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5th Week of October  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



October 29, 2007

At Tabitha's, Kay is watching Sheridan, Luis and Fancy in the bowl. She's trying to figure out a spell to stop Fancy from seeing Luis and Sheridan. Kay sees Fancy walk into the room and say Oh My God! Kay can't believe Tabitha has done this. Kay however manages to freeze them all. Tabitha is upset, but Kay says there must be a way to get Endora and Miguel back without doing this. Kay then zaps them all and sends them elsewhere. Sheridan and Luis show up at the cottage, they have no idea how they got here. Fancy then shows up in Esme's room. Kay says she did it, she stopped Fancy from finding them. Tabitha, still in her bag, jumps around. Kay says she knows she's upset about this, but they have to find another way, she can't keep going around fixing things.


Ivy and Sam soon show up, Kay asks her dad what brings him by. Sam says they got the results of the blood back and it doesn't look good at all. Sam says the blood was human. Kay says maybe it was hers, but Sam says it isn't hers. He says the lab is trying to find match now. Kay realizes that witch is setting her up. Sam decides to go to the kitchen to see if he can find anything else. Kay says look around, she has nothing to hide. Ivy doesn't think that is true. Sam drags Ivy off with him. Kay then tells the bag to stop this, without her here she'll be stuck in that bag for good. Tabitha zaps the bowl, Kay then watches as Luis and Sheridan fight about Marty. Tabitha then conjures a mysterious box, Kay wonders what she's up to. Kay says she'll make that box disappear, but Sam returns before she can. Sam says they didn't find anything in the kitchen, but Ivy says he doesn't have the fancy forensic equipment. Kay asks how Sam can love a woman who is so mean to her. Sam has questions, but Kay says she's tired can they do this later. Sam says he needs answers and now. Kay realizes she can't answer questions and stop Tabitha from casting her spells. Ivy keeps bringing up all the evidence against Kay. Sam tells Ivy to stop this, but Ivy says he has a blind spot where his daughter is concerned. Sam drags her out of the room, so Kay looks in the bowl. Tabitha is now casting spells on Esme, Fancy and the dead Jake. Fancy wonders what Tabitha is up to. She talks to Tabitha in the bag saying if she would stop causing trouble she might be a way to find Endora and Miguel without causing evil. 


At the mansion, Esme calls 911 hoping Jake will hold on. However she soon finds out Jake is dead. She says that is three in a row, why does this keep happening to her? Someone continues to spy on them. Later thanks to Kay's spell, Fancy shows up. She has no idea how she even got here. Esme says first things first, she points to Jake and says he's dead. Fancy asks how this happened? Esme says they were playing a game and Jake ended up stiff, not in a good way. She asks why all her dates keep ending up dead? Fancy asks what happened, what did she do to him? Esme says they were just having a little S&M fun. Esme says he started choking, she thought he was playing until she realized he was dying. Fancy asks if anyone else was here, Esme says this isn't France! Esme says she knows this looks bad, but she didn't kill Jake. She says if someone murdered him then who was it? Fancy doesn't know. Esme says she would never really hurt anyone, even when she went on that shooting rampage with her and "Norman" she didn't actually hurt them. Fancy suggests that she not tell that to the DA. Fancy says she'll do a sweep of the room to see if she can find a clue that she didn't kill Jake. Tabitha casts a spell and Fancy soon finds the pin in his bed. Esme says Jake died of a pin prick? Fancy thinks it was poisoned, she needs a police kit to make sure. Esme says then Jake was murdered, but it wasn't by her. Fancy says maybe the killer left another clue. Fancy is then hit by a spell of Tabitha's. She soon finds fingerprints on the bed. Fancy asks if she and Jake were gripping the headboard? Esme doesn't think so. Fancy says it could be the killers. Fancy does some tests on the print, they belong to Kay!

Back at Tabitha's, Kay hears she's been framed by Tabitha again. Kay is furious and begins shaking the bag and yelling at it. Ivy and Sam see this, Sam thinks it is the stress of being under suspicion. Ivy says she is guilty as sin. 


Sheridan and Luis arrive at the cottage, not knowing how they got there at all. Luis plans to go find Spike and find out what game he's playing with them. Sheridan says Spike is the only one helping them. Luis says they kept up their end of the bargain and gave Spike what he wanted. Sheridan says did Spike too and they'd have Marty back if it wasn't for Fancy showing up. Luis says this isn't Fancy's fault. Sheridan asks whose then? Who is always not believing her when it comes to their son? Luis says he's sorry, he thought Spike set them up. Sheridan says he didn't, Fancy saw Marty and he was whisked away. Luis tells Sheridan it is not Fancy's fault they don't have their son back. Sheridan is zapped by Tabitha's spell. She tells Luis it's not anyone's fault, it's just the situation. Sheridan says that was just her frustration talking, she's fine. Luis says he'll go find Fancy to make sure she's okay. He almost trips over a chest, which just appeared. They decide to look in it. It's full of old photos of them together. Sheridan also finds an old rose from their first date. Sheridan soon finds a secret compartment in the chest. Inside is her veil from their ceremony in Mexico. She doesn't remember putting this away. More spells zap them, they soon begin kissing. 


