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4th Week of June  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



June 25, 2007 
In the woods, Tabitha is looking for Jessica while Kay tells the Demon Elf she'll do what he wants, just don't let her sister die. The elf starts a fire and says he is ready to begin. He tells Kay that she has to pay him for his services. She says something tells her that he's not talking about money. He says nope. Tabitha soon returns, realizing what the elf is up to. Tabitha tells Kay she'll regret what the elf wants her to do. Kay says this is her fault, her lie about her mom and David caused Jessica's life to fall apart. She blames herself for this. She tells Tabitha she can't live with the guilt anymore, she'll do what she has to in order to save Jessica. Kay tells the demon she'll do whatever she has to. Tabitha again says the demon elf won't take Kay to Jessica. Kay thinks the elf will take her to Jessica. The elf claims he needs a bit more time to prepare.  Tabitha says fine, she'll go find Jessica. She tells Kay not to do anything until she comes back. Tabitha leaves, the demon elf tell Kay it is time to get started. He says all he needs is a tiny drop of her blood on the fire. Kay asks what blood will do? He says sparks will fly and his vision will clear, he'll be able to see where Jessica is more clearly. She doesn't know, Tabitha says bad things will happen. He says that old hag could use her magic to find Jessica. Kay doesn't think so, if she could she would. Tabitha is out trying to find Jessica and again realize the elf tricked her into leave again. Tabitha says she better get back to Kay. The elf tells Kay the clock is ticking. She says fine, she'll give him a drop of blood. She pricks her finger and gives him the blood. Tabitha returns at this point and says no! The demon elf is chanting Yes! Suddenly all these green demons show up flying around. Tabitha says she warned her, this will only cause pain and suffering. The elf thinks Tabitha should be happy, unless she really is a good witch. Tabitha says Kay is one of them, she doesn't want to see Kay suffer. The demon elf says Kay will be fine, the rest of Harmony will suffer. Kay asks where Jessica is? Tabitha says he doesn't know, he's using her to create his havoc. 

Jessica is still trapped in her grave and thinking both she and her baby are going to die, nobody knows where they are. The flashlight soon dies, she thinks she'll lose her mind if she's stuck here in the dark. She also thinks she's running out of air. She realizes she has to calm down and breath slowly. She knows she'll use up more air if she panics. Suddenly a bright light is shining on Jessica. She thinks someone is here, someone has come to save them. She says she sees the light, help her. Grace's voice then calls to Jessica! (It's a fake Grace). Grace says she's here to help, to take her home. Jessica says mom? Grace tells Jessica that she's com for her, it's time for her to come home. 

At the prison, Luis is let out of his cell by the guard Fancy has paid. The guard says he thought they could use a little alone time. He says nobody will use the showers until tomorrow. The guard leaves them. They say this is incredible, nobody is watching or telling them what they can or can't do. He asks so what do you want to do? She turns out the lights, begins taking off his clothes and says she'll show him! As they kiss, a red light on a camera is blinking and filming them! Later we see them under a blanket. Luis says the first time they made love he always thought it would be somewhere more romantic. Fancy doesn't care if they were on a bed of cactus, they've waited such a long time for this. Luis says he loves her so much. She says she loves him too, more than she thought possible. He says he loves her more than any woman he's ever loved in his whole life. They kiss and make love as the camera watches. 

Later they end up in the showers together. Luis says if he gets out of here, he'll do something nice for that guard. She says don't say if. She says she will find the blackmailer and make it confess to everything it did. He says he knows she'll try. She says she won't let him be executed, don't give up hope. Luis says he isn't, hope is the only thing that keeps him going. He says the life they will have together, that is all that keeps him going. Luis tells Fancy that he loves her. She says she loves him too.

Sheridan is at home at the cottage and gets a call. It's the guard at the prison. She hopes he is earning the money she paid him. She asks when she can see Luis? He says not tonight, Fancy is here. Sheridan says she paid him a lot of money! He says he did put a camera in the room to keep an eye on them. Sheridan says she doesn't want to see a video of Luis, especially when he's with Fancy. She says she wants to see Luis! He says this is the best he can do. He says he'll send the video to her phone. Sheridan looks at her cell phone and is furious. She says Fancy can't have him! She can't believe he is doing this to her, she knows Luis loves her and not Fancy. She says she won't put up with this any longer!

