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3rd Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



March 19, 2007 
At the Bennett's, in Jessica's room, Spike is begging Jessica to come home with him. Meanwhile Paloma and Noah decide to go check on Jessica. They go inside, she's gone and her window is open. They look out and see her running off with Spike. Noah calls him Dracula, he swoops in and takes her off in the night. They chase after them. 

Spike and Jessica return home, she says it smelled like something died here. Spike says there is a dead rat in the corner, his friends at half of him. She comments how it is such a mess, he says that she can clean it up later. He decides to make Jessica some tea. She says he's going to make her tea? He says if he doesn't look after her then who will? She says everyone says they want to. Spike says doing it and saying it are two different things. Soon Noah is banging on the door. He tells Spike to open up, he's here to take Jessica home. Spike can't believe this. Paloma yells they are here to help her. Spike wants Jessica to tell them to go to hell. She lets them in. Paloma hugs Jessica, Noah says they need to get her home. Spike says leave them alone, go back to Leave it to Beaver Land. Noah says she should be at home with the people love her. Noah wants to take her home now. Paloma tells Spike to stay away from Jessica, leave her alone. Jessica remembers Noah making out with Paloma, she says she's not leaving, she's staying with Spike. She tells Noah and Paloma to leave. Spike says leave or he'll call the cops. Paloma says she is the police. Spike wonders what the world is coming to, dios mios! Spike says take her boyfriend and vamoose. Noah says they will be here for her if she changes her mind. They then leave. 

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is watching Miguel and Kay making love via her bowl. She says they've been going at it for hours, thanks to her love potion. Suddenly Tabitha is zapped by a bolt of lightening! Endora shows up, she says her mom's woo woo woke her up. Tabitha says she's sorry but Miguel was threatening to leave town and find Charity. She says they can't have that, she had to get Miguel to stay by getting him with Kay. Endora says she wants Kay with Fox. Tabitha says even witches don't get what they want, Halloween isn't a federal holiday yet. Tabitha says Kay is back with Miguel, end of story. Endora says that is what she thinks! Endora zaps herself into a little wizard's uniform. Tabitha begs Endora not to point her wand. She forbids Endora to use her magic and interfere with her merger. Endora defies her mom and zaps Kay and Miguel. Endora says problem solved! Tabitha says on the contrary, she may have just caused the beginning of the end of the dark side. The boys in the basement roar and shoot fire out the vent. Tabitha says Endora needs to be punished. She wants Endora to go right up to her room. Tabitha starts thinking about how she can get Kay back in the sack with Miguel. She settles on one of cupid's arrows. She conjures up a little cupid, but Endora keeps trying to stop her mom. Tabitha tells her to stop interfering, but Endora says Tabitha is the one interfering. Tabitha explains the Charity and Miguel situation for the last time. Tabitha then casts a love spell on Kay. Fortunately for Tabitha, Endora falls asleep and can't interfere anymore. 

In Kay's bed, Miguel tell Kay how he's so glad she believes him now, now they can finally be together. They kiss some more, but after being zapped by Endora, Kay stops and says she can't be doing this. She runs out of her room. Kay heads into the shower, she can't believe she was making love to Miguel. Miguel comes in. He says they have to talk, but she says he needs to leave. Tabitha's love spell then hits Kay. She pulls Miguel into the shower and tells him to make love to her. He says but she just said . . . She says she doesn't know what she was thinking. They make love in the shower. Kay tells Miguel that she loves him. He says he loves her too, she is the only woman he wants. She says she only wants him too, she has to tell Fox the truth. She can't stay in this marriage anymore. A spying Tabitha says excellent, now Miguel won't want Charity anymore. Miguel asks when they'll tell Fox. Kay doesn't know, he's so sick right now. Tabitha won't have anymore delays, she says repeat after me I will tell Fox now. Kay repeats it, Miguel is happy and so is Tabitha. Miguel and Kay then make love again! Tabitha is very pleased as she thinks there will be no running off to find Charity anymore.

At the hospital, Jared lies to Theresa and says Eve says they can get married tonight. He wants her to call the judge so they can get the ceremony started. As Jared talks about the wedding, he has a bit of trouble breathing. She's worried, she knows Eve didn't give permission for this. She says they will get married, just not tonight. He begs her, saying he's afraid if he doesn't marry her tonight then he'll lose her. She says he won't. He asks her to promise to marry him as soon as he's better. She promises him. Jared later falls asleep. Theresa says she's so sorry. She says he's a wonderful man and she does love him, but Ethan is the one she loves with all her heart. She hates that she has to marry him to protect her brothers, but she doesn't have a choice. She says no one can no that Little Ethan is Ethan's son. She says her brother's lives depend on it. She hopes one day Jared can forgive her.  

At the mansion, Sam asks Fancy again if she knows where Luis is and who is helping him? Ethan walks in, he needs to know the same thing. Ethan needs to prove Miguel and Luis are innocent, if he can't then Theresa may have to marry Jared. Ethan heard that they found Luis at a Crane apartment and then he got away. Sam says yes, but the question is who would help Luis flee. Ethan says it's not Miguel, he's in enough trouble as is. Sam asks Ethan if he swears he doesn't know where Luis is. Ethan wishes he did. Sam says they came here to try and use Alistair's surveillance system to find Luis. Fancy says his system is passworded and he took that to his grave. Sam was hoping Ethan could figure it out, he knows how Alistair's mind works. Ethan says it is worth a try. Sam knows Alistair was obsessed with surveillance, he supposedly had the whole town wired. Fancy says the whole town and more. She says she used to watch with him some times, but he never let her see anything interesting. She never realized what a control freak he was. Ethan says Alistair was protecting her, she was his favorite. Sam thinks if they can get access to the system then they can find Luis. Ethan says maybe, for once they could use this system to their advantage and do some good. Ethan and Sam soon give up, they can't crack the system. Ethan suggests Fancy try it. They leave her to try and break into  the system. The password ends up being Fancy's birthday. She says she did it, she's in! She gets into his files only, she finds one marked eyes and ears and realizes that is it. She sees he had cameras everywhere, in Washington, Paris. She says Oooo Hollywood! She says so the rumors about him are true, she must know, that poor baby . . . Fancy says focus, she needs to find Sheridan and Luis. She begins looking for where they could be.

