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1st Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



March 5, 2007 
At the hospital, Kay is in the hall and has breakfast for Fox. She knows he needs to eat first as he could get nauseous from the treatment. Miguel shows up, he tells Kay he's going to be here, he won't let Fox pull some trick and get away with it. Kay asks how he thinks Fox will pull something? The nurse is giving him the treatment which goes straight into his IV. Miguel says he'll believe it when he sees it. She tells him to just stop. Kay takes Fox his breakfast. She tells Fox that his taking these treatments means the world to her. Fox tells himself it will be a peace of cake, thanks to his father.

Julian runs into Nurse Stevens and asks if everything is going okay? She doesn't like the idea of giving him the placebo. She offers to return the money, she says he can find someone else. He asks if she wants her next of Kin showing up to identify her remains? She says she'll make sure he gets the placebo, she'll put the label from the real treatment on a saline bag. She says hopefully Dr. Russell won't suspect a thing. Julian says Dr, Russell's thoughts are elsewhere. He tells himself that soon Eve will be focused only on their son, not Fox.

Back in Fox's room, Kay asks if he's nervous? He says he is. She tells him how much this time he will buy them means to her. He also says she is so brave. Fox says he can deal with this, he knows he's not alone, after all kids even go through this. A spying Miguel is sure Fox has her snowed. To himself, Fox says it is easy to be brave when he knows the treatment is fake. 

The nurse gets the IV treatment from the pharmacy. The pharmacist mentions how even if Fox could make love after taking this, he'll feel so terrible that he won't want to. The nurse not only takes the real treatment, but the saline one. She puts a fake sticker on it and just hopes nothing goes wrong. 

Later Miguel runs into the nurse, who is carrying a box of treatments. She drops them, Miguel goes to help her pick them all up. The label falls off the bag, she doesn't remember which the fake one is. She says odds are one in thirteen, she's a gambler and can live with those odds. She goes in to see Fox and begins to give him his treatment. She warns him that he may be nauseous, but he says it's worth it to be with Kay and Maria. Miguel is watching and thinks Fox will stop it, but he doesn't. Fox doesn't think the treatment is so bad, but she says he will feel the side effects soon. The nurse leaves to smoke, telling herself that the stress of switching the meds are killing her. Miguel watches and can't believe Fox is going through with it. Fox meanwhile tells himself that Miguel can't say he's faking now. Later Fox is suddenly hit with the side effects. He tells Kay how he feels nauseous all of the sudden. She says it is one of the side effects. He says yeah right. Miguel looks up at the IV drip. Miguel is spying and thinks Fox is just playing this up. To  himself, Fox wonders if the nurse double-crossed father. 

In her office, Eve is on the phone with TC telling him how a man called her claiming to be her son with Julian. She thanks TC for listening, it means the world that she can talk to him about this and he won't get angry. There is a knock at the door, she has to go. Julian shows up to talk to Eve about their son. Julian feels they need to try and find him, together. Eve reminds Julian how mean and cruel he's been to her lately. He says he can use Crane resources to find their son and without Alistair around, they could find him. He says Crane's best researcher will meet them here. In walks Valerie, which Eve is not happy about. Julian says she's the best there is. Eve says if he thinks she is the best then she won't argue. Eve talks with Valerie about how this is important to her. She says she loves her son, but feels guilt over losing him in the first place. Both she and Julian recap how they both had issues with drugs and alcohol back then. She says when she thought Chad was their son, they understood why he hated them. She says as much as they love their son, they are aware that he may hate them more than Chad did. Valerie says she'll keep all that in mind. Valerie leaves, Julian says he's glad she's letting Valerie do this. Eve says she'd make a deal with the devil to find their son, which is what she feels she did. Julian thinks they need to put their animosity of the past few months aside and focus on finding their son. He also says they shouldn't blame one another over their attempt at a fresh start. Eve thinks they shouldn't have tried to fix something that was broken so long ago. Julian says all they can do is wait for news. She can't bare to go through this disappointment again, but he says Alistair and Liz aren't around to interfere this time. He says if that was their son who called, they'll trace the call and find him. Eve just hopes it wasn't a prank. She also hopes if it was their son, that he's doing something that makes him happy. Julian also thanks her for putting aside her personal feelings for Valerie and letting her conduct this search. She says being a doctor lets her do that, which is how she's able to talk to him after the cruel things he said to her when he broke off their engagement. Julian says he had no excuse for how he behaved. He says he was a fool in love when it came to her. Eve says she has to get to her rounds. Eve leaves and Julian says to himself Is it possible that we could end up together after we find our son?

Whitney arrives at the hospital. She gets a call from Chad. He claims he has been at work all morning. He's really at the hotel. He tells her that he didn't want to bother her by waking her up. She says next time leave her a note. She says now that she knows he's okay, she has to go. She is meeting Theresa at the hospital, she is upset about something. They both hope something hasn't happened with Jared. Chad says keep him in the loop. She says she will and she loves him. Chad says he loves her too, only her.

Theresa and Whitney meet up. Theresa tells Whitney that the blackmailer is demanding she marry Jared. Whitney asks what she will do? Don't tell her that she's married Jared. Theresa says not yet, he's sedated. Theresa says she has to though, the blackmailer always knows what she's doing. Whitney asks if she's sure the office was swept for bugs, Theresa says yes Valerie did that. Theresa also tells her that she made love to Ethan last night, it made her realize he is the one she should be with. Theresa also tells Whitney about meeting the blackmailer, sort off. She tells her about the box the blackmailer left and how Ethan almost found out the truth. She says Ethan told her about the divorce, this is how she and Ethan ended up together. She thinks she can finally be with Ethan, but now the blackmailer is forcing her to choose between Ethan and her brother's future. Theresa says her night with Ethan was perfect, but then Luis showed up and reality crashed down on her. She says Ethan had to leave to work on Luis' case. She says after Ethan left, the blackmailer IM'd him and was furious with her. She says the blackmailer told her to marry Jared right away. Whitney is confused, why did Luis come to her for help? Theresa fills her in on Luis' situation. Whitney says Luis running makes him look guilty. Theresa says she knows, she tried to convince him of that. She says Luis feels this is the only way to clear his name. Whitney says Simone thinks Luis killed Rae. Theresa says the killer wants them to think that. She says the real killer is out there somewhere and is dangerous. Theresa can't help but notice how things seem to just be going from bad to worse for all of them.

