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4th Week of October  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



October 22, 2007


Jake and Esme are still getting it on. They are back at the mansion now. Jake tells her how she's so amazing. Esme decides to make them a drink, she has a full service bar in her room. Jake says the Cranes are good to their guests, but Esme says no these are all hers. Esme suddenly breaks down and tells Jake he has to go, they can't see each other again. Jake doesn't understand. Esme tells him that he has to go or his life will be over and fast. He asks what she's talking about. She takes a drink break and then continues crying. Esme tells Jake she likes him a lot, but every man she gets close to ends up dead. Jake says that is why he was assigned to follow her. Esme says Fox and Pete aren't the only ones. She says there was this sweet Russian guy she once met. She says nobody told her alcohol and bungie jumping didn't mix, if she had known she wouldn't have made that dare. There was then another guy in Hawaii. They went to the volcanoes and stupid her decided they should race down the crater, oops. She says every man she gets involved with dies. He tells her that she's not a jinx, it's just been bad luck. She says so he's not afraid he's risking his life by being with her? He says no, he feels perfectly safe. Esme suggests they pick up where they left off. As they kiss, someone in a black glove spies on them kissing! Esme and Jake end up having a drink, Esme gets him a beer. She has a portable fridge in her room hidden under the table cloth which appeared to be her nighstand. Esme then decides to find a sex game for them to play. She goes to her closet saying she has some things to have fun with. As they go to look, someone sneaks in and puts poison in Jake's beer! They then watch as Jake returns and grabs his beer. Esme soon shows up in some sexy cowgirl outfit, so Jake doesn't drink his beer. She insists Jake go get dressed in his outfit, so he runs off. Esme goes over to take a drink of her wine, but says no wine in the salon. She picks up Jake's beer! Before she can drink it, Jake shows up in his cowboy outfit. The beer is knocked over when she goes to lasso him and  it ends up burning the carpet, which, they don't notice. Jake and Esme then end up in bed together. As they make out, they continue to be spied on. Esme ends up spurring Jake in the butt and telling him to ride her cowboy!


Gwen and Ethan argue about Jonathan. Ethan wants to call a doctor. Gwen says she is his mother and knows best, Jonathan doesn't need a doctor. Ethan says the child has a fever and needs to go to the doctor. Gwen holds the baby and says all he needs is medicine and a bath, they don't have to call Eve. Ethan says maybe he over reacted. Gwen decides to give him a bath. Later after the bath Gwen says now he's 100 percent better. Ethan says he's sorry he overreacted. Gwen says being a first time mom is hard and she feels like everyone is judging her. Ethan says nobody is judging her. She says she can feel everyone looking at her, wondering why she didn't tell him about the baby. Ethan wishes she had, but he understands. Gwen says well now he's fine, he's happy as a clown. Later Ethan tells Gwen how even though he's marrying Theresa, it doesn't mean he won't be there for her and their son. Ethan holds his son as Gwen tells herself this is actually the end for him and Theresa, he just doesn't know it. Ethan talks about rasping children, saying how great Pilar was raising her kids and how he hopes to be as half as good a parent. Gwen decides to try and find out more about Pilar's past. She questions Ethan about how much he knows about Pilar and her past. Ethan says what you see is what you get with her, she's the American success story. Gwen says she didn't make it big, she's a maid. Ethan says but she came over here with nothing but the clothes on her back and she had a family and supported them, that's a success. Gwen asks if Pilar still has family in Mexico. Ethan knows there is her sister, but he doesn't know much more. Gwen asks if she ever went back to Mexico to visit family and friends. Ethan says she never did. Ethan says she not only raised her own family, but him as well. Ethan remembers one time he was going on some skiing trip and forgot his bag, it was Pilar who brought him his bag and not his parents. Gwen tells herself whatever happened in Mexico must have been bad and Pilar isn't the saint Ethan thinks she is. Ethan talks about how Pilar is as transparent as a glass of water. Gwen says he doesn't think she could have a secret? Ethan says no way. Gwen knows she does, and that secret will guarantee Ethan will be hers. 


