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4th Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



May 21, 2007 
Outside the mansion, Noah is still telling Chad that he has to tell Whitney his secret. Chad says he can't do that, it would kill her. Noah says then he has to end things with Vincent. Inside, Paloma is curious about the text Vincent sent Whitney. Whitney claims she is not, she wants nothing to do with him. Paloma however wants to know what is going on. Whitney wonders if that is the cop in her speaking. Later Whitney gets another text, this one says he needs to discuss a secret with her and Chad. Whitney thinks she has to ask Chad about this and goes to find him.

Chad and Noah come back into the mansion and Whitney confronts Chad about the text messages, what do they mean? Chad suggests they go talk. They head into the living room. Chad sits her down and begins to explain, saying he loves her and sometimes people make mistakes. Whitney is getting scared, who is he talking about here? Meanwhile Paloma asks Noah if he knows what is going on with Chad, she saw them talking. He says he does, but he can't tell her. HE says he promised. She needs to know, she wonders if Chad is the one who shot Vincent. Noah says he can't say. She begs him to tell her, she is his girlfriend. She promises she won't go arrest Chad, she cares about him and Whitney. Noah explains Chad was at the motel, he and Vincent fought, the shooting was an accident. Paloma remembers questioning Vincent, Vincent lied and claimed he knew nothing. Paloma tells Chad she has no choice here, she has to arrest Chad for attempted murder.

Outside of the mausoleum, Ethan and Theresa work to get in, the door is locked from the inside. The blackmailer stacks up coffins to barricade the door. Ethan yells in there is no other way out, give up. The blackmailer asks Ethan, seeing he is a lawyer, if they can negotiate something. Ethan won't negotiate with a sick freak. The blackmailer claims he's no freak, he's the keeper of secrets. Theresa asks why he's doing this to her, why does he hate her family! The blackmailer yells out to Theresa wondering if she told Ethan their little secret yet. Ethan is close to getting in, Theresa wants to tell him her secret. He says he doesn't have time. She says just know whatever he says, she loves him. They manage to get into the mausoleum. However the blackmailer has vanished. The blackmailer talks to them over some PA system, telling Theresa she will pay for her mistakes. Ethan thinks the blackmailer is hiding behind a statue, but when he tries to jump them, nobody is there. He does find a piece of cloth in the wall, which leads to them finding a secret room. They get into an adjacent room. There is a shrine to Ethan, all the blackmailer's costumes and the walls are decorated with a weird half man/half woman 50's comic book character motif. They realize the blackmailer isn't here. They go to leave, when the door closes and they are locked in. Theresa doesn't understand, if Alistair built this room then how did the blackmailer know? Ethan asks how do they know anything? They think it's soundproof, nobody will hear their screams. Theresa then gets another message on her phone. The blackmailer tells them that Theresa never learns and she will pay, her and her family. Suddenly the place goes up in flames all over the place!

Esme and Fancy watch on the PC as Sheridan kisses Luis. Esme says her aunt might be a psycho nun, but those handcuffs on Luis are hot! Fancy is going back to the prison, Esme insists she come . . . thinking about all the men there. At the prison, Luis tells Sheridan, who is dressed as a nun, she is embarrassing herself! He says he told her to go, but she says she loves him. She wants to help him escape, they can run away. He says no, he loves Fancy. She screams no he loves her! Luis tells Sheridan that he is in love with Fancy, what they had is over.

Fancy arrives and sees a nun. She screams at her to get back here, calling her a man stealing slut! She rips her habit off, it's Sister Alice! Fancy apologizes as Esme tells Fancy she is so going to hell for this one.  Fancy explains to the sister that she thought she was someone else, who is here dressed like a nun. Sister Alice is shocked, but doesn't have time as she has to get to her rounds. Esme insists she go with her, she wants to help those poor lonely men . . . souls. Esme leaves with her, giving Fancy a thumbs up.

Fancy finally finds Sheridan with Luis, accusing her of putting the moves on Luis.  Sheridan has no idea what Fancy is talking about. Fancy says she installed a nanny cam to watch over Luis, she saw everything! Luis tells Sheridan again to go, but she says she can help him escape with her Crane connections. Fancy says hello, she has connections to. Sheridan says but she isn't above using them. Luis still won't go, saying Miguel is still here and someone wants him dead, he has to stay for him and for Fancy. Again Luis tells Sheridan they are over. Fancy tells Sheridan one more thing . . . she slaps her! Sheridan asks Luis does he not see what kind of woman Fancy is? Luis says if she had gone then it wouldn't have happened. Sheridan finally leaves. Fancy stays with Luis. She says she loves him, they kiss. Later Sheridan is back at he mansion looking for Fancy's video feed. She sees Fancy and Luis on the laptop screen. Luis is telling Fancy how he loves her and even if he does die, not even death can separate them. Sheridan screams that is supposed to be her with Luis. She smashes the laptop.


