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1st Week of October  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



October 1, 2007

At Eve's house, Eve and Julian are kissing, but Eve can't stop thinking about how she has failed her poor Vincent. Julian says she did the best she could, they both did, but they were no match for his father's evil. Eve says Vincent never had a chance given everything he's done. Julian says in a perfect world Vincent would have lived his life free of Alistair's torture. Julian says many people hold onto the fantasy that a loved one who has died is still alive. Eve tells Julian that Vincent is alive, she has seen him and Julian won't believe her. He says be reasonable. She says don't tell her how to be or what is or isn't true. She says if he doesn't believe her then he's dead to her. She says leave and don't come back. She says Vincent is alive, she won't be with a man who mocks what she believes in. Julian begs her to let him be with her. She says no, for that to happen he has to believe her, and he thinks Vincent is dead. Julian says he doesn't doubt she loves him and wants to see him again. Eve keeps saying Vincent isn't dead, there was no body found so he must have survived. Julian reminds her she said the lobsters and sharks would have eaten him. Eve says she was drunk when she said that. He says she's drunk now. She tells him to get out. She smashes a booze bottle and threatens him, saying get out or she'll make sure he never makes love to another woman. He says he doesn't want another woman, he wants her. She says he can't have her if he doubts her, now get out. He then leaves. Eve damns him for doubting her.


Later Eve says Julian should have believed her, she wouldn't make up this story. She says she saw Vincent and talked to him, to hell with Julian. Eve catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror about to take a swig of booze. She wonders what she's done to herself. What if Julian is right, what if she never really saw or talked to Vincent? What if it is the pills and booze. She feels terrible that she took out her guilt on Julian. She says she has to find Julian and tell him she loves him. She says she has to put on clothes and sober up, then find Julian.

Vincent dresses as Valerie and says now to make Julian and Eve pay for what they did to Vincent, this will be sick in more ways than one. Valerie gets all dolled up and says she looks fabulous, Julian won't be able to resist her like this. She says Vincent is right, she and Julian will pick up where they left off before mommy interrupted them. We see a flashback of Eve findin Julian in his office with Valerie. Valerie says who says the Cranes aren't a loving family.

Julian goes for a walk on the docks to clear his brain. He says he can't reason with Eve when she's so drunk. He says he should have indulged her fantasy, he should go beg her forgiveness. Valerie then shows up saying this is a surprise running into him, it must be her lucky night. Later Eve is walking on the pier hoping Julian will forgive her one day. She sees a couple kissing and hopes she and Julian can be as happy as them. She then sees it's Valerie and Julian making out! Valerie says to herself this is perfect. Julian thought Eve would  be passed out. He says he was on his way to apologize to her when he ran into Valerie. She says he's always running into other woman's arms at the slightest hint of a fight between them. He thinks it was more of than a fight, she threatened him and she was drunk. Eve says she's sober now and was coming to apologize to him. She says she can't believe him, and that Valerie should have known better. Valerie claims she didn't know they were back together. Eve says she gives up and storms off. Julian follows her. Valerie says their misery is just starting. 


Julian follows Eve home, she wants him to go. He says he's sorry, Valerie was just comforting him. Eve says with a liplock? He says he lost his son tonight and thought he lost her, she can't know how that affects a man. She says maybe she doesn't. She says she heard him mention Fox earlier, but she wasn't listening. She says she's so sorry. Julian says he's sorry too. Eve says she thought about what he said, the pills and alcohol, along with the guilt she felt made her imagine things. Eve then gets a call, thinking it is Whitney calling. She answers it, she is shocked and says it's Vincent on the phone! Eve tells Vincent he needs to go to the hospital, she needs to check him out, then they need to discuss his situation with a lawyer. She tells Vincent how she and his dad love him so much. She says his dad is right here, so she hands the phone to Julian so he can talk to Vincent. Julian takes the phone and asks if that is him? Of course it is Valerie on the phone when Julian talks. Valerie says she called to apologize, but Eve keeps talking to her like she's Vincent. Valerie asks if she can help in any way? Julian thanks her and says he will resolve this on his own. Julian hangs up and says this was Valerie, not Vincent. Eve says she is not crazy, she looks up his caller ID, it says Valerie. Julian says because it was Valerie. Eve swears it was Vincent on the phone with her. He says she'll feel better after good night's sleep. Eve swears she isn't crazy! 