In the kitchen, Pilar is still telling Theresa that she can never be with Ethan again. Theresa doesn't understand, why can't she? Theresa asks her mom if she loves her? Pilar says yes, everything she does is for her love of her children and grandchildren. Theresa says then explain this to her. She doesn't understand why her mother is so terrified. Pilar tells Theresa she is trying to protect them all and there is a price to pay, so she can't be with Ethan. Theresa won't do it, she says she is going to be with Ethan. She says she's going to tell him the truth. She says Ethan will protect them from Alistair, nobody will keep her from having the family she's always wanted. Theresa says her mom wants her to give up Ethan and throw her life away just because she asked her to. Theresa says forever is a long time. Pilar says she wouldn't ask her if it wasn't important. She says Ethan is just a man and Theresa has been obsessed with him for too long. She says maybe she doesn't know what true love is. Theresa tells her mom she doesn't believe what she's saying. Pilar says this is a matter of life and death. Theresa can't believe this is happening. She says Gwen has won then, she's lost Ethan for good. Theresa reminds her mom how she's always told her to tell the truth, so Pilar has to tell her what Gwen has on her. Theresa can see it on her face, whatever it is it is big. She asks what it is that Gwen has this advantage over her. Pilar says Gwen isn't the one she's afraid of. Theresa says then who? Theresa says she's reminding her of Ivy, do as I say and not as I do. Theresa begs her mom to tell her what is going on. Theresa says they can fight this as a family, but she has to be honest with her. Theresa says trust in her, they can beat this. Theresa says if her mom won't be honest then she has no reason to stay away from Ethan. Theresa begs her mom to tell her. Pilar remembers Gwen blackmailing her. Pilar claims she is her mother and knows what is best, give Ethan up. Theresa thinks her own mother doesn't give a damn about her feelings. Pilar says she doesn't care about her feelings when the stakes are this high. She says nobody's feelings matter right now. Pilar says all that matters is keeping them alive. Theresa asks what they need protection from? Pilar says trust her or they will all die. Theresa asks who would do this and why? She won't believe this, Alistair is the most evil man in the world and doesn't want to do this. Pilar says there is someone out there worse than Alistair and they will come after them and kill them all. Pilar tries to convince her that they will all be killed. She won't talk about it, she tells Theresa to just believe her. Theresa however feels she has to do what is best for her children and they need their real father. She says nothing will keep her from the man she loves. Pilar tells her that she is being selfish,. Pilar shakes Theresa and tells her if she defies her and stays with Ethan then she will kill them all!


At the motel, Sheridan tells Luis their son was here and they missed him. She says they should have been obeying instructions. She says they were too busy arguing with Fancy. Luis says this could have been a set-up. Sheridan tell Luis this is his fault, he's the reason she lost her son again! She slaps him. Luis asks what that was for? He wants again to know why she's so sure Marty was here. She says his name is on this shirt. Luis says this could have been planted, Spike could have set them up. Sheridan says he doesn't want Marty to have been here, because if he was then he would know it was his fault they lost him. She says all he can think about is Fancy. She says he was dealing with Fancy's problems and not their son. She says he promised that finding Marty was the most important thing to him, well he lied. Luis says it's more productive to search for real proof that Marty was here. Sheridan wishes he would stop doubting her. She says if he wouldn't doubt her then their son would have been in their arms all along. She says her son has been Alistair's prisoner and it's all Luis' fault. She says he is the real devil, the father from hell. She says he whines about how his father abandoned him, well what he's done to Marty is a hell of a lot worse. She says his father should get the father of the year award! Luis says that is a cheap shot and she knows it. She says he doesn't give a damn about their son. Luis says he is nothing like his father. He says if she'd stop screaming they could get work done. Sheridan says they've lost their chance. She says she can smell Marty on this shirt. He says she hasn't seen him in so long to know his smell. She says he doesn't believe anything she says. She says they were told to play their parts and Fancy then burst in and ruined things. Luis says she can't blame Fancy. Sheridan says she doesn't, she blames him. Sheridan keeps bringing up the past, how he couldn't shoot Beth, how he wouldn't believe her about Beth. Sheridan says she's come to realize the truth, she can't depend on him for anything. Sheridan tells him to stay away from her, she doesn't want him to help her find Marty as he'll just screw things up. She says he has been wrong about everything since they started. She says Spike has a better connection to their son than Luis does. Luis says Spike is a lowlife who can't be trusted. Sheridan says she'd make nice with Osama if she had to in order to get him back. Luis says they need to bring in other trained professionals. She says like Fancy? She says Alistair would get the truth out of her and move Marty. Sheridan says she'll never listen to him again, she is going to look for Marty on her own and he can go make his whiney girlfriend happy. Sheridan says she doesn't need Luis to find her son. 


Sheridan storms off, but Luis follows her. He won't give up, he's still helping her find Marty. Sheridan eventually apologizes to Luis. Luis tells Sheridan he will keep his promise and find Marty. However he doesn't understand why she can't understand why he wants to tell Fancy the truth. Sheridan feels Fancy should just trust him, he shouldn't have to tell her everything. Luis then realizes something is wrong, Fancy is gone. Sheridan says maybe she saw Marty, or who took him. Maybe she followed them. Luis says they better split up and look for Fancy. They both go off looking for her. However they can't seem to find her anywhere. Luis feels something is wrong. Luis finds Fancy's purse in the hall. Luis is sure Fancy is now in trouble. 


