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3rd Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



May 14, 2007 
Tabitha and Endora go to the zoo. They are meeting her friend Amy from the preschool for a play date. She warns Endora no magic today, Endora says she understands. Tabitha makes her promise no magic. Endora's friend Amy shows up. She says hello to Endroa and Tabitha. Tabitha asks if that woman on the phone is her nanny? Amy says no it's her mommy. Amy's mom is on the phone with someone named Vera, saying this is an impossible day and she won't make the meeting until after four. Amy wants to go see the monkey's, Tabitha asks Mrs. Bradley if it is okay with her if they go see the monkeys? The woman asks if she's Endora's mother? Tabitha says yes. Amy's mother says fine go see the monkeys. She rants she's not supposed to be here, she had plans that did not involve racing around the stinking Harmony Zoo. She is only here because her nanny called out sick. Tabitha supposes it is difficult finding adequate child care. Amy's mom says she has no idea. She keeps talking to one Vera on the phone. She tells Vera she's here at the zoo with Amy, her friend and her friend's mother. Amy's mom says yes she's one of those mothers. Tabitha thinks this will be a very long day. 

Later Tabitha talks with Amy's mom, she understands she has to work, in this day and age it takes two incomes to get by. Amy's mom says her husband is a good provider, she works because she wants to. She says she loves her job. She says it saved her sanity. She says after Amy was born she had to get away from the baby or she would have lost her mind. She says she doesn't know how women stay home and do it. She says she only works part time, then she as her charity club and friends. Tabitha asks when she spends time with Amy? She says she's with her now, besides she has 2 nannies and friends, she's fine. Amy's mom then gets a call from another friend. She keeps talking to her friends about a skiing trip and ignoring Amy, who wants her mom to come look at the monkeys. Amy's mom tells her friend she'll call her back. She then yells at Amy for not giving her mom her private time. She tells Tabitha how children are so tedious, they only think of themselves. Tabitha asks if she has any other children? Amy's mom says God no, one is enough, she doesn't get women who have tons of children. Endora asks Amy if her mom is always like this? Amy says yes, she is always too busy to have fun. Amy says she is a bother to her mommy, she has more important things to do. Amy's mom tells Amy that it's time for them to go, she missed her meeting but she won't miss the spa. Endora feels bad for Amy, she wants to do something to help.

Paloma is on the wharf. She remembers helping Simone and Jessica hide the body. She knows she had to help Jessica, but if she is caught then she could lose her badge, she could go to jail. Noah shows up and touches her, she jumps. He asks what is wrong? What has her so upset? She says she has a lot on her mind. She says she knows he is here for her, he is always so sweet. He asks if that is it, or is something else going on? She says there is something else. She says she can't talk about it though, she made a promise. He wishes he could do something to help her. She says him holding her is helping. He thinks there is something else he can do. 

Chad goes into the hotel room to see Vincent, he has a gun in his pants. Vincent is sitting there with booze. He knew Chad would come, Chad can't resist him. Chad says this needs to stop and he's here to end it. Vincent says no, Chad wants it and he's going to give it to him. Vincent pulls Chad into a kiss. Chad tells him to stop, he came here to tell him it's over. Vincent says it's not up to him, he'll go to his wife if he tries to break it off. Vincent reminds Chad that he has it all on DVD. Chad doesn't care. Vincent asks Chad what he wants him to do? Beg? Get down on his hands and knees? Chad kicks him over when he does that. Vincent says if he wants to play rough that is okay, he likes it rough. Chad says he doesn't want to play. Chad tells him to accept that it is over. Vincent says it isn't over, he knows Chad wants him, he thinks about him day and night. Vincent says Chad needs him, he craves him. Vincent says he's helpless when he's with him. Chad pushes him down on to the bed and says no more, it is over. Vincent says it's over when he says it's over, until then Chad will show up and will love every minute of it. Chad says he understands . . . he understands what he has to do. Chad's hand is on his gun. Vincent tells Chad not to be like this, let him give him what they both want. Chad says he doesn't need anything he has to give, but Vincent says he has what he wants, he's like a drug to him. Vincent says he knows how good he can make him feel. Vincent says Chad wants him real bad. Chad throws Vincent on the bed and takes off his jacket. Later we see clothes on the floor, we hear the bed headboard banging and Chad and Vincent grunting!

Meanwhile, Noah brings Paloma to the motel for time alone. He knows it isn't the ritz, but it is what he can afford. She says it's okay, she's happy to be alone with him. He says they don't have to make love, just hold one another. She tells him that he's wonderful. She says what if she wants to do something more than holding each other. Does she have to put in an official order? He says he is good at taking orders. They end up in bed together. After they make love they get treated to the show next door, not knowing it is Chad and Vincent. Noah says they could give them a run for their money, but Paloma says nah! 

At the mansion, Theresa is creeping around looking for the peephole the blackmailer is using. Whitney shows up, she asks if she's looking for cameras or bugs? She doesn't think the paparazzi will be interested in Chad's party. Theresa forgot about it. Whitney asks if she can still have Chad's surprise party here. Theresa says yeah it's okay. She says she's just been distracted. Whitney knows, her brothers. She offers to have it somewhere else, but Theresa says no. Theresa hears a sound in the wall, she says it is the blackmailer. She tells Whitney how he watches her, he knows everything she does. Theresa tells Whitney all about the blackmailer, how if she doesn't do what they want then Ethan will learn the truth. Whitney thinks Ethan should know the truth about Little Ethan. She says no, Ethan would hate her and she'd lose everything. Whitney asks what good that power and money has done for her brothers so far? Theresa says Ethan is filing appeals and trying to find the real rapist and murderer, that takes money. She also say her son's future is all she has left, all they haven't taken from her. Whitney asks what more the blackmailer can do to her? Theresa tells Whitney the blackmailer wants her to have Jared's baby. Whitney says she can't do that, but Theresa says she has no choice. Whitney asks when this will end, first she married Jared now she has to have his baby? Theresa has no choice. Whitney asks what Ethan thinks about this? She says he doesn't want her to, but she has no choice. Whitney won't believe it, there has to be a way to get her life back from this monster. Theresa sees no other way, she can't be with Ethan and has to do what the blackmailer wants. Theresa talks about how Jared is sweet and doesn't dereve this. She says she loves him, just not how she loves Ethan. She wishes she could be happy about having this baby. Theresa says she has to get pregnant and soon, she could already be pregnant. Whitney is shocked, she could be carrying Ethan's as well. She says if Theresa slept with both of them, how does she know she's not carrying Ethan's baby? Theresa says it's possible, but that can't happen, if the blackmailer found out then it would be over. Theresa decides to call Eve to find out if she can take a pregnancy test. Whitney thinks this is so odd, she came here to tell her that she might be pregnant too. Whitney brought a test to take it with her. Theresa hugs Whitney. 

