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3rd Week of November  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


November 19, 2007
Julian and Esme go back to her room and are kissing each other on her bed. She says he's so powerful, he could fight off anything. She thinks whoever is killing her lovers wouldn't dare kill him. He says of course not, he's Julian Crane. As they are ripping each other's clothes off, Fancy shows up screaming. She asks what they are doing? Julian says this isn't what it looks like, but but Esme says it is. Fancy says she's going, but Esme says come join them. Julian says that is foul! Esme says not for that, she wants them to talk as she knows she's upset. Fancy is upset, as she's in bed with her father! Esme says she knows, isn't it interesting? Fancy says disgusting is more like it. Julian says people should be used to this, citing celebrities like  Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones. Fancy expects Julian to bag everything that moves, but she tells Esme he's her father, he took them for ice cream in 4th grade! She says she's out of here. Esme goes after Fancy telling her that this is Julian Crane, whoever is killing her lovers won't kill him. Fancy says well she could kill Julian right now. She also reminds Esme one of the murdered men was her brother, now she's in bed with her father! Esme says but if Julian doesn't get murdered then the curse will be broken, if he is then she'll probably be arrested. Fancy tells Esme she is drunk and out of her teeny tiny mind! She says she has to go. Esme thinks Fancy is out of line and thought she'd be happy for her. Fancy says for sleeping with her father? Esme says none of the other girls minded. Fancy can't believe this. Fancy says she's going to wake up and realize this is all a big nightmare. She says good night and good luck. Fancy leaves, Esme thinks Fancy has become a wet blanket. She then jumps on Julian! 


Julian and Esme end up playing a naked game of "Tangles," which is basically "Twister." Later they've apparently made love, Esme returns with champagne and thinks Julian is dead. She pours champagne on him, he wakes up wondering what the hell? She says she's sorry, she had to make sure he wasn't dead. He says why not tap him on the shoulder? Esme and Julian then go at it again! As they do, someone is spying on them. 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha has a score board of all the pain and evil she's caused. Kay sees her and asks her about it. Tabitha tell her she has no idea how much evil she has to do in order to get Endora back, so obviously she has to keep it up. Kay says but she's been terrible. Tabitha says not enough though. She thinks she hasn't done anything permanent enough. Tabitha then fills Kay in on her poisoning stunt, Gwen didn't die but Theresa was arrested. Kay says this is awful, she has to stop her. Tabitha says don't try it, she'll get Endora back if blood has to run in the streets. She says being evil can be wickedly fun. She wonders who she should go after next. She looks in her bowl and is shown Noah and Paloma! Tabitha knows Kay isn't going to like what is coming for her brother. Kay and Tabitha sit down and have tea as Kay tries to convince Tabitha she is not a bad witch, she has good in her. She says she has seen it, Endora and Timmy both brought it out in her. Tabitha just disregards her and goes to her bowl. She zaps at it, which causes Paloma to be hit with a jealousy bug. Tabitha watches Paloma end up fighting with Noah, which pleases her. She talks about when she's ready to harvest her latest plan, there will be hatred, jealousy, infidelity and betrayal. She laughs, Kay can't take it and wants to see who she's trying to break up now. Tabitha tries to keep her away, saying earlier she said she didn't want to know who her victims would be, that way she wouldn't feel guilty. Kay says she's right, she knows it will just make her upset and she'll want to fix things. Tabitha says and she'll have to knock her with another magic family. Kay tells Tabitha to do whatever she wants to anyone, but not her family. Tabitha nods, but Kay wants a firm yes. She says her dad has had a hard year with his mom dying and  Jessica is getting her life together. She also says Noah and Paloma are happy, she just wants the best for them.  Tabitha says she understands, she wants them to get what they deserve.


Paloma wakes Noah up with a rose. Noah also sees she's made breakfast in bed too. Noah is exhausted from working so much, he thinks he over slept. She won't let him get ready for work until he enjoys some food. He doesn't want any of it though, he wants her instead. They kiss. Later Paloma is getting hit with various bolts of Tabitha's, which make her go look in Noah's drawer. In there is a picture of Precious! Tabitha says damn, which Paloma hears. Tabitha says this never happened, look again. She zaps the photos, they change to ones of Fancy and Noah. When Noah returns from a shower, Paloma asks him if he still loves Fancy? He says they were over a long time ago. Paloma asks why he has these then? Noah asks her where she got those? She says in his dresser. He says he doesn't know how they got in there, he thought he threw all his old photos away a while ago. She thinks he couldn't have missed these, he would see them every day he got dressed. He thinks she's over reacting, but she says they must be important to him to keep them. He says he missed a few photos, they are nothing to worry about. He says he's not trying to hold onto his past or keep little memories around. He says she is his future and he loves her. She says she loves him too. He wonders if she's one of those Latinos who gets fiery and jealous. She says don't be a gringo who stereotypes Latinos, they get jealous the same way anyone else does. She says she over reacted, she just can't share him with anyone else. He swears it will never happen. He says she is the woman he wants to marry. He wants that to happen, he just wants to make sure he has the money to move out and support her. She says she doesn't care about money, she was poor as a little girl. She just wants to be with him. He wants to give her the life she deserves, saying he'll get a new job soon and then they'll be married before she knows it. He says he loves her too much and he will make sure nobody stops him from making her his wife. 