May 22,  2007
At Tabitha's, Endora and Maria are watching TV. Tabitha says it is time for bed for them. They are watching Michell Dolls movies on TV. It's A Very Michelle Sleepover and they both want to have one. Tabitha thinks she's too young for it, but Endora says she's in school now and has friends. Tabitha says she'll talk to the other mothers to arrange one. Suddenly all the mothers show up with their little girls! They think they invited them over for a sleepover. The mothers are all confused, they don't remember getting invites, but do remember it was tonight. Tabitha also forgot it was tonight. She says they'll have a splendid time. Tabitha suggests they all watch DVDs with the girls, she'll go make them refreshments. Tabitha says they'll make sure the girls have a good time. Tabitha then lectures Endora, she has to stop using her magic whenever she wants! She says mortals don't trust them. Meanwhile the other mommies are asking their girls if they really want to stay here? Endora tells her mom to make the mommies leave. Tabitha assures the mom's they are okay, they can pick the kids up tomorrow after noon. She understands they are apprehensive leaving them. Tabitha suggests they go have some tea in the kitchen and they'll talk. That will let the girls make up their mind it they want to stay. Tabitha tells the mothers she has a nanny cam, she can watch them from the kitchen. As the mothers leave, Tabitha tells Endora again no magic! 

In the kitchen, Tabitha meets the kids mothers. They all love her house, they think it is so tidy, does she have help? Tabitha says she does it all herself. They say even the ironing? Tabitha knows she has a magic hand who does the work. They ask about her husband, but she lets them think she's a widow and a single mom. They wonder how she manages. Tabitha says her little girl is a tremendous help. 

Back in the living room, Endora's friends are bored, they have seen the movie one too many times. They thought a sleep over here would be more fun, they've heard about all the wild things that go on here. Endora uses her magic to rewind the tape on the parents TV. So they don't see what is going on. Endora then ages all her friends! They begin dancing to beach boy music. Endora then conjures up a beach party for them. The living room is transformed into a beach, Endora then brings in some boys. They show up with a surfboard and beer kegs. They also have chips and food. Everyone begins dancing. 

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha thinks Endora is actually behaving herself for once as she watches the monitor. The mothers start talking about what sports their girls play, they ask if Endora likes sports? Tabitha says Endora has so many interests that they don't know yet what they'll focus on. Suddenly they hear music coming from the living room. Tabitha realizes what Endora has done. She says she'll go check the monitor feed. She insists they stay here. Tabitha goes to find Endora has a party going on. They are drinking and doing the limbo! The mothers decide they have to check on whatever is going on, they think the movie they are watching in there is not age approriate. They yell they are coming in. Tabitha tells Endora to do something! The mothers see all their kids as teens and drinking beer. Endora says it is root beer. The mothers want to know what has happened to their kids. Tabitha thinks they are done for. 

Julian and Kay go to the prison. Kay tells him not to back out of their deal, but he says he won't. He wants what is best for his son, he will do what he has to do to make him happy. He reminds her when Miguel is set free, she has to live up to her side of the bargain. Kay remembers the deal they made. Kay cries she will stay married to Fox. Miguel is brought in in a wheel chair. He asks why Kay is here? She says everything will be okay. Miguel doesn't get what is going on. Pilar and Fox walk in, Kay asked them here too, what is going on? In walks Judge Reilly, saying this is highly irregular but he felt duty bound to be here. Reilly claims new evidence has been brought to light. Miguel wonders what now, is he to be retried and sent to death? Kay says no, they are here to get him out of prison . . forever. Pilar asks how? Fox asks what is going on? Julian says it came to the court's attention that someone saw the hit and run. Pilar knew her son was innocent. The witness is brought in, it's Spike. Miguel says Spike is the eye witness? Spike says he's here to save Miguel's butt. They ask why he didn't come forward earlier? Spike says he's not on friendly terms with the cops, he's just trying to do his duty. Kay can't believe this, she tells Julian that Spike is a nut! Julian assures her it will be taken care off. Miguel doesn't understand what is going on here. Kay promises him he will be out of prison. Fox asks Julian if Kay will keep her end of the bargain? Julian says yes. Judge Reilly calls court into session and asks the witness step forward. He asks Spike to testify. Spike asks he if has to be sworn in? Judge Reilly swears him in and says get on with it! Spike says he saw who was driving the car. Judge says so he's saying he's disputing Fox saw Miguel driving? Spike says no, Fox saw him driving the car. The judge is confused, so Fox was right and Miguel hit him? Spike says yes. The judge is furious, why is he here? Spike claims he was yanking their chains. He says Fox thought he saw Miguel, the guy driving did look like Miguel, but it wasn't Miguel. Pilar thinks he's free, but the judge says not until he says so. The judge asks how he can believe this man, he has a record, he'd do anything for money. The judge says Spike has no credibility. Spike says they can give him a lie detector test. The judge ends up claiming he will release Miguel. He says case dismissed and leaves. Spike then heads out. Miguel can't believe this is really happening. Kay says she can't believe this is happening either. 