At the prison, Fancy is in with Luis. Luis is out cold, Fancy wishes she could be there for him. She knows she can't get too close without rousing suspicions. She says she won't leave him though. A nurse shows up and tells Fancy that she has to fill out a report on the attack. Fancy says she'll do it later, she's supposed to be guarding the prisoner. The nurse says he's asleep and nothing will happen to him here. She says do the report, she can use her desk. She tries to figure out how to write this report without getting Luis into more trouble. The guard asks her what the hold up with the report is? Fay/Fancy says she's not finished with it. He says hurry up, the convict needs to be punished. She says he was beat up, he has been punished enough. The guard asks Fay what is going on with her and this con? He asks if she's a groupie in love with a killer. Fancy/Fay says no. They say then what is going on, why does she act like she doesn't want to file this report? 

Spike is in the prison dresses as an orderly or nurse. He thinks all he has to do is slip into Miguel's room and kill him, it shouldn't be too hard. Spike looks in as a nurse tends to Miguel and gives him pain medicine to help him sleep. Miguel wants to stay up until Kay comes back, but the nurse says he can't have anymore visitors today. She injects him with a drug. Spike says Miguel will be out cold when he sends him off to dreamland for good. The nurse eventually leaves Miguel as the drug begin to kick in. Spike then looks in on Miguel. He tells Miguel to enjoy the drug while he can. He walks up to Miguel and says he's sleeping like a little baby, he won't feel a thing. He tells Miguel not to thank him, it's on him. He says say adios amigo! He prepares to smother him with a pillow. However a nurse returns, so he has to run off and hides behind some curtains. He waits for the nurse to leave and goes back to try and kill Miguel again.

At Tabitha's, Julian wonders what is wrong with Fox? Why isn't he celebrating? Fox says he didn't think they'd have to take things so far with Miguel. Julian says neither did he, but he thought Kay would give up on Miguel given he's spending life in prison. Fox says well she hasn't. Julian tells Fox he is a Crane, he has to do whatever he has to in order to ensure a victory. Fox says maybe he doesn't want his wife if she's determined to be with another man, he has a little bit of pride left. Julian says well this is the only way to keep his wife, Miguel must die. Fox can't do it, he is still Maria's father. Fox says if he is to be Maria's step-father then he has to be able to face her. Julian says Maria is a child, she won't find out what happened for years. Fox says this isn't who he is. What has he become? Fox says he's preparing to have Miguel murdered to keep Kay? He says this is insanity. He says he can't go through with this, he's calling Spike. Julian says don't do anything rash. Fox says he can't go through with this! Kay walks in and asks what can't he go through with? Julian says Fox was planning a romantic getaway for the two of them. Kay says that is sweet, why can't he do it? Julian says Fox didn't want them to go away with Miguel in the predicament he's in. Kay thanks Fox for being so understand. She tells Fox that they really need to talk. She asks Julian for time alone. Fox realizes Kay is still going to dump him. Julian says Fox isn't feeling too well today, perhaps they should post pone their chit chat. Fox agrees, he really needs to rest right now. Fox says Julian wants to stay a bit, he worries more than he lets on. Kay decides to go check on Maria and take her own nap. Kay leaves and Julian asks Fox if he sees now that the only way to keep his marriage and dignity is to have Miguel killed, let Spike do his job. 


May 15,  2007

At the zoo, Endora feels sorry for Amy. Tabitha does too. She says Amy seems like a nice little girl considering her mother has read the Mommy Dearest primer for parenting. Amy's mom is scolding Amy for looking at every animal here, as she has a massage she's going to be late for. Amy's mom goes off on this wasteland of tax dollars. She says if people want to see wild animals on display then they should go fur shopping. Amy tells her mom that she's sorry she's not having fun. Amy's mom says she should be, it's her fault she's here. She tells Amy to move along, her day has been a total loss because of her. She shoves Amy off to do something, saying go have fun. Amy's mom then tells Tabitha this is what she means, children are so selfish. Amy's mom makes more calls to her friends to apologize for failing to meet them, she got stuck with Amy for the day. 

Tabitha doesn't know why some people have children. Tabitha talks about how Amy isn't alone, tons of children are neglected. She doesn't understand how people can have children without the thought of what it means to be a parent. Tabitha thinks Amy deserves much better, but there is nothing they can do about it. Endora thinks there is. Tabitha reminds her of her promise, no magic! Tabitha says though a bit of woo woo would teach Amy's mom a lesson. Endora realizes she never really promised her mom she wouldn't use magic, she just has to think of what spell to use. Later Amy's mom continues her calls and decides to go get them some bottles of water, saying cotton candy and popcorn will make Amy fat. Amy wants to go with her mom to get them, but Amy's mom asks whatever for? Tabitha tells Amy that she and Endora like her, so one day the three of them will go out and get some ice cream and cotton candy. Meanwhile Endora ends up casting a spell and sends Amy's mom into a cage with the gorillas! Amy tells Tabitha all about the monkeys, how she likes them. She says Spider monkeys are trained to take care of people. Tabitha remembers nurse Precious, we see some classic Pressure flashbacks. Tabitha wonders where her mom is with that water, what could have happened to her? Amy's mom is in with the gorilla, who is talking to Amy's mom. The gorilla tells her that she's a bad mother. The gorilla says Amy is a great kid and deserves a great mom, she needs to put Amy first. Amy's mom won't take orders from him. The gorilla says be a good mom or he'll go ape on her. Amy's mom then faints! 