At the motel, Chad wonders where Vincent is. He finds a note that says "this" should get him in the mood. He finds a DVD player with a video of him and Vincent doing it. Chad says he won't let Vincent ruin his life or his marriage. Later Vincent shows up. Chad tells him how this has to stop, but Vincent says he knows what gets Chad hot. He pushes Chad against the wall and kisses him! Vincent says he wants him so bad. Chad pushes him away, saying stay away from him and Whitney. Vincent says he tried but he can't stay away from him. He says from the looks of things, the feelings from Chad are mutual. He also says he's not the one that keeps coming back to get it on. Chad tells Vincent to stop it all, just leave him alone. Vincent says he can't as he loves him. Chad says he doesn't love him, he never could. He decks Vincent, they fall on the bed fighting. Chad says it's over, get out of his life. Vincent says he can't, he loves him and he knows that Chad loves him too. Chad says he loves Whitney and Miles, they are his life. Vincent says he knows Chad, he can go without him for a few days, but then he'll want to be with him. Chad says shut up. Vincent says Chad knows how it is when he makes love to him. Chad says it's not love, it's just sex. Vincent says he knows love when he feels it, he loves him and can't get enough of him. Chad says no! Chad says he can't do this anymore. He says he loves . . . . Vincent says he knows, he loves Valerie too, but Whitney and Valerie can't give them what they give one another. Vincent and Chad kiss and fall onto the bed. Later as they are doing the deed, Vincent looks over at where he has another camera set up! 

Luis is at the Crane apartment and on the internet. He's trying to find out who has set him up. He gets a call and answers it, it is Theresa asking if he has found anything? Luis says not yet. He thanks her for setting him up with the apartment, he thinks he has everything here to prove he didn't attack Fancy or kill Rae. She says call him if he needs anything. Later Luis calls Ethan, he has a lead on the store where the acid was bought. He thinks all he has to do is clear his name and then he and Fancy can be together. 

Luis sows up at a hardware store and pretends to be a special agent for the FBI. He asks to see the ledger as there may be terrorist activity near Boston, he needs to see his records for hydrochloric acid sales. Luis sees there was only one person to buy it in the past few days, he thinks this isn't possible. The only name on the list is his! Luis thinks this is a mistake, but the man says he checked the ID and it was him. Luis asks if he bought anything else? The store owner says yes, a roll of duct tape. The store owner says he also bought a skeleton key. Luis asks about this guy. The store owner describes him as average looking and nervous, he kept looking around. Luis thanks the owner for his cooperation. Suddenly the police are heard, they tell Luis the store is surrounded and Luis should come out with his hands up. Luis wonders how they knew he was here. The owner pulls out of gun saying he called them. He shows Luis his photo in the paper and says he recognized him when he walked in. He says he should get a big reward for this. 

March 6,  2007

At the hospital, Julian asks Nurse Stevens if everything went as planned with the treatment switch? She says she switched the real treatment on a bag of saline. Julian says so his son won't be given some hideous drug cocktail. The nurse remembers running into Miguel and mixing up all the treatment bags. The nurse assures Julian that she switched the bags herself. He says he doesn't want to think what would happen if he got the real treatment.

In his room, Fox is still sick. Kay says this means the treatment is working. To himself Fox says he was supposed to get a placebo. Kay tells him how this will add weeks or months to his life, that is precious time. Outside, a spying Miguel thinks Fox is faking being sick from the treatment and Kay is buying it. Kay is telling Fox how the medicine is working by killing what is killing him. Kay decides to get him some ice chips to sooth his stomach. She leaves and Fox looks up at the bag. He knows something is wrong, the placebo shouldn't make him feel like this.

In the hall, Miguel tries to convince Kay that Fox is faking this. She says she can't listen to this, Fox is waiting for her. He says Fox is playing her. Miguel won't give up on talking to her. She thinks he has nothing new to say, but he says he'll repeat this over and over until she believes him. He says Fox is not sick. She says he is sick, she has seen it. Miguel says Fox is not dying and that bag is full of water or gin. Kay says so Fox put a catheter in his chest to look the part? Miguel says what can he say, he's crazy. Kay says Fox is sick and is getting sicker, would he go through this just to hold onto her? Miguel says yes, he thinks Fox would rather die then lose her. Miguel suggests the nurse could have been paid off to give Fox saline. She says everything is a conspiracy with him. Miguel says no, everything with the Cranes is a conspiracy. Miguel says Fox is playing her, he may love her in his own twisted way, but it's not the way she should be loved. He knows Kay still loves him and Fox is trying to make her hate him. He says she knows he's not the green eyed monster Fox is making him out to be. He says she loves him, he's the guy she's loved his whole life. He says tell him that she doesn't still love him. She says he lied to him, but he says only once. She tells Miguel to leave her alone and walks off. Miguel chases her down, he won't let this go as he knows she loves him. She says take love out of it, what about trust. He says aside from the fib about the kiss, he's told the truth about everything. He says Fox is the one lying about everything. Miguel says he's lying about the accident and his illness. Kay hears Fox hacking up a lung and runs off.

Julian shows up to see Fox. He tells Fox to drop the act, it's only him. Fox says he's not acting, what is in this stuff? Julian says a harmless placebo. Fox says no way. Julian says the nurse assures she gave him a placebo. Julian says his mind is playing tricks, the power of suggestion. Fox says no, he couldn't be this sick if he tried. Julian says maybe it is nerves. He says he paid that woman to switch them, why wouldn't she do it? Fox says maybe she's incompetent, maybe Theresa paid her more not to. Julian says don't be ridiculous, she switched them. Outside the nurse wonders if she gave him the wrong bag after all. Kay runs in to Fox after hearing him coughing. Fox is throwing up, he hates that she has to see him like this. Kay says she's his wife and won't leave his side. Meanwhile the spying Miguel has the feeling that something isn't right about all of this. 

