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3rd Week of September  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



September 17, 2007
Doing the screen caps took longer than expected. In the future I'll probably be posting the summaries first, screen caps later that night or adding them in the next morning depending on my schedule.


At Tabitha's, we see a replay of Tabitha and Kay breaking into the basement with their magic and heading down there. Tabitha senses something is horribly wrong here. The basement is empty, the boys are gone. Tabitha says the boys have blown this hell hole and taken their loved ones with them. They comfort one another. Later they head upstairs, Tabitha conjures up a MarTimmy, Kay hardly doubts now is the time to drink! Tabitha says she needs it to calm her nerves and focus. Kay conjures up some ice cream for her. Tabitha says last time Endora was abducted, they used Boogle, the dark side search enging, to search for her. She says Boogle can search the galaxy and the universe. Kay suggests they use it again, but Tabitha thinks the boys will have anticipated this and thrown up firewalls. Kay says they'll hack through them, their love is the most powerful force and trumps them all! Tabitha agrees, they'll use love to defeat them. Kay says there are few things more powerful than a mother's love for her child, or a woman's love for her man. Kay reminds her how she tried calling Endora last time to find her with their special connection. Tabitha gives it a try, asking Endora to answer her, but she can't reach Endora. Kay tries to reach Miguel, but she can't find him either. The darkside seems to have hidden them well. Tabitha says they've gone too damn far, Kay says they'll come after the darkside after they find Miguel and Endora. Tabitha tries a witch tracking device to find Endora. She has it search for Endora Lennox, location of origin Earth, the Milky Way. Kay becomes impatient, Kay says these things take time. She says Miguel is mortal unlike Endora and may not be able to survive wherever they are like Endora can. Tabitha says she understands how she's feeling. Tabitha says if she couldn't get Endora back then she wouldn't want to go on. Tabitha tells Kay she still has Maria though. Kay says but she can't lose Miguel after just getting back with him. The tracking device beeps, it has searched every galaxy and dimension and found nothing. Kay asks what they do now? Tabitha says they have to prepare themselves for the worst, that they have lost them both. They both hug each other and cry. 


At the Crane mansion, we see another replay of Fox getting up to get him and Esme some more wine. A shot is fired from a gun which is sticking in through the window. Esme screams and asks what that was? Fox, who has been hit, says a gunshot! He has been shot square in the chest and falls to the ground. Esme screams for help. She's telling Fox not to die, she can't lose him. Suddenly Julian walks in and asks what happened. Esme doesn't know, there was a gun shot and Fox just collapsed. Julian says there is a faint pulse. He has Esme call 911, he tries to keep pressure on the wound and keep him alive. Viki shows up as Esme is begging 911 to send an  ambulance quickly. Julian says there is no rush anymore, Fox is dead. Esme is in tears, as is Viki. Esme sits by Fox and Julian on the floor. Esme tells Julian how sorry she is, and Fox was proud to be his son. Julian says and he his father. Julian asks how this could have happened, who could have done this. Esme doesn't know. She explains how she and Fox were so happy, happier than they'd both ever been. As Esme explains, Viki stands in the corner casting odd looks. Julian asks who Vki is, Esme explains she's her niece and she's her guardian now that her parents arte dead. Esme says Viki doesn't know her parents are dead, Fox allowed them to stay here until they got their own place. Julian says she can stay as long as she likes, if that is what Fox wanted then he wants it too. Esme thanks him, saying he's kind and wonderful like Fox. Julian says like Fox was, he's gone, he's no more. Esme explains to Viki that Fox is with the stars and on his way to heaven. Esme says Fox loved her and will miss her. Viki waves goodbye to Fox, who has been covered with a blanket. Esme talks about how she had just found true love, when she least expected it. She thanks Fox for giving that to her tonight, for letting her feel loved. Julian says his son is gone, lost to him forever. How did this happen? Why? Viki rubs his arm and cries, he says he knows she loved Fox too. Viki nods.


In Spike's hideout, Spike shows Sheridan that Marty on the computers. He says Marty isn't on video tape, the calendar in the room with him proves it, Marty is alive. Sheridan says for once he's told the truth, her son isn't dead. She pushes Spike out of the way so she can look at him on the video feed. She says she'll find his daddy and tell him he's alive. She says Luis will help her find him, the three of them will be a family . . . no Fancy. Spike says knowing Alistair, he probably planned the missile attack himself just to fake his and Marty's deaths. Spike is glad she's happy, but she has to get out of here before Jessica's dad nabs him. Sheridan says not so fast. She holds a gun on him again. Spike again tells her that he doesn't know where Alistair has him, he can only watch him. He says Alistair made sure the camera won't say where he is. Spike thinks they are done and tries to leave, but Sheridan cocks the trigger. He says this is getting old. She thinks he's lying, he knows where Marty is. Spike says and if he doesn't tell her, she'll kill him? Spike again says he doesn't know where her son is. She says he found him on the computer , he must know where he is. Spike says only Alistair knows. Sheridan says he's working her last nerve, tell her where Marty is. Spike says he can't say what he doesn't know. He tries to leave, so Sheridan fires a warning shot. She says that was so he knows she means business. Spike thinks he just wet himself! He swears on his whore of a mother's grave, he doesn't know where Marty is. Sheridan finally believes him. Spike says so she won't kill him. Sheridan says she's no monster, she just wants her son and his father back. She says she'll have to go to Alistair and get the info from him. He says she can't go head to head with the old man and win. Sheridan says she could if she  kills him first. Spike doubts it, many people have tried to off the old man. She says they didn't have their son taken from them! Sheridan swears she'll find Marty or her father will not live. Sheridan studies the video feed. Spike is telling her that if she's not afraid of her father then she lost her common sense and her sanity. He says knowing Alistair, once he finds out she knows Marty is alive, he'll make sure she never finds her son. Sheridan hates to admit it, but he's probably right. Still, she says she'll get Luis' help. Spike says Luis is with Fancy again, why will he rock that love boat to help her? Sheridan says because Luis was with her first and they have a son together, plus he could get his son back and revenge on her father at the same time. Spike says that's enough to turn any man on and get some push-push. Sheridan vows she'll win Luis back and more. She says he'll get back everything her father and Fancy stole from her. She is convinced Luis will drop everything to search for Marty, and when they are looking for him together, she'll win Luis back. She knows Luis has a passion for her that he doesn't have for anyone else. He says she always has, from ancient Egypt down through the ages. Spike hears a coo coo sound in his head! He thinks she's living in fantasy land as she goes on about having the family she and Luis always dreamed of. Spike asks Sheridan what is to stop Fancy from trying to win Luis back? Sheridan says let her try, once they have Marty, they'll be together forever. She says mark her words, they'll be a family and Fancy will be left in the cold to catch pneumonia and die. Spike says reality check on aisle one, Alistair doesn't want Fancy or Sheridan with Luis. 


