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1st Week of November  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


November 5, 2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha tells Kay if she wants her hunkaliscious Miguel back then don't interfere with her again. Kay just doesn't like watching innocent people suffer. Tabitha says then move away from the bowl as Fancy's about to find Sheridan and Luis doing push push. Kay thinks she can save Fancy again and casts a spell, but Tabitha reminds her they had a deal! They watch in the bowl as Fancy finds Sheridan with Luis. Tabitha says she has broken up Fancy and Luis, the ransom has been paid. Kay still doesn't like this. Tabitha tells her how her beloved Miguel is being tortured while they waste time. Kay didn't know that, she tells Tabitha not to stand there, do more evil. When Kay brings up the Timmy doll she was using to give her warnings about Miguel and Endora, Tabitha says she'd never use Timmy's memory like that. Kay says if she didn't, then who did? Who else could make the Timmy doll say Miguel and Endora needed help? Tabitha doesn't know, the floating head? Kay says or maybe it was Timmy? Tabitha says it is possible, as Timmy would be distressed over Endora and Miguel's plight. Tabitha says even evil could have used the doll to confuse them. Tabitha talks to the grate to the basement, thinking there must be some kind of call forwarding through it. She says she has fulfilled her terms. They send a scroll saying Fancy hasn't suffered enough. Tabitha says fine she'll twist the knife a little more. Tabitha casts more spells on them. She says she is closer than ever before to getting Endora back. Kay tells her to hurry up and get this over with, watching Fancy's misery is making her miserable. Tabitha asks the boys if they are seeing this? She says she's done her part, send them back their loved ones. Suddenly some glowing orb appears in the living room. They wonder what that is. They think it might be Timmy. However Tabitha soon realizes it is Endora, she's coming back. 


At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are hit with Kay's spell to stop them from making love, but it's too late. Luis asks how this happened? Sheridan doesn't know. They then see Fancy has caught them. Fancy asks how could he? She thinks obviously she should have knocked first. She came by to tell Luis about the latest murder, the cop trailing Esme. Luis asks if she needs help with the case, but Fancy says no. She says she just thought he should know. Fancy goes to leave, but he says stop. He says he loves her not Sheridan. Fancy asks then why did she walk in on him having sex with her aunt! Fancy says so what, was he bored? Horny? Nothing to watch on TV? Luis says it just happened. She says then go to hell! She says she's had her fill of them together, lame excuses or no excuses at all. Sheridan whispers Luis not to tell Fancy the truth or Alistair will take Marty from them. Fancy says more whispering, and he wonders why she is fed up. Fancy says she's had it ,no more lame excuses. She runs off. Luis wants to go after her. Sheridan begs him not to, if he tells her the truth they could lose Marty. Luis however is insistent that he tells Fancy the truth about Marty or he'll lose her for good. Tabitha zaps Sheridan's phone, she answers and says Marty is on the phone! Sheridan and Luis listen to Marty, who is talking to them. They say they love him and are looking for him. They say they'll all be back together soon. 


Fancy waits outside and thinks if Luis comes after her, then she'll know he loves her. She waits, but he doesn't come. Fancy thinks he doesn't love her anymore. Fancy looks inside and sees them on the phone, but doesn't realize what is going on. She thinks they are just cuddling and she's lost Luis forever. 


At the hospital, Vincent is sick and wonders what is wrong with him. He says he's seen more blood than that before, so it shouldn't make him sick. Vincent is in another office and logs into a security camera on a PC. He sees Eve laying on the office floor and wonders if she is dead yet. He says she will be soon, and this is what she gets for letting Alistair take him. Vincent then throws up again. He decides to run his own tests to see what is wrong with him. He begins taking some blood to see what is going on. He begins running tests. He rips up a photo of Eve and Julian. He says with mom out of the way, he should focus on him. Vincent says he'll kill him yet, he is a dead man walking. 

Gwen is with Jonathan, who is dying. Outside the cubicle Theresa tells Ethan not to worry, they'll convince her that Jonathan needs the treatment. Julian shows up to talk with Ethan to see how things are going. He says Eve feels devastated over this. They explain the OD has caused liver damage and he could die without treatment. Theresa says Gwen also won't give consent to have him treated, she thinks the doctor's would make things worse. Julian asks if having Eve speak to her could help. Ethan says Gwen would probably kill Eve, and Ethan doesn't think he'd stop her. Julian says if they need anything then let him know. Julian then leaves. Gwen shows up and hears Theresa talking to Ethan about Jonathan. Gwen tells Theresa to stay out of her business. She says Theresa has no say in this, and neither does Ethan. She says she'll decide what is best for Jonathan. Theresa says even if her decision kills him? Gwen says stay out of this, she almost killed Sarah and now she convinced Ethan to bring him here where things got worse for Jonathan. Ethan says Jonathan is sick and needs help. Gwen says she's taking Jonathan home, but Ethan says if he doesn't get the medicine then he will die. Ethan begs her to sign the consent forms, save their son.