Luis and Sheridan are on their way to check out the third address on their list for Marty, the first two were strikes. Luis says maybe the third time will be the charm. Sheridan, to herself, is sure Luis will soon forget all about Fancy when they find Marty. They go to the final address and find a child's room. Sheridan finds the shoe boxes from the factory, she's sure Marty where. Luis says they still need proof. They continue looking around, they feel someone has been here recently. Sheridan wonders if this is the place she saw Marty on camera. Luis doesn't see any cameras, but Sheridan says they could have taken them with Marty. Sheridan then finds the calendar from the video. She says their son was here. Luis then finds more proof that Marty was here. He found pictures Marty drew of his family and the train crash. However in the family photo mommy is Beth, not Sheridan, because mommy has dark hair. Sheridan says Marty thinks Beth is his mother, he doesn't know she exists. Luis says as soon as they find him, he'll forget about Beth. Sheridan thinks to herself that she'll make Marty's dream come true, he'll have a life with his mother and father, Beth and Fancy will be out of the picture. Sheridan looks through more of his drawings. There are ones of him playing ball with his daddy. Sheridan begins daydreaming about her life with Luis after they find Marty and their way back to each other. In her dream a shirtless Luis tells her how he can never live without her, he never could. She says and he never has to, they'll always be together. Luis snaps her out of her fantasy, he's found more pictures and she needs to see them. In them is Alistair and Marty has drawn Alistair as the devil stabbing him! Sheridan panics, Marty is terrified of Alistair, what if father is brainwashing Marty like Vincent. She says they have to find Marty. Luis says he's just so evil. They begin listing all of Alistair's crimes against both of them and their families. They talk about Sheridan's nightmares and how Luis stayed by her side, which amazed her and displeased Alistair. They talk about what Alistair did to try and break them up over and over. Luis can't find any clues around as to where Marty is now. Sheridan worries, what if Marty has lost hope, what if he's beyond repair. Luis wants to threaten Alistair, but Sheridan says he can't as he'll move Marty. Luis says Alistair is afraid to die, and once Alistair knows he's going to kill him, Alistair will tell them where Marty is. 



At the hospital in Ethan's room, Theresa is pacing around telling Ethan, who is in bed, the truth about Little Ethan. She says she was afraid when she found out in Rome that he would take Little Ethan like he and Gwen took Jane. She says later Vincent blackmailed her to keep it a secret or he'd make sure Luis was executed. She says Alistair has also been making threats against Gwen and her mom to keep this secret, so she needs his help protecting Little Ethan. Theresa asks Ethan if he will help her? Ethan is under the covers, she thinks he's asleep. However it turns out it's Alistair in the bed! Theresa asks where Ethan is, what has he done with Ethan? Theresa damns Alistair, she wants to know where Ethan is. Alistair says he was sent away for some tests. Alistair then tells Theresa if she doesn't do what he says, she'll wish she was never born. She tells him not to threaten her, he'll never cause her pain again. Alistair says she has no idea what pain he can cause, their love making will seem like a walk in the park. She says it wasn't making love, he raped her. Alistair says he's heard that phrase so many times over the years from Rachel, Katherine, Liz, countless secretaries. Theresa says he won't stop her from telling Ethan the truth. He says there is his wife, the hot blooded woman he knows. She says don't call her his wife. He says but she is his wife, and she always will be. Alistair says he never will know how she kept the truth about Little Ethan from him. He asks how many people know, she says a few. He says this must stay a secret, but she says this news will get out. Alistair says if she says anything to Ethan or Little Ethan, he will kidnap Little Ethan and she'll never see him again. Alistair tells Theresa that nobody ever leaves him, remember what he did to Rachel and Katherine? She calls him a hateful monster. He says true. However as long as she tells nobody that she, Jane and Little Ethan could have a carefree life. He says don't end up like Sheridan and Marty, he reminds her how he had Beth kidnap Marty and Marty died. He asks if she wants the same to happen to Little Ethan? He says accept his offer or Little Ethan will suffer a similar fate. Alistair says if she tells her magnificent obsession Ethan the truth, it will cost him his life. Alistair says he will stop at nothing to always have his way. Alistair says so what will it be? Theresa says he wins, she won't tell Ethan the truth. 


In the hall, Rebecca shows up as Gwen is talking to herself about a selfish idiot ruining everything. Rebecca thinks she's talking about her, she says she didn't drop the baby, they had a wonderful visit and he's everything a grandma could want. Rebecca then realizes she is a grandmother! Rebecca asks Gwen if she's breast feeding or giving him skim milk because she was barren and can't produce milk? She says the baby is pale and doesn't seem to have much energy. Gwen says the baby is fine! Gwen says having Ethan's son won't get her Ethan back after all, Theresa just told Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Rebecca says well Theresa won't have Ethan either, Alistair will kill them both. Rebecca also says they still have JT's memory stick to use against Theresa. Gwen asks if there is something else on there? Rebecca says maybe. She says JT has tons of references to Theresa on the memory stick, but until she can decode it, they have to find a way to keep Theresa at bay. Gwen wonders where Alistair keeps his poison strawberries. Rebecca then looks in the room and tells Gwen she may not have lost Ethan yet, Theresa is in there with Alistair! Gwen says this means Theresa told Alistair, not Ethan, and Alistair will kill Theresa before she can tell Ethan the truth. She just wonders if Theresa is dumb enough to defy Alistair. They end up spying on Alistair threatening Theresa. Gwen is sure she'll be able to get Ethan back, but Rebecca is still worried about that baby, is he okay? They then see Ethan is coming back and realize they can't let Ethan find Theresa with Alistair.