At the hospital, Eve wakes up after fainting. She looks up and says "No not you!" It's Valerie. Eve asks why she was in the closet. Valerie says she wasn't, and she found her passed out on the floor. Eve claims she was doing stretches. Eve thinks she's here looking for Julian, but she's not. She came to see Eve for help. Eve says she'll need to get another doctor, she was suspended. Valerie only wants her help, she can't deal with a full exam from another doctor. Eve says she'd examine her too, it's standard procedure. Valerie says but Eve knows her, she feels comfortable with her. Eve asks if she is ill? Valerie says she thinks she is pregnant. Eve asks what makes her think so? Valerie says tied and nauseous. Eve wonders who the father is, Julian? Eve thinks this is the last thing Julian needs. Valerie says he might not be. She says it could be Vincent's baby. Valerie thought she could never have babies, she has a situation, a family problem. Eve says she'll give her a blood test, but that's probably all she can do. Eve goes to get her bag. Later the lab with Valerie's results call Eve, who thanks them for doing this favor. Eve then tells Valerie that she is pregnant! Valerie says who could even imagine she could have a baby. Eve gives her a tip sheet and says she'll have to find a good OB. Valerie says she can't go to another doctor, she can't trust them. Valerie again says she's the only doctor she feels comfortable with. Eve doesn't know why, they aren't friends, she doesn't even like her. She says Valerie tried to steal Julian from her, but Valerie says Julian came after her. Valerie says she wouldn't have slept with Julian if she didn't think they were broken up. Plus she says she felt if she didn't, she'd get fired. Eve says Julian isn't like that, but Valerie says he is and used to do it all the time. Eve says he's not like that anymore. Valerie again asks Eve to be the one to do the exam. Eve says fine, but after this she'll have to find an OB. Valerie thanks Eve. Eve tells Valerie she'll go get some gowns and be right back. Valerie says to herself after this exam, they'll call Ripley's Believe it Or Not. Later Eve goes to examine Valerie and is shocked. Valerie says she looks like she's seen a ghost. Eve says she's seen this before! 


At the cottage, Sheridan asks what they want in exchange for Marty, she'll pay anything. Luis says they want his life! Sheridan is stunned, who were they and how could they want his life? Luis doesn't know, but they were clear, he has to die to get Marty back. Sheridan says that is disgusting. Who would come up with that? Luis says the same sick people who have kept Marty from them. Luis says ever since Marty was taken her life has been a disaster and it's been his fault. He says if it weren't for him, they wouldn't have taken Marty. He says maybe giving up his life to free Marty is his penance. Sheridan is in tears, she says as much as she loves Marty, she can't sacrifice his life for their son's. Luis says it's not her choice, but she says she has a say. Luis says if giving up his life brings Marty home then so be it. Sheridan says whoever is doing this is sick. Luis says Marty needs his mom, but Sheridan says he deserves two parents. She says she can't let him die, she lost him once before. She says she blamed him for something that wasn't his fault, Beth deserved her hatred. She says she can't let him sacrifice his life. Luis says they have no choice. Luis says they don't know the details of how and when. Luis says maybe he can get Marty and not have to die. Sheridan says don't kid yourself, someone wants to kill you. Luis says then take solace in the fact that part of him will live on in Marty. She cries she can't, she loves him too much. Luis thought they were past this. Sheridan says she loves him and never stopped loving him. Luis says part of him still loves her too, if that makes her feel better. Sheridan tells Luis if he gives up his life, Fancy will be devastated. Luis knows, but he has to do this. As they are talking, Fancy shows up outside and hears Luis saying he hates to hurt Fancy, but he has to do this. Fancy is stunned.



November 20, 2007

Tabitha is watching Noah and Paloma in her bowl. She plans to cast a few more spells on Fancy and ruin Noah and Paloma's romance for good. She says that should speed up Endora's return from the darkside. Noah shows up to get some mail Kay has for him. Tabitha asks if he's back to snoop in her attic? He says he and Paloma just wanted to prove Miguel wasn't a killer. Tabitha says there are just so many unsolved murders since September. Noah asks Kay if she's still under suspicion. Kay says yes, for Fox and Pete's murder. Kay brought some of his mail over by mistake, she gives it to him. Noah sees an old friend is getting married in Newport. Kay thinks he and Paloma should go, but Noah is a bit broke. Tabitha thought living on credit was the American way. Noah says he needs to find a career before he marries Paloma, he wants his wife and kids to have the best of everything. Kay says stuff isn't important, love is. Noah says money is the number one thing couples fight about, he doesn't want it to be an issue for them. Tabitha knows Noah is going to soon break Paloma's heart. Noah says even if he wanted to go to the wedding, he can't afford a gift. He asks if he can hang out here and use their pc to find a job. Tabitha says she has the Herald in the kitchen, start there. He leaves to go look at the paper. 


