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5th Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



May 28, 2007 
Tabitha and Endora are watching The Exorcist as Tabitha says this is the good part where her head goes round and round. Suddenly the TV channel changes, Tabitha asks what happened? On the TV we see witches in a car. Some look like the Wicked Witch of the West, some look like Glinda the Good Witch of the North. The music is the Wicked Witch theme from the Wizard of Oz. Tabitha notices the head witch, she wonders why they are on her screen? The head witch say they are coming to her house to test whether there is a good witch or bad witch in her house. Tabitha says Endora is far too young for the committee's test. They say it's not Endora they are coming to test. Tabitha say not Kay? They say no, they are coming to test her of course! They say they are coming to see if she's a good witch or a bad witch. Tabitha is shocked. The head witch say they have to find out if she's still a bad witch or if she's turned good. Tabitha says absolutely not! The car vanishes from the TV and then arrives in the living room. They then cast the car away. Endora asks her mom why the committee has on funny clothes. Tabitha says when they attend official business they have to dress up in proper costumes. They want to get the test started. The good witches can't believe one so evil could come to their side. Tabitha tells Gwendolyn not to get her hopes up, she is as bad of a witch as ever. The head witch says they learned Tabitha's powers were returning, they monitored her and have their doubts about her level of evil. Tabitha says she comes from a long line of evil, there has never been a good witch in her family. The evil witches says they may have to reclassify her, they can't have even a hint of a good witch amongst them. Tabitha tells them to get back in their car and get out of here, they are wasting their time. They tell her to chase them out, show them her powers and run them out. Tabitha tries to cast a spell blowing them out of her house. Tabitha is laughing at them as they struggle with the wind. Tabitha yells she is a bad witch, the baddest of the bad. 

Miguel is pacing around outside. Pilar shows up to see him. She asks what is wrong? Miguel says it's Kay, she's staying with Fox when she's supposed to be with him. He asks why she's doing this when he knows she loves him. Later they wonder what the sound they heard inside was, it sounded like wind. It has stopped, so they return to talking about Kay. Miguel doesn't understand her choice. Pilar says she wishes she could help, all she can do is pray for his happiness. Pilar is planning to head to the prison to visit Luis. She hopes he gets a miracle like Miguel did. Miguel says he's free, but he can't be with Kay. She says at least he's free and has a daughter, think about the good things he has. Pilar then heads off. Miguel then sees what looks like lightening inside Tabitha's.

Kay is in bed with Fox. Fox says he loves her so much, this is all he can ask for . . . for however long he has left. To herself Kay remember the deal she made with Julian. Later their bedroom door is blown open by the wind Tabitha conjures up. Fox wonders what that is. Kay thinks it is a storm, but Fox says inside the house? Fox says this place gets weirder and weirder all the time. Fox thinks he should go see what is happening, but Kay says it could be dangerous. Suddenly the wind stops. Fox wonders what that was, a tornado? She says hey you don't like the weather in Harmony, wait fifteen minutes if you don't like it. Fox thinks they should think about moving, he can afford it and it is time. HE talks about how they'll have a wonderful life, a dream come true. Kay tells herself that her dream of being with Miguel will never come true. 

After the windstorm ends in Tabitha's living room, she asks if she passes the test? She should have blown them out of the galaxy never to be seen again. They ask why didn't she? What stopped her? Tabitha thought it was overkill, she made her point. The head witch says the old Tabitha wouldn't have hesitated to send them out of the galaxy, even into a black hole. The good witch says she did hesitate. Tabitha says just because she didn't show off doesn't mean she's a good witch. They still want to test her, they must find out if she's a good witch or a bad witch. They say once she is reclassified she'll remain as such for the next 100,000 years! Tabitha says no, she can't be a good witch! Tabitha begs them not to go on with this, she vows she is not a good witch. The head witch understands her, she will feel she has disappointed her ancestors if she is reclassified. The good witches say think of the fun she'll have as a good witch, they have a marvelous time. They talk about making little children happy. Endora asks her mom what is wrong with being a good witch. Tabitha says nothing, but she's a bad witch. They suggest they get to the test. They make an image of a Ferris wheel show up. Endora wonders if they are going there to have fun? Tabitha remembers having fun with Endora at the last carnival. Tabitha asks what the test is? They want her to destroy the amusement park before it opens, destroy the children's dreams. The head witch asks Tabitha if she can do it? Endora wants to go to the park. Tabitha thinks this test is too easy, but they think it cuts to the heart of the matter. If she can cause pain to the hearts of little children then she has proven to be a bad witch. They conjure her a cauldron and tell her to do her stuff. Tabitha talks about how it won't just hurt the children, it will hurt the parents too as they enjoy seeing their child have fun. The good witches think this is proof Tabitha is good. They want her named good and do a little dance. Tabitha says she is not a good witch! They say she has failed the test. Tabitha tells Endora she has to put her to bed, she has work to do. Endora zaps herself up to bed. The witches think Tabitha has gone soft. Tabitha then says she'll do the test, but they say they've seen enough and it's over. Tabitha wants to prove she's the worst witch in the universe. They bring back the amusement park. She begins casting the spell, the good witches think this is bad. The bad witches know she's casting the most evil spell in history. They say well done! The good witches says ding dong, they were so sure. They really wanted Tabitha on their side. Tabitha begins blowing up the amusement park. The bad witches are pleased. To herself Tabitha however wonders what she has done. Meanwhile Miguel is outside and looks in the window and sees Tabitha with the other witches. He says Tabitha is a witch!

In Eve's office, Julian thinks this is Deja vous all over again. Eve says just like when Ivy lied to him about Ethan. Julian says Theresa has done the same thing. Eve knows this is a shock, she can't believe it. Julian says it's a slap in the face, the ultimate betrayal. e knows whose DNA does match Little Ethan's. He knows who the father is and he doesn't need a DNA test to prove it. He can't believe he didn't put it all together. Eve asks what he's thinking? He says he's just surprised he didn't figure it out sooner. Eve asks who is Little Ethan's father? Julian says Ethan of course. Eve doesn't think he's right about that. Eve says Theresa was on birth control when she was with Ethan. Julian says then who else she had sex with? HE suggests Eve check it out. She won't, so Julian does! He pulls up her info, she took birth control only a day before being with Ethan. Eve knows the birth control wouldn't have taken affect, but why wouldn't she tell Ethan? Julian says to keep control of the Crane Empire. Eve still won't believe this, Theresa is a hopeless romantic and wouldn't give up Ethan for money. Julian does think she'd do it, he's blowing the gold digger out of the water. He's going to go tell Ethan, but Eve won't let him. Julian says she can't stop him, shouldn't Ethan know the truth? Eve says yes, but it would be cruel to drop the bomb on Ethan. She also tells Julian he'll suffer a messy tabloid scandal from this. Julian still thinks Ethan should know before the whole world knows. Eve says Ethan would never forgive Theresa. Julian asks why he should care? Eve knows he has a heart. He says if anyone is heartless it is Theresa, Ethan shouldn't forgive her. Eve begs him, give Theresa a chance to tell Ethan the truth. Julian says it won't do him any harm to give her a chance, it will be punishment enough when she has to relinquish the throne as Queen of Crane Industries. Eve says he's doing the right thing. She is paged and has to run off. Julian says he's so sorry Eve, but Theresa doesn't deserve his compassion, he will blow the lying little bitch out of the water! 

