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1st Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



April 30, 2007 
At the cottage, Spike shows up to see Sheridan. She says it took him long enough! She has a job for him, she'll pay him like Alistair and Julian paid him. He says hey ho, nobody ever said he worked for them. Sheridan says yes of course, but he is known for the work he does. He can't argue there. He pours himself a drink and suggests she join him, they can get to know one another better. She gets some wine and begins talking. He gets real close, it looks like they are about to kiss but she throws her drink on him! She tells him this is about business. She lets him know she needs to get Luis back. Spike assumes she wants him to bust Luis out of prison. He tells her no way, he's not doing that. He says no deal and goes to leave. She stops him, she says that isn't what she wants. She explains what she wants, we don't hear it. Spike says he doesn't know if he can even pull this off. She demands he get it done or else! He makes some calls and says he is  good. She says that is why he gets paid the big bucks. He says his man can meet with them now. Sheridan says why are they standing around here then? She demands they leave.

At the prison, Fancy arrives for a job interview as a prison guard. She has on a short brown wig, thick black framed glasses and a bunch of flannel. She's smacking some gum and talking in an southern accent. She claims her name is Fay Kent. The one guard looks over her resume and is impressed. He thinks she could work anywhere, why here? She says her boyfriend was transferred here. HE thinks he wouldn't up and move for anyone. She hopes one day they'll be married. Later another guard shows up, Fancy panics. He was the guard at the trial. He thinks he knows her, he wonders if she goes to the bar they all hang out, the pigsticker. She says no. The one guard takes the other guard into the other room to talk. Fancy thinks she's been busted. They both come back and say there is a problem.

Luis is in his cell when a guard shows up to torture him. He says Luis didn't have his shower tonight. Luis says year well he'll shower in the morning. The guard says on no, he'll shower now. He pulls up a fire hose and sprays Luis and his whole cell. He then demands Luis hand over the wet mattress and blankets and clean this mess up. Later another guard shows up, he has a southern accent. He brings Luis a fresh mattress. Luis thanks him. The guard, whose face is blocked by the bars, says his father sent him. Luis wants nothing from Martin. The guard says no, his heavenly father. We see a light shine down on him (ala Touched By An Angel) and Luis is stunned. The guard tells him to stay strong, have hope, he is loved by many people. The guard then reveals to Luis he was a good brother to him. Luis realizes it is Antonio! Antonio says stay strong. Luis ends up having a light shined in his face by another guard, Antonio is gone. The guard asks who he's talking to? Luis says himself. The guard thinks Luis lost it fast. Luis looks around, his whole cell is clean. He thinks he has lost it, until he sees a guard hat in his bed. Later Luis is woken by the guard, he has a new cell mate. The new cell mate is let in, they hang their head so we can't see their face. When left alone, Luis' cell mate kisses him!

At Pilar's, Noah is trying to convince Paloma to get out of the house and take her mind of her brothers. She doesn't want to leave Pilar, who is finally sleeping. She thinks about how she became a cop because she believed in justice, but now there is no justice. She talks about how her brothers were railroaded in that trial. Later Pilar shows up, she wasn't really sleeping. She heard Noah urging Paloma to go out, she wants them to go out and get their mind off things. She promises she will be okay. After they leave, Pilar cries for her sons. She breaks out two candles. She says she lit candles for years for Martin and Antonio. She says they both came home, though she lost them. Still she had a little time with them. She hopes these candles will bring her sons home. As she prays, Antonio's angel shows up and touches Pilar's shoulder.

On the docks, Noah tries to cheer Paloma up by telling her a story, He says before he came back, well he was into gambling. He heard about this guy who played in a high stakes game. He was set up, the game was robbed, everyone but him was killed and he was framed. However later one of the killers was picked up and made a deal, telling the truth which got this guy released. She is amazed, but soon realize he is lying. She always knows  when he lies, his lip shakes. He admits he made it up. She says she loves him for it, the story made her realize there is still hope.

Elsewhere, Simone wanders the docks. She feels lost without Rae and asks God to give her some sign, some purpose. Jessica shows up, Simone calls out but she doesn't stop. Simone chases her down and they have a talk. Jessica admits she's pregnant. Simone asks if she's sure, did she see a doctor. Simone says no, but she took one of those home tests. She says it's Spike's  and she's leaving town. Simone says she can't. Jessica talks about how her dad told her it was good she didn't get pregnant by Spike. Simone says Sam will understand, he's a good man. She says all her friends are here. Simone thinks this baby will give Jessica a purpose, hope. Jessica smiles and thanks Simone. She thinks it's lucky they ran into one another. Remembering asking God for a purpose, Simone thinks luck had nothing to do with it.

At the mansion, Ethan and Theresa lose the blackmailer. Ethan wants to keep chasing, but Theresa says no, it's over. She says they got away. She also tells Ethan it's over between them, they can't be together. They return to her room, Ethan is begging her not to talk like this. She says if she had listening to the blackmailer to begin with then her brothers wouldn't be where they are. She says the blackmailer told her to stay away from him, she has to. She says there is more, she was told to have a baby with JAred. Ethan says she can't. He begs her to give him more time, he'll catch this he she. She says she'll always love him, but it's over. She says she has to go back to her husband. She says goodbye and runs out of the room.


