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2nd Week of November  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


November 12, 2007
Typed after I saw the show. I've attempted to get as much details in as possible.

At the cottage, Luis is on the laptop running a program to find Marty. He's sent out a search using Marty's DNA to try and find a match in hospitals or in records. As the program says it has a match, there is a glitch and it shuts down. Sheridan loses hope, they were so close. However soon it comes back on line with a report. The report indicates someone with MArty's DNA and physical characteristics that look like him was admitted to an ER in New Hampshire, he showed up afraid and it looked like he was beaten. Soon an older man came to get him, saying it was his parents who hit him. They  called the police, thinking something was not right, but the older man proved he was his grandfather and they had to release him. Sheridan doesn't understand how the cops could do nothing. Luis says Alistair bribed them like he bribes everyone else. Luis soon begins to think this report, giving them all this information, just happened to show up after the glitch in the program. He wonders if they were getting to close and Alistair planted this to throw them off. Sheridan says Alistair doesn't know they are looking for Marty, unless he told Fancy and she told him. Luis says he didn't tell Fancy, but perhaps Spike told Alistair. Sheridan guesses it is possible, he has worked for Alistair for years. Suddenly they get a call from a man who claims to know where they can find Marty!

At the Blue Note, Noah has Paloma come in and meet him before they open to show her what he's done. He's set the place up for a romantic evening, a private affair. Paloma is amazed saying whoever this is for is a very lucky woman.  Noah reveals he did it for her, she is shocked. She loves it and loves him. Noah never thought he would find love like this. They dance and soon make love.

At the hospital, Ethan finds Gwen and Theresa arguing about Ethan taken Little Ethan to sports day. Tabitha is also watching. She comes to the hospital, led by a vision in the bowl, trying to figure out just who she is supposed to be causing pain and evil for. She watches Ethan, Gwen and Theresa argue and knows what to do. Ethan meanwhile learns from Gwen that Theresa actually asked her to let Ethan leave the hospital and take Little Ethan to sports day. Ethan can't believe this. He tells Theresa they already settled this, that she knew he had to stay here and Little Ethan was fine with it. Theresa says he was hurt, she didn't like seeing that. Ethan says he made it up to Little Ethan by arranging for a Red Sox player to appear at his school. Theresa didn't know this. 

Tabitha meanwhile zaps herself into her old fortune teller disguise. Theresa later sees her in the hall and remembers her from almost 8 years ago. Tabitha says she remembers, she read for her and her friend Whitney. Theresa talks about how her prediction came true, well sort of. She did become Mrs. Crane, though it was Mrs. Alistair Crane, and before that Mrs .Julian Crane. She says she finally married the man she loves Ethan, only to learn the marriage was invalid because Alistair was still alive. Theresa wants to know if Tabitha will read for her again. Tabitha guesses she can and invites her into her make-shift tent, claiming the hospital lets her do this from time to time to cheer up the kiddies. They sit down and Tabitha begins to see how she now has two children, but the man she loves as a child with another woman. Theresa wants to know if she'll ever be with Ethan. Tabitha says she is afraid not, she will lose Ethan to this other woman. Theresa thinks then it is over. Tabitha says not necessarily. She claims she has an anti-love potion, if she uses this on Gwen then Gwen will just poof, go away! Theresa thinks it is worth a shot.

Rebecca makes a call to a woman in Mexico with white hair. Rebecca tells the woman she's calling about Pilar Lopez, she knows what Pilar did to her and how she has been seeking revenge. Rebecca says she can tell her where Pilar is. The woman wants to know where Pilar is. Rebecca says she's been living in a little town in New England called Harmony. The woman says come again, there is static on the line. Rebecca says she is living in HArmony, so come and get her and kill her and her whole family. Rebecca then hangs up. The woman in Mexico makes calls to have Pilar found. She only knows Pilar is in the US and in New England, but she didn't hear the town. She wants the calls traced, she wants Pilar found. She demands Pilar and her whole family be killed! Meanwhile Rebecca lets Gwen know she made that call about Pilar and told them all. Gwen can't believe her, she can't believe she has done this, Pilar and her whole family will be killed. Rebecca says but Gwen wanted this. Gwen says she only thought they'd dangle it over Pilar's head, not that they'd ever use it. Gwen tells her mother to call them back, do something, pretend it was the wrong Pilar! 