October 23, 2007

At the mansion, Pilar continues to tell Theresa they are in danger, every Lopez-Fitzgerald is in danger if she ignores her. Theresa asks her mom how she expects her to live her life without love. Pilar says she'll find someone better, find new love. Theresa says like you? Theresa says every time she smells a cheap candle burning, she thinks about her candles lit for papa every night. She says she lived her life without love. Pilar says she loved her father. Theresa asks how that turned out? She says she was like a widow for years, she was in pain and lonely. Pilar admits that it was hard. Theresa asks if that is what she wants for her? How can she sentence her to a life without love? Pilar says she worked long and hard her life to put food on their tables. Theresa just wants to know who Pilar is afraid of, who is this person who wants to kill their family. Pilar says do as she asks, give up Ethan. She says if Ethan is the only one for her then prepare for a life alone, there are worse things. Theresa says no, she will fight for her dream and her children. Pilar says she's fighting for all their lives. Theresa tells her mother if she had fought for Papa maybe things would have been different. Pilar says she looked for her father. Theresa says she never left Harmony looking for Papa, she wouldn't even go visit Paloma. Theresa knows Ivy offered to let her go to Mexico in the Crane jet, but she never did. Theresa asks why? Pilar says with the Cranes there is always a catch. Theresa says but she could have seen her own daughter. Pilar says she knew she was safe and loved, that was enough. Pilar says had she used Ivy's offer to go to Mexico, Ivy would have held it over her head. Pilar says she would have asked her to work overtime, to travel as her personal maid . Theresa asks if she wasn't at least tempted? Pilar says she was, she prayed every day for Paloma to be with them. Theresa says they were poor, but things got better, why didn't she send for her? Pilar says she doesn't understand and they had no money. Theresa says she could have borrowed it from the Russells or Bennetts. Pilar says they don't accept charity. Theresa won't let this go. Pilar tells her to stop talking about Mexico, she'll never go back, it doesn't exist for her. Theresa realizes this secret has something to do with Mexico. Theresa realizes she is right. Pilar tells her to stop trying to figure things out, there is nothing she needs to know. Theresa says Pilar is telling her to sacrifice her future happiness, so she needs to know everything. Pilar wants her to be happy, she wants her to be with Ethan, but that won't happen. She says there is true evil at their door, someone who would kill them all. She tells Theresa to just accept this and trust her. Theresa wants a reason, but Pilar just says obey me. 

Pilar tries to leave, but Theresa tells her not to do this. She says she's turning her world upside down. Theresa says her whole life she's tried to live up to her expectations, normally she fails. She's sorry she's not the dutiful daughter she deserves, but it's not in her nature. Theresa says her mother has always been the one she can count on, but now she's telling her to sacrifice the one she needs the most in life. She says she's not as strong as Pilar, she needs Ethan, she needs Ethan's love. Pilar says Theresa is stronger than she realizes. Theresa thinks a life without love isn't worth living. She begs her mom not to ask her to do this. She won't do it, she says people don't throw away their lives because of some old vendetta. Pilar tells Theresa to just do as she says, it will get easier in time. Theresa says even if she wanted to tell Ethan the truth, she can't because of Alistair's threats. She says however Ethan can protect her from Alistair and this new threat. Pilar tells Theresa this is the hardest thing she's had to ask of her. Pilar says she wouldn't wish what she went through when Martin disappeared on anyone. She says she has to though, and this is for a reason. Pilar says she managed to learn to live alone, she had other things like work, her children and church. Theresa says so that is what she wants her to do, live like a widow and let the world pass her by. Theresa says she can't do that even if she wanted to as Alistair won't let her. She begs Pilar to tell her who this person is. Pilar says she's asking her to do this to save her family. Pilar again says she won't talk anymore about this. Pilar says if Theresa doesn't give up Ethan, it will kill them all. She says think about that. Pilar hopes and pray that Theresa dies first, so she doesn't have to see her children die. Pilar then runs out of the room. Theresa wonders what is going on. Theresa looks at a photo of Ethan and says she can't live her life without him, she can't do what her mother asks.