Julian and Fox talk to Spike in private. Julian was worried about the lie detector test, but Spike says since Miguel wasn't driving the car, he would have passed. Spike wants his money. Julian says later. Spike heads off. Fox thanks Julian for this, Kay will be his forever. Julian says enjoy! Fox says he intends to. Back in the room, Miguel tells Kay they can get married now if she divorces Fox. He asks why she isn't happy? She says she has to tell him something. 

At the mansion, Paloma tells Noah she is sorry but she has to arrest Chad. Noah says he swears it was an accident. She asks how she can believe that, and why did he shoot at Vincent? Noah has another flashback to the down low conversation with Chad. Noah just says that Chad is about to tell Whitney something that could make Whitney leave him. Paloma asks what he's going to tell her? Noah can't say, all he will say is he made a very bad mistake. Noah is jus worried it's too late for them. Paloma asks how he could do this to Whitney? They both promise not to lie to one another. 

Chad is trying to tell Whitney the truth. She asks if he knows what Vincent's text messages are about? What is the secret she needs to know? She asks what the secret is? Whitney is interrupted by a call from Miles' sitter. Chad chickens out, he just tells Whitney all he had to say was he loves her and they can't let Vincent come between them or their family.

Chad heads out to see Noah, who is alone, so it seems. HE says he couldn't' tell Whitney about the affair with Vincent. Paloma then walks out gasping, is that Vincent's secret? Chad says he's sorry she had to hear that. Whitney shows up asking if everything is fine? Paloma then gets the call about what is going on at the mausoleum. They all head down there.

Outside of the mausoleum, the guard is on a radio saying he's still outside, he had orders to grab the half man half woman if they came out, but nobody has come out. The guard is worried, he suggests they go get Paloma and bring her in on this. Soon Noah, Chad, Whitney and Paloma show up. The guard fills them in, nobody has come out after Ethan and Theresa went in. They all head inside, they say the place is huge. The place is empty, they say this makes no sense, where are they? Chad says there must be another way in. They begin yelling, if they can hear them then knock on the wall. They all begin searching for a room or door.

In the blackmailer's room, Theresa is banging on the door as Ethan realizes he can't put out the fire, it's everywhere. Ethan thinks the guards will come, but Theresa isn't sure. Ethan and Theresa stay down low to stay under the smoke. Ethan tries to push some things out of the way and it appears he's crushed by a burning wall. He of course survives, but the fire is getting worse. Ethan thinks they will get out of here and they will get the freak. Theresa remembers talking to Whitney about Ethan finding out the truth about Little Ethan. She wonders if they do get out and Ethan learns her secret, will he still love her. The wall they came in through is now burning. Smoke pours under it into the mausoleum.

Back in mausoleum, everyone smells smoke. They wonder why they'd be smelling smoke here. Paloma soon finds the fake wall. They work to try and open it. 

Back in the secret room, Ethan and Theresa hear the others calling. They are screaming they are inside, help them! The others are still trying to find out how to get in. Noah calls the fire department. Paloma says there has to be a way to open the door. Paloma yells in how to open the door. They yell back to pull the ring. They begin looking for the ring, but one of them is burning and they can't touch it. They'll need tools to pull it. Suddenly the peeper is heard over speakers laughing at them all. Back in the room ,Theresa thinks it is over. She says it's her fault, she says she kept secrets. Theresa tells Ethan she has to tell him her secret. Theresa tells Ethan she loves him and hopes he forgives her. He is weak, he says it doesn't matter. They hug. Theresa explains in Rome she found out that Little Ethan is his son. She wanted to tell him but she couldn't, she was afraid he'd take her from him. She says now if she told him and lost the money then she couldn't save her brothers. She begs Ethan to forgive her..


May 23, 2007

At the prison, Julian tells Fox that Kay is all his now. He thanks his father. Julian hopes Kay never learns what they've done, especially about this deal. Julian says he has to appear innocent. Pilar walks up and says innocent of what? Julian says Fox is beating himself up over what happened. Fox does feel guilty. Pilar says it is clear what happened was a horrible mistake. She says Miguel is innocent and she hopes they can prove the same of Luis.

Meanwhile, Miguel tells Kay he's free, she can leave Fox and they'll be together. Kay says she has to tell him something about Fox. Miguel promises he won't gloat, but Fox has to know though that her future is with him. She says their future is all she can think about. Miguel says their future will be wonderful, better than they ever planned. He says she needs to tell Fox the truth, she knows it's hard, but she can't let others run her life. He says he'll be there when she tells him. She says no. He says he understands if she wants to tell him on her own.

Pilar comes in to see Miguel. She thinks this is a miracle. To herself, Kay says she made a deal with the devil to free him. Pilar tells Miguel not only is he free, now he can be with Kay and Maria. Miguel says he can't wait. He says the worst part of being in prison was knowing he'd never have that life with Kay and Maria. He says now they can be together. Meanwhile Julian tells Kay to tell Miguel she is going to stay married and faithful to Fox. She says she will tonight, she wants to break this gently. He says make it quick, it is time she stopped playing adulteress and was Fox's wife. 

