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4th Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  



March 26, 2007 

At Tabitha's, Fox has collapsed. Kay tells Miguel to call 911 fast! He goes to call, but Fox wakes up and insists they not call for an ambulance. He swears he's okay. He says he wants to go to this funeral, there is no need for the ambulance. Miguel cancels the call for the ambulance. Kay sys after the funeral she want Eve to examine him. He says fare enough. They leave for the funeral. Tabitha comments that Fox looks like a dead man walking, she has seen enough to know. 

In Theresa's office, Jared and Chad have shown up to surprise Theresa with a wedding. Judge Reilly is on his way over. She says she can't marry him today. Jared asks what is to stop them from getting married when the Judge gets here? Jared becomes tired and ends up sitting down. She says this is why they can't get married, he is not well enough. He says he can sit here and marry her, he doesn't want to wait. She says he has to wait . . . Rae's funeral is today. Jared apologizes, he forgot. Chad says he forgot too, he was so fixated on helping Jared. Chad explains it was Jared who called this morning. Whitney says it's totally fine. Whitney assures Chad she wasn't suspicious about the call, she thought it was work. Jared says they'll compromise, they'll go to the funeral and later they'll get married back at the hospital. Theresa asks Whitney what she does now, she can only avoid Jared for so long. Whitney says she'll have to marry Jared. 

At the church, Rae's funeral is going on. TC and Eve tell her how they are so proud of her for planning the funeral TC says she stepped up when her own parents turned their backs on her. Simone says they were going to let the state plan her funeral. Eve says she wasn't Rae's partner and didn't have any rights. TC says the bigots of the world will pay, everyone deserves civil rights. Simone says she had to beg her parents to let her plan the funeral. TC says no parent should turn their back on a child, they will pay.

Valerie arrives at the church, she knows Eve and Julian will be surprised to hear her news about their son.

Sam arrives, he hugs Simone. He is here as a friend and a cop, it may sound like something from Pulp Fiction, but killers often turn up at funerals. Simone says Rae's killer has been caught, he's in jail. Sam says the DA is building a case against Luis, but if new evidence comes to light then they will look into it. Simone lashes out, saying Rae was just a lesbian, she's sure he and his friends on the force are glad there is one less of them. Eve and TC chime in, they say Sam is an honorable man, he's not a bigot. She says whatever, but Luis did kill Rae, how else would Rae's medal get into his hand. Eve and TC take her off and comfort her. Sam calls Fancy, he says he needs her to stay at the station and work on the case against Luis, they need to make sure it's not thrown out on a technicality. Sam doesn't want it to look like they botched it on purpose. Julian then confronts Sam. Sam didn't know Julian knew Rae. He says he's here to support Eve, but he hopes Sam is pursing the case against Miguel. Julian says he will not rest until Miguel is punished to the full extent of the law.

Later Sam sees Jessica show up. He begs her to come home, leave Spike. Paloma is there and agrees. Jessica says she only came here to support Simone, once the funeral is over then she's going home to her husband. She walks off. Paloma says they tried, but Sam says they'll keep trying until she's home with them.

Tabitha and Endora are outside the church. Tabitha says they can't go inside, but mommy has the latest in darkside technology ready so they can watch what is going on. She pulls out a TV and old time video camera. She calls it NBC, Nether World Broadcasting. Endora disappears, Tabitha sees her on the TV inside the church. She realizes Endora's human heart allows her to go in there. She orders Endora out here! Endora zaps herself outside. Tabitha wonders what the boys in the basement will say about this. 

Back in church, Pilar sees Kay, Miguel, Fox and Maria arrive. She tells Fox that he looks awful. He thanks her, she should volunteer as a nurse to help make patients feel better. She says she' sorry. Fox pulls more hair out, saying he's having a bad hair day. Later Miguel talks to Pilar, he thinks Fox may not have been faking after all. Pilar says well if Fox gets better then maybe Kay will leave him.  Miguel isn't sure, he's worried he could lose Kay, if Fox dies then she may want to live with his memory.

Fox talks to his dad. Julian assures him that he was given a placebo. Fox asks why he's throwing up like a model trying to lose fifteen pounds, why is his hair falling out? Julian says it is stress, the stress of keeping up the lie. Fox just wants to know if he's been given a placebo. Julian says just relax, be happy things are up and running. He also says bald is in these days.

Valerie talks to Eve and Julian. She has very good news for them. TC watches, he is all for them finding their son, but he won't let Julian take Eve from him again. She hasn't found him yet, but she has found that their son is in Harmony. Later Eve tells Julian how it won't be long before their son is found. She goes to check on Simone and TC swoops in. He tells Julian not to use this search to get Eve back. He knows Julian, once a Crane, always a Crane. TC says he and his family are evil.

Theresa, Jared, Chad and Whitney show up. Theresa insists Jared sit down and rest. Whitney goes over to see Simone, Theresa is with her. Whitney comforts her sister. Whitney says Rae would have loved what she did. Simone looks at Theresa and says Rae would be alive if Luis hadn't killed her. Theresa says Luis was set up like Miguel. Simone says her brothers are trouble, Rae was onto Luis and she paid for it with her life. A man shows up, he says he is Dylan, a bartender from the blue note. He asks to speak in private. 

Theresa tells Whitney that she knows Simone is hurting, but she's known her brother her whole life. She tells Whitney she believes Luis is innocent doesn't she?

Dylan didn't know Rae, but he has information that Rae wanted her to have. Simone says Rae mentioned she had information on a Peeping Tom. She asks if that is what Rae gave him? They are interrupted by Eve, the service is about to start. Dylan tells Simone they'll talk after the funeral. Vincent then shows up, he says he and Rae were close years ago.

Theresa and Whitney see Vincent has shown up. Theresa hopes not as a reporter. They talk about how Valerie really likes him, he's good in bed. Theresa says she doesn't see it. Chad walks up and finds out what they are talking about. He flashes to being in bed with Vincent himself. He says Valerie doesn't know the half of it.