In her office Eve comes too. She remembers what happened, Vincent appeared and asked her to join her in death. She wonders what she was thinking? She says good thing she didn't cut deeper, she could have bleed to death. Eve takes off her jacket and says she is really going crazy when she does the bidding of her own hallucinations. She tends to her wrists. She bandages herself and then drinks up. She then soon remembers the baby and how she nearly killed it. She then remembers Vincent claiming he changed the prescription. She says wait Vincent is dead, it had to be her fault. She says she almost killed that baby. She picks up the bottle and looks at a photo of Julian that talks to her. It tells her not to drink, that she's better than this. She says she will stop, after she calms her nerves. She thinks it would have looked pathetic if she was found dead after slitting her wrists. The photo of Julian keeps talking to her about drinking and how she has to stop. Eve doesn't understand what is going on here, she knows she didn't mess the prescription up. She says Vincent said he did, but maybe she did it and was drunk. She says she thought Vincent was alive, maybe he is just haunting her and trying to make him join her. She decides she needs another drink and walks off to find more booze. Julian shows up later and realizes Eve has run off and is obviously drunk as a bottle is left behind. He thinks about calling hospital security, but realizes he should find her first. He then sees the mess on her desk, the blood and the scalpel. He says Eve couldn't be suicidal could she? Julian takes off.


Pilar sees what Rebecca has on her PC about her. Pilar tells Rebecca she is pure evil. Rebecca says no she is a mother who wants her daughter to be happy. She says Gwen needs Ethan to be happy, so if she has to threaten her to get rid of Theresa then so be it. Rebecca says she now has the ultimate weapon to use against her. Rebecca says if Pilar doesn't keep Theresa away from Ethan, she'll reveal the truth and her and her family will be killed. Pilar says she can't convince Theresa to give up Ethan even if she tried. Rebecca says she knows, she could kill Theresa! Suddenly a drunk Eve stumbles in, steals Rebecca's booze and then tries to get into a pill cabinet. Pilar says she needs help! Eve says she needs booze and wanders off. Rebecca tells Pilar to forget that crack whore and says back to the matter at hand, she again tells Pilar to kill Theresa to keep her from Ethan. Rebecca reminds her she knows who she is, she is not a saint. Pilar says she is warning her! Rebecca tells Pilar she is garbage, she is trash, she should be cleaning her toilets. Pilar ends up attacking Rebecca! Pilar soon snaps out of it, not knowing what she was thinking. Rebecca says her true and violent nature is finally coming out, and she loves it after years of Pilar insulting her. Rebecca tells Pilar that she is the same as her, no she is worse and she can prove it. Rebecca tells her to keep Theresa from telling Ethan the truth. Pilar says she knows, or she'll tell everyone the truth and her family will be killed. Rebecca says no that was the plan, she now realizes all she has to do is make a phone call down to Mexico. She says if she calls you know who, then Theresa and Pilar's whole family will be killed, problem solved. Rebecca pulls out the phone. She asks what the country code for Mexico is? Pilar says stop it. Rebecca says torturing her is so much fun! She tells Pilar to keep Theresa from Ethan, or she and her family are done for. 

Julian keeps looking around for Eve. He heads into the office where Vincent is. Vincent hides, Julian realizes he can't go on looking for Eve alone. He calls security for help to find where Eve is. When Vincent learns she isn't in her office, he is shocked. Julian wonders where Eve could be. Julian gets a call about Eve, so he leaves. Vincent says he would think a doctor could slit her wrists properly, but not his mommy, she can't do anything right. Vincent sits back down at the PC to see what is going on with his tests. He reads them and is shocked. He says this can't be right. He says there is no fricken way they can be right. He runs the tests again, it's the same. Vincent says I'm pregnant!


Back in the ER area, Ethan and Gwen are still arguing. Gwen says Jonathan was fine until Theresa convinced her to bring him here. She says she won't okay more drugs to do what the first drugs did. She says Jonathan is coming home with her. Gwen returns to Jonathan's side. Ethan tells Theresa that he can't lose his only son. Theresa says he won't lose his only son. Suddenly Jonathan begins to code. The doctor's and nurses run in, Gwen wonders what they've done to him. Theresa and Ethan show up, Theresa says they haven't done anything and she won't let them. The doctors stabilize Jonathan. Gwen wants to take him home, but the doctor says he needs treatment. She begs Ethan to get through to Gwen. Ethan says he's trying. Ethan again begs Gwen to sign the forms. Theresa says he wouldn't be begging unless it was what was best. Gwen then screams you bitch, I will kill you for what you've done! Theresa is confused, she says she is just trying to help. Gwen however is talking to Eve, who has shown up. She says she'll kill her for what she's done! Gwen slaps her and then attacks Eve! Julian shows up, both Ethan and Julian try and pull them apart. Julian says Eve made a mistake. Eve says she'd never hurt a baby! Gwen says she did and will pay. She attacks her again!