At the hospital, Julian visits Eve in her office with some coffee. She tells Julian how she's off the alcohol and pills, she knows Vincent is dead and everything she thought she saw was her guilt. As they talk, Vincent is in the hall in scrubs spying. Eve says she regrets what happened to Vincent, but she won't let it destroy her. Vincent tells himself that she doesn't know it, but her career is about to be ruined. 

Theresa, Ethan and Gwen show up with Jonathan. Gwen keeps saying that her child will be fine, he's just a little warm. The nurse says with his temperature this high he could risk brain damage. The nurse takes him and says Eve has been paged. Rebecca soon shows up, she asks what is wrong with Jonathan. Gwen says Theresa convinced Ethan he has a fever. Rebecca says she knew something was wrong with him. She also asks Gwen why she's letting Theresa comfort Ethan about their son? Rebecca asks if she even talked to Pilar about this? Gwen says she did, and Theresa. 

Eve shows up, she says Jonathan's fever is down to about 102, but she's running some tests on him and they are still working on getting the fever down some more. Ethan asks if he'll be okay? Eve wishes she could say that, but a sustained high fever in an infant is dangerous. Eve says she's doing all she can, she says they should pray as that never hurts. Eve leaves, Theresa tells Ethan they should pray. A spying Vincent says Ethan will still have one son left, Eve doesn't know it but he's going to frame her for Jonathan's death! Julian then shows up and says Excuse me son. He sees Vincent from behind. Before he can confront Vincent, Eve comes to get him. Eve tells Julian how Jonathan isn't responding to the treatment. 

Later, Vincent spies on them as they go back to Eve's office and decides to frame mommy for a fatal mistake. Vincent follows them around as Eve discusses Jonathan with Julian. Eve is worried about her last patient, how she prescribed the wrong medicine. She's afraid that could happen again, she's already shaky from nerves and not having a drink for awhile. Julian says he'll always be here for her. He suggests she sit in her office and calm her nerves, he'll go get something to eat. Julian leaves and Vincent spies on his mommy. Vincent begins calling out Mommy I'm so cold! Eve says stop it, Vincent is dead. More voices say Help me mommy, don't let me drown! Eve says she's drowning too, so they'll drown together. Eve takes out a bottle of booze and drinks up. Vincent says poor mom, she has no clue how bad things are about to get. Eve soon realize drinking isn't the answer, she's imaging the voice. She says it is late and tired, seeing Jonathan distress reminded her of her own guilt of not being there for Vincent as a baby. She says she can't help Vincent but she can help Jonathan. She puts the booze away. She then takes out a breath mint and takes one. 


Eve then gets a call. It is the nurse from the ER, the IV isn't working and Jonathan's fever is still above 100. The Nurse asks if she should give him the medicine she prescribed. Eve says yes, what ever the underlying cause is, they have to figure it out. Vincent meanwhile sneaks into a room and tampers with the prescription in Jonathan's chart. He adds another zero to it making it 100 milligrams, not 10. The nurse goes to get the prescription filled. Vincent tells himself drinking on the job and killing babies, he hopes his mom has good malpractice insurance. 

Later Julian returns to the office, he realizes Eve has been drinking. Eve says she couldn't help it, she heard Vincent calling out. He says Vincent is dead. She knows, but she heard him as clear as he is. He says she can't go on like this, she has to find some way other than drinking to deal with her guilt. He says she is on duty, what if she makes another mistake with medication. Eve says she won't, she was sober the whole time. Julian says if people realize she's been drinking, it will be disastrous. Eve says they wont, she was sober when she wrote the prescription, she made no mistakes. Meanwhile a nurse goes to give Jonathan the medicine Eve prescribed as Vincent watches.


Rebecca continues to tell Gwen how if Theresa and Ethan get any closet they'll be bonded together. She also says if it comes to it, Theresa will tell Ethan about his other son to give him some hope and cheer him up. Rebecca wonders where her cattle prod is, she must have left it at Jose's house. Gwen asks why she needs a cattle prod? Rebecca says to zap her into action! Gwen says nothing is wrong with Jonathan, he was just warm. Rebecca says he has a fever, even she knew something was wrong with him. Gwen suggests they change the subject. Rebecca and Gwen discuss their blackmail of Pilar, Rebecca says Pilar knows how devastating the fall out will be, but Theresa is another matter. She could very well tell Ethan the truth. Rebecca doesn't know how she can be so calm. Gwen says for the last time, Theresa won't tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Rebecca says she could tell him to cheer him up.


Ethan meanwhile asks Theresa to talk to him about something, anything else. He says back at the mansion she was going to tell him something about his son. She thinks they should wait, but Ethan wants her to tell him now. Theresa says it's a little complicated to tell him now. He asks if it is good news? She thinks so. However she has to tell him the whole story so he understands and isn't angry. Ethan promises on his son's life he won't get angry. She says she will tell him.


