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4th Week of November  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



November 26, 2007

In Alistair's office, Pretty has the remote to control Fancy's implant and wonders what she should make Fancy do first. She thinks she'll have her throw some coffee on the cook, she's tired of them talking about how sweet Fancy is. She uses it, but nothing is happening. She doesn't know what is going on, remembering how well it worked before. she says maybe it needs more power. Alistair walks in saying it's a beautiful day. Pretty says not for her, the implant isn't working. Alistair says he knows, he shut the implant off. Pretty asks why he'd do that, they are supposed to be destroying Fancy and Luis. Pretty says Fancy has to be made to pay for what she did to her. Alistair says her obsession with revenge is a little tiresome and boring, there are better things to talk about. He talks how the paper is talking about Crane employees shaking in their boots waiting to learn if they sold enough this season to earn a bonus or a pink slip. Pretty suggests he look and see if there are any stories about his imminent arrest for murder. Alistair says his position with the law will be handled sooner or later. Pretty feels slighted, she thought they were working together, she thought he loved her. Alistair says he does. Pretty wants Fancy screaming in pain! Alistair says there are different types of pain. He says Luis and Fancy will be devastated, but he has a new way of destroying them. Pretty asks for the details. Alistair says he's realized that just breaking up Luis and Fancy isn't enough, because Sheridan could entice him back. He says he can't have that happen. Pretty says good luck with that, they are both nuts about Luis. Alistair says but why, how has this peasant worked his way into their hearts. She says he's not bad to look at. He says they think he's loyal and true blue. Pretty says he is. He says they won't think that when he's done with him. Pretty says Luis is called Dudley Do-Right behind his back, he's such a boy scout it is sickening. Alistair says Luis is going to get involved with another woman and get her pregnant. Pretty says Luis would never get involved with another woman, and what woman is stupid enough to get involved with Luis when he's involved with two other women? Alistair says you! Alistair thinks it is amusing, but Pretty is not amused. Pretty says Luis wouldn't want her, look at her face. Alistair says he's never thought her scar was as bad as she did, and there are ways of making her attractive to Luis. To himself he says if it's very dark and Luis is very drunk. Alistair says she'll be helping make Luis, Fancy and Sheridan miserable. He also says she'd be forever grateful for her help. He says she'll get her revenge and his trust. She says okay she'll do whatever he says. Alistair says he knows she will . . . and so much more. 


In the kitchen, Fancy talks about how she's turning into a caffeine junky, she can't start her day without it. Sheridan shows up looking for Alistair, thinking he may know where Luis has gone off to. Fancy asks why Grandfather would know? What is going on now? Sheridan didn't know Fancy was around. Fancy says obviously, what is going on, where is Luis and what does Grandfather have to do with it? Sheridan says all right, she has a right to know.  Fancy says she knew they were keeping a secret. Sheridan says yes, it's something important to them both. Fancy thinks this is about Sheridan getting her claws into him and not letting go. Sheridan says Fancy is wrong, Luis came to her, they are back together. Fancy says she doesn't believe her. Sheridan says Luis said their love was too strong, he wanted to break it to Fancy gently, but then she found out on her own. Sheridan says Luis is a good and honorable man, he didn't want to hurt her. Sheridan says Luis is looking for her now to tell her, so she figured Fancy would run to Grampy to fix this. Fancy says she would never go to Grandfather, she knows how evil he is. Sheridan tells Fancy to stay away from her and Luis, Luis loves her and always will! Fancy doesn't believe her, yes they've had problems, but Luis loves her. She says Luis doesn't have a stone for a heart like Sheridan, his feelings for her are real. She says she'll find Luis and will talk to him herself. Fancy says he'll tell her the truth, but Sheridan asks why he should start now? Fancy then storms off. Sheridan wishes Fancy knew where he was.