May 1,  2007
Julian show up at Eve's office to talk. He got a message she wanted to see him, is there a problem with Fox's treatment? Eve says not that she's aware of. She says she wanted to speak about their son, has he heard any more from Valerie? Julian says he hasn't. He talks about how Valerie has done more to find their son in a few short months since they learned Chad wasn't their son. Eve says she's a bit impatient to find their son. Julian says he could wait years to find him. Eve asks how he can say that? He says he wants to find their son, but lately it seems the only contact they have is when they talk about their son. He says spending time with her means so much to him. He knows she's moved on with her life and is back with TC. She says Julian was so unkind and unfair to her. He knows, but any excuse to be with her makes his day. He says he thinks about them, what could have been, what should have been. He says he longs for those days, he'd give anything to go back. He knows he can't, this has to do. He says he does want to find their son, but he can wait, as when they find him they won't be this close again. Eve says not true. He says why not? She says finds herself looking back at the old times too. She says she thinks about it all the time. She says it breaks her hear to think they lost it all. He says it was his doing. She says she was to blame too, but Alistair really did them in. She says now they can look back with clear eyes and see Alistair tortured them both and stole their child. Julian says he couldn't steal his love for her. She says no, not that. Still Julian feels he ultimately ruined them. She says let it go. He says something good came from them, a son. He just hopes their love has been with their son through his life. Eve hopes so too. Eve says he's in Harmony, but where? She hopes wherever, he was spared pain and hate. Julian says in other words, she hopes he's spared what he caused her. She says no, what she caused him. She says she betrayed their love when she went back to TC after his stroke. She says she will never forgive herself for that. She just hates to think their son could experience such hurt that he'd act out in an uncontrollable rage. He says she regrets going back to TC? She regrets how she dealt with the stroke, she should have kept her emotional distance. She says she let her guilt cloud her thinking, she thought she could make it all work out and she could have it all. She also should have dealt with his feelings better. He says she shouldn't had to have deal with him at all. She says no, he was right to be hurt. He saw what she couldn't, that she was trying to put her family back the way it was. Eve says she doesn't love TC as she used to, and if TC senses that then it is because she still loves Julian. Julian says he's wanted to hear that for so long, he never thought he would. They are interrupted by a nurse, she says doctor Russell is needed by a patient. Eve suggests they finish this talk later. HE says maybe next time they meet, they'll have news from Valerie. 

In Jared's room, Jared is reading the paper. Theresa shows up to see him. He says give your husband a kiss, she does. He says he's missed her. She hugs him. She says she's sorry she couldn't get here sooner. She says it's been one thing after another. He knows she's upset about Luis and Miguel. He says it's a horrible feeling to love someone and not be there for them. She says it is hell. Jared says Luis and Miguel will be okay, they will get out when the truth comes out. Theresa thinks he's right, they will be free and soon. She kisses him. She asks if she missed anything? HE says just him missing her. He says Mr and Mrs Jared Casey, it has a great ring to it. She says what sounds better is Mr and Mrs. Jared Casey and Family. He says he'll be a great father to her kids, but she sys she wants them to have a baby . . . right away! He hugs her. He asks if she's sure? She says having a baby with him is all she's been thinking about. They kiss, Jared says he loves her. She says she loves him, to herself she says just not the way she loves Ethan. Jared wants to make this beautiful baby tonight. To herself she says she's so sorry Ethan . . . They kiss some more.

We see someone in a back alley walk up to a woman, a hooker. She thought they were a cop sneaking up on her. She says she'll be with them in a second. She shoots up and says oh yeah, that's the feeling. She asks if they want the usual? The person nods. She, shall we say, kneels down . . . She then offers them her drugs. He ends up strangling the woman! They kill the woman and then hide her in a dumpster. It's not said, but it's hinted this killer is Eve and Julian's son. As Eve and Julian talk about him it cuts to scenes of this person killing the woman.

At the prison, the two guards tell Fancy there is a problem. She's convinced they found her out who she is. The only thing is she forgot to sign her application, she can start as soon as she signs. They say she can start tonight, Fancy says fine by her. He suggests she call her boyfriend and tell him she won't be home. Fancy says okay. They go to get her her uniform. Fancy just hopes she's assigned to Luis' cell block. Later she asks where that scum from the TV trial is. The one guard says in Cell Block D, he'll show her the cop turned killer. However there is an emergency altercation and they are called to it in another cellblock.