At the mansion, Ivy asks Ethan if he's gotten a hold of Theresa yet? Ethan says no, he keeps getting her voice mail. Ivy says maybe she's avoiding him. Ivy talks about how she and Rebecca were just talking about Theresa and her secret. She is afraid this secret will drag him into something more dangerous. She asks Ethan how he can be attracted to her when she is keeping this huge secret? Sam walks in saying very good question! He says Ivy is the queen of secrets. Sam asks what trouble Ivy is stirring up now? Ethan says they were just talking about Theresa. Sam can imagine what Ivy was saying. Ethan asks Sam what he has on the he-she freak. Sam has nothing, they have nothing new on the person. Ethan asks who this thing is and why do they have it in for everyone in town? Ivy says the governor is even afraid of this person, she tried to get him to help with Luis and Miguel's trial and he wouldn't. Sam remembers Grace saying an evil was in Harmony. Ivy wonders if Rebecca and JT knew who this person was. Ivy says JT had so many secrets. Sam says Harmony always had secrets, eventually though they all come out. Ethan asks what is going on with the two of them, he thought Sam had forgiven Ivy? Sam says like a fool he did. Ethan says so what is going on? Ivy tells Ethan that Sam walked in on her and Julian. Ethan asks why she'd do this? Sam doesn't want to hash it out again. Sam came here to help Ethan be with Theresa. Ivy says good grief! She asks Sam how he's so blind about that wretched girl. Ethan suggests Ivy not throw stones. Ivy swears when Theresa's secret comes out then it will rip his life apart. Sam tells Ivy she has some serious issues. He heads back to the station and says he'll call Ethan with news. Ivy begs Sam, he is the only man she's ever loved, can he forgive her? He says he's sorry, he can't and has to get back to work. He tells Ethan to talk to Theresa and just put the secret behind them. Sam leaves. Ivy can't believe she has lost Sam again. Ethan tells ivy that she brought this on herself, and it all started years ago. He says that is the worst secret a woman can keep from a man. 

At the gay bar, Theresa and Whitney walk in on Chad and Vincent together in the store room! Chad looks up and sees Whitney standing there. Chad says Oh God no! Vincent is just smiling. Chad puts on his pants and tells Whitney it's not what she's thinking. He wants to explain what is going on. Whitney is about to be sick. Chad says he knows this looks bad and she has every right to hate him. Theresa asks Chad what in the hell he is doing? She says and you Vincent, you deliberately lured them here to see this. Chad is saying he's so sorry, but Whitney calls him a lying cheating bastard and to get away from her! Vincent says it's harsh to call Chad names because he's gay, isn't her own sister gay? Chad says he's not gay! Whitney says Chad is a monster because he's a liar and adulterer. She says he is gay. He says he's not. She says he's having sex with a man. Chad swears he loves her, this has nothing to do with them. She asks how he can say that to her? This has everything to do with them. Chad says this is meaningless. She won't listen to him, she says he's a liar. He begs her to think about their son and baby on the way. She says he won't be around their children, he's a pervert. Chad says he was only with Vincent as he thought he lost her. She reminds him they got married, he promised to be faithful. She says why is he still with Vincent? Actually she sees why he is. She runs off as Chad chases after her. Theresa tells Vincent so this was all a set-up? Vincent asks if it is that obvious? Theresa tells Vincent that is evil, karma will make sure he pays. Vincent just laughs at her. HE tells Theresa she is funny. He says he is evil? He says he'll tell her who the evil one is. He says she is the evil one and she'll get what is coming to her. She asks what he's talking about? Vincent says she'll find out. Meanwhile outside Chad is still chasing Whitney. She slaps him, says leave him alone and that she hates him!


May 29,  2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha shows the committee witches that she is as bad a witch as her mother and her mother before them. Miguel is outside watching, he says he has to tell Kay and everyone in town that Tabitha really is a witch! Tabitha talks about how she is evil, she hopes they get that now. They aren't saying anything, Tabitha asks if they are listening? The witches sense they are being watched. They point to Miguel, the head witch says seize that mortal! Miguel is then zapped into the living room, somehow how all his clothes except his undies don't come with him. One of the good witch asks where his clothes are? The evil ones say they may be mean, but the appreciate lean. The good witches think he's a hunk, the evil ones think he'd be delicious to eat. Tabitha says no snacking in her living room. Miguel is frozen, he can speak though. He says Reese is right, she really is a witch. Tabitha says don't be silly, this is her women's theater club and they are premiering a new play called Which Witch is Which. Miguel isn't buying it, it all makes sense now, all the weird things in town like the blood rushing out of the walls at the Bennett's, their house getting sucked into hell, it was Tabitha's doing. She says no that was another witch named Hecuba's doings. Miguel says well that means she's a witch too if she knows that. Tabitha says all right, well what will Miguel do about it. He says he has to tell everyone there is a witch living here. She says after all of the nice things she's done for him! He says it's his duty. She says well she can't allow that. The head witch says it's been decided, Tabitha must handle the situation accordingly. They say if she's a bad witch then she'll stop Miguel in a horrible and painful way. The good witches says if she's good she won't. The head witch asks if Tabitha will show them she is a good witch or a bad witch. Miguel says he has to be let go, he has to tell everyone. Tabitha says this crowd won't let that happen. Miguel says at least let him tell Kay so she can protect Maria. Tabitha says Kay knows, she kept it a secret. Miguel asks why? Tabitha says like Grace, Faith and Charity . . . Kay is a Standish and all Standish women have powers. She says Kay just rarely uses them. Miguel says she's used her powers before? Tabitha asks Miguel how he thinks he confused Kay with Charity the night Maria was conceived. She says Kay cloaked herself in Charity's essence that night. Tabitha tells the other witches that this hunk has a daughter who needs him, don't make her do away with him. The evil witches says they won't, but she will be made a good witch. Miguel says she has his vote. Tabitha says she can't be a good witch, her ancestors will come back and haunt her. Miguel begs for his life, he swears he'll keep the secret. He says they are friends, he does his chores around here. Tabitha says she's sorry has no choice, she has to take care of him. Tabitha zaps Miguel with lightening as the evil witches cheer. The evil witches love the smell of burning flesh. She ends up knocking Miguel out, he falls onto the couch. The evil witches are impressed, the good witches not so much. Tabitha feels bad about what she's done, saying she had no choice. As it turns out, Miguel is still alive. The good witches are happy, the bad witches not so much. Tabitha says he took care of Miguel, he won't remember anything when he wakes up. She then zaps his clothes back on him. Still the head witch says a truly bad witch would have killed Miguel. Tabitha thinks she's a clever bad witch, she's kept her cover as Harmony's lovable town eccentric. Tabitha says she's good at being bad. The witches decide to consider this and tell her their final decision later. They zap their car back into the living room to head off. She says she is a bad witch, her basement is full of colonial patriots and cub scouts. She says there is even an old woman who used a walker down there. She begs them to leave her in bad standing. They say goodbye and drive off. Tabitha is screaming she's not a good witch, she won't be one! 

