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2nd Week of October  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



October 8, 2007
At Eve's, Eve and Julian find someone in a white trench coat lurking about. Eve is sure it's Vincent, but of course it is Valerie. We see that Vincent quickly put on the Valerie disguise moments before being caught.  Julian asks why she is here? Valerie says she came to check on Eve after the phone call in which she thought she was Vincent. She was worried, but then she saw them sharing an intimate moment and got embarrassed. She hid and was trying to sneak out. Eve is still convinced Vincent was here, she knows it. Julian tries to reason with her, saying she was just starting to believe it wasn't possible, that Vincent was dead. Eve won't believe that. Julian decides to go find her some pills to help her relax and get a good nights sleep. He asks Valerie to look after her. Eve lays on the couch with her eyes closed calling for Vincent. Valerie decides to give mommy what she wants. She takes off her mask and becomes Vincent, telling Eve that he's here! Eve sees him and screams for Julian. Valerie runs off, Eve tells Julian Vincent was just here. Valerie of course returns, claiming Vincent wasn't here. Eve calls her a liar, saying she must have seen Vincent. She grabs a bottle of booze, Julian says she doesn't need this. Valerie tells Julian how Eve is an alcoholic, he can't reason with her when she's drunk. Eve yells at Julian to get out of her house and calls Valerie a bitch as she knows where her son is and is keeping him from her. Eve stumbles off with her bottle.

At the mansion, a coffin is in the living room. Kay shows up in tears, saying she can't believe Fox is gone. She knows he did love her, and she loved him too. She hopes he's at peace. Kay sees her sweater laying about, she wonders how it got here. She figures she must have left it and picks it up. Esme soon shows up for the funeral, talking about how such a wonderful man shouldn't be in that box. Ivy and Sam soon arrive, as does Viki. Ivy is furious to see Kay here, she's convinced Kay and Miguel are the ones who killed Fox. Kay says that is ridiculous, but Sam says Miguel is still missing. Viki cries over Fox's coffin, Kay learns that Esme was with Fox when he was mysteriously shot. He also says tonight Esme was with another guy named Pete when he was mysteriously killed as well. Sam says it's not really looking good for Esme. Esme insists she's innocent. Ivy reminds Sam he said he had some new evidence in Fox's murder. They decide to open it up. Some threads were found on the window sill where the shot supposedly came from, black and from a cashmere sweater. Everyone looks at Kay, who is holding a similar sweater. She explains she found it here tonight, she must have left it here at some point. Sam says he's afraid he'll have to take a sample of it for testing. Kay swears she didn't shoot Fox. She even dumps her purse out to show them no gun. What they do find though is a bag of catnip, which Esme says looks like the one Pete had. It now looks like Kay killed Pete and Fox! Sam asks Kay where she was tonight, she says with Tabitha. Kay says he was there earlier questioning them, but Sam says she could have slipped out. Kay swears she was with Tabitha all night until she came here. Sam suggests they get Tabitha's verification. Kay remembers she put Tabitha in a bag. She says they can't talk to Tabitha, she's gone. Sam asks where? Kay says well she doesn't really know. Ivy says the next thing she'll say is Endora is gone too. Kay says well . . . . Ivy can't believe this. She thinks Kay has killed Fox, Pete, Tabitha, Endora and maybe even Miguel. She tells Sam that Kay is a serial killer!

In Fancy's room, Luis and Fancy are kissing and beginning to get it on. Pretty shows up in the hall and spies on them. She has Alistair's device and plans to use it on Fancy. She turns it on, this causes Fancy to have headaches again. When Luis becomes concerned, she slaps him and yells at him to get out of her room! She keeps yelling at him until he leaves. Pretty then powers off the device. Fancy returns to normal, she cries what is happening to her? Luis meanwhile feels like he never should have let Fancy talk him out of taking her to the hospital. He heads back to her room and sees someone in the hall. He says you!