November 6, 2007

At Tabitha's, a ball of energy shows up and Tabitha is sure it is Endora. Kay says it's a blob. The blob says who are you calling a blob. Endora begins to come into focus, Tabitha tells her to keep trying and she's nearly home. Endora finally shows up. Tabitha goes over and gives her a big hug. Tabitha says she's never going to let her go away again. Kay says welcome back. Kay asks where Miguel is? Tabitha says just leave her be, they can talk about that later. She says there is plenty of time to find out what happened. Tabitha says unlike Kay, she obeyed and followed the ransom note's instructions. Tabitha says if Kay had done what she did, she'd have Miguel back. Kay says she can't just cause innocent people pain. Tabitha says then get used to the idea she may never see Miguel again. Tabitha conjures up a welcome home Endora banner, and then conjures up cake and cookies for her. Kay says it will take an army to eat this. Tabitha suggests they invite the whole town. Kay says nobody can know Endora was in hell. Endora says she's been all over. Tabitha then conjures up new toys for Endora to play with. Endora says she just wants her mommy. Tabitha says well if there is anything else she wants, elt her know. Kay asks again about Miguel. Endora says she doesn't want to know. Tabitha again tells Kay to cause misery, embrace the dark side as all the best people do it in the end. The bowl suddenly begins bubbling. Tabitha thinks it's Kay's turn to play ball, see what the bowl wants. Kay looks in and sees Sheridan and Luis on the phone. Tabitha says cause them more pain. She says maybe Miguel will show up. Tabitha tells Kay to let it rip, give into her worst natural urges. When Endora says Miguel isn't having any fun where he is, Kay says okay she will do evil. Kay says she shouldn't have to do evil for long, after all Tabitha didn't do evil very long and got Endora back. Tabitha says true, there was no time limit in the note. Tabitha says she doesn't supposed they have to be evil forever. Endora says uh oh! Endora is suddenly taken back. Endora turns back into the orb, which upsets Tabitha. Tabitha tries to zap Endora back, but fails. Endora disappears. 


After Endora is gone, Tabitha is in tears. She says she shouldn't have thought about stopping being evil. Tabitha makes the party for Endora go away. Tabitha says obviously they have to commit to being evil forever. Kay says she can't do that. Tabitha tells Kay she has no idea what she used to be like, but she's back. Tabitha then says she bows to all the creatures of darkness, she will do anything she is bidded to do in order to get Endora back. She says she will bring pain to the citizens of Harmony, the likes of which have never been seen before! Thunder then crashes. Kay says Tabitha is scaring her. Tabitha says good. She says they will have to send Endora back to her when she's done committing evil. Kay thinks there is no way they can do enough evil to satisfy the dark side. She wants to come up with a plan to fight back. Tabitha says then they'll never see Endora or Miguel again. Tabitha says if it is evil they want, it's evil they'll get. Tabitha looks back into the bowl, she sees Spike with Sheridan. Kay suggests they just kill Spike, but Tabitha thinks this vision is being shown for a reason. Tabitha asks what to do, show her as she is an instrument for them.


Outside the cottage, Fancy sees Luis and Sheridan inside on the phone. However she thinks they are cuddling. She thinks she lost him. Esme shows up and finds Fancy crying. Esme says crying again, this is getting old. Esme says a nice course of anti depressants could help or maybe some electro shock therapy. Fancy tells Esme to look. Esme says they are at it again. Esme can't blame Luis for leaving her, her crying all the time is a bummer. Esme tells her to cheer up. She says Aunty Esme is here for her. Fancy is confused, Esme says she was having a flashback to Viki. Esme gives Fancy some brandy to calm her nerves. Fancy thinks Esme has enough on her plate as is, she shouldn't be bothering her. Esme says it never stopped her before. Esme says Viki is asleep now, so it's okay. She says her parents are dead and Viki is stuck with her now. Esme says it took her forever to get her to sleep, but no she didn't give her anything like a pill. Esme says she held her hand and these odd soothing words just came out of her mouth. Esme asks what she missed, did she arrest Kay? Fancy says no, it turns out the print belongs to Jake after all. She says it was all a mistake, Kay is innocent. Esme says then who keeps murdering all her men? Esme says she's sorry, they are supposed to be talking about Fancy's pathetic excuse for a love life. Fancy thinks she's lost Luis forever, she might as well be dead. Esme says she hasn't lost Luis. Fancy tells Esme she walked in on Luis and Sheridan going at it, she was mortified. Esme asks what Luis said? Fancy says he claimed he couldn't explain how it happened, what kind of excuse is that? She says it is clear to her she's been an idiot, they don't have a future together. Esme tries to cheer her up by tempting her with liquor filled sundaes and maybe then they can check her into a convent. Fancy says what? Esme slaps Fancy and tells her to fight for Luis, go in there, beat Sheridan up and fight to the death if she has to. Esme says if Fancy wants Luis then she has to fight for him. Esme says Fancy knows what she would do. Fancy sys no shot guns. Esme says then she has to fight fire with fire. Fancy says Luis is with Sheridan, maybe he wants her. Esme says men don't know what they want until they tell them, so go point him in the right direction. Fancy thinks the battle has been lost, she'll never erase the memory of him making to Sheridan from her mind. Esme again tells her to fight for the man she loves, beat Sheridan to mush and hog tie the man. 