At the hotel, Vincent tells Chad that was amazing, he is a love machine. Chad tells him to shut up. He rolls over and looks uncomfortable. Chad ends up telling Vincent that it is over between them, for good. He says he hates this and he hates Vincent. Chad gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom. Vincent gets up and checks on his video. He says there is a thin line between love and hate, and this is the proof that Chad loves him. He can't wait to see the look on Whitney's face. Later Chad is dressed, Vincent says Chad can lie to him and lie to himself, but he loves their time together. Chad once again says this isn't love, this is sex. Vincent asks then why isn't he in a bar every night picking up guys? Chad says it is too risky, someone could see him. Vincent says order in, Boston is full of guys who will give lovin for money. Chad says he's not gay and he's not in love with Vincent. Chad says they are through and he is leaving. Vincent stops him. He says if Chad has to lie to himself then fine, but it doesn't mean they have to stop seeing one another. Chad says it does, he can't keep doing this. Vincent tells Chad that he is his and he can't let him go. Vincent tells Chad he's sorry he can't admit how he feels, but he's shown it by what they've given one another. Chad says that is over. Vincent thinks there is no reason they can't keep on doing this. Vincent gets a call from Valerie. He leads her on, saying he's working. He suggests she tell him more about this over dinner tonight. He tells her bye. Vincent tells Chad how Valerie is working on something for Julian, does he know what? Chad doesn't. He tells Vincent to focus on Valerie so he can focus on Whitney. Chad says they are through and walks out. Vincent says Chad is wrong, dead wrong. 

Whitney is bringing Jane and Little Ethan to see Theresa at Crane. Little Ethan loves having Jane and Uncle Ethan living with them, he hopes they stay together forever. Whitney knows Theresa hopes so too. In her office, Theresa is dreaming about Ethan when she gets another message from the Peeper telling her to stay away from Ethan! A man shows up with a delivery for Theresa, she says put it on the table. It turns out it is Ethan, he has a red rose. He then pulls her into a kiss. Ethan says he can't stop thinking about them, they were good together. She says it was good and she thanks him for the roses. Whitney shows up with Jane and Little Ethan. Little Ethan can't wait to show Ethan a magic trick he learned. Ethan takes Jane and Little Ethan does his magic trick, making some balls appear out of air. Theresa talks to Whitney about how this is her dream and the blackmailer is keeping it from coming true. Whitney just wishes Theresa could be happy like her and Chad. Theresa says she can, she'll ignore the blackmailer's threat. Later Ethan tells the kids he wishes they could play all day, but mommy and daddy have to work. Ethan decides to take the kids back to day care on his way to the office. Ethan tells Theresa how great last night was, how it made him realize they can be a real family. Ethan then takes off with the kids. Theresa tells Whitney how Ethan just admitted she was right all along, that they should be a family with the kids. Theresa says it can happen. Whitney says but the blackmailer wants her to marry Jared. Theresa knows. Theresa tells Whitney that the blackmailer says they want Ethan for himself. Whitney says he's gay? Theresa says but Ethan's not. Whitney suggests maybe the blackmailer is a woman? Theresa says well whoever he or she is, they want her to stay away from Ethan. Whitney asks if she can be happy knowing she turned her back on her brothers? Theresa says she'll find a way to help her brothers, she'll take her chance at losing the money and power. She says she can't lose this chance with Ethan and the children. Theresa asks what she's supposed to do, give up on her life with Ethan to help her brothers, or does she follow her heart and hope Ethan can keep her brothers out of prison on his own. Whitney says the decision is all on her. Theresa says maybe she can find another way. Suddenly Pilar shows up. She tells Theresa how Luis has been trapped in a hardware store and there has been a gunshot. Whitney leaves to check the news. Pilar says she can't lose another son. Theresa says Luis will be fine, they have to have faith that everything will work out. Pilar thanks God for Theresa, she is their only hope. Pilar can't believe she is about to say this, but she's glad Theresa married Alistair. Pilar says if she hadn't then she wouldn't have this power and money to help her brothers. Pilar says Theresa is the only one who can help her brothers from meeting a terrible fate. Pilar says had Theresa told Ethan the truth then she would have lost all her power. Pilar says this family's hopes and dreams are resting on her shoulder. She knows this is a terrible burden for her.

Whitney runs into Chad in the hall. She is glad to see him. He says he was at a merger meeting, he's hoping they will agree to his terms. Whitney says she's sure he'll end up on top, he always does! Of course the elevator opens and out walks Vincent. Vincent asks them how they are. Whitney asks how he's doing? He says never better, his day had an amazing start. She wonders if he has a scoop on a hot story? He says his lips are sealed. Vincent asks if they've seen Valerie, but neither have. Vincent thanks Whitney for setting him up with Valerie. He thinks they should all go out to dinner. Whitney likes the idea, she thinks she misjudged Valerie. Vincent heads off and Whitney tells Chad how for a tabloid report, Vincent isn't that bad. 

At the hardware store, Luis has been caught by not only the police, who are surrounding the store, but the clerk. He has a rifle on Luis. Luis says he's innocent, he's being set up. The man says tell it to the jury, he's turning him in and getting a nice reward. The man says he gets the money whether Luis is dead or alive. The cops are outside telling Luis to surrender or die. Luis says he is being set up, the owner has to know he didn't buy the acid or key. The owner says that will come out in court, he just wants his money for turning him in. Luis says so it's nothing personal? The owner says of course not. Luis says neither is this. He dumps over a canister of nails and runs off. The cops show up, the man is out cold on the floor but is okay. The cops tend to the man and then put out a call on Luis, telling everyone he escaped and they can't let him get away. Luis is running around the wharf. He says that was close, now he has to go back into hiding without getting killed. 

Ethan meets up with Luis, who is hiding out in a store room in Crane. Ethan asks Luis what is going on, he's all over the news. Luis fills him in about what happened at the hardware store. Luis tells him not only about almost being caught, but how someone with a fake ID bought the acid. Ethan begs Luis to turn himself in, let him and Theresa help him. Luis says it will take more then Crane money and power to get him out of this. Ethan says not to underestimate the power she has. Luis thinks the only way he'll get out of this is to find out who set him up. Ethan doesn't want Fancy to see him hauled off to jail. Ethan asks if he wants fancy to see him in a body bag? Luis says if he's in jail, he can't clear his name and he won't be able to see Fancy. Ethan tells him not to contact Fancy, she could go to jail if he does and she doesn't turn him in. Luis agrees, he won't contact Fancy. Luis says he just has to find a way that he and Miguel have been set up. Ethan says he believes him, so does Theresa and his family. Ethan says in her heart Fancy knows it too. Luis hopes so. Luis wonders why something always comes in between them and the people they love. Ethan doesn't know, but he hopes he and Theresa will finally be a family. Luis hopes some of Ethan's luck rubs off on him. The peeper, who is spying, says Luis shouldn't bet on it unless he wants to lose. 