October 2, 2007


At Tabitha's, she's talking into her vents to try and communicate to the boys who used to be in the basement that she's been doing a lot of evil. She has set up Miguel, who is innocent, to go down for Fox's murder. She asks if that is enough to send Endora back? Kay shows up, she's still angry with Tabitha for setting Miguel up. Tabitha says she's sorry, she loves Endora and wants her back. Kay says she loves Miguel and wants him back, not charged with murder. Tabitha says once crisis at a time, help her cause more evil and they'll deal with getting Miguel off the hook. Tabitha says they have to be evil, stop fighting her and just enjoy being bad. Kay says there must be another way, but Tabitha says there isn't. Tabitha wonders what the dark side will have them do next. The bowl begins to bubble and shows images of Fancy, Luis and Sheridan. Tabitha knows why they are being shown them, they are showing them the evil they must do next. Tabitha says they have to destroy Luis and Fancy's happiness using Sheridan. Kay says no way will she do that. She says Fancy has enough to deal with, she won't do this. She says it is evil to come between people in love. Tabitha reminds her of what she did to come between Miguel and Charity. She also says Luis and Sheridan were in love first. Kay still thinks there must be another way around this. They must be able to renegotiate something, a new deal. Tabitha doesn't think so. She tells Kay that she wants to get Endora back as instructed, so move out of her way as she has work to do. Tabitha looks in the bowl and sees Luis about to call Fancy. Tabitha says if Sheridan can't stop him, she can! Tabitha stops him from calling Fancy. Kay says there, mission accomplished. Tabitha says she knows this isn't enough, they have to rob Fancy and Luis of all their happiness. Kay says no, but Tabitha says yes! Tabitha says if Kay is too good to be bad, then she'll be bad enough for both of them. She zaps Luis and Sheridan to cause them to kiss. She then zaps Esme, who tells Fancy where to find Sheridan and Luis. Kay tells Tabitha to stop this, but she won't. Tabitha thinks it won't be long until they've met the dark side's ransom demands. Later they hear all sorts of sounds coming from upstairs, power drills and jackhammers. Tabitha says it is Norma and Edna getting frisky, she yells at them to keep it quiet! Kay asks Tabitha what if they get Esmeralda and the good witches help to get Endora and Miguel back? Tabitha says it will do no good. Kay then threatens to use her magic to stop Fancy from finding Sheridan and Luis, but Tabitha says she'll stop her! They both are zapping Luis and Sheridan, Kay soon realizes Tabitha's powers are stronger. Kay is worried, what if the boys in the basement still won't release Endora and Miguel after all this? Tabitha says it's a chance they have to take. Kay won't take that chance and tries to stop Fancy from going into the cottage, but Tabitha won't let her. 


Earlier, Fancy and Esme ended up at the Blue Note. Esme is still in black, claiming she's still in grieving over Fox. Fancy says life is precious and death can happen at any time, which is why she wants to spend every moment with Luis. Esme and Fancy sit down, Fancy doesn't see Luis or Sheridan here. Esme says she should call Luis. Fancy says no, she doesn't want Luis thinking she doesn't trust him. Esme says she doesn't, he lied about Sheridan calling him. Fancy says he must have his reasons. Esme says she doesn't want Fancy to lose Luis like she lost her one true love Fox. Fancy says nothing Sheridan has done so far has broken them up. Esme says but Sheridan isn't going to give up. She says go find them and stop Sheridan. Fancy keeps telling Esme to take off her ridiculous glasses, but Esme insists she's still in mourning. Fancy says they were only together a few hours. Esme says they had a moment where they knew each other was the one. Fancy says she's said that before, she falls in love too easily. Esme says that was before Fox, he was her one true love. She says though there are a lot of men in here that are cute, but not as cute as Fox. However she does have to give Viki a father figure, and she needs a job, possibly at Creane *hint hint*. Esme thinks she should cull this heard of men and find some prospectives. Esme tells Fancy to go find Luis. Fancy has no idea where to even look, or what Sheridan could be doing to get Luis back. Well she knows Sheridan claimed Marty was alive, but Luis didn't believe her. Esme says good, because a child is an impossible bond to break. Later Esme keeps looking around at all the hot men. She says that one is gay, that one is straight, that one is a virgin but will be gay. She finally sees a straight and sexy one that she likes. Esme is then zapped by Tabitha, and she tells Fancy that Luis and Sheridan are at the cottage right now, she's sure of it. Fancy asks how she's sure? Esme says she just is, so go there. Esme then enjoys the hot guy she's found and asks him to sit down with her. The guys name is Pete. Fancy interrupts Esme and Pete, she asks again why she thinks Luis and Sheridan are at the cottage. Esme says maybe Fox is trying to help Fancy through her, or maybe she's psychotic. Fancy says she means psychic. Fancy decides to go check the cottage out, Esme stays behind with Pete. Later Esme is alone again and she's crying in her drink about how she'll never get over losing Fox. Pete however returns. Esme asks Paul where they were before he left? Esme, who stole Fancy's credit card earlier while she wasn't looking, continues ordering drinks. She finally takes off her glasses and hat, thinking Fox wouldn't want her to stop living just because he did. Pete asks her to dance, Esme agrees and they take to  the dance floor. Pete tells Esme he's sorry for her loss, though something tells him it wasn't her virginity. They dance and flirt, but Esme keeps getting reminded of Fox's death. She tries to convince herself that Fox would want her to move on, so she will. She tells him for a straight man he dances divinely. She calls him Patrick, but he says it's Pete. She says right, like Petra the rock. She then feels his rock and says he lives up his to his name! As they dance, someone spies on them. Esme suddenly gets a chill, the feeling like when all her medication wears off and all the voices talk at once. Pete says soon the only thing she'll feel is him making her feel fantastic. 