November 13, 2007

At the cottage, a man calls and Luis talks to him. The man claims he can help them find Marty. We see a shadow on a wall  outside, this is the man calling and talking to them . The man says call him Chance, and that he knows where Marty is if they are willing to pay the price. Sheridan wants Luis to take it, no price is too high. Luis tells her to calm down, this guy could just be an extortionist. Sheridan however tells the guy to tell them where Marty is, they'll give him whatever he wants. Sheridan asks where they can find him. The man knows he's on speaker phone, he wants to talk to Luis alone. Luis picks up the phone and talks to the person. The man says Marty's release comes at a steep price. Luis asks how much? The man says don't say I didn't warn you. Luis asks who this is, how he got Sheridan's number. The man says the real question is how he got Marty, and the price is staggering. Sheridan keeps yelling they'll pay whatever price. Luis tells Sheridan he can't negotiate with this guy if she keeps offering everything, but Sheridan says she will pay anything. Luis says this guy could take their money and run. The man on the phone keeps saying he's tired of waiting, either they close the deal or he leaves. Luis and Sheridan keep arguing, she tells him that her feelings and intuitions have been right and his haven't, so pay this man anything. She says close the deal and bring Marty home. Luis says he'll do what she wants, but he doesn't think this is on the level. Luis talks to the man, who asks if he's ready to make the deal. Luis asks what it will cost to get Marty back. The man says easy, his life. The man laughs. Sheridan hears the laughter and asks what he wants? Luis says he has to be kidding him. The man says he's not, Luis' life for his son's life. He says take it or leave it, he'll be in touch. The man hangs up. Sheridan asks what the price to get Marty back is? 


At the hospital, Ethan asks Gwen what she just sent Rebecca to stop? Gwen says she meant she wanted Rebecca to stop worrying about Jonathan that is all. She tells herself that her mother has to stop Pilar and her family from being killed, she can't have that karma on her. Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to call the woman in Mexico back, but there is only static on the phone. She decides to send an email to the woman. She claims the Pilar Lopez she told her about is the Pilar she wants her to kill, so call off the assassin. Rebecca thinks that oughta do it. However the message bounces back and she tries to resend the message. She then uses a nearby laptop to check her emails and see if any men have emailed her. She then sees Jonathan's chart on the laptop and wonder how he's doing.


Tabitha the fortune teller tells Theresa there is a glimmer of hope for her and her love. If she gives an anti-love potion to Gwen then Ethan will be hers forever. Theresa says this potion, does it work. Tabitha guarantees it. Theresa asks where she'd get it. Tabitha says she has a little bottle of the potion right here. We see it's a bottle of poison! Theresa says this potion will get Gwen out of the way for good? Tabitha assures her. She says Ethan will be all hers. Theresa thinks this is amazing, seeing her again after so many years, she feels this is fate. Tabitha says it is fate all right. Tabitha thinks to herself that Gwen's fate is about to be sealed and it will guarantee she'll get Endora back. Theresa says she'll take the potion and give it to Gwen. Tabitha says it is very powerful, there is no going back. Theresa says she gets it, that was a set up to increase the price. Tabitha says no, she's just telling her how it is. Tabitha says once she gives it to her, Gwen will be dead to Ethan. Tabitha uses magic to take the poison label off the bottle. Theresa then takes it and thanks Tabitha. Tabitha tells her to go on now, time is a wasting. Theresa just can't believe this will get her to give up Ethan. Tabitha says she won't have a choice, make sure she drinks every last drop. Theresa says she will, she can't wait until she's dead to Ethan. Theresa runs off. Tabitha hopes this is good enough to please the dark side. 