Later Alistair shows up in the kitchen saying he heard Sheridan was looking for him. Sheridan wants her son. Alistair says he's dead of course. Sheridan tells her father not to deny it, he is alive and has been keeping her from him. She says he and Luis are searching for Marty and will find him. He says say he is alive, whoever has him must be shaking in their boots they are coming for him. Alistair says whoever has him just has to make a call and ship him to Timbuktu. Sheridan thinks Alistair called Luis and wanted his life for Marty's, calling him a monster. She just wants to know if Marty and Luis are safe. Alistair says fine, he'll show her. He uses her laptop to show Sheridan Marty. Sheridan asks where is he? Alistair says what does she say now? Sheridan says thank you. Alistair says you are welcome. Sheridan wants to know where he is and where is Luis? She wants to se Luis. What  has she done to him? Alistair says nothing, but what does she want? Marty or Luis? He says she can't have both. Sheridan says damn you! He says she is so predictable. He says it's good he took Marty from her, the kid wouldn't have a chance with her with her. She goes to slap him. He stops her and says behave herself or she'll never see Marty or Luis. She cries. He says daddy loves you and walks off!  


Luis shows up at some old warehouse looking around. His phone says he'd be given more instructions when he arrived at the warehouse. He wonders if this is another setup. We see someone is there spying on him. Someone picks up a pipe from the floor and smacks Luis from behind. Later Luis is laid on the floor, it appears he's now naked! Luis soon wakes up. He says just great, no clothes. He says didn't see that one coming, some detective he turned out to be.  He looks around and sees all these chains and torture devices. He soon hears a woman moaning. He finds Pretty is naked and bruised all over her back.  When Pretty wakes up, she cries "please don't hurt me anymore!" 


At the hospital, Theresa is filling out the forms for Jane. Ethan talks about how this doctor is a top notch doctor. He admits part of him hopes Jane isn't a match, she's so little, there could be health risks. Theresa says they can't think like that, they have to hope everything will be fine. Ethan just wished Jonathan had an older sibling. Theresa says if Jane were older she would understand and would want to do the right thing. Ethan says he hopes so, Jane is Jonathan's only hope. Ethan goes to turn the papers in. 

Rebecca talks to Gwen about Theresa agreeing to do this. Rebecca hopes Jane is a match. Gwen says if not she's in a horrible position, Little Ethan is his only other chance. Rebecca says maybe they could buy a liver somewhere. Gwen says if Little Ethan is her only hope at saving her son, she could lose Ethan in the process. Rebecca says she'll have to make up her mind, what if Theresa's brat isn't a good match? Gwen says Jane isn't a brat, she loves her very much.  Rebecca says she's sorry, of course she does. But if her liver is a no go, will she tell Ethan the truth? Gwen doesn't want to think about it. Rebecca says she needs another plan. Gwen just hopes that Jane is a match and this won't affect her health. Rebecca tells Gwen that denial, fibbing and bold face lies are great for husbands and testifying in court, but they must never lie to themselves. Rebecca says she needs another plan. Gwen says this is killing her, to save her child she may have to let Ethan to go. Rebecca says maybe they can pay a nurse to swap Jonathan for a good baby? Gwen gives her a look. Gwen thinks this is God's way of punishing them for exposing Pilar's secret. Rebecca says but she called and left a message saying that she was wrong. Gwen asks if the woman called her back? Gwen just hopes this woman believed her, she doesn't want the blood of the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family on her hands. Gwen wants Rebecca to call that woman back again. Rebecca says fine, but she doesn't know why Gwen cares. She says she wouldn't mind going to their funerals. Gwen says she'd feel responsible, she already feels she's being punished. She tells her mom to make the call.  Rebecca calls Juanita back. She tries to tell her it's the wrong Pilar, she doesn't know where her Pilar is. Rebecca then hangs up. Rebecca thinks that will help.


In Mexico, Juanita keeps looking at the photo of her and Pilar and vowing to come and kill her. Juanita says she remembers when they prayed for love and happiness, well now she prays to find her and her family and wipe them all off the face of the earth! Later she gets Rebecca's call, but once again nothing comes through other then Pilar's name. Juanita says at least she knows Pilar is out there. She then yells at someone to "bring him in, she has words for him." Juanita says she will find Pilar and then . . . . Later Juanita tells someone in a dog kennel that they are in a dog kennel because they are a dog. She says they are bound and gagged so they listen, but do not speak. She says she told them to find her, they came back with excuses. Juanita says Pilar is out there and she doesn't know why she hasn't been found. Juanita says he failed her, and you know what happens to people who fail me. She says she has more use for them. She then shoots at the person in the kennel! Juniata then makes a call to have the mess in the living room taken care of. 