October 30, 2007

At the mansion, Fancy says the fingerprint on the bed match's Kay, she is obviously the one who killed Jake. Esme runs off asking Fancy to wait a second. Fancy tells Esme she doesn't have all day here. Esme returns dressed as Sherlock Holmes. She says it was their next game, she was to be Sherlock and Jake was going to be the Hound of the Baskervilles. Esme then pretends to talk like Sherlock about Kay and all the evidence against her for Fox, Pete and Jake's murders. Fancy doesn't know how she breaks the news to Sam that his daughter is a crazed killer. Fancy calls the cops to come over, while Esme tells poor Jake she's sorry he's dead, but at least his last moments were happy. Fancy wonders what exactly they did. Esme says she knows a dead body puts a damper on the evening, but they should celebrate. She says thanks to Fancy, she's off the list of suspects for murder. Fancy just wishes it wasn't Sam's daughter who was the killer. Viki shows up to see her aunt, she can't sleep. Fancy and Esme try and get rid of her and keep her from seeing the body, but they fail. Viki gives a silent scream. Esme tries to comfort her and gives her a hug, which she thinks her mom would do. Fancy tells Esme the coroner will be here soon, so they should go to the kitchen. Fancy also says she needs to go see the chief. Fancy says she'll be in touch, but in the mean time, do the Harmony PD a favor and sleep alone! Fancy then leaves.


Esme makes herself a drink and talks about how dead bodies, grave yards, zombies, all that stuff used to upset her as a kid. She remembers how Carrie gave her nightmares for weeks. She sees she' making Viki worse, but Esme says they are fine. She says Fancy will send Kay to the slammer, they'll be fine. Viki wants her parents, Esme says she didn't tell her this before because she didn't know how. Esme and Viki sit down to have a talk. Esme tells Viki how she told her that her parents were on a trip, which is technically true. It's a trip that goes on forever. Esme takes a drink and then tells Viki that her parents are dead. Esme says she should have told her earlier, but she didn't know how she'd react. Viki isn't reacting at all. Esme tells her not to worry, they are a family now. Esme promises that she isn't going anywhere, she'll be around forever. Esme tells her that she knows she's in anguish, but sometimes the grieving process goes very quickly. She says like with her and Fox. Viki just sits there not reacting. Esme thinks Viki must be in shock, the information was too much for her. She thinks she should give her brandy, but says Fancy would just lecture her. Esme says she and her mom fought a lot, but they did love each other. She makes a promise to her parents looking down on them that she'll love and protect her. Esme hugs her again and Viki is smiling!


At Tabitha's, Kay is yelling at the paper bag. Sam thinks his daughter has lost her mind. Ivy thinks it is an act, she won't let Kay get off on an insanity plea. Ivy says Kay killed Fox, the truth will come out. She says she killed Pete, Miguel, Tabitha and even Endora. Sam says Kay wouldn't kill anyone. Kay then yells at the bag that she knows what she's doing, she's setting her up and won't let get away with this. Ivy says Kay is imaginative though, battling paper products is a a way to get a trip to the looney bin. Ivy runs over, grabs the bag and stomps on it! Blood spurts onto Ivy's foot and Kay says you killed her! You stomped her to death! Kay cries about how she would act like she wasn't good, but she knows she was good. Ivy tells Sam that Kay really thinks Tabitha is in the bag. She asks what this goop is? Kay says it's Tabitha's blood, you killed her. Kay wants Ivy arrested. Ivy says don't pin Tabitha's murder on her, they all know she killed her. Ivy says Tabitha wasn't in that bag, she wouldn't fit in there. Kay says she was in there, she put her in there so she wouldn't cause evil. Kay says she only wanted to do the right thing and protect them. She says Tabitha was trying to do the evil to pay the darkside ransom for Miguel and Endora. Kay says she put Tabitha in the bag so she couldn't do magic. Kay says she should have known, Tabitha kept saying her powers were weak. She says but boom, she'd surprise all of them and stir up trouble with her witch craft. She then wonders who will teach her. Sam can't believe this, Ivy thinks this is an act by Kay to get out of this mess. What will she do next, pull out her hat and broomstick. Kay says she wasn't fond of the broom, she liked her car. Kay says Tabitha did some awful things, but she loved her. Kay tells Ivy that she's the murderer, she killed her best friend! Kay keeps going on and on about Tabitha, how when the boys in the basement left she was so scared that she went back to her evil ways. Ivy thinks this act is getting tedious. Ivy wants Kay to save them a lot of time and confess. There is then someone at the door, Ivy goes to get it.