In the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are on the phone with Marty. Marty asks when they will come get him? They ask where he is? He doesn't know, but he doesn't like it as it is cold and dark. He asks again when are they coming? They keep promising they will find him soon. Marty asks when mommy when? Sheridan says they'll be there soon, hold on. As it turns out, Spike is pretending to be Marty! He is on the phone and has some voice changer. He's drinking and trying not to laugh. He's saying mommy please come save me! Luis asks Marty if he sees anything, any clues? Spike claims he sees a window and something outside. He says he sees some numbers, they are . . . Spike then hangs up on them! Back at the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are none the wiser that they've been duped by Spike. Sheridan says her son needs them, they have to find him. 


Later Sheridan, who is finally dressed, argues with Luis about Marty. Luis still doesn't like they are trusting Spike. Spike then walks in saying his ears are burning. Luis asks where his son is? Spike asks Luis what is wrong with him? Luis tells Spike's games is what is wrong. Spike says it was Fancy who screwed everything up. Luis asks how Marty knew to call this number, how would he know to talk to Sheridan. Spike says he doesn't know, and he doesn't like these accusations after everything he's tried to do for them. Luis asks Sheridan what they do now? Luis sees Fancy is still outside with Esme. Sheridan asks how he can think about Fancy when they are close to getting their son back. Luis says they aren't any closer then when they began looking for him. Luis also says he's going to tell Fancy and apologize for what happened. Sheridan says Fancy is fine, but he still leaves. Sheridan asks Spike what they can do to get her son back? Spike wants her to look at a website, but she doesn't want to see his porn site. He shows her a menswear website, she doesn't get it. It turns out it's a fake website, Spike says there a dozens of these and it is how the people who have Marty are communicating with each other. Spike says he is working on things, he has some contacts getting him information. She says she has to have her son back soon. Spike says it is what they all want. Sheridan tells Spike he is the only link to Marty, nothing bad can happen to him. Spike says he's the spikeman, nothing can touch him. 

Luis goes out to talk to Fancy. Esme tells Fancy to think fast about what she's going to say. Fancy slaps Luis and says damn you to hell! Esme says not exactly what she would have said, but not as boring as hello. Fancy says she gave him a chance to come out after her, but he didn't, he waited a whole hour. Luis wants to explain, but she says there is nothing too explain. Fancy then walks off. Esme tells Luis good job cowboy! She tells Luis to go after her, he does. Esme says men are like horses, sweet and obedient, but only if you feed them right.  Meanwhile, Luis finds Fancy crying in her room. She says go away, but he won't as he loves her. She says she hates him. Luis kisses her, she ends up kissing him back. 


Meanwhile Tabitha realizes what she must do. She says Spike must die so Sheridan and Luis can't find Marty. Kay says that is awful, she can't do that. Tabitha zaps Spike with a spell, he leaves Sheridan's cottage and runs into Esme. He asks if he knows her? She says if he plays his cards right he might!

At the hospital, Julian and Ethan break up a fight between Gwen and Eve. Julian tells Gwen her baby is ill and Eve was  trying to help her. Gwen says she almost killed her son. Eve says she didn't try and hurt her son, but she knows who did. Gwen asks who is the bastard who tried to hurt her baby? Ethan asks who did it. Eve says she doesn't feel so good, but Gwen wants answers. Eve says she didn't write the prescription, well she did, but it was altered by someone who wanted to hurt her son. Gwen says who? Eve whispers it was Vincent! Gwen says she's blaming this on her dead son? Eve says he's not dead. Ethan and Gwen realize Eve is drunk. Eve says she's sorry, but Vincent did it. Ethan asks if she was drunk when she wrote the script? Eve says no and Vincent did it. Eve says she's sorry about everything, but Vincent did this. Gwen says stop blaming Vincent you drunk bitch and attacks Eve again! Julian says stop this, and tells Ethan to help him. Ethan says stop it yourself! Ethan eventually breaks up the fight. Theresa asks Eve if she is drunk? Eve says she may have had one or two drinks. Gwen says or 19! Julian says Eve has been under stress, she hasn't been dealing with Vincent's death well. Eve says Vincent is alive! Ethan says she should take a leave of absence if she's having personal issues, not drink on duty. Eve says Vincent is punishing her for being bad. Gwen promises Eve that if Jonathan dies then she will kill Eve herself! Julian says control herself, but Ethan says she's allowed to blow her top. 


The other doctor comes out and says they need to talk and now. The doctor says she has stabilized him, but he's not out of the woods. Theresa sees how Gwen and Ethan are acting, like they are still married. The doctor says Jonathan still needs the treatment, but Gwen won't allow it. She thinks her son would have been fine if it weren't for Eve. Eve keeps saying it is Vincent. Gwen tells Eve she is pathetic! She tells Eve to pray her son survives. Julian takes Eve away to try and help her. Ethan meanwhile tries to convince Gwen she has to sign the forms. Theresa keeps watching wondering if this is how it will always be, with her alone and them together.