At the mansion, Whitney tells Theresa that she may be pregnant too, she came her to take the test with her. Theresa thinks they should both take tests, they'll find out together. Whitney says if she is pregnant then she wants to tell him at the party tonight. She's hoping if she is pregnant that it will get Chad out of this funk he's in. Whitney says whatever is bothering him, she hopes he gets a grip on it soon. Theresa says Chad is friends with both Jared and Ethan, maybe he's upset they are at odds with one another. Whitney tells her about the other issue, that Vincent was cheating on Valerie and she told her, which lead to a huge fight. Whitney explains the whole story about how she thought Chad was cheating again, she went to the hotel and found Vincent. Whitney says she feels guilty for thinking Chad cheated on her. She says Chad just isn't the kind of person to cheat on her with another woman. Whitney says she just realized, they need a way to get Chad here. Theresa says she'll call him over on Crane business. Whitney asks if Julian will be home tonight? Theresa doesn't know, isn't he invited? Whitney says no, her mom walked in on him and Ivy in bed. She says any hope for them is out of the question. Whitney says it's a shame, they have feelings for one another. Theresa says Julian is a Crane to the core, he has no conscience and no morals. Whitney knows Chad and Julian got close when they thought they were father and son, but it will just be awkward for her mom. Whitney shares more news, Valerie found her mom and Julian's real son, it's a DNA match this time. Theresa says they got bad information before, remember? Whitney says Valerie is sure, he even lives here in Harmony. Whitney thinks this moment should be wonderful for them, but it won't. She says sometimes having a child doesn't bring two people together. Theresa knows, her heart isn't in having a child with Jared. Whitney thinks she should have this surprise party somewhere else. Theresa says no, they'll have it here. Theresa says now it's time to take the pregnancy tests. 

At the hotel, Paloma and Noah continue to hear the sex next door, which he thinks sounds rough. She says she thinks it is intensely passionate. Later Paloma thinks about the dead john. Noah asks if she's still upset about her friend? Paloma says she is. Noah knows she doesn't want to betray her friend's trust, but if there is anything he can do then he is here for her. She thanks him. She wishes she could tell him everything, but she can't. Noah says it's okay. Noah says whatever is going on with her friend, he's sure it will turn out. Paloma hopes he is right. Later they end up watching some old cartoons. She says it's too bad this place doesn't have room service. He says he'll go get them something, he says he'll be right back. He then leaves. 

In their room, Vincent tells Chad he has to wake up, they should have a drink and go again in twenty minuets. Chad says shut up. Vincent loves his anger, he knows he's not like this with Whitney. He says he's the only man then lets Chad be Chad. He says he has love confused with hate, passion with anger. Chad tells Vincent that it is over, this is the last time. He says he's not his baby, honey or lover. Chad decides to leave, but Vincent says he can't leave. Vincent says he can't quit him. Chad says he is, this is the last time Vincent forces him to be with him. Vincent says he's a Crane, nobody forces him to do anything he doesn't want to do. Chad says he's cutting Vincent out of his life. Vincent reminds him he still has those DVDs. He also reminds him how Whitney told Valerie about him, now Valerie doesn't want to see him anymore. Chad says that is his fault. Vincent says he's been cheating with him! HE says he'd love to see the look on Whitney's face when she found that out. Chad pulls a gun on Vincent and says he'll kill him before he lets him tell Whitney anything! Vincent says what a big weapon he has, fully loaded and ready to fire. Vincent says this is a turn on, but Chad says he's done with him. Vincent says it isn't over until he says so. Vincent says it's time to kiss and make-up. Chad says no, they fight.

In the next room, Paloma hears the gun shot go off. She quickly gets dressed. She heads over to the next room demanding they open up. When they don't, she kicks it in. She walks in and is shocked. Nobody seems to be there, but then Vincent comes out of the bathroom. She recognizes him as the reporter. She says she heard a gun go off in here, but Vincent says he was in the bathroom and didn't hear anything. She says well there is a bullet hole in his wall! Chad meanwhile has escaped and runs off, but is spotted but Noah.

At the prison, the guard asks Fancy why she is not filing this report. They say they are onto her, something is going on with her and Lopez-Fitzgerald. Fancy says she has her reasons, if she tells him then he can't tell anyone. The guard says he shouldn't keep it quiet, but okay. Fancy says the story of a sicko like Luis would make a great movie. The guard says it sounds more like a soap. She says it's all how you write it. She says she came here to get to know Luis to write the movie. She also has to get to know others to make into characters. She says she'd love to make him the lead guard, he's everything Luis could have been. The guard says she thinks he's sexier than Luis? She says he doesn't have to kill anyone to get a date. She makes him promise not to tell anyone, if he does then there is no movie. He says his secret is safe. He thinks Johnny Deep should play him. Fancy says she'll see what she can do. 