In his cell, Luis shoves his new cellmate away. He asks who they think they are coming in here and kissing him? He says he's new to prison life, but what the hell happened to shaking hands? Luis says he doesn't like guys and he doesn't like people he doesn't know sticking their tongue in his mouth. HE gets a look at the cell mate and says It's you! We learn the man is Sheridan in disguised. She says she had to be with him again, she loves him. She then kisses Luis again. He stops her, he says he put her on the no visit list. She thought once she saw him again that it would be okay. He says they are in prison, it's not okay! She knows, it's exciting. She says she called a few people and viola, they made it happen. He asks who she knows that could do this? She just say men on Crane security. Luis says still it's not right. She says right, wrong, what difference does it make. She says she's here with him and no one can take him from her. He reminds her he loves Fancy and she shouldn't be here. Sheridan says she kissed him, it proves she loves him. She reminds him how he snuck into the metal ward to be with her. Luis says and he made it worse. He says if she's caught then it will be worse for both of them. He tells her to leave. As Luis and Sheridan continue to argue, a guard show up. Sheridan hides her face. They ask what the racket is and where did the new roommate come from? Luis says he would love some coffee, the guard asks if he's playing him? The guard asks who the roommate is. Luis says he doesn't talk much, the warden sent him to keep him company. The guard says his lucky night, make all the noise he wants. The guard leaves, Sheridan thinks that man is horrible. Luis says she doesn't fit in here. She says she won't go anywhere, she is staying here in his arms. She wants him to make love to her. She begs him to make love to her all night long. 

Meanwhile, Fancy and the other guard have dealt with the emergency. Someone tried to drown their cellmate in a toilet after . . . well . . . he says Fancy knows. Fancy says yeah. The guard says she handled herself well, she was trained well. He assigns her to A block. She wanted to work in D block. The guard asks why, is she hot for Luis or something?

At the station, Ethan talks with Sam. Sam has his men combing the secret passages at the mansion looking for clues. Ethan talks about how there is a lot riding on nailing this blackmailer. Sam asks what happened now? Ethan tells Sam how he thought Theresa was going to leave Jared, but she made a new deal with the blackmailer to get her brothers out of prison. Sam asks what she has to do? Ethan says to go back to Jared and have his baby. As they talk about the blackmailer, Ivy shows up and listens and groans about Ethan still going on and on about Theresa. Ethan feels they are running out of time, he can't believe his whole life, his whole future is depending on a blackmailer. Sam says if he loves Theresa then do what it takes to be with her, don't give up. He says he could have changed Ivy's mind years ago if he hadn't given up. He says he regrets letting things get in the way of them, don't let his and Ivy's history repeat itself. Ivy smiles as she hears this. HE tells Ethan to go tell Theresa that staying with Jared and having his baby is a mistake. Sam says the key is to find a blackmailer, not have another man's child. He tells him to go, not to let Theresa stay with Jared like he let Ivy stay with Julian. Ivy then walks out, she hopes she's not interrupting. She wanted to talk about Grace. Sam suggests Ethan go ahead. Sam says he was talking to Ethan about Theresa. Ivy says Theresa is Jared's problem. Ethan says he loves her. Sam says Theresa should be with Ethan, it's that simple. Ivy says nothing is simple with Theresa, she's sure she's made a mess out of her marriage to Jared. Sam tells Ethan to go to Theresa, tell her not to be with Jared and have his baby for this blackmailer. Ivy says what? Ethan says the less she knows the better. Sam says Ethan is a grown man and doesn't need her telling him what is best. She says she always wants what is best for him. Ethan says that is Theresa. Ethan leaves.

Ivy asks Sam if he really thinks Ethan will be happy with Theresa? Sam says the only way a person can be happy is to be with the person one really loves. Ivy asks like he loved her? HE says he did truly love her. She asks if that is why he sent Ethan after Theresa? Sam says they've talked this to death, he regrets letting her go back to Julian on her wedding night. He says he loved her with his heart and soul, not keeping her then was one of his greatest mistakes. She says she's here now and there is no where else she'd rather be. She says she's so sorry for what she's done, but he just told Ethan not to give up on the one he loves. She says that's all she ever did. She loves him and always will. She damns Alistair, even dead he's making her life hell. She says living in that house with all that evil. She says she tried to stay good, but somewhere along the line she became evil. She says it took the horror of what she did to him and grace to see how far she'd fallen. She says she didn't come here to ague, she just wanted to see his handsome face and say she loved him. She says goodnight and leaves. 

Later Eve shows up to see Sam. Sam had just got news a prostitute was killed. Eve says first those johns, now this, are the crimes connected? Sam doesn't think so, the MO is different. She wonders who would do such a thing. He says someone sick and twisted. Outside we see a person with a black glove looking in. They draw circles around Eve on the window. Sam asks why she's here? She says she was just on her way home and wanted to see how Luis and Miguel were doing. He says there really is no news, Luis has it bad as they see him as a good cop gone bad. He asks if there is a reason she's here? She says she wants him to know how deeply she regrets into letting Ivy blackmail her. She says she won't forgive herself. Sam says Ivy said the same thing. Eve says Sam should forgive her. Sam says what? Eve says he should forgive Ivy.

