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3rd Week of October  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



October 15, 2007
At the hospital, Eve is in her office apparently taking aspirin for a hang over. A nurse shows up and says she's glad she's finally here. She needs Eve to look over a patient who needs a new pain prescription, his doctor isn't here and not on call. Eve writes her one and basically asks the nurse to just give her some peace and quiet. The nurse goes to leave, but stops and asks the doctor if she's sure about this? Eve says she is, she is the doctor, follow her orders and just go. The nurse then leaves. Eve then says the only cure for a hangover is more of the same, she breaks out the booze! Later the nurse returns and find Eve basically passed out in her chair. Eve asks what she's doing back here, she gave her that prescription. The nurse says yes, about that. Eve asks if she gave the medication to the patient? The nurse says no, what she ordered could have killed him. Eve looks over it, she realizes it is the wrong medication and ten times the normal dose. Eve realizes this would have killed him in seconds, Eve can't believe this. The nurse says it's okay, she caught the mistake. Eve says it's not her job to catch mistakes and it's not hers to kill a patient. Eve writes another prescription, the nurse says this one is right. The nurse says no one else will find out about this. The nurse tells Eve she looks like she could use some rest. The nurse says they all care about her and this hospital is a happy place to work because of her. She says they'd all be upset if anything happened to her, so be careful. The nurse leaves and Eve breaks into tears wondering what is happening to her? Eve works to sober up, she says she has been a fool and let alcohol affect her judgment. She says she could have lost her license, she could have gone to jail. Eve realizes she is in trouble and needs help. She looks at a photo of her and Julian. She says she has this man who adores her, who keeps coming back and forgives her no matter what she does. She says they will be happy, she will find him and beg his forgiveness. She says she knows they can be happy together. 


At the mansion, Julian is in bed dreaming of Eve, saying Eve stop it. Someone sneaks into his room, it's a woman. She approaches Julian's bed where he's dreaming about Eve saying He's dead. By Julian's bed is a bottle of booze, empty. The woman holds the bottle over Julian, but then takes off her dress and gets in bed with Julian! Julian thinks it's Eve, he talks about how he loves her and they should make love. They are kissing, and the woman is on top of Julian. He says Eve let's make love. It turns out the woman is Valerie! Valerie tells Julian not to stop, let's make love! Julian asks how she got in here, and this has to stop. Valerie says they are consenting adults, she asks what he's waiting for. She wants him to kiss her and make love to her. Valerie says Julian needs a woman to support him and take care of him, let her be that woman. Julian says but he shouldn't. Valerie says nobody will know. They keep kissing and going at it. Suddenly Valerie hears someone coming, she hopes it is mommy. Eve bursts in saying she needs him! She finds Julian in bed with Valerie and says Oh Julian! 


In the kitchen, Esme doesn't know why everyone goes on and on about all those Italian coffees when nobody makes coffee like the Irish. She pours some booze into her coffee. As she drinks, she thinks someone is watching her. Someone is, but she doesn't catch them. Fancy shows up and sees Esme is still here. Esme can't stop thinking she may be a jinx. Fancy thinks it is all just a coincidence that both Fox and Pete were murdered. Esme says she is also getting the feeling someone is watching her. Fancy says then call her therapist and let him straighten her out. Esme says this isn't like her, what is wrong. Fancy explains to Esme about how she suspects Luis stole and deleted all of Spike's records. Esme says Dudley do-right deleted data? She doesn't buy it. Fancy thinks Luis must be involved in something dangerous. She thinks it makes no sense. Esme says once you let a man out of the bedroom everything gets so confusing. Esme goes for a refill of her Irish coffee. She then sees Luis and Sheridan outside together. Esme tries to keep Fancy from seeing saying they should go to the Book Caf for coffee instead. Fancy realizes something is wrong. Fancy sees Luis outside with Sheridan and wonders how could he. Esme says things aren't always as they seem. Fancy says that is the man he loves hugging Sheridan. Esme says maybe he's being kind to the elderly? Fancy says Luis keeps lying to her. Esme says give him the chance to tell her the truth. Fancy says she's played the angry third wheel too many times. Esme says then call him, he'll see her number on the phone, see what he has to say. Fancy says every now and then she's extremely bright. Fancy calls Luis and watches his reaction.