Ethan and Sam are talking. Sam asks Ethan how helping Luis and Miguel helps him be with Theresa. Ethan says someone is using something to force Theresa to marry Jared. All he knows is if Theresa doesn't do what this person wants, they will make sure Luis and Miguel go to prison. Sam doesn't get it, she's one of the most powerful women in the world. Ethan says that is why it doesn't make sense. Sam wonders what the blackmailer could have on her. Ethan doesn't know, but he knows Theresa has had a secret since Rome. Ethan says whatever the secret is, it must be huge. Ethan and Sam keep discussing what this huge secret could be. Theresa walks in as Ethan and Sam talk about Ivy's secret, how she robbed Sam of a chance to be a father. Sam says every time he talks about it, it gets him angry. Ethan understands, if he had a son and the mother kept him from his son, he doesn't know if he could ever forgive her. Theresa of course hears this.

At the Crane cabin, Sheridan is wrapped up in bed sheets in the bedroom. Luis comes in, he tells her to stop beating up on herself as she's not a bad person. Sheridan says he's such a good person. She thanks him. She lays her head on his chest as she cries. They soon end up kissing again! Luis pulls away, he says they can't do this again, not to Chris and Fancy. She says she's sorry, she just misses spending time with him. He says they'll always be connected, but they can't cheat on the people they love. Luis leaves the room. Sheridan says she loves Luis, she loves him and wants him back. Luis returns later to make sure what happened earlier wont' happen again. She says it won't. Luis goes to make her some cocoa. She gets up to put some clothes on. She finds a bear she gave to Marty the last time they were all up here. Later Sheridan is in a robe as Luis comes in. She has the bear, Luis recognizes it. Sheridan gets back in bed, she talks about how being here is so hard without Marty. She says Marty should have been the first of many children for them. Luis says it wasn't meant to be, she's married to Chris and he has Fancy. Sheridan says Fancy thinks she's out to take him from her. Luis says maybe she'll see that isn't true, that Sheridan does care for her. Sheridan says like as if they are on some world wide reality show that Fancy is watching. She knows her grandfather had this place wired, the moments he much have watched between them, it makes her sick. Sheridan looks up and sees the camera. She wonders if Fancy is seeing this? Later Sheridan is angry over the thought that Fancy is watching. She says they can't even greave for their son without Fancy watching. She says she'll teach Fancy to snoop! She asks Luis to lie down with her until she falls asleep. He says of course. She asks him to hold her, he says okay. He gets under the covers and holds Sheridan. Back at the mansion, Fancy is checking out the Crane cabin and is stunned when she sees Luis and Sheridan in bed! 


March 20,  2007
Miguel and Kay are wet, in towels and back in Kay's room. Miguel says tonight has been amazing, she is amazing. He says he loves her, and fifty yeas from now he'll still be showing her how much he loves her. Kay thinks maybe they should wait till Fox dies to be together, but Miguel says don't second guess herself. She says he's right. She says she has to tell Fox the truth, she doesn't think he slept with Charity or ran over Fox. Kay says she can't be with Fox as Miguel is the man she loves. Kay's phone rings, it is Fox calling from the hospital. She asks if something is wrong? He says he's going stir crazy. She says go to sleep and she'll be there in the morning. He says he won't be here, he's coming to see her. Fox says he's checking out and coming home, then he hangs up. Miguel tells Kay this is good, if he's well enough to come home then he can hear the truth. Miguel says tell Fox the truth, that she wants to be wit him. Miguel says Fox won't be surprised, he knew this would happen. 

Downstairs Tabitha hears a car pull up. She looks outside, it is Fox in a taxi. She says thank Hades that Endora is still sleeping, if she knew Fox was about to lose Kay then things would get very ugly. She says Endora will have to get over it. Later Endora wakes up from her nap. She asks if it is tomorrow yet. Tabitha says they have a way to go before tomorrow. Endora says she's hungry, so Tabitha gets her a snack. She looks in her cupboard, in there is a jar of yellow sparkling stuff, like lightening bugs. Endora asks what that is? Tabitha says forget it, that jar and its contents are off limits. Tabitha tells her not to open it, releasing its contents would cause a catastrophe. Tabitha goes back to watching her bowl, she wants Kay to give Fox a tube of Viagra and then dump him for Miguel. She doesn't notice until it is too late that Endora has opened the jar. She lets all these little yellow things out. Tabitha says this could change everything! Tabitha orders the stuff back in the jar, it is flying through the air and  goes up and out the chimney. Tabitha tells Endora that she had been holding that happiness hostage for generations. She says who knows what trouble this burst of bliss will cause.

Back upstairs, Kay and Miguel are dressed. Kay is dreading this, how does she tell her dying husband that she's leaving him? Miguel says he will do it, but Kay says she'll do it. Miguel says he'll hide in the closet so she knows he is here for her. Miguel goes into the closet as Fox comes in. She says he shouldn't have left, he's not looking too good. He says it's the treatments. He says he feels better just being here with her, he missed her. In the closet, Miguel says this is the end of Fox's marriage. Fox ends up telling Kay how he feels like a new man. He wants to kiss her, but she stops him. She says she has to tell him something and she should have told him long ago. Fox realizes she's going to dump him for Miguel. Miguel is in the closet waiting for her to get it out. Fox quickly claims he's feeling woozy and needs to lay down. As he does, she ends up noticing his hair is falling out. He says it is the treatments. She says they are horrible , but he says they will give him more time to be a family with her and Maria. Fox thinks this guilt trip will keep Kay from leaving him. He says his body is giving out, but his will is so strong. He says he could die tonight and he'd be happy to be here with his devoted wife. He says so he's impotent, balding and dieing, he is just glad to be with her. He decides to get a bottle of champagne, they should make the most of this time. Fox then leaves the room. Miguel comes out of the closet and asks if Kay told him? Kay says she couldn't, he's losing his hair. Miguel says she promised to tell him. Kay says she can't leave him now, he's in worse shape than ever. Kay thinks she's a monster for cheating on her dying husband. She tells Miguel that he has to go.

At the mansion, Fancy sees Luis and Sheridan in bed on camera. She thinks she's too late, she's lost Luis. Fancy says she knew this would happen if Sheridan was alone with Luis long enough. Fancy says she bet she used the poor me routine to get him into bed and then used the I'm cold routine to get him to snuggle. She says Luis is the one who will get hot though. She damns Sheridan for being sneaking and selfish. Fancy rants and raves that Sheridan is a man stealing monster, she had him and let him go, this isn't fair.