The judge is counting his money in an alley. He's put it in the trunk of his car. He gets into his car and finds the he-she there. The He-She needs something from Reilly. Reilly says no more strip poker, he still has nightmares about the last game. The He-She says what they want has to do with Luis. The judge asks what more he wants? He demands the execution date be moved up. He says Luis must die as soon as possible. The judge asks why? The blackmailer says no questions, just do it. The judge says Ethan already has him under inquisition, if he does this then he could be disbarred. The judge says even worse, the IRS could rule his bribes are income and tax them. The blackmailer doesn't care. The judge calls them a monster. The blackmailer threatens to release some photos of a trip to Berlin to the media unless he moves up the execution date. The judge calls the warden at the prison and asks him to move up Luis' execution to immediately!

Pilar visits Luis at the prison, he's still in the infirmary. She asks how he's doing? He tells her about Sheridan tipping off the warden to Fancy working here. He says Fancy has been fired. Pilar is so surprised about Sheridan's behavior. Luis says she won't accept he is with Fancy. Pilar says she is sorry. Luis says it was great having Fancy around, she was looking out for him and Miguel. Pilar says that is right, he doesn't know. She says Miguel was released, Spike came forward as an eye witness and said someone who looked like Miguel was driving the car. Luis asks what took him so long to come forward? Pilar says Spike claimed to be afraid of the police. Luis says it doesn't sound like Spike. Pilar knows, but the important thing is Miguel is free. Luis thinks Spike had other incentive, he's still on the Crane payroll . . . but why would Fox and Julian let Spike clear Miguel knowing Kay would leave Fox. Pilar says Kay told Miguel she's staying with Fox, Miguel is pretty devastated. Luis wonders what it is with their family, can't something good just happen ,what is next. He wonders if she's only staying with Fox until he dies, maybe Kay will be with Miguel later. They both hope Miguel will be with the woman he loves. Pilar wants the same for Luis. Luis reminds her that he's set to be executed. Pilar thinks that will be overturned. Luis says the evidence against him is so strong, he recaps everything he's charged with. As Pilar is telling him to have faith, a guard shows up to move Luis. He says his execution is moved up, he's going to death row and will die as soon as they can make it happen. Pilar asks how this can happen, his conviction is still being appealed. Luis tells Pilar to call Ethan, but Pilar is trying to stop the guard from taking her son. The guard grabs Pilar to pull her away from Luis, who again says call Ethan.

Outside the gay bar, Whitney tells Chad that she can't deal with him cheating on her and with a man no less. He wants to explain, but she thinks there is nothing to explain. She says not only is he cheating, but he's gay. Chad says he's not gay. She says saying it doesn't make it true. She says for him to say he's not gay is insane and insulting. She says he is gay, but he says he's not. She says so he's bisexual. HE says he's not bi and he's not gay. She says well he's not celibate. She tells him not to touch her, she knows where his hands have been. Two guys come out of the bar, they tell Chad that his sister is hot. He says she's his wife, they laugh and say good one. Whitney says so it's not just Vincent, he has a whole secret life. She tells Chad he is a liar and betrayed her in the worst possible way. She also says he cheated on their whole family and this is unforgivable. She tells Chad that he betrayed her over and over, not just with sex, but by lying. She says every kiss, every time they made love, it was a lie. She says he stabbed her in the heart. Chad says everyone said he was sick for continue to love her when they thought they were brother and sister. He says he never questioned their love until she joined that convent. He says that is when he decided if he couldn't have her, he didn't want any woman. She says so he turned to men? He says no, just Vincent. He says there is something different about him, he was attracted to him but felt sick about it. He wanted to tell her but he was ashamed. He thought he could end it. He says he tried to end it, but it wasn't over. She doesn't want to hear it. He says it makes him sick, but being with him, it was like he was addicted and couldn't stop. She says Vincent gives him something that she can't, and to know she's not enough, well that breaks her heart. Chad tells her how he is confused as to how this happened. She says she knows, it's called being on the down low. She says Oprah did a show on it, men who sleep with men but claim they are straight. However she says he wasn't with a guy once because he was curious, drunk or horny. She says he had a relationship with Vincent. Whitney then realizes when Rebecca said she saw him at the motel, she wasn't lying. She then realizes he was in the bathroom that one night she walked in on Vincent. She wonders how many lies he's told her. He says a lot. He says he hated lying. She says just not enough to stop seeing Vincent. He says one thing is true, he still loves her. She says she doesn't think he does, if he loved her then he wouldn't cheat and lie. She says he wouldn't expose her to diseases. Chad says he had safe sex, but she says accidents happen. She says this proves to her that he doesn't love her. Chad wants to make this up to her, but she says he can't. She says their marriage is over, she wants a divorce. He begs for a second chance, but she says he doesn't deserve one. He would feel betrayed if he caught her with another man . . . or woman. He says he would give her a second chance. He reminds her of their vows, for better or worse. He says if she gives him a chance then he will make it better. He also says Miles and their baby need a father. Whitney says they do, one they can trust. He begs her for a chance, saying he'll get therapy. She says she can't forgive this, it's too much. Chad reminded her how after Rome she told him they owed it to Miles to be there for him. Whitney doesn't want him bringing that up. He says there has to be a way to forgive him. She says he can't save their marriage, their relationship, their marriage is over forever. She then runs off. 