Outside Luis strangles Spike and demands he tell him where Mary is. Sheridan tells Luis to stop, you are going to kill him! Luis lets Spike go. Spike says he was about to kill the goose with the golden egg. Luis tells Spike he better honor his deal or he'll throw him back in jail. Spike says he will, he has to make a call first. He says this is complicated stuff, if Alistair learns about this then they'll never get the brat back. Sheridan says let Spike do it, he's been right about everything else. Luis guesses he doesn't have a choice, but if Spike tries to take off . . . Spike says he heard him the first time. He says don't worry he won't go anywhere. Spike leaves to make his call. Luis tells Sheridan that he doesn't like this, Spike is in charge of everything and they have no control. Sheridan says it will be worth it and to calm down. She hugs him, which is what Fancy sees.


Later Luis' phone rings and he answers it, not realizing Fancy is watching him. Fancy asks where he is? Sheridan tells Luis not to give her any information that could comprise them finding Marty. Luis lies and says he's down on by the wharf looking for some leads. Luis tells Fancy look when he gets back they'll have a long talk and she'll understand. Fancy says she hopes so, and she'll let him go. She hangs up, almost in tears.

Fancy cries to Esme that Luis lied to her again. Esme says men are pigs! Esme says it's Sheridan's fault, she's such a Crane, vicious and evil. Fancy says hey she's a Crane and so was Fox. Esme says what she meant is some Cranes are like that, and Sheridan is one, she takes after her father. Esme sees Luis is making another call. Fancy says if her phone doesn't ring then they'll both know she lost Luis. It doesn't ring, so Fancy thinks Luis wasn't calling her. Fancy thinks it is over, yet again another man has lied to her. Esme says all men are liars, so are all women. Fancy says not her, but Esme reminds Fancy of all the lies she's told. Esme says if people told the truth all the time then the world would be such a mess. Esme says one of them should be happy, so Fancy can't give up on love. Esme talks about how nobody can replace Fox, but Pete and her could have been the real deal, they had a bond. Fancy says se picked up a hottie for a one night stand. Esme says he was special, and she has many memories of him to treasure. Fancy asks if they can talk about her for a change? Esme says you mean as usual. Fancy says her life is in ruins too. Esme says Fancy has never been a quitter or a bore, all this whining is not her. Esme tells Fancy eating a gallon of cherry vanilla ice cream and watching her butt get bigger is not productive. Fancy asks what she does then? Esme says fight for Luis, if she can't steal him back then find out what is going on. Fancy doesn't know what to do. Esme says she's a trained cop! Esme says fine, if it was her then she'd follow him. Esme still thinks someone is watching her. Fancy asks if she took her medication? Esme says she did. Fancy decides to take her advice and follow Luis. Esme still thinks she's being watched, Fancy asks if she's sure she'll be okay. Is she having a reaction to her meds? Esme says no. Fancy heads off, Esme continues to think she's being watched. Esme says well she's going to go outside and throw pebbles at Viki's window to get her to wake up. Esme then tries to see if she can catch who is watching her by faking them out. She finds a cup of coffee left on a table and thinks someone was watching her. 


BAck outside, Luis meanwhile tells Sheridan that he hates lying to the woman he loves. Sheridan says it was the right thing to do, but Luis says it isn't. Luis says he's calling her back and telling her the truth. Of course Sheridan takes his phone back. Spike then shows up and says he got the info on Marty. Spike says they have to go to an address and try and fit in, especially Luis. Luis looks at the address and says this is a hotel with prostitutes. Spike says have fun coming up with the outfits. Spike says the guy with the info about Marty feels safe there, so get going. Sheridan says they'll have to trust him Luis says what if it is a trap? Sheridan says he's been right so far. Spike says listen to blondie. Luis tells Spike if he's not telling the truth, he'll find him. Sheridan and Luis leave, Spike says that was close. He then makes a call and says Sheridan and Luis have left. Spike then sees Fancy following them and laughs. He says he can't wait to see how this turns out. 


Gwen sees Pilar and Theresa watching her with Ethan and their son. Gwen says they waited for so long for this moment, here they are with their son. They then try and figure out a name for their son. They go through tons of names: Walter, Phillip, Richard. They end up settling on Jonathan after Gwen's dad. Gwen says her dad would like it because it would drive mother crazy. They decided on Jonathan for his name. Ethan asks about Godparents, Gwen wants Sheridan and Luis. Ethan doesn't think Fancy will like that, but Gwen thinks Fancy won't mind . . . and she feels Sheridan and Luis are getting closer. Ethan says Sheridan and Luis are over, the only one that doesn't know is Sheridan. Gwen says Sheridan and Luis have a secret. Gwen says if she tells him then  he can't tell anyone. Ethan can't promise that, he can't keep a secret from Theresa. To herself Gwen says it is a shame Theresa doesn't feel the same about him. Gwen tells Ethan that Luis and Sheridan found out Marty is alive, he survived the train wreck and they've been out looking for him. Gwen says Alistair has been hiding him, and Sheridan is afraid if Alistair finds out they know that they'll lose him again. Ethan says he's just so blown away by this. Ethan says this is just a miracle, Luis and Sheridan are getting their son back and Gwen was able to have a son. Gwen tells Ethan that she's been watching Sheridan and Luis get closer finding Marty, she thinks that old spark is back. Ethan asks where that leaves Fancy? Gwen thinks if they find Marty then Fancy might lose Luis, and sometimes parents have to make sacrifices for the good of their child, doesn't he agree? He'd sacrifice anything for his son wouldn't he. Ethan says yes he would, any decent father would.