Theresa listens in as Sam and Ethan talk about how Ivy robbed Sam of the chance to be a father to him. Sam says it makes him so angry. Ethan understands, if he was kept from a son by the mother then he doesn't know if he could forgive her. Theresa tells herself that she can't tell Ethan the truth until she keeps her brother out of prison. She damns the blackmailer for doing this to her. Ethan shows up, he asks what is wrong. She says nothing, she was going to say good night to the kids. Ethan says they are asleep. Theresa says then she'll go to bed. Sam tells Theresa that her plan to help Luis hide out didn't work. He says he was arrested at the Crane apartment. Theresa says so he's in police custody? Sam says no, he escaped with an accomplice. He asks if she knows anything about that. Theresa says no, she was at the hospital with Jared. Sam tells Theresa if she speaks to Luis then tell him to turn himself in. Sam says he will arrest her if she hides anything from him. She says she understands. Sam leaves to check on Fancy.

Ethan refuses to let Theresa go to bed. Ethan follows her to her room. He wants to talk about her marrying Jared instead of him. Ethan suggests they have a drink and talk. Theresa asks if he's trying to get her drunk so she'll sleep with him. He says he doesn't have to get her drunk. He knows she didn't marry Jared yet, that gives him time to help her brothers. Theresa says a day or two won't make a difference, she will marry Jared. Ethan asks if she is sure she doesn't know where Luis is. Theresa says no, does he? Ethan doesn't. They discuss where Luis is hiding and who could be helping him. Ethan says if Luis knew she was marrying Jared to help him, he'd turn himself in. Theresa says her brother being back in jail won't help prove he is innocent. Ethan says it will be one less thing to worry about, he's wanted dead or alive. Ethan demands answers from Theresa, what is the connection between marrying Jared and helping her brothers. She says he just has to accept this. Ethan asks if she will accept marrying a man she doesn't love? Theresa says her mother would die if her brothers went to prison and after everything Luis has done for her, she owes him this. She says it is up to her to make sure her brothers have every happiness that could have been hers. She says Ethan won't stop her. He says she has been begging him for years to let go of Gwen. He says her prayers have been answered, he's divorcing Gwen. Ethan tells her not to ruin this chance to be together. He says she can't let the blackmailer control their future. Theresa says she is going to marry Jared and help her brothers. Ethan asks how not being with him helps her brothers? What does the blackmailer have on her? He asks if Jared is the blackmailer, but Theresa says no. Ethan says she has a history of not making good decisions, don't make another by marrying Jared. He says tell him what this blackmailer has on her. Theresa finally admits to Ethan that the blackmailer told her to stay away from him as the blackmailer wants Ethan for himself! Ethan doesn't understand, is the blackmailer gay? Theresa says she guesses, it is weird. She says at first she thought they were a woman. Ethan says the bottom line is that everything she's done, she's done for him. He says the craziest thing is he's never loved her more than he does right now. Ethan and Theresa begin to kiss as Tabitha's happiness comes into the window. They fall onto the bed.

Back in Alistair's study, Sam checks on Fancy and asks if she had any luck, does she know where Luis is hiding? Suddenly Ivy shows up. Ivy asks what is going on? Fancy says she and Sam had been trying to use Alistair's system to find Luis. She says Sam wants to know who helped Luis get away, she said she didn't know, but Sam thinks she's hiding something. Ivy knows she is, she says to herself that Fancy knows Sheridan helped Luis escape. Sam says she and Luis couldn't stay away from one another in training, he doubts now is any different. Ivy sees Sheridan and Luis on the monitor, she wonders why Fancy is trying to hide this from Sam. Sam warns Fancy that if she's lying then there will be no badge for her. Ivy tells Sam to stop it, he's taking his own frustrations over not being able to find Luis out on Fancy. Ivy ends up pretending to trip and falls into Sam, taking out the power cord to the PC so Sam can't see the image. Sam ends up leaving. Fancy thanks her mom for that. She says Sam cam in so quickly that she didn't have a chance to turn off the monitor. Fancy says she only let Luis go to prove he was innocent, but Sheridan is using this to her advantage. She damns Sheridan straight to hell. Fancy watches Sheridan in bed with Luis, she's watching them kiss. Fancy says she thought Luis loved her. Ivy says he does, Sheridan is using her feminine whiles and Luis is too blind to see it or resist as he is only a man. Fancy says she sees that and she can't take it anymore. She then storms off. Sam shows up and asks where Fancy went? Ivy cuts the feed on the PC and says she really can't say. Sam tells Ivy to just tell Fancy not to interfere with Luis' capture. Ivy thinks he's threatening Fancy's future to get back at her. Sam says he can't believe how she manages to make everything about her, it ceases to amaze him. She says she always puts him first. She says she learned from her mistakes, they could try again. Sam says his wife is dead because of her, she expects him to forgive and forget? He says he's morning over Grace but one day he'll find love again . . . love with an honest and decent woman who is nothing like her. Ivy goes berserk. She grabs a letter opener and says if he leaves her then she will kill herself, she'd rather be dead then have him hate her. Sam tells her to calm down, put the letter opener down and they can talk. Ivy says she doesn't want to talk about it, she loves him and needs him to love her. She knows he's trying to trick her into giving up the letter opener. He says if she loves him then trust him. He quickly fights with her over it. They are then hit with Tabitha's happiness. They end up sharing a kiss because of it! More than a kiss, they fall over onto the desk.

At the cabin, Sheridan says if Fancy is determined to intrude on her and Luis then she'll give her something to watch. Sheridan tells Luis how the cold is keeping her awake, she asks him to hold her a little closer. He says sure. She says perfect. To herself she says picture perfect. Sheridan keeps talking to Luis about how she's going to help him prove his innocence, but Luis says he can't have her sacrifice her life with Chris and James to help him. She says it is her choice. Later Luis wakes up, he says he must have dozed off. Sheridan says she can't sleep, she can't help but think about their past together. Sheridan has some classic flashbacks of her and Luis dancing the tango. Luis says what they had was special. To herself Sheridan is hoping Fancy is watching this. Sheridan tells Luis how this is how it should always be, them drifting to sleep in one another's arms. He tells her that she can't say things like that. He says they can only be friends. He says being in bed with her like this is not good. She asks what he's afraid of, that a simple kiss will lead to uncontrollable passion? He says maybe. She says relax. She gives him a peck and says see? Of course it does lead to a heavy make-out session. Luis pulls away and gets out of bed. He says they can't do this, she's with Chris and he's with Fancy. Sheridan asks if the fact that they keep ending up together means perhaps they belong together? He says not necessarily. He says he won't betray Fancy and leaves the bedroom. Sheridan is frustrated.