Fancy shows up as Sam tells Kay he's going to help her, including getting her professional help. Kay swears she didn't do anything. Sam says all the evidence they have points to her. Kay says she was set up. She says if Tabitha was here she could help her. Ivy and Fancy then walk in, Ivy says Fancy has something to tell him. Fancy asks to speak to Sam in private, but Sam says just say it. Fancy says there has been another murder, it was Jake. Sam says he is one of his best men! Fancy explains Jake was in Esme's bed when it happened. Sam wants to bring Esme in, this is the third murder she's been present for. Fancy says Esme isn't the killer. Sam says every time she sleeps with a man, they end up dead. Sam says maybe she hates men. Ivy laughs and says she doesn't know Esme. Fancy explains there was a print on the bed, and it belongs to Kay. Ivy says she told him, Julian was right all along, Kay is the killer. Sam asks Fancy if she's sure, Fancy is. She says the print matched Kay's. Kay tells the bag look what you've done to me! Kay doesn't know how she gets through this without her. Ivy says she told Sam over and over that Kay was the killer, so arrest her for all of the murders. Sam asks Fancy again if she's sure the finger print is Kay's. Fancy shows him her PDA to check for himself. Kay swears it wasn't her, it was Tabitha, she used magic. She says Tabitha was upset with her and set her up. Ivy asks how she got Kay's fingerprint there? Kay says she zapped it there. Kay swears, she saw Tabitha do it. Kay says if Tabitha was here she'd tell them, but she can't as Ivy murdered her! 


At the hospital, Gwen keeps telling Rebecca that Jonathan just has a little fever, he is fine. Rebecca says but Eve says, but Gwen doesn't care what Eve says. Rebecca hopes she is right about Jonathan. Gwen then sees Ethan with Theresa and becomes upset. Rebecca says get her head out of the sand. Theresa is over there probably telling Ethan the truth about his son. Meanwhile, Ethan hopes what Theresa has to tell him is good news. She thinks it is. She thinks it will make him feel better, a lot better. Theresa thinks he'll be just as happy as she was when she found out. A lurking Rebecca and Gwen listen, Rebecca says she's going to ruin all their plans. Suddenly a nurse calls a code blue!


In Eve's office, Eve tells Julian not to fuss, she needs to get to the ER and check on Jonathan. Julian wants her to drink some coffee and eat some chowder first, she has been drinking. Eve says she's not drunk. Julian says he can smell it on her breath, so others will too. He says she could lose her license. Eve says nothing will go wrong. Julian tries to convince Eve she needs stop and listen to him. She says she's not drunk, she only had a sip. He says she smells of liquor, but she doesn't think she does. She says she needs to get back to ER. She tells him how coffee also doesn't help, it just keeps you awake so you stay drunk longer. He says well just have some of the soup he brought her. He makes her sit down and eat. He says he knows what could happen to her reputation if she goes back to the ER and they smell liquor on her. She says she'll eat some soup and even drink some coffee first. Eve says she's sure the medication she gave Jonathan has worked. Julian later returns with some more coffee for Eve. Eve admits to Julian she keeps thinking about Vincent. She knows he is dead, but she keeps seeing and hearing him. Eve says maybe she is crazy. Julian says she's not. Eve says her rational bones say he's dead, but her heart says he's alive. Julian thinks maybe they need to get out of town for awhile. Eve says that might be good, it's not like she has family keeping her here. He says they can go to Paris or someplace else. He says maybe a farm house in Tuscany. Eve says or he could throw her in a mental clinic in Switzerland and be done with her. Eve says a trip would be a wonderful idea, but she can't leave until she knows Gwen's baby is better. Julian asks if he can finish her shift? She says she has eaten her soup and can drink her coffee down to the ER. Eve suggests they go down to the ER and check on Jonathan. 


In Jonathan's room, Vincent spies as the nurse gives Jonathan the wrong amount of medicine. He says the medicine will bring the baby's fever down all right, to zero! The nurse soon realizes something is wrong with the baby. The nurse calls a code blue, Ethan and company run in to find out what is going on. A crash cart is brought in and everyone is told to stay out. The nurse thinks the baby is having a bad reaction to the prescription. The doctor on call sees the prescription and says this dose is dangerous for an adult, it would kill and infant. Everyone hears this, Gwen flips. Ethan asks how this could have happened? They say ask Dr. Russell. The nurse tells them they have to leave and they are kicked out of the cubicle. Ethan holds and comforts Gwen. Gwen says if Jonathan had stayed at the mansion he would have been fine. Ethan just can't imagine Eve would make a mistake. Rebecca keeps Theresa from interfering wit their moment. Eve then shows up and Gwen slaps her! Eve asks what is wrong with her. Gwen says her son could die because of her! Vincent is spying and says it's all over for his mom now. 



October 31,  2007

At Tabitha's, Ivy wants Kay arrested, but Fancy and Sam try and calm her down. Ivy thinks Fancy should be on her side, Kay killed Fox! Kay wonders how she'll get out of this. Ivy says she won't get out of this, she has been a busy killer. She says Kay's silly talk of magic won't get her out of this, she is perfectly sane. Kay says she didn't do this, if Tabitha was here she'd tell him. Ivy says Sam he knows what he has to do. Sam says he has no choice, he begins to arrest Kay! Ivy says put those handcuffs on tight, but Sam says that is enough. She says she is a victim and has rights too, if Sam doesn't make sure Kay goes down then Julian will have Sam's head. Kay says she could have proved herself innocent if Kay hadn't killed Tabitha. Ivy tells Kay she couldn't fit Tabitha's arm in that little bag if she used a cuisonart on her. She says Kay killed them all. As they are arguing, someone spies on them. 