Ethan returns to Theresa and Pilar. He lets them know he just saw Luis, he's fine. Ethan says Luis won't turn himself in, he's determined to prove his innocent. Ethan says someone has gone to great lengths to set Luis up, whoever attacked Fancy and murdered  Rae, they've done a first rate job. Ethan says her brothers are lucky to have Theresa in their corner. Theresa says Ethan is a good lawyer, but Pilar says they have to fight fire with fire. Ethan agrees, there is only so much he can do, it will take Theresa's power to clear this up. Ethan says without that power, her brothers could spend their lives in prison. Theresa realizes she's back to square one, she has too choose between Ethan and her brothers. Luis tells Theresa without her to pull strings, Luis could get the death penalty. Ethan says he has to get back to work. Ethan says on a slightly happier note, he wants to talk about their future tonight. Ethan leaves, Pilar decides she should go too. Pilar thanks Theresa for using her powers as Alistair's widow. She says they are all grateful. Pilar then heads out. Theresa wonders why things can't be easy. Whitney shows up to see Theresa. Whitney says she just saw Ethan, he looks so much in love. Theresa asks Whitney to do her a favor, could she be her matron of honor? Whitney asks if she's marrying Ethan? Theresa says no, she is going to marry Jared. Whitney asks what about this being her chance to be with Ethan? Theresa says she has to do what the blackmailer wants. Whitney asks if she is sure? Theresa says she can't be with Ethan at the price of her brother's freedom.

Luis returns to the Crane apartment. He goes to call Fancy to see how she's doing, but he remembers Ethan telling him that he can't do that. Luis hates being cut off from the woman he loves. He gets on the PC and says he'll have to prove he's innocent so they can be together.


March 7, 2007

Luis is at the apartment and wishing he could call Fancy, but he knows he can't. He also wonders how he will clear his name. Luis sees the newspaper articles on the internet. He feels bad, he wants to call Fancy but knows he can't. He thinks Sam probably has her phone tapped. Luis calls her up anyways, but says nothing. He hangs up and says he can't call her until he finds out who did this.

Fancy and Ivy are in Fancy's room and talking. Ivy admits to Fancy that she may have been wrong about Luis being guilty. Fancy asks why Ivy changed her mind? Ivy says the fact that Luis is on the run. She says Luis has always been a boy scout, he was never one to run from his problems. Fancy says now he's a boy scout? She says Ivy thought he was a rapist. Ivy says she is sorry. Fancy says she should apologize to Luis and Pilar. Ivy says she was afraid for Fancy. She says she has had run-ins with Luis in the past, but she knows how Pilar raised those children. She also says the evidence is just too perfect. Fancy says she loves Luis with all heart, but all the evidence points to him as her attacker. Fancy says the evidence is overwhelming, she doesn't know what to think anymore. She says she loves Luis, but part of her isn't sure. Later Fancy's phone rings. She answers it, but nobody says anything. Fancy asks Luis if this is him? It is Luis on the other end. Luis hangs up. Fancy doesn't know if it was him, but says she is scared for Luis.

In the mansion living room, Sheridan is reading the paper, which is about Luis and Fancy. She damns Fancy and says that bitch will get Luis killed. Chris shows up to check on Sheridan. Sheridan apologizes for upsetting Chris last night. She says things have gotten worse, Luis has been arrested and charged with Rae's murder and attacking Fancy again. Sheridan recaps everything with the motel and the acid incident and how Luis is on the run. Sheridan worries that  if Fancy doesn't stop this nonsense then Luis will go to prison for life, or worse. She says if Fancy had just kept her mouth shut then this wouldn't have happened. Chris says Fancy was attacked, she had to say something. Sheridan says nobody believes Luis is capable of this. Chris says except the mayor, the DA and the chief of police, who is his friend. Chris says they need to talk about Luis and how she said she loves him. Sheridan says she's loved Luis for years, she can't just turn that off. She tells Chris that she loves him too, he's given her everything she's wanted, a happy marriage and a family. Chris wonders how happy it can be when she can't give them the time of day. Sheridan says she may have feelings for Luis, but she is committed to him and this marriage. She says they made promises, she will keep them. Chris says this is tough for him, his wife is longing for another man. Sheridan says they both have pasts and people they loved, but they are committed to loving each other in the present and the future. Chris is glad they talked and got past this. He thinks they need to spend some R&R time together. She says that sounds wonderful. He says he'll go make them some lunch. The minute Chris leaves, Sheridan gets on the computer searching for a way to find Luis and help him.

Back at the Crane apartment, there is a knock at the door. Luis worried, only Theresa and Ethan know he's here and they would have called. Luis hides and when the person comes in, he tackles them. As it turns out, the person is Sheridan! Sheridan screams it is her, he tells her that he's so sorry. He asks what she's doing here? She says she was worried sick about him and wanted to make sure he was okay. He asks how she found him? Sheridan says she did some computer searches, that was a dead end. She says then she realized Theresa helped him, and that Crane has these apartments to hide people away when they are visiting. She says this is the third one she checked. He doesn't want her involved in this so he thinks he should go. She says no he can't go. Sheridan says he is safe here, nobody else will find him. He says she did. She says she rented these places out years ago, she knew where to look. Luis says he has to go, if she doesn't tell Sam then she's aiding a fugitive. Sheridan won't do that and says he has to stay. He says he will. She asks if he's eaten. He says no, he's been on the internet for hours. She says he needs to keep up his strength, she'll make him something to eat. He says he'll do what she says, she is the boss. He mentions how he really wants to call Fancy, but Ethan says no. She says Ethan knows he's here? Luis says the less she knows the better. She says fine, but Ethan is right, don't call Fancy. Luis asks why not? She says Fancy may still suspect him, and he does want to catch the real criminal right? Luis agrees not to call Fancy. Sheridan smiles and says by the time she's done, Luis won't even remember Fancy's name.

Back at the mansion, Chris returns for lunch with Sheridan, only to find she is gone. Meanwhile, Fancy and Ivy are in her room still arguing about Luis. Ivy thinks Fancy needs rest, Fancy is too worried about Luis. Fancy tells Ivy that she thinks Aunt Sheridan is the one who attacked her, she's still after Luis. Ivy says she knows Fancy is upset, but to accuse her own aunt. Ivy tells her mother that Sheridan wants Luis back and will stop at nothing until she gets her way. Ivy says these attacks were very vicious, she doesn't think Sheridan is capable of that. Fancy says maybe not, but whoever has done this doesn't want her with Luis. Fancy says she loves Luis so much but even she can't trust him fully right now. She says whoever is behind this then they have succeeded in tearing them apart. 

