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2nd Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



May 7, 2007 
At the preschool, the teacher Mrs. Lucy is still looking for Tina. We see a recap of Tabitha questioning Endora and learning she turned Tina into a cat and was taken off by animal control. The teacher is crying, she says Paul Revere will be so upset with her. She then sees Tabitha is back. She says she told her not to come back until pickup time. Tabitha says she's sorry, she's just so overprotective. Tabitha runs out. Tabitha then takes off to find Tina the cat. 

Mrs. Lucy continues looking around for Tina. Tina's mother then shows up to take Tina to the dentist. Her mother asks where her daughter is. Mrs. Lucy says that is a good question. She says she seems to have lost her. Tina's mom asks how she could have lost her? Tina's mom is now running around looking for Tina. She says she's going to call the police on her. Mrs. Lucy begs her not to do that.

Outside Tabitha is looking for Tina. She sees the animal control truck. Tabitha heads to the truck to find Tina and take her to Endora. Unfortunately the truck is full of cats. She has no way to tell which is Tina. She asks the cats if Tina is in there meow. They all meow. She says they can't all be Tina. She says she has to find the right cat, if Tina's taken to the shelter and then . . . . Tabitha says failure is not an option. The officer shows up, he asks if he can help her? She says she lost her naughty cat, she must be in here. The man asks what she looks like? Tabitha says it's hard to say. He says she doesn't know what her own cat looks like. Tabitha says she's color blind, she can't describe her well enough. Tabitha begs Tina to make a sound. Eventually Tina tells Tabitha that she's Tina. The officer asks if that cat just talked? She says he knows cats can't talk. Tabitha takes Tina, but the man says that is against regulation. Tabitha says this child . . . cat's mother is worried. The man thought she was the cat's mother. Tabitha explains the cats mom is at home, she's worried. The man demands to be given the cat, Tabitha realizes she has no choice and zaps herself away. He thinks he needs a vacation. (The Animal Control guy is Arvid from the old Head of the Class show!)

Tabitha zaps herself to the school, thankful she still has some of her powers. She returns as Tina's mom is threatening Mrs. Lucy. Tabitha calls Endora over to turn Tina back into Tina. Meanwhile Tina's mom calls the police and says her daughter has been kidnapped. Tabitha walks in with Endora and Tina. Tina's mom tells the cops never mind runs to her, she asks where she's been? Tina says Endora turned her into a cat, Mrs. Lucy threw her out the window, a man caught her but Endora's mommy saved her and had Endora turn her back. Tina says it was so much fun, can they do it again. Tina's mom asks what this is about? Tabitha thinks Tina has a wonderful imagination, she should become a writer. Tina's mom apologizes to Mrs. Lucy. Tabitha then tells Endora she can't do her witchcraft here. Endora only did it to make Tina happy. Tabitha tells her not to do it again for anyone anywhere for anything. She says it could get them into trouble. 

Eve returns to her office and finds a note from Julian begging her to talk to him and let him explain. Eve remembers when she and Sam walked in on Ivy and Julian. She rips up the note and throws the roses he left as well in the trash. Later Julian calls her, he begs her not to hang up. He says he has news on their son. She says she's listening. Julian is in his office and looks over at Valerie. He says Valerie wants to meet with them, it is about their son. Eve asks why Valerie didn't just call her? Julian suggests they meet in her office. She asks what time? Julian says he'll call Valerie and tell her to come over right away.

At Julian's office, he tells Valerie they are all set. He says they'll go to Eve's office. He says she knows what to do. Valerie says she does. 

Eve is in her office, she's thinking about how she told Julian she was afraid of getting her hopes up about finding their son. Julian soon shows up, he says she looks wonderful. She says he is only here because Valerie has news about their son. He wishes she'd let him explain. He says he sees she got her flowers. She says she can see what he thought of them. HE swears it wasn't what she thinks. She asks what they were doing in bed, discussing alimony? He swears Ivy means nothing to her. She says if he says one more word then he can wait in the hall. She says she will not be lied to or manipulated by him. Valerie soon shows up. She says she is very excited about what she has to tell them. She sits down. She says she found their son! Valerie says she's identified their son 100%, she got DNA samples on the boy in question and had them run, this boy is their son. Eve jumps into Julian's arms and hugs him.

Simone and Paloma are headed to the hotel to see if Jessica is there. They stop, they think she can't be at that hotel, Spike wouldn't do this. They think maybe Spike is taking care of her, maybe he's not that evil. They have checked out where Jessica used to pick up Johns, she's not there.

At the hotel, Jessica wakes up with another dead john. She says she knows she didn't do this. How can this be happening? She gets her phone and calls Simone and Paloma. She tells Simone she needs help! Simone asks what is wrong? Jessica says she's at the motel, it's happened again. She says a man is here and he's dead. Simone asks what room she's in. Jessica looks around and says room 14. Simone and Paloma head over to the hotel as Spike watches them run. He says that's right, go help her little friend, they are doing just what he wants them to do.

Simone and Paloma arrive at the hotel. Paloma asks what happened? She says she doesn't know, she woke up and found him like this. She says she doesn't remember doing it. Spike is at the door listening, he says well duh, with all those drugs of course she doesn't remember. Simone says they'll help her. She says she has to go. Paloma says Jessica can't leave. Paloma says before she wasn't a cop, now she is. Paloma says she has to report this. Jessica begs Paloma not to do this, they'll put her away. Spike thinks this is going how he planned it. She continues asking Paloma not to report this, think of her baby. Jessica says if they all leave now, nobody will know she was here. Simone agrees, this could cost Paloma her job. Jessica also says Spike would take her baby and she'd go to prison for life. Jessica thinks she's innocent just like her brothers. Paloma doesn't think Jessica killed all these johns. Jessica suggests they go then. Simone says they can't leave the body here though, what if the others saw the john with Jessica? Paloma says she won't report it. They get to work covering up. Spike spies and says Paloma saved Jessica just like he knew she would. They clean up and try and get the body to the car and then plan to dump it into the river. Paloma says if this comes out she'll lose her job and go to prison. Simone says they all will. As they leave, Spike takes photos of them! HE says they are going down big-time.