Theresa tells her mama that she gave Ethan up because she asked her. She says that should be here in there with Ethan. Pilar reminds her not to go back on her word. Theresa doesn't understand this total about face her mother has made. Theresa says her mom owes her an explanation at least. Theresa tells her mom how she always trusts her advice, but she's an adult and it's time for her to make her own decision. She says she can't turn her back on love, she can't give Ethan up. Pilar tells her no, she can't be with Ethan ever again! Theresa asks what has gotten into her, she's never seen her like this. She asks if Alistair threatened her? Pilar says no. Theresa says then who benefits from this? Theresa says it was Gwen, Gwen threatened her. Theresa says she's right, Gwen got to her and forced her to change her mind. Theresa asks what she said to her? What does she have on her? Theresa tell her mama not to lie on her. She says it must be horrible as she's turning her back on her. Theresa says for years she has worked for this, and Pilar wants her to throw it away. Theresa wants to know what happened, what did Gwen say and tell her now! Pilar shakes her head. Theresa asks what could be more important than her happiness. She tells Pilar to tell her so she can fight it.


October 16, 2007


Eve finds Julian in bed with Valerie. She says every time she's stupid enough to trust him, this happens. She says if it's not Valerie then it is Ivy, how does he always find himself in another woman's arms? Julian says it isn't what it looks like. Eve says she can do the math, he's shown her how much she loves her by sleeping with another woman. Julian swears she thought Valerie was her, which doesn't go over well with Eve. Valerie thought Eve kicked him out of her life and he was fair game. Eve won't stay here another second. She says she's leaving! Julian says she can't, he loves her. Valerie says to herself that daddy has to be with her! Eve tells Julian at the least sign of trouble he runs into another woman's arms to take his pants off. Julian tells her how she is the woman he loves. Eve thinks it's another one of his memorized speeches. Julian tells Valerie to get out, he doesn't want to see her again. Valerie is stunned. She says she doesn't want to leave. Julian doesn't care and tells her if she knows what is good for her that she will get out. He says she's not welcomed here, Eve is the woman he loves. Valerie says not to turn his back on her! He threatens to throw her out with or without her clothes. She says fine she'll go, let her gather her things. Valerie goes to get her things and says mommy will pay for this for taking daddy from her. Valerie somehow ends up hiding under the bed saying mommy always interrupts and has to learn there are consequences for her actions. Julian begs Eve to talk to him as Valerie is gone, so they think. Eve still says time and time again she has caught him with other women, how can she trust him. Julian says he's been trying to change, she's made him a better person. He says he's still a man, when she pushes him away he falls back into old habits. She says it's no excuse, don't put this on her. He tells her to come back to him. Eve says it's a matter of trust, which goes both ways. She says he doesn't believe her when she says she saw Vincent. Julian says she had so much alcohol though, was it real or wishful thinking? HE says he knows she wants to believe it, but Vincent is gone. Back under the bed Valerie thinks it is time for Vincent to pay mommy another visit. Julian keeps telling Eve that Vincent is gone and she can't keep torturing herself with these hallucinations. He fells she needs to stop drinking. Eve says she is sober and she can't drink anymore, something horrible happened at he hospital. She tells him about prescribing the wrong medicine today, had the nurse not caught her error then her patient would have died. Back under the bed, Vincent is back and hears this about Eve, thinking he can use this. He swears to make sure mommy never gets in the way between him and daddy again. Julian offers to help Eve, she says she'll let him. She says she doesn't want to feel like this anymore, she wants to feel loved, like there is hope. Julian says there will always be hope, it will always be the two of them together forever. Under the bed, Vincent says mommy is taking daddy away from Vincent! He says mommy must die! 


At the Book Caf, Noah and NuPaloma are having a sundae and discussing Kay and Miguel and the dilemma they are in. Esme and Kay soon show up at the Book Caf, Noah says the two prime suspects in the murder are together. Esme and Kay didn't really show up with each other, just at the same time. They end up arguing with each other over who killed Fox and Pete. Kay says she didn't kill anyone, did she? Esme says no!  Esme says fine she believes Kay. Esme suggests they be friends until proven guilty, they shake. Esme then gets the feeling again that she's being followed. Kay says she's had the same feeling. 