Kay tells Tabitha this is so unfair, Noah and Paloma should be able to get married. She wishes she could do something to help them. Kay thinks she could do some magic, but Tabitha says no as her magic is muddled. Kay reminds Tabitha she's the one doing evil right now. Tabitha says she must to get Edora back, and she doesn't want Kay to do anything to counteract her evil. Kay says she can't do evil, so Tabitha says well don't make their lives better. Kay says she won't make up her own spell, she'll use a pre-tested one. As Kay goes looking for the spell book, Tabitha casts her own spell on Fancy to hurry Paloma and Noah's breakup. She uses a time delay spell so when the next time Fancy and Noah meet, they will kiss. Kay returns with a book telling Tabitha this book was due back to the Transylvania library in 1688! She sees Tabitha is looking in her bowl, Gwen is in focus. Kay asks what is going on with Gwen? Tabitha says Gwen is about to be tested in the worst way. Tabitha fills Kay in on the secret about Little Ethan being Ethan's real son. Kay doesn't understand why Theresa won't tell Ethan. Tabitha says she can't, it's a long story. Tabitha says the irony is that Jonathan now needs a partial liver transplant, and Little Ethan could be the match. Kay thinks that is good, but Tabitha says Gwen must tell Ethan the truth. She says that would mean she could risk losing Ethan to Theresa forever. Kay says if nobody else is a donor, and nobody tells the truth about Little Ethan, then Jonathan could die. Kay can't believe Gwen would risk her child to keep Ethan. Tabitha thinks Kay should understand how far a woman would go for love of a man. Kay says this is terrible, she can't watch this. Tabitha watches the fallout of Ethan and Gwen, and checks in on Theresa at the jail. She watches as both Gwen and Theresa don't know if they should tell the truth to Ethan about Little Ethan. She says things are about to get worse. Kay returns as she watches Tabitha vanish with her magic to cause more trouble.


Later, Kay looks into the bowl and talks to it. Noah catches her, wonder if she's talking to that bowl of water. She says no, okay yes. Noah says Timmy told him and Paloma about a magic bowl of water, is that it? Kay says no, this is just to help her with her sinus problems. She puts her head under a towel and pretends to breath in. She asks him if he found any jobs? He says not really, and talks about what he he is and isn't qualified for. Kay thinks he could get a job at the station, but Noah won't work with Fancy everyday as that isn't fair to Paloma. Kay says Paloma doesn't strike her to be the jealous type. Noah says she's not, and tells her about the photos of Fancy that Paloma found and she was a little upset. He doesn't want to upset her anymore. Noah decides to go check the cyber-ads and leaves. Kay then returns to the bowl to try and cast a spell to help him and Paloma. 

At the cottage, Luis tells Sheridan he always has loved her, which is why he has to do this. He doesn't want to hurt Fancy, but he has to. Fancy walks in saying she's made a decision too. She tells Luis they can't keep going on like this, enough is enough. Fancy says she's done with him, they are finished. Luis tells her to stop, he says things are going on with Sheridan that she doesn't know about. Fancy says yes, he has been involved with Sheridan over there on the floor, he's been involved with Sheridan at the bed bug motel. He says he loves her and trust her. She says get new material, this wouldn't pass muster on a daytime soap. Luis keeps saying she misunderstands, but Fancy doesn't think so. She thinks he's strung her along, he's either mean and hateful or a lying coward. Sheridan stands up for Luis, saying he is the bravest man she'll know and she doesn't deserve Luis. Fancy says she deserves better than a man who is leaving her for his ex. Sheridan says this isn't about them, Luis is about to make a great sacrifice for someone else. Fancy asks what she is talking about? What sacrifice? Sheridan won't answer, just saying Fancy won't believe her even if she told her. She turns to Luis, he says nothing. She says let her guess, trust him and in their love? Luis says yes, does she really think he doesn't love her? She says she heard him say he loved Sheridan and didn't want to hurt her, but he would. Fancy says she was stupid to believe that he and Sheridan every stopped loving each other, and that the two of them could be together. Fancy says it's over and runs off. Sheridan tells Luis to let her go, he can't tell Fancy the truth. Luis needs to leave to think. Sheridan again tells Luis she loves her son and wants him back, but she can't lose him. Luis says she can't have it both ways. 


Luis goes to the docks and thinks about how he is to blamed for Marty being gone, if he had just believed Sheridan, if he had shot Beth, they could have been a happy family all along. He says sacrificing himself, that might right all the wrongs.  Luis later returns to the cottage. He tells Sheridan he's been thinking about this decision, and he feels he's made the right one. Sheridan has made a decision too. 