Ethan shows up at Theresa's office to meet her, she left him a message. Theresa says she got his message, she was just busy. She tells him about how she was with Whitney, they got a message, they ended up at a gay bar and walked in on Chad having sex with Vincent in a back room. Ethan says WHAT! Theresa says yeah it was unbelievable, and well for Whitney this is worse than the whole sister-brother thing. Ethan says so Chad is gay? Theresa says and cheating on Whitney. Ethan says he doesn't think Chad thought it was cheating. Ethan says he knew about it, he didn't feel it was his place to tell anyone. He's been unfaithful too. She says her too. However this thing with Vincent is a bit different. She says Vincent set up Whitney to find them. Theresa says she told him this was a horrible thing to do, but he just started laughing. She says Vincent told her that she would pay. At this point Julian is listening in as Ethan says secrets always come out, usually in the worst possible way. Julian says Ethan is so right. Julian walks into the office and says what a shock to find Ethan here with Theresa. Ethan says it's no secret how they feel for one another. Julian says yes, but there are other secrets. He tells Theresa they have to talk about Little Ethan and his paternity. Ethan didn't know it was in question. Julian says there are many things Ethan doesn't know. He suggests Ethan stay and listen. Theresa asks Julian to leave, this is a private conversation. Ethan asks Julian if he wants to talk about Little Ethan's custody or not. Julian says yes he does. He wants to talk about Therosita fighting him for custody. As they trade threats and insults, Ethan wonders f he's missing something. Julian says he's not alone, they all missed little clues and secrets. Julian talks about Theresa's secrets, one in particular. Theresa thinks Julian is full of it, but Julian says he's not. He says earlier this evening he landed a whopper of a secret. Julian talks about all the secrets that have come out, how he was wrong to cut Ethan out of his life when he learned about Ivy's secret. Ethan thanks him. Ethan says he was just telling his mom how keeping a child from their father is the worst secret. Julian says what is worse is when a woman tells a man he's the father, but he's not. He asks Theresa if she doesn't agree? Theresa claims she understands where Ivy was coming from, protecting Ethan's future. Julian says but Sam and Ethan missed out on each other. Theresa says Ivy hated keeping the secret but was doing what was best for Ethan. Ethan asks why they are rehashing this? Julian says history has a way of repeating itself. Ethan asks what Julian means? Theresa thinks they should ignore Julian, obviously he is causing trouble. Ethan says no, he's taunting her. Julian says he would need to know her secret to do that. Ethan asks if this is about getting custody of Little Ethan? Julian says well legally he is his son. Theresa begs Julian not to do this. Ethan asks if there is something they know that he doesn't? Ethan says he loves Little Ethan and wants what is best for him. Ethan says if Julian has something to say then say it. Of course Ethan is interrupted by a phone call and has to go. Ethan leaves and Theresa asks Julian what is going on. He gives her a drink saying she'll need it. He says he knows the truth at long last, the truth is he is not Little Ethan's father. Theresa says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Julian says save it, Eve ran the DNA, Ethan is his father!


May 30, 2007
Jessica is in bed dreaming about meeting the He-She in the hotel room. She wakes up from her dream screaming. Simone runs in, she asks Jessica what is wrong? She says she had a nightmare about the half man half woman. She says the thing said they were waiting for her, they pulled out a knife. Simone asks if she's sure it wasn't a john? Jessica says no, it was the half man half woman. Simone wonders what Spike expected her to do with that freak. Jessica would rather not think about it. Simone tells her to think about her friends and family, how everyone loves her. Jessica thinks she needs to go back to Spike, but Simone won't let her. They apparently are sharing an apartment. Jessica thinks if she doesn't go back to Spike then he'll be angry. Simone won't let her go back to that hell house where Spike beat her black and blue. Jessica says he won't beat her, not now that she's pregnant. Simone says oh yeah, Spike wants her to have a healthy baby he can sell on the black market for top dollar. Jessica is hoping Spike will change, babies have that effect on people. Simone won't let Jessica go, he will sell the baby like he sold her. Jessica thinks she has to go back to Spike, she killed all those johns. She says Spike will turn her in for murder if she leaves him, she could be executed. Simone says even if she was convicted, there were extenuating circumstances. Simone says she was on drugs, drugs Spike gave her. Jessica says it doesn't matter, no matter what happens, she will lose her baby to spike. Jessica thinks she has to go back to Spike. She says if she goes down then she and Paloma could go down with her. Simone says a price she and Paloma would pay to get her away from Spike. Jessica won't let them go down with her. Simone says she doesn't know if she killed those johns, Spike could have done it to keep her with her. Jessica says she has to go back to Spike, this way the dead johns will stay buried and she stays free. 

Spike is on the pier and meets the he-she. Spike calls them a freak, the he-she punches him and says don't call him a freak! Spike says he said they looked sheik. Spike asks what they wants. The he-she needs help with something. Spike won't give them a bikini wax. They say not that, he wants his wife! Spike says Jessica flipped last time he tried to hook up with her, she won't do it again. The he-she says they don't want to have sex with Jessica, she's too narrow minded to fully enjoy having sex with them. The he-she says he needs Jessica to pay for Spike's sins. Spike asks what he's talking about? The he-she says he knows Spike killed all those dead johns and framed Jessica. Spike says Alistair made him do that as part of his revenge against the Bennett Bunch. The he-she says they know. Spike says just a gender bending second, are they Alistair? The he-she says no, Alistair is gone. The he-she says they are calling the shots and the next order of business is for Spike to do as he tells him. He says Jessica must pay for Spike's crimes. Spike says no! The blackmailer says they are going to dig up all those dead johns in order to bring Jessica down. Spike asks what their problem is, in spite of the obvious. Spike asks why they have to get Jessica? Spike says Jessica could go to jail for life, she could get the death penalty. The blackmailer says so? Spike doesn't want to see that happen, he cares about Jessica, maybe not much but . . . The blackmailer says Spike has no say in this. Spike says he does. He says without him to lead the blackmailer to the bodies, he has no proof. He says Jess can't do the time without proof of the crime. The blackmailer sees Spike's point. Spike says good, now leave him the hell alone. The blackmailer pulls out a knife and says he's not through with him yet. Spike grabs his hand and they fight over the knife. The blackmailer says he likes it rough, it's just the way he likes it. Spike is grossed out, the blackmailer says Spike doesn't know what he's missing out on. Spike wants to keep it that way. The blackmailer knows men like him, he'll do anything if the price is right, even turning in his own wife. The blackmailer gives Spike some cash. Spike says he guesses if Jess goes down he can remarried. The blackmailer says he can be his best man and maid of honor. Spike says negative! The blackmailer says just take him to the bodies. 

Spike goes with the blackmailer to where the bodies are. Spike wants to know why this is important to the blackmailer. He says Jessica won't go down alone, Paloma and Simone will go down with her. That is what the blackmailer wants. Spike asks why he cares, they are strangers. The blackmailer says nobody is a stranger, they don't know it, but they are all connected to him. Spike then begins digging up the bodies. The blackmailer watches as he doesn't want to ruin his nails. 

