney wonders who it could be. She answers it. It's Chad, he says he got his message. Ethan is with Chad. Whitney lets the boys in.

At the hospital, Sam tells Sheridan and Fancy that the blackmailer is trapped in Eve's office. Fancy gives Sam the bad news about the doctor, the blackmailer killed him upstairs in the lab. The doctor could have identified the blackmailer. Sam draws his gun and demands the blackmailer open up, they are surrounded with no way out. Sheridan thinks they'll finally learn the identity of the blackmailer. There is no answer. Fancy and another cop join Sam with guns drawn. Sheridan begs them to try and take it alive, but Sam won't put anyone else at risk. Sam demands they come out with their hands up. Again no answer. Sam warns them if they need to then fire. Sam kicks the door open and they race in. In the office they find Valerie tied up in a chair. They ask what she's doing here? She cries she came to see Eve, she was jumped. She says before she was blindfolded all she saw was a red shoe. She doesn't know who it is or where they went. Sheridan says she's very lucky. Fancy says the blackmailer killed tonight. Sheridan says thank her lucky starts the same thing didn't happen to her. 

Later a cop tells Sam that a security guard left his post for a second, the blackmailer quickly escaped. Fancy can't believe this. She says it's like a ghost, it keeps disappearing into mid air. Sam asks Valerie to close her eyes, relax and try and remember anything about this person. Colon? Clothing? Any details? Valerie says she's sorry, she doesn't remember anything. A cop interrupts and gives Sam the news, Jessica is now missing. Sam runs off, Sheridan says she wouldn't be surprised if the blackmailer had something to do with this too. Valerie heads home. They warn her to be safe, she thinks nobody is safe right now.  Sheridan and Fancy wonder how this thing managed to escape. Fancy says every criminal leaves a clue behind, but not this thing. The camera pans to Eve's office. We see a red shoe in the vent in Eve's office! 



June 21, 2007
At Julia's office, Julian is shocked when Ivy shows up because he's the biggest bastard she knows. He says not a pleasant greeting. She tells him to shut up and kisses her. He wonders what has gotten into her? She says just shut up and kiss me! Meanwhile the cleaning ladies are outside the office listening to Julian's fun in the office. They wonder who he has in there tonight. They just hope it's not Rebecca, her make-up gets over everything and they don't want to know what they were doing with that water cooler. They decide to start a pool and take bets. Back in the office, Julian tells Ivy she's acting like a wild cat. He says earlier she didn't want to see him again. She says she came face to face with cold hard reality. He says that is what brought her here? She says she doesn't want to end up alone, so she'll settle for him. He thinks he's never had such a tantalizing offer. She says knock it off. He says he's sorry she can't bare the thought of being alone, but that isn't the basis for a relationship. She says don't push her away, she gave in first, she's giving him the control, isn't that enough for him. Julian says earlier this evening he was thinking along the same lines as she is. Ivy says do something about it. They end up on his desk! However Ivy sees something on his desk and is shocked. She says he's a bigger bastard than she thought, how dare he write this letter! She reads the letter, in it he came to the conclusion that no matter what road they traveled he felt they'd find each other at the end of it, though he didn't know if love, companionship or masochism awaited them. Julian asked Ivy to come back to him, he surrenders. She says he let her surrender to him first. Julian says that's the way business works, let the other person give in first. She says he said nothing as she stood there saying everything in this letter to him. She says the bottom line is that he did want her back. He says he misses her, all those years with her were exciting. She says compared to their loves with Sam and Eve, their love isn't much to write home about. He begs to differ, their fights were legendary. Ivy suggests they spend the rest of their lives giving each other excitement. They kiss. As they are doing it, the cleaning staff is all outside waiting to see who won the bet. They find out it is Ivy, they all laugh and say those two jerks deserve each other! Back in the office, Ivy laughs and wonders what people would say if they saw them like this. Julian says let them talk. 