Kay sits down with Noah and Paloma. She explains all this weird evidence showing up against her, such as her sweater which turned up at the mansion out of the blue, and suddenly there is catnip in her purse. Paloma says it sounds like she's being framed, and not to tell mama Miguel is a suspect too as she's been through so much. Paloma asks if she heard from Miguel? Kay says no. Noah says it's like he disappeared into a black hole. Kay says to herself  "or hell." Paloma says and Tabitha and Endora, any news on them? Kay says no. Paloma wonders where they could be? Kay says she has to get back to reading and runs off. Paloma and Noah both agree something isn't right here, Kay knows something.


Esme continues to make her Irish coffees. Kay joins her, Esme tells Kay that she feels someone is watching her again. Esme says it's lie in those movies where the girl thinks someone is watching her, she calls out but gets no answer and then the creature sweeps out and knocks off her head and blood goes everywhere. Kay soon realizes someone is watching them, and she has a plan. Kay whispers to Esme what her plan is as they are watched. Later Esme and Kay watch Paloma and Noah together. Esme talks about how once she liked Noah, and then asks why her mom named her Palomino, did she like horses? Kay says her name is Paloma. Esme says she was in love like them once, with her sweet Fox and then Pete. Kay says that was the same day! Esme says it only takes a heartbeat to fall in love. Kay says she's not judging her, but do remember she was married to Fox. When they feel they are being watched again, they put their plan into effect. They pretend to say goodbye to each other and leave. This is when they catch the guy spying on them. 

Paloma and Noah show up, they ask what is going on. Kay and Esme say this guy is following them. Paloma recognizes the guy. The guy says his name is Jake Olsen, he is assigned to shadow Esme while his partner is following Kay. Kay can't believe her dad is having her followed. Paloma says it is standard procedure in a murder case. Kay and Esme say they are both innocent. Jake says then maybe they can eliminate them. Jake admits he's had a blast following Esme, usually he just follows thugs. Esme says she can get lowlife when she's in the mood. She also says she's a jinx, any guy who gets too close to her ends up dying. Kay tells Esme that she's flirting with the cop. Esme says civilians do need to be of service to the police. Jake talk about how if anything else happens while he's following her, she'll be in the clear. Esme says then he can keep watching and watching. Kay asks Esme what is up with her, Fox hasn't even been buried yet. Esme says hey, she was with Miguel while still married to Fox! As Esme keeps flirting with Jake, someone else is watching them! Kay tells Esme that flirting with Jake is just tasteless so soon after Pete and Fox. Esme doesn't seem to care, she wants Jake to stay close to her side. He says he'll be glued to her. Kay decides they should have a good evening, she leaves. Outside someone continues to watch Esme and Jake. Paloma meanwhile tells Noah while Kay is out of Tabitha's house, they should go over there to try and find any information that might explain where Miguel is. 


Spike shows up at the sleazy motel with Luis and Sheridan. Luis is in a suit, Sheridan is in a skimpy hooker outfit! Spike tells Sheridan she has the clothes but not the attitude, she's supposed to be a hooker. Spike tells them if they do what he asks them to do, they'll get their son back. He says they have to work with him though, they have to fit in. Spike says now he has to go get someone. Sheridan says he's leaving them here? Spike says the pimp doesn't stay around and watch the main event. He says someone will contact them, in the mean time she's a whore, act like one. Sheridan and Luis talk to the manager and ask for a room. He says an hour? Sheridan says hell no, the whole night. The manager needs cash, so Luis pays him. The manager asks Sheridan if she's new, he hasn't seen her around her. Sheridan says he'll be seen a whole lot of her around here. The manager says when she's free come and talk to him, they can talk about room rates and how to bring them down. Sheridan says maybe she'll get a free room all together then. Luis and Sheridan then leave.

Fancy then shows up at the motel wondering why Luis and Sheridan would come here? She wonders what Luis is doing? She thinks about going, but won't as she has to find out what Sheridan and Luis are up to. Spike spies on Fancy thinking this should be good. Fancy says she should go, who the hell does Luis think he is. Some woman walks by and says damn right sister, men! Fancy decides to leave, she takes off. Spike is on the phone, he says this ruins everything! 

Luis and Sheridan go up to their room. Sheridan is disgusted by the place. Luis doesn't understand what them being here has anything to do with finding Marty. He hates this lying to Fancy, he says Fancy would never understand why they are in this dump together. Sheridan and Luis sit around waiting for something to happen. Sheridan also worries someone could be spying, so they need to play their parts to the fullest. Luis tells her that she does look pretty good in that outfit. Sheridan suggests they keep playing along. Luis says what about Fancy? Sheridan talks about when a man is trying to find his son, he'd do a lot of things he normally wouldn't. They end up kissing.