Gwen arrives at wherever she and her mom happen to be staying. Rebecca has the laptop out, Gwen hopes she hasn't touched it. Gwen says her mom almost gave her a heart attack when she called claiming she may have erased the stick. Gwen gets to work as Rebecca checks on the baby. Rebecca is still worried about him, but Gwen insists he's the sweetest most perfect baby ever. Rebecca pours herself a drink and begins thinking fondly of her cross dressing JT. Gwen continues working on cracking the memory stick, wondering how JT got all these secrets in the first place. There is a scare where it seems Gwen may have erased everything, but she really ends up breaking the code and seeing all the secrets he had. Gwen says they can finally destroy Theresa for good with this information!

At Pilar's, Theresa shows up in tears. She tells her mom how Alistair is blackmailing her to stay in this marriage and not tell Ethan the truth. She fears she'll lose Ethan to Gwen. Pilar tells Theresa not to give up, fight Alistair, fight for Ethan. Theresa says Alistair has threatened to take Little Ethan, to kill Ethan! Pilar asks where her strong Theresa is? She tells her that she has the whole family behind her, the whole police force. Pilar says they will protect her and Little Ethan. Theresa tells her mom that she's right. She says she won't lose Ethan to Gwen and she won't let Alistair win. She says she'll fight, she'll start by telling Ethan the truth about his son.


October 9, 2007

At Tabitha's, Sam, Ivy and Kay arrive. Sam wants to speak with Tabitha, but Kay explains she is gone. Sam asks if she didn't tell her where she was going or leave a note? Kay says no, she just took off, you know how flighty Tabitha can be. Ivy finds it very suspicious that Miguel, Tabitha and Kay are all gone. She suspects Kay and Miguel killed Fox, Miguel left town and Kay was supposed to meet him, Tabitha found out and so Kay killed her and Endora. Kay says there is no proof, but Ivy and Sam remind her about the threads from her sweater found at the mansion and the pouch of catnip in her purse. Kay says she didn't even know this Pete guy, why would she want to kill him? Sam is afraid it isn't looking good for Kay. Sam gets a call and takes it as Ivy continues to accuse Kay. Kay has a fantasy of killing Ivy with a chainsaw to shut her up as Sam, who is yelling at Ivy for yelling while he's on the phone, gives Kay the thumbs up. Sam lets Kay know that Tabitha's car is still here, so obviously she hasn't left town. Kay talks to the bag where Tabitha is, wondering what she's going to do. Ivy wonders if Kay is talking to the voices in her head? Tabitha ends up causing more trouble, making blood appear on the floor. Ivy sees it and says KAy must have killed Tabitha in this room. Sam says it's fresh blood and takes a sample. He tells Kay that for her sake, this better not match Endora or Tabitha.


At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa arrive. Theresa thanks her mom for talking her into telling Ethan the truth. Theresa runs to find him as Gwen shows up, not believing what she has heard. She can't believe Pilar would encourage Theresa to tell Ethan the truth after Alistair made it clear he'd kidnap Little Ethan and kill Ethan. Gwen says she has a stake in what happens here too, she has a son with Ethan. Pilar confronts Gwen about her son, saying it is clear to her that Gwen and Rebecca are up to something. Pilar says Gwen is the one who left Ethan, who filed for divorce, yet now it is clear she is using this baby to get Ethan back. She begs Gwen not to do this, not to use a child this way, not to hurt Theresa and Ethan anymore. Gwen asks what about the hurt Theresa has brought on her? Pilar knows Theresa and Ethan's love has hurt Gwen, but she tells her to realize Ethan loves Theresa and always will. Pilar talks about how she understands the rage of losing a man to another woman. She talks about how she and Martin had a great love and were happy, but when he ran away with Katherine, he found a greater love. She says she knows now he'd never have been happy with her, he only came back out of obligation and she had to let him go. She tells Gwen that Ethan will only be with her out of obligation. Gwen reminds Pilar how not long ago she told Theresa to stay away from Ethan because he was married to her. She can't believe how Pilar has turned this around now. Gwen says Ethan loved her, she didn't have to do anything or scheme to get him to love her like Theresa did. She orders Pilar to call Theresa and stop her from telling Ethan the truth. Pilar won't, saying there is nothing that could make her do so. Gwen didn't want to use this, but shows Pilar something on a piece of paper. Pilar is stunned, where did she find this? Gwen says what matters is she has it, and if Pilar doesn't do what she says, everyone will know. Pilar says this will be the end of her and the destruction of Theresa!