Julian is now at home. He is drinking, he thinks Eve still loves him, they may have a future. Ivy shows up, she throws his drink in his face and slaps him. She says he ruined her life and now he will pay for it! 

Ethan heads to the hospital to find Jared and Theresa and convince Theresa to be with him. He walks into a room and says he's too late . . . Nobody is in the room but a nurse. She lets Ethan know Jared and his wife went home, he was very UP to doing something. She says they were in here and very close when she accidentally interrupted. She says that is when they decided Mr. Casey could be discharged . . . from the hospital. She says he had that look in his eyes like her boyfriend gets when he's gotta have it. She thinks they should be at it all night long. Ethan says he needs to stop them. She laughs that it will take a crowbar to pry him off his new bride! 

Jared and Theresa are back at home. They are kissing, Jared is sitting on the bed. Theresa tells herself she's doing this to fix the mess she made. They begin kissing when Ethan bursts in on them. Ethan says she can't do this! 



May 2, 2007
At the station, Sam tells Eve she wants him to forgive Ivy for tearing apart his marriage and destroying Grace? Eve says yes. She says Ivy had her part in it, but both she and Julian were contaminated by Alistair and that mansion. Eve says the Ivy Sam fell in love with is the real Ivy, just like the Julian she came to love. Eve knows Julian is sorry for the hurt he caused her, as she thinks Ivy is too. She says forgive Ivy, don't let Alistair's evil win. Sam thinks Ivy is as much a victim as Julian being trapped in that house of horrors. Eve thinks the drinking and womanizing was Julian's way of coping. Sam thinks it is easier for Eve to forgive Julian when Ivy is still responsible for Grace's death. Eve talks about her and TC's marriage ending, how it made her realize maybe their love wasn't that great. She says a great love doesn't get torn apart over something coming out about someone else's past. She says a great love survives all obstacles. Sam says his and Grace's love should have survived but it didn't. Eve says maybe they thought they were their true loves, but they weren't. She says look at the people who keep coming back to them against all odds. She says maybe they are both back to where they started for a reason. They talk about how they remember the love they shared with Julian and Ivy, not the mess that went with it. Eve asks Sam if he can forgive Ivy? Sam says he swore he never would, but something she always said rang true. Sam says Ivy always said what she did was for love, as twisted as it was. Eve feels the same about Julian and what he did. Sam suggests they go find Ivy and Julian and talk to them about starting over. 

At the Crane mansion, Ivy throws Julian's drink in his face, slaps him and says he ruined her life and now he'll pay for it! He says oh goody, this again. He mimics her, I hate you Julian, my life sucks because of you, blah blah blah. She says it is true. He tells her he is not the only one to blame, he was used just as was she. She says he knew the marriage was a sham going into it, she didn't. He says she played the part well when she found out the truth, and she liked playing the role of his wife. He says the money, the clothes, the jewels the spa treatments. She says they were both miserable. Julian says the blame doesn't lay with their fathers, it lays with them. He says if they hadn't been so week then they would have been with Sam and Eve all this time. Ivy apologizes for taking her anger out on him, old habits die hard. She wonders why she even raced over here? HE suspects a chat with Sam didn't go well? She says actually he might be softening. She knows he still loves her, he just can't forgive and forget. Julian says give it time. She says this from the king of instant gratification? He says he's working on his faults. Julian says tonight he and Eve may have made a bit of progress too. He relays how his talk with Eve went. He says Eve only went back to TC out of guilt and used poor judgment. Julian is hopeful he and Eve have a future together. Ivy thinks they are both poised to rise from the ashes of self destructive love. She wonders if it is possible they might end up with the ones they've loved their whole lives? Julian says there is a chance. They soon end up getting drunk together and reminiscing about the past. Ivy recalls his New Years toast to her in 1995. They both admit they made a handsome couple, a match made in heaven to the outside world. Julian remembers some night in Shrelanka and the gown she was wearing. It was the night Pretty was conceived. Fancy says she was beautiful wasn't she. Julian says they shouldn't dwell on that. Ivy thinks about how it could have been for them if they were happy and in love. They both apologize for their past behaviors. They give each other a little peck, but soon end up making out! 