At the prison, Fancy shows up to see Luis. A guard tells them no touching! She says she paid to be let in here, but he says not enough for touching. She pays him more, he says knock yourself out! Luis says he's been so worried about her. She says she's failed him, they didn't catch the blackmailer. She says she can't get him off death row. She tells Luis that the doctor who did the tests on the blackmailer was killed. She says they were so close, Dr. Smith may be the only person who could identify the blackmailer. Luis asks what happened exactly. Fancy explains, through flashbacks. Fancy says it was like black magic, this monster disappeared into thin air. Luis feels there is a clue on the tip of his tongue here. Fancy says she has more bad news, Jessica Bennett is missing. She thinks Spike took her. Luis can't believe this. HE feels useless stuck in here. HE says if he was out there he could find her. Fancy says she knows. Luis wants to get out of here so he can be with her, hold her, kiss her, make love to her. Fancy says great minds think alike. Luis thinks he'll figure this out eventually, he needs time. He then says oh yeah, he doesn't have much of that. Fancy cries, she still thinks she's failed him. He says this is not her fault. 

At the Russell's, Theresa gives Ethan some wine. He's looking out the window, he tells Theresa that he feels like someone has been following him all night long. He says maybe he's just paranoid from what is happening recently. Someone is shown outside looking in. The person is a woman in high heeled red shoes. Whitney asks Ethan why he brought Chad here, she didn't want him here. Ethan says he didn't send the photo to his cell phone, she did. She says she took the photo of her and Miles to make him happy and go to sleep, she didn't actually send it. Ethan says someone sent it, and it made Chad very happy. Whitney says she still wants nothing to do with Chad. Ethan says then tell him, don't give him false hope. Whitney says he's right, they should all tell each other the truth. Whitney later asks Ethan to get Chad out of here, she doesn't want a scene in front of Miles. Ethan says she owes him some courtesy, he knows he screwed up. He says look at Chad over there playing with Miles. Ethan thinks Miles and Chad deserve time together. Whitney says Chad isn't a role model. Ethan thinks no man should be kept from a son, it's one of the most horrible things a woman can do to a man. Whitney of course gives Theresa a look. Whitney agrees she needs to clear the air with Chad, but not in front of Miles. Ethan and Theresa say they'll go into the kitchen so she can talk to Chad.

Chad thanks Whitney, she doesn't know how happy the photo made him. She says it was for Miles, she was trying to make him happy and get some sleep. Chad is glad she went along with it, it gives him hope. Outside the woman in the shoes continues to watch what is going on. Chad says Miles is so happy to be with them, this is how it should be. Chad says Mommy, Daddy and Miles. Whitney thinks to herself and Daddy's boyfriend! Chad again tells Whitney he's so sorry, but look at them . . . they can still be a family and be happy. Chad says Miles loves him and he loves him too. Whitney says it is for the best if a son spends time with his father. Chad thanks her. Chad asks when he can see Miles again? She doesn't know, soon. She thinks it's time for Miles to go to bed. She quickly takes him away. Chad tells himself that he just knows Whitney will take him back. Later as Whitney is straightening up, Chad touches her as he tries to help. She tells him not to touch her, never again. She says she wasn't being nice because she wants to get back with him, she was being nice because she didn't want to fight in front of Miles. She says it isn't good for him to see them fighting. Whitney says let's get one thing straight, if he knows what the word means anymore. She says they aren't getting back together, not now, not ever.

In the kitchen, Ethan hears something outside, a noise. He looks outside, nothing is there. Ethan swears someone is watching him. He thinks he must be losing it. She says he's not losing it, he's perfect. He says if he's perfect then why is she wearing that necklace Jared gave her? If he's so perfect then why aren't they together? She asks how he knew about the necklace. Ethan says Jared told him, they had words. Ethan says right now he doesn't care about Jared, lies, secrets, blackmail or murders. All he knows is they are here together and he loves her. He says that is enough for him today. Meanwhile the red shoed lady is still spying! Ethan tells Theresa once the blackmailer is caught and Luis is freed, they'll be together. He says just the two of them and the love they have for their kids. He says it will happen. Ethan kisses her as we see the shadow spying outside. Gwen walks in and says this is just what she expected. How did she know when she came back to Harmony she'd find them in each others arms.

Sam brings Spike into the station in cuffs. Paloma, Noah and Miguel are with Sam. Sam demands to know where his daughter is. Paloma says there is dirt all over his shoes, hands and pants, he's guilty. Noah says it's red clay dirt, like the dirt in the woods north of town. Sam asks Spike if that is where he was? He tells Paloma to send a search party up there. Sam tells Spike if he doesn't find his daughter, or if Spike has hurt her, he will kill Spike. Spike says they all heard him, this is illegal. They all say they didn't hear a thing. Paloma says Spike better hope Sam kills him, because if she gets to him, she won't be as merciful. Spike is left handcuffed while they all go search for Jessica. Spike listens over the station radio as to the progress of the search. He says they'll never find her, she's six feet under.