November 7,  2007

At Tabitha's, Tabitha watches as Esme draws Spike into her web. Kay tells Tabitha that she hates Spike, but this is just evil. She says Tabitha knows what happens to all of Esme's lovers, they die. Tabitha says yes, if Spike dies then Sheridan and Luis won't find their son. Tabitha doubts Harmony will give her a medal for this, but this will cause enough evil that the dark side will have to send Endora back. Tabitha vows to get Endora back and keep her as she'll commit her next 1000 years to making Harmony a hell hole of misery. Tabitha and Kay watch in the bowl, they see the person killing Esme's lovers is there. They can't see who it is. Tabitha doesn't care, as long as he or she gets the job done. Tabitha tells Kay if she wants her Latin lover back then tap into her evil side, or prepare for a lifetime of sleeping alone. Later Kay casts a spell to try and break Spike and Esme up. Tabitha catches her and is furious. Kay won't let Tabitha stop her and keeps casting spells.


Outside of Sheridan's cottage, Esme doesn't think they've been introduced, but he looks familiar. She says she likes bad boys. Spike says he has that market cornered. As they kiss, someone spies on them. Spike whispers to her, she says he is a very dirty boy! Suddenly Esme panics and realizes this isn't good. She tries to tell Spike loudly to get away from her, she doesn't like him at all, he's gross. Spike doesn't get what is going on. Esme explains to Spike how every man she gets together with dies! Spike doesn't seem to realize she's serious about this. He still wants them to go someplace private to be together.  Kay ends up zapping Esme and Spike, they start spinning really fast. Spike says not again, it's magic! Esme thinks it's her new medicine giving her the spins. She says this is a rush! Kay however zaps Esme away to save Spike.


Back at Tabitha's, Kay thinks right now Esme is circling over Harmony and will be back on the ground soon enough. Tabitha tells Kay she told her not to get involved in her business. Kay says evil is wrong! Tabitha zaps Kay, knocks her down, and says evil hurts as well.  Kay gets up as Tabitha is saying she's going to use her bowl to find her next victim. Kay says she won't let her. Tabitha asks how she intends to stop her? Kay and Tabitha begin zapping each other as wild west dueling music plays. They throw sparks and bolts at each other, neither wants to give up. Tabitha eventually comes out the victor, knocking Kay over again. Tabitha tells Kay to stay out of her way or next time she won't walk away from the battle. 

In the cottage, Sheridan is looking at the video of Marty to find some clues. Pilar shows up looking for Luis, she then sees the video of Marty on Sheridan's laptop. She says her grandson is alive? Sheridan tells Pilar he is alive, but nobody can know about this. She explains she and Luis are trying to find him, they don't know where he is. Pilar doesn't understand. Sheridan say it is the usual story, her father. She says he's been hiding him, letting them think he's dead. She says if her father finds out, they'll never see him again. Pilar says she understands, she just hates more secrets. Sheridan has to take the chance, she made Luis promise not to tell anyone. She says he hates that he can't tell Fancy. Sheridan thinks Fancy will get over it, making this sacrifice to insure Marty's safety is necessary. Pilar understands that, sometimes you have to make big sacrifices to protect your family. Sheridan sees Pilar is upset, Pilar says something has come back to haunt her from the past. Sheridan wonders . . . Sheridan remembers hiding from her nanny in the summer house one year, she overheard Pilar and Ivy talking about something dark, something she was worried about. Pilar tells Sheridan never repeat this to anyone, forget everything she heard. Sheridan doesn't know anything really, but she would never tell anyone her secrets. Pilar thanks her. Pilar says she doesn't want Luis to know she's upset. Sheridan understands, it's like she doesn't want him to get off track of searching for Marty. Pilar doesn't know why the world is so full of secrets. Pilar tells Sheridan her secret is costing her the love of Theresa. She says because of what happened, Theresa hates her and probably always will. Sheridan doubts that. Pilar isn't so sure. She tells Sheridan she hopes God helps her find her grandson. Sheridan asks Pilar if there is any way she can help her? Pilar says no and thanks her. 


Later Spike bursts into Sheridan's cottage talking about magic and evil broads, how their is evil in Harmony. Sheridan tells Spike he is supposed to be finding her son. He says to hell with her son, there is evil in this town! Sheridan smashes a bottle over Spike's head, kicks him while he's down and says serves him right. She says she is going to find Luis, put him back on track and they will find their son. 

In Fancy's room, Fancy tells Luis he can't go from Aunt Sheridan's arms to hers. Luis says he can't explain what she saw, but he does love her. She says she loves him too, but he is always with Sheridan. If he loves her, then why is he with Sheridan. Luis knows he promised Sheridan he wouldn't tell her about Marty. Fancy goes off about how he knew what she went through with Noah, how he promised never to hurt her like that. She says she opened her heart to him more than any man, she was vulnerable to him, and he broke her heart. She asks how he can explain what happened tonight, what she found. Luis doesn't know, it wasn't real. Fancy says he was stark naked with Sheridan. She says every button he unbuttoned, he had a chance to stop and realize it was wrong. She asks if they've been going at it on the sly for months? He says no. She says then give her answers. She wants to know why he keeps going back to Sheridan. She says if she doesn't get answers then he is out of here. Fancy knows he's keeping something, tell her what. Luis says it's complicated. Fancy says that isn't an answer. Luis keeps dodging her, not giving her an answer or telling her about Marty. He finally tells her that he can't tell her something, he made a promise not to tell her. He says right now he just can't be with her. Fancy asks what is more important than being with the woman you love? Luis says once he explains she will understand. He says he loves her and only her. She again says explain. He says this does have to do with Sheridan. She says she guessed that. Sheridan then shows up in the hall, she hears them talking and says if Luis tells fancy the truth then it will ruin everything. Sheridan bursts in to try and get Luis to shut up and come with her to help her do what they need to do. Fancy demands to know what is going on here. Both Sheridan and Fancy demand Luis make a decision, either he goes with Sheridan or he tells Fancy the truth. Luis chooses to go with Sheridan, but tells Fancy he will explain in time. She doesn't want to know, she says keep his secret! Luis and Sheridan leave and Fancy breaks down in tears. She says there is no mystery anymore, he chose Sheridan over her again. She says it is over. 