Later Luis and Sheridan are dressed and in the living room. They have a glass of wine to try and help them sleep. Sheridan asks what if Luis can't prove he's innocent, what if they are on the run forever. She asks when they stop being true to Chris and Fancy and begin being true to themselves? Suddenly Fancy bursts in gun drawn and tells Luis that he is under arrest! In comes the yellow happiness from Tabitha . . . 



March 21, 2007
Noah and Paloma are on the streets. Noah is storming around. Paloma says it will be okay. He asks when will it be okay? He says he thought they were so close to convincing her to leave that creep. She says she knows, but they can't give up hope. He says he doesn't know what to do. He feels he failed his sister again. Paloma says Jessica's problem is that she's too loving and trusting. She says if Jessica was with the right man then she'd grow into a wonderful woman. He says she's not with the right man, she's caught in Spike's web of lies. Paloma says hopefully Jessica will realize the truth and come home.

Spike and Jessica are on the street. They see Noah and Paloma. Spike says they don't care about her, they used her as an excuse to get into one another's pants. He says he's the only one who can take care of her and love her. She says she guesses. He says time is money, they needs to get her working. She says she doesn't want to work, it's cold. He says work will warm her up. She says he keeps saying he loves her and wants to protect her, well this isn't the way. He says they are alone in this world and he has responsibilities. He says he has to put a roof over their head, food on their table, clothes on their backs. She says so she has to work on her back? He says a lot of young couples have it rough the first few years. Jessica says not this rough. He says he knows and it tears him up when she goes to work. He says she is just so good at it. He says think of this as a business, he's management and she's labor. He tells her to do her part or they won't make it. He tells her to imagine being out here on her own. She says but . . . he says no buts, they are a team and will pull through this together. He says he knows what is best for the both of them. He kisses her, but she pushes him away. He says he is her husband and has rights. She asks why she should give it away for free? Some guys show up, Spike tries to sell Jessica to him. He sells Jessica for fifty bucks! Spike tells them to have fun. Later the guy is having his way with Jessica, kissing her all over. They don't even bother to get a room, they are still on the pier.

Noah and Paloma return home. Paloma is cold, she says she's still not used to these winters. He says he'll get her something to warm up with. Paloma looks at a photo of Jessica and hopes God will watch over her. Noah brings her some hot coffee, his dad always keeps a warm thermos as he never knows when he'll be called out. Noah wishes they could have gotten through to Jessica. He doesn't know what more than can do. Paloma says she's an adult, they can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. Noah just fears that one day they'll get a call from the morgue about having to ID her. 

Later Paloma and Noah watch the end of Out of Africa. Paloma loves the movie. Noah says it is one of his favorite books. They talk about the book and movie and how much they love them. They continue talking, Noah opens up a bit about his past and his heartbreaks with Fancy and Maya. Paloma asks if he thinks she'll break his heart? Is that why he fights his attraction to her? She says she cares too much for him. He says he cares a lot about her too. He just wants to take things slow. She says he's a good man and he worries too much. She kisses him. He stops her, he thinks they shouldn't do this. She says they have waited long enough. As they kiss, Jessica spies on them from the window. She says she'll never have a love like that, she wishes she had never been born. 

Chad and Whitney come home, Chad says he wants to make love to her now. She says she's never seen him like this! They get into bed and she says he is an animal. She tells him to slow down a bit. He says he wants her. As Whitney is saying it feels so good, he thinks about being with Vincent! He flashes back to a night with Vincent, how he never knew he could have so many different feelings. As Chad is going at it, he realizes he's with Whitney and is a bit shocked. He says Whitney? She asks what is wrong, he stopped and acted like he was surprised she was here. He says why wouldn't she say her name? He says he loves her, he just can't believe she is in his life and his wife. She can't believe she has him as her husband either. He says he loves her and wants to show her how much. She stops him, she thinks this is about Vincent. She says earlier Valerie was talking about how great Vincent was in bed. She thinks he's being competitive. He says he doesn't have to compete with Vincent, he loves her and only her. Later they lay in one another's arms. She asks if he is sure nothing is wrong? She says he just seemed like a different man. He says nothing has changed, he loves her with all his heart. He suggests they gets some sleep. As he tries to sleep, Chad thinks he sees Vincent in the corner. Vincent tells him that he wants him, even now. Chad says no! Vincent soon vanishes. Chad can't stop thinking about being with Vincent. He dreams about Vincent and says you can never know. Whitney listens and wonders what she can't know. 

At the mansion, Sam and Ivy are enveloped by Tabitha's happiness. They are going at one another on the desk. The phone rings and the dust disappears. Sam snaps too, he answers his phone. He says he'll be right there and rushes off, leaving Ivy.

In Theresa's room, Ethan and Theresa kiss and make love. Later they are laying in one another's arms. Theresa can't stop thinking about the blackmailer. Ethan says he won't let some blackmailer run his life. He says even if they did want him, he isn't interested, man or woman. Theresa says she has to think about her brothers' fates. He says you don't give into a criminal, you catch them. He asks if she is sure she doesn't know who it is. Theresa doesn't. She says they call her on the phone, on the PC, they disguise themselves. She says maybe it's Alistair, they seem to have eyes and ears everywhere. Ethan says he will find this person. Theresa says she has tried. Ethan says they'll try harder. He says many hands make light work. Ethan says they need to start at the beginning, she needs to tell him what the blackmailer has on her. Theresa remembers hearing Ethan and Sam talking earlier about how Ethan couldn't forgive a woman who kept him from his son. Theresa tells Ethan that she can't tell him. He begs her to just tell him. He says they just made love, they are about to start their lives together but she has to tell him what the blackmailer had on her. She says she can't. He can't believe her, why does she want to keep this secret from him. He begs her to be honest. She says it's not that simple, this is dangerous for her and her brothers. Ethan says just tell him her secret. She says she can't. He says she is throwing them away by doing this. She says she doesn't want to. He says he is getting a divorce, they can get married. She says that can't happen, he has to accept that. She says she'll give him all the money he needs to win the cases. He says he doesn't need the money, he needs to know what is going on in her head. She again says she can't say. He asks why can't she tell him? He says they've waited their whole lives to be together and she is blowing it. He asks what her secret is? She says if she tells him . . . . Theresa remembers meeting the Talking Box on the pier and how they threatened her, told her she was selfish and would destroy her whole family. Theresa ends up telling Ethan that she won't tell him her secret. Ethan asks why not? Theresa says if he loves her then trust her. He says how about trusting him? Outside their room, Ivy overhears Theresa yelling to Ethan to leave her alone. Ethan gets dressed and says he's leaving. She says don't do this, but he says he has no reason to be here. He says she says she loves him but won't be honest. He says they are at an impasse, he can't do anything for her now. He gives her a last chance to tell him the truth or he's out the door. A spying Ivy hopes Theresa lies. Theresa says she can't tell him, so Ethan says he's gone. He opens the door and finds Ivy standing there. He says what a surprise, she should mind her own business. She says she hates to eavesdrop, but she knows Theresa has done something to hurt him. He says no Theresa's done nothing. He says Theresa has ruined his life for the millionth time so he's out of here. He says he has work to do, someone has to defend Theresa's brother. She says he can't leave, but he won't waste his time if she won't tell him. He says her brothers need some kind of defense. Ethan walks off and Ivy thanks Theresa. She thinks Theresa might finally be history, once Ethan makes up his mind then that is it. Ivy thinks Theresa will never get her hooks into Ethan now. 