Spike meanwhile is still on the phone talking about Fancy leaving when she returns. Spike says to whomever he's talking to that it will all be just fine. Fancy then asks the manager if a Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald checked in. The manager says this is a don't ask don't tell facility, he doesn't take names as he doesn't want trouble. Fancy says well he has trouble and flashes her badge, threatening to arrest him. Fancy looks at the ledger and finds Luis and Sheridan took a room, she shows the guy a photo of Luis and Sheridan and he identifies them. She demands the key to their room, which he hands over. Fancy then heads upstairs. Spike is still on the phone saying this is getting better and better and Fancy is in for a bug surprise!


Back up in the room, Luis and Sheridan are really going at each other! They soon end up in bed together making love! OF course this is all in Sheridan's head as it turns out. Meanwhile Fancy is outside the room wondering if she should go in. Spike is watching, he calls Luis on his phone. Luis asks where he is and where Marty is? Spike tells Luis he and Sheridan have to play their parts as a hooker and a john. Luis says they aren't staying here all night, so make something happen soon. Luis passes on Spike's message. Sheridan says maybe the room is bugged, so maybe they should. Luis thinks this is a bad idea. Sheridan comes onto Luis and pretends to be a hooker. She thinks after a few minutes in her arms Luis won't want to pretend. Back outside, Fancy thinks she should just barge right in, but she hesitates. Back inside, Sheridan actually gets Luis into bed with her. He thinks this isn't right, but Sheridan says they have to make it look authentic, so kiss her like he means it. Fancy ends up looking through the keyhole and sees Luis in bed with Sheridan! She cries why, you are breaking my heart! 


At the mansion, Theresa asks Pilar what Gwen has on her? Pilar says nothing. Theresa doesn't believe her, what could she say to make her turn on her own daughter. Theresa doesn't understand, she asked her to give up Ethan and now Gwen has him. She wants to know what Gwen said to her. Theresa then runs into the room where Gwen and Ethan are. Theresa slaps Gwen and demands to know what she said to her mom. Theresa demands to know what Gwen has on her mom. What plan is she up to now? Ethan tries to calm them down, they'll all have to learn to get along for their kids' sakes. Ethan and Gwen reveal they named their baby Jonathan. Ethan doesn't want to take sides, he asks Gwen to tell him what she supposedly said to Pilar to upset her. He thinks they can then make things right. Pilar is hoping to herself that Gwen keeps her mouth shut. Gwen claims she said nothing to Pilar, she doesn't know what Theresa is talking about. Theresa says Gwen is lying. Ethan says someone better tell him the truth and now. Theresa says her mom is upset and Gwen upset her. She wants her mom to tell Ethan the truth. Pilar says nothing, Ethan tells Theresa that her mom is looking really upset. Theresa begs her mother not to do this, tell them what Gwen is using to make her betray her own daughter. Gwen hopes Pilar keeps her mouth shut. Theresa says her happiness depends on this.



October 17,  2007



Paloma and Noah show up in Tabitha's attic to look for clues. Noah thinks if they are caught they could be in trouble. Paloma says they have to prove Miguel didn't kill Fox and that Kay is not behind Tabitha and Endora's disappearance. Noah says he guesses. They begin looking around, Paloma finds a severed arm in a box. Noah wonders why this is here? As it turns out, it's a fake. Noah puts it down, he talks about how when he was a kid Tabitha decorated her house all up, these kids would yell out from inside this isn't fake, it's real! As Noah talks to her, the arm crawls off! Paloma finds a mirror with See your dreams come true written on it. They look in the mirror and see themselves in a wedding gowns and attire. Paloma asks what he sees? Noah thinks it must have been a trick of the light, Paloma says that makes sense. Noah suggests they get back to looking for evidence. Meanwhile the hand pulls something out from under a chest. Noah then tells Paloma he needs to be honest about what he saw in the mirror. He says he saw their wedding day. She says she saw the same thing. Noah says it wasn't his imagination? She says no, it was the inscription of seeing their dreams come true. Paloma says marrying him is her dream. The hand meanwhile has pulled out a red box that says Romance in a box on it. Paloma finds a photo and reads what it says, Thanks for the directions, Amelia Earheart. Noah soon finds the box and they open it. Inside is some vintage champagne. Noah says this bottle is worth more than Tabitha's house. She suggests he puts it back before he drops it. The hand snaps its fingers, the cork pops and Noah is forced to pour the champagne. They toast to their dreams and drink up. They find it odd that the champagne is already chilled. They go to see what else is in the box. Noah finds some chocolate covered strawberries, which appears fresh. Paloma thinks they may be poisoned, like the ones Alistair used on Ethan. Noah takes a bite, he says they are delicious. Noah keeps looking, there is some kind of envelope that says open for atmosphere. He does and suddenly a bed appears, as does music and rose petals. Noah and Paloma both just say wow! Paloma doesn't get this, but wonders what they should do? Noah suggests they go with it. They then kiss and make their way to the bed. As they make love, the severed arm lifts the bed up and makes it float! 