Later Fancy and Noah are on the docks. We hear Tabtha's spell kick in, they are both zapped. Noah asks if she's okay? Fancy says no, she's been such a fool, Luis never loved her. She says she and Luis are finished. He says wow, he's sorry. Noah says he was happy for her, though it ripped his heart out when they broke up in Rome. They start talking about the whole Maya thing again. They continue to be zapped by Tabitha's spell. Fancy tells Noah that the truth is she never stopped loving him. He says he never stopped loving her either. Thanks to Tabitha's spell, they end up kissing! 


At the hospital, Ethan sits with Gwen. Ethan defends Theresa to Gwen, he doesn't think Theresa tried to kill her. Gwen says she stabbed her. Ethan says Gwen stabbed her too, but they were both out of their mind when they did it. Ethan doesn't think Theresa would hurt him when they have a sick infant. They talk about how a sibling or a blood relative is the ideal donor. Ethan says if they or his parents aren't suitable, it would come to Jane. Gwen says she's so young, it could effect her health for the rest of her life. Ethan wishes Jonathan had an older sibling. Gwen of course knows he does. A nurse comes and takes blood from them to test, but lets them know this is tricky and matches are usually better between siblings. However they'll not go to Jane until they know they or their parents aren't matches. Ethan tries to convince Gwen it will be okay, they have to hope for the best. Ethan decides to go check on Jonathan while they wait for the results. Ethan leaves and Gwen makes a call to her mother. Gwen says they really need to talk about Jonathan. Gwen tells her mom what is going on, how he needs a liver transplant.  Gwen says the best match would probably be a sibling, and Jane is so young and it would be bad for her and her health for life. Gwen says there is only one other option, Little Ethan. Gwen says if she tells Ethan, she'll lose any hope of winning Ethan back. Rebecca says keep her mouth shut. Gwen says but Jonathan could die. Ethan soon returns, as does the nurse with the results. Unfortunately neither of them are a match. Gwen asks how this is possible? The nurse says she's sorry, maybe a parent would be a compatible donor. Gwen thinks that would be too easy. Ethan tells Gwen not to panic, this process just started. Gwen says Jonathan is getting weaker by the moment, he could die before a match is found. The nurse decides to sedate Gwen to keep her calm. Gwen says this wasn't supposed to happen. Ethan says people donate organs all the time. Gwen says he doesn't understand the position she's in. Ethan doesn't know what he's missing here. Ethan says he knows what to do. He tells her to stay here and rest, he'll be back.


Tabitha appears in the hospital disguised as a nurse. Gwen is sleeping, so Tabitha talks to her telling her to just listen. She knows Gwen is in a tough spot right now, she hates Theresa and doesn't want Ethan back with her. Tabitha begins recapping Theresa's crimes against Gwen, and how Little Ethan could end up saving Gwen's son. Tabitha asks if Gwen will do what she has to do to save Jonathan, or will she let him die to have Ethan all to herself? Tabitha says in her opinion, she should . . . .Tabitha stops, she knows she has to do evil, but this situation is hellish enough already. She says Gwen is in the worst position a woman could be in, having to choose between a baby and the man she loves. She says no matter what Gwen does, she'll suffer. She hopes she doesn't regret this, but she's made up her mind. Tabitha tells Gwen she'll let her off the hook this time, she's going to stay out of this mess for now. Tabitha says as awful as things are now, they are only going to get worse. She says Gwen will be driven to the brink of despair. She says if Gwen thinks she's suffered, well there is nothing she's been through to compare with the agony that awaits her. 


Theresa is in jail, thinking how this could only happen to her. She knows she didn't mean to poison Gwen. She says the fortune teller was right, she will lose Ethan. She says not because he doesn't love her, but because of everything else. She says Alistair is back, Gwen and Rebecca are blackmailing her mom. She says the only hope she has now is telling Ethan the truth, but she can't do that either. She doesn't know what to do. She thinks if she tells the truth about her son, it will help her out and show she doesn't have reason to kill Gwen. However if she does, then Gwen and Rebecca will follow through on their threats and kill her family.  Later Ethan shows up to see her. She was afraid he wouldn't. He says he told her that he loves her and wants to be with her. He says he's only with Gwen because Jonathan is sick. Theresa says he knows how she worries, which is why she ended up talking to that fortune teller. Ethan tells Theresa that something has happened and it effects her. Theresa thinks Gwen is dead. Ethan says no, it's Jonathan. Ethan says Jonathan has taken a turn for the worse. He says there is something Theresa can do, and she might not like it.  Theresa says she'll do it, just tell her. He thinks she may change her mind. He says Jonathan needs a liver transplant or he'll die. He says he and Gwen aren't matches. Ethan says they are going to ask their parents to be tested, but a sibling is the best chance. He says he needs her permission to have his other child tested. She says Little Ethan? He says no Jane, why would she think he meant Little Ethan?