Ethan meets with Chad on the pier. Chad says Whitney has ended their marriage, she wants a divorce. Chad says he's lost everything. Chad asks Ethan if he heard about what happened? Ethan knows. If he had known Chad was with a man . . . Chad says Ethan couldn't' have done anything, it was like he was addicted to Vincent. Ethan says so he's gay? Chad says no he's not. Ethan says he was having sex with a man . . . Chad says it's complicated. He tried to explain it to Whitney, but he doesn't understand it himself. He says he hated himself for being with Vincent, but he hates not being with Vincent. Ethan asks if he loves Vincent? Chad says no, he loves Whitney and their family. He says he can't lose them. Ethan says he's in no position to judge Chad for cheating, but to cheat with a man? Chad says he doesn't understand it himself. Ethan asks if he's tried to understand it? He says no, he's afraid to find out what the deal really is. Chad says honestly he doesn't know, all he knows is that he couldn't help himself. Chad says Whitney wants a divorce now, he can't lose her. HE hopes he can explain himself, but Ethan says no explaining will make Whitney understand this.

Whitney is at home looking at a photo of her and Chad. She remembers walking in on him with Vincent. Eve shows up. Whitney cries, she says her life is over. Whitney tells her mom that Chad is gay. Eve says this makes no sense, he's her husband, they have a son and a baby on the way. Whitney says she caught him, she found Chad having sex with Vincent. Eve asks if she is sure it was Chad? Maybe it was dark and she just thought it was Chad. Whitney says yes it was him, Chad was having sex with another man. She says Chad and Vincent have been seeing one another since she was in the convent. Whitney says Chad told her everything. Whitney says their life, their marriage, it's all been a lie. Eve says my poor baby! Eve says she doesn't know what to say, she can't event believe Chas is gay. Whitney says what is worse is that lately Chad had her thinking he was homophobic, he was saying that gay and lesbian couples couldn't love each other the same way that hetero couples could. Eve says that is ridiculous. Whitney says Chad stuck to it, which made him a hypocrite. She also says Chad kept saying it was just sex, as if that was to make her feel any better. Whitney feels betrayed, it's all been a huge lie. Eve asks if TC or Simone know? Whitney says no, she's afraid this will give dad another stroke. Eve says all that progress TC made accepting Simone. Whitney can't think about that, she can only think about what Chad has done to her. She says Chad married her in a church, before family, friends and God. She says he promised to be faithful to her, when all the time he was with another man. Whitney says Chad put her life at risk, her and her unborn baby's life. She says she hates Chad and won't forgive him. Eve says she know Whitney is upset, but she will have to talk to Chad again. Whitney says if Chad had cheated with another woman, maybe they could talk about what she couldn't give him. She says Chad cheated with a man, she knows what she couldn't give him that Vincent could. She says she and Chad are finished, all she needs from Chad now is a divorce.

Noah and Paloma go out for a nice dinner at the Seascape. She says they didn't have to come someplace so expensive. He wants to show her love still exists, he wants their love to be the kind that happily ever after is made of. She says she wants that too. They talk about Chad and Whitney, how they thought they were the perfect couple. Paloma says it was a lie, doesn't anyone get a happy ending anymore. Noah says they will, they will go the distance. He says they will make it right. He tells her to trust him, go on this wonderful journey with him. He says they will make it together. Later they start talking about Spike and Jessica. Noah asks if she or Simone know what Spike could be holding over Jessica? Paloma thinks about the dead johns and how she and Simone helped Jessica cover them up. Noah sees Paloma looks upset. He says if she knows what Spike is using then please tell him, it could save her life and her baby's life. Paloma says she and Simone do know what Spike is using against her, they thought they were helping her by keeping quiet. Paloma thinks he should know now. She agrees to tell him. 

At the mansion, Sheridan and Fancy are both still arguing over Luis and how neither of them can get in to see him. Pilar shows up and tells them that Luis is to be executed immediately. She says she was with Luis, he's been put on death row as the lethal injection is being prepared. Sheridan says Ethan is still appealing his conviction. Pilar says the warden gave the order, Luis will die. Sheridan says this can't be happening, Fancy says they both saw Luis earlier. They say he was doing so much better. Pilar says well now he's in a holding cell waiting to be executed. Pilar can't believe this has happened. She says Miguel was set free, she thought Luis was next. Pilar says now judge Reilly has ordered him to be executed. Fancy thought Reilly was laying low after the sham of a trial because he was being investigated. Fancy asks why he'd issue an order guaranteed to get him in more trouble. Sheridan says it must be the blackmailer. Fancy can't believe this blackmailer has more influence over Reilly than the Cranes. Sheridan says she shutter to thinks of what Reilly does in his private life to be blackmailed over. Sheridan thinks she'll call Ethan, but he's not answering his cell. Pilar says they have to save Luis. They decide to all go see the judge and convince him to change his mind. 

Pilar, Sheridan and Fancy arrive at Judge Reilly's office. He is checking his blood pressure as they come in, saying that he-she will be the death of him. They want Reilly to fix their problem. They say he has to stop Luis from being executed. Judge Reilly says he was sentenced to that, it is his punishment. They know, but they know Luis was ordered to be executed immediatly by him. They say he can't order the execution without due process. The judge says he can and did, Luis will die ASAP. Sheridan says listen to me you shameless fat cat! She says the Cranes made him and they can just as easily break him. She says get on the phone and call off the execution. The judge says he can't. They offer him money, but he says he can't. Sheridan says he's doing what the blackmailer wants. The judge says no comment. Sheridan says they'll double what he's being paid. He says he can't, their money is no good. Pilar asks who has such power over him, who is the blackmailer. The judge says he honestly doesn't know. Sheridan doesn't believe him, but he swears he doesn't know who they are and insists they leave at once. He says he is caught in the same blackmailer's web as half of harmony. He says Luis will die so they should go home and get ready for a funeral. He then slams his officer door on them. 