At the mansion, Paloma shows up to see Theresa. She is very happy, she feels amazing. Theresa asks if she's been out with Noah? Paloma is going on and on about being in love with Noah and how she's never been so happy. Paloma asks Theresa when she realized she was destined to spend her life with Ethan? Did she know right away or did it take time? Theresa recalls Pilar threatening her and telling her she could never be with Ethan. Theresa talks to Paloma about Noah, asking if he is who she thinks about when she wakes up and right before she goes to sleep. Paloma says yes. Theresa says then hold onto him and don't let anyone take him from her. Paloma asks Theresa what is wrong? Is someone trying to make her give up on Ethan? Theresa swears they are fine, she was just giving her sisterly advice. She and Paloma keep talking about love and knowing how someone is the right one for you. Theresa tells herself that she won't give up on Ethan, she won't lose him. 


Suddenly Esme pops into the mansion. Theresa and Paloma wonder where she came from. Esme says good question. She was just outside Sheridan's cottage and talking to this cute thug, well not cute but scruffy, post grunge like. She says then her head started spinning, then she was floating like a cloud. She says well what it boils down to is she needs a drink . Paloma doesn't think she needs alcohol. Esme says it's the crazy glue that holds her together. Esme assumes the two of them have been talking about men and love, what else do women talk about together? She says love stinks, that is what she thinks! Esme drinks up and begins explaining to Paloma and Theresa what is going on with her, how Jake is now dead too. She says she's the grim reaper, she should strike a deal with the funeral parlors and get rich. She says someone is killing all the men she meets, someone is trying to keep her from falling in love and it is awful. Pilar walks in as Theresa says yes, when someone tries to keep you from the one you love, it is awful. Esme decides to head to bed, but tells Paloma to hold onto her man and treasure moments with him as she never knows when the grim reaper will take him away.  Esme heads upstairs to her room, wondering how she'll live her life alone? As she heads to her room, she is followed. 


Theresa then begins talking in third person, about how horrible it is when someone takes the one you love away, even worse when that person claims they love you. Theresa says the truth is they don't love you at all. Paloma ends up telling Theresa and Pilar how she loves them both very much, how she knows she can count on them for anything. She says look at them, they are in the middle of the Crane mansion. She says they don't keep secrets from one another like them or the Bennett's. Look at what Kay did, how she tore her family apart. Paloma says they should count their blessing there are no secrets like that in their family. She says she has to go, she's on duty. After Paloma leaves, Theresa then slaps Pilar! Theresa tells her mom how she hates her for trying to ruin her life and take Ethan away.



November 8, 2007
Julian catches Eve taking pills and a drink at the mansion. She says that this is the way to start the day. Eve sees she's been caught, but claims she's taking vitamins. He says he knows what she's doing. He says she's going before the medical review board today. Eve says she knows. He says she cannot talk her way out of this. He says the fate of her medical career rests on her appearance and she's getting drunk and stoned! Julian knocks her pill bottle over, which makes he scramble and say she needs them! She finally admits she took them. He says they are uppers, with a little vodka to wash it down. He says this is like the Judy Garland story in Harmony. Eve manages to pocket one of the pills. She tells Julian not to judge her, she needs to be at her best today. Julian says she needs to be sober. Eve says those people are her friends, she hired half of them. Julian says he wonders what her friends would think if she told them her dead son came back and re-wrote the prescription. Eve says she is right, Vincent is alive. Julian says it is impossible, he is dead and couldn't have survived. Eve says one day Julian will be convinced he's alive and he will apologize. Eve says he could be watching them right now. Eve tells Julian to just wait, he'll show himself to him, he can't stay in hiding forever. Julian says listen to herself, even he won't believe her so think what the board will say when she spouts this nonsense to them! Julian says go before them and say she made a mistake. Eve says she didn't, Vincent wrote it. Julian says tell them she's been overcome with grief over the death of their son, she was feeling guilty for the crimes he committed. He says say anything but do not blame that dead psycho. Eve says don't call him that! Julian says they know it's better to admit to being a drunk than a lunatic. 