At Tabitha's, Tabitha demands Endora to do something, the other mothers are coming, they'll know they are witches and burn them at the stake. Endora says it is 2007, relax. The mothers show up, they ask how this is possible? What happened to their children? Tabitha thinks they are done for. They hear a wave, the mothers are splashed by the sea mist. All the girls are dancing with boys on the beach. Tabitha wonders what part of no magic did Endora not understand, how will she explain this beach blanket bingo to the moms. She also wonders how quick she and Endora can get out of town. The women demand answers, their kids are teens and the living room is a beach. Tabitha tries to just play dumb, she asks more sugar? 

Suddenly Tabitha and the mom's are back in the kitchen and around the table. Tabitha again says more sugar for their tea? They are confused, they know they just saw their kids as teens playing limbo. Tabitha says they have had too much sugar in their teas. The women know what they saw and heard. Tabitha says the girls were watching TV, but they aren't believing this. The women say they will get their girls and take them home, the other mothers at the school will be told of this. Tabitha says yes the other mothers warned her something like this may happen. The mothers think the other women at the school trashed them, they say those other women were lying. Tabitha says well they did say that three of them sometimes have episodes, where they say they've seen things. The woman say this never happened before. Tabitha says the woman said they blacked out after their episodes, she's not one to judge addictions like alcohol or pills. Two of the woman say they aren't drunks or pill poppers, the third says nothing and steals pills of Tabitha's table! Tabitha suggests they all go get help, do it for their daughters. She suggests they have one more cup of tea, assuring them that their girls are fine. Tabitha thinks to herself that Endora owes her. Later they hear more music coming from the living room. The mothers decide they have to go face this addiction head on. Tabitha zaps them and freezes them. She then goes into the living room and yells at Endora! She says this party is over. She demands Endroa turn her and her friends back and get these men out of here! Endora tells her friends she's sorry, her mom is a square so the party is over . . .  until next time. 

Julian soon shows up, followed by Miguel who wants to tuck Maria into bed. Tabitha is confused, she thought he was in jail? Miguel says he was set free by Julian. Tabitha says Julian? Endora smiles and says my daddy! Fox shows up too, Tabitha says this is good news . . . or is it. Julian asks if these are Endora's friends from school? Tabitha says yes. He says he told her it would be good for Endora. Tabitha says to herself but bad for her nerves. Kay finally shows up, she and Miguel go to put Maria to bed. Julian tells Fox that he told Kay to say her goodbyes to Miguel Fox says he'll give them a few minutes before reclaiming his wife. 

Kay and Miguel put Maria down. Miguel tells Kay how she and Maria are his life. He says he's free now and they can be together. He says nothing can stop them now. Fox and Julian are outside spying on them. Julian assures Fox that Kay knows she cannot see Miguel again. She also has no idea he knew about this deal, it has to stay that way. Fox says if Kay knew what he did, he'd lose her for sure. 

Meanwhile once everything is back to normal, Tabitha unfreezes the mothers in the kitchen. They don't understand, where did Tabitha go? They find her in the living room with the girls, who are back to normal. One of the girls say that Endora made them older and they had a beach party. The mothers say they knew it! They demand to know what is going on. Tabitha claims they were all the victims of mass hypnosis, the DVD was so convincing it convinced them all. She says how else would they think they have a beach in here. One mother says she has a point, but they have never been hypnotized before. Will they be okay? Tabitha says of course. Tabitha suggests they go finish their tea and let the girls continue to play. The mom's trade their pills and liquor to deal with this, wondering if maybe they need to go back to rehab. Tabitha tells her Endora to behave herself, they barely got out of that one. 

The Peeper is outside the mausoleum. They say if they can't have Ethan then no one can! They think it will be too late for Ethan and Theresa. The Peeper says they'll never get over losing Ethan.

Noah, Chad and the others are trying to rescue Theresa and Ethan. Inside the mausoleum, we see a repeat of Theresa tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. She explains why she never told him. She begs him to understand, to forgive her. Suddenly a huge beam falls down on them! The others hear this from the mausoleum. Eve soon arrives, she asks what is going on? Whitney explains Ethan and Theresa are trapped in a room that is on fire. The boys are trying to get into the the room. Men show up with fire axes which they use to chop down the door. They get into the room, they see them passed out and think they are too late. Noah and Chad get into the room and beat the fire back to get to Ethan and Theresa. Chad says they have to get them out. Eve says if the falling ceiling doesn't kill them, the smoke will. They get them out right before the ceiling caves in.

Everyone is brought outside to the paramedics. The peeper says dammit, they had their best suit dress picked out for the funerals. Theresa and Ethan are both alive. Ethan comes too, he wants to know where Theresa is. Eve says she's fine, just breath in the oxygen and don't talk. Meanwhile Theresa wakes up, she tells Whitney she told Ethan the truth. Whitney asks what he said? Theresa doesn't know, the beam fell before he said anything. She's worried Ethan could hate her. 