In the secret room, Pretty and Alistair are watching a feed of Fancy and Luis. He doesn't know why his remote isn't working. In Fancy's room, Luis decides to call 911, but then Fancy suddenly faints! He runs to her, he thinks he has to get to the phone, but can't leave her. Alistair meanwhile knows they can't let Fancy go to the hospital. He tells Pretty if Fancy is taken to the hospital and a doctor fiddles around, it could be a disaster as he could do something to the implant. He just needs some more time, they will punish Fancy together. Pretty says she'll stop Luis from calling the hospital. He gives her a two way transmitter to wear and then sends her off to stop Luis from getting Fancy to the hospital. Pretty arrives in Fancy's room, Luis fills in what is going on. Luis asks her to call 911, Pretty says of course.  Fancy wakes up, she says she doesn't want to go to the hospital. Pretty then tells 911, who she didn't call, never mind because everything seems okay. Luis keeps telling Fancy if she won't let EMS come here then he's taking her to the hospital. Alistair talks to Pretty through her transmitter, he says tell her to go get the car and claim she'll drive them. To himself, Alistair says if that doesn't work, he'll kill Luis and Fancy himself. Fancy keeps insisting she's fine, Pretty also says fancy had nose bleeds like this all the time growing up, it's not uncommon. She says the staff had horrible times cleaning up the mess. Luis says if they say so. They put her in bed. Meanwhile Alistair is amping up the power of the implant, hoping if she can tolerate it then she'll start acting like a true Crane. Back in the bedroom, Fancy thanks Pretty for being here, she thinks things are finally getting back to the way they used to be. Suddenly Fancy starts twitching. Pretty knows Grandfather is testing the implant. Pretty says she'll let them be alone and leaves. Pretty returns to the secret room. She begs Alistair to stop, he'll kill Fancy. He says Fancy has to pay for her crimes, the implant will either secure her place in the family or in a crypt in the mausoleum! He keeps using it, which makes Fancy tick and her nose bleed again. He tries to hide this from Luis.


At the hospital, we see a replay of Ethan waking up asking to see his son. Before Pilar can bring in Little Ethan, Gwen walks in holding a baby boy and says his son is right here! She hands the boy to Ethan, who holds him. Theresa is confused, thinking Gwen is barren. Pilar walks in, she is just as shocked. Pilar saw Gwen coming in here with the baby and sent little Ethan to the hospital daycare center. Ethan doesn't understand, he thought she couldn't be pregnant. She explains when she left harmony she hadn't had her period. She was sure it was just stress, but she soon found out she was pregnant and in her second trimester! Ethan says it is a miracle, he couldn't be happier right now as he has a son. Theresa stands there in shock, Gwen keeps giving her looks. Ethan asks how old he is? When is his birthday? Tell him everything! Pilar says yes Gwen, tell Ethan everything. Gwen claims he was born right before she came back. Ethan asks why didn't he tell her sooner? Pilar says yes, what reasons could she have for not telling a man about his son? Gwen says she had her reasons, and  she's sure Theresa understands. Gwen claims she didn't want to tell him and have it look like a last ditch effort to keep him tied her. She wanted to wait until they were divorced. Ethan says he understands. She also says she wanted him to know, she wouldn't keep this from him, that would be unforgivable, right Theresa? She says she wants Ethan to be in his life, she doesn't want him growing up and calling another man daddy. Ethan hates that thought. Gwen hopes she can forgive him. He understands she didn't want him to think she was using the baby. She also says she was angry and depressed, she almost had a nervous breakdown after he was born. She says but now he knows the truth. Ethan says he's feeling so many things he's never felt before, having a son changes everything. Gwen says she feels the same way. Ethan again says he understands why she didn't tell him and what matters is he's here and they are together. Gwen says she just can't believe she was able to give him a son after all, the son he always wanted. Pilar meanwhile tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth right now or she'll live to regret it! Theresa says she can't tell him they have a son together now. Pilar asks why not? Theresa says Gwen just had that baby, hers is in school. There is a huge difference! Pilar says she didn't always know Little Ethan was his son, and Ethan will forgive her. She begs Theresa not to make the same mistake again, tell Ethan or she'll lose out. Ethan tells Gwen how he's so happy thanks to her. Pilar again tells Theresa to learn from her mistakes and tell Ethan now! Theresa says she will do it, she'll tell him the truth. Gwen may have his baby, but she can't have Ethan!