At the mansion, Gwen shows up and Rebecca gives her a big hug. Rebecca tells her that she looks fabulous. She was so happy to get the message that she was coming. Rebecca thought she was a lost cause, that she didn't have any fight left in her. Rebecca says there is no time to lose with Ethan, they have to plan their strategy. Gwen says uh, no! Rebecca says yes, she will help Gwen get Ethan back for good. Rebecca says they have to get Ethan away from Theresa and to convince him that this separation is silly. Gwen says she doesn't want Ethan back. Rebecca asks why not, that tramp took him from her. Gwen says the tramp is married too, so she doesn't know why he's with her. Gwen says for years she thought Ethan had honor and integrity. Rebecca says men just think with their crotch, which is fine if your love them. Gwen does love Ethan, but she has to accept who he is. Gwen says she is only here to finalize her divorce and then she's leaving town. Rebecca is shocked. She can't believe Gwen wants this divorce when Theresa is married and can't have Ethan. Gwen says she just saw them together, what else is new. Gwen says she is over Ethan, the only person she wants in her arms is her little girl Jane. Rebecca says that is another reason to break them up. Jared soon shows up, he heard voices down here. He asks if they have seen Tess? Gwen says she's at the Russell's. Jared says she went over to help Whitney earlier. Gwen says Theresa looked liked she needed help, he should go check on his wife. Jared says he will. Jared leaves and Rebecca says he will probably find them kissing. Gwen says of course he will. Rebecca is proud of Gwen, that was deliciously bad. Gwen says it's the least she can do for a good friend like Theresa. 

Later Gwen is holding Jane while Rebecca continues to try and convince Gwen to fight for Ethan. Gwen still won't. She needs some bit of self respect if she's going to be able to live with herself. She wants a man who loves her and only her, a marriage she knows is secure. She says it is the most wonderful feeling to know your man will never leave you. Rebecca says it sounds like Gwen already found someone new. Gwen asks if that is so impossible to believe? Rebecca says Ethan did say he thought he heard someone in the background on the phone. She asks who this new love is? Gwen says all that matters right now is to finalize the divorce and leave Harmony, except to come back seeing her little girl. Later on, Gwen calls to talk to him, but he's not there. She says tell him that she called and that she loves him very much. She says she will be back soon, she has something to do here and can't leave until she gets what she came for. 

At the Russell's, the blackmailer is still spying as Theresa begs Ethan to tell her that he's not believing Gwen. Ethan says she made sense. Theresa says Gwen is insane, she said that she is stringing him along, that she married Jared to torture him. Theresa says she'd cut off an arm before she deliberately hurt him. HE says she did marry Jared and is still married to him. He says if she loved him then why did she marry Jared? The blackmailer says soon Ethan will be theirs! Theresa damns Gwen for making Ethan doubt her love for him, that is what her plan was. Ethan says she still wants a divorce. Theresa says Gwen is upset that Ethan always wanted her. Theresa says she loves Ethan and it kills her to be with Jared, but she can't leave with Luis on death row. They talk about how they will catch the blackmailer and then Theresa will leave Jared and be with Ethan. They begin kissing. The blackmailer hears Theresa says she loves Ethan more than her own life. The blackmailer says that is what her love for Ethan will cost her. Theresa keeps saying she loves Ethan with every part of her. He feels the same way about her. They kiss more. The blackmailer, still spying, says she won't win. They won't let Theresa spend her life with Ethan.

The blackmailer goes to Sheridan's cottage and finds her furious over Luis being with Fancy. They tell her temper temper! Sheridan asks how they got in here? The blackmailer asks if that is anyway to greet a guest. She says they aren't a guest, how did they get passed the guards. The blackmailer says they can get anyplace they want! Sheridan asks what they want from her. Are they going to kill her? Like they killed Dr. Smith? The blackmailer says that fool got in their way. Sheridan says the doctor could have given them proof on their identity. The blackmailer says that is why the good doctor had to die. Sheridan says and now they will kill her. The blackmailer says no, they are here to help her. The blackmailer says they can save Luis. Sheridan says they are the reason he's going to be executed! Sheridan wants to save Luis, but knows there is a catch. The blackmailer says once Luis is free, they both know he'll be with Fancy. Sheridan supposes that is true. Sheridan says she'll make Luis realize being with Fancy is a mistake. The blackmailer says they can make sure Luis comes back to her. Sheridan says they can do that? The blackmailer says absolutely. Sheridan believes them, but she doesn't want Fancy hurt. The blackmailer says it won't be necessary. Sheridan asks how they will get rid of Fancy? The blackmailer says she knows the answer. Sheridan says Pretty. The blackmailer says that is right. Sheridan knows if Luis knew the truth, it would end their love. The blackmailer tells Sheridan that he knows where Pretty is. The blackmailer says they'll tell Sheridan, but the price will be high. Sheridan sees Luis and Fancy on her phone making love. She says name their price. The blackmailer tells Sheridan she has to kill Theresa!

Back at the Russell's, Jared is furious when he catches Ethan and Theresa kissing. He decks Ethan! He tells Ethan to get it through his head, Theresa chose him! Jared says Theresa loves him, she is his wife. Ethan thinks Theresa have something to say to Jared. Theresa remembers the blackmailer's threats, she says she doesn't have anything to say. Ethan says then he has nothing more to say either and storms out. Jared asks Tess if Ethan came after her? It wasn't the other way around was it? Theresa tells Jared they should put this evening behind them and focus on them. Jared says he loves her, she is his everything. To himself, he says if he lost Theresa that he would kill. 