Fancy is at the prison. She learns the inmates are in the shower. She heads there to see if he's there. She knows Luis couldn't have been kissing a man. Meanwhile in the showers, a guard yells he knows what those three are up to. He demands they turn around. Sheridan tells Luis if they turn around then he'll see she's a woman! Miguel suggests they turn and hide Sheridan, which is what they do. The guard then tells them as they are new, they have to use lice shampoo for the first week. They claim they forgot. The guard says don't let it happen again, now go get shampoo. Sheridan is petrified, if she gets to close the guard will see she's a woman. Miguel goes to get the shampoo, Luis stays and hides Sheridan. Sheridan cries on Luis' chest. At this point Fancy shows up and starts looking around. She sees Luis with the man and says it's true, he's with another man! Miguel returns and joins them, Fancy wonders how Luis can do this in front of Miguel . . . how can he do this to her! Luis, Miguel and Sheridan remain stuck in the showers waiting for the other inmates to leave. They both yell at her for this plan of hers. She says she just wanted to be with Luis, it's all she's ever wanted. Later they try and sneak out, but the guard shows up. He's giving out the towels. Sheridan realizes there is no way she can walk by the guard, she's had it! Luis asks Miguel to pick a fight with some guards. Miguel says what? He says not a fight fight, just a verbal fight so they can get out. Miguel pretends he's been given a dirty towel, he wants a clean one. Luis quickly grabs a jumpsuit and tells Sheridan to dress before the guard beats the pulp out of Miguel. The guard tells Miguel to take his towel or go without. He sees Luis and Sheridan are safe, so he leaves. Luis says they need to have Sheridan's contact get her out of here, no arguments. Luis and Sheridan go to leave. The guard tells Luis to tell his cute brother the hothead to get his temper under control. The guard then says he doesn't remember giving them towels or jumpsuits. Luis says his brother must have rattled him more than he thought, he gave them these suits. Meanwhile Miguel is left behind. Two guys show up calling him pretty boy. They seem to know who he is and they have a message for him. They punch Miguel. They knock him down and start kicking the stuffing out of him.

Fancy calls Esme. She says it's true, Luis and the man were naked in the shower together. Esme, who was in bed recovering from drinking too much, says who knew prison could be so hot and sexy! Fancy says she's not helping! Esme says she's sorry. Fancy asks how he could do this to her? Esme says Ethan is working on that appeal, as soon as Luis is out of prison he won't need to have these romantic entanglements. Fancy says Luis has been in jail for one day! Esme asks if she'd rather catch Luis with a woman? Fancy says actually yes. Esme says she doesn't need this, she needs sleep if she if to go out tonight. Fancy thanks her for her support. Esme says Fancy needs to be Fancy, she needs to confront Luis and tell him and his man to go to hell. Fancy says she's right, she doesn't have to put up with this. She says she will find Luis and tell him off. Esme says good, tell her what happens . . . . much much later.

Fancy heads to Luis' cell to find him. He's in his cell with someone else. The other person is in the top bunk facing the wall. Luis sees Fancy, why is she here as a guard? She has a better question, what is he doing with this man? She says she saw them together, what is going on 


May 8,  2007

At Tabitha's, Kay is pouring coffee for Fox. She goes to get him cream, but he says he doesn't take it. She says oh sorry. She is glad to see he's feeling better after those treatments. Fox says she wanted him to take them. She says only to prolong his life. He says anything to spend time with her. He says suddenly he's feeling tired. She thinks he shouldn't have gone with her to the prison, maybe he should rest. He says all he did was wait in the car, he didn't exert himself. He says he can't afford to waste the rest of the time he has resting, he needs to be here for her and Maria. He says he loves her so much and pulls her into a kiss. She asks where that came from? He says from his heart. She says she doesn't want him getting excited. He says that is the idea. He says he loves her and they are married, but they hardly get time alone. He says it's bad enough he can't make love to her, but now there are limitations on making out? She says it's just about where it can lead to. He says if it leads to making love then let it. She says she just remembers the doctors saying not to do anything strenuous. Fox says he loves her, she gives him a reason to live, something to fight for. Kay remembers Miguel telling her to be with Fox, if not for him then for Maria. Kay says there is something she needs to tell him. Fox once again starts in with the I don't feel so good routine. He thinks he should go lay down, knowing he can't let Kay tell him about Miguel. Kay tells him she really wants to get this out. Suddenly though she gets the worst feeling that something is really wrong. She senses someone she cares about is in trouble . . . she thinks it is . . . she says never mind, she's losing her mind. Fox decides to go lay down, he's still not feeling well. She says okay. The phone rings, Kay gets it. It's Pilar with news from the prison, Miguel's been beaten. Kay says she knew something was wrong. Fox insists he go with her. She won't argue, she says they need to go.

In prison, Miguel is beaten up by two of the inmates. The hit him, he falls down. They pick him up again and hit him some more. Miguel thinks they have the wrong guy, he doesn't know them. The men keep pummeling Miguel. A guard finally shows up and says back off. They say he does it to the newbies, but the guard says he doesn't kill them, people do notice those things. 