At the motel, Luis and Sheridan are in bed. Luis isn't comfortable, Sheridan says they have to make this look good. Luis doesn't think pretending to have sex has anything to do with them finding Marty. Sheridan says they could be under surveillance. Luis asks who would be watching them besides Alistair? Sheridan isn't wasting time thinking about it, she will do what she has to to get her son back. Fancy is outside looking through the key hole. She thinks her mood swings have given Sheridan the chance to get Luis back. Sheridan meanwhile decides to get Luis hot and bothered. She blows in his ear, Luis thinks it is a bug flying around his head! Luis soon begins to think Spike is playing games with them. Sheridan says Spike held up his end, they have to hold up their end and play the part. They keep kissing as Fancy watches. Fancy thinks Sheridan was right about one thing, Luis still has it for her. Back in the room, Luis again feels guilty about doing this, what he's doing to Fancy. He thinks he should have told her the truth. Sheridan says Fancy might not have said anything, but Alistair would find a way to get it out of her. Sheridan says soon they'll have Marty and he can tell her everything. Luis says what if she gets suspicious? Fancy meanwhile can't take this anymore. She says if Luis is so weak then Sheridan can have him. Fancy decides to call Esme for advice on what to do. 


Esme and Jake return to Jake's place. She wants officer studly to frisk her. He says they need to follow proper procedure. She is so glad he was the one following her around. They flirt with one another, Esme soon remembers Fox and Pete, who are now dead. Jake didn't mean to upset her. She says nothing a strip search couldn't cure. She suggest they have a drink first. She tells Jake what she'd like. She just happens to have two champagne glasses and a bottle in her purse. She also has cat nip that she sprinkles on his head, saying don't knock it till you try it. Esme says Jake makes her feel safe, like nothing bad can happen when he is with her. As they kiss, we see someone is spying on them from the hall. Esme later says if he gets to strip search her, she gets to strip search him. She says she knows he's packing heat. He says his weapon is loaded and ready to fire. Esme decides to play a game, she'll be a high priced hooker and he is an undercover cop. She says he just accepted her proposition for 5000 Euros. Jake asks what he gets for that. She whispers something to him. He says you can do that? She says not only is she double jointed, she has no gag reflex. She says now make this ho earn her dough! 


Fancy calls and interrupts Esme's sex games with Jake. Fancy fills Esme in on finding Luis in a hotel with hookers and johns. Esme tells Jake she knows where they can find a room with ambiance. Fancy tells Esme about how she saw Luis making love to Sheridan, who is dressed like a hooker. Esme says at least she found her true calling. Fancy doesn't know what she should do. Esme tell Fancy to barge in on them. She says she warned her that Sheridan was manipulating Luis. Esme tells Fancy to either let Luis go or fight for him, she thinks he should fight for him. Esme says Sheridan has only gotten this far because Fancy is slapping Luis around. Fancy thanks Esme for the advice, she won't give up without a fight.


Later Esme and Jake get back to their games. Jake pretends to arrest Esme, she says please don't as he knows what happens to girls like her in prison. Esme then tells Jake to take out his gun, she wants to see it. Jake goes to take his pants off, but she says no his real gun. He doesn't think so, that has the makings of the headline story on the late night newa. She begs him to do it, if he does it then she'll do anything for him and she has memorized the Kama Sutra. He puts the safety on and she makes him point it at he. She pretends to run, he says stop or I'll shoot. Suddenly a sound of a gunshot is heard, Esme thinks he shot her! Jake runs over and doesn't know how this happened. Esme thinks she's going to be the lead story on the news after all. Esme says the curtains are closing on her life. Jake tells Esme that he didn't shoot her, the gun didn't go off. Esme asks Jake to tell her step mom Brenda she'll be back to haunt her. Jake tells Esme the gun didn't fire, she's not dying. Esme then says she's going to live, it's a miracle. Esme asks what the noise was? A book fell off a stack of books. Esme wonders how that happened? The person spying on them pushed it. Jake says that he should take his gun off to make sure she doesn't get shot. Esme decides to handcuff herself to Jake and make him her prisoner of love. 