Later Ivy and Fancy are downstairs in the living room talking. Ivy wishes Fancy would go to bed and take pressure off her leg. Fancy can't rest right now, she's just so worried. Ivy tells Fancy that she'd never tell her not to fight for love, but maybe she should give this a rest until she knows more. Fancy says she can't, the man she loves is the object of a manhunt. Ivy says let the police do their job, but Fancy says she's the police too. Fancy says she has to find Luis. Chris shows up asking if they have seen Sheridan. He says they were supposed to spend the day together but suddenly she's nowhere to be found. Fancy says she makes a habit of disappearing lately. He goes looking around for her. Ivy asks Fancy if she thinks they are together. Fancy says they better not be! 

In her office, Theresa tells Whitney that she will do what the blackmailer wants, she will marry Jared right now. She says the blackmailer shot Jared, she has to marry him and stay away from Ethan. Whitney says fine stay away from Ethan, but don't marry Jared. Theresa says this is what the blackmailer wants her to do. Vincent shows up to talk to Theresa. Theresa says he can speak in front of Whitney. Vincent asks if she met the blackmailer. Theresa says yes, it was complicated, but she couldn't get the stick. Vincent says he has struck out as well, he has no idea who this person is or where they are. Whitney tells Vincent that he hasn't been much help. Vincent says he'll keep looking, but Theresa says don't bother. Theresa has accepted that she has lost. She tells Vincent that she won't be needing his resources anymore. He says if she gives him more information . . . she says no, she doesn't want it on the cover of his paper. She says she'll send him a check, goodbye. Vincent leaves. Whitney can't believe Theresa is going to just throw in the towel and give up. Theresa thinks she doesn't have a choice. She asks Whitney if she'll help her pick out a dress for the wedding? 

Chad comes by to see Ethan at the law firm. Ethan is working hard to try and clear Luis' name. He says this case has taken over his life, he has no time for anything else. He says he tried calling Gwen, she's going ahead with the divorce. He says at least he has a chance to be with Theresa. Chad asks how he moves from Gwen to Theresa without even saying goodbye? Ethan says he's not just bouncing from one to the other, but Chad says it looks that way to him. Ethan says Chad knows this has been driving all of them crazy, at least this triangle has come to an end. Chad says at the expense of his marriage, doesn't that bother him. Ethan says of course it does. Chad says the only reason he was with Gwen was because of his vows. Ethan says he does still love her. Chad says he has a hard time with this being in love with two people. Ethan says his heart went two ways, he's sorry. He says he does love Theresa more though, even though he was legally bound to Gwen. Ethan asks Chad to put the cards on the table, are they talking about him or Chad? Ethan remembers Chad's slip a few months ago when they were talking about adultery. Ethan tells Chad there is nothing he can't tell him. Chad says he knows. Chad says this makes him feel dirty, but he knows he should talk to someone. Chad says when he thought Whitney was his sister and she wouldn't see him, well he met someone who became special to him. He says it's not love though. Chad says the problem is that Whitney came back, and he's been unable to break things off with this other person. He is afraid Whitney will find out and this will kill her. Ethan asks if this woman is threatening him? Chad says this woman . . . heh . . . Chad says it's more than that, he's addicted to sex. He says he's tried to end it, but he can't resist going back. Ethan says he understands, it was like that with Theresa, he just couldn't stay away from her. Ethan says like a moth drawn to a flame, that is how it is when it is your true love. Chad says well the moth always gets destroyed by the flame. Ethan asks Chad if he has ever considered that this other woman is his Theresa, his true love? Chad says no way, it is just sex and nothing more. He says he loves Whitney and he can't lose her, he just doesn't know how to get past this. Vincent then shows up asking if he's interrupting a party? 

Later we see Chad talking to Vincent out in the hall, he tells him to get the hell out of here and never come to his work. He says Vincent has Valerie, isn't that good enough? Vincent says one is good, two is better. He tells Chad that he's not giving him up, or else . . . Vincent says you know those hot home movies he's made, they'd be a hit on the internet. Vincent says or he could send them to Whitney. Whitney shows up and motions to Chad. Vincent thinks he could just tell Whitney now. Chad tells Vincent if he says one word to Whitney about them then he will kill him. Whitney approaches them, Vincent suggests to Whitney that they go grab a cup of coffee. Chad says she can't, she needs to give Miles his lunch as he can't because he has too many things to do with work. He says he's sorry to drop this on Whitney, Whitney tells Chad she doesn't mind. She tells Vincent that she'll take a rain check on the coffee, she'd love to hear some dirt on the rich and famous. Vincent says he specializes in the Cranes. Whitney thinks she has the inside scoop and knows everything. He says she'd be surprised. Whitney leaves and Vincent tells Chad he got lucky . . . this time. 

Chad goes back to talk to Ethan, who was on the phone. Ethan tells Chad he doesn't like Vincent, he doesn't trust him. Ethan asks Chad what his take on the guy is? Chad says he tries not to think about Vincent. Ethan has some advice for Chad. Ethan says if Whitney is his true love then get rid of the other woman. Chad wishes it was that easy . . . he tells himself he wishes it was another woman. Back in the hall, Vincent asks Whitney to do dinner with him and Valerie. She thinks she and Chad need to get out more, so she accepts. They make plans for that night. She thinks Chad will be very excited. 

Theresa goes to the hospital to see Jared. The nurse tells Theresa not to upset Jared too much, and she tells Jared to keep quiet! Theresa can see Jared is feeling better. To herself she says he almost lost his life because of her, now she's hurting him even more. He asks if she has changed her mind and wanting to call off the engagement? She asks why he would think that. He says a crazy dream. He says any guy who is lucky to have her in his life would be terrified of losing her. She says she loves him and wants to marry him. He says he wants to marry her too. Jared is worried though, every time they are about to be together, Ethan shows up and pulls her away. Theresa says that is over, Ethan is her past and he is her future. He asks about the blackmailer, Theresa says she still doesn't know who it is. Jared says as soon as he's out of this bed he will get back to investigating. She says no, she doesn't want him to do that. She says she's done with it. Jared thought she was concerned with it all. Theresa remembers the blackmailer's threats to destroy her family. Theresa tells Jared the memory stick means nothing to her anymore. She says she wants to spend her life with him and forget about the past. Jared says as soon as he's up and able to walk down that aisle, they will get married. She says she doesn't want to wait, she wants to marry him here, tonight! 