The service for Rae begins. Chad talks to Jared, Jared warns him again to get rid of this guy he's seeing. Chad says he's working on it. He looks over and sees Vincent sitting there. Eve and TC sit with Simone as the father begins the service.

After the funeral, Simone thanks Father Thomas for the lovely service. He tells her to remember love is eternal, it lives on. Simone puts rose on her coffin and says goodbye Rae, but only for now. 

Eve tells TC that she's glad he accepted Simone for who she is. He says the stroke was a godsend, he knows what matters now, love and family. He says he will love her and her son when she finds him. Whitney comes over to support Simone, Chad and Vincent join them as well. Vincent tell them how amazing they are as a family, they really stick together. He knows Rae loved Simone, and Chad is always talking about how much he loves Whitney. TC says Chad is a keeper, he never gave up on Whitney. Vincent tells Chad that you just can't quit true love.

Whitney talks to Theresa. Whitney knows she didn't give Theresa an answer to her question about Luis. Theresa says Luis didn't kill Rae and Ethan will prove it. Whitney says the truth will always come out, just like the truth about her blackmailer. Theresa gets another message from the blackmailer, she has to married Jared. Jared walks up and suggests they just have Father O'Hara marry them here, why meet the Judge at the hospital?

Paloma and Jessica hug Simone. Later Paloma tries to invite Jessica to lunch, but she says she has to get home to her husband. Jessica storms off. Paloma tells Sam if they don't get through to Jessica soon, they could lose her.

Simone talks to Dylan again. He has an envelope for her, he was to give it to Simone if Rae was killed. He realizes he forgot it, it is at his apartment. He writes down the address and gives it to Simone. He says come by later and he'll give it to her. Dylan then walks out and someone is watching him.

Julian tells Eve that he'll let her know if Valerie finds anything more. Eve says thank Valerie for her, she's found so many leads that it's amazing. Later TC warns him again, stay away from Eve! 

Outside, Tabitha and Endora watch the funeral on TV. Tabitha says Rae's death isn't' the last they'll see, the Grim Reaper is coming for someone else. Tabitha asks if she can guess who it is? The TV pans on all the people at the funeral. Later the TV focuses in on Dylan. Tabitha thinks the Blue Note will be singing for the bartender soon.

In Jail, a cop throws some stuff at Luis, who is in his cell. He says he hates cops that have gone bad. Luis says he's been set up. The cop says oh he will be taking a fall. Luis asks what that means. The cop says wait and see. The cop shows up later and says he has some news from his lawyer. The cops shoves his nightstick into Luis' chest. He says he will get what he deserves for raping Cadet Crane and murdering that lesbian. He tells Luis that he's going down! 

In the station, Sheridan reacts to Ethan saying Luis will get the death penalty if he loses this case. Sheridan says she loves Luis, she can't lose him! He says she still loves Luis? Sheridan says as a friend. She tells him not to be like Chris and Fancy. She swears she is not still after him. She says she just wants to be a friend. She says she won't lose Chris and Fancy shouldn't worry about losing Luis because of her. They continue talking about Luis, Ethan says the DA only asks for the death penalty when they are convinced they can get it and when the crimes are justifiable. Ethan says this sends a signal to cops that he is someone who betrayed his badge. Sheridan asks if he's saying a cop will avenge Fancy's rape on their own? Ethan thinks they need to get Luis into protective custody.

Fancy shows up, Sheridan asks if they can talk. Fancy says Sheridan can talk all she wants but she has work to do. Fancy walks off, Sheridan then tells Ethan how Luis wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for Fancy. Sheridan says Fancy only thought of herself first. Ethan knows she's not getting along with Fancy lately. Sheridan says Fancy is whacked, off kilter. Ethan says so he shouldn't believe Fancy when she says Sheridan is trying to get Luis back? Sheridan can't believe he's asking her this. Ethan says her reaction to his news sounded like a woman in love. Sheridan just keeps going off about Fancy. Sheridan says Fancy needs help, more help then they can give her. She reminds Ethan what she did to Pretty. Ethan would rather not remember it. Sheridan says if she can do that to Pretty, then she can do anything. Sheridan asks Ethan if she's ever known her to be capable of what Fancy is accusing her of? Ethan says no. She asks if he thinks she'd use Marty's memory to get Luis? Ethan says no. Sheridan says then she isn't the monster Fancy makes her out to be. She says Ethan has to believe her. Ethan says he doesn't want to debate about Fancy with her anymore. Ethan makes calls, the judge won't budge on the death penalty. Ethan says there isn't much he can do, unless the attacker strikes again and shows Luis is being set up. Sheridan gets a look on her face, realizing how that would help show Luis is innocent.

Back in jail, Fancy finds the cop yelling at Luis to get up as he's not done with him. Fancy asks what is going on? The cops says they felt Luis should pay for what he did to her and the gay woman. Fancy tells him to beat it before she reports him. He leaves and Fancy checks on Luis. Luis won't turn the cop in, he feels he's betrayed his badge. Luis says he has to prove he's innocent. He tells Fancy if he loves her then let him go. He says once he proves himself they can be together, if he'll still have her. Fancy says she can't help him. She locks him back up as the other cop who was beating Luis earlier returns. He gloats that word is Luis will get what he deserves. The cop tells Luis that the DA is seeking the death penalty.