Soon Tabitha walks in. She says she didn't know she invited people over for a party. Ivy can't believe Tabitha is alive. Kay runs over and gives her a hug. Kay can't believe Tabitha is alive. Tabitha says if she kicks the bucket then Kay will be the first to know. Tabitha whispers to Kay she had just managed to get out of the bag when Ivy stomped on her. Kay says now she shows up? She could have helped her. Kay says she's been arrested. Tabitha asks for what? Kay tells Tabitha this is all her fault. Ivy tells Tabitha to be careful or she'll be next on Kay's victim list. Kay asks Tabitha again where she's been, she could have stopped all this. Ivy tells Tabitha how Kay has been rambling on and on about magic. Kay tells Tabitha not to give her that look, she's been trampled upon. Sam says he has to get Kay to the station, but Kay says Tabitha is clearly alive. Fancy says but Jake is dead. Tabitha asks for a moment alone with Kay.

Tabitha pulls Kay into the hall. Kay asks Tabitha why she'd do this to her? Tabitha says they have to pay the darkside's ransom and do evil. Kay says why pick on her? Tabitha says because she kept stopping her from doing evil to Luis, Sheridan and Fancy. Kay says they don't deserve it. Tabitha asks what kind of world it would be if bad things only happened to bad people? Kay says it's not fair. Tabitha says fair doesn't come into the equation. Tabitha tells Kay if she lets her cause pain and suffering to whoever she wants, she'll get her off. Kay says to save herself she has to hurt others? Tabitha says yes, she has to make the decision to do evil. Kay doesn't know. Tabitha says either Kay goes to jail or she lets her destroy a few people in Harmony to get Endora and Miguel back. Tabitha talks to Kay about how she'll end up in an electric chair or strapped to a table. Tabitha guesses it is still better than the good old days of beheadings. She says she was always a fan of hangings herself. Tabitha begins describing how the hangings used to happen. Kay tells Tabitha to stop it, she wouldn't let her die. Tabitha says to get Endora back she'd hang her herself, Kay would do the same to her to save Maria. Ivy asks them to get on with this, but Tabitha says this is her house so butt out.


Ivy tells Sam to take Kay downtown now. Sam says she'll be down there soon enough, just let her talk to Tabitha. Fancy blames herself, but Sam says she did a good job. Fancy just can't believe this. She also reminds Sam be careful out there, the kids are in full force. Sam says he hates driving around during Halloween. Ivy asks why nobody has come to Tabitha's? Fancy says the kids are scared of her house. Ivy looks outside and sees ghosts. Ivy says she thinks she sees ghosts outside. Fancy says it is Halloween, there are ghosts and goblins everywhere. Ivy says ones you see through? Fancy says people spend hundreds of dollars on costumes nowadays. Sam decides to get her some water, Fancy goes with him. Ivy keeps looking around, she thinks it must have been trick-or-treaters. She then sees ghosts in the living room and faints!


Tabitha soon realizes she was unable to cancel her annual Halloween party. She says she's not on the A-list because of what happened with the council and all, but some people will still show up. Kay asks who? Tabitha says some ghosts, ghouls, some zombies and a vampire or two. Kay tells Tabitha to do something, but Tabitha can't cancel her party now. Kay and Tabitha run into the living room as Ivy has fainted. Kay asks how they'll get out of this one? Kay and Tabitha find Ivy and decide to have a little fun by kicking her while she's down, literally! Kay does say they have to get the ghosts out of here before Sam and Fancy return. Tabitha calls Kay a party pooper and asks the ghosts to go as Ivy is waking up. Tabitha assures them she'd love to see them torture this blond, but it would blow her cover. Tabitha also asks them to put the word out that the house is out of bounds this year, she'll make it up to them next year. Tabitha suggests they go to the retirement community or the ICU and scare some people. Ivy wakes up and begins yelling to Sam and Fancy, saying there are ghosts in here! Sam shows up asking what is going on? Fancy shows up as Ivy says she saw real ghosts, you could see straight through them. Ivy says Tabitha was talking to them, but Tabitha says she was talking to Kay. She asks Ivy if she's on some kind of medication? Ivy tries to find where the ghosts have gone. She swears first the ghosts were outside the window, then they were in here floating around. Fancy thinks her mom had a long day. Sam says he'll forgive Ivy for what she said about his daughter, clearly stress is affecting her mind. Sam then has to take Kay to the station. Kay asks for a second. She talks to Tabitha. Tabitha will help her only if she agrees to the deal. 

At the hospital, Eve is in shock and doesn't know what happened. Gwen says her son could die because of Eve. Julian asks for someone to tell them what is going on here. Ethan says the nurse gave Jonathan some medicine, the medicine Eve prescribed, it was the wrong dose and enough to kill him. Eve says she knows she prescribed the right medicine and right dosage. Ethan says the other doctor said it was enough to kill an adult. Eve says she knows she did the right thing. Eve says it's just a fever, she knows she did the right thing. Eve says an enormous mistake had to have been made. Rebecca says and Eve made it. Eve is positive she gave Jonathan the correct dosage. Gwen says if her son dies then she'll make sure Eve spends her life in jail. Eve wants to see the prescription herself, but Gwen wants Eve to stay away and get out. Eve says this is her hospital, but Rebecca says it was her hospital, she won't be practicing here much longer. Julian tells Eve then should go and drags her off. 