Back at the hotel, Fancy barges in on Luis and Sheridan. She damns Sheridan and Luis, asking how Luis could do this to her? Luis gets out of bed and puts his pants on. Fancy says she knows Sheridan is a slut, but dragging Luis here to have sex with her? Fancy says even the bed bugs here have crabs! She also says dressing up like a crack whore to titillate Luis? Luis tells Fancy that she doesn't understand. Fancy does, Sheridan threw herself at him and this time he fell for it. Sheridan keeps telling Luis this is not good if they are being watched. Luis tells Fancy this isn't what she thinks. Fancy says don't touch her, not after his hands were all over Sheridan. She wants him to explain why he's here with Sheridan. Sheridan tells Luis they came here for a reason, Fancy needs to leave. Fancy thinks Luis is upset with her for slapping him. She says she doesn't know what came over her, but her behavior doesn't justify this. Luis says it's complicated. Luis then gets the feeling someone is in the hall watching them. Luis leaves to check things out. 

Fancy asks Sheridan what is going on. Sheridan says it's none of her business, and if she's messed up anything for her and Luis. Fancy says so she admits she's back to trying to get Luis back. Sheridan then tells Fancy Luis came onto her, she didn't have to pursue him. Sheridan says Fancy slapped him, did she expect him to come back for more? Fancy says turning to her for comfort is one thing, but coming here? Sheridan tells Fancy she should leave, Luis won't want her here when he gets back. Fancy refuses to believe Luis pursued her. Fancy says Luis wouldn't have just given up on them. Sheridan says she can't speak for Luis, but she should go and talk to him tomorrow. Fancy says she'll wait for Luis to come back, something is going on. Luis returns, he tells Sheridan it had nothing to do with them. Fancy says them as in him and Aunt Sheridan. Fancy wants to know what is going on, Aunt Sheridan said he pursued her. Luis says she did? Fancy asks if it's true, has he dumped her for Sheridan? Sheridan hopes Luis doesn't blow it. Luis tells Fancy it's kind of obvious isn't it? Fancy tells Luis to tell her what is going on or she's leaving and not looking back. Luis says it's complicated. Fancy thinks it is simple, tell her what is up or they are finished! 


At the mansion, Theresa continues to beg her mother to tell Ethan what Gwen said to her. Ethan asks Gwen what is going on. Gwen says she couldn't say anything to upset Pilar so much that she'd cost Theresa her happiness. We see flashbacks of Gwen blackmailing Pilar. Ethan asks Pilar if she has to say something to say it. H says she does look upset. Theresa tells Pilar it is her turn to tell the truth, her life depends on it. Pilar is in tears. Gwen thinks to herself if Pilar tells the truth it will be the end for her family. Gwen keeps telling Theresa that she didn't threaten her mother. Theresa says then why is Pilar so afraid to speak. Ethan tells Pilar if she has something to say, they'd all like to know. Pilar tells Theresa that she doesn't understand. Theresa says no she doesn't. She asks her mom to just whisper it to her. Pilar says Gwen didn't say anything to her. Theresa asks Pilar why she would do this? Gwen says let it go, Theresa screams shut up! Pilar claims she just changed her mind about them that is all. Theresa says her future with Ethan is at stake here. Pilar says she's sorry. Theresa runs out of the room in tears, Ethan follows her. 

Gwen tells Pilar that she did the right thing. Pilar tells Gwen she hopes both she and Rebecca burn in hell! Gwen says she wants Ethan back to be a family with their son. Pilar says Ethan is meant to be with Theresa. Gwen tells Pilar to go ahead and tell her secret, Ethan and Theresa will be together, but her family might be dead. Pilar says she is more like Rebecca than she thought. Pilar says Ethan and Theresa share true love, not even her secret can break them up and Gwen can do nothing to stop it. Gwen says that is all she has to say? Gwen says Ethan will be with her and their son and Pilar can't stop it. Pilar says if Theresa tells Ethan the truth then there is nothing she can do to stop them from being together. Gwen says if Theresa tells Ethan then she knows what will happen. Pilar says they'll reveal her secret. Gwen says and her family will die. 

Ethan finds Theresa in the kitchen. He says she's not going through this alone. Theresa doesn't understand why her mother is conspiring with Gwen to keep them apart. Ethan asks what they could know that they don't want her to tell him? Ethan asks her to help him understand this. Theresa tells Ethan that her mom told her she should stay with Alistair and honor her vows. Ethan says Pilar has never wanted her with Alistair. He says she  never listened to her mom in the first place, why start now? He says they can't always do what their parents want them to do. Ethan says look at his mom, she doesn't want him with her. He says it's not that they should disrespect their parents, but they need to do what is in their best interest. Ethan says he decided long ago she was what is best for him. She says she loves him, so he asks what is keeping them from being together? Theresa says it is her mom. Ethan again says she's done many things without her mother's blessing before. Ethan asks if this is about his son?