March 27,  2007

Noah has a blindfolded Paloma and has taken her somewhere on the pier. He says he has a surprise for a beautiful girl, she's tough, amazing and he likes being around her. Paloma says it sounds like he likes this girl. He says that is why he spent the day preparing a surprise, a fantasy fit for a queen. He shows her what he's prepared. He's set up a little Mexican Fiesta on the wharf. She says he did all this for her? Noah says he knows how homesick she is. He says since he can't afford to take her to Mexico, he thought he'd bring it to her. She says she doesn't know what to say. She thanks him and says it is beautiful. He says she is beautiful; She sits down, he has dinner and his own famous margaritas. He has prepared all her favorite dishes from home. She asks how he knew? He says he called Pilar, she had all her old letters she and her aunt wrote over the years and they talked about her favorite foods. He says Pilar really loves her, she even helped him cook this. Noah talks about how he knows she was upset her mom sent her away, but she had to, she loved her. Noah says Pilar thought she'd have a better life there. Paloma says she understands now and she had a great life there. She says now she has a new home in Harmony. Later Paloma and Noah share a dance. Noah says he's been thinking about her all day, he couldn't wait to see her. He hopes she's having a good time. She says she's having a great time. She says this is so amazing. He says she's amazing. They kiss. She asks him how he knew how to recreate her town. He says he did research, after finding photos it was just the manner of getting all the decorations. She thinks he spent too much money and went to so much trouble for her. He says he wanted to show her how much he cares about her. She says he did and she is impressed. They kiss again. Paloma gets a little overwhelmed and comments how fast they are moving. He says he's sorry, but she says she doesn't mind it. Noah says but he does want to take things slower. He say he feels protective of her. She says that is sweet of him. They talk about how they have history, they have been friends for awhile and their families have been friends forever. She asks if he has any other plans for tonight? He says not really. He was hoping they would . . . She says her too. She says there is a nice hotel down the street. He says for a drink? She says Noah! He says lets go and they run off. 

Noah and Paloma end up in a room at the hotel. They are going at one another. Noah thinks they should talk first, enjoy a drink. They end up pouring some glasses of wine. They chug it down. Paloma is done with the small talk, she throws her glass into the fire and grabs Noah and pulls him into a kiss! Later the clothes start to come off. HE asks if she is sure? She says absolutely! They then hit the bed. 

At the church, Chad talks to Jared about marrying Theresa. He says he doesn't know if Theresa will do it, she's really worried about his health. He says what will help him is to marry the woman he loves. Meanwhile it seems Valerie interrupted Theresa and Jared, she needed Theresa to sign some papers. She also tells Whitney how sorry she is for her sister's loss. She doesn't believe Luis did this. Theresa says he didn't, he has been framed. Valerie wished she knew Rae better, she and Simone seemed very happy. She doesn't understand why Luis is a suspect. Theresa explains the evidence against Luis, both in Rae's murder and Fancy's attack. Valerie ends up leaving then. Theresa then discusses with Whitney the blackmailer's latest message. Whitney thinks if she tells Ethan the truth then she takes away the blackmailer's power. Theresa says but then she'll lose the money and power, which she needs to prove her brother's innocent. Whitney says but to marry Jared when she loves Ethan? Theresa says she knows, she could be a family with Ethan finally. However she says it's over, she's lost him for good. Whitney tells her to remember what Vincent said, if you follow your heart then things work out. Theresa says that is nice for a greeting card, but it doesn't work out for real life. She won't take the chance that her brothers will go to prison. Whitney knows Theresa is in a terrible position. She knows Theresa has feelings for Jared, but she loves Ethan. Whitney says Theresa can finally be with him now. Theresa knows and it is breaking her heart. Jared and Chad walk up, he is woozy and she says he needs to be in the hospital. He says he'll go as long as she agrees to marry him there. He says she's held him off long enough. Theresa tells Jared if he goes back to the hospital then they'll get married as soon as they can. He says he loves her. She says she loves him. 

Theresa, Jared, Chad and Whitney return to the hospital. He's scolded by a nurse for leaving the hospital. Jared says he and Theresa are getting married, the justice of the peace is coming over now. Judge Reilly couldn't make it so he's sending this guy. The nurse says he's in no shape to be getting married and that he could have ripped his stitches. Theresa suggests they wait, but he won't. A man shows up with a wedding dress. Jared found out from one of the Crane maids that Theresa had been hiding a wedding dress in her closet. He thought it was the one she wanted to be married in so he had it brought over. Theresa looks at the dress. Whitney says it is the dress she almost married Ethan in. Theresa tells Whitney she kept it hoping that one day she'd actually get married in it. Theresa says she should be marrying Ethan in this dress. Whitney tells Theresa she doesn't have to do this, she doesn't have to wear this gown. Theresa says it doesn't matter, she won't ever marry Ethan. Whitney says she'll get through this, Jared will understand when she asks for a divorce. Theresa asks what about Ethan and how strongly he feels about vows. Whitney says Ethan will understand. Theresa says forget it, she and Ethan will never marry. Jared, who is back in bed, asks if she's okay? She says yes, she will put the dress on and they will get married. 

In the jail, Fancy tells Luis this can't be happening. Luis says it is. Ethan shows up, Ethan confirms that they are going to for the death penalty. Ethan says he's sorry they heard it from someone else. He tells them not to give up hope. Luis says it's hard when all the evidence is against him. Fancy tells Ethan that he has to stop this, he can't let them kill Luis. Ethan says they have to prove Luis didn't commit these crimes. Luis says he could do that if he wasn't in here. Ethan says Luis blew that chance by escaping. Ethan says they do have investigators working on the case though, thanks to Theresa. Fancy says Theresa is using all her money and power to help him. Luis says he has to admit her being a Crane comes in handy, especially when both he and Miguel are being accused of crimes. Fancy says Theresa would sacrifice anything for her family. Ethan says they don't know the half of it. Ethan says Theresa is being blackmailed into marrying Jared. He says if she doesn't then the blackmailer will make sure Luis and Miguel spend life in prison . . . or go to their death. Luis  says Theresa is being forced to marry Jared in order to protect him? Fancy asks what Theresa has done to be blackmailed over? Ethan doesn't know. He knows she has a secret, he thinks that is what they are using. Fancy asks why they'd want her to marry Jared, what does it matter to anyone but the people involved. Ethan says he doesn't know. Luis says she can't marry Jared. Fancy says Theresa must believe the blackmailer is serious. Ethan says she does, she thinks the blackmailer can cost her everything. Ethan also says the blackmailer apparently wants him for herself . . . or himself. Luis tells Ethan that he can take care of this himself, make Theresa marry him. Luis says he's serious. Ethan thinks there is nothing Luis can say to make her change her mind. Fancy says it seems like Theresa has made up her mind. Luis says tell her to tell the blackmailer to go to hell, he'll figure something out. He knows Miguel would agree, nobody messes with his sister and family, they stick together. Fancy wishes she could say the same for hers. Ethan admires him, but if Theresa decides to stand up to the blackmailer and she loses everything, well they will have a hard time proving his innocence. Luis says they'll deal with it. He wonders if the blackmailer is the same one who set him up. Ethan doesn't know. Luis says he won't let this person ruin her life as well as his. Ethan says they have some time, Jared is still getting over a gunshot wound and can't get married yet. However they need to convince Theresa that they can help him out somehow. Fancy says she has the money to pay for PIs, but Ethan says she doesn't have the judges and politicians in her pockets. Luis says he won't be responsible for Theresa being without the man she loves. Fancy heads off to look through for some papers the DA is sending over, which Ethan asks her to do. 