At Tabitha's, the demon elf appears through a magic door. Kay asks what that is? Tabitha says she doesn't know what she's done. The demon elf tells Tabitha she hasn't changed a bit. He looks around and says this place is a dump, has she not learned anything about interior decorating. She tells him not talk to her! He asks if she's still upset about his joke? She says she asked him to help her find one of her Timmies and he lead her to a drunken Pinocchio in a whales stomach! He thinks it was a funny joke. The demon elf takes a liking to Kay, he thinks they can party. Tabitha says send this demon elf away, they'll find Jessica on their own. The demon elf says Jessica is in grave danger and he's their only hope at seeing her alive again. Tabitha tells Kay not to listen to what this thing says. The demon elf says he's not a thing, he is a big bad demon elf. He says he has only one master, the big guy himself. Kay says but they find things, he can find Jessica. The demon elf says yes. Tabitha says there is always a price to be paid though. Tabitha begs Kay to let her family find Jessica. The elf says by the time they find her . . . . well. The demon elf says make a deal with him and he'll find her sister right now. Tabitha says the elf won't keep his word. The elf asks Kay if she's not tired of listening to Tabitha? He says he'll get a snack while waiting for Kay's decision. The elf then dances off to the kitchen.

Tabitha says again she told Kay not to use her powers, but she didn't listen. Tabitha warns her not to get mixed up with the elf. Kay doesn't care, she has to find her sister. Kay thinks this is her fault, all her family's problems are her fault for keeping Ivy's secret about her mom and David. She says she lives with that guilt every day. She says her mom died, if Jessica died too . . . she couldn't live with it

Tabitha and Kay go into the kitchen. The elf is eating some old turkey, he's changed shape because of it. Tabitha tells Kay how demon elves have a hard time maintaining physical form in this dimension. Tabitha says the slightest shock and they change completely. The demon elf says they suppose this new body will do. They look totally different. Tabitha continues to tells Kay not to make a deal with the elf. Tabitha suggests she call and see if she's been found. Kay calls Miguel, they haven't found Jessica. Tabitha continues to tell Kay not to make a deal with the sprite. The demon says he's a demon. She says a demon elf, a real demon would eat him for dinner. The elf tells Kay to listen to him, he can help her find poor tortured Jessica. He conjures up her voice so Kay can hear her screaming for help. Kay ask where she is? The demon elf as soon as they make a deal. Kay says she will agree to his terms. The demon elf then casts some weird rapping spell. A ring of fire shows up in the kitchen, Tabitha tells Kay there is no going back now.

In her grave, Jessica realizes she's been buried alive and screams for help. She soon realizes nobody can hear her. Nobody can help her. Soon Sam, Paloma and the others begin looking for clues as to Jessica's whereabouts. They latterly stand on top of her grave shouting for her! Jessica somehow hears her dad calling for her. She screams back help her! Sam tells everyone to wait, he hears something. Jessica keeps screaming, hoping someone will hear her. Sam tells everyone to listen. Suddenly they hear the search dogs and run off to see if something was found. Jessica hears them leave. The dogs only found a rabbit. Sam thinks they have to go back to Spike and beat Jessica's location out of them.

Everyone returns to the station and demand Spike talk. Where is Jessica? Noah says if Spike doesn't talk then he'll wish he was dead. Spike makes kissy noises. Meanwhile Jessica's coffin begins breaking and collapses, dirt pours in on her. 


June 22, 2007
Valerie arrives to see Eve. Eve says she heard about the attack, she wanted to see if she was okay. Valerie says it all happened so fast. Eve says she didn't seek medical attention from what she understands. Valerie says she wasn't hurt. Eve says she was lucky, Fancy almost died and Dr Smith did die. Eve asks Valerie why she was here? Valerie had news about her son. She says her son wants to meet her. Eve is excited, what did he say? What did he sound like? Valerie says slow down. Eve asks when he wants to meet her? Valerie says he wants to meet both her and Julian. Their son is waiting for a time to be set up. Valerie also says there is something else her son asked, he wants to know if she and Julian will get back together. He just wants the family he's never had. Eve says she'd give him that if she could. Valerie is just passing on the message. Eve says she'll track Julian down and call her with the time. Eve then leaves. Valerie makes a smug face as she's walking off. 