Theresa goes looking for Ethan, who surprises her with dinner. He feels bad, like all his attention has been on the new baby and not her. He wanted to make that up to her. He knows this must be hard, that she wanted to give him his first born son. He also says he doesn't love Jane any less, but there is something about a son and carrying on a man's legacy. He asks if Theresa is okay not having given him a son? She says but she did give him his first born son, Little Ethan. Ethan says of course, and he'll always love him, there is something about him that he feels so close to. Theresa says because he is his son. Ethan of course says he's like his son, but Theresa says he is. She says Julian is not his father. Ethan says he understands now, he gets why Julian stopped fighting for custody. Of course as usual Ethan doesn't get it, he just thinks it has to do with the deal Theresa and Julian made. Ethan eventually suggests they not talk about this anymore tonight and just enjoy this dinner. They dance, and he tells her how as soon as Alistair goes to jail and she leaves him, they can finally be married. As they dance, someone spies on them.


Luis finds Sheridan outside of Fancy's room. Someone spies on them, the remote for Fancy lays on the table un noticed. Sheridan was coming to tell Luis she tried to follow any leads she could on Marty, nothing panned out. Luis says Alistair has been careful. Sheridan says well she'll let him get back to Fancy. She can see something is wrong, Luis admits Fancy has been acting odd lately. They end up going down to the kitchen to have some wine and talk. Luis tells Sheridan about Fancy's mood swings. Sheridan says she's not surprised, she has seen Fancy act this way in the past, she's selfish. Luis won't hear of this, he loves her and has no intention of giving up on Fancy. Sheridan says she knows. She admits for awhile she was trying to come between him and Fancy, but not anymore. Luis is glad. He decides to go back to Fancy and try and talk to her. Suddenly Sheridan gets a call from Spike. She tells Luis that SPike has a lead on their son!


October 10,  2007
At Tabitha's, it is a new day as Kay talks to the bag Tabitha is in. She doesn't want to fight with her, but she's about top put her in that microwave. She says if she doesn't come up with something then she'll go to prison for murder. Ivy and Sam show back up, Ivy tells Kay to just admit she's a serial killer. Kay says she's not. Sam says he knows something is going on, just tell him what. Kay claims nothing is going on, but if she was a murderer, Ivy would be at the top of her list. Ivy says Sam heard it, but Sam says she's responding to Ivy badgering her. Sam tells Kay she can't really think Tabitha is in that bag? Kay says she doesn't. She is just talking to herself about Tabitha. She says she didn't kill anyone, neither did Miguel. Ivy tells Sam to stop living in denial, Fox is dead, Pete is dead, Tabitha and Endora are missing and Kay could be behind all of it, she may have even killed Miguel. She says his daughter is a murderer and there is evidence to prove it. Ivy talks about how Kay seduced Fox into marrying her because of the money, she had Miguel kill him to get that money, and she kept having to kill to silence all the witnesses. Kay continues to say she hasn't killed anyone. Ivy asks about the blood on the floor. Kay doesn't know where it came from, maybe from something she was cooking. Ivy says Fox says she never cooked as she was lousy at it. Sam says tests are being run to find out if it is human blood. Ivy says it is, the only question is what victim it belongs to. Kay doesn't know how Sam can love Ivy when she's so mean. Sam tells Kay given the evidence, Kay has explaining to do. Kay says fine, she'll tell him everything. She actually tells Sam and Ivy that the dark side kidnapped Endora and Miguel and wants them to do bad things to people to get them back, Tabitha, who is a witch, was doing things and she stopped her by putting her under a spell and putting her in the bag. Sam tells Kay she' knows she's been under a lot of pressure, but she has to come to grips with reality. Kay reminds them both their house was sucked into hell, that they fought demons. Sam tells Kay to just stay here inside for the time being. Kay knows he doesn't believe her, but she swears she didn't do anything. Sam wants to believe her, but the evidence and this story . . . it's a bit crazy. Ivy tells Kay they'll be back to arrest her as soon as the test results come back. Ivy and Sam leave, the bag glows. Kay knows, she exposed Tabitha as a witch, but it's not like they believed her anyway. 