At Crane, Julian tells Theresa the truth is he isn't Little Ethan's father, Ethan is the boy's father. Theresa says that he is Little Ethan's father. Julian says fine they can run a new DNA test. He shows her the results Eve already ran. He says he's not Little Ethan's father, Little Ethan is not a Crane, Little Ethan is not heir to the fortune so therefore she does not control this company. Julian tells her to get her lying butt out of his office now! Julian begins cleaning out her desk, saying he's reclaiming everything she has stolen from him. He also threatens to fire Jared from Crane, so don't count on his salary. Julian says all her lies and schemes are catching up to her. He says she is and always will be just a nasty little bitch from the barrio that no amount of money or clothes can fix. He says get out of his office before he has her deported. She wants a chance to explain. He says she was warned. He calls security on her as she begs him not to do this. She says her brother's life is at stake, Ethan and Little Ethan's happiness are at stake. She begs for a chance to make things right. Julian says he'll regret this, but tell him how she can justify all these lies. Theresa says she didn't always know he wasn't Little Ethan's father. Julian says pahleze! She says it's the truth, she was on the pill when she made love to Ethan. She says it wasn't long after that that Bermuda happened. She thought he was Little Ethan's father. She says then in Rome last summer JT showed her proof that Ethan was Little Ethan's father. Julian says she kept lying to keep the Crane Empire. He calls her heartless bitch! She says she wanted to tell Ethan the truth, but she was afraid that Gwen would take Little Ethan like she took Jane. She says then her brothers went to jail, she needed the power and money to help them. He says please, she kept the truth only to keep the Crane money and power. HE says well now the truth will come out and take her out with it. She begs for a chance to tell Ethan first, Little Ethan and Ethan are both innocent in all of this. She says don't hurt them to hurt her. Julian says it always comes back to you. He says she wants him to make nice to her after all she's done to him. Theresa says she is sorry if she was mean to him, but he has never been kind to her or her family. Julian says she could have taken the high road, but her kind always fights dirty. He says turnabout is fair play, he will show her the same kindness she showed him. He says she's about to get what is coming to her with interest! She gets he wants to hurt her, but don't hurt Ethan to do it. Julian says he will not forgive her for this and neither will Ethan. Theresa says that is what he wants. He says it is. HE says she is a cancer to the Cranes, but he's found the cure. He says he will use the truth to destroy her and leave her with nothing. HE says Miguel lost Kay, Luis will use his life and she will lose Ethan and her one chance of happiness.



May 31, 2007
At the Seascape, Paloma agrees to tell Noah the secret. She says Jessica is in a lot more trouble than anyone knows, she needs their help before it's too late to save her. Noah asks what she's done? Paloma says just remember, someone else could be responsible for this. He says what? Paloma says murder! She says half the johns Jessica sleeps with end up dead, she thinks she killed them. Noah thinks she has to be making this up. He says Jessica is the sweetest and most gentle human being. He says she's not a killer. Paloma knows it is hard to believe, but they have to face the facts. She says the johns are dead and Jessica thinks she killed them. She says she doesn't remember, possibly because of the drugs. She says Jessica thinks nobody else was in the room when they ended up dead. Noah tells her to tell him exactly what happened. Paloma says Spike would set her up with a john, she was always high, after they did it she'd go to sleep or pass out . . . when she woke up she'd find a john stabbed to death. Noah asks how many? Paloma doesn't know, at least five. Paloma says there could be more. Noah is in shock, Jessica would never hurt a fly, let alone kill someone. He says even if the johns were abusing her. He blames the drugs and Spike. He says he could kill Spike for what he's done to Jessica. Noah doesn't  think Jessica could have done this. Paloma also admits to Noah how she and Simone helped Jessica dispose of evidence . . . and recently a body. Paloma knows it was wrong, but they did it to help Jessica. They hoped she wasn't guilty, but it doesn't look good. Paloma says if the police found out, she could end up in prison or on death row. Noah says but she's the police! Paloma knows. She says she loves Jessica like a sister, so does Simone, that is why they helped her. Noah wonders what Spike has done to all of them. Noah is glad she told him this. They have to help Jessica, they have to tell his dad. Paloma says he can't tell the police. She says she would lose her badge and Simone would be in trouble too. She also says this would kill Sam. Noah says the truth always comes out, they have to help Jessica help herself. He thinks if she confesses it will be so much better. Paloma says may be he's right, secrets never stayed buried as her mom says. 

Spike digs up a skull and is playing with it, which upsets the blackmailer. Spike says he's doing what he was told him. The blackmailer says he's doing a fine job, most wouldn't remember where the bodies were buried. The blackmailer brings up how this was all Alistair's idea. The blackmailer tells him he's not working for Alistair anymore, he's under new management now. The blackmailer asks him how many people he killed? Spike doesn't know, Alistair wanted him to knock off a few, but like potato chips, you can't stop when you start. Spike says so the blackmailer says he's not Alistair, but he knows a lot about people here. The blackmailer says he knows everyone in this town. Spike asks what his connection is to everyone in this town. The blackmailer asks what he cares. Spike says he needs to trust someone. The blackmailer says and he thinks that person should be him? Spike says trust him, tell him what his connection to everyone is. Spike says he's had it in for this town for a long time, it's good to see someone better at revenge than him. Again who is he, why are they doing this. The blackmailer says Spike is nothing, he doesn't need to know. Spike says he's his biggest fan. He says he knows all the kinky people in town, so he knows the blackmailer didn't grow up here. He jokes that the blackmailer must have grown up in a big city as that is why he is sophisticated. The blackmailer says they all laughed at him. Spike says who, his family? The blackmailer says they left him to be laughed at, ridiculed, despised . . . it is their fault. Later the blackmailer is saying Jessica is quiet the black widow. Spike says Jessica isn't a bad kid, ease up on her, her mom just died. The blackmailer says Spike better not be trying to prove he has a heart inside of him. Spike says this just seems pointless. The blackmailer says it's not, does he think Grace's death was a terrorist attack? The blackmailer says it was all part of their master plan. Spike asks why they are doing this and who is he? The blackmailer just laughs. 

Rebecca breaks into Ethan's room at the B&B and begins looking around. She thinks there is a clue here as to where Gwen went. She says if not she'll have to look in Ethan's room at the mansion. She can't find anything, but does find a thong in one of the drawers. She says who knew! She remembers calling Gwen and hearing her screaming. She knows something strange is going on. Rebecca calls Gwen again. Gwen answers, she's not tied down anymore. She tells Rebecca she can't tell her where she is. Rebecca asks what is going on, she has to come home. Gwen says she can't. Rebecca thinks Gwen has a new lover, she asks who he is. Gwen says it doesn't matter. Rebecca says she doesn't remember his name? Don't worry about that, it happens to her all the time. She hopes this guy is worth it. Gwen says he is, so she's not coming home. Rebecca says Theresa married Jared, she has to come home and get Ethan back. Gwen says it's pointless to fight Ethan or Theresa while Theresa has all that money and power. She says she's not coming back. Rebecca begs her to come home to what is important. Gwen refuses, she says she has a life here now. Rebecca asks where? Gwen says that doesn't matter and she won't come home. Rebecca reminds her of the memory stick, she's trying to find it as something weird is going on here. Gwen says what else is new? She says it's weirder than usual, that stick got JT killed. She asks Gwen to come home and help her find that stick. She says come home to her, Ethan and that cute little girl. Gwen says you mean Jane, your granddaughter? Rebecca says that's the one. She thinks Gwen shouldn't be alone. Gwen says she's not, she has someone in her life, he loves her and she loves him. She then hangs up on her mom. Rebecca thinks she has no idea where Gwen is and she's no closer to getting the memory stick. 