Later Eve and Sam show up at the mansion. Eve thinks Julian will be surprised that she's forgiven him so soon. They walk into Julian's bedroom where Julian and Ivy are having sex! He's saying Ivy is on fire, Ivy is saying Julian still has it! Ivy begins to feel like someone is watching. Julian says if Rebecca is here with her camcorder . . . They look up and see Sam and Eve! Eve asks how could he! Julian says he's been looking all over for Eve. Ivy tells Sam not to be angry, they can explain. Sam says save the explanations! Sam says just a little while ago she was desperate for him to take her back, now he finds her in bed with Julian. Julian says it is just that they were talking about their love for them and how they should have fought for them. Ivy and Julian say then there was brandy, lots of brandy, and they turned to each other for comfort. Eve says oh please! Eve says she can't believe she believed Julian's speech about being tortured. Sam says and Ivy's talk about being at the mercy of Alistair and Julian and this house. Ivy and Julian say years from now they will laugh about this. Eve and Sam both say they were coming here to give them second chances, but they can forget it. Sam says it is over between them. Eve says Julian has ruined any chance for them again too. Ivy and Julian put on their robes and get out of bed. They try and calm Sam and Eve down. Ivy says they were drunk, they didn't plan on this. Julian says yes exactly. Sam says it still happened. Eve says they claimed this house changed them, but Sam says it only reveals their true colors. They both say this is who Julia and Ivy are, it's over for them. Julian begs Eve not to do this, to break it off after a drunken night with his ex is cruel and extreme. Ivy agrees, she begs Sam to forgive her. They both beg for one more chance. Sam asks then what, wait for the next sucker punch? Eve agrees, she can't give Julian anymore chances. Ivy begs Sam, but he says it's over for good. Sam and Eve both walk out. 

In Theresa's room, Ethan bursts in on Jared and Theresa. Jared says Ethan has no right coming in here saying they can't sleep together. Theresa tells Ethan he has to go, now is time for her to be with her husband. Ethan says what he has to say can't wait. Jared says he gets it, he knows what this is about. Jared of course thinks Ethan is here to talk about the appeal. Ethan says yes, her brother's future depends on what he has to say. Theresa says she's made herself clear with him. Jared thinks whatever they have to say, they can say it in front of him. Ethan says okay . . . but Theresa says no, Jared is still weak. Theresa is about to go talk to Ethan in private when Pilar shows up. She was coming to check on Theresa and her new son in law. She learns Ethan is here, supposedly to talk about the appeal. Pilar says Ethan can tell her, she drags him off! Jared apologizes to Theresa, hopefully Ethan and Pilar can discuss this while they make their baby. Theresa knows Ethan is here to stop her from giving into the blackmailer.

In the hall, Pilar knows why Ethan is really here. Ethan lets Pilar know that the blackmailer will only release Luis and Miguel if Theresa stays with Jared. Pilar says good. Ethan says no, they can't give into this blackmailer. Pilar tells Ethan to stay away from Theresa! HE asks how she can say that? He says if it weren't for the blackmailer then he and Theresa would be together. She says if it weren't for the blackmailer then her sons wouldn't be in jail. Pilar says if Theresa being with Jared means the blackmailer releases her sons then so be it. Ethan says what about her daughter's happiness? He says he could never be with Theresa after this. Does she want Theresa to sacrifice her happiness for her sons? Pilar says Theresa just has to stay with Jared long enough for the blackmailer to let her boys out. She says Jared will see it was for a good cause, even though he will be hurt. Ethan tells Pilar that the blackmailer wants Theresa to have . . . Jared interrupts at this point to check on everything. Pilar says everything is fine. She warns Ethan to stay away from Theresa and goes back to see Theresa and Jared.

Pilar and Ethan go in to check on Theresa and Jared. Pilar says Ethan brought her up to date, she wants Teresa to focus on Jared. Theresa says she can't help but be worried. Theresa says they are all doing what is best for Luis and Miguel. Ethan believes they need to consider the long term ramifications before moving forward with this. Theresa says sometimes they don't have a choice, this is one of those times. Jared suggests they sleep on this and talk tomorrow. Ethan says it may be too late by then. Theresa suggests Ethan leave, Pilar agrees. Jared actually says wait, they have great news for Pilar. He says after they leave they are starting a family. Pilar says she doesn't know what to say. Jared says congratulations? Pilar says she is happy, she is just surprised. Ethan whispers to Pilar that this was the blackmailer's second demand, Theresa has to have his baby! Pilar is stunned, she tells Jared she just wasn't expecting this news when they just got married. She says she'll say a prayer for them once she gets home. Jared says thanks . . . mom. Ethan leaves the room, after wondering how Luis and Miguel will react to this news. Jared tells Pilar maybe their good fortune will rub off on her sons. He feels he hit the jackpot, Theresa really loves him and wants to have his child. 

In the prison, Sheridan begs Luis to make love to her. He says no, he won't betray Fancy. She says but she found a way in here, doesn't it prove how much she loves him. He says it proves something. She begs him, make love to her. He says he won't. She says she understands. She knew he wouldn't do this, he wouldn't betray Fancy. She says he's too good of a man to betray the woman he loves. She says he's good, decent and honorable, it is what drew her to him in the first place. He says that was a long time ago. She says as soon as she gets in touch with her contact, she'll be out of here. She regrets letting him go. She says she should have forgiven him about Marty. She says she took her anger out on him, she treated him unfairly. He tells her to stop it, they can't go back and change what happened. He says what is done is done, they have to move on. She says she tried to move on but couldn't, she couldn't stop loving him. She says now Chris has left with James, she's lost everything and everyone. She was hoping she could reconnect with him, but she lost him to Fancy. She asks how she is supposed to go on? HE says she survived so much, she's invincible. Sheridan says she's not. She says he is her anchor and she's drowning without him. He says no, she's just in rough waters right now. Luis says even if they were a couple, he'd be telling her that she has to move on. He says he's on death row, unless something huge happens, he's not getting out here alive. Sheridan tells him that he can't give up, Ethan will get him out of here. Se knows he'll be happy with Fancy while she pines away wishing she had never let him go. He says she needs to move on, but she says she can't. She talks about how she still needs him and wants her. Sheridan begs him for one last favor, one last kiss. She says one kiss would mean the world. She says one kiss and she won't bother him and Fancy again. She pulls him into a kiss.