The guard rushes Miguel to the hospital in the prison. The doctor can see he's been beaten, he asks where the guard was? The guard says he just came on shift, he didn't touch him. The doctor says he probably didn't help either. He asks for his file and next of kin, just in case.

Later the doctor is looking over Miguel, who is alive, but moaning in pain. He asks Miguel what he remembers, Miguel tells him about the two guys. The doctor thinks he doesn't have any serious brain injuries. The doctor has reported the incident, whether it will help or not. Suddenly Kay shows up. Miguel asks how he knew? Pilar called her, she couldn't get her quick enough. Kay says she was so scared, she thought she lost him. The doctor thinks Kay must be his wife. Fox is at the door saying to himself No she's my wife. Kay asks if Miguel will be okay. The doctor says yes, her husband or boyfriend is a lucky man. Kay says he's not . . . thank you. The doctor says he'll be back to look in on him, no monkey business as a guard is here. Kay tells Miguel how she doesn't know what she'd do if something happened to him. Fox tells himself it was not supposed to be this way.

Fancy shows up at Luis' cell with her accusations. He asks her what has gotten into her? She says don't act like he doesn't know what she's talking about. She says she saw him and and what they were doing. He asks why she's here dressed as a guard? She couldn't get in to see him any other way, remember he took her off the visitors list. She says she thinks he kept her away because of what he was doing. She says well she does know and he couldn't have hurt her anymore if he tried. Luis has no idea what she's talking about. Fancy says he took her off the visitor list because of his selfish needs. She says she is so naive, how could she be with all the gay men she knows. Luis is confused. Fancy keeps going on and on about how he's taken her for a ride, she was so worried about him being in here all alone. She also says she wasn't born yesterday, she knows guys have physical needs, but he's only been here a few hours and he's already into men! He says he is not gay. Fancy says fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. She says she saw him making out with his roommate. We see Luis has a new roommate named Max. Luis says she did not see him and Max . . . Fancy says she saw him last night and then this morning. Luis says Max got here this morning. Fancy says then it was another man. Luis says there was no other man! Fancy says God knows what this will do to his mother. He says she can't tell his mom he's gay as he's not gay. Fancy says she knows what she saw. We see her flashbacks of Luis kissing Sheridan. Fancy begs Luis to just tell her that he's sorry. Luis says he's telling her the truth, he loves her. She says when she thinks about what she risked to be with him. He says he was not kissing any men, Max assures Fancy nothing has gone on between the two of them. Luis says her eyes must be playing tricks on her. Luis then remembers being in the shower with Sheridan. He says Oh God . . . Fancy thinks Luis is admitting it. She runs off. Luis realizes Fancy saw him kissing Sheridan and thought he was kissing a man. Max learns about Sheridan's stunt, he wonders how Luis got two chicks in love with him. Luis says Sheridan is his ex, he didn't want to kiss her. He thinks Fancy saw him with Sheridan. Max says two babes so in love with Luis they are trying to get into prison? He says now he's heard everything. Luis has to see Fancy and decides Max will help him. Max says he's not going to kiss him is he? Luis says no, he'll kill him. Meanwhile Fancy thinks maybe Luis is telling the truth. She wonders if she should go let him explain?

Sheridan has gotten out of prison and is back at the cottage. She didn't have time to convince Luis she's the woman he loves. She can't lose him again and makes a call. Later she gets undressed to shower. She talks about how when she saves Luis from death, he'll spend the rest of his life with her. She remembers being trapped in the shower at the prison with Luis. She is saying she won't give up until he comes back to her. Later Sheridan steps out of the shower, only to be pulled into a kiss by spike! She knees him in the jimmy. She asks what he thinks he's doing? He says she called him over here saying she was desperate and now she kicks him in the family jewels, what is wrong with her? He calls her a spoiled rotten princess. She says don't call her names. He says well don't call him ever again! He says she called him desperate for him to come over. She says for help, not to come onto her. Spike doesn't need this from a loony tunes psycho chick. He asks why she left the prison? She says Luis made her leave. Spike thinks he's an idiot. She says he is not fit to wipe Luis boots! He says he's leaving, but she won't let him go. She says he has to help her save Luis. Spike says Luis' days are numbered, forget about him. Spike starts flirting again, she warns him if he touches her then it will be the last thing he touches. Spike says she's like her old man, maybe worse. Sheridan says she is worse, she learned from the master. She also says if he has even the tiniest brain in his head then he will help her. Spike says fine, what will they do. She doesn't know, but all she knows is at least Fancy isn't in with Luis, which gives her time.

Ethan is in the Crane kitchen drinking. He can't stop thinking about Jared telling Pilar how he and Theresa would be starting a family. Wendy the Crane maid shows up, she insists on actually fixing him food to eat, he shouldn't be drinking on an empty stomach.

In Theresa's room, Jared asks Theresa what happened to her wall? He says it looks like someone took an axe to it. HE says it looks like the set of the shining, will she tell him what happened here? Theresa says she decided to remodel. He laughs at her. She regretted it doing it the minute she did it. She says she just decided to start renovating herself. She covers up the hole and tries to distract Jared with kisses and suggesting they work on that baby. They end up in bed together as the blackmailer watches. They says the bitch has finally learned her lesson. Later Jared and Theresa have done the deed. He is glowing about how wonderful she is, a princess. He can't believe she is his wife and soon to be the mother of his children. He says he was so scared he'd lose her to Ethan again. She says she married him, but Jared says Kay married Fox but really loves Miguel. Jared thanks Theresa for choosing him, for making him the happiest man in the world. Theresa remembers agreeing to the blackmailer's demands to have Jared's baby. Theresa tells Jared how she's so hungry. He says he'll go get them something, but she says no. She says he just got out of the hospital, she'll go. Theresa leaves and Jared thinks he's the luckiest man in the world. The blackmailer says so far he's lucky, let's hope his wife keeps making him feel that way.