Theresa goes back into the hall, Ethan comes over to see her. He hopes she's not angry with him about earlier, she says not at all. Ethan says he wanted to go to sports day, but it was the situation. Theresa says she understands and thanks him for arranging for Manny Ramirez showing up. Ethan says next year everything will be great, they'll be married and have their family. Ethan and Theresa hug, Theresa thinks soon he'll know the truth about Little Ethan, she doesn't care what secrets Gwen and Rebecca have on her mom. She also thinks soon Gwen won't be around to bother them. Ethan assures Theresa that even though he loves Jonathan, he has enough love for everyone and they will live their dreams.  Gwen meanwhile watches Ethan with Theresa. She says good thing she has a conscious, as having Theresa killed would be easy. She says she'll have to get Ethan back the hard way. 

Tabitha later talks to Theresa as Ethan is with Gwen. Tabitha tells her to hurry her on and get her to give Gwen the potion. Theresa says Gwen won't leave his side, she can't get a moment to give her the potion. Theresa says she believes Ethan when he says he loves her and is only here for Jonathan. Tabitha says just give Gwen the potion now, it will make sure she has Ethan to herself.


Rebecca goes back to Ethan and Gwen, she tells Gwen she sent some emails and hopefully stopped it. Rebecca also says she looked at Jonathan's file on the PC, everything seems good. Suddenly a doctor comes out and says there is a change in Jonathan, it's not good news. As they are getting the news, Tabitha tells Theresa this is the time to put the potion in Gwen's tea. Theresa says she'll do it. She pours the poison into Gwen's tea. Meanwhile the doctor explain to Ethan and Gwen that Jonathan has to be hooked up to machines to perform life functions that he can't. The doctor says the machine will help Jonathan fight the overdose, but they need Gwen's consent. Gwen says give her the papers and she'll sign them. The doctor goes off to get the papers. Ethan goes with her. Gwen tells her mother this is karma, God is punishing her for Rebecca making that call about Pilar. Rebecca says she has tried to stop it. Rebecca asks what more she can do, dress like Rambo and strike? Gwen says if it will save Pilar and her family then yes! 

Rebecca sneaks off and calls the woman in Mexico back again. She leaves a message on the machine, again claiming the Pilar she told her about is not the same Pilar, she made a mistake. She says don't send someone to kill her.  


Gwen is about to drink her tea, but then signs the papers so the doctors can help Jonathan. Jonathan is also taken off for more tests. Ethan gives Gwen her tea, saying drink it as it will relax her. Gwen then drinks up!  Meanwhile Tabitha and Theresa are both waiting for Gwen to drink the tea and suffer the effects. Gwen soon begins coughing and choking. She tells Ethan she can't breath! She collapses as Ethan is screaming for help. Rebecca returns at this point to help her daughter, who is now on the floor unable to breath. Theresa wonders what is in this stuff? 

In Mexico, the woman with white hair looks at an old photo of Pilar. She calls her an evil woman, to hear her name makes her remember how she hates her for the evil thing she did. The woman says she hates her so much that she wants to see her and her entire family dead. The woman calls her people to find out if they have found where Pilar is. She needs to know where she is to pay her back for what she did. The woman stabs the photo with a knife and says she'll kill Pilar and everyone she loves. The woman later gets a call, they still haven't found her. The woman asks why not, she is living in New England somewhere. She tells the people to stop making excuses and find Pilar. The woman says once they were so close, which made the sting of her betrayal so difficult. She rips up the photo of Pilar and says she ruined her life. She promises to ruin Pilar's life and everyone she loves. Later the woman pours a drink and toasts to the torn up photo of Pilar, which has taped back together and hung on the wall. She throws the wine on the photo and says burn in hell with her family. She then gets a gun out and shoots at the photo! 