At Crane, Julian and Ivy are on Julian's couch snuggling. Julian asks Ivy if this means she's forgiven him for his trespasses? She asks which one? He says he was going to tell her about Crane, he just didn't know how. She says he was a scoundrel when she met him and he still is. They talk about how they deserve what they gave each other, and now they deserve each other. Ivy thinks everything they went through, it was supposed to happen. Julian says so she doesn't regret losing Sam? Ivy asks if he still loves Eve? Julian says he's over Eve, just as much as it's over for her and Sam. He says it's not like either one of them want anything to do with them again. Ivy wonders if true love exists in fairy tales only, or just not for them. Julian feels his love for Eve was based on a fantasy, not reality. Ivy thinks the same about Sam. Ivy and Julian think they are lucky to have another chance with each other. Ivy is glad to have someone who loves her and knows her faults. Julian suggests they celebrate the reunion with a toast. She says they should go back to the house, but he says to the boring old bed?

Ivy and Julian end up doing it again on his desk. Meanwhile Eve shows up outside Julian's office. She hopes Julian is as excited about seeing their son as she is. She thinks about Valerie asking if perhaps they could get back together as it is what their son wants. Eve thinks if her son wants her with Julian, maybe it's reason enough to give him another chance. Then she walks in on Julian with Ivy and can't believe this is going on again. Julian asks if she never knocks? Julian was under the impression she wanted nothing to do with him. Eve says that is correct, they are both disgusting and deserve each other. Ivy thanks Eve, they are happy and in love. Eve says neither one of them know what the word means. Ivy tells Julian to tell her. Julian says unlike Eve, Ivy knows and loves the real him. Eve asks which man is the real him, the one who wants to rule the world, the one who learned from his dad he could buy anything or the one who pretends to be gentle and vulnerable when he needs to be? Eve says they can have a nice life, they are sewer rats in couture clothing. Julian says she didn't come here to flaunt her morals. Eve says she came here about their son. Julian asks what she found out. Eve doesn't feel like sharing, but Julian wants to know. Eve says their son wants to meet them. Julian and Ivy get dressed, Eve says don't do that on her count, she's leaving. Julian says not until he knows everything. Eve says their son wanted to meet them both, but she can see he has too many other more important things to do. She says she'll let Valerie tell their son he's just too busy. Julian says this is his son, he has every right to meet him. Eve says maybe she doesn't want him to meet Julian. Eve says he's had enough disappointment in his life, it's better their son have some other man as a role model. She hopes their son doesn't take after Julian in any fashion. Eve then storms out. Ivy says Eve is just jealous. 

At Tabitha's, the demon elf continues his spell. He tells Kay only he can help her find her sister. Tabitha begs Kay not to do this. The elf says he's the only one who can find her. Kay says she can't give this up if there is a chance in hell she can save her. Tabitha says hell is where she'll end up! The elf says it's easy, she does something for him and he does something for her. The elf tells her not to listen to the old hag. Tabitha continues to tell Kay not to trust the elf, he's not from Santa's toy shop, he's from the dark side. She says if the dark side can help her then so be it. Tabitha asks if she learned nothing from her last deal with the dark side? Kay says this time she's making the deal to try and do something right. Kay says Jessica could be dying, he's the only person can help her. Tabitha says he won't help her, he wants a favor from her. Tabitha begs Kay to listen to her, she'll rue this night forever. Tabitha casts a spell to put out the ring of fire around the demon elf.  The elf says he'll get her for this! Tabitha tells him to go back to his shadow world or she'll zap him into fluffy's litter box. The elf says Kay brought him here, she is the only one who can get him to leave. Tabitha tells Kay to tell him to leave. The elf holds up a little picture of Jessica that says Save me! Tabitha begs her some more, listen to her, the price is too much. Tabitha says the elf doesn't know where Jessica is, and if he does, he won't keep his word. The elf says Kay can trust him, all she has to do is give him what he wants. She asks what that is? He says just a wee little thing. Tabitha says a wee little thing they'll pay forever for. Kay begs Tabitha and the elf to stop fighting, Jessica needs her help. The elf says she does, he senses Jessica can't breath. Kay says Jessica is dying. She tells the elf to take her to Jessica. Tabitha keeps saying not to trust the little bugger! The elf says here is the deal . . . Tabitha tells Kay that the elf is playing on her fear. Tabitha says they can find Jessica together, they don't need the elf. The elf says by the time they find her, if they find her, she may be long dead. He does give them a hint, Jessica is near many trees. Kay says the woods, what part. The elf says that will cost her. Tabitha continues to tell Kay she'll use her powers to find Jessica. She says this elf is evil incarnate in a small packet. She drags Kay off with her, but the elf says Tabby won't get rid of him that easily.