September 18, 2007
Sorry it took longer to get the screen caps up. Again I'm posting the summaries first, screen caps later (they take time to make)

At the mansion, Ivy and Sam show up. They took a walk through the gardens at night together. Sam is glad they took the time to enjoy the gardens together. Ivy thinks she can finally begin enjoying her life again, especially with Ethan coming out of his coma. She says it was Theresa's fault though, but Sam says they should stay positive. She says he's right, he should keep her in line. She talks about how they'll see him tomorrow at the hospital. They both remember the words and kiss they shared earlier at the hospital. Ivy tells him how much his words meant to her, how right it felt to be in his arms. She says she feels safe and secure with him. She tells him that he's the only man who can makes her feel good just by holding her. Sam says heaven help him, but he believes her, which is why he's willing to go down this road again one more time. He says there are a lot of things to work through. She knows, she did horrible things to him, Grace, Eve, Julian . . even Jessica suffered because of her. Sam ask her why she hates Kay, he never understood. Ivy says she doesn't hate Kaye, she just thought she wasn't right for Fox, and it doesn't matter now, they are getting divorced. She tells Sam she's right about this and he knows it, look what Fox did to hold onto her. She says  Kay and Miguel will be happy and hopefully Fox will find his soul mate too. Suddenly they hear crying in the foyer. The wonder what it could be.


Sam and Ivy go out to the foyer and there they find Esme, Julian  and a body bag on a gurney. Esme says she's sorry for her loss. Ivy asks what is going on, who is in that bag. Julian says the unthinkable has happened. Fox, their son, is dead. She says her ears must be playing tricks, she swore he said Fox was dead. Julian says it is true. She thinks if this is payback for something well  this isn't funny. She was just telling Sam she hoped Fox would meet his soul mate. Esme says Fox did, she and Fox connected tonight. Ivy again thinks Esme and Julian are in cahoots, this is a joke, a bet to get into Esme's pants. Julian says this isn't a joke. She says she had arrangements to take Fox to Patriots games, to London. She says she won't hear this, Fox isn't dead. Esme says she'd give anything for it not to have happened. Ivy asks why she's here? Esme says she was with Fox tonight, and  when he was shot. Julian explains what Esme told him, how someone shot Fox in the chest. Julian says there was nothing anyone could do. It was too late. Ivy says she won't believe this, it's not Fox in the body bag. She says she'll show them, she opens the bag and is devastated. She cries as Julian holds her. Ivy breaks down and runs back to Fox, but Sam grabs her away from the body. Ivy asks who would do this to her son? Julian says maybe it was Father, he killed Chad earlier. Sam asks Esme if she saw anything? She says she only heard the gun show. Esme says Fox got up to get wine and she was in bed. She says the noise scared her, she pulled the covers up over her head. When she looked she saw Fox bleeding from his chest, then he collapsed. She says she went to him, called for help, Julian came running. Sam asks Julian to watch Ivy, he has to make calls and get forensics out here.  Ivy just can't believe this is her little boy. Esme goes with Sam, saying she has to check on her niece Viki. She explains who Viki is to Sam, how Fox was letting them stay here. Julian says he allowed to let them stay here as well. Esme says Viki really loved Fox right away. She says the gunshot woke her up, she had to see Fox lying there dead. Sam thinks that can be traumatic. Julian remembers how a similar incident affected Sheridan as a little girl. Sam says the department can provide counseling. Esme, low on funds, thanks him as she can't afford a private therapist. Ivy tells Esme that she glad Fox wasn't alone, she's glad she was with him. Esme thanks Miss Winthrop. Ivy and Julian insist she call them Ivy and Julian. Esme leaves, as does Sam. 


Julian continues to comfort Ivy, saying nothing could be done, the bullet caused too much damage. Julian says it doesn't seem possible, their son, their baby boy, lies here with his life cut short. Ivy thinks she should be making calls and arrangements. Julian wonders where the idiots who are to take Fox away are, leaving him here is undignified. Ivy asks Julian to let Fox stay here, just a little while longer. She loved having him back home, even if it was just for a little while. She wonders why she sent Fox and his sisters away to school, they should have kept them here as a family. He says they failed them all. Julian says their marriage was miserable, they kept them out of a war zone. Ivy says they could have done more, now it's too late. She says they lost that chance, they can't make it up to Fox. Ivy asks Julian what they do now, how do they go on. Julian says they have to hold it together for Fancy and Pretty. Esme returns, Viki is asleep. She says she and Fox were going to take Viki to the beach, she doesn't know who was more excited. Ivy says Fox always loved the beach. Ivy remembers taking him to the beach when he was ten. Julian says he loved it, they flew a kite at the beach. Ivy says no, they planned to, they were going to go back, but they never did. Ivy says how many times and in how many ways did they fail him. Julian says too many to count. Ivy says she can never make it up to Fox now for loving Ethan more. She begs Julian to make the pain stop, only he can. Sam returns and sees her leaning on Julian. Ivy asks Sam if he found clues? Sam says forensics is here now. Ivy asks who would do this? Sam hopes they will find out. Julian offers any resources they need to solve this case. Sam tells Esme he has to ask her questions, they head into the other room. 

In the living room, Esme tells Sam how this is awful for Julian and Ivy, but they have one another to comfort each other. She says it was beautiful to watch, she hoped that would be her and Fox one day. Sam says he's sorry. Esme says he had questions, ask away. She says she'll do whatever she can to help him find the killer. Sam thinks she'll be able to. Esme doesn't know who could shoot Fox in cold blood. Sam says his murder doesn't make sense, who would want him dead and why. She says she just moved back, she can't help him there. Sam says statistically  murder victims often seem to know their killers. She asks if he needs to know who was at the mansion tonight. Sam says no. He says it seems nobody could have shot Fox through the window. Esme says but it was open. Sam says but on the second floor, and there was no sign of a ladder. Esme says then the killer dangled from the roof or flew up with a jet pack. She heard a shot, it must have come from the window. He asks if there is something she's not telling him about Fox being shot? Esme thinks maybe she'll think of something after a prescription induced sleep. Esme soon realizes Sam thinks she killed Fox. Meanwhile Julian and Ivy watch the police take Fox away. Ivy asks who would do this?