Meanwhile, the guard asks Fancy why she's so hot to be assigned to D block with Lopez-Fitzgerald. Fancy says he's too smart and sees through her. She says she does have an agenda with Luis, she wants to be assigned to the cellblock to be close to him. She admits she's interested in him because she believes men who rape and kill shouldn't get the death penalty. The guard says he didn't take her for a bleeding heart liberal. She says she doesn't believe in the death penalty because she thinks people who commit murder should be locked up for life without pleasure, their lives should be a living hell until they die and go to hell. She says that is why she wants to be in there, to make his life living hell. The guard says she has a mean streak, she'll fit in well. He says he'll get her assigned to D block tonight! HE makes the arrangements and tells her to get over there and make Lopez-Fitzgerald suffer. To herself she plans to make him as comfortable as she can.

Fancy shows up in D block to see Luis. When she arrives she sees him kissing Sheridan! She's stunned. 



May 3, 2007

In Luis' cell, Sheridan and Luis are naked in the bunk together! Luis kisses her and says he loves her, he can't believe he thought he could replace Fancy with her. She says she loves him too. Of course this all turns out to be just another Passions dream. Luis wakes her up and tells her that it is time for her to go now. Luis insists she leave! Sheridan doesn't want to go, she can't bear to and pulls Luis close to her. MEanwhile Miguel wakes up in his cell and looks over to see Luis in the arms of another man. He can't believe this. He calls over to Luis asking what is going on here? He heard about these things, he just never thought Luis would . . . Luis says he hasn't. Sheridan reveals herself to Miguel, who thanks God. Luis says they have a bigger problem. He says Sheridan paid a guard to get in here, they have to get her out. She doesn't want to go, but he says it's too dangerous here for her, she going! She thinks she can handle it, it will be okay. Unfortunately a guard shows up and says it's shower time. Sheridan pretends to have stomach pains and says she'll skip the shower, but the guard says everyone must shower now move their pretty little butt. 

Fancy returns home in tears. She can't believe Luis would do this to her. Esme soon shows up, she's hung over and partied to hard with some boys last night. She sees Fancy is upset. Fancy says she caught Luis kissing his cell mate! Esme says she must really look good in that jumper, they never did anything for her. Fancy asks Esme how many times she's been in jail? Esme says too hard this early to answer that, she needs a calculator. Fancy asks in all those times was it ever coed? Fancy tells Esme Luis was with a man! Esme says she's heard about these things, obviously prison made Luis go gay in record time. She starts thinking about it, saying how Luis will be prisoner of the month in no time because he's so hot. Fancy tells Esme to stop it, she's not helping. Fancy wonders if maybe she saw wrong, maybe it was the angle. Esme asks if there were tongues? Where were their hands? Fancy can't believe Luis would turn to a man. Esme says being locked up with only men who have needs can force them to do things like that. Fancy says it's only been one day! Esme suggests she go back and find out what is going on then. Fancy says Esme is a genius, she'll go back to see what is going on.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is getting Endora ready for her first day of school. Julian shows up to take her, but Tabitha refuses. Julian wants to be a part of her life, he won't be pushed out of her life like Theresa is pushing him out of Little Ethan's. He gives her 100 dollars for lunch. Tabitha sends Endora off and then scolds Julian, says he can't give her that much money. He says he gives all his children money. She says at her age a nickel would make her happy! She says he just doesn't get it. She won't let him use Endora as his latest project because he failed with his other children. She says he and Ivy are two peas in a pod, it's no wonder Eve and Sam wouldn't forgive them after catching them in bed. Julian asks how she knew about that? She looks at her bowl, the bowl spells "Don't look at me lady!" Endora returns, Tabitha says now they must not doddle or Endora will be late! 

At school, Julian and Tabitha arrive with Endora. Endora has conjured an apple for the teacher, Tabitha hopes it's not poisoned. Endora says it's not. Julian tells ENdora to have a magical first day, which causes Tabitha to roll her eyes. Tabitha takes her in to meet her teacher Mrs. Lucy. Tabitha begs ENdora no magic today! Tabitha is hesitant to leave, but the teacher assures her it is best for Endora to be without her mom for awhile. Tabitha spies from a window as the teacher leads them in a story. She says Endora is princess of the forest today, a girl name Tina is made the frog. Tina wants to be a cat, but some other girl is the cat. Tabitha keeps spying and is caught. The teacher goes to scold her and tells her to go away now! MEanwhile Tina keeps crying she wants to be a cat, so Endora turns her into one!