In the station, Fancy finds Valerie has dropped by with some Crane documents that need to be filed with the city. Valerie sees that Fancy is upset. Fancy tells Valerie that Luis could get the death penalty. Valerie says she knows Luis is innocent. Fancy says there is a lot of evidence against Luis, they have to come up with a way to prove he didn't do it. Valerie says someone had to have seen something to clear Luis. Fancy thinks she could says she saw the attacker in her hotel room. Valerie says do it, even if it isn't telling the truth, do what she has to in order to save Luis. Fancy says it won't work, she's given her statement and it would only make it look like she was trying to help Luis. She says the DA would shred her on the stand. Valerie says well they have to do something to help Luis. Fancy didn't think she was friends with Luis. Valerie says she's not, but she can't stand to see the wrong person accused. Fancy asks if this has happened to her or someone she knows before? Valerie says yes and she doesn't like to talk about it.

Back in the cell, Ethan and Luis discuss all the evidence against him. Luis has no idea how the medal got in Rae's hand and how the shop keeper had his name on file. Ethan says it's stupid, he'd have to be a dumb cop to commit these crimes and leave these clues. Luis asks about the blackmailers calls. Ethan says he hasn't been called, but he heard Theresa on the phone with then. Luis realizes if Theresa got the calls at work then they'd be on the database. Ethan forgot about that, how did he know? Luis reminds him he had Alistair's CDs once, the ones he had to give back in exchange for the cure for Pilar's disease. Alistair had all the phones tapped and on the CDs. Luis says if they can find the recorded call then they can ID his or her voice. Later Fancy returns. She says the papers from the DA aren't here, but a justice of the peace has been sent to the hospital to marry Theresa and Jared. Ethan says he has to go. He runs off. Luis hopes he's not too late to stop the wedding. Fancy says if Theresa doesn't marry Jared, then Theresa will lose her power and money. She says if that happens then how can she help him? Luis says he can't live with himself if Theresa doesn't marry Ethan. She says he won't live at all. Luis isn't giving up on proving his innocence. Fancy asks what about her, what if she has to live without the man she loves. Luis says she always had her doubts about his innocence, and it's okay, based on the evidence he'd think he was guilty too. Luis says he has to get out and clear his name. Fancy remembers Valerie telling Fancy to do whatever it takes to save Luis. Fancy opens the door to the cell and tells Luis that she's the only one on duty, go. Luis asks what she's talking about? Fancy says she's letting him escape, go and prove his innocence. 

Back at the hospital, Chad and Jared are now in tuxes. Jared is still a little weak and having issues standing. Chad asks if he's sure he's ready for this. Jared says he is. In Eve's office, Theresa is putting on the dress in the bathroom. Whitney says they can have her mother stall, but Theresa says he has to do what the blackmailer wants. Theresa comes out of the bathroom in her dress. Whitney says she looks beautiful. Theresa doesn't feel beautiful. Ethan then walks in. He asks her what she's doing, he can't marry Jared when he loves her!



March 28, 2007

Fox is back in the hospital, Kay is with him. She doesn't want to leave him. Julian comes in and suggests she go home and be with Maria, there isn't much she can do for Fox now. Kay agrees to go and leaves. Fox confronts his dad, he doesn't want to hear that this is a placebo. He says he is getting sick and his hair is falling out. Julian can't explain the hair thing, but he still insists this is all in Fox's head. Julian says Dr. Gasparro believes Fox is making himself sick. Julian also says Fox is getting sloppy, he's hounding Nurse Stevens about what she gave him and calling the lab about his treatments. HE says if Kay finds out that he's not sick then he will lose her, and he doesn't want to see his son a Crane the loser. Julian suggests they get Fox a shrink to deal with his issues, obviously one on the Crane payroll who won't reveal what they've done. Fox can't believe this, he has to go see a shrink to deal with a sickness he supposedly doesn't have but is making him ill? Julian says it is for love.

Miguel shows up at the hospital. Kay, who is on her way out, says he has to go. Miguel says he had to see her. He convinces her to have dinner with him so they can talk. She assumes they are going out to eat, but he takes her up to the room. He surprises her with a romantic dinner, an idea he got from Noah. Kay says it's just like that movie "The Goodbye Girl." She remembers they saw it in high school, her mom was with them too. She feels so guilty about her mom's death. Miguel says she didn't kill her mom, terrorists did. HE says he mom is in a better place. As they have dinner they watch old home movies Grace made of them on various trips. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her. She feels guilty about saying it back. He knows she loves him too. He says he dedicates himself and his life to her and Maria. He says even if she never gets over Fox's death, he will be a part of her life. She doesn't want that, she wants him to be able to move on and find love. Miguel says she is the only one he'll love. She says she loves him too. They begin taking one another's clothes off and get horizontal on a bench on the roof.

Back in Fox's room, a nurse shows up with a wedding gift. She gives it to Julian and says there is a note. Julian reads it, it is for Theresa' wedding shower which is about to start. He thinks he should go see what this is about. After he leaves, the nurse asks Fox if his wife isn't back yet. He says she went home, but she swears she saw her going toward the stairs. Fox becomes upset. He later goes in search of Kay and finds her and Miguel doing the deed on the roof. HE watches and vows that Kay will be his, no matter who he has to destroy.