November 21,  2007

 At the cottage, Luis tells Sheridan he's decided to give up his life to bring Marty back. Sheridan says she won't let him, but Luis says he is doing it. Sheridan says she won't let him do this. She says she can't lose him. Luis says they have a chance to get Marty back, they will use it. Sheridan says no, she won't let him sacrifice himself for Marty's return. He says then she is sacrificing Marty, can she live with the fact that she may never see him alive again? Luis says he cost them Marty, he will get him back. He says he is Marty's only hope. Luis says it's his fault they don't have Marty, he never believed her about Beth. He says as Marty's father, he has to face this, even if it means giving up his life. Sheridan says she doesn't want to lose him. Luis says but she wants Marty back. Sheridan says yes, and she shutters at the thought that he's suffering. Luis says he will get Marty from whoever has him. Sheridan asks what if it's a trick, she could lose both him and Marty. She says she couldn't live with herself. Luis has received a text on where to meet this person. Sheridan insists on going with him, she leaves to get her coat. Luis won't risk her life too and sneaks out. Sheridan returns and finds Luis is gone! She runs out and sees him pulling out in his car. She asks God not to let him die, she can't lose him and her son.


At the prison, Ethan wants to have his other child tested for a match. She says Little Ethan? He says no Jane, for Little Ethan to be a match then he'd have to be his son. Theresa says she's just not thinking clearly right now. She says thinking about Jonathan made her think about her son. Ethan feels terrible coming to her with this, but she says they should share their problems. Ethan says he's desperate, he had to ask her if Jane could be tested. Theresa asks what it involves? Ethan says it's a blood test, but if she's compatible, she'd have to give up part of her liver. Ethan says there could be a problem, a child of Jane's age losing part of her liver could affect her in the future. Ethan says he doesn't want to involve Jane, but he feels he has to help Jonathan too. Ethan says this is up to her. He feels like he is being forced to choose between two children. Theresa knows, this is like when she had to choose between the two embryos. Ethan says he can't make the decision, he wants to leave it up to her. Ethan feels he can't be objective about this.  He knows he's just adding to her problems right now, but she says she'd be more upset if he didn't come to her about this. She's glad he came to her. He asks then why didn't she come to him when she was feeling the way she was about Gwen? Theresa says she was afraid. He says of what? She says of being desperate, silly, needy. He thinks she doesn't know how much he loves her, if she did then she would have come to him. He says the only reason he's with Gwen is because of their son, Theresa is the only one he loves. He doesn't know how to reassure her of that. Theresa says it's not him, it's just sometimes she doesn't feel worthy of him or his love. Ethan says once Jonathan is better and she's out of here, remind him to get her some therapy. She says she's not crazy. He knows, but she keeps making the same mistakes over and over. He says she tries to fix every problem instead of coming to him for help. Theresa knows, she guesses she has a problem. Ethan says that is the first step to fixing it. He wants her to come to him with anything bothering her. Theresa swears she didn't mean to poison Gwen. Ethan says he is here for her, she doesn't have to feel like she has to handle everything on her own. Theresa, to herself, wishes she could tell him about Little Ethan. Ethan asks Theresa if she'll have Jane tested? 

At home, Pilar looks at an old photo album and relives the secret she's kept for so long. She looks at photos of her and another girl. She says her name was Juanita, her childhood friend. She says if they had known how much things would change, they could have stopped things from going so wrong.

We see flashbacks of Pilar and Juanita as teens arguing over celebrities and who is hotter. They talk about how they couldn't wait to fall in love, marry, and have lots of children. Juanita said she wanted to marry a man to give her a wonderful and expensive life. Pilar asked what about love? Juanita said she could love a rich man as easily as a poor one. Pilar wanted love more than anything. Neither could imagine their life without the other, they became blood sisters. 

Juanita is looking at the same photos and thinking of the same memories. She says they are not blood sisters anymore, Pilar and her entire family must pay for her betrayal. 


Pilar looks at wedding photos, she says she tried to warn Juanita that marrying Carlos was a mistake. We see that Carlos had a huge house, maids, chefs, drivers. He had several houses. Juanita told Pilar they were to be married, they are in love, soul mates. Pilar asked what does she know about him, they just met. All Juanita knew was that Carlos was rich. Pilar asked his last name, it was Vasquez. Pilar said as in the crime family? She tells her that she can't marry into that. Juanita says Carlos isn't like his family, he is leaving his family's business to be a lawyer. Pilar says Carlos will only be seen as a member of the crime family. She didn't want to see Juanita be hurt. Juanita didn't think she would, she felt she could have everything she dreamed of. Pilar says she loves her, she just worries for her. Pilar said she knows she dreamed of a nice life, but she thought she was getting in way over her head by marrying Carlos. Juanita asked her to be happy for them, she would be fine. 

