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2nd Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



March 12, 2007 

At Tabitha's, Kay is upstairs in her room with Maria. She's angry about Miguel's attitude and says she has to keep her word, she is Fox's wife. She looks at a photo of herself, Miguel and Maria. Maria says "Daddy!" Kay continues to feel torn.

Meanwhile Tabitha is in the kitchen making a batch of Martimmies when Miguel storms in. Tabitha wonders what she has to do to get some peace and quiet. Miguel has had it with Kay, who has told him it's over. He tells Tabitha that he's going to go find and marry Charity. Tabitha freaks out and says he can't do that! She decides to change his mind and give him some of her old lusty love potion. She sits him down and tells him to drink a bit. He takes a little sip and yells "Woah!" He rips his shirt off and says "I need woman!" She says that is right, go see Kay. Miguel says forget Kay, he wants Charity. He yells "I'm coming for your Charity and I'm going to make love to you all night long when I find you!" As he's leaving, Tabitha jumps on his back and is riding him like a horse! She ends up bonking him on the head with a frying pan to try and stop him. Kay eventually comes in and hears a dazed Miguel saying he wants Charity. Kay is stunned that he has gone back to Charity so quickly. She storms off. Tabitha thinks Kay needs some of her potion.

Tabitha heads to Kay's room with the potion and gives it to Kay. She rips off her shirt and stands there in her bra. She says she wants man! Tabitha says yes, Miguel! She locks Kay in her room and returns to Miguel to give him another sip of the potion. Instead of Charity, this time Miguel wants Tabitha! He pulls Tabitha into a kiss! Later she convinces him that it is Kay he wants and he sends her up to her room. Tabitha watches in the bowl as Miguel heads for Kay's room. In her room Kay is on her bed kissing her pillow and saying she wants Miguel. Soon Miguel arrives.

At the hospital in Fox's room, Julian shows up as Fox called him. Julian asks Fox what is going on? Why did he call him and demand he come over? Fox flashes his father and says "nothing is going on!" He insists he was given the real treatment, but Julian says it is impossible. Fox says he's been puking his guts out like "The Exorcist." Julian says it is all psychosomatic, his head is causing him to have the reactions to the fake treatment that he would have to the real one. Fox doesn't think so, but Julian doesn't believe the nurse gave him the real treatment, why would she? He says maybe it was something Fox ate that has made him ill. Fox admits Kay did bring him breakfast before the treatment. Julian is sure some idiot in the cafeteria didn't wash his hands, that is all. He leaves Fox, who ends up finding out his hair is falling out. He knows he's been given the real treatment. 

Theresa and Whitney are talking at the hospital. Theresa tells Whitney that she has to marry Jared and can't be with Ethan. Ivy shows up and says this is music to her ears. She can't believe Theresa will finally be out of Ethan's life. They begin arguing, throwing insults back and forth. Ivy thinks Theresa should have got what was coming to her long ago. Theresa reminds Ivy she never really got what was coming to her for destroying Sam and Grace's marriage.

The nurse shows up as Jared is unable to breath. She calls a code blue, but Jared calms down, so she cancels it. She realizes he just hyperventilated, that was all. She demands Ethan leave Jared. Jared continues to say he will marry Theresa tonight.

Ivy runs into Ethan in the hall. He doesn't want Theresa to marry Jared. Ivy begs Ethan to just let Theresa go. Ivy says Theresa has been a thorn in his side since she first dumped paint on him at the carnival. Ivy thinks he should be with Gwen, but Ethan says Gwen sent him divorce papers. Ivy says she honestly can't believe it took Gwen so long. Ivy says they all know he loves Theresa, even Gwen, and that he only stayed with her out of some misguided sense of loyalty. She begs Ethan to forget about both Gwen and Theresa and start over.

Theresa talks with Whitney, who convinces Theresa that maybe she should be with Ethan after all. Theresa goes in to see Jared. As she's about to tell Jared that she wants to be with Ethan and can't marry him, her phone rings. She thinks that is odd, her battery was dead earlier. She gets a message from the blackmailer telling her to keep her mouth shut and marry Jared. Theresa can't believe this, neither can Whitney. Theresa has no choice and tells Jared she can't wait to marry him when the judge gets here. 

Fancy walking around the docks searching Crane properties for Sheridan and Luis. She is on the phone with Esme, telling her that she better untie Charles or Camilla will kill her. Fancy has a few more apartments to check, she says she better not find her aunt Sheridan with Luis or God help her. She makes a call to an apartment . . . 