At the jail, Fancy offers to let Luis go. She opens the door and says go, prove his innocence. He refuses, she is the only one on duty and will be caught. Fancy says she'll think of something. She says she can come to him later on. HE says no, Sam will have the FBI and Interpol after him. He says they'll both be arrested and put in jail. He also won't let her risk her job, which she's worked so hard to get.  He says they have to have faith that they will prove he is innocent. Fancy says she loves him, she just wants to be able to spend her life with him.

Back at the hospital, Ethan finds Theresa in the wedding gown she was supposed to marry him in. He says she cannot do this, but she says she is marrying Jared to save her brothers. Ethan says he was just with Luis, he doesn't want her to do this. He also says he has a lead that could free Luis. Theresa gets her hopes up, she thinks they can marry afterall. He says he doesn't have it yet, but it's a lead on the blackmailer's identity. Theresa says no no no, he's playing with fire here. She says she has to marry Jared, it is the only way. Whitney remembers something, a bartender from the blue note has an envelope for Simone, Rae left it the night she was killed. Ethan thinks it could help clear Luis. He begs Theresa to give him time, don't marry Jared until she hears from him. She agrees. However after Ethan leaves, Theresa realizes Miguel will still be in trouble, she has to marry Jared. She cries she wishes she could postpone this wedding.

In Jared's room, Jared is really antsy to marry Theresa. Chad tells him to calm down, but JAred feels that something always goes wrong, that he's always on the verge of losing her to Ethan. had says Theresa chose him so calm down. Jared asks Chad how he felt when he finally married Whitney. Chad says relieved that he had the woman he loved. Jared asks what Chad plans to do about this guy. Chad says he's working on cutting him out of his life. At this point Vincent shows up and asks Chad who he's cutting out of his life? They ask why he's here, Vincent says his spies found out about the wedding. He wants the exclusive, otherwise he'll have this place swamped with reporters. Jared says he'll have to check with Theresa. He gets in a chair and wheels to find her. Vincent then tries to start something with Chad, but Chad stops him and says not here . . . besides they are over. Vincent says from the looks of it, he still has the touch with Chad. He says they aren't over, they are going to have a gay old time.

Jared, along with Vincent and Chad, catches Theresa crying she needs to postpone the wedding. He asks why? She says she's just worried about his health, he almost died last time. He insists he is fine. She sees Vincent and learns why he's here. She says no way, get lost. When he again threatens to have every reporter here, blocking ambulance traffic and all, she agrees and says take his photos. As he's taking the photos, Jared panics. He says he's seen her in her dress, they are cursed! She says not necessarily, they could postpone the wedding to another day. He ends up saying no, they'll go through with it. Vincent snaps photos, Theresa looks less than thrilled in them!

Back at jail, Ethan arrives with a laptop. He's got the blackmailers calls from the Crane database. They listen to a message, a voice says "You've been a naughty girl and now you have to pay the price." Fancy gets chills from the voice, which has obviously been altered. She doesn't know if it is her attacker though. Luis is hopeful this will clear him. Ethan works to enhance the voice and strip away the alterations. When they listen to the true voice they are stunned, it is Luis! Luis swears he did not do this. 



March 29, 2007
At Tabitha's, she's looking in her bowl and watching poor Jessica. She says she doesn't wish anyone well, but in Jessica's case with the men and the drugs, well in her case she might make an exception. She says Jessica needs a good dose of courage. Endora, who is playing with an etch-a-sketch, says like the cowardly lion? Tabitha says yes. 

Jessica is in her dad's yard sulking. Spike shows up and asks what she thinks she's doing here? He knows she is hiding from him. He says she needs to get her butt to work. She doesn't want to. He hands her a pill and says this will get her in the mood. She says no more drugs and no more men. Spike doesn't give a damn, grabs her and tries to put the pill in her mouth.

Tabitha, still spying, says Spike thinks he's so evil. She thinks it is time he met the real deal. Endora ask her mom what she's going to do? Tabitha says she will teach Spike a lesson he won't forget, they'll show him bad. Tabitha opens her back door and asks Jessica and Spike to come inside and help her out. Spike doesn't want to help the old bag, he says they are busy. Tabitha says it will only take a minute. Jessica says they should help her. Spike thinks she's stalling. He says he will give the old bag five minutes, that is it! Spike and Jessica head into Tabitha's house. 

Tabitha offers them a cup of tea. Spike says just tell him what she wants. Tabitha needs some clothes out of storage, Endora can show Jessica to the attick. Tabitha asks Endora to give Jessica the courage to leave Spike, now is her chance to do some magic. Jessica and Endora leave. Tabitha then tells Spike that she has a chore for him in the basement. The friends roar! 

Up in the attic, Jessica talks about how her family has lived next-door to her mom/Tabitha forever. She says Tabitha seems the same now as she did when she was little. Jessica says she is the one who has changes. She tells Endora never lose herself to a man. While Jessica's back is turned, Endora morphs into her adult self. Jessica asks who she is, where is Endora? Endora says she's fine, she s here to give her a glimpse into the future, the life she could have. Jessica wonders what was in that pill Spike gave her. She thinks she is stoned or dreaming. Endora says she knows weird stuff happens in this town, she's lived here her whole life. Endora says they are going to take a trip to her past, they both vanish in a purple cloud!

Meanwhile, Tabitha opens her basement door and pushes Spike in, claiming she needs something down there, a trunk. She locks him in as he screams. He tells her to let him out, his father-in-law is a cop! The boys begin roaring, Spike wonders who is down there. He says he is coming down there and teach them not to laugh at the Spikeman. We see Spike heading into the basement and something attacking him on the steps.

At the hospital, Jared asks Theresa why she is so sad? She says she's not sad. He wants Whitney to cheer Theresa up, it's not every day a girl gets married. Julian shows up with a gift, Jared wonders why he's here. In walk Simone and Ivy with gifts too. Eve also shows up. Eve asks what is going up? Julian asks why they all have gifts for Theresa's shower? Sam shows up as well, they all got the messages to be here and gifts were delivered to them. Theresa and Jared are both stunned, they don't know who did this. Theresa gets a message from the blackmailer on her phone telling her to enjoy her party. 