Meanwhile, Spike is trying to smother Miguel with a pillow. Luis wakes up and sees a shadowy figure attacking Miguel through the curtains separating them. HE doesn't know what is going on. He tries to call for help, but he's too weak. He reaches for the call button. Spike seems to have issues killing Miguel, who is fighting him. Luis begins calling for help and both Spike and Fancy hear him. Fancy asks Luis what is wrong, Luis says someone is smothering Miguel. Fancy heads to check on Miguel, but he seems fine to her. Luis knows he saw someone, but Fancy says he's asleep and seems fine. Luis knows he saw a person in there. HE says he saw a shadow, someone had something over his face. Fancy says Miguel is alone and nothing is out of place. She thinks it was a bad dream from his pain medicine. He says no, he was awake. He swears someone was trying to kill Miguel. He didn't know Miguel was in there until he heard them say his name. Fancy promises him that she'll make sure nothing happens to either of them. She then gives him a little kiss.  Meanwhile, Spike thinks the cranes won't be happy with him that Miguel is still alive. 

At Tabitha's, Julian is trying to convince Fox that murder is the only way to keep Kay and his dignity. He also says he isn't committing the murder, Spike is. Still, Fox says he's Maria's father, what about Pilar? He says Antonio has already been killed by their family. Julian says this is Miguel's fault, he is a predator and after his wife. Julian says he is protecting Kay's future happiness, that is what being a good husband is about. Fox wonders what kind of monster he has become. He wants to call Spike and cancel this, but Julian says no! He wants Spike to do his job. Fox says he won't have Miguel's blood on his hands. He tries to call Spike, but can't get through to him. He wonders what he was thinking? Julian says they can't second guess themselves. Fox says but this is murder. Julian says what's done is done, Miguel is dead by now. Fox says if Kay ever finds out what they've done. Julian says she won't, they own Spike. Later Spike shows up, but he refuses to step into the freak house. He remembers being in the basement. Julian asks if Miguel is dead? Spike says no, he almost got caught and had to bail. Fox has decided he's changed his mind, don't try and kill Miguel again. He says he'll come up with another way to keep them apart. Julian thinks Fox will regret this, he will lose Kay and Maria to Miguel.


May 16, 2007

At the zoo, Amy's mom has been zapped into the gorilla's cage. We see a recap of the gorilla telling Amy's mom how she's a bad parent, she needs to put Amy first as she is a great kid. Amy's mom won't take orders from him. He says he's giving her a choice, be a good mom to Amy or he'll go ape on her! She screams and faints. Tabitha hears it, Amy says it sounded like her mommy when she found her daddy and nanny playing twister. Tabitha goes looking for Amy's mom and sees the gorilla holding her, she's fainted. Tabitha says shades of Faye Rae and King Kong! Tabitha asks Endora if she did this, threatening to spank her if she doesn't own up. She admits she did it to teach Amy's mom a lesson. Tabitha asks how this will teach her a lesson? Endora says she'll see. Tabitha thinks Amy will watch that monkey make mince meat out of her mommy. Endora tells Tabitha to just trust her. Amy looks in and tells her mom that she wants to play with the monkey too! Tabitha says Amy will have to wait till mommy is finished, the monkey can only play with one at a time. Tabitha suggests they go look at the chimps. She tells Endora to fix this now. Tabitha takes Amy off and Endora turns Amy's mom into a gorilla! She sees she's an ape now too. The male gorilla says she's the gorilla of his dreams.

Later, Tabitha and Amy return, they don't see Amy's mom in the cage anymore. Tabitha realizes Endora changed Amy's mom into a sexy gorilla. She doesn't think this is good and lets Endora know. The gorilla continues to lecture Amy's mom, how she is cold to Amy and probably her husband too. He says kids learn about love from their parents, they should be celebrating having such a lovely little girl. She asks how? The gorilla kisses her! Meanwhile the zookeeper shows up, worrying Tabitha. Tabitha tries to distract him, saying something has escaped and he has to go catch them. The zoo keeper is more concerned with these two gorillas trying to mate. Tabitha says she wouldn't be standing her with her kids if they were. The zoo keeper thinks it's been so long for Tabitha and she's forgotten what it looks like, but that male gorilla is about to give the female a banana! He says he has to tranquilize the female. Tabitha says no, he can't shoot her! Tabitha says they aren't mating, they are just spending quality time together. The male gorilla is still lecturing Amy's mom, concentrate on spending time with Amy and not her massages. Before the zookeeper can shoot, Endora transforms Amy's mom back into a human. The zookeeper doesn't know what is going on, Tabitha tries to convince him there has only been one gorilla in the cage this whole time. The zookeeper scratches his head. Amy's mom seems to have learned her lesson, she suggests to Amy they go get cotton candy, go home and read a story with daddy. The gorilla waves goodbye to Amy's mom. The zookeeper sees the gorilla waving and thinks it has been a long day and heads off. Tabitha then warns Endora again about her woo woo and how it can get them into big trouble. Endora blows some kisses to the gorilla and they head off. 

At the hotel, Noah sees Chad running off. Meanwhile Paloma picks the bullet out of the wall in Vincent's room. She asks if he knows how it got here? Vincent remembers Chad had a gun and it went off. Vincent asks if she's sure it's a bullet hole? She shows him the bullet. She asks what he knows that he's not telling her, who fired a gun at him? She wants to know what happened? Vincent says he can't help her, he was in the bathroom and the next thing he knows, she's here accusing him of lying to her. HE asks why he'd lie, if someone tried to shoot him wouldn't he be asking for her help? She says not necessarily, he is a reporter and lives by different rules. He says the bullet could have been there for years, but she says no, it's fresh. He says maybe it was a drive-by, but she says the angle of the entry suggests it was fired from in here. He asks if he's under attest? She says no, so he says then they are done and he's leaving. 

Noah returns to his room and thinks maybe Paloma is in the bathroom. He knocks on the door, bit she's not in there. Paloma soon returns, she explains she heard a gun shot and went to investigate. She fills him in on finding Vincent there alone and a bullet in the wall. Noah says this is odd, as he was coming back, he could have sworn he saw . . . . Paloma's phone rings, she answers it. It's Whitney calling to invite her to Chad's party. Later Noah tells Paloma how he meant to tell her, when he came back with the food he swore he saw Chad running off. Paloma wonders if Chad had come to stop Vincent form printing a story on the Cranes. They decide they have to talk to Chad about this, they head off for the party.