At the apartment, Luis and Sheridan are kissing. Luis tells Sheridan he wants her so much, she says she wants him too and everything she's done has been worth this. The phone rings and Luis stops kissing Sheridan. He says they can't do this, they can't betray Chris and Fancy. She says they aren't! He goes to the phone and is so glad it is them. Sheridan is furious, she thinks it is Fancy. It is only a guy helping Luis with his search. As Luis is talking, Sheridan cleans up the kitchen and then decides to head to the shower.

Sheridan is in the shower when Luis shows up! Of course it turns out to be a Passions dream. She thinks if she could get him in here then he would forget about Fancy. She calls out to him, saying she thinks she broke the faucett. The door opens and she smiles. She tells him to take his clothes off otherwise he'll get wet. She hands a washcloth over her shoulder and says he should use that so he doesn't burn himself on the hot faucet. We see the washcloth washing her back. Sheridan says "Luis join me in the shower!" She turns around only to find Fancy standing there! Fancy says "You scheming bitch!" 

March 13,  2007

At the apartment, Fancy catches Sheridan in the shower, thinking she was Luis and inviting her in. She calls her a scheming slut, she was trying to lure Luis in the shower to seduce him. Fancy says Chris is out looking for her and here she is seducing Luis. She says Sheridan came here to destroy Luis' love for her and she'll prove to Luis what she's been up to. Sheridan tells her no she won't! Fancy goes looking for Luis, but he's not there. Sheridan, now in a robe, is arguing with Fancy in the living room. Fancy wants Sheridan to stop coming between her and Luis. Sheridan tells Fancy if she loves Luis then stay out of his life, she knows what she's like. Sheridan says Luis has known nothing but grief since she went after him. Fancy says she didn't go after him, they fell in love. Sheridan says she is only here to protect Luis from her. Fancy says bull, she wants Luis back and is afraid of him loving anyone more than her. Sheridan calls Fancy a fool, Luis will never love anyone more than her. She says Fancy has ruined Luis life and she knows it. Luis shows up, he sees Fancy is here. He also heard the yelling. He asks what is going on here? Luis says he was meeting with a contact and could hear them from the hall. He says this was supposed to be a hideout. Sheridan says Fancy just got emotional but everything is fine. Fancy says no it's not. She says Sheridan was in the shower, she snuck in here and was waiting for him. Luis says he knew Sheridan was here. Fancy wonders what is going on between them? What has she interrupted? Luis says nothing is going on here. Luis says Sheridan came by and cooked him a dinner. Fancy asks how Sheridan knew he was here? He says she figured it out like she did. Fancy says she was still in the shower naked. Sheridan says she spilled something on herself and had to clean up. Luis swears nothing has gone on here. He says Sheridan has been talking about her the whole time, about how they were always so close and misses that. Fancy says she bets she was. Sheridan says Fancy used to be so sweet, she was always asking her for advice. Fancy says Sheridan doesn't give a damn about her, she's just doing this to build herself up in his eyes. Fancy says Sheridan doesn't want them to be together, he has no idea what she's done to keep them apart. Luis says he does, Sheridan admitted everything she's done to him. He explains everything Sheridan told him, all the bad things she said. Luis says Sheridan was only acting out of concern for both of them. He says she went a little overboard, but Sheridan does love Fancy and is sorry she hurt her. Fancy says wow, Sheridan is really really good. Fancy says she thought her mother was the master manipulator, but Sheridan has her beat. Fancy says Sheridan would make Grandfather and her father very proud. Fancy applauds her and says they all thought Alistair was dead, but presto change-o, he's been in disguise as his daughter. Luis says Sheridan is nothing like her father. Fancy says it's in her blood. She says Sheridan has always had her way but now she can't because she is in the way. Fancy says Sheridan wants Luis and it doesn't matter who she has to hurt or destroy to get him. Fancy tells Luis that Sheridan is snowing him, she's trying to ruin her in his eyes. Sheridan cries that Fancy is being so cruel. Fancy calls her the tragedy queen and says she knows this is true, she doesn't care who she hurts in the process, including Chris and her son. Sheridan tells Fancy that lashing out at her will only have disastrous results in the end. Sheridan says this is like what happened between her and Pretty. Fancy tells her aunt not to go there again. Luis says the past with Pretty has been coming up a lot. Luis asks Fancy what happened between her and pretty? 