Valerie also shows up, she tells Julian and Eve she has no more information on their son. She got side tracked with this wedding shower. Eve says there will be no wedding, he needs to be in bed. Valerie leaves the present and says she'll keep working on the search for their son.

Eve confronts Jared and Theresa. She says this is far too much excitement for Jared, this could cause a relapse. Jared says a patients emotional state contributes to their recovery, what better medicine then marrying the woman he loves. He thinks this will help him. She says she will do some tests, if she thinks he's good enough to do this then there will be a wedding. Theresa agrees, knowing this gives Ethan the time he needs. Eve takes Jared off to do some blood work.

Sam says this is very strange. Julian says his gift was delivered to him. Ivy says as if she'd buy Theresa a gift. Sam knows something is up. Ivy knows he can solve this puzzle. Sam leaves to make calls. Julian tells Ivy she is pathetic, Sam is not interested. Ivy points out that the good doctor seems over him. Julian and Ivy both agree this is very weird. They wonder why Simone is here, she was angry with Theresa at the funeral.

Whitney asks Simone why she is here? Simone says she was texted saying Dylan was here, but he's not. She also says a nurse gave her the present to give to Theresa. Dylan calls Simone, he thought she'd be at his place by now. She thought he told her to meet him at the hospital. He didn't. He also says Ethan keeps messaging him. She says not to answer, that is Luis' lawyer. Simone decides to go meet Dylan, she's dying to know what Rae wrote her. Simone tell Whitney to let Theresa know she hopes Luis gets the death penalty for killing Rae. 

Eve returns with Jared, she is not happy with the results and says there will be no wedding.  Jared tells Tess he's so sorry. Ivy says to herself that Jared doesn't see it, but she does, Theresa is not upset that this wedding is getting postponed. Jared really wants to get married tonight. Ivy tries to convince Eve this could help Jared. Eve still doesn't want them to do it. She says they can have the party for now, just take it easy. Eve sits at her desk and gets a text message, it has the video of Eve seeing her baby stolen from the hospital. The message tells her that if she doesn't let the wedding occur then she'll never see her son again! 

Everyone hears the baby in the video crying on Eve's phone, they ask what it is? She says one of her patients is a new mother, she sent her a video of her baby with a cholicy cry. Julian asks Eve is she's okay? She says she is fine. Sam shows up, he says nobody knows who planned this shower. Julian thinks he needs to be focused on Miguel and putting him away. Sam says this shower may be connected to a lot of other things going on in this town.

Ivy pulls Theresa aside, she could read the relief on her face when Eve called off the wedding. Ivy says she won't let Theresa ruin Ethan's life, don't think this gives her another chance with him. Theresa says Ethan is old enough to make his own choices. Ivy says not if his choices have anything to do with her. 

Theresa's party continues, Theresa opens up her presents. Julian's gift, which he didn't pick out, is a family photo of her, him and Little Ethan. Someone has X'd out Julian's face! Theresa realizes this is a threat from the blackmailer. She thinks the blackmailer knows what Ethan is doing. 

Later Eve says she has something to say. She says this is embarrassing but she made a mistake. She says she read the tests wrong, Jared is recovering and can get married! 

In the jail, Luis swears he is not the blackmailer, he wouldn't do this to his sister. Luis says something must be wrong with his program. He demands Ethan to shut it off, he can't stand hearing his own voice. Unfortunately Ethan HAS to give this to the DA, it's the rules of disclosure. Fancy says this will only increase chances of Luis being found guilty. Ethan says fine, he doesn't have to come forward with it now. The computer plays the clip again, this time they hear something in the background, something odd. Luis thinks it will be what frees him. There is a glitching sound in the background, Luis thinks it is a device the blackmailer used to disguise his voice. Ethan says it would be hard to prove that. They keep listening to the background, it sounds like children or a carnival. They say there is a fair in town. Fancy hears beeps in the background, it sounds like a coffee maker they have at the station. Luis knows there is an apartment complex near where the fair is. Ethan say she'll check it out. He then remembers what Whitney told him, Rae left an envelope behind at the Blue Note the night she was killed. He is hoping whatever it is, it clears him. Ethan says they will clear Luis' name. 

Later Luis and Fancy are looking over videos of Alistair's feeds on Ethan's laptop. It seems like Luis is in none of the videos that would prove he was somewhere else when Rae was killed at the Blue Note. Luis hopes the bartender and the note Rae left will clear him. Fancy tells Luis her offer to let him go still stands. He says no, he won't let her risk her job. The bell rings, it means lights out and Fancy has to go. Fancy says she hates leaving him here like this. She hopes maybe Ethan will find out what they need. 

Later as Luis sleeps, someone shows up and opens Luis' cell door. They have on black gloves and a black jacket. He wakes up and wonders what is going on. In his cell his clothes have gas on them. He also sees the door is open. Luis says if he leaves he could make things worse, if he doesn't he could get the death penalty. Luis ends up making his escape.

Simone shows up at Dylan's apartment to find out what Rae left her. She knocks on the door, but inside the blackmailer clubs Dylan and takes the envelope! Meanwhile Simone is begging Dylan to open the door. Inside a fire has been started, the envelope is on fire.

Ethan shows up at the blackmailers building. He tries to get the super to let him in, but the super won't without a warrant. However he will bend the rules for a price. Ethan pays the guy off and is given the key. Ethan then heads into the apartment. Inside he finds the walls are covered in photos of everyone from Harmony. He wonders who would do all this? As he is looking around, the blackmailer shows up! Ethan doesn't see them watching him. He wonders why this guy cares who Theresa marries, and why would he frame Luis and Miguel. Ethan grabs some photos as evidence. He goes to leave and is chloroformed by the blackmailer.  