June 26,  2007
At the station, Sam is questioning Spike, demanding to know where Jessica is. They all know he knows based on the mud on his feet and clothes. They soon get a tip, they find a shovel Spike stashed and it has the same kind of red clay all over Spike. Sam demands to know what he did, did he kill and bury Jessica? Spike swears he did not kill Jessica. Sam threatens him, saying if Jessica is dead then he will kill SPike. Paloma gets a call, someone has spotted a fire and a disturbance up in the woods. Sam thinks it's Spike's associates burning the evidence, but Spike claims no such thing. Sam and the others decide to go check it out and take Spike with them.

In the woods, Tabitha is telling Kay she never should have given the demon elf a drop of her blood. Her blood has fed his demons, which will bring chaos to Harmony. Kay demands to be told where Jessica is, but Tabitha says he won't tell her. The elf says he will, he just needs more time for his demons to grow stronger. Tabitha says if Jessica dies that is the power his demons need. Kay says he promised to take her to Jessica. The demon says he will, but he never said she'd be alive. Kay finally realizes she's made a mistake. 

Later, Sam, Noah, Paloma, Miguel and an officer who has Spike show up. Tabitha and the elf hide as Kay explains she came up here looking for Jessica, she built a fire to maybe signal to her. They tell Kay how they think Spike buried Jessica. Kay remembers the demon elf telling her that Jessica couldn't breath, she realizes Spike buried Jessica alive! Meanwhile Jessica and her baby have left Jessica's body. Jessica stands there holding her baby. She sees everyone looking for her. She learns Tabitha is a witch and that Kay made a deal with a demon elf to try and find her. She says she's dead now, she and her baby are headed to a better place. She does slap Spike, who feels it. 

The demon elf finally, thinking Jessica is dead, shows Kay where to look for Jessica. Kay finds the fresh grave, she yells for her dad. They all begin digging. Kay asks Tabitha if there is anything they can do to help save Jessica? Tabitha says being a bad witch she wouldn't normally say this, but perhaps they should pray. Kay and everyone say a prayer for Jessica. This causes Jessica and her baby's spirits to go back into her body. Tabitha wonders if it worked.  Sam and the others finally find Jessica. Spike hopes she's dead, Sam and Noah can't get a pulse and she's not breathing. Meanwhile the demon elf sends his elves all over Harmony. Kay asks Tabitha what is happening. Tabitha says the elves are going to cause people in Harmony to do horrible things.

Jared and Theresa return home to the mansion. Jared asks Theresa if she loves Ethan? Theresa says she loves him. Jared knows that, but does part of her still love Ethan? She only says she married Jared and wants to have his baby, does that sound like a woman who still loves another man? Jared tells Theresa he wants to make love to her. Theresa does, but the whole time thinks about what she's doing to Ethan.

Ethan returns to the mansion and finds Gwen there. Gwen says she only came here to see Jane. She sees Ethan is upset. Ethan says JAred found him with Theresa and accused him of chasing Theresa. Gwen says well he is. She also reveals she sent Jared there to find Theresa, knowing what would happen. She wants Ethan to see what Theresa is doing to him. They later hear Theresa moaning "Oh Jared!" Gwen asks Ethan when he'll give up on her, she only hurts him. Ethan confronts her, saying he knows she was keeping a secret from him during their marriage. Gwen thinks about the secret of the tabloids. She admits she was and even offers to tell Ethan, given their marriage is now over. Ethan however stops her, saying he doesn't want to know. He says he has enough to deal with, no sense knowing something he can't do anything about now. Gwen says the secret involves Theresa. Ethan still doesn't want to know.

Later at the pool house, Theresa walks in on Ethan, who is sitting their dwelling over Theresa and Jared. Gwen returns as she never got to talk to Ethan about Jane and a custody arrangement. She sees Ethan and Theresa together and says she doesn't believe it. She wonders what it will take to get Theresa to stop hurting Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa he heard her and Jared making love. He says he can't keep doing this, it has to stop. Meanwhile a green elf flies into Gwen's ear. Her eyes turn black, she says she has to kill Theresa? Upstairs Jared is in bed, an elf flies into his ear too. HE says Ethan must die!