At the hospital, Julian asks Ethan why he's here? Ethan says he's here to talk to Theresa. Julian says he's never understood the pull she has on him as Theresa is big trouble. Ethan says he loves her and she loves him, Julian wouldn't understand it. Julian says if he insists on digging his own grave then now is the time to do it. Julian says he heard Gwen left him. Ethan says yes, she's divorcing him. Julian says then he's free to marry Theresa. Ethan says yes, but she's marrying Jared Casey tonight. Julian says like he said, she is trouble. Ethan says he just doesn't understand. Ethan says there is a reason she's marrying Jared. Julian gives him some ex-fatherly advice. He says Theresa always has an agenda, she is worthy of the name Mrs. Alistair Crane. Ethan says Julian doesn't know her, she loves him. Julian asks then why is she marrying Jared? Julian says God help them all when the truth about Theresa's scheme comes out.

In Jared's room, Jared tells Theresa that she makes him so happy. He asks if she's happy, she says she is. He says she still seems sad. Theresa says she's an emotional girl, she cries all the time. Whitney vouches for this one, she does cry all the time and everywhere. Theresa swears these are tears of joy. Eve comes in and says she heard what they are planning. Eve says there will not be a wedding here tonight. Eve says the groom is laying in a bed, he almost died, he's weak and can't stand the strain. Eve says she heard he hyperventilated earlier, he had trouble breathing. Jared swears he is fine, he feels much stronger. She says he doesn't sound it. He says what would make him stronger is to marry Theresa. Eve says just wait a week or two. Theresa says they can't! Eve doesn't know why they can't wait. They say they want to marry tonight. Eve says it will be with out her permission. 

Eve talks with Whitney in private and asks what is going on here, why is Theresa insistent on having this wedding? Whitney says nothing is going on, they just want to marry. Eve says this wedding, even a wanted one, it is stress. She then confronts Theresa, she knows she is up to something. She doesn't know what they are doing, but she resents them doing it in her hospital. She says Theresa forcing Jared into this wedding is the ultimate selfishness. Eve then storms off. Theresa shows up at the tail end and thinks Eve hates her. Whitney says no, she's just worried. Theresa asks what she does, if she postpones the wedding then the blackmailer will think she's stalling. She says she has to help her brothers. Julian shows up at this point. He begins laying into Theresa over her brothers. He tells her that he knows she is helping Luis run, but he will be found and will pay for what he did to his daughter. Julian says the DA is out for the death penalty. Julian swears he will make sure both her brother's pay for what they've done to his family. She says she can fight harder than him. He says she'll need every ounce of power she's pilfered from his family. Julian says he'll do what he has to in order to see her brother's put away for good, or worse. Julian walks off and Theresa says she has no choice, she has to marry Jared. Theresa admits it is Ethan she wants to be with, but she has to give him up because of the blackmailer. Whitney says if anyone can do this then it is her. Theresa is just glad Ethan isn't here to know this. Ethan then walks in and says he already knows. He asks why she is marrying Jared, he thought she wanted to marry him.

Whitney leaves Theresa to talk with Ethan. Ethan doesn't know why she's doing this. She says she's marrying Jared. Ethan says last night they were everything to one another. He demands to know why. He says they can finally be together and now she's ready to run off and marry another man. She says she loves Jared and is marrying him. Ethan says they made love and it was better than it has ever been. She says forget about last night and let her go. Ethan says he can't, he can't let her do this to them. She says she has to do this. He demands the truth. She says the truth is that she is marrying Jared and loves him. Ethan says no, he's the man she's fated to be with, he's the man she wants. Ethan then pulls Theresa into a kiss. Theresa pulls away and says she can't do this, she loves Jared. She claims she doesn't love him anymore. Ethan says she is lying. Theresa says their love is gone, there has been too much hurt and pain. She says she did soul searching and it is Jared she wants to be with. He says don't to this to them. He says she's made mistakes, but don't do this. Ethan walks off as Theresa cries she has no choice. 

Whitney goes to see Jared. She says the chauffer showed up with a tux and a wedding band for him. She asks if she can help him, but he says no he'll call an orderly and get changed. Jared says this is just amazing, he really lucked out. Jared thought he lost Theresa after Gwen served Ethan those divorce papers. He says he lucked out, it feels like he won the lottery. Jared says he loves Theresa. He tells Whitney he will do everything he can to make her happy. Whitney says she knows he will.

Meanwhile the Peeper calls Theresa to make sure she's doing as she was told. She says she is marrying Jared, but she wants that USB stick. He says all in good time. He says first he wants to see the ring on her finger. They tell her to marry Jared or all bets are off. They hang up on her. Whitney shows up, Theresa is positive she is going through with this. Judge Reilly shows up as well and suggests they start. Theresa says she just needs to freshen up and change and then they will be ready.