Alistair and Pretty are still in the secret room. Alistair is putting more power into the device, Pretty begs him to stop. He says either the device kicks in or it fries her brain, either way Luis will be destroyed! In Fancy's room, Fancy is trying to hide from Luis that her nose is bleeding again and she's having ticks. She's stuffing bloody Kleenex under her mattress. However he sees her nose is bleeding again, really bad. He says they are going to the hospital, no more excuses. Alistair is furious that Luis plans to take Fancy to the hospital. He says Fancy and Luis won't go anywhere, Fancy will be a true Crane. Pretty says if she doesn't die first! Alistair says no pain no gain! Luis continues to insist he's taking her to the hospital. He says she's had headaches, she passed out, she needs to see a doctor. She says no she can't go. Alistair doesn't understand why Fancy isn't reacting yet. Luis says he's taking her to the hospital, he's going to carry her to the car. She says NO! He says don't get upset, but she says when she says no she means it! Back off! Alistair thinks the implant is finally working. Luis tells Fancy not to get upset, he's just trying to help her. She apologizes for snapping, she doesn't know what came over her. Pretty again tells her grandfather to stop, the implant is making her weak and pale, he's going to kill her. Alistair says Fancy is his last hope, he needs one heir to mold and run the family dynasty. Pretty says what about her? She thought she was his favorite. Alistair says he can't keep massaging her ego. He has work to do! She grabs the device and says he doesn't care about her at all. He says she has cut him, he said he loved her and she knows it's true. Pretty doesn't believe him, she's going to tell Luis and Fancy what he's done. She says it's wrong and has to stop. Meanwhile Fancy continues to tell Luis how sorry she is for how she acted. She talks about everything they've both been through, and how if they go to the hospital and she gets bad news, she'll lose her mind. She can't deal with anymore bad news. Back in the secret room, Pretty won't let Fancy suffer anymore, she will tell Fancy what he is up to. Pretty says she doesn't understand how he says she's his favorite, but Fancy is his last hope for the family. Has he been lying this whole time? Alistair says no, all he wants is Fancy to be back to being a true Crane. He wants her to take over, he doesn't want Pretty burdened with the business. He says he wants her to enjoy her life and be happy. To himself he says as happy as a hideous gargoyle can be. Alistair says she deserves things. Pretty says okay she believes him. Alistair tells himself there is one born every minute. Meanwhile Luis tells Fancy if they ignore this they could just get more bad news later on. She offers a deal, if by tomorrow nothing is better then they'll go. Luis doesn't like the idea much. Alistair meanwhile adds more power to the implant. He laughs as he does it. Back in Fancy's room, Luis says just to be safe they should go to the hospital. She pulls away from him in anger. He asks what is wrong? She says she is . . . she spaces out. Alistair thinks they are almost there. Fancy keeps apologizing to Luis. She thinks to herself she really wants to slap him, but then says no she doesn't. Luis asks Fancy what she needs to tell him? Fancy keeps telling herself to slap him. Luis says just say it. Fancy says she can't, and begins having more ticks. He thinks she's having a seizure, he's calling the hospital to bring her in. Alistair says the implant is in full power, Pretty is begging him to stop. Fancy is thinking she won't let Luis control her. When Luis calls the hospital, Fancy walks over to him in anger and slaps him, causing the phone to fly from his hand. Alistair laughs and says a Crane is born. Luis asks why she did that? 


At the hospital, Theresa tells Pilar she will tell Ethan the truth, she won't let Gwen take Ethan away with his miracle child. Pilar says they only have Gwen's word this baby is Ethan. Theresa says Ethan belongs with her and their children, not with Gwen. Theresa says she will tell Ethan the truth, first though he has to get passed this initial excitement over this baby. She knows Gwen is trying to take Ethan from her with a baby. Ethan tells Pilar and Theresa they have to see this, he has his nose. They look at the baby, Theresa mumbles maybe that is Gwen's nose before the plastic surgery. Ethan wants Theresa told hold him, he has to get to know her. Gwen is a little upset, but agrees it is okay. Theresa says if Gwen insists! Theresa holds him, Pilar says he's just as handsome as his daddy. Ethan can't believe he has a son. Theresa says he does, and he's a wonderful son. She is sure his son will grow up to be happy and handsome as he is. Ethan asks them to bring Little Ethan here to meet his new son. Gwen tells herself this can't happen, she can't have Theresa tell Ethan the truth and chance losing Ethan when she's close to getting him back. Gwen claims Little Ethan has been playing with others, he may be germy, she doesn't want the baby sick. Theresa and Ethan say Pilar can wash him up, but Gwen says please don't bring Little Ethan here. Theresa asks why? Gwen takes the baby back, she says Ethan is hooked up to the monitors might scare him. She says when they are home Little Ethan can meet him. Theresa knows Gwen is stalling and afraid. Theresa says Little Ethan is here and knows about Ethan, he'll be happy to know Ethan is okay. Ethan agrees,. Pilar says she'll go get him. Ethan then stops her, he asks who else knows about his and Gwen's son? Theresa and Pilar know this is going to be trouble! Gwen says she only told her mother tonight, she has a big mouth so didn't tell her before. Ethan says if Gwen didn't tell anyone, how did Theresa know he had a son? He says she told him about his son, so if Gwen didn't tell her, how did she know? Gwen prays to herself that Theresa doesn't tell him the truth. Theresa tells Ethan she was so afraid she'd lose him, she loves him very much. Ethan says he loves her too. Theresa says she was praying for him, and now he's okay. Ethan says yes but what about his son, he remembers her saying he had a son, Pilar went to get him, they acted like they were in on this suprise. Pilar says they went along with Gwen, but Ethan doesn't understand. Theresa says there is an explanation. Ethan says what is it? Gwen knows if Theresa tells the truth it will tie Ethan to her forever, whether she has Ethan's baby or not. Theresa asks Gwen if she should tell Ethan the truth? Ethan asks why is it up to Gwen for her to tell him? Theresa says it isn't. Theresa turns to Pilar, who says tell him the truth. Theresa asks her to get Little Ethan, so Pilar leaves. Ethan asks where she went? Theresa says he'll see soon. Gwen again doesn't want Little Ethan brought here. Ethan again asks how she knew Gwen had his son? Theresa says she'll tell him right now. 