Back at the hospital, Pilar later shows up too see Theresa, she got her message. Pilar thinks this is noble of her to offer Jane to be tested, but she doesn't know if it's the right thing to do. Theresa says she's so young , but is healthy, and she could be Jonathan's only hope. Pilar says that is not true, Little Ethan could be a match. She says Gwen would have to let her tell the truth. Theresa isn't so sure. Pilar doesn't think Gwen would let her son die to keep the truth from Ethan. Theresa says Gwen is willing to pay any price to keep her from Ethan. Pilar says even Jonathan's life? Theresa says even that.

Pilar, Ethan and Theresa go into Gwen's room. Dr. Walker is with them. Ethan says Jane is being prepped for testing right now. Dr. Walker says this isn't an optimal situation, she's not an ideal candidate. Rebecca says don't be so negative. The doctor says he's not, a child of her age is at risk for complications. He asks if there is no one else, someone older than Jane. He says a sibling would be best, but that is out of the question obviously. Theresa hopes Gwen tells the truth, but Gwen says there is no one else. Dr. Walker says then he'll order the tests. Ethan goes with them to be with Jane. Theresa tells Gwen she hopes she knows what she's doing. Theresa and Pilar leave. Theresa tells Pilar she wants to tell Ethan, she's putting her daughter at risk here. Pilar says and Gwen won't allow her? Theresa says no, she'd rather let Jonathan die then let her tell Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen feels she should have said something. Rebecca tells her to stay strong, if Jane isn't a good donor she still can't tell the truth. Gwen says she can't lose her son, but she can't let Theresa have Ethan. Theresa meanwhile what kind of mother she is. Pilar says be grateful she lives in a world where medical miracles are possible. Theresa wants Little Ethan tested, but Pilar says if she does that then this family will die, including her babies. 


November 27, 2007

Tabitha is at home thinking about doing evil while having a good cup of tea, saying what a combination. She says Kay is out, so it's time to break some hearts without her interfering. She checks in on Noah and Paloma and sees them kissing. She calls them Harmony's icky sicky sweet couple. When Fancy shows up at the Book Cafe, where Noah and Paloma are, she thinks this is too easy. She has to drink some pepto because Noah and Paloma are so nauseating to her. She thinks she's doing the world a favor splitting them up.


Fancy shows up at the Book Cafe, as does Sheridan. Sheridan tells Fancy to save it, she has enough to deal with. Fancy says she knows, and to give her the truth. She says she gave her that song and dance about her and Luis, but now she's looking all over for him. She asks what really happened to him? Where is Luis? Sheridan says Luis is back with her, so concentrate on matters that concerned Fancy. Fancy says she doesn't buy that Luis is back with her. She says even if he was, he'd talk to her, he's too good of a guy to cut and run. She says she is calling him and he's not answering, it's not like him. Sheridan says or he's ignoring her. Fancy says Sheridan is keeping something from her, where is Luis. Sheridan says she's not going to tell her. Fancy says she can see Sheridan doesn't know either. Fancy says they both care about him, maybe they can come to a truce and search for Luis together. She says they may have better luck if Sheridan would tell him what is going on. Sheridan keeps saying Luis is just fine, they just want Fancy to leave them alone. Fancy says nice try, but she's lying. Fancy says Luis is in trouble and she'll find him. Fancy says if then he says walk out of his life, she'll walk. Fancy leaves. Sheridan realizes Fancy is right, Luis is in danger. She says if Luis sacrifices his life for Marty then neither one will see him again. 


Noah and Paloma are at the Book Cafe. Noah suggests they not go to Tabitha's anymore, every time they do weird things happen. Noah is zapped by one of Tabitha's beams. He says he has to get to work! She thought he wasn't on duty until the day shift? Noah says she's right, he doesn't know why he said that. He says he needs to go find a job he means and heads out. Tabitha zaps him again, he ends up at his room in the B&B!

Later, Sheridan asks Paloma for her help as a cop. She says Luis is missing, she thinks his life is in danger. Paloma needs more information. Sheridan wishes she could tell her, but she can't. Paloma asks where he was last seen? Sheridan says her cottage, he got a phone call and ran out. Paloma says then he can't have gone far. Paloma says she'll get in touch with contacts, they'll be discreet. She says if Luis has been seen, they'll tell her. Paloma tells Sheridan she has her worried. Is Luis alive? Sheridan hopes so. Paloma says with luck, someone will know where Luis went. A spying Tabitha zaps Paloma's phone with a tip that a man who looks like Luis went to the B&B!  