Julian finds Eve to talk. She says not now, this is a hectic night already. Julian says he understands Theresa is marrying Jared. Eve says yes, they are ignoring her advice, Jared can't take this pressure right now. Julian is sure Theresa will suck the life out of him. Eve is worried enough, she doesn't need snide comments. Julian apologizes. He wanted to talk about their son. Neither have heard from Valerie yet. Julian thinks she doesn't seem to interest in finding their son. He asks if she wants to find him? He feels their relationship has been strained, but if they put their differences aside they can be parents to their son. He asks what is bothering her. Eve says when they thought Chad was her son, it lit a fire in her heart. She says when they found out that he wasn't their son, well she doesn't know if she can put herself in that situation again. She says she is afraid of losing their son all over again. Julian says it won't happen, they will find their son and make him happy. Eve says they don't know what he's been through, don't make promises he can't keep. Julian says they can make him happy, the boy has a wonderful mother. She says he said she was a scheming and lying . . . Julian says he knows that nobody can make their son happier than she can, and he thinks one day she will be happy again too. He says she has been through more pain then anyone should endure and he is the reason for most of it. She asks if that is some sort of apology? Julian says perhaps. He thinks Fate couldn't throw more pain at her. He says he promised her years ago that they will find their son. He reaffirms that for anyone who cares to hear it. Eve says she hopes he is right. They share a hug. 

Later Eve is stunned to find Jared, in a tux, standing next to Theresa, who is in a simple dress. Eve wants him to at least do this in his bed, but he wants to stand next to his bride. The judge is ready to begin. The judge needs a best man, but Whitney couldn't get a hold of Chad. The Judge needs two witnesses as that is the law. Theresa says that hasn't stopped him before. An orderly comes in with flowers, Theresa asks him to be the witness for five hundred dollars. Eve says this man is on duty, but whatever. The wedding begins as Ethan watches from the door. Judge Reilly begins talking about how a passionate love has brought them here and they will be committing to each other and forsaking love for all others.



March 14, 2007
At the hospital, Jessica is sleeping in a bed. She is dreaming about the Peeper. Outside her room, Paloma, Simone and Noah discuss Jessica. Noah is convinced she is on drugs, thanks to Spike. Sam is there, he doesn't know how much more he can take of this. He says they have to stop this. Simone asks how? She says Spike has such a strong hold on her. She says sometimes she thinks Jessica hates Spike, other times she doesn't know and it seems like Jessica loves him. Sam says he has a sick hold on her. Paloma thinks they need to use tough love on Jessica. Paloma says they have to keep her away from Spike, otherwise she'll just go right back to him and her bad habits. Spike shows up and says his ears are burning. Sam and Spike begin arguing. Spike says he has more rights to Jessica than Sam does, so out of his way. He decides to go see his wife, but Noah says no way. Sam agrees, he'll do something to stop Spike. Sam says if Spike doesn't like his actions then he can file a complaint downtown. Of course that is only if he makes it to the station. Spike asks if that was a threat? Sam says of course not. He says he is not going near Jessica, he will arrest him for disturbing the peace if he has to. Spike says fine, they can keep him from Jessica tonight, but she'll be back in his house soon enough. He says every time Jessica chooses between them, she chooses him. Paloma says not this time. Simone tells him to go. Spike says he heard Simone's lover will be officially worm food tomorrow. He wonders if they will put her in a cemetery in Province town and have a big lesbo funeral. Spike leaves, everyone comments how they wish they could find Spike dead. A nurse shows up, she has the toxicology report, Jessica was not on drugs. They don't understand, she was saying such crazy things. They wonder what upset Jessica so badly. Back in her room, Jessica continues to have nightmares about the Peeper. 

Sam, Noah, Paloma and Simone go to talk to Jessica, who is awake. She swears to her dad she saw a thing that was half-man half-woman. Sam doesn't know how to explain what she saw. Sam wants her to come home with them. She says Spike won't like that. Paloma and Simone say if she goes back to Spike then he'll put her on the streets and that thing will be waiting for her. Jessica says it's like something out of a horror movie. Sam says they'll get her home where they can keep and eye on her. Spike is listening in, he says he can't let her go with those goody goodies, she knows too much about him. 