At the cabin, Fancy holds a gun on Luis and Sheridan. The happiness shows up but soon dissipates. Sheridan asks why she followed them here when Fancy was the one who let Luis escape? Sheridan says she gets it, she can't stand to leave Luis alone with her. Luis says careful or she'll hurt someone with the gun. Sheridan tells Fancy to put it away. Fancy says shut up or she'll arrest Sheridan too. Luis says it's okay, he trained Fancy well. He says she is probably feeling guilty that she let him escape, that is what this is about. Sheridan says bull, she just doesn't want to see her here with him. Luis says they can work through this, Fancy does trust him doesn't she? Suddenly Sam comes in with his gun drawn. He lowers Fancy's gun and says he got her as fast as he could. Sheridan is stunned that Fancy called for backup. She calls Fancy a bitch. Luis says she called Sam? Fancy says smart cops don't work alone. Sheridan thinks Luis should furious, but Luis says she's doing her job. Sam says he told Fancy that she wouldn't get her badge if she didn't cooperate. Sam cuffs Luis. Sheridan asks if this is necessary? Sam says watch herself, he could cuff her next. Sam wonders if Sheridan drove the getaway car. Fancy says that's a no brainier. Luis says he forced Sheridan to drive here. Fancy says no surprise there. Sam says he'll question Luis downtown. Sheridan calls Sam a fool, saying he knows perfectly well that Luis is innocent. Sam says he has to go by the book. Sheridan turns on Fancy, saying Luis is going to jail and it is all her fault! Luis says it's okay and he understands. Fancy says do you? He says she's just doing her job, if she was in his class then he'd give her top marks. He says don't blame yourself. Fancy remembers seeing Luis on the camera and says she doesn't. Luis asks her what is wrong? He tells her not to blame herself for this mess. He says he knows she didn't have a choice, he knows Sam threatened not to give her the badge. He says when she gets her badge, the feeling will be incredible. He tells Fancy that he'll see her in jail. Sam hauls Luis off. 

After Sam and Luis are gone, Sheridan tells Fancy she is such a bitch! Fancy points her gun at Sheridan and says no she's the bitch. She says she deserted her husband and child to run after Luis? Fancy says she brought Luis up to her little love nest, she can't keep her hands off him. Sheridan tells Fancy this goes to show how bad she is for Luis, she accuses him of a crime he didn't commit and then she tracks him down and has him arrested. She says leave him alone . . . leave us alone! Fancy says so Sheridan admits what happened here? What will she tell Chris? Sheridan says about what? We see flashbacks of Sheridan getting Luis to comfort her in bed. Sheridan says she'll confess to her husband how much she loves him and was only helping an old friend. She says Fancy on the other hand had Luis arrested. She says once Luis starts to think about it, he will never forgive her. Fancy calls her a greedy and selfish bitch. She says she makes no secret she wants Luis back, she wants Luis as well as her husband and child too. She says watch out Sheridan as it will all blow up in her face, if she doesn't end up in the nuthouse again. Sheridan says everything she has done out of love for Luis, but Fancy is nothing but lethal to him. Fancy tells Sheridan that Luis is all hers, she won. Fancy then walks out. Sheridan says it is about time.

Sam has Luis in his car. He asks Luis how could he be so stupid? Does he know how bad this looks? Luis says he's being framed. He says his DNA was found in Fancy, his medal was in Rae's hand, but he's innocent. Sam says this escapade hasn't helped him out and the evidence against him is mounting. Luis says he knows, in fact when he goes over the evidence he sometimes thinks his guilty too. Later Luis sees Fancy leaving the cabin. He has Sam roll down the window so he can talk to her. He says he meant what he said, he understood why she did what she did. He says she did the right thing. Luis says right now he has two options, life in jail or the death penalty. She says don't say that. He says he just wants her to know she did the right thing. Luis has to say something else, but Sam drives off before he can. Sheridan watches and says "This is the way it has to be Fancy."



March 22, 2007
Kay wakes up and finds Miguel in bed staring at her. He was watching her sleep. She hopes he wasn't snoring. They smile and talk about last night. Miguel says he loves her so much, nothing can stand in their way of being happy and together. She says there is the little matter of her husband. Miguel says not anymore. Kay looks over, Fox is in a coffin in her room! She screams. Of course this was a nightmare. Kay wakes up, Fox asks what is it? She sees more of his hair is falling out. Fox is furious, he thinks to himself that the nurse must have given him the real treatment. Fox asks Kay so what was she dreaming about? She says she had a dream that he was dead. He says maybe she should have kept it to herself. She says they should talk about it, someday it will happen. Fox says now is the time, he just took those treatments to buy him more time. He says he just wants to be with her. Later Fox starts kissing on Fox and says they should make love. They begin going at it.  Kay eventually stops him, he is obviously not impotent! She says if he's taking those treatments then he couldn't make love to her, which he can. She asks what is going on here?