Pilar comes into the kitchen and sees Theresa there. She says she'll come back later. Theresa says no she should go. Theresa says she owes her an apology. Pilar says she does, if she ever raised her hand to her mother then she would have cut it off. Theresa says she is sorry, she just wasn't herself. She says she is confused. Pilar says when she's confused she asks a question, she doesn't hit people. Theresa says she has asked her over and over again, she doesn't tell her anything. Pilar says Theresa has to trust her, not telling her is for her own good. Pilar says their entire family is in danger. Theresa asks what kind of danger? Pilar says asking those questions is dangerous, and if she tells Ethan the truth then they will all die. Theresa thinks there has to be a way to fight Gwen and Rebecca. She won't believe this, she won't believe they are powerless. Theresa tells her mom not to take away her dreams. Theresa brings up Mexico, but Pilar says please! She says this is killing her, that her past is ruining Theresa's life. She says she would give anything for Theresa to be happy with Ethan, but it won't happen. Pilar says she put the whole family in danger. Theresa asks Pilar to just trust her enough to tell her. Pilar says she has no idea how much she wants to confide in her. Pilar says however she can't, the fewer people that know the better. Theresa says she is willing to sacrifice the man she loves,so she deserves to know why. Theresa reminds her mom she always says the truth is the right path to take. Pilar tells her not to throw those words in her face. She says trust her and give up on Ethan. Pilar says there is no other way, unless Gwen gives him up. Theresa says even if she did, she wouldn't let her be with him to spite her. 


Later Little Ethan shows up, it's sports day and Ethan is supposed to take him. Theresa tells Little Ethan they'll go meet him at the hospital. Pilar thinks Ethan will obviously cancel, but Theresa says if she can't be happy she'll at least make sure her children are. 

At the hospital, Gwen is on the phone with Rebecca. She says Jonathan made it through the night, but he's still in critical condition. Gwen tells her mom not to start in on her, the only reason Jonathan is sick is because of Eve being drunk on the job. She says she's just glad Theresa isn't here butting in, maybe Pilar has finally convinced her to stay away from Ethan. They are talking about how they just can't believe Pilar could have done something so evil. Gwen says thank God for JT and his usb stick, she should leave flowers on his grave. Gwen then says no mother, she's not leaving pornography! Gwen just has to hope Theresa won't tell Ethan the truth otherwise her plans will be ruined. At this point Ethan shows up asking what plans will Theresa destroy? What would Theresa talking to him about destroy? Gwen claims she wants to take Jonathan home and Theresa would talk him out of it. The doctor and Ethan say their son is sick and if she doesn't sign the papers then he'll die. Gwen says their son will be fine. Ethan tell Gwen that the truth is their son is sick, he's fighting for his life. Ethan says he was lucky to make it through the night. Ethan says she's given him a wonderful gift, but if she doesn't sign the papers then they'll lose him. Gwen thinks he's exaggerating. The doctor says he's not. Ethan thinks this is about Sarah, that if she acknowledges Jonathan is sick that he might die like Sarah did. Ethan begs Gwen to give him the medicine. Gwen finally says okay. She finally signs the forms. Suddenly the baby codes, it may be too late. Gwen wonders what if she has killed their son by waiting?


Later Eve shows up at the hospital. Julian asks what is happening? Gwen says this is Eve's fault, what is she doing here? She blames this on Eve. Julian says Gwen is out of control. Ethan says most people come to a hospital to get help, not to be hurt. Eve says all she can say is she's sorry. Gwen tells Eve if her son isn't perfect, she'll make her life a living hell. Later the doctor tells Gwen that the baby is okay, but they need no more disturbances here. Gwen tells Eve to go, but then she sees Eve's pupils are dilated. She says she is stoned, drugs and booze. Ethan asks Eve what the hell happened to her? Gwen tells Eve should never practice medicine again! Eve again says it was Vincent. Gwen says she's so stoned that she sounds idiotic. She says Vincent is dead and her son almost died because of her! Julian takes Eve away. Ethan tells her not to worry about Eve, Jonathan is okay. Gwen says it's not all Eve's fault, it's hers for waiting so long to sign the papers. She says she is the worst mother ever. 


Gwen and Ethan go in to see their son. Gwen tells him how she's sorry he got stuck with a very bad mommy. Ethan says that isn't true. She says she feels like the worst mother in the world. Ethan says he can see how tired she is, she should go sleep. She says she won't leave him here. Ethan says she should go get food or coffee then. Gwen would like some tea, so Ethan goes to get her some. Gwen talks to her baby, telling him how mommy and daddy's break up was due to a wicked witch name Theresa. Gwen thinks it would be fun to have Rebecca go tell Pilar's secret to everyone.