Jessica's grave is slowly collapses in on her and filling with dirt. Later Kay, Tabitha and the Elf are in the woods nearby. The elf is telling them how they are getting closer! Tabitha wants the elf to scram. Back in her coffin, Jessica feels her baby kick for the first time. She's trying to hold the top of the coffin up. She says it's not fair, it's one thing to kill her, but not her baby. Kay and Tabitha are still calling out, trying to find Jessica. When Kay is left alone for a moment, the demon elf tells Kay he's the only chance to save Jessica. He asks what her father would think if he knew she could have saved Jessica but didn't have the guts to do it. Kay tells the elf she will make a deal, she'll do what he wants. The elf says wise decision. 

At the Russell's, Gwen tells Theresa and Ethan it's so boring and predictable to find them sneaking around like horny teenagers. She says it's like a soap opera, you catch one episode and then another ten years later and nothing has changed. She says this isn't a soap though, it's real life. She says the entire time she was gone her mom kept begging her to come back home. Ethan says Rebecca missed her. Gwen says no, she wanted her to come home to save her marriage, as if she had one to save. Ethan says she walked out on him. Gwen says don't insult her, she caught him with Theresa one too many times. She says she left because it was Theresa he always wanted to be with. Gwen says her mother couldn't accept it was over, even calling to say Theresa had blown it with Ethan by marrying Jared. Theresa says she doesn't understand. Gwen says nobody understands what she does and no one cares, not even Ethan. She then realizes her mother wasn't kidding, Theresa did marry Jared. She can't believe she didn't get with Ethan and calls Theresa a joke, no doubt the joke of Harmony. Ethan tells Gwen that is enough. Gwen tells Ethan not to defend Theresa to her. She says Theresa chased after him for years. Gwen says she made it easy, she left. She says there were no more obstacles in her way, she could be with Ethan. She says Ethan was all by himself and as always, pining for her. Gwen can't believe she left and nothing happened. She says surely Ethan didn't push Theresa away. Gwen says Theresa could have had Ethan, but she married Jared. Gwen asks what was it? Was she so used to playing the victim?  Maybe without all the lying and cheating she didn't know what to do? Theresa says it isn't that simple. Gwen says it seems marrying Jared isn't keeping her from Ethan. She asks what it was, was she only hot for Ethan when they were sneaking around? She thinks Theresa needs serious therapy, and she tells Ethan he's no better. She says they are both sick and twisted. Gwen can't believe she put up with years of hurt and humiliation for Ethan. She tells Ethan he is a loser who can't see what everyone else does. She says Theresa married Jared, instead of moving on, he's following her around. Is he that desperate? Ethan says she doesn't know the whole story. Gwen says everyone knows it! Gwen asks Theresa if she ever thinks about the lives she's destroyed with her games? Theresa again says Gwen doesn't know the whole story. Gwen knows she's still stringing Ethan along. She doesn't know how she ever respected Ethan. Ethan says he gets she despises him, so what is she doing here? Gwen says she is here to finalize her divorce, she wants to get on with her life. He says she can do that by mail. She says they have to have a hearing, it's the quickest and easiest way to get the sham of this marriage over. She also says she misses her little girl, she wants to see her. Theresa says Jane is her daughter. Gwen says don't even go there. Gwen is so glad she doesn't have to deal with Theresa anymore. She tells Ethan she feels sorry for him, he's still being manipulated by Theresa and he doesn't know it. Outside the blackmailer is spying. They say Gwen is right! Gwen says this would be tragic if it weren't so funny. She asks Ethan why he's letting this tramp pull all his strings? Theresa says shut up! Gwen says she doesn't have to, she doesn't owe Ethan anything. Ethan says you really hate me don't you? Gwen says there is so much he doesn't know about her and never did. Gwen then walks out. To herself she says she may hate Ethan . . . but she will never stop loving him. Back inside, Theresa can see Ethan has been moved by Gwen. Theresa says he has to know that she loves him, she wouldn't try and pull his strings, she had to marry Jared. Theresa says what Gwen said was the ranting of a psyhco. The blackmailer watches and says Theresa is losing her hold on Ethan, and sooner or later he will be all mine!


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