Down in the kitchen, Miguel is with the girls as Tabitha is making breakfast. She asks Miguel to slice up a banana for the girls. He does and tells Tabitha that he hopes Fox is feeling better this morning. Tabitha says he's the one always saying he's faking. Miguel says he doesn't know anymore, his hair is falling out, how is he faking that? He says nobody would submit to the treatments unless they were desperate. He says maybe he was wrong, maybe Fox has been telling the truth. Endora looks at her mom and says not a word or it will be frog time! Tabitha says Endora thinks she's a good witch, but even she is lying to keep Fox with Kay. Miguel says maybe he has been wrong, maybe he has been telling the truth. Tabitha is about to tell him what is going on when Endora casts a spell and gives Tabitha a sneezing fit. Maria wants her mom and dad to be happy, but Endora says not on her watch! Miguel continues to think maybe he was wrong about Fox being sick. Tabitha realizes if she can't tell Miguel the truth then he could get back with Charity. Tabitha thinks that is the key, Charity. Tabitha asks him if he thinks all this making love to Charity nonsense is Fox's doing. Miguel says yes. Tabitha says if Fox isn't lying about being ill, then maybe he didn't set that up. Is he wrong about the Charity imposter scam too? Miguel says he never slept with Charity, but she could be right. He says maybe Julian is behind it. To herself, Tabitha says Miguel is as thick as two short planks. Miguel goes off on this theory that Julian could be doing this without Fox knowing. Tabitha so now he thinks Fox is telling the truth about everything, even Miguel running him down? Is he telling the truth about that? Miguel isn't getting it, why would Fox submit to the treatments if he wasn't dying? On the other hand, Fox says he was the one who ran him down. Miguel says he just doesn't get it. He says maybe Fox made a mistake, maybe the guy driving looked like him? Miguel says it was dark out and the car was going fast. Tabitha says that is possible. Miguel says it still looks bad, but it could be an honest mistake. To herself she says no mistake, Fox is a natural born liar. 

Luis is asleep in his cell at the station. Fancy brings him some breakfast, she finds him dreaming. Luis says Sheridan in his sleep. Fancy thinks he's dreaming about making love to Sheridan. She wonders how he could betray her. She slides the food into Luis. Luis tells her how he is doing fine, not to worry about him. She says she's not. Luis doesn't want her feeling guilty, but she assures him that she doesn't. She says she knows she did the right thing and would arrest him again in a heart beat. Luis says he must have been a better teacher than he thought, she's one hell of a cop. Fancy says Sam said she had to arrest him, she didn't have a choice. Luis wishes there was a way he could show her how much he loves her. Fancy remembers seeing him on the computer screen with Sheridan. Fancy says to herself he already has. Luis knows the situation doesn't look good. He says he has to find proof that he isn't the one who attacked her. She says don't do it on her account. He says everything he does he does for her. He says he wants to clear his name for her. He goes to the bars and reaches through, but she says don't touch her. He asks why not? He says oh yes the rules, no contact between guards and prisoners. He says he wouldn't want her to get in trouble, he knows how important her job is. She says that isn't it. She says she has to get back to work. Luis tells her not to go. He says he knows she didn't want anyone touching her after her attack. He says he knows everything pointed to him, but he's risked his life for her. He says he loves her. She says fine she'll tell him why she won't let him touch her. She ends up saying never mind. She says she can't believe it has come to this. Luis knows it's a mess, but they can't let this affect their relationship. She says our relationship? He says she can't still think he's the rapist. She says she doesn't know, but she knows one thing, he doesn't love her. He asks why she'd think that? She says he is a liar, the worst liar she's ever met. She says he never loved her, she has proof. He says he does love her, everything has done has been because of her. She says he's a liar. She says she trusted him and he hurt her. Luis asks for her to make some sense. He says his escape was to prove he didn't attack her. He  says risked taking a bullet because he loves her. He says he is crazy in love with her. She says liar, she saw him with her own eyes making love to Sheridan! Luis asks what she's talking about? She says she saw them at the cabin. He says she has it wrong. She says he's lied about loving her, he's probably lying about being her attacker. 

At the cottage, Sheridan has made a coffee cake. She's in the kitchen, we actually see the cottage kitchen. She presents it to Chris, but Chris wants an explanation. He says she left him to go to Luis. Chris says Fancy says she is still in love with Luis and wants to be with him. He asks if this is true, is their marriage over? He says the general consensus is he is a fool, married to a woman who can't wait to get back with her former lover. Sheridan says Ivy is a liar and Fancy is wrong about this. Chris says she's been right about a lot too though. Sheridan asks where this is coming from? He says she disappeared to play master detective with Luis, she risked her life for him. He asks what kind of wife and mother deserts her family to do such things? She says she knows it looks pretty bad. He says he was mad with worry, he didn't know if his own wife was hurt or dead. She says she's sorry, she overreacted. She says she knows she said she loved Luis, but more importantly he is her friend. Chris asks if she is saying she wants to be with Luis? He says if that is the case then he and James will leave. She says no. She says she loves him and James. She says the passion with her and Luis may be gone, but he is still her friend. She says Luis was in trouble with no one to help him. He says bull, he has Fancy, his family and Theresa. He says from where he is standing, everything Fancy has said is true, she is trying to get back into Luis' life. Sheridan says it's not fair. He says she's not being fair to him and their son. He says she risked their family for Luis. He asks if she wants to leave him and James? James walks in at this point and asks if mom is leaving? Sheridan assures James that she is never leaving him, she is his mommy and he is her son because the judge said so. She tells him to sit down and she'll get him breakfast. She says she made him a treat, some coffeecake. She gives him a piece and says she'll get him yogurt. He says thanks mom! 

Later Chris asks how she can lie to James like that. He says he isn't believing her, Fancy is right, she is a Crane and only cares about what she wants. He says she doesn't care who gets hurt, even if it is a child. Sheridan says she means it, she loves him and James and she's not going anywhere. He asks why he should believe her when she runs off to be with Luis at every chance. She asks who else will he depend on? He says she's not listening. He says she has Theresa, she has more money than God. He says Luis has Fancy too. Sheridan says Theresa yes, Fancy no. Sheridan says Fancy has issues, the men she gets involved with always regret it. Sheridan says she doesn't want to see Luis' life ruined by Fancy. She says Fancy doesn't use the best judgment when it comes to love or others. He asks why he should believe her? She says because she loves him and James. She says she is not going anywhere. She says she is a Crane and can do what she wants, if she didn't want to be here then she'd walk away. She says she loves him, she wants them to stay in this sweet house. She says she and Luis are friends and always will be. She says Chris is her husband, James is her son. She says she still gets up every morning to make breakfast, to do laundry. Chris says she is amazing with that, she hasn't let the maids do it like Ivy does. Sheridan says she promised Maureen she would be a good mother to James, that is what she is doing. She says she wants to be more of a good mother, she wants to be a great wife. She tells him to trust her, she loves him and their family. She promises him this and hugs him. She then looks over at the fridge and smiles at a picture of Luis and Marty. Later Chris sees James off to school. Sheridan tells herself that visiting hours at the jail start soon, she needs to go talk to Luis. 