At Tabitha's, Fox and Julian are talking, Julian says Fox will regret not letting Spike finish the job. Fox won't, he as a new plan and whispers it to Julian. Kay shows up, she asks what they are whispering about? Fox thought she was napping. She says she kept hearing the door open and close and people talking, what is going on? Julian says nothing is going on, just business. Kay tells them how Whitney just called, Whitney is throwing a party for Chad tonight. Fox thinks they should go, it sounds like fun and he may not have many more chances for these soires. Kay isn't in a party mood right now, but Fox thinks they should go. Kay says okay, she'll go get ready. Kay leaves, Fox hopes this new plan works.

At the mansion, Whitney and Theresa are working on the party and waiting to find out if Whitney is pregnant. Ethan shows up and hears about the party, Whitney invites him. Ethan says he has a surprise planned for Theresa tonight as well. Theresa says she's not in for any more surprises. She also says the blackmailer is always watching. Ethan says he has it all figured out. 

Eve shows up to help Whitney with the party. She came early to help her. Theresa says she's going to go call Chad and have him come meet them here on business. Whitney and Eve go off to deal with the party, Ethan continues to hound Theresa. She begs him to stop, the blackmailer is watching. He says he won't let the sick freak run their lives anymore. Theresa says her brothers lives are on the line here too. She tells Ethan that while they were in the safe room, the blackmailer paid a visit to Little Ethan. She says Little Ethan thought he was a clown, but they were sending a message. She begs Ethan to stay away from her. Jared shows up, he asks what is going on? She says they were discussing Chad's surprise party, which Whitney is throwing here tonight. She says she has to go call Chad to get him here. He suggests she call him from upstairs. He takes her upstairs, staying with her. Ethan says he won't let this happen, he makes a call to someone. He says put the outfit on and get over here, he'll meet them out front. He says Jared nor the blackmailer will keep him from Theresa! 

Fox, Kay and Julian show up at the mansion. Julian is glad to see Eve, he hopes they can have a word, but Eve has nothing to say to him. As people begging to flee the room under excuses, Julian suggests he and Kay have a talk. Julian knows all about her seeing Miguel behind Fox's back, he even knows she's had sex with him . . . starting on her wedding night. She says she's not proud of what happened, but she can't help how she feels. She says she never meant to hurt Fox, she loves him, just not the way she loves Miguel. 

Later everyone is dressed and waiting for the party to start. Ethan meanwhile heads out front to meet with someone. Ethan meets someone out front and gives them orders, go stand in back and don't let anyone see them. He says all the lights will be off in the living room so it should be easy.

Chad eventually shows up at the mansion. He heads into the living room, which is all dark. Everyone screams surprise! They all come out of hiding. Chad is shocked, he says he forgot it was his birthday. He kisses Whitney as Vincent shows up saying this is one birthday his lover will never forget. Meanwhile Chad sees Vincent is here, so he thinks he should call and warn Valerie that he crashed the party. He gets Valerie's voicemail and leaves her a message. Whitney meanwhile realizes she has to go check her pregnancy test. She tells Chad she has another surprise, she has to go see if it is ready. She kisses him and runs off. Vincent then swoops in and says he thought she'd never leave. Chad tells him to get lost. Vincent knows he doesn't mean it. Theresa then interrupts, she tells Vincent he's not really welcomed here. Chad tells her it's okay, so she says it is his party.

Julian takes Kay off to have another talk. Fox listens in as Julian tells her to consider all the consequences of leaving Fox for Miguel. Julian says Theresa and Ethan can't get Miguel out of jail. Kay says she loves Miguel, she knows he will be set free. Julian says he may be able to help her with that. She says he'd help Miguel get out so they could be together? Julian says he knows someone who can get Miguel out. She begs him to do this! Julian wants Kay to do something for her though. He tells her that she has to stay with Fox! He says not only must she stay married, she must be faithful and never see Miguel again. Fox listens and says perfect! 

Theresa excuses herself to make a call. She's then grabbed and pulled into a closet. It's only by Ethan though. She asks what about the blackmailer? Ethan hired someone to impersonate him and stand around, the blackmailer will think he's out on the terrace!

The Ethan imposter is standing out on the terrace . . . . Vincent seems to be looking out at him. He asks Jared if that is Ethan, Jared says yes he's out for some air. 

Eve is called to the hospital for an emergency. She wishes Chad a happy birthday and heads out. Noah and Paloma show up, they wish Chad a happy birthday. Noah asks Chad if he was at the motel? He saw him, Chad tries to play innocent. Whitney then returns with an announcement to make. Whitney tells Chad and everyone that she is pregnant! As all the girls rush to congratulate her, Vincent tells Chad he's been cheating on him!



May 17, 2007
Chad's party is going on at the mansion. Whitney announces she is pregnant, everyone is so thrilled for her. Vincent is not happy, Chad also hasn't said anything. He tells Whitney he is thrilled, but she says it doesn't sound like he is. Chad says it's just such a surprise. She says but he's okay with it? He says he's over the moon about it. He kisses her as an unhappy Vincent watches. Vincent is telling himself that Chad will live to regret this. Chad tells Whitney he is happy. He says once he was a stranger in a strange world before meeting her, now he's not. She tells him that he's the one who taught her how to trust.