Ethan tries to comfort Gwen and says they have to stay strong. Gwen says what if he dies. Ethan tells her not to talk like that. Gwen can't help it and cries. Ethan says they'll pray for him. He says God will listen to them. Ethan prays and asks God to hear their prayer. They begin saying the lord's prayer. 

Rebecca continues to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Rebecca reminds Theresa that her mama told her never to see Ethan again. She says Ethan is supposed to be with Gwen. Theresa tells Rebecca that she can't threaten her or her mom. Theresa says she's going to Ethan and Rebecca can't stop her. Rebecca says wanna bet? Rebecca says she won't hesitate to use her information, so back off before things get really ugly.


A doctor shows up to give them news. She says Jonathan is suffering from an overdose. She says this overdose is dangerous. Gwen again says they shouldn't have brought him here, he was fine. Ethan says he wasn't, he had a high temperature. Ethan says they did what any responsible parent would have, Gwen says he wasn't dying then. Gwen says the only thing wrong with her son is that he took too much medicine. The doctor says they don't know what his fever was caused by, first they have to save him from the over dose and then they will find out what caused the fever. The doctor returns to Jonathan. Gwen says if anything happens to Jonathan it is Eve's fault. 


Julian takes Eve back to her office. Eve wants to know what is going on. Julian says it's clear what happened. Eve knows she wouldn't make this mistake. Julian reminds her she was drinking. Eve says she had a drink and she wrote the prescription before the drink. Eve thinks something is wrong here. Julian says he's going to go get her some tea. She says she doesn't need a waiter, she needs someone to listen and believe her. Eve says if anything happens to the baby it will be all her fault. Julian says crying won't help. He says the worse thing she could do right now is go back to that ER. Julian says if Eve promises to stay here then he'll find out what is happening. Eve says she'll stay here. Julian then leaves. Eve reaches for the bottle, but stops as it will only make things worse. Of course Vincent then walks into her office. Eve says he's not here, he is dead. She says he's a figment of her imagination. Vincent says he is real, feel him. He puts her hand on his heart, saying that is what his heart felt like when he fell off the cliff. He says then all he remembers is the pain. Eve cries No, you aren't real! Eve thinks this must be a joke or a trick, he is dead. She says if she doesn't get that through her head then they will come take her away. Vincent keeps asking his mommy to believe him. Eve of course reaches for the booze and begins swigging it. She tries to convince herself when she opens her eyes he'll be gone, and he is. She says thank you God it was an illusion. He of course tap her from behind. He says she didn't want him as a baby and she doesn't want him now. He says she is a terrible mommy, bad mother and bad bad doctor. Eve says this can't be happening. Vincent says that baby will die because of her. Eve continues to tell herself that her mind is playing tricks on her, but Vincent won't leave. She keeps telling him he is dead. Vincent says reject him all she wants, but he is here. Eve says he's not, this doesn't make sense. Vincent says she is a joke, no wonder her husband and his sisters left her. He says no wonder he ended up the way he did. He says people love her and she destroys them. He says she isn't even a good doctor, she puts on an act but is scared every time she goes into surgery. How many of her patients have died. She says not one. He says she almost killed another patient because of a bad prescription, and now this baby will die because of her. He says he'll die because she was drinking. Eve wonders what she has done. Vincent says she is evil, she has nothing left to live for, soon her job will be gone. Eve says he's right, she'll never get past this. She says she is a bad person, she always have been. She says she doesn't deserve to live. Vincent then pulls out a scalpel. She asks what that is for. HE says do something positive, atone for her crimes. He says get it over with before she causes more pain to those she loves. 


Julian returns to the ER. HE learns what is going on. Gwen doesn't want to hear any defense of Eve from him. Rebecca tells Julian not to try and convince them Eve is innocent, it is pathetic coming from him. She says the woman is a disaster. She says her drunk driving destroyed TC, she drove Whitney away, she turned Simone gay and then there is that creature she made with him. Rebecca says she gets whatever brains Julian has left are pickled, but if anything happens to Gwen's baby then she will make sure Eve goes to jail for the rest of her life. Julian asks Ethan to talk some sense here, but Ethan suggests Julian just go. Ethan says they need to concentrate on their son now. Julian says okay, and he hopes the child pulls through. Julian walks off and mumbles Eve what have you done, if this child isn't okay then her life could be over.

Later Rebecca and Theresa keep fighting. Rebecca tells her to stay away from Ethan. Rebecca says give him up, it will be the worst mistake of her life and her last. Rebecca tells Theresa she has no idea what her mother has done, but if she doesn't stay away from Ethan and Gwen, then everyone will know. Rebecca says then she and her whole family will be caput. The doctor meanwhile comes to talk to Ethan and Gwen. She tells them she is so sorry . . . . 