Pilar goes to the church to pray. She says she has sinned against God and the church, she has betrayed the teachings of Jesus. She says her actions were so unholy that her family will pay. She says if her secret is revealed, she and her family will die. She thinks maybe it is her lack of faith in God that has cost her this. She says she doubted God when Martin left, when Antonio left, and when she thought she was going to lose Luis. She says no time did she doubt him more then when she did what she did, she thought she had to in order for her family to survive. She says now that stain of her past has come back for her and her loved ones. She says they are taught the sins of a father are visited on their sons, so the same must be said of the sins of the mother. She says it is because of her that Theresa can't tell Ethan the truth, that she can't be with the man she loves. She says she has to find a way to stop this, every time she thought it couldn't get worse, it always did. She says like Antonio coming home only to die. She says Luis sacrificed his youth and future to take care of them, and now has such hate, blame and anger towards Julian and Alistair. Pilar says Alistair's evil put a stain on this family as well. She wonders if that is it, has God used Alistair to punish her and her family for her own sins? Pilar thinks this is one of those times where God helps those who help themselves. She knows God would not do this, no good can come from evil. She says if God is not using Alistair to punish her, then what is his plan for her? Who will he use to carry it out? Pilar wishes she knew what God wants her to do. She says her enemies know her secret, is that what God wants? She says she needs to understand. She thinks it is arrogant of her to ask for answers from God. She says she needs God to give her strength, and if her secret comes out then let it be her who suffers and not her family. Pilar says she'll pay whatever price she has to, just spare her family.



November 14,  2007

At the Blue Note, Julian is lecturing Eve about how she has been suspended and she can't be seen drinking. Eve says Jonathan almost died because of her, she could use a drink. Julian is glad she's admitting it. She claims Vincent changed the prescription, but even Julian won't believe he is alive. Julian says being here won't help get her life back in order, what if the hospital staff see her here? Eve says what can she do, she was suspended by the staff at the hospital she was Chief of Staff at. Julian says they had no choice, she was high and drunk. Eve says they made up their minds before she stepped in that meeting. Julian again suggests they go on that trip. She says why not shut her up in rehab while he's at it. He says that might not be a bad idea. Eve says he doesn't get it, Vincent is out there looking for any way to hurt her, she'll never repair her reputation thanks to him. Julian says Vincent is dead. Eve says he's alive and Julian will see that soon, he is after them both. Eve wants a drink, saying there is no way Julian can stop her. Julian thinks something has happened to Eve's mind. 

Julian and Eve sit down, Eve begins drinking. They continue arguing about how they see things. Julian thinks Eve could still have a medical career if she would stop this self destructive behavior. Eve tells him that he's really becoming a bore! Eve wishes Julian would believe her that their son is out here and would stop at nothing to hurt people. She asks why can't he believe that Vincent is alive? Eve is getting trashed, screaming why won't Julian believe her? She says Vincent is after them and nobody believes her. Julian says he doesn't. She cries even though he says he loved her? Julian says being in love doesn't make one incapable of rational thought. He says Vincent is dead. Eve says they never found a body! Julian says if he was alive, how could he alter that prescription. Eve doesn't know, but he did it. Julian tells Eve to face the truth, the booze and pills are going to kill her. Eve thinks this is like old times, at a bar high and drunk. She thinks she should sing a few numbers. Julian says like “My Baby Is Gone?” Well he is. Eve says our baby, he never wanted to take responsibility for Vincent. She says he is the one who sent her down this path years ago. She says the truth hurts. She says everything that has happened can be traced back to him, it's all his fault. She says Julian is the one who ruined her life. Eve keeps getting more and more drunk, lashing out at Julian for not believing her, for not backing her up. Julian says Vincent is dead and she needs to stop this before she's taken off to a mental ward. Julian says she has to accept Vincent is dead and move on. Eve tells him not to dictate to her, she knows what she has to do to make things better. She says she has to find a man who loves her and believes her. She says he's not that man and never was. She then stumbles off. 

Esme has run into Spike at the Blue Note, who she calls her bad bad boy. She suggests they not even bother with names, they are just labels. She says he is man and she is woman, leave it at that. They drink down some booze together and get frisky on a couch. Esme keeps calling him her mystery man, her Neanderthal. Esme soon however keeps thinking about all the dead men in her recent past. She wonders if Spike wants to be with her given all her past boyfriends have trouble staying alive. Spike assures Esme that he can take care of himself. OF course as they continue to kiss, someone spies on them. Esme tells Spike that he's dreamy, he has this working man, mechanic, possibly sub-human thing going on. She says he really is a bad boy isn't he? Spike says he does his best. Spike says when he looks at her, he sees a hot mama in the making. He sees a chick who thinks he knows her way around the block, but doesn't. Esme says that is sweet, but as she said, his brain isn't what attracted her to him. Spike gets a call and says he needs to take this, but he'll be back soon. She tells him to hurry back as what she wants to do is impossible to do alone, well maybe not as easily since she hasn't been to Pilates lately.