At the cottage, Sheridan is stunned that the blackmailer wants her to kill Theresa. The blackmailer says if she does, they'll tell her where Pretty is. The blackmailer says if Pretty comes back, and Luis learns the horrible thing Fancy did to Pretty, he'll never be with her. Sheridan thinks the blackmailer is insane if she thinks Ethan will love them. The blackmailer says Sheridan is insane if she thinks Luis will ever love her again! Sheridan says she can't kill, but the blackmailer says she is a Crane. Sheridan says she is not her father, she could never kill. The blackmailer says she was going to let them kill Fancy at the hospital, she only stopped them to look good in front of the chief. Sheridan says still, this is Luis' sister, he'd never forgive her. The blackmailer says Luis will never know, and if she doesn't then he'll die. The blackmailer says everyone wins here, they get Ethan, she gets Luis and Theresa, who has caused so much misery, is out of everyone's lives. Sheridan says when they put it that way . . . but no she can't. The blackmailer asks how they change her mind? Suddenly a green elf flies into her ear. She says she's made up her mind, she will kill Theresa!


June 27, 2007
Up in the woods, Spike watches as Sam and Noah work to save Jessica. The demon elf and Tabitha are hiding, the demon has sent his little green elf demons down to Harmony to posses angry people and cause murder and mayhem. Kay finds out what the elf is doing and can't believe this. Later Eve shows up, they beg her to save JEssica. Eve doesn't know if she can, it may be too late. She works to save Jessica. The elf says they can't save her, if they do then his elves will lose their power. Spike meanwhile hopes Jessica dies. The officer watching him warns him that if Jessica dies, he won't leave his cell at the station alive! Eve saves Jessica, the demon elf says his elves will become too weak to possess people now. Tabitha lets Kay know that the demon elf lost his power, unless he finds another source of evil to help him. Kay is glad, but Tabitha isn't counting the demon elf out. Meanwhile Jessica is awake, she thought she died but it must have been a dream. Spike claims he was so worried about her, but Jessica slaps him kicks him in the groin. She blames Spike, who Sam arrests. As he's taken away, the demon elf thinks that mortal is filled with enough evil to power his elves.

Jessica is taken to the station. Kay has to head home to Maria, Miguel says he can go with her. Kay says no, he should stay with Jessica. Jessica wants to go home, Eve thinks it will be okay as long as they watch over her. Miguel says he'll drive her home, Simone, Paloma and Noah say they'll watch over her. Sam thanks Eve again for saving Jessica. 

Meanwhile Spike is locked up and Sam tells the officer if Spike causes problems, shoot him! The demon elf zaps himself into Spike's cell. He says Spike really is a nasty one. He sniffs Spike, he finds out he's done drugs, hit his wife, even committed murder. He knew Spike had what it takes to feed his demons. The little green elves fly into Spike's cell. Spike can't see any of them, but feels them draining him. They end up possessing Spike. Spike growls at the officer guarding him. Later Sam shows up and finds Spike is gone as is the officer. The cell has been ripped open! He finds the officer in the cell tied up with bent bars.

Kay meets Tabitha outside and thinks all is well that ends well. Tabitha tells Kay she gets a feeling something more is going to happen with that elf. Kay and Tabitha go home. Kay thinks her powers are amazing, had she known about them long ago she could have solved all her problems. Kay needs to fix her marriage problems with Fox. Tabitha says one disaster at a time, the elf is still on the loose. Kay thinks it's okay, there were no reports on the radio about murder and mayhem. Kay goes to check on Maria. Tabitha decides to cast a spell to protect them from the elf and any other evil. Tabitha summons Endora and she fills her in on what happened tonight. Kay says this demon elf is so evil that they have to protect themselves. Tabitha begins zapping all the doors and putting force fields up. Kay returns, she wants to help with a back-up spell. Tabitha says no more spells for her after tonight's debacle. Kay thinks everything worked  out, but Tabitha thinks evil could strike again. Kay thinks Tabitha is just jealous she learned how to use her powers so quickly. She tells Endora that her mom has to chill out. Kay is going to bed, when she wakes up tomorrow she'll use her magic to make life perfect. Kay leaves for bed and Tabitha gets a sign that the evil Kay unleashed could turn on them. Tabitha hopes Endora knows what she's doing to protect her.

At the cottage, Sheridan is possessed and tells the blackmailer that she will kill Theresa and enjoy doing it. The blackmailer is pleased, they say Theresa is up at the mansion now, they should go sneak in and kill her. Suddenly the elves leave Sheridan. She tells the blackmailer she is not going to kill Theresa, she can't kill anyone. The blackmailer is furious and says no one lies to them! They begin chocking Sheridan. She says away from me and rips their mask off. She then says "My God it's you!" Sheridan asks if it has been them all this time? They ask if she is surprised or shocked? She says both. She says she's going to turn them into the police and free Luis. The blackmailer tells "Sher Sher" that she doesn't know what they are doing. Sheridan says she does, she's going to save Luis. The blackmailer reminds her that without their help, Luis will be free and with Fancy. The blackmailer says they'll help her get Pretty if she kills Theresa. The blackmailer asks deal or no deal?