October 18, 2007
In Tabitha's attic, Noah and Paloma continue to make love. Suddenly the hand, which is making the bed levitate, disappears. The bed drops to the floor and shadow creatures show up. They are startled, but everything quickly goes back to normal. They wondered if it was a dream? Noah says maybe a sugar high from the strawberries. They decided to just get out of here before anything else weird happens. As they go to leave, they soon hear a staticy voice calling out. Paloma thinks it is saying help. They find it's coming from a trunk, in the trunk is Tabitha's old Timmy doll. Noah tells Paloma about Timmy. The doll keeps talking, Noah thinks it must have a voice box or something. Eventually they make out "Endora and Miguel need help!"

At the hotel, Fancy demands Luis explain what is going on with Sheridan or they are through. Sheridan tells Luis he can explain the situation to Fancy after they have resolved things, but Luis refuses. He says he should have told her the truth from the beginning, Fancy can be trusted. Luis asks Sheridan to wait in the hall, which she does. She thinks this is a mistake. Luis then tells Fancy he can explain what is going on here. He swears he and Sheridan didn't make love. Fancy is waiting for an answer. He tells her brace herself for this. 

Sheridan explores the hotel when she finds a ball rolling down the hall with Marty's name on it. She finds and empty room with a shirt with Marty stitched on the front. She looks around for him, but he's not there. She begins crying and screams out his name. Luis and Fancy hear this, Luis hasn't yet told Fancy what is going on. She thinks Sheridan is just playing a game, but Luis doesn't think so and decides to check on things. He finds Sheridan crying in the room. She says Marty was here and they lost him, they lost him because of Fancy! She says it's Fancy's fault, they were wasting time with her and not finding Marty. MEanwhile Fancy is looking around the hotel for Luis and Sheridan and someone is spying on her.

In the kitchen at the mansion, Ethan asks Theresa what is going on? Is this about his son? She says in a way yes. He says does Pilar think he should be with Gwen because of their son? He says again she's never listened to Pilar before, why start now. Theresa decides Ethan is right, Pilar isn't telling her why she should stay away from Ethan. She's going to tell Ethan everything about his son. Before she can, Little Ethan walks in and is upset. He says tomorrow is sports day and Julian won't go with him, he has to work. Theresa says maybe Uncle Luis will go, but Ethan says no he will go. Little Ethan is happy and wishes Uncle Ethan was his real dad. Ethan says so does he. Ethan thinks Theresa needs time alone with her son, they'll talk later. Little Ethan asks his mom why Julian doesn't care about him anymore. Theresa says Julian is upset right now over Fox's death, trust her, his father cares about him.

Pilar continues to argue with Gwen. She says she has done her best to keep Theresa quiet, if Theresa still tells Ethan then Gwen can't hold that against her. Gwen says yeah she can, that's why it's called blackmail. She says if Theresa tells Ethan the truth, then she'll tell the world Pilar's secret, which means she and her family will probably die. Pilar tells Gwen she's a fool, just by knowing this secret she, Rebecca and even Jonathan are in danger. Pilar says they will be killed just as well. Gwen doubts that. Pilar swears this secret will bring about an evil so great in Harmony, and evil far worse than Alistair. She tells Gwen to think about that, think about her son. Pilar looks at Jonathan and thinks something is wrong. She says he's burning up, he needs a doctor. Gwen says he doesn't, he's just a little warm because of the blankets that is all.

Ethan returns and catches Gwen and Pilar arguing. He thinks Theresa was right, something is going on . . . is Gwen threatening Pilar? Pilar says of course not, and she's upset about something different, personal. She then quickly leaves. Ethan continues to ask Gwen what is going on here, Theresa seems to want to tell him something but won't. He doesn't like this, he doesn't like secrets. He soon realizes something is wrong with the baby too, he needs a doctor now! Gwen yells no! She says her son doesn't need to see a doctor!

Pilar returns to the kitchen to talk to Theresa. Theresa again gives her mom a chance to explain. Pilar won't, she only says to trust her, she can never be with Ethan again. Theresa says this makes no sense, she has to tell ethan the truth and she will. She says she has to think about her family and protecting them. Pilar tells Theresa  that she is doing what she's doing to protect all of the, her children and her grandchildren. She says this is why she can never ever be with Ethan again!


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