Theresa later finds Ethan drinking in the kitchen. She thinks he probably shouldn't be drinking at this hour. He asks what she cares what he does. She says she's not here to argue, she needs coffee and toast. Ethan has a toast for her. He toasts to Theresa and Jared, may they live happily never after! Theresa doesn't want to fight with him. HE wants her to go upstairs and tell Jared she is divorcing him. He starts telling her how he loves her and she loves him. He tells her she can't bring a baby into the world with a man she doesn't love. Theresa says this baby will have two parents who love it. Ethan says but not each other. He says a child can pick up on parents not loving one another. He says Little Ethan knows his parents hate each other. Theresa says things are different with Jared. She says if Ethan wasn't in the picture then she would love Jared. Ethan says well he's in the picture and always will be. Meanwhile as they talk, the Blackmailer shows up in the pantry! Ethan continues to tell her not to have Jared's baby, take a leap of faith, give him the chance to help her brothers. The blackmailer watches and says she better not cross him again . . .  



May 9, 2007
At the prison, Kay is with Miguel. She can't believe these men beat him up. She says she can't live without him. Miguel says he is stuck in here, she has to. He tells her again to be with Fox, and when he dies find another man to take care of her and Maria. Kay refuses. Kay asks Miguel what happened? He explains how he was in the showers, two guys asked if he was Miguel. He says when he says yes, they ganged up on him and beat him. She says that isn't fair. He says well prison isn't fair. Kay asks if the guys . . . Miguel says no, they just beat him up this time. Pilar eventually shows up. She asks why this happened, why was he attacked, why did nobody helped him. Pilar asks if the men . . . Miguel says no, why do people keep asking him that. She says she knows what happens in places like this. Miguel says that won't happen to him. Kay wants to see if he can be kept from the other inmates, she'll see if her dad can pull some strings. Miguel doesn't want special treatment, but Kay wants him kept alive until he can come home to her. Miguel admits he does love having two of the women he loves most here with him. 

The spying Fox can't believe Kay can't love him like she loves Miguel. Julian shows up at this point, he heard Miguel was attacked in prison. Julian tells Fox he was a fool to hire those thugs to beat Miguel up. Fox says he didn't. Julian wonders then who did? Fox says maybe it's just one of those things that happens, maybe the guys marked Miguel for later . . . Fox says they still have a problem, prison isn't keeping Kay from Miguel. He says earlier Kay was about to tell him she was leaving him for Miguel when the call about Miguel came in. Fox is fuming over Kay's love for Miguel. He wants to go in and stop this, but Julian stops him. Julian says he'll do no such thing! Julian says storming in there will do no good. Fox asks how he can fight Miguel's love for Kay? Julian says he can't, they are at the point that they have to eliminate Miguel! Fox says define eliminate. Julian says Romeo must die, they have to kill Miguel.

At the cottage, Spike goes to sit on Sheridan's bed, but she says don't you dare! She doesn't want to know what parasites are on his body. He says only one way to find out. He starts taking off his shirt, she tells him not another button! She says they need to find a way to rescue Luis. Spike says Luis is toast, get herself another man. Sheridan says she doesn't want just any man, she wants Luis. She says she loves him too much to let him die. Spike doesn't know what they can do to get to Luis when he won't see her. She says they'll have to break him out then. Spike says no way, if they are caught, well they are just two pretty to be in prison, if she knows what he means. She warns him to help her get him out or else. Spike says she can give him a buzz when she comes up with a plan. He goes to leave, he say he has stuff to do, drugs to sell and whores to pimp. Sheridan says nothing he has to do is as important than this. He asks who the hell she thinks she is? HE calls her a crazy bitch. Sheridan slaps him and says she's the bitch who can make his life a living hell! Spike thinks she's nuts. Sheridan thinks she never should have turned to Spike for help. Sheridan goes on about how Luis loves her, Fancy is a distraction. Spike says Luis booted her out. She says she was foolish to think she could be with Luis in prison, they have to get him out. Sheridan says if Fancy tries to stand in their way, well they'll take care f her niece. Sheridan then has a hilarious Mission Impossible fantasy of cutting into Luis' cell wall with a blow torch and then sneaking in to rescue him. She's dressed in some black leather and spiked outfit. She tells Luis it is time to escape. He says he told her not to come back. She says she's come to set him free, she loves him too much to let him be killed. He can't believe she would risk coming here again. She says she loves him, he is her soul mate. Luis says he loves her even more now. They kiss. He says about his fling with Fancy, he was just lonely. She says they all make mistakes. She tortures the photo of Fancy on Luis' wall. She says Chris and Fancy are gone, they can be together. Sheridan snaps back to reality, she thinks she can get Luis back. She tells Spike she has the perfect plan to save Luis. Spike's phone rings and he answers it. Sheridan looks over, she asks Spike why he's still here? He says she told him not to leave. Sheridan says oh right. Spike says he got some news, Fancy has been working as a prison guard. He says he has learned Fancy is in solitary with Luis right now. Sheridan says that sneaky slut, she won't let her get away with this! 