Luis and Sheridan return to the cottage. Luis thinks they should be looking for Marty, but Sheridan fears if Alistair finds out they know then he'll move Marty. Luis says it isn't easy knowing how Alistair traumatized their son. Sheridan says she wants to kill father too, but then they'd never find Marty again. Sheridan says they have to calm down and figure out what to do next. She says she knows Luis will find a way to find Marty. Sheridan soon begins to cry, Luis tells her not to and tries to comfort her. Sheridan can't help it, she has to find Marty so he knows she is his mother and not Beth. She says Marty has to feel that love that only she can give him. In her head, Sheridan is thinking she wants Luis to kiss her and knows he wants to. Luis says they need to figure out what to do next. He says first he needs to call Fancy. Sheridan says he can't tell Fancy about Marty. Luis says he won't, but he can't ignore her. Sheridan says if he slips up while talking to her and Alistair is listening in, they'll lose Marty. He says he just wants Fancy to know he's thinking about her. Unfortunately Tabitha zaps his phone, so he can't get through to Fancy. They continue talking about how to find Marty. Sheridan says she can't wait to find him, they'll be able to watch him grow up, take trips together, see him get married. She tells Luis to promise her they'll find Marty. Luis says he promises he'll do his best. She thanks him and gives him a hug. Tabitha soon zaps them, causing them to kiss! Luis stops kissing her, he tells himself he shouldn't be doing this, he loves Fancy. Sheridan tells Luis how he's sexy as ever and she's missed being in his arms. Luis knows he should stop, but they end up ripping each other's clothes off! Tabitha keeps zapping them to keep this going. They end up in their undies on the couch. Sheridan tells him to make love to her. Luis knows he shouldn't, but he keeps going. However he's soon zapped by Kay's spell, and stops. Then he's zapped by Tabitha's spell and he keeps going. This goes back and forth. Later Fancy walks in and finds them on the couch going at it! 

At the hospital, Alistair tells Theresa she looks like her green card just expired. Theresa says she hates him for this. Alistair again warns her that he'll kill Ethan before letting him claim Little Ethan by his son. Alistair says her dream of a life with Ethan and her children will never happen, Ethan cannot know Little Ethan is his son. Alistair says her fate is to spend the rest of her days with him and his adopted son. Theresa warns Alistair he won't keep her from Ethan, she always finds a way. She says he is evil keeping her from the man she loves, keeping a man from his child. Alistair says she knew the truth for a year and kept them apart, she's evil herself. Theresa says she's nothing like him. Alistair says fine, now get herself together so Ethan doesn't see she's upset.


Outside the room, Rebecca has taken off. Ethan returns in a wheel chair, Gwen says she and Rebecca wanted to surprise Ethan by bringing his boy to see him. Ethan says he's exhausted and just needs to get back to bed. Gwen realizes she has to stall Ethan. She suggests they go get a midnight snack together! Ethan asks Gwen what is going on with her, why does she not seem to want him to go into his room? Gwen says she's not trying to keep him out, so he says help him into his room. Gwen realizes she can't stall any longer, if Theresa hasn't been convinced to keep quiet by Alistair then she'll lose Ethan forever.


Gwen takes Ethan into his room, where they find Alistair and Theresa. Ethan is shocked, he wants Gwen to call Sam. Alistair says Gwen won't call anyone if she knows what is good for her. Ethan asks what is going on and why is he in here with his wife? Alistair says he's not dead and Theresa is still his wife. Ethan says Theresa will divorce him and they will marry, and thanks to Gwen he now has a son. Ethan promises Alistair that he'll be in jail for killing Chad. Alistair asks Theresa if she's going to leave him, or is Ethan confused? Ethan says of course she'll divorce him and Alistair will go to jail and be executed. Ethan again asks Gwen to call the police, but Alistair says Gwen won't do that. Ethan says fine, Theresa will make the call. Alistair says he better go then, and walks out of the room and takes Gwen with him. Ethan tells Theresa he won't let Alistair hurt her again, they will be together and a family. Theresa knows she's stuck with Alistair or he'll kill Ethan. Ethan wants Theresa to divorce Alistair so they can be married and be a family. Theresa knows it will never happen, though she doesn't tell Ethan. Meanwhile, Alistair talks to Gwen and tells her that she has to win Ethan back when Theresa lets him go. Gwen says she can do it. Alistair says excellent. Alistair then run off. 