At the mansion, Jared is possessed and says he has to kill Ethan, Ethan must die. He gets out of bed and walks out of his room. Later the elves leave Jared, he wonders what is going on, is he sleepwalking? He wonders where Theresa is?

Meanwhile in the pool house, Ethan talks to Theresa. He says perhaps Gwen was right about her, all she does is cause him pain. She says she wants to be with him, she loves him. Ethan says but she's married to Jared and making love to him. He says after tonight she could be knocked up with his kid for all he knows. Ethan thinks it's too late for them, maybe if she had said yes to what he was planning to ask her, things would be different. He goes to leave, but she stops him. She wants to know what he was going to ask. He shows her a ring box.

Outside, Gwen is spying on Theresa and Ethan. She is possessed and says she has to kill Theresa. Rebecca shows up and hears this. She is pleased, she wants to film it and put it on youtube! Suddenly Gwen attacks her mother. However when the demon elf leaves her, she stops and has no idea what she was doing. Rebecca says she was choking her, normally she would get into it, but not like this. Gwen honestly has no idea what happened. Gwen confesses to Rebecca that she was going to tell Ethan about the tabloids, hoping it would make him see Theresa would just continue to hurt him. Rebecca makes her realize it would only push them together. They realize what they need is to find out the secret Theresa is keeping from Ethan and reveal it. Gwen feels they need to find JT's USB stick, reveal Theresa's secret and protect their own. 

Gwen and Rebecca watch as Ethan pulls out a ring box. Gwen can't believe this. Gwen wonders what hold that little slut has over him. Jared soon shows up, he sees Ethan with Theresa as well. He thinks Ethan is hitting on his wife. He watches as Ethan tells Theresa that he was going to ask her to marry him, but he sees it's a lost cause as she wants to stay with Jared. He says he was a fool to think she'd leave Jared for him, he knows what the answer would be. A spying Jared is thrilled. Theresa tells Ethan not to go, she will marry him. Jared says what? Gwen also watching says what? Ethan is thrilled as Theresa says yes. They hug and kiss. Gwen can't believe this, she calls Theresa a backstabbing whore. Jared meanwhile can't believe Theresa is doing this. Two flaming demon elves are now hovering over Gwen and Jared. Jared calls Theresa a bitch, he also thinks Ethan tempted her. Jared is possessed again and says Ethan must die. Gwen is also possessed again and says she has to kill Theresa. Rebecca says she's tingly all over. 



June 28, 2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha is in a black witch's getup. She says evil is on the loose in Harmony, evil she can't control. She thinks Endora could be in danger. She wonders if she must do this? Isn't there some other way? Endora wonders what is wrong? Tabitha says nothing. Kay shows up and says hello to her fellow witches. She can't wait to use her new powers to make her life perfect. Tabitha tells her wait a minute, she's already caused enough trouble as is! Kay still thinks he has things under control. She plans to heal Fox and then tell him that she's leaving him for Miguel, right after she has her breakfast. Kay burns herself heating up a pan, Tabitha suggests she conjure up a breakfast. Kay says she will. Kay tries to conjure up some scrambled eggs for breakfast. She casts a spell and the eggs end up dropping on her head. Tabitha says every word out of Kay's mouth creates a new disaster. She says Kay can't even make a simple breakfast, how does she expect to heal Fox? She says Endora is light years ahead of Kay in her training. Kay says she will use her powers and Tabitha can't stop her, her life will be perfect. Kay storms off, the demon elf has been spying. Tabitha thinks Kay will have to work through her own problems. Endora cleans up the mess Kay made for her by zapping it away.

Later, Tabitha tells Endora that she still has to find a way to protect them from the Demon Elf. The elf appears, but is invisible to even them. Tabitha says that elf could be closer than they know. The elf zaps himself off. Tabitha tells Endora how they must protect themselves from the evil to come. She says should something happen to her, Endora must know what to do. Tabitha asks Endora to watch and do as she does. Tabitha conjures up some little green dragon demon to burn her enemies alive. She wants Endora to try to conjure a viscous beast. Endora however conjures up a puppy dog! Tabitha doesn't know what to do. She says there is only one thing to do, but it's so drastic. Tabitha tries to continue to teach Endora to get with the program, otherwise she'll have to take steps that will make their ancestors turn in their grave. She conjures up a black crow, to peck off the skin of any enemies. Endora turns into a parrot that sings. Tabitha thinks she has no choice, she'll have to take Endora to a place where she will learn to protect herself. She says they have to go to a place against everything she's ever stood for.