March 30, 2007
The grown up Endora transports herself and Jessica to Jessica's backyard. Jessica asks how they got here and where is Endora. Grown Up Endora says Endora is fine, she's where she should be. Endora says Jessica isn't where she should be though, her life is a mess. Endora says it doesn't have to be though, she can be happy again. Jess doesn't see how. Endora says she'll show her. Jessica thinks she's sweet to want to help, but her family thinks she's a pill popping whore and Spike is calling the shots. Endora asks what if Spike weren't around? Jessica hopes she would be able to go home again. Endora suggests she ask her father. Endora conjures up a fake Sam. Sam asks Jessica to talk to him, ask anything she wants. Endora disappears to give them time alone. Sam tells Jessica that she needs to start trusting and having fait in people who really love her. She says people like you? Sam says yeah. He also says believe that Noah loves her, that Kay and Ethan love her too. He says they will always be here for her, loving her and forgiving her no matter what. He begs her to come home to them. Sam then hugs his daughter. She hopes they can forgive her. Sam says there is nothing to forgive, they love her. He says if she comes home then nothing will make them happier, but he thinks she'll be the one who is really happy. He says come home to them. Sam vanishes, he says if she comes home then this will all be real. Jessica cries that she wants to come home, but Spike won't let her.

Tabitha has Spike trapped in her basement. He's screaming for help. Tabitha says she'll teach him to take advantage of Jessica, or should she says the boys in the basement will. We see Spike being attacked by hooded monsters in Tabitha's basement, which is on fire as if it were hell. Tabitha yells down to the boys to be gentle, it's his first time. Spike screams Oh God! Tabitha says he used the G word, he's in for it now. Grown-Up Endora comes to see her mom, Tabitha asks why she super sized herself? Endora did it to help Jessica get back home. Tabitha asks her to go back to her little girl, she's growing up fast enough as is. Endora morphs back into her normal self.  Back in the basement, the devils are attacking Spike. Spike ends up escaping through a window in the basement and makes it back outside. 

Tabitha and Endora are now at the table eating when Spike shows up. His clothes are charred and his hair looks like he put a finger in an electric socket. He says says her basement is on fire! She says that is his future if he doesn't mend his ways. Spike is ranting, he doesn't believe in heaven and hell. She says if her basement didn't teach him a lesson then what happens next will! Spike tries to run, but all these shadow monsters show up. Tabitha tells him to look at his fate, what a grim one it is! Spike is screaming for help. He begs Tabitha to get them off him, but Tabitha says they have come for him, it's his initiation into the brotherhood of the damned. Spike falls to the ground and soon begins levitating as the shadow people are under him. They begin spinning him around. Spike says Please God, but Tabitha knows he doesn't love the big boss. Spike is eventually dropped to the floor and let go. He quickly runs for it. Endora tells her mom good job!

At the hospital, Theresa asks Eve why she changed her mind about the wedding? Eve says she examined Jared's latest test results, he is a lot stronger than she thought. Eve says they can get married as soon as the justice of the peace gets here. Theresa turns to Whitney, she asks where Ethan is, she said she's stall the wedding till he returned with the proof on the blackmailer. Whitney says don't give up hope, Ethan could be here at any second. Just then, the Justice of the Peace arrives to conduct the wedding. Theresa is panicking now. Jared says they are ready to roll. Ivy says Ethan will be sorry they missed this. Eve asks them to wait. She says to be on the safe side, they should do this in Jared's room, he'll be closer to help if something should happen. Jared just wants to do the I do's so off to the room they go. Ivy jokes maybe she has time to get a disposable camera, the look on Theresa's face will make a wonderful Christmas card. Julian asks Eve if she's okay, she looks upset. Eve says she just wants to make sure everything stays okay. 

Fancy arrives at the hospital and goes to Sam. She says she got his message to meet him here, what does he need. Sam says he didn't send for her. Fancy asks then who did? Sam says good question, they were all brought here under false pretenses. Fancy asks why, is there a party? Ivy tells Fancy that it's Theresa's bridal shower, she and Jared are about to marry. Fancy says what about Ethan? Sam suggests Fancy check with security to see if anything unusual has happened. He also says he'll check with headquarters. Fancy leaves, Ivy asks Sam to talk about their kiss. Sam says that was a big mistake. Ivy says no, the mistake was them breaking up in the first place. She says they were in love and the kiss proves they still could be. Sam doesn't know, Ethan was Theresa's first love and now that he's free, Theresa is still marring Jared. Ivy says Theresa is a bad example. Sam says he has to go call headquarters. Ivy asks Sam to at least answer one question, would he try to give her a second chance. She says she'd spend an eternity in hell to spend her life with him. Sam admits he enjoyed the kiss, but she drives him crazy. She says she is sorry. She says the first time they kissed, she knew he was the only one for her. She says if Julian and Alistair and her father hadn't interfered well . . . Ivy says as long as there is a little love there is hope. She begs him to tell her there is hope for them. Sam says the truth is . . . . He says he can't get into this now, he has a lot on his plate. He say they'll talk later. Suddenly Fancy returns, there was a 911 call about an arsonist setting fire to a building. Sam and Fancy run off. Ivy says Sam will be hers again one day.

Whitney and Theresa are back in Jared's room. Theresa keeps telling Whitney time is running out. Theresa tries to call up Ethan, but there is no answer. Theresa has no choice but to start the wedding. Jared is in bed, they have a little tape of the wedding march playing. Ivy gleefully hands Theresa her bouquet. Whitney thinks Theresa will really marry Jared. Theresa says this isn't right, this isn't right at all! Jared asks what is wrong, doesn't she still want to get married. To herself Theresa says not to him, to Ethan. She gets a message from the blackmailer and quickly covers, saying she just thinks she should have a proper bouquet of flowers. Jared says she scared him, she thought he wasn't going to marry him after all. Ivy says if she needs flowers she could find a dying patient and steal some. Ivy then sees a box has been left, she opens it and in it is a bouquet. Julian wonders where it came from, but Ivy says who cares! Ivy asks Chad to walk Theresa down the aisle. She says she loves a happy ending. The wedding continues. Whitney says poor Theresa, this is just how she looked when she was almost executed for killing Julian. The wedding finally begins between Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane and Jared Tulley Casey. 