October 3,  2007


Esme and Pete return to his place as their date continues. Esme of course keeps calling him Paul. Esme looks around Pete's place, which is filled with various cat paintings and knick knacks. He also has cats, about a million of them. He rattles off all their names, including one who is named Mr. Princess who keeps going in and out of the closet, so to speak. Pete also catches mice in his home and gives them to his cats! He wants Esme to help him catch the mouse that is currently running around the living room. Esme asks if the cats shouldn't do that, but he says they might strain a muscle. Pete pounces on the mouse, catches it in his mouth and then throws it to his cats. Pete says his cats are thrilled. Esme isn't, she think she needs to go. She says she's really tired and her nighttime meds are about to kick in. She says soon she'll be cat-atonic. Pete says don't go, they are great together. She says well he is very sexy. He says give him a minute to feed the cats and hit the litter box, he means the bathroom, and he'll be right back. Esme asks if he could brush his teeth, gargle with some mouthwash . . . or bleach. He doesn't get why, but agrees for her. Pete leaves the room. Esme says that is one hot but crazy man, and people think she has a screw loose. Pete then asks Esme to close her eyes so he can surprise her. She does, Pete shows up in a cat costume! He asks if she wants to scratch his belly! Pete starts reciting some odd poem. Esme asks where he got that? He says he had it custom made, his baby's love it. He says pet him, it feels so good. She says it is soft and does show off his best qualities. Pete tells her to scratch behind his ears it drives him crazy. She says whatever, let's just get this off. He says not so fast, you have to be gentle with kitties and then they'll do anything for you. In the distance a dog barks, Pete says that is the neighbor's dog Sally, short for Salivodor. Pete says the dog wants to kill him and his cats. Pete starts screaming at the dog that he doesn't scare him or his cats, cats rule! Esme asks if the dog can get out, but Pete says no not since the lawsuit. She asks if he's sure, Pete says they are safe. She says okay, where is the cat nip. Pete pulls some out, she sprinkles it on him. As they are playing around, someone peaks in the front door at them. The dog next door keeps barking, which is driving Esme nuts. Pete decides to put on some music for them and begins dancing around and singing. He puts on a CD of cats meowing! The dog finally stops barking. We then see someone with a glove hand let the dog out of his pen! Esme continues playing with Pete and various cat toys. Suddenly Pete coughs up a hairball! Esme keeps trying to get him out of his cat suit. The dog begins barking again, Esme it sounds like he's moving. Pete says that is impossible, he's tied up in a pen. He asks her to stop talking about the dog, it really kills the mood for him. She says they don't want to do that. Meanwhile a person in a black glove and shirt opens the door and turns the light off. Esme wonders what happened? Pete goes to see what is happening. Suddenly Sally the dog charges in and attacks Pete! 


At Tabitha's, Kay and Tabitha watch the bowl as Fancy shows up at the cottage and finds Luis and Sheridan on the couch going at it. Kay hates this, but Tabitha tells her to get a grip. Tabitha says the ransom note was very specific, they must cause pain and evil. She says she'll shove every human through a meet grinder if she has to. Kay asks what guarantee they have the dark side will release them after they've destroyed everyone's lives. Tabitha says there is no guarantee, they have to take the chance. Kay says you don't fight evil with evil, you fight it with good. Tabitha says no you fight fire with fire. Tabitha conjures up her wand to give her some extra juice, she needs this for what she has planned. Kay won't let her and tries to get the want away from her. Tabitha tells Kay she needs to start breaking some hearts if she wants Miguel back, but Kay says obeying the dark side is wrong. Kay ends up conking Tabitha over the head with a rolling pin! She tries to get Tabitha's wand, but ends up breaking it. This cause power and lighting to storm all over the kitchen. Tabitha puts a bowl over the wand to contain the power. She then tells Kay she's out of control, a witch who breaks another witch's wand is universally despised. Kay doesn't care, at least she stopped her from hurting Fancy. Tabitha says she hasn't, she'll repair this wand and show her pain and suffering beyond her dreams. She says Fancy and Luis are done! Tabitha leaves. Kay knows Miguel would not approve of her turning evil to rescue him. Kay tries to figure a way to fix this. Kay says she could take care of one of them, but all three? Kay calls upon the good spirits to help her reverse this evil. She asks for the strength to make Luis, Sheridan and Fancy forget what happened tonight. She's then zapped with a yellow light and then zaps Luis, Sheridan and Fancy! 


At the cottage, Fancy can't believe this is happening. She yells at hem to stop this, but they don't seem to hear or notice Fancy is there. They keep kissing and making love. Sheridan thinks Fancy is too late, Luis loves her now. Fancy says this can't be happening. Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis never got over her, she's sorry Fancy had to find out this way, but nothing will break up Luis and Sheridan. Fancy tells Luis if he wanted Sheridan then she won't stop him, but he should have had the guts to tell her himself. Luis says nothing, Sheridan says Luis won't answer her. Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis needs a woman, and she couldn't hold onto Luis because she's possessive, clingy and weak. Fancy slaps her asking if that is weak? She again asks Luis how he could do this to her? Luis is basically in a daze from Tabitha's spell. They are soon zapped by Kay's magic and begin spinning around. Time goes backwards, everything reverses really quickly and Fancy is zapped back to her room. Fancy finds herself back in her room, and Luis and Sheridan find themselves dressed and at the cottage. None of them remembers what has happened. Luis senses something is wrong with Fancy and he should go find her. Sheridan feels strange herself. Luis says there is nothing more they can do to find Marty tonight. Sheridan says she'll talk to him in the morning, so Luis leaves. Sheridan meanwhile feels strange, yet so good. 