Pilar, Theresa and Little Ethan show up. They run into Ethan. Little Ethan asks him if he is ready for sports day. Ethan forgot all about it. Ethan says Jonathan got very sick. He explains Jonathan is stable now but under observation. Ethan says he's sorry, he has to be here. Little Ethan says it's no big deal. Ethan says they'll be other days. Theresa is upset and runs off. Ethan apologizes to Little Ethan, but Little Ethan says it's not that big of a deal. Ethan says his little boy was just very sick, as sick as Little Ethan once was. Little Ethan says he understands, and he'll have a lot of fun regardless. Little Ethan just wishes Ethan was his father. Ethan says even so, he'd have to be here for Jonathan too. Ethan then decides to set up a little surprise for him, he could get Manny Ramirez from the Red to show up at his school. HE says he's in town visiting his sister or something, he could get him to show up. Little Ethan thanks him and says everyone will be so jealous of him. Little Ethan runs off, Ethan text's Manny to see if he can pull this off. Pilar thanks Ethan for this, saying he's always been a good father to him. Ethan gets a reply, Manny will do it. Ethan admits to Pilar when he was in the hospital, and Theresa was telling him he had a son, he was praying it would be Little Ethan. He says if his life could turn out that way, his life would be perfect. Pilar cries, he asks what is wrong? Is it Little Ethan? Ethan says he'll be okay over Sports Day. Ethan says Theresa has done such a great job with him, and it kills him that Julian doesn't give that boy the time of day. Ethan says he'd kill to have him as his son. Pilar wonders what she's done. Ethan says once he and Theresa are married, it will be as close to perfect. Pilar keeps crying, Ethan asks what is wrong? He assures her everything will be fine, when he and Theresa are married then he will treat that boy as if he was his son. Pilar says she knows, he's been so good to him. Ethan talks about how went to a father son banquet the other day with him. He says Little Ethan introduced him as his parent in standing, saying it in Latin terms. Ethan says it made him so proud. Ethan has to go, but will she be okay? Pilar assures him that she'll be okay. Pilar thinks that this is the price she has to pay, to see everyone's lives she loves destroyed. She begs God not to let her secret come out. 


Gwen steps out of the room as the doctor checks on  Jonathan. Theresa shows up and asks for them to talk. Gwen asks what she's doing? Theresa asks if they can just put aside their differences for a moment, she needs a favor. Theresa says Gwen has the chance to make her son happy, if she'll let Ethan take Little Ethan to sports day. Gwen is furious! She says her son is fighting for his life, Ethan's son, and she wants him to leave for sports day? Gwen says Theresa is the most selfish bitch she's ever met! Theresa says Ethan is also Little Ethan's father. Gwen says so what, Ethan wouldn't leave Jonathan. Theresa says she just wants to give Little Ethan some happiness. Gwen says what would make her happy is if Theresa would tell Ethan the truth, her mother would reveal Pilar's secret and then they'd all be dead! Gwen says after 8 years, she can't stand to see her or hear her voice anymore. She also says everything in her life gone wrong is Theresa's fault. Theresa says don't blame her wreck of a life on her. Gwen brings up Sarah's death, but Theresa says it was an accident so don't blame her. Gwen says it is amazing how many accidents happen around her. Gwen says no more, she will not let Theresa ruin Jonathan's life too. She tells Theresa to stay away from her or it will be the end of her family. Gwen says she had a hard time signing those papers because she was afraid it would be Sarah all over. Theresa says not to blame Jonathan's health problems on her, she neglected him. Gwen says she blames everything on her! Gwen says the only way to stop Theresa from ruining all their lives is to see her dead. Theresa tells Gwen she'll give her a second to calm down, but she again has to ask for Ethan to take her son to sports day. Theresa walks off and Gwen makes a call. She tells Rebecca to call whoever it is she needs to call and reveal Pilar's secret, she wants Theresa dead! 


Julian takes Eve to her office. He tells Eve to stop blaming Vincent, she is sounding like a lunatic. Eve says Vincent is alive. Julian says she needs to focus on getting through this session, and they were right about her eyes. Eve says they are fine, she just needs some water. When Julian isn't looking, she takes the pill she stole earlier. Julian says that meeting is in five minutes, she better be ready. She says she will be. He says just apologize and let them see she is a competent doctor. He says he'll wait here until she gets back. He wishes her luck. Eve returns later in shock. She says they were so prepared, they had witnesses to testify about her and everything. She says the nurse who caught her first mistake was there, she was forced to admit her earlier mistake. Eve says the other witnesses said that she had told Gwen about Vincent. She says she tried to tell them that Vincent was alive, but they wouldn't listen, they just laughed at her. She says they just told her to stop talking. She says then they asked if she had an attorney? Eve says they wouldn't hear anything she had to say. She says they were all embarrassed for her. Julian asks when she took more pills? Eve says it's over, she has been suspended, she has to clean out her office, she can't practice medicine anymore. She breaks down, Julian holds her. Eve says they were out to get her from the moment she walked in. Julian says that is her paranoia and the pills, she made that case for them when she walked in that room high. She says nobody can tell, but Julian says everyone can tell. Eve says it doesn't matter, if they had kept her on then Vincent would have made her have more mistakes until her life was a shamble. Julian says her life is a shamble and their son is dead. Eve says no he is alive. The door open and closes quickly, Eve is convinced Vincent is out there! Julian checks it out, nobody is out there. Julian says Vincent is dead. Eve says he's here. Julian says she has more important things to worry about, she can't practice medicine. Eve says she knows. She doesn't know what she's going to do. She's dedicated her life to this hospital, if they don't lift the suspension then she's useless. Julian suggests they take that trip they've been talking about, they could go to Europe. Eve says no, she can't run. Julian says there is nothing more for her here. She says there is, Vincent. She says he's alive and she has to be here for him. She says even if she's his target, someone has to make him stop this campaign. She says it's up to her to stop their son before he hurts others. 


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