They bring Theresa and Ethan back into the mansion and sit them on the couch. They are still breathing with oxygen masks. Eve thinks they will be fine. She tells the paramedics they can go, she has everything she needs here to watch over them. Theresa wants to talk to Ethan, but Eve keeps telling them not to talk until they are stronger. Whitney tells Theresa at least Ethan knows the truth now. Later though Ethan tells Theresa how he passed out before she said what she had to say. He asks what she wanted to tell him? Eve again tells Ethan no talking! Later Whitney learns Ethan doesn't know, she warns Theresa she has to tell him. She says those secrets, they always come out. On cue, she gets a text from Vincent. He tells her to come to the bar at Kent and River, she won't believe her eyes. 

Vincent calls Chad from the gay bar. He says he's where they met and fell in love. Chad says he isn't in love with him. Vincent wants him to come here and let the truth set them free. He demands Chad come or it will break his heart . . . and Whitney's. Noah catches Chad on the phone with Vincent, he tells him to go to the bar and dump him. Chad tells Vincent he will be there as soon as he can. Paloma learns Chad is going to end things with Vincent. Noah wants to go with him for support, and in case there is trouble. Paloma wants to go too, she can be there in case things go crazy. Chad hopes things don't get ugly, but knowing Vincent, who knows. Chad says he'll go tell Whitney that he's headed to the office, 

Paloma, Chad and Noah arrive at the bar. Chad goes to go look for Vincent, but can't find him. He want this over with. Vincent is watching and says it's over when he says so. Meanwhile, Paloma says all these guys think she's either a his hag or a lesbian. Noah says they are looking at him too. A guy comes to flirt with Noah, Paloma says he's with her. The guy says her drag looks great, she could pass as a woman. Paloma says she is a real woman. He says deep down inside they all are!



May 24, 2007
At Tabitha's, Kay tries to tell Miguel about Fox. Miguel says he thinks they should go on a trip, just the two of them, a pre-marriage honeymoon. He says his mom could watch Maria. Kay begins to cry. Fox walks into the room, he says he's ready for bed. Kay asks if he could go wait for her, she'll be there. Miguel wants Kay to tell Fox. Fox says he can't wait, come to bed. Kay says of course. Miguel says wait. Fox says it is late, he and his wife need alone time. Fox says goodnight, they'll see him tomorrow. Miguel says no wait, there is something he and Kay have to tell him. Fox tells Miguel he really needs to get to bed right now. Kay remembers the deal she made with Julian. Miguel says this won't be easy, but they have something to tell him. Fox thinks it can wait, but Kay says all Miguel wanted to tell Fox was thank you. She says it's hard for Miguel to thank the Cranes. Fox doesn't know why. Miguel says maybe because Fox put him in prison. Kay says he made a mistake. Fox says he's sorry, he did think Miguel was driving the car. Kay says luckily Julian found Spike to testify and now he's free. Kay says all that is important is that Maria has her father back. Miguel says she doesn't mean that, but Kay does. She says Maria's well being is all she cares about. Fox suggests to Kay that they go to bed. She says of course and leave with Fox. Miguel wonders what the hell is going on. 

Miguel ends up calling Kay, asking what is going on, why did she go with Fox? Kay says he's her husband. Miguel doesn't understand what is going on, they were just tucking Maria in and talking about how they can be a family. Miguel says he's free now, they can finally be together. Kay tells him to get rest and hangs up on him. 

In Kay's room, shirtless Fox shows up. He asks if someone called? She says just she's checking her messages. He still has his catheter in the side of him, he says if it keeps him alive then it's worth it, plus it's not bothering him anymore. He wants to make love to her. She asks if he's taking those pills again? Fox says no. Kay asks him to give her a minute, she wants a shower. She leaves. She cries that she's so sorry Miguel. 

Kay takes a shower and cries about having to give up Miguel, how it hurts so much. Miguel shows up and tells Kay that they need to talk, now. She puts a towel around her, she says he shouldn't be in here. He demands to know what just happened, she was just saying she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He asks what has changed? She says Fox is waiting for her, he could hear him in here with her. Miguel wants to know what is going on here? 

At the Gay bar, Paloma tells Noah and Chad that she is not coming to any more gay bars, it doesn't do much for her ego when the only man who notices her thinks she's a great drag queen. They are waiting for Vincent to show up. Paloma says maybe once he ends things with Vincent, he can tell Whitney and she'll forgive him. Chad says she is nuts, he can't tell Whitney about Vincent. Paloma says he can't lie to Whitney forever, but Chad says Whitney can never know about this. Noah says secrets always come out, it is better she hear it from him ands not someone else. Chad says they can't tell Whitney and he will make sure Vincent keeps his mouth shut! Vincent is outside sending Whitney another text to come to the bar know. HE can't wait to see the look on Whitney's face when she sees her husband in a gay bar with him. Meanwhile Chad is still wondering where Vincent is. He tells Noah and Paloma they don't have to stay, he's sure they have better things to do. He assures them it's best they leave. Noah says okay, if he needs them just call. Suddenly Vincent walks in, Chad says it is time to get this over with. Noah wishes him good luck.