At the church, Ivy arrives for Fox's funeral. She has flowers and stands at his casket. She brought white roses, which she hopes were his favorites, she doesn't actually know what his favorite are. Ivy is feeling guilty about Fox's death, and she talks about how Kay was wrong for him. She never thought Kay would have killed him, had she known then she would have killed her first. Kay then shows up with yellow flowers, carnations I believe. Ivy asks what she's doing here and calls her a murderous bitch. Kay says she is still his wife. Ivy says the black widow. Kay brought Fox's favorite flowers. Ivy says she is onto her games, coming here to pretend to grieve. Kay says she didn't murder Fox, but Ivy says the evidence says otherwise. Ivy says she was a liar from the moment she met her, she should have seen she was a serial killer too. Kay asks why she'd kill Fox? She says they broke up, they were getting divorced so she could be with Miguel. Ivy tells Kay she is vindictive and holds a grudge. She says she also tortured sweet Charity for years. She says she snapped and just shot Fox. Kay says she won't listen to this, she's leaving. Ivy says she's not going anywhere as she's going to kill her with her bare hands. Ivy then slugs Kay, who goes down! Kay says Ivy split her lip, Ivy says her head is next. Kay says Ivy needs to calm down, she didn't kill Fox. Kay says she is going to go home and act like she didn't hit her, she knows Ivy is grieving. Ivy wonders what she was thinking, she doesn't want to hurt Kay . . . she wants to kill her. Ivy soon smacks Kay with the flowers she brought, saying she wants to do more than hurt her. They begin a huge cat fight. Kay tells Ivy she has ice where her heart should be. Ivy says at least she doesn't kill the man who loves her. Ivy says her beautiful son is dead because of her. Kay says he was a monster because of her. Kay says she really taught Fox the difference between right and wrong. Ivy says Kay is one to talk. Kay throws the David lie in Ivy's face, blaming her for Grace's death and Jessica's situation. They begin fighting more and end up knocking over Fox's coffin! Ivy says this is a sign, Fox is accusing her from the grave. Kay says shut up and help her put the coffin back on the stand. Ivy refuses to help her. Ivy keeps accusing her of killing Fox, Kay wonders if the botox when to her brain? Ivy realizes they can't leave it here. They try and lift it up and manage to do so. Kay gets grossed out, Fox is moving around in there as it shifts. Kay then warns Ivy to stay away from her. She says for the last time she didn't kill Fox. Ivy says she can keep on saying that as they stick her with the lethal injections. Kay tells Fox she'll be back later for the funeral, but Ivy says oh hell no! Ivy attacks Kay again! 


Pilar soon arrives and finds the catfight. She tells them to stop, this is a holy place. Ivy goes to deck Kay and hits Pilar! Pilar asks what is wrong with them? Kay and Ivy both blame each other for this. Pilar says she has had enough of both of them. Pilar can't believe Kay would start a fight in God's home, and she tells Ivy she is setting no example. Pilar sends Kay home, she then tells Ivy she should go to. Pilar wants to be alone. Pilar then goes to pray to the statue of Mary. Ivy returns as she forgot her purse. She finds Pilar praying to protect her family, and how sorry she is about what happened years ago and how it's come back to haunt her. Ivy gasps, she says she didn't mean to eavesdrop. Ivy says don't tell her that someone knows her secret! Pilar says yes, someone knows her secret. She is afraid what will happen if it goes any further, her life will be over! Ivy holds Pilar as she cries.


At Tabitha's, Noah and Paloma are in the living room with the Timmy doll. Paloma wants Timmy to open his mouth and again say what he said before, that ENdora and Miguel needed help. She tells him to talk to her, threatening to punch the doll! Noah thinks maybe they just imagined what they heard, a lot of weird things happened up there. Noah talks about how Tabitha's basement always made odd noises, once he thought he heard a chainsaw and screams down there. Noah says he thinks there is a logical explanation, but she thinks Timmy really talked. They both begin remembering back to everything that happened in the attic. Paloma just thinks it all seemed so real, she thinks the doll talked. Suddenly the voice box goes off again. Paloma asks where Miguel and Endora are? Noah says he can't seem to find where the voice box in it is. They keep hearing static coming from the doll. Paloma swears there are words in it, he's trying to say something. Paloma keeps asking where Miguel and Endora are? Noah thinks they need to take a second and just calm down. Noah says they are grilling a doll here. Paloma admits this isn't standard police procedure, but he was talking. Noah says they aren't getting anywhere here, they should just get out of here. They decide to leave, Paloma thought they'd really find something here to help them. Paloma thinks it is strange, Miguel adores Kay and Maria, he wouldn't run out on them. Paloma begins thinking about her own family, how she was in Mexico for years while the rest of her family stayed here. Paloma says her mom couldn't even afford to visit her, not even once. She says that is all over though, she loves her family and wants to stay close to them. She says she lost Antonio already, she can't lose another brother. She wants to find and bring Miguel home. Noah says they will. 

As they are going to leave, Timmy comes alive again! Paloma hears the doll trying to talk again. She's sure it's trying to say something. Noah again thinks maybe phone or power lines are just interfering. The doll then says Miguel and Endora's names. Noah can't deny it this time. However he then comes up with the idea that he has metal in him conducting a radio station. She says a radio station that talks about Endora and Miguel? Noah says they are on the news thanks to Ivy. Noah begins looking at the doll to see if there is anything transmitting in it. The doll says again that Miguel and Endora need help. Paloma asks where her brother and Endora are? Timmy says Miguel is protecting Endora. They don't understand why. Paloma asks if Tabitha is with them? Timmy says mamic, which they don't understand. He soon says magic. Timmy tells them magic bowl and water. They don't understand. Kay shows up and hears them wondering how they find Miguel and Endora with a magic bowl of water? 


October 24,  2007
Please Note: Something went wrong with DirecTV today, they started showing a movie in the middle of Passions! So some of the show got cut out.