At the station, an officer brings some of Grace's things to Sam, including her diary. Sam begins reading her diary. She talks about how she couldn't wait to get home to Sam and her children. She wanted to make love to Sam. Sam says to himself it had been so long. In a later entry Grace talks about the strange things going on and how she knew who was behind it. She said it was horrible, dangerous to those she loves. She said she had to get home and warn everyone. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca sneaks into the evidence room at the station. She is looking for the box of JT's things. She finds it and begins going through them. She hears someone coming and hides. Sam walks in wondering who is in here? He sees Rebecca's hand and catches her. He asks what the hell she's doing in here? Why is she going throw evidence? He says he'll arrest her and she'll spend the night with the other hookers. Rebecca says she wasn't trying to steal anything. She says these are JT's things. He remembers her drag queen boyfriend. She says he was more than her boyfriend, they shared their hearts and souls. He says and eyeliner and clothes! She says he was twice her size. She says JT wanted her to have his things if he died, but they took it all. Sam asks if JT had a will? She says that is a piece of paper, they had a verbal agreement and God was their witness. She wants to take what is hers, but Sam says this stuff wont' leave until he solves JT's murder. She says be honest, they'll be 90 before he solves it. Sam says he is aware there are a few, okay more than a few unsolved murders here. She just wants what JT had, like his memory stick. Sam says there was no USB stick found, even if there was, she wouldn't get it. He tells her to leave . . . now. She says she has evidence that could help. She says JT's USB stick had evidence on everyone in town, it would be worth a lot of money. She doesn't know what was on it, but their town has been turned upside down. She thinks the answers are on that stick. She says she's just trying to bring the town she loves back to normal. Sam says her words interests him, not because he believes her, but he just got Grace's diary. He says she was writing about warning them about something. Sam is wondering if it is all connected, everything going on in town. Sam doesn't know how they are linked, but he will find out. Rebecca offers to help. He doesn't need her help, he needs to connect the dots. 

At Crane, Theresa is begging Julian to let her tell Ethan the truth in her own terms. He won't, he calls her a cancer on the Cranes and he has the cure . . . the truth. He says he will use it to destroy her, to strip her of Ethan and her one chance at happiness. Theresa continues to beg Julian not to do this. She says she'll do anything. Julian says the great Theresa is changing her tune? He says she's wasting her breath. Ethan is outside the office listening wondering what in the hell is going on in there. He tries to listen but can't make out everything. Theresa is asking Julian how he can be so cruel. Julian says she is the cruelest Crane of all! Theresa says how he can say that after everything Alistair did to them all. Ethan finally says that is enough. He walks in, he asks why Theresa is upset, what has Julian done? Theresa says there is nothing to tell, but Ethan heard them. Theresa says they were discussing business, it was just difference of opinion on a big deal. Ethan says she was begging, it didn't sound like a big deal to him. Ethan asks what they were talking about? He heard Julian being tough on her, and why is Theresa protecting him? He's tired of these secrets and he won't leave until someone tells him the truth. Julian says Ethan is right. Julian says they were arguing about something personal that involves Ethan. Ethan says tell him. Julian says the love of his life has been lying to them for years. Julian tells Ethan that he's not Little Ethan's father . . . Ethan is! Ethan asks Theresa to tell him that Julian is lying. Julian says he's not and he knows it, just look at Theresa. Ethan begs Theresa to tell him this is a lie, that she would not keep this from him. She knows how he felt about his mother lying, she could not do this. Ethan demands to hear Julian is lying. Theresa says it's true. Ethan says he was warned not to trust her, but he was a fool. He says they were all right, she is a despicable and lying gold digger. He says he's taking Little Ethan and Jane and they are leaving. Theresa wants to explain, but he won't listen to her lies. He tells her to get out of here! Of course this is all in Theresa's head, yup a day dream. Ethan is there asking Theresa why she's upset? What did Julian do to her? Julian says yes Theresa, why is she crying, what is troubling her? He says a business disagreement shouldn't cause her pain. He suggests she tell them. Ethan says enough, he wants to know what is going on here. 


June 1, 2007

Spike digs up all the dead johns as a storm is about to roll in. The blackmailer asks if this is all of them? Spike honestly doesn't know. Alistair had him kill a lot of people, not all were buried. He remembers the first john was thrown in the sea and came back during the Tsunami. The blackmailer thinks all these skeletons will rattle a lot of nerves in this town. He tells Spike to wrap them all up. Spike does, the blackmailer then puts a skull on top of them. Spike thinks nobody comes up here, nobody will find this place. The blackmailer says they will be found. The blackmailer asks if Spike has the photos he had him take last time? Spike does, they look at the photos of Jessica, Simone and Paloma disposing of a body. Spike feels a bit sorry for Jessica. He says she is his wife, he feels bad she's getting blamed for this. The blackmailer says yes she will. He tells Spike to get lost. Spike leaves and the blackmailer then calls the police to report a murder . . . actually lots of them. 

At the station, Noah and Paloma show up to see Sam. Noah says they need to talk to him about something. Sam asks if Noah is in trouble again? Noah says it's not him. He doesn't know how to say this. Paloma tries to tell him, but Sam gets a call he has to take. Sam is shocked by what he learns. He says he's on his way. He tells Noah and Paloma that this will have to wait, there has been reports of multiple murders. He says Paloma needs to come with him, they head off. 

Paloma and Sam show up at the crime scene. Paloma is stunned, a cop tells Sam that all these victims were murdered, there are signs of cuts on the ribs. Sam wonders if it is a serial killer? The spying blackmailer says the murders have just begun. The coroner says they weren't all killed and buried at once. They say the bones weren't always here, they've been disturbed. He thinks there could be many more burried around here. Paloma is worried, she remembers she and Simone and Jessica buried a body up here too. That body apparently is now gone. Meanwhile Sam begins ordering the whole field to be dug up. Paloma worries, she says Jessica couldn't have killed dozens could she? Paloma thinks Jessica's secret is out and they will all pay the price. 