Juanita says she did have the life she dreamed of, until Pilar took it from her and destroyed her happiness. Juanita says now she will destroy Pilar's. 

We see more flashbacks, Juanita wrote Pilar a letter, her sister Maria forwarded it to her as Juanita didn't know where Pilar was living. Little Antonio and Luis are running around in the background screaming as Pilar reads the letter. Juanita wrote that she and Carlos had their first baby. She says Carlos is doing well in his law practice, he stayed clear of the family business as he promised. She said they wanted to have more children, and she wanted to meet Pilar's husband and children. Juanita wrote how much she loved Carlos, how she'd never love anyone as much as Carlos and their son. Pilar was so happy for her and relieved that her fears about Carlos were unfounded. 

Pilar remembers going back to Mexico to see Juanita. They talked, Juanita asked Pilar to stay for awhile. She wanted Pilar to meet Carlos, and said she has to admit she was wrong about Carlos. Pilar was glad she was wrong, and she was so happy for her. Carlos soon returned home and Pilar met her husband. Juanita left to get her husband a drink, Carlos then told Pilar he hoped she stayed as she looked forward to getting to know her much better. 

Pilar thinks she should have left right then, if she had then it wouldn't have happened. She says but it did.  She wishes she had come back home before anything bad could have happened. She says that was the worst night of her life.


In the past, Pilar walked in on Carlos on the phone talking to someone about his dimwitted wife who thinks he's a lawyer. He says she's a stupid bitch, she's not even good in bed, but she makes him look respectable. Carlos is talking about a shipment that is to be stolen from another family and put them out of business. He orders to have everyone killed! He says this family tried to move in on his territory, he's sending them a message. Carlos is running the whole show family now, he was hoping to get control over all illegal trafficking in Mexico, and next America. Carlos then caught Pilar spying on him. Juanita was out shopping, Carlos decided they should get to know each other better. Pilar says she is happily married. Carlos says so is Juanita. Pilar said she heard him on the phone, he's been lying to her. Carlos said maybe she knows the truth hand doesn't care. Pilar said no, she was blinded by her love for him. Carlos then decided one more lie couldn't hurt, he wanted Pilar to be his lover. She called him a pig and slapped him. She tried to call the police, but he hit her. He said if she did that her husband would wake up a widower. Carlos then attacked her and knocked her unconscious. He then undressed her saying he gets what he wants. Pilar later woke up after the rape. She grabbed a knocked over candlestick and hit Carlos over the head. She apparently killed him! 

Pilar says she killed a man, and Gwen and Rebecca know it. 

Back in the past, Pilar was a mess after the attack. Juanita came home and found her on the couch crying, She doesn't see her husband until Pilar looks at him. Juanita asks what happened? Pilar says Carlos is dead. Juanita asks how? Pilar says she and Carlos were here alone. Juanita asks if they were attacked? Pilar says no, Carlos attacked her, he raped her. She says she tried to stop him, but she couldn't. She says she hit him with that. Juanita called her a liar, saying she killed him. She called Pilar a murderer! 

Juanita remembers coming home to find Carlos dead. She kisses a photo of him, saying she will avenge his death, she will find Pilar and kill her and her family. 

In the past, Juanita was devastated over Carlos' death. Pilar swore he attacked her, she was going to call the police. Pilar tried to tell her the truth about Carlos, but she refused to believe it. She promised Pilar she'd see her found guilty. Sirens are coming, Juanita asked if she turned herself in for murder. Pilar says no, Carlos was talking about a drug deal to ambush some crime family, so she called the police to stop it. Juanita says she is a liar, her husband is a lawyer. Pilar said no he wasn't, he was with the family business the whole time. Suddenly shots began ringing out, she knew her children were outside. They were apparently all shot as Pilar and Juanita watched! 

Pilar looks at an old paper about her families massacre, only Juanita survived. 


In the past, Pilar told Juanita how sorry she was. Juanita said her husband was gone, her children were murdered by the police. Juanita blamed Pilar. Pilar says she thought the police would stop the violence. Juanita said she was to blame for her entire family being killed. Juanita said she took everything from her. Pilar says Carlos raped her, she had to defend herself. Juanita called her a liar, saying Carlos is a good man and wouldn't hurt anyone. She says he wouldn't force himself on the likes of her! Juanita said she has lost everyone because of her, and now she is going to prison! Juanita is in cuffs, she has been charged as an accessory and she doesn't know what for. Juanita told Pilar to run as far as she could, as when she gets out she will find her and kill her and everyone she loves! 

Juanita says she is coming for Pilar, for Pilar and her family. She says they will pay with their lives. Pilar meanwhile begs God to protect her and her family.



November 22, 2007

The show opens with a turkey saying "It's Thanksgiving in Harmony, run for your lives!"