Upstairs, Fox wakes up and wonders what happened last night. Miguel shows up, he says they need to talk, the two of them and Kay need to settle things. Fox says Kay is none of Miguel's business. Kay shows up, she asks what is going on? Miguel wants to clear the air. Kay doesn't want Miguel upsetting Fox. She says Maria wants to spend the day with Pilar, she asks Miguel to go get her ready. He leaves, Fox tells Kay that they really need their own place. His head is still hurting, he tells Kay somehow a painting fell off the wall and hit him while he was asleep. Kay remembers making the whole house shake. Kay claims she doesn't know what happened to his head, but she does know something that can help him feel better. She asks him to lay back, which he does. He asks if they are going to play Doctor and Patient like his dad and Rebecca do? Kay says don't ever compare her to that woman again please! The elf is spying on Kay, he plans to use Kay's use of magic to fortify his demons. Kay is trying to use her magic on Fox, who thinks this is going to be a sex game. The whole room begins shaking, Kay has conjured a huge ball of light that turns into a balloon. Fox has his eyes closed, she tells him to keep them closed. Fox isn't liking what is going on. The demon elf runs in and takes it and runs off with it. Poor Kay and Fox both end up being knocked out. Kay wakes up, Fox is still out. Kay thinks she cured him! She then runs off. Meanwhile the demon elf has Kay's magical balloon. He says she's powerful, he'll use her power to jumpstart his demons.

Later Miguel returns from dropping Maria off. Miguel and Kay are in the living room. He then asks Kay what is up with them, their lives are a mess. Kay needs time to think, and accidentally freezes him. Kay thinks Tabitha would die if she could see her now. Kay thinks she's getting control of her powers. She ends up deciding to dress him as a Spartan warrior from the movie 300. He unfortunately chases Kay around the living room, so she freezes him again. She then says dressing her man up like this is too much like Rebecca. She wonders if Rebecca is a witch too? Kay says no, Tabitha would have told her. Kay decides Miguel will give her a massage, so she conjures up a table. She unfreezes him, he asks what just happened. He says where did this table come from. She just thought he'd want to give her s massage, but he says no massage, they have to talk about Fox. Kay touches his face. He says he doesn't want to give her a massage, he wants to make love to her. He then throws her down on the table.

Meanwhile the demon elf uses Kay's power to feed his demons. They eat it up and fly off again to possess people. One possesses Fox, who wakes up. The demon elf then tells Fox his lesson is to kill Miguel, Miguel must die. Fox repeats this. Fox heads downstairs with the demon elf. The elf tells Fox not to let Miguel make love to his wife. Fox says Miguel must die! The elf says don't say it, do it! Fox then goes over and begins attacking Miguel! Kay is knocked out when he attacks Miguel.

Whitney shows up at the mansion. She runs into Theresa room to ask what the great news is? Jared is in bed, he doesn't know what the news is. Whitney says she's sorry to wake him, she came to talk to Theresa. He says she was here, where did she go? Whitney says maybe to get breakfast. Jared says he feels a little odd. He remembers seeing Ethan with Theresa last night, but thinks it is all a horrible dream. Later Jared gets dressed and says it must have been a dream, but he doesn't remember his dreams. He says Tess wouldn't do that to him would she? He becomes angry and is then possessed again. 

Theresa and Ethan are in the pool house kissing. Theresa thinks last night was a dream, but it wasn't. Ethan says they have to tell Jared the truth, but Theresa says no! Theresa tells Ethan that he can't tell Jared. Ethan says is she kidding him? What is going on? Is this another mind game? He says he's done with her, they are through! She says se loves him and wants to marry him, but they can't do anything until the blackmailer is out of the picture. She begs Ethan to just wait, if he loves her he will. Ethan says he will wait for her, but as soon as the blackmailer is caught they are going public with this relationship. Ethan then goes to check on Jane. Whitney shows up, she tells Theresa Jared is awake and wondering where she is. Theresa says she'll go see him, but she has amazing news. She tells Whitney that she and Ethan are getting married, nothing can stand in their way. Whitney tells Theresa she needs to tell Jared the truth though, and tell Ethan about his son. Theresa says she can't until the blackmailer is out of commission. Whitney realizes Theresa wants the blackmailer dead so she doesn't have to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa does want them dead. She says there is nothing but that blackmailer out there to threaten her. Theresa knows it's a long shot, but it's what she's hoping for. Theresa asks Whitney to be happy for her. Whitney says she's trying, but she's worried about her. Theresa feels after all these years they deserve to be happy. Whitney says they do. Theresa just hopes nothing else out there comes between them.

Meanwhile Jared shows up and finds Ethan on the phone in the living room. He smacks Ethan, who falls to the ground. Jared says Ethan will pay! Ethan gets up and asks what is wrong with him? Did he hear him and Theresa talking? What is going on? Jared is beating Ethan, Ethan punches back. Jared picks Ethan up and throws him across the room! Ethan asks Jared what is wrong with him? Is he trying to kill him? Jared begins strangling Ethan. Theresa runs in and tells Jared to stop it. HE throws Theresa across the room and knocks her out!