Spike goes off and takes his call. He's telling someone how to cut drugs with baking soda to get more money from the customers. Spike says he'd love to chit chat, but he needs to go close a deal with this high class hottie. As Spike talks on the phone, someone spies on him. They have a knife in their hand! Spike gets another call as he's about to head back to Esme, someone is calling for some sex. Spike asks what he likes, guys, girls?

Esme grows bored waiting for her bad boy. She wonders what his excuse fore keeping her waiting is. She watches Eve leave Julian, so she goes over to sit with Julian and talk. Julian thinks the whole town will hear about this now. Esme says she didn't mean to eavesdrop, well she did, but she's so sorry. Does Eve really think Vincent is still alive. Julian says he hates seeing her like this. Esme says poor man alone in a dark bar. Esme says she thinks Eve should get down on her knees and thanks God for a man like him in her life. She wishes she had a man like him in her life. Julian asks if she would like to join him for a drink, is she alone? She says she wasn't, but it seems she's been dumped. Esme says they've both been dumped, so they should have a drink together. Julian says to celebrate freedom. Esme says yes, now she's free to find someone who appreciates her. Julian thinks anyone would appreciate a beautiful girl like her. Esme says they say nobody appreciates a beautiful girl better than an old old man. 

Eve stumbles by Spike as she's on her way out. Spike says that chick is wasted. Suddenly we see the killer slash with a knife, Spike screams! We then see Spike, or someone who looks like Spike, with his face covered by a rag, on a dish cart being pushed along! 

At the hospital, Gwen is choking from the poison she drank. Theresa wonders if it is the love potion, she hopes this isn't her fault. Tabitha spies and is thrilled saying this is pure evil. She says Gwen will die and they'll blame Theresa. Tabitha says she's back to basics, murder like the good old days. Tabitha then transforms back into her normal self, saying the dark side can't deny she's evil to the bone now. She thinks they have to send her back Endora. 

The doctors finally arrive to help Gwen.  Gwen is taken into a room to be treated. Rebecca wonders what is with this hospital, people come here and get sick not better. Ethan tells the doctor to do something for her. Rebecca says she's dying, but Ethan says no she's not. The doctor says she's been poisoned, she is dying. The doctor tells a nurse to go find the bottle in the fridge marked . . . the nurse knows, carnival poison cure. Ethan says what? The doctor explains 8 years ago during the annual harmony carnival, many people were poisoned and they never knew by what or how. They assumed it was food poisoning. She says they had to experiment and come up with a cure for the poison. Tabitha says sweet memories, and she damns modern medicine for coming up with the cure. Theresa hears all this and links it all together. She realizes the potion is poison. She then stashes it in a potted plant, but Tabitha sees her. She says Theresa won't get off that easily. Rebecca continues going on about his town and poison, what is wrong with a simple gunshot. The nurse brings the antidote in and the doctor gives it to Gwen. Ethan begs them to save her, but they say they are doing everything they can. The doctor says if her heartbeat gets stronger, it means it is working; if it gets slower . . . . Gwen's heartbeat begins getting slower. Theresa prays she doesn't die, while Tabitha thinks it won't be long now. Gwen's heartbeat keeps going down. Rebecca tells her that she can't die now, her baby needs her, oh his name is on the tip of her tongue. Ethan says Jonathan! Rebecca whispers to Gwen if she dies, Theresa will help Ethan raise him! 

Sam shows up with a balloon to see Jonathan, only to learn Gwen has been poisoned. Tabitha curses the doctor, literally, so that anything she eats for the rest of her life will taste like poison. She also tries to zap Gwen and kill her, but something is protecting Gwen and sending the sparks back at Tabitha. She says the big guy upstairs must be trying to thwart her fun. She hopes this evil is good enough for the boys to give her Endora back. Suddenly Gwen's heart beat begins increasing. The doctor says this is a good sign but this poison is tricky and it can come back and take hold again. Gwen finally begins to wake up. However she soon passes back out. The doctor says everyone needs to get out of here. Tabitha thinks she failed to kill Gwen, but she can still ruin Theresa's life and get her blamed for this.