In Luis' cell, Luis decides to kill his cell mate. He picks up a stool. Max is yelling get away form me! Fancy hears Max yelling at Luis to get away from him with that thing. Luis is yelling hold still and it won't hurt so much. Luis thinks this will bring Fancy back to him. The guards show up, they think Luis was trying to rape Max! Luis says they were just kidding around. Luis asks about the female guard, but they say they wouldn't send her to break up his fights, even if she is a lesbian. The two guards drag Luis off to solitary! Fancy of course thinks that Luis has betrayed her with another man.

At the mansion, the blackmailer spies on Theresa and Ethan, who are in the kicthen. Ethan is trying to convince her to forget the blackmailer and be with him. HE says it's fate and he kisses her. The blackmailer says Theresa is making a deadly mistake. Theresa ends up saying she can't do this and she runs off. Ethan screams he won't lose her to a freak. The blackmailer pulls out a knife, he says Ethan won't want Theresa when he's through with her!

Later Esme shows up in the kitchen. She's trying to find someone to get her some food. Nobody is around, so she tries to feed herself. She picks up a banana and says she's seen this before, or is she confusing it with that soccer player. She smells coffee, she finds the coffee pot. She thinks it's a large cup, but then realizes it's what the servants make the coffee in. Fancy soon shows up in tears. Esme asks what happened? She thinks she's upset about Ned. Fancy says she means Noah, and they broke up last summer in Rome. She says she's with Luis now, or was until he turned gay. She says she went back to see him, she found Luis with another man. Esme says he is starting a gay harem! Fancy says they were saying graphic things like get that away from me and shut up and hold still as it won't hurt so much. Esme says go on! Fancy is glad this entertains her. Esme says she is intruided, but all the signs were there . . . devotion to his mom, grooming habits, the discipline thing. Fancy thinks Luis really has turned gay. Esme says Fancy never got to sleep with Luis when he was straight and now he's in prison screaming the love that dare not speak it's name. Esme says the whole world is going gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. She tells Fancy she has nice eyes . . . and lips . . . . Fancy says Esme! Esme says she's not coming onto her, she is straight. However when a man like Luis goes gay, the days of men loving women may be numbered. Esme says she's thinking ahead. Fancy says well she is not ready to switch teams. Esme says her neither . . yet! Esme thinks Fancy must feel guilty turning Luis gay. Fancy says something isn't right. Luis couldn't go gay after just one day. She wonders if Luis was pretending to be gay and chose a "friend"  before he was chosen by another inmate. Esme says that makes sense, but he was kissing his cellmate when nobody else was around. Fancy says the man could have kissed Luis. Esme thinks Fancy is having trouble accepting Luis is gay. Fancy says what she can't accept is that Luis doesn't love her anymore. Esme says then go to him, give Luis a chance to explain himself. 

Elsewhere Theresa goes to take some food to Jared. She says she'll be with Jared and Ethan has to accept it. Someone then grabs her from behind! Theresa drops the tray of foods. Theresa is dragged off, eyes covered. She says she gave up Ethan, let her go, what more do they want from her! It turns out it is only Ethan, he's taken her into the walls where the Peeper was. He wanted to get here here and explain himself. As they talk, the Peeper, back in their half-man half-woman outfit, is looking for Theresa and his Ethan. They say they will find Theresa and when they do . . . Meanwhile Ethan takes Theresa so one of Alistair's weird private saferooms. Ethan says Sam found it earlier while searching for the blackmailer. Theresa asks why he brought her here? HE says they are safe here, nobody can find them here. He says not Jared and not the blackmailer. Theresa asks why he brought her here? They kiss. Theresa says they can't do this, Jared is still waiting for her. Ethan says Jared can wait. Thy keep kissing one another as the blackmailer is running around trying to find them. They don't know why Ethan loves Theresa when they have so much more to offer Ethan. They say once Theresa is dead, Ethan will have no choice but to be with them. They say if Ethan won't, they will kill Ethan too.

Back at the prison, Luis is stuck in solitary and thinks he'll probably be executed before Fancy finds out the truth about him. He thinks about Fancy and how he'll never be able to tell her that he loves her. He also says he hasn't gone gay either. Luis realizes he's talking to himself, he must be losing it. He says he has to get out of here. The door soon opens, Luis hides as someone comes in. Luis grabs them, but it's Fancy. Luis says he needs to explain what happened. She says she heard him fighting with his cellmate, was he playing hard to get? Luis says Max was helping him, he wanted to stage a fight so she would come back. HE says instead of her showing up, two goons showed up and he landed in here. Luis is glad she's back, he pulls her into a kiss.



May 10, 2007

At the prison hospital, Fox says after everything he's done, Kay still can't keep her hands off the Miguel. Julian says if Fox wants to keep Kay then he'll have to kill Miguel. Fox says he can't kill Miguel, Kay will realize he is not getting out of prison and will come back to him. Julian doesn't think so, killing him will be quick and final.

Pilar and Kay are still with Miguel. Kay feels she shouldn't have married Fox, Pilar agrees. She says she has to find the right time to tell Fox it is over.

Meanwhile, Julian asks Fox if he just heard that? Fox says he's not deaf. Fox agrees, Miguel has to die. 

At the cottage, Sheridan loses it when she learns Fancy is in the prison working as a guard. She throws a glass across the room. Spike says Sheridan . . . baby . . .relax. She says don't call her Sheridan or baby. He thinks she needs to take a lud, who cares if Fancy is with Luis. Sheridan says she does. She wants Fancy caught and put in jail herself, then Luis will be hers. Spike says Luis is going to die, but Sheridan says shut up! She says she will rescue Luis, now figure out a way to expose Fancy or he'll be the one who dies. Spike doesn't know what to do or who to call. Spike gets a call, he tells Sheridan he has to go. Sheridan says if he leaves her then he'll be sorry. Spike says he's more afraid of the person on the other end of the phone than her. He then runs off. Sheridan makes some calls, she calls the prison and says she's on her way to see the warden. She's told he is on a schedule, but Sheridan doesn't care.