Later there is a knock at the door. Kay thinks it is her dad back to arrest her, but it's Spike! Spike gives her flowers, Kay asks if he shouldn't be in jail? Spike says he risked being arrested to see her. He can't stop thinking about the vibe between them, he was hoping they could test the waters and get to know each other better. Kay asks if he's crazy? She says he's married to his sister and wanted for murder. She slams the door on him wondering if this day could get worse. Kay knows it could. Spike meanwhile calls Alistair and says he did what she said, he asked out Kay and she said to get lost. Alistair knew she'd say that, so Spike asks why he asked him to do this? 


At the mansion, Fancy is in the kitchen sipping tea and remembering smacking Luis the other day and throwing him out. She doesn't know what is wrong with her. Esme shows up and asks why Fancy is hanging out here, this is where the H E L P makes the food. Fancy says she gave them the day off. Esme asks if it is Christmas already? Esme says Viki needs breakfast, who will make it. Fancy tells her to cut up fruit, put it on cereal and add some milk. Esme says that is too much to remember. She also can't think around her when she's so unattractive looking. Fancy, who is in swears and not made up, says she's upset. Esme says she's the one who lost Fox and Pete. Fancy says Fox was her brother. She also says she attacked Luis again, she called him a bastard and slapped him. Esme asks if she lost her mind? A spying Pretty says Fancy hasn't lost her mind, she's slowly taking it. Pretty says it will only get worse. Esme and Fancy continue talking about what Fancy did to Luis as they make some breakfast. Esme tells Fancy to figure out what is going on before she does it again. Fancy says the mood swings come on like someone is flicking a switch. Esme says speaking as someone with psychological issues, figure out what is going on before she bitch slaps Luis back into Sheridan's arms. Pretty says that is what she's counting on! Esme keeps saying as a rider on the bipolar express, Fancy will drive Luis to Sheridan. Fancy doesn't think so, Luis loves her and spent hours last night proving it. Esme asks how long he'll stick around if she keeps slapping him? She says some men like that, but Luis doesn't seem like one of those guys. Fancy says he's not, and she wishes she could stop acting the way she is. 


Pretty walks into the kitchen and says hello. Esme says her horrific scars are barely noticeable today. Pretty says thanks. She asks Fancy why she seems upset? Esme says Fancy is out of control and is worried she may lose Luis. Pretty says don't be silly, Luis knows a lot is going on with Fox being murdered. Esme talks about how she's grieving too over Fox, and Pete. Pretty says if Luis could forgive her for shooting him, he could forgive her for this. Pretty even offers to talk to Luis for her. Esme says she'd do that for Fancy? Pretty says of course, she's her sister. Pretty wants her to be happy, she knows losing Luis would break her heart. Fancy smiles, Esme is suspicious. Pretty decides to make Fancy some soft-boiled eggs, Fancy thanks her for being so good to her. Esme however wonders what Pretty is up to, she's being way to nice to her. Fancy tells Esme they've moved passed that. Esme doesn't buy it, Pretty came back to Harmony to break Fancy and Luis up. Fancy says Pretty has changed, she wants them to be happy. Fancy tells Esme not to worry about Pretty, she's not. Pretty meanwhile, who is cooking eggs, sees Luis and Sheridan outside. She says she'll give Fancy her just desserts. She says this is what Fancy needs to see, Luis holding Sheridan. Pretty asks Fancy to come over here, she needs to see something. 