In the hall, Sam asks Ethan if Gwen ate or drank anything? Ethan says he brought sandwiches and tea, all she drank was tea. The cup is still on the floor, Sam says there could be poison residue in the cup. Sam thinks fingerprints could still be on the cup. This gives Tabitha an idea, Theresa's finger prints are all over that bottle. Theresa realizes that too. Rebecca sees Theresa lurking around. Rebecca says Theresa poisoned Gwen, arrest her! Sam tells Rebecca to think about what she's saying, she's saying Theresa knew what she was doing and poisoned Gwen. Rebecca knows what she's saying. Ethan says there is no way Theresa could have done this, she hasn't been around. Ethan says Theresa would never poison Gwen, she'd never separate a mother from her child. Rebecca says she would separate Ethan from Gwen. Ethan says they are already divorced. Ethan says if she poisoned Gwen where is the bottle. Rebecca says everyone knows when you poison someone you get rid of the bottle, like when she . . . . Rebecca says never mind. She says the bottle with the poison is somewhere around here. Tabitha takes this as her cue, she walks in and says hello to everyone. She coughs and sends a spark to pop the balloon Sam brought to cheer up Jonathan. She says she just heard them all saying they were looking for a bottle, would it be like one in this plant? Sam thanks Tabitha and says he'll take the bottle to be tested for poison and finger prints. Rebecca continues to say that witch tried to kill her daughter. Theresa wonders how Tabitha found that bottle. Rebecca still wants Theresa locked up, but Sam says they don't have any proof that Theresa poisoned Gwen.

The doctor comes out and says the antidote seems to be working, but they have to continue monitoring Gwen. Rebecca is still telling Sam to test the bottle for poison. Tabitha says dear Theresa couldn't have anything to do with this. Ethan agrees. Rebecca says she has tried to kill Gwen before and her beady made up eyes are the eyes of a killer. Theresa knows her prints are on that bottle. She finally says she needs to say something. Rebecca hopes this is being taped, she's about to confess. Rebecca tells Theresa to tell everyone. Sam asks Theresa what she wants to say? Tabitha says if Theresa can clear up the crime. Theresa says she never meant to hurt her. Ethan says he knows she didn't poison Gwen. Theresa says that is just it. Ethan says don't let Rebecca goad her. Ethan says this doesn't make sense, Theresa wouldn't pick a hospital to poison someone, it's a lousy place for a murder. Tabitha realizes the nincompoop is right! Theresa says listen to her, Rebecca is right, she did poison her. Theresa says she put the poison in her drink, her fingerprints are on the bottle. Tabitha cheers inside, she thinks her baby will be coming home. Rebecca wants Theresa arrested. Ethan says this had to be some kind of an accident. Rebecca asks Ethan if he cares so little for Gwen? Sam wants them to let Theresa speak. Suddenly Gwen codes! The nurse shouts they are losing her. Rebecca tells Theresa if she dies then she'll be executed! Sam holds Gwen back from attacking Theresa. Ethan is in shock over all of this. 



November 15, 2007
Apologies, I've fallen behind with the photo snaps this week in the summaries. I'm trying to catch up and will probably have them in the "Thoughts" come this weekend.