September 19,  2007


Eve is home alone. She says Whitney and Miles left town, Simone is with TC and his family, Vincent her poor troubled son is dead. She says it's so lonely here, it's almost unbearable. Eve goes through her mail, not realizing Vincent is in the house spying on her from behind some curtains. He says she's not alone, she just doesn't know it yet. Eve sits down and says she can't keep dwelling in the past. She pulls out a big bottle of booze, but says it won't help her deal with anything. She remembers what they say in the meetings that there is nothing so bad that booze will make worse. She puts the bottle away and decides to take a bath to relax and stop her from talking to herself. Vincent says don't worry mommy, he talks to himself all the time, maybe it's in their DNA. He won't let her get off that easy. He puts the booze bottle on the TV, next to a glass and then a bottle of pills. He calls it the classic Hollywood cocktail. He says mommy must be going crazy because of sobriety, booze and pills always were her best friends. He says once he's done with her, she'll need her old friends. Eve of course returns from her bath completely confused by the presence of the booze and pills. She knows she put the scotch back in the cabinet, and she doesn't think these pills are hers either. She puts the scotch into the cabinet again. Her phone rings so she answers it. Vincent is on the phone saying Mommy is that you? Eve asks Vincent where he is? Vincent says help me mommy. We see he's calling from inside the house! Eve can't believe her son is alive. Vincent is just rolling his eyes! Eve says tell him where se is and she'll come get him. He says he's so cold, so cold. He says she doesn't love him, she let him die. Eve says she does love him, no matter what he's done, she loves him. She asks where he is? She screams at him to tell her where he is! Vincent just hangs up. Eve is in tears wondering where her son is. He's still spying on her from behind some curtains. Eve knows she heard her son, he was there. She tells herself to get a hold of herself. She says you imagined it because you so want him to be alive. She thinks she needs to call Dr. Wilson and talk to her, there is probably a simple explanation. She knows she talked to her son on the phone. She says maybe it's the guilt, the guilt over not being there for him and watching him die. Vincent listens in as Eve cries. She cries if only she could have saved him. Eve heads over to the cabinet and gets out the scotch. She pours herself a glass and downs it as she cries. She begs Vincent to forgive her. She pours some more. Vincent says leave forgiveness to god, she's not getting any from him.


In the secret room at the mansion, Alistair is using the remote to control Fancy. Pretty and Alistair watch Fancy and Luis in Fancy's room on the TV. Fancy is in her room wondering why she's being so angry towards Luis, who is only trying to help. Luis calls the ER, Fancy walks up and slaps him and the phone out of his hand. Alistair says a Crane is born! Luis asks what that was for? Fancy says he had it coming! She says want to try it again? Alistair talks about how he's going to show Pretty how a true Crane treats the lower classes. He talks about how Fancy deserves his punishment, but to himself he says if she behaves herself then she'll get his love. Luis is telling her how he's never seen her like this. Fancy tells him to just back off. Suddenly her head is hurting, she grabs it and cries. Pretty says stop it, he's giving her too much juice. Fancy says it hurts. Luis says something is wrong, he's calling the hospital. She yells at him to just shut up! What is wrong with him, is he in love with his own voice? Alistair is laughing and amping the power up more. Fancy tells Luis she's sorry, she's so sorry. He says he's calling the hospital, but she calls him a moron and says nothing is wrong with her that his absence won't cure. She tells him to leave her alone. Luis' phone rings, Fancy asks if he's not going to answer it. He says he's not. She asks who is it? He says it doesn't matter, but she wants to know who it is. Luis says it's Sheridan if she must know. Fancy says it's always Aunt Sheridan. She says she's always coming around and putting her nose in their business. She says Luis wants to know what is wrong? Fancy says she's sick of Sheridan butting her nose into their lives and she won't take it anymore! She doesn't know why Luis even bothered to get involved with her in Rome, he was always going on about Sheridan this and Sheridan that. Luis says that is not true. She says it is and she won't put up with it anymore, got it. She says Sheridan is on the phone right now waiting to talk to him. He says it's going to voice mail, he won't talk to her. Fancy says Sheridan never gives up. Luis knows, for months she's tried to break them up. He says she is the woman he loves. Fancy says blah blah blah, does he expect her to believe this? She says she is sick to death of this whole mess, she's sick of Sheridan and sick of him. In the secret room, Pretty can't believe this is really working. She says Luis and Fancy are finished! Alistair says Fancy will be under his control forever. Luis meanwhile tells Fancy she doesn't know what she's saying. Fancy says all she knows is she's so angry, she never knew she could be so angry, so angry that she's developing ticks. 


Alistair turns off the device, thinking they've done enough for tonight. Pretty says but she's having the most fun she's ever had, don't stop now. He says not to dare order him! He says he's sorry for sounding angry, but trust him, he knows what he's doing. He says if Fancy's behavior just erupts, Luis and others will figure out here is an outside force. Pretty wants to make her do summersaults, but Alistair says he wants to control her, not kill her. Pretty wants Fancy to know what it feels like not to be loved, to be alone. Alistair says love is for weaklings! Pretty says he doesn't understand, he's not a woman. He says of course not, he doesn't run around showing his emotions. He calls it poppycock, Crane men and women are immune to that stuff. Pretty thought he loved her. He says he does, she is family. He does realize there are certain sensations, sensations in the bedroom that help people, make them relax, feel better. He says if she wants a man then he'll buy her one. She says it's not the same thing, after what Fancy did to her she'll never know what it's like to be loved by a man. Alistair says he is not listening to him! She says fine, how about revenge, he likes that emotion. Pretty says she wants Fancy to feel the fame way she does, in pain. Alistair says now that is better. Pretty wants to know when he'll use the device again, she wants her chance to make Fancy scream. He says not to worry, Fancy will be in agony and Luis will be either gone or dead.