At a restaurant, Paloma and Simone surprise Jessica with breakfast. They plan to help her with this baby. They say when she has it they will sit for it and she will finish school. She thanks them She talks about how Spike wanted to sell her baby, they say they'll never let Spike do that. Spike shows up, he says this is his baby and they can't stop him. Paloma says he made Jessica sleep with so many men, how does he know he's the father? Spike says he could take her to court, they could dig up the dead johns and do DNA tests. Simone says get real, those johns died months ago, they aren't the father. He says he knows, but if that comes out, they'll go to jail as accomplices. Paloma says so will Spike, but Spike says he'll turn evidence on them and walk! Spike warns them that he's not going away unless someone pays him off. He leaves, but later returns when Jessica is away from her friends. He's furious with her for meeting with her busy body friends when he warned her not to. He tells her they are going before the lezzie patrol returns.


May 4, 2007
Simone and Paloma are out on the docks looking for Jessica. She left the Book Caf. Paloma worries, they should have let her go to the bathroom alone. Simone says she had morning sickness. They worry Spike came back and grabbed her. They wonder if she'll ever be free of Spike. They talk about how horrible it is for her. Paloma feels guilty, she feels like she's the only happy person she knows. She has a job that challenges her and a man who she loves. Simone feels the idea of love is so far away from her. Paloma says she'll find love again. Simone hopes so, but it won't be Rae. Paloma offers to listen if she ever needs to talk. Simone thanks her, she says she's lucky to have a good friend. Simone says enough about her, they have to find Jessica. They look everywhere, Paloma soon realizes there is one place they haven't checked. They realize they have to check the motel to see if she's there.

Spike has Jessica and is dragging her with him. She's saying he's hurting her, she's pregnant. He says she's his wife and he will treat her however he wants to. She says they are over, but he says that she belongs to him. He threatens to reveal the truth about the dead johns if he has to hear more of her lip. He's dragging her around, she says he's hurting her! She says what hurts the most is to think somewhere deep down she thought he had feelings for her. He says he does have feelings for her, he loves her, he wants to care for her. However he gets angry when she gets with those manipulative bitches. Spike says they try and turn her against him. She says he wants to sell their baby! Spike says they aren't ready to be parents. He says she has no idea what it means to be a mother. He says he's trying to think of what is best for the baby, wouldn't it be best to sell it so someone who would do better? She says it's their baby. Spike says he was a child of the streets and look at her. He says does he want that for their kids? She says no. He says then they need to do what is best for them. He thinks what is best for her is to go back to work, it will take her mind off her troubles. 

Spike takes Jessica to a hotel and puts her back in her hooker clothes. She doesn't want to do this, but he says he covered for all those johns she killed. He threatens to turn her in. She says she doesn't remember doing it. He says she woke up next to them with a bloody knife. He says maybe she's like that blond chick on Heroes and has an evil personality that does the killing. Jessica says she can't do this. He says she has to. He says a john is coming here, show him a good time and don't kill him. She can't believe he's making her do this again. He offers her something to get her in the mood, but she says no, she's pregnant. He says don't say that in front of a john, it's a major turn off. She says she won't do anything to hurt her baby. Spike says it is his baby too, don't forget that! He offers her a soda, but she says she can't have caffeine. He says it doesn't have any. He pours her something and drugs it. He says he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. He gives her the drink. He says for the next few months he'll have to work her a lot, before she gets fat and ugly. There is a knock at the door, it's the john. He asks how she'd like to party. Spike says she'll do anything. The john pays Spike. Later Jessica wakes up in bed with a headache. She tells the guy time is up, he has to go. She says they have to get out of they'll charge them for another hour. She hits the guy, he's not moving. She rolls him over, he's dead and covered in blood!

At preschool, Tina keeps whining that she wants to be a kitty cat. Endora does her stuff and turns her into a cat! Mrs. Lucy shows up, she asks how this cat got in here? The other kids laugh, the teacher puts the cat out. She then says it is time for their play. She then notices someone is missing, where did Tina go? Endora says she threw her out the window. Mrs. Lucy asks Tina to come out now, this isn't funny. Mrs. Lucy panics, she starts looking for Tina.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is trying to watch Endora in her bowl. Kay thinks Tabitha has to let Endora grow up, but Tabitha says Endora is at a mortal preschool! She thinks some of these soccer moms could be in for a surprise come pickup time. She tries to get the bowl working, but it's not. Kay is in tears, she opens up to Tabitha about how Miguel has given up on them. She says Miguel wants her to move on. As she tells this to Tabitha, Fox is listening in. Tabitha thinks Miguel's heart is in the right place. Kay says Miguel wants her to stay with Fox because with his money they'll be secure. Tabitha says Miguel is right, and doing this will make Miguel happy. Kay says she loves Miguel so much, she can't just let him go. Tabitha says Miguel is in jail for life, if she can't make a life with Fox then she'll be right back where she started. She reminds her what it was like before Fox came along. Tabitha says she can live here as long as she likes, but she'll be back working at that cannery. She reminds Kay of those long 12 hour shifts and then she'll be spending the weekends visiting Miguel in prison. Tabitha says instead of a fabulous life as Fox's wife, she'll be a bitter single mother. Kay thinks going back to Fox means giving up on Miguel. Tabitha says Miguel is as good as gone. Tabitha tells Kay to listen to her heart, though she's in no position to give her advice on her love life. Tabitha says she has to figure this out for herself. Tabitha says now she has to find out what Endora is up to. Tabitha decides to go to the school. She tells Kay she has to figure this one out on her own. A spying Fox hopes Kay will let Miguel go. Kay decides she will stay true to Miguel, she will stand by him. Fox says she won't stand by him for long and makes a call. Later Fox checks on Kay. She asks if he's okay. He says yes, he feels find and soon he thinks he'll feel even better.