At Tabitha's, Kay comes home and finds Noah and Tabitha talking to the Timmy Doll. The doll keeps telling them to look in the magic bowl of water. Noah says what is this, Harry Potter? The doll stops talking, so Paloma suggests they find the bowl. Kay walks in and asks what is going on? Noah tells Kay they know they aren't suppose to be here, but they are looking for clues about Miguel and Endora. Noah says this sounds nuts, but the doll told them to look in a magic bowl. Paloma says they are wasting time, they have to find the bowl. Kay realizes she has to stop them. Kay says God knows what will happen if they get their hands on that blabbermouth bowl. She says they'll learn they are all witches and will think she's a devil worshiper and murderer. She realizes she has to get into the kitchen and keep them from seeing the bowl. Kay casts a spell to summon the bowl, but it fails. All that happens is she gets water thrown on her. Eventually the magic bowl shows up, but it flies around the room and won't let Kay get it. The bowl floats over the Timmy Dol., Kay tells the bowl that Noah and Paloma can't see it. The bowl plays keep away from Kay. Noah and Paloma return and see Kay jumping and trying to grab something, they wonder what she's doing? They ask why she's jumping around and why is she wet? They don't see the bowl, it's floating above the doorway. Kay says she's been jogging and doing this new workout. 


Later after the interruption, Noah and Paloma are talking to the doll again. Kay claims this doll was made to look like Timmy. They ask why? She says at first to make money, Tabitha lived here by herself. She says she grew attached to her nephew, she thought he was cute and funny so she made the dolls to sell. However when Timmy passed away, she couldn't go through with this plan. Noah says wait no, Timmy was talking to them, he's answering their questions. They say it's no simple voice box. Paloma says they can't even find a voice box. Kay says that is impossible. Kay claims he has phrases recorded on a microchip. They try and get the doll to talk about the bowl of water. Kay has somehow turned the bowl into a red balloon floating nearby. Kay zaps Timmy and he just says My name is Timmy over and over. Paloma says he has to say more than that. Kay says the batteries must have died, but Paloma doesn't believe it. Noah says their mind is just playing tricks on them, she wouldn't believe what happened here tonight. Paloma says maybe they did imagine it. Noah hopes Kay doesn't think they are nuts. Noah decides they should just go before they see anything else. They say goodbye to Kay and then leave. After they leave, the doll speaks to Kay begging for help. She asks if that is Miguel, is he in there?

At the church, Ivy tells Pilar she's so sorry about this. Ivy says they'll think of something, but Pilar says someone else knows. Pilar says if this comes out then her whole family . . . .  Ivy says it might never come to that. Pilar says all these years this has been her biggest fear. She prayed to keep this evil at bay, but she was naive. Ivy asks how this happened? Pilar says the only ones who knew were Father Lonigan and her. Ivy says Pilar can't think she told anyone. Ivy swears she never told a soul. Ivy says what Pilar said to her years ago got through to her, she has always understood what a serious situation this is. She knew if she blabbed she'd be signing her family's death warrant. Pilar says they weren't friends, she was her servant. Ivy says they were friends for a long time, she and Sam were the only ones who knew her before she moved into that mansion. Ivy says she trusted Pilar with her own secret. Ivy says no matter how much they've changed or grown apart, she wouldn't have told. Pilar wants to believe that. Ivy swears on her word as a mother. Pilar says the years have proven her word is flexible. Ivy says not about his, she never told. She swears here in front of God that it wasn't her. 


Later when the show has returned,  Ivy tells Pilar there has to be something they can do. Pilar says only God is powerful enough to stop this evil. She says if this gets out . . . .Ivy says she is here for her. Ivy says anytime and anywhere. Pilar thanks her. Ivy tells Pilar she has missed her. Pilar says she misses the Ivy she once was. Ivy remembers how it used to be between them, they would talk and talk. Pilar says she didn't always take her advice, she married Julian. Ivy says she felt trapped by Alistair and her father. Pilar says in the past even though they disagreed, she's always wanted what is best for her. Pilar tells Ivy she knows what it is like to lose a son. She says she still grieves for Antonio. She says sometimes she'll be out shopping and think of something for him, for a brief moment she'll forget he's gone. Ivy says losing Fox is so fresh for her. She says right now they are both going through such terrible times. She says she's lost Fox, then there is Pilar and this threat and Miguel. Pilar asks what about Miguel? Is he hurt? Ivy realizes she doesn't know. She says Miguel is missing, nobody knows where he is. Ivy says Miguel hasn't been seen since Fox was murdered. Pilar asks if she is saying he has something to do with this. Ivy says no, and Tabitha and Endora are missing too. Pilar wants to call Kay about this, but Ivy suggests she not do this. Ivy says she thinks Tabitha, Endora and Miguel might be dead and she thinks Kay killed them. 