Meanwhile, Fancy is grabbing her head, Luis says she can't possibly mean what she's saying. He says he knows they've been through a lot. They can't let Sheridan come between them now. He says he'll talk to Sheridan and get her to back off. He also says he's sorry about coming on too strong with her and getting all cave man about the hospital. He says if she doesn't want to go to the hospital then that is her decision. He says he doesn't agree, he feels she should go to the hospital. However he won't push her. Fancy thinks about what is happening to her, she doesn't know why she's so angry, it's so odd. She asks Luis not to leave. He says he won't if she doesn't want him too. He says whatever he did, he's sorry. She says no she is sorry, she lashed out at him for no reason and she doesn't know why. He says she's gone thrugh a lot latelty. He talks about him almost being exhuted, Alistair killing Chad, Pretty showing up. Fancy cries and she doesn't know what is wrong with her. As Luis comforts her, Pretty walks in and sees them together. She says she's back, is she interrupting? Pretty says she looks upset, is she okay. Fancy says she's very emotional and just over reacting. Pretty says it's no wonder given what she's been through, and she always got her nose bleeds when she was stressed out. Fancy says Pretty is right, but Luis is right too, she should go to a doctor. Pretty says no! Fancy asks why not? She says she's sorry, she's just thinking about how much she hates doctors after years of seeing them. She says Doctors tell you things will get better, but the never do.  Fancy says she's sorry Pretty feels that way. She also says says Luis is right, she's just been under so much pressure, it's nothing a good nights sleep will cure. Fancy then gets a call, it's for Luis. Luis takes the phone, it's Sam. Luis says he'll be right down. Luis says Sam is downstairs, something is going on. Luis kisses Fancy and says he loves her. Fancy hopes she forgives him for how she acted. He says he does, and it's all forgotten. Luis then heads downstairs, Fancy follows. 


In the kitchen, Sheridan is on her laptop watching Marty. She says she and his father will search the ends of the earth to find him. They will be a family as they were meant to be. Sheridan thinks all this time apart was wasted, what did she do to deserve to have her child stolen from her. She says Marty has grown up to be so big and strong. She says she would know him in a crowd of a million children, he's so handsome just like his father. She realizes she has to call Luis and tell him that Spike was telling the truth. Sheridan calls Luis and says they are coming for him. She keeps getting Luis' voice mail and keeps telling him to call her back, it's urgent. Sheridan watches Marty on the screen and says she'll confront Alistair and make him tell her where he is. She then realizes she can't do that, Alistair will just move him again. She says once he's safe in her arms, she'll confront him and there will be hell to pay. Sheridan says he's getting older and should be learning the bible, and a good place to start is an eye for an eye. 


Later Alistair shows up, asking her if she doesn't have her own cottage. Sheridan says he killed his own son, Sam will get him. Alistair says he's so scared. He asks why she's in here, she has no reason to be in his house. She throws a glass across the room and says she hates him. Alistair asks what horrible thing he's done to her now. She attacks him saying not to lie to her anymore. He asks what is wrong with her? She always was hysterical as a child, it's only gotten worse. She asks why he doesn't kill her then if she's such an embarrassment. Alistair says don't tempt him. He says she's becoming an alcoholic just like Julian, but she says she's not drunk. However anyone who has been through what he put her through deserves to drink. She demands to know where Marty is. He says Marty is dead, but she says he's a liar and wants to know where he is. He asks why she thinks Marty is alive, what has brought her to this conclusion. Sheridan says isn't it obvious, if he survived then why can't she believe Marty and Beth are alive as well. Alistair says Marty is dead as is his mother Beth. Sheridan says Marty is her son. He says was her son. He says Marty is dead, as dead as dead can be. Sheridan tells herself he's lying, Marty is alive. Alistair tells her not to waste her time looking for something that doesn't exist. Sheridan says it's her time, why does it matter to him. Alistair tells Sheridan she has a mental problem, she's been to the looney bin once, he doesn't want people thinking she's ready top go back again. He tells Sheridan to be careful, one day someone may want to lock her up for good. Sheridan says so he wants to lock her up to save face? Alistair claims he has no reason to lie to her about this, but she says he is evil. He asks what she keeps looking at, what is on that laptop? He heads over to see what is on the laptop. 


At the hospital, Ethan asks Theresa how she knew she had his son. Suddenly Little Ethan runs in with Pilar. He sees Ethan holding a baby, he asks who this is. Ethan introduces Little Ethan to his new son. Gwen says this is their son, isn't it amazing. Little Ethan says cool. Ethan says Little Ethan will be like his big brother, he'll teach him everything he taught Little Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan there is something she needs to tell him about Little Ethan. Ethan says shoot. Gwen thinks Ethan is probably tired, but Theresa says she has to say this. She says she knows how much having a son means to him. Ethan says it does, he's a miracle. Pilar says it's a miracle for Gwen too, she was told she couldn't conceive. She hopes Gwen has given thanks for this miracle. Ethan says what is so great is he has every advantage over every other father because of Little Ethan. Ethan says he was like a father to Little Ethan, and he knows the right and wrong things to do because of Little Ethan. He thanks Little Ethan for this. Theresa thinks if she tells Ethan the truth it could ruin everything, but Pilar pushes Theresa. Suddenly Little Ethan looks at Ethan's son, Little Ethan says he looks just like him in his baby pictures, he could have been his twin when he was a baby. Ethan looks back and forth between them. Ethan thinks he's imagining things, but Little Ethan isn't. Gwen says they do say all babies look alike. Ethan says actually Little Ethan is right, they do look a like now that he recalls Little Ethan's baby pictures. He thinks it is bizarre. Theresa tells Ethan there is a reason. Gwen says don't be silly, all babies look a like. Little Ethan says she's already said that. Gwen says because it's true. Pilar says it's not true, she's had five babies and while they have family resemblance, they are all different. She says Little Ethan looks a lot like Ethan's son. Ethan says Pilar is right, they are almost like brothers. He asks Theresa is she can see the resemblance. Theresa says she can. She tells Ethan the reason they look like brothers is because they are . . . . 