Later Noah, Paloma and Simone have Jessica at home, Sam is not with them. They are trying to convince her that Spike doesn't love her. Noah says Spike doesn't love her, if he did then he wouldn't treat her like dirt and keep her away from the people who do love her. Jessica says that Spike does love her! She tells them to stop dissing her husband, but Noah says he is a festering cancer. She yells at them to leave her alone. Noah, Simone and Paloma all try and tell her that Spike doesn't love her, he's trying to control her and convince her she has nobody but him to count on. Paloma says so many people love her. Simone tells Jessica to remember how her mom treated her and then compare it to how Spike treats her. They all tell her how much they love her and care about her. They say they will protect her from Spike, she never has to see that bastard again. Later Jessica goes up to bed. Noah thanks both Paloma and Simone for being here, Jessica is lucky to have them as friends. They say they love her and would do anything for her. Simone says she has a long day tomorrow, she has to get some rest. Paloma says Rae is in a better place, maybe tomorrow after the funeral they can help her celebrate her life. Simone doesn't know, she's just so angry right now, especially with Luis. Noah says they doesn't know if Luis did this. She asks why he ran then? Paloma says the real killer will be caught. Simone says she just can't believe Rae is gone. She says she misses her so much. Simone heads off. Noah tells Paloma again that Jessica is lucky to have her as a friend. Paloma says at least they don't have to worry about Spike getting to her tonight.

Up in her room, Jessica is in her bed sleeping. She's having more nightmares about the peeper. We see Spike sit down on the bed next to her! 

At the apartment, Luis asks Fancy what happened between her and Pretty. Fancy doesn't want to talk about it, it isn't important. Sheridan says Fancy just can't face it. Fancy says she is not living in a fantasy world. Sheridan says fine, pretend it didn't happen. Sheridan says Pretty is gone and hasn't been back since. Fancy says that isn't why. Sheridan says Fancy knows what she did and the damage she caused. Luis asks what Fancy did? Fancy says she didn't come here to be grilled. She says she doesn't know why Sheridan keeps bringing it up, unless she is right and Sheridan is trying to use anything to tear them apart. Fancy swears every word out of her mouth is poison, she's trying to break it up. Sheridan says if that was her goal then she'd tell him about Pretty. Fancy says she keeps bringing it up. Sheridan says she loves both of her nieces and if it came out it would hurt Pretty. Fancy says like she's so concerned about Pretty. Luis says they'll drop it, he knows he and his family have their own family secrets. Luis thinks they need to find a way to get along. Luis remembers how he and Antonio always fought. Sheridan feels so bad about Antonio's death. Luis gives a brief recap, how things got really bad between them over Sheridan. Sheridan once again brings up Pretty. Fancy points out again, she's back to pretty. Sheridan says anything Luis may have done to Antonio pales in comparison to what Fancy did to Pretty. Meanwhile, Chris has shown up and is sneaking outside the apartment. He listens at the door and knows Luis is here. He hears Luis, Sheridan and Fancy arguing. Sheridan keeps going on and on about Pretty, how she doesn't want things to come between the two of them like they did with Pretty. Fancy says Sheridan is turning this around on her, making everyone think this distance between them is her fault. Sheridan says it is. Sheridan says she hates these ugly things that come out of her mouth. Sheridan doesn't want things to turn out for them like they did for Fancy and Pretty. Fancy becomes so upset that she starts to hyperventilate. Luis tends to her. Back outside, Chris is furious. He says he should kick this door down. Luis asks Sheridan to get a paper bag. She says the only one she could find is one in the garbage. Sheridan says this is her fault, she shouldn't have brought up pretty. Sheridan goes on and on about how terrible she feels. Fancy tells her that she's a witch, she knew what she was doing. Sheridan says she won't talk about Pretty anymore. Luis says Sheridan is just trying to help. Back outside, Chris ends up calling the police and reports Luis' whereabouts. 

Later Sam and the cops show up. Sam yells at Luis to come out before he's hurt. Sheridan asks Fancy if she was careful when she came here, did anyone follow her? Sam is banging on the door telling Luis to get out here. Chris is hiding behind a corner. He says this will get Luis out of Sheridan's life for good. Sheridan tries to find a way for Luis to escape. There is no way out. Luis tells Fancy that she will have to arrest him and bring him in. 

At the hospital, Judge Reilly is conducting Jared and Theresa's wedding. He's reading from a book about marriage. Ethan is outside, he mouths to Teresa to stop this! Theresa remembers arguing with Ethan earlier about the wedding. The judge sees how upset Theresa looks, she is crying. He asks if she is sure she wants this wedding? Theresa says she is fine. Whitney suggests they do this tomorrow, Eve agrees. She thinks Jared needs to be in bed. Theresa says no, she wants to marry Jared now. Jared asks if she's sure? Theresa says she is. A spying Ethan says this makes no sense. The judge continues with his speech. Theresa's face looks miserable, Jared however is happy. They reach the part with the vows. Jared says his vows. Theresa of course dreams she is marrying Ethan. Judge Reilly notices something is wrong again, she doesn't seem to be listening. Theresa wants to go through with this, she begins saying her vows. She continues to dream she's marrying Ethan. Ethan, who is spying, dreams the same thing. The Judge asks if anyone is present that knows a reason why these two shouldn't be united? Ethan thinks about all the times he's been with Theresa, all the moments they've shared. Ethan thinks he has to stop this. Before he can act, and before Judge Reilly can pronounce them man and wife, Jared collapses! Eve runs to tend to Jared, saying she was afraid this would happen. Theresa is distraught and says if anything happens to him then she will blame herself.