At the Blue Note, Esme and Julian play drinking games and Esme beats him. She had high hopes at competing in the Olympics, but they won't make it a sport. Julian says she leads an exciting life. Esme says she does, but then thinks about all the men who tragically died around her. She then wonders what happened to her bad boy, he left and didn't come back. She couldn't bare it if another date was killed. Julian says what a way to go though. Esme says she likes the way his mind works. She wonders what they should do for the rest of their day given their dates have left them. They continue playing drinking games, Julian is no match for her. Esme calls this just an appetizer, should they move onto real cocktails? Julian says she should lead and he'll follow. She then orders her own special drink, which she calls a Vanderhausen after herself. Julian tells Esme how he's always found her very attractive. Julian remembers when she and Fancy came onto the yacht that one summer. Esme says she was a child! He says she was 18. Esme says she spent the summer in that string bikini, and he bailed her out of that jail cell. She thought he was looking at her, but she didn't know why the great Julian Crane would be. He says she is every man's fantasy. She asks if he's not concerned about what happens to all her dates ? She has been thinking of seeing only men on death row, that way if anything happens to them it is the wheels of justice turning faster. Julian says or she could date dying men. Esme says yes, but not the sick looking ones, the ones with hard bodies. Julian keeps flirting with Esme, they soon end up kissing. From behind some curtains, someone spies on them. Esme and Julian soon end up eating a giant martini glass of cherries. Esme shoves bunch in her mouth and ties all the stems together! Later they do a conga line, arm wrestle, and somehow end up playing strip poker with a bartender. The bartender says if the health inspector comes in and sees them, they'll be shut down. Esme says he's just afraid of losing. She rips his pants off, he's wearing a thong! He says his wife gave it to him. She asks if he wants to see hers? Julian says let's keep this party between the two of them. Julian later tells Esme they've done everything they can here except for one. Esme says no, she got thrown out of the book café for that. He says no he means dance. She says they did the conga. He wants a real dance. Julian asks the bartender to put on some music. Julian and Esme then dance around in their drunken stoopers. Esme tells Julian he's so brave for staying with her. He says Crane men don't shrink from danger. Esme says unlike her bad boy. She hopes he has a good reason for abandoning her. We see the killer with their knife, there is blood on it! Esme and Julian get ready to go. She says promise her he won't let anyone take him from her. Julian says let them try!

Eve returns to her office wondering why Julian won't believe her. She knows Vincent is alive. Vincent shows up and says that is obvious. She wonders where he came from? He says he's everywhere. He asks if she's ready to hear the next step of his plan? Eve hopes Vincent is happy, she's been suspended and the hospital wants her out. He says excellent. She says this has to stop, no more pain, no more murders. He says she thinks he can stop him? Vincent starts talking about how he could kill Julian next, then Whitney, maybe then Simone. Eve grabs Vincent and says she won't let him do anything to her daughters! She says she won't let him. Vincent laughs at her, Eve then wakes up. Eve seemed to have dreamed the whole incident, she's in her office and the phone rings and wakes her up. Eve answers, it is a drunk Julian. She says Vincent was here, but Julian says no he's dead. Eve hears Esme call Julian sweetie pie. She wonders why he called her when he has a new whore already. She says don't call her again and hangs up on him. Eve begins packing up her office and finds a photo of her and Julian. She says if he had trusted her then things wouldn't have gone wrong. Vincent shows back up again, he tells her that nothing has gone wrong, it's all going as planned. He tells her to wait and see. He then vanishes! Eve thinks Julian is right, she is hallucinating. She thinks it is the pills and alcohol, what is happening to her. As she cries, someone spies on her. Later Eve is called by the chief of security. She says she's trying to get out as fast as she can, reminding him he got his job because of her. Eve soon realizes someone is in her closet. She demands they come out now! When they do, Eve screams and faints! 

In the ER, the doctors are doing everything they can to save Gwen, who is near death. Tabitha watches and cheers silently, saying she's the queen of mean and the dark side will have to give her back her daughter. Rebecca says she is going to kill her, but Theresa says she didn't mean to do this. Rebecca asks what she thought would happen when she poisoned her? The doctors manage to save Gwen again. Gwen is stable for the moment, but the doctor says this is a nasty poison and all they can do is hope for the best. Ethan asks if he can talk to her, but the doctor says she's asking for her mom. Rebecca goes in to see her. Sam gives the doctor the bottle and cup to be tested for poison.

Gwen asks her mom if she's going to die? Rebecca says no, Theresa will. She says Theresa did this to her. Gwen says they drove her to it, but at least she survived. Gwen says it will work out in her favor, she will go to jail. Gwen asks Eve is she made sure the threat was taken care of? Rebecca says she made some calls. Gwen hopes it is stopped, otherwise there will be a mass funeral. Gwen says she's glad her mom called off the dogs. Rebecca says well whatever happens, her conscious is clear. Gwen realizes her mom didn't stop the threat.