September 20, 2007


A drunk Eve calls the operator to trace a phone call. She says the other operator said she had no incoming calls tonight, but she's sure she's mistaken. The operator checks it, but there were no calls. Eve says this can't be, she heard her son on the phone, he called. She hangs up and wonders if Vincent called her or not. Vincent is still hiding behind the curtains. He says all that matters is that she thinks he did. Eve talks to herself, she says her son is dead, he fell off a cliff, she saw him die. She says the guilt is making her imagine these things. She also could have sworn she put the booze away. She wonders why her mind is playing tricks on her. Vincent says not to worry mommy, his plan is a long way from being fulfilled. He says he is going to make her think she's loosing her mind. Eve then goes to the bottle of pills. She knows they aren't hers, she got rid of them. She downs them, then realizing taking pills with alcohol is stupid. She thinks she needs to lay down and get rest. 


Later Eve passes out on the couch. She wakes up and hears Vincent calling to her to help him. She wakes up and asks where he is? He says here silly! Vincent's ghost appears to Eve. He says her loving son is right here. Eve looks at him, he's transparent. Eve says this isn't right, it's not possible. She says he looks funny. He says don't make fun of him. She says she's not. He wants her to help him. Eve says she'd do anything to make sure he's okay. She says she would do anything to help him, she was in agony watching him fall off that cliff. He says she never loved him, but she says it's not true. He says she let the bad man take him away. She says they searched for him for years. He says she gave up on him and forgot about him. Vincent says he tried to be a good boy, all he wanted was his mommy. He still wants his mommy, why doesn't she want him? Tell him why she doesn't want him. Eve says she does want him, she's always wanted him. She says let her be here for him. She says she loves him, she loves her baby boy. She wants to hold him. She goes to hug him, but he disappears. We learn he's hiding and has some gadget that is projecting his ghost to Eve. Eve cries Vincent please come back, she knows he was here. She cries please don't leave me! Eve ends up breaking down in tears as she cries please come back! 


At the mansion, Esme asks Sam why he would think she killed Fox, she loved him! He says she was the last person to see Fox alive and most people are killed by those who know them. Fancy and Luis show up, she asks what is going on. Ivy suggests she sit down, this isn't good. Sam says there has been a murder. Fancy asks who, Alistair? Sam says not Alistair. Julian tells Fancy it was Fox, someone shot him. Fancy asks who would do such a thing? Luis comforts Fancy, she asks if there are any suspects. Esme says this ridiculous man here thinks she did it! Esme says she and Fox were alone. . . . together when it happened. Fancy says she can't believe that she would do this. Esme says she wouldn't, she loved him. Fancy says loved him? Esme says she thinks she did, she never felt this way before and she isn't on any new medications. She says Fox felt the same way, they were talking about building a life after Kay divorced him. Fancy is shocked, is Esme actually talking about marriage? Esme says Fox had been sweet to her, helping her with family problems, he took her and her niece in when they had no where else to go. She cries now she lost him forever. Esme swears she didn't kill Fox, she loved him. Ivy says she barely knew him. Esme says she wanted to spend her life with him, she wouldn't have done this. Fancy tells Sam that she's known Esme her whole life, she's not capable of violence. Sam isn't so sure, Noah told him that story about her running through a hotel shooting at her and Noah. He says fortunately all she managed to hit where Thanksgiving floats. Fancy says that was just Esme being dramatic, but Sam says she could have been dramatic tonight as shooting a lover is about as dramatic as you can get. Fancy says she knows her friend, but Sam has run background checks on Esme. She's been arrested in half the towns across the US. Fancy says for silly pranks, but Sam says sometimes for more. Ivy agrees, Esme has dragged Fancy down with her a lot, especially with the drinking and drugs. Esme says Fancy never did drugs, and hers are all prescribed. Ivy says yes by the latest Dr. Feelgood! Esme says they were only having some fun, some police officers just don't have a sense of humor. Ivy says she set her father's hunting lodge and 3000 acres on fire! Esme says she was just trying to make smores. Sam says after downing 25 jeagarbombs! He says her father's lawyer got her off. He knows she thinks she's above the all, and there have been other incidents involving firearms. Fancy again defends Esme, she says Esme has had a lot of relationships with a lot of men, but until tonight she's never said she loved them. Fancy says she doesn't believe Esme killed Fox. Julian agrees, she's not a murderer, just mad. Esme says he could have stopped at not a murderer. Sam says Esme still isn't off the hook. Fancy says the real killer could be getting away while Sam wastes time interrogating Esme. Luis asks if Esme didn't kill Fox, then who did? Julian says it is rather obvious, he knows exactly who murdered his son. Fancy says who? Vincent is dead, could Alistair have done it? Julian says is it any wonder none of the crimes in this town are ever solved? It's staring them in the face. He says it was the two people who hated Fox and made his life hell. He says Kay and Miguel murdered Fox! 