Theresa talks with Whitney, she wonders why this is happening. Theresa thinks she is cursed. Whitney says that is not true. Theresa recaps how she has been forced to marry Jared because of the blackmailer. She is worried what the blackmailer will do when they find out she didn't marry Jared, he could tell the world the truth about her son and she'll lose everything. Eve rushes out with Jared on a gurney. She can't talk, Jared has to get into surgery or he  will die. Ethan is now in the hall. Theresa has run off with Eve and Jared and Ethan talks to Whitney. Whitney can't believe Jared could die. Ethan says this is horrible, and God knows he doesn't want Jared to die, but if he does then it means he's free wit be with Theresa. 


March 14, 2007
At the Bennett's, Paloma and Noah are alone downstairs. They are doing some serious flirting with one another. Noah thinks they should go make some sandwiches, so they head into the kitchen. Later, Paloma is teasing him about his chili and peanut butter sandwich. Noah says he won awards as a kid for his creative sandwiches. He says at least they both like the same wine. Paloma thinks that isn't all they have in common. He says she is old enough to drink, right? She says yes, and vote, and smoke if she chose, and shoot criminals. He jokes that he hopes she doesn't shoot him for his choice in sandwiches. After the wine goes to their heads, Noah gives her a foot massage and the two kiss. Noah pulls away and says they can't do this. She says if he says because she is his sister's friend then she will throw something at him. He says no, it is where they are. She thinks Jessica is asleep and his dad isn't home. . . . so . . . . They kiss some more.

In Jessica's room, Spike shows up and stands over her as she sleep. He says she's so dumb, soon he'll have her back on the street turning tricks for him. She wakes up and goes to scream. He covers her mouth and says he'll only let go if she promises not to scream. She doesn't, but lets him know that she is afraid of him. He says he is her loving husband. He says she can't believe that stuff they were saying about him. She wonders how he knows what her family was saying. Spike says he knows all. He tries to convince her that her family doesn't care about her, only him. He reminds her about the dead johns, how he is the one who protected her. She says no, Simone and Paloma did. He says fine, he'll go tell her dad what he knows. She begs him not to do that. He continues saying that her family doesn't care about her, he's the best thing to happen to her. She says he makes her take drugs and do tricks. He says no she took the drugs, don't blame him for her shortcomings. He also says this whole intervention is just an excuse for Paloma and Noah to be together, they are so hot to trot. Jessica says that isn't true, they are falling in love. Jessica ends up running away from SPike. She runs downstairs, Spike follows. Jessica sees Noah and Paloma going hot and heavy. Spike is smiling and saying he couldn't have planned this any better. 

At the apartment, we see a replay of Sam showing up and banging on the door as Chris hides in the all. Sheridan is trying to find a way out for Luis, but Luis says the place is surrounded. He wants Fancy to arrest him, he wants Sheridan to hide in back and slip out the window when the coast is clear. He says he won't let them go down as accomplices. Sheridan leaves and Fancy cuffs Luis just as Sam and his men bust is with guns drawn. Luis says they are too late, Fancy already arrested him. Sam asks how Fancy found Luis, Luis says good old fashion detective work. Fancy claims she found out he was hiding in a Crane apartment. Sam says no doubt Theresa set him up. He just wishes Fancy had told him first. Chris then walks in, Sam can't believe all these people knew where Luis was and he didn't. He's finding this a little hard to believe. They ask how Sam knew, Sam says he got a tip. Chris messes up and tells Fancy that he knows Sheridan is here, he heard them all arguing. She realizes that was before Sam showed up. Fancy soon realizes Chris is the one who turned Luis in. As Sam is calling Luis' bust in, Chris is looking around for Sheridan. Fancy ends up letting Luis escape. Sam and Chris don't see this, Fancy pretends to argue with Chris about him turning Luis in. As they are talking,Sam notices Luis is gone. 