Spike meets with Julian and Fox. Fox wants Spike to kill Miguel. Spike says him? Julian says he's sure it's not the first time he's killed. Spike says he doesn't talk his business in front of witnesses. Julian says Spike will be well paid, just sneak into the prison infirmary and kill Miguel. Spike says consider it done. Later Fox asks Julian if they can trust Spike to do this? Julian says Miguel is helpless, Spike will take care of it. 

Kay remains with Miguel, hugging and kissing him. She says she's scared for Miguel, but Miguel says he'll be fine. Pilar is still there, she thinks he'll be safe here, he's not in one of those cells. She is glad she knows one of her son's is safe.

Meanwhile Spike is somewhere waiting for a call. He gets it, he asks what they got? He says nice. He says he needs to be smuggled into the prison ASAP. 

Sheridan arrives at the prison to meet the warden. She wants to know if her niece has been found. He says they have hired five new female guards in the past few days. She says she can ID her from a photo, but the warden says their computer system is down. Sheridan says she has to find her niece, she will probably be with Luis. The warden makes a call and has the prison searched for Fancy. Sheridan says Fancy is going down! Sheridan grows impatient, she demands the warden get out there and find her! He leaves to go look.

In solitary, Fancy stops Luis from kissing her . . . especially after he kissed his cellmate. She knows men have needs, but so do women. She says she saw him kissing his cellmate. Fancy tells him that she can't share him with anyone, male or female. Luis starts laughing. He admits he kissed his cellmate, but it wasn't a man. He says come on, him kissing a man? Luis explains it was Sheridan. He says she got in some crazy disguise and broke into his cell. Fancy says so all this time he was kissing Sheridan. She slaps him and asks what the hell he was doing kissing aunt Sheridan! Fancy demands to know why he was kissing Sheridan? He says she was kissing her. She asks why he didn't stop her? Luis says he felt sorry for her, it wasn't pretty. He says she broke in and threw herself at him. He says she's lost, she's alone, she has no one. Fancy says she doesn't deserve anyone. Luis says she's gone, he told her he doesn't want to be with her and that he loves her. He swears to Fancy he doesn't want Sheridan, he wants Fancy. He admits he wishes she hadn't taken so many chances seeing him. She says she had no choice, he wouldn't see her. Luis says he is glad she's here. They hug. She says she's missed him so much. They kiss, but then a sound is heard at the door. Luis says it's nothing, it's okay. He just doesn't want her being caught, she could go to jail. Fancy says nobody knows she's here, well Esme knows but she won't say a word. Fancy and Luis kiss some more. She wants to be with him, but he says he imagined their first time would be elsewhere. She says she doesn't care, this could be . . . He knows, this could be their only chance before he's executed. Fancy says she won't let him give up, they will fight this. She says for now . . . he says they'll live like there is no tomorrow. They almost make love, but hear two guards approaching. They are talking about trying to find Fancy Crane. They think they'd know Fancy the minute they saw her. They head to check Luis' cell. 

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca is looking around for Willy her boa constrictor. She shows up in Jared's room, he's still waiting for Tess to return. He asks why she has a boa constrictor . . . never mind, he doesn't want to know. He shares the good news with Rebecca, he and Tess are going to have a baby. Rebecca says so they are going to have a baby? How? Jared asks what she means how, the usual way. Rebecca says so Theresa is pregnant? He says not yet, but hopefully soon. Rebecca is surprised Theresa is having a child with him. Jared says she married him. Rebecca says marriage doesn't mean much, but agreeing to have a child. Jared says it was Theresa's suggestion. Rebecca thinks this means Theresa is really over Ethan. Jared says this does prove she's over Ethan. Rebecca thinks he's right. Jared gets a call he has to take, so Rebecca makes her own call to Gwen.

We see Gwen in a bed somewhere. Rebecca is on speakerphone and tells Gwen she can come home, Theresa and Jared are going to have a baby, she can have Ethan back. Gwen says she can't come back right now. Rebecca asks why not? She says she can have the man she wants. Gwen says she's all tied up right now. We see Gwen is literally tied to a bed! 

The blackmailer is STILL looking for Theresa and Ethan. They wind up in the mansion where they see Little Ethan, walking around with an iPod. Ethan tells him great costume, who are they? The blackmailer says hello to Little Ethan. He asks if the clothes are from Rebecca's closet? The blackmailer says no. Little Ethan asks who he is? The blackmailer says a friend of his mom and dad's. Little Ethan says Julian has friends? The blackmailer says not that father. Little Ethan says he has another father?

Little Ethan goes to see Jared and Rebecca. Gwen has hung up on Rebecca. Little Ethan says they won't believe what he saw, he saw a clown and the clown who told him about his father. Rebecca says a clown who knows Julian? Wow she's surprised. Little Ethan says no not Julian. Jared says if not Julian then who? Rebecca says tell her all about this clown. Little Ethan says he doesn't know where they came from, they had a weird mask, lots of hair and a costume like Rebecca would wear. He says it was half man and half woman. Rebecca says kinky! Jared asks what the clown said about his father? Rebecca says if Julian isn't his father then who is? Ethan says Jared is, that he said they'd have lots of fun and go on adventures. Jared says that is great, but where did the clown go? HE says he doesn't know. Little Ethan leaves, Rebecca tells Jared obviously the kid has an imaginary friend. Rebecca says he was just excited that Jared was his new father. Jared suggests Rebecca go find her big snake. He tells her bye now. Rebecca leaves and thinks she has to get Gwen back to Harmony to be with Ethan. 