March 8, 2007
At Tabitha's, Miguel is with Pilar. Pilar has been looking after Maria for him while he was out. Pilar asks if he made headway with Kay. Miguel says no, she believes Fox. Miguel knows it's all a story and he says some how he will prove it. Miguel begins recapping the accident and Fox's dying routine. Miguel thought Fox would turn down those nasty treatments, but at the last minute he took them. Pilar asks why he'd do that? Miguel thinks they are faking his treatments, he could be faking being sick. Miguel says it just looks so real. Miguel then realize their could have been a mix-up and he got the real treatment.

At the hospital, Fox is burning up and still sick. He feels like he's dying. Kay says if it buys him the extra time then it is worth it. Fox suggests she go, there is nothing more she can do for him. She says her place is with him. He asks her to get some juice for him, also get the nurse for him. Nurse Stevens comes in and Fox grabs her by the arm. He demands to know what she did to him. He says he was supposed to have been given a placebo, but he's sick as a dog. He asks if she's trying to kill him? He says she blew it, she gave him the real treatment. The nurse says he got a harmless treatment, his symptoms are psychosomatic. Fox says he'd hate to be in her shoes if she screwed up. She asks if that is a threat? Fox says if she hurt him then he will hurt her. Kay shows up and asks what Fox is doing? The nurse says it's a side effect of the medication, a muscle spasm that is all. Kay says she didn't know. The nurse leaves and Kay asks Fox something. She asks if he was positive Miguel was driving that car? He says Miguel did try to kill him and deserves to be punished. He says Miguel could try again. Kay says she's sorry, she doesn't mean to upset him. Fox says this is a stressful time for them all. He wants her to go home, but she won't. He makes a deal with her, she stays with him until he falls a sleep and then she can go home and sleep in her own bed. She says okay. She lays on his chest. He says he loves her . . . Mrs.. Crane. Kay says she loves him too.

Kay returns home and finds Miguel sitting up. Kay tells Miguel that she's tired, she doesn't have the energy to argue. He says he doesn't want to argue with her. She asks then what he wants? He says he wants her, he loves her. He says he will never stop loving her, never. Miguel then kisses Kay! 

At the mansion, Fancy is on the PC searching for Luis by tracing his credit cards, but nothing pans out. Chris returns, he says he heard something her mother said earlier and now it's driving him crazy. Chris asks Fancy if Sheridan and Luis are together? Fancy says if Sheridan is with Luis then she will kill her! Chris thinks she doesn't need to threaten Sheridan. Fancy says all Sheridan has done since giving her permission to date Luis is come between them. Chris says she is wrong, he had a talk with Sheridan, she loves him and not Luis. Fancy says if Sheridan is with Luis then she bets she has her grubby hands all over him. She continues lashing out at Sheridan, she thinks Sheridan is with Luis right now and trying to seduce him. Fancy then remembers why Chris just said he came back here. She says he doesn't want to admit it, but he thinks Sheridan is with Luis too. Chris admits it is what he thinks. She sees it is getting to him. Chris says he talked with Sheridan, she says she does love him . . . though she admitted she still love Luis. Fancy says she knew it! Chris says she loves Luis like he loves his first wife, there is still a bond, but they have move on. Fancy says his eyes say otherwise, he knows the truth as much as she does. Fancy says Sheridan is a scheming bitch! He says stop calling his wife names, she doesn't deserve it. Fancy says come on! She thinks Chris should be furious that Sheridan has feelings for Luis. Chris says he loves her and will do anything to keep Sheridan in his life. He says nothing she can say will change his opinion of Sheridan. Fancy says so while Sheridan serves cake to Luis, he's willing to eat crumbs? Chris says nothing she can say will make him stop loving Sheridan, and nothing Sheridan can say will stop Luis from loving Fancy. Fancy mumbles Pretty. Chris asks why she looks upset? Is there something Sheridan could say to Luis to make him stop loving her? 

At the Crane Apartment, Luis makes calls, posing as an FBI agent, to find out new developments on the case. He gets no where, but Sheridan knows he will find the truth as she's seen him in action before. He says she always knows what to say. They end up leaning in for a kiss! Of course it turns out to be a dream of Sheridan's. Sheridan is still making food for Luis as she has this dream. Luis tells Sheridan that he's been thinking and she should leave, right now. Luis says she is in danger here and needs to go. She says he just doesn't listen to her. She says she is fine with this, nobody will find them here. She won't leave him. He says he's a wanted man, imagine the scandal if they were arrested. She says if she gets a flat tire it makes the news. She says she's not afraid of scandal. She says she is staying here to help him and support him, end of discussion. He says she really is something. Sheridan says she will cook for him, clean for him, do all his errands so that he can keep his eye on the big picture. Luis says yes, so he can clear his name and be with Fancy. To herself Sheridan says the big picture is making him forget about Fancy. They talk about Fancy, Luis is glad she stopped him from calling Fancy. Sheridan admits she made mistakes with Fancy. He says she accused Fancy of faking the attacks, why would she do that? Sheridan says it is just something from the past. Luis thinks something happened between her and Fancy and he wants to know what happened. Sheridan says it's water under the bridge and she's said too much already. She smiles to herself though. Sheridan thinks they shouldn't discuss why Petty doesn't come home. He asks what this has to do with Pretty? Sheridan says there goes her big mouth. Luis says he wants to know what happened between them to make Sheridan to jump to conclusions about Fancy. Sheridan says she has said too much and it was a long time ago. She says Fancy and Pretty had issues, there was always two sides to the story and she can't judge. Luis wants answers. Sheridan says she won't say anything else. Sheridan says she's sure Fancy will tell him everything. Luis wants Sheridan to tell him now, what happened between Fancy and Pretty?

At the hospital, Jared is shocked to learn that Theresa wants to marry him now. She says she'll call the judge, he will come down and marry them immediately. To herself she hopes Ethan will forgive her, she doesn't have a choice. Theresa makes call to Judge Reilly about when he can be here. Jared stops her. He says she says she wants to get married, but she acts like she's walking the plank. He asks what is wrong? He asks why she doesn't seem like a bride? Theresa flashes to the Peeper's IM's to her about Ethan and how Ethan was theirs. Theresa mumbles Ethan's name. Jared becomes upset, he says she still wants to marry Ethan? Why does she keep leading him on. She says it's not like that. She says she's not sad. She says she only mentioned Ethan's name as she was to marry him, but something stopped them at the last minute. Jared says nothing will stop them, if she wants to get married tonight then call Judge Reilly. She says she does, so she calls him.

Judge Reilly is in his office counting his bribes. He gets a call from Theresa, his best customer. Theresa asks if he could come to the hospital. He asks if she is ill, does she need a will? Theresa says no, she wants to get married. 