Outside, Sheridan realizes she just can't let Luis get caught. Later Luis is sneaking around when a car pulls up, he's caught in the headlights. He thinks he's been busted, but it is Sheridan. She convinces him to get in the car with her. They drive off. Luis begs her to pull over and let him go it alone. She refuses. He says she needs to think about James and Chris, they love her. Sheridan says and she loves him. She says she is all that matters to her right now! 

Back at the apartment, Sam learns Luis was seen fleeing in a car with someone else. Both Chris and Fancy suspect it was Sheridan. Chris admits he turned Luis in. He says all her talk about Sheridan not being over Luis got to him, he thought this would keep them apart. Fancy says well he blew it, now they are together. Chris says she's not sure of that. Fancy says she is. Fancy says Sheridan is a Crane, she works just like her father and brother. Chris says she's a Crane too. Fancy says that is how she knows how Sheridan thinks. Fancy says Sheridan wants what she wants, and what she wants is Luis.

At the Seascape, Chad and Vincent are arguing. Vincent is threatening to tell Whitney all, Chad says he will kill him if he does! Whitney shows up and wonders why they are still here? Vincent says they were talking . . . about Valerie. Vincent says she never showed up, he thinks Valerie just isn't into him. Whitney says that isn't true, she always talks about him. Whitney says Valerie probably got caught up at work. Vincent gets a call and excuses himself. He talks to someone and says it is time to turn up the heat. MEanwhile Whitney tells Chad how she feels bad for Vincent. She thinks Vincent is nice and he would make a good friend for Chad. Chad doesn't think so, he doesn't like Vincent. Whitney doesn't know why not, she says she thinks Vincent really likes him! Whitney excuses herself to use the bathroom. Vincent returns, he once again threatens to tell Whitney. Chad once again threatens to kill him if he says a word. Whitney returns and thinks she knows what is going on here.



March 15, 2007
At the restaurant, Whitney thinks Chad is jealous of Vincent, that he thinks Vincent may take him away from her. She says he doesn't need to be, he won't lose her. Vincent decides to go, Whitney says they'll get together soon with Valerie. Vincent leaves and Whitney assures Chad that he has no need to worry about Vincent. She admits that she does like this side of him, the jealous side. She says it is getting late, but Chad says they should take advantage of the sitter at home. 

At the hospital, Theresa is by Jared's side. He's out of surgery, but weak. Theresa leaves him to rest and so Eve can look over him. She decides to give him a sedative so he can sleep, he says he does need rest. She's glad he's taking the doctor's orders. Eve leaves him, Jared says he may have heard her but he's not taking the doctor's orders.

In the hall, Theresa gets a call form the blackmailer. She says she can't marry Jared tonight, the doctor won't let them. She says he had a seizure tonight and had to go into surgery. As she argues with them, Ethan hears her on the phone saying she will marry Jared and stay away from Ethan, she knows what is at stake. The minute she's off the phone, Ethan confronts her. He says he heard everything, she's being forced to marry Jared. He asks by who and why. Ethan asks her to tell her what is going on so he can fix it. Ethan knows she's doing this to help her brothers. He asks who is behind this, let him help her. Theresa says he cannot help her, he is the last person who can help her. He thinks this doesn't make sense. He wonders if this has something to do with that secret she's been keeping since Rome. She says it doesn't now leave it alone. He says fine, but she needs to promise not to do something stupid like marry Jared. She says she can't promise him that. He asks for a little bit of time to work on her brother's cases. Theresa says Dr. Russell says they can't get married till he's well anyways. He asks again, don't marry Jared, promise him. She ends up promising. He thanks her. He says he'll help her brothers and she won't have to marry Jared. 

Theresa goes in to see Jared. Jared lies to her and says good news, Dr. Russell says the can get married tonight after all! Meanwhile Ethan makes some calls in hopes of helping Luis and Miguel so Theresa doesn't have to marry Jared. 

Valerie arrives at the hospital and meets with Eve and Julian. She tells them that she has found their son. Later they go to the Seascape for dinner. Valerie has sensitive information, a lot of it. They read through the files she gives them, Julian asks how she came up with all this? She says she hacked into the computers and called in some favors. She says voila, she found their son. Julian asks why the file is blacked out in places. Valerie says it was done by a social worker. Julian asks why? Valerie says to protect the child, they thought adoptive parents wouldn't want the boy if they knew his history. Valerie says he was abused, brutalized, God knows what the people did to the boy. She says she hasn't found him yet, he's always on the move, she'll keep looking. Valerie sees Chad and Whitney and excuses herself. Julian and Eve continue looking though the files.