At the mansion, Theresa is with Little Ethan and Jane in the kitchen. Little Ethan asks Theresa when she will marry Ethan and make him his daddy. Ethan walks in and wants to know the answer to that question too. Theresa tells Ethan that she will tell Little Ethan in time. Ethan says Little Ethan deserves to know the truth, even if Theresa doesn't think he does. Theresa says he doesn't understand. Ethan says she is right there, he doesn't. He asks what the blackmailer has on her? She says she loves him but she can't, she needs to protect her brothers. Ethan says look at the kids, look at their family. He says they could get married and be a family. She says she can't marry him. Ethan asks how bad things can be? She says bad, if she tells him the truth then her brothers will go to prison. Ethan says he's trying to help her brothers but Luis isn't making his job easier. He shows Theresa the morning paper, Luis is back in jail and in trouble. Ethan says no matter what he does Luis may end up in jail for life. Theresa sends Little Ethan up to get ready for school. Ethan keeps arguing with Theresa, he wants her to learn from her mistakes. He says tell him what the blackmailer has on her. He says trust him, trust in their love and tell him the truth. Theresa is about to tell him, but then sees the paper. She says she can't risk it. Little Ethan shows up, he has Jane in a stroller. They are ready to go to school and daycare. Ethan says he'll take them. She thanks him. Ethan and the kids head off. Theresa cries, she says se finally has her chance to make her dream come true and it is slipping away. 


March 23, 2007
At Tabitha's, Miguel is in suit now. Tabitha is dresses up as is Endora. She puts a red bow in Endora's hair. She tells Miguel that he needs to stop second guessing himself about Fox. Miguel says maybe Fox made an honest mistake and thought he was driving the car. Tabitha says Crane's don't make honest mistakes. Endora reminds her mom that she's a Crane. Tabitha says secrets always come out, if Fox is lying they'll find out. Miguel says true, if Fox lives then he'll know Fox was lying, if he dies he'll still be with Kay. Tabitha tells Endora that Miguel is right, Fox will lose Kay no matter what. Endora says not if she can help it.

In Kay's room, Kay asks Fox how if he took the treatments is he not impotent? She says she thinks she knows exactly what he's done. She thinks he got a little blue pill from Dr. Eve. He claims he did. He says she wants to make love doesn't she. She says yes, she just doesn't want him to waste his energy. He says what energy he has left is for her. They kiss and begin to get it on. Later they are under the sheets and basking in the afterglow. She asks if he's okay. He says yes, making love to her is the best medicine. She doesn't want him to overdo it. There is a knock at the door, it's Miguel. He catches them in bed! Miguel says it's getting late and the girls are waiting. Kay forgot how late it was getting. Fox shows Miguel how his hair is falling out, a side effect of his medication. Miguel knows. Kay decides to go get dressed. After Miguel and Kay are out of the room, Fox calls his dad. Fox says he doesn't understand what is going on. He leaves a message saying his hair is falling out, but he is still able to make love to his wife. He says he has to know what is happening. He keeps calling and leaving messages, he doesn't know if he was given the real treatment or not, and if he was then why can he still make love to his wife? Fox turns around and sees Miguel standing there with Maria! Of course he didn't hear anything. Kay shows up dressed, Fox insists he is well enough to go with them to the funeral.  Later as Fox is in his suit, they are about to leave when Fox collapses! 

Back downstairs, Tabitha talks about how this will be her first lesbian funeral. Endora says but they are witches, they can't go in the church. Tabitha says they won't, they'll sit outside and pay their respects, nobody will be the wiser. Endora says she wants to hear what they'll say. Tabitha mocks funeral speeches and says they won't miss anything standing outside. Tabitha says though there is one funeral she is glad she didn't miss. She says she was able to attend as it wasn't in a church. She says she was Endora's age when her own mother took her. Tabitha says her mom got bored and cast a spell that caused the corpse to sit up in it's coffin! She says it caused a stir.

At the hospital, Chad shows up to see Jared, Jared sent him a message. Jared needs to talk about his future with Tess. Jared wants Chad to help him sneak out of the hospital. Chad says he can't leave, he's too weak. Jared says he owes him for not snitching to Whitney. He needs to get out of here and marry Tess. He wants Chad to be his best man. Later Jared is getting dressed. Chad asks Jared not to call him in the morning, Whitney got a little freaked out. Jared thought she wasn't suspicious anymore. Chad says she wasn't until now. He asks if he cut out that extra curricular stuff. Chad says he's tried. Jared can't believe him. He tells Chad he has to change before it is too late. Chad says he's working on it. Jared says for now he has to get out of here and marry Tess. He says he can't wait to see the look on her face. Jared becomes a bit woozy. Chad says he should be back in bed, but Jared says no. He says he can't lose Theresa to Ethan again. He says when he makes her his wife then he'll stay true to his vows. Chad says he intended to, but this person . . . Jared says it's a guy. Jared wonders if Chad is more upset about cheating on Whitney or cheating with a guy. Chad doesn't know himself.  Jared doesn't know why Chad doesn't end it. Chad says he's tried, but the guy is threatening to tell Whitney. Chad says the guy is in love with him, so he claims. Chad wishes he could just turn back the clock and stay faithful to Whitney. Jared says he'd hate to be in his shoes. He says when he marries Tess there will be no cheating. He says they should go. Unfortunately Jared's nurse shows up and asks where he thinks he is going?