Little Ethan and Jared read a book together. They then head out to find where Theresa is. They hop in Jared's mechanical scooter and race off to find her. They later return after not finding Theresa. Jared then gets a call, a friend of Little Ethan's is waiting for him. He says it's probably his friend Ralphie, they are hitting the batting cage. Little Ethan tells Jared he is glad he married his mom. Jared says he's happy to be part of his life. Jared lays down and wishes he knew where Theresa was. 

Rebecca calls Gwen back. She says Ethan is in the clear, she can come home and get Ethan. Gwen, still tied up, says something a little more important is going on right now. Rebecca says Ethan could find someone else or Theresa could try to get him back. Gwen struggles to break out of her bonds. Rebecca doesn't understand Gwen, why doesn't she come home? Gwen starts yelling stop it at someone. Rebecca wonders what is going on.

Theresa and Ethan are in the secret room, Ethan wants to make love, but Theresa says the blackmailer always knows. She says who knows what he or she will do next. Ethan pleads with her, think about looking back at the end of her life, she will have spent her whole life without the guy she loved and for no reason. She says there are reasons, like her brothers. Ethan thinks it is time she told him her secret. He begs her to trust in him, in them. He says they will find a way to get her brothers out of this and they will be together. They kiss, but Theresa says this is wrong. Ethan says no it's right, let it happen. The blackmailer, meanwhile, is still looking for Theresa. They say if she's with Ethan then she and her loved ones will pay. In the room, Theresa and Ethan are close to making love. Eventually they do make love as the blackmailer continues to search. The blackmailer thinks he knows how to find Theresa, and if she is doing what she's not supposed to be doing . . . she will regret it! Theresa lays in Ethan's arms. She says se feels safe with him. Theresa's phone then rings. She checks it, it's the blackmailer! They say she's disappointed them once again! 


May 11, 2007
At Chad's, he gets a text from Vincent saying to meet him at their place ASAP. Chad remembers Vincent threatening Whitney earlier. Chad says Vincent has left him no other choice. Whitney walks in, she asks who left him no other choice and about what? Chad claims a client keeps bothering him with stupid questions. The doorbell rings, Whitney says she'll get it. Vincent then sends another message, saying if Chad won't come to him . . . then he'll come there. Whitney opens the door, she says she wasn't expecting them. Chad thinks it's Vincent, but Whitney says it's only her mom. Whitney asks an upset Chad who he thought it was? He says that pushy client. Whitney asks if he thinks this client would come here? He doesn't know, he will have a guard posted though. Whitney doesn't think that is necessary. Chad leaves the room, Eve asks how long Chad has been this edgy? Whitney says too long. She wants him to quit Crane, but he thinks he has to prove something. Whitney says that is why she's planning this surprise party for him, it's so important. Eve offers to help her plan it. She has her own surprise though, Valerie has found their son! Whiney asks when she meets her brother? Eve says they aren't that close, but they are close. She thinks she's finally going to get to meet her son. Later they are trying to plan Chad's party, but they can't with Chad here. Whitney decides to maybe send him on an errand, but as luck would have it, Chad heads out on his own. Chad heads out saying this will end today. After he's gone, Eve thinks that was convenient. Whitney says she knows, she would hate to even tell him the tiniest of lies, even for a good cause. Eve is glad she and Chad have learned form their past mistakes. She tells Whitney how she almost went back to Julian, only to find him with Ivy. She is glad Whitney has Chad. Whitney knows she will never walk in on Chad with another woman. Eve and Whitney continue planning this big surprise party for Chad. Eve thinks Chad will love this. 

Chad has gone to the hotel to meet with Vincent. He says this will be the last time Vincent makes him meet him. He has a gun and says one way or another, it's over! 

At the prison, Sheridan is telling the warden to find her niece, she's posing as a prison guard to see Luis. He doubts that, but he sent his guards to check. She says she doesn't have time for this, bring in the new guards he hired. He can't. She says he wouldn't say no to Alistair! She warns the warden she has enough on him to cost him his job and his reputation. She says find Fancy or she'll destroy him. The warden says it's not that simple. He then gets a call. He asks if they are sure? Sheridan asks if they have found Fancy? Sheridan asks if they found her niece? The warden says the call was about a disturbance in solitary, Luis attacked a guard and he's being subdued. Sheridan doesn't want Luis hurt. The warden says he has to go there. She wants to go with him, but he says absolutely not! He says civilians aren't allowed down there. He orders Sheridan to stay here. She uses the warden's phone to try and get answers, but she's put on hold by the prison. 