Vincent talks to Chad, saying it's just like old times. He remembers Chad was so nervous, he could tell it was his first time. Chad says they need to talk, right now. He grabs Vincent, who says it's a bit early for the rough stuff. Chad tells Vincent that they are finished, it is over. He wants to never hear from Vincent again. Chad warns him that he's dead serious, it is over. Chad says Vincent is out of his life and Whitney's, don't text her anymore. Chad goes to leave, so Vincent throws himself at Chad and begs him not to leave, not to hurt him like this. Vincent says he did go overboard, he's sorry. Vincent says he has deep feelings for Chad. Chad says he's sorry. Vincent says no he is. He says it is hard to accept that he's losing him. Chad says he has to go, he can't hurt his wife. Vincent says he knows and he accepts that. He says he won't go to Whitney again, he wasn't fair to her. Vincent starts crying, saying he will let him go, he loves him. Chad says Vincent is doing the right thing. Vincent says they should have a drink, end things as friends. He promises not to bug him again. Chad says okay, one drink. He goes to find a place for them to sit. 

Noah and Paloma take a walk on the pier. Paloma doesn't understand how Chad could betray Whitney like this. Noah says Chad claims he doesn't have a relationship with Vincent. Paloma says it doesn't matter, he's lying to his wife and sleeping with someone else. Paloma says this happens to so many couples. She says her father left her mom to be with Katherine, and his mom left her dad to be with David. Paloma says then his dad got back with Ivy. She also says then there is Theresa, she loves Ethan but has married Julian, Alistair and now Jared. She also says Kay is married to Fox but in love with Miguel. Paloma is beginning to become a little cynical. She says nobody seems to ride off into the sunset anymore. She thinks that kind of love, the love of people spending lives together, it's not real anymore. Noah says she's depressing him, next thing he knows is that she'll say she doesn't believe in Santa Clause. She says that is for children. He thinks they should be more like children, open and loving. Noah says the world is a tough place, but he believes in true love. He says without love, what is the point? He says love is fragile, sometimes it disappears or gets trampled on. He thinks they can have the kind of love that grandparents who still hold hands can have. He says he believes their love will last forever. She says she does love him. He suggests they always remember how they feel right now. They share a kiss. 

At the mansion, Whitney is on the terrace wondering about Vincent's latest text. Theresa shows up, Whitney asks if she should be out of bed? Theresa says her mom said she'd be fine. Theresa says Ethan is upstairs resting. Theresa suggests they go inside as it's cold out here. Theresa sees something is bothering Whitney. Whitney tells her about Vincent's text messages. She says the latest wants her to come to a bar to see what is waiting for her. Theresa doesn't know about any bars there. Whitney says she just wants to know what Vincent wants from her. Theresa asks if she's going. Whitney doesn't know. She says something isn't right. She says going to a strange bar in the middle of the night? She says something isn't right there. She also gets a feeling, the kind you get when you think people aren't telling you something. She gets that from both Vincent and Chad. She says Chad's behavior is getting stranger and stranger. She says he'll blow up at her and then apologize two minutes later. She also feels Paloma and Noah know what is going on. Theresa says she hates secrets. Whitney says she is the queen of secrets though! Theresa knows, not by choice. Whitney reminds her that she married the wrong man because of secrets. Theresa says she knows. She says she's just scared to tell Ethan the truth. She thinks when she does, Ethan won't understand. Whitney says she has to tell him, secrets always come out and if he finds out from someone else then he won't forgive her. She thinks if the truth comes out then it will destroy many lives. Whitney says but Ethan knew she was trying to tell him something. Theresa knows, she'll lie her way out of it. Whitney says more lies.

Julian returns home. He finds an envelope outside the front door marked urgent. He wonders what idiot would leave this here. Julian walks in and gives Theresa the envelope that he found outside the front door. She takes it, he wonders if it is another business deal she failed to inform him of? Theresa says if she needs his input then he'll ask for it. She says she's running Crane just fine without him. She also knows his personal life, hoping in and out of bed with his ex, is taking up so much of his time these days.  Theresa opens up the envelope, it's from the blackmailer! It says they'll get her for what she's done. Julian asks what it is? He sees she's upset, he deserves to know if something is wrong. Theresa refuses to let him see, saying it's personal. HE demands to know what is going on, if she's made a disastrous mistake then he has a right to know. Julian tries to grab it from her. Whitney helps keep the envelope from Julian. Julian asks what this alliance they have is, why is she so loyal to Theresa? Whitney claims she learned loyalty from her mother. Whitney brings up her mom, how he stabbed her in the back. Julian says he does love her mother. Whitney says he doesn't know about true love, you don't sleep with someone else when you love another. She suggests he learn from Chad and other men who have evolved. Julia continues to rant about Theresa, how she doesn't know how to run a large corporation, especially one like Crane. He talks about how his father cut him and Fox out of their right and gave everything to Little Ethan. He says he's leaving now, he can't believe he's not comfortable in his own mansion. He says she's taken over everything. Theresa says that reminds her, his putting green, she had it dug up, it's the perfect place for Jane's new jungle gym! Julian says he prays for the day he can throw her out on her ass! Julian then leaves. Theresa then shows the letter to Whitney, she pushed the blackmailer too far. There are DNA tests, proof Little Ethan is Ethan's child. She thinks he/she is going to tell Ethan the truth. Whitney suggests she tell Ethan the truth first. Theresa says no, she'll find the blackmailer and stop them! Whitney's phone rings, it's yet another text from Vincent, telling her to come get her surprise. Whitney says she's going to the bar to see what he wants. Theresa says she will go with her. 