Luis has snuck out of jail and is at the bartenders apartment. He calls Ethan and leaves him a message, saying he's following a lead and good luck at the blackmailers. Luis knocks on the door and asks if anyone is home? Nobody answers, so Luis picks the lock. He goes in and finds a gun laying about, he wonder what a bartender needs with a gun? He then hears someone in the other room. He picks up the gun, kicks the door in and finds the place is on fire! At this point Ray has returned, she sees the apartment is on fire. She calls the cops and says there is a fire and the arsonist is still inside! Simone sees Luis inside, she can't tell it's him. He's carrying around a gun and a torch at this point. Luis meanwhile thinks he needs to get out, but ends up trapped by the fire. 

Sam and Fancy soon show up. Simone explains she came to meet the bartender from the Blue Note, he had an envelope for her from Rae. She says she came to see him, he wasn't here so she went downstairs. She says when she came back the door was open, someone was inside with a gun and a torch. Sam says it must be the arsonist. Back inside, Luis is screaming that he's trapped in here. Every door he opens just makes the fire get worse. Luis catches himself on fire and has to stop, drop and roll. Luis puts himself out. He realizes he has to get out. Meanwhile, Sam asks the firemen to get the other tenants out, the arsonist and killer are still inside and it's too dangerous to go in. Back in the apartment, Luis realizes he has to get the window out. Everyone is now outside the building. Simone sees Luis/the arsonist at the window. Fancy and Sam have their guns pointed at him. The window is locked, Luis has to shoot the lock off. As he does, Sam and Fancy think he's firing at them. They open fire on Luis! As Fancy is shooting, she says This is for you Luis. Luis is hiding, he's screaming he's just trying to get out, hold their fire! Luis stands back up, Sam doesn't have a clear shot but fancy does. Fancy shoots and Luis goes down! Fancy says she got him, Luis won't believe it was her that did it. She can't believe she shot someone, but Sam says she did what she was trained to. 

The firemen have pushed the fire back, Sam and the others are allowed to go in and examine the scene. Inside Luis is out cold in a pile of ashes, there are little fires still burning. The fire captain says the fire could flare up at any minute, get in and get out. Sam and Fancy prepare to go in and catch the arsonist. They can't find who they are looking for, but soon find a man. Fancy roles him over, it's Luis! Fancy says I shot Luis, I shot the man I love!

At the blackmailer's apartment, we see Ethan ties up to a chair. He is apparently now naked. He's also blindfolded. He hears someone and asks who it is. We see the blackmailer in their black and red half man half woman outfit. He asks who they are, what they want. They say they are their number one fan and what they want is him! He asks what they are, which causes the blackmailer to slap him. The blackmailer tells Ethan not to criticize the way people look. They say though Ethan does look like a Greek god, every last inch of him. Ethan says he's not a god, but the Blackmailer says he is and he is a sight to behold, even better than in their dreams. Ethan says so you are the blackmailer. He asks about the message they left Theresa. The blackmailer says that was Luis' voice, his program revealed that. Ethan asks how he knew that? The blackmailer says Ethan would be surprised at how much he knows. Ethan says the blackmailer rigged it to sound like Luis, he heard his machine in the background clicking. The blackmailer says his senses are very in tune, he bets Ethan feels pleasure more intensely than most men. The blackmailer touches his chest, Ethan says get off him! The blackmailer says Ethan will be begging for it soon enough. Ethan says he'll prove Luis and Miguel innocent. He knows the blackmailer has it in for Theresa too. The blackmailer says he's making him hot with this talk. Ethan says all the proof he needs to clear Luis and Miguel is right here. The blackmailer says right he is, but the problem is that Ethan is here too. Ethan says not for long. He says he will get out of here, stop Theresa from marrying Jared and put his freak show butt in jail. The blackmailer says one problem. They slap their butt and says their butt is fabulous! He/She also says there is nothing Ethan can do to stop Miguel and Luis from going to jail or help Theresa. Ethan tells the blackmailer that if they are interested in him there are better ways to show it than stripping him down, tying him up and slapping him around. He says though he may want to try Rebecca Hotckiss. The blackmailer says shut up, this is no joke. He says he's had his eye on him for some time. Ethan asks which eye, the guy eye or girl eye. The blackmailer says they love with their hearts, not their bodies. Ethan says well he loves Theresa. The blackmailer wonders if she really loves him though. Ethan asks why he'd say that. The Peeper says if Theresa loved him then she'd share her secret, but she hasn't. The Blackmailer says she's chosen to help her brothers and marry Jared. Ethan says she's only doing it because of him and his threats to oust Theresa from Crane. The blackmailer says true. Ethan says it (the secret) is that big? They say huge . . . .oh and Theresa's secret is a whopper too. Ethan asks how he found out? The blackmailer says it doesn't matter, what matters is that his plan is working and Theresa is about to be married to Jared. The blackmailer says that leaves Ethan free to be with them. Ethan says he doesn't want him. The blackmailer says he'll change his mind. He then kisses Ethan! Ethan says he's a sick freak. The blackmailer says people are afraid of what they don't understand. He says once Ethan gets used to him, he'll love loving him. The blackmailer says he has to go, he has lives to ruin. Ethan says Theresa could make him rich, but he says he's doing this to be with Ethan and for revenge. The blackmailer says when he gets back and they get cozy, by that time Jared and Theresa will be married. Ethan says Theresa won't marry him, the blackmailer can't make her. The blackmailer asks Ethan where he's been? He says he's the one making everything happen, like Fancy's attack and Luis getting the death penalty. Ethan says they are responsible for all those things? Ethan says they are crazy. The blackmailer says don't say that, the last person who did regretted it. They say they will have no regrets, they'll be happy in ways he can't imagine .Ethan says he passes. They say be open to a new kind of love. He says for now he has to get to Theresa's wedding to Jared. The blackmailer then leaves. Ethan soon frees himself and says he has to get out of here and get to Theresa and stop the wedding. 


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