Eve wakes up in her office, she's apparently gone on a bender. She begins to remember Valerie coming in for an exam, she was pregnant, then she gave her a pelvic exam . . . . She says she never saw that before, except for Vincent. Eve gets up, Valerie is still on the table so it seems. Eve walks over, but it's Vincent now! He asks mommy if she's ready to finish his exam? Eve asks where he came from? He says he's been here all along. She says not possible. She touches him, she says he is real. Vincent says he thought they established that when he got her to slash her wrists. Eve says but he fell off the cliff. Vincent says thanks to Sheridan, and that water was cold. Eve says everyone things he's dead though. She asks why he's doing this, why is he trying to make everyone think he's dead. He says hello, he's a wanted criminal . . arson, rape, murder! He says not everyone thinks he's dead, he visited her. Eve says but she thought she was crazy. He says exactly, he's going to drive her out of her mind. She says she is his mother. He says some mother, she drinks herself into a stopper rather than baking cookies. He says he's going to punish her like she's never been punished. Eve says so she was right, he is the reason Gwen's baby is dying and the reason she's being kicked out. He says she did her part, all the drugs and booze didn't help her case. Eve says he's alive and nobody will believe her. He says that is the plan. Eve says so there is nothing wrong with her mind. Vincent says debatable, she is together with dear old dad. Eve says wait, she was examining Valerie, who was pregnant. She asks where Valerie is? Vincent says she knows the answer. Eve says it's impossible, but Vincent reminds her of the exam. Vincent says it's Thanksgiving, check out my giblets again. Vincent pulls out his wig and says she hasn't lost a son, she's gained a daughter. Eve thinks this is another lie, he was dating Valerie. He asks if he was? Vincent says nobody ever saw them together, only heard them. He says he's very good at doing the voices. Eve asks why? Vincent says for years he was playing roles, until he came to grips with who he, or they are. Vincent says Valerie is nicer than he is, but he's a better dresser. Vincent says now they are pregnant. Eve asks how this is possible? Vincent says she's the doctor. Eve asks so the father? Vincent says it could be Chad or Julian. Eve doesn't want to get into specifics of how, but she asks how could anyone not realize? Vincent says it's complicated down there, but no matter who he's been with he never has complaints. Eve realizes this is incest. Vincent says this kid could have Crane blood on both sides. Eve sits down to drink herself into oblivion!  He tells her to have a bottle or two of pills to go with her booze. Eve just can't believe this, Vincent and Valerie are the same and pregnant. Eve says her son is having a baby, and the father of her son's child could be her son's father. She says that is disgusting. Eve says nobody will ever believe this. Vincent says happy Thanksgiving, a child is a precious gift from God. 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha is missing Endora and Kay Miguel. Tabitha says this was Endora's favorite holiday. Kay remembers the disasters she used to cause every year. Tabitha says now she's in hell, where they probably aren't letting her celebrate. Kay says at least she's with Miguel. Tabitha says they won't be having pumpkin pie down there, they'll be having minced Miguel pie. Kay says she has to get him back. Tabitha says she knows what she as to do, cause evil. Kay says she can't do evil, but Tabitha reminds her how she was the meanest girl in Harmony once. Paloma shows up with some supplies for dinner. Tabitha remembers how the Pilgrims didn't have turkey, they only ate venison, every single day. Noah is in the living room working on the TV to tape all the sports games. Paloma talks about how Noah has been acting strange, something is bothering him. Paloma gets the feeling something has happened. Paloma hopes he's not keeping a secret. Kay says she and Noah talked, he loves her and can't wait to marry her. Paloma says that isn't news. Kay says Noah is a man though, he's got this whole male pride going on, she has a great job and he doesn't. She says he wants a better job before he marries her. Paloma says she thinks that is just ridiculous. Kay assures her that Noah loves her and wants to marry her.


In the living room, Noah can't forget kissing Fancy on the docks. He tells himself he is an idiot, he doesn't love Fancy, he loves Paloma. He says if Paloma ever found out. Tabitha spies on him, she says it won't be a happy Thanksgiving for Paloma. Tabitha uses her magic to make Fancy appear at her door. Fancy thinks she's having more weird blackouts. Fancy rings the doorbell, thanks to Tabitha, and Noah greets her. He thinks they need to talk about what happened. Neither know why it happened. Tabitha zaps them, they end up kissing again! Tabitha thinks if she can destroy their love today she can get Endora back for dinner. They go to town kissing, wondering why they broke up. However Noah starts thinking of Paloma again, so Tabitha keeps shocking them. They end up on the couch making out! 