At the motel, Luis has not found Fancy anywhere, Sheridan says maybe she just left. Luis says no, she wouldn't leave her purse and the strap is torn like it was ripped from her. Sheridan says she's a cop, she can defend herself. Luis thinks he has to call the station, but Sheridan says they will ask questions about what they are doing here. Sheridan says they'll keep looking for her. We see that Fancy is tied up, gagged and unconscious in a closet! Luis says if anything happened to Fancy then he'll never forgive himself. Sheridan says if anything happened to Fancy then it is her fault. Sheridan says he has an annoying habit of always blaming himself. She says Fancy followed them here and was suspicious. Luis says she found them in bed together. He also says she wasn't prepared, she has no idea what they are up to. Sheridan says he can't tell her that they are looking for Marty. She says if Alistair finds out then he'll just move Marty again. Sheridan says her father is getting worse, he killed Chad, he could kill Marty. They soon hear a sound, Luis finds Fancy in the closet. Sheridan thinks Fancy is dead! Luis takes her over o the bed. He finds she was chloroformed and tied up. He blames himself for this. Sheridan says not this again, and he can't tell her anything. Sheridan says Fancy should have been here in the first place. Sheridan says they lost their son because of Fancy. Luis says she could have been hurt. Sheridan says she should have stayed home. What if they don't find Marty? Luis says this is her niece. Sheridan says she only cares about finding her son, nothing is more important and that includes Fancy.


Later Fancy is awake. Luis tells Fancy he has something to tell her. He tells her that it appears someone chloroformed her. Fancy remembers, she was grabbed from behind by someone. She says she started to pass out, but before she closed her eyes she swears she saw a little boy. Sheridan asks Fancy what he looked like. Fancy doesn't know. Sheridan says she has to remember. Fancy says about 7 with brown hair. Sheridan asks where he is now? Fancy doesn't know any more. Sheridan asks what happened to him, but Fancy doesn't know. Fancy only saw him for a second. She says as she passed out she heard a car door slam and drive off. She doesn't know if it was a dream or not. Sheridan breaks down in tears. Fancy asks why she's so upset? Luis goes to tell her, but Sheridan says no! Fancy says this all makes sense now. She says she understands why Sheridan wants to know what happened. Fancy says it's Marty! 

At the mansion, Theresa looks in on Ethan and decides she has to tell Ethan the truth before Gwen takes him from her. Theresa goes in to see Ethan, he's with Gwen and the baby. Theresa says there is something important they need to talk about. Ethan asks what about? Theresa says she's been trying to talk to him about Little Ethan. Jonathan cries, she says the baby sounds hungry. She then sees towels, she asks what is going on. Ethan tells her about the baby's fever. The baby keeps crying, Theresa says he sounds fussy. Gwen says he's a baby, he's fine. She insists her baby is fine and just needs rest. Theresa asks if they gave him anything to bring the fever down. Gwen says he doesn't need anything. Theresa says she has some fever reducers, she'll go get them. Gwen says he doesn't need it. Ethan says it might be good to have it on hand. Gwen says Theresa is just so good with babies, she must have learned it from Pilar. She says she should really always listen to Pilar. Theresa says her mother does have wonderful advice, but sometimes you have to go with your own instincts. Ethan asks Theresa what is it she wanted to tell him?


Later Gwen and Theresa are arguing in private, Ethan is off somewhere. Theresa tells Gwen her threats don't scare her, and she wonders what Gwen did to her mom to make her take an about face. Gwen says she did nothing, she guesses she is looking out for Ethan's best interest. Theresa thinks Gwen threatened her. Theresa lets Gwen know she will be with Ethan. Gwen says if she doesn't listen to Pilar and do as she tells her then she'll be signing death warrants for her whole family. Theresa thinks she's bluffing, so Gwen tells her to go ahead and tell Ethan. Gwen says it is sad, she has nothing against the rest of her family. Theresa says for someone who claims she's not pressuring her mom, she seems to know a lot about what is going on. Theresa says stop threatening her mother and stop using an innocent baby to take Ethan from her. Gwen says if Theresa doesn't do what Pilar says, she and her family will die. Gwen says face it, it's over. Ethan returns and asks what is over?