Pilar arrives late for the party. She wishes Chad a happy birthday. Whitney is glad to see her out and about. Whitney gives Pilar her good news, she s pregnant. Pilar congratulates her, she says Theresa must be excited. She wonders where Theresa is? Jared also wonders where Theresa is. Jared says he and Theresa are trying to have a baby themselves, maybe they could be pregnant together. Whitney says she'd love that. Pilar decides to get their new baby a Christmas stocking just like she got one for Miles. Whitney thanks her. Whitney says she's just so happy. Chad tells Whitney that he loves her, he'll never love anyone like her. Vincent is spying and says Chad loves him, and when Whitney finds out what gets Chad off, they'll both be sorry. Chad hugs Vincent to congratulate him, but whispers he's a liar and he'll be sorry. Vincent then heads out. Whitney is glad to see Vincent go, she asks Chad if he's okay? She says he looked a little funny when Vincent left. Did something happen? Chad remembers the shooting at the motel. Chad says whatever Vincent's problem is, don't worry, he'll deal with it. Later Chad asks his beautiful and pregnant wife to dance. As they dance, Chad can't seem to stop thinking about Vincent! He has flashes of being with Whitney as well, but they are mixed in with his times with Vincent. After their dance, Whitney decides to go check on Theresa. Chad meanwhile decides to head out.

Noah and Paloma are hanging out, Paloma is obviously bothered. He asks if it is what happened at the motel? She says yes, she knows Vincent knows more about that gunshot than he's letting on. She doesn't want to interrogate the guests, but she feels this is trouble. She also says it's Chad's party and he's not really talking to anyone. She calls the station about the bullet, she's taking it into ballistics for answers. Noah calls her super Paloma and is glad she's going to try and get the truth. Noah tells her that he's sure he saw Chad at the motel, so Paloma suggests he talk to him about it. Paloma doesn't like the idea of one of their friends involved in something suspicious. Paloma wonders if they were meeting. Noah says but at a motel with a gun? She says they have to find out what happened. She asks him to talk to Chad. 

Noah confronts Chad before he leaves. He wants to know about him being at that motel. Chad thinks Noah is being nosey, but Noah says he's concerned. He tells him about the gunshot they heard and how Vincent was involved. Chad claims he barely knows Vincent. Chad tries to leave, dropping his gun. Noah is stunned, he knows Chad is lying. He thinks Chad fired the gun. He asks what in the hell is going on? He thinks he has to tell Paloma. Chad says no. He says this is official police business, someone could have been hurt or killed. Chad says he can't tell Paloma. Noah tells him to start talking, this better be good! 

Pilar and Paloma talk to Whitney while Chad is away. Paloma asks Whitney about Vincent, Whitney says he crashed the party and is glad he's gone. She says now she and Chad can spend time together. Whitney tells Paloma she can't wait till she's pregnant. Paloma is in no rush. Whitney just wants her to be as happy as she and Chad are. 

Kay asks Julian how she responds to this choice? Julian says he has the power to release Miguel, so does she want him to be free or end his life in prison? She says she wants Miguel out of prison. Julian says then say with Fox, forget Miguel. Kay says she won't ever forget Miguel. Julian says well keep it to herself, make Fox's last days happy, promise she won't be intimate with Miguel again. Fox is of course spying. Julian says Kay can't have it both ways. Kay wonders what kind of man is he, if he can set Miguel free then why doesn't he do it? Julian says all he cares about is his son's happiness. She says he's a monster, he says she's a whore! He says actually most whores are hard working business women, where as she is not. She thinks Grace must be spinning in her grave over her daughter's adultery. Kay never wanted to hurt Fox, she tried to tell him the truth over and over. Julian says had she told him the truth then it probably would have killed him. Julian says Fox loves her, but she doesn't deserve his love. HE says all he wants is his son to be happy, to find out she had betrayed would kill him. He says she is not worthy to bare his son's name, she is beneath him, but for some reason he loves her. He says he will do anything to protect his son. The spying Fox worries his dad may over do it, but admits he is good. Kay thinks it's a little late for Julian to be playing the role of tender father. Julian admits he has not been a model parent, he sent Fox away when he was five to boarding school. Julian says then he didn't realize how much Fox needed him, but he knows that now. He says he has much to make up to Fox before he dies. He says Fox is dying, which is why her behavior is appalling. He says Fox is going through misery to prolong his life for her. Julian says the only thing Fox lives for, all he wants is to be a good step-father to Maria and husband to her. He says if he can give one gift to Fox before he dies, it's the conviction he is loved. He will do what he has to in order to force her to keep the lie alive. He won't let her tell Fox the truth. Kay won't agree, she can't do this. She says she cannot be Fox's wife if she's in love with another man. She says if Fox knew her heart was with Miguel then he'd let her go. She thinks it would kill him to know she's staying with him because of Julian. Fox tells himself Kay is confused, he can make her happy. Julian tells Kay that she is making a mistake here. Kay thinks Theresa can get the evidence to free Miguel, but Julian says only he has the evidence. Kay demands he give it to her. He says she knows his terms, he'll give her the evidence if she gives up Miguel. Kay says he's asking her to live a lie! He thinks it will be easy knowing her track record. He says she means nothing to him, all she cares about is Fox. He says if she tells him the truth then it will kill Fox, he won't allow that. HE says he loves Fox with all his heart. Kay thinks he doesn't have a heart. Kay storms off, Fox then approaches his dad. Fox thanks his dad for trying, and for what he said. He can't believe Kay isn't going for it though. Julian says she will, give it time. 

Pilar gets a call, she tells Kay that someone tried to kill Miguel at the prison hospital. Pilar thought that was the one place Miguel would be safe. Kay and Pilar take off, Fox insists he go with them.