Whitney meets with Theresa at her office. Theresa says Rae's funeral is today, how is Simone? Whitney says a mess. Whitney asks Theresa is she's gotten a chance to talk to Ethan? She says yes, they ended up making love again. She says she came home, Ethan was pressing her about Jared and the marriage. Theresa says she couldn't tell him the truth, if she does then her brothers are dead. Theresa says she finally has the chance to be with Ethan and it won't happen, she'll never be with Ethan. She says she told Ethan it was over and she was marrying Jared. Later Whitney talks to Theresa about her problems. She says Chad talked in his sleep, he said her name and that there was something she couldn't' find out. She doesn't know what to think about this. She says later he woke up, got a phone call and left. Whitney just doesn't know what to think. Whitney also tells Theresa about her and Chad's latest love making. She says he was more intense, it was good, but it wasn't gentle or tender. Theresa thinks it sounds like she just really turned him on. Whitney says maybe, but she sensed like he was trying to prove how macho he is. Whitney says it's not like she'd have any doubts. She says maybe she's creating problems that aren't there, she doesn't know what is wrong with her. They soon get back to Theresa's problems. Theresa says she will go through with the wedding to Jared, even if it destroys her and Ethan. Later Theresa is finishing up some work so they can go to the funeral. Theresa and Whitney continue talking about their issues. Theresa is just glad she has some time to sort things out before marrying Jared. Suddenly Jared and Chad show up. Theresa can't believe he's out of the hospital Jared says they are going to be married today, the judge is on his way over.

Ethan shows up at the station to see Luis. Sam says right now Luis is back there with his fan club. Ethan says well he needs to talk to his dad anyways. Ethan tells Sam that he had an intimate evening with Theresa last night, but she will still marry Jared. Ethan says he's going to lose her. He talks to Sam about this blackmailer and how Theresa won't tell him the secret. Ethan says every time they are so close to getting together, something gets in their way. Sam says they always find their way back together though. Ethan says this time is different, this time by time  he figures it out, she'll be married to Jared. They soon get talking about Luis and Miguel's cases. Sam says they still don't know if the DA will ask for the death penalty for Luis yet.

In the jail, Fancy says she saw him and Sheridan making love, if he lied about that then he could lie about being her attacker. Luis says they didn't make love. Fancy says she didn't see the act, but she saw the aftermath. Sheridan shows up and listens in as Fancy explains she saw them in bed on her grandfather's computer. Sheridan is pleased, she was right and Fancy was watching. Fancy tells Luis he lied about Sheridan so who knows what else he's lying about. She thinks he never loved her at all. Luis swears they didn't make love. She sys she saw them in bed together. Luis says it isn't what it looked like. He says he was consoling her about Marty. She says they were kissing, will he deny that. He admits that they kissed. He says it wasn't a romantic kiss and he didn't make love to her. He swears it was all about losing Marty and sharing grief. Luis says he and Sheridan never talked about their son, she was always so angry. He says he was glad to be there for her when she broke down. Fancy says not as glad as Sheridan was she bets. Luis swears he and Sheridan never had closure. She tells him not to go Dr. Phil on her. Luis says him and Sheridan not having closure with their relationship is probably why she has had these issues with Sheridan. Fancy says Sheridan has launched a campaign to tear them apart. Luis says he loves her and only her. Fancy says she doesn't think she can believe him. Luis swears it was just a kiss. Fancy thinks maybe it was just a kiss to him, but Sheridan used Marty to get to him. Sheridan, listening, says she'd never use Marty like that. Fancy tells Luis everything has been a lie, she's been such an idiot in defending him to everyone. Luis says he's innocent and has been framed. She asks by who? She says Alistair is dead and her father wouldn't let anyone attack her. She says who is this person who framed him? She asks Luis what she is supposed to believe? Fancy soon spots Sheridan, she wonders how long she's been here. Sheridan claims she just got here, obviously her timing is off. Sheridan says she'll go, but Fancy says no. Fancy tells Sheridan that her timing couldn't have been better. She ends up slapping Sheridan! Fancy accuses Sheridan of using Marty's memory to get into bed with Luis. She wonders how Sheridan would feel to see her in bed with Chris. Fancy says actually Sheridan would love it as it's Luis she loves. Sheridan says nobody is out to hurt Fancy, she isn't out to steal her man, she didn't do these things she's being accused of. Luis says he told her. Fancy can't believe Luis believes Sheridan. She tells Sheridan congratulations, Luis is buying it. She hopes they are happy, they can have each other. 

Back in the station, Ethan and Sam see Fancy is upset. Fancy assures them she is okay. Ethan asks Fancy how Luis is doing? Fancy says ask Sheridan, she and Luis are like this (she makes the finger crossed gesture to indicate close). Fancy says he knows he is Sheridan's cheerleader, but she is as manipulative as Grandfather. Ethan says he doesn't believe that. Fancy says Sheridan is using Marty's memory to come in between her and Luis. Ethan says he doesn't believe that. He admits he and Sheridan are close, but she is his half-sister. He asks why she thinks Sheridan is after Luis. Fancy tells him that Sheridan is always with him, she will do anything to get back with Luis. Ethan says maybe Fancy is taking Sheridan's actions and words out of context. He says she hasn't had a good year, losing Marty almost killed her. Ethan says he doesn't know how you get over a loss of a child. He says that baby was taken from her at birth, she never got to be a mother to him. She says and she's using it to get Luis back. She says they kissed, she thinks they even made love. Fancy tells Ethan is too good to see the truth. She says Sheridan is a Crane, when they lose something they'll fight like mad dogs. She warns Ethan, if he crosses Sheridan then he'll see her nasty side too. Ethan says he and Sheridan are always on the same page, he won't be crossing her.

Back in the jail, Sheridan tell Luis how sorry she is about this. He says it's not her fault. She says she'd do anything to help him. He says she already has. Sheridan still blames herself, she has had issues with him going out with Fancy. Sheridan says seeing Fancy lash out at him, maybe she was right . . . Fancy isn't the woman for him. Luis can't blame Fancy for thinking they made love. He says he is the one blowing everything good in his life. Sheridan says nobody knows what the future holds. Luis says he does, he spends his life behind bars or he dies. She says that is not fair. Luis asks Sheridan to find Ethan, he needs to see him. H also says if she sees Fancy, tell her that nothing is going on between them. Sheridan says of course, what else would she tell her. 

Sheridan later finds Ethan in the station and says Luis needs to talk about the case. Ethan says he was about to go see him. Before he can Sam gives him an envelope that arrived. Sam heads off, he has to attend the funeral. Sam says it is customary for an officer to attend a murder victim's funeral. Ethan reads the envelope and it is from the DA, they are seeking the death penalty. Sheridan says no!


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