Theresa tells Jared that Reilly will be here soon. She suggests Jared rest until he gets here. Jared says he loves her and will make her very happy. 

At the Crane building, Whitney and Vincent talk. Vincent suggests they go to the Seascape and wait for Chad and Valerie to meet them, they can call them from there. Whitney agrees. She says she thinks this double date will be just what Chad needs. Vincent admits he likes having this alone time with her, he has something important to talk to her about.

In Ethan's office, Ethan is still lecturing Chad. He says if he doesn't want to lose Whitney then lose this other woman. Chad says he's tried. Chad says he doesn't want to talk about it, but Ethan says he can't burry his head in the sand with this one. He says love is the only thing that will get him through this. He says he wishes he realized that years ago, it would have saved a lot of pain. He says he knows now he loves Theresa and she is the one he belongs with. Ethan asks if this woman will really tell Whitney the truth, is she that vindictive. Chad says vindictive is the word, he thinks this woman could do it.

Vincent and Whitney go to the Seascape. Valerie and Chad of course haven't shown up. Whitney decides to call them, but Vincent has a better idea. He has a waiter take a photo with his cameraphone and decides to send it to them. Whitney asks Vincent what he wanted to talk to her about. Vincent says love, two people in love, but one doesn't know it yet. She doesn't know what he means. Vincent says what he has to say may shock her. She asks if he is speaking of Valerie. He says no, he is in love with someone else. Whitney asks who this other woman is?

Later Chad gets a text from Whitney asking him to do dinner with Valerie and Vincent at the Seascape. He says not a chance. He then gets a message from Vincent, a photo of him with Whitney at the Seascape! 

Chad shows up at the Seascape demanding what is going on? Vincent says he was just about to tell Whitney about the person he loves, or he could tell her. Whitney asks how Chad knows who Vincent is in love with? Whitney explains that Vincent loves someone and it's not Valerie. Vincent says she misunderstood, Valerie is the only woman he loves. Whitney doesn't understand. Vincent says before Valerie he had another love, a dream of a woman. However when he met Valerie, she pushed that dream woman out of his heart and became the woman of his dreams. Vincent says that must be what have happened when Chad met her. Chad says Whitney is the only person in his heart and the only person he loves. Whitney and Chad kiss, she then excuses herself for a second. Chad tells Vincent if she tells Whitney then he will choke him. Vincent tells Chad that he can't stop him, he will make sure Whitney finds it at just the right time. 

Whitney sees Theresa walk in. Theresa says Jared is sleeping, she came here for a drink. Theresa explains Judge Reilly is coming to the hospital and they are about to get married. Whitney asks if she's sure about this, has she talked to Ethan. Theresa says no, he'd talk her out of it. She just hopes Ethan doesn't find out until after this wedding.

Meanwhile, Ethan calls up Judge Reilly to talk to him. He needs to know if the Judge has ruled on his motions. Reilly says he's seen them, but that is all he's seen. He's hinting for a bribe. Ethan says good law speaks for itself. Reilly says he will bring the paper work to the hospital later. Ethan asks why? Reilly assumed he'd be at the wedding. Ethan asks what wedding? Reilly thought he'd knew given how close he is to the bride. Ethan asks who he's marrying? Judge Reilly says Theresa and Jared.


March 9, 2007
At Tabitha's, Miguel and Kay are kissing one another. She ends up pulling away and slapping him! Once again they begin having the same argument about Charity and Fox. Miguel insists Fox is not dying. Kay again asks where the proof is? She says she's never seen any evidence that Miguel is the one telling the truth. Kay says Miguel claimed Fox wouldn't take the treatments, but he is. She tells Miguel that Fox isn't faking it, he's sick and she's tired of his Crane conspiracy theories. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and wants to be with her. He says he  thinks she wants to be with him too. Miguel says his mom pointed out the truth to him tonight, in a few months they will know if Fox is lying or not. Miguel says bottom line, whether Fox dies or is proven a liar, he will be here for her and they will end up together. Miguel keeps going on about Fox lying to her, she can't want to spend her life with a man who did that to her. Kay cries, she doesn't want to be the kind of person who cheats on her spouse. Miguel says it isn't cheating if he's the one she loves. He says they are meant to be together. She says no, whether Fox lives or dies, they won't be together. Miguel asks why not, he loves her. Kay cries that she doesn't want him to go to jail, but she can't see him anymore. She says even if Fox dies it is over between them. She tells Miguel to just go. Miguel says if that is what she really wants. Miguel walks out as Kay cries that she loves him. 

At the mansion, Chris asks Fancy if there is something that Sheridan can tell Luis to make him stop loving her? Fancy wonders if Pretty will ever stop haunting her. She says she doesn't care what Sheridan says to Luis, she just wants to find them. Chris asks where Luis could go to hide, he'd want to stay close to Harmony to keep investigating. Fancy doesn't know where he'd hide. They talk about where Sheridan could hide him. She doubts he's on the grounds. Chris asks what about the Crane industrial park? She says if he is there then Theresa is helping him, she has the keys to the kingdom. Fancy realizes that is it, Theresa is the one who hid him. Chris says Sheridan would do anything to help Luis too. Fancy says Sheridan would have to cut through red tape, Theresa has easy access. Chris says supposing she's right, she thinks Theresa hid Luis and Sheridan found out? How? Fancy says the same way they will find out, through the Crane database. As Fancy works, Chris continues to try and convince Fancy that Sheridan is over Luis and only loves him as a friend. Fancy says whatever floats his boat. He says she'll see, if they find them together. Fancy is hungry, so Chris heads to get some sandwiches he made earlier. Fancy tells herself that Chris can believe what he wants, if Sheridan is with Luis then it isn't as an old friend. She starts thinking about what all Luis would need, as she adds it all up she knows where he is. She realizes he must be in one of the VIP apartments. She thinks she can't tell Chris, she'll be better doing this on her own. She says she is coming, and when she gets there, God help Sheridan. She gets the addresses, but lies to Chris and claims she couldn't find anything. Fancy claims she's not hungry any more and is going to bed. Fancy goes upstairs and Chris looks suspicious. He goes to the laptop to see what Fancy was looking at. He finds what Fancy found and wonders if that is where Sheridan and Luis are. 