Sheridan and Luis are in the garden waiting to meet Spike and find out what he knows about Marty. Luis can't believe it's come to this, them being beholden to Spike. Luis says Spike could turn on them if he's still working with Alistair. Luis thinks he'll arrest Spike, but Spike arrives and says no he's not. Spike tells him if he says the A word to him, he'll never see Marty again. Sheridan tells Spike that nobody will be arresting him, right Luis. Luis says sure, let's let Spike go after killing countless johns and turning his wife into a hooker. Luis says Spike shouldn't be worried about jail, he should be worried about death row. Luis demands to know where Marty is, but Spike says he's not giving him information to turn around and have Luis toss him in jail. Sheridan promises Spike whatever he wants. Spike wants money, lots of it to start a new life somewhere. Sheridan says done. Spike also needs Luis to get rid of all his arrest records and evidence linking him to any crimes. Spike says then and only then will he give them the skinny on Marty. Sheridan says deal, but Luis says no freaking way! Luis says paying Spike off is bad enough, but destroying records and evidence are felonies. Sheridan says only if he's caught. Spike leaves them to talk amongst themselves. Sheridan begs Luis to do this, he's not doing it for Spike but for Marty. Luis says the man is a murderer, if they set him free then he'll hurt other innocent people. Sheridan is fine with that if it means getting Marty back. Luis says they'll get him back without him. Spike says Luis has blown it, he's out of here. Luis says no he's not. Spike pulls his gun on him and says he's leaving. Spike takes off, Sheridan demands Luis go after him. She says she won't lose Marty again because of Luis. Luis runs after Spike. 

Sheridan talks to herself saying if Luis mucks this up she'll kill him. Luis later returns, Spike got away. Sheridan says Luis drove him away. Luis says the man is a killer. Luis says he can't let Spike go free. Sheridan doesn't care, she let Vincent die to save Spike and he blew it. Luis tells Sheridan there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Sheridan tells Luis not to lecture her on right and wrong, they'd have their son now if he had believed her. She wants Luis to say that was wrong, he does. She says then Beth got away with Marty and he had the chance to shoot her and he didn't, wrong again. She says every chance they have a chance to get Marty back, he handles it wrong. She says she wants Marty back and doesn't care what they have to do. She says Luis put his own morals and rules above saving their own flesh and blood. She thinks Luis hates that Spike can get Marty back and Luis can't. Luis says that isn't true. Sheridan says then she'll wait for him to get Marty and lose him  for a forth time. She says he broke out of jail to prove himself innocent of Fancy's rape, but he won't break the law to save Marty. She says he's a hypocrite. Luis says fine, he will meet Spike's demands to get Marty back. Sheridan thanks him. Luis says no thank her for the reality check, he needed it. She says he's doing this for Marty. 


In the room where Ethan and Theresa had dinner, Theresa wakes up on the couch in Ethan's arms. She wishes Ethan had understood her when she told him the truth about his son. Theresa realizes they didn't eat their dessert last night. Ethan says they did and whispers something to her. Theresa says oh yes she remembers. Theresa says it was incredible, what she wouldn't give for more. He thinks that can be arranged. Later Ethan once again talks about how Alistair will be going to prison, she'll divorce him and he'll protect their family. Theresa says he's good to her. He says he loves her and will fight anyone that come between them. Theresa says Pilar told her that he'd say that, and told her to hold tight for her love for him. She promises to never give up on them. They also talk about Ivy and how she doesn't think Theresa is good enough for him. Ethan doesn't care, Ivy won't think anyone he loves is good enough for him. They also talk about how Pilar was in their corner, she knew they were in love the whole time. He says he remembers Pilar knew he loved Theresa before he even did. Ethan thinks from now on they should always listen to Pilar. 


Elsewhere in the mansion, Gwen says good morning to Pilar. She assumes Pilar probably didn't get much sleep thinking about what they talked about. Pilar begs Gwen not to do this. Gwen says either tell Theresa to give up Ethan, or she'll go public with her secret. Gwen says if she doesn't get Theresa to leave Ethan, she'll tell everyone. Pilar says Gwen can't be this heartless and cruel, but Gwen says when it comes to Theresa she can. Pilar says this would mean her death and the death of her whole family. Does Gwen want the blood of her family on her hands? Gwen says when it comes to winning Ethan back, she'll do anything. Gwen says she has to hand it to her, when she has a secret nothing can pull it out of her, no wonder Ivy trusted her. Pilar begs Gwen not to do this, she is much better than this. Gwen says she might be better than Pilar, she's never come close to doing these horrible things. Gwen can't believe anyone hasn't found out about this, not even Theresa? Pilar says it would destroy her. She says think about Jane and Little Ethan, their lives will be jeopardized over this. Gwen says that her secret will stay one if she keeps Theresa away from Ethan. Pilar thinks Gwen wouldn't put innocent lives at risk, she wouldn't hurt her if it meant hurting Little Ethan and Jane. Gwen says her mother knows the secret and she wouldn't think twice about doing this. Pilar begs her not to make her choose, but Gwen says she can't stop her mother from doing this. Gwen says her mom hates Pilar as much as she hates Theresa. Gwen tells her to call Theresa and tell her to stay way from Theresa. Pilar begs for mercy, but Gwen says all she has to do is make the call. Pilar hopes she can be forgiven for hurting Theresa like this, but she has no choice. Gwen says she's doing the right thing, it's better than sacrificing the lives of everyone she loves. 