Later Whitney and Theresa arrive at the gay bar! They head inside to see Vincent's big surprise. Inside the bar, Chad and Vincent are having a drink. Vincent wants them to be friends. Chad says he can't see him ever again. Vincent soon sees that Theresa and Whitney have shown up. He tires to stall Chad so he's caught by Whitney. Vincent starts touching Chad and gives him a hug. Soon Whitney says Oh my god!

Julian goes back to Tabitha's to check with Fox about what is going on with Kay. Is she staying away from Miguel? Fox says yes, she told Miguel to his face that she was going to bed with him. Julian tells Fox to keep up the facade, soon he'll have Kay back and it will be like before Miguel came back. He says Crane's are winners, Kay is his and Miguel is out of her life for good. Julian then gets a text message telling him to have a DNA test on his son. Fox says on him? Why? Julian says it doesn't say who sent it or why. Fox says but he is his son. Julian says of course he is.

Back in the bathroom, Kay is combing her hair. Miguel wants answers, is this how she treats the man she loves? Kay tells Miguel she is staying with Fox. She says she loves Fox. He says not the way she loves him. She says she can't leave him, he's her husband and she's staying with him. Miguel says this isn't right, she's holding out on him. He asks what is going on? She says it's over, he needs to move on with his life now. Miguel says if it's over then he'd rather be in jail, he would rather be in prison then be without her and Maria. Kay says he can still see Maria. He says he'll respect her choice, but he won't understand it.


May 25, 2007
Sheridan is at the mansion thinking had she not stayed with Chris then she would be with Luis. She says that is what she gets for being so unselfish. She says she has to show Luis that Fancy is wrong for him. She wonders how she can stop them from being close when she can't get into the prison. She looks at the broken computer. She says she has to fix it to keep an eye on them. She tries to fix it. She eventually does and spies on Fancy in bed with Luis. She is furious and says she can't let this happen. However she knows she can't get into the prison. She ends up calling the warden. 

At the prison, Fancy is kissing Luis. He says she has to exercise more self control. She says she can't do that when she doesn't know how much time they have left. HE thinks they won't have anymore time if they are caught. She says relax, nobody will catch them so they can have a sleepover. Later they are in bed together! Fancy says she never imagined their first time would be in a place like this. He says pretend they are on a beach, imagine the ocean and an ice breaze. They begin kissing one another. They re about to make love when a guard shows up and catches them! Sheridan is watching this and says she's too smart for Fancy, she loses again . . . she will never know what it's like to be loved by Luis. 

Back in the prison, the guard tells Fancy he knew she was no guard, and they know she's Fancy Crane now. He says the warden got a call about her, she's fired and is not to come back unless she wants charges pressed against her. He says they are both in hot water, the party is over. He tells Fancy to get dressed, he has to escort her out. Fancy tells Luis how sorry she is. Luis blames himself for this. She says not to blame himself, but he says who is to blame then?

Back at the mansion, Sheridan says she can have anything she wants, and what she wants is Luis. Fancy returns home and catches her, she says she knew it was her spying on them and who called the warden. Sheridan says she is the one who was so hell bent on stealing Luis from her that she forgot to unhook the nanny cam. Fancy tells Sheridan that she is not stealing Luis, Luis told her it was over. Sheridan says Fancy deserved to be busted, she was doing her civic duty turning her in. Fancy says now Luis is alone in there with nobody to help him. Sheridan says well if she can't be in there then neither can Fancy. Fancy says that is all she cares about? Getting Even? She says if anything happens to Luis then it is on her head!

Back in prison, the guard tells Luis he's going back to his old cell. The warden has decided he doesn't get his own cell in solitary like other death row prisoners. The warned has also taken away all the others prisoners privileges because Luis broke the rules. He thinks it won't be long before Luis ends up back here, if he is even alive when he gets here.