October 25, 2007
At the church, Ivy tells Pilar that she thinks Kay killed Miguel, Tabitha and Endora to cover her tracks for killing Fox. Pilar says Ivy is grieving, but she doesn't believe this. Ivy says Kay is a serial killer, that is why they were fighting earlier. Ivy tells Pilar about the evidence placing her at the crime scene. Pilar asks why Kay would kill Fox? Ivy says for money. Pilar says she knows in her heart that her son is fine, and why would Kay kill Miguel? Ivy says at first she thought Miguel killed Fox and fled to meet Kay, but then another victim appeared. Ivy tells Pilar about Pete the crazy cat guy. She says she thinks Kay is just a serial killer. Ivy also says there was blood found in Tabitha's kitchen and it is being analyzed to identify it. Pilar says she won't believe this, she won't believe Kay would do this. Ivy says she saw how Kay was growing up, how she sabotaged her own parents' marriage. Pilar reminds who she was helping. Ivy says the point is Kay basically packed Grace up and drove her to the airport. Pilar says Kay was hurt that Grace chose Charity over her. Ivy says Kay is selfish and self absorbed, she doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants. Ivy says she warned Fox. She says it's just like Ethan and Theresa. She says anyways, Kay broke Fox's heart and she murdered him. Pilar doesn't believe it. Ivy says Pilar knows better than anyone that things can happen and make a person do something horrible. Pilar says she knows what happened with her was an accident. Ivy says the point is if something like that happened to her, look what can happen when you start out with a rotten apple like Kay. Pilar still can't accept Kay would do this. Ivy says look what happened to Pilar, which she thought was impossible. Pilar says she has never been able to go back to Mexico, and now her secret has come back to haunt her. Ivy asks how her secret was discovered? She says it wasn't her, she says she could have used this secret to get Theresa out of Ethan's life long ago. She says however the idea of wiping her family off the planet, well she wouldn't do it. Pilar knows she wouldn't. Ivy asks then who talk? Pilar knows it wasn't Father Lonigan, he wouldn't break his vows. She doesn't know how her secret was found out, and if she doesn't do what they want, they will tell everyone. Ivy says even though there is a bloodbath to occur? Pilar says they don't care, and she always thought they could be ruthless, but not this. Ivy asks who is blackmailing her? Ivy says she can keep the secret. Pilar says she can't, she'd be in the middle. Ivy asks what the blackmailers want? Pilar says she can't say, her loyalties would be divided. Ivy asks Pilar to trust her with this. Pilar says okay, as she has to tell someone. Pilar says these blackmailers want her to make sure Theresa gives up on the man she loves. Ivy is stunned, she's being blackmailed to get Theresa to give up Ethan? Ivy says then she's being blackmailed by Rebecca and Gwen, with Becs in charge no doubt. Pilar says no Gwen is the one being cold blooded to get Ethan back. Ivy says she had him and gave him up. How did they find out her secret? Pilar doesn't know, she doesn't think they know the whole story, but they know the power they have over her. Pilar says they were adamant that they'd have her family killed. Ivy says she's sorry. Pilar asks if she is? Ivy says she knows it's a lost cause, Theresa won't give up on Ethan. Pilar says she has to convince her or her family will end up dead. 


At the mansion, Jake and Esme are still playing their games. They are in swimsuits and have been playing deep sea explorer. Jake says he's never met a woman like her. Esme says get ready for their next sexcapade! Jake asks what it will be this time? Boss and secretary? Doctor and patient? She says no but keep those on their to do list. She says it's time she whipped him into shape! As they kiss on the bed, they are spied on. Later they are in leather and Esme is whipping him, calling him a kinky cop. He says he loves discipline, it's why he joined the force. She says he has a high tolerance for pain, he says he can handle whatever she dishes out. As they are and the floor making out, someone slips in un noticed. They dip a pin in poison and then put it in the bed. Esme and Jake continue their sex games, Esme calls him names like a filthy cop, a dirty pig, a Barney Fife wannabe. He says he doesn't deserve the pleasure she gives, only pain. She says lucky for him, she gives both. She orders him, to lie down on the bed and spread his legs! HE does, but doesn't hit the pin on the bed. Esme plays this little piggy with Jake. They go at it and Jake is finally stuck with the poison pin. He is in pain, but Esme just thinks it is from the sex games. Jake soon can't breath, she thinks he's really good at this and she would think he was really in pain. Jake then ends up passing out. Esme hasn't realized this, she's saying he needs to be conscious to have sex, though sex with a coma patient could be kinky. Jake comes to and says help him, he can't breath. She realizes something is really wrong, he is really dying. She says get up and whips him, realizing that won't help. She goes to the phone to call 191911, what is the damn number? Esme tries to get an outside line but can't figure it out. Jake sees the person spying on him. He asks if they killed the others? The person nods. Jake says why?