Luis goes to Fancy's room to check on her. Fancy says she has the strangest feeling she just saw him. Luis says him too. He wonders if they are both getting sick. She doesn't think so. Luis says he just had the worst feeling she was in pain and that they lost time or something. Fancy feels the same way. Luis suggestst hey make up for lost time. Fancy says for some reason she feels like hse's about to cry. Fr a moment she felt like she lost him. Luis says no, and he holds her. Fancy says he'd never lie to her about anything important would he? Luis says of course not. He hugs her. Luis feels bad he hasn't told her about Marty, but he promised Sheridan he wouldn't. Fancy tells Luis she and Noah broke up because he lied to her, and trust is important to her. Luis tells her not to worry, nothing will come between them. Meanwehile at the cottage, Sheridan says Luis is probab;y with Fancy, but he won't be for long. She says he will be hers, she swears it on the life of her niece. 


Back at Tabitha's, Tabitha returns with her duct taped wand, saying her duct tape will fix anything made from real ducks! Kay says ew! Kay then tells Tabitha she made Fancy, Luis and Sheridan forget what happened. Tabitha calls her a fool and goes to cast another spell, but Kay won't let her. Tabitha says they will end up trapped in hell with Endora and Miguel. Kay says at least they'll be reunited. Tabitha begs her to let her ruin Fancy and Luis. Kay won't and casts a spell to shrink Tabitha! Tabitha thinks she's melting and recites the wicked witch's speech from The Wizard of Oz. Kay says she's not melting, she's shrinking like in that old Lilly Tomlin movie. Kay then puts Tabitha in a fast food bag! Kay says she's keeping her in here until she can figure out another way to find Miguel and Endora. Kay staples the bag shut and says she'll let her out when she promises to be good. Tabitha says no and she has no idea what she's capable of when she loses her temper. Kay says a dinky witch is only capable of dinky magic. The bowl then starts bubbling, Kay looks in it. Tabitha says it is a preview of the pain she's going to bring. Kay tells Tabitha that she can't do this, this is really evil! Tabitha laughs. 


Theresa and Ethan return home. Theresa thinks Ethan should have stayed in the hospital one more night, but Ethan says he is fine and will be good as new in a few days. Ethan wants to go to bed with Theresa. She thinks they need sleep, but he says they'll sleep eventually. Theresa says well this is a good thing, at least she knows he's feeling better. Ethan says she is the cure he needs. Ethan says all she has to do is divorce Alistair so they can get married. He says Alistair is the only stumbling block between them and absolute happiness. Ethan wants to make love. Theresa says she'd love to, but he's weak and needs to rest. Ethan says ouch, rejected by the woman he loves. Ethan says fine, he will go finish Little Ethan's model airplane, he promised he'd make it for him. Theresa thinks it looks complicated and he really needs rest. Ethan says if he gets tired he'll sleep. Ethan talks about how he has such an awesome connection with Little Ethan. He says he loves his new baby, but Little Ethan is his guy. He wishes Little Ethan was his son. Ethan asks if she ever thinks about what their lives would be like if Little Ethan was his son? Ethan says even if he isn't his son, he's part of their family. Theresa says he is his son.


Outside their room, Gwen holds her baby and says Alistair will never let Theresa divorce him, so Ethan will be with them. She listens in on them, as Ethan talks about how he wishes Little Ethan was his son. Gwen says he is, but Alistair will never let him know that. Gwen barges in on Ethan and Theresa. Ethan sees the boy and says there is his little guy. Theresa thought Little Ethan was his guy? Gwen thought Ethan he'd like to give the baby his bottle. He would, but Theresa reminds him of the model airplane. Ethan remembers and says he should finish the plane, but Theresa tells Ethan he should give the baby his bottle first. Ethan gives the baby his bottle, Gwen then tells Theresa that Ethan will come straight back to her in time. She says she, Ethan and their baby will be a family. Theresa says never, Ethan is hers. Gwen says Alistair feels she and Little Ethan belong to him. Theresa says she'll find a way out of this mess. Gwen says nobody beats Alistair, look at poor Chad. Theresa says they belong together, it's fate. Gwen says fate always tears them are apart, put her faith in something else. Gwen says her lies always catch up with her, she could have told Ethan the truth so many times but never did as the moment was never right. She says had she told Ethan the truth, things could have worked out. Gwen says now it's too late, Ethan is lost to her forever. Theresa says Gwen may have won this battle, but not the war. She says Ethan will never love Gwen the way he loves her. Gwen says she's fine with that, it is better then ending up alone. Gwen says her son needs a father, not a sorry excuse of a liar for a step-mother. Theresa reminds Gwen that she and Rebecca destroyed his life in the first place with the tabloid scheme. Gwen says he doesn't believe that, and right now Ethan is on cloud nine. Gwen says maybe they'll give Ethan his first born son a brother or sister. Theresa says Little Ethan is his first born son, but Gwen says she can't tell him that. Gwen says Theresa got herself into this mess and now she has to live with it. Gwen says Ethan will never be hers. Theresa says no matter what happens, she'll always be the woman in his heart. Ethan smiles, Theresa says see how he looks at her? Gwen says Ethan isn't smiling at Theresa, he's smiling at her! Ethan tells Gwen this guy is just so amazing. She thinks it will be easier to replace Theresa in Ethan's heart than she thought.