Theresa gets the call from her mom. Theresa says she's with Ethan, they had the most wonderful night. Ethan goes to get dessert for them. Theresa tells her mom she promised not to give up on Ethan, they owe their happiness to her. Pilar says about that, she was wrong to tell her to fight for Ethan. Theresa says what? Pilar says she's married to Alistair, she needs to honor her vows and respect her husband. She says she doesn't have a future with Ethan. Pilar tells Theresa to let Ethan go once and for all, because her future is with Alistair. Theresa can't believe she's hearing ths. Pilar says she was wrong telling her to hold onto Ethan, end things and walk away. Theresa wonders what is going on. Pilar can't explain, she just needs to end things with Ethan. Pilar then hangs up on Theresa. Ethan returns and asks Theresa what is wrong? Meanwhile Gwen tells Pilar she did a good job, the right thing. Pilar says she did what Gwen told her to do. Gwen says she just wants the man Theresa stole from her, now she has the chance to get him back.



October 11, 2007
In the garden, Luis and Sheridan talk about giving Spike what he wants. Luis hates the idea that Spike is going to go free. Sheridan says but in return they'll get the information to find Marty. She knows this is hard for him, but in the end it will be worth it. Luis was never a believer in the ends justify the means. She says they will get Marty back and she'll pay whatever price necessary to make it happen. She hugs Luis. Sheridan tells Luis he made the right decision, this is the only way to get Marty back. She says making these choices can be hard, sometimes they have to chose the lesser evil. Luis knows, and he will have to find a way to live with it. He says he needs to go to the station and do what Spike asked. Luis later heads off. Sheridan smiles, she thinks everything will soon be perfect. As Luis leaves, Spike spies from the mansion and says he knew Luis would change his mind, what choice did he have? 


In the kitchen, Esme calls Fancy over to see something, hoping she'll find Luis with Sheridan. Sheridan looks outside and says oh God no! She hasn't seen Sheridan and Luis, she sees a clock on the stables and realizes her watch stopped. She's late for her first day back at work. Fancy then runs off. Esme is left with Pretty. Esme asks what is wrong with Pretty? Pretty says nothing. Esme sees Luis and Sheridan outside. She calls Pretty a bitch and says that is what she wanted Fancy to see. Esme says this newly minted kindness thing she has going is an act, she just wants to hurt Fancy. Esme ends up telling Pretty that she still wants to get back at Fancy for her scar. She tells Pretty she's a Crane, find a way to make scar tissue sheik. She could see her on the cover of vogue, highlighting her scar with red and gold accents and glitter. She says every beauty parlor in the US would have a scar artist on staff. Pretty tells Esme she is sick! Esme tells Pretty and she just wants revenge. Esme says she has Pretty's number, she's uglier on the inside than the out. Esme asks what the story is, what is she up to? Pretty tells her to take a pill, what she thinks is going on is the booze in her system. Emse says she's sober enough to know something is going on, so what is the game. Pretty says Esme is the one playing a game, she's throwing the blame on her to take the focus off of her being a serial killer! Pretty says she hooked up with Fox for two seconds and bam, he's killed. Pretty says then she hooks up with Pete and he's murdered too. Esme asks what she knows about Pete? Pretty says just what she read in the papers. Esme says there was nothing in the papers this morning about Pete, so how does she know about him? Something she'd like to share with the group? Pretty says she doesn't know how she heard it, she just did. Pretty tells Esme she's a guest in this house, so be less concerned about how she knew about cat boy's murder and more concerned what she had to do with it. Pretty storms off. Esme says it takes a deranged bitch to catch one, and she's the bitch for the job. 