At the apartment, Luis asks Sheridan what happened between Fancy and Pretty, what happened that made her doubt Fancy and the attacks. Sheridan keeps saying that she's said too much. Luis says if it has to do with Fancy then he wants to know. Sheridan says it's more about Pretty, it's just the usual sister competition thing. Sheridan suggests they drop it. Sheridan feels so bad for lashing out at Fancy, she hopes she can make it up to her. Luis says they've always been so close, he's sure they'll work this out. Sheridan hopes so, she just wants what is best for Fancy. Luis says he knows. To herself, Sheridan starts saying how by the time they get out of here, Luis won't want to be with Fancy. Sheridan asks Luis what drew him to Fancy? Luis says she's quirky, smart, has a great sense of humor, she surprises him. He says one minute she has her act together, the next she's very vulnerable. Luis says in a way, Fancy reminds him of Sheridan. Sheridan says that is funny. She says when she thought Luis was dead and she met Chris, he reminded her of Luis. Luis says wow. Luis says he never knew that. Sheridan says she never thought about it until now. Sheridan says it's almost as if they can't quit each other, just like that cowboy movie. Luis says no matter what happens they are a big part of each other's lives. She thinks it is amazing they have stayed so close and such good friends. Sheridan says she needs to get back to making their dinner. She heads to the kitchen area where she makes some soup. She ladles some of it onto her shirt and then pretends she spilled it all over and burned herself. Luis of course rushes to her rescue. Then she begins crying about Marty and how much she misses him. As Luis hugs her, she is smiling! Sheridan goes on about how she always thought they would be together, they'd have the house with the yard. She says they were supposed to have that. She says she's being selfish, she has those things with Chris and James. She says she wants that for Luis too. She says she has done awful things, she told Fancy that she was wrong for Luis and would only hurt Luis. Luis says now he knows why Fancy was upset. Sheridan says she's so ashamed of herself. She says she only wanted to protect him. Luis forgives her, he just wishes she hadn't said those things. She tells Luis how sorry she is about Marty. Luis says it wouldn't have happened if he listened to her. Sheridan knows it is Alistair and Beth's fault. Luis says he thinks about Marty every day, he thinks about him so much that it makes him ache. They hug again. Sheridan says when she looks into his eyes, she sees Marty's. She thinks she never should have sent Luis away, he almost died. She says she should have gone with him. She says he blames himself for it, but she is the one to blame. She says she never loved another man like him. She says if she stayed with him then she would not have met Chris. Luis says they could both be dead. She says then they'd be with their son and each other, for all eternity. Luis wonders how it all fell apart. She says it shouldn't have. Luis and Sheridan then move in and kiss! 

At the Seascape, Chad orders Vincent to leave, now. Vincent says he's the one calling the shots. Vincent says if he wants to tell Whitney about their affair then he will. Chad becomes upset, but Vincent suggests he not draw attention to them having a lovers quarrel. Vincent tells Chad that he should be nice to the person who loves him. Chad again says this isn't about love, this was sex. Vincent says if it was only one night and he was high, maybe, but Chad came back night after night. Chad says it was wrong, he's ashamed of what they did. Vincent isn't and would love to shout out to the world about their love. Chad tells him to keep his mouth shut about this. Vincent says he will if Chad admits that he loves him, he won't tell anyone about them. 

Whitney and Theresa are talking about the wedding. Whitney still thinks Theresa should tell Ethan the truth. Theresa can't as she can't risk her brother's future. Whitney thinks Ethan can get them off without the Crane money and power, but Theresa says Ethan says he can't. Theresa checks her phone, it is dead. She's glad, she doesn't want to hear from Ethan tonight as she might not be able to go through with what she has to do. She says she just has to hope when her brothers are free that she can explain this to Ethan. Whitney says she'll already be married to Jared. Whiney thinks Theresa needs food, she should join them. They then see Chad and Vincent talking intensely. She wonders what they are talking about.

Whitney approaches the boys as she overhears a little of what Vincent is saying about telling Whitney. Whitney asks what they have to tell her? Chad says he'll tell her at home. He says Valerie isn't showing up and he isn't in the mood for dinner. Vincent thinks they don't have to go. Whitney says she was looking forward to dinner and Theresa is joining them. Whitney says besides, she wants to know what they were saying. Vincent makes excuses and says he's been worried about him and Valerie, he thinks Valerie is seeing someone else. Whitney doesn't think so, Valerie is always going on and on about how much she likes him. Vincent asks then why she isn't here? Whitney doesn't know. She says it is awful thinking the one you love is involved with someone else. She admits she thought Chad was involved with someone else, but he wasn't. She says it's awful having doubts like that. Vincent understands, there is no room for three in a relationship. Vincent says that is what they were talking about. Whitney thought only woman had conversations about love. Vincent says no, they were just discussing listening to their hearts and not their lives. Vincent says if people would stop worrying about what others think then the world would be a better place. Whitney agrees. She asks Chad if he agrees? 

Later Theresa has to go, so Whitney drives her to the hospital. She insists Chad stay and have a drink with Vincent. After they leave, Vincent says even Whitney wants them to be together. Chad says what they shared was sex, not love, and it won't happen again. Vincent says Chad said that before. Vincent says the sex is great, but he comes back because he loves him. Chad says no, that is sick and perverted. Vincent says one day Chad will have to face his real feelings. Vincent says love is love, no matter how inconvenient it is. Chad becomes upset and throws some glasses across the restaurant. 

At the hospital, a nurse is trying to convince Jared to get some rest. He says he can't, his fianc is coming tonight to get married. Ethan walks in, he's not happy about this. Jared says he told him the best man would win and now Tess will be his wife. The nurse tells Ethan that visiting hours are over and he should come back tomorrow. Jared says it's okay, they have a lot to talk about. The nurse leaves them. Jared tells Ethan that he is marrying Tess, he needs to accept that. Jared says he'll be a part of Jane's future, they don't want their issues to affect her. Ethan says he won't be a part of Jane or Theresa's life, he's not marrying Theresa! Jared says get over it. Jared tells Ethan it is time for her to leave, but Ethan gets in his face and yells he's not marrying Theresa. Jared says yes he is, they are getting married tonight and there is nothing Ethan can do about it. Ethan leans over his bed asking how he got Theresa to be with him? Jared says he offered her a lifetime of happiness, she knows he won't cheat on her. As Jared gets worked up, yelling at Ethan how he's so arrogant, Jared has a hard time breathing. All the monitors are beeping. The nurse comes running in, she calls a code blue! Jared is having trouble breathing. 

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the hospital. Whitney is asking Theresa if she is really sure about this? Theresa is. She says she'll do what the blackmailer wants 


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