Back at the mansion, Ivy comes to check on Ethan. She can't believe what happened to him. She says he was almost killed! Ethan says but he wasn't. She hopes he has learned a lesson he should have learned a long time ago, Theresa whatever her name is now is hazardous to his health. Ethan says mother! Ivy says she almost got him killed, he wouldn't have been in that fire if it weren't for Theresa. Ivy begs Ethan to promise her that he won't see Teresa again. As they argue, Rebecca shows up and thinks they must be talking about Theresa, she got here just in time. She joins with Ivy talking bad about Theresa. She wonders what did Theresa do this time, poison the guacamole again? Ethan says that was meant for Alistair. Ivy says Ethan almost died tonight again because of Theresa. Rebecca says Ethan deserves what he gets if he doesn't get Theresa out of his life. Ivy says Theresa is married to Jared, they want to have a baby. Rebecca says she is sorry but she has little sympathy for Ethan when he defends Theresa over and over, even over his wonderful wife. Ivy asks how Gwen is? Rebecca says she claims she's okay, but she doesn't believe it. Rebecca doesn't know where Gwen is or who she is with. Ethan says Gwen will tell them where she is in her own time, she has moved on. Rebecca wants Ethan to call Gwen again, but Ethan says no not after how she talked to him. Rebecca says that is right, he is too busy chasing Theresa, a woman too busy marrying other men and having their babies. Ethan won't stand her and listen to them badmouth Theresa. He leaves. Rebecca then gets an idea. They know the blackmailer has a secret on Theresa, and it must be bad. She suggests they find out what it is and use it to get rid of Theresa. Rebecca says if only JT were alive she could get the secret from him. They talk about his USB stick and how they have to find it. Ivy says JT didn't give her a hint as to where it could be? Rebecca says if she did would she be drinking with her? We see a shot of the USB stick laying about somewhere.

Julian comes to see Eve at the hospital. Eve has nothing to say to him and she is busy. Julian says this is important. Eve says tell someone who cares, like Ivy. Julian says this is a medical matter. He tells her about the odd text message, he was told to check his son's DNA. Eve says their son? Julian is not sure. Eve says maybe it's about Fox, maybe Ivy lied to him about Fox being his son just like she lied about Ethan. Julian is sure Fox is his son. He says he doesn't think Ivy would . . . what is he saying. He says what if none of his children are really his. He does ask Eve is she could do some checking on Fox, he'd like to know the truth before he reads about it in a tabloid. Eve says that reminds her about JT and his computer memory stick. She wonders if one of the secrets had to do with Fox. Eve is running a test right now. Eve runs the tests, she shows him the results which show that he and Fox have nearly identical DNA. Julian says thank god. Julian then wonders what the message meant? Ethan wonders if it is about Little Ethan? Ethan checks some results and says Little Ethan is Theresa's son, but not his! Julian asks how this can be. He remembers when they conceived him in Bermuda. Eve says they were both pretty drunk in Bermuda, was he able to . . . Julian says that only happened to him once. He thinks Theresa will be shocked . . . but then realize Theresa has known all along. He says she has to have known, she didn't tell anyone to hold onto the power and estate. Julian says Little Ethan isn't the heir to the estate after all. Julian says it all makes sense, he knows who little Ethan's real father is! 

At the gay bar, Vincent pulls Chad into a hug when he sees Whitney and Theresa arrive. Meanwhile Whitney and Theresa look around and realize they are in a gay bar! Theresa says this is Vincent's big surprise? Whitney wonders if this is Vincent's way of coming out? She asks why is he telling her, she doesn't care. Theresa says she did hook him up with Valerie, maybe he felt guilty. Whitney then realizes when she caught Vincent at the motel he must have been with another man. Still, why is Vincent telling her? She says his personal life has nothing to do with her. Meanwhile Chad pushes Vincent away and says he's through with that. Vincent says he just can't stop thinking about what they had. Chad says they had something, it's over. He says he loves his wife. Vincent says love, sex, what is the difference. Vincent says he's never met anyone that makes him feel like Chad does. They come close to kissing. Meanwhile Theresa talk about how they had no idea Harmony had such a big gay population. They begin seeing people they recognize, but not Vincent. She thinks they should just go. She then realizes perhaps this is why Chad was acting so homophobic, maybe he sensed that Vincent was gay. Soon Chad sees Whitney is here. He thinks she can't find them here. Chad says he can't explain his way out of this one. Vincent tells Chad to follow him. Chad wonders why he's trying to help him now? He's been trying to blow his cover for weeks. Vincent says he was upset, but he doesn't want to see him busted. Chad heads off with Vincent. Meanwhile, Whitney says Vincent is not here and she doesn't know why he told her to come here to come out. Theresa says maybe it was weighing on him and he had to get it out. She knows how that feels. Whitney again tells her to just tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa says he'd hate her forever. Whitney is done playing this game of Vincent's, she says they should go.

In a store room, Chad soon realizes Vincent set this up, he got Whitney to come here. He begins decking Vincent, who just laughs at Chad. Chad says ouch! Chad says he's sick of Vincent and his threats, he won't let him destroy his life. Vincent is laughing telling him not to stop now. Chad hits him again, they both begin fighting. Vincent knows Chad wants him. Soon they once again end up ripping each others clothes off and going at it.

Back in the bar, a bartender asks if one of the women is named Whitney. Whitney says that is her. The bartender gives her some letter. They think it's from Vincent, they open it up. It says come to the storage room. The bartender points them to it. They of course walk in on Chad and Vincent doing it! Theresa says oh my god!


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