Luis goes to the station and pulls up Spike's records on the PC. He knows it will all disappear in a second if he hits this key. He doesn't know what he's doing, if he does this then he's no better than someone who works for Alistair. He says if he doesn't, then he'll never see his son again. He says God forgive him. He deletes the files as Fancy walks in and asks Luis what he's doing? He looks like he's been caught breaking into fort knocks. He says he was just writing a report. She thought he was off duty. He says he was, but he came in to catch up and make a good impression given he's been gone for so long. Fancy tell Luis she needs to apologize for last night, she doesn't know what got into her. He makes a joke out of it saying he's not counting the slaps. She says there is no excuse for her behavior, she just was overcome with rage and she doesn't know where the feelings came from. She says she loves him and would never want to push him away, but she did. Luis knows she's going through a lot lately, her brother was murdered. She says you forgive me? He says there is nothing to forgive, he loves her and that is all he remembers. She wonders how she got so lucky to be rewarded with him. They share a kiss. Fancy then sees the computer says File Deleted on the screen. Luis says he's finished here and has to get going. He tells her to get ready for her shift. She says she thought he was finishing a report? Luis says he was finishing it, but now he has to run errands. She asks what kind? He says nothing she'd be interested in. Luis then grabs Spike's printed file  and tucks it in a newspaper. Luis says tonight they should have dinner to celebrate her being back. He also apologizes for being testy, but she says it's her fault she's sure. Luis leaves and Fancy knows he was lying to her. She gets on his computer to find answers. She soon finds out everything against Spike is gone, Luis couldn't have deleted that. However she did see him take a copy of Spike's file when he left. She goes looking for the original file on Spike, but can't find it. She wonders why Luis would want to make Spike's record disappear?


Sheridan meets Spike and pays him off with cash, as well as some bonds. She says she couldn't give it all in cash, he wouldn't be able to haul it all off. She says he can cash the bonds in any bank in the world, no questions asked. Sheridan says nothing can be traced. Spike says she better be telling him the truth. She asks for a simple thank you, saying she has been very generous and Luis is putting his job on the line. Spike thinks his life for Marty's is an even exchange, and if Luis is so smart he can cover his tracks easily. Sheridan says unlike Spike, Luis has a moral compass that guides his every move. Spike then asks how his compass pointed the wrong way? Sheridan tells him to shut up. She doesn't know how Luis will live with himself after this. Spike tells Sheridan that if Luis tries to double cross him then they'll never see Marty again. Sheridan says Luis will come through. Later Luis arrives to give him his file and says the files on the computer have been deleted. However before Luis gives him the file, he stops and says not so fast. Spike says the deal was the info for Marty, so Sheridan gives him the file. Spike looks through his file, he even forgot about some of the people he killed. Luis says he is sick and should go to prison, but Spike says that won't happen thanks to Luis. Spike says there is nothing like having a cop in his back pocket! Luis grabs Spike and threatens him, saying tell him where his son is or he'll kill him! Sheridan yells at Luis to stop it as he's chocking Spike.


Back at the mansion, Pilar tells Gwen how wrong she was about her, she used to wonder how Rebecca raised such a good girl, but she is just as much of a bitch as her mother. Gwen says this information is the biggest weapon she has, and she'll use it to get Theresa back. Pilar says she doesn't care about herself, but Gwen put her children and grandchildren at risk. Can she live with their blood on her hands? Pilar says she was forced to tell Theresa to leave the man she loves to save her family member's lives. Gwen says she made the right choice, but Pilar says there was no choice. She says if this gets out then her entire family will die! Gwen tells Pilar she needs to calm down and get her game face on, as Theresa will be here to wonder why she told her to break up with Ethan. Gwen says while they are talking, she'll be planning to get back with Ethan. Pilar tells Gwen what goes around comes around. Gwen says Theresa is a thief and she deserves to be punished. Pilar tells Gwen the person who will suffer is her, Ethan's heart will always belong to Theresa, she will be married to a man in love with another woman. Pilar says it will destroy her, she knows first hand. Gwen says she has Ethan's son, family is important to Ethan. Pilar says a family based on a lie. Pilar tells Gwen to think about this, she's a smart woman. Pilar says all those vacations and dinners as a family. She says at every family event, Theresa's spirit will be the uninvited guest. Ethan will always be thinking about Theresa. Pilas says when he kisses her goodbye on the way to work, he will be wishing it was Theresa. She says at their son's high school graduation, he'll be wishing he was with Theresa and their son. Pilar says let's not even talk about what goes on in the bedroom. Gwen says the minute Theresa is out of  the picture he'll love her as much as he did before. Pilar says she doesn't believe it, she knows it won't happen. Gwen screams at her to shut up and runs out of the room.