November 1, 2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha continues to tell Kay she will clear her of the murder charges, but in return she must stop interfering. Kay can't stand by and do nothing while Tabitha does evil, that is evil. Tabitha says enjoy prison then. Sam tells Kay he has to take her down to the station. Ivy says and put the cuffs on her! Sam says that is enough. Tabitha tells Kay all she has to do is look the other way while she destroys the lives of Harmony's citizens. Tabitha ends up freezing Sam, Ivy and Fancy. Ivy was still ranting about locking Kay up as they were frozen. Tabitha tells Kay how if she goes to prison, she bets Ivy will be the one helping Sam raise Maria. Kay says over her dead body! Kay says fine, do what she wants! Tabitha says wise decision. However Kay won't help her do the evil. Tabitha unfreezes Fancy, Ivy and Sam. Fancy's PDA beeps, it seems there was a mismatch, the fingerprint on the bed belongs to Jake and not Kay. Sam says Kay is off the hook. Sam thinks Ivy should apologize, but Ivy won't. Sam says there is no evidence connecting her to Jake's murder. Ivy asks about Fox and Pete, but Sam says it's circumstantial. She asks what about Endora and Miguel. Tabitha says Endora is visiting relatives and Miguel took a camping trip to the mountains. Kay says right, no cell phones or computers. Sam says Kay is off the hook, he's done here. 


Ivy won't let this go, she says something fishy is going on, she thinks Tabitha has explaining to do about the strange things that go on in here. She wants answers, Kay told them she was a witch. Ivy asks if she is one? Tabitha thinks that is a ridiculous question. Ivy says after all the things that have happened here, she wouldn't put it past her. Tabitha says maybe Kay was calling her a bitch and Ivy misunderstood. Tabitha says living here alone with Kay, well they've had a lot of misunderstandings and Kay has called her a bitch. Kay says she's called her a lot of things, including a witch too. Ivy says they all heard her, she went on and on about the dark side and even said Tabitha was in this bag. Ivy says she said Tabitha was in here and when she stomped on it blood squirted everywhere. Tabitha says this is ketchup on the bag, she claims it's from her lunch. Ivy says it wasn't ketchup. Sam says let it go. Ivy reminds them about the blood on the kitchen floor. Tabitha conjures a pumpkin and says she cut herself carving the pumpkin. They don't know where it come from, but Fancy says it must have been here all along. Sam tells Ivy that they need to go home, she needs to relax. 


As Sam tries to calm Ivy down, Tabitha zaps Fancy and gets her to leave and find Luis. Sam says it's okay, they are done here. Tabitha watches Luis and Sheridan in her bowl and zaps them. Sam tells them all good night, but Ivy swears she will figure out what is going on around here. Sam has to drag her out. Kay thinks she'll be trouble. Tabitha tells Kay she's crazy for telling everyone about magic. Tabitha then gets back to being evil, which she misses. Kay doesn't like this side of her. Tabitha says get used to it, she'll do anything to get Endora and Miguel back. Kay looks in the bowl and says poor Fancy! Tabitha says she's just getting warmed up here. 

At the cottage, Luis apologizes to Sheridan for kissing her. She says it was marvelous. He says he loves Fancy, it was just they were looking at all these mementoes. He says it shouldn't have happened, it was like he was hit by lightening and he had to kiss her. She felt the same way. Later Sheridan gives candy out to kids, Luis didn't expect them to come here. Sheridan had the guards let them on the estate. Sheridan loves Halloween. She becomes sad as she thinks about missing Marty. She had gotten him a costume , a pirate outfit. She says she buys him Christmas gifts and birthday gifts too. She says she didn't know if it was even the right size for him. She says she was hoping they'd have him home in time for Halloween. However he doesn't even know his own mother, so she'd probably just scare him. Luis says she is a wonderful mother and none of this is their fault. Luis promises they will get Marty back. Luis bets he'll be home for Christmas. Sheridan has a fantasy that she, Luis and Marty spend Christmas together. They stuff Marty's stocking after he goes to sleep and get all the presents out. Sheridan hopes God will have Marty home for Christmas.


Later Luis and Sheridan are looking through a photo album of Marty as a baby. They are hit by more of Tabitha's spells and start kissing each other. Luis says he loves her, Sheridan says make love to me now! They end up making love in front of the fire place. Unfortunately Fancy arrives at the cottage hoping Luis isn't in here. The door is zapped open and Fancy sees them going at it on the floor! 