October 4, 2007

Sheridan is at the cottage on the laptop looking at a photo of Marty. She says Mommy is coming as soon as she finds a clue to his location. Sheridan looks at a photo of her and Luis together. She hates sitting here knowing Marty is out there somewhere. She then looks at a photo of Marty. She puts his photo next to hers and Luis' and says they are a family, as they should be. She says as soon as they find him they can tell the whole world he's alive. Gwen walks in and hears this, asking how long she's known Marty is alive? Sheridan says she could have knocked. Gwen wants answers. Sheridan says Marty is alive, but she can't tell anyone. She tells Gwen if Alistair finds out she knows that Marty is alive, he'll move Marty just to torture her. Sheridan says he thinks of Marty as a possession of his, he won't let him go. Gwen asks what she is doing to find him? Sheridan says Luis knows and they know he's in Harmony somewhere. Sheridan says as soon as they find him then they'll be a family. Gwen says she thinks finding Marty will make Luis leave Fancy? Sheridan says it could happen. Gwen asks if this is about getting Luis back? Sheridan says no it is about finding Marty, but as soon as they do, Luis will forget about Fancy. Sheridan says she is the love of his life and she won't let him forget it. Gwen says she won't say anything, she doesn't want to judge her. Sheridan says Gwen talked her out of pursuing Luis before. Gwen says she was married at the time, she didn't want her to get hurt. Sheridan says she's not as weak as everything thinks. She says once they find Marty, they will be happy together forever. Sheridan asks Gwen why she came here? Gwen says to tell her news, one of her dreams and Ethan's have come true. Gwen tells Sheridan that she wanted her to be the first to know, but things happened. Gwen says she got pregnant, it was a miracle, she had  Ethan's son. She says her little boy will make Ethan come back to her. Sheridan thinks they both have sons and will be reunited with the loves of their lives. They sit down and talk. Gwen talks about how this is a miracle, all the doctors told her she'd never get pregnant again after what happened in LA. She says she didn't know she was pregnant until her second trimester. She also talks about how she's never seen Ethan this happy. Sheridan asks what about Theresa? Gwen doesn't think she'll be a problem as Alistair still sees her as his. Sheridan says Alistair will go to jail for killing Chad, she could divorce him then. Gwen says Alistair gets away with everything, it won't happen. Gwen does admit though that every time she's happy something happens, she has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Suddenly Rebecca calls Gwen, she's having issues with the PC and trying to figure out JT's memory stick. Gwen just tells her not to touch anything until she gets there. Sheridan asks if everything is okay? Gwen just says she and her mom are working on a project and her mom almost erased all the data. Sheridan asks if this has anything to do with getting Ethan back? Gwen says yes. She also says in her data collecting, if she finds something that could help her get back with Luis, she'll send it her way. Gwen then gives Sheridan her condolences about Fox. Sheridan says Fox was shot is his own bedroom, none of them are safe around here. She also says Alistair hired Spike to kill Vincent. Sheridan tells her about how she had to save Spike over Vincent in order to find out about Marty. She says now Eve hates her and Julian must be devastated to lose two sons at the same time. Later Sheridan continues talking about how once she and Luis find Marty, Fancy will be out in the cold. Gwen then has to get home and help her mom fix the computer. Sheridan tells Gwen she knows she and Ethan will be reunited, she'll have the dream life she always wanted. Gwen then heads out. Gwen says she has to decode that memory stick. Sheridan meanwhile returns to her own computer to try and find Marty. 