Back at the school, Mrs.. Lucy calls out to Tina, saying if she comes out then she'll let her be the kitty cat. As she looks for Tina, Endora looks outside. Outside an animal catcher catches Tina! Endora waves at Tina and says bye! Tabitha soon shows up and learns Tina is missing. Tabitha asks Endora where Tina is? Endora says Mrs. Lucy threw her out the window. Tabitha wonders what sort of school this is. Endora says Tina is a cat. Tabitha thought Tina was a child. Endora explains she was, but she wanted to be a cat. Tabitha doesn't like this at all. Tabitha asks where Tina went? Endora says a man with a truck took Tina away. Mrs. Lucy is screaming this is the end, and that Paul Revere is turning in his grave!

At the prison, the guard tells the prisons they have thirty seconds to get it together. Sheridan tells Luis she can't take her clothes off in front of others. Luis says he knows. The guard orders them all into the showers now! Luis say obviously they have to think of something fast.

All the guys are in the showers when the fresh meat is brought in. The guard says they have newbie's here. He guard tells them all to strip down, shower and get new jump suits. Sheridan tells Luis she can't do this. The guard asks what the hold up is, what can't they do? Sheridan, in a manly voice, says she lost her contact and can't see. The guard says it's a shower, she doesn't need to see anything unless she's looking for something or some one. Some big guy says he's got something for them to look at, it's right here. The guard tells them all not to tick him off. Sheridan asks Luis what she does? He says she has to undress. They try and stand in front of her as she takes her clothes off. They escort Sheridan in. She thinks she can't do this. They say if she's caught she'll go to jail for real. Miguel also thinks what could happen if these guys do find out she's a woman. They hope the steam will act as a cover for her. They get Sheridan in, she's petrified. The guard returns, he says You three stop what you are doing.! He says they thought they could get away with it, but no dice. The guard says they are getting away with nothing!

At the mansion, Eve checks over Jared, she thinks he is okay to resume regular activities. He says all over? She says yes. He is thrilled, now he and Theresa can have their baby. He says Theresa can't wait to have one.

Theresa is in the kitchen. She gets a message from the blackmailer. They remind her of their deal, stay clear of Ethan and have Jared's baby. Ethan soon shows up, he says he can't let her go through with this, she belongs with him. He asks if he's too late, has she had sex with him? H thinks he's too late, they did it. She says they didn't. She says her only choice is to be with Jared, she's in an impossible situation. She walks off as Ethan is yelling he won't let her go! 

Theresa goes back to Jared, who is finishing with Eve. Jared says the doc says he's a-okay to make a baby. Theresa asks Eve if there is anything she can do to get pregnant? Eve thinks she hasn't had trouble before. However she tells her about the clear blue ovulation kit. Jared leaves to take a shower, Eve asks Theresa what is going on. She says first Theresa wanted to marry Jared immediately, now she wants to have his baby. She asks what is going on, the truth. Theresa says Jared is her husband and she wants his child, that is all there is to say. Eve says she's not being fare to Jared or Ethan, she has one man she loves and another man she's committed to in a fake marriage. She tells Theresa to think about this and how unfair it will be to the baby. Eve leaves. Theresa says she has thought it through, this is the only thing she can do.

Back in the kitchen, Ethan overhears a maid calling for a Clear Blue Ovulation kit. She says Mrs. Crane is obviously trying to get pregnant and right away.

Later Jared is in a robe. He has the clear blue test, he hopes it works out for Theresa. Theresa comes out of the bathroom, she's ovulating! Theresa says this is one of her two most likely days to conceive. Jared says then they have to . . . . They kiss. Jared says it's time to get to work, though it's not really work when he makes love to her. They fall onto the bed together. Jared says he loves her, she says she loves him too. To herself she says I'm so sorry Ethan.

Julian shows up to talk to Eve, but she wants to hear nothing from him. She says she doesn't want to hear his explanations, it's done. She walks off. Julian says no it's not done! He makes a call. He says he has to speak to them, it's urgent.


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