Chad and Whitney are surprised to see Valerie. They say Vincent left. She says he's probably angry, she got caught up in work. Valerie talks about how much she really likes Vincent, he's smart, sexy and totally hot in bed. She sees Chad's reaction and thinks she's making Chad uncomfortable, she shouldn't talk like Vincent like this in front of him. Whitney says he's not uncomfortable. Valerie goes on, saying Vincent is a Greek God, a sexual hors'doerve. 

At the Bennetts, Jessica has run back to her room. She cries to Spike that Noah and Paloma said they loved her, she trusted them. Spike says he tried to warn her. He says nobody loves her but him. He says she needs to stick with him and forget about those losers downstairs. She says if he loved her then he wouldn't make her turn tricks, he wouldn't hit her. He says they are love taps. He says he loves her, he loved her since the minute he saw her. He says he'll always put her first. He says they should get out of here, leave these phonies behind. He asks what she says? He says he will make her feel all better. 

Downstairs, Paloma and Noah are going at it on the couch. Noah stops, he thinks he hears something. He thought he hear something like someone came in. Paloma says she didn't hear anything. She says Sam is at the office, Jessica is sleeping, nobody is here. They go back to making out. Noah tells her that he really cares about her, but . . . . She says no buts, not tonight. She says make love to her. He says he can't, not in his father's living room. He says she deserves more than this. She says but she wants him. He says he wants her too, but when they make love for the first time it should be special and romantic, not in a rush as they are afraid someone might walk in. He says he cares about her so much, he just thinks it is too soon for them to take this step. She says he really thinks it is too soon? He says he thought he loved Fancy, but they moved too fast. He says he doesn't want to make the same mistake with her. He wants to get to know her before they take the next step. He says when they do, it will be amazing, something they'll never forget. She thinks he is the most romantic man she's ever met. She hugs him. She says she can't wait to be with him. He suggests they go upstairs and check on Jessica. 

At the apartment, Fancy and Chris argue. Fancy says Sheridan wants Luis, she can't help herself, it's in her Crane blood. Chris says she has the same blood. Fancy says she didn't inherit the gene that has Sheridan wanting him and James tucked away while having Luis at the same time. Fancy says Sheridan does want Luis. Ivy soon shows up, she heard what was going on. Fancy hugs her mom and says she's worried sick about Luis. Later Sam is on the phone having the border patrol and the Canadians notified. He won't let Luis escape. Meanwhile Ivy asks Fancy where Luis is? Fancy says Luis escaped, Sheridan helped him. She explains everything to Ivy. Ivy says so Sheridan left her husband and child to run off with Luis? Fancy says Sheridan is greedy like grandfather, she wants it all because she's a brat. Ivy says she's a Crane, just like her and her sister Pretty. Ivy says this is similar to what happened between her and Pretty. Fancy says she never wants to hear her sister's name again. Ivy thinks Sheridan must have lost her mind to go off and harbor a fugitive. Fancy says her mind is working fine, she has to find her before she takes Luis away forever. Meanwhile, Sam tells Chris if he hears from Luis or Sheridan to tell him.

Luis and Sheridan are at the Crane cabin, Luis asks Sheridan if she meant what she said in the car? Sheridan says she was panicked, she was giving up everything to be with him. He says he knows, which is why he wants her to go back. He doesn't want her to sacrifice everything for him. She says she's already done that. She says she'll be arrested no matter what now, and Chris will understand. Luis says if he was her husband, he wouldn't understand. Sheridan says he'll understand as he knows how she feels about him. Luis says he should have seen this coming. Luis says he can't have her getting into trouble, he's taking her back into Harmony. Sheridan says she's not going anywhere. He says it is pointless to argue, they should get sleep. He says he'll take the couch, she can take the bedroom. Sheridan says she is too upset to sleep right now. She says she knows he is innocent and will help him prove it. He says it is evidence he can't refute. She says him hiding in the closet in the ski mask doesn't help. He says he wasn't hiding, he was drugged. Sheridan says she thinks she knows how the attacker got in and out, there are secret passages in the house. Luis asks how many know about them? Sheridan says lots, remember her father used them at one of his parties. She also says Sam must have had the police search for them. Luis again suggests they just get some sleep for tonight. Sheridan heads to bed and Luis gets undressed to sleep on the couch. He takes his shirt off and puts a blanket over himself. Later he hears Sheridan crying in her room. He goes to check on her, she's naked and wrapped in sheets. He asks why she's crying? She says she just realized what a terrible person she is. She says she has been trying to come between him and Fancy, what is wrong with her? Luis says she's not terrible person. She rests her head on his chest and cries. She then ends up kissing him, he kisses her back!  


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