Theresa faces off with Gwen and says she won't let anyone take Ethan from her. Gwen tells Theresa if she doesn't do what Pilar tells her to, she and her whole family will pay. Gwen says she's trapped, she looses, it's over. Ethan returns and asks what is over? What are they talking about? Gwen says him and Theresa that's what. Ethan says what does she mean he and Theresa are over? Gwen says she misspoke, she meant this whole tug of war is over between them. Ethan asks Theresa if she is still upset at Gwen for upsetting Pilar? Theresa says she sees the situation for what it is now. Ethan says well this is great. Theresa tells Ethan she can't tell him how what Gwen has said has made her feel. Ethan thinks this is the tuning point for all of them. Gwen says it is and Theresa will agree from now on things will be different. Gwen asks if Jonathan got to sleep? Ethan says yes, but they need to watch his fever. Gwen goes to check on him. Gwen tells Theresa that what she said before, she meant what she said. Theresa says she knows she was serious. Clueless Ethan just thinks this is all terrific and Gwen is trying to bury the hatchet. To herself Theresa says in her back! Theresa tells Ethan it is too bad he didn't hear what Gwen said, it just took her breath away. Ethan says he's tired, he has to get to bed and it's been a long night. He says Jonathan is feeling so much better now and it's so wonderful to have a son. Theresa says about his son. Ethan says right she wanted to tell him something about Little Ethan. Theresa remembers her mother telling her she couldn't tell Ethan the truth. Theresa thinks she has to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa suggests to Ethan he sit, this may take awhile. She says she's wanted to tell him before so many times, but something always seems to interrupt. Theresa says for him to understand why it's taken so long to tell him, well he needs to know the whole story. Ethan says he's listening. Theresa says she's been trying to talk to him about his son. Ethan says Jonathan? Theresa says no. Of course they are interrupted by Gwen, who has a crying Jonathan. She says he is warn again and she'll give him another bath. Theresa suggests they try the fever reducer and Ethan agrees. Gwen says she thinks he needs a bath and leaves. Theresa tells Ethan to call Eve and tell him this fever keeps coming back. Ethan says okay, but he needs to tell Gwen. Ethan leaves, Theresa of course realizes she can't tell him the truth about this now. Later Ethan returns with Gwen and the baby. Ethan hands the baby to Theresa as Ethan argues with Gwen. Gwen doesn't want to give him medicine or take him to the hospital.. Theresa meanwhile takes his temperature, it's 105. Ethan says that is serious. Theresa says it is worse, he could die. Ethan says they are taking him to the hospital now! Gwen says she lost Sarah because of Theresa, she won't lose Jonathan. She says he's her last chance to get Ethan back. 


At Tabitha's, Kay talks to the Timmy doll. She asks if that is Miguel in there? Miguel says help him, free him. Kay says the doll told Noah and Paloma to look in the bowl, is that where they are? She says she couldn't let Noah and Paloma find the bowl as they'd know they were witches. Kay then realizes this can't be Miguel, he didn't know about the magic bowl. The doll says no speak English! Kay asks who they are, what do they want? As it turns out, the doll is Tabitha! It morphs into the bag she's trapped in. Kay asks why Tabitha would want Noah and Paloma to look in the bowl? She's always so worried they'll be exposed and burned at the stake. Kay says she's sorry she's stuck in there, but she was going to do evil to Fancy and Luis. Kay then thanks Tabitha for the blood on the floor, she's been framed for three murders now. Kay tells Tabitha to stop fighting her and help her prove she's innocent. Kay says she'll spend her life in prison! Tabitha zaps her and puts her in an orange jump suit. Kay says she won't go to prison, she isn't a serial killer. She says she never looked good in orange anyway. Tabitha puts her back in normal clothes. Kay then promises to let Tabitha out if she'll be good, at least she can account for one of the people she supposedly killed. Tabitha conjures up the bowl for Kay to look in. Kay looks in it and sees Sheridan with Luis at the motel. Sheridan is crying how they lost Marty, they were so close. Tabitha casts spells on Sheridan, Luis and Fancy to break Fancy and Luis up, which upsets Kay. Kay tells the hag in the bag to undo this or she'll put her n the microwave! Tabitha floats away, Kay says she doesn't have time for this. Luis and Sheridan are beginning to take each other's clothes off. Kay tries to come up with various spells to stop Fancy from finding them together. 


At the motel, Fancy says this all makes sense now, it's about Marty. Fancy tells Sheridan she is sorry, she knows they have differences but are on the same page when it comes to a child. Luis says he's glad she understands. Sheridan says she just wish he had have gotten away. Fancy says if she could have stopped him she would have. Fancy says she's sorry, she knows hearing about a little boy must stir up memories of Marty. Fancy says they came so close to saving Marty in Rome. Fancy says it is bad enough they know Marty is dead, but to hear about a child his age vanishing must open old wounds. Sheridan realized fancy hasn't figured it out, she thinks they are looking for another little boy. Fancy says even if they knew where this boy was, it wouldn't bring Marty back. She says she's sorry, she keeps saying the wrong thing. Sheridan breaks down and Luis holds her. Fancy decides to give them space. Fancy thinks the pain of losing a loved one never stops and the wound never heals. She leaves as Sheridan tells Luis they were so close. In the hall, Fancy convinces herself she trusts Luis when he says he loves her and only her. Unfortunately Tabitha sends a spell to zap Fancy and make her decide to check on them. Tabitha then zaps Sheridan and Luis and they end up kissing! Soon they are undressing and Fancy is about to find them. Fancy walks into the room and says Oh my god! Kay watches this from the bowl.


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