Theresa is in the closet with Ethan doing some making out. She thinks they shouldn't be doing this, are they safe? He says there are no spy holes in the closet, he has his impersonator on the terrace, everyone will think it is him. Theresa says it's not like him to be this sneaky. Ethan says he loves her and until they can be together, he'll do whatever he can to be alone with her. She says what if someone opens the door? He tells her to just relax. They kiss some more. Soon they begin ripping each other's clothes off! They end up making love in the closet. Later they are wrapped in sheets and stuff. She thinks they need to get to the party, they've been in here forever. Ethan says he doesn't want her to go. She thinks he's lost his mind, they can't be doing this. Ethan says he has a plan, they won't be sneaking around much longer. HE says he's hired the impersonator so they can be together as well as to catch the freak. Theresa asks how? Ethan says if the he/she is watching all the time then they must be here tonight. Ethan shows Theresa a GPS device, the impersonator has one. Ethan says the impersonator will signal him when the freak shows up, and Crane security will grab him. Theresa can't believe he did all this. HE says it's to ensure the safety of the woman he loves. Later the GPS goes off, the impersonator has signaled Ethan. He thinks they'll finally catch the blackmailer once and for all.

The blackmailer is outside in his he/she costume. They see the Ethan imposter and think at least Ethan is being good and staying away from that bitch Theresa. They decide to reward Ethan for good behavior. The blackmailer pulls the fake Ethan into a kiss! The imposter pushes him away and calls him a freak. The he-she demands to know where Ethan and Theresa are. He/She says if they are together then they are both dead! They are pacing saying he's not stupid. They are cackling and says the joke is on all of them, they are smarter than all of them put together. He/She says they'll pay for their deceit, with their lives if need be. The blackmailer soon finds the GPS device on the imposter. They smash it and says he will pay for it. Ethan and Theresa show up as the blackmailer runs off.  They chase him/her.


May 18, 2007
Pilar, Kay, Julian and Fox arrive at the prison to see Miguel, who is still in the infirmary. Sister Alice has been sitting with Miguel. Pilar has heard of all her good work with the prisoners. Miguel introduces Kay Bennett . . . Fox says Kay Crane, his wife. Sister Alice explains that earlier someone tried to smother Miguel. Pilar says first someone beat him, now someone tried to smother him. She asks what kind of place this is? Kay and Pilar sit with Miguel as Fox and Julian ask if he knows who tried to kill him? Miguel doesn't, he was knocked out by pain medicine. Julian asks how he knows someone tried to kill him? He says Luis is next door, he saw the shadow through the partition. Julian and Fox are off the hook, Spike hasn't been identified. Sister Alice says she will look out for her son's. Pilar thanks her, she says her sons are innocent. Sister Alice says it makes no difference to her, she leaves judging to God. She then leaves. Julian and Fox leave the room. Fox says they really dodged a bullet.

Pilar thinks this is insane, someone is trying to kill him, what if this person succeeds next time? Kay begins to worry. Pilar tells Kay if they don't get Miguel out of here, this person trying to kill him may succeed. She wishes there was something they could do. Kay tells her there may be something she can do. Pilar asks how she can help? Kay remembers Julian's offer. She tells Pilar not to worry, she'll handle it. She tells Miguel to get some sleep, she loves him. She gives him a kiss and leaves.

Kay goes out in the hall where Julian and Fox are. She thanks them both for coming. Kay asks Julian if they can go over what they discussed earlier? Julian suggests Fox check on Pilar. Fox leave, Julian trusts she's come to her senses. Kay feels forced to do this. Julian says his son deserves what little happiness he can find in the time he has left. He says she owes him that. Kay knows Miguel will die if he's not released. She promises to stay with Fox if Julian gets Miguel out. She also swears she won't be intimate with Miguel again.

Fancy is still with Luis. She wants him to relax and get some rest, but he says he's on death row, what does it matter if he gets better. She tells him not to give up, Theresa is working to help clear him and she won't give up. He says thanks, he guesses. She says they will prove he's innocent. She says he'll get his job back and a promotion. He says it's nice to know the woman he loves is such an optimist. She says she can't go on living if she thought they couldn't be together. Fancy says her shift is almost up, she can't stay longer or the warden will know something is up. Luis can't believe her wig and he can't believe nobody has caught her. She says she loves him, he says he loves her. She promises Luis not to give up, she will get him out of here. Fancy says she has to go, but she'll be back as soon as she can. He says she is something. She say it's love, love gives her strength.,

Sheridan is outside the prison in her car waiting for that loser Spike. Spike shows up, he says don't dis the hired help. She asks where he's been, he hasn't been answering his cell for hours! Spike gets in the car, he says he's here now. He says she's not the only crane who needs his services. He asks what she wants? She wants him to get her back in the prison again. She tells him this isn't a request, it's an order. Spike says he can't make it happen again, he has called in all known favors. She says just to it. He says he'll try, he can't make promises. She says her father wouldn't accept an answer like that. She says like father like daughter. She says either he gets this done or lord knows what will happen. Spike then leaves. Sheridan rants about how she has to get back to Luis, get that tramp Fancy out and keep Luis to herself. Sheridan ends up having another one of her Mission Impossible fantasies of breaking in to save Luis. We see her break in as Luis is in the infirmary. Luis calls her his love and says he's been waiting for her, that crazy Fancy has it in for him. Fancy then shows up with a machine gun threatening to clean the floor with Sheridan. Sheridan says she's never cleaned a floor in her life. Sheridan then kicks Fancy's butt. The two end up in a huge fight, Sheridan ties Fancy up. Luis calls Sheridan his hero. He's handcuffed to the bed though. Sheridan promises they'll get out. Fancy signals the guards. Sheridan ends up grabbing Fancy's machine gun and shoos all the guards. Sheridan snaps out of her fantasy, saying she has to save the man she loves from that witch! 

Later we see a nun bringing in some food to the infirmary. The nun takes to food to Luis. Luis asks the sister why she's back so late? He says not that he doesn't mind her being here, she always makes him feel better. The nun then kisses Luis! As it turns out, it's Sheridan! Luis tells her that she has to stop this, she knows he loves Fancy. Sheridan says no he's confused, she loves him. She kisses him again.