Kay soon finds them and is shocked. She wonders what Noah is doing? She soon catches Tabitha zapping them and is not happy. Kay decides to fight back and says it is Turkey Lurkey time! She makes Fancy turn into Paloma. Both she and Noah are confused, Paloma says she was just in the kitchen. Fancy then finds herself in the kitchen with her hand in the turkey! Fancy doesn't get this, she's barely drank today. Noah tells Paloma he feels strange. She says every time the come here, something strange happens. Tabitha then zaps Paloma ad Noah, Noah soon ends up on the dining room table going at it with Fancy! She gets stuffing all over her arm, Noah licks it off! Tabitha then conjures Paloma to catch them. Kay zaps her away before she can see them. Tabitha brings her back, Kay zaps her away. This keeps going on and on, Tabitha eventually knocks Kay out with a magic hammer and brings Paloma back. Paloma then asks Noah what he is doing? Noah is on the table petting a live turkey! She asks where that came from, Noah doesn't know. 


Kay and Tabitha argue, she told her not to destroy Noah or her family and she promised. Tabitha says she's a witch, she lies! Tabitha soon conjures up Fancy, in pink lingerie asking Noah why he's taking so long, they are supposed to play pilgrim and mayflower madam. Tabitha tells Kay to get him out of this one. Paloma thinks Noah has been lying to her, but Noah says he has no idea what is going on. Fancy tells Noah to come upstairs, she can put him in the stocks again . Tabitha zaps Noah, he spanks Fancy and starts kissing her. Paloma is in tears, saying she trusted him, she thought he loved her. Kay zaps Noah, Noah says he does love her. The zapping war with Noah goes back and forth. Paloma says she's out of here. Kay hopes Tabitha she's proud of herself. Tabitha says she is. Paloma tells him to go to hell and storms off. Fancy tells her to enjoy the holiday! Kay wont stand for this and turns Fancy into a turkey. Paloma returns and wonders where Fancy went? Noah says she hasn't been here. Paloma says Fancy was here in lingerie just like that turkey is now wearing. Noah doesn't know how this got here. Kay comes out and says it's one of Norma and Edna's pets. Tabitha however turns it back into Fancy, they then have a zapping war over Fancy changing her back and forth! Noah asks what is going on here? Paloma says she's scared. Kay ends up zapping everyone to make them all forget this. Paloma and Noah think they feel strange. Kay claims there is a gas leak and they are having weird visions. She says she'll go shut the gas off so they have no more problems. Tabitha later tells Kay she has to do evil to get Endora back, but Kay says she betrayed her. Kay says she told her she wouldn't interfere with her evil if she stayed away from her family. Tabitha says she's in pain, who knows what they are doing to her daughter. Kay says well Miguel wouldn't want her to ruin live to help him. Tabitha says she will do whatever she has to in order to get Endora back, including stuffing and roasting everyone in town! Kay zaps the turkey away, Fancy ends up outside in her lingerie and runs off. 


At the hospital, Ethan shows up with Theresa. Gwen is not happy to see her, why is she out of jail? Ethan says the charges were dropped. Gwen asks how? Ethan says he told the DA that Gwen would drop the charges, so she's free. Gwen says no way, take her back to jail! Ethan says what Theresa did was foolish, but they can't prove it was intentional. Gwen says she confessed, but Ethan says not to using the poison on purpose it. Ethan says no lawyer can argue with the fact that she poisoned her in a hospital and confessed, it's ridiculous. Gwen doesn't care, she is going to make sure Theresa ends up in jail. Ethan says she will let her go or he will sign on as Theresa's attorney and he'll win. Ethan tells Gwen that they need a united front here for Jonathan, he can either be here supporting her or defending Theresa. Ethan says he suggests she suck this up. Gwen says well happy Thanksgiving to me. Ethan says if she doesn't drop the charges then she'll only be hurting their son. Ethan says he's leaving the decision to have Jane tested up to Theresa. He says he's too close, he can't be objective. Theresa says this isn't an easy decision, but she thinks if Jane were older and understood then she would want to do this. Theresa says after all she is Jonathan's only sibling . . . right. Ethan says Theresa has agreed to allow this. Gwen says this is blackmail. Ethan says call it what she wants, is she going to drop the charges or is revenge that important to her? Gwen says fine, she won't press charges against Theresa. Ethan says now that wasn't so hard. Theresa says she really had no intention of hurting her. Gwen says save it, she thinks Theresa would have danced on her grave if she died. Ethan says he was a fool to think they'd get along, they can hate each other all they want, but act like adults. Ethan goes to make some calls and start the tests on Jane. 

Ethan leaves. Gwen does thanks Theresa for what she did. Theresa says she swears she didn't set out to poison her. Gwen says she doesn't know what to believe when it comes to her. Theresa says she does hope things work out for Jonathan. Gwen says what if Jane isn't a match, and they can't find one. Theresa says there is always Little Ethan. Theresa says if Jane isn't a match, Little Ethan could be his only hope. Theresa says she'll have to allow her to tell Ethan the truth, but Gwen says never! Theresa says she'd rather let Jonathan die then tell Ethan the truth? Gwen says she will never let her tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says she's willing to let her son die to keep her from Ethan?


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