Three good witch teachers are instructing their students in the very best good witch school ever. It's a complete goody two shoes school, they are teaching the kids how to make rainbows and candy canes. The kids give the teacher apples for her 1001 birthday. The teacher turns them all into an apple pie for snack time. The other teachers suggests they all put off lessons and dance the birthday dance. They all dance around the teacher in a circle. Tabitha shows up with Endora. Tabitha says all this icky icky goodness could mean the death of her. The teachers think Tabitha has come to hurt them. They try and protect the pupils. Tabitha asks Endora to help her mommy out. Endora conjures up some unicorns and butterflies. The teachers don't understand this, how could a bad witch do that? Tabitha tells the teachers while she is mad, bad and dangerous to know; her daughter might be a good witch. The teachers say what! Tabitha says Endora and her are in a pickle, she has to learn how to protect herself. Tabitha says she can't get the hang of dark side protection spells. Tabitha says she might have to be taught here. Tabitha claims this is an emergency. The teachers say only one witch can decide if Endora is admitted here. Tabitha knows, but where is she? One of the teachers runs off to get her. Tabitha can't believe she is doing this. The teachers wonder what will happen when she faces off with Tabitha, they were rivals for so long. They think it will be fireworks for sure. Esmeralda then appears. She is in a Ginda like outfit and says Tabitha Lennox, they meet again. 


June 29, 2007
At the good witch school, Tabitha says it's been a long time. Esmeralda says many lifetimes. She never thought she'd see her again, let alone in a good witch school. She asks to say what Tabitha wants and then be gone. Tabitha says she owes her, she's come to collect. Esmeralda says he owes her? Tabitha says after what Esmeralda put her through she does. The witch teachers talk about how Esmeralda and Tabitha have hated one another for thousands of years. Tabitha says it wasn't always like that, they were once roommates. Esmeralda doesn't know how it happened, their personality profiles they filled out for school were supposed to match them with their own kind. Tabitha says they were polar opposites. Tabitha says maybe that is why the school thought they'd make good roommates. Esmeralda says maybe they thought Tabitha could learn from her. Esmeralda and Tabitha both say it was a disaster. Tabitha remembers when they met, it was hate on sight. 

Cue the "Wicked" spoof! A very green and young Tabitha meets a young Esmeralda. They sing a song called Perfect, which is a spoof of both What Is This Feeling and Popular from "Wicked." Basically they sing and dance about how they hate each other. The stage for the musical is the school dorms, almost straight out of "Wicked."

The good witch teachers of course want to hear more about those dear old school days. Tabitha talks about how she wasn't always beautiful, she was awkward for her age. She says Esmeralda was always so popular and had friends. Esmeralda says she could have had friends, but she kept herself cooped up in her room studying, she put people off. Tabitha says she was never popular like Esmeralda. 

Back to the the "Wicked" spoof. They move into the spoof of Popular in which the two try to become friends as Esmeralda tries to change Tabitha. Esmeralda tried to teach her to put herself out there and make friends. Tabitha said she didn't want friends, but Esmeralda said she was so jealous she's turning . . . Esmeralda says oh she's already green. Tabitha cries. Tabitha says she is a big fat green loser. Esmeralda says your not that fat! She thinks it is hard for her rooming with someone perfect. Esmeralda offered to help her become more popular. She tried to make Tabitha look more pretty. She says they have to deal with her being green. Tabitha says he great grandfather was a frog prince who never got kissed. Esmeralda started putting makeup on her to make her not green. 

Back to real time. Tabitha says she was able to use magic to adjust her coloring to a more normal look. Tabitha says it's not easy being green. The good witches ask if she became popular and pretty then? Tabitha says no, they didn't mix. She says she became powerful. Esmeralda says more powerful than any of them. Esmeralda says she was the teachers pet, she learned more about magic . . . black magic . . . than the rest of them put together. Tabitha says it was her way out. Esmeralda says and she found one. 

We then see more Wicked spoofs. Tabitha is in a black witch outfit, she is also no longer green. The students were in class now. They sing Spellbinding which spoof Defying Gravity from Wicked. Tabitha wanted to leave, to be free, to be herself. Esmeralda and the others tried to get her to stay as not to cause trouble. Tabitha left the school, but later they saw one another one more time. Tabitha returned to school to say goodbye, saying she had to seek her fortune elsewhere. Tabitha told Esmeralda that even though she despised her, knowing her changed her for good. Esmeralda agreed and asked for a hug! Tabitha gave her one. 