Sam says Julian is losing his mind, Kay had nothing to do with this. Julian thinks it makes perfect sense, both Kay and Miguel were sneaking around Fox's back. Luis says as he recalls it, Fox was the one sneaking around and lying about being sick. Julian says that was what any man would do to hold onto his wife. He also says Kay and Fox weren't divorced, so Kay will be very rich. Sam says he thinks Kay would kill Fox for money? Julian says why not, her sister did many things for money. Sam goes to attack Julian, but Luis stops him. Luis says Kay nor Miguel cared about money. Sam says that is a Crane disease. Julian says if Sam won't question either of them, that is favoritism. If he won't question them then he'll come down hard on him and the PD. Luis tells Sam to relax, he's in enough hot water with the mayor as is. Luis says he's back on the force and will help him. Luis tells Julian that the Harmony PD will conduct this investigation as they do all investigations. Julian says that is supposed to make him feel better? Julian tells Fancy not to forget that Fox is her brother, don't let Luis make her forget that. They continue to argue about whether Kay and Miguel killed Fox for the money. Julian says nobody else in Harmony held any animosities towards Fox. He says Kay and Miguel should be Sam's primary suspects, and to ensure they are . . . he'll make some calls. Julian says he'll make sure his son's murderer is brought to justice. Esme breaks down, so Fancy tells her to go upstairs and get some sleep. She takes Esme upstairs. Fancy tells Esme she's so sorry for her and Fox. Esme says she's sorry for her too, he was her brother. Fancy says she wishes they could have been closer, all she can think about now is the stupid fights they've had. They share a hug. Fancy then goes back to Luis and hugs him. She wonders when this will all stop? Luis promises to find who did this. She can't believe Fox is gone, he's dead. Julian meanwhile keeps saying they will both pay for this. Ivy tells Julian to stop this, Fox isn't even cold yet and they are arguing. Julian says her lover's daughter killed their son. She says stop it. He says it's the truth, face the facts that Kay and Miguel killed Fox. 


In the kitchen, Alistair manages to see Sheridan's laptop with Marty on it. He asks who gave her this, who set this up for her. He demands answers, who is settling her his secrets. She says he's being absurd, she just turned this on. He says she's a liar. On the laptop is no longer Marty! It's Fancy's room! He thinks she's been spying on Fancy and Luis instead! Alistair tells her that Luis has traded her in for something younger and a better model. She tells him to stop it. Alistair says Luis doesn't want her, he's had his fill of her sickening charms, she'll never have Luis again. Sheridan says father is wrong, Luis will want her back as soon as they bring their son home. Alistair says he  can't wait to tell Fancy that Sheridan has become a peeping tomasina. Sheridan says do what he wants, they all know he has a surveillance systems and they all know he has been spying on the family and town for years. Alistair says his methods and reasons weren't as pathetic as hers. He says even Zeus used to sit on Mt. Olympus and watch over the mortals. He tells Sheridan if she wants to blame anyone for what happened to Marty, blame Luis. She says this isn't Luis' fault, Marty wouldn't have been on that train if it weren't for him and Beth. She wants her son back. Alistair says his people checked, both Beth and Marty are dead. Sheridan says he doesn't accept anything without proof, if he believed his people then they would have presented him with the bodies. She asks where her son is buried, she wants to see her son's grave. She says cat got your tongue? She demands to know where Marty is buried. He says he doesn't know and doesn't give a damn where the bastard is buried. She doesn't believe him. He says maybe Marty ended up a pile of ashes and the wind blew him away. He says you are the one responsible for her child's death. He says she brought Luis into this family, she is responsible for what is going on here. She asks what he's talking about? He says contrary to belief, he has a soft side, he gives to people who deserve it. He says but not to Marty, he deserved to blow up in that train. She asks how he can be so cruel? She says he took her son away and she wants him back. He thinks it's too late for her maternal breast beating act. She demands for once in his life he tell her the truth, if Marty is alive. Alistair says repeating herself is the sign of a weak mind. Sheridan wants to hear the words from his mouth, is he alive or dead. Alistair says he is dead, he is not keeping him from her. Sheridan says he swears he's not lying? He says may God strike him down if he is. Sheridan looks over at the kitchen knives and says what an excellent idea, let her be God's avenging angel! She grabs a kitchen knife and walks up behind him as he looks in the refrigerator. 


At the hospital, Theresa tells Ethan that Little Ethan and his baby look like brothers because they are. Ethan says he's sorry, did she say they are brothers? Theresa says yes. Gwen says what she means is the boys are brothers in the same way as Ethan is like Little Ethan's father. Theresa says no. Gwen says Little Ethan and their son will be like brothers. Theresa again says that isn't what she meant. Gwen tells Ethan that she thinks that it is time they name their son. He says she hasn't named him? She feels naming a son is something that a mother and father should do together. Pilar doesn't agree, especially when the parents are divorced. Gwen says well she wants to do this with him. He asks if she has any opinions? Gwen does, she knows he always wanted his son to have his name . . . but that's not an option anymore. She says it would be confusing to have two Little Ethan's running around. Little Ethan asks if he has to give up his name! Ethan says of course not. Gwen says even though it wasn't Theresa's to give. Theresa wants to say something, but Ethan says they don't need to argue about this. He doesn't care if his son is named after him. He says all that matters is that he's here, his gorgeous baby boy. Little Ethan asks if this means Ethan doesn't love him anymore. Gwen takes the baby as Ethan tells Little Ethan to sit by him. He tells Little Ethan he loves him very much, more than ever. Little Ethan says but he has a real son now. Ethan says he loves his son, but nobody can take Little Ethan's place in his heart. Little Ethan thinks Ethan won't need him around. Ethan says love isn't about biology and science. He says when you love someone as much as he loves him, it makes you want to love more people. Ethan tells Little Ethan how he has taught him how to be a good dad, and he loves him very much. Little Ethan says he loves his uncle Ethan too. Little Ethan still wishes he was his real daddy. Ethan says he wishes he was too. They hug as Theresa cries and knows Ethan is hugging his own son. Pillar continues to tell Theresa to tell Ethan. Theresa has Pilar take Little Ethan out to get some ice cream and let the adults talk. Ethan feels terrible for the little guy. He says he loves him, he'll always love him, he helped bring him into the world. Gwen says so did she, it's when Theresa stabbed her in the back. Ethan says they are passed that. Ethan says he's connected to him, he'll always will be. Ethan says he can't help but feel like that little boy is his son. Theresa says he is his son!


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