At Eve's, Julian left Eve a note, he went out and ran an errand. Eve meanwhile breaks out the booze, only to find Julian poured it all out. She says he doesn't trust her. She begins looking all over for some booze and finds he got rid of it all. She says this is her house, if she wants to stack alcohol to the rafters it is her business. She says he can't have found her bottle of brandy she hid away for a rainy day. She goes to the closet and finds it. Eve then pours herself a drink. She calls it her one true friend. Vincent then shows up in a white trench coat. Eve says he's back. She asks if he is really here? Julian says she's imaging him, that he's dead. He asks if he feels like a ghost. She walks over and touches him. She says he is real. She hugs him and says she knew he wasn't dead. She says she knows she saw him fall off the cliff. He gives her some pills and says take them, they'll make her feel better. She asks what they are? He says he said they'd make her feel better, doesn't she trust him? She says of course. She takes them, suddenly Vincent vanishes. Eve asks where he went? She calls out to him begging him to come back. She cries please don't leave her. Julian returns at this point with groceries, Eve is frantic and looking for Vincent. Eve says Vincent was here and now he's gone. She begs Julian to help her find their son. Julian says Vincent is not alive, he is gone, she must have been dreaming. She says he was here, she touched him. He sees she's been drinking again, he got rid of the booze for her own good. Eve says he had no right. Julian tells Eve that Vincent is dead and she has to accept it. He has something to tell her, he's going to make them some food and then they will have a long talk about Vincent and what happened to him. Eve knows he doesn't believe her. Julian says he loves her and wants what is best for her. Julian goes into the kitchen. Eve goes to drink, but knows if she does then Julian won't shut up. The pills begin to kick in, Eve then hears Vincent's voice. She thinks he's back, but only sees a blurry image of him. Vincent is using his ghost projector again. Vincent says he has to go now because daddy doesn't believe he is alive. He says daddy is glad he is dead. He says this is why he has to go. Eve begs him not to go. She says they'll convince his father he is real. Vincent says daddy wants to lock him up, he's happy he died, he is ashamed of him. Eve says he is wrong. Vincent says all he ever wanted to do was play catch with daddy, that's all little Vincent ever wanted. Vincent says he has to go and disappears. Julian returns with food as Eve is once again looking for Vincent. Eve slaps Julian and calls him a bastard. She says Vincent was here and is gone, but he's not coming back because of him. Julian says she is seeing Vincent because of the bottle, she is hallucinating. He says Vincent is gone, he is stone cold dead and is not coming back. Julian says he just got news from Sam, they have solid evidence that Vincent is dead. Vincent is of course spying and thinks this should be good. Eve says she knows Vincent is alive, she saw him and touched him, Sam must be lying. Julian says he knows she wants to believe Vincent is alive, but Sam has DNA evidence he's dead. Eve cries then Vincent doesn't come to see her? Julian says no. Eve says maybe he's right, maybe she is imagining things. She says maybe she's going crazy. Julian says she's not crazy, she's just under so much pressure. He says she's trying to ease the pain with all this liquor and pills. She asks what they will do? Julian says he'll take her upstairs to rest. Vincent, who is spying, hits something and it makes a sound. He hopes they didn't hear it. Julian takes Eve up to bed, but soon finds someone sneaking around in a white raincoat. He pulls them out from where Vincent was hiding before. Eve is positive it's Vincent, they even have on the same coat.


In Fancy's room, Luis and Fancy both talk about how they feel like they have lost a few hours. Fancy says it's like those people abducted by aliens. Luis laughs and says she doesn't believe that does she? She says given what they've been through lately, an alien abduction would be a picnic. Luis says it's not that bad, and they still have each other. They kiss and make their way over to Fancy's bed. They soon begin ripping each other's clothes off. Later they make love. 


At Pete's, the neighbor's dog Sally attacks Pete. Esme tries to remember the number for 911 to call. She tries to find Pete's phone to call, but the dog is done attacking Pete and comes after Esme! Esme tries to calm him down, and wonders what all the red stuff over his muzzle is . . . oh. Esme finds some booze sitting around and begins opening it as she rambles on and on. The cork from the bottle ends up hitting the dog. Esme says she's sorry, who needs two eyes anyways. Esme then stumbles on her purse, gets her phone and calls Fancy. Fancy is in bed with Luis and wonders why Esme is calling her. Fancy answers her phone, Esme says she needs help. She says he's killed Paul and is coming for her next. The dog attacks, she then drops her phone and screams. Fancy hears Esme screaming and tells Luis she said someone was going to kill her. 

Later Luis and Fancy show up at Pete's, the place is a wreck and nobody is around. They soon find Esme passed out on the floor. Fancy thinks she's dead! She's of course not and comes too. She explains what happened with Pete and the dog from next door. Luis asks where Pete is? Esme says he was in the other room and attacked. She says they need to call an ambulance. Fancy calls for one. Luis says they don't need an ambulance, they need a hearse. Luis says tell them to bring a lot of bags as he's in pieces! Esme faints, Luis catches her. Fancy later comforts her. Fancy thinks it's terrible Esme had to see this so soon after Fox was shot. Esme thinks she's the black widow, sleep with her and meet your doom. She says they'll start put warnings about her on condom wrappers. She talks about how they were having fun with the toys and catnip. Fancy says catnip? Esme says it drives men wild, she should try it with Luis, bake them into brownies like they did at boarding school but with . . . Fancy says no need to dredge up the past! Later Luis returns after questioning some neighbors. He the neighbor saw a woman she had never seen before let the dog out on purpose. Luis says the description of the woman was all in black and left a footprint, the same size shoe as Esme. Esme says maybe she and Pete walked by the pen on the way in? Esme soon realizes Luis and Fancy think she did this, that she killed Pete. Fancy says of course they don't think she did, she wouldn't put herself in danger like this. Esme says Luis thinks she did, but he says he didn't say that. Fancy says they should take her home to the mansion. Esme says goodbye Paul! Fancy says Pete . . . Esme says she hopes this was one of his 9 lives, if not, sleep with the angels. She says she'll make a donation to the ASPCA in his honor. They leave, Luis isn't sure he's buying Esme's act.  



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