At the B&B, Noah finds Fancy in his room, in a nightgown, with champagne. He thinks something is wrong here, why is she here? She doesn't know. Tabitha is watching and realizes she's going to have to jump start her favorite of the seven deadly sins, lust. She zaps them into getting it on. They end up ripping each other's clothes off and jump onto the bed. Later as they are going at it, Paloma and Sheridan show up outside! They burst in and find Fancy and Noah in bed together! Tabitha then zaps them and wears the spell off. Sheridan calls Fancy a slut. Fancy and Noah don't know how this happened. Paloma asks how he could do this to her, he's broken her heart! 


Luis finds Pretty in the warehouse. He calms her down, she asks how he got here? Luis doesn't know, he was supposed to meet someone. He says he saw stars and woke up here. Pretty says "they" will be back to hurt her, but Luis says they won't. Pretty says they will and they will hurt Luis too. Pretty talks about how they put her in the chains and tortured her. He asks who did this to her? She says it was grandfather, he locked her down here and she thinks he's going to kill her. Luis finds some sheets to wrap around them. He asks why Alistair brought her here? She says she disobeyed him, he's punishing her. She says he wanted her to help him destroy Fancy and Sheridan, but she wouldn't. She says she almost said yes, but she couldn't do it in the end. She says she couldn't hurt her family. Luis says she's a good person. He says Alistair is sick, a monster. Pretty cries and Luis comforts her. She smiles, thinking Alistair's plan is working just like he said it would! She says she's a fool, she should have done what grandfather asked. He says no she did the right thing. Pretty thought by saying no it would prove she had gumption, but then this happened. Luis promises her that he'll pay. Pretty tells Luis how Alistair told her no man would ever love her, that she'd never find love or have a child. She says Alistair said she'd be alone forever. Luis says he knew Alistair could go low, but not be this cruel. Pretty says it's true, she is a freak and she'll never have love or a child. She cries, Luis continues to comfort her.  He tells her that he doesn't think she's hideous, and there are many men who would want to be with her. Suddenly Pretty's laptop beeps, it's Alistair! Pretty says he's been messaging her on it. Luis checks to see the message he's sending. He says he'll let them go, if they do one thing. Pretty says they should do it, but Luis says he doesn't think he can. He says Alistair wants him to get her pregnant! Pretty says that is ridiculous, but tells herself this will be child's play.


At the hospital, Pilar goes to the chapel to pray for Jonathan and Jane. She also talks to God about Gwen and Rebecca not letting Theresa tell Ethan about Little Ethan, how if she does then her enemy in Mexico will come for them. She doesn't want to see any child die, she doesn't want Theresa to lose Ethan. She asks God to make sure everyone comes out okay. As she goes to leave, she runs into Ethan. Ethan says the tests are being run. He says he's been wondering lately what kind of father he is. Pilar says he's a wonderful one, he's just going through a lot. Ethan asks why God would want to take him so soon? Why would God want them to choose between one or the other. She says just trust in God. Ethan says he sometimes wishes they were living long ago when they wouldn't have this medical magic, then they wouldn't have to make this choice. He wishes he had another child, an older one, it would make that decision easier.

Gwen is in bed looking at a photo of Ethan and Jonathan. She says as soon as he's better, they'll be a family again. Theresa shows up with tea for Gwen. Gwen asks if that is supposed to be a joke? She won't be taking any tea from her. Theresa says then she'll drink it. She says she's sorry, she didn't mean to hurt her. Theresa knows Gwen must be terrified about Jonathan. Gwen says she doesn't want her sympathy. Theresa says Ethan asked them to get along, she's trying to be nice. She says she's allowed Jane to be tested, and they both know Jane is too young. Theresa says medically it makes more sense to have Little Ethan tested. Theresa asks Gwen to let her tell Ethan the truth. Gwen says Jane could still save Jonathan, but Theresa says it could hurt Jane. Theresa says she loves Jane too. Gwen says Theresa is trying to guilt her into allowing her to tell Ethan, so stop this. Theresa says she's trying to make Gwen see she's willing to let Jonathan die to keep her from Ethan. She says if Jane isn't a match, Little Ethan could be Jonathan's only hope. She says think about that. Theresa storms off. Gwen says she does think about it, it's the only thing she can think about.  