Fancy returns home to find Esme is in her room. Fancy can't believe she's still here. Esme has just met the Harmony fishing fleet. She calls them all delicious. She ask Fancy what is new with her? Fancy reminds her that her entire life is in crisis. Esme remembers, the gay thing. She asks if Fancy bitch slapped Luis? Fancy explains the whole thing to her about Sheridan. Fancy says she should have turned Sheridan into the police. Esme asks if Sheridan still has the outfit as what better odds then being locked in a male prison. Fancy says get your head out of the gutter. Fancy logs onto her PC to make sure Luis is safe. She has a web cam in his room and can watch on her PC. She says she can watch him 24/7 now. Esme asks if she put one in the shower? Fancy tells Esme to just watch it as she changes. Esme watches and sees a nun tending to Luis. She soon sees the nun kissing Luis! Esme tells Fancy anything goes in this prison, get a load of this. Fancy sees the PC, she asks what is going on here? Fancy says it's aunt Sheridan, that bitch!

At the mansion, Whitney is cleaning up, the surprise party has cleared out. Paloma hopes her mom calls soon with news on Miguel. Whitney tells Paloma that she's been distracted tonight. Paloma assures Whitney everything is fine considering. She wonders where Noah and Chad went, Whitney doesn't know. Paloma wonders where everyone has disappeared to. Whitney suggests they go find them. They look but can't find anyone. Whitney keeps talking about Chad and how perfect they are for one another. She talks about trusting someone with your whole heart and soul. Later Paloma asks about why Valerie wasn't here. She explains they told her not to come because Vincent was here. She tells her how Vincent was cheating on Valerie at the motel with another woman. Paloma says she and Noah went there today and they ran into Vincent. Whitney thinks they can do better than that place, but Paloma says Noah doesn't have much money. Paloma explains to Whitney how a gunshot went off in the other room, she investigated and Vincent was there. Whitney says there is something about Vincent, he's just strange and weird. Whitney's phone goes off, it's a text message from Vincent. Whitney says Vincent has a surprise for her. Whitney says she wants nothing to do with this jerk. 

Outside, Noah demands Chad tell him what is going on, otherwise he's going to Paloma. Chad says nothing is going on, but Noah knows something is going on. When he threatens to tell Whitney, Chad says no. Noah says he's lying to everyone, including his wife. Chad says he is lying. Noah says spit it out. Chad says he's lying about his whole life. Noah says he is his friend, if he gives him a good explanation then he'll keep his mouth shut. Chad says there is a phrase Noah might not know that sums it all up. Chad says he's been living on the down low. Noah knows what that means, so he's sleeping with men. Chad says one man. Chad asks if he disgusts him. Noah says no, he's just speechless. He doesn't know the right thing to say. Chad says don't say anything then. Noah says he's spent time in the big cities, he always thought whatever happened behind close doors, well more power if it makes people happy. However he says Chad is married, he has a kid and another on the way. Chad says he knows. Noah asks so is he gay? Chad says no he's not. He doesn't know what he's done, he was a fool to get involved with Vincent. Chad thinks he should blow his own head off, but Noah says don't be an idiot. Chad explains it started when he thought Whitney was his sister. He says he wasn't looking to get involved with anyone, especially not a man. He says they had some beers, one thing lead to another. He says he swore he wouldn't do it again, but he kept going back. Noah asks what about Whitney? Chad says it has nothing to do with Whitney. Noah begs to differ, he's having an affair. Chad says no it is just sex, he loves Whitney. Noah says he's just at a loss. Chad says if this got out then he'd be ruined. Noah feels for him, he knows plenty of gay people. Chad again says he's not gay! HE says he wants to stop seeing Vincent, but he's threatening to tell Whitney if he doesn't keep seeing him. Chad says he doesn't know what to do anymore. Noah thinks he needs to go tell Whitney everything. Chad says he can't do that, she won't understand. Noah says he's walking on the wild side. He says this is unfair to Whitney and his child. Noah says forget about the big one, does he know how many other STDs are out there. He says he could be passing them on to Whitney. Noah also doesn't understand, does Vincent swing both ways too? Chad says yes, he was with Valerie. Chad asks if Valerie knows? Chad says no, it's complicated. He says if Whitney finds out the truth then he will throw him out of her life and the kids lives. He can't let that happen. Noah tells Chad he's putting those he loves at risk. Chad asks what he does then? He says he can't let Vincent tell Whitney. Chad thinks he has to get rid of Vincent. Noah asks if that is what the gun is for? Chad explains the gun shot. Noah says he doesn't think murder is the right way to get rid of Vincent. He again tells Chad to just tell Whitney the truth. Noah says Whitney loves him, they an see a counselor. Chad still won't tell her the truth. Noah says it sounds like Chad doesn't want to give Vincent up. Noah asks Chad if he loves Vincent? Chad says this is only sex. Noah says sex is important. Noah says this is up to Chad, if he's sincere that he doesn't love Vincent and wants to stop seeing him, then he has to tell Whitney the truth. 

The blackmailer kicks the fake Ethan and runs off. Ethan and Theresa chase after the blackmailer. Ethan alerts the guards, but the blackmailer says they won't catch him/her unless he/she lets them. They say they'll kill them all! Ethan and Theresa, as well as the fake Ethan, keep on chasing the blackmailer. As Ethan and Theresa chase the blackmailer, Theresa remembers the blackmailer threatening to tell Ethan the truth. The blackmailer ends up hiding in the Crane Mausoleum. Theresa meanwhile worries if they catch the blackmailer that Ethan will learn the truth. Ethan learns the blackmailer is in the mausoleum. They've got him trapped inside. Ethan says they will get answers tonight. Theresa worries, she's going to lose everything. Ethan meanwhile thinks this is the night they'll start their lives together.


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