Theresa explains to Ethan and Sam how she doesn't know how this happened. She says she didn't mean to poison her. She says she'll tell them the truth, but it will sound ridiculous. Sam says start from the beginning. She says there was a fortune teller who was working here. She asked to have her fortune read. She says the fortune teller said she should give Gwen an anti-love potion, it would make Gwen stop caring about Ethan. She says she didn't know it was poison. Sam says so a mysterious fortune teller happened to have a bottle of poison? Theresa says yes, this fortune teller was at that carnival eight years ago, the one where everyone got sick according to the doctor. Theresa swears she would never try to kill Gwen. Theresa swears it was a horrible accident. Ethan asks Sam what he thinks. They both think this is ridiculous, she couldn't have poisoned her. They say the fortune teller was just a con artist, there was probably nothing in that vial she gave her. They thinks it was something Gwen ate. Sam asks if anyone saw this Fortune Teller? Theresa says Tabitha had to have seen her, she showed up just as the fortune teller left. Tabitha says she didn't, she would have remembered such a figure. Theresa says someone must have seen her. Ethan says it doesn't matter, the cup and bottle will clear her. The doctor soon shows up, there was poison in the cup and the bottle. Sam asks if the tests are sure, the doctor says they are 100 percent. Theresa asks if Sam will arrest her for trying to kill Gwen? 

Gwen is wheeled out on a gurney, she's being moved to a room. Theresa says she is so sorry. Rebecca asks why she hasn't been arrested? Ethan says they are trying to determine facts. Gwen is taken off. Theresa says she didn't mean for this to happen. Ethan stands by her, he says the fortune teller is responsible When Rebecca hears the story, she thinks it is laughable. Ethan says the fortune teller used Theresa to hurt Gwen. Rebecca says he is a fool if he buys that. Rebecca asks where the fortune teller is now? Tabitha thinks if nobody else saw this fortune teller then Sam will have to arrest her. Tabitha says Theresa is guilty of attempted murder. Rebecca says Tabitha is much brighter then she gave her credit for. Sam says Tabitha is right, he has to arrest her. Ethan then thinks to look at security tapes. Sam says that is a good idea, the tapes should prove her story. He goes to the security office to get the tapes. Unfortunately when Sam returns, he says there is no fortune teller on the tapes. Tabitha knows witches can't be photographed, they have no reflections. Theresa asks what about a tent? Tabitha knows her magic erased the tent from the tapes. Sam says the security tapes only show her in the ER alone, pouring something in Gwen's tea alone. Sam thinks Theresa's story is a lie. He places her under arrest. Ethan promises Theresa they'll get through this together. The doctor then returns, she has to speak to Ethan and Gwen about their son. Ethan has to go, but says he will help prove Theresa innocent. Sam has Theresa in cuffs and has to take her downtown. Ethan is torn between his son and helping Theresa. He promises Theresa he'll be at the station house as soon as he can, and not to make a statement until he gets there. Sam then takes her away.

Rebecca meanwhile tells Gwen, who is in her own room, that they are arresting Theresa. Gwen just wants her mom to concentrate on calling off the plot against Pilar's family. Later the doctor talks to Gwen and Ethan about their son. The news isn't good, Jonathan is holding his own, but the damage to his liver is extensive. She says the baby needs a liver transplant. The doctor says come up with a list of donors, blood relatives. Ethan thinks it is a short list really. Ethan says him, his parents, Gwen's parents and Jane. Gwen knows to herself there is Little Ethan, he could be a match too. 

Meanwhile Sam has to get the poison cup and bottle as evidence. He leaves Theresa in a chair, hoping she's not going to run. He also says he'll do anything he can to help her. Theresa thinks nobody can help her now. She says she's lost Ethan, now she's a murderer. Sam later goes to take Theresa away. He says it's not a murder charge, it's not death row. Theresa tells herself not yet.

In Mexico, the woman with white hair is still screaming to someone on the phone to find Pilar, she wants to kill every member of her family while Pilar watches. She keeps screaming it is long past time for her revenge, they all must die. She wants Pilar and her family dead, she wants to see their blood running in the gutters.


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