Later Ethan, Pilar, Theresa and Gwen are waiting for the news. The doctor shows up and says she's not a close enough match. Ethan says there must be something they can do. The doctor says Jonathan needs a donor immediately, without it he won't make it. Gwen finally admits he has another sibling. The doctor asks who? Gwen says Little Ethan Crane! Ethan doesn't believe this. Theresa thanks Gwen, and she finally tells Ethan the truth. Dr. Walker says if this is true, then they have to test this other child. Theresa and Ethan agree, Ethan goes to fill out the paper work. Theresa and Pilar thank Gwen. Gwen hopes she doesn't regret this! Gwen tells Pilar how she's going to lose Ethan now, but Pilar is off the hook with that woman in Mexico. Pilar says she was worried about Jonathan too. Theresa and Ethan show up, they left to talk and have worked it all out. Ethan thanks Gwen, now he and Theresa will have the most beautiful family ever. Dr. Walker returns, Little Ethan isn't a match either. Gwen says so she told Ethan the truth for nothing? Dr. Walker says he's afraid so, her son will die. Pilar says well you win some and you lose some. Gwen can't believe this. Theresa says sorry but this time you lose. She and Ethan are making out, and decide to go start more of their family together. Of course Gwen wakes up, it was a "Passions" dream. She says no way can that happen, she'll never let Theresa have Ethan. 


November 28,  2007
The following is NBC's official recap. I am out of town for the rest of the week and without DirecTV. I will do my best to replace these with my recaps once I return home and watch the shows. I will also be putting up picture caps from Monday and Tuesday's episodes as soon as possible.

Tabitha spreads her wickedness by throwing Fancy and Noah in bed together. The only two people more shocked by the events than the forced lovers are Sheridan and Paloma, who walk in on them! Kay and Tabitha have a supernatural battle of the wills, Kay refusing to let Tabitha toy with her brother's happiness. 

Alistair has Luis and Pretty trapped in a warehouse basement and tells them that their only opportunity to leave will be if Luis gets Pretty pregnant! Though Pretty acts astonished at her grandfather's bribe, she too has something to hide. 

Gwen and Ethan are overjoyed to learn that Jane is a liver match for Jonathan, but when the doctor informs them of the health risks on a child as young as Jane, Theresa refuses to consent. She hints that there may be another possible donor. 

Pilar gets an urgent phone call, causing her to worry that her darkest secret has gotten out, putting her family in terrible danger! 



November 29, 2007

Reminder: I'm out of town and without DirecTV. This is NBC's official recap. I'm taping the shows and will do my best to add my own recaps later!

Tension mounts at the hospital as Gwen learns that Jane has an ear infection and cannot be Jonathan's liver donor. Ethan and Gwen desperately search their family trees to find a donor, Theresa all the while stunned that Gwen hasn't said anything to Ethan about Little Ethan. Theresa confronts Gwen over the truth while Gwen seems to be losing grip on reality. Ethan enters alarmed by the yelling and to Gwen's shock, Theresa tells Ethan that they need to test Little Ethan's compatibility right now! 

The fate of Luis and Fancy's relationship hangs in the balance as a groggy Luis continues to believe he is making love to Fancy while it is actually Pretty he is with. A thrilled Alistair watches, sure that his plan is coming to fruition. Luis, however, soon comes out of his haze and pulls away, shocked at what he is doing. Pretty does all she can to get Luis back into her arms, playing at his supposed guilt and revulsion. Luis again tries to find a way out of their prison as Pretty reminds there is only one way out... he must get her pregnant! 

An increasingly worried Sheridan continues to search for Luis. On the wharf, she runs into a wounded Spike, still recovering from being stabbed by Esme's mysterious stalker. Sheridan asks Spike to help her search for Luis, in return for a large reward, and Spike agrees. 

An anguished Eve is shocked when Valerie brings Julian to the house and breaks the "wonderful" news to him that she is pregnant. Eve is shaken, wants Valerie to be honest with Julian and tell him that she and Vincent are one and the same. Valerie starts to lose hold of herself and Vincent's voice slips out just as Julian enters the room.... was that Vincent Julian just heard?! 


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