At the hospital, Vincent hands a scalpel to Eve and says it is over for her. He says she's a terrible wife, mother and a joke of a doctor. He says Gwen and Ethan's baby is probably dead. He says do everyone a favor. She says kill herself? Vincent says stop the pain. He says if she drinks up the bottle she won't feel a thing. Eve says she'll do it, and slits her wrists as she cries she's so sorry for everything. She tells Vincent to tell everyone she's sorry. She says how she's just tried to be a good wife, mother and doctor. Vincent says she failed. Eve wishes she could go back and fix things, especially with Jonathan. Vincent says she cares more about that baby than him! Vincent tells Eve that he is the one who punished her, he changed the prescription to kill Jonathan. Eve says she knew she had written the right dosage. Vincent says now no one will know the truth, the baby will die and she won't be able to tell anyone. Eve tries to get up and get help, but Vincent tells her to just rest and it will be over soon. Eve tries to leave but falls to the floor. Vincent says she loses! He says out like a light for all eternity. He then says yuck, she's getting blood all over the carpet. Vincent then suddenly feels woozy. He says he's seen more blood than this, it shouldn't be making him ill. However he is about to be sick, but he doesn't understand why? Is it the smell of blood? HE runs off to throw up.


Theresa and Rebecca are still arguing. Theresa isn't afraid of Rebecca. Rebecca thinks she should be. Rebecca says she'll turn her family to dust. Theresa says she loves Ethan and won't give into blackmail. Rebecca suggests she listen to her mama. Pilar shows up and tells her to give up on Ethan. Theresa says she can't, but Pilar says she must. Pilar says if Theresa doesn't then they are in danger. Theresa says she hasn't told her why. Theresa demands to know why they are in danger. Pilar won't say. Theresa says she will not abandon Ethan. Rebecca tells Pilar to do what it takes to get it through to her daughter or she knows what will happen. Rebecca walks off. Theresa tells her mom to tell her what Gwen and Rebecca have, what is so terrible that she has to give up her chance at happiness. Pilar keeps asking Theresa to just promise her that she'll walk away. Theresa says they can stand up to Rebecca and Gwen, she'll protect them. Pilar says she doesn't understand, they won't stop. Theresa won't listen and walks off as Gwen and Ethan are yelling about their son.


Ethan and Gwen talk to the doctor. They ask if their son is dead? The doctor says he's not dead. However it is bad news, he has liver failure and the condition is serious. Gwen says it is because of Eve. She says an hour ago Jonathan had a fever and nothing was wrong with him until Ethan made her bring him here. Ethan says he had a very high fever. Ethan asks if the overdose is causing the liver failure. The doctor says yes. Ethan asks what they do. The doctor says he needs treatment, but there are risks involved. She needs consent forms signed. Ethan says no problem, but Gwen says no! Theresa arrives as the doctor says Jonathan needs this or he could die. Gwen asks if they can guarantee it will save him? The doctor says there are risks. Gwen says forget it. The doctor says without it, Jonathan will get worse. Gwen still won't let the doctors near him. Ethan says he'll sign the papers. Gwen says he can't. Ethan asks why not? Gwen says he's not his father! Everyone is shocked. Rebecca says take that back, it can't be true. Theresa asks where she got the baby? Gwen of course says he is the father, but not legally. She says his name is not on the birth certificate, he has no legal rights. Ethan says he'll take a DNA test now. Gwen says that will take time, and she claims she misplaced the DNA tests she showed Theresa before. Gwen storms off. The doctor asks Ethan to talk sense into Gwen, she'll try and help his son through what may be the last hours.

Rebecca chases down Gwen and tells her to listen to the doctor, sign the forms. Gwen says her baby nearly died because of Eve. Rebecca says he is dying. Gwen won't let the doctors try and kill him again. Rebecca points out to Gwen how Theresa is in in Ethan's arms, she's using this to her advantage. Rebecca says help Jonathan, two dead babies won't bring Ethan back to her. Gwen says he won't die and what they have on Pilar will keep Theresa away from Ethan. Rebecca says Theresa doesn't believe it, they need something more, something immediate and serious. Rebecca tells Gwen to sign the forms, but Gwen won't. She wants to take him home and take care of him. Rebecca has no choice and ends up praying to God for help! She asks him to please make the baby well. She says thank you, I mean amen. Rebecca thinks that oughta work. She then thinks she has to take matters into her own hands with Pilar. 


Rebecca gets on a laptop looking for new ammo to use against Pilar. She finds something and wonders how long Pilar has been getting away with this. Pilar then shows up, and Rebecca shows her what she has on her. Rebecca tells Pilar tsk tsk tsk! Rebecca suggests Pilar get Theresa to keep her hands off of Ethan. Rebecca says she has Pilar right where she wants her. Rebecca gets a big laugh, remembering how Saint Pilar was always judging others by her standards, but she is a big fake. Rebecca says what would everyone think if they knew the truth. Pilar says Rebecca doesn't understand. Rebecca says it doesn't matter, she and her family will be dead long before her secret comes out. Rebecca tells Pilar to keep Theresa away from Ethan, and if she tells him the truth about Little Ethan, she'll need to dig  a whole plot for her family.


Theresa comforts Ethan. Ethan doesn't know how to convince Gwen to sign the papers. Gwen shows up and wants to take Jonathan home. The doctor says Jonathan is getting worse, if they want him to live then they must start treatment now. Gwen says he'll be fine if they leave him alone. Ethan begs her to give him the treatment. Gwen says he will be just fine. The doctor tells Ethan if Jonathan doesn't get treatment immediately then he will die.


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