At the Bennett home, Jessica is packing to go back to Spike as Simone begs her not to do this. She says she has to, otherwise she'll go to jail for the murders of the johns. Simone thinks if she doesn't leave Spike then he'll be the death of her. Simone takes everything out that Jessica packs. Jessica says she can't stay here, her dad is the chief of police, he will find out what has happened. Simone suggests they move into Rae's place, they'll be roommates. Jessica says she can't, she has to go back to Spike before he turns her in. Jessica packs her bags. She tells Simone she has to go back to him, she can't let her baby be born in prison. Noah soon shows up and tells Simone to excuse them, he needs to speak to JEssica in private. Simone hopes he can talk her out of going back to Spike. Noah says trust him, she won't go anywhere. Simone leaves, Jessica tells her brother that she's still going back to spike. Noah says Paloma told him the truth about the dead johns. Jessica claims Paloma made this up, but Noah says Paloma wouldn't lie about this. Noah says Paloma told him everything, how both she and Simone are now accessories to murder. Noah says Paloma put everything on the line for Jessica. Jessica thinks about Spike telling her she killed the first john. She remembers how Simone and Paloma both helped her clean up the other dead johns. Noah wants Jessica to go to the station and tell dad everything. Jessica says no, she has to go back to Spike, he'll protect her. She tells Noah he doesn't know what he's getting into. Noah begs her to tell Sam the truth. Jessica says she can't, but Noah says she has to. He says if the police find the bodies first then she can be put to death.

Pilar, Sheridan and Fancy are back at the prison again. Pilar hopes Reilly rots in hell for not delaying the execution. Sheridan thinks they can stop this, but Pilar says everything Ethan has tried has failed. Sheridan and Fancy begin fighting over who is to blame for this. Pilar tells them to shut up before she knocks their heads together! She says she has known them both since they were children and they are still acting like spoiled children. He says they are fighting over her son like he's a toy. She says wake up, this is life and death. She says this is not a time to be fighting, the only thing that matters right now is getting Luis out of this place. She says if they don't then they will execute him. She says the only thing they need to focus on now is stopping the execution. Fancy and Sheridan agree and apologize. Fancy says they have to stick together to win Luis' freedom. 

Father Lonigan visits Luis. He tells Luis not to give up, the truth will set him free. Luis says his execution has been moved up. He doesn't think he has time for an appeal, he wants to make his final confession. Father Lonigan asks if nothing can be done to stop this? Luis says no, he has to accept that he will die and very soon. Father Longian gives Luis a blessing. He then says he's very troubled by all this, is there no way to stop his execution? Luis says it would be nothing short of a miracle. Father Longan thinks then there is hope, their faith is built on miracles. Father Longian is sure Luis didn't murder the bartender or Rae. HE says if only there was a way to capture the guilty party. Luis says the only person he knows who could have done these things is Alistair, but he is dead. Father Longian says he told nobody about this, but it was Alistair who made him blind. It was long ago, before he came to Harmony. He says Alistair told him things, things he regretted telling him. He says he told him to swear a vow of secrecy. Father Lonigan says he never told anyone Alistair's secrets. Still Alistair was afraid and tried to kill him, he had someone set fire to his church. Father Longan thought at first it was dark powers, but it was Alistair. He says he was looked over that day, he didn't die, but he was left blind. Luis asks why Alistair wasn't sent to prison? Father Lonigan says even then Alistair was powerful and had friends in right places. Luis says he always knew Alistair was sick, but now he's heard everything. Luis says had he not seen Alistair die, he would think  he was doing this. He says it is like Alistair is back from the grave. Luis is sure whoever is doing this, they are linked to Alistair somehow. Father Lonigan tells Luis how he feels something terrible is about to happen. He says he has had an awareness of evil, it's not EPS, but he has felt evil and presences before. He feels that evil now. He says they are surrounded by evil, hatred, vengeful hatred. He tells Luis the fight is not over, keep his chin up. Father Longin's time is up, he has to go. Luis has never seen the Father like this. He says he has to find out who is behind all of this.

Pilar, Fancy and Sheridan then come to see Luis. He's surprised to see Sheridan here. Sheridan says Pilar has set them straight, they are putting their differences aside to be there for him. Pilar is hoping they can get him out of here. Luis tells them to be realistic, it doesn't look good. He suggests they try and have Theresa bribe the judge. Sheridan says they already tried, he won't take a bribe or their threats. Sheridan says it's ridiculous, the whole world must know he's been set up. Luis knows. He wonders who is so powerful to do this, who hates him so much. Pilar says this person isn't just powerful, they are evil. She says nobody is safe. Later Pilar goes to see Sister Alice. Luis doesn't think his mom is strong enough for this, he hopes sister Alice will help her after . . . Sheridan says he won't be executed. Luis says it's looking bad for him. Fancy wonders what is wrong with this town, doesn't good things happen to anyone. He tells cadet to bunk up, but she says she's not a cop anymore. He says once a cop always a cop. He says someone is out there killing and raping, he was railroaded by the judge and the blackmailer. Sheridan says it is almost as if her father . . . Luis know. He knows Alistair is dead, but he is sure something evil from the past has come back. 

At the church, Father Longian is praying for Luis. He begs God to save Luis and help him discover the evil surrounding his flock. As Father Longian prays, the blackmailer shows up. Father Lonigan knows he is the evil, he says he's been waiting for them. He can sense his evil. The blackmailer says then he knows he's come to kill him! He aims a gun at Father Longian and cocks it!

At Crane, Ethan says he's had it, what is this about? He says they won't leave this room until they tell him what they are talking about. Julian says it is time this was brought into the open. Julian says they were talking about Little Ethan. Theresa says please don't. Ethan asks please don't what? Julian claims he is tired of Theresa delaying all these meetings, he wants things solved. He says he's lost faith in the courts, citing OJ as the reason. He says he wants to spend time with his son, but Theresa is fighting him. Julian thinks a man should be able to spend time with his son. Ethan agrees. Julian thinks the key to turning a boy into an honest man is a good father son relationship. He asks if Ethan agrees? Ethan does. Ethan tells Theresa it is despicable to keep a father from his child. Theresa says unless the father is not worthy of seeing his child. Julian says what is important here is Little Ethan's welfare. Think of the hell Ethan went through after learning the truth about his real father. Julian says his own dreams were also washed away. He would hate to see the same thing happen to Little Ethan. Ethan says that wouldn't happen, they know who his father is. Julian talks about the Anna Nicole smith craziness, how all those men claimed to be the child's father. Ethan asks what that has to do with this? Julian says Little Ethan must be confused with him, Alistair and Ethan all acting as father figures. Julian wants to just make sure everything is legally clear. Theresa reminds Julian that possession is 9/10ths of the law, and she possess a lot around here. She says Julian is but an employee and a stockholder. Julian says things can change, but Theresa says sometimes these cases take years to go through the justice system. She says old men die waiting for justice. Julian says justice can be prompt. Theresa tells Julian it seems to her that when someone thinks they are going hunting, to make sure they have all their ducks in a line. Julian says when he starts shooting it will be at more than ducks. Ethan again asks what is going on here? He wants to know what he walked in on? Julian says ladies first! Julian says all right, if Theresa won't tell him then he will. 


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