In Luis' cell, Luis and Fancy have overheard the guards outside. They know Fancy is here acting like a guard. Luis comes up with a plan, he pretends to be attacking Fancy when the guards show up. They hold guns on Luis and threaten to shoot. Luis tells them to try it. Instead of shooting they end up beating him. As Fancy watches she remembers Luis explaining the plan to her. The warden soon shows up just as Fancy scrams What the hell have you done to him? The warden asks what she cares what happens to this lowlife? Fancy says at the jail she came from, they were more sensitive about prisoner brutality. The warden says here they handle things differently. She says she forgot herself. He says right now the prison is being turned upside down looking for Fancy Crane, who is posing as a guard. The warden finds it odd that here she is in Luis' cell . . . has she been assigned here? Fancy says no. The warden asks then why is she in this cell? Is she Fancy Crane? Fancy says if her parents named her that then she'd sue them on Judge Joe Brown. She asks if it looks like she's Fancy Crane? The warden says if she wasn't assigned here, what was she doing here? She says she was on her way to a smoking break, she thought she could score points by checking on things for him as he is short staffed. She says she fell for the oldest trick, Luis made a ruckus to lure her in here, then he jumped her. The warden asks how he knows she is who she says she is? One of the other guard vouches for her. The warden says next time be more careful. He is impressed that she used her break time to try and help out. The warden suggests they go. She says what about him, he is in bad shape. The warden doesn't care, but then suggests they get him to the infirmary so Sister Alice doesn't get on his case. He has Luis taken to the infirmary. 

The warden calls Sheridan and lets her know Luis will survive, not to worry. He says he'll be fixed up in the infirmary. Sheridan drops the phone and rushes off.  Luis is taken to the infirmary. Fancy and the other guard are watching him. She assures the other guard she can handle Luis. She cuffs him to the bed and says it will be okay. Once they are finally left alone, Fancy tells Luis it seems Sheridan knows she's here in the prison as a guard. She says if she has to leave, how will she see him again? Sheridan walks in and says that is easy . . . she won't! Sheridan and Fancy begin arguing. Sheridan accuses Fancy of breaking so many hearts, every life she touches ends in tragedy, she's like the angel of death. Sheridan says Luis has had nothing but trouble since she walked into his life. Fancy says Luis' life was a mess because of her. She also points out what she did to Chris and James, and how Antonio died because of her. Fancy says Sheridan could have had Luis, but she chose Chris and James. Sheridan says she's calling the guards, while Fancy rots in jail, she'll be with Luis. Fancy says she won't turn her in, if she does then Luis will hate her. Sheridan says no matter what she has to do, she'll be with Luis. Fancy says no she's the one with Luis. Both woman go to Luis' side, he's out cold now.

In the secret room, Theresa gets a message from the blackmailer. They say she is not with her husband and they are far from amused. They threaten to tell the secret she's hiding. Ethan demands Theresa tell him what is going on here. Later they are out of bed and dressed. Theresa tries to make excuses, the blackmailer is holding over a secret, but it's about them and that he/she can tell Jared they were together. Theresa says she has to go be with Jared, they can never be together again. He again says she can't have Jared's baby, it's wrong. Theresa says she has to, she has to help her brothers. 

Theresa finally goes back to Jared, who was expecting her hours ago. He asks where she's been? Theresa says she was at Sheridan's actually. Theresa says she's sorry. Jared tells her about how he and Little Ethan were drag racing through the halls with a chair. He also says Little Ethan is accepting him as his father. He says Little Ethan made up a story about running into a clown, a half man half woman, and that the clown told him that Jared would be a good dad to him. Theresa drops the glass she's holding. Later they are picking it up, Jared asks her if she's okay. She says she is. He says she seems tense, why doesn't she lay down. Theresa says she has a lot of work to do today. He asks if she's going to the office? She says no, she can do a conference call from the office here. She heads off to do that. Jared knows something is bothering Tess.

Theresa goes to Alistair's study. She's on the phone with Crane Security. She demands Little Ethan be watched. She ends up finding the blackmailer is in the office! They are furious with her and hold a knife on her, saying she will do what they say or regret it. Theresa warns them if she/he ever touches her child . . . . The blackmailer says they hold all the cards, but they wouldn't harm a child. They tell Theresa to do what he/she says or they will tell Little Ethan the truth. They say she'll lose everything she has and won't be able to save her brothers. They suggests she stop playing games. The blackmailer says she will have to look into her mother's eyes every day and know she is responsible for Luis being executed and Miguel spending life behind bars. The blackmailer then runs off. Jared soon shows up, he asks her if she's okay? Theresa says she's fine. She tells Jared she loves him and gives him a hug. 

Gwen is tied to a bed and is screaming Please stop it! Rebecca is on speakerphone, she asks who is with her, what is going on? Gwen says she can't talk right now! Later Ethan is trying to drink some more to forget Theresa. Rebecca shows up, she says she needs Ethan's help. She says Gwen's life could be in danger. Ethan thinks she's exaggerating. Rebecca swears Gwen is in trouble. Ethan asks why Rebecca thinks she's in trouble? Rebecca says she called Gwen, she was crying out like she was being tortured. Rebecca is sure someone is doing something horrible to Gwen. Ethan says if someone is torturing her, why would they let her talk on the phone? Ethan says he won't be her son-in-law anymore, so he won't have to listen to her anymore. He knows she's trying to get Gwen to come home to him because Theresa is with Jared. Ethan swears Theresa won't be with Jared for long. Rebecca pouts, so Ethan agrees to call Gwen. Ethan calls Gwen, he says her mother is having a fit, is she okay? Gwen says so that is the only reason he is calling, because her other is hounding him? Gwen says tell her mother to leave her alone, she's not coming back. He tries to talk to her, but she says she says he stole her little girl. He says he didn't. She won't go there again, she says she has new people in her life now. She says they're coming back . . .  Ethan asks who is that, who is coming? Gwen tells Ethan she has to go, he's hung up on. Both Rebecca and Ethan are puzzled. Rebecca wonders if Gwen has a new man, though she wouldn't be in pain if she did. Ethan says he doesn't know, but he did what Rebecca asked. Rebecca is convinced something is not right about any of this. Rebecca wonders who this new man is..


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