Back in the present, Tabitha tells Esmeralda that her daughter now wants to be changed for good. Esmeralda says she's trusting her to take care of her daughter? Tabitha knows she can trust Esmeralda more than anyone else. She asks Esmeralda to take care of her daughter, teach her well, she loves her. Esmeralda thinks Tabitha did learn something from her after all. Tabitha says no, she learned love from Timmy and Endora. She asks Esmeralda to teach her, try and change Endora as she did her. Esmeralda promises not to make the same mistakes she did with her. Tabitha says goodbye to Endora, but Endora wants to stay with Tabitha. Tabitha says it's too dangerous to be with her. Tabitha promises to come back for her though. Endora then went with Esmeralda. Tabitha then flies off on a broomstick. In the air she writes Be good Endora, Mummy loves you."

At Tabitha's, the demon elf tells a possessed Fox to kill Miguel. Fox attacks Miguel as Kay screams. She sees the elf and begs him to stop them, but the elf says he's just a wee little elf. Kay is screaming at Fox to leave Miguel alone, he's killing him. Kay asks the elf to help her. He pulls her away and says leave them alone, this is the deal they made to save Jessica. Julian soon shows up and finds them fighting. The elf says this is his cue to leave. Julian tries to stop the fight, but Fox punches his own father! Fox soon snaps out of his possession. The fight ends. Julian asks what happened. Fox says he walked in on Miguel about to make love to Kay. Kay and Miguel admit it is true. Miguel says Kay will divorce Fox and come back to him. Fox says like hell and attacks him again! Julian stops them. He then reveals the truth, Kay made a deal with him, he paid Spike to lie for Miguel and get him out of jail if Kay would stay with Fox. Miguel asks if this is true? Kay says it is, don't hate her. He says she was willing to sacrifice her future for him? He pulls her into a hug. He says he knew she loved him, he just didn't know how much. He thanks her. Julian says save the thank yous. He says Kay broke the deal, all bets are off. Julian says Spike will recant and Miguel will go back to jail. Kay says he can't do this. Julian says she made her bed, lie in it. The demon elf is now very small and dancing Michael Jackson moves on the counter. He's pleased.

Whitney returns home and finds her mom returning from being on call. She was out on a call, she tells Whitney what Spike did to Jessica. Whitney asks if Jessica is okay? Eve says she will be, and Spike is in jail. She does have good news though, Valerie is setting up a meeting with her son. Whitney is so happy for her. Whitney says there may be more good news, Theresa has hope for her and Ethan. She thinks things are looking up. Eve wonders what her son looks like. Whitney says let's hope he takes after her and not Julian. Eve says with any luck he should be good looking, as she already has two stunning daughters. Whitney says now that she has a son she knows how her mom feels. Eve can't believe she'll finally meet her son, and Whitney will have an older brother. Whitney decides to go check on Miles. Eve works on some files, Whitney screams and then returns saying Miles is gone! Eve says as she told her, she had to go out. Whitney asks who she left Miles with? Eve says Chad. Whitney says that degenerate? Eve says Chad is his father. Whitney calls Sam and asks Sam to meet her at the recording studio, her son has been kidnapped. Eve says this is not necessary. Whitney says she has to go protect her son. She storms off, Eve follows. 

Sam, Eve and Whitney arrive at the studio. Chad says Miles is sleeping. Whitney says Chad kidnapped her son. Sam is confused, what is going on with them. Whitney can't believe Sam hasn't heard. She tells Sam that Chad's been on the down low and having an affair with a man. Sam says your gay? Chad of course says no. Whitney wants Chad arrested, but Sam can't. He says Miles is Chad's son, until the court gets involved than this is perfectly legal. Chad says he has a right to see his son. Whitney won't let Miles near Chad, what if one day he walks in on Chad in bed with a man like she did?

At the mansion, Theresa is out cold and Gwen and Rebecca show up to see Ethan and Jared fighting in the living room. They also see Theresa is down. Gwen becomes possessed again as they watch. Rebecca wonders if they should stop this, but Gwen says no. Rebecca says Ethan could be hurt and he is still her husband, but Gwen says not for long. Rebecca tells Gwen to just go out there and get Ethan back. Jared ends up knocked out, the possession ends. He sees Ethan begging Theresa to wake up. Jared asks how he got down here, what happened to Theresa? Ethan says Jared did this to her! Ethan holds Theresa, Gwen just knows that Theresa will divorce Jared and stay with Ethan. Gwen says well the joke will be on Theresa. Rebecca is confused, she asks what that means? Later Rebecca does reveal to Gwen that she may have a lead on JT's missing USB stick. Meanwhile Ethan pushes Theresa to tell Jared about them, but Theresa says no. She wants to wait until the blackmailer is found. Ethan won't, he tells Jared that they love one another and will be together. Ethan says as soon as the blackmailer is caught, he won't hold this secret over Theresa's head anymore. Ethan says then Jared will be gone. Jared says no, he'll find the blackmailer himself first. Theresa realizes then Jared would know the truth and tell Ethan. Rebecca wonders which man Theresa will end up with. Gwen, still possessed, tells her mother that Theresa won't end up with anyone, she will be dead. 

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