Ethan returns to Theresa. He fins her upset and asks what is wrong? Theresa tells Ethan they can't be together, she's sorry. Ethan asks what is going on? He says they just had a romantic night together. He asks what he missed here? She says listen to her, it's over. Ethan doesn't mean to yell at her about this, and whatever is wrong they can fix this. He asks if Alistair said something to her? Theresa says no it's them, they were silly to think they could be together. Ethan says a lot of people have anxiety about a big commitment coming up in their life. He says what they've been through . . . Theresa says that is just it, every time they are close to getting together, Fate does something and breaks them up. She says Fate doesn't want them together and she runs off. Ethan wonders what in the hell is going on here?


Later Theresa confronts her mom and asks why she asked her to give Ethan up? Pilar says it was necessary. Theresa asks what made her change her mind? Why did she ask her to give up Ethan? She wants an answer. Pilar says because Ethan and Gwen have a son, and she is married to Alistair. Pilar tells Theresa she doesn't think she loves Ethan, Ethan is an obsession to her, he was the one thing she was denied and went after him. Theresa says that isn't true, she can't believe that. Pilar says what she believes is that this dysfunctional relationship that has gone on for 8 years has to stop. Theresa says after 8 years they can finally be together. Pilar reminds her that last night she was ready to give up after Alistair's threats. Theresa says and she told her not to give up, to fight. Pilar says she was wrong. Theresa asks what happened? What made her change her mind? Was it Alistair? Pilar says no. Theresa says her mom can talk about the holy sacrament of marriage till she's blue in the face, but she won't believe it. Pilar claims she let her hate for Alistair blind her last night, she can't ignore all the signs, signs from God she is not meant to be with Ethan. Pilar tells Theresa she has to give up on Ethan, it is the right thing to do. Theresa says she can't believe this. Theresa says she could force herself to give him up, she's done it before, but to give him up forever would kill her. Pilar says she's sorry but it has to be this way. Theresa says this means Ethan will be with Gwen and she'll be stuck with Alistair. Theresa says her marriage with Alistair is not based on a holy sacrament. Theresa says Gwen is going to use that baby to real Ethan in. Pilar says the baby is a blessing. Theresa asks what about her babies? Aren't they blessed. Pilar says yes, but Ethan doesn't know the truth about his son. She says if she tells him then he will hate her forever. Pilar says maybe at one time she and Ethan had a future, but that is no longer so she has to give him up. Theresa says she can't do it. Pilar says she must. She tells Theresa to erase Ethan from her heart, promise her. Theresa says she doesn't know what she's asking. Pilar says she does, she knows the power of love. Pilar says sometimes the love of a man must be sacrificed for the common good. Theresa asks what that means? Pilar asks if she ever led her astray? Theresa says no, so Pilar says let Ethan go and find his own path. She says it's the only right thing to do. Theresa says okay, she'll give him up. 


Later Gwen brings the boy to see Ethan. Ethan sees he's sleeping, he says he sure sleeps a lot. Gwen says all babies do. Ethan dotes over him and Gwen thinks it is working already, Theresa is history. Later Pilar and Theresa see Ethan and Gwen bonding over their son. Theresa realizes she really is going to lose him. Pilar says let Ethan go, remember her promise. Theresa says she loves him and doesn't understand. To herself Pilar says she is sorry and had no